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Linda Blair

Linda Denise Blair (born January 22, 1959) is an American actress. Blair is best known for her role as the possessed child, Regan, in the film The Exorcist (1973), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes, winning one.

Roller Boogie Max Von Sydow Ellen Burstyn Richard Burton Jamie Lee Curtis Jason Miller Tom Skerritt Rue McClanahan David Ramsey Eagle Rock William Friedkin

Speaking of different;next person who talks about Wiccan's I'm going to turn my head around & puke on like Linda Blair, then what witches???
god. in ever gigapixel picture i'm like sneezing or rolling my eyes back like Linda Blair.
Wow. Trumpkins' heads are spinning faster than Linda Blair's as they try to figure out how to love and hate Colin Powell at the same time.
Hi Linda, all times for the Blair Witch have now been updated on our website :) We hope you enjoy the movie
& @ on this special countdown bonanza. a video entry this week... it's LINDA BLAIR.
please stop it with Hillary Clinton having pneumonia. I have it and sound like Linda Blair from exorcist for 2 weeks! Stop
Excited about the new upcoming TV show! If it's a success...I would love for Linda Blair to guest star in a important story arc
As a kid I watched the exorcist (starring Linda blair) with family members in the dark. SCARED TO DEATH!
rests up? dude we all saw that seizure the other day - her head spun more than Linda Blair's - get her to hospital - & quick
Linda Blair. Though I later found her to be sorta hot.
Of all of my fears, irrational or not (spiders, windmills, Linda Blair, egg yolks...all examples of rational...
"Do you think I can take down this triceratops if Linda Blair helps?"
Thank you for the cup! Nothing sexier than a Exorcist possessed Linda Blair voice in the morning.
If Linda Blair was only her head would have changed
The last monster I remember being afraid of was 'the yucky girl'. Linda Blair played young Regan…
Anything that made my bed shake. Thanks Linda Blair.
all I see is what Linda Blair up chucked in the Exorcist
get on your back and start crawling around like Linda Blair
The entire Roller Boogie film with Linda Blair is on YouTube so I know what I'll be doing this morning.
If her head spun around like Linda Blair, I would still vote for her!
"These are the people who cast Linda Blair in a musical..."
Thanks, doc for the "this is not a big deal" diagnosis. Very reassuring. What about the "Linda Blair" head spin thing?
hey, linda blair, spin yo head 'round one more time, and I'ma give you exorcism. you understand?
We are super excited to announce our final total is $8767 donated to The Linda Blair WorldHeart...
Her head could turn around like Linda Blair and she would still get my vote!
Besides the obvious (Linda Blair), best performance by a child actor in a horror movie?
Linda Blair to release a new exorcise video
And so what does that make you Tony Blair?
The success of the original was shock factor because LINDA BLAIR WAS 12 WHY U MAKE HER COLLEGE KID?!?!
Wasnt a linda blair head turn was it??? 😂
As a physician when I see BS stating that "she's fine" with the Linda Blair "head spin", frozen look, tripping, confusion,…
Still can't believe that I met Linda Blair! 😭 I love how she put "sweet dreams" 😂❤️
There is NO Hillscary cloned double you silly rabbit! IT'S a twin!
nice chassis- but all i can see is the upside down cross, where is Linda Blair when you need her
Yeah, & what ailment caused the Linda Blair head spinning, bobbling whacko moments in front of the PRESS?
I got my Linda Blair Exorcist signed photo. AWESOME job packaging and making it very secure in shipping! I am very happy!
While Australian TV was breaking taboos with the Americans were raping LInda Blair with a broom handle
Again, on the behalf of Linda Blair, faith in the Blood and Deaths of Jesus Christ and the Martyrs put you where you belong.
so true. For some reason I love the scene where Ellen Burstyn puts Linda Blair to bed (pre-possession). Tender. Perfect.
