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Linda Lingle

Linda Lingle (born Linda Cutter; June 4, 1953) is an American politician. She was the sixth Governor of Hawaii from 2002 until 2010, and the first Republican elected governor of Hawaii since the departure of William F.

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"We have come dangerously close to the situation as a that we just can't -Linda Lingle
Taking funds for education should be the LAST resort - NOT the first. Linda Lingle made a HUGE mistake with the Furlough Friday bull
We've come dangerously close 2 accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just cant solve. . Linda Lingle
On this day, in 2010, Republican Gov. of Hawaii, , vetoed same-sex unions. Lingle was vehemently agai…
"Yeah i'm single, not ready to mingle. All i know is my name is Linda Lingle" 😂
Our Former Gov Linda Lingle was with Rauner admin. Arrived 2015, left 2016, paid $198,0…
Try again - Linda Lingle - the TWO term Jewish, Republican governor of Hawaii! Shalom & Aloha!.
Chronically homeless means constantly homeless; it means repeatedly homeless.
Politicians all too often think about the next election. Statesmen think about the next genera
Throughout my political career, I've believed in the concept of home rule. Some call it loc
Electing pro-choice Republican women can help foster a discussion that reflects the full sp
But before looking to the future, let's glance back at the road we've traveled these past two
It pains me deeply to see members of my own party attempting to legislate w...
please consider Linda Lingle former 2 term governor of Hawaii as your running mate. She would be awesome!
How did Linda Lingle go from Governor of Hawaii to COO of Illinois?
EXCLUSIVE: Former Gov. Linda Lingle talks new job, Hawaii politics and Kolten Wong
Good schools, good jobs, good government. These are not unreasonable demand...
you know what I realized yesterday?. that was my last birthday I'll celebrate as Linda Lingle 😳😭. I'll be Linda McMenamy my 23rd birthday ❤️
Ladies & gentlemen: The incomparable as Linda Lingle as Elsa.
Linda Lingle (Former Governor of Hawaii) is making *bank* as an aide to Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.
A Little Bit Off will be here soon with their show Beau & Aero Interviewed by Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
“When people are worried about the future, they don't take trips to Hawaii.” -Linda Lingle
Illinion governor hires Former Governor Linda Lingle. (I wish her the best of luck.)
RJC Congratulates Board Member Linda Lingle on Being Appointed COO of the State of Illinois
Gov. Bruce Rauner has high hopes & big plans to turnaround Illinois in a prosperous direction. Key hire, Linda Lingle is a fantastic move!
LINDA LINGLE: Former Guv of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, has reportedly been named top…
Illinois in good hands as Gov named former Hawaii Gov as the states new COO.
In her State of the State speech Hawai'i Gov Linda Lingle recommends the state buy 880-acre Turtle Bay Resort, 2008
Former Governor Linda Lingle has been appointed as Illinois COO by Gov. Rauner.
ILLINOIS: Gov Bruce Rauner (R) has named ex-Hawaii Gov Linda Lingle (R) to be the state's new Chief Operating Officer.
ICYMI: Former Hawaii Gov. Lingle to work for Illinois governor
PAY TO PLAY: Former Governor was just hired by ally, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner...
New IL Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) just named the cruel anti-LGBT ex-Hawai'i Governor Linda Lingle to be state COO.
Former Government official makes baffling move from Hawaii to Illinois.
Former Governor Lingle to become a top official in .
Gov Rauner's choice for COO of Illinois is a great choice! Former Governor Linda Lingle is one of the best! Congrats to & IL.
ICYMI: fmr Gov & trainer Linda Lingle was named COO of admin in
The Former Governor of Hawaii is taking over as Illinois' new Chief Operating Officer. Republican Linda Lingle...
Newly elected Illinois governor selects Linda Lingle to serve as COO: Gov. Bruce Rauner is tapping former Hawaii…
Shaka Movement’s response to campaign spending report: Monsanto and Mycogen have corrupted our entire democratic process. According to Tony Baldomero, Campaign Spending Commission Association Director, “This is historic. This is the most money spent on any race ever in the history of the state of Hawaii. The second place went to Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Linda Lingle. Most Gubernatorial candidates spend between $4 and $5 million for their entire campaign.” What Monsanto, Mycogen, Mayor Awakawa and all the paid spokespeople call misinformation, is actually very reasonable concerns over GMO and chemical exposure expressed by over 19,000 citizens of Maui County that led to the grassroots GMO ballot initiative. Once the EPA announced and admitted regulatory negligence in the County Council Chambers about how they do not regulate the mixing of chemicals in the fields and the environment, Mycogen created the “Citizens Against” group, then funded it along with Monsanto for 7.9 Million dollars ...
Think this race would be wild open 4any GOP maybe
Prince and heir to the throne, Kalanianaole Kuhio served in the US Congress and, just before his death, initiated and secured the approval of Congress for the Hawaiian Homelands program. Democrats have allowed beneficiaries to languish on the waiting list, filled unused lands with crony lessees, and generally mismanaged it. Briefly, under Republican Linda Lingle, the infrastructure and lands were developed and many many Hawaiian beneficiaries were able to gain homesteads. But lately we're back to the same old same old with Democrat crony leases making the news. Democrats proclaim they're for the little guy while taking care of the big guys. Prince Kuhio was wildly popular in Hawaii of the 1920's . and out where I live used to play golf and hunt birds @ what is now Haleiwa Alii Beach Park while staying at the Haleiwa Hotel.he was followed everywhere by a flock of kids who would run to find his downed doves during some of the hunts. The noble leader. Let's try organizing and registering voters and bring ...
