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Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne , is an American rapper.

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35 years ago today, Legend Dwayne Carter, Jr. was born. Happy Birthday to Lil Wayne! 🎈
"Haters can't see me, nose bleed seats. And today I went shopping and talk is still cheap." Lil Wayne .
(2007) Happy 35th birthday to one of the all-time greats, Lil Wayne! Classic.
Thank you lil Wayne for discovering Nicki Minaj, without you we wouldn't be stanning a legend atm
Happy Birthday Lil Wayne. Still the best rapper alive.
What’s more iconic..the flute or Lil Wayne lighter at the beginnin?
Kanye West & Lil Wayne in the studio recording Smuckers with Tyler, The Creator
September 27, 1982. One of the greatest of our era was born. Happy Birthday Lil Wayne.
Happy Birthday goes out to Lil Wayne! He turned 35 today! 🎂🎈
Happy 35th Birthday to one of the best to ever do it LIl Wayne 🎤🐐🎂🎉
Today is the GOAT Lil Wayne's birthday. The whole world stopped when Wayne dropped this
Cavs can have Dwayne Wade, Bruce Wayne, John Wayne, and even Lil Wayne. . Don't matter, Warriors in Fo
Today is Lil Wayne and Daddy Bishop Oyedepo's birthday so we sing. Wizzy Boy make Me dance. Daddy You make me dance
Lil Wayne, Damian Lillard, and Scott Storch have a song together 🔥
Hey Lil B, who is your other fav Lil artist, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Lil Kim, or Lil Romeo?
" favorite rapper has always been Lil Wayne.".
XO History: 4 years ago today, Abel kicked off the most anticipated mixtape at the time, Lil Wayne's "Dedication 5" with…
I added a video to a playlist Lil Wayne- Bill Gates Chopped And Screwed
2017 is officially cancelled if Lil Wayne dies this year
Hmmm...MediateTakeOut is insinuating that Lil Wayne Attempted to Commit Suicide...
Lil Wayne & Scott Storch in the studio working on new music
Lil Wayne birthed a lot of these rappers out here y'all be listening respect at all times
If Lil Wayne dies imma have to take a semester off
Nicki Minaj is the new lil Wayne who collabs with everyone
Now playing "I'm the One feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne" by DJ Khaled! -
My favorite Lil Wayne line is "you can call him your husband, call me at night time"
Lil Wayne drop the world Featuring eminem sur les ondes de : .
Lil Wayne isn't relevant anymore and isn't that great to me. He talks about the same things in pretty much ever…
Lil Wayne is already back in the studio following recent seizure scare
I'm ready to throw it back to Migos, cry to Khalid, rap along to Lil Wayne. I'm just ready for ya
Lil Wayne Back in the Studio with Scott Storch, Damian Lillard After Latest Health Scare via
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Lil Wayne likes n rts aren't asleep I do with international
Find out who he's back in the lab with
Currency feat August Alsina and Lil Wayne - Bottom Of The Bottle on
Pray for Lil Wayne. Sometimes ppl forget the man that inspired a new generation of music.. But we know who the GOAT is. htt…
Lil Wayne canceled his Sunday show in Las Vegas after suffering multiple seizures:
"Don't call me sir, call me Survivor" - . Stay strong, Lil Wayne 🙏🏼
And no Im not a fan of Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye, etc., etc. (9/?)
Is Lil Wayne alive or not man yall pissin me off
Hip-Hop heavyweight suffers a seizure in Chicago, Vegas show in doubt. via
praying Lil Wayne pull through. He's my childhood. One of the best to ever do it.
Ain't no way lil Wayne bout to die and Soulja boy still breathing. pull thru lil Wayne!
Pray for Lil Wayne. He has been hospitalized due to seizures. Man, hate seeing him this way. . 🙏🏽😔
Lil Wayne gave us one of the most legendary discographies in rap. What y'all NOT finna do is disrespect him.
For how much y'all love talking bout great Lil Wayne is, I would've thought y'all knew he's epileptic, & doesn't get s…
Lil Wayne reportedly hospitalized for having multiple seizures. Send those prayers up 🙏🏾
Lil Wayne hospitalized after suffering seizures
My ex bf looks like a white lil Wayne 😂 ew.
Prayers for the legend LiL Wayne🙏🏼 you gotta pull through this the game will never be the same without you ☹️
Alright, Lil Wayne. I need you to pull thru.
