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Lincoln Tunnel

The Lincoln Tunnel is a long tunnel under the Hudson River, connecting Weehawken, New Jersey and the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

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Some people feel that sense of doom right when they drive through the Lincoln Tunnel. Maybe this…
That looks like the MIRA tunnel... four props off an Avro Lincoln.
Then, Dude, unless your middle name is too 'Dudley,' 'Shirley,' 'Hoskins,'…
I liked a video Daily Duce at the Lincoln Tunnel Motel
My mind is more jammed up then the Lincoln Tunnel during Xmas holiday wknd traffic
Hold a protest and gather so many people and shut down every major bridge or tunnel, G.W.bridge and Lin…
Some guy is alleging that our bus bumped into his car just outside of Lincoln tunnel. Nobody on the bus thinks this…
I love that Weehawken puts up holiday lights and big lit trees right outside the Lincoln Tunnel. “Happy Holidays!!…
Sitting in Lincoln Tunnel traffic, eating an açaí bowl in the car, just might be the most LA and NY thing I’ve ever done. 😂😂😂
I sat on Santa's lap and the Lincoln tunnel vision for you and your family are better than both of your mail servers
Delays on New Jersey Turnpike - Eastern Spur southbound North of Interchange 17E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel to North of…
“First, I travelled through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of twirly swirly gumdrops and t…
I just wanna walk trough the seven levels of the candy cane forests, pass the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops and the…
Come and take a walk through a candy cane forest, a sea of swirly-twirly gum drops and the Lincoln Tunnel during ou…
I was speaking more to which events specifically i.e. Lincoln tunnel and such.
If I'm going to an event in NYC nearish the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space museum/Lincoln tunnel (11th st.) in Feb...…
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Maybe Tesco on the blackwall tunnel rd I think you get 3 hrs free might help
Love just wasting my life away sitting on a bus. Commute home Friday was 2:45 & coming in today I’m already @ 2:20…
Good morning to everyone except the Lincoln Tunnel.
[Decamp-33-66] We are now moving briskly through the Lincoln tunnel and have been at speed since the turnaround
The Lincoln Tunnel to NJ is experiencing a delay of 15 minutes due to an accident on NJ 495 westbound. [27]
Delays on New Jersey Turnpike - Eastern Spur northbound exiting at Interchange 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel due to del…
"What if Alice didn’t fall down the rabbit hole, but instead, traveled through Lincoln Tunnel into another kind o…
Need a better header . right now it’s the oil refineries before the Lincoln Tunnel in New York
The city always inspires to write.. and then the Lincoln tunnel ensures it
Delays on NJ 495 eastbound from Kennedy Boulevard to Lincoln Tunnel delays due to volume
usual :P I had to drive a chevy suburban through the middle of manhattan to the Lincoln tunnel in rush hour - not fun
Lincoln Tunnel Outbound from Midtown-Manhattan to I-95-Entrance, delay: 2 mins ~20mph. Click for the latest -
10th Ave is never any fun around the Lincoln Tunnel any day - but 5th Ave from 60's to 30's w/ some no turns may be…
Exploring after entering from the Lincoln tunnel. Then got sucked into the AT&T store for a…
Look at the map, north of Lincoln tunnel, not far. But they aren’t around yet
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Who is this actor from episode 3? He was getting a BJ in Lincoln tunnel from Lori
Fun fact: Lincoln is my favorite president and least favorite tunnel.
2. I get 2 bars in the Lincoln Tunnel but only 1 at my house. I came from att. It's just not even close…
From Newark, NJ to my brother's house in *** s Kitchen. We had to go through the Lincoln Tunnel.
My mom drove past me and somehow ended up in the Lincoln tunnel this is why I wanted to just take the train how does anyone even do that
Traffic is crawling heading into Lincoln Tunnel, but network is humming along at 63 Mbps
Kagane she need to get schooled before The Great Amadi Oha will spray thunder in her "LINCOLN TUNNEL" ol…
Delays on NJ 495 eastbound between NJ 3 and Lincoln Tunnel delays due to volume
Coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel at the crescendo of "Midnight Radio" from Hedwig might have broken me.
A tad unsettling driving through the Lincoln Tunnel and noticing water spraying from the left wall. Maintenance, right?
