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Lincoln Tunnel

The Lincoln Tunnel is a long tunnel under the Hudson River, connecting Weehawken, New Jersey and the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

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I wish the Lincoln tunnel had a geotag so you would all know the exact point at which I was crying
I swear, there's more traffic in the Lincoln tunnel when the sun is out than when it rains.
The Lincoln Tunnel to NY is experiencing a delay of 60 minutes due to the general volume of traffic. [06]
Just stuck on the highway there's an accident in the Lincoln Tunnel and I'm going to be here for…
I just got TWO pairs of savage gloves from the boss on Lincoln Tunnel. So don't wanna go to work tomorrow!!
doing great when not driving through Lincoln Tunnel lol. How are you and the kids?
So many air fresheners on the shuttle @ Lincoln Tunnel Under The Hudson River
Now he can't hear the other person due to interference. Ps we are in the Lincoln Tunnel 😂😂😂
Leslie would just get stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel anyway.
That moment when and go to break when I'm about to enter the Lincoln tunnel and come out and don't miss a sec
Grab your earplugs, Albany Park: months of explosions ahead as part of tunnel work
Delays at the Lincoln Tunnel eastbound 50 minutes travel time from Exit 16E to the New York side
Your career is over. I suspect I'll see you next at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.
This Lincoln Tunnel traffic right now is outta pocket smh.
The van I'm on is making me anxious b/c it tried to find a short cut to the Lincoln Tunnel but in fact ends up farther from it.
So were in Lincoln tunnel in traffic not moving Eric says "they can easily just have a 💣 down here" 😨 SOS
Delays on Lincoln Tunnel eastbound from New Jersey. (New York) The travel time is
driving there they suggest taking the Lincoln Tunnel, driving across Manhattan to the Midtown Tunnel. Fun!
The previous alert at the Lincoln Tunnel to NJ due to an accident on WB NJ 495 is no longer in effect. There may be residual delays. [09]
George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel, and Lincoln Tunnel can't get out of New York. pure incompetence.
Delays on Lincoln Tunnel westbound from New York (Manhattan) . The travel time is
Lexington Event Center – Challenge Mode Guide: After Lincoln Tunnel, the Lexington Event Center is the missio...
Check out our Lincoln Tunnel challenge mode!
has anyone been reporting the Lincoln Tunnel challenge starting issues? Also, can't fast travel. Thank you
45 mins into a challenge mission fell through the floor and died. No respawns. Cool fix for Lincoln Tunnel.
BREAKING: Terrible car crash on Willow Ave in just outside Lincoln Tunnel
Delays on NJ 495 westbound between Lincoln Tunnel (Weehawken Twp) and Pleasant Ave
yep, I'm just jumping on now to get a couple of challenge runs done on Lincoln Tunnel first
About to try to solo The Division's Lincoln Tunnel on Challenge Mode. Should be interesting.
Delays on NJ 495 eastbound between Pleasant Avenue and Lincoln Tunnel due to delays at the Lincoln Tunnel
New York, HOME, I will see you soon!!! @ Lincoln Tunnel Under The Hudson River
I liked a video from Let's Play The Division - The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
Texts I like to get: "girl I love you" or "got you a bearclaw". Texts I DO NOT like to get: "girl my car broke down. In the Lincoln Tunnel"
Wish that the Golden Gate Park had a tunnel from Lincoln/9th to Fulton to bypass the traffic by the museums. Call it Lincoln Tunnel.
51st & 11th. this guy could pay the $15 Lincoln Tunnel toll, go to the Exxon in Weehawken and actually save $19.20.
Accident cleared in North Bergen on The Lincoln Tunnel/I-495 EB after Kennedy Blvd, stopped traffic back to Th...
about to enter the Lincoln tunnel On my way to batman v superman premiere
Lincoln Tunnel CheckPoint on Challenging... We can do this Believe and you shall provail!
What if they trapped people in say the Lincoln Tunnel? I'd say blocking a highway is pretty close to terrorism
Working @ the gym I play my music over the speaker.. An old man compared it 2 driving through the Lincoln Tunnel (I dont think thats good)?
Spamming this Lincoln tunnel challenge daily
I did the lincoln tunnel challenge in under an hr. That has to be a personal best
Operational Activity on Lincoln Tunnel westbound from New York Side - Center Tube (
the only one I have been able to complete so far is the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge mission because you can hang back
Picking up framed Merging at Lincoln Tunnel for NJ Annual at Noyes (@ Michael's in Secaucus, NJ)
I should be on later today. Finished Lincoln tunnel on challenge. Much easier than the one we did.