Lil Wayne has epilepsy it ain't the lean...stop being so quick to jump to conclusions
Lil Wayne has been hospitalized after suffering a seizure from his ongoing battle with epilepsy
Do whatever it take. Lil' Wayne must be saved. He is a national treasure.
If lil wayne dies I'm dying too I've had enough
Lil Wayne suffered multiple seizures earlier today in Chicago. He was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious. (…
Lil Wayne (was reportedly found unconscious in his hotel room after suffering at least one seizure. https:…
Rap star Lil Wayne suffers seizures, is hospitalized: reports
BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Lil Wayne has been found unconscious and unresponsive in a Chicago hotel room.
Lil Wayne reportedly hospitalized for multiple seizures.
Lil Wayne in the hospital with seizures AGAIN ... you guys keep drinking that lean tho
We hope everything will be okay with Lil Wayne. Sending our prayers. ❤️
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Lil Wayne was hospitalized again this Sunday in Chicago after he was found unconscious in his hotel room
FUN FACT FRI! What do Lil Wayne, Jim Parsons, and Elizabeth Warren have in common? They were all students at Univ of Houst…
"I think you stand under me If you don't understand me" -Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne doesn't know racism, just uncle Bob💯
Ugk, outkast, geto boys, Lil Wayne and DJ screw
From Katy Perry to Lil Wayne, we count down the most epic Vegas-set music videos:
Lil Wayne says "Tha Carter V" is finished and he can drop it whenever he wants
Growing up Lil Wayne was the greatest rapper alive. If you’re 16-23 you know what I’m talking about
Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan featuring Sam Smith by Lil Wayne featuring Katy Perry
T Pain and Lil Wayne's style of Pop/R&B rap owe a lot to the likes of Pretty Ricky and Static Major.
Lil Wayne said you better wear a latex cause you don't want that late text that "i think i'm late" text in 2007 smh this not…
In middle school, Kiefer was more intrigued with John Coltrane than the rise of Lil Wayne and Kanye West.
I knew Lil Wayne was one of the greatest rappers of our time when he made Bobby Valentino sing like a siren on a track https:…
One from the Archives: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, or popularly known as Lil Wayne, doing his…
I'm ready for the day my kids and their friends are in my car and Lil Wayne comes on and I go verse for verse and leave…
If she cant scream every word to some CoJo & George Strait then go into rappin every word to Some Gates & Lil Wayne, she ai…
Y'all act like Lil Wayne didn't get Drake to where he's at in life.
It looks like Drake's latest tattoo is a portrait of Lil Wayne..
People who should come to my New Orleans show tonight:. - you. - Lil Wayne. - Mannie Fresh. - Ellen Degeneres. - Anthony Davis. - Drew Brees
If you can't go from Luke Combs to Lil Wayne then we can't vibe
I want to become famous and a Singer or dancer I love niki minaj and lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is my future husband https:…
Eminem - when I'm gone. o . Eminem ft Lil Wayne - no love. o . Nick Jonas - introducing me 😂
that's why ill always respect Lil Wayne...for giving every talent a chance
The song High School by Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne always makes me feel better. 😂
Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter act so tough in the confession room but quiet in person
Lil Wayne had an amazing run but he not the best rapper alive. I'm going with Jay Z
Lil Wayne would've my pick instead of jay too
1st Lil Wayne and Baby & now Jay z and Kayne beefing... I looked up to these guys when it came to loyalty 😞
Can we not forget how legendary this Grammy (2009) performance was, M.I.A, Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and T.I. (Part 1) ht…
Wale - Running back ft Lil Wayne 🔥🔥. Still my best track on that Shine album
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I added a video to a playlist Eminem - No Love ft. Lil Wayne
Me when Prom Queen by Lil Wayne come on
We Are by Hollywood Undead featuring Eminem by Drake featuring Lil Wayne
Drake and Josh ain't cool. Jay Z and Kanye West ain't cool. Birdman and Lil Wayne still ain't cool. . What is life?
Im glad all y'all young folks understanding the greatness of Jay Z now I need Lil Wayne to remind these young *** why he r…
If you can't bump to. Lil Wayne. Dwayne Michael Carter. Weezy F Baby and pls say the baby. Lil Tunechi. Mr. Carter. Best…
13 years ago today, Lil Wayne dropped his fourth studio album "Tha Carter."