Here is the biggest traitor in Oklahoma just passed Mary Fallin, 4th district Congressman Tom Cole. Cole spent two years working as a paid consultant for the United States Chamber of Commerce, but his primary involvement in politics was as a political consultant for candidates. Along with partners Sharon Hargrave Caldwell and Deby Snodgrass, his firm (Cole, Hargrave, Snodgrass and Associates) played a large part in the reconstruction of Oklahoma's political landscape, and backed a number of candidates that took office during the Republican Revolution of 1994. Among their clients have been Keating, J.C. Watts, Tom Coburn, Frank Lucas, Mary Fallin, Wes Watkins, Steve Largent, former Mississippi congressman Chip Pickering, and Hawaii governor Linda Lingle. He is not a Republican, but a closet Democrat.
The late Daniel Inouye, former Democratic senator from Hawaii, served without interruption for 49 years, 349 days in the U.S. Senate.  December 17, 2012, sixteen days before his 50th anniversary in the Senate, Inouye passed away, leaving Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie to appoint his successor.   As a Democrat, Abercrombie would certainly be inclined to appoint someone from his own party.  In this case, however, he had no choice.  Hawaii law requires that any Senate seat left prematurely vacant much be filled by a member of the previous senator's party.   Governor Abercrombie didn't have to go far to find Hawaii's new senator.  He chose his right hand man, Lt. Governor Brian Schatz, to travel to Washington.  Next November, the interim senator will try to earn the seat in his own right in the 2014 special Senate election in Hawaii.  Winning the general election will be no problem for him in this overwhelmingly Democratic state.   However, getting to the general election won't be nearly so easy.  ...
Lexi said she is an intern. Sarita told me when she was an intern in Washington D.C. she got up early every morning to make coffee for everyone. I told her my internship for Governor Linda Lingle was to database Governor Lingle's email. My boss is Lexi's Boss' Boss. Because Governor of Hawaii is the boss of every government official in the state including the prosecutor. Lexi never said what she does for her boss. Lexi just said to come meet her boss at the mpla meeting. Lexi told everyone she worked for the prosecutor and to go listen to him talk about crime at the mpla meeting.
County of Maui has more questions than answers and we still want answers. In a new feature, we hope to focus on subjects that matter to you and we looked through our mailbag and here is our investigative report for you. County of Maui frequently is joked upon come election time as the inside joke, if you want to be paid to do absolutely nothing, get a job as a County Supervisor. Since Mayor Arakawa's first administration, other's say its from when Linda Lingle was the Maui Mayor, the practice of County Supervisor's frequently clocking in for work, taking company vehicles home, county supervisor's claiming they are in a "meeting" but in reality the person is either playing golf; having "meetings" with other "County Officials" at the Local Starbucks or taking prolonged lunches at one of our local eateries. There is just too many questions that have no answers. We hope to get answer's from Mayor Arakawa himself for this story, but we were referred to his Communications Director, Rod Antone, but Mr. Antone .. ...
I just need to point out that number of people are running for US Congress next year. GMO-Free Oahu DOES NOT endorse Ikaika Anderson or Stanley Chang. They have repeated voted AGAINST a Resolution to label GMOs for Honolulu County. Just looking at the list, the only candidate I know that supports our cause is Kathryn Xian who is a member of this group. Everybody please do not take my word for it, however. Please do your own research. Here is the list of candidates District 1: [ Colleen Hanabusa (D)* - Candidate for US Senate in 2014. ] Ikaika Anderson (D) - Honolulu City Councilman & Ex-State Legislative Aide Stanley Chang (D) - Honolulu City Councilman & Attorney Will Espero (D) - State Sen. & Ex-State Rep. Mufi Hannemann (D) - Ex-Honolulu Mayor, Ex-State Economic Development Director, '12 Candidate & '10 Gov. Candidate Donna Mercado Kim (D) - State Senate President, Ex-State Rep. & Ex-Honolulu City Councilwoman Hannah Miyamoto (D) - Attorney & Sociologist Mark Takai (D) - State Rep., National Guard Offi ...
About District 21 Toastmasters District 21 encompasses all Toastmasters clubs in the province of British Columbia, on the beautiful Western Coast of Canada. With over 5800 members, District 21 is comprised of 294 clubs throughout the province, and growing... The first club in District 21 was formed in Victoria. Since then, clubs began to form in Vancouver and surrounding areas, until District 21 became the thriving community that it is today. District 21 is composed of sixteen Divisions, each divided into Areas. The Areas are further divided into clubs.This year 2013, over 1900 of our members are serving in a leadership capacity developing and honing their skills. for more details. What is Toastmasters? From a humble beginning in 1924 at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, Toastmasters International has grown to become a world leader in helping people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. The nonprofit organization now has nearly 250,000 members in 12,036 clubs in 106 countries, .. ...
"Who knew that may be a month or two later, that uh... He'd be dead...” Kirk Caldwell couldn't you be more sympathetic? May be use HE'D BE GONE, instead of “He'd be dead”. You're talking about the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye, not Gov. Linda Lingle!
