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Lincoln Tunnel

The Lincoln Tunnel is a long tunnel under the Hudson River, connecting Weehawken, New Jersey and the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

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There ARE some comparisons that should be made between Governor Christie’s bridge scandal and the IRS and Benghazi “scandals.” But to understand this, we need to know what “Bridgegate” is, as many people haven’t been paying attention to it because lane closures just don’t seem like too big of a deal. And if you get your news exclusively from FOX, you probably don’t know much about the details, because FOX doesn’t think it’s a big deal either. So here’s a quick rundown of the players: George Washington Bridge: Busiest bridge in the world, carrying 300,000 vehicle per day, over 100 million per year; double-decker spanning the Hudson River, connecting New York to New Jersey with a total of 14 lanes; 4 lanes in each direction on the top deck and 3 lanes in each direction on the lower deck. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey: Owns World Trade Center site; operates most of the transportation infrastructure in both states including the Lincoln Tunnel, LaGuardia and George Washington ...
This polar vortex is pretty serious. I just saw Randy Quaid searching for Jake Gyllenhall out near the Lincoln Tunnel guys. Bundle up!
"Ron are we taking the Lincoln tunnel or the George Washington Bridge?" "Lincoln Tunnel" "Okay good. I like Abraham Lincoln better." Maddox seriously is the best.
Came out the Lincoln tunnel and gettin gas slipped my mind. Then I was like
3hrs to arrive to nj depending on traffic another 1hr to get thru the Lincoln tunnel and manhatten
The view by the Lincoln Tunnel is beautiful
All me and jenna tried to do was get home from Wayne and now were in the Lincoln tunnel.
took that in the Lincoln tunnel. so good it hurts. Y'all are free to use for your promotional material ha
Headed into for a with my New York @ Lincoln Tunnel
Inching through the Lincoln Tunnel...never the wave.
Omg driving through the Lincoln tunnel right now!
I've never seen the Lincoln tunnel this clear!!!
And then we walked through the Lincoln tunnel!
Just seen the exit sign for the Lincoln tunnel, feel like I'm in Elf
Went through the Lincoln tunnel and I have arrived in NYC!
Attempt at a reference, poor attempt. Lighting props to 35 mph thru Lincoln Tunnel.
Let me pack. By tonight, I'll be hitchhiking in the Lincoln Tunnel. I'm running away to New York.
lol the commute was excellent until my bus hit the Lincoln Tunnel. Barely any cars on the road but there was one disabled vehicle
why is there traffic in the Lincoln tunnel? 😔
slightly late bus from Montclair NJ but route 3 and roads clear. Zero traffic heading into Lincoln tunnel at 10:30.
Traffic heading into the Lincoln Tunnel is light.
There's snow inside the freaking Lincoln Tunnel. How why?
is there any issues with the Lincoln tunnel?
please provide info for Lincoln tunnel
what is happening with the Lincoln tunnel
As soon as New York, New York comes up on my iPod, I picture being on the band bus driving out of the Lincoln Tunnel.
I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly gum drops, and walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.
From: Schweikart, Larry; Allen, Michael Patrick A Patriot's History of the United States. Kindle Edition. Over his first “Hundred Days,” FDR unleashed a torrent of presidential initiatives focused mainly on raising wages or providing jobs. Congress turned out the legislation, creating what was referred to as the “alphabet soup” agencies because of the abbreviations of the host of new offices and acts. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Public Works Administration (PWA) both promised to put people to work in government-paid make-work jobs. The CCC paid boys from the cities to work in the forests planting trees, cutting fire-breaks, and in general doing something that would justify the government paying them. Two million jobs were created, and it made great press. As supporters said, Roosevelt sent “boys into the forests to get us out of the woods.” Two Roosevelt Brain Trusters, Harry Hopkins and Harold Ickes, battled for control of the piles of new public monies. Ickes, who headed th ...
The Lincoln Tunnel goes from Weehawken, NJ. Into Hoboken, NJ is the PATH train tunnel no cars, morons!!
Chick "from" NYC misses a clue about the Lincoln Tunnel. Oh, transplants...
If you live in New York, get on Jeopardy!, then answer "Holland Tunnel" when the answer is Lincoln, you oughta get deported.
You guys! The Lincoln Tunnel was a $2000 question on Jeopardy and no one knew it!
Oh and anything that has to do with the tri-state area. How did they not know what the Lincoln tunnel was?
Pretty sure it was the Lincoln Tunnel
Lolz lincoln tunnel was a clue on jeopardy and no one could get it. derp
Bus service to/from Port Authority Bus Terminal is subject to delays of up to 30 minutes due to congestion around the Lincoln Tunnel area.
The storm is sitting so heavy over the city that I can't even see the skyline from the Lincoln tunnel entrance. Not snowing, though, just fog. Now, on to Brooklyn. How I have missed thee, borough sweet borough.
Bus route no. 324, 6:50 PM departure from NY to Wayne is disabled at Lincoln Tunnel
The Lincoln Tunnel always gotta be bumper to bumper 😒😑
Every time I try to get an artsy basic photo of the NJ/NY line in the Lincoln tunnel there's always a bus in the way 🔫🔫
Since when did I get service in the Lincoln tunnel
"Do we go through the Abraham Lincoln tunnel"
Pro tip: don't try to play the hold-your-breath game in the Lincoln Tunnel.
No traffic at Lincoln Tunnel. Everyone must be in their bunkers for this monster storm. It's a ghost town!
Stalled vehicle in the center tube of the inbound Lincoln Tunnel. 10 min delays and growing.
grazie for accepting my friend request Alvarito Marrero, from New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel to the other side of the Hudson River
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Not sure how I did it, but I made it out of Times Square and through Lincoln tunnel in a matter of minutes. Now time for a home made dinner and celebration
Is it bad when a guy in a reflective vest has stopped traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel? *sigh*
Sure I just had 5 red bulls and we're going into the Lincoln Tunnel. What could possibly go wrong?
Had to travel through seven levels of the candy cane forest and cross through the Lincoln Tunnel to get here, but we made it. It's kinda breezy in the ATL today
I'm actually passing up the opportunity to sightsee- TOO MANY TOURISTS! At the last stoplight going into Lincoln Tunnel, a car with PA plates went WRONG way past me on a WELL-marked lane for busses
I have the perfect raw space to host an amazing Super Bowl Party. Over 7,000 sqft. conveniently adjacent to the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC. Please private message me for more information.
