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Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn (born November 10, 1959) is an American sportscaster. She regularly anchors ESPN's SportsCenter.

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Train wreck is kind “New Post - Ken Griffey Jr. apologized to Linda Cohn for trainwreck interview
Went on a great tour of ESPN in Bristol, CT (the home of sports)! We saw a bunch of the on air personalities. Herm Edwards, Linda Cohn, Colin Cowherd, Kevin Neghandi, Scott Van Pelt, Chris McKendry, Dottie Pepper, and Bob Ley. Went into the Baseball Tonight studio, the NFL Live studio and watched the people in the production room for the 1:00pm SportsCenter. Pictures will follow.
Linda Cohn reporting today that the Patriots are in talks to acquire both Andre and Calvin Johnson for 2 4th round pics
Burn! Linda Cohn just made my point against Peyton Manning.
Linda Cohn of ESPN needs to shut up. She is so biased, giants fan, and dogging Peyton Manning. Also she keeps saying how Eli had a signature play in his Super Bowls. Lets be honest two of the luckiest plays ever. Don't talk smack about one of the greatest. She actually looks like she plays for one of the NFL teams uggghh.
Linda Cohn just murdered Peyton Manning on Mike & Mike... Not number 1 all time... Not with 22 picks in the playoffs
1st round coverage of the 2006 WNBA Draft, the first major event of the league's 10th season. Linda Cohn was joined by Nancy Lieberman, Doris Burke and Ann M...
Linda Cohn on SportsCenter pronounces Jim Harbaugh like a hillbilly
mixed tag match. You and josina anderson vs buccigross and Linda Cohn.
Am I the only one who finds Hannah Storm and Linda Cohn on ESPN incredibly sexy?
Miss the days when Steve Levy and Linda Cohn used to host SportsCenter every Christmas...
Linda Cohn chats with Ira Fritz about Week 15 in the NFL, Sports Illustrated's choice for Sportsman of the Year, their favorite Christmas movies, techno music and much more.
I watch ESPN because I feel like Linda Cohn understands me. Do you have a problem?
the Linda Cohn one about the Mets and Beltran and chemistry. Oh God it's the worst.
Man Linda Cohn is so pretty. Good looks
I feel like we need an MFK for mediocore looking sportscenter anchors. Chris mckendry, linda cohn, lindsay szarniak.
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Linda Cohn on just said about the Blackhawks "Who is Antti Raanta? Where's Niemi?" Really ESPN... Really?
I think Linda Cohn is such a babe. Old or not. She's special.
Linda Cohn killing it by taking pot shots at ESPN for not having enough hockey coverage.
I watch repeat episode after repeat episode of sportscenter for Linda Cohn. No shame in admitting that
I would kick Khloe out of bed for Linda Cohn.
Linda Cohn might be the worst sports analyst on ESPN. She has no idea what she's talking about. She just reads words on a screen
Linda Cohn, on SportsCenter: "Here's what I know: If you're still playing the defense, you need to stop playing Fantasy Football."
"If you play the Cowboys defense on your fantasy team, you have to stop playing.. You have no idea what you're doing" Linda Cohn lmaooo
Funny stat of the day.said that out of all the female sportscenter women that Linda Cohn gets him a chub the fastest
Linda Cohn is a broadcasting legend
Kevin Ngandi is the worst on air personality since Linda Cohn.
I feel like I owe you some sort of cheese basket for giving me great advice. Thank you Linda Cohn
Some of you men on my page acting real sensitive!! Yes Im a woman and I know my sports. That's what I do! I know History, rules, formations, plays, stats and all that. Whether its Football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, both Professional and College levels! *** Cari Champion, Jemele Hill, Pam Oliver Linda Cohn, or Hannah Storm aint got nothing on me! (lol) So get ya panties out da bunch!!
(NewsUSA) - Ask TV's Linda Cohn to list what's surprised her most in her 22 years as one of the most successful female sports anchors around, and one thing immediately jumps out at you. That's because it has nothing to do with, say, scandals -- and she's certainly covered her share -- and everything...