Hey Spins More then Linda Blair With the the green puke! OOPS!
Personally, I think it was the natural reaction to the situation...sort of like Linda Blair in the "Exocisist".
I tell you what. In the Name of Jesus Christ, since you are bothering Linda Blair, you *** cowards, how about God ...
Everyone contorts like Linda Blair when they're dehydrated. Don't you Stefan?
So what does it take to get a face mask flag? The full Linda Blair 360 degree turn?
Cillizza's head is spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Why must DNC give the US citizen an unfit cand.?
collapses at 9/11 event like Linda Blair in a church
At the very least what Bush & Blair did, didn't help! They made a nasty situation in Iraq, many times worse.
Picking the lock of an office, your idea of a key obv differs to that of the police officer/ Linda Blair Sam.
The Exorcist . CLASSIC! Linda Blair is queen in this movie, she killed it!!
Make smug cultural references to Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, and Linda Blair
wait I got it PJ Soles, Judie aronson, Danielle Harris, Linda Blair, Julia Adams. Am I right?
Michael jackson and Linda Blair, who played a role in 'The Exorcist', in circa 1977 😎.
Linda Blair gets all Roller Boogie on us next week on
EARLY WARNING: Next week, we're gonna rock it with Linda Blair in Roller Boogie!
Great interview-Gavin McInnes!! Ur 1st name reminds me of Linda Blair from Roller Boogie and not that other movie she made.😊
Kinda hoping you'll do the 1979 Linda Blair vehicle Roller Boogie, which was on Turner Classic Movies recently.
Its like if I leave the house I'll just projectile vomit like I'm Linda Blair or something.
.u picking up and me in ur sweet Cadillac and cruising Ventura? Hit Casa Vega and have drinks w Linda Blair.
Director and Linda Blair on the set of The Exorcist (1973) dir. William Friedkin.
Now watching Roller Boogie with Linda Blair...because I wanted to see something more frightening than The Exorcist.
This Saturday at Aero Theatre, don't miss Chuck Heston, Karen Black, Linda Blair & George Kennedy in..
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The only way to achieve anything is to become comfortable with rejection. Here’s how | Linda Blair
Linda Blair talks The Exorcist and her animal welfare work
Similar to your exp w/Green Inferno, I just watched Linda Blair's Savage Streets and questioned WHYYY?
THE EXORCIST | Behind the scenes with Linda Blair wearing a chest prosthetic.
Paula Abdul, Joni Mitchell, you, Mother, Nancy Reagan, Linda Blair, Founder of the Salvation Army, running out of ro
Ok if Max head starts turning all the way Linda Blair in the exorcist... I'm turning the channel! LOL
I genuinely think poison is the wrong word here. Blair & Brown were Thatcher's children: & wrong
. The trailer looked dreadful. Pulling out the old Linda Blair twisting head cliche makes it look like Scary Movie 8
Selma Blair on a date with David Foster who was married to Linda Thompson ex of Bruce Jenner, who married Kris Jenner, who Selma Blair plays
If he's ONE DELEGATE SHORT of the magic number your head will spin faster than Linda Blair w/him changing his mind.
After 43 years, check out what the cast of look today—>.
You are no feminist Linda - mouthy aggressive and fail to defend brown or Blair .
William and Linda Blair on the set of "The (1973)
Jessica pays a call to actress in Pasadena who is implicated in murder - Linda Blair guest stars. Seth gets robbed.
the movie Repossessed was a pure parody of the Exorcist and they had Linda Blair reprising her role with Leslie Nielson
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In the movie "The Exorcist" the vomit that (Regan) Linda Blair hurls at Father Damien Karras is thick pea...
Linda Denise Blair: Little sister of The Lord Jesus Christ . It is meant. It is how I think of you now.
Idk what's bigger relationship goals... Chuck and Blair or gaz n Charlotte😍
It's no pukey face but here's my take on Linda Blair's Regan MacNeil from "The…
Where did this vomiting episode come from? I feel like Linda Blair
Well cause Im still pumped Im about to watch *** Night with Linda Blair!
