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Linda Smith

Linda Helen Smith (29 January 1958 – 27 February 2006) was a British stand-up comic and comedy writer.

Rory McGrath Happy Valentines Day Patti Davis Happy Anniversary Happy Birthday

Linda Smith's comments about not giving _ the oxygen of oxygen applies here
It's one of the reasons for my atheism. How can there be a god that took Linda Smith but let Rupert Murdoch live? If there is, he's a ***
New Sunday School class begins this morning on World Religions, led by and Bob/Linda Smith; 9:45 at
It reminded me of 'This is not just'. Clint Smith: The danger of silence :
In Cardiff on 9th delivering a seminar at Wales Millennium Centre. Interested in NLP? mail Steven.smithf…
If it weren't for Vicky Smith and Linda Herbst I would never have gotten to enjoy the original Mad Max. Or...
Jaylon Smith is pumped up! Irish have the lead at the half 21-0
Mrs. Linda Smith did have a mini stroke and they may go in later to see if they need to do another stint. Right...
You should follow me because I make Will Smith edits
Speaking to Linda smith about buying the Ferrari
Please be in prayer for Mrs. Linda Smith and family. She's at Sacred Heart right now, but get ahold of Ashley G. for more info.
Having Linda Evangelista and Brooke Shields cheering me on was wild and humbling. So many years I've cheered for and admired …
Old Sugar's quote painted by LAC Ted Willoughby, one of Sugars engine fitters in Feb 1944 assisted by F/Sgt Dan Smith
days of happiness - Day 55. From Succeeding to Thriving- joyful contentment*
From It's time to the discussion from succeeding to thriving
lol, I was just jesting Linda. Enjoy ur Friday 😘
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It's time to change the discussion from succeeding to thriving
Joan Jobe Smith and Linda King share their memoirs on Buk's birthday in 2014 via
lets get to work on the Parker Smith and Linda McMahon storyline/Lets Play Youtube Channel
This composer, Linda Catlin Smith, is responsible for some of the best music.
Linda Blair as Regan, before and after make-up effects for THE EXORCIST by the late "Godfather of make-up" *** Smith http…
"My definition of "thriving" is to live in a state of joy regardless of outward appearances and circumstances."
Seems like only yesterday we were printing T Shirts by the thousands. With Linda Steindl and Erin Smith. Always...
I enjoy Linda's statement on how involving a motivation to create a desirable end.
Linda Nyangweso O'clock. This girl just has a lovely voice!
Mystic Haven, Jan and Linda are off to the moon. Come join them! Listen in now at
"Thriving is that step beyond surviving. It is a gratefulness that the sun rises each day anew. It is a determinatio…
Ruminating on Linda Tuhiwai Smith's assertion: "research is a dirty word."
I'am actor too, I'am a Fan of the videoclips & from I want to Know You, Besos Linda
Joan Rivers who the late great Linda Smith described as looking like a Siamese cat walking into a gale!
That's assistant dean Linda Smith looking on while Berners-Lee demos the web.
HUGE THANK YOUs to Colleen Hoelscher, Nathan Shaw, Brandon Scott, Ben Hansen, Linda Smith, and Ricklen Nobis for donating to
We have lots going on this weekend at Owl's Eye! In her first performance at Owl's Eye, musician Starlyn Hughes, a vocalist, will perform on the crush pad. Performance is from 7-9pm. There will be a private party in the tasting room. As always, there is no charge for admission, and we are 'picnic friendly'. We have small fruit and cheese plates for purchase, in addition to our award winning wines. We also have a shopper's delight in that wave several vendors scheduled to bring their merchandise. We have Jockey Person to Person Clothing, and Essential BodyWear on Friday (1-8:30pm) and Saturday (10:30-3pm or possibly later) , and on friday only, a demonstration with Rodan and Fields Skin care products. Alison Katschkowsky will be showing the just newly launched Fall/Winter line of Jockey P2P Clothing. P2P is the women's fashion division of the internationally known underwear company. Jockey p2P is affordable, machine washable, packs and travels well, and is stylish and fits every body type. Alison ...
Me and Linda Smith enjoying our 30yrs Class Reunion White Affair with some High School Friends.
Happy Birthday to two beautiful ladies in my life Sherri Markofski and Linda Smith
On the 'Ratler' heading to Lowestoft to have a cider or two with Dennis Dennis Harrison & Linda Smith! There may be trouble ahead!
My head is killing me but I enjoyed my day seeing my auntie and uncle from out of town love y'all@ Linda Smith
Happy Birthday to my sister Linda Smith hope you have many many more .Love You
Video: Two way to build your legs at the smith machine, on the left we have the narrow squat that target...
Eehhnnn oohhh hows that feel linda?! - Steve smith. American dad is so weird :L
well it's about time you're on social media. Look out Linda Smith is lurking as we speak
5 of 5 stars to The Inside Tree by Linda Smith
"How are we holding higher education responsible for training our early childhood educators?" -Linda Smith
How do we hold higher ed accountable for teacher quality? Linda Smith
I appreciate Linda Smith's comments on the need for better data on our EC workforce.
teacher pay equity, how to finance it, how do we get funds to the people who need to use it - Linda Smith
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Big Congratulations and a huge Thank You to Linda Booth who raised £913.27 at her Garage Sale on Saturday in memory of her Dad, Ted Smith
Linda I'm off the phone now call me lol
I hate how Linda has a little obsession with Sam Smith because that's all I hear
All through history, a swaddled baby was in the room with other people, not in another room, on their back, and ignored. -Linda Smith
'swaddling is an independant risk factor for SIDS'-Linda Smith
Had a great time at the Mesa Library today! Thanks to Linda Smith and Beverly Malloy for their help. My next...
Let Go Linda J Smith the 30 days challenge is on...Who will win? .Omni Rocks USA .
So if I was boring what name would be better . Linda Smith or Lisa lumbersin
“I play all my Country and Western music backwards – your lover returns, your dog comes back and you cease to be an alcoholic.”- Linda Smith
She bought a new car and her name is Linda, Call her CALENDAR
Mary Smith's first appearance - March 5th 1985 Loved your character Linda, pity you moved on 3 years later
Unum's Linda Smith and the case for employee wellbeing initiatives:
Happy 4th of July! - 'Red White And Blue' by Linda C Smith - via
The best bits of Linda Smith on News Quiz squeezed into 30 mins.