Lil Wayne the goat bc he could hop on a Sean Paul beat and eat it, all 3:30 seconds, there will never be another!
13 years ago today, Lil Wayne released Tha Carter.
Lil Wayne and Nana Ama McBrown KillerAsoko Dance . subscribe for more video
Ray J - Brown Sugar ft. Lil Wayne via . Ray J is sexy in this video!!!
Buddens gotta accept that he's a has-been and not even a Mary J Blige or Lil Wayne has-been. He a ***
Just heard MC Lyte say "rap legend" Lil Wayne. Much more than a compliment. Unforgettable. You're the legend Lyte.
Only (feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown) by Nicki Minaj is on iTunes rap songs chart.
Lil Wayne gave us the best Mixtapes, Quotes, Tha Carter series, invented the word bling, found Drake&Nicki Minaj... we ne…
Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper to ever live on Earth.
You have to see this footage of Lil Wayne spitting "30 Minutes to New Orleans"
Get you a girl that can go from Luke Bryan to Lil Wayne in 2.5 seconds
"Real *** move in silence like lasagna" - Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Aka Lil Wayne
Y now it's time for the nog show starring Lil Wayne. Oh, airless.
I went down a rabbit hole and found out Eddie Winslow married Super Head... And she left him for Lil Wayne. Lol I'm…
Lil Wayne & Rick Ross are the worst at promoting their rosters. They have had rappers disappear without a trace and didn't acknowledge it.
Lil Wayne, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Is the greatest rapper of ALL TIME. . Don't @ me.
Young Thug: Aye can I see yo homework. Lil Wayne: Yeah but don't copy it exactly. Young Thug: I got you
Everyone’s child should go as hard for them as Reginae Carter goes for Lil Wayne & Toya Wright
Lil Wayne tells Birdman to suck his *** 😂
"It cost more to send his or her black *** to prison than it do to send his or her black *** to college". - Lil Wayne (200…
Lil Wayne is lowkey goaty. Arguable t3 of our generation
Congratulations to Ryan Lochte! Not for having a kid but for not naming him after Lil Wayne or Kanye like we all thought he would've
Lil Wayne needs to drop Tha Carter V already !!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Lil Wayne, that man gave us Tha Carter III. Put some respect on his name.
He talks about being with Lil Wayne when Wayne received word about Tha Carter 3 selling a million copies in its first week~
Listen to Nightmares of the Bottom by Lil Wayne on
Chris Brown said he has Lil Wayne on a couple tracks. but the rest of the album is just him since he can carry his own tor…
Just imagine how amazing the day will be when Lil Wayne finally puts out Tha Carter V.
Listen to Alex Trebek rap lyrics from Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Desiigner and Kanye West songs on Jeopardy 😂 https:…
Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi and his situation ... What do you think ? Will we ever get Carter 5 ??? 🤙🏾
Berry-flavored Lil Wayne is cheaper than partial Radhe Maa
Lil Wayne at his daughter's graduation
Someone should measure Lil Kim and Lil Jon, Lil Wayne and give me a friend
Someone should measure Lil Jon, Lil Kim and Lil Wayne and find out who is the most Lil.
Watch Nicki Minaj bring out Lil Wayne, David Guetta & Jason Derulo for a four-song medley to open the
When you said you were going to sleep at 0100 but you're sitting on the edge of your bathtub rapping along to Suffix era Lil Wayne at 0400.
Before I sleep I light candles and pray to Lil Wayne's "Hustler Musik"
| Zayn's seat for the BBMA's has been moved to the front row! Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne also occupy the sam…
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On his way to the the restrooms., Yoongi passed by Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj and was in awe
Cause even the best say Weezy the best, okay shawty you ain't messin' with a Li'zane nor Wizane, just a Lil Wayne and a whole lot of Pain...
