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Linda Blair

Linda Denise Blair (born January 22, 1959) is an American actress. Blair is best known for her role as the possessed child, Regan, in the film The Exorcist (1973), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes, winning one.

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why does linda blair in the Exorcist look more attractive
I'm gonna watch a Linda Blair movie so my mood should improve shortly.
If i start yelling screaming and acting like Linda Blair .Don,t worry ,It,s caffeine with drawls
Something tells me that we aren't going to get a Linda Blair performance outta this girl.
This little girl on "ER" is looking straight up like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist".
Yes, I realize she's probably not actually creepy in real life, but the character in the ad is creepier than Linda Blair's neck stretch.
Thanks to Linda Ruth Tosetti, granddaughter of Babe Ruth, for throwing out today's 1st pitch!
Linda Blair is so iconic. the beat. the lyrics. yAaas.
Watched Nixon resignation with my mom. She was angry; felt Nixon didn't fully own up for actions. She would be channeling Linda Blair today.
that's actually his butt. He's pulling a Linda Blair
Who is ready to heckle Bail Out starting David Hasslehoff and Linda Blair with some C list celebs? Me, thst is who. Aldo
was great!!! Plus I saw Linda Blair! (Idky I was to shy to say anything to her though…
Wow my iPhone is doing some serious Linda Blair things
It reminds me of the scene in "The Exorcist" when Linda Blair walks backwards down the stairs
Teacher, teacher ako si Linda Blair. I'm the monster everywhere I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in the air~~
Liberal heads are turning faster than Linda Blair Right now via
he is not interested. Sad but true, get the cash, buy someone new. His head has been turned, like Linda Blair in the exorcist.
"Rep Mo Brooks says Democrats have launched a 'war on whites.'" Head spinning around like Linda Blair's.
2 of the *** Prettiest Girls on EARTH..together..The boys heads are gonna spin like Linda Blair in the Xorsist☺💚
Blair: Don't act like I didn't fight for you. I did. Hard and for a long time. So, please, forgive me, if now that we're ove…
Eat your heart out demonically possessed Linda Blair!!!
yeah I saw that. It's was quite mind-bendingly back to front. Proper Linda Blair territory.
*** Smith obituary: "After undergoing his makeup regime, Linda Blair was no longer a cherubic 13-year-old..."
Director William Friedkin on the set of with Linda Blair, circa 1973.
Pay for space not fancy meals out. Good sense from Linda Blair about getting through family holidays in good spirits
Getting snappy on your family hols yet? Top tips for peaceful break from Linda Blair
Linda Blair holds on to school board seat. Lee and Adamson both unseated.
Hey all, Linda Blair asked if I could share this all with you...Linda, who heads up the Worldheart Foundation...
I still love Linda Blair in the great Savage Streets.
This lightning is like Linda Blair in the Exorcist
Z missed her Zoloft yesterday. Today she's glaring at me like Linda Blair.
awww choice. No Linda Blair nightmares for you, and bonus tamariki snuggles. Win-win!
I haven't seen this much spinning since Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
Wish they'd do from and from ...and Linda Blair from
I wonder what pictures Linda Blair would put on her dating profile. She's pretty well-rounded.
Thats so true...and cause my house str8 up haunted mansion! I'm outside getting my nails done until i can call linda blair.
Why introverts don't like parties, post from Linda Blair
.funny b/c instead of going full linda Blair I actually made 3 nice - ugh. Whatever. Anyways. Yeah I was the bully.Of course
Are you looking for a great dog rescue to donate to? My friend, Linda Blair, heads up The Linda Blair WorldHeart...
I can take on Mulgrew. 1 afternoon w/ my 5 yr old acting like Linda Blair Exorcist will do it.
when I was in Scrubs for Halloween ;) as Linda Blair looks particularly freakish!
Oops. Dropped a can of Diet Pepsi in the hallway at work. It spun like Linda Blair's head inThe Exorcist, spewing soda everywhere!
There is a reason I don't pick up babies, they react like Linda Blair in the exorcist out of both holes.
Did you ever see Linda Blair in 'The Exorcist' movie ??
Watching The Exorcist by myself feeling like Linda Blair's vomit
Around the 2:30 mark in Amadeus, Mozart starts looking like Linda Blair in the Exorcist except with a 9000 piece orchestra
Doing his best impression of Linda Blair in the Exorcist... (The head on the torso goes round and round!)
Nobody appreciates a good Linda Blair impression anymore.
Watching to Scariest Places in earth with Linda Blair
Your brand should articulate the promise.Be intertwined with your messaging. Don't be Linda Blair in the Exorcist.
Oh, just so we're clear, I'm watching the Red Heat with Arnold...not that...other one, with Linda Blair.
Robert Englund, Linda Blair & John Kassir are who I really hope to meet at comic con
Oh boy I'd give it a tie. They both looked good for there age. And they still do. Linda Blair or Jamie Lee?
Linda Blair on set of The Exorcist with her dummy double and make-up artist *** Smith.
More tickets available for Linda Blair and her event ' and Beyond '
Yoda is one of The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation adoptable dogs. If interested in adopting...
That's what really happened to Linda Blair. Gotta call an exorcist, stat.
Someone just asked me if I did ... Yes, side eye crossfit. Wanna see my Linda Blair?
Photoset: theexorcist: Make-up artist *** Smith assists Linda Blair in applying the demonic contact...
