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Linda Hamilton

Linda Carroll Hamilton (born September 26, 1956) is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Sarah Connor in The Terminator and its sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Catherine Chandler in the television series Beauty and the Beast, for which she was nominated for two Golden Globes and an Emmy.

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James Cameron: "Wonder Woman objectified it's lead & was a step backwards from Sarah Connor.". Linda Hamilton:
We're raising our 5 yr old girl with 2 role models in mind: Lauren Duca & Linda Hamilton in T2.
Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman, Beauty and the Beast, written by Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin + Homeland's ***
Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton and Jim Cameron on set..."hurry, Terminators comin".
Titanic fun fact: James Cameron left his wife for Rose Dawson’s granddaughter Lizzy after the film. His: Linda Hamilton aka Sarah Conor
Definitely a close call. But Linda Hamilton's over all bad-assery as the kick *** Sarah Connor wins it for me.
(it's not me, it's Linda Hamilton from Terminator. Kind of a joke, but not entirely.)
The team from Hamilton Electors teamed up with Democracy Spring to disrupt Trump's swearing-in
All footage of the inauguration should be narrated by Linda Hamilton's voiceover from Terminator 2.
Lol is that a pic of Linda Hamilton in T2? Shows the current state of mind 🖒 Fight the power! 👏👏👏
We should all be like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2
I keep hoping HRC pulls up at the inauguration strapped like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.
Felt like Linda Hamilton at the end of Terminator saying,"Its over. Its over"
My journey has been so full of struggle and I just want to be able to...
I try to keep a balance. I actually believe that children want no...
Linda Hamilton in terminator 2 was my inspiration.
When straight people ask "WAIT are you... *** " while whispering *** like speak up, Linda we're not talking about lord Vol…
An on-set publicity photograph taken of actress Linda Hamilton used to promote the theatrica…
.Plus I really want a Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton reunion with Hamilton playing the head of the L.A. branch of the B.P.R.D.
The "Sarah Connor" with the kids on the playground is actually Linda Hamilton's identical twin sister Leslie
I met Linda Hamilton when I was interviewing Michael Biehn. Very strange encounter.
Hamilton is coming to Baltimore. There aren't enough tickets
Children of the Corn new dvd Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton, S KING anchor bay
*** . . . I feel ill, but actress Linda Hamilton is making hot babe screaming about Judgment Day . . . got an altered free Extreme Edition.
Jessica meets up with retired accountant who is accused of murder - Linda Hamilton guest stars. Metzger loses game of cards.
Signed Beauty and the Beast 8x10 Photo by Ron Perman and Linda Hamilton autographed by Powers..
We've written a scorcher summer hit. Linda Hamilton will love it.
Badass Matsuda 2809 c 1987. Worn by Sara Connor aka Linda Hamilton in the 1991 action sci-fi movie
I grew up wanting to be Linda Hamilton & Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia was such a strong role model in my budding geek yr…
+ColliderVideos Who would you consider the baddest female action heroine Linda Hamilton or Sigourney Weaver?
A studio publicity photo of a smiling Michael Biehn & Linda Hamilton, taken to promote the r…
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Oh it's very good. Linda Hamilton goes full Ripley, but different. back in the day, Jim Cameron wrote amazing woman leads
Geez, this is really a thing. Who would hire a security company called Skynet? And where's Linda Ham…
I credit her, Carrie Fisher & Linda Hamilton for creating a generation of bad *** women. But Sigourney's a queen, so to speak.
As a teenager, even as a younger girl, I had some depression but n...
Huge thank you to for having us on on this morning!So much fun!
T2 is the best Terminator movie. Linda Hamilton is my idol.
