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Lindiwe Mazibuko

Lindiwe Mazibuko (born 9 April 1980) is a South African politician, and the Parliamentary Leader for the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA).

Mmusi Maimane Mbali Ntuli Helen Zille Julius Malema Wilmot James Musi Maimane

Prof Ajulu is remembered for his compassion, outspokenness, ❤️of knowledge, quick wit. He's survived by wife Lindiwe Sisul…
sends condolences following the death of Prof. Rok Ajulu and husband to Minister of Human Settlements, Comrade Lindiwe…
She's going to follow Lindiwe Mazibuko and get fired
Way more interesting . Lindiwe Mazibuko and . Mbali Ntuli . Are amongst people who LIKED the post that said Zille is…
but Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mmusi lead all those in parliament since 2009
Is so interesting 2 know dat Mbali Ntuli formerly with DA has joined EFF but it will b even more interesting where Lindiwe Mazibuko has join
Women shouldn't feel like they have to wait for permission to lead - Lindiwe Mazibuko
I loved Phuthi's show last year and Lindiwe Mazibuko's show the previous year...they brought interesting dialogue
khaya Lindiwe Mazibuko is still DA , she may well take on a prime minister type role when DA takes over -
Lindiwe Mazibuko says women must speak out for each other.
The conversation continues after news with Minister Motshekga and Lindiwe Mazibuko. Join in. It's your platform.
It would be a great coup by the ANC if they got Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Min. Angie Motshekga and Lindiwe Mazibuko reflecting on Woman's Day and what it means to woman.
so what about Lindiwe Mazibuko from 2009 to 2014?
Lindiwe Mazibuko should join EFF...too good not to be part of any big party
that I don't doubt my brother, we did say the same about our sister Lindiwe Mazibuko , where is she?
"We look for the full package" - DA. Someone get Lindiwe Mazibuko, we have pertinent khweshins.
must be smiling now that she made a good decision choosing Musi Maimane over Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Mmaimane enjoy it while it lasts , where is Lindiwe Mazibuko?
No word from Lindiwe Mazibuko. Ask yourself questions
When Lindiwe Mazibuko come back to politics ANC needs to take her and use her.
Where in the world is Lindiwe Mazibuko?
Lindiwe Mazibuko was Helen Zilles right hand until Lindiwe voted on a pro black legislation and Helen fired her
Somewhere Lindiwe Mazibuko is burning every blue garment in her wardrobe
I wish Lindiwe Mazibuko was still the DA member.
I guess Mmusi My Money succeeded in doing what Lindiwe Mazibuko couldn't... So is it time to join Rivers Church yet or?.
Mmusi Maimane is becoming a better Tea maker than Lindiwe Mazibuko.
Lindiwe Mazibuko was woke. but we know how varsity is, even when you've got an interest in your studies. I'm sure course is chowing her.
Just like they did with Lindiwe Mazibuko, I'm sure the DA has already applied for Mmusi to enrolled at a University abroad so they can ...
I wonder what Lindiwe Mazibuko will have to say with these results...
EWN's pic of Mmusi Maimane ready to politik about the PE vote results, and then Lindiwe Mazibuko on a boat on Lake Como.
Craving a plot thickener from Lindiwe Mazibuko..
Maybe when Lindiwe Mazibuko was there. With Mmusi/Zille? Very tough. Not impossible though...
Lindiwe Mazibuko might drop out of Harvard
Talking about DA, I wonder how Lindiwe Mazibuko is doing there at Harvard.
Lindiwe Mazibuko was smart enough to leave when she did , I just hopes she comes back to save SA politics
Brace urself 4 a rough ride.Ppl don't listen when we say DA serves white interests.Only Lindiwe Mazibuko understood
Only Lindiwe Mazibuko could have instructed her to apologize.
Lindiwe Mazibuko: "I wish the Commander in Chief Julius Malema all the best". . I call this, political maturity!...
Lindiwe Mazibuko giving a vibrant talk about women in politics this afternoon at Stellenbosch University
Political Science department seminar with Lindiwe Mazibuko tomorrow
is Lindiwe Mazibuko to be trusted or is she in fact a self serving upstart?