I didnt say take her off tv, u see Linda Cohn, Sarah Spain, knowledgeable women do radio! Molly would be great too!
Play Lucky Supermarket and have fun with Linda Cohn! Build a unique supermarket all your own!
Don't believe the restroom walls. Linda Cohn can work the crank.
Are you the real Michelle Bonner? Cause Linda Cohn once RT'd me and I just want to make sure I have room for 2 anchor friends.
I just found out that Linda Cohn is one year away from qualifying for senior discounts. No. Way.
if anyone can turn you into fan of it is the lovely and talented Linda Cohn. But really. radio. do it!
I love you Linda Cohn. I've watched you since I was 8 and you're still as beautiful as ever!!!
Linda Cohn from SportsCenter used to be so sexy!
Coleen Dominguez and Linda Cohn did a segment together on SportsCenter and I felt weird during it.
I've got Linda Cohn, J A Adande and Schad on my list.
Sportscaster Linda Cohn knows athletes and athletes know
Linda Cohn just insinuated that Peyton may wear his helmet "in the bedroom." You think his wife likes audibles?
Linda Cohn is going ham on sportscenter's about time she retires. Lol
That Linda Cohn Colleen Dominguez interview was at awkward as it gets on sportscenter lmao
OMG. Linda Cohn. Lose the cackle. Female to female, I can't take you serious...
sensed a little chem between Mel Kiper and Linda Cohn on sportscenter this morning
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Too much thigh Linda Cohn... too much.
seems like Linda Cohn really wants the D from jerome bettis
Linda Cohn has those legs out on Sportscenter, I see you! Ha
Lowkey ... Linda Cohn can get all of these inches tho 😴
Linda Cohn on this 1pm SportsCenter looking extra voluptuous in blue
"Chiropractic care is a remarkable approach to health care that helps to keep you healthy and vibrant,"
Linda Cohn is wearing the same long-sleeve blue shirt from last week
“need toughness...They need Wayne Simmonds from Flyers need D. Lets make a deal!” Linda Cohn for GM of the
Listening to Listen Closely to Linda Cohn on ESPN Radio Mobile - listen at
When did Linda Cohn start calling herself LC? And when did we decide that was okay?
Linda Cohn, Rachel Nichols, Hannah Storm--these fine ladies are consummate pros, but all too often women with a nice face steal sports jobs
Linda Cohn looks like Harry Carrey's daughter in those glasses.
ESPN has doused Linda Cohn in such an obnoxious amount of makeup and terrible hipster glasses and she doesn’t even look like a real person.
Linda Cohn is a 6 right now. 30 years ago she was probably a 12
It's crazy Linda Cohn has the time to star as Gemma in
sportscenter, yes a trusted analysis. Did you watch or take your cue from Linda Cohn? Thanks for playing.
The 2 main things to take from the Dickie V 35 years video: Jon Sciambi dazzles with a sweet hawaiian shirt & Linda Cohn should off herself
Eagles leading SportsCenter. The big story with Pal Sal at Nova Care. Linda Cohn gushing like a little school girl
Tell Lake I'm looking at Linda Cohn pics right now. RT“Watching & on at
thought ud wanna c this. Hager award for worst impression- Linda Cohn or John Saunders
Sure, I'll let Linda Cohn know what you're asking for. Happy Birthday. May your day be filled w/ laughter & love!
Linda Cohn but pronounced Cone... Coincidence... I think not
Earlier on SportsCenter Eric Allen and Darren Woodson predicted a Cowboy win and Linda Cohn said Chicago bcuz of the Mike Ditka ceremony...
Sweetheart, you ain't even gotta have John Madden *** Vitale,Lee Carsole, Stuart Scott,Linda Cohn just to speak sports bby cus I got game
Alissa DeGrow Day, was it Linda Cohn? Nbd, I've been doing some light research.
FYI Hawks fans. Just in case. Linda Cohn Just found out there is a ban on tailgating at MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl. Real fans can't afford to ...