When I'm bouta nut, I turn into Linda Blair when she was on the Exorcist
Linda Blair..The Exorcist...shre would make me laugh x great voice that demon has x
the saw guy isn't that scary euther. Screw being locked up with Linda Blair
If your head was spinning around like Linda Blair's, I hope you'll be posting on Instagram...
Are you still hoping to meet Linda Blair sometime?
I think I'd go with Exorcist chic Linda Blair - and take a bath in holy water.
That conversation Nermal and I had on live chat; he wasn't himself at ALL! He was acting like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist"!
Myy mother was robbed at gunpoint in a dairy queen as a teenager. Weeks before she had seen the Exorcist with Linda Blair.
recently I made an instagram account, dedicated to blair and chuck! it'd mean so much if you followed it xx
If this is how the US game ends, I'm going to be throwing up like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
Blair has told multiply diff ppl theses things not realizing three friends w/Linda
I liked a video from Tanya Markova - LINDA BLAIR (Official Music Video)
Do a Linda Blair thing & cover your bedroom walls with them, :-)
I just checked in on IMDb. Fantastic slice of EuroSleaze in which Linda Blair won for Worst Actress at
Linda Blair is 1 of the 10 Celebrities Who Love and Advocate for Their Pit Bulls
In reality, Linda Blair had all kinds of fun on the money she earned for that movie, for years. TMZ would have loved her.
Girrrl, Linda Blair posted the BEST response to that uninformed and ignorant piece, you gotta check it out, it's excellent!
Update your maps at Navteq
Dear America: Sick of the Well, here in time: it's PUMAs of 2008. *hurling bigger chunks than Linda Blair in The Exorcist*
Linda Blair And 4 college kids who stayed in a creepy mansion overnight as part of a fraternity pledge. While...
I have Linda Blair humidity hair and I smell like a giant stick of deodorant happy summer ☀️
The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation wants you to be aware of pet related recalls.
You asked for it, and now it can be yours! NIGHT PATROL (1984)
I transform into Linda Blair in The Exorcist when I don't have coffee in the morning, like my head does a 360 and everything.
. Once you get that car, I think you'll dig cruising around to the dopeness:. Peace
Move over Linda Blair.this is all kinds of wrong..poor babe .
great to see linda Blair working again.
Me gustó un video de Linda Blair ~ Halloween Weekend 2010 at Hollywood Palms and Hollywood Blvd. in
Me gustó un video de Midweek | Linda Blair promoting The Exorcist in London
Meet Buddy, he is The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundations latest rescue. Buddy was hit by a car on...
Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Blair, Sigourney Weaver, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Neve Campbell. They're fearless and entertaining😱
Fanboy Expo is excited to announce that Linda Blair will be joining us in both Tampa Sept 12,13,14 and Knoxville...
Linda Blair TBT talking with about The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation in July 2008
I accidentally sent the vomiting GIF of Linda Blair to a Japanese dude. I had a mini heart attack in the process.
I don't want 2 study anymore MAKE IT STOP (screams like Linda Blair)
Wow, 5 years. . Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo, Linda Blair.
Wonder if ISIS guys are Linda Blair fans | Iraq's 'Exorcist' temple falls into Isis jihadist hands (h/t
I'm so glad God called me to be a mother of boys. I'm pretty sure Linda Blair is in the 8th grade girls bathroom.
Linda Blair and Tobias At my studio today getting their shelter photos done
I really hope that Linda Blair gets royalties for every episode of Penny Dreadful. Decent show but yeah, kinda The Exorcist performance.
Spot on Linda Blair, very well articulated and you told her to have a SEAT! Well Done!
Linda Blair should have won an Oscar for Repossessed.
Anyone ever tell you that you look kinda like a young blonde Linda Blair circa "Exorcist II"? :)
If her head starts spinning like Linda Blair's, I'll officially be freaked out. lol
GASP!!! Head spinning like Linda Blair's. Are you sure it wasn't Photoshopped?
All I know is when I watch "Nightline," I often picture Ted Koppel's head spinning around like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist."
WHAT. (Linda Blair voice) What date and what venues? Is it possible to clone ourselves before then?! Way to instill panic.
Is it ironic that Linda Blair appears in an episode of
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The Usual Suspects--Love this one..I follow Linda Blair and her animal rescue on FB... Karen ...
I watched The Exorcist that way. Felt my hair stand on end when Linda Blair's head rotated. It was great!
That jumpscare that appears with Linda Blair's Exorcists picture at the end of video or flash games is overused. Should use pic of Kim K.
Fewer words, more deeds, Eva Greene playing Linda Blair for an hour tops previous 6 eps of gilded age schlock.
Buddy is The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation's latest rescue. He was found by a volunteer after...
I see my girlfriend Linda Blair's head spinning around with un seen evil coming out of her mouth. OMG John you were right
Jazz is one of many adoptable dogs available through The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation - if you are...
those moves put Linda Blair to shame
Linda Blair is in an episode of supernatural and a weird 'comedy' version of the Blair Witch Project?! Ya learn something new every day.
Going to in July? Get a CHAINED HEAT poster signed by Linda Blair, Sybil Danning & Stella Stevens!
Hm. WITCHERY stars Linda Blair and David Hasselhoff, and concerns an old haunted/possessed hotel. Okay. I'm in.