"And I heard your album, this must be something you're new at, Cos I'll rather hear a Lil Wayne - Lil Zane duet" - (Masta Ace, 2001)
We don't deserve the T-Pain/Lil Wayne album. We absolutely don't deserve it.
these Lil Wayne and T Pain collabs have brought so much joy into my heart, I'm really sitting here feeling like a born again Christian
All roads lead to on Party w/ Usher, J. Cole, Future, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & More Stars in
Lil Wayne reportedly threatening to sue Martin Shkreli if he leaks more 'Carter V' tracks. https:…
Lil Wayne & Chief Keef have new music on the way together 👀
My name change from Lil Wayne to Ooh Wayne. Oh Lord, she grinding on this Grande. Oh Lord, I'm drowning, I'm gonna need that coast guard
I liked a video The murder of Static Major for Lollipop & Lil Wayne's career success
Lil Wayne to Bela Fleck to NKOTB: Local Spins weekend photo galleries
Drake - Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne by Drake on 85.5FM . Listen Now via {
*extreme Static Major era Lil Wayne voice*. 🎵Comey. So I can get the White House for you🎵
Me: Do you like Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X better. Anthony: Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar have a collab on 'Tha Carter V'
1st show got me thinking of my concerts:. 2011: Mac Miller @ HOB Chi on MTV 2012: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross @ Summerfest (1/2)
I remember when 50 cent tried to beef with Lil Wayne. Wayne said "I'll pour syrup in ya vitamin water" beef was over 😂😂😂😂
Lil Wayne brings Russell Westbrook on stage and starts MVP chant
I liked a video DJ Khaled - I'm the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne
Watch Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo & Lil Wayne in DJ Khaled's lavish video http…
Every line hotter than the last. Lil Wayne - John (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross via
Lil Wayne calls “goon squad” on fan who throws drink at Idaho show 😳
Lil Wayne be like... If your man is fruity/ gotta let that mango 😭😭
IM THE ONE song by DJ Khaled, featuring: Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. .
10 lesser-known music docs you should definitely check out – featuring David Bowie, Lil Wayne and Leonard Cohen:…
Who had the better run: Lil Wayne's 2004-2009 (Tha Carter, Dedication, Drought) or Kendrick Lamar's 2011-2017 (80, GKMC,TP…
Somebody said Lil Wayne is the Gilbert Arenas of rap 🤔🤔 😂
All hail the queen. Nicki Minaj holds court with Drake and Lil Wayne in the royal... by…
Rockin P goes from Johnny cash to Lil Wayne real quick
"like Hank Gathers imma die a baller, you flaming *** put em out with water UGH" Lil Wayne 🐐
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Also today: Lil Wayne joins us to talk Aaron Rodgers, Dez Bryant, and Kevin Durant. 9:30 AM-Noon ET. Fox…
Kendrick Lamar's album is the best 'RAP' album of the year so far...TILL Lil Wayne drops Tha Carter V
Drake, Kanye, J cole, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne are the best artists of our generation don't @ me.
Akira Toriyama probably comes from the same place as Messi, Lil Wayne and Leornado DiCaprio...
wow idk why i'm imagining these as like the popular rappers like Two Chainz, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg
I need Lil Wayne and Tiger Woods to return to glory
Why do all these rappers have a 'lil' in front their name it was cool during Wayne's age but now it's too repetitive.
I can hear the bass from the Lil Wayne concert in my dorm room.
Lil b, Wayne , gucci and cheif keef fathered all these new age rappers
Sawyer, whilst beside me at the Lil Wayne concert: "who's weezy?"
Single by lil Wayne is an all time classic
Do I still have time to walk down the road and see lil Wayne
Lil Wayne's opening act pronounced Appalachian correctly yet the Chancellor can't.
All i ask is for 1 more lil wayne album/mixtape
CONFIRMED: new single "Dance With Somebody" featuring Lil' Wayne will be released on April 21.
the first time I heard Lil Wayne say "and I got so many styles, I am a group" ... I really felt that on a different leve…
I think a good birthday present would be to go see lil wayne cause I know thats gon be a lit *** concert. Who dont know lil wayne music?!?
Bishop couldn't stop the murder of Lil' Wayne's parents? Marvel Quicksilver sure, not Fox Quicksilver.
Lil Wayne announces that he's joining Roc Nation.
Looks like Weezy x Roc Nation is official
I just got Lil Wayne's line "I don't O U like two vowels" from A Milli and my head exploded while I was driving
Lil Wayne be faithfully hitting that "Remix baby" 😂😂
Earthquake by lil Wayne is my mood right now lol
Lil Wayne says he is a member of Roc Nation
Confused as to how y'all let Lil Wayne get away with saying "Rodney King baby yeah I beat it like a cop"
yeah but snoop dogg is the king of west coast essentially, I would put him over Lil Wayne... just saying man
Lil Wayne is officially signed to Roc Nation. . "It's the Roc, you know I'm a member of that team now," Weezy announced…
It is not important that you sit in the chair of King's important that you know that Lil Wayne is king
I'd rather watch reruns of King of Queens than see Lil Wayne in concert.