Spooky.just got past the Lincoln Tunnel section in The Stand...😮
Disabled vehicle on NJ 495 westbound ramp from Lincoln Tunnel (Weehawken Twp) right lane blocked
Off to the airport, not loving the broken down FedEx semi in the Lincoln Tunnel, Gah! @ New York
Disabled tractor trailer on Lincoln Tunnel westbound at New York Side - North Tube (Manhattan) right lane blocked
The face you make when you leave early to make it to a panel but the bus gets stuck in the Lincoln tunnel for 45 mi…
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Debris spill on Lincoln Tunnel westbound New York Side - North Tube (Manhattan) to
Construction, construction on NJ 495 eastbound ramp to Lincoln Tunnel (Weehawken Tw
Delays on NJ TPK - Eastern Spur SB North of Int 17E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel to North of Int 15W - I-280 4 mile delay due to volume
Martha Wright mysteriously disappeared in 1975 when her husband pulled over inside the Lincoln Tunnel. He stopped...
The bus I'm on broke down IN the Lincoln Tunnel and they shut the whole into NYC side down 😂 good morning.
Just worked 12 hours, I've been up for 24. This Lincoln Tunnel traffic is really testing me
Bus service traveling to PABT is now subject to delays of up to 15 minutes due to an earlier disabled NJT bus, center tube, Lincoln Tunnel.
The previous alert at the Lincoln Tunnel to NY due to a disabled vehicle is no longer in effect. There may be residual delays. [17]
How long does it take to remove a disabled bus from the Lincoln tunnel? You should have this down to a science by now.
*** is happening in the Lincoln Tunnel w your broken down bus /why are we trapped here for 1hr w no info?!?
9am exp bus from SO has been stuck in the Lincoln tunnel for over 30 minutes w/ zero update from driver!
remind me to never take a NJT bus. Even when the NJT trains are delayed. Or shut down. Sitting in the Lincoln Tunnel for 1hr
I've been stuck in the Lincoln tunnel for almost an hour. Happy Monday!
... so I took the 9 am bus and we got to the Lincoln Tunnel at about 9:30 and now it's 10:12 and we're still in the tunnel... /5
emergency vehicles going through the right lane of the lincoln tunnel, left lane hasn't moved in 20 minutes. Any insight?
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Love being stuck in the Lincoln tunnel on a Monday morning.
Lincoln Tunnel traffic at a standstill- when you explain the origins of the mole people to your grandchildren you can say you knew me when.
Bus Route No. 191, the 9:32am arrival into New York PABT is currently disabled in the Lincoln Tunnel and awaiting mechanical assistance.
So my bus broke down in the middle of the Lincoln tunnel and I transferred buses, currently watching the cops tow my bus out 🙂🔫
The Lincoln Tunnel to NY is experiencing a delay of 30 minutes due to a disabled bus in the Center Tube. [14]
This bus was moving great til it got into the Lincoln Tunnel. Then, as usual, it stopped. But I still have to go to work today.
Why bother leaving for work on time if my bus is going to break down in the lincoln tunnel and make me late anyway
Someone hit the Stop Requested button while in the Lincoln Tunnel approaching Port Authority Bus Terminal. Where were you hoping to stop? 😕
20-minute delays at the Lincoln Tunnel . CLICK BELOW FOR FULL STORY...
Delays on NJ 495 eastbound approaching Lincoln Tunnel delays due to volume
it's nothing to breeze thru jersey, but once we hit that lincoln tunnel we legit sit twenty minutes. but I'm back.
nice seeing you on the way into the Lincoln Tunnel Thursday! Glad we both survived.
Got local poker action in jersey 10 mins from Lincoln tunnel
Sometimes when you are driving a van in a tunnel on pcp you just gotta do what you gotta do
What does The Lincoln Tunnel, 42nd St., The New Jewish Home, Gray's Papaya, & Schomburg Library have in common? They're all in my latest MS!
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Not too gingered to make this trip to New York City. Jersey tolls $6, Lincoln Tunnel $15, parking $48 for 3 hours, food n drinks $65 😕😕😕
I'm with you. I'll one up you: I saw a DRIVER w/his left foot up on the dash over the weekend, in stop-…
No traffic in the Lincoln tunnel. Week off to a great start.