TERROR CON in Providence, RI this weekend! Linda Blair, Michael Biehn + other peeps will be there. Info:
CHILD ACTORS/ROLES 1. Sean Nelson - Fresh This might be the greatest child performance ever laid down on film. This movie is crazy underrated. 2. Bobb'e J. Thompson - Role Models The guys from the State made this. It's also pretty underrated. This kid kills it. He outshines the always funny Paul Rudd. 3. Danny Lloyd - the Shining REDRUM. This kid still scares the crap out of me. 4. Patrick Renna - the Sandlot Fat loudmouth. I can relate. Great timing, great role. I actually Wikipedia'd him and the movie because I thought he might be a bit old. He was 16 when this came out. I'm counting it. 5. Natalie Portman - the Professional She holds her own against Jean Reno and a particularly over the top Gary Oldman. 6. Linda Blair - the Exorcist C'mon. So horrifying. I don't know what else to say about her role in this. Gave me nightmares for eternity. 7. River Phoenix - Stand By Me I could really put every kid from this movie on the list, but I feel a child actor list would be incomplete without Phoenix. Great ens ...
never mind him Eva Greene in Penny Dreadful making Linda Blair look like a choir girl in the posession stakes!
Dave Matthews at his best when freak-dancing, acting like Linda Blair in 'The ... - Dallas Morning News
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This is Linda Blair in the film The Exorcist (1973).
This looks awesome!!! I have to meet Linda Blair, Cherie Currie, and
It's perhaps the finest film in which Linda Blair tries to save a roller rink through the power of roller disco. http:/…
I'm getting over the three-day weekend at Dallas Frightmare. Great bunch of people at Post Mortem Press, truly. I tasted a whiskey that could kill you called Malort. Oh my. I also tasted Writer's Tears, an imported Irish whiskey that was like liquid gold. I saw monsters in costumes, met a woman dressed like a clown who was the sweetest thing ever, kept passing Linda Blair and Robert Patrick (The Terminator), saw some of my FB friends, spent much time in the courtyard of the Holiday Inn Express with the jets flying over just feet overhead, and discovered the hotel's cinnamon buns at breakfast that were to die for. I also saw a woman at the trash can in the ladies room who was so disgusting we all nearly ran as if from a plague. The shuttle ran us back and forth to the DFW Hyatt Regency. My girls were happy and relaxed. We ordered food to our room, made a big mess in the room, and generally were on the go most of the time. I think I used up energy I didn't even know I had. It was marvelous, marvelous, darli ...
Did not get to meet Linda Blair ,Ace Frehley ,James Hampton or John Kassir at Texas Frightmare Weekend. I can live with that.
My wife and I met Linda Blair this weekend at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas. After we waited in her line all day, and after paying her $50 for an autograph and a photo, and donating another $10 to her charity for animals, LINDA BLAIR WAS EXTREMELY RUDE TO US! I boaught a convention exclusive poster and requested that she sign it upside down because the image (Regan lying down) works both ways and I prefered it that way. She flipped it right side up and then she asked if we wanted it personalized. We politely said no and then I asked her if I could get it signed upside down because I liked the way it looked. She got very upset and snapped at us. She said "I dont have time for this"! I appologized but she said nothing. I started to take a picture of her signing the item and again she snapped "NO YOU CANT TAKE MY PICTURE SIGNING"! We had no way of knowing this as there were no signs posted and her handler/manager did not inform us of this, and every one of the hundred other guests were more than willing ...
Literally every time I start to fall asleep, I get sick again... I'm pretty sure at this point I could give Linda Blair a run for her money.
Met the most wonderful and beautiful Linda Blair today! She is so beautiful and flawless!!!
I love my BESTIE sooo much :-) She took such good care of me when I was so sick and Linda Blair' d all over her!! And I will never leave myself logged into my account a again on HER PHONE. LMAO :-P
...Alan Arkin has to rank with the Anthony Perkins in Psycho, the Alien Monster, Nicholson in the Shining and of course Linda Blair from..
Sadly I have misplaced two autographed photos personalized to me. One is for Linda Blair, and other for Scott Wilson. I lost them somewhere at the Hyatt. If anyone has come across them please let me know! :,(
and to Elise. You give Linda Blair a run for the money!
way to go WWE... that kid's prolly gonna end up like the kid from Poltergist or Linda Blair.
back bend spider walk is the creepiest thing. Blows Linda Blair out of creepiest movement spot hands down.
Bray Wyatt imitates Linda Blair in The Exorcist and also Deniro in Cape Fear, does WWE have to pay royalties?
you can stopped being shocked by the Linda Blair walk now
Linda Blair form the exorist or some witch burning at the stake like from Salem
Shout out to our Miracle Mom Linda Blair for throwing an amazing 5k race today! The rain definitely didn't stop her, as she raised over $20,000 in support of Cancer Survivorship! Thank you so much for inviting us and having us out there. It was a blast! Thanks for all that you do! Additional thanks to one of our own BHK founders and now Alumni Keely Bertak for all of her work, effort and collaboration with Linda to host such a successful event!
Elisa's been gone 7 weeks but last 2 days have been the worst. Casey got his finger broken in a game and Carter just went Linda Blair on me
That Rockies dinosaur just went all Linda Blair on us a minute ago.
Cool, thanks Linda Blair, I didnt know this..
Wow, how did you swivel your head backwards like that? Are you and Linda Blair related? No longer Dr. J's Nets.