Can't not think about every time I go through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Lincoln tunnel traffic isn't so bad when is your view
I liked a video from LINCOLN TUNNEL: The Division (4)
Its just too good to pass off, compared to the Lincoln Tunnel checkpoint on challenge mode ;)
I think the new challenge is The Lincoln tunnel
I added a video to a playlist The Divison Lincoln Tunnel Challenge Mode
Lincoln tunnel challenge mode on the division! Let's do it
Running Lincoln Tunnel hard mode daily with only pistols. It was that or speed run with normal guns.
We are in an uber talking about what kind of furry we would be and I think our driver wants to let us out in the Lincoln tunnel
Figured out the mission issue. "Lincoln Tunnel" is available on Hard OR Challenging. Seems like a bug.
No. Lincoln Tunnel is both the HARD and CHALLENGING dailies.
once I was going through the Lincoln tunnel & we're talking abt what if water came in &I said "they could open the roof and we can swim out"
Driving through middle tube of Lincoln Tunnel
Lincoln tunnel is both the hard and challenge daily, so there's still 3 dailies
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challenge is also the Lincoln tunnel I've heard
Need one for lincoln tunnel challenge. Halfway done
I added a video to a playlist The Division Mission: Lincoln Tunnel
50 minute travel time Lincoln Tunnel east 50 minutes from New Jersey Turnpike Exit 16E to the New York side
Port Authority says disabled bus in Lincoln Tunnel west is on its way. movement should resume shortly
Bus service to/from New York Port Authority is subject to delays of up to 30 minutes due to a disabled vehicle in the Lincoln Tunnel.
The East Bay stops at the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge.
Accident on NJ 495 eastbound between Boulevard East (Weehawken Twp) and Lincoln Tunnel (Weehawken Twp) right lane blocked
Accident on NJ 495 eastbound between Boulevard East and Lincoln Tunnel right lane blocked
UPDATE: Disabled vehicle CLEARED from I-495 EB at Kennedy Blvd. 1 hr delays to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Bus from DC to Lincoln tunnel 4 hours. Five blocks from Lincoln Tunnel to Port Authority 2 hours. Welcome back to
Part of Lower Manhattan and the Lincoln Tunnel looks very nice, earlier this morning from Weehawken, NJ:
I liked a video Inside the Lincoln Tunnel
LINCOLN HUDSON with logo clearly visible . . tunnel vision . big breaths
fun adult version of a childlike game: instead of rolling down a grassy hill in a park why not roll in to Lincoln Tunnel?
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Hoping Lincoln Tunnel traffic won't make us late for !
Omg this is taking forever. Trapped in the Lincoln Tunnel.
Came out of the Lincoln tunnel and all of a sudden it's dark out 🙄😒
The flaw will not lose. @ Lincoln Tunnel Under The Hudson River
About to go through the Lincoln Tunnel! Can't wait to see
Delays on Lincoln Tunnel eastbound from New Jersey Side - Toll Plaza (Weehawken Twp
and then I walked through the Lincoln tunnel!!
ArtLinc Festival brings chalk art to Lincoln street tunnel.
The sound of brakes going into Lincoln Tunnel. Downward glissing bowed crotales? Better options?
Some 200 protesters marching towards the Lincoln Tunnel after protesters storm the tunnel.
Cleared: Construction on NB from North of Interchange 17E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel to...
Delays on NJ 495 eastbound between New Jersey Turnpike and Lincoln Tunnel delays due to volume
Helllooo billboard going into the Lincoln Tunnel 😎
Cleared: Construction on SB from Interchange 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel to South of...
Delays at the Lincoln Tunnel east 40-45 minutes from NJ Turnpike to New York side
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Disabled vehicle on EB from Pleasant Avenue to Lincoln Tunnel
Ever seen that movie Daylight w Uncle Sly? (Sylvester Stallone). That movie will make you fear the Lincoln Tunnel
Sitting on 11th Ave. near the Lincoln Tunnel for better than an hour now. This is brutal.
I just ran 2.2 times through the Lincoln Tunnel to Pump Up The 90s by on
Never loved them till I commuted via the Lincoln Tunnel. The view from Weehawken was inspiring.
Port Authority plans resi project above Lincoln Tunnel approach: If you want your Lincoln Tunnel on-ramp devel...