More great coverage of the first Wedding of the Year. Congrats Bud and Kimo! Adrienne LaFrance: A Hawaii Love-Story, 5,000 Miles From Home By Adrienne LaFrance 11/20/2013 Courtesy: Bud and Kimo League-Pascual As Hawaii continued to debate same-sex marriage earlier this month, I was a bridesmaid in the Washington, D.C., wedding of two of my dearest friends from Honolulu. It was only about three minutes into the ceremony before I could feel tears welling up. I wasn't the only one. Both grooms cried, too. My friends Bud and Kimo were legally married in our nation's capital, Bud in a Tuxedo that made him look like a movie star and Kimo in his Army dress blues. I think I'll always get chicken skin when I recall what it took for them to make it to their wedding day. I first met Bud and Kimo — William and James, if you want to use their formal names like The Washington Post did — back in 2008. We became friends when I was managing editor of Honolulu Weekly and Kimo was a pediatrics resident at Tripler. Our . ...
Hawaii judge upholds same-sex marriage law A Hawaii Circuit Court judge on Thursday upheld the state's recently enacted same-sex marriage law despite a challenge from opponents who argue the state's Constitution prohibits it. The new law, which will take effect December 2 and make Hawaii the fifteenth US state to legalize same-sex marriage, was signed by Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie on Wednesday. After hearing oral arguments from both sides, Judge Karl Sakamoto refused to enjoin the law's implementation on grounds that the legislature had the right to pass the law. State Representative Bob McDermott led the effort to block the law's enactment, arguing that it conflicts with a constitutional amendment passed by voters in 1998 that gave the state legislature the power to restrict marriages to those between opposite-sex couples. Sakamoto found that the amendment's wording did not restrict the ability of the legislature to legalize same-sex marriage, despite arguments that voters found its language uncl ...
FIRST: ARREST the number one most notorious illegal alien known as Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro a citizen of Indonesia and born in Kenya, not Hawaii who is now usurping the Office of POTUS with blessings of the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, Clintons, Brian Schatz, Hirono, Gabbard, Hanabusa, Neil Abercrombie, Linda Lingle, and a bunch of other criminals holding Offices of public trust! TREASON!rnThe Liar in Chief, anti-USA illegal alien anti-Christian, Muslim homosexual War Crimes perpetrator who was born in Kenya and legally adopted by his step father Lolo Soetoro as a Muslim Indonesian Citizen in grade school there, and has never been a U.S. Citizen, condones and infects our U.S. Armed Forces with his openly homosexual promotions and his litmus test of high ranking officers' willingness to shoot U.S. Citizens who oppose his attempts to trash the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms against his tyranny and TREASON against the Constitution for the united States of America is allowed by the DNC to usurp a ...
Was that a Linda Lingle look alike in the snow?
Intermission! I spy Neil Abercrombie, Kirk Caldwell & Linda Lingle all at The real gov even got up & danced a little!
Updated at 5:46 p.m., Wednesday, October 3, 2007 Disney unveils plans for 800-room Oahu resort By Robbie Dingeman Advertiser Staff Writer An artist rendering of Disney's planned Ko Olina resort, set to open in 2011. Disney photo Gov. Linda Lingle hosts a news conference with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Jay Rasulo announcing Disney's plans for a Ko Olina resort. Bruce Asato | The Honolulu Advertiser Walt Disney Parks & Resorts plans to break ground next year for a stand-alone luxury resort built on 21 acres at Ko Olina that the company is purchasing for $144 million. Jay Rasulo, chairman of Disney parks and resorts, said this is the first mixed-use family resort outside of its theme park developments. Rasulo provided initial details at a news conference in the fifth-floor state Capitol office of Gov. Linda Lingle. He said the resort is expected to open in 2011 and provide 1,000 jobs. He said the company plans to build a Hawaiian-themed family resort. "We are looking forward to building a special ...
Follow because she mastered STEM education in HI.
Is it weird that I have a slight crush on my teacher who looks like Linda Lingle and Annie Leibovitz's love child?
We raise our flag along side our friends. Our struggles are the same. Support marriage equality today.
Linda Lingle wicked witch of the west side by side. Lol
I truly believe the brightest days lie ahead for the Great State of Hawai'i. ~ Linda Lingle
I'm surprised that Hawaiian Airlines has never had a plane hijacked. After all, they used to show in-flight videos of Linda Lingle.
Tuesday's elections brought two historic firsts for religion in American politics: A Buddhist senator and a Hindu representative -- both from Hawaii -- will join Congress. Democrat Mazie Hirono beat Former Gov. Linda Lingle (R), making Hirono the first Buddhist in the Senate.
Amid all the election excitement of last night, here’s one result that you may have missed:the U.S. has elected its first Buddhist senator. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat, beat Republican challenger Linda Lingle to become a senator for Hawaii.
To keep you guys posted, our new president who was re-elected is Barack Obama, 275 to 203 against Mitt Romney. In the state level of representatives it was Linda Lingle v.s. Mazie Hirono for the seat of the state level, i think; forgive me if I'm wrong, Mazie Hirono is ready to win, right now. Also in the congressional level Charles Djou v.s. Colleen Hanabusa, i think Colleen Hanabusa is winning, and lastly for mayor, Ben Cayetano v.s. Kirk Caldwell, so far Kirk Caldwell is winning; yet I will keep you guys updated on the rest, depending on the time and what district you are in.
