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Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn (born November 10, 1959) is an American sportscaster. She regularly anchors ESPN's SportsCenter.

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Linda Cohn says Ferentz was offensive coordinator when Iowa beat Michigan in 1985. Ferentz kindly corrected her.
You and Linda Cohn almost look alike.
Linda Cohn does and has for many yrs
Hey Big Cat what ever hapened to Linda Cohn the goalie playing sports anchor?
Linda Cohn is getting Lit in my city... she's on the prowl fellas...
Happy birthday to the infamous Linda Cohn from ESPN❤️❤️ thanks for letting me have the privilege…
Happy birthday One of my favorite guests. Very supportive.
right. Then you know all about his training by ROY COHN to manipulate and lie his way to the top.
Dubbings old VHS tapes to DVD and seeing some rich TV history from Seattle on KIRO. . Linda Cohn doing sports...
Please tell me you are going to start another podcast. SportsCenter w Linda Cohn starring SVP not the same.
um..I hate ESPN but he's one of the good ones. Prob go with Kenny Mayne or Linda Cohn tho.
Here’s a cool and inspirational story about a female trailblazer.
It's one thing when I say it, but when Southbury legend Linda Cohn speaks, Jeff Fisher might wanna listen!
ESPN really needs to get rid of these dinosaurs like Hannah Storm and Linda Cohn
Jim Edmonds just reminds me of Linda Cohn
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Tina Cervasio & Linda Cohn being forced on us. It's awful.
Wow does Linda Cohn love hockey. Even this very weird format. How can there be true country pride in this World Cup?
Man these women on sportcenter right now are brutal to listen too...minus Linda cohn she's awesome, but everyone else needs to go.
*** Linda Cohn on ESPN is thick. Those legs are lighting up my TV screen. You go girl
Linda Cohn from ESPN just said the Cubs haven't won a playoff series since 2003. False they beat the Cardinals in the NLDS in 2015
. Ive already met and worked with Linda Cohn and there is no one nicer person alive.
Jill Stein and Linda Cohn...or Doris Burke. I'm not some sexist, they're both abysmal.
so Linda Cohn knows anything on hockey according to his logic? She is great on rangers
I don't even fully know who Linda Cohn is & why I should care what she thinks but her hockey opinions on this podcast are embarrassing
There are plenty of women out there who's work I enjoy: Jackie MacMullan, Linda Cohn, Rachel Nichols, etc.
How am I supposed to go on now that the Mets have lost? Somewhere Linda Cohn is in tears.
Where Trump the apprentice learned the art of the steal: from evil Roy Cohn. .
Don't patronize me bud 😂 Levy and Linda Cohn were the face of 90's hockey coverage, don't think I'm clueless
Linda Cohn still has a crush on Mr. Met.
Linda Cohn said they were told to get at him early. Personally, I think it's dumb advice.
It's so funny 2 hear Hosts like Linda Cohn keep saying she's a Giants fan & saying Manning doesn't have a TE! Familiar cry lol
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Linda Cohn knows she's sharing a studio with Brett Hull and Chelios so she breaks out the choker. What a minx.
John Saunders, Bob Ley, Linda Cohn, SVP, etc... ya'll will always have my love and respect no matter what network I watch!
I have an incredible story for you. Just met Linda Cohn who thanked me for taking her 3rd in the ESPN draft
Espn got rid of Whitlock, Bayless and Berman is retiring. Espn got better. Now get rid of lebatard, Cari Champion and Linda Cohn
Linda Cohn needs a longer dress right now on sports center 😨
Linda Cohn is getting harder and harder to take.
Linda Cohn knows nothing about hockey
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Linda Cohn has anchored over 5,000 sportscenters. That would be a record. So it seems girls and sports do work. Try again
9? I kinda like Linda Cohn but this take makes absolutely 0 sense.
I liked Linda Cohn but that's a ridiculous take.
I remember his first Sportscenter appearance was with Linda Cohn. :)
Read how leveraged sports to build confidence and more:
Worst SportsCenter in a decade and weakest Top10 in the history of ESPN! A dog in a toy truck? Really! Linda Cohn-goalie? ***
Actor Denis Leary faces off against resident SportsCenter goalie Linda Cohn in a game of SC Slap Shot. WATCH:
Honestly Linda Cohn is so under rated
Kevin Weekes and Linda Cohn among the team
Linda Cohn will also do feature work for ESPN during the World Cup of Hockey.
