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Linda Smith

Linda Helen Smith (29 January 1958 – 27 February 2006) was a British stand-up comic and comedy writer.

Ian Dury Psycho Killer Great Lives

Heart Like A Wheel is the best Linda Ronstadt album and I'm sorry that nobody agrees with me. You're missing out.
Despise Dave as you like, but when you randomly tune in and the much missed Linda Smith is on QI you can forgive almost everything
I'll say it again (Steven A Smith voice)... If Woodard is on... OU ain't losing
Look! Jesse Smith is going to the in Philadelphia and he needs our support
Jamil Smith says Sanders "isn't preferred by most young voters of color" Yet that is the 100% opposite of the truth. https…
Nice to see one of my fave eps of on with & the much missed, always brilliant Linda Smith.
Linda from Smith Ranch Kennels loved the food from the food drive. It's great to see the community pitching in.
Rufus is from Linda Smith Ranch Kennels. He was so happy going home with this beautiful family. Thank you.
Linda Barber Smith is home, tired resting
My grandkids lives with Their Grandmother LINDA BROWN & her Daughter SHANDALE SMITH !
Will Smith named generation award recipient for 2016
Thank you so much to Linda Smith for her donation to our fur babies, we really appreciate it Linda thank you!
Congratulations to invitee Linda Smith from Monroe, LA - can't wait 2 see you in the 'Ham!
We're a day late to the party but HEY that's GREAT you're Linda. Linda likes you.
Listening to this: Smith, Linda Catlin - Folkestone EXCERPT by Quatuor Bozzini on
Your title-With or Without God: Why the Way We Live Is More Important than What We Believe-says it all. Linda Smith
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
wow! Linda Smith well calm me Dory cause I tend to forget things quickly
Hi DASmith, I'd love to see your unpublished manuscript in our contest: Stay gold! Linda
I used to joke that proof of God's non-existence is the fact Rupert Murdoch is still alive but Linda Smith is dead.
Linda Smith would be a great snack for card nights 󾌳
Sex Trafficking: Could your son or daughter be next?
Hi Jackie, Got any manuscripts in your drawer? Enter our contest & get published: Stay gold! Linda
ACE's Judy Smith & Sen. Linda Chesterfield on KOKY discussing Arkansas Rehabilitation Services and its great work.
just listening to a Linda Smith radio 4 comedy about just that!!
"Did we really reduce extreme poverty by half in 30 years" by Linda Qiu -
Comedians nick jokes off each other . Dave Spikey nicked one from Linda Smith . If you hold a shellsuit up to your ear you can
A shout out for our forthcoming Linda Smith 2016 lecture
"The future is what we choose to develop as well as what we choose to ignore" - Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Linda Tuhiwai Smith "we need to constantly decolonize traditional non indigenous disciplines"
If you have a chance to read I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Linda Smith
I love you Linda I can't wait to see you this weekend
i AM linda from bob's burgers this is NOT a joke
Please listen to Linda Smith's sitcom on . I'm so sad she never got to do more; but what she left is still crazily relevant.
This Women's month in March, watch my documentary, "A Profile in Courage: Linda L. Smith on KweliTV. Subscribe now.
Catch Reginald D. Brown's Documentary about Linda L. Smith, founder of Four D college on KewliTV this Martch
re Katie Hopkins, to paraphrase Linda Smith and say "I'm not that happy with her having the oxygen of oxygen, actually,"
Linda Smith wants everyone to know about a fun opportunity at one of our local clubs, the Fraternal Order of...
"The world is full of people who need a good builder but will settle for someone who can start on Monday" - Linda Smith
- or 2. You can contact Linda Smith for the originals if I can't find them. Will check and be in touch. Mike
Iain Duncan Smith voted with Govt on Budget tonight
Making a little sense of the world, just listened to the late Linda Smith’s superb Brief History of Time Wasting on
Mr. Wildcat THIS Thursday, 7pm in the PAC! Tickets on sale all week. Guest judges include Neil Smith, Linda Glasgow, and…
How To Grow A Tower Garden, from my radio show Down the Garden Path, ft. Linda Smith!