Hawaii Republicans have three "victory centers" to help get out the vote Tuesday: party headquarters in Hono­lulu, Linda Lingle's U.S. Senate campaign headquarters and the living
Imagine this nightmare: Romney in the White House, Boehner in the House of Representatives... and Harry Reid continuing to stop everything in the US Senate. No matter whether you like your candidate or not... PLEASE... think of America, think of the next four years. We NEED Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, George Allen... We NEED Scott Brown, Jeff Flake, Linda McMahon... We NEED Connie Mack, Linda Lingle, Pete Hoekstra... We NEED to run the table, and win most if not all of the seats up this week. We can survive without winning them all, of course; we can win the majority while still having that fool Dianne Feinstein or Ben Cardin... But in a year like this, when it's so blatantly obvious that the Harry Reid Senate has been an utter disaster, we NEED to win every senate seat we can. Linda Lingle has been a governor, she CAN win the senate if the voters show up. Mourdock has won statewide office before, by a landslide; he can do it again in this race if the voters show up, and keep their minds on the big ...
An ad by Republican Senate candidate Linda Lingle in the Aloha State is telling a real whopper — about us.
In a Hawaii Senate debate last week, Former Gov. Linda Lingle (R-HI) came under fire for a 2010 move described by LGBT-rights activists as “unwarranted cruelty.” Rep. Mazie Hirono, her Democratic opponent and a supporter of marriage equality, noted that Lingle invited supporters of civil unions to a...
U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono has a double-digit cushion over Former Gov. Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate, a gap that has remained constant since the Hawaii Poll began tracking the campaign in May 2011.
When I lived in Hawaii I met Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle when Linda was Gov. Mazie is more sincere. My mom will vote for her.
In Blue Hawaii, Republican Former Gov. Linda Lingle is seen as one of the state's most popular politicians. But even she has only a long shot at winning an open Senate seat.
Senate candidates Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle are scheduled to meet on Monday in the final televised debate on Hawaii News Now. Rep.
Rep. Mazie Hirono and Former Governor Linda Lingle squared off in the KITV studio in a live debate for the U.S.
Linda Lingle is annihilating Mazie Hirono (who lacks of a political image & intelligence)
Linda Lingle (R) is a heavy 'dog in the HI Senate race to Mazie Hirono (D). The last time they went head to head Lingle won. LL may repeat.
Linda Lingle says she's a leader. She did nothing when there was predatory pricing in the airline industry and Aloha Airlines went belly up. How about the Super Ferry... Don't Forget. I am Voting for Mazie Hirono someone who cares about the local people of Hawaii...
- Linda Lingle will represent ALL the people of Hawaii. Mazie Hirono is a rubber stamp of the Democrat Party agenda.
No... I'm not going to run a Mazie Hirono vs. Linda Lingle poll on my site. I'm voting Hirono... no questions asked.
Ok I'm officially bummed. If I wanted to see Linda Lingle and Mitt Romney totally dominate Mazie Hirono and Barak Obama, I would just tune in on Election Day ... Right now I want to watch the Voice !!! Good night all y'all !!
The Hawaii Tribune-Herald has endorsed Linda Lingle! And a few weeks ago, so did The Maui News (Elections are often decided by razor-thin margins. Every vote counts. So let's get out and vote, and elect Linda Lingle.
Aloha friends, Good morning and welcome to Sunday! We had a terrific turnout on the Big Island yesterday for our dinner and rally with Linda Lingle at
I asked Mayor Peter Carlisle and former Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell to disavow and repudiate the PRP TV ads during the Primary Election. Neither did. Peter Carliesle lost the primary. Now I ask Cnogresswoman Mazie Hirono, my fellow immigrant from Japan, to do the same to the RRP mailout and canvassing events resorting to negative campaigns. If Mayor Peter Carlisle was good enough for PRP because he supported the Fixed Rail project & HART, it is disingenuous to now say Ben Cayetano's non-partisan race for a non-partisan office is somehow going to boost Gov. Linda Lingle and Gov. Mitt Romney's chances in Hawaii. Do Kirk Caldwell, Colleen Hanabusa and Mazie Hirono want to win so badly that they are satisfied to remain silent on the sidewalk while PRP wastes another half a million dollars of their stakeholders' hard earned dues? The late Walter Kupau of the Carpenters' Union, Loyal Garner who sang at his memorial service,, and Bruce Koppa, former chief of PRP must be in disbelief, both from beyond and in the h ...
The first face-to-face battle between U-S Senate candidates Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle was hosted by the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce and it cert...
Mazie Hirono, a democratic senator for many years and Former Governor Linda Lingle are battling it out on Hawaii PBS in quite an intense debate. Lingle was the first Republican governor in Hawaii ever (except one Republican before Hawaii was a state - we always go Democratic it was quite an anomaly that she got in and stayed for 2 terms). This race is being intensely observed nationally. Lingle is a cool, level headed debater as a cuke. But, Hirono is holding her own. Come on Mazie...kick her *** !!
I think Linda Lingle (R) would be a better choice for Hawaii but Mazie Hirono (D) would be a better choice for America. I need to choose between my state and my country...awesome...What would you do?