Two tourists next to me on the bus as we enter the congested Lincoln Tunnel: "Imagine if we had to drive in every morning..." 🤢🤢🤢
Not even this ridiculous traffic jam to go through the Lincoln tunnel can mess with my comedy high right now. 💯🤣
Accident:Spur north Inter 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel in 2 left lanes blocked.
**TRAFFIC ALERT** Disabled vehicle outbound Lincoln Tunnel right lane blocked in North Tube
we're literally just stopped in front of the Lincoln tunnel lol
Accident on Lincoln Tunnel eastbound at Mid-Tunnel - South Tube (Manhattan) 1 to 2 lanes blocked
This car is broken down outside the Lincoln Tunnel. Maybe he had it comin?
closes out the podcast lounge. Still time to make it...if you're in the Lincoln tunnel alread…
Just watched an MLB game under water while stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel. Technology is something else.
The previous alert on Eastbound 495 about an accident by Bergenline Avenue headed towards the Lincoln Tunnel inbound is no longer in effect
Over $200,000 raised! Congratulations to all participants of today's Lincoln Tunnel 5K Challenge.
My girls ran the Lincoln Tunnel 5K challenge… So proud of them
Got on bus 7:05 in Glen Ridge and not even at Lincoln Tunnel yet. Bus isn't moving. Barbara's Homecare
It has taken an hour to get from the NJ side of the Lincoln Tunnel to Port Authority what is going on
Coming back into the city? 79 years ago, the Lincoln Tunnel opened to traffic
If I can just get through the Lincoln Tunnel, the real world is on the other side
Might as well listen to Leonard Cohen as you and traffic are slowly queuing toward the Lincoln Tunnel back into NYC
I'm approaching the Lincoln Tunnel. I have my old T Mobile phone with me I'm going to buy a sim card and join them again. I love New York!
Stuck with my stepdad's friend in a car driving to the city and he doesnt shut up. Add the Lincoln Tunnel traffic, a headache, and hunger
Hey why do 40 people on a bus have to wait behind 1 person in a car in the Lincoln Tunnel?
Update: Incident on EB from West of Pleasant Avenue to Lincoln Tunnel
If Buddy the Elf can walk from the Lincoln Tunnel to Manhattan, so can we.
I just ran 1.8 times through the Lincoln Tunnel to Get Fresh on
Some guy behind us stopped dead in the middle of Lincoln tunnel and got out of his car ***
I just ran 2.9 times through the Lincoln Tunnel to SynthWave Superstars on todo bien, buen paso.
Lincoln tunnel toll from 1937-present: $0.5 to $15 . Had it gone up at the official 'inflation rate' it should have been $8.32
Trump is driving to New Jersey and Lincoln Tunnel is shut down for his motorcade at 5 p.m. on a Friday.
Just googled how many emergency exits in the Lincoln tunnel and have no answer I'm dead
Name a more Christmas Hanukkah trio. I'll wait. 💙🎄💛 @ Lincoln Tunnel
BARRY is used to bending over. His *** looks like the Lincoln Tunnel.
Lincoln Tunnel: Hudson wonder opened 79-years ago today. Port Authority tribute in photos
He's paying NYC back in spades by blocking off Fifth Avenue and closing the Lincoln Tunnel at 5 p.m. on a Friday.
COMMUTER ALERT: 3-car accident closes the New Jersey-bound north tube of the Lincoln Tunnel
Accident on New Jersey Turnpike northbound outside Lincoln Tunnel approach. Traffic at a stand still
45minute Delays at the Lincoln Tunnel east from New Jersey Turnpike Exit 16E to the New York side
2 sixteen yr olds run out of gas in the Lincoln Tunnel dring rush hour? read this book!
Im doing missions in Lincoln tunnel lm not getting my 20 phoenix credit what go on with that
I don't understand the tolls in NYC. They have ripped me off and the Lincoln Tunnel is not everything I was expe…
Tell Herky: Lincoln Tunnel out, Jersey Tpk south, exit 9. See him there tomorrow!
Omer Cartan first customer at Lincoln tunnel New York , New Jersey December 22' 1937
Accident on Lincoln Tunnel Expwy still delaying traffic 20m more than usual
scared in the Lincoln Tunnel on a Ram Van
I've found *** and it's going through the Lincoln tunnel on a Friday night
If I die and go to *** it will be the Lincoln Tunnel filled with buses.