They weren't Linda Blair level, but they might've been lightly possessed
3-3 Linda Liechty and Blair...Liechty got it
Linda Blair is a goddess. That is all. What she does for the animals is simply incredible.
1981s horrific *** Night is 1 of those so bad you want to cry. Linda Blair sleepwalks through the movie. Everything feels like a 1st take F
I supported Linda Blair worldheart foundation just by walking my dogs 1.17 miles using app.
and this. U look like Linda Blair in the Exorcist
I bet linda blair had some killer 80's boobs back in the day.
If 8yo brings me this in the morning I'll go full-on Linda Blair at him.
US woman on BBC (Linda Blair, appropriately) says don't bother about children passing exams. Must keep us all in our place: and medicate us.
The girl and her big cross remind me of Max Von Sydow repeatedly chanting 'THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!' at poor Linda Blair...
Linda Blair never recovered from that Possession... pea soup is definitly not a treat...
Can't help but wonder why my mother still has my old, creepy doll. It was even named after Linda Blair cuz it's head goes all the way round.
Guilty Pleasures of the 80s 8 Movies of the 80s with C Thomas Howell, James Spader, Linda Blair, Tim Robbins & more
I have a weird love for the movie The Exorcist. Linda Blair is truly remarkable.
My bed looks like Linda Blair slept in it.
Hillary is licking her Linda Blair Exorcist lips now, saying " I got this now".
he's Linda Blair from the Exorcist after finishing school.
Linda Blair, makeup test shots for The Exorcist, 1972
Ready for fun & activities? Thanks to Linda Blair for this photo from last year's Labor Day Weekend!
IMDb. Linda Blair as Regan in The Exorcist. Robert Downey Jr. as Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder. Joan Cusack as Cyn in Working Girl.
Once there was Linda Blair then there was Eva green two of the most frightening possessions i'v ever seen hands down
This time last year I met one of my heroes , Linda Blair , a moment I will always cherish
Horror fans! Enjoying a Sunday night fright fest with Linda Blair? Check our horror movie at
The Exorcist 11"×14" Lobby Card in frame signed by Ellen Burstyn, *** Smith and Linda Blair! $250
Little Giant Ladders
I just have a Linda Blair signed Regan and Richard Hatch signed Apollo.
Dottie and Linda Blair Worldheart were on the red carpet before Dottie's TV debut as one of the Linda Blair...
Linda Blair, Jill Clayburgh, Farrah Fawcett, and Melanie Griffith all auditioned for the role of Carrie White.
Well, Lord Grantham does a passable impression on Linda Blair in the Exorcist
. [Linda Blair's head turning]. You know what'll make your head spin is low white birth rates
That depressing moment when 'Blair' is trending and it's not Linda :-(
We had more possession than Linda Blair
Can you post about Linda Blair please??
Just another Birthday/Halloween party tonight for Maria, Scott and Linda Blair!! Thanks for allowing us to cater...
"It's difficult to understand why people don't realise that pets are gifts to mankind." - Linda Blair
Funny, I met Linda Blair at that Tower Records on Sunset.
I really wanna talk to Linda Blair.
There's no way you could ever pull a Linda Blair look - you're too cute!
I just see a fat Linda Blair who's not afraid to "go there" about her mensies. Zero appeal.
Linda D Blair . welcome to the Country. Were we have all your Royals info in one place . Please help spread the word...
Wanted: A loving family with a warm home to adopt my daughter, Linda Blair.
This has probably been mentioned before, but is the spitting image of a young Linda Blair.
Questions about Linda Blair make my head spin.
Everytime I see (l) in a photo or passing by on TV she reminds me of the exorcist girl Linda Blair (r) htt…
no CNT forget Halloween the original w Jaime Lee Curtis! Or the exorcist w Linda Blair!