Mazie Hirono & Linda Lingle are on PBS Hawaii HKHET facing off right now people! tune in and learn about the 2012 Senate election.
Thursday, October 18 at 4:00pm in UTC-10 at Linda Lingle
Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) is endorsing Former Gov. Linda Lingle (R) in the race to fill Hawaii’s open Senate seat, even though he appeared in an ad backing Rep. Mazie Hirono (D) during primary season.
While everyone is focusing on drama and how people will forever be untrustworthy, I'm sitting here watching Linda Lingle throw Mazie Hirono under the bus and yet I don't know what the heck they are saying :)
If you want to know if Linda Lingle is really "bipartisan," just notice she refers to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat Party." That is a term started by Rush Limbaugh to be derogatory to Democrats. Lingle is saying one thing for centrists, but speaking in code for the right wing extremists to let them know she's one of them.
Web video about Linda Lingle's talking points, which mirror those of national Republicans Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Sarah Palin.
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Beautiful music, beautiful mood. So much aloha here tonight at the Hawaii Kai Dinner and Rally for Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate! What an amazing performance by the talented Na Leo Pilimehana!
Rallying for Linda Lingle out in Hawaii Kai. Great turn out of "Republi-Crats" (in the words of the emcee)! There are a lot of us moderate independent folks loving us some Lingle.
Na Leo will be singing for Linda Lingle at a rally TONIGHT 6pm @ Kaiser High School, Hawaii Kai. Be there! Come...
New website content! Linda Lingle Making Good on Commitment to Neighbor Islands
Linda Lingle and her Grassroots team are heading down to the Hawaii Historic Arms Association trade show at the Blaisdell Center today! Be sure to say aloha if you see her!
I have absolutely no doubt about Governor Lingle's ability to wax Congresswoman Hirono in any venue, particularly in a debate. My concern is that AARP Hawaii is sponsoring the debate and if there is anyway possible the procedures for this debate will strongly support Hirono. AARP is a strong Obama supporter despite their recent allegation that they don't support either candidate for President. AARP is spreading that hooey because seniors, like me, are leaving AARP in droves. I don't know but I'm betting that the KHON2 reporter facilitating the debate is a flaming liberal. We seniors are not as dumb as many politicians want to portray us. My hope is that we band together and provide necessary support to shutdown the disastrous path looming in our face.
Held signs for Kaniela Ing in Kihei tonight. The only "bird" was shown from a vehicle with Linda Lingle bumper stickers!
Tune in Monday night on KHON2. Make your own decision, hear for yourself...You decide.
Come meet Lingle at the Rec. Center at 6PM, she's giving away 32" flat screen TV.
I did make the offer today to campaign for Linda Lingle if they would pay my plane ticket to Hawaii. :)
This is a very important Election ! I encourage you to watch this debate so you can make an informed decision.
Set your DVR or look for the web video. This will be worth doing a retake so you don't miss anything!
The Boys in Blue support Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate...Mahalo for your support in Hilo!!
Linda Lingle sign waiving on Hilo Bayfront with her supporters!!
So cool to see on my flight to Lana'i
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Did I just see at the island air terminal
Sunday, October 7 at 7:00am in UTC-10 at Ala Moana Beach at Magic Island
Hilo turned out strong support for tonight!
Linda Lingle was the only U.S. Senate candidate who took the time today to participate in a U.S. Senate candidates forum hosted by the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association. Mazie Hirono skipped this debate in front of an audience that is an integral part of the life's blood of Hawaii's economy. A terrific visitor industry crowd of more than 150 heard from Linda Lingle talk about her proven record of success on Maui and for the state of Hawaii in expanding the economy through increased tourism. She said: "I've consistently met with you throughout my two terms. My relationships in China and in the Asia-Pacific region will make a difference."
was in Hawaii on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 to meet w/Linda Lingle. Was it a work day in Ohio?
I not one teacher, and I not voting for Linda Lingle.
another one to file under: no difference between Republicans and Democrats.
Linda Lingle wrote: this makes quite a statement --- thanks to my friend Bill from Iowa
I know this will get my GOP friends probably upset but if Romney wins the election it will probably be because of his moderate, bipartisan views in my opinion. Frank Luntz said the highest rated part of last night's debate was when Romney talked about his bi-partisanship and ability to work with an 87% Democrat legislature as Governor. It really occurred to me that that's what the American people want: both parties to work together and get stuff done. So while being all partisan might be more fun (or comfortable), it's the moderate bipartisans, like Mitt, that will win the independent vote. To bring this down to local races, from my view, Mazie Hirono has been very hard partisan and Linda Lingle has been positioning herself as a moderate bi-partisan. Not sure if that will make the difference in Hawaii, but there it is.
Senator Inouye's time has passed, it's time for him to go. He should match the courage of his friend, Senator Akaka, and resign. I don't believe his ego will permit that to happen, as greed and star power have overcome him!
& think alike. You don't want to elect someone to office who thinks like Romney, do you?
.took part in U.S. Senate candidates forum this morning b4 the HI Lodging/Tourism Assoc.:
.Mahalo for sharing the video of Linda Lingle answering SenInouye!
I have legit sent away for a free bumper sticker from just about every major U.S. Senate/Gubernatorial campaign in the country. Thanks to Angus King for being the only candidate to send one my way thus far! Oh, how I love collecting political memorabilia. It's truly collecting history! (I'm really hoping for Linda Lingle's, but that might be a stretch...)