Norman Chad, Steven Hunter, Linda Cohn...I dwell in the past.
.. 1) no shirt=no mel. 2) Who cares about sports at this time. 3) does Linda Cohn have ink?
Seeing this ridiculous Scott Van Pelt show makes me really miss Stuart Scott and Linda Cohn or Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann.
Why are Linda Cohn and Rick DiPietro being full kit hockey goalie wankers on SportsCenter
Linda Cohn throwing mad shade on Sportscenter-"Ryan Mallett looked like a QB" on why Carson Wentz is being overhyped 😂😂😂
Breast Cancer Awareness
Linda Cohn was cooking Wentz lol. . "He's built like a QB? Ryan Mallett was built like a QB!"
I miss the days in SC w/linda cohn, Robin Roberts, SS, rich eisen!
Limited Edition autograph available online at
Congrats on nearing this epic milestone. Was an honor to spend Christmas with you
yes I agree! great heels, great skirt and Linda Cohn! that's my dream
Mindi Bach from CSN faintly reminds me of Linda Cohn from ESPN. That's a good thing.
Had to add a hockey pose to the Official LCO Online store. Couldn't resist.
Woohoo! LCO Official online autograph store is now open
Id watch "Keeping up with Sara Walsh, Linda Cohn, and Racheal Nicoles" 24/7 if visited different organizations.
I wish Linda Cohn at ESPN would have heard what Marcella just said about not competing with 20 somethings.
Maybe its just me but has gone downhill. Grew up on Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, Linda Cohn and Stuart Scott. Now? bunch of clowns
My favorite Linda Cohn moments on are those when she's going at Ron Jaworski. Congrats on 5K.
three (make that four) exceptions to that rule: Jason Williams, Jay Bilas, Scott Van Pelt and Linda Cohn. they are awesome.
Linda Cohn must be trying to let Lindsay Czarniak know she was first.
I like what Hannah Storm, Linda Cohn and Cari Champion are offering this morning 🙏🏽
Linda Cohn is 60 years old and is dressing like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' - It's sorta gross.
Linda Cohn knows what she's talking about!
Ok, I'm onboard. Linda Cohn has talked me off the ledge. We will see what happens with Klein/Stepan back.
Need to get Linda Cohn to Xcel Energy Center the next time the Rangers are in town.
Well done Cohn Health Institute. Enjoy the day Howard's sister, Linda!!
It's gotten so bad that even Linda Cohn won't hook up with me anymore. She's got a bug for Mike Tomlin.
Looking at GUG's roster makes me feel the same as when Linda Cohn invites me to lunch: EXCITED.
Rachel and Linda Cohn should just run the show over there with SVP Wilbon and Kornheiser. Can the rest
Linda Cohn is a fox, always been a fox, and always will be a fox.
Sara Walsh 1 day Linda Cohn the next, Matt Barrie is a lucky host, the ladies make him look good!!
Linda Cohn in that dress this morning >>>
Linda Cohn of ESPN just said keeping this train above water, is that like water under the dam?
Fabulous Sports Babe Podcast: talks to and Robert Littal of
If you don't already, you should follow Linda Cohn. Big Rangers fan.
Fabulous Sports Babe: talks to ESPN’s and Robert Littal of
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I only tolerate a few of the anchors on there..buccigross, Linda Cohn, Robert Flores, Steve Levy and John Anderson
Thank goodness for Linda Cohn, Scott VanPelt & Neil Everett bc there's little to no on air talent at ESPN these days.
he's gonna do some trash talking to Mets fan Linda Cohn
you on crack, Linda Cohn has been a Mets fan her whole life
PODCAST: is a big time fan like me. Learn all about her trailblazing career here!
I think Linda Cohn is REALLY enjoying this.
Aye Linda Cohn turn around for the TL 👀
Linda Cohn was one of the few I saw that did.
Linda Cohn laying it down...look out
.Linda Cohn is occasionally played on TV by Allison Janney, but nobody notices.
Linda Cohn is kinda hot. Never really noticed before
thanks for sharing Linda Cohn, have a great Monday :) (insight by
BTW my favorite sportscaster is Linda Cohn
Funny that Linda Cohn, seeing Hardy's emotional reaction, can't control her own emotions in response.