Trivia at Drekker & won first 2 rounds but lost terribly on 3rd. Stupid questions about Linda Blair..
Horror moviethon continues! *** Night with Linda Blair, and Pumpkinhead with Lance Henriksen.
It’s a fun SBS episode. Also has a great clip of Jonathan Pryce’s “possessed” Hamlet. Full-on Linda Blair voice for the Ghost.
The Exorcist: Scenes with Linda Blair and Mercedes McCambridge's voice as the demon
That moment when you have to do a 360-degrees Linda Blair Exorcist head-turn just to get toilet paper midway doing ur biz in the bathroom.
Eldest? Middle child? Or lonely only? What does birth order mean to you. Linda Blair analyses your tree
quit 13 yrs ago & never regret it. First couple of weeks are "you are Linda Blair in Exorcist" but you will get to other side
looks just like Linda Blair from the Exorcist. And tbh it creeps me the *** out.
The notion of Hillary as President is not only revolting, it is deeply frightening. Like Linda Blair during a full moon.
Two of Makeup Master *** Smith's continuity polaroids of Linda Blair for THE EXORCIST.
I wish I could talk to Linda Blair.
I do not normally perform oral pleasure on a woman, but when I do, her head spins like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
This horror movie star will be at the Halloween party
What, what how did I miss this (I was eating pizza). Was it as good as the Linda Blair bottle episode?
Linda Blair of 1973's 'The Exorcist' to appear at Hard Rock Halloween party
Linda Blair, Max Von Sydow and Jason Miller in a scene from
Justice for Poco thanks Entertainer and Animal Rights Advocate, Linda Blair for her support! .
Linda Blair, I'mma let you finish being Pazuzu, but Eva Green in is the most frightening possessed girl of all time.
Kelly reminded me of Linda Blair when she asked Scott Walker the pro life question. I covered my eyes; expected pea soup.
Megyn Kelly's voice w that question, was like Linda Blair in the Exorcist with the Demon Voice!
The film features Ellen Burstyn, Max Von Sydow, Jason Miller, Linda Blair, Lee J. Cobb, and (in voice only)...
Just saw Linda Blair at the Wizard World Con. (@ Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, VA)
New on Put on your skates and hit the floor with Linda Blair in Roller Boogie -
E/time I listen to BOOGIE WONDERLAND I can't help think of Linda Blair starring Roller Boogie (1979)
Linda Blair could roller my boogie any time.
Roller Boogie (Blu-ray Review): Linda Blair spins to a different tune. Is there any doubt, in its day, when it...
watching The Exorcist and then Roller Boogie immediately after so i don't worry about Linda Blair too much.
Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning actress Linda Blair is best known for her role in The Exorcist...
got a little bit of a young Linda Blair thing going on there 😍
Seriously, this ep has Rue McClanahan, Linda Blair, and Major Burns.
I'm watching a "Murder She Wrote" episode that costars both Rue McClanahan and Linda Blair. And it makes feel weird and tingly.
Ben Kingsley in Ryan Reynolds body?.that's a scarier thought than Pazuzu in Linda Blair's...
Gone from Greta Garbo in Queen Christina to Linda Blair in Roller Boogie. Eclectic night for TCM.
She's amazing but I wish she hadn't dressed like Linda Blair from The Exorcist
We have huge range of posts from like Linda Blair,
Oh Please in the coming weeks can we have Linda Blair in Roller Boogie?
Ha! You actually included me in one with Stan Lee, Weird Al, Linda Blair, Ron Howard, NPH, & Neil Gaiman, so I can't complain!
Photoset: *** Smith transforms 13 year-old Linda Blair into the demonically possessed Regan in The...
My NutriBullet must be extra healthy as it looks a cross between sewage water and the ejection from Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Yum.
She went the full Linda Blair. And yes I actually had slipped her 2 Ativan this time. *2*. Don't condone that but under the circumstances...