After thinking it was going to be an easy work day I am stuck on the express lane on the ramp going into the Lincoln Tunnel! I should go back home
I walked through the land of the swirley twirley gum drops and out through the Lincoln Tunnel...
I think this is the first time ever that when I got to the Lincoln Tunnel on the bus that I didn't have to wait forever to get through! Yay speeding through the tunnel and getting into NYC! Finally almost home!
Now, to be fair, this is only MY side and my perspective on the events that occurred, but maybe some of you can see things the way I saw them. When Lou told me weeks ago that he was coming to NJ for a visit, I told him that I'd definitely be there if he would be there, I was.  He said he'd need a ride around when he was there, I told him I would, I did.  I did mention on more than one occasion that I wasn't sure if I'd be able to afford to stay in NJ for the entire 2 weeks.  These concerns were essentially blown off every time I tried to address them. The day before Lou was getting in, I was informed that I was expected to pick him up at the airport.  Although I wasn't planning on going to the airport, and even though my car is not really big enough to handle 3 people, my bags, and all of Lou and Aarron's luggage, I made it fit.  I also informed Lou that I wasn't really comfortable driving around Newark airport since I haven't done it in so long, irregardless, I picked him up. My one condition for dr ...
2 hours in traffic still in the city trying to get to the Lincoln Tunnel so I can make my way to civilization!
NYC is beautifull, exciting, and fun during the holidays! Having a flat tire after exiting the Lincoln Tunnel interesting, but not so much fun. Mimi falling out of bed in the middle of the night also not fun!
It always takes an hour to get through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Robert Pearson twelve years old missed Hebrew Sunday school and instead played hockey and went down to the cliffs approximately and hour later his father came rushing down after talking to one of BOBS boyfriend who told is father that Bob was climbing the cliffs Bob father proceeded to chest Bob all the way home and paddled his behind. after that episode Bob never climb the cliff anymore at seventeen years of age Bob went to latten quarter a school event and coming back at 2:oo am in the morning is car ran out of gas in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel eighteen years of age Robert worked summer resort in the Catskill mountain. he was a lifeguard and social director. At twenty one years old lido beach club as a lifeguard and a bar waiter. SID Caesar was on a family vacation and was drinking Chivs Regal in 1954 he worked at Schroon Crest as a lifeguard there he met his future wife and Alan Arkin a movie actor Bob Pearson tried to fix up Eleanor but she didn't like him Bob Pearson was a avid writer ...
Glad to know that I do not need my health insurance nor a chiropractor to get adjusted. Just take my mom during rush hour through the Lincoln tunnel and tell her that traffic is stopped ahead
Well, our bus just pinned a Mercedes. Argument ensued.And then the bus continued to drag it four feet out of the Lincoln tunnel. This is an adventure to say the least.
Unedited version of C63AMG (MHP Stage 2 600HP), GS Vette(ECS Supercharger ++ 750+HP), and GTR(almost Alpha 10 900HP) driving through the Lincoln Tunnel. Also had a SONY Action cam mounted on the AMG and the Vette. Will edit and make a better video tomorrow. On the way home, the GTR and the C63 unleashed on the Westside Highway and the GWB! Stay tuned folks!
.then our cab driver just bounced us off the wall in the cab at 50mph in the Lincoln Tunnel.God help us!
To promote next year's planned Formula One race around the streets of Weehawken, N.J., Red Bull Racing brought its demonstration car -- the same ride that Sebastian Vettel won last year's F1 championship in -- to do a short but quick drive around Liberty Park and the Lincoln Tunnel. Of course it beg...
Wow, the Lincoln Tunnel is at a complete standstill! Haven't been in traffic this bad in ages. Take the Holland Tunnel or GW Bridge instead!
Okay not sure what we were thinking driving into the city on a Friday night but def not a great idea - btw the Lincoln tunnel is at a stand still !! Fun
***TRANSIT ALERT to Manhattan MTA X17, X22, X22A, X30 & X31 buses heavy delays due to 60 minute back up at the Lincoln Tunnel. S/B to NJ is also experiencing a moderate delay of 30 minutes
Once I made my way through the ooey gooey gumdrops I found the Lincoln tunnel- elf
Spent the day in New York City. Saw the Rockettes, good lunch at Ruby Foo's, walked Times Square, froze our tooshies off and was victorious in death race 2013 - drive to the Lincoln tunnel. Great day. next time how about we wait until its 70 outside okay?
Captains log, 1900: We're going through the Holland Tunnel not the Lincoln Tunnel so my life is ruined
But it really just took 2 hours for the half hour drive to get to the Lincoln tunnel. -___-
Why did we take Route 1, OMG? That's one question. The other question: Why would I board a big bus headed to the Lincoln Tunnel the day after Xmas?
First step of my buddy the elf NYC adventure. Just walked through the Lincoln Tunnel!
Off to New York...first going through the candy cane forest, the land of swirly twirly gumdrops, and right through the Lincoln tunnel. I wonder if I can find Buddy The Elf today?? :-) Here we go.
So, parents always know best... I told my dad to take the Lincoln tunnel to go home, but ofcourse he know best and we are sitting in the FDR... Hopefully well make it home before midnight
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To the lady in the diner humming Christmas songs with a vibrato wider than the Lincoln Tunnel, for the love of Dog, please stop!
Landed safe and sound in mid-town Manahattan. Only 2 hours thru the Lincoln tunnel during rush hour. Then there was the car parking adventure. Almost took out 5 weaving cyclists. Beer. Now!!
When you have to pee, stuck underwater, in a cold metal bus while in a long slow, traffic jammmed, cemented lincoln tunnel, is not the place to be.
if someone is in the Port Authority can u tell them that our bus "145" is stuck outside the Lincoln tunnel and the driver doesn't know how to contact help, her phone is broken and he doesn't have the telephone number ! wth
Trying to get home from work and traffic is crazy. Took 30 minutes to go thru the Lincoln Tunnel! Going to be a long night.
In the spirit of Festivus, what is up with the constant signal problems on the tracks of the Lincoln Tunnel? Any suggestions on how to complain proactively are welcome.