You have to see this inspiring story! Come join us, Linda L. Smith, Speaker/Author is one of our devotional...
Come laugh with Linda Henley-Smith as she shares how to clean out clutter & add yourself back on your "TO DO" list
If they ain't lookin I don't want her!! Happy Birthday to my Love Linda Smith. Givem a reason to hate baby enjoy...
Up at it and ready. Yes are yall Ready Tony Smith Bigg Timing Kayla Settles Linda Adams Unique Turner Tierra...
We're all human Linda. You showed that woman nothing but respect. That makes you a decent person 😘
creative director Linda Smith will be on this Friday for introspective on campaign?
Linda Blair on set of The Exorcist with her dummy double and make-up artist *** Smith.
she blocked me bc I'm friends w Linda. Can u imagine. So then I let it all out!
unless you want to see Linda Barker clearly past her prime and leaving you with more qs than answers, no.
*** has frozen over, I agree with one statement from KFYI
and that is the no nonsense leadership that is needed to move this State forward
.You can't separate education from econ. development, need a skilled workforce to recruit companies & grow …
Unum's HR Director, Linda Smith, asks: 'Why do wellbeing at all?'
Congrats to Linda Bevilacqua, Dave Anthony and Scott Smith who just completed a voice over project for CSX!
"Intuition is a good friend. Irony is sometimes better … Intention is everything." —Linda Montano
deadlifts,power cleans,jump squats(all with weighted bar), p/u, hack squat,leg press,smith machine, LOTS of abs,cables
My boy Shane...he got his softball talent from his mom and Aunt Linda..
...Even with all the crony deals he's promised his big biz friends .can't raise a $1mil?
I could listen to Sam Smith sing for hours on end.
Short answer is lots of developers and others in business world. Still combing through it.
the "Crystal" Talk Show ' w/ Guest Linda Dominique Grosvenor... on CrystalPSmith will air 07/03.
Day 1 a book that made you laugh out loud: Linda Smith, I think the nurses are stealing my clothes. An ace gift from
Most important information continues to be who is contributing as that is what voters care about
Had a great day and evening with my friend girls. We need to do it again soon Patti Davis, Linda Smith and Tammy Smith Watson!
Riding around with my friend girls Patti Davis, Linda Smith and Tammy Tammy Smith Watson. What a wild ride.
Wee sister Linda Smith carrying the relay baton
Town meeting is tonight ladies and gentlemen...we need as many Orange voters as possible at this very important please..please..come and vote for where you want your tax money to go... Here is some information from the Finance Committee: ORANGE FINANCE COMMITTEE Fact Sheet Who are we? The Finance Committee members are appointed by the Town Moderator...Members are: Linda Smith (Chairman)... Robert Anderson... Steve Garrity... Brian Haskins... Eileen Perkins.. Robert Stack... What do we do? The four main roles of the Finance Committee relating to Municipal Finance are to: Educate Advise Collet and organize data Plan. This includes compiling the budget requests of Town Departments and committees and boards into the annual operating budget which is voted at Town meeting, and making recommendations on these and other issues which impact the town financially. Where money comes from: State government: Unrestricted Local Aid Chapter 70 Town Government: Fees and tax taking Transfer: Free cash Stabiliza ...
This is a huge shout out and thanks to Linda Smith. Thanks for all of your tireless work behind the scenes making...
Incredibly jealous of and Linda rn for being in Maine 😔
Would like to wish all the fathers in my life a Happy Fathers Day. Sean is in Brooklyn visiting cousins. Mike was home doing the yard and I visited Linda Smith at the hospital. She is a bit sore but not overly. They had up sitting in the chair today and tomorrow starts her therapy. She thanks all for the prayers and well wishes. God Bless!
On Saturday, one of the Greene Hills Men's groups sponsored the 2nd Annual Nacho Memorial Golf Outing honoring some very close friends who use to play with this amazing group on Sundays. They wanted to schedule an afternoon of celebration to remember and honor Rich Puryear, George Allman, Ned Rebich, and Bill Myers. Friends and family showed up to play in their honor with the 1st Place winning team being Jerry Amos, Eddie Bailey, Jeremy Bailey, and Joe Stanley. Finishing in second place was the team of Rick and Linda Smith and Bill and Mary Cave.
Linda Smith will you please go get some tators so i can smoke them with the baby backs and get of fb lol
Happy Father's Day! Paul and Mary photographed by Linda and featured on the back cover of the album 'McCartney'
This reminded me of my dad, Scott, and my mom Linda. XD It sounds like me too, except mine is extra sweet tea and...
Linda Smith Mallory visited me from North Carolina and added 3 new pieces to her collection! So glad to have met...
Tomorrow night we will chat with Mark Edward Wilows &Linda Marshall Smith from
Linda J. Smith's sister AnnaBelle paying homage to her with a song
Going to the river with a butt load of people :) Cortniiee Starr Brandon Smith Mikala Reid Charette Teresa...
Terry Smith's fantastic Unsung with singer Linda Hirst at The Voice and the Lens at Rich Mix…
I can love both Linda Smith and Jerry Sadowitz.
featured this wonderful story on OV Chief Development Officer Linda Smith in May. Read it here on p. 19:
Just imagine, Linda Nolan vs Pauline vs Carol.I'd ay to see that.
Linda Nolan now she was a housemate! Just add wine and a dose of
I'm sure it's been on before as they have done the whole 80's & the comedienne Linda Smith was in it & I know she's died now.
and then Linda Smith came on and I got a bit sad. Then Peter Kay, hence anger. A real mixed bag!
It was lovely to see Linda Smith pop up as a pundit. Such a loss to the comedy world.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It seriously pains me when I talk about Linda Smith, which I do a lot, and just get blank looks.
was clearly filled a long time ago judging by how young most of the commentators look, it also features Linda Smith who died 2006
I Love 88 is our pre game watching tonight. with a smidge of hair and so,so lovely to see Linda Smith gracing our tv screen
They would have got away with it were it not for the fact that Linda Smith - who died 8 years ago - is a key contributor.