Sportscaster Linda Cohn talks love of the game, Chiropractic Care
A3 Red Barber, Al Michaels and John Madden with Bob Costas and Linda Cohn in the studio for halftime.
Stu Scott news did that to me last year when Linda Cohn announced it crying which in turn made me 😢
Love how Linda Cohn and white guy think the Dolphins can't beat the Texans. Ok.
Linda Cohn just compared Jeurys Familia to Mariano Rivera on sports center. This is why I can't watch sports center.
Love Linda Cohn defending the Giants. Herm Edwards acting silly again
Linda Cohn looking hotter than ever on
Hey, just be happy they didn't label you Linda Cohn...
Linda Cohn ages on an inverse trajectory of Deb Placy. Odd.
not surprised there parade marshall Linda Cohn has her float ready I'm sure.
ESPN lays off 350 staffers -- 50 from production, 300 are Hannah Storm & Linda Cohn's boot wranglers.
ut oh Linda Cohn said she doesnt like Reggie Jackson ... ATTACK
Man, Linda Cohn has gotten so hot over the past 20 years.
I added a video to a playlist Wendi Nix, Linda Cohn, Cari Champion (ESPN)
Linda Cohn said that Daniel Murphy is a better player, teammate and person than Reggie Jackson. Let that marinate.
I respect Linda Cohn, grew up watching her, but she put Reggie Jackson, who is an all time legend in the same sentence with Daniel Murphy
People are really calling Linda Cohn racist.. LOL
Linda Cohn should've just said Reggie Jackson was overrated
She's hosted more than anybody! Hear all about legendary career at Listen:
Am I the only one that think linda Cohn is bad
did you see Linda Cohn on Sports Center today.. Nothing like having a mets fan do an "objective" national highlight
It is if Linda Cohn and ESPN want it to be! Next on Mike and Mike!
"Congratulations to Paula Abdul, celebrating her 30th birthday for the twenty-fifth consecutive year. I am your host, ESPN's Linda Cohn."
good choice. always liked SVP. Big Linda Cohn fan here as well
Linda Cohn is my FAVORITE SportsCenter news anchor!
She's hosted more than anyone. reflects on her 23 years at
Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, and Linda Cohn were the best sportscenter anchors back in the day.
ESPN fab sportscaster and sister, Linda Cohn enjoys her visit to OC with Dr Howard Cohn & friends.
Linda Cohn+Doris Burke off top of head. Robin Roberts basically a legend. Graduated from sports.
Working on an amazing site for ESPN Sportscaster Linda Cohn. It's going to be fabulous.
In case you missed it, check out my with ESPN's Learn about her career and how she got to …
Our friend Tim Kurkjian has made it into the
Linda Cohn and Sage Steele are just a couple of the women on that show that I like. Too many now don't carry same talent.
I'd bang every female anchor on ESPN. . ...except Linda Cohn.
Linda Cohn in fluorescent yellow-green... Just let that sink in for a second. I love LC, btw.
Whoa is Linda Cohn new at Because that was a pretty amateur performance.
Linda Cohn having a rough day on Sportscenter. Talking about Cavs PG "Kyle Irving" then calling Antonio Davis "Antonio Pierce" to his face
Holy Schneikies! turn on Linda Cohn is dressed like a bass Lure
Linda Cohn from sportscenter just said "Kyle Irving" 😂😂😂
Let's hope he doesn't have a *cough attack* like he had during the Linda Cohn interview.
Did they play a clip of a young Linda Cohn in the 30 for 30: Sole Man??
I really like the idea of Linda Cohn transitioning to ESPN Radio.
Sara Walsh or Lindsey Czarniak? Who ya got? Maybe Linda Cohn is more your flavor...wouldn't judge you.
Theres nothing wrong with what Linda Cohn did.
Linda Cohn trashes the Nets on a hot mic: Much of the focus this NBA offseason has been on the Knic...
where's Linda Cohn talking crap on the Nets?
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*** ..Linda Cohn on ESPN is scaring me 😞
check out Linda Cohn getting our back and ripping BROOKLYN on a hot mic...
Video: Linda Cohn gets caught off camera talking trash about the Brooklyn Nets during SportsCenter
ESPN’s Linda Cohn caught on hot mic talking trash about offseason moves:
it is always hockey season when Linda Cohn is on sportscenter
Linda Cohn not knowing we can hear her: "you know who hasn't done a *** thing? They make fun of the Knicks, but the Nets."