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I just survived my first full blown tantrum from my 3 year old daughter..she went almost full linda blair,i see holy water in my near future
Dennis Dixon 3 to tie it. My head is spinning and I am vomiting pea soup like Linda Blair. GOOGLE IT
do u think Tony Blair will get involved & send in the troops?
Yes, she sounds like Linda Blair, all she needs is the green pea soup to go with it😂
Whoa. Summer sounds like Linda Blair when she was possessed in The Exorcist.
When you now have a backup camera but still insist on spinning your head around like Linda Blair in "The...
Giving the gym a miss because i'm feel a bit Linda Blair, the day is making my stomach feel like a spice girl before a live solo.
My items signed by Linda Blair from the exorcist!
I remember my first crush, it was on Linda Blair (Wonder Woman, not The Exorcist). It is the fist real memory I...
Come to Toronto and I will barbeque a steak that will make your head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
heheh - have a few beers, watch some grindhouse, SlapShot and Linda Blair in
Ready spin your head in excitement? icon, Linda Blair will be with us at http…
Today we are excited to be with Linda Blair at the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation
looks awesome. I guess Linda Blair will be there
teacher teacher ako si linda blair and the ghostsare everywhere I can feel it in the air 🎶
Linda Blair just made her appearance at San Jose super toy show. N...
I got a sick *** *** Night poster but I couldn't get Linda Blair to sign it because there was no way I was waiting in that *** line
The guests were pretty low rent: Linda Blair and that lady from Farscape. Oh well.
oh jesus. Here we go. Muting both of you while you Linda Blair your awesomeness.
It was nice to see Linda Blair of The Exorcist at the show.
I'm too shy to go to nearby places to meet celebrities idk why. Even Linda Blair. Which my friends have been pushing me about lol
Also got a chance to meet Linda Blair from Exorcist! 😈😈💀💀
So comic con is bringing Robert England and Linda Blair to detroit, just died over facetime.
Hello, I'm from Brazil and horror fan and made this art in honor of Linda Blair and The Exorcist! =D
Psycho green-faced Linda Blair laptop that stalks people I don't even want to know: You're being replaced!
S2EP7 with Linda Blair was awesome. Dean's comments at the end were perfect.
Watching Savage Streets with Linda Blair. "Stick your head between your legs and kiss your *** goodbye".
Congrats to Blair for stepping up from finalist to Winner, nicely done Blair. Congrats also to Linda and Mike...
Si ateng best actress in linda blair role
omg you could sound like Linda Blair in the exorcist lmao
Teacher teacher ako si Linda Blair, and the ghosts are everywhere, I can feel it in the air ♬♬
omg y'all are making over Half of the fandom's head spin around like Linda
Cute Video of with sweet Leica. SnapWidget | sounding like Linda Blair?
Linda Blair is in the Circus of Stars!
Gals please learn from my mistakes- "HD lip color" just means frosted. All I need now is a Live Love Laugh necklace and…
On the I day of Exorcist , Linda Blair’s delivery of her foul-mouthed dialogue so disturbed the gentlemanly Max Von Sydow forgot his lines.
The Ex-Horse Hissed. Max Von Sydow, a horse, is turned into a snake by Linda Blair. He doesn't like it, and deflates.
The Uxor's Heist. Max Von Sydow has his money stolen by his wife Linda Blair in Ancient Rome.
This is legendary make-up artist *** Smith (RIP) fitting Linda Blair's double, Eileen Dietz, with the vomiting apparatus.
HBD! Toasts to: Diane Lane, Sam Cooke, Linda Blair, Bill Bixby, Steve Perry, Michael Hutchence, and a special Pub shout to one of my favorite teachers: the undaunting Christine Nawara!! Drink up Shriners!! 🍻
Watching "Roller Boogie" and wondering if Jim Bray forewarded his chiropractor bill to Linda Blair.