Linda Jenkins Smith You Rock! !!! Congratulations you made Silver in our Young Living community Yey — celebrating victory
Iain Duncan Smith exposed after using anti-cuts cancer charity to back his cuts
A celebration of comedian Linda Smith, ten years since her passing.
thanks for sharing Dr Scott Smith, have a great Thursday :) (Want this FREE? >>
3 huge roller blinds in black fitted today for Linda Smith another happy customer
I am pleased to see A Profile in Courage : Linda L Smith shown on
Please join us in taking a moment to remember the late, great Linda Smith. A true humanist who we miss very much. https:/…
Linda Edwards' father's funeral service is this Monday, March 7 at 2pm at Smith Funeral Home in Sapulpa. The...
Move over Linda Jones and Pete Smith! -- The weirdest YA character names ever! (via )
Ian Duncan Smith should go he is a disgrace
I strongly agree with Josh Smith on this point. I wouldn't be surprised if $HilLIARy's camp hasn't resorted to...
Reginald D. Brown's "Profile in Courage: Linda L. Smith debuts on KweliTV this March, "Women's Month."
Reginald D Brown's inspiring doc about Linda L. Smith is pleased that KewliTV is broadcasting. Subscribe to KweliTV now.
“A drip line scoring. the edge of the walk.” -Linda Gregerson, Spring Snow.
Iain Duncan Smith: the latest MP to pretend council cuts are not his fault
I enjoyed meeting Linda Robson and 2 wonderful nurses to learn about the excellent services they offer
sat down with Hayley Smith, Kennedy Leonard, Jamee Swan, and coach Linda Lappe today to chat Pac 12 tournament strategy. Game Thursday Night
Airing nationally on PBS in 2016, Linda Marie Smith’s performance of “Mearra~Selkie From the Sea” was filmed at the
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
No better way to end night radio that's listening to Linda Smith's A Brief history of Time with
"A good makes it okay to feel Linda Smith .
The importance of building a by Linda Smith from
A rather surreal archive comedy show by the late Linda Smith was just on Made me think of
Groundforce with Tom Paulin. Linda Smith you're a genius. Utter bloody genius. Crying.
Linda Smith was a lovely person bless her.Not very funny though but the does love paying their lefties.
Listening to an episode of Linda Smith on - god she was great.
George & Mildred actor Brian Murphy & Hi-De-Hi actress Linda Regan at the Museum of Comedy in March
The body of Linda Marie Smith, 59, was discovered in a room at the Budget Inn in North Port, Florida, alongside two live monk…
After Will Smith's hissy fit I've found myself completely blanking out any of his movies iTunes have in store.
Linda closing another Perfect Kitchen!! Way to go Linda 👍😄🎉
Linda M Smith . I said. He own me body mind & Soul 4 over 2 hours. He owned everyone in that space. We c…
Linda Smith on It's odd. Laughing, and feeling sad at the same time.
Great, A Brief History of Timewasting. Really do miss Linda Smith's humour.
Linda Q. Smith Providence District "I can not support 5 or 6 cents. What about technology & science?"
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Linda Smith's incredible wit remembered 10 years after her death
Had a wonderful time with Bro. Bob Smith and Sis. Linda Smith last night watching the ball drop. Thank you for...
Concussion movie includes story of NFL player From WNY - WGRZ-TV
by the end of 2016, hoping will have proposed to Linda and be welcoming sassy smith junior into their lives
From Monette Lesme and Linda Smith at ML Executive Realty, we want to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous...
Penny Smith. Linda Childs. One from a portfolio of nineteen lithographs (including variant of cover), printed 1980
Councillor Linda Smith CSP Parish & Chiltern District awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Years Honours - congratulations!
Ignore the *** Don't give them the oxygen of publicity; or even the oxygen of oxygen- with acknowledgement to Linda Smith
Congratulations to our Chairman Cllr Linda Smith on recognition in New Year Honours list for services to local government &
Fancy a bevvy before or after the Arsenal game, Linda?