Port Authority gets into the development biz w/ plans for 9-story apartment bldg next to the Lincoln Tunnel approach
Just passed a three-vehicle collision en route to the Lincoln Tunnel. Let's hope we don't have another episode of Monday's traffic.
From Our Collection: NY/NJ Port Authority Police fingerprint new members of the Lincoln Tunnel police force in 1937.
Shout out to bus driver 500400 who doesn't know how to get to Port Authority from the Lincoln Tunnel. Sent from 31st & 10th.
Hate the Lincoln Tunnel. These guys finally decided to show up.
For anyone who has ever complained about the $6 rush hour Bay Bridge toll, TIL that the Lincoln Tunnel toll is now FOURTEEN DOLLARS.
It's taken nearly as long to get home in NJ just to get from NYC Port Authority to the exit of Lincoln Tunnel.
It begins: Departures delays due to a motor vehicle accident on Rt-495 west, 30 minutes at the Lincoln Tunnel
15-20 minutes delay from Weehawken NJ Boulevard east to Lincoln Tunnel both ground and helix
Like saving money? Luxurious 1.5 Bedroom 1.5 Bath at The Thread in Union City just seconds to the Lincoln Tunnel...
I travel the 495 viaduct/Lincoln Tunnel approach every day. The amount of trash and debris alongside the road is sad.
If this goes into OT next school year, let's get PARCC sign Lincoln Tunnel ;)
Hey! you guys know about this project coming up right?
This sounds like a nasty mess, hope it solves the problem.
Looking for Buddy the Elf in the Lincoln tunnel
Due to a recently cleared disabled bus in the North tube of the Lincoln Tunnel, the bus terminal could see delays West bound to NJ
The Lincoln Tunnel is like coming out of the womb
But this is not a story about the Lincoln Tunnel. This is about the men who made it. The Sandhogs. via
maybe like 30 mins but there could be traffic cause it's by the Lincoln tunnel
That was either mist or a biblical plague of nats at the Lincoln Tunnel on our camera
At -- Approach to the Lincoln Tunnel, New York side tunnel …
& are either mad at each other, joking or weird 3rd bizarro option.God dammit 4th option lincoln tunnel is rerouted
PA - Lincoln Tunnel: Construction on NJ 495 EB btwn Pleasant Avenue and Lincoln Tunnel all lanes closed and detoured until 5:00 A.M.
Just pulled a perks of being a wallflower in the Lincoln tunnel
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Update: Earlier incident on Lincoln Tunnel WB from New York Side - North Tube to New Jersey Side - North Tube
you should use the Panasonic countdown clock outside the Lincoln Tunnel. They don't use it any more.
Lincoln tunnel is a parking lot right now 😩😒😑
The Mets will not own NYC until you can hear their games on the radio while stuck smack in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel. So not yet.
Finally out the Lincoln tunnel. Only took 20 minutes
Been stuck in the Lincoln tunnel for who knows how long
Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight train coming your way!
The Lincoln Tunnel to NJ is experiencing 30 minutes delays due to Police activity says
A view from the approach at the Lincoln Tunnel to Stopped in traffic. Enroute to Manhattan…
This Lincoln tunnel traffic is never smooth smh. It's backed up 24/7.
Disabled truck on New Jersey Turnpike - Eastern Spur NB at North of Interchange 17E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel
Dec 22 1937- The Lincoln Tunnel opens to traffic in New York, New York
What good reason could there be as to why it costs $14 to enter the Lincoln Tunnel?!
Who knew you could get cell service at the bottom of the Lincoln tunnel
Due to a disabled bus in the Lincoln Tunnel southbound we are experiencing delays
I'm in the Lincoln Tunnel, but Google Maps thinks I'm in Clifton, NJ. How Apple Maps-like of it.
Stuck in the Lincoln tunnel. Just my luck...
Heavy at the Lincoln Tunnel eastbound through New Jersey Side - Toll Plaza in Weehawken 30-35 minute delay
Catch us on the today show at 8:30ish @ Lincoln Tunnel
I walked thru the Candy Cane forest, passed the Sea of Swirly-Twirly gumdrops, then I walked thru the Lincoln tunnel all for Starbuck's.
I keep getting traffic delay texts for the Lincoln tunnel due to emergency maintenance on one of the tubes. anyone know what's going on?
The Lincoln tunnel gives me so much anxiety
NY/NJ border on the Lincoln Tunnel. Got it.