Lindiwe Mazibuko, South African politician and the first black woman to lead the parliamentary opposition
Helen Zille when Lindiwe Mazibuko started questioning the lack of black people in employment at the DA
. When Lindiwe Mazibuko wanted to be DA leader and Mmusi Maimane from Soweto came through .
Most important slide about this election so far. 79% of new registrations are under-30s. mazibuko
Hamilton Collection
Lindiwe Mazibuko: Former Parliamentary Leader for the Democratic Alliance and the first black woman
my friend this sees BLacks as nothing but numbers to add to its empowerment and growth strat. Ask lindiwe mazibuko.
>> Dlamini-Zuma as president would be a milestone, but only a start | LINDIWE MAZIBUKO.
How do i get lindiwe mazibuko. Its urgent Please assist
There is no one waiting to save us. We must save ourselves. | Lindiwe Mazibuko | TedxEuston
I blv in Maimane just like I did in Lindiwe Mazibuko but eish I cant trust many whites in the DA.
u-Irvin Jim uqalile. Says the other guy lives in Mars. . I think he said Lindiwe Mazibuko listens with her mouth, back th…
Lindiwe Mazibuko, a South African Politician, talks about being a woman in power.
Gana Magashule, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Mbali Ntuli, Musi Maimane and Blacks in the DA are Monkeys according to Zille&Sparrow
VIDEO Lindiwe Mazibuko: Young Africans need to be more involved in p.. ►
What will happen to Lindiwe Mazibuko in the party? Does she still have a role to play?
I would honestly rather have a Lindiwe Mazibuko Boulevard than a De Klerk one. At least Mazibuko Blvd will get you to Harvard.
Lindiwe Mazibuko and her friends poke fun at the lived reality of oppressed peoples everywhere. Is she JAS?
Can someone tell me what Lindiwe Mazibuko is saying here? Because ungazi.
Lindiwe Mazibuko. Please come home. Your country needs you!
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The danger of exchanging one tyranny for another | LINDIWE MAZIBUKO. .
Lindiwe Mazibuko says protesting youth are getting too big for their boots & asking for too much the enemy within
Lindiwe Mazibuko was the only way the DA could secure black votes. Mmusi just done lost all of them.
I prefer Lindiwe Mazibuko to come back.the very least we could argue on policy with her.not le-Tv show la Mmusi
the return of the great Lindiwe Mazibuko.
I like chubby light skinned cheesegirls with big fat eyes and a Lindiwe Mazibuko typa fluency.only.
Lindiwe Mazibuko was the DA's most convincing chance of accessing the black vote and they blew it. I don't recognise Mmusi. At all.
I remember when Lindiwe Mazibuko was a staunch supporter and defender of Mam Zille. I don't see her do that anymore.
Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mbali Ntuli are the only black DA members I take seriously, Van Damme and Maimane are just puppets *smh
Go ask Lindiwe Mazibuko what Capitals done with her, when they found out she can't protect them anymore.
😂😂 Lindiwe Mazibuko will tell you how hard it is to crack those ANC veteran with that type of model c english
sorry i do not trust lindiwe mazibuko and that mbhele guy. They sound funny
- Lindiwe " The DA slept on me, now my life is lit" Mazibuko.
So has given up on SA and won't be tempted back. and laugh all the way to the bank. http:/…
where are spy tapes you fought for? Where is tea girl AKA Lindiwe Mazibuko
He was put there to recruit black votes then will be shown the door like Lindiwe Mazibuko!
Well she can grow up & turn out to be a Lindiwe Mazibuko for all I care but as long as she values herself, people and continent
Nompendulo Mkhatshwa, Mcebo Dlamini and Lindiwe Mazibuko are 3 great examples of young people who posses good leadership and integrity.
We graduates like Lindiwe Mazibuko to start a revolutionary new party for intellects! We are tired of uneducated leaders
te likes of Lindiwe Mazibuko left SA political scene cause thres no truth at al,Colonial behaviours stil reigns
If lindiwe mazibuko, Mmusi Maimane and floyd shivambu were in one party leading our country
A little political chess by the EFF i.e. recruiting Lindiwe Mazibuko and they will be the 'official opposition'.