Ok nothing like being woke up by an earthquake and alarms going off in your building and on the street! Bed was shacking reminded me of the movie where Linda Blair's bed shock! Fun times! NOT!
First thing. A big shout out to my mom Marlene Gardner and my cousin Terri Fischer Goodjohn for cheering us on at mile 21. What a Big boost to help us through the last 5 miles. We truly needed it because it was at 22 1/2 when we crashed and burn. Natalie Cohen had given it her all and then some. She did her best Linda Blair impression and we finished the race. Funny! Up until that point, we were both feeling strong. We are going to just call it a great training run for our 50k in 2 weeks. Our OC time was 5:23.
Goal for today. Meet Paige again and talk about the L word. And meet Linda Blair, and to flirt with beautiful artist named Jessica
wait... the main heroine in the exorsist is called Linda Blair and... WASN'T SHE THAT AWESOME LADY COP IN SUPERNATURAL?
what are your favourite exploitation films based on true events? Mine perhaps don't count, technically they are TVmovies, but they are exploitative and got theatrical releases here. Raid at Entebbe from 1976 with Charles Bronson, Peter Finch and Yaphet Kotto as Idi Amin, and then Victory at ENtebbe with a fantastic cast for a telemovie, Kirk Douglas AND Burt Lancaster, Liz Taylor, Tony Hopkins as a more-Welsh-than-Israeli Yitzhak Rabin, Linda Blair, and telemovie regular Helen Hayes and Julius Harris as Idi Amin, Edward King's favourite dictator, doing her AIrport routine. I like these, because they both use California to double for Israel/Greece/Uganda.
Here's Linda Blair's actual performance as recorded on set, followed by the same scenes dubbed by the great Mercedes McCambridge in the released film.
You're sure to fall in love with sweet Linda Blair. Visit her profile to learn about her!
Álbum de fotos: sixpenceee: Because you just need this gifset of Linda Blair having her demonic contacts...
. They can turn their heads like Linda Blair as well. Lol.
Would someone tell me why "liking" a post PROVES that i love God, or that i love my mom and my dad,or that nothing bad will happen to me? Would someone tell me why that "ignoring" a post PROVES that i'll go to *** or that i don't care about my family? I've ignored dozens of these and i'm still breathing and i haven't seen linda blair in my window. Just stop posting stuff like these just stop-.-
I have a newborn strapped to my stomach n a toddler strapped to my leg trying to prepare for a party I think my head is about to spin I'm about to go Linda Blair! Sn: atleast I got the cake for free
BLESS YOU! did u see Linda Blair's initiative on animals? Bless her too!
Is she pulling a Linda Blair in this pic?
Paul Goddard and Linda Blair, an unusual photo to say the least.
Another great day in Dallas. Signings done with Excorcist legend Linda Blair and Halloween alum Nancy Loomis. Thanks to both ladies for such a good time. Linda was in an especially funny mood. More hopefully to come. :-)
I feel bad for Linda Blair (little girl from the exorcist) They put here in the wrong spot share the table with Chandler Riggs (Carl from walking dead) young fan and new fans of the show line up getting autographed by him and allow take pic with him (for a price of course) Fans who didn't bring friend with them to take picture ask help with "Texas frightmare volunteer" to help hold the cell phone cameras to take with "Carl" . :o) it was soo crazy that out of volunteers so guess who help fan take picture? LINDA! LMAO poor girl she didn't have no LINE no one to ask for Autograph she decided to help out the Walking Dead Fans. Lmao poor girl! I can ever hear the fan ask her too (hi Linda, can you do be favor can you hold my phone to take pic for me?) lol
New SoundCloud fave. Check out: Young Linda Blair by SΔIN'† on
Texas frightmare festival is this weekend.. I missed Linda Blair .
Rita's & Tacos. Had a great day with my Momma, Linda Blair Breeden bought myself lots of new. Clothes and Lovie a...
. ok still can´t sleep .. so lets check Linda Blair in Stranger in Our House ... I love her and love Wes Craven.. so I guess Its gonna be a freaky time :)
Went to take a picure of linda blair while she was at her booth and was told i couldn't . That she doesn't like people to do that with out paying. Keep in mind i wasn't in line or blocking her line i was just going to take a shot as i was walking by. Once i was told i replyed well then i'll just kick her *** to the curb. Very disapoonted in her
is playing like Linda Blair right now.
Question of the day Which "celebrity or well known person" do you feel really support animals and animal rescue? I think Katherine Heigl and Linda Blair are true animal lovers!
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Girl carrying around a doll by the hair and the doll's head is on backwards... Calling Linda Blair!
Met Linda Blair today... she's so tiny!
hi Jana..we are at Linda Blair photo op then.going.up to our room 1273..then.dinner at 7.15 in the me text me
NOW THIS IS ASHAME.Notice the first picture... this is Cindy's hair, no it didn't get in the way of the camera, I had to sneak a picture of Linda Blair, I am behind Cindy with the lens on my camera hidden in her hair so her security guard wouldn't catch me taken a photo of her. I refuse to pay $30 for a picture with my own camera.What the *** has this women done since The Exorcist 1 (1973), The Exorcist 2 (1977) $30 my *** ..
Highlight of the day! Ghost and Linda Blair in front of my table.
excorist on you then and guess what MR STALKER? YOUR LINDA BLAIR. And me well sexy posses me then. I DARE YA.