Lil Wayne announces he's down with Roc Nation: "You know I'm a member of that team now."
Lil Wayne confirms that he's a member of Roc Nation.
Congrats to Lil Wayne for signing with Roc Nation 🙌🏼
Feds Reveal in Court that They Have Been Investigating Chris Brown & Lil Wayne for Buying 'Lean'.:
Listen to Hip-Hop Request on Only by Nicki Minaj ft. Chris Brown, Drake & Lil Wayne
Changed It by Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne on the hottest station playing nothin but bangers on…
Light My Body Up (feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne) by David Guetta is number 3 in Namibia top 100 songs
We are playing No Frauds by Nicki Minaj (f. Drake/Lil Wayne)
Done. . After . 2 Red Bull's. 2 Cups of coffee . Lots of Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, 1975, and Sampha...we made it.
Win tickets for Lil Wayne - Kloser 2 U Tour at Hollywood Palladium, April 21, 2017 with DoLA
Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco by Calibre 50 featuring Lil Wayne
On spring break I got too drunk & gave away my VIP Lil Wayne / Migos ticket to go get chicken nuggz. That one's still sinking in.
David Guetta will be dropping a new single this Friday featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne! Here's the official single cover.…
by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne is coming out tomorrow at 1pm EST. Get Ready!
by David Guetta, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne will be premiering on at 1PM EST today.
Lollipop by Lil Wayne is on the radio and I couldn't be happier
It's a 2 Chainz concert, Wiz and Lil Wayne was there last year and it's free.
It looks like Lil Wayne is on Rick Ross' side
Rick Ross campaigning for Lil Wayne to be freed.
Listening to Lil Wayne radio and A Milli came on and couldn't help but think of 😂 and Lollipop "coach forrest"
Birdman looking around when he realizes he doesn't have Lil Wayne to take care of his rap beefs anymore
Lil Wayne line at Stubb's very long for GA, shorter for badges/wristbands. . Schlotzsky's party at Trinity Hall at capacity.
Exclusive: Michaelmas Union termcard to feature Morgan Freeman and Lil Wayne 'waxing lyrical' on Hoverboards
Y'all can hate on Lil Wayne all you want, but without him we probably wouldn't have Nicki or Drake like we do today. 😇
Jozy name-dropped on Lil Wayne new mixtape’s the 1st time I’ve heard an American player in bars since Fabolous checked…
lol Lil Wayne said Weezy F Baby and the F is for phenomenal 😂
Idc what anyone says prime Lil Wayne & prime Kanye the best rappers . Jay Z the GOAT but primes Weezy & Ye set the bar.
You thought Lil Wayne was weezy but weezy is Wayne
Lil Wayne to play Adams Center in Missoula next month dude! Weezy!
Lil Wayne destroyed that Waka "oh let's do it" beat on his mixtape... Weezy was in rare form back then
The best part of No Problem is when Lil Wayne goes "there's gon be some crazy weezy fans waitin in the lobby, mula baby" 😂😂
I wish Lil Wayne still rapped like he did back on "The Dedication 2" that was prime Weezy 🔥🔥🔥
You thought Lil Wayne was Weezy, but Weezy is Wayne
"My name is weezy. I'm almost perfect and I work harder than hard working" - Lil Wayne
[Video]: Selena Gomez jamming to “No Frauds” by Nicki Minaj featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. 😍🔥
Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne's new song, 'Changed It', is now out on iTunes! Buy it here:
'No Frauds' by Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne is now on the US iTunes song chart!
Lil Wayne need somebody to beef with💩... So we can get some more 🔥🔥
Lil Wayne just called himself a dinosaur and I'm really happy about it. Dinosaurs need more representation in Hip Hop.