Linda Cohn looking MILFtastic, and me on only a few hours of sleep at that point, looking like a retired Mike Piazza. :-/
Linda Cohn is co-anchor on noon Sportcenter and is a fine candidate for What Not to Wear on TLC. # badchoice
looks like there' s another corrupt conspiracy with linda cohn and those guys at sportscenter espn.all of a sudden she is interested in the QB FOLES. FOLES is a QB and is doing exactly what a QB should be doing.SCORING MORE THAN THE OPPONENT and without laying down or throwing the game away for kraft , jerry jones, or any other team. those guys from sportscenter haven't learned their lesson. see what is happening to berman after all those years. they are not untouchable. all those things that are happening in the nfl because of those reporters, roger badelle, kraft, bellichick, berman, those analysts. much RESPECT to FOLES and the EAGLES for achieving the WINNING status the EAGLES deserve. linda cohn should be more worried about her face.
Linda Cohn just said "breaking news we've been telling you about all morning long" on Sportscenter. That perfectly describes ESPN
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"Should we really listen to a guy whose nickname is 'ninja assassin'?" Oh shut up Linda Cohn.😑
I know Linda Cohn loves Tom Brady but Jesus woman calm down.
Maybe i just watch too much sportscenter but im really attracted to Linda Cohn
"Sestito is Mr Irrelevant in so many ways. who is Linda Cohn? Oh who's irrelevant now??? Lol.
Linda going hard lol, you go Ms Cohn! !
Thanks to all that came to Boonie's on Saturday to greet Linda Cohn and class members of 67. IT WAS SO NICE SEEING EVERYONE ! What a nice day we had, try to post pictures later. So sorry some of you missed the good time ! Please have a safe trip home Linda, and come and see us again. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE CLASS OF 67 and a blessed NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!
~"respect for Big10 football is at a all time low" 😳😂😂😳 ~Linda Cohn
My day started with a radio interview with Linda Cohn, ended with some peanut M&Ms and had two hockey games in between. Good day. Nice day.
C'mon up! We are big fans of Linda Cohn here in the North Country. Especially radio broadcaster
No Kenny! Surprise guest Linda Cohn ran the show.
Linda Cohn is doing the Ranger pregame show on the radio show. This is awesome.
“Now time to continue my lady commentator rant” Suzy Kolber, Dorris Burke, Kara Lawson, Linda Cohn-know the game, do their job.
Daughters of the Dust: The Changing Face of by Gary Cohn
happy thanksgiving to you linda cohn from Brandon.
I was wandering around and then somehow ended up in a press area where he Linda Cohn, Tina Cervasio and Mark Behrman were setting up his
Drunk dialed by Linda Cohn at 1:31 in the afternoon...again. Should've never let her catch me in a moment of weakness during Car Wash.
Linda Cohn has worked at ESPN since 1992. How many times have you seen her on The Sports Reporters?
Linda Cohn, we get it. You're from New York. Get over it and stop being such a homer.
Ok!!! Linda Cohn is the main reason I watch Sports Center!! Sizzling baby boomers!!! U guys r off the hook! Wow..give yourselves a standing ovation!! They don't make grannies like they use too..they make em better!!
Linda Cohn showing some serious leg this afternoon
I love how ESPN acts like we lost half our team for MNF. Linda Cohn has no clue what she is talking about. .
Wondering if Linda Cohn would consider a permanent vacation?
don't forget Linda Cohn, the only 3 in Bristol that like hockey.
in order to loathe someone, you have to actually know something about them. Good one though. Take some notes on Linda Cohn.
ESPN's joined to finally get a chance to discuss her love for hockey! Have a listen:
"I'd rather have a lifetime of oh well's, then one full of what if's." -Linda Cohn
One of the most annoying things in the world is being heckled about a sports team by a woman.. Sit yo wanna be Linda Cohn *** back down
You can take out of Long Island, but you can't take the Long Island out of Linda Cohn's "FOR REAL?!!"