It just had the late comedian Linda smith on it
Aw how sad, the lovely talented comic Linda Smith on she died in 2006
Linda Smith on BBC 2 on a repeated 80s memories show. Her loss is still keenly felt. An extraordinary woman.
Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. - Will Smith
Congratulations to our Father's Day Winners! The winners of the shooting range visit with one target are: Linda Smith Proffitt, Christy Hubbard Campbell, Bill Hunt, & Christian Studer. The winner of the Remington shotgun cleaning kit is Adam Wise. Happy Father's Day!
Linda Smith enjoying this a bit too much!
Happy Birthday to employee Linda Smith!! She is one of the sweetest, most hard-working women you'll ever meet!
The one and only Linda Johnson and former SAAC president Josh Smith at the Varsity OSU Senior Graduation Brunch !
Hi Linda! Nice to hear from you! Great new venture, maybe you'll know some people who need vintage singers? X
hi justine this is my new venture, you taught yoga and MISP at my school cheers Linda
In my family, we always referred to our aunts as "Titi." Like Titi Linda or Titi Rosie. Is that weird?
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"My friend spent £50 on a baby alarm and still got pregnant"- Linda Smith (1958-2006), British comedy writer
Today I cooked and I channeled Linda Young. It ended up in over-cooked, mushy chicken and so it's confirmed that I'm not going to be a wife.
My mom got into a fight with the Kroger manager because he didn't care I got food poisoning 😂😂 Go Linda
Congratulations to our Tuesday and Wednesday Daily Draw winners! Lauraine Smith, Ann Millen, Linda Aucoin,...
Linda Smith is confident, stern, and curious. See your personality. via
Linda Smith 'businesses need to move from having a wellbeing programme to having a wellbeing culture'
The number of people with cancer in the workplace will double by 2030, according to Linda Smith .
Why do well being at all? According to Linda Smith, there is a strong and compelling business case...
Linda Smith from talking about 'the strong and important work' going on around income protection
Looking forward to the Health @ Work Summit tomorrow in London. Unum’s HR Director Linda Smith will discuss ‘Why Do Wellbeing …
Linda & Ken closed the show with a beautiful song from Martin Smith - Waiting Here For You - I found this great... http:…
Many thanks to the folks that showed up for tonight's Womanless Beauty Pageant. And kudos to Producer/Director, Linda Smith for a job well done! I never knew Peach County had so many talented manly gentlemen. Stay tuned, photo's to follow.
Church in Wallingford CT! Sunday Worship Services at 9:30am & 11am located at the 950 Yale Ave Pastor Mike and Linda Smith. Experience the supernatural God this weekend! Ignite Church exists for people to experience the love, grace, & presence of God. Our vision is to see our community grow in spiri…
Had the best day today in St Pete! Spent time with Devon and Sydney Rae and Dudley and Linda Smith and Uncle Bud!...
I thought Lady Bird deserved her own post but more wins to report--Silas (Penpoint Sharp Dressed Man) and Megan Goodwin won a major, in PA I think. And Jamie (Penpoint Dressed to Impress) picked up another point today handled by owner Linda Smith in FL. Coupe (Ch. Penpoint Classic T-Bird went select dog and the old man Arthur won the breed.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Linda is starting to set up the pool today I'm crying
I would like to take the time to thank my sister Linda Smith for her help in making Loveable Mercedes look so beautiful for her prom when I wasnt able to do it. She showed me that she has my back when I need her most and I will always be grateful. When I get out the hospital I am going to do something very nice for her because she deserves it. She is the epitome of greatness and I love You very much. Thank You.
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife Linda Smith. We were married in Nags Head, NC on the beach with all of our friends and family. It was a wonderful day to marry you and here we are nine years later and it is going to be another wonderful day. We will just be on the beach / water at the Georgetown Yacht Basin instead of Nags Head. Our blended family has become one. Thank you for everything you do for me and our family. I love you and look forward to many more years together. Happy Anniversary!!!
And the winner of the Vera Bradley duffel bag is.Linda Smith! We are open today from 8:00 to 12:00 if you would like to come claim your prize. We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Thank you to all those who posted their names I am drawn to Linda Rose Smith , can you please send email address. Ali x
The loverly Linda Smith on a classic episode of Just a Minute on Radio 4 Extra
Oooh, Linda Smith and Stephen Fry on the way...
Linda Smith was in a real band in NYC before she retreated back to her Baltimore home with her 4-track recorder...
In 2 month Lady's I will be living to london to work on the new STAR WARS Movie I'm very excited and sad at the same time 'coz I'll miss My Lil Man And My Beautiful Daughter And most of All You Lady's Thank You For all My Beautiful birthday wish best moment of my years knowing that I have people that real care about Me So for now let just get fade it LOL I Love You All , Liz Cruz,Linda Smith, DeeAnn Trisler,
My son going to his senior prom..and his bestie.awww John O'Veal Kia Smith Linda Smith
““I will hold your heart and your gun idc if they come!”lyin” leave me alone lol linda
She sufferes the dear dog lol Linda Smith Harry N Priscilla
Just left Signal Mountain Youth Camp...Canteen clean and ready for week one Senior camp. Thanks to my wife Linda Smith Key who helped make this a whole lot eaiser and less time consuming. Now to get the CANDY!, DRINKS ! and all the other yummie stuff we have for this year. See you in 9 days.
Linda Brown & Shandell Smith in Laws May be related to Monica Brown!
Get motivated for estate planning: Joe and Linda Smith are retired. They had owned their o...   10% Off
Cassette review for All the Stars That Never Were: An Introduction to Linda Smith via Juniper Tree Songs now posted:
Can u believe this lol Linda Smith Harry N Priscilla
Linda Smith: Linda D. Smith, 75, passed away peacefully from this earth to be with her Heavenly Father on...
Linda Smith being honored on her retirement today at campus recognition ceremony
We are very excited to have Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 54th Judicial Circuit Linda Tally Smith!…
Congratulations to the winner of our 2014 poster competition, Linda Smith, who has bagged herself one of our...
A favorite picture bk is MRS. BIDDLEBOX by Linda Smith, illus by B&W witchy illustrations are funny & brilliant.
Mr.Smith real life on the news for that picture. That's craazzzyy
that's great Linda, glad to know people like u r out there.
