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Lil Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones (born July 11, 1974), better known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American rapper and actress who was a member of the group Junior M.A.F.I.A..

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Remy Ma giving Lil Kim a gift is so cute 😭
Interview Dennis Rodman about his buddy Lil Kim's treatment of American hostages. Perhaps offer himself in exchange for others.
Lil Kim being escorted @ the MTV VMA's 2006 after being released a month before from jail. WHO COULD EVER?
Someone should measure Lil Kim and Lil Jon, Lil Wayne and give me a friend
Someone should measure Lil Jon, Lil Kim and Lil Wayne and find out who is the most Lil.
This goes out to Remy Ma, Lil Kim and w/e other half price app of a female rapper ever messed w , the 7…
Exactly!! but they have remy, lil kim, rihanna, and iggy stans helping them vote
This gif is MY shout out to Lil Kim and Remy Ma.
so happy for you and proud. You stepped up and the song is reaching alot of people along with the artwork. h…
Jungkook's situation is a lil bit Hard tho. U know? Competing with ur Idol? 👑
Lil Kim hardcore album is a classic!
I know every last word to every last song on Lil Kim's Hardcore album 😂 that's really my b*tch.
Lil Kim's hardcore album is top ten rap albums of all time
I hope lil kim, rihanna, and trina are all having a good day today!!! 💖
Nicki has to call others in all the time 🙄 like when she needed with Lil' Kim and Remy she can…
To all the dummys thats trying to put Lil' Kim & Cardi B against each other here's some CONFIRMATION. Thank you S…
Lil Kim will always be the rap Queen.
Cardi probably not even talking abt Nicki...y'all reaching..she may be talking about Lil kim (they unfollowed each other…
LMFAO😂 azaleans, remy fans, BTS fans and Lil' kim fans, are voting TOP, sorry but Nicki will win, the one and only rap…
by Lil Kim ft. Kevin Gates (released in February 2016) , sold over 30,000 copies in the US without any type of p…
The fact that Lil Kim sounding like her real old self again rapping means we about to get the business on her new album.…
Lil Kim broke the internet with this video tbh lmao.
Aaliyah, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, and Lil Kim in the August 1997 issue of Elle Magazine.
Lil Kim and Remy Ma are real female rappers to me there both the queen of rap I don't care what nobody say about them ht…
Foxy Brown and Lil Kim was great female rappers
Still wish Foxy Brown and Lil Kim wouldn't have had beef and actually collaborated together.
Lil Kim diss to Foxy Brown, 50 cent and Junior Mafia 🔥
B. Angie B. was part of the Lil Kim, Nicki Manaj, Foxy Brown sex appeal to hip hop.
Ciara and husband Russell Wilson ride to Lil Kim and Mary J Blige .
"You like Lil Kim.. you was gone for a minute—but you didn't come back. You didn't have your La Bella Mafia. You was stuck after Hardcore" 💀
Lil Kim's La Bella Mafia and G-Unit's Beg for Mercy are hon mention
If nicki is so praised by the greats, why was this post made🤔 And who are these greats? Lil Kim? Que…
The video, the Lil Kim feature the Ray-J slug she shot in his song, unforgettable
I bet no one else at this gym is listening to a Ronnie Milsap/Lil Kim playlist.
I liked a video Lil Kim and Foxy Brown : Thelma and Louise THE TRUE STORY
Who rocked it better??? FT for Lil Kim and Fav for Foxy Brown
Remember when Lil Kim sold her album on PayPal and then was bragging about breaking the PayPal record? Foxy Brown would never.
We need a Foxy Brown and Lil Kim movie!
My iPod went from Juanita Bynum to Lil Kim. My iPod is me!!!
Today in 1999 Mobb Deep drops Quiet Storm remix ft Lil Kim. "Hot *** *** here we go again". Bang Bang
Lil Kim is really triggered after McCain calls him "crazy fat kid". Snowflakes in N Korea too.
yeses Remy, Jean Grae, Rapsody, Lauryn Hill (still and forever) and Lil Kim
PROOF? Lil Kim has never even headlined a tour! She was a HUGE celebrity, but even Missy Elliot was more successful. Let it Go
😂😂 and EYE said she lying just like ya girl was lying bout those subliminals she was throwin at Lil Kim. A sKeri Wilson mess out
On a lighter side this Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj beef has me listening to a lot of old Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. *** I miss them both.