Yes, Ms. Linda Cohn, ESPN SportsCenter Anchor! You better smize the viewing audience to commercial!
Hey Linda Cohn no one gives a fck about your fantasy team
I have always been a huge fan of human competition (i.e. sports) and I watch ESPN like any sports enthusiast. I love Linda Cohn's wit, humor, and professionalism. However, ESPN's brass has taken to hiring waif-like mannequins with blonde hair recently, who wear short, tight dresses in an effort to attract more male viewers, I guess. And now they have Linda Cohn dressing similarly, showing her cake-age for all to see. NOT!!! She too good at what she does to have to be sexy too.
Linda Cohn just told Herm Edwards to recognize! Lmao
Have you ever listened to Linda Cohn when she does sports talk? Simply tremendous.
Josina Anderson, Cari Champion, Sage Steele….no *** reason why we should ever have to look at Linda Cohn, Shelley Smith or Suzy Kolber.
Linda Cohn on ESPN is OG hot. I like her. But i'm still in heavy like with Coleen Dominguez. Lawd have mercy.
Linda Cohn has it all wrong. it ISN'T that the Chiefs don't use Bowe enough... He is usually double teamed for one, and often times his lazy hands can't CATCH the dang ball when it's in his hands! Guy has a world of talent, but dang.
Spur of the moment fragments/notes Linda Cohn Chirping along what was it Veteran's Day the American myth raising the flag at Iwo Jima ESPN Sports Center no ma'am They had them do it again where the photo came from where the sculpture came from Ira Hayes didn't raise the flag that initial taking of the hill He was asked to fill in for the famous shot no ma-am ms Cohn it was not "spur of the moment" It was staged so much the American Myth Ira Hayes felt phony his participation that symbolic moment like he felt defeated so much of that myth he had fought for and found to be such a lie he tried to come home to and survive Linda Cohn didn't mention Ira Hayes in her piece. He just wouldn't fit in this high shine we do now...
they need Linda Cohn in more often... Wheres my boy hugh douglas at!
The appeal is scheduled to be heard Wednesday with a decision to follow on whether Meriweather will be permitted to play in Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos. Meriweather was suspended for two games Monday after yet another Sunday marked by personal fouls. If his suspension stands, it will cost him $141,176. Meriweather was flagged twice for personal fouls in the Redskins' 45-41 win over the Bears. He was called for a helmet-to-helmet hit on receiver Alshon Jeffery at the end of a 28-yard catch late in the third quarter. Late in the fourth quarter, Meriweather launched into receiver Brandon Marshall after he dropped a pass in the end zone. After the game Marshall said he thought the league should consider kicking out Meriweather because of the way he plays. Many Bears weren't happy Tuesday either. "I still want to punch him in the face," tight end Martellus Bennett said during his weekly radio show on WSR-670 in Chicago. Informed of the league's suspension of Meriweather, Bennett quipped: "We don't ...
Linda Cohn looks better now than she did 20 years ago. And in her 50s there is not one woman at ESPN who is definitely better looking
I just hate how "personalities" such as Linda Cohn and Chris Berman try to make regular *** sports stories into dramatic soap-operas.
C'mon guys. Linda Cohn is horrible. Can you pleez give her a job in the back room somewhere? She's no good on the air. I turn it off
how does Linda Cohn have her own podcast? Anyone beside you 2 listen to it?
Just noticed that ESPNs Linda Cohn looks alot older. Anyone else notice this???
Linda Cohn still looks good after all these years!
Hamilton Collection
I think the world wants to party with Linda Cohn!
I love that chris mckendry and linda cohn were in a fantasy football league together.
This hot chick on is givin me a chub. Another way its better than , all their chicks are old or ugly or both(Linda Cohn)
Linda Cohn and I are on the same page moving forward. Go Big Blue!
We had a great Nevada Senior Games (October 4-5-6) saw some of my old team mates. Linda Cohn broke the American record in Women's 60-64 division in the Javelin. Looking forward to May for the USATF Open/Masters Championships. We do not discriminate. We welcome anyone from any state to TRY to take our medals home!
is it me or does Gemma Teller and Linda Cohn bare a striking resemblance?