Just come from compelling dinner conversation with Wilmot James & Lindiwe Mazibuko about S Africa's struggles to build its democracy.
I'm liking the new Lindiwe Mazibuko. In fact, I've long admired Lindiwe and Mbali Ntuli. Not your typical DA people.
thanks for sharing Lindiwe Mazibuko, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
Join us at Lindiwe Mazibuko's Study group featuring the Honorable Wilmot James. We will be discussing the role...
Lol I think the comment about Mmusi Maimane showing up just in time to eat a meal Lindiwe Mazibuko prepared is true
Thanks so much for introducing me to Lindiwe Mazibuko.
government’s official investigation into spy allegations against Madonsela,Malema, Lindiwe Mazibuko & Mathunjwa is “at an advanced stage”😲
last night I dreamt that I visited Lindiwe Mazibuko and discovered she got a nosejob and I was really upset for some reason.
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Listen to Julius Malema advise Lindiwe Mazibuko on how to find a husband
. The same was said of Lindiwe Mazibuko and I believed that better with her. She was better equipped.
Ever considered an interview with Lindiwe Mazibuko, former South African Parliament leader for DA? Lives in US now.
“Women that make me proud: my aunts, Madonsela, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Serena Williams.”.
Now I'm beginning to believe that Lindiwe Mazibuko was maltreated incl. others that had voiced such. Petty...
At UCT DASO was almost suspended for over spending on their budget and inviting Lindiwe Mazibuko to speak on Campus - obey the rules
Listen to David Tlale talks fashion blunders in parliament with Lindiwe Mazibuko by POWERFM987 on
What's your opinion? is going back to Harvard to lecture (Good news or bad news?)
What kind of thinking makes it possible for Graca Machel, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Thuli Madonsela to be referred to as gi…
[ICYMI] The baes & on marriage, feminists and Harvard
Powerdrive proudly brought to u by DA. Friday host was Lindiwe Mazibuko and today is Mbali Ntuli.
Can't wait to see Lindiwe Mazibuko's next move since she's back in the country.
This guy has raised a similar motion twice before; it was defeated. I think Lindiwe Mazibuko was above this pettiness!
Are you prepared for the day Lindiwe Mazibuko Targaryen comes to reclaim her throne? . Still funny AF
Mh! It was Lindiwe Mazibuko and now its Maimane used by DA kuzophelela phi?!
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Mam' Thuli, Mam' Nkosazana,Lindiwe Mazibuko just to name a few have what it takes to lead the country
if I go by names novumvula mokonyane adv thuli and lindiwe mazibuko I think curruption will come down
How can ANCWL members step aside for Lindiwe Mazibuko I don't get Eddy.
Lindiwe Mazibuko awaits her moment to re-enter politics
Lindiwe Mazibuko in the today says she's NOT going to run for a mayor position. Rumour was she'd go for Joburg chain. Not so.
Our "Rainbow Nation" can be rescued by new generation - Mmusi, Thuli, Lindiwe Mazibuko et al. The old order have sucked our $-trough dry.
Lindiwe Mazibuko returns with a genuine master's degree from Harvard. The new guard will tackle today's issues. Retire 'freedom fighters'.
He could be a Pallo for all we know. I'll ask Lindiwe Mazibuko for Harvard contacts to verify
well not for so long though Mazibuko for the Executive Mayor
Lindiwe Mazibuko sitting front row with Dr Precious Moloi at the Stefania Morland show
Just spotted Lindiwe Mazibuko arriving at fashion week. Does Mmusi know that the mother of dragons is around?
Lindiwe Mazibuko is now a Harvard graduate
Federal Congress is over Lindiwe Mazibuko back to South Africa. Shame little Lindie was brutally managed she was more clever than whites.
Our Woman Crush this Wednesday, is former Parliamentary Leader for DA, .Check her out here
She can make a formidable team together with the CIC if egos are put aside. "Lindiwe Mazibuko gotta come back & lead the EFF"
At what rate would you your heart start beating if u saw Lindiwe Mazibuko check in at DA Head Offices?