What are you doing Monday? Catch the U.S. Senate Debate between Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle on
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Aloha Dorinda! And now it's almost Aloha Friday again! MAHALO for ur support of !
This might be the most candid, dignified and resolute I've seen Linda Lingle. That gal's got moxie. Not only does she respectfully and firmly stand up to Sen. Inouye (and present verifiable facts to prove her point), she challenges the assumption by so many that he gets to pick Hawaii's next U.S. Senator. No, he doesn't. WE, the VOTERS get that choice come Nov. 6.
Linda Lingle joined supporters in Mililani for a rousing show of energy and excitement for this campaign for U.S. Senate.
If this doesn't show you that Mazie has a "light out in the attic" nothing will. The idea that we would want to continue on the path of Obama and the Democrats that are destroying our country is just plain foolish! Vision and progress are what Romney and Lingle stand for, NOT backward bowing and appologizing for America like the Dems seem to be fond of doing..
Vote for change to stop the blue machine from its agenda of cement commerce for Hawaii nei
Mazie Hirono (D) internal has her up 17 over Linda Lingle (R)
Linda Lingle responds to Sen. inouye's attack respectfully.
You're invited to dinner tonight with Linda Lingle at her Mililani rally! Free food & entertainment! http ...
It's election time again and I am asking my GLBT Ohana to get out and vote for the political leaders who will support our issues within our community. It's our turn to return the favor and help keep President Obama in office. As for Linda Lingle she says she's for the people. Really? Miss. Lingle did nothing for the GLBT so we in return should do nothing for her!
Is it any wonder campaigns pack on the pounds!?
- Mahalo Bryan. Next debate on Oct. 16 for the Senate candidates, Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle.
- Oct. 16 I'll be on the panel for the debate with Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle. Hope you'll tune in again. Mahalo!
Happy birthday to my Grandma ( Arline Harris ) who is already 60 years old! aka the Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii! Lol Even though my grandpa has passed a few years back, she's been the strongest person I know to be where she is at now! Have an awesome birthday and a great day! See you in the morning old fart! :) Love you!!!
Just came from Former Gov Linda Lingle rally in Mililani. She is running for Senate. Her format is not about being Republican neither being Demoratic. She is there to represent the people of Hawaii and for the benefit of our State of Hawaii. I like her guts, & her principle. Let's bring her to the Senate, to Washington. Vote this coming election and let your voice be heard. Thank you.
Packed house at Mililani High School for tonight!
We are now at a fantastic rally at Mililani HS with Linda Lingle.
" noh noh noh noh noh Linda lingle no get my back no get my vote " LOL that commercial tho
Lots of energy and excitement here at Mililani HS! Come join us and for the rally! Until 8 p.m.!
Hundreds came out from the Windward Side in a strong show of support and commitment to helping elect Linda Lingle as our next U.S. Senator!
Were you with us tonight? TAG yourself! It was a Filipino fiesta! Dancing, singing, ono Filipino food, and good fun and prizes were enjoyed by all! It showed the strong support for Linda Lingle in the Filipino community and continues to build on the surging momentum of Grassroots support!
Great news ! A poll was just released by the Hawaii news website Civil Beat showing Mazie Hirono leading Linda Lingle by 16 percentage points in that Senate contest. The poll was taken Sept. 26 through Sept. 28th and polled more than 1600 registered "likely" Hawaii voters. Mazie Hirono is very *** supportive. Homophobe Lingle would not even sign the Civil Unions bill. This coming Monday, Oct. 8th, is the last day to register to vote in next months election. Register at: Honolulu Hale 530 South King Street, Room 100 Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 768-3800
What on Earth is going on tonight during prime time on all of the local network affiliates here in Hawaii? Every single channel on television tonight I keep seeing my friend Scott A Sherley. What is he doing all over the tube? Oh wait...I just realized that it's Linda Lingle's political advertisements. I need to see an eye doctor this week.
Linda Lingle voted for Obama last election, saying she agreed with what he was doing, but this election she has stated she is voting for Romney. That she believes what they are doing is the right path. Now is that someone who we want representing hawaii in the senate? I'm sorry but that woman is so two faced, she won't be getting my vote, and hopefully most locals understand how evil this woman is.
Brah get some mean kine commercials dissing Linda lingle ah?
When asked by Hawaii News Now’s Keahi Tucker, “if it ends up Maize vs Linda Lingle who do you vote for?” Ben laughed: “Are you kidding? I’ll vote for Mazie Hirono.”
How can you be *** and vote Republican? Republican is Republican no matter what Linda Lingle wants you to believe. GBTL Family we need to move foreword and vote for those who stand up for our rights and beliefs. Let me remind you what Dingle Lingle did not do for us!
It was a great turnout Sunday, April 22. So many supporters came out to support small local businesses and enjoy the day with the community!
And Linda Lingle will represent all people of Hawaii? I seriously doubt that, she is one prejudiced MF!
Linda Lingle supports Romney's ideals. Remember that at the polls Hawai'i.
The official YouTube Channel of the Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate Campaign. The former two-term Governor of Hawaii is running on her record of fiscal discipline, government transparency, bipartisan cooperation and commitment to putting Hawaii's people first.
