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Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn (born November 10, 1959) is an American sportscaster. She regularly anchors ESPN's SportsCenter.

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I saw Kane van Gate, Linda Cohn, and Bill Ruggiero on the invite list.
ESPN's Cohn to participate in Panthers' goalie tryout - Sun Sentinel
ESPN's Linda Cohn to participate in Panthers' goalie tryout
On a 10 scale, what do you give Linda Cohn?
Omg Linda Cohn is a Ranger fan has a Panthers jersey and went to Oswego I am Linda
When Russ and Steph shots falling they easily better scorers than Kyrie go debate Linda Cohn
Why is Linda Cohn getting this opportunity over women that actually play goal? Just for the ESPN attention? ***
When you learn Linda Cohn is a rags fan 😩
Linda Cohn just said "the cavs have now dropped to second in the east." I'll give you a break cuz you're a tru OG, Linda.
Linda Cohn *** are taking to Adam Schefter right now
Linda Cohn's breast are crazy in HD.. SHEEESH
If Hank comes back and the Rangers lose, I think Linda Cohn should gives us a breathtaking "expected and than return"
I have not watched ESPN regularly since about 2008. I think SVP and Linda Cohn are the only anchors I recognize. Sarcastic kids in suits.
What say you, regionalist?! We are yuge fans of the show. Why do East Coast folks say yuge (Al Michaels, Linda Cohn, etc)?
Just watched SportsCenter. Solidified that Linda Cohn is the biggest homer in sports broadcasting. Die-hard Rangers fan talks to Nash (1/2)
Wow Big UPs to for sending Linda Cohn to report from an game, that is not the Stanley Cup Finals.
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Linda Cohn covering last vs on the island? trying to give hockey some more coverage or pet project of Cohn and
Linda Cohn postgame interview with Nash airs on ESPN, World Cup of Hockey already making an impact?
I like Dave a lot. That would be a fun spot. I tried to do Linda Cohn before the Cup and then she cancelled 5 minutes before.
Glad that coverage will be unbias from Linda Cohn...
This game is trash, but anyone else see Linda Cohn on the four letter network this morning? 👀🔥🔥🔥
Yes Linda, I know Rick well from H&H, but certainly looking forward to meeting ESPN Legend Linda Cohn.
U still doing that show from Champions after Islanders Game with Linda Cohn? I might come down. Linda's better looking than Hahn.
Linda Cohn toeing the company line. New England will never be regarded as champions.
Linda Cohn has the body of a Greek goddess.
omg I'd do Linda Cohn. hope she's a coug. I will be your dinner meat. come get me; we'll play some hockey the next day
Linda Cohn is cool sometimes... But her laugghhh! Make it stop
Linda Cohn please, please start buying sleeved shirts. I don't know how much more of your arms America can take.
Listening to Listen Closely to Linda Cohn on ESPN Radio Mobile with
you ain't gotta have Stuart Scott, you ain't gotta have Linda Cohn'
so u agree Linda Cohn isn't hot enough to model?
HELP WANTED: Florida Panthers go public in search for emergency goalie, ESPN's Linda Cohn is "available": TWIT...
"looks so pumped to have been upset lol C'mon, Linda Cohn.
That was ESPN's Linda Cohn who once read "internet meme" as "internet MEMO", so.
Rangers Video: Massachusetts native Keith Yandle tells ESPN's Linda Cohn that "Brian Leetch was an idol of mine" (…
Linda Cohn is an OG who could easily be Sting. No B.S., swooping in to stop the madness.
Linda Cohn is a legend! She's been with Sportscenter forever!
And great. The Franchise Tagging nonsense must mean a few more minutes till seeing Linda Cohn again. Good job.
we just had 'What 2 Watch 4' around Rangers-Preds and now they're sending it out to Linda cohn at the rink, what is going on?
Good Morning to you Linda Cohn!!! Are you single or you have boyfriend?
Linda Cohn & San Le Greca, and I want to keep the run of great guests going
It is a NYR hockey show, have already had Kenny Albert, Linda Cohn & Don La Greca on the show, looking for great guests!
It's making baby steps though, I'll give the league that. Personalities like Boomer and Linda Cohn help promote NHL exposure.
Joining Linda Cohn ESPN 98.7 in about 10 minutes fo talk trade deadline.
. One of the best signs I've seen at football game . I wanna bone. Linda Cohn.