Linda Cohn, Shelley smith, Alex flanagans jaw, I could go on...
att: Linda Cohn:. Mary Travers called; she wants her look from 1963 back.
Linda Cohn of ESpN look good. May have to put the next amanda bynes in that hoochie ***
"The fight for the Stanley Cup ... trophy". - ESPN guy. Seriously, Linda Cohn or John Buccigross has to be around somewhere ...
Knowing Marty, he probably has never heard of Linda Cohn or Robin Roberts to name a couple.
Sooo Linda Cohn was at my house and I was asleep...
When Chad Tutton made ESPN a while back, Linda Cohn called him "King Tut." Not sure if it stuck, but as far as nicknames go, that ain't bad.
LOL if it is not or Linda Cohn I just avoid ESPN. I like my sportscasters to report news not be a part of news
Linda Cohn would have played better
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without stu, he, john Anderson, and Linda Cohn are the only ones I don't abhor
Big cheer at the Character Counts event when ESPN's Linda Cohn announced Fred's surgery success. Didn't expect to hear the news that way!
We do. Brit McHenry is not Andrea Kramer, Leslie Vesser as well as Linda Cohn. People with class.
ESPN *** as a whole. Fire them all. Linda Cohn first, please.
Linda Cohn & Pam Oliver, both excellent sports reporters, both have gotten pushed to less desirable gigs as they aged...
Don't let Gary group her in with sports pros like Kate, Beadle, Hannah Storm, Linda Cohn, Jackie McMullen
Coming up at 12:30 ESPN anchor Linda Cohn joins the - listen on here:
knowing everything you know, you can only have Britt McHenry or linda Cohn, who do you take??
she's used to it. Someone asked her that at a meet up I went to after Richter and Lundqvist's panel with Linda Cohn
if Linda Cohn did it I would support her. She can get it
I'm waiting for the Linda Cohn tirade tape to leak.
stop hiring crap they all should learn from classy women reports like Linda Cohn !!
Probably not the reason Britt McHenry ever hoped to be trending over. Oh well, Linda Cohn is hotter anyway.
By the way, Linda Cohn sexy for 55. 😂
people like her (Katie Witham) disrespect journalists like Linda Cohn, Robin Roberts, Hannah Storm, & Jody Valade.
along with Linda Cohn and Lisa Salters. Both classy.
well, you're an entitled, bimbo piece of crap. Mean little sorority girl attitude. Linda Cohn you aren't.
Would Linda Cohn ever do this? Are you Sorry that there's a video out? Or sorry to the person you insulted?
Linda Cohn is my fav, she used to look like a short haired LPGA golfer now she has the hot divorced mom on the comeback trail look
So does: Erin Andrews, Taryn Asher, Linda Cohn, and a slew of others who have done nothing wrong. :)
Dopes like Britt McHenry belong on an episode of Real Housewives, not sharing the same airwaves of respected folks like Bob Ley & Linda Cohn
Ranger's homer Linda Cohn just can't stop hating on the Habs. It was an accident - just ask Kreider, accidents happen, right?
Was able to meet the lovely and inspirational Linda Cohn today at the Pete and Bonnie Axthelm Memorial Lecture.
she is pregnant and more professional than the like of Linda Cohn or Hannah Storm dressing like teenagers.
So thankful to be awarded the Axthelm scholarship and meet the wonderful Linda Cohn (
Linda Cohn Was amazing thanks for coming
In the words of Linda Cohn herself, "ESPN is like college...but without alcohol." So honored to get…
"Beggars can't be choosers ya gotta start somewhere"- Linda Cohn
Social media is a fresh way to originate yourself according to Linda Cohn
Linda Cohn and the Axthelm scholarship winners discussing the keys to success in sports journalism
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
"Balance of informing and showing that you're having fun" -Linda Cohn
"Sports is the ultimate reality show" -Linda Cohn
After getting feedback from Bosses at ESPN Linda Cohn tried her best to become better!.
"Thanks for rolling out the red carpet Dan" -Linda Cohn
Linda Cohn did not go to ESPN When she was first approached.