Nicki Minaj is the biggest Lil Kim stan I've ever seen
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Remy Ma used Ether, Foxy Brown used The Takeover, so now Nicki Minaj has to use Hit Em Up & Lil Kim jump in on Who Sho…
Foxy Brown got a diss to Remy Ma? Let's get Lil Kim & Eve in this and make a hip hop come back 🔥
A little too late. Lil Kim should have been dealt with by prior administrations. Can't pin this on Problem on Trump
Nicki gone after every po little white girl-Iggy, Taylor, Lil Kim (😂), Farrah (Teen Mom), Miley..but can't…
I heard Lil Kim's Lighters Up for the first time since I was a kid & I'm listening to the piano in the beat and 1st thing that came to mind:
Lil Kim's "lighters up" illustrates people are living in poverty. These people should believe and stand up for themselves.
'Put Your Lighters Up' by Lil Kim emphasizes the importance of ethnic unification through rap music.
Alecia keys says ''put your lighters in the air'' which is a form of unity also referenced in Lil Kim's song Lighters Up
Good morning, Lil Kim is built like Humpty Dumpty.
Lil Kim was the 1st in hiphop to wear Chanel, Versace, Moschino, Marc Jacob, Alexander, Fendi, Gucci etc. b4 artist even kne…
Lil Kim giving and Asian pacific the Midsile Finger under pressures from N. Korean inner turmoil!
you stan Lil Kim girl it's 2017 be quiet and stay in your lane with your irrelevant idol
Lil Kim says Tupac once pulled up to Fulton St. with Nas & a garbage bag of weed to hang out w/Biggie,
Fact. And if they dont have caucasian features, they go under the knife for em. (Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, Amerie,…
First off why they got Lil Kim drivin & Sylvester Stallone playin Rocky while Rocky playin Michael Jackson
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I feel like this how Lil Kim and Faith Evans argued over First Lady of Bad Boy in the 90s.
My favorite female rappers have to be:. Lil Kim. Nicki Minaj (yes yes again😀). Lady Leshurr. Azelia Banks. .short list this one 😅
You acting like Stupid *** & Roman in Moscow was directed at Lil Kim shut up stop tryna keep her relevant with this…
Mariah Carey: "I don't know her". Britney Spears: "I've never met her". Lil Kim: "I don't care for her and I don't know…
Lil Kim looking like Marlon Waynes off white chicks in D.C
Lil Kim at the 💜 . She deserved this award I was so happy, I still am. God got you Great thin…
Lil Kim out here looking like Michael Myers
Lil Kim had one of the best album covers made in rap history
Lil Kim and that Sammy Sosa cream though..
Lil Kim and Sammy Sosa got the same skin bleaching kit
How confused would a child by Lil Kim and Sammy Sosa be
Great article on the history in influence on Roxanne Shante, The Blueprint for the likes of Lil Kim and others..
Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap. Alicia Keys is the Queen of RnB. Lauryn Hill is the Queen of Hip Hop. Eryka Badu is the Queen of Soul
Then I'd like to also nominate Lil Kim and all of Ricky Martin's 90s work
Is it ME or did Micheal Jackson leave the Torch for Lil Kim? I'm just asking!!!
no bein funny but i want Lil Kim ft Sisqo - How Many Licks to be the first song at my wedding IT IS A MASTERPIECE
"Feminism is Missy, Lil Kim and Angie Martinez on the “Not Tonight” track. Feminism says as a woman in my arena you are no…
Lil Kim when she heard Nicki say "shoutout to Fox Brown, I don't mean Pam Grier"
I added a video to a playlist The RuPaul Show with Pam Grier, Lil Kim and Millie Jackson
Right 😂😂😂 omg same type of thing I was thinking, like Lauryn Hill is her idol?? Seems more like Lil Kim was her ido…
I feel so bad for Lil Kim. . She just gets forgotten when she *did* pretty much pave a golden road for many women in that business...
Iggy Azalea confessed to ABC News that Lil Kim and Missy Elliott are the rappers who have supported her in her musical caree…
Lil Kim and bff Mary J. Blige for MAC's Viva La Glam. To get money with a friend as talented as you is
MY PERSONAL FAVE Lil Kim, went from working retail to rapping openly about how fire her box is. QUEEN 💜
I only watch 'She's All That' to see all my babies Usher, Paul Walker, Freddie Prinze Jr., Lil Kim, Gabby U. & Anna Paquin 😩❤️.