Hi guys! Thanks to everyone who stopped at my table! It was a crazy day for me that involved my car stalling in nyc just outside the Lincoln Tunnel. All the girls with me helped me lug my things via the subway while my husband handled the tow. Because of the rush, I didn't get a chance to take proper photos of my Mileena cosplay. The both of us would appreciate it greatly it if anyone who snagged a photo could pass it along. My husband was the one responsible for my prosthetic so he's just as excited as I am to see some shots. ^_^ Thanks guys! ~Lilith Oya~
Love when I'm listening to the traffic report on radio and they start talking about the Lincoln Tunnel backups.. Love satellite radio-makes me feel at home.
Mixed emotions from z100- finally got to hear Dominic the Donkey followed by the sentence "the place to avoid in the city is the Lincoln Tunnel". Guess where I am?!? Exactly.
OMG if this excuse for a bus driver drove any slower, I'd be back in NJ. He just asked someone if we are going into the Lincoln Tunnel. Really NJ Transit? Everyone has called NJ transit and the police. Now we are really going to be late.
Good morning yall my route has come to an end so im about to head back to jersey getting tobhit the lincoln tunnel not so bad out a little rain going on and its real nice out alright yall have a bless day til to nite peace
We are at the Westin Hotel on Times Square. Pretty smooth drive until we were right outside of NYC. It took us about 70-80 minutes to get to the Lincoln Tunnel. Then when we got close to Times Square, it was a madhouse...crowds, crowds, crowds, traffic, traffic, traffic. They had closed off the street we needed to access to get to the entrance to the hotel. Mike and Danae talked the policeman into letting us through. We ate dinner at a reasonably (reasonable for NYC) priced, good steak house just a couple of blocks off Times Square. The weather here is warm (in the 60's) and it was supposed to rain all day, but it didn't.
Cousin Jim's Thought for the Day: I meant to behave, but there were so many other options. - Today in history On Dec. 22, 1807, the Embargo Act was singed by President Thomas Jefferson, prohibiting all ships destined for foreign ports from leaving U.S. ports. In 1849, the execution of Fyodor Dostoevsky, in Russia, was called off at the last minute. In 1851, the world's first freight train began operating in India. In 1894, the "Dreyfus Affair" began in France when Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly convicted of treason. In 1937, the Lincoln Tunnel opened, connecting New York City with New Jersey. In 1943, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois became the first African-American to be admitted to the U.S. National Institute of Arts and Letters. In 1984, Madonna's Like a Virgin became No. 1 on the record charts, and remained there for six weeks. In 1986, Penn State Coach Joe Parterno became the second coach ever to me named Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated. And in 2000, Madonna married screenwriter Guy Ritchie in a ceremony h ...
Did you know that on this date in 1937: ...the first, center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel connecting New York City and New Jersey underneath the Hudson River was opened to traffic. (The north tube opened in 1945, the south tube in 1957.)
seriously. I would be stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel . Why me !!!???
On this day in 1882 the 1st string of "Christmas Lights" were created by Thomas Edison. And in 1937 the Lincoln Tunnel was opened for traffic. Even today something historic happened. A weather record was broken here in Baltimore. Has'nt been this hot since the 1890's. These are all just facts that I found out and they are nice to know. But it was on this day that 2 very important ppl were born. James (Mr. Slim) and Andrea Williamson. Happy Birthday to you both! See you soon I hope.
2 days in a row stuck in backed up traffic to the Lincoln tunnel. Hate holiday traffic :-(
Today's selected anniversaries: 1808: German composer Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his Fifth Symphony, one of the most popular and well-known compositions in all of European classical music, at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna. Read More 1921: The 8th Congress of Soviets approved the GOELRO plan, the first Soviet plan for national economic recovery and development. Read More 1937: The Lincoln Tunnel, connecting New York City to Weehawken, New Jersey, opened. Read More 1988: Brazilian unionist and environmental activist Chico Mendes was murdered at his Xapuri home. Read More 2010: The United States repealed its controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on *** in the military. Read More ---
Best way to Passaic? Mapquest and googlemaps keeps taking me through Lincoln Tunnel. Advice?
.And I thought Chicago traffic was bad. Ever try to going in the Lincoln Tunnel? I think the holiday plays a factor. Abort...Looks like we're taking the ferry instead!
And then we passed santa with his car broken down just outside the lincoln tunnel.
On this date in 1937 - Lincoln Tunnel opens: connecting the Big Apple to New Jersey.
Today in History: December 22: the U.S. Golf Association was formed (1894); the 1st x-ray was taken by German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen (1895); the 1st broadcast of a prize fight from ringside aired (1920); The Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic (1937); synthetic rubber was used for the core of baseballs (1943); “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” was on the music charts (1958), the 1st British group to have a record in the U.S., The Tornados”, topped the charts with the instrumental “Telstar” (1962); The American basketball League suspended operations and filed for bankruptcy (1998), and 2 astronauts started 3 days of spacewalks to repair the damaged Hubble Space Telescope (1999).
I was pretty confident that when Justin hosted and performed SNL a couple months ago, would be the best episode of the year. Then Jimmy Fallon returned, JT was the musical guest, and the cast glued together even better than before. Opening with the infamous "Bring it on down to ___ Ville" was hysterical, as Fallon and Timberlake rapped to beats from Macklemore to Goyte, as gift box mascots. Then the opening monologue where Fallon successfully impersonated David Bowie, Sir Paul McCartney, and Bob Dylan, who couldn't be there due to "traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel." Aha! Out of nowhere Sir Paul comes on stage and does a cheerful "Wish you a Merry Christmas" with Fallon. The sketches just kept rolling and kept kicking *** There was a Family Feud sketch where everybody was a winner. Jimmy Fallon characterized Sheldon Cooper(Big Bang Theory) with the same mannerisms and charisma without breaking a sweat. Timberlake impersonated Fallon, and made Fallon fall out of his post in laughter. Keenan Thompson has defin ...
90 minutes from 98th and West End Ave to the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. This *** the biggest one ever!
Jon Chiang A NYC trip to remember: got a ticket at Flushing; drove past Manhattan fraught with jaywalkers; accidently drove into Jersy-bound Lincoln tunnel and parked at Hoboken; forgot the exact location of the parking garage so had to google map-street view identify the location. But I very much enjoyed the breathtaking view of NY on Empire State building and the conversation in K-town and dinner with Annie Wang.