The South Tube of the Lincoln Tunnel to NY is closed until approx 2:00 pm for emergency maintenance. Expect delays
Emergency contr on Lincoln Tunnel EB from New Jersey Side - South Tube to New York Side - South Tube all lanes closed . All Eastbound tr
Heading into Lincoln tunnel never felt better.. Feels grrreat to be back! .
in the Lincoln tunnel trying to hide
Cleared: Heavy traffic on Lincoln Tunnel WB at New York Side - North Tube
Newsday: Lincoln Tunnel traffic stop yields arrest of man wanted in Fla., police say
Tell me how I get better reception in the Lincoln Tunnel, under the Hudson River, than my own home???
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sex Offender Fugitive Nabbed at Traffic Stop: Cops: A Queens man, stopped for a traffic violation, was arreste...
RICARDO HERNANDEZ 40YR OLD>Convicted sex offender on the Lam arrested after Lincoln Tunnel traffic stop via
Nothing but traffic 😩😩. They about to make a brotha late. @ Lincoln Tunnel
Great and a whole section of the Lincoln tunnel is closed. The universe doesn't want me to have Wendy's
How to get to retreat: 50% wait to get on the Lincoln Tunnel 30% blast Taylor Swift 10% wander Costco 10% eat chickfila
The exit from the Lincoln Tunnel is shut down. for
Exiting the Lincoln tunnel and seeing outside of the city for the first time in a couple months while 18 by one direction plays is a moment
Convicted sex offender on the lam arrested after Lincoln Tunnel traffic…
I can run though the Lincoln Tunnel faster ugh
George Washington Bridge on 178th St. Lincoln Tunnel on 38th St. Ice Bridge on 18th St.
Should be outside Holland Tunnel instead, no? "Outside the high volume Lincoln Tunnel
(Bus Terminal Alert) The PA Bus Term for Departures (NJ-bound) is experiencing a delay due to an over height vehicle at Lincoln Tunnel.
Today in 1937 the Lincoln Tunnel opened connecting NYC and New Jersey
Today in history: 1135 - Norman nobles recognize Stefanus van Blois as English king. 1775 - The Continental Congress creates a Continental Navy, naming Esek Hopkins, Esq., as commander in chief of the fleet. 1829 The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opens the first passenger railway line. 1882 - 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison. 1900 - The first car to be produced under the "Mercedes" name is delivered to its buyer: Emil Jellinek, the Austrian car racer. 1937 - Lincoln Tunnel (NYC) opens to traffic. 1944 - Germans demand surrender of American troops at Bastogne, Belgium. General Anthony McAuliffe responds with a one word answer: "Nuts!" 1972 - Washington announces that the bombing of North Vietnam will continue until Hanoi agrees to negotiate "in a spirit of good will and in a constructive attitude.". Born today: 1922 - Barbara Lillian Billingsley. American film, television, voice, stage actress and no-nonsense mom June Cleaver on TV's "Leave it to Beaver".
This day in 1937: The Lincoln Tunnel, in New York City, opens to traffic!
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Today in 1937 the Lincoln Tunnel opened. Traffic only gets heavier with age.
In 1937, the first, center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel connecting New York City and New Jersey beneath the Hudson River was opened to traffic
As we were winding our way through the streets of *** s Kitchen yesterday morning towards the Lincoln Tunnel, out to EWR, and then home to Tallahassee, The Cafe Edison (aka Polish Tea Room), was serving its last plates of blintzes and bowls pea soup, going somewhat gently into that good Broadway night. I'm so glad the family got to experience it in its final days this week with me. Now to see what pathetically sterile chain gets to take over the great room in The Hotel Edison lobby that it lived in. My money is on it being yet another Starblecks (to complement the one on the corner), or some other over priced dirty water dealer like Tim Horton or Dunkin Doughnuts. Or worse yet, a "one of a kind, true NYC themed" boutique bistro from some highly self-actualized Individual with a name like "Just Jacque" or "Kamilla with a K", which will be sprinkled with "painstakingly reproduced" signage and decor to give the "flavour" of an "authentic Broadway haunt"; you know, just as soon as they rip those old menus ...
AND NOW IT'S ONLY $14.00!. On this day in 1937, the Lincoln Tunnel opened. The cost was 50 cents for passenger cars.
apparently the car accident in the Lincoln Tunnel found its way to the train tracks. Slow roll into NYPenn
not bowlegged just can't bend knees. @ Lincoln Tunnel
The make or break of a morning commute - XBL/Lincoln Tunnel. today it is a break...