AMAZING BIRD FACT: Snowy owls can almost turn their heads in a complete circle. (I think I once saw Linda Blair do that.)
Linda Blair and Dee Snider are looking great these days but... like, isn't her head facing the wrong way?
Day 2 at Heading down stairs to get into Linda Blair's line, since I was basically "kicked out" of the place in line I was at last night. :( when it was only 8:30pm and she still had about another 2hrs of "autograph" time and there were ONLY 15-20 people ahead of me?!! :/
Yeah suffice to say that's not how *I* look with a mimosa in the morning, More like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
My head is spinning like Linda Blair in The Exorcist now! I HATE Maths...
hi Amy big fan u look like a young Linda Blair
First day at frightmare... Amazing!!! I walked passed Scott Wilson, Linda Hamilton, the dude from Blair which projects, and Barbie Wilde!
Wow, DeJuan just had the best possession by a Blair since Linda in The Exorcist.
30 seconds into Savage Island Linda Blair kills you and the academy robbed you of a nomination that year.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Blair and Linda love their new CR-V they bought from Tom Tavelli! Thank you for choosing Auburn Honda!...
I want a woman with a mouth like Linda Blair ' s when she was possessed by the devil in the Exorcist. Am I asking for too much?
Linda Blair will be at Texas Frightmare Weekend-- you can meet her & support The Linda Blair...
creepy crawlies everywhere!!! OTT LINDA BLAIR REACTION EVERYWHERE!!! people are dying...
okay another 20 minutes of my life to waste. At least Linda Blair is looking hot...
I honestly need Linda Blair to revisit this role... with a shotgun... and Tukataka...
Crazy Friday at work.I feel like Linda Blair.
Flashback Friday: My one line in the 1988 made in Miami movie 'Moving Target' with Ernest Borgnine and Linda Blair
Oh frustration. Calling customer service for any company makes me instantly channel my inner Linda Blair. Without the pea soup of course.
My 1 line in the 1988 unintentional comedy 'Moving Target' with Ernest Borgnine & Linda Blair, shot in Miami
We are so happy to say that the little white deaf puppy that Linda Blair mentioned on the news has been returned...
If you missed Linda Blair on RuPaul's Drag Race last night don't worry -- you can watch it here!
Linda Blair as judge on RuPauls Drag Race! yr (drag) mother sews frocks in ***
What To Watch This Week on TV: 'Real Housewives' Returns To NY - VIDEO out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking. — Hold on to your lace-fronts, because tonight's RuPaul's Drag Race promises to be hair-raising. Guest judges Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and Linda Blair (The Exorcist, duh) are guest judges on the third episode of season six, titled "Scream Queens," tonight at 9 p.m. on Logo. More picks and clips, including TV's funniest family and some young love on Modern Family, AFTER THE JUMP ... — Uncork the pinot (or, if you're classy like us, open the box), and get ready for the long overdue return of The Real Housewives of New York City. Follow along with all of Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan's antics and just try not to want Carol Radziwill to be your new bestie. (She gives Lisa Vanderpump a run for her most likable-Housewife money.) Model Kristen Taekman joins the cast this season, kicking ...
Trivia question: What role does Linda Blair, who starred as Regan in The Exorcist, play in Scream?
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Linda bear. Linda Blair is demonic many Lee is the real scream queen get or facts right u should no better
Poll on my site Best Scream Queen. Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Linda Blair, or Sherri Moon Zombie. Vote at
Goldie Hawn's voice just deepened to Linda Blair levels while she described 12 YEARS A SLAVE.
Could be Lionel Blair. Or even Linda Blair but the priests exorcised Linda so she should be ok.
Scream: The first reporter to approach Sidney when she arrives at school is Linda Blair from The Exorcist.
What is the name of the William Peter Blatty character portrayed on screen by Linda Blair who gets possessed by the demon Pazuzu (even though Pazuzu claims, "And I'm THE DEVIL!")?
If you are in the Tampa Bay area March 8, 2014 you can meet Linda Blair at the Tampa Bay Pet Expo. Pets are...
Linda Blair sits in the make-up chair as *** Smith turns her into the grotesque creature we see in "The Exorcist"
I can't wait to go!!! George Romero, Linda Blair, Linda Hamilton, Tom Savini, Dee Snider, Robert Patrick, and everyone else! You couldn't have a better group and I am so excited! :) MAY HURRY UP AND GET HERE!
How did I not know about this Chris Eckels & Jason Snellgrove?. Bill Moseey, Sid Haig, Linda Blair, Jason Mewes,...
So, I'll tell you my inspirational people: Neve Campbell, Sarah Bolger, Hayley Mills, Sandra Bullock, Emma Roberts, and Linda Blair.
Who will we be seeing this season as weekly GUEST JUDGES? Khloe Kardashian (who will guest-judge not once, but TWICE this season), Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Lambert, Game of Thrones' Lena Headey, Exorcist star Linda Blair, actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, comedian Heather McDonald, rappers Eve and Trina, Leah Remini, Jaime Pressly, Paula Abdul, David Burtka and designer Bob Mackie. Guest appearances are also expected from Community's Gillian Jacobs, Broadway legend Lainey Kazan, comedian Bruce Vilanch & Chaz Bono.