Season 2: "Menace, Anyone?". If you've ever wanted a Bryan Cranston character to be bumped off early and for Linda…
and he followed her up with Linda Hamilton.. He sure has an eye for awesome things :)
2017 Goal:. Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. need an ugly one-syllable word to mutter for stair runs . thought of one
Linda Hamilton in a Lifetime Christmas movie makes me cry.
pitch the real Terminator 3 if James Cameron came back to direct with Arnie, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong
Hamilton doctor charged in alleged sex assaults on several women.
Linda Hamilton starred in the 2 Terminator movies- married and divorced James Cameron then retired
omg Linda Hamilton Beauty and the Beast reference. Did you the series was written by Game of Thrones guy?
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I carry Yeats with me wherever I go. He's my constant companion.
My heart is so light that it's amazing. I get to play all this gri...
Besides rated R in the eighties meant you'd see Linda Hamilton's *** in Terminator. is much more traumatic.
However, I did find the film fun in a brainless sort of way. And this Sarah Connor was MUCH more likable than Linda Hamilton's!
K2 was truly badass. He is like a robot version of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor from T2.
Hamilton Electoral college!! OMG I just sent it to them with a very nicely written letter 🙏🏻
and anyway Charlize can't hold a smoking automatic rifle to Linda Hamilton
In Federalist Paper No. 68 Hamilton envisioned an EC made up of well-informed men who'd prevent public making a fool th…
Thank you for the snowy day reading material. Used 2 watch old series w/ Linda Hamilton but is just as good xo
I mean, I know it's franchise sacrilege, but Lena Headey > Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.
As well as Terminator 2 Linda Hamilton. Perhaps you should stop being a whiny baby and see some movies with women in them.
also the Linda Hamilton shakes a fence to tell the children's playground they're about to be nuked dream
Randomly zapped to Defiance, where Linda Hamilton uttered the famous "come with me if you want to live". 😂
George and Linda in a dead heat for greatest HAMILTON
From this side he looks like the beast from the TV show with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. Or not even that good.
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Linda Hamilton and Brian Kerwin on the set of King Kong Lives.
Still blows my mind that Linda Hamilton ( The Terminator) & Scott Bakula (. Quantum Leap ) are the parents of Chuck Bartowski in Chuck .
Happy Birthday to Brooks Orpik, the Sedins, John Scott, Serena Williams, Olivia Newton-John, Linda Hamilton, and no one else I can think of.
AND Linda Hamilton could have had Hot Robot Sex with Arnie, saving Michael Biehn for his destiny with Sigourney Weaver!
Sigourney Weaver leads a team with Linda Hamilton, Michelle Yeoh, Karen Allen and Angela Bassett. Cameo by Nichelle Nichols as their boss.
When you're both a Hamilton AND Bob's Burgers fan and you hear Bob call Linda "Lin"
What if this victim was a mentally challenged person? The owner obviously knew the animal was a biter .
with 2 - The horrific Linda Hamilton lifesize replica used for Sarah's nightmare.
Speak to Linda Hamilton at Paris financial about refinancing
How rich is Linda Hamilton?: The post How rich is Linda Hamilton? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
The election so far is the equivalent of Linda Hamilton fumbling with the shotgun shells towards the end of Terminator 2.
excuse me I didnt need Disney I was a furry for the live action B&B. Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman
Ok this is something made me thing of. Who is the best Sara Connor? Lena Headey , Linda Hamilton , or Emilia Clarke?
Thinking Gal Gadot "diminishes" Linda Carter is like thinking a new guy playing Hamilton is an insult to Lin-Manuel Miranda.
NewLeaf finally takes off as Canada's latest discount airline
Trying to tell people why they shouldn't put weight on polls yet has me feeling like Linda Hamilton at the start of Terminator 2.
I thought the original cast was Arnold Schwarznegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong?
Come see us at Terra Linda and Hamilton Pools!
An all-female Expendables started as a troll, but imagine a movie like that w/Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Rousey, etc.