Can't resist! Watching "Saturday night live". Great! Jimmy Fallon is hosting. He announced that he was going to sing with Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney. He meant that he was going to imitate them. He said they were all stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel. He started singing as Paul McCartney, and Paul walked in and joined him! He said: "I thought you were stuck in traffic." Paul said: "I was, but I took the town car. Then he started singing the Chipmunks Christmas song. So funny!
On this day 12/22. Born-Lady Bird Johnson, Barbara Billingsley (Beaver's mom), Hector Elizondo-actor, Steve Carlton-baseball player, Diane Sawyer-journalist, Maurice and Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Luther Campbell (2 Live Crew), Ralph Fiennes-actor, Jordin Sparks-singer Of note- 1978 John Wayne Gacy admits to killing 20+ boys and men, 1984 Super Vigilante Bernard Goetz shoots 4 men on a NYC subway, 1956 first gorilla born in captivity, 1775 Continental Congress creates Continental Navy, 1937 Lincoln Tunnel opens to traffic, 1900 first Mercedes car is delivered to its owner, 1952 first Corvette prototype is completed, 1991 Soviet Union ended, 2001 Shoe Bomber Richard Reid (no relation lol) tried to blow up an American Airlines flight And 46 years ago I was born, I want to thank family and friends, near and far, close and acquaintance, for making this one helluva a ride. I believe it's the people in your life more than the events that make you who you are. God knows I've had some serious times/experiences/life . ...
We've been trapped in traffic for an hour, trying to get to the Lincoln Tunnel.
I dropped my passengers off in NYC, and now im in Jersey City! The Lincoln Tunnel was slam, jamed up! But I got my passengers to the MEAT PACKING DISTRICT, safe, and sound! :-)
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World's Top Ten Famous Civil Engineers Civil engineers are responsible for creating and designing bridges, buildings, roadways, and other pieces of infrastructure that are important within a society. Great designers and architects, there are some names that really stand out in this field. Continue reading to learn about ten famous civil engineers and what their inventions have brought to the world. 1. Henry Larcom Abbot- A military engineer, he served in the U.S. Army Engineers. He was responsible for creating the Army's Engineer School of Application and his influence can be seen in a lot of elements of the coast defense systems of the U.S., especially in the submarine mine system, and in the employment of seacoast mortars. 2. Duff A. Abrams- A researcher in the area of organization and properties of concrete, he was responsible for coming up with the necessary methods for testing concrete characteristics that we still use. President of the American Concrete Association for a year, he discovered the conc ...
thank you for the friend request Mani Kandan from NYC PABT near the Lincoln Tunnel to Chennai Tamil Nadu India
Currently sitting in lincoln tunnel traffic, took me an hour to move 500 feet. Might not make it in time.
middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I have arrived at Le Pain Quotidien, on Ninth between 14 y 15, Manhattan, NYC, and I expect to be joined this hour by Briana and ...
One of the worst nightmares for sure is to drive from Secaucus via the Lincoln tunnel to NYC ! Should be better tomorrow! At least I hope!
NYC two nights in a row...Weds traffic gridlock 1.5 miles from Lincoln Tunnel so bad it took over an hour from Weehawken; today's traffic zip zip - thank goodness! Gnight
mid-life moment I posted recently how I used my garage door opener in lieu of my EZ Pass at the Lincoln Tunnel one day...pretty was a good day: successful breakfast meeting in midtown, successful lunch meeting in Verona and a scandal-free office holiday party in the evening...however, this morning as I was on the phone while leaving my townhouse I threw my briefcase in the dumpster and put my kitchen garbage bag on the front seat of my truck and started to drive to NYC...true story...not good! LOL
Hope Beyonce waits for us to get through the Lincoln Tunnel. Sheesh.
Dinner in Manhattan tonight. The holiday traffic is insane. Stuck at the Lincoln Tunnel.
You guys might remember this time & place. Hey. Now, this is totally off the beaten track for me….but my friend, John Scheinman, reminded me of something, today – New York City in the 1970s. NYC in the 70s was an amazing, down-&-dirty place….especially where I lived….. *** s Kitchen. I lived in several studio apartments in that area: 50th & 10th; 52nd & 8th; 46th between 9th & 10th; & 46th between 8th & 9th. The last one – 46th between 8th & 9th – was over a VERY popular watering hole & high-end burger joint – Joe Allen’s - especially popular with the Broadway crowd (I used to share burgers & drinks with Chita Rivera). I could look out my second-floor back window, see the ‘specials’ posted on the blackboard down below, & decide if I wanted to just go downstairs or around the corner for dinner. Anyway, New York in the 70s – in *** s Kitchen - was a place to behold: 8th Avenue was awash in hookers & pimps every night. But, being 22 years old or something, I had no worries. None a . ...
Anyone in NY/NJ traffic is horrible.I'm a good 8-10 miles from the GWB and I see the traffic outside my bedroom window!!! Consider the Holland Tunnel or the Lincoln Tunnel
Alerts for George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel also available at
3 Unexplained Disappearances of people 1) The Bennington Triangle Between 1920 and 1950, Bennington, Vermont was the site of several completely unexplained disappearances: * On December 1, 1949, Mr. Tetford vanished from a crowded bus. Tetford was on his way home to Bennington from a trip to St. Albans, Vermont. Tetford, an ex-soldier who lived in the Soldier's Home in Bennington, was sitting on the bus with 14 other passengers. They all testified to seeing him there, sleeping in his seat. When the bus reached its destination, however, Tetford was gone, although his belongings were still on the luggage rack and a bus timetable lay open on his empty seat. Tetford has never returned or been found. 2) Time Tunnel In 1975, a man named Jackson Wright was driving with his wife from New Jersey to New York City. This required them to travel through the Lincoln Tunnel. According to Wright, who was driving, once through the tunnel he pulled the car over to wipe the windshield of condensation. His wife Martha volunt ...