Every knows that and family are a perfect match! Photo courtesy of Krystal Smith Wnek. ht…
MacGyver can build an airplane out of gum and paper clips. Linda Smith can kill him and take it.
Congratulations to our CEO, Linda Smith, for all of her hard work in leading En Su Casa to San Antonio's top...
is named in honor of the Smith family. Learn more about them and their generous donation
watching Pirates Of Penzance w/kid. Loving Kevin Kline, Rex Smith, Angela Lansbury - and the incomparable . Gracias, Linda.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Kathy Ann Smith. 10 hrs · . I have some health issues that can't be seen on the outside. Ignorant people can be so...
Linda Smith age 29 of Scottsburg Arrested 12-23 Wanted on a Warrant
What is it you could qualify as one of our knitters -Linda
Reading Linda Tuhiwai Smith's work again +my mind is blown! How essential/important to research and those who quest for knowledge + justice
have definitely heard people talk about this. Prof Linda tuhiwai smith mebbe?
E Dewey Smith. Have you been feeding the dragon??. Lack of tithing. Lovers of titles. Leadership that cannot be...
In memory of Dr. Gilbert Smith, Linda Smith contributed $100 on Thanksgiving. Thank you L...
lol I remember Linda saying she does her head in with all the competitions
Linda Smith doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
The Exorcist 11"×14" Lobby Card in frame signed by Ellen Burstyn, *** Smith and Linda Blair! $250
Cayo was really great thank you Angelique Smith Zetina and her amazing family but time to go back home. Linda...
Linda Smith...Thank you for the Christmas card. Just got it...what a nice surprise!
Congrats to Cindy Davidson and Linda L. Smith! They are the lucky winners of our giveaway! They…
Good woman Linda, now make Mr. Smith, your mum and yourself proud!
WOO HOO -- Linda Goodwin and Jerry Smith. FOTAS volunteers who are always at the Shelter -- they walk dogs, bath...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Excited to start my standup comedy class at School of Comedy with Linda Smith, today!
To quote on of my very favourite Linda Smith (jokes: "I think if God WANTED us to believe in him, he'd exist"
Tix on sale now for season opener with by Alexina Louie, Linda Catlin Smith and Anthony Tan. Www,
“Meaningful supports children with in reaching their full potential." -Linda K. Smith, HHS
VIDEO- This is why we support Opportunity Village Linda and Chris Smith: Welcome to Life's Turns via
The NME didn't like Patti Smith's poetry in 1978. People like the poetry now and the NME is joke. .
Have you read Renting Lacy? Linda Smith writes of America's prostituted children:
Children are learning 24/7. Early education is happening everywhere. What's important is making it good. - Linda Smith HHS
If we don't focus on birth to 3, we are going to have a problem where kids are underprepared for PreK. - Linda Smith HHS
And 1) always reminds me of my favourite Linda Smith gag. “Moneybox Live. Worst band ever.”
Nutrishop Ballantyne sponsored athlete sindyr_npcfigure poses with her coach and ifbb pro Linda Smith…
personally I think it was a shame Linda Smith didn't get the chance to replace Humph on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.
I heard that. Not quite as good as Linda Smith singing Psycho Killer to the tune of Save Your Love.
Hey CGS 3006F! One of the authors you study, Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith, talks about DataCenter.
Call Linda Black today and ask her to Vote Yes on
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
~played little tigers football with Deveon Smith~. ~he weighed 135 pounds, I weighed 70 pounds~. ~he got to play more than …
Soon, Linda Ignarro is going to be Linda Smith and I just uuugh ! ☺️
w - Sam smith records theme song for new film | | 88.0FM
oh so its “frowned upon” to try and crowd surf at your baby shower. "FROWNED UPON". frown upon my *** linda
A special Art Under the Influence on Sunday morning starting at 10a.m. Join artist Linda Hampton Smith, and a...