Approaching heading thru the Lincoln Tunnel next
It's been an hour and half since I past Newark airport and I'm not even in the Lincoln tunnel yet
NBC News: Law enforcement officials say that it is not definitive that he took his car through the Lincoln Tunnel but haven't ruled it out.
11th ave en route to the lincoln tunnel is horrible. Avoid!
In tha Lincoln tunnel almost to tha city
What about the Lincoln Tunnel scene from The Stand? He can't see, so it all comes down to touch and hearing.
- There are two now; 1 in Miami, one in NJ to the Lincoln Tunnel. That one is seen by 1.5 million daily!
I think I need to change my safe word. I always end up with an a-hole the size of the Lincoln Tunnel
Accident on the inbound Lincoln Tunnel on the helix blocks one lane
Construction, construction on NJ 495 westbound Lincoln Tunnel (Weehawken Twp) to N remain in drivers seat @ Lincoln Tunnel
I liked a video from The Division Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Hard Solo
Whenever I'm in an UberX driving through the Lincoln Tunnel I feel as if I'm channeling my inner Princess Di
It was light when I went to the Lincoln tunnel and dark when I came out 😳🌞🌚
says Bus service to/from 15 minutes delay due to an earlier disabled vehicle inside north tube of Lincoln Tunnel
Hoping for speedy recoveries for the 15+ people injured near the Port Authority/Lincoln Tunnel this morning.
I just ran 1.6 times through the Lincoln Tunnel to Fist Pump Run 2 on
I just ran 1.1 times through the Lincoln Tunnel to Hustle ***
Crews to use dynamite to blast their way to flood relief for NW Siders by
Traffic in the Lincoln tunnel makes me sad.
Today in NJ history: May 25, 1957, the South tube of the Lincoln Tunnel officially opened at 1:30 pm. Below...
- anyone else stuck in Lincoln tunnel traffic for 40 mins coming in from Hoboken?!?
I wish the Lincoln tunnel had a geotag so you would all know the exact point at which I was crying
I swear, there's more traffic in the Lincoln tunnel when the sun is out than when it rains.
Just stuck on the highway there's an accident in the Lincoln Tunnel and I'm going to be here for…
I just got TWO pairs of savage gloves from the boss on Lincoln Tunnel. So don't wanna go to work tomorrow!!
doing great when not driving through Lincoln Tunnel lol. How are you and the kids?
So many air fresheners on the shuttle @ Lincoln Tunnel Under The Hudson River
Now he can't hear the other person due to interference. Ps we are in the Lincoln Tunnel 😂😂😂
Leslie would just get stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel anyway.
That moment when and go to break when I'm about to enter the Lincoln tunnel and come out and don't miss a sec
Grab your earplugs, Albany Park: months of explosions ahead as part of tunnel work
Your career is over. I suspect I'll see you next at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.
This Lincoln Tunnel traffic right now is outta pocket smh.
The van I'm on is making me anxious b/c it tried to find a short cut to the Lincoln Tunnel but in fact ends up farther from it.
So were in Lincoln tunnel in traffic not moving Eric says "they can easily just have a 💣 down here" 😨 SOS
Delays on Lincoln Tunnel eastbound from New Jersey. (New York) The travel time is
driving there they suggest taking the Lincoln Tunnel, driving across Manhattan to the Midtown Tunnel. Fun!
George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel, and Lincoln Tunnel can't get out of New York. pure incompetence.
Delays on Lincoln Tunnel westbound from New York (Manhattan) . The travel time is
Lexington Event Center – Challenge Mode Guide: After Lincoln Tunnel, the Lexington Event Center is the missio...
Check out our Lincoln Tunnel challenge mode!
has anyone been reporting the Lincoln Tunnel challenge starting issues? Also, can't fast travel. Thank you
45 mins into a challenge mission fell through the floor and died. No respawns. Cool fix for Lincoln Tunnel.
BREAKING: Terrible car crash on Willow Ave in just outside Lincoln Tunnel
Delays on NJ 495 westbound between Lincoln Tunnel (Weehawken Twp) and Pleasant Ave
yep, I'm just jumping on now to get a couple of challenge runs done on Lincoln Tunnel first
About to try to solo The Division's Lincoln Tunnel on Challenge Mode. Should be interesting.