We're about due for a gender-swapped remake of The Expendables starring Lynda Carter, Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton... please?
last nite when i couldn't sleep i ALSO couldn't stop thinking about how i want linda hamilton to spit on me
Selena Gomez:beauty//Angelina Jolie: Does good for the community & a right badass//Linda Hamilton:Oldie but a goodie (I met her!)
Which is what helps make T1 and also T2 classics. Sarah aka Linda Hamilton is the heart, soul and steely sinew of those films.
tell me you think Linda Hamilton is hot in like a weird way, and I'll somewhat forgive you for tonight
I'm gonna go re-watch the 80's Beauty & the Beast with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, cause I need something to mellow me out.
So will still get 7 Hamilton tickets she wanted from DNC donor for 50th bday party in Dec.? https:…
You're not 30! Who isn't excited about Beauty & the Beast? I use to watch the TV show with Ron Pearlman & Linda Hamilton.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz losing her job over Hamilton would make my year.
Yumm- eee! – eating dinner with family at Tony Roma's of Belfast
Linda Hamilton from Terminator2 i'm pretty sure
Nope, you weren't dreaming it. Lewis Hamilton did a dab after winning the
Sold Out! To Moncton NB ...Love it! Discount airline NewLeaf set for first flight Monday out of Hamilton
Watching Children of the Corn for the first time. Seeing Linda Hamilton in non-Sarah Connor roles is weird.
Linda Hamilton in plus Sigourney Weaver in were my INSPIRATION & role models growing up. Representation matters.
Nico Rosberg takes pole for the ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo.
She looks like the Beast (only shaven) from that old Beauty and the Beast show with Linda Hamilton
Exclusive: Is Linda Hamilton Set to Return to Terminator Franchise in Requel? via
One year I'm gonna get super buff just so I can go to as Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor
But Linda Hamilton scream of horror and needing to be held by Angela Landsbury gives me life.
Linda Hamilton just told me not to get in the way of her and a hot dog
ROCKINGHAM: Sir Paul teams up with the Argylls to give a special highland treat
Vintage photo of Linda Hamilton starring in a 1997 American dramatic disaster th
- I saw this an thought of you. I had forgotten Linda Hamilton was in it.
Even Linda Hamilton did some fitness for her role in Terminator 2.
Is it me or does it feel like Wonder Woman looks a bit too similar to Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2?
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I was always obsessed with Linda Hamilton on T2 as a kid. DEM MUSCLES.
Yoga: So I don't love that my beloved Ashtanga yoga practice is turning me into Linda Hamilton,…
Here's Linda Hamilton with hanging Tecate pinatas in"The Terminator" (1984).
Edward Furlong & Linda Hamilton publicity still for (1991)
Linda Hamilton, shares some practical advice on helping your baby sleep later in the morning. . Read article >>>
Once Upon a time with Linda. A story about me and my experiences with Hamilton Watches. Read more:...
If Donald Trump is actually a Terminator... now would be a great time for Linda Hamilton to burst into the arena on a beat-up motorcycle.
Maria Hamilton Edwards, Mrs. Edwards.I just got another friend request from you! Linda Watson Edwards, please let her know! 󾬐
Ooh, old-school gotta be Linda Hamilton in T2, Sigourney Weaver in Alien(s), Michelle Yeoh. Also love Ming-Na Wen, Emily Blunt
Game of Thrones should cast Linda Hamilton so they can feature all the Sarah Connors in the show.
I would do that in a heartbeat, with Cynthia Rothrock and Linda Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver!
.Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. (I stretched your definition a little).
♡Silent Night with Linda Hamilton Based on a true story of Germany my mum"s family there were no end of fighting the war
May 2016 Real Estate Market Update - check out the crazy market numbers in Burlington and Hamilton
The has landed! Your home, 4 hours, lunch included, £200.
Neil Hamilton has earned himself an extra £20k by ousting Ukip's Welsh leader within days of the election.
Can you be called out for heavily borrowing from something that's inherently designed to feel like a dead ringer for Linda Hamilton.