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How the *** am I liking Linda Lingle on here, FB!!! I never chose or picked anything saying I support her?
Think Mazie is representing you ? I don't ! She has no record to run on. That's why she won't face Linda in person .
Who would have thought Linda Lingle could be the most feminine looking person in a group photo?! Looking sharp, Sir!
Im getting pretty annoyed with hearing about how great Linda Lingle is.Can I just watch T.V. already!!!
Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle will debate live on Monday,oct 8 at 7.jgn lupa nonton ya neng seru soalnya...
Hawaii senator wants Democrat as junior partner.
Thursday, September 27 at 5:30pm in UTC-10 at Farrington High School
Senator Dan Inouye: I knew Ted Stevens. Ted Stevens was a friend of mine. Linda Lingle, you are no Ted Stevens.
Last day to register to vote is OCT. 8th. You can go to the Maui County Building (Office of Elections) to get your registration forms. Or stop by the Linda Lingle for Senate Headquarters at 2086 Main St.. in Wailuku. Remember YOUR VOTE MATTERS!!
The Federal Aviation Administration has put up money to help search for the best site in Hawaii for a commercial spaceport, and to study the environmental impacts of launching and landing comm
Prediction – Within the next few weeks (if it hasn’t happened already), the Karl Roves and Koch brothers will concede the Presidential election to Obama. They will pour their super pac money into local legislative campaigns and senatorial campaigns. There has been a major shift to Democrats in many Congressional races, a bigger shift than in the Presidential campaign. The money will be spent on damage control and trying to keep the Senate races as tight as possible. When Ryan was added to the ticket it appeased the Tea Party but created a toxic reaction among all other voter blocs. There will be a continuation of Republican candidates distancing themselves from Romney-Ryan in order to not go down with a sinking ship. So far Scott Brown, Linda Lingle, Dean Heller, Linda McMahon and George Allen have all this week said that they are not in agreement with Romney on the 47% remarks. As the poll numbers erode on the Republicans, they will evacuate Romney-Ryan. It started this week and will propel in the f ...
despite what your think of my party candidate for president, please vote for me anyway. Scott Brown, George Allen, Dean Heller, Linda McMahoin, Linda Lingle. Good luck VA, MA, CT, HI, NV. May the gods of fate, reason, and love win.
Q: What do Scott Brown, Linda McMahon, Linda Lingle, & George Allen all have in common? A: They're all republican candidates for the senate who have thrown Mitt Romney under the bus to save their chances at winning a senate seat in November.
George Allan, Scott Brown, Dean Heller, Linda Lingle and Linda McMahom are five candidates for the U.S. Senate. They have two things in common: they are all Republicans and they have all distanced themselves from Mitt's 47% remarks. How strange that he has doubled down on them inelegantly.
Hawaii GOP Senate candidate Linda Lingle’s newest ad purported to feature Democrats who support her — and it does. But the TV spot, originally posted online under the headline “Democrats for Lingle,” also features several Republicans. “I’m a Democrat, and I’m voting for Linda Lingle,” says Elaine Sl...   10% Off
How about a little truth: " Missouri Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin only cast votes on Monday evening, and Hawaii Democratic Senate nominee Mazie Hirono only voted on Thursday, our review of this week’s roll call votes shows. … Hirono skipped votes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The congresswoman looks relatively well positioned in her contest with GOP nominee Linda Lingle in Democratic-leaning Hawaii — but it’s a long flight between the Mainland and the islands, and Hirono stayed out west until she showed up in Washington yesterday." Yes, Hirono misses a lot of votes...
Surprisingly, some analysts are putting Hawaii's Senate race in the tossup column this year. Hawaii hasn't elected a Republican to the Senate since 1970. But with Former Gov. Linda Lingle running, Republicans believe they have a chance. And whoever wins, the state will have its first woman senator.
Sit down and let me tell you a little story about a woman named Linda Lingle. When Linda wanted to run for office on Maui, the old-boy Democrats laughed at her for being a woman. So, she was led astray and drank the Kool-Aid of the GOP. And she became mayor of the county I live in during the 90's. Two terms. Brought economic prosperity to the island via advertisement on Rush Limbaugh. Later on in the 00's she became governor of the State of Hawaii. During that time she invested the state's money on security backed mortgages that failed to deliver and is ultimately responsible for the furloughs and budget setbacks our state workers and ourselves experience. And this is a practice followed by many of our leaders today in this country based on strange neo-conservative attitudes that erected during the Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Bush eras of the GOP. The Republican party, or what has become of it, is volatile. Would Abraham Lincoln agree to what's become of his party in the past thirty to forty years of evan ...
Lei making almost every day at 10a in the lobby! Former Gov, and Senate candidate Linda Lingle visited our employees today.
Republican John Carroll has endorsed over fellow Rep. Linda Lingle.
As part of her effort to frame herself as a moderate, Hawaii’s Republican candidate for senate, Former Gov. Linda Lingle, ran as far as possible from Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) “legitimate rape” comments this weekend, calling his assertion that women can’t get pregnant from rape “deplorable.” But Lingl...
Mazie Hirono’s pledge earlier this week to impose a top-down, national renewable energy standard if elected to the United States Senate shows her lack of understanding about energy issues,” Linda Lingle for Senate Campaign Manager Bob Lee said.