Lil Kim and Janice Combs at the Baby Phat fashion show
Lil Kim is a fav, but her stans are so colorist towards Foxy Brown and that's sad, considering colorism was 1 of Lil Kim's main struggles
The females of this generation need to seriously listen to all Lil Kim and Foxy Brown albums.
Chip vs Yungen hasn't been going on for too long, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim have been in beef since the 90s
how can you not love Lil Kim, absolute idol man
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
14. Who is the best in order 1 being best 5 being worse.. Nicki Minaj, Trina,Lil Kim,Eve,Foxy Brown
It looks like Lil Kim and Willow Smith to me
Nah how did that even come about Isley Brother, Lil Kim , 112 , Diddy, and Angela Winbush on one joint? LEGENDARY
Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, and Mary J. Blige filming the No Matter What People Say video, 2000 . they were all drunk https…
It still sickens me how Lil Kim went from one of the finest women in history to a Wendy Williams cosplayer.
Lil Kim has responded to Rich Homie Quan's apology on Instagram.
Talk talking about rich homie quan. Lil Kim forgot her own lyrice
Celebrity Big Brother 2016 tipped to include Lil Kim, Big Narstie and Azealia Banks:
U a hater if u don't like Lil Kim. Regardless of what she looks like, she's really the HBIC
Lil Kim was so naturally beautiful. Why did she have to mess with her face/nose???!! 😔😔
When you watch Lil Kim Live you realise why Nicki needs to Thank God she happened
Had to look out the window to see if pigs were flying because Faith Evans is tributing Lil Kim on
Faith and Lil' Kim almost killed each other over a *** that Biggie couldn't even see. Bless.
Lil Kim been darkskin, lightskin, asian and white all in under 40 years. U better live ya life.
I ended up on Lil Kim's IG page 😂 Lk why tho? She looks like she's had a lot of work done 👀
Lil Kim used to be so fine, family.
It's crazy how Lil Kim looks like Teddy Ruxpin now
I think this Lil Kim tribute may have been Teyana's life purpose.
Lil' Kim got hits for days. Don't let this generation of Nicole Minaj fool you. Kim is the blueprint
should defiantly perform in ANYTHING that requires a Lil Kim performance
nicki not fw lil Kim not even now she bodied Nicki on that black Friday freestyle
Teyana did more than a tribute I felt like I was watching 1998 lil Kim 😩
Yo is killing this look for the Lil Kim tribute
She was a Lil Kim now she jus a Lil Ugly😂😂
This performance is a lil sloppy, but it's her birthday so Ima let you live Kim.
the Lil Kim tribute was so well done. for the first time. I have nothing bad to say about a tribute to a rapper. https:…
80% black boys born in the 80's have taken a good yank at themselves over Lil Kim
Lil Kim sold well over 20 million records physical sales she worked hard to be a legend
Why isn't Nicki Minaj doing the Lil' Kim tribute tonight? Her career has been an amazing Lil' Kim tribute all these yea…
Rounds of applause for Teyana Taylor, Lil Mama & DeJ Loaf's Lil Kim Tribute. Nailed it! 👏
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Kimberly "Lil' Kim" Jones AKA the 👑🐝of rap celebrates her birthday today 🎂. Watch:.
Happy Birthday to thee one and Only Queen Bee Lil Kim !
Not sure if it's Lil Kim or the Annabelle doll 🤔😐
Makes me sad that Kim and Onika are beefing, cos honestly the best person to do that Lil Kim tribute is Nicki Minaj
What the *** was Lil Kim thinkin bringin this buster on stage LoL . . All that *** surgery must have killed...
Sean John Combs better give Lil Kim what she's owed!
Let's just hurry up to the Lil Kim tribute
Lil Kim and Azealia Banks are examples of why black men need to show our women more love and support.
2pac really was applying pressure to junior mafia, told Lil Kim she get snatched off the street
Sonam posing with Jordan Dunn, Lil Kim, Tamara Ralp and Michael Russo at Ralph & Russo fashion show in Paris
maybe Remy Ma or Lil Kim .. I guess but not every female artist.