Linda Cohn says Social networking can give you an edge
"I won't let you down" -Linda Cohn discussed becoming the goalie
Linda Cohn played high school hockey on the boys team as a goalie. She's the real Julie the Cat Gaffney
The Diederich College of Communication presents Linda Cohn here to speak about her new book and life of a female sports broadcaster
I'm here at the Linda Cohn's speech where she will be talking about her book "No-Holds Barred: Breaking Into Sports Broadcasting"
At the Pete & Bonnie Memorial Lecture with keynote speaker Linda Cohn. It's set to start in a few minutes
Linda Cohn set to speak in the AMU ballrooms in a few minutes. Hurry and get your seats now!
ESPN "Sportscenter" Host Linda Cohn will be giving her Speech in Less than 20 minutes
Really excited to hear Linda Cohn speak today
TODAY: Linda Cohn, host and commentator, will present the Axthelm Memorial Lecture! Details here:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sharing our story ... with Doug Larkin​ ... ADAO Turns Awareness into Action by Gary Cohn
Linda Cohn would pick the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup even if they weren't in the playoffs.
We are excited to have Linda Cohn, host and commentator, present the Axthelm Memorial Lecture tomorrow!
espn majority picks Chicago as cup champ. linda cohn went homer for her rangers. shocking I know
Linda Cohn is unbearable. Can't listen to her on the radio at all.
It doesn't have to be Wednesday to honor some great ladies we look up to at WTS including the great
Ima be the next big name from Oswego ... Al Roker Linda Cohn Steve Levy and now ISAIAH BROWN
I was waiting for Linda Cohn to bash Crosby
they had Eichel on an entire show. For years ESPN has had Buccigross, Linda Cohn and Steve Levy, all hockey nuts,no hockey.
I met you at Champions at Hahn & Humpty's last remote with Linda Cohn & She's in & I wanted to invite U cause you're Fabulous
I vividly remember Linda Cohn always making the "He's a gamer!" Joke during his highlights on SC. It disgusts me now
John, would you consider being a guest on my Internet Radio Show, In the Crease, tomorrow after 8:00PM? Linda Cohn is on at 7:00
Al, could you possibly be a guest on my Internet radio show tomorrow about 8:00PM EST, Linda Cohn will be on
I swear if you don't show every Tiger shot I will come to Connecticut and egg Linda Cohn's car.
I try to watch as little ESPN as possible, but when I do it's when Linda Cohn works so I can hear all her biases/opinions
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In The Crease live TOMORROW at Bar One 8-10pm with special guest ESPN's Linda Cohn. Trivia & on-air chats with audience, don't miss it!
JUST IN: In The Crease will welcome special guest ESPN's Linda Cohn! Join them at New Bergen's Bar One this Friday night for the show 7-9pm
Just in: Linda Cohn will be my special guest In the Crease on Friday 4/10 live from Bar One in Fairview, NJ!
Man, I don't even care. Linda Cohn can get it. I need a sugar mama
I know she's like 60 but I would bang Linda Cohn
Had the privilege to listen to ESPN anchor Linda Cohn speak aboard the Disney Fantasy and the pleasure to meet her.
“yeen gotta have John Madden, yeen gotta have *** Vitale, yeen gotta have Lee Corso” yeen gotta have Stuart Scott, Linda Cohn
Listen to this morning's insider with & here--> via
If you missed on Insider with this morning, you can listen here:
ESPN's Cohn to participate in Panthers' goalie tryout: Long-time ESPN SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn is among ...
I saw Kane van Gate, Linda Cohn, and Bill Ruggiero on the invite list.
ESPN's Cohn to participate in Panthers' goalie tryout - Sun Sentinel
ESPN's Linda Cohn to participate in Panthers' goalie tryout
On a 10 scale, what do you give Linda Cohn?
Omg Linda Cohn is a Ranger fan has a Panthers jersey and went to Oswego I am Linda
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When Russ and Steph shots falling they easily better scorers than Kyrie go debate Linda Cohn
Why is Linda Cohn getting this opportunity over women that actually play goal? Just for the ESPN attention? ***
When you learn Linda Cohn is a rags fan 😩
Linda Cohn just said "the cavs have now dropped to second in the east." I'll give you a break cuz you're a tru OG, Linda.
Linda Cohn *** are taking to Adam Schefter right now
Linda Cohn's breast are crazy in HD.. SHEEESH
If Hank comes back and the Rangers lose, I think Linda Cohn should gives us a breathtaking "expected and than return"
I have not watched ESPN regularly since about 2008. I think SVP and Linda Cohn are the only anchors I recognize. Sarcastic kids in suits.