Listening to Linda Lingle, you can't help but feel the hope and optimism that together we can truly make a difference and help shape a brighter future, with more prosperity. It IS our future. It's our race, and this election is about the people of Hawaii. Watch this post-Primary Election brief discussion, where Gov. Lingle shows simple, common-sense solutions that are appealing regardless of political party, and can get our country back on the right track and moving forward again. Click here, and have a Happy Aloha Friday! --
Linda Lingle to be at the Chamber of Commerce event, today, Wednesday, Aug. 15th / 4:45pm at Iao Theatre on Market Street. If you have never met her or would like to hear her speak on the issues please join the Chamber event this evening. Please come with any questions or concerns that you may want to share with her. Any questions; please call her Maui Headquarters at 214-5961. Hope to see you there!
I just got the craziest phone call of my life! A robocall, it started with the sound of a claxon, then this frantic voice warned me that the highest offices of the country have been taken over by terrorists. One's name is "Barry Santory or Barack Obama". OK, just how low, will the Koch brothers go? The former GOP Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, went to the Health Department and viewed Barack Hussein Obama's ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, over three years ago. She verified for the news media that he was born in Honolulu. Who else do we need to hear it from? The Donald had INVESTIGATORS in Honolulu, years ago. What did they find? Oh, I just heard that the Donald's grandfather added the "T" to the family's last name. That sounds plausible, doesn't it? Pass it on!
Hey folks, with US GOP Primaries over one thing is clear, we have outstanding candidates here they are.Josh Mandel – Ohio George Allen – Virginia Linda Lingle – Hawaii Dean Heller – Nevada Denny Rehberg – Montana Tommy Thompson – Wisconsin
Just saw on Civil Beat that Linda Lingle is complaining that Mazie missed 127 votes this year. Civil Beats did mention most of the missed votes were during the time when Mazie was in a hard fought campaign with Ed Case. But let's go back a ways in history. In 2004 during the legislative session then Governor Lingle took a photo-op trip with George W Bush to Iraq to support his war efforts. That was the session in which the State was engaged with the HGEA in contract negotiations. The State agreed to binding arbitration but appeared before the arbiter unprepared and lost to the union. After returning from Iraq Lingle was upset an announced that binding does not mean binding. Of course the State lost the argument in court. Complaining about missing votes is not a good strategy. Like · · about an hour ago
Mazie and Tulsi win in Hawaii. Now please give generously to Mazie who will be up against the Koch brothers, Karl Rove and their Republican candidate Linda Lingle. Aloha---
Kauai voters, polls are open until 6 pm. Don't forget to cast your vote today for Linda Lingle for US Senate, Matthew DiGeronimo for US House of Representatives, Burton (Troy) Trujillo for State House, and William Georgi for State Senate and then join us to watch the election results at the Kauai Lingle Lingle HQ at Anchor Cove.
Linda Lingle is the best person for the U.S Senate. One of the best Governers of Hawaii
Linda Lingle camp dismisses Mazie Hirono's ad w/ Don Young, calls him "one of the House of Representative's most controversial members"
Linda Lingle: The GOP's Senate Pick-Up in Hawaii?: Will we be trading Olympia Snowe for a new senator across the ocean?
Fmr. Gov. Linda Lingle released poll results today which show she's ahead of democrat Mazie Hirono by 5% points in race for U.S. Senate. 600 likely voters statewide from July 8-10, 2012.
Get this. Linda Lingle and her big-money supporters have launched a 24-hour television network to spew their far-right agenda all day every day. Her latest target: Obamacare. Lingle has made it painfully clear that if she's elected to the Senate, she'll side with extreme Republicans and "would vote to repeal" Obamacare. And we all know that the Republican health care plan is to replace it with... absolutely nothing. Lingle siding with Republicans shouldn't be a surprise. Though she pretends to be a moderate, she sits on the board of an organization that is part of Karl Rove's "fight club," a coalition of conservative groups that plan to spend millions against Democrats in the 2012 election. We need to stop this latest attack in the War on Women. Millions of women and families stand to lose their health care. Click here to contribute to Mazie Hirono, who will fight for Obamacare. 100% of your contribution will go directly to her campaign. No one understands better than Mazie Hirono that it's women and fami ...
What a terrific way to start out our 4th of July Day celebrating our country's Independence Day in Kailua. So many wonderful people turned out to support Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate, and the crowds were filled with aloha on this unifying day where we join in wishing our country a hau'oli la hanau!
After receiving the endorsement of the 800+ members of the Honolulu Fire Department Retirees Association, Gov. Linda Lingle said: "Our kupuna are among millions of Americans who have planned their retirements on pensions, Social Security and Medicare. Our federal government made these promises to them, and they are promises I intend to ensure we keep."
Nobody should be surprised that Linda Lingle has her own cable channel now. She was inspired by GOP's own cable channel: FOX News.
Taking a cue from Linda Lingle, the Koch Bros will buy their own cable channel to show Silkwood 24/7 with a laugh track.
Speaker says Linda Lingle's first vote as Hawaii senator will make Mitch McConnell the Sen Minority Leader AGAIN?! Nawl son.
Maggie's List is proud to endorse Linda Lingle, she is running a clean campaign based on the issues facing the...
Update on the Hawaii Senate Race: Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle (photo: madmarv00) A week or so ago I wrote a diary i...
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