Totally finished writing my multi-ethnic hip-hopera biography about the life & times of Linda Hamilton. I call it "Hamilton"... Wait...
Linda Hamilton is my hero. She was so tough and so strong and so vulnerable...
"The fascination with Linda Hamilton's arms began in the summer of 1991..."
This Valkyrie stuff still makes no sense. But Linda Hamilton!!! That was dope casting.
Sexiest Movie Mom: Beverly Diangelo from the Vacation films! Toughest Movie Mom: Linda Hamilton from T2!
But Bale making Batman sound like Linda Hamilton and Splinter had a baby that smoked 30 a day since birth was horrible.
Top 10 best movie mothers Linda Hamilton from
Electric Youth - Right Back To You via I love the car chase of this video with a young Linda Hamilton...
What was the most frightening thing that you ever exper… — Linda Hamilton's sex scenes
Happy to actress Linda Hamilton, a mother of two!
New idea for a musical: LINDA Hamilton.
Exclusive: Linda Hamilton would have been open to a role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles
To be fair, I'd prolly go that length to bang 80's era Linda Hamilton too.
Call me when you make a hip hop musical about Linda Hamilton
this is very Terminator 2 Linda Hamilton, jus' sayin'
here in Wales we also get Neil Hamilton
Suzan Zeder just introduced David Saar and Linda Hartzell by rewriting the opening of Hamilton.
Better than a "Hamilton" shout-out? Long-lost Federalist Papers manuscript by John Jay has surfaced.
"How Hamilton Computer Code Club is making a difference for my students." on
Hi Hamilton! Would you be interested in publishing a novel with us? Cheerios, Linda
Hi Jon! Got any manuscripts in your drawer? Enter our contest & get published: Love, Linda
the quality of any terminator film is directly proportional to how much Linda Hamilton there is in it
why have one Sarah Connor when you can have 2 the lovely Linda Hamilton and
on the set of 2 : James Cameron & Linda Hamilton smile as they rehearse.
The Fellowship of the Ring, starring Linda Hamilton and Vincent Gallo. Directed by Uwe Boll, music by Timbaland. Budget: $100m
PS 1990 Beauty & Beast with just Ron Perelman & no Linda Hamilton was a total abort.
Elsewhere, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn desperately make love.
Linda Hamilton was the choice for Captain Janeway? Mind = Blown!
In: Robert Patrick's jacket from The Making of T2. Out: Linda Hamilton's jacket from The Making of T2
I'd be more forgiving of Expendables if Cynthia Rothrock, Pam Grier, Michelle Yeoh, Linda Hamilton etc were prominently included
Ask him if he knows Jill Hennessy's twin sister. And/or Linda Hamilton's.
actress' Linda Hamilton , Elisabeth Shue & Lee Remick, but they all look different from one another.
x 3! Thanks to Eric for sharing his pics with Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen & Linda Hamilton!
I don't wanna gun b/c of Linda Hamilton in I wanna drum b/c of Mary Stuart Masterson in
Anything in the "Vor" saga by Lois McMaster Bujold or in the "Anita Blake" series by Linda Hamilton.
I googled. She's older than me, so she certainly should know about Sigourney Weaver, and Linda Hamilton. Sarah Friggin' Conner!
I'm watching 1 of my all time fav films starring Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. https…
I think Linda Hamilton's hair in The Terminator is proof enough that 1984 was the most 80's year of the 80's.
As the 'Hamilton' lottery goes digital, watch 5 of the best shows here: http…
what was with the Terminator 2 video clip with Linda Hamilton & Edward Furlong towards the end of the Cochela advertisement?
Where's Linda Hamilton when you need her?
New Years fitness goal: get arms like Linda Hamilton
Fun, humbling nerd moment: learning “they just used Linda Hamilton’s identical twin” for T2.
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I finally installed a pull-up bar in my bedroom so I can get Linda Hamilton Arms in 2016.