Lil Kim gon put that old pwuss on that young man and watch how he stop jumping around all the time
Lil Kim and Desiigner dating?? Bruh 18.. get ya rocks off young man
Haifa Wehbe throwing major shade at Lil Kim on snapchat 💅🏼💅🏼
Im the Queen Of Rap , Lil Kim is in a trap. Yall be my sons cause my titties like beyonces gun buns.
I'm telling you right now to pay tribute to Lil Kim she better not have Tiffany Foxx
the truth behind the Lil Kim and Faith Evans beef: via
It's been 10+ years but Christina Aguliera and Lil Kim's "Can't Hold Us Down" is still more relevant than ever
Someone told me I remind them of Lil Kim and Faith Evans ... I like that 🤔 Beat of both worlds 😂😂
Just saw Mark Ballas & Derek Hough perform at the Grove! Lil Kim suprised them on stage w All About the Benjamin's! It w…
Everytime I hear Rouge I instantly think Foxy Brown, Lil Kim & Queen Latifah. She really takes me back. I really have re…
Charlie Baltimore, Lil Kim, Foxxi Brown, etc are females who can rap, idk *** Nicki Minaj be doing
Last years BET Awards is on. I tuned in on the part where Faith Evans is singing. Yes. I get to see Lil Kim come up from the floor!
Knock off Lil Kim better be defending Dee Smith! 😩😂💀
Today in Hip-Hop: Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, Mya and Pink Perform "Lady Marmalade" at the MTV Movie Awards
Lil Kim aka Kimberly Jones aka QueenBee should be honored for her contributions to music/fashion/tv/women empowerment. It is
Looks & Inspirations:. Lil Mo in the Superwoman video, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Lisa Raye, Prince... The 99s and the 2000s
Nelson Maldonado aye bro this remix of Lil Kim goes hard u should have this on your mixs list for your...
She's All That has LOADED cast: Usher, Fulton from the Mighty Ducks, Gabrielle Union, Lil Kim, Paul Walker and McCauley Culkins bro?
Lowkey think they should give the job to Lil Kim or Golden Brooks
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Iggy has been approved by Nas, Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Trina, T.I, YG, Kendrick Lamar, and so many more. That'…
"Lil Kim career is dead" yet she's been sharing the same stages w/ Nicki Minaj since she debuted just to name a few
Here is some HOT Tea on Christina Milian, Lil Kim, Angela Renee Simmons, Keyshia Cole and The Official Luenell.
Lil Kim and Faith Evans squash Biggie beef for Bad Boy Reunion Tour
Lil Kim said she would have married Scott Storch
Puff Daddy brings Lil Kim, Mase, Faith Evans and more on the first-ever Bad Boy reunion tour http…
( ) Lil Kim's Mansion on Verge of Getting Foreclosed: Lil Kim may lose her New Jers... ( )
Puff Daddy & the reunited Bad Boy Family of Lil Kim, 112, the Lox, Faith Evans, Mase, etc. to play TWC Arena 9/20.
"Iggy Azalea, Perez Hilton, an associate editor at Vice, Lil Kim" you're famous!!
Yaba Blay + Lynnee Denise + Joan Morgan on the Physical Transformation of Lil Kim and the impact of Colorism
The crustpunk outside this Hollywood Starbucks is reciting the Lil Kim intro from "Money Power Respect" so I know it's g…
I love my brown skin and I wouldn't change it because a brother is dating outside his race. It don't make sense for Lil Kim to change!
Remember when the media claimed that Lil Kim bleached in 2009 well how did she become brown again?
Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Remy Ma are all better rappers than Drakes.
2005: Lil Kim at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2005 show during Fashion Week at The Armory February 7, 2005 in New York City
Lil Kim ugly. No way around it. She look like da wayans bros on dat movie "white chicks"
Lil Kim is trying to pull a Michael Jackson.
Lil Kim is white. Leicester about to win the premier league, Kenyan banks collapsing, beyonce and jayz on the rocks.. it's a weird year!
Lil kim really look like jay leno now thats brazy
Women get plastic surgery and usually end up looking worse. Go look at lil Kim ig.
Somebody buy me a ticket to see lil Kim , y'all know that's my MUVA 😭
Two LGBT activists were hacked to death & all you people care about is what Lil Kim looks like
"Is that really Lil' Kim?" Her appearance in recent photos has some asking questions...
So Lil Kim turned herself into a blonde Kardashian???!