In the wee hours of the today I was irritated by Lindiwe Mazibuko excitedly celebrating that American holiday of the Slavers😡 Yesses
Besides Cassper and Lindiwe Mazibuko, I'm also blocked by two other people that I don't even know.or maybe even more.
Mmusi Maimane is a product of desperation. His BBC HARDtalk interview is testimony of it. . If only Lindiwe Mazibuko stayed.
Nobody can forget this either. Lindiwe Mazibuko's Speech on the passing of the POIB. via
Lindiwe Mazibuko was a better politician that this Snob, wanna be a white boy Aka Mmusi Maimane,that boy doesn't even know politics Mxm
Lindiwe Mazibuko is actually a better politician than Mmusi Maimane. She has depth & her points always had substance & political maturity👌🏾
Yes they say umuntu akalahlwa. Perhaps we should start with Lindiwe Mazibuko. She may have seen the light😆?
When Julius called Lindiwe Mazibuko a 'political non starter' and a 'tea girl' to the 'madam' (Zille)
Sis Lindiwe Mazibuko is too smart to be part of a party that doesn't respect certain group of people.
Lindiwe Mazibuko was the only person capable to lead the DA at this crucial time, NOT THAT BOY.
POLL: 57% say Mmusi Maimane should replace Helen Zille as DA leader; 18% give Lindiwe Mazibuko the thumbs up. Vote:
Makwayiba: The remains racist, it doesn't matter what Mmusi Maimane says, he must go ask Joe Seremane and Lin…
Lindiwe Mazibuko must pull a Lebron James and come back home... Mmusi is Kyrie, too raw to lead the party.
like Lindiwe Mazibuko, Wilmot James is damaged political goods, thanks to the Madam
Like any self respecting black person, I don't really care about the DA. But Lindiwe Mazibuko is definitely better than Mmusi Maimane.
this is the beggining of your end Sir,ask Lindiwe Mazibuko,so don't burn the bridges
Lindiwe Mazibuko would be a great successor.
You want Lindiwe Mazibuko either on your team or not in the game. She's formidable.
Lindiwe Mazibuko would have been a better candidate,but he's got my support
We all had suspicions. It would've been Lindiwe Mazibuko had she not clashed with Zille. Second contender is.?
Mahlobo once said Public Protector, Julius Malema and Lindiwe Mazibuko are CIA agents. Now he blames 3rd for Clueless.
only true opposition to him would have been if Lindiwe Mazibuko was to say yes but after her refusal its a one horse race
at some point in life i really want to pull a Lindiwe Mazibuko and go to or universe, hear me out.
If the DA was a reality show, Lindiwe Mazibuko would be one of the losers that say, "I'm not here to make friends."
Lindiwe Mazibuko is wiser than Mmusi Maimane even to write statement and declare she wud be in watching proved she's wiser
I totally understand where Lindiwe is coming from. Real leaders know the right time! She is sharpening her arsenal.
Lindiwe Mazibuko says the DA is the only party that can lead SA to a prosperous future. She's drunk in American air and …
Lindiwe Mazibuko: "I believe that I have much to contribute to the project of building a better country for all our people". …
Mister president, I would like to inform this house...
In case you missed it: Lindiwe Mazibuko says she is not ready to take the reigns yet, at the Democratic Alliance
Lindiwe Mazibuko trying to be relevant once again, we do love you buko but you'll never lead this country now stop it, its embarrassing
“I remain deeply and fundamentally committed to my country … and to a life of public service.”
Lindiwe Mazibuko rules herself out of the race for the leadership of the Democratic Alliance| Tune in at 6am for more,
Lindiwe Mazibuko is projecting an exaggerated sense of importance. SA is not waiting from some savior basking in Harvard…
Lindiwe Mazibuko has quashed rumours that she could be returning to SA to stand for the top position in the DA
I will not be standing for election at DA conference - Lindiwe Mazibuko | via Politicsweb - Daily news headlines
Lindiwe Mazibuko not going for the post.