So today, driving to work from SI took me 1 hour and 40 min. Never mind the cost of tolls...Bayonne Bridge..NJ tolls. .Lincoln Tunnel charge... parking in a NYC parking lot.. with a return trip going via Midtown Tunnel. . to LIE at a snails pace. . thinking that 4pm departure from Manhattan was going to give me some leeway with this city traffic congestion. No way. Absolutely unbelievable from my point of view.People do this? Every day? This is probably how there are so many individuals looking do much older than they are? Anyway coming home from visiting my husband in ICU at North Shore LIJ... not mentioning the parking lot fee and the SI Veranzano Bridge which is $15 dollars if you don't have EZ pass... and dealing with the the speedsters on the Belt Parkway who want to go 100 mph.. and have the nerve to honk their f...n horns if you are đriving the speed limit cause the Belt is known for speed traps now and forever more!!! Thank God my hubby is ok and I will do this over and over again a heartb ...
These are not in order, nor have they been prioritized: A Regret is next and while I know there will be 20, I'm quite sure I don't know where to start. Last night's run helped me place this one though. I call this training route Hamilton One. It takes me from the front door of my house to the front door of the home I once fancied myself to own. She was a beacon, a reason I moved to this neighborhood. The year was 1999 and I was fleeing the persecution of one more minute in Florida, slapping the pavement in NewYork City and preparing residency options to attend Rutgers. We were squatting with a friend in Brooklyn at the time when I went spelunking up the right hill one day above Hoboken where everyone told me to be hip and live cheap. Everyone was wrong on both counts...we were already priced out of Hoboken and the hipsters were the bedroom community type, not the little steam engines that power Williamsburg and Bushwick. Hence the trip up the hill. After the dank of the Lincoln Tunnel and the rif ...
So lame that New Jersey decided to build apartment bldgs that block the view of the city just out of the Lincoln Tunnel. Way to ruin it.
I was a little before you but made the same trip... CMU, WAYNE STATE, Irish Hills NYC. I used the Lincoln Tunnel.
I just stood stuck inside Lincoln Tunnel traffic for a whole 45 minutes. This tow truck got no A/C and my balls are sweaty
I could've done without the 90 minutes of traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel on my way in, though ...
You know you're tired when you read a sign for the Lincoln tunnel as little tunechi.
Hey NYC how u doin boo, I missed you my first love @ Lincoln Tunnel Toll Plaza
just spotted Carmelo Anthony driving out of the Lincoln Tunnel next to me!
The Lincoln tunnel is a terrible place!
Well this is great.Bus keeps stalling leaving the Lincoln tunnel.I would like to make it at least 6 months without breaking down
Can't agree with and on how long we were stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel. Traffic going to NYC is wicked.
good to see at the Lincoln tunnel in NYC
Thank you and from Davenport for making my bus ride in traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel very enjoyable!
2 hrs in traffic for a 30 min ride. Lincoln Tunnel *** right now.
Lincoln tunnel the worst thing since.
New Jersey-bound Lincoln Tunnel alert! A debris spill in the right lane of the tunnel has stopped traffic. Expect delays.
Feels like we've been in the Lincoln tunnel for like years. Slowly dying..
Over an hour wait for the Lincoln Tunnel because of the Pulaski Skyway closure. It’s not even Rush Hour yet.
Almost getting off at the Lincoln Tunnel exit 😂😂😂😂
Smile! I'm on a billboard at the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC! 😁
My walk downtown Wolfeboro, NH today to get my mail. Sure beats the Lincoln Tunnel!
I walked through the 7 layers of the candy cane forest then through the Lincoln tunnel
“Heading into Lincoln tunnel never felt better.. Feels grrreat to be back! . Welc…
Heavy traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel eastbound New Jersey Side - Toll Plaza in Weehawken Twp 30 minute delay.
If your sexual proclivities make even a Lincoln Tunnel *** go screaming into the night.
Great song to come on as I drive thru Lincoln Tunnel into NYC
Delays on NJ TPK - Eastern Spur north exing at Interchange 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel (Secaucus) due to delays at the Lincoln …
Stall cleared from the inbound tube of the Lincoln Tunnel. Delays easing out.
Explain why does not have a traffic feed explaining why the Lincoln Tunnel is backed up by 45 minutes, epic fail!
Traffic at a standstill. Lincoln tunnel
Traffic is completely stopped in the Lincoln Tunnel. Really, New York? I just want to go to Jersey, fgs!
Nothing like sitting in the Lincoln Tunnel for an hour to start the day!
Lincoln tunnel got to much traffic should of tool the train dammit
I've been sitting in this bus that has been sitting in front of the Lincoln tunnel for about 40 mins…
This Lincoln tunnel traffic is jus.. I jus SMH.. Fuk this tunnel B
On the bus in standstill traffic, headed at some point for the Lincoln Tunnel. On the plus side, I have more time to write!
Awful and i mean ZERO communication from regarding the hour plus delay at Lincoln Tunnel.
It's freezing on this bus,I am stuck outside the Lincoln tunnel and its raining
Why would you build a building to obstruct the skyline?! @ Lincoln Tunnel Toll Plaza
Traffic is standstill in the Lincoln tunnel
Been stopped dead in the Lincoln Tunnel for 20 minutes now 😒🚍🔫
Earlier Incident and Heavy traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel westbound through New York Side - North Tube in Manhattan 35 minute delay.
Being stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel when none of the cars are moving gives me anxiety 😁
I especially hate traffic in the Lincoln tunnel. I feel claustrophobic and I'm gonna die!
Once again I am stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel! 😳
Lincoln Tunnel WB between 40th St and Tonelle Ave - accident blocking right lane
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If the Lincoln Tunnel could talk it would only be laughing at me right now and I'd have to punch it in the tubes.
what's with the Lincoln tunnel bus lane. Lets buses pass every 3 minutes and then a gap of a few minutes.
Truck driver who killed a 16 y/o last night on 60th & 3rd: no charges. Truck driver who clogged Lincoln Tunnel w spill y/day: 13 summons.
I would not define blocking Lincoln Tunnel as terrorism. Occupy shouldn't have been dissolved by cops. What's your point?
"Lincoln Tunnel Reopens Heading To NJ that was not fun sitting in that tube
how would you define blocking of Lincoln Tunnel? Remember what happened to occupy? Imagine if they stoned police
Hilarious New Yorker cover sent to me by Oscar Schafer after Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret première last month
Darn NY court killed my Big Gulp business at the Lincoln Tunnel!