Well, ever so often, we are able to capture a "memory moment". Our Assistant Activity Director (Linda Smith), recorded brother & sister (Rusty & Carrie) as they sang "Clementine". We are posting it with the permission of Rusty's wife, Ruth. Now we just have to work on Linda taking better video :)
Another find from the 5/30/83 NYMag: A profile of hero journalist: "I'm making more money than God":
'They shouldn't have the oxygen of publicity. Or the oxygen of oxygen' - Linda Smith, I think.
Well my energy level needs to kick in soon !!! Have a day and a half to be ready to pull out for our Tennessee vacation for a whole week this time :))) hope to get some good fishing in :))) & some much needed relaxation & fun with my brothers Billy Smith & Russell Miles :))) & Dennis taylor , Richard Taylor , Linda Smith & Pete Huecker & myself of course :))) gettin excited just thinkin about it !!! :)))
KOMO radio interview w Linda Smith of Shared Hope Int'l this am - where she referred to exploited teens as "product".
"It's all happening the way it should.there is a plan." Oh Dan Smith, how I love your beautiful music and lyrics.
We all need friends. Thanks to my cousin Jennifer Reece Smith and my old friend Maryann Beltran Gibson-mbg for...
Representatives Adam Smith and Linda Sánchez Release Statements on Being Selected as Two of Five Democrats to...
Democratic Members to serve on Select Committee on Cummings, Adam Smith, Adam B. Schiff, Linda Sanchez,Tamm…
Breaking: Pelosi will appoint Reps. Elijah Cummings, Adam Smith, Adam Schiff, Linda Sanchez and Tammy Duckworth to Benghazi pa…
Comedy may be divided into multiple genres based on the source of humour, the method of delivery, and the context in which it is delivered. These classifications overlap, and most comedians can fit into multiple genres. For example, deadpan comics often fall into observational boom comedy, or into black comedy or blue comedy to contrast the morbidity or offensiveness of the joke with a lack of emotion. Genre Description Notable examples Alternative comedy Differs from traditional punchline jokes which features many other forms of comedy such as observation, satire, surrealism, slapstick and improvisation Alexei Sayle, Mark Steel, Dan Harmon, Dave Gorman, Linda Smith, Jeremy Hardy, Ron Sparks, Alan Davies, Ben Elton, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Sean Hughes, Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmonson, Malcolm Hardee, Kristen Schaal Black comedy or dark comedy Deals with disturbing subjects such as death, drugs, terrorism, rape, and war; can sometimes be related to the horror movie genre Brian Graden, Jim Norton, Bill Hicks, Fr ...
Has had a lovely afternoon at Daniel Smith and Linda Smith with Ros, Becky and children. Bring on next weekend :)) xx
At (from left) Dr. Linda Smith, Dr. Cary Kaufman, Linda Herrera of Focal Therapeutics and Dr. Gail Lebovic.
To honour the great Linda Smith, a comedy gala 11/5 for inc Rory McGrath & - book now
Verna LaNell Smith, 84, went to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Thursday, April 24, 2014, in Grand Prairie. She was born to the late Jess and Bessie Copeland on March 16, 1930 in Gonzales. She and her husband, the late Leroy Smith, lived in Westhoff for many years where they operated a laying hen farm and sold many of their eggs off of their front porch. They would leave a cigar box on the table to make your change if they were not at home or out in the chicken house. After her husband passed away, she moved to Cuero where she worked for the Cuero Heritage Museum for fifteen years. The past three years she has resided in Grand Prairie with her daughter. She was an active member of Calvary Baptist Church in Cuero. She taught children's Sunday School for many years and loved to work to help support missions around the world. She is survived by her son, Robert and wife, Linda Smith, of Cuero; daughters, Beth and husband, Larry Worley, of Grand Prairie, and Sherri Rowe of Waxahachie; and six grand ...
Linda Smith which is still with and will be with us for a very very long time...and betty Jean Adams which isn't with us you both.
In a new study, Indiana University cognitive scientists Catarina Vales and Linda Smith demonstrate that children spot objects more quickly when prompted by words than if they are only prompted by images.
What a wonderful program night Tuesday for Marion Camera Club. Thanks to Linda Smith for inviting Nancy Earl and Steve Jones who shared photos and information.
I thought about it, but it's all a bit Bill Nye the Space Guy. And Linda Smith thinks bow-ties make for serial killers.
11th May Loving Linda gala in mem of Linda Smith features & Rory McGrath
Status update posted by the Greene/Smith Family All, On behalf of the Greene / Smith family I would like to thank you all for you diligent prayers and expressions of concern during what has been a very difficult time for us all. We; the family of Linda Smith respectfully and lovingly announce that she expired late last night after an extended illness. Dates and times of all memorial services will be announced soon. The family will be receiving condolences at the Mountain Top Community Outreach Center located at 333 Branham avenue Rome, GA. Blessings, The Greene/Smith family
I have just been listening to the appeal on Radio 4 with Andy Hamilton citing comedienne Linda Smith's death at the age of 48 from Ovarian Cancer. I was appalled to hear we have the lowest survival rates from Ovarian Cancer in Europr due to late diagnosis, but can believe it as it took me 4 years to persuade my gynaecologist there was something wrong with me; he even went as far as to call me a Hypochondriac. Luckily for me it wasn't cancer, but I was told if my condition had been left much longer it would have killed me. As it was, once they had opened me up they found the growth had completely taken over my abdomen; firstly they didn't expect me to survuve the operation and secondly they were expecting my bladder, bowels and kidneys (not sure if that's the correct spelling, but 'kidnies' looks wrong :)) - to pack up. During the 4 years of constant trips to the hospital I had countless internal and external scans, but because the growth was filled with clear fluid my ovary was reflected in it and so they ...
Linda Smith is about to sing some music for us. 92.5 WBKR or . or donate .
In My Life, The Beatles. Remembering the great Linda Smith, who died eight years ago today.
I've been reading about patience the past few days and today I do believe God was testing me! Whew, what a day! Linda Smith I may not be brave enough to get out of bed tomorrow... After the electric pole incident this morning I drove over a rock in the car on the way home and may have tore up something on it too! Jimmy may make me ride my bike to work tomorrow. I keep telling myself don't sweat the small stuff.