New York, HOME, I will see you soon!!! @ Lincoln Tunnel Under The Hudson River
I liked a video from Let's Play The Division - The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
Texts I like to get: "girl I love you" or "got you a bearclaw". Texts I DO NOT like to get: "girl my car broke down. In the Lincoln Tunnel"
Wish that the Golden Gate Park had a tunnel from Lincoln/9th to Fulton to bypass the traffic by the museums. Call it Lincoln Tunnel.
51st & 11th. this guy could pay the $15 Lincoln Tunnel toll, go to the Exxon in Weehawken and actually save $19.20.
Accident cleared in North Bergen on The Lincoln Tunnel/I-495 EB after Kennedy Blvd, stopped traffic back to Th...
about to enter the Lincoln tunnel On my way to batman v superman premiere
Lincoln Tunnel CheckPoint on Challenging... We can do this Believe and you shall provail!
What if they trapped people in say the Lincoln Tunnel? I'd say blocking a highway is pretty close to terrorism
Working @ the gym I play my music over the speaker.. An old man compared it 2 driving through the Lincoln Tunnel (I dont think thats good)?
domain names
Spamming this Lincoln tunnel challenge daily
I did the lincoln tunnel challenge in under an hr. That has to be a personal best
Operational Activity on Lincoln Tunnel westbound from New York Side - Center Tube (
the only one I have been able to complete so far is the Lincoln Tunnel Challenge mission because you can hang back
Picking up framed Merging at Lincoln Tunnel for NJ Annual at Noyes (@ Michael's in Secaucus, NJ)
I should be on later today. Finished Lincoln tunnel on challenge. Much easier than the one we did.
Can't not think about every time I go through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Lincoln tunnel traffic isn't so bad when is your view
I liked a video from LINCOLN TUNNEL: The Division (4)
Its just too good to pass off, compared to the Lincoln Tunnel checkpoint on challenge mode ;)
I think the new challenge is The Lincoln tunnel
I added a video to a playlist The Divison Lincoln Tunnel Challenge Mode
Lincoln tunnel challenge mode on the division! Let's do it
Running Lincoln Tunnel hard mode daily with only pistols. It was that or speed run with normal guns.
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We are in an uber talking about what kind of furry we would be and I think our driver wants to let us out in the Lincoln tunnel
Figured out the mission issue. "Lincoln Tunnel" is available on Hard OR Challenging. Seems like a bug.
No. Lincoln Tunnel is both the HARD and CHALLENGING dailies.
once I was going through the Lincoln tunnel & we're talking abt what if water came in &I said "they could open the roof and we can swim out"
Driving through middle tube of Lincoln Tunnel
Lincoln tunnel is both the hard and challenge daily, so there's still 3 dailies
challenge is also the Lincoln tunnel I've heard
Need one for lincoln tunnel challenge. Halfway done
I added a video to a playlist The Division Mission: Lincoln Tunnel
Port Authority says disabled bus in Lincoln Tunnel west is on its way. movement should resume shortly
The East Bay stops at the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge.
UPDATE: Disabled vehicle CLEARED from I-495 EB at Kennedy Blvd. 1 hr delays to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Bus from DC to Lincoln tunnel 4 hours. Five blocks from Lincoln Tunnel to Port Authority 2 hours. Welcome back to
Part of Lower Manhattan and the Lincoln Tunnel looks very nice, earlier this morning from Weehawken, NJ:
I liked a video Inside the Lincoln Tunnel
LINCOLN HUDSON with logo clearly visible . . tunnel vision . big breaths
fun adult version of a childlike game: instead of rolling down a grassy hill in a park why not roll in to Lincoln Tunnel?
Hoping Lincoln Tunnel traffic won't make us late for !
Omg this is taking forever. Trapped in the Lincoln Tunnel.
Came out of the Lincoln tunnel and all of a sudden it's dark out 🙄😒
The flaw will not lose. @ Lincoln Tunnel Under The Hudson River
About to go through the Lincoln Tunnel! Can't wait to see
Delays on Lincoln Tunnel eastbound from New Jersey Side - Toll Plaza (Weehawken Twp
and then I walked through the Lincoln tunnel!!