Selling the NY Post at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. (Do they still do that?)
Hoping the Lincoln tunnel's not clogged already
Breaking: Debris spill shuts down helix on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. Outbound traffic from NYC diverted…
One of the best things in the world is when you come out of the Lincoln Tunnel into NYC
Operation kill time with until buses could pass through Lincoln tunnel again was a success
It's the little things in life. And the accident closing the Lincoln Tunnel validates your hashtag
Lincoln Tunnel partly reopens after dump truck spill
Lincoln Tunnel lanes reopened - New York News Thrilled the driver got 13 summons
Lincoln Tunnel reopens after earlier debris spill
All because the *** didnt wanna wait for the Lincoln tunnel..smh
A truck spills debris in the Lincoln Tunnel and I spend my entire evening in traffic.
LINCOLN TUNNEL: Due to a debris spill on Route 495 in NJ, all NJ-bound lanes are temporarily closed. Expect extensive del…
Thank you Lincoln Tunnel for allowing my friends & coworkers to witness my white hair for two more days.
While we're in the Lincoln Tunnel, says,"You know, in the movies, bad things always happen in tunnels." 😒
TRAFFIC ALERT: 45 minute delays at the Lincoln Tunnel
I thought the Lincoln tunnel was closed due to a spill and traffic was being diverted to the Holland Tunnel?
Traffic on on Route 495 in Union City was brought to a surprise standstill Wednesday morning when Port Authority police shut down two lanes of Lincoln Tunnel-bound traffic on the busy highway.
People are always complaining of traffic in Miami but until you've endured rush hour holland/Lincoln tunnel traffic.
b/d & buses are delayed due to heavy traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel.
Did the Lincoln Tunnel get longer or is this bus driver just driving as SLOW AS POSSIBLE!
The Lincoln Tunnel brings the absolute worst out in driving. Ugh!!!
From above the world of 'Cars' comes Disney's Planes, an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. The soundtrack to this fun adventure features the original score composed by Mark Mancina, plus 4 ...
Major traffic trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel this evening.
Just got a great pep talk. Sure I might end up sucking *** in the Lincoln Tunnel just to get by, but I'll be doing it for my art!
Traffic is so bad I considered walking. But then I realised the only thing worse than sitting in traffic is walking in the Lincoln Tunnel.
Soo we went to Seaside, just left Carlos's Bakery in Hoboken, now we are headed into the Lincoln Tunnel going up to Massachusetts.
All these buses headed into the Lincoln Tunnel @ Lincoln Tunnel Toll Plaza
Don't take Lincoln tunnel right now.
Ever try to get gas at 5pm in NYC? By the Lincoln Tunnel? Don't. Unless you feel like being really aggressive with some cabdrivers
Marquee says we're Entering Wayne, yet we’re still in the Lincoln Tunnel.
The Lincoln Tunnel to NY is experiencing a delay of 45 minutes due to an incident on I-495.
They will be sending a tow truck and a new bus. We are stopped just outside of Lincoln Tunnel. So close to NYC!!!
At the peak of World War Two, in an effort to gain a technological advantage, one world leader realized he needed to be bold in order to win. He called in a group of his top scientists, engineers, and thinkers, and played for them a video. In it, a freckled faced gangly lookin kid strolls thru this tunnel, with some strange contraption on his back, and walks to the center of this sporting stadium. Surrounded by a handful of people recording the event he pauses and says... "Here we go!" Poof! Gone! Like a flash. Ten seconds later he reappears in another instant and boom! Flames, as he hits the seating area ! The video ends as the camera men and reporters rush to see if he's still alive. He wasnt. The world leader then turns to his top men, who were in complete awe of what they'd witnessed, and asks them how it's possible for some country bumpkin with no formal education to do this?! He tells them if progress isn't made in the areas of time travel and space travel there will b serious problems.The leader? H ...
Just started re-reading Stephen King's "The Shining" for the first time in many years (because the sequel comes out this fall), and haters be damned, this man can write one *** of a great novel! Yeah, he's turned out a few less than stellar books, but by and large, he is a fantastic storyteller. Oh, and Preston Dyar, a word to the wise, you better watch out for those Tommyknockers!
This traffic for the Lincoln tunnel is awful
This Lincoln tunnel traffic isn't moving at all .
Joe Alessi & wonderful in rehearsal today of Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret - performances Wed & Thurs at Avery Fisher Hall.
i should invest in a paddle boat instead of this whole Lincoln tunnel u-turn 🚣🌃
No rain in NYC just NJ! No traffic at all at the Lincoln Tunnel!
this is a mile before the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. Major hub. Sux 2 be stuck in traffic w no serv. tunnel bad2
HOBOKEN – With roughly 3 million spectators expected to watch this year's Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks display on the Hudson River near north Hoboken and Weehawken, the Port Authority will be operating a Saturday PATH service with extra trains.
Help me! Coast Driving School just absconded with my first born the driver's seat.
Heavy traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel eastbound through New Jersey Side - South Tube in Weehawken Twp 15 minute delay.
as we are in the Lincoln Tunnel in standstill traffic my mom says if someone wanted to do something bad this would be the place to do it😳
Lincoln tunnel is like a black box. The time u get stuck in the traffic inside totally depends on ur luck and horoscope of ur day. Ha.
Ha! Couldn't find the Lincoln Tunnel one time. Was only a few blocks away. No one I asked spoke English. It was 3am
Looks like rain in the forecast today in DC. I'd thought I would go to the zoo today to visit friends, but I'm having second thoughts now... what to do, what to?
Almost to the Lincoln tunnel to cross over to NYC! Woo hoo so excited!
Hearing the holland/Lincoln tunnel delays every morning on the nj/ny traffic report comforts me.
Only a 40 minute delay the Lincoln Tunnel today woohoo we're cruisin
Pretty funny the Days till the Super Bowl Counter by the Lincoln Tunnel just has an NFL logo today after I saw it was wrong yesterday
No exclusive bus lanes into the Lincoln Tunnel for now, electrical repairs. Minor delays at the Lincoln right now. Holland, GWB no delays
The lights in the Lincoln tunnel are killing my eyes
Correction: They walked through the Lincoln tunnel not the Holland Tunnel. You were right.
the same people that buy Apple products wonder how the Lincoln Tunnel tunnel was built through the…
at least I knew Delaware was a state, and that there aren't windows to see fish in the Lincoln Tunnel
I heard that the Verrazano Bridge toll went up to $15.00. Within 5 - 10 years, the toll will be up to $20.00. Do you think anyone will ever paint it?