Listen to Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne team up for the new track "No Frauds"
I just need more Lil Wayne verses for 2017. I aint boarding the 'HE'S WASHED' train with yall *** .. wayne still that…
We're not done! Here's two more tracks from Nicki Minaj, 'Regret In Your Tears' and 'Changed It' featuring Lil Wayne https:…
Lil Wayne is launching his own radio station called 'Young Money Radio'
can i remember all of the material for my algebra test? no. can i sing EVERY SINGLE WORD to Lollipop by Lil Wayne? absolutely.
for chance to win Lil Wayne and Migos ticket, giving 2 away! We will DM after 100 RTS!
taylor swift is worth 250 mil lmao. Is she a better artist than Lil Wayne then?
Lil Wayne is a must in this house.. we were meant to be
This is how I feel about women who've had sex with Lil Wayne, Donald Trump, and Peter Gunz.
I added a video to a playlist Down Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne
everybody commenting about patrick star, i swear i thought it was Lil Wayne's Mrs. Officer 🤔
Bron got all the Hot Boyz together then said Free BG 💯💯RT Lebron x Lil Wayne
drake is not from NY, J Cole is not from NYand Lil Wayne is definitely not from NY
Lil Wayne steals his lyrics from Patrick Star
For check out Mystikal's "Original" video featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman: https:…
Lil Wayne and Kanye West speak on how Tyler the Creator changed the game
Chance The Rapper's "No Problem" featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz wins Best Rap Performance at the
17. This is the song that got me hooked on Lil Wayne. Another one of his best ever songs.
Lil Wayne and Drake are running mates as Young Money titans, but they're also top competition for one another.
Loyal by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga on
Looks like Mannie Fresh is working with Lil Wayne.
Enjoy listening to Back That Thang Up (with Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh)? Buy it right now on iTunes!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I know you don't understand. Cause you thought Lil Wayne is Weezy, but Weezy is Dwayne
Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. known as Lil Wayne will be playing MEO Sudoeste festival in Portugal on the 4th August
Lil Wayne shouts out everyone from LeBron to Lil Kev in new song about the Cavaliers | For The Win via
Check out Wale's brand new music video for "Running Back" featuring Lil Wayne here:. [&…
Lil Wayne attended the cloning center as a REM driven clone of himself @ Donald Marshall .
NowPlaying Sucker for pain - Imagine Dragons, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa 03:14
Drake showing some love to Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne on stage last night
I can't f with you if you're a racist yet you listen to Future, Kevin Gates, Migos, Lil Wayne, etc... hypocritical head ***
Let's get it my man! Credits: Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill, Lil Durk, OJ da Juicema…
Lil Wayne is coming to the Ryan Center April 9th! We have your tickets coming up at 8:10 inside
David Guetta taps Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne for his new single
Lil Wayne once said he wants all his Young Money Artists to be better than him, His Interview with 'Elliott Wilson'
Go hard or Go home by Wiz Khalifa & Iggy Azalea by Lil Wayne featuring Fall Out Boy
Shout out to Omar Ochoa & Skyler Mitchell for helping us pass put flyers for the Lil Wayne & Russ show!!
What happened when met Lil Wayne backstage at our 😱.
Wow.. As of now, Spring Break 2017 has UME, Lil Wayne, Migos, Russ, Kodak Black, 21 Savage, and Rae Sremmurd all on Sou…
Lil Wayne throws up the Roc sign and says, "When you see me it's YMROC."
Lil Wayne's old music will never ever get old
That time when Drake rapped his favorite Lil Wayne verse.
Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Imagine Dragons with Logic And Ty Dolla Sign ft X Ambassadors - Sucker for Pain (Dirty) on
This is Lil Wayne in 2008 tlkn about y'all better respect the legend
Kodak Black's thoughts on Lil Wayne: “N***a, you know who I am. Nicki Minaj know who I am.”
My childhood was Lyfe Jennings , Plies , & Lil wayne lmaooo i loved it .
Lil Wayne & Migos coming to Padre March 14th so you better be in shape. We have 53 days until…
Lil Wayne.. You just got called out
My driver's started playing Lil Wayne. He made eye contact with me I'm the mirror and then silently turned up the volume.
I added a video to a playlist Young Thug Disses Lil Wayne With Birdaman
Kodak Black wants to fight Lil Wayne and he says he will knock Lil Wayne out 😳
Jay Z has a better catalog, I still think Lil WAyne was more talented. Eminem?? Lil Wayne WAY better
Bey Lil Wayne ain't change the game with them mixtapes???
Update your maps at Navteq
I liked a video from Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Disses Kodak Black
lil Wayne's old music was fire don't @ me
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