I don't care what the haters say, Linda Cohn is a *** fine looking woman! :D
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wow, we're calling Linda Cohn a bae now huh? I know her body is rockin' now, but she's kind of got a horse grill no?
don't get it twisted Linda Cohn is gorgeous
Linda Cohn doesn't even know the first thing about sports either
“Do they apply makeup to Linda Cohn's arms?” Good I felt I was the only person rude enough to think this 😅😂
Do they apply makeup to Linda Cohn's arms?
dude Linda Cohn is still bangin after all this time
I don't care, Linda Cohn is still bad.
Linda Cohn just called Jonathan Towes Jonathan Toes. This is why I hate sportcenter
Linda Cohn has had some work done. She's got the whole Brandi Love thing going on.
no I remember why I used to have a crush on Linda Cohn even if she was/is 80+ years older than me 😎😂😂
David Wright Shouts Out Linda Cohn: getting shoutouts from that's awesome isn't it Linda?
Boston beat my A's that day 7-1. At least I probably watched Linda Cohn in a swimsuit. And for that I thank you.
Yep Linda Cohn interviewed him on Sportscenter a few moments ago. He had 5 points before he did that
Linda Cohn is probably the worst ESPN analyst of them all..
Don't let me meet Linda Cohn bruh. It's over for her
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From Pierre McGuire to Linda Cohn to Dan Rosen, the boys at have had some top-notch guests. Give 'em a listen and a follow.
This morning linda cohn said before commercial, " guess who is causing issues in a locker room, and is it causing a rift between coaches?"
2 female anchors kick it to Linda Cohn right after speaking to you. Pretty great.
Ladies and gents, we finally have a speaker for the banquet! The speaker will be Linda Cohn, so make sure you register!
Linda Cohn on espn just said "MVP favorite James Harden" bout time they recognize greatness
Linda Cohn and Buccigross are the only ones showing hockey love. We need more of it!
It's pretty disgusting how SportsCenter, specifically Linda Cohn, is trying to make Chris Paul sound sexist today.
They are trying to restore their image about hockey. They do have Linda Cohn and John Buccigross , who are avid hockey fans, but that's it.
Sportscenter anchors are so wack now. , Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Linda Cohn and the crew
Great read from the on "Linda Cohn: From breaking the ice to breaking the news"
Linda Cohn, Suzyn Waldman (Yankees radio announcer), Kim Jones just to name a few off the top of my head.
Linda Cohn can I please be your little cougar pup?
we have a trey bower on our team according to Linda Cohn of
Linda Cohn called "Trey Brouwer" and "Bower" in clip. But showed a hockey clip for once, so small victories
The Most Beautiful SportsCenter Anchor ever...and Linda Cohn's not bad either!
I love watching sport center because I love Linda Cohn.
Why are Linda Cohn and Suzy Colber so attractive?
Linda Cohn only good female sportscaster
Here in KC The Coach is a Big Time Star!!! Almost as big time a Linda Cohn...almost!!
Is it just me or has Linda Cohn been looking kinda good lately?!
There is something very attractive about Linda Cohn. Call me crazy
Linda Cohn is a warrior. She's still hosting Sportscenter on HD, even though ESPN loves replacing senior talent with young chicks.
Linda Cohn needs to retire. No press conference necessary, just never be seen again.
.Best actual anchor, yes. Afternoon tandem of Lindsay Czarniak and Linda Cohn is a win-win
she do seen it in person plenty. Linda Cohn too
Says the guy who told Linda Cohn to "dress her age."
I don't always agree with your methods, but to be fair you did cite Linda Cohn and Michelle Beadle as great female reporters.
Let the pros cover sports. Never come to this city again. Go pick up Linda Cohn's dry cleaning.
Linda Cohn always with tha pantyhose and high boots.
Linda Cohn is baked to the freaking gills.
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Is Linda Cohn getting like sexy thick??
Able to take the SC Chris Rock (and who doesn't dig CR?) slobber fest till Linda Cohn, says, 'Can I go there?' Jesus.
Linda Cohn so fine man. And none of the dudes on ESPN campus appreciate her. I feel terrible about this.
2 things I've thought about today. Why is it still raining in mid December? And why is Linda Cohn still on TV?
Good Morning to you Linda Cohn. Why you don't to answer my question about your personal love life?
why does the best looking anchor have to steal Linda Cohn's haircut??