ArtLinc Festival brings chalk art to Lincoln street tunnel.
The sound of brakes going into Lincoln Tunnel. Downward glissing bowed crotales? Better options?
Some 200 protesters marching towards the Lincoln Tunnel after protesters storm the tunnel.
Helllooo billboard going into the Lincoln Tunnel 😎
Cleared: Construction on SB from Interchange 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel to South of...
Delays at the Lincoln Tunnel east 40-45 minutes from NJ Turnpike to New York side
Disabled vehicle on EB from Pleasant Avenue to Lincoln Tunnel
Ever seen that movie Daylight w Uncle Sly? (Sylvester Stallone). That movie will make you fear the Lincoln Tunnel
Sitting on 11th Ave. near the Lincoln Tunnel for better than an hour now. This is brutal.
I just ran 2.2 times through the Lincoln Tunnel to Pump Up The 90s by on
Never loved them till I commuted via the Lincoln Tunnel. The view from Weehawken was inspiring.
Port Authority plans resi project above Lincoln Tunnel approach: If you want your Lincoln Tunnel on-ramp devel...
Port Authority gets into the development biz w/ plans for 9-story apartment bldg next to the Lincoln Tunnel approach
Just passed a three-vehicle collision en route to the Lincoln Tunnel. Let's hope we don't have another episode of Monday's traffic.
From Our Collection: NY/NJ Port Authority Police fingerprint new members of the Lincoln Tunnel police force in 1937.
Shout out to bus driver 500400 who doesn't know how to get to Port Authority from the Lincoln Tunnel. Sent from 31st & 10th.
Hate the Lincoln Tunnel. These guys finally decided to show up.
For anyone who has ever complained about the $6 rush hour Bay Bridge toll, TIL that the Lincoln Tunnel toll is now FOURTEEN DOLLARS.
It's taken nearly as long to get home in NJ just to get from NYC Port Authority to the exit of Lincoln Tunnel.
It begins: Departures delays due to a motor vehicle accident on Rt-495 west, 30 minutes at the Lincoln Tunnel
15-20 minutes delay from Weehawken NJ Boulevard east to Lincoln Tunnel both ground and helix
Like saving money? Luxurious 1.5 Bedroom 1.5 Bath at The Thread in Union City just seconds to the Lincoln Tunnel...
I travel the 495 viaduct/Lincoln Tunnel approach every day. The amount of trash and debris alongside the road is sad.
If this goes into OT next school year, let's get PARCC sign Lincoln Tunnel ;)
Hey! you guys know about this project coming up right?
This sounds like a nasty mess, hope it solves the problem.
Looking for Buddy the Elf in the Lincoln tunnel
Due to a recently cleared disabled bus in the North tube of the Lincoln Tunnel, the bus terminal could see delays West bound to NJ
The Lincoln Tunnel is like coming out of the womb
But this is not a story about the Lincoln Tunnel. This is about the men who made it. The Sandhogs. via
maybe like 30 mins but there could be traffic cause it's by the Lincoln tunnel
That was either mist or a biblical plague of nats at the Lincoln Tunnel on our camera
At -- Approach to the Lincoln Tunnel, New York side tunnel …
& are either mad at each other, joking or weird 3rd bizarro option.God dammit 4th option lincoln tunnel is rerouted
PA - Lincoln Tunnel: Construction on NJ 495 EB btwn Pleasant Avenue and Lincoln Tunnel all lanes closed and detoured until 5:00 A.M.
Just pulled a perks of being a wallflower in the Lincoln tunnel
Update: Earlier incident on Lincoln Tunnel WB from New York Side - North Tube to New Jersey Side - North Tube
you should use the Panasonic countdown clock outside the Lincoln Tunnel. They don't use it any more.
Lincoln tunnel is a parking lot right now 😩😒😑
The Mets will not own NYC until you can hear their games on the radio while stuck smack in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel. So not yet.
Finally out the Lincoln tunnel. Only took 20 minutes
Been stuck in the Lincoln tunnel for who knows how long
Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight train coming your way!
The Lincoln Tunnel to NJ is experiencing 30 minutes delays due to Police activity says
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