Lindiwe mazibuko is a politician. She'll be back SA. U sound worried.
Whatever happened to Lindiwe Mazibuko withing the DA is scary...
“Lindiwe Mazibuko not in the race to head DA.
Lindiwe mazibuko she so cute,I like her
Lindiwe Mazibuko will not be returning to SA to stand for DA election
will not be making myself available for election to any leadership post at the DA’s 2015 congress. …
Lindiwe Mazibuko Helen Zille will not stand for another term
😂😂 "If ths ws a deagon ballZ,ths s the time,they bring Goku Lindiwe Mazibuko as a leader after solitary training to defeat Frieza
She doesn't want, inkulu into wayenziwa nguZille "Somebody call Lindiwe Mazibuko and tell her it's safe to come home now..."
Its high time for DA to elect black president & in my view Lindiwe Mazibuko was an ideal cadre but she has d…
Lindiwe Mazibuko: The time for me to lead the DA is not now | Mail & Guardian
Rhodes fell & shook DA resultin to outgoin Hellen Zille & incomin Lindiwe Mazibuko, Maimane still remains the face of DA
lol this lady nearly look like Lindiwe Mazibuko
I wonder what Lindiwe Mazibuko is up to...??
What if Lindiwe Mazibuko went to Univ of Limpopo instead??
When is Lindiwe Mazibuko coming back to SA? Miss seeing her face kwi television :)
in the 90s-05 I had hope for ANC but now they lost their way! DA need 10 Lindiwe Mazibuko,Mbali Ntuli& Phumzile to get votes
She looks like Lindiwe Mazibuko "Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa arrives for
Lindiwe Mazibuko won't be at so who from the will recycle tin foil to make a dress?
Do u mean she is feeling the heat. SHe must bring back Lindiwe Mazibuko bcs Maimane can't carry out her orders . Rent a black.
I miss Lindiwe mazibuko in Parliament, Sello julias malema they will need her support for tea girl
Though I didn't like Lindiwe Mazibuko, she was real. This Vusi Maimane guy is fake AF!, he doesn't believe in the things he says..
Helen Zille lost Mamphele Ramphele and Lindiwe Mazibuko. I'm with you on this one. Miami lost Lebron. Aich!
Banna, I am sure Lindiwe Mazibuko is kicking herself, she failed to shake the is doing it simple, Mmusi must join the
Can Lindiwe Mazibuko take back her parliament job, this maimane is losing it ???
I will be watching Generations with MaKhumalo tonight, I am so sad I won't see that woman big boned like Lindiwe Mazibuko …
Helen Zille and Lindiwe Mazibuko must smoke peace weed
Mmusi Maimane is a smart young man, so was Lindiwe Mazibuko a smart young lady. The DA picks the black cream.
Once Upon a time there was Lindiwe Mazibuko
Lindiwe Mazibuko is coming for Christmas. Fix it Lindi, fix it!
sick and tired of so called Lindiwe mazibuko boring continue with you study after you will inform about politic not kitchen girl
I was considering being an active DA member and voter because of people like Lindiwe Mazibuko and Mmusi Maimane but Helen's TL disappoints.
I miss Lindiwe Mazibuko. She actually made me believe that the DA was worth giving a chance.
Helen Zille reversing all Lindiwe Mazibuko's gains. *sigh*
Lindiwe Mazibuko must be glad she's not around SA. 😂🙈.
Lindiwe Mazibuko used to give Fikile Mbalula hard time, hey...
Mfundi Vundla claims he made Sophy Ndaba if that's the case then Helen Zille can safely say she made Lindiwe Mazibuko.
She really sounds like someone you would find in DA benches, much more like Lindiwe Mazibuko..Lol
Would mazibuko be part of the DA conference next in may I wonder cause its been a year already since she's gone
"Money can't by class ask Lindiwe Mazibuko just new clothes." Ask Blade Nzimande or Jackson 'Beer' Mthembu
Fearless people I knew in SA Is Julius Malema ,Floyd Shivambu,the other one was Lindiwe Mazibuko they speak their minds
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