Broken down bus so we quickly switched (3 min delay at most?) at the Lincoln Tunnel. Impressive.
Lincoln Tunnel has reopened outbound (phew!) Delay are about 30 mins to get out of the city. Inbound traffic doing OK
CLEARED: Accident removed from the outbound Lincoln Tunnel. Expect up to 30 min residual delays.
there's a lumberjack in the Lincoln Tunnel? Is he building his own log cabin, too?
NJ Bound Lincoln Tunnel has reopened but expect 30 minute residual delays getting out of town.
CLEARED: NJ bound Lincoln Tunnel is now REOPENED. Expect 30 minute residual delays
In 1937, the Lincoln Tunnel, connecting Weehawken, New Jersey, and Manhattan, New York, opened to vehicular...
Outbound Lincoln Tunnel closed due to an ax in the north tube. Inbound delays are 20 min in south, center tubes   10% Off
NJ bound Lincoln Tunnel is CLOSED due to an accident; expect 15 min delays on NJ Transit buses from Port Authority
Lincoln Tunnel now closed outbound from an accident. . Drivers, head to the Holland. . Bus riders, brace for delays.
NJ Transit Bus service traveling from Port Authority is subject to 15 min delays due to a disabled vehicle inside the Lincoln Tunnel
Good Morning, there will be delays due to an accident in the Lincoln Tunnel (Westbound) until further notice
Lincoln Tunnel north tube is CLOSED due to an accident
Accident on the outbound Lincoln Tunnel causing delays.
Accident at the Lincoln Tunnel WB at the Tube/NJ side
Dec. 22, 1937 - Lincoln Tunnel opens: connecting the Big Apple to New Jersey.
In Hudson delays up to 10 minutes on The Lincoln Tunnel/I-495 EB between The NJTP Eastern Spur/I-95 and The To...
Via "Today in 1937, the Lincoln Tunnel opened It's been backed up since 1945... :)
in 1937, the 1.5 mile long Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic under the Hudson River.
On this day: December 22: . Christmas tree lights are born, the Lincoln Tunnel opens, Alvin and The Chipmunks ...
22 Dec 1937 – USA – Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic in New York.
I traveled thru the 7 levels of the Candy Cane forest, past the sea of swirly twirly gum drops & then I walked thru the Lincoln tunnel
She wore a grin wider than the Lincoln Tunnel, and if she was nervous, she didnt show it.
Then I walked through the Lincoln tunnel
Jeffrey Lewis soundtracks the bus drive through the Lincoln Tunnel back to the homeland, and all seems right
BREAKING NEWS: PAPD closing the Lincoln Tunnel after protesters storm the tunnel. LIVE -
ya girl just drove the New Jersey Turnpike into the Lincoln Tunnel 😈
What's going on w the Lincoln Tunnel? In the center tube, really slow.
Travelling through the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan heading for St. Thomas, Fifth Avenue. It's a beautiful day in New York!
Lincoln tunnel traffic calls for a selfie
Listening to tunnel vision as I was driving thru the Lincoln tunnel was pretty *** awesome
Oh look the Lincoln tunnel has traffic
Just crossed the Lincoln tunnel and our road trip is underway! Never imagined I could be this excited…
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a stand still traffic jam on to SR-3 E: to New Jersey Tpk / Lincoln Tunnel / New York City, East Ruthe...
Expect delays of up to 30 minutes in/out of Port Authority due to congestion at Lincoln Tunnel
I dead rather be in my dorm than on this bus though 😩 Lincoln tunnel traffic is cray
. Felt like 4 hours just in the Lincoln tunnel. .. but Def worth the drive
Lincoln tunnel after 430 will be the end of me
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Bus accident in Lincoln Tunnel injures 7: A three-vehicle accident shortly before 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 2 in New ...
Been 15 feet from the Lincoln tunnel for about an hour
Yeah the train tunnel near the Lincoln tunnel has like a whole community of people living in there.
Great day taping the Sunday Mass! Bye NYC see you next month. I took this picture after exiting the Lincoln tunnel.
we r trying to get there. .. can u guys clear the Lincoln tunnel. . Lol
I switched from regular LTE hotspot to XLTE on Verizon and makes huge dif. Better speeds, and even stay connected in Lincoln tunnel :-)
people (the americans) ruined all Lincoln google searches, like we don't exist. Blah blah president this.. tunnel that ;)
we even got stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel
Never noticed the "New Jersey/New York" line in the Lincoln tunnel before. Nice little detail.