Heading to Sundre and beyond. Awesome meeting with Barbie-Jo Smith and Malcolm Mills at Pandora's Boox and Tea. I...
Sam Smith shows pre-weight loss beach pictures made him 'want to kill himself'
This is an Open Invitation to join Rev. Dr. Linda Smith, Pastor and the SKY Church family in worship every Sunday...
Torontonians! is launching her new CD of music by ACWC member Linda Catlin Smith Oct.16-18! Tix here:
Even if James Brown were on the he wouldn't work harder than Deborah Angel Smith and Linda Magid
maybe you can name which owners invested more? Hicks? Gillett? Moores? Smith? Show the lady some respect.
How to Develop an Innovative Mindset with Linda Smith of
Come out to Linda Johnson Smith Soccer Stadium to see us take on at 4pm!
Goalies warming up... Kick off in 54 minutes! @ Linda Johnson Smith Soccer…
Dallas Smith's new single 'Kids with Cars' is available now on iTunes !!! --- Linda
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"The next decade is going to be about workforce, and it's time. It's our time."-Linda Smith
Listening to Linda Smith: Preschool expulsion is a sin! Yes, we have to do better! Social-emotional development matters!
Prepare our leaders. Good people don't stay at places with bad leadership. -Linda Smith
...joining an amazing line up for the gala in honour of Linda Smith on Wed 19th Be…
Linda Smith with the Lynchburg based Star Trek club talked about the 10th Annual Charity Auction coming up...
Happy Founder's Month! WHEREAS, NABS was founded in 1982 by Mother Mary Carter Smith and Mama Linda Goss...
Child sex trafficking is a bigger problem than many imagine. Renting Lacy author and founder Linda Smith
'Feel free to touch my wax bum': Sam Smith meets his doppelganger: LONDON — Sam Smith is really chuffed with h...
Advice for Always aim high - no idea is too big or too daunting
Going to the Edinburgh Fringe? Join us for a night of comedy in memory of comedian Linda Smith ht…
Art is a fantastic way to express gratitude and discover insights about yourself. More info:
Long overhead personal birthday greeting announcement followed by, "once again, attention Linda Smith, your family loves you."
Yeah, the name on the page will be something like Bob N Linda Smith. It's awful
Linda Smith can judge a book by its cover.
we all have our problems Linda. That had nothing to do with it
I am so thankful to Linda Little and Karen Truhon for my Reiki attunements. I have made good use of Reiki energy...
We have had some amazing response so far from Celebrities Such as Sheridan Smith, Noel Edmonds, Linda Robson and...
Just updated Dad's Page with some pictures from Linda Smith -
You as well Linda. Make it a great one!
Aldon Smith covers that San Francisco magazine had planned before yesterday's news (via
Linda McQuaig says oilsands 'may have to be left in the ground'
Toronto candidate sinks every candidate in Alta. and Sask. Film at 11.
Linda Smith proved that we are alone in the universe. We weren't before his first space expedition.
Happy to welcome Linda Smith, Senior Director of Technological at to our Looking forward to seeing you in Sept!
this photo is taken near my home town by Linda Kay Lyon Smith and is very very nice photograph
Octahedral Moondog by Tony Smith on MathWalk DC Saturday at 3:30 pm
Tad Smith says population of buyers is very discerning. Quality selling at high prices. Buyers from Greater China up 63%.
Check out our new blog by Linda Smith, ' for Business and both planned for
Totally agree with Linda Swankykitty Smith and try very hard to list my Patsy Dolls for honest market prices...
ANZ boss Mike Smith does a Linda Evangelista on $3b raising announcement
And the Chinese team was good maybe better that some teams in the French Division 1.
agree with the statement too but the 7-0 score did not reflect the game at all. OL got lucky on at least 3 goals.