3 was good. Have loved this franchise. Sigourney Weaver & Linda Hamilton in number 4. you can make it happen.
-.- you and Sigourney Weaver are still the most badass heroines in Science Fiction cinema.-
Linda Hamilton of "Terminator" fame has a twin sister. Her name: George Hamilton.
Most upsetting scene in Terminator is when Linda Hamilton's roomie tosses those delicious-looking sandwiches right before getting killed.
“Send me a dollar!”. Blast From the Past: Linda Hamilton.
There should be a game to guess whether it's a picture of linda hamilton or pat sharp. ROUND ONE
Can I be as cool as Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2?
Having watched the recent Terminator, I am further reminded of just how amazing Linda Hamilton's performance was in T2. Not even close in T5
Linda Hamilton in T2 absolves it of any wrongdoing. Plus, Robert Patrick's T1000 is WAY more menacing that Arnie was in T1
yea. Linda Hamilton called it that they're pretty milking it now that Cameron's gone.
‘terminator’ star linda hamilton puts leesburg farm up for sale – the washington post: (Photo by Nils ...
I'm going to go Linda Hamilton on you Monday.
Linda Hamilton has never been on my laminated list 🤗😬
I fell in love with him as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast. (80's TV series with Linda Hamilton)
Man, Linda Hamilton's performance in makes the movie. The scene where she nearly kills Dyson is just amazing.
Linda Hamilton is the only Sarah Conner not to be in Game of Thrones! XD
I'd forgotten how good was Linda Hamilton's acting in Terminator 2. She is so good! First movie of the year!
Linda Hamilton was so hot in T2. Such a role model.
"I don't need saving...there's a new mission now". Sarah Connor (the dragon collecting one and not the good, Linda Hamilton shaped one)
more Lena Headey than linda Hamilton
I object to Terminator Genisys using someone else for Kyle Reese, but especially Sarah Conner not being Linda Hamilton...
W/ the free weights, have you tried this? It's also good for pre-Linda Hamilton shoulders
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Carrie Fisher turned down the role of Sarah Connor in The Terminator (1984), which went to Linda Hamilton.
and you will have Angela Basset back and I'll have Linda Hamilton (in T2) arms. Gonna be a monster hug.
Ripley is the obvious choice. Linda Hamilton deserves more credit
Linda Hamilton has incredible lips. I mean, not like but ***
I'll find the link. Linda Hamilton talked about a similar thing happening to her. Powerful men = death to female careers
Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 is still my gold standard for badass action hero woman.
Happy retirement to Linda Hamilton, right! She served as custodian at Lincoln Elementary for many years. She is...
There needed to be way more cameos in this movie. Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Bill Paxton, or Edward Furlong.
In this Lifetime Xmas movie, Linda Hamilton is living in her car and eating free mall food but hasn't told her boyfriend
It's a TV show from the 80s starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.
Vince wears more mascara. 👀. Linda Hamilton once kissed me full on the mouth. ...I've never been kissed by Vince Neil.
Linda Hamilton in T2 is in a league all her own...
her sister looked a lot like Linda Hamilton. Which is gonna earn Tana points.
And "Superbloodmoon Rising" would be a good reboot of that movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton.
Linda Hamilton's Sarah Conner is one of the best characters ever, female or otherwise. Emilia Clarke gets nowhere near
I'll go see in Road House if Linda Hamilton plays the Sam Elliot character.
If Sam Elliot doesn't play Wade Garrett in the Roadhouse remake, the role better go to either Linda Hamilton or Sigourney Weaver.
Shoutout to Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and for saving 3 billion lives that could've ended on August 29, 1997.
Fred Clauson & Pat Ryan, North Bend SD, and Linda Hamilton, Lane ESD are keeping "The Promise of Oregon."
Honor the genius & pain of Robin Williams, Ben Stiller, Jonathan Winters, Catherine Zeta Jones, Linda Hamilton & more!