The answer to all of life's riddles lie within Linda Cohn's ***
“Thx to all who fought for dreams come true at Oswego sub shop. Only slightly more than the Linda Cohn sub
Just have Linda Cohn close her legs
Ooooh that cuts to the quick! But not in jest, Linda Cohn was the offending party that prompted my comment.
Linda Cohn knows a little thing or 2 about defying the aging process
Can't we get an all Linda Cohn network?
Linda cohn's neck looks like a train wreck in HD
Linda Cohn trying to get choose recently.
Okay, Linda Cohn...Derrick Rose has every right to be concerned about his life after basketball.
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it won't happen...when I decided I wanted to, Linda Cohn was the only woman on ESPN...
tune in to baskin and Phelps to hear linda Cohn yes or no?
Linda Cohn is like the Gemma of sportscenter
Linda Cohn: "The SEC West is so good they should have all 4 playoff spots." 👀👀👀
Linda Cohn is the definition of a butterface. ..
Linda Cohn was the recipient of a jacked up plastic surgery procedure
poor poor Linda Cohn. Age is an awful thing.
Kyle Wiltjer still looks like Linda Cohn sans the hair
Linda Cohn and John Buccigross are very capable but Melrose always seems to get the nod. Cohn takes the hockey plays on
Jay Bilas is awesome. Great interview with Linda Cohn on SportsCenter.
also Sinbad tommy Davidson Linda Cohn and the late Richard Burton
Linda Cohn is making me cringe with her phrases
Happy Birthday Linda Cohn, it's also my birthday have a great day, you have been my favorite 😃
Happy birthday Linda Cohn - first full-time U.S. female sports anchor on a national radio network. In 1987.
only if you're on me aka linda bone Cohn
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the AMAZING Linda Cohn. You deserve a great 1
Mid- 1990's Cohn “Linda Cohn has found her fastball again and she KNOWS IT
She's been sexting me "action" pics once she found out that Heather was on my lap. "Did Linda Cohn show up to??"
Just saw Linda Cohn on Sportscenter, which reminded me of the time that someone brought an "I Wanna Bohn Linda Cohn" sign to GameDay
Linda Cohn is absolutely putting a beat down on this black dress
Man, Linda Cohn is looking good on that black dress...
Linda Cohn looks way better now than she did back in the mid 90's
Before appearing on was a goalie for
the sun rises and sets thanks to Linda Cohn. She is a knockout.
Linda Cohn can hit the gym all she wants, it wont fix the bad grille.
Linda Cohn and Jozy Altidore on the SportsCenter set today
It's bout time to replace Linda cohn with someone younger
nah mike i noticed the same thing with linda cohn. Def stepped her game up.
Linda Cohn is interviewing Altidore right now. Wonder if she’s ever heard of Sunderland?
Hannah Storm and Linda Cohn facing off for ESPN ultimate cougar right now
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Melorse taking the Blackhawks. Shocker! And Linda Cohn is still on ESPN? She's older than the dirt she sleeps in
Linda Cohn tryna look sexy with her wrinkled shirt neck.
Linda Cohn looks like the biggest Jew ever
She can Linda my Cohn all she wants.
Hannah Storm having Linda Cohn out here slutting it up for the ESPN cameras
Linda Cohn trying to find a man or something? LOL
I take it Linda Cohn, Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Suzy Kolber, Doris Burke and Hannah Storm are all busy, eh?
I wanna see Mike Golic backdooring Linda Cohn while Suzy Kolber licks his taint
Linda Cohn sexting me non stop after SCarolina. Says she wants the deep ball. Told her I was busy w/Sam Ponder just to stir it up
Who needs coffee when you got Linda Cohn to get you going in the morning
great job! Seemed like you were really enjoying yourself! Maybe sports is your future! The next Erin Andrews or Linda Cohn!
is so shocked by the news that Linda Cohn's eyelids finally closed.
Andy is arguing that Linda Cohn is not the ugliest woman on TV.
Linda Cohn probably had work done but Idc id still beat
You should check out the Active Life radio show we did with Linda Cohn, World Record Holder in the Javelin. She...
Nick Clegg dons traditional dress in India
Sat 1 row behind the lovely Linda Cohn @ Giants v. Pats last night. too intimidated to say hello in my Pats gear.
how big are Linda's Cohn's cones in person? Solid c cup?