Cuz, ya see, I got Game Sweetheart. ask Linda Cohn, Rich Eisen, Stuart Scott.
Did Linda Cohn just say Jersey Turnpike? Wow good for her
Last night's wet dream involved making love to Linda Cohn's neck ***
Confession time.I got a thing for Espn host Suzy Linda Cohn.
Did Linda Cohn just say "Great Moments Great Games" raising the spirit of NFL 85 on NBC ?
1) who are u now Linda Cohn? And 2) explaining something that a chick has zero vested interest in is an exercise of futility
Linda Cohn, ESPN sports anchor will be on hand at a free, family-themed event on Saturday, Oct. 19 for the grand opening celebration of The Hospital of Central Connecticut’s Family Health Center at...
Someone tell linda cohn to wear a long sleeve shirt! Her arms are discusting!
Linda Cohn is looking real good these days
And I hate all of you sports *** for not giving me props about Linda Cohn twerking..
Linda Cohn dope. She got my respect.
Linda Cohn will sleep will every Red Sox player (again).
Linda Cohn is the Stuart Scott of NY-Bos sports and NASCAR. Great way to wake up via saddened rage at her partisanship.
Has Linda Cohn always been like 1/4 leopard or are those freckles new? Jesus christ, her arm are covered with them.
Linda Cohn could be Jade McCarthy's older sister...or..Mom
my birthday is this sunday and I want a birthday message from you linda cohn.
Figuring out Linda Cohn's teeth-to-gum ratio is the next episode of Sport Science.
Ready for his first ESPN Sports Center hit, it's Matt Kenseth and ESPN's Linda Cohn. Kenseth will also be doing a...
I'm not gonna front, I would probably give Linda Cohn the business if she threw it at me lol
Linda Cohn's eyes are crazier than Stuart Scott's
Whats going on with Linda Cohn's boobs today
I challenge you to find a woman aging better than Linda Cohn.
Linda Cohn is seriously sucha good anchor..
If the NCAA wanted female representation on decision committee why not Linda Cohn Highly qualified
Is it just me or does Linda Cohn look really attractive on Sportscenter right now?
dude I think you'd be better with Linda Cohn.
btw ur wrong on condi rice- how bout Cheryl miller- Leslie visser- Linda Cohn- smart women who are involved with sports?
ESPN's Linda Cohn with Dr. Dan at the MAC Fall Convention in Dearborn.
Om Friday i directed/shot an interview with Linda Cohn in Dearborn!
...and Condoleeza Rice isn't one of them. Erin Andrews, Linda Cohn, and Cara Capuano. The only women that even deserve a chance.
These chicks on ESPN are notorious for that Lol. Lindsay Czarniak & Linda Cohn is like that too
You beat me Slack & D to that Vikings signing Josh Freeman story getting your Linda Cohn off Sportscenter on 👏👏
exactly. Make sure Linda Cohn understands that before her lame highlights of the game.
Looks like someone is channeling their inner Linda Cohn!
No QB wins games by himself, no QB loses by himself. It doesn't matter who the QB is, how many rings he has or what his stats are-Linda Cohn SO RIGHT
Hannah Storm , Linda Cohn , Sara Walsh are so pretty
So Linda Cohn just gonna clown the Pelicans like that.sadly I see this happening often on national sports shows
Linda cohn looks like shes wearing the scream mask these retire already.
Linda Cohn is hilariously bad on SC right now...
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that's the only explanation for Linda Cohn I'll ever need- and probably john buccigross, too.
Did just score a date with Linda Cohn?
: Linda Cohn... Fantastic as always today. Best interview all week.
I just pulled over to listen to Linda Cohn.more, please!...
Dr. Dan will be introducing the keynote speaker at the MAC Fall Convention this weekend, ESPN's Linda Cohn!