Opportunity Village Announces Senior Team Expansion Expanded Team Well Poised to Implement Major Growth Initiatives LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Opportunity Village, Las Vegas’ Favorite Charity, proudly announces the recent additions to an already strong senior management team. The team, led by Ed Guthrie, the organization’s Executive Director for the past 20 years, has developed a number of leading edge programs for individuals with disabilities and under Ed’s stewardship, Opportunity Village has grown to become one of the most recognized and respected organizations of its type in the world. “Opportunity Village has very aggressive plans for the next five years. We intend to double the number of individuals with disabilities we serve. Bolstering our senior team was a vital step toward accomplishing all of our goals,” says Guthrie. Six months ago, Mauro Lara joined Opportunity Village, bringing a wealth of experience from his 12 years with Pride Industries, one of the nation’s largest employers of peo ...
Just got off the phone with Raymond Campbell he said he's good he"ll be out real soon 😁 and for Linda Smith and Chucke Smith to answer the *** phone!! Lmao!! 😂
Linda Smith i know your with Bill now...RIP...but you had to see Dale Jr win Daytona...I see what you did there!! Love you!
had a good day with my daughter Cayla Taylor.while shanda had a good day with Linda Smith and Rachel Smith
Join Tesoros Cafè this Week: Tea Tasting & Lecture with Tea Guru Linda Smith of Divinitea! Thursday, February 27th 7pm Join us for this Free Event, and learn about the wonders of tea, from an expert! Sample teas, and make some new friends! - Tapas & Tarot with Long Island Psychic Medium and Author Nancy Meryl! Friday, February 28th 6pm-11pm Join us and enjoy tapas as Nancy talks to us about her latest book, “No Coincidences” After the talk, receive a 15 minute reading with Nancy! Come find out about your future, with us and join us for specialty drinks after your reading. Make sure you pick up your signed copy of “No Coincidences” to read when you get home! - Meditation Workshop Saturday, March 1st 4pm 11pm Join Nancy as she guides us thru her meditation workshop. Learn about your inner self, and release the stress! Light fare food will be served, Specialty Drink, and Nancy will be giving 15 minute readings after the class. *Be sure to book your reservation now for a reading for this weekend! For ...
So thankful to my boy who was home this morning and the quick response of my brother Fraser. While I was at work at Robert's Arm my pipes on the furnace caught on fire. What a awful smell here but so thankful to God for His Grace and mercy. Thank you Fraser, Linda Smith and my boy Jamie.
great to see you as well! Sorry we couldn't say a proper goodbye. Maybe I'll see you at the Wednesday Linda Smith public lecture?
Dr Linda Smith who works at is one of the worst teachers here. Something needs to be done.
Welcome back from reading week! starts today! LeAnne Simpson @ 2pm, Welcoming Linda Tuhiwai Smith @ 5pm
Join Linda Smith for a weekend full of self care - May 2 through 4!
Tickets now on sale for comedy gig in memory of Linda Smith ft Rory McGrath, &Andy Hamilton
THE THS & AHS class of 1979 reunion planning committee has a FANTASTIC reunion planned for you ! Saturday June 14th . Please update your contact information on the class site, share this information with your THS & AHS friends.also drag out those old photo albums as soon we will tell you where to send them to be put in a slide show. so spread the word, share the love. Linda Smith Mason
We ventured up to Dunnellon yesterday to hear Glenn and Linda Smith play for *** days at Rainbow Springs Park. What an amazing extended set of music spanning the genres with great comfort and facility -- blues, jazz, folk, Australia/Americana, country -- you name it and (if they "get" a song) you get a great rendition of that song.
Happy 46th Anniversary Mom and Dad Linda Smith and Ron Smith Sr. Love You Guys so proud of you you have made your marriage work when so many people just cant do it nowadays.
oh wow I so miss you Linda Smith come back lol awesome weekend thank you so much sis
Indigenous Education Week starts today at w Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Andrew Wesley, Maracle, Simpson...
"whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them" Mark 11:24
Shout out to Linda for letting me stay home
Then Laylan wanted to get in her cot lol Ross Graham Joanne Graham Linda Smith
Classically trained Linda Smith is proud to be a member of the C.W.P.A.
I never was related to any if them!! I dated/Romanced Linda W Smith from West Monroe, La, from 9/11 to 4/13!!!
Got Logan and Connor home, Dominic and Destini to their daddy, and myself and Gregoree home! Car is unpacked and ready to go back because Happy weekend with daddy and Linda Smith Martin was not long enough and is over. Well time to get some sleep got work in the near future. Night y'all !!!
We had a wonderful service at Highland Avenue Baptist this morning. The Lord really showed up and showed out! Special thanks to brother Frankie and sister Linda Smith and their gospel group New Vision for a great job with the singing and music, and an extra special thanks to God for giving me the message to preach and the fire to preach like it was my last sermon.
Francine Smith is not a better cartoon mom than Linda Belcher. Shush, random YouTube comment writer.
I had a great day with Tank, Linda Smith Gregg, William Gregg, and his sweet young lady. Tank only had a few issues on the trail, he wanted to go one way and I didn't. LOL! Finished off the day with lessons on picking up his feet. He did very well and Todd the farrier will be happy that his next trimming will be easier.
Gloria Scheler Anderson and Linda Smith Cook always have tissue with u lmao
Linda Smith Hanson thank you for helping with call.
Very proud of 11 month old "Jamie"--Penpoint Dressed For Success, winning a 4 point major in San Diego today. He is from the Arthur-Charlotte litter. Congratulations to owner, Linda Smith!
Had a great day with friends I had not seen in awhile. Waited far to long! Cant wait until next time mike and Linda Smith!
Thanks Linda Smith for tips on the oyster stew. If was very good. A friend of mine is now very afraid because I seem to be cooking more lately! I have to surprise people every now and then!!!