I have previous plans to meet Steven Pearcy, Dee Snyder and Linda Blair. Drink one for me
Sooo I'm seeing from this Twiztid thing that if I were to fly to Atlanta for this horror convention, I would at some point meet; Linda Blair, Twiggy Ramirez, Sid Haig and Bill Moseley?? And also, Jason Mewes and slutty *** Tara Reid?? *** I need in on this, bad.
An old friend and band mate of mine and Bruce's analogy of the Grammys. Spot on brother! Beyoncé strips for her husband...and everyone else! Taylor Swift channels Linda Blair! Robots! Macklemore and GLAAD return serve to Duck Dynasty and lameness ensues! Anthrax wins a Grammy for an AC/DC song! Trent Reznor gets cut off and doesn't mind telling how he feels about it! 17-year-old Lorde looks 47! Ozzy forgets his name...again! Madonna arrives to thunderous irrelevance! Metallica pays tribute to the massively overrated Lou Reed with THE worst rendition of "One" ever played (bonus points for Lars Ulrich's Hair Club for Men "before" look and punking out on the double bass)! Merle Haggard lives! Paul freaking Williams! And lastly, a smiling Carole King, secure in the knowledge that her 1971 album Tapestry is still better than the combined efforts of just about everyone that appeared on the show! Unlike · · Share · Yesterday at 9:14am ·
Yesterday was a super awesome day ! Went to Wizard World Portland Comic Con with Jackson, Zachary and Krista. We got to meet bunch of awesome comic book artists&creators, saw a lot of cool artsy stuff, got to meet Jon Bernthal, Peter Mayhew, Michael Rooker, Billy Dee Williams and Sara Underwood , also saw William Shatner, Norman Reedus, Summer Glau, Linda Blair, Burt Ward and Adam West ! Also there were some cool props like the Delorian from Back To the Future, the Chevy from Supernatural and the Camaro from 2 Fast 2 Furious Movie, oh and a few R2-D2's ! Also bought an awesome Classic Star Wars poster. And then finished the day by going over to Lizzy's house and then we went to the movies :) Really really good day ! :)
Day 1 down - had a great PTI performance, was able to see my son Gabe Gleason that performed later and the on to the ComicCon where we met up with Larry Overman & Stacie Overman, ran into lots of friends, pseudo family and colleagues including Jason Turner from college that I hadn't seen since 1991 or so. Plus got to see some favorite TV / Movie stars including Adam West, Elvira, Mike Rooker, Norman Reedus, Linda Blair, Stan Lee, William Shatner, Ron Perlman, Robert Englund, Bruce Campbell, Billy Dee Williams and Burt Ward. Now off to KidsFest again for day 2 of PTI performances at the Expo Center Hall D - on the Radio Disney Stage from 1 to 2 pm.
Born Jan 23 Doutzen Kroes 29, Tito Ortiz 39, Tiffani Amber Thiessen 40, Mariska Hargitay 50, Chesley Sully Sullenberger 63, Frances Bay. On this day 1974 - Mike Oldfield’s "Tubular Bells" opened the credits of the movie, "The Exorcist", based on the book by William Peter Blatty. The song received a gold record this day. Mr. Oldfield was a bit surprised when he cracked open the wooden frame and removed the gold-plated disk. When he put it on his stereo, the record went around the OTHER way all by itself and the only sound he heard was that of Linda Blair throwing up pea soup. Yech! We heard that the flip side was "Sympathy for the Devil", by the Rolling Stones, but we’re not sure. We were too scared to find out. 1975 - "Barney Miller" made his debut on ABC-TV. We saw life in the 12th Precinct as Hal Linden starred as Barney and Abe Vagoda played Fish. The talented cast made the show a hit for eight seasons. There are 170 episodes in the series; making it one of television’s most durable comedies.
Journey original front man Steve Perry is 65 today. Guy Fieri of the Food Network is 46 and actress Linda Blair of The Exorcist is 55 today. Happy Birthday from
January 22 Birthdays. Diane Lane turns 49 . John Hurt turns 74 . Linda Blair turns 55. Dj Jazzy Jeff turns 49. Gabriel MacHt turns…
Happy Wednesday ... another cold one, and more snow on the way, but not too much. Poor folks in NYC, Philly, D.C., Boston .. they got hammered. It's January 22nd, let's see what happened back then .. 1889, the Columbia Phonograph Co. was formed .. 1947, KTLA, Channel 5 in Hollywood, became the 1st TV station west of the Mississippi .. 1959, the Air Force concluded that less than 1% of UFOs were of unknown origin (lol) .. 1968, Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In" debuts .. 1969, Billy Preston unofficially became the "fifth Beatle" .. also in 1959, Buddy Holly had his last recording sessions. Born January 22nd were Sam Cooke in '31 .. Bill Bixby in '34 .. Addie "Mickey" Harris of the Shirelles in '40 .. Steve Perry of Journey in '49 .. Teddy Gentry of Alabama in '52 .. and spooky Linda Blair in '59. Folks we lost today were Tommy Tucker in '87 .. Tiger great Charlie Gehringer in '93 .. Telly Savalas in '94 and Ron Holden in '97. MSU wins .. tonight Iowa faces Michigan, Pistons in Milwaukee and the Blackhawks ...
Happy Birthday today to Diane Lane, John Hurt, Jim Jarmusch, Linda Blair, Christopher Masterson, Olivia d'Abo, Seymour Cassel, and the late Bill Bixby.