Just found out that I get to introduce Linda Cohn from ESPN at our convention tonight! Very cool!
Listen Closely to Linda Cohn : Fighting in the NHL with Jeremy Roenick
can someone tell me what Linda Cohn knows about hockey.go back to sportscenter pls!
How is the beautiful Linda Cohn? If I had to guess, I would say that you are 30.
I bet linda cohn got that super goowd
Fine. Can you fix me up with Linda Cohn then? I guess you and I won't be together. I think I'll be ok.
Exciting News! TV Anchor and Sportscaster, Linda Cohn, will represent the F4CP this weekend at the 2013 MAC Fall...
Love when Linda cohn talks football on espn
You and Linda Cohn were the best on radio when you were together!
not for nothing Linda Cohn would get it
Winding down after a crazy, stressful, long day. Thanks Sheryse LaDuke and Justin Jacqueway for being with me today and thank you Kennedy Red and Linda Cohn for support. Love to all.. dinner and a movie with pop corn and all my crazies.. my kinda night..
Woke up to highlights of Rays winning -hey cool. 10 minutes later: "The Bucs are 0-4". gee thanks Linda Cohn
having trouble downloading the new Linda Cohn podcast. Not in the iTunes Store.
Dear Linda Cohn of , Brooklyn is a borough, not a town or a city. Sincerely, Everyone who is not an ***
Linda Cohn hosts select Rangers pre-game shows on ESPN Radio this season, so debatable. But obviously different.
I mean, Melrose is picking the Kings and they showed Linda Cohn picking the Rangers, so is it that diff?
no coach meas no Linda Cohn, that's a win.
im listening right now. Linda Cohn is good for Sports Center and her own podcast.
I don't care how old Linda Cohn is, she's still hot.
After listening to Listen Closely to Linda Cohn I respect your opinion on Peyton Manning and congrats on your podcaat. Much luv
Is there a market for a Linda Cohn podcast?
See ESPN's Linda Cohn at the MAC Fall Convention, this Friday night!
THAT IS AWESOME TO HEAR--AWESOME! TY SO MUCH FOR SHARING THAT TREMENDOUS INFORMATION!!! ; o) It is downright shocking it has taken THIS long for the WW Leader to recognize the diverse talents of one Ms Linda Cohn.CAN'T WAIT!
Good comment Trey. Did you have to get Linda Cohn to write that for you?
I feel like Linda Cohn transitioned to blonde hair without anybody noticing
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Working with linda cohn on friday woo
College Gameday doing a segment on student signs. Hope they show my all-time favorite: "I want to bone Linda Cohn".
A new one called "Listen Closely to Linda Cohn" launches on Monday. Pay attention becasue the veteran ESPN sportscaster will be heard podcasting twice a week.
Love me some Linda Cohn.YOWZA! ; o) On the Lindsay Czar page someone commented, with the two side-by-side on several SC shows, that LC (Cohn) is "passing the torch.".SERIOUSLY gents?!?!?!? LC (Czar) WISHES she could EVER BE just 25% of what Miss Cohn has been for MORE THAN A DECADE! No passin the torch there.Miss Cohn HANDS DOWN.into PERPETUITY!!! ; o)
this is news worthy? In related news Linda Cohn just whiped her ***
ESPN Adds Linda Cohn Podcast - ESPN AUDIO is adding a LINDA COHN podcast to its offerings, starting on MONDAY (9/3...
Just saw Linda Cohn on the TV in the break room. Good Lord, how much plastic surgery has she had? She looks younger now than in the 90's.
ESPN's Linda Cohn Launches Podcast: It's called "Listen Closely to Linda Cohn," and it launches on Monday. The...
Correction: Linda COHN Podcast launches Monday. :) We can't wait to listen. We know she's a NY RANGERS fan
appreciate linda cohn reading the NYR Blog and all, but suggesting trade kreider as part of a cap dump is preposterous
all I know is EVERYONE hated Linda Cohn.
I thought you liked Linda Cohn and might want to check out her podcast. *shrugs* That's all.