I'm very saddened to hear about the passing of my friend Linda Smith. She was a tireless supporter of independent musicians all over the North East and beyond. The last time I saw her she had driven 8.5 hours from Presque Isle Maine to North Bennington Vermont to see a show I played at Doug Hacker's Billsville House Concerts. The time before she drove a MERE 5 hours to see a show at The Oak and The Ax, and although she was one of about 5 folks that showed up on that cold and raining night, her presence was enough to make it feel as if we had a full house. She never left with less than a stack of CDs... always as gifts for her friends. Never was there a kinder a more unexpected face to see at a show... Thank you Linda. I'll miss you very much... and I'm glad your unparalleled love of music could cause our paths to cross. All my best to Derik Smith and Linda's family.
Happy Sabbeth!!! Almost got to take my Trainee to Church Today... Walmart called with a 1:00pm Load... Maybe next week!!! Oscar is almost 1/2 way through his training with me ALREADY!!! Driving his rear hindquarters off... 2800 Miles his 1st week!!! I'd like to think I'm making a difference adding safe drivers to the fleet!!! Anyway... Toot Toot... There Goes My Horn!!! Please pray for Linda Smith and Heaven... Love You!!!
Wild women don't get the blues.Francine Reed and Linda Smith — at Eddie's Attic
Linda Smith, this sounds really good!
Thanks to everyone that came out and supported me 2day at Ventnor Coffee for the Ventnor Coffee Music Showdown 2014 presented by 100.7 WZXL. It was AWESOME to see so many familiar faces in the crowd! I appreciate you all! Linda Smith Stephens Todd Mossman Robert Snyder Thomas Rowles Justin Lentini Kaitlin E Warren Mike Weiss Anthony Baltera. Results will be posted 2morrow. Jerry Ryan Michael Einwechter Christine Bradley Pagano
Fab night in Shrewsbury with Mandy Dawson Andy Dawson and Andrew Mclardie. We are still rock n roll!!Happy Birthday Mand x thank you Linda Smith for Millie sitting, Dinarth fairies Samantha Louise Jones and Heather Dowber for pony sitting and Hilary Williams for DaveyDog Mclardie sitting.
Ok i am putting my bff on blast. Due to our work schedules we only talk to each other on the weekends. For the past I dont know how many weekends I have been calling her. I am just going to see when she will pick up a phone and call me. Yes Linda Smith Im talkin about you. Lol! Luv ya!
Rick Hendrick and wife Linda pose for a pre-race pic with Mr. October (Reggie Jackson)
MICKEY & MINNIE'S MARKET (sponsored by Havis' Kids~a great group of special needs' kids trying to make it to Disney World in May) is almost here!! This Saturday, March 1st, come shop the following vendors from 9-3 at the Corinth Sports Plex (inside the new gym) on Webster Street (off of Shiloh Rd).Karissa Hall (a massage therapist) will be selling her hand made jewelry and mini-massages; Kelly Crum of Kelly's Cakes and More will have painted items, crafts, and some tasty treats; Katie Rickman of June Bug's Boutique will be selling handmade children's clothes; Deb Templeton with Gourmet Cupboard sells prepackaged food mixes; Sondra Lee has handmade crafts and jewelry; Clair Bullock of Tiny Couture sells personalized Cricket items and more; Bethany Hannah sells Crocheted items; Kathy Wilbanks of Walnut has Chatterbox Kids and sells homemade kids' clothes; Linda Smith makes some yummy cookies, candy and breads; Maddie Lou's Jewelry (Shelly Powell) has hand stamped jewelry of all kinds; Cassandra Berry (Cozyn ...
Psychokiller... Always reminds me of this... One song to the tune of another...
If you are like my wife,Linda Smith Tindal, or jealous like, Crystal Strickland, and are already tired of my New Orleans posts, I have bad news for you. We don't leave until March 27th. You've got another month of this stuff!
Great recap - Mattie Robinson Dr. Kim Smith-Whitley from CHOPS Clear and concise!
Great recap - Mattie Robinson and Dr. Kim Smith-Whitley from William Proudford Sickle Cell Fund and CHOPS
Linda Smith and family I send this to you! Keeping you In my heart and prayers!
, R U Kin to The Weeks, Kennedy's, and Linda W Smith from Monroe/West Monroe birthplace and resides now n Memphis, Tn?
Education Week is almost here - can't wait for Linda Tuhiwai Smith's talk Feb 26th!
I just picked up Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith from her flight so she is in Getting excited for at
Aunt Ethel is back withus now, got her out of Hospital this afternoon. She's resting in the chair. She was wore out, don't sleep good in hospital's. Seems to be feeling some better, an get back into the swing of things she should be feeling better soon. Thank's for all the Prayer's !! Love niece Linda Smith.
"How to turn a photo into a work of abstract art" by artist Linda C Smith
This blog post captures the spirit of the new sleep book I'm writing with Diane Wiessinger and Linda Smith for La... ht…
Linda Smith Whitley Mom said this is for Tifphain
"Using your life as the source of humor guarantees that your presentation will be unique." Linda Henley-Smith
This is for Sandra Smith and Jennifer Ackers love you guys
Listening to Linda Smith playing a blinder on Just A Minute. She's just described colonic irritations as "centre parts for sweetcorn".
Robert Post and Linda Greenhouse in person tonight for a screening of MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (7PM):
to quote Linda Smith 'housework on ice'
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
As the late great Linda Smith said, "Curling is housework on ice"
All this Sochi stuff reminds me of a one liner from sadly departed comedian Linda Smith. Curling, she said, is like house…
Happy Days are here, our Australian Friends, Gary and Linda Smith will soon in Dallas to visit , can't wait to see them ! It has been too long ! Mr Cole will probably pick up their beautiful Aussie accent ;)
Bonnie Walls Kaye did we decide that being that Derrick and Linda Smith were not there Sat night that they can or cant go to Kenny Chesney with all of us? I forget?
Linda Smith, making guess what? Sloppy joes again. Then out to burn some wood out back.
Day 1 over at the Brandon Crocus show. Mardell Leppington and Nicole Eng's, Mary( Castle's Made in the Maritimes), took BOB in both shows. Betha Solar puppy took best puppy. Darlene Kelly's Fergi, Riesa's Unforgetable took best puppy in show 2. A good day. Pic is of Mary and Linda Smith.