Reminds me of our conversation.. Bean bag BALLS!!. Natalie Bowles Linda Smith Kerry Majchrowski
"I would not want to be on your bad side" 😂. -Linda Smith
A listen for those who don't know why reunion is making people feel things
Linda Smith dropped by on Day 4 to share her skills & insight in the world of events
Linda Hesselberg, Let's see who's the strongest 👊🏻
well it's just pre game season so they need some adjustments. But yeah, you are right abt the statement, diff is huge..
That is a little like the BBC lunch at the Chelsea Flower Show I went to with Linda Smith once.
Commissioners David Smith and Linda Massey both said they will never vote to take down the monument.
An old Mock The Week on Dave, mid-2005. Linda Smith is on it. What a funny, clever lady she was.
2015 Honda CRZ for Linda from Calvin Smith at Tameron Honda in Birmingham
Linda from Cedar Rapids: "I believe him. I believe that if he draws a red line, you better not cross it." http:/…
Linda Smith's line about Archer applies: "Don't give him oxygen of publicity? None too keen on him having oxygen of oxygen."
Rheba Smith Linda ShipesJoberta E WellsJf Richards. Do ur kitties have convos w/ u like this. I cracked up!!
🔴Update: Lindley farmer Hein Smith, 77, tied up, assaulted & burnt to death
Dr Linda Felton-Smith, "It's about our children, our students, and our future"
Dr Linda Felton-Smith kicks off MEGA 2015 with enthusiastic commitment to what Alabama educators do for our students!
Room 101 - Linda Smith via Everyone should be exposed to the late, great Linda Smith.
Sen Linda Collins Smith is the only Senator who replied to any of the objections.
Some things take too long to Die ! I ain't waiting for it to die I'm killing it ! Hallelujah !! Linda Lou...
So true! I do believe that education is key.
"I'm afraid I can't speak to you. I can only speak to your wife." "Excuse me, I AM Mrs Linda Smith.". http:/…
Praying for the protection of every young girl and guy in harm's way. Thank you Linda Smith and Shared Hope...
Linda Smith Thank you for following me!!
Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Jaden Smith holds hands with mystery girl on the streets of NYC
Linda Tuhiwai Smith: "I think a significant part of decolonisation is knowing our story and rediscovering ourselves.".
BREAKING: We now have it confirmed from the U.S. Navy that Randall Smith has passed away.
Linda Smith from Shared Hope sent me he Ted Talk today. I'm just so proud of her message and the work of Shared...
The wonderful Linda Tuhiwai Smith - I didn't know her dad was Hirini Moko Mead: (H/T
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Linda Tuhiwai Smith: "the day I graduated, many of the boys got their draft notices to go to Viet Nam.". via
Linda Smith: "People may think Ngā Tamatoa had a cast of thousands, but actually it was a very small organisation.".
Caught the 1983 operetta "Pirates of Penzance" with Ronstadt, Rex Smith & Kevin Kline. Enjoyed it as much as ever!
Last chance for Morgan Smith from Linda Lowy Casting. Huge TV Casting office -
Learn more about child in America from a TED X talk with Linda Smith from
Anripasti, Linda Smith Bobotie, asparagus and Beaujolais tonight. . Doing it international tonight chilling out.󾌵󾦀󾦆
Second World War vet, Harry Leslie Smith, stands up for youth and a just society with new… http…
Dr. Linda Smith Sup. Taught me everything we do speaks Not just our voice. If you want people to move we have to move.
BREAKING: Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith has died from Chattanooga shooting injuries.
Clippers & Josh Smith Reach Agreement on Deal, According to RealGM; (via
I was gonna write a column on the picking up Josh Smith but he wit La now 😑
Josh Smith will sign with the Clippers via
Trending Now: Josh Smith agrees to 1-year deal with Clippers
Watching an early episode of QI, starring the wonderful,and sadly missed, Linda Smith.
Did you hear this when it was on? The lovely Linda Smith singing Psycho Killer to Renée & Renato
Been looking for this for ages: Linda Smith singing the words of Psycho Killer to the tune of Renée & Renato’s hit
Went to see 'Jurassic World' yesterday eve with Linda Smith, Leah Smith & George Baker :-) Thought it might be a...