Someone please help and Linda Cohn on pronouncing name correctly.
Today's Morning Blitz podcast accompanied by the announcement that Linda Cohn joins us on Friday.
Linda Cohn- the dream cougar for any male. Her looks + sports fanatic? BRUH
It's coming Sept 30. My podcast Listen Closely to Linda Cohn. Available free on ITunes and …
👇👇👇👇 that's why Linda Cohn is my main b
Linda Cohn 972 years old, still hosting SportsCenter
Wow Linda Cohn is such a mature babe
Someone needs to get Linda Cohn some sleeves! She needs to hide those arms.
Sports Center need some young ratchets I'm tired of Linda Cohn lol
why is Linda Cohn looking like Ann Coulter on Sportscenter? At least she's *** good at what she does
Linda Cohn just called Nate Burrelson one of the best receivers in the league.. I dont think I can watch SportsCenter anymore
Betcha Linda Cohn is sooo moist right now near bye...
"Yeen gotta have *** Vitale, yeen gotta have Lee Corso, Yeen gotta have Stuart Scott, Yeen gotta have Linda Cohn"
So, watching some Sports Center before school. At the end of a 2 minute piece on how awesome the Saints D was yesterday, Linda Cohn says Saints had 4 sacks and 2 interceptions including a career first by Tyrann Mathews. Really? Does she not know he plays for the Cards? I wish I had her job and paycheck.
It's time for Linda Cohn and Berman to retire. The Royals are chasing the Rangers, and their season would have been over if they lost.
Linda Cohn, on being in the Wild Card Race "That's Original". suck, Jeter is a ***
Linda Cohn is the worst person on she brings nothing to the table and her laugh made me turn on
Javelin AR tops great results at competing SoCal masters meets: Linda Cohn, in her W60 debut season, has set a...
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that Chris Berman commercial where he's yelling in someones face at Wild Wings and then starts eating their food. Linda Cohn GO HOME JEWS!!!
Out of country joke by sportscenter anchor Linda Cohn in really poor taste. Bet she does not make that joke about a NY team.
Best line of the night by Linda Cohn of ESPN. "The Steelers are picking a great time to leave the country." ( as they head to England for their next game)
Trent Dilfer can't stop looking at Linda Cohn's chest.
Linda Cohn would be a great mask. I want to be her for Halloween.
you wanna see Linda Cohn or Beth Mowins in a bikini?
Linda Cohn look kinda good fa an old woman or it could be the weed talking..
Ummm...Linda Cohn is lookin kinda hot these days.
Ran into today who called me "super sweet". She's the awesome one. Linda Cohn rocks!
If I hear Linda Cohn say "got paid at Tennessee" again I may throw another Taco at my flat screen.
My *** for Linda Cohn has remained stiff for twenty years. I should probably call a doctor.
I don't know which stuns me more: Linda Cohn's been on SportsCenter for 21 years, or that she's only 53.
Tell me how Linda Cohn is 64 and still looks bad
Watching Sports Center. Pirates Reds highlights. Linda Cohn just uttered the great words. "Jordy Mercer throws it away" Wow!!! I just had major flashback memories!!! Twice!
Man what I wouldn't do to Linda Cohn she's hot
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Sports Center need some young freaks I'm tired of Linda Cohn old ***
How is Linda Cohn 53?!? People shouldn't be that hot at that age...but I'm glad she is!
Linda Cohn of espn, you're alright.
I'd rather listen to tell his life story than listen to Linda Cohn on SportsCenter
will your analyst stop sucking the eagles *** please... They suck... Let it go Linda Cohn let it go
Linda Cohn is a legend.. But time for espn to move her upstairs and off the air.
would have been a thousand times better had I not been subjected to Linda Cohn's commentary this morning.
Linda Cohn looking rough this am...
Late night SportsCenter.Linda Cohn looks like/is dressed like a hooker
Linda Cohn on ESPN looks like Flo from progressive lol...