Going to Northpoint InnBar with friends from patterson high , Tom Booker his wife Ria Booker and possibly judy crockett and her husband Pete Peddicord and also Linda Smith anybody not busy come on down.
this was from Linda Smith thank you so much sis
Business Owners and Community Leaders from Across the District are supporting Steve Rathje for Congress "I am deeply honored and extremely pleased to announce the addition of the following eastern Iowa business owners, employers and Board of Director members to our continually growing Steering Committee List and private sector endorsement list, offering their leadership, support and guidance to the Steve Rathje for Congress campaign. The total number of companies supporting our effort now rests at 84 with more to join throughout the balance of the week and throughout the campaign. Thank you to each and every one of these great community leaders!" Nathan Towner, Director, Ambrose Packaging Equipment, Inc. John Berns, CEO, Dave Schmitt Construction Company, Inc. Kathleen Banowetz, President, The Retreat, Inc. Larry Gritton, President and CEO, Gritton Assoc. Inc. Roger Cassill, President and CEO, Cassill Motors Company, Inc. Craig Tobin, President and CEO, Pirc-Tobin Construction, Inc. Mark Banowetz, Preside ...
GOAL! 1-0 Arsenal. We're back underway and the visitors have the lead. Mistake from Clarke-Salter and Smith finishes over Co…
Want to take the time and say Happy Birthday day to the best mom a girl could have!! I love you moma! Happy Birthday! We'll be over when I get off work love you Linda Smith
Has anyone got Linda Smith Hitchcock's home number they can PM me??
I had an awesome Valentine's Day ladiesDietra Benton Yashica Lowe Linda Smith Neikisha Evans Thank you for the roses the chocolate covered strawberries teddy bear and cards.. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! HEY GIRL HEY
Thanx u to 2 Kris Hodgetts for setting me a new FB up. Any one who gets a friend request it is Linda smith with a new FB account. 😋
My sister Linda Smith with our Mother Polly Reed/Weaver, daughter of Frank and Betty Reed
Linda Smith im omw I work down da street from u in da morning
and this is for you Linda Smith And now I'm laughing
Wrote this a few weeks ago and thought I would share it. AMBER As I watch my daughter and all she's been through I just wish there was something more I could do There is so much pain she has had to endure And for this pain there is no cure When she lost her baby at just 8 months old She thought she'd never have another child to hold But for some reason God needed Sheyenne We don't know why, but it was God's plan He gave her strength and her faith stayed strong And John held her hand and helped her along John was always her best friend And he did all he could do to help her heart mend Soon they were blessed with a little boy And once again she began to feel joy A little girl later would come Then she had one more son John was her husband and very best friend And she couldn't understand why his life had to end Even through all the pain that she has bore You would think she couldn't stand anymore She turned to Jesus and took His hand Once again He lifted her up and helped her stand When she cries He wipes he ...
A special Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful,loving cousin Linda Smith I didnt forget about yu cuzzo yu get yo own stat lol love yu
Congratulations to season ticket holder Linda Smith, tonight's sweetheart of the 1st period sponsored by Creative Expressions!
Congratulations to Linda B Smith who won a Kindle in the More Than Magic Release Celebration Giveaway.
And then there was light! I have to say even without power we had a good time. We all made the best of it. I Thank my Daddy for teaching me very young how to live without power, many many years of camping paid off. We raised our kids the same. We didn't have power but we had each other. My sister has gas logs so we all piled up in her den. Kids went to my house to get the outside cooker. We had food, nothing better than bacon eggs and grits cooked outside. We have told stories, jokes, and laughed til our insides hurt and the kids loved it. Thank you Linda Smith Bramlett, Joey Bramlett, Greg Bramlett, for allowing us to move in during this mess Thanks to the kids for all getting along and making the best of it. Thank you to my wonderful daughter Tabatha Moutzouris Adams and my son-in-law Timothy Adams for pitching in to make all this run smoothly. It's times like this you sit back and look at them all, and feel all the love as you smile knowing you raised them right. Love you all bunches!
Thanks you for the chicken grandma and grandpa best Valentine ever love you guys Linda Smith
If God wanted us to believe in him, he'd exist. (I miss Linda Smith)
Everyone please say a prayer for my sister Linda Smith Weckwert Sue.She was admitted in the hospital with pneumonia.
Homer Belt, age 83, of Annville, passed away Wednesday night at Compassionate Care Center in Richmond.  He was the widower of Cora Gross Belt, the father of Lisa Sester, Roscoe Gross and Donnie Gross, and Margaret Marcum, all of Tyner,  Hershel Gross of Clay County, and Linda Smith of Manchester, the brother of Carl Belt and Dorothy Smith, both of Annville, and Lorene Smith  and husband, Eudean, of Liberty, Indiana, Funeral services for Homer Belt will be conducted at 11:00 AM Sunday in the Bowling Funeral Home Chapel with Mitchell Ball and Tony Smith officiating.  Burial will follow in the Gross Family Cemetery at Tyner.   The family of Homer Belt will receive friends at Bowling Funeral Home after 6:00 PM Saturday.  
Thank you Linda Marie Smith for the "Mearra - Selkie from the Sea" CD I won from
Sending a Very Special Happy Valentine's Day to my Mother Linda Smith and Sisters.. Love y'all very much..
Linda Smith Lydia when I bow before |HIM" with tears running down my face,,,"HE" acknowledges me,,, I have not called "HIS" NAME verbally,,,"GOD" is a "SPIRIT" "HE" has to be sought as a "SPIRIT" not with what has become so important to you,,,names
Hi Linda Smith, sorry for the inconvenience, but could I cancel 1 under my name please, just need 1 seat for myself, thanks
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Out to our favorite bar for valentines day. Thanks mom (Linda Smith) for babysitting our lil man, you're the best!
Hey Gail Crum and Tami Boyer Williams remember me for that bad party??? Oh Linda smith
Dear Why give Talking Bollock the oxygen of publicity? Pace Linda Smith, I wouldn't give her the oxygen of oxygen.
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful In-laws Joe & Linda Smith, Love u both!!! Hope u both have a great day!!!