"As a society, when we take care of our children, we are at our best; when we don't, we are at our worst."--Linda Smith
Pj Smith just won a game against Linda Lee Ludwig Emery in Trivia Crack!
Master Drawings from the Smith College Museum of Art, Sievers, Ann H. with Linda
Linda Smith does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Linda Smith.
George and Linda Smith, recently stayed at the lodge and they loved Seth's chicken fingers, and you will too.
There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Linda Smith allows to live.
Linda Jo Scott: Farewell to a man of music, *** Smith: This singer's name is *** Smith, and he's just as nice and…
Linda Smith cheerfully skewered the Tories with her brilliant barbs
ws found that she had been Linda A Gambino for over 28yrs then retired becz OC SMITH uses this area as covers for crimebinges
Brienne of Tarth reminds me of my old friend, Linda Smith (RIP).
Landlocked between PC World and the rather less enlightened Kingdom of Leather (© the late Linda Smith).
School volunteer Linda Smith is known as Nanny by students at Mallett School
Introducing RAW GLIMPSE artist of the day: Linda Smith Bugge. Buy tix to support this artist on 7/8 here:
My.syepmom.and stepdaughter are both the most awesome!!! Linda Smith
Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Photos: Jada Pinkett Smith steps out in sexy outfit
Linda Smith talks about the details of the new editions and upgrade paths announced
Cllrs Linda Smith, Sian Taylor, & Scott Seamons visiting our new Community Hub in Blackbird Leys.
Linda Cohn, Shelley smith, Alex flanagans jaw, I could go on...
dr Linda Smith. 50 emails, 50 phone calls to our representatives can make a difference
According to Linda Smith dual language "isn’t a deficit, it’s a strength that we need to build on in this country.”
dr Linda Smith HHS there are hhs studies that need input about dual language. Send in your comments
dr Linda Smith of HHS speaks to the importance of family engagement and advocacy
Linda Smith sharing the work of HHS and family engagement
HHS deputy secretary Linda Smith talks ways to raise pay for early childhood educators at Erikson
Linda Smith will be interviewed on in a few minutes, discussing the 2014 statistics from Women's Aid direct services
okay Allie, you're turning into Jaden Smith and I LOVE it
Linda Smith Clinical manager speaks about the 11,167 calls received to their Helpline in 2014
Linda Smith, Women's Aid Helpline Manager, extends heartfelt thanks to the women who gave their voices to the Testimonies video
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The postal carrier brought some goodies today. Hosta Secret Trasure and Miss Linda Smith.
Do we really send message out to Linda Moore & Mike Matthews and Molly (Smith) that we're supporting a tax increase.
Huge thanks to the inspirational for their fantastic interview on the Hub! Go check it out here
Jaden Smith steps out with a face full of make-up (photos): The 16 year old actor and rapper ste...
Honoured to share a stage with Linda Tuhiwai Smith & Sandro Mezzadra. BIG THANKS to organizers &
We are so grateful for wonderful partners like Linda Smith at Shared Hope Int'l!
Shared Hope President and Founder Linda Smith takes the stage at TEDxPortland to discuss the hidden crime of sex...
Tune in May 30 at 10 am PDT as SHI President Linda Smith takes the stage at TEDx PDX to discuss
I would do this all day LaDarius Sumrell Linda Fay Michelle Sylvester Malik Ballislife Smith Devin Coleman
How many roundhouse kicks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Just one. From Linda Smith.
Feeling just as ignored as Will Smith's second son.
Linda, my heartfelt thanks for spreading the word on
"If nobody told they love you today, remember I do" - Principal Linda tells her students in Philly
"So what. Now what?" -Linda C-W laying out a case for not giving up. she might be the best principal ever
"I am a leader, so I know I can't do anything alone." - Linda Ciatt-Wayman captures women's leadership
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Linda T. Smith states that “the term is inextricably linked to European imperialism and colonialism.”
(1/3) On this final day of classes, we recognize two great educators who are retiring: Mrs. Dawn Smith & Mr. Dennis Linda.