The big big news! We have been invited to have a booth and speak at Cleveland's Pop Expo in May! Also there will be Linda Blair and Ernie Hudson! Check the convention out at
Linda is an absolute crack pot she needs to give Jim a rest!
yours or others, the stuff one reads make me like Linda Blair
I loved the Linda Blair impression with the dash of Carrie's mother in the Sissy Spacek original.
Shocking way to make a preview for a movie. Shades of Linda Blair and the Exorcist:
. You appear to look like Linda Blair from The Exorcist.
Do advertisers have a right to scare us? goes all Linda Blair at Devil Baby Attack prankvertising stunt
pleasedo a skit as Linda Blair in the exorcist .you would be awesome .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Keep you posted. I may go full Linda Blair.
With the great Linda Blair (The Exorcist, Savage Streets) at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood after we won the...
The official video for your new favorite song, ft. Linda Blair as Satan. Seriously, what more could you desire?
Linda Blair has always been my greatest fear, but I like that she's vegan. Exorcist-free!!!
yeah, but with a hint of Linda Blair
After 4 hours in the ER and seeing someone reenact Linda Blair I am so done for the night so pizza and liquor it is!
Shockfest Film Festival friends! Has any of you taken a good photo of me with Linda Blair ? I really want to send...
Don't think about it, just pick one:. Linda Blair or Linda Hunt?
Linda Blair stayed cute through her time. :~D
on a scale of 1 to Linda Blair in the Exorcist, how much more vomit?
No, but Linda Blair came over for coffee.
Thrilled to have spread the joy of Linda Blair in a haunted house!
Linda Blair wasn't that big but man she was feisty on the PK. Get her instead of Komarov.
That's ok, lady at Walgreens who muttered in your best Linda Blair voice, "Stay away from me." I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.
We are half way through January and we have a ways to go to reach our goal of donating $300.00 to The Linda Blair...
Move over Linda Blair. New kid in town. OOooya!
Christ Cummings reviews classic 80's exploitation film Savage Streets, Linda Blair is all grown up and out to...
Are you talking about the one with Linda Blair? As in the super old the Exorcist?
Thanks to the good Reverend for the shiny Cup! or Linda Blair will show up at your house and eat your face.
I first watched it when I was 17! My mother watched Linda Blair in The Exorcist when SHE was 17. Must run in the fam. lol.
This pea soup is worthy of getting Linda Blair to do the weather this morning!
Watch 's acceptance speech that she filmed! It has Linda Blair and it's awesome! Go!
Linda Blair getting make up on the set of The Exorcist 1973
I love that you met Linda Blair! I noticed her right away! I didn't have to be told either lol That part is funny!
Linda Blair is a really good actress. I heard she's rude though and charges a lot for autographs and pictures
.. I'm better, my head has now stopped spinning like Linda Blair ha
Seasick Sailor will screen at 8th Annual Shockfest in Hollywood on Saturday, 1/11. Hosted by the terrifying Linda Blair.…
I'm assisting Roy next month at Days of the Dead ATL. Linda Blair will be there.
Suddenly having flashbacks to The Exorcist movie & possessed Linda Blair with her crucifix. LOL! Great film!
All jokes aside, I gatta go possess a young Linda Blair. see ya on the flip side. OK. now I'm defiantly going to ***
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Lionel Blair you lie like a rug!! You voted LIz as boring housemate not Linda!!
oh purlease, I'm not falling for that one. Next thing I know, that Linda Blair picture will be screaming at me
Did you see the look on Cher's face when George Noory splashed Linda Blair and Rory Emerald with holy water?
"My autograph from the 1 and only. LINDA BLAIR! Lets see yours! Oh god this is true. Lucky you.
I once had an affair with Linda Blair. She was a real head turner.
Linda Blair? I wonder if her head will spin around? That's a good line up! Fabulous!
Linda Blair is going to be a guest judge on Drag Race??? 👌
So excited by the guest judges on season 6 of Neil Patrick Harris, Paula Abdul, Lena Headey, Linda Blair, Jaime Pressly.
The wonderful Linda Smith summed him up best... "I had no expectations of Tony Blair at all - and even I'm disappointed."
Thank you LINDA BLAIR and VINCENT WARD for being our 2014 Shockfest Film Festival CELEBRITY HOST and AWARD PRESENTER. Guil Claveria and I are very grateful for sharing our passion in celebrating excellence in independent filmmaking for the last 8 years.
Macey on her Linda Blair tonight. Twisting necks, levitating...whoo chile.
Holy crap, I thought possessed Jenny was super creepy, but Macey is hitting Linda Blair levels of scary.
All this Linda Blair-esque possession is freaking me out! It would make her proud.
Oh, man, it really is. It looks like the washing machine is vomiting up pea soup, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
My youngest just puked enough to rival Linda Blair, third time today but no fever, just sleeping like a rock. Anybody else have or heard of the same with their wee one?!?! God forbid.
'The Exorcist' It's impossible to put together a Top 10 Horror Movies list without placing The Exorcist at or near the top. Linda Blair stars as the young daughter of an actress (played by Ellen Burstyn) whose imaginary friend turns out to be the Devil. With scenes that even in this age of CGI technology produce screams and shivers from viewers, The Exorcist is a thoroughly frightening look at demonic possession. 2. 'Rosemary's Baby' Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and her husband, Guy (John Cassavetes), move into an apartment building with wonderful, caring neighbors - or at least that's what Rosemary believes. When she becomes pregnant the atmosphere in the apartment building changes and the question becomes, "Just who or what fathered the baby?" 3. 'The Omen' Richard Donner directed this chilling horror film that features a stellar cast led by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick. The Omen places the son of the Devil into the happy home of a prominent, influential, political family. Mayhem occurs as the child grows up an ...