Niagara Falls Comic Con next June will be possessed by Linda Blair, star of the iconic horror movie The Exorcist. http:/…
Proud of R's heads must be spinning like Linda Blair in Exorcist. Can't wait for Iran peace treaty. Their heads will explode.
The correct answer was the S Club sitcom with Linda Blair as the landlord anyway.
is a sorry little frat boy. Someone needs to slap him till his head spins like Linda Blair
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Every time I watch The Exorcist, it seems crazy that none of the talented actors won an Oscar. Linda Blair was royally cheated on this one.
Now mama won't let me have no fun. Sometimes I think she's Linda Blair. Sixteen years of pristine tears then Susie changed her ways
Heh, the first one was my mistake but RIchard bloody well knew most people think of Linda Blair! :P
V happy that Linda Blair is going to be at Monsterpalooza ! 💖
Omg, I am so envious! I love Linda Blair, and wish to meet her someday.
DiaboliqueMag DiaboliqueMag wow thanks for the follow! Love the throw back link to Linda Blair she's so hot!
The head’s up; the neck’s twisting like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. He's sweating like the pilot in Airplane and is given out
scarier still is when they throw up in their sleep and they look like Linda Blair when you wake them up for school the next day.
For a second, my laptop's screen went black except for the cursor and I expected to see Linda Blair's face
Here is another shot of the Manual Antonio three-toed sloth this time doing his Linda Blair imitation
directs Linda Blair in the horror mystery Summer Of Fear at 3.50pm.
Listen to 03 Linda Blair Ft. Big Momma by l s d x o x o on
Linda Blair with her animatronic double for The Exorcist …
PBNE's Enchanted Wonderland will host a Special Show on Dec 20th, it will be a benefit show for the "Linda Blair...
Hey, Thriving Caniners. Are you looking for a charity to donate to this holiday season? My friend, Linda Blair,...
Is it just me, or does he seem to have Linda Blair-itis? Having trouble with my vision today. Oh.. nice ash, Sham.
I'll be moderating a tribute to the late makeup genius *** Smith @ MONSTERPALOOZA Mar 28 5pm. I'll interview Linda Blair and Stephen Lack.
Throwback video remix track Funky Truckerz w/ scenes from Roller Boogie with Linda Blair
Remember when Linda Blair was crucifix raped by a demon, then broom raped by girls, probably Rick James raped, & then gets Rick Springfield?
Gotta say it was epic. Only super models and Linda Blair can vomit like I just did.
Linda Blair in firecracker mode for the glossy exploitation revenge thriller Review:
managed to see David Ramsey, Ben Browder, Linda Blair, and Tom Skerritt at Fan Fest
I swear his head spun more times than Linda Blair
Ewww, Stardust's green facepaint makes it look like he paid a visit to a possessed Linda Blair's bedside before heading to the ring.
.sounds like Linda Blair's character from The Exorcist.
We've moved from animal care to the financial crisis in the Linda Blair panel. Buckle up kids, this is a bumpy ride.
briefly when she does a Linda Blair impression while freeing Gandalf
I never got my Linda Blair photo op digital copy :(
Linda Blair is running a little late
Checking out the Linda Blair panel that should be starting in just a couple of minutes.
Photographing Tom Skerritt, Linda Blair, David Ramsey, and others were no big deal. Nothing beats these...
Last day 4 Today Linda Blair & Tom Skerritt. W/ every guest I'm thankful they were on or wondering y they aren't!
Its about linda blair. God bless hir
Linda Blair + Michael Jackson. Long long time ago, in a galaxy far away...
When I think of Linda Blair, my head turns all around
was checking out your pics. I can't believe you also met Linda Blair! That's awesome!
Would you watch this film, if it were made?. . CURSE OF THE BLACK WIDOW remake. starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Blair
The cat barfed like Linda Blair status. From the coffee table to the rug to the hardwood floor in one explosive go. Good morning!