ESPN's obsession with beating a story to death and back is becoming comical. Linda Cohn recently gave an in depth...
I just went with a female on ESPN's site, so Linda Cohn would fit the bill. PxP is all about game flow and not analysis.
I think she's only done PbP for WNBA games, but I'd bet Linda Cohn of ESPN would be great. Ranger lifer to boot.
I can already feel my future frustration for tomorrow when Linda Cohn calls Kenny Hill "Kenny Football" on Sportscenter
Just hanging with a true big blue fan Linda Cohn
Whoa.. Linda Cohn needs to stay off screen, sorry
More anchors have plunged into Linda Cohn than the Atlantic!!
your standards for journalism is a joke! Linda Cohn & other senior members have no respect 4 u. Sam story in shower=pathetic
The hots for Linda Cohn doesn't count. 😂
Thanks for the follow! Here is Linda Cohn in her own words: .
Why is that Linda Cohn still can't stand your sister, after your sister sucked snake venom from her leg? That says a lot.
Am I the only one that thinks Linda Cohn got hotter the older she got??
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It says a lot about when she sucked snake venom from Linda Cohn's leg,and Linda Cohn still can't stand her.
ESPN's Linda Cohn sues NY rink over off-ice injury (Yahoo Sports)
. NOTHING LIKE UR first ESPN *crush* and only gett'n BETTER!. LINDA COHN =
ESPN's Linda Cohn sues hockey rink over injury
Back in March, ESPN anchor Linda Cohn was set to strap on the goalie pads and face shots from the Rangers' AHL affiliate. It didn't happen because of some rowdy teenagers, and now Cohn is taking it to court.
Linda Cohn is a disgrace ... is she that hard up?
Why would this be the arenas fault? Sounds like an accident involving some kids and an arcade.
Linda Cohn Files Lawsuit Against New York Ice Rink - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek Mind.
ESPN's Linda Cohn is now suing the ALS Association after the Ice Bucket Challenge made her cold.
Linda Cohn: Put a band aid on it and go on. Jes** Ch7 what a wimp! I have had worse scratches than that 1,000 times.
Linda Cohn sues hockey arena over freak injury
Another reason to dislike Linda Cohn. She had stitches... In her arm.
Linda Cohn is at Ginger Hill...what the *** Lol
Linda Cohn should hand out Playstation's to keep these darn kids out of recreational places.
I want to write a joke about Linda Cohn's lawsuit, but I'm afraid it will hurt her feelings and she'll sue me for emotiona…
Little Giant Ladders
Was truly worried this happened at Quinnipiac before reading - ESPN’s Linda Cohn sues hockey arena over freak injury
How did Linda Cohn play golf with that crippled arm???
ESPN's Linda Cohn suing ice rink after coin machine slices her arm for 25 stitches.
“Linda Cohn is suing an ice rink after a change machine fell on her: don't be a statistic
ESPN anchor Linda Cohn sues ice rink after a bunch of children knocked a change machine over onto her:
Coming up on Sportscenter we examine the history of the middle finger and how it psychological scars can feel like a bullet. Sportscenter Run Down 6:00 Fingergate 6:05 The history of the middle finger 6:10 Psychologoy of the finger 6:15 LeBron on fingergate 6:20 Ed Wederer interview with Ryan Leaf on Johnny Manziel 6:25 Did Johnny Manzeil give the finger because he was offended by the team's name 6:30 Recap of Fingergate 6:35 Bill Simmons of famous fingers in history 6:40 Top 10 Johnny Manziel moments 6:45 How the finger can effect baseball's pennant race 6:50 Highlights of Johnny Manziel against RG III 6:55 Linda Cohn's receipe for Finger Sandwhiches
Does Linda Cohn only show up to anchor sportscenter when her crush "tom brady" is in the first line of the teleprompter?
he told Linda Cohn in sideline interview he wanted to kiss her.
linda cohn Jonathan coachman and Hannah Storm...go for it Alex...we love u. I have a neighbor with ALS
someone needs to call out Linda Cohn and Johnathan Coachman in the ice bucket challenge. Ive already done it a few times
You ain't gotta have Linda Cohn, you ain't gotta have Stewart Scott you ain't gotta have the staff of espn baby cause I got game!
only to execs. Linda Cohn isn't "hot" but she's one of the best in the biz
Faking News:Linda Cohn suspended from ESPN for wearing white after Labor Day.