Happy Valentines Day to all my friends and family I love you all have a great day and a great weekend peace and love always linda smith
When I think of my heart I think of my mother Linda Smith when I think of my loves I think of Melissa Darlene Smith when I think of my hearts legacy I think of dena Hamm and all my children who I love so much.And then comes the refreshment of my heart showing how to feel young again my loving grandchildren other wise known as tiny humans
An last but definitely not least. Happy Valentine's Day, to my mother Linda Smith! Mom I haven't always been the best, but know that your a major reason I am the man I am today! :) Without you, I wouldn't have the huge heart I tend to wear on my sleeve. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul! Thanks you for being my mother, and I hope you have the best Valentine's Day ever! In reality this is really your day anyway! :)
Happy Valentines Day to all the leading women in my yall so much!! Gina Henderson Treneshia Henderson Stephanie Morgan Linda Smith Blessings Johnson Ruth Snowden Jamie Green !!
"Just witnessed the cutest Valentine's Day serenade ever. My professors are too cute!
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes ! And at Linda Smith Przystal , I'll only need the entire weekend for celebrating. See Kathy Cloos Przystal is WAY older with the memory issues ! As you were...
Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely wife. As corny as it may sound, we had our first date on Valentine's Day and it's been an adventure ever since. I love you, Linda Smith Tindal.
Although Sam Coronado is gone, I have many wonderful Valentines Day memories. We used to go to the Tree House on Congress with our besties Frank Rodriguez n Linda Smith. Here's a couple of cards he gave me:
Linda Blair sits in the make-up chair as *** Smith turns her into the grotesque creature we see in "The Exorcist"
Disappointed that my cousin is not moving to the next round of American Idol and did not having his performance aired, again! But a lot of pride for Michael Simeon and the way he handled himself after receiving the most disappointing news a young artist can hear. Taking one on the chin, and he smiles, thanks all of the judges, and walks out, head high. Very proud of Michael and his parents, Mason and Linda Smith, for raising such a fine young man. You want to know what someone is made of, and if they have strength of character? Watch how they handle a huge disappointment. Very proud of you cuz! Never, never, never , never quit!
Happy 27th Valiversary (Valentine/ anniversary) to Linda Smith and dad. We love you, and hope you have a wonderful day and many more.God TRUELY knew you were meant to be together :)
Happy Valentine's Day to Linda Smith, Georgia Whitworth, Tamii Whitworth, Whitney Foster, Micah Walston, Melissa Smith, Susan Oliver, and April Morgan, Sandra Etchieson, Candy Ashley! All the important ladies in my life. I love you all with all my heart.
Just wanted take the time to wishing all of family's in heaven a happy valentine we love and miss y'all all... Randy Johnson Linda smith Papal Roy Harrison don Henderson nanny smith and Doris McNeil
Linda Smith Can you post your recipe for meat pies please!!!
How does Linda Cardellini just look forever 16? Like, did she sell her soul?
the judge and his wife are our best friends.please pray they find out what's in his brain. Frustrating (bryan linda smith
Check out the Black History Month display in the foyer of Kroger Store on Military Road. Created by Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Association members Robin Freeman and Linda Smith highlights famous Arkansans and Dr. Ralph Bunche. Special thanks for store managers Deborah Akridge, Denny Tomczak and Derodrick Bright.
Happy Valentines Day baby love you more more each and everyday Toni Linda Smith x
While everyone else has romantic Valentine's Day plans, I get to see my sister for the first time in almost a year! A quiet drive there with my wonderful husband, Elex Washington. A huge, huge thank you to Kimberly Hutchinson and Sara Dickson for babysitting for us so she can surprise the kids tomorrow! I couldn't ask for anything else! I can't wait to see you, Linda Smith!
Welcome to this Saturday's run sheet - a long one that'll see some people rounding out the first week of their Perth Marathon programs, others ramping up the distance and the Band of Sisters/Brothers doing what most are doing...going for their longest run of the week! Go you good things! A quick reminder that Saturday sessions start at the Collins Street Community Centre Car Park, just off Canning Hwy on the river side of Collins Street. - Saturday: 5:30am - with Simon Elliott Simon Elliott, Pete Fisher, Grant Douglas, Kim Wishaw, Courtney Taylor, Rick Warner Jones, 6:00am Group (13 to 20-something km) - with Jarrad Brown Ian Hainsworth, Stephen McAlpine, Jarrad Brown, Jordan Thyer, Gillian Power, Barry Atkins, Scott Walker, Angela Nathan, Kathryn Buckley, Julie Tan, Hamish Penno, Ben Morrell, Dean Norman, Steve Walton, Joshua Bruins, Kelly Robinson 7:00am Group (8-15k) - with Graham Kent Linda Smith, Elliot Khoo, Claire Chisholm, Megan Prestage, Siobhane Byrne, Janet Lamb, Tom Maxwell, Sarah Maxwell Kent ...
I just want to say Happy Valentines Day to all my friends and family. But most of all to the two people that was my very first valentines ever. My mom linda smith and my dad buster loyd I love all my parents but if it was not for you two I would not be alive today. So thank you for giving me life
*Join us for Developmental Discoveries with Dr. Linda Smith during Toddler Playtime from 10-11am on February...
Forestry Queens I Need To Know Who Will be in the Olustee Parade For Forestry! I sent Everyone an Email! If you do not see a Forestry Queens Name on this please let me know!! I do not want to leave no one out!!Emma Sapp Rachel Walker Betsy Blanton Ireland Wood Megan Gamble Savannah Del-Rae Thomas Karagan Surles Candace James Hampton Linda Smith Whitley
We are so lucky to have Linda Smith as our honorary president tonight!
Hopefully you have been praying for Linda Smith, now here is another request from Bro. Greg: The surgeon just called. My surgery is scheduled for this Sunday morning at 8:00. It will be a total knee replacement. They say it is a 2-4 month recovery process, depending on the individual. Yesterday afternoon, in heavy traffic through an underpass, a rectangular steel cover somehow got flipped upright in my lane. I had nowhere to go and plowed right through it (along with several others). I am ok, but it did a number on the suspension and undercarriage of my car. The insurance has 72 hours to advise me if they repair or mark it as a total loss. Linda is home now, but her condition remains delicate. She uses an oxygen concentrator more during the daytime now as well as at night. Our daughter, Rebekah, and granddaughter, Kayleigh, are scheduled to be with for a visit, arriving February 21st. May the Lord watch over them as they travel... and bless their time here. Obviously Satan does all he can to hinder the w ...
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