NYC for a few days from last Sunday and enjoying the sites although it has been a bit damp. Anyone been who has recommendations on where to go, what to see and similarly what not to bother with would be appreciated. Got the guidebooks, maps etc but always interested in what people found worthwhile and what they would have given a miss etc.
yessir. It's a block from the Lincoln Tunnel so it's right there for you
Weekend getaway underway, thinking about The Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret. Joe Alessi solos in the musical traffic jam next week.
No more waiting in the Lincoln Tunnel for hours
Just chillin while we head for the Lincoln Tunnel.
Lincoln tunnel always lets me know I'm home.
Blasting Dear Maria, Count Me In with my mom to get through this Lincoln Tunnel traffic.
In Area of Hudson River Crossings to NY delays up to 45 minutes on The Lincoln Tunnel/I-495 Inbound between Th...
Traffic getting into the Lincoln Tunnel is like waiting for a decent ride at Universal Orlando or Disneyworld.
About to experience the Lincoln Tunnel during rush hour..
The truth about chemo. Well, even though I have been mostly strong through this, I have had times where how my mother hasn't had a new patio laid it's a flipping miracle! We love our kids and I know you will all say well, you would do the same for your children, but here it is on a plate The treatment changes who you are, not an excuse it just does. You have no control over it, and you know your doing it but you can't stop! It's like extreme pmt for the ladies, You can be sat fine one moment and then like something out if the exorcist the next, head spinning, foaming at the mouth, like you have rabies, Your hot because of the flushes, everything seems to find gravity! Cereal all over the side because you missed the bowl and you look like you should be locked up into an institution ! We patients should come with a WARNING DO NOT DISTURB sign around our necks! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK would be a good one too! My mum, has had to endure language that even the foulest of mouths would have a run for his money. .. ...
Suggestions on where to stay outside NYC with transportation into the city without spending a fortune??
does anyone have ideas where to stay in NJ for a reasonable price and close to transportation to NYC for an awesome host family of mine who wants to take their exchange students there for a visit (on a budget) thanks!
Day 1 and 2 were pretty interesting, can't wait to see what could possibly go on for day 3.
I just answered my first Gallup poll.
This weekend i seriously considered moving to NYC. I just came out the Lincoln Tunnel and came back to my senses..
Can someone please explain why we are stopping at a rest stop when we are literally 25 minutes from our stop? So frustrated right now...
Making great time through the Lincoln Tunnel
Stuck in the protective shell of the Lincoln Tunnel.
This is the worst case of the Mondays ever: terrible traffic on the Holland, my lunch leaked in my bag, and the best part..student loan interest rates double! yay!!
Screw Manhattan rush hour and the Holland Tunnel fml
Tapan Zee or George Washington Bridge on a Monday around 10/11 am?
But with the Department of Transportation's new rules forcing drivers to take longer breaks and cut back on hours behind the wheel, Spoon thinks the government has created a solution looking for a problem.
Oceanside my new favorite place in the world. I had to go trough a cave to get to this side :)
Did anyone else find Lincoln to be extremely boring? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Took a little longer than it should've thanks to my phones directions but we finally made it.
Survived the five of us stuffed in the Scion to wedding in Delaware and then back to NYC. Kudos to everyone for not making tunnel jokes while in the Lincoln Tunnel.
What a great day in NYC in the Pride Parade! Steve Powers-Hill rode up and back. Parkway, turnpike and Lincoln Tunnel We took the Holland out. It started raining at the Bayonne Bridge and rained all the way home. A lot of firsts for him on the bike and he was MARVELOUS! Love my Husband!
On the bus back home. Great weekend in Philly.
I just found a penny that I swallowed when I was 10.
In a closing commentary on Wednesday, Hardball’s Chris Matthews ranted that opposing gun control could lead to the assassination of a future American president or politician. Matthews fumed that he supports new restrictions because “the next mass shooter could well emerge out of this pack” of the “p...
Everyone told me to take the Lincoln tunnel. Now stuck in traffic again because of pride week. I love it :)
Off to the NYC pride parade with Walter!
Trying desperately to understand an airport outfit . Sequin top Flame stitch shorts Leopard sandals Rainbow socks A dark closet no mirror morning or a woman thinking outside the box ???. I'm thinking my first choice lmao
Good morning 73 degrees and overcast at the Lincoln Tunnel! Going up to 82 and muggy today with some showers! Have a great day
With the cbd cordon now gone who went for a walk around? How did you feel?
I know now what "be careful what you wish for" means. Commuting back to NYC and having houseguests at the same time has been a trip. GPS systems suck! Monday, first day back to work, Lincoln Tunnel has 1 hr delay due to accident on GWB. Decide to to take back route to tunnel and end up going over GW bridge. 3 hr drive to work. Tuesday, 3rd epidural in back. Think office is on 79th & Lex., grab cab about to go off duty and go to wrong address. Find out office is at 70th street between 2nd & 3rd. All cabs going off duty and must walk. 90 degrees and humid and rt. leg feels like its going to give out. Arrive at office sweating like a pig about 45 min late. Get painful injection, walk back to work. Office locked and my ID badge won't unlock it. God sends cleaning lady with master key. Wednesday must pick up guests at Newark, arriving at 5:30. IT dept at NY Hospital finally gets my computer onto hospital network. Guests have 30 min delay and I think all is good and I leave work at 6:00. Drive around airport in ...
Well.we survived the bus ride, Lincoln Tunnel, subway, ferry, Wall Street, 9/11 Memorial, Chinatown, SoHo, Broadway Street, the Shake Shack, Madison Square Park, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal! Whew!! It's been a long, fun day!!!
Yup, this would totally be me if I was about to be tortured.
Digging out $13 toll for G W Bridge. These people and their never-ending tolls.