Linda Cohn, jemele hill, Jackie Macmullan. After that I can't think of many analysts
Audio : jimcaviezelfan: Jim Caviezel being interviewed by Linda Cohn on ESPN_First Take Radio Great...
Am I the only one who can't stand Linda Cohn?
ESPN needs some more ugly anorexic chicks that quite possibly are trannies; you know, the Linda Cohn look.
Linda Cohn whining again. What a surprise!! Maybe the refs caused Rangers to blow 2 two goal leads.
Linda Cohn is complaining so much about NYR failures. It's kind of funny.
Ask Griffey about how disrespectful he was to Linda Cohn on Sportscenter. Do it. Now.
Marty you should go on the Listen Closely podcast with Linda Cohn.
gotta listen to todays podcast, at least hour two, Fritzy does impersonations of Stan Verrett, Linda Cohn, and others.
what does Linda Cohn have to do with this? She is a well respected journalist.
Linda Cohn should thank her lucky aging stars that ESPN offered her a new contract. I mean, this is a tough econ
Linda Cohn is first and best. Never forget that.
Former President Linda Cohn facilitating wonderful conversation w/some of our current LIVE
.Red shirts? Linda Cohn is gonna slap you for that. Rangers are the Blue shirts.
Hey Linda Cohn is not the voice of reason. Stop RTing that fraud, it's embarrassing.
“Rangers gave that game away...literally.” Linda Cohn figuratively doesn't know how to speak English.
I prefer Linda Cohn to the other 75 pound ninnies they have on SportsCenter these days.
Only Steve levy of espn picked the rangers to win other than the person who covers them Katie Strang and superfan Linda Cohn
Male and Female Linda Cohn in accord here Didnt realize "picks" equals "wishes"
Surprised that any of ESPN's "experts" not named Linda Cohn picked the Rangers to win the series.
is Linda Cohn & your friends from NY coming on to hype Rangers? Could it be Kings in "FOUR!"
Wonder if anyone besides Linda Cohn is going to pick the Rangers.
Heard your Linda Cohn interview the other day: Kenny, go home for a few days Whew
seriously. I need to know if Linda Cohn had plastic surgery for fake boobs..
Is Linda Cohn crying? Please tell me Linda Cohn is crying right now.
The worst part about the rangers winning is having to hear Linda Cohn talk about it on sportscenter tomorrow...
I'm sorry did Linda Cohn just call spelling a sport? This is what is wrong with both women in sports and espn
ease off manziel, get weird with the tribe, gunna start makin moves, where is Linda Cohn
Linda Cohn has personally guaranteed a victory tonight, so there you have it, sports fans. Can we please avoid playing a Game 7 for once?
So, that's basically a yes but only if Linda Cohn is unavailable? Agreed.
There are 2 of the 4 heads on ESPN's "Mount Rushmore"! Tom Mees and Linda Cohn are the other 2!
I take Linda Cohn seriously. Can't imagine why.
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Only when Buccigross or Steve Levy (a former NHL announcer) do it. Or even Linda Cohn.
I love Linda Cohn...always so spot on!
is Linda Cohn getting sexier with age?
Why can't Linda Cohn be my second mom?
Id still knock down Linda Cohn.She has some nice legs.
Sportscenter can you please stop slacking for leaving out ? Can Linda Cohn name 3 players on the roster???
Linda Cohn look like she could rub the *** out of a toe
Linda Cohn says "If Lance Stephenson is so great, why does he have to tell us all how great he is?"
"Dude, Linda Cohn just stared through my soul."
Probably Linda Cohn herself sending out the Rangers updates
OMG u chilled with Linda Cohn. How cool was that?!
...letting Linda Cohn wear sleeveless shirts on air is a close second.
however, if it were Linda Cohn... lol
Producer, fact check thyself ... Lynda Cohen ... not Linda Cohn .. print reporter in Atlantic City ... not ESPN ...
Linda Cohn just rationalized attacking a ref in Rangers Hab series on Espn radio. About 15 minutes talked her n 2 sanity
just listened to a usually sane Linda Cohn justify an attack on a ref in the Rangers Hab series. Proves theirs a "Fan'atic
Brassard is back to the ice tomorrow according with Linda Cohn. Huge news.