Okay Linda Blair or Jamie Lee Curtis which one would you date?
Too many to list. Would you rather spend a day with Linda Blair or Jack Nicholson?
Caught a wiff of hairspray and went full Linda Blair Santana hung over lmao
Theirs, but only because Linda Blair's head is turned at a 450 degree angle.
You sound like that horrible lady in that Linda Blair movie!
I thought for a second that kid was going to do a Linda Blair and spin his head around.
It's not fun bad though, it's a snoozefest, Linda Blair looks nice in it, that's the only plus :
. I thought I had strapped it onto my back. (Backpack styler) ...I'm not Linda Blair! 😜
The darn thing hissed at me. I'm going to send it to Linda Blair.
my head spun around like Linda Blair when I read that.
when i meet Linda Blair should I ask her to sign a can of pea soup
remembering taking linda blair to see Mountain in New Jersey.
That looks like a crazed Linda Blair : )
"And baby your smile's forever in my mind and memory~ 🎶" linda blair
If I shake my head any harder it is going to spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. LMAO
Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest to make heads spin with Linda Blair
How freaky a sequel would the Exorcist series get if Amy Schumer played Linda 'Regan' Blair's daughter and SHE suddenly needed an exorcism?!
Set de fotos: sixpenceee: Because you just need this gifset of Linda Blair having her demonic contacts...
We're clearly going to have to design the Linda Blair emoticon ourselves!
you know Linda Blair in the movie, well thats what i talk like when i start, or when someone says God Bless!
All episodes of "Married" on tape except the one with Linda Blair. They wore that one out.
I like to use 💩 and 😱 occasionally. Still haven't found anything to rival :-/ though. And there's still no Linda Blair!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Linda Blair as Regan, before and after make-up effects for THE EXORCIST by the late Godfather of make-up *** Smith. http…
"smack it in the air" rhymes with "casting Linda Blair", which was very controversial when William Friedkin did it in The Exorcist. Irony?
Linda Blair meets Richard Burton in John Boorman's EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC released on this day in 1977.
AHS neds Robert Englund, Tim Cury, Linda Blair, Neve Campbell e Sissy Spacek. That would be shock the monster
The plot is James Earl Jones controls locusts or something and Richard Burton is drunk. Meanwhile, Linda Blair tap dances.
"One of my students told me I look like a pretty version of the possessed Linda Blair."
Yeah it was hard to choose, but Linda Blair wins every time.
Linda Blair - Super bad girl in "the Exorcist"... Hide the crucifix. This is the stuff of nightmares
Who doesn't want Linda Blair on their table??
The Exorcist and Linda Blair coming to Eagle Rock park tomorrow night!
“Probably my favorite gif doin a blackflip BJ I will call this the Linda Blair
Thought for sure you were gonna tell me to watch his boobs the whole time. Unlike Linda Blair's in *** Night, his shrink!
Seeing Linda Blair levitate and some things that happened to friends has been enough to keep me away from them
Speaking of alarming,this kid in the line is screaming like Linda Blair. Someone grab an exorcist!!!
He said he had a crush on Linda Blair as a teen and had a poster of her on his bedroom wall. Hilarious!
Reagan was also the name of Linda Blair's character in the exorcist
Witchery (1988) - David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair in an Italian horror movie. Yep - this is one to savor.
advised by AND supports return of head - he's the head spinning son of Linda Blair in
Maybe Linda Blair there can play linebacker.
One of my fav eps of supernatural I swear it's not just cause Linda Blair is in it 😉
Think Linda Blair. When she makes public appearances she brings cans of pea soup.
Book of the Day: from today's guest, Linda Blair, is Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish.
Saturday in Eagle Rock, I will be hosting a showing of The Exorcist. And I'll be interviewing Linda Blair! Live! Scary-Epic!
Either that or I was following Linda Blair
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