This is amazing. This episode of Murder, She Wrote has Linda Hamilton and Bryan Cranston!
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And Sarah Connor was a little bit of miscasting, I think. Linda Hamilton rocked that role into posterity.
Emilia Clarke was decent as Linda Hamilton but Jai Courtney is no Michael Biehn. If Arnie's a T1000, why's he still old?.
I was gonna say Emilia Clarke was too young, but she's actually older than Linda Hamilton was when T1 came out.
"So we'll spend millions to recreate the young Arnold.". "And we'll do the same for Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton?". "Don't be ridiculous!"
Linda Hamilton was in COC the 1st one very young
TERMINATOR GENISYS: Missing are Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, Linda Hamilton & Lena Headey as the only actors whose aging would make any sense
Arnie can play a young & old robot but Linda Hamilton can't play herself. Hollywood: no country for old women
I love the downbeat Twilight Zoney ending! And Nick Stahl is great. But the lack of Linda Hamilton hurts it.
Your article incorrectly credits Linda Hunt as Sarah Connor, when it's Linda Hamilton.
Watching T2. Linda Hamilton was 29 in this movie. I feel old.
Terminator: Genisys. Spent the whole movie… who is she? Game of Thrones? Linda Hamilton's daughter? Who is she? Is she? Who? Game of Thrones
PREVIEW: An interview with former player and coach Linda Hamilton
I love her but Linda Hamilton is the true Sarah Connor
Terminator 2 is on syfy channel. . Related: Our crush on 90's Linda Hamilton was TOTALLY justified.
Just mentioning Linda Hamilton makes me want to watch Dante's Peak.
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does anybody remember the TV show with Linda Hamilton
Looking at Linda Hamilton's face in 1984, I can see why they cast Emilia Clarke for the new one. They're ...
Fun fact: Linda Hamilton was born and raised in my hometown. My sister graduated high school with her.
.Linda Hamilton's Sarah Conner made me want to go to the gym cause arms.
D2 Sarah Conner in T2! Linda Hamilton was a complete BADA$$!Saw that movie at least 500 times!
Oh god, Linda Hamilton's hair in this! Poor girl.
Seriously, it looks like Linda Hamilton is trying to hand-guide the sperm to her ovum (while also compiling tomorrow’s shopping list).
If they're gonna have a woman share the ten dollar bill with Alexander Hamilton it should be Linda Hamilton to save mone…
The question that will plague mankind forever. Why did Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong's career die after Terminator 2?
yeah, Linda Hamilton really nailed the "crotchety old lady" act
Fashion should be pushing a more muscular look, Linda Hamilton in T2 rather than size 0 skeletons about to fall down.
Time for a a day. Today, CHILDREN OF THE CORN (1984) Linda Hamilton wields the scythe in this effective chiller!
So do Michael Biehn, Robert Patrick and Linda Hamilton need to be in a follow up? Chuck The Rock in as a wildcard too?
that's awesome . Linda Hamilton was great in both films.
She's the only thing saving it from one-stardom. The Linda Hamilton pout lives, God love it.   10% Off
She can probably be quite good if she wasn't playing a role that Linda Hamilton absolutely dominated almost 30 years ago.
Photo: theavc: FOUND: Bryan Cranston and Linda Hamilton in a 1986 episode of Murder, She Wrote
There is only 1 Sarah Connor and that is Linda Hamilton.
This I imagine is true, but what sticks out to me from the second film for is badass Linda Hamilton...
It has Linda Hamilton! I'll accept your written apology in the mail.
Lordy, I forgot how flat-out intense Linda Hamilton is in "T2." The star of the show, really: Mother Mary powerless before the apocalypse.
Linda Hamilton had a great line in the latest episode of Defiance. She tells Nolan to come with her if he wants to live.
Season13 Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman is leaving Netflix in July. Thought you'd like to be informed
Great scene in Defiance. Linda Hamilton plays Rafe's crazy ex-wife. And she tells Nolan... "Come with me if you want to live".