And don't get me started if you're a Mets fan RTing Linda Cohn . She misled an entire fanbase just to get some page views.
some ESPN personalities are awesome. Scott Van Pelt and Linda Cohn would be those two awesome personalities.
Linda Cohn is the most awesome sports fan ever.
Can we get Linda Cohn off the air now ESPN? Or at least cover that neck.
If I had "Wood " and ESPN's Linda Cohn was standing in front of me. My outtie would become an instant Innie. God she's awful.
Linda Cohn has pictures of every ESPN executive's *** Only explanation.
No Linda Cohn. Only Stuart Scott can say "Timmy" when going over Tim Duncan Highlights...
My first crush ever had to be Linda Cohn. She's still got it goin on.
Not exactly the choice words Linda Cohn promised but I think this Cuban thing should be done now. What else is going on?
How does 7 foot 2 inch Roy Hibbert go a full game with 0 points and 0 rebounds? And now in the 3rd quarter of another game just get his first rebound?? This wouldn't fly at all with Pop. This just screams lack of effort. Ps I'm glad we don't play in the East so we don't have to listen to Linda Cohn announce games. Horrible almost makes me miss Jalen Rose. Almost. K
Headed to planet fitness with Linda Cohn. Today is the start of a new and improved life for me. After being diagnosed with moderate degenerative arthritis in my l4 l5 discs I have a goal to loose 60 lbs wish me luck
Linda Cohn looking so wholesome on this afternoon edition of Sportscenter.
Good lord I think Linda Cohn got a boob job, or an amazing bra!
it is painful to listen to Linda Cohn talk on Sportscenter. she has absolutely no clue what she is talking about
How is the beautiful Linda Cohn doing?
Is it me or do Linda Cohn got some *** behind that desk?? Or is it just mom-butt?
Linda Cohn is starting to look more and more like Nina Hartley.
is Linda Cohn starting to look like Nina Hartley or is it just me?
Suzy Colbert. Linda Cohn. Erin Andrews. Espn always finds the best lookin anchors
You show me a guy who doesn't think Linda Cohn is hot, I'll show you a liar.
Got a little too close to Suzy Kolber & now Linda Cohn is giving her the evil eye. Can't wait for the after party cat fight in my suite.
Congrats to our friend Linda Cohn Wood who was inducted into the Ckeveland Heights Hall of Fame tonight
Linda Cohn and I back in summer of 2005 during my She had just got outta the…
Linda Cohn is about to get gangbanged on the set on sportscenter
Linda Cohn needs to get off of espn. Her smile makes me vomit.
I thought it was clever when Linda Cohn on referred to the draft as a reality show, but she keeps pushing it so now I hate it.
Hey please fire Linda Cohn. She just butchered that NHL segment.
My morning ritual is to eat my oatmeal while watching Sportscenter .. I find this activity extremely difficult however when Linda Cohn is anchoring the show. My god is that woman annoying .
McShay: "We've created a lot of noise about Manziel this week." Linda Cohn: "That's your job." McShay: "Yup." Me: "Barf."
I think it might be time for Linda Cohn to retire
Katherine Jacqueway Linda Cohn I always do the baking for you guys how about u make these for Me lol and look you don't have to bake .
Wow, Linda Cohn throwing blame everywhere.. You'd think she played this game.
shocking that Linda Cohn picked the rangers.
Linda Cohn says anything about this game. Hank takes 4 goals and was our best players... Unreal.
AJ McCarron sits down with Linda Cohn via
Linda Cohn is freaking amazing in his analizes about the Rangers.
AJ McCarron sits down with Linda Cohn + more
AJ McCarron sits down with Linda Cohn: via
Video: AJ McCarron sits down with Linda Cohn via
AJ McCarron sits down with Linda Cohn -
I liked a video AJ McCarron sits down with Linda Cohn
ESPN's Linda Cohn is speaking at Nestlé Purina's Women's Leadership Forum! Thank you WLF for the invite.
"In 1987, Linda Cohn became the 1st full-time anchor of a nat'l sports radio show when hired by WABC." (via
You always, always, always want to be followed by a Babe, in the order or otherwise...and Linda Cohn qualifies
Linda Cohn is bashing Torts great to see but it's also great to see that other people realize what experienced players do for a star
all of them deserves to have my babies, even Linda Cohn.
You see all these beautiful women on ESPN and then you wonder how Linda Cohn got hired
Enjoying this blonde on definitely beats Linda Cohn
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