Ordered my iPhone 6 via my Macbook Pro using my iPad as a hotspot coming through the Lincoln tunnel. Apple'd the Apple out of that Apple!
7 injured in New York car accident: A crash in the Lincoln Tunnel on the morning of Sept. 2 caused long delays...
They always get me... iPhone 6 Plus 64GB has been preordered @ Lincoln Tunnel
Another significant delay at the Lincoln Tunnel and & are both dead quite. Shocked is nobody.
Traffic coming back from Lincoln Tunnel was ridiculous.
I think we need an meetup. I'm not far from Lincoln Tunnel. 8th and 36th
“Trivia time! Who knows the tunnel Buddy crosses through in Elf on his way to New York?” The Lincoln Tunnel 🙌😊
would love to see you run out of that tunnel in Lincoln! Good luck with whatever you choose! Gotta be a cool feeling!
The traffic getting into the Lincoln tunnel right now is unreal 💀
A complete stand still at the Lincoln tunnel
There's a problem if I finish two bottles of fireball before I reach the Lincoln tunnel (which will happen)
the Lincoln Tunnel is the never ending tunnel 😐🔫
It's gridlock to the Lincoln tunnel!
NEW PHOTO of vehicles in Lincoln Tunnel chain-reaction crash
Spencer's trying to hold his breath under the Lincoln tunnel and he's going to die
so my greyhound bus caught fire in the Lincoln tunnel
I'm in the Lincoln tunnel and my mom just said that it's falling apart and now I'm crying
Lol i i wished there had been traffic in lincoln tunnel. Nap in bus was too short
"...Lincoln tunnel. And then, I passed through the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops..."
Fire on Greyhound bus causes delays at inbound Lincoln Tunnel
Only Queen Christine switches lanes in the Lincoln Tunnel. Mom power.
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30 min stuck in Lincoln Tunnel because another bus was on fire meant I got a 30 min nap.
Closed on Lincoln Tunl EB between Lincoln Tunnel West and NJ--NY State Border -
Straight flexin in the Lincoln Tunnel whaddup
No better way to start your day than by spending 40 minutes at a standstill inside the Lincoln Tunnel.
My will to live is inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend in the Lincoln Tunnel. Help me Rhonda
Due to an earlier incident at the Lincoln Tunnel, bus service has resumed with residual delays.
"Port Authority is experiencing delays due to a possible fire inside the center tube of the Lincoln tunnel." As I sit in the tunnel 😳
Uggh, I'm being held against my wishes on this bus in the Lincoln Tunnel - going on 30 minutes now!!! What's going on out there?
*** this traffic. *** I'm just tryna get through Lincoln Tunnel
Here's a new one...Stuck in Lincoln Tunnel for 1/2hr, "a possible fire" in it. Possible? A little longer & I'll make it a reality.
Being stuck in the Lincoln tunnel could drive a person into a claustrophobia. (Going on 30 minutes now.)
The Lincoln Tunnel is a Port Authority facility. We encourage you to follow for Lincoln Tunnel Alerts.
my bus is at a complete stop inside the Lincoln Tunnel, what's going on?
Another bus caught fire in Lincoln Tunnel. Smoke everywhere. No one told my bus not to go inside. We are safe.
tickets/passes are being accepted on due an accident in the Lincoln Tunnel
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Photo: Taking in the final 25 mins. Reflecting. Appreciating.✌️🌃 (at Lincoln Tunnel)
riding into the lincoln tunnel today a small ginger child boy sup nodded me and smiled, so that's the most action I've got all summer
Joseline's kitty Kat is like the Lincoln Tunnel by now!!
I see the light at the end of the tunnel! @ Lincoln Tunnel
I live in NJ right outside the Lincoln tunnel. Would love to meet up one day perhaps for coffe or a glass of wine.
Today in NJ history: The first "hole through" for the Lincoln Tunnel connecting and under the...
we in da Lincoln tunnel. Ayy freedom from slavery here I come
Gave Szczesny ma phone to take a selfie then he just walked of with it down the tunnel then came back and took it :D htt…
Delays on NJ TPK - Eastern Spur NB exiting at Interchange 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel due to delays on NJ 495 approaching the Lincoln Tunnel
Wild traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel right now
Best part of my day. | I just ran 1.4 times the distance of the Lincoln Tunnel via
Sunday morning drive into the Lincoln Tunnel.
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