What say you, regionalist?! We are yuge fans of the show. Why do East Coast folks say yuge (Al Michaels, Linda Cohn, etc)?
Just watched SportsCenter. Solidified that Linda Cohn is the biggest homer in sports broadcasting. Die-hard Rangers fan talks to Nash (1/2)
Wow Big UPs to for sending Linda Cohn to report from an game, that is not the Stanley Cup Finals.
Linda Cohn covering last vs on the island? trying to give hockey some more coverage or pet project of Cohn and
Linda Cohn postgame interview with Nash airs on ESPN, World Cup of Hockey already making an impact?
I like Dave a lot. That would be a fun spot. I tried to do Linda Cohn before the Cup and then she cancelled 5 minutes before.
Glad that coverage will be unbias from Linda Cohn...
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This game is trash, but anyone else see Linda Cohn on the four letter network this morning? 👀🔥🔥🔥
Yes Linda, I know Rick well from H&H, but certainly looking forward to meeting ESPN Legend Linda Cohn.
U still doing that show from Champions after Islanders Game with Linda Cohn? I might come down. Linda's better looking than Hahn.
Linda Cohn toeing the company line. New England will never be regarded as champions.
Linda Cohn has the body of a Greek goddess.
omg I'd do Linda Cohn. hope she's a coug. I will be your dinner meat. come get me; we'll play some hockey the next day
Linda Cohn is cool sometimes... But her laugghhh! Make it stop
Linda Cohn please, please start buying sleeved shirts. I don't know how much more of your arms America can take.
Listening to Listen Closely to Linda Cohn on ESPN Radio Mobile with
you ain't gotta have Stuart Scott, you ain't gotta have Linda Cohn'
so u agree Linda Cohn isn't hot enough to model?
HELP WANTED: Florida Panthers go public in search for emergency goalie, ESPN's Linda Cohn is "available": TWIT...
"looks so pumped to have been upset lol C'mon, Linda Cohn.
That was ESPN's Linda Cohn who once read "internet meme" as "internet MEMO", so.
Rangers Video: Massachusetts native Keith Yandle tells ESPN's Linda Cohn that "Brian Leetch was an idol of mine" (…
Linda Cohn is an OG who could easily be Sting. No B.S., swooping in to stop the madness.
Linda Cohn is a legend! She's been with Sportscenter forever!
And great. The Franchise Tagging nonsense must mean a few more minutes till seeing Linda Cohn again. Good job.
we just had 'What 2 Watch 4' around Rangers-Preds and now they're sending it out to Linda cohn at the rink, what is going on?
Good Morning to you Linda Cohn!!! Are you single or you have boyfriend?
Linda Cohn & San Le Greca, and I want to keep the run of great guests going
It is a NYR hockey show, have already had Kenny Albert, Linda Cohn & Don La Greca on the show, looking for great guests!
It's making baby steps though, I'll give the league that. Personalities like Boomer and Linda Cohn help promote NHL exposure.
Joining Linda Cohn ESPN 98.7 in about 10 minutes fo talk trade deadline.
. One of the best signs I've seen at football game . I wanna bone. Linda Cohn.
I don't care what the haters say, Linda Cohn is a *** fine looking woman! :D
wow, we're calling Linda Cohn a bae now huh? I know her body is rockin' now, but she's kind of got a horse grill no?
don't get it twisted Linda Cohn is gorgeous
Linda Cohn doesn't even know the first thing about sports either
“Do they apply makeup to Linda Cohn's arms?” Good I felt I was the only person rude enough to think this 😅😂
Do they apply makeup to Linda Cohn's arms?
dude Linda Cohn is still bangin after all this time
I don't care, Linda Cohn is still bad.
Linda Cohn just called Jonathan Towes Jonathan Toes. This is why I hate sportcenter
Linda Cohn has had some work done. She's got the whole Brandi Love thing going on.
no I remember why I used to have a crush on Linda Cohn even if she was/is 80+ years older than me 😎😂😂
David Wright Shouts Out Linda Cohn: getting shoutouts from that's awesome isn't it Linda?
Boston beat my A's that day 7-1. At least I probably watched Linda Cohn in a swimsuit. And for that I thank you.
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