Congratulations to colleagues Paul Smith and Gillian Bennett for this well-deserved reward.
Linda Smith's Business by Faith, get it, read it, Apply it. This is a book that will cost you far more to MISS than it's cover price.
good luck Linda... hope all goes well xo
Are Linda Fabiani and John Swinney "quislings" for signing up to Smith in the first place?
Linda Davidge-Smith, Lecturer has agreed to speak at the in Wales seminar:
Thrifty Finds by artist Linda Smith. found on the FASO Daily Art Show -...
Congratulations to our 2 Retiring Teachers ! ... Ms. Linda Meyers, with 47 years, and Mrs. L. Smith, with 34 years of teaching :))
Que linda es la letra de i'm not the only one de Sam Smith 💕
Lets be at Mr Linda or Mrs Smith's classroom doors at 230 on Friday to show how much we have appreciated their over 60 years of education.
God bless to Mr. Linda and Mrs. Smith. Congrats to two great people retiring from Canisius High School this month.
Congrats to our Girls Lynne Vaughn and Linda Smith..Happy Closings! Here's to Many more :)
Touching article by Andrew Carter on Linda Woods and her memories of Coach Smith & Coach Guthridge
Connie Hall named tonthree-year term, Mia Cowan to two-year term and Linda Smith to one-year term on Hemet rent review commission
Congratulations to the newest RPAC Hall of Fame inductees! Linda Romer Todd ($25,000), Bonnie Smith ($50,000) and...
Reminded also what a wonderful woman Linda Smith was.She's fantastic on this.
Linda Smith chose Ian Dury as her subject for R4’s Great Lives (also with the much-missed Charlie Gillett)
Thanks for giving a wonderfully done inspiring Linda Smith lecture this evening!
Ian Dury would have been 73 today. Here's an episode of Great Lives about him with Linda Smith & Charlie Gillett.
Great fun this eve seeing give 1st Linda Smith lecture Looking forward to reading 100 Acts of Minor Dissent.
FAYOBSERVER: It's My Job: Linda Smith, part-time clerk with the East Fayetteville Branch ofthe Post Of,
Thank you Congresswoman Linda Smith from for starting us out this afternoon.
Linda Smith of the demand for sexual exploitation needs to end.
Fantastic people celebrate a fantastic person. Linda Smith and Charlie Gillett on Ian Dury . All now dead. Bugger.
Sam Smith puts plans for second album on hold
I miss Linda Smith, she was a great comic, gone too soon
TONIGHT: a few returns for the Linda Smith Lecture with Mark Thomas have just come in- call us on 01227 769 075- be quick!!!- Ticket Office
Very happy to be asked to give 1st Linda Smith Annual lecture at Kent Uni tonight.
On way to for the 1st Linda Smith lecture by Looking forward to seeing him, &
Have two tickets to see Linda Smith Lecture tonight. Free of charge. Can email e-ticket. Interested?
For his birthday, Linda Smith, Charlie Gillett and Humphrey Carpenter - all gone too - talking about Ian Dury
Linda Smith signing copies of Sweet Sleep You can buy it at our shop
I'm not sure which bothers me more: the loss of Douglas Adams or Linda Smith. Maybe I'm just very sad at the loss of both.
Clean house. Ray Watts, Linda Lucas, Clay Ryan, Wes Smith, Allen Bolton, dean Palazzo all need to be gone from UAB. .
Ray Watts, Linda Lucas, Clay Ryan, Wes Smith all need to fired or whatever separates them from UAB.
Linda Tuhiwai Smith will speak for on decolonizing research campus March 25, 7 pm
Breakfast with fellow Paul Smith College Alumni in Galway this morning. Thanks Dave "61" Linda and Heather. A good time had by all.
Update 3: *correction, Jeff Smith is married to Linda Tally Smith
Contacting me for a pre-approval will help eliminate Mistakes and The Place To Mortgage - Linda Smith...
Informa tweaks its prospective planting predictions -
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