Anybody going into New York City from New Jersey ? You better have some patience with you. Especially if you're taking the George Washington Bridge. There's a 1 HOUR delay from Teaneck at I-80 East and I-95 N.J. Turnpike North (Mainline MERGE). Also from Rt. 4 EAST (Englewood) and Rt. 46-1-9 (Palisades Park). Both, Upstairs and Downstairs levels are congested to The Bronx. You may want to use the Tappan Zee Bridge or Lincoln Tunnel as alternates for now. GOOD LUCK!!
Just went through the Lincoln Tunnel... and under the Hudson River!
Just went through a toll road in Maryland. There was no dign in advance letting you know what the cost of the toll was. We had $1 and owed $9...we literally were counting change while everyone was honking behind us. We scrounged up $8 in the car and I had to go out to the trailer in my bare feet to get the last dollar in a drawer for our laundry supplies.
Almost over just in the Lincoln tunnel
Lincoln Tunnel is coming up. ..I love it!
good ol myspace. i dont remember seeing this on here You know you've lived in 757 if... You aren't amazed whenever any city within 50 miles of your house is mentioned in a text book, national news, etc. You can name at least three of Mike Joynes' law partners. You can finish the "Beach Ford" song. [Beach Ford, Barton Ford, Lincoln, Mercury.. World Class!] You know Mount Trashmore is a real place, not a joke. You can see another 7-11 from the 7-11 you're currently at. You know that 64 West in Chesapeake is actually going east. Any westbound trip you've ever made involves at least one tunnel. You can name at least three underwater tunnels within a twenty mile radius of your home. You've been friends with, dated or married a sailor. You can say "Norfolk" while sounding neither obscene nor incorrect. You don't stop and look skyward when aircraft fly over. You know what a Food Lion is. Newport News is not a catalog, it is a city. It's not a peninsula, it's the Peninsula. With a capital P. You can name all the ...
I passed through the 7 levels of the candycane forest, past the sea of twirly swirly gun drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln tunnel...
Food safety question: If you have a power outage (or, like me, a refrigerator door that doesn't always close properly and a short attention span), are refrigerate-after-opening foods that have never been opened (but had been chilled in the refrigerator anyway) safe to keep? For instance, an unopened bottle of salad dressing?
I hate sunset blvd on a Friday afternoon by the 405! I mean seriously?
Drove up to New Paltz, NY. 2 hours minor care trouble with enough concern to stop and transfer my granddaughters to my other car. Continued my trip with out a hitch. Check engine light on the whole time. 2 Hours no problem other than the light. Drop off the luggage had some lunch and started home. I had to tend to the dogs at home since I left my lovely wife upstate for the weekend. While driving up I noticed the usual backup on the Eastbound Staten Island Expressway and decided "Ha" I remember the other times caught in that traffic mess, I'll bypass it comeing home. One backup after another and 4 hours, let me repeat that 4 hours later I am greeted by 4 hungry dogs walking on their nails with yellow eyes, wonder where the *** I have been. Sometimes being too smart is a dumb approach. I know my way around Queens and Brooklyn to get past this stuff. WRONG. The traffic gods were watching my every twist and turn. Now I have a bruise on my head from banging it on the steering wheel, I have a whole new dicti . ...
I guess I missing the boatride. Just getting home and don't enough time to get there.. Charo Velecio. I'm sorry !! YA GIRLS BETTER ROCK IT OUT!!
Had lunch in NYC at Red Rooster Harlem. If you are ever in the area, it is excellent. Hit some traffic near the Hudson River, and then again in the Lincoln Tunnel. Aside from the smell, the Jersey Turnpike wasn't too bad. Now in Philly to find the hotel!
2 hours from NJTP to Lincoln Tunnel. Then I make a wrong turn headed away from the hotel. Get righted, drop off car, and check in. Get to 12th floor room and there's people in it already. Terri goes down to front desk, I stay, but then hotel clerk comes up to get me. Go all the way down to miss Terri and go back to the 10th floor, new room. Manager calls and then bumps us up to a nicer suite on the 9th floor.
So I took the bus today. Twice. I'm proud of myself.
Does anyone else think the NYC tunnel system of a 1000 lanes narrowing down to only 2 lanes is COMPLETELY ridiculous?
NYC for the weekend. Never a bad idea.
I just lost all my contacts on my phone. WTH!
ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT New York City BUT DID NOT ASK ME, PART 2 -- --New York City fire trucks are replaced every 10 years. so no truck used in 9-11 is still in use. -- that came from a New York City fireman. he said he was involved in the 9-11d isaster. asked how many hours he was there, he politely declined to discuss the day. he is pictured. -- eventually 7 world trade center towers will be built. money exists now for only four towers. only four tenants have been secured for the tallest tower that has been built. -- mayor michael bloomberg is worth $27 billion and has 12 homes. -- donald trump has not one but five towners in nyc. -- st. pat's church had the funerals for robert kennedy and billy martin. -- nyc has a population of about 9 million. contrast that with bangkok, thailand, at 33 million. -- jacksonville, fla., is the no. 1 city in the u.s. in terms of area. -- the lincoln tunnel is 1 1/2 miles long but only 20 feet wide. facts provided by tour guide darrell.
Made it through the Lincoln tunnel Cali girls are now in Jersey
Off to work 930-300 catering 330 Lincoln tunnel bus 400-1000 restaurant 1030-300 Time Scare Bar for some social fun. Long day but hoping the money will keep me motivated.
Lincoln tunnel new jersy,new York Pasar por ahi dentro es demaciado Chiba :3
Driving in New York! Still the same! Lincoln tunnel! George Washington Bridge!Cross Bronx expressway! I'll take the Beltway in the D.M.V. any day!
My whole week has been one continuous traffic jam. 2 hours so far. If I could only walk through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Going to sleep as Ny traffic and getting lost coming out of lincoln tunnel has just made me glad i moved but still happy to be home for vaca will get in touch with all tomorroe night
On in NY now witnessing a live riot of 71 passengers. No AC, nobody allowed off the bus, bus driver won't talk to anyone. Sitting here now for 80 minutes. Pandemonium!
Ya know I may have moved out of the City almost 20 years ago (ouch), but I can still drive as good as if not better than most of the people in the City. Trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel was a joke today...I am sure I made a couple of people a little upset but being aggressive is the only way you can make it through that tunnel in decent time...One thing I am proud to say is that all of my children drive just like their Mama, and I love it!
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