Just finish our late breakie! A special one, coz Linda Blair helped me make the pancake and it taste really good! Happy Sunday everyone!
Ok 70's folks who remembers Roller Boogie with Linda Blair watching it on YouTube those were good times :)
10. "The Exorcist" centered around a girl, played by Linda Blair, who became mysteriously afflicted with something that changed her from her regular self. She began to act strangely, doing such things as swearing and vomiting for no apparent reason. What was the cause of her mysterious behavior? Flu virus Demonic posession Troubled family life Lack of sleep
.I was considering Ellen Burstyn, not Linda Blair, as the female lead of The Exorcist.
When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Linda Blair-Worldheart Foundation. Support us every time you shop.
Hey all im back head done a linda Blair exorcism ... Full 360... Almost lost my self.. But all good now living to the max!!! Cant wait to get back to work.. Keep my mind clear.
MOTHER Teresa I can be.but mess with me. linda Blair can come out lol
Famous people, yeah I know famous people. I can tell you stories about LINDA BLAIR. Me and Lisa were on the phone with Helen Darras a friend to Linda Blair. We needed to call Linda about a rescue from Folcroft, Pennsylvania. Well Linda remembered me, WCTV1 PRODUCERS supported her in the past directly. She was at a convention with Helen. Helen contact us on her Cell Phone. Linda over heard our conversation. Linda asked "Helen is that John from WCTV1?" She remembered me. Lisa said to Helen about the rescue. Linda over heard. WENT OVER BOARD and jumped for Helen's Cell Phone# she said "Were Were a Rescue" We never heard Linda excited in all her life. Good time with Helen and Linda.
Two more weeks until Portland Comic Con, 2014! We'll be at the Oregon Convention Center on January 24-25-26 with a lot of other fine folks, such as William Shatner, Bruce Campbell, Norman Reedus, Billy Dee Williams, Ron Perlman, Robert Englund, Stan Lee, Michael Rooker, Adam West, Burt Ward, Linda Blair ... oh, and Elvira! Come on out and see us there, for a really terrific time!
"The Exorcist has been a very interesting cross to bear." -Linda Blair mANY oF oDD nATURE performs Shock Fest Film Festival awards ceremony and after party! Hosted by Linda Blair!!
Wishing I hadn't read this sentence: "Speaking of Linda Blair, when Springfield and Blair were dating, Blair was just 15 years old while Springfield was 25."
Linda Blair tests one of many early make-up designs by *** Smith. A similar look was originally approved and shot, but upon review of the dailies director William Friedkin decided to scrap the...
behind the scenes making a head cast of Linda Blair for the head rotating scene in the EXORCIST (1973)
This weekend, Chad and I got to hang out with Linda Blair and the crew who manage her dog rescue organization. Ya, that was cool!
My own Linda Blair. Should I call in an Exorcist?
Do you know what is the 30th anniversary on October the 5th: Savage Streets, Linda Blair & Linnea Quigley appeared in it. and the 50th Anniversary is on 2034. Everyone i propose we must have savage streets to be on blu-ray. comment it below and click like of anyone accept it and know savage streets movie, vote for it, are you in?
Watching Celebrity Ghost Stories w/Linda Blair of The Excorcist & Carlos Mencia!! Jon & I were eating at Denny's earlier & there was a priest sitting across from us, he reminde me of the excorcist!!
is going to dinner with my husband and Linda Blair. Wish us luck. and lots of sage:)
If you want to see Attack of the Killer Bees at the Shockfest Film Festival then get your tickets this weekend. Also, Linda Blair will be hosting the awards ceremony and proceeds will be going to The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. This happens next weekend Jan 10-11, 2014. The 25% discount on tickets and All-Access Passes with code: AWARDS, but just for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday only). If you or your fans, friends, and family don’t already have tickets to your screening, you know what to do. Go to: 1. 2. In the discount code box, enter code: AWARDS Hurry! This code ends at midnight, Sunday, January 5 at 11:59pm PST.
Cleveland! have you told your friends about the Cleveland Pop Culture Expo? Special guests include James Marsters from Buffy, Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, Linda Blair, Linnea Quigley and more! PLUS - Pop Culture Trivia Contest, Cosplay Championship with guest judge Meg Turney and our Ultimate Riff-Off Movie Challenge! Take a minute and SHARE -
Film Fact Friday: The Exorcist (1973): Linda Blair received her Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination before it was widely known that previous Supporting Actress winner Mercedes McCambridge had actually provided the voice of the demon. By Academy rules once Blair was given the nomination it could not be withdrawn, but the controversy about Blair being given credit for another actress' work ruined her chances of winning the award.
Hosted by the less possessed Linda Blair, Many of Odd Nature perform the Shock Fest Film Festival ( awards ceremony & after party ^v^ xC.H
If you are in the Los Angeles area Jan. 11, 2014 you can go to the Shock Film Fest & meet Linda Blair Her appearance will benefit The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation!!
Back to work and no little partner Linda Blair enjoy your lie in xx
Hosted by THE EXORCIST's LINDA BLAIR, come out come out wherever you are!! ^v^
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