Neil Everett and Linda Cohn are the worst pairing since Sacco and Vanzetti (with Leopold and Loeb and Bonnie and Clyde finishing three and four).
what women in your profession inspired you? I think you have the talent to reach the levels of Robin Roberts or Linda Cohn.
I hate myself for wanting to nail Linda Cohn.
Don't miss ESPN Sportscenter host, Linda Cohn, at in Dearborn October 4th - 6th! She is the keynote speaker for the Fall 2013 Opening Session!
Stephania Bell or Linda Cohn? And you can't kill yourself. Or go ***
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Fox sports 1 has Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews, while espn has Linda Cohn. Is fox sports 1 better now?
coach don't listen to Linda Cohn, the NFL, Hall of Fame is not based on rings Dickerson, Sanders, Moon no rings.
I've always been down for Linda Cohn.
I have a weird thing for Linda Cohn
Keith Olberman & Linda Cohn on Sportscenter... I feel like it's 1994 again
Then again, Linda Cohn is still in Sportscenter so maybe I dreamed the last 20 years.
chillin with Linda Cohn's son...nbd
congrats to but Linda Cohn got robbed!
Linda Cohn. Do us a favor: throw on something that has sleeves!
Linda Cohn shaped like a box of Cap'N Crunch.
Linda Cohn can not say Jim Harbough. It's finny
Dear ESPN's Linda Cohn High Definition TV is not your friend.
Linda Cohn said something I take issue with on sportscenter last night she called Peyton Manning One of the best QBs in the game And I find
Linda Cohn. One of the coolest women ever.
peeps that have the same birthday as me: Martin Luther, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Roy Scheider, Sinbad, Linda Cohn, Neil Gaiman, Eve, Josh Peck
My dad just made fun of Linda Cohn. How dare he insult an ESPN matriarch such as herself.
I find Linda Cohn very, very attractive for some reason...
Wait, did Linda Cohn really just utter the phrase "mizzou legend, Blaine Gabbert"? LOL
I have a big time cougar crush on Linda Cohn
The smallest guy is chatting with Linda Cohn on espn right now lol
Linda Cohn and Skyler White look a little similar don't they?
Linda Cohn is by far the most annoying Sportscenter anchor.
Linda Cohn's freckles in hi def are a little too much
I can't tell if Linda Cohn is surprised or not about A-Rod's suspension.
Linda Cohn & John Anderson didn't even get up out their seats today smh
Hey Linda Cohn, did you really think ARod was going to come out and say he took PED's to the media?!?!? Think about it
Whoa. Linda Cohn's face is probably why I don't watch ESPN.
Linda Cohn and John Anderson will be on the 6 PM ET SportsCenter. Here’s more on John’s day:
Think Linda Cohn will be crapping on Phillies on empty seats; never does on the Yankmes; she just hammers the Braves.
Linda Cohn from ESPN has the most annoying voice and tries to act so compelled by everything she reads
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my two favorites are Linda Cohn hitting Mike Richters shin pads and anything Charlie Steiner.
Remember the days when SVP and Josh Elliott and Linda Cohn actually talked about sports on Now its gossip.
think u did a blog on this but big cat do we do *** to Linda Cohn? I'm so confused when it comes to her
basically all the notable women not named Linda Cohn.
Linda Cohn ain't going nowhere...and where's Sage Steele?
Linda Cohn and Lindsey Czarniak can talk about sports just fine, but they SUCK at doing Not Top 10.
Lindsay Czarniak and Linda Cohn hosting SC together. The passing of the torch.
Linda Cohn and have really monopolized the 6PM sportscenter. Not saying I hate it.
Best note from that piece: "Most common words mentioned with "hockey" were... Linda Cohn and Steve Levy. It truly doesn't exist."
Linda Cohn has almost reached Berman status.
Lindsay Czarniak and Linda Cohn on's like a hot mother-daughter combination feeding me highlights
gotta be Linda Cohn. She seems pretty vengeful.
Leave it to Linda Cohn to read a personnel statement by Brian Cashman as slow as possible
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