As much as I adore Emilia Clarke, I just cannot get on board with her as Sarah Connor. It's Linda Hamilton or nothing.
Watching tonight's episode of and Linda Hamilton said "Come with me if you want to live" to Nolan and Irissa and I smiled
Yes, and Linda Hamilton in T2 is way more believable with a shotgun than Gordon Gekko dressed like Henry Rollins.
bah I have a million of them. The best was Linda Hamilton kissing me a billion times.
no, i.ain' t reiterating the linda hamilton's boring.:D
If I learned anything from Children of the Corn, it's that 1984 Linda Hamilton was a fox.
Linda Hamilton Autograph signed in person book
Hamilton says that it was a difficult time for his race engineer after the death of his dad earlier in the week.
BREAKING: Lewis Hamilton wins the 2015 ahead of Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas
HOT TAKE: Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor is such an iconic performance that my brain cannot process anyone else in the role. Sorry.
terminator 2 for me def,Linda Hamilton,bulked up,& kicking *** in that was awesome xx
Emilia Clarke looks just like Linda Hamilton on the new terminator
oka y i see linda hamilton but tell me wHERE IS CHRISTIE
On the fence, still object Linda Hamilton was not brought back...
and the only Catherine and Vincent I liked was Ron pearl man and Linda Hamilton!
Ironic, since she looks like Linda Hamilton.
Dear Parents,. As we rapidly approach the end of the school year, Friends of Grosvenor are pleased to announce we...
It's weird how Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton are considered the biggest female action stars
Children of the Corn [UMD for PSP], DVD, Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton, R.G. Arms - Full re…
Paddy Lowe reveals that Hamilton's car sustained some damage when being recovered by the marshals, "but nothing serious," h…
What a great idea! Though people might get the wrong impression that your in love with actress Linda Hamilton!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Linda Hamilton?! What!!! you are killing us here in Scotland, years behind the curve...
Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. Local to Hamilton with a universal message.
However this mess ends I have a feeling I'm going to end up like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. Ripped and crazy.
MBE & Linda Hamilton do look a like. good casting. Well anything MB is in is good casting lol call me prejudice
Anyone other than Linda Hamilton playing Sarah Connor is a *** disgrace.
When I grew up there was no Sandra Day O Connor, as Linda Hamilton wearing Kristen Kreuk Xena before via
Thank you Linda Hamilton, Kristen Libberton, Zoe Shark, and Liz Cook for supporting environmental education in...
Ain't no replacing Sarah Connor. Linda Hamilton will always be Sarah Connor.
Any woman old enough to remember Beauty and the Beast (with Linda Hamilton) would probably skin you alive for saying that.
Scott Bakula plays Chuck's dad and Linda Hamilton plays his mom
The costume store got my order wrong and now I won't be cosplaying as Chris Hamilton of Geritol Follies fame but Linda Hamilton the actor.
I liked a video from Terminator 2 Main title Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor just had to make some room for Imperator Furiosa in the badass part of my heart.
Program that helps keep vulnerable off Hamilton’s streets losing its funding
I love linda Hamilton.. did not know that!
I can't believe Daeneyrs has been cast as Sarah Connor instead of Cersi! I don't care if she looks a bit like Linda Hamilton! Poor decision.
You used to look a bit like young Linda Hamilton in The Terminator.
way more about hating Linda Hamilton I always thought.
I just realized that Emilia Clarke does look very similar to a young Linda Hamilton. Nice work T:G casting.
in that case I'll add Linda Hamilton in the climax to Terminator.
I guess time was the real terminator.- James Cameron's breakup letter to Linda Hamilton
So true! I just watched this last weekend. It's still fun. And Linda Hamilton was such a badass
there's girl Linda Hamilton in the 1st terminator
But it's always Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Milla Jovovich, Scarlett Johansson, as if they're first & last. More like just the latest.
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