Lil Kim was a beautiful black woman idk why she did this to herself smh
Seashell on the nipple lil Kim will forever be my fav
Imagine how many unreleased vocals exist of biggie from all the demos and references he wrote for lil kim & junior mafia.
The comments under Lil Kim's pic are unbearable . Ppl really combating self hate issues with insults
So this is what Lil Kim hides under all that makeup? 😕😍😍
Man lil Kim even sounding like an air head now smfh
Hamilton Collection
I'm not here for people dragging Lil about y'all drag the culture that made her feel like she had to do all of that.
I cried real tears looking at Lil Kim.
Why are y'all making fun of Lil Kim? Obviously she needs love and support not ppl attacking her all of you are disgusting
Where are Lil Kim's "friends"?!? How y'all let her do that to herself Smh. Got her looking like Joan rivers 😔
They want $50 to see lil Kim at toads place ; I could barely see the stage when I go there 🙄
Cross reference Beyonce coverage with Lil' Kim coverage.
Big dogged Lil Kim & chose Faith Evans over her. I have a feeling Kim been chasing this beauty ideal ever since... htt…
Got a dark skinned girl look like lil Kim got a light skinned girl look like lil Kim
Lil Kim really used to be bomb now she's just hard to look at
Lil Kim used to be sooo beautiful, I'd love to hear the story behind why she ruined herself
Me thinking out loud about Lil Kim and her transformation for .
Who is Lil Kim? What has she done? Who even listens to her? Bye she wack, she this, she that...
Y'all really are blaming a guy who's been dead over 20 years for Lil Kim's mental illness lol.
I do love & always will love this piece by though. 👸🏾>👩🏼 = 😢 via
Lil Kim has too many faces.. As if that wasn't bad enough, now she bleached!!. SMH
Lil Kim got that Janet Jackson nose and Michael Jackson syndrome
Lil Kim's transformation is not a laughing matter. Please take this into consideration...
Lil Kim's transformation isn't even funny she's a sad product in which white supremacy effects the psychology of POC ht…
First I thought oh it's a white girl..then I was like no it's a man,but it's lil Kim 😕
With the recent controversy surrounding Lil Kim's skin lightening the Internet has dug up old…
Imagine if Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj was cool omg the ultimate slayage a savage New York record
Lil Kim slammed for lighter skin and hair colour as she reveals dramatic image re-vamp
Today in 2003 Lil Kim drops Magic Stick ft 50 Cent. There's no video but it doesn't matter. It's a smash!
Tbh Magic Stick was an iconic song that didn't need Lil Kim's part.
Y'all WILL NOT convince me this is Lil Kim! Only seeing her pop 🐱 whilst rappin Magic Stick can make me a believer.
Y'all really believe Lil Kim turned into a white woman all because of black men? Exclusively, just black men? Headass.
Lil Kim is a grown *** woman and makes her own decisions but just like everybody else our experiences shape our decisions.
has never heard Magic Stick by Lil Kim until now
Lol. Supposedly black men are responsible for Lil Kim turning white.
Lil Kim look like an extra Winter Walker from
Lil Kim out here looking like Latoya Jackson
2 black girls in the car and I had to be Lil Kim in Lady Marmalade because they HAD to be Pink and Christina.
Lil Kim was black. I remember Lady Marmalade she was very dark back then.
Sooo.when did Lil Kim become a White Walker?
I watched the Lady Marmalade video this morning and now I'm like really sad about Lil Kim looking at pictures of her now
I'm pretty sure the amount of bleaching Lil Kim has done over the years will give her skin cancer
Maaan if u don't like A Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Biggie, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Ashanti, Nas, or Wu-Tang clan *** is u do…
Just remembering the magnificent day that Lil Kim dressed as a mermaid for the red carpet
Nicki Minaj dissing Lil Kim on Don't wanna lose you . And she also stole some of her lyrics from her new mixtape
NowPlaying lil kim the jump off clean - lil kim the jump off clean
Rasheed's needs to stop before she hits the lil Kim And Ivana level plastic.ur ok still just stop for real
So when y'all was lil y'all didn't wanna go on rap city the basement and get in the booth? . Y'all wanted to know who made lil Kim outfit?
you said Lil Kim can we talk about the song Moulin Rouge okay I love it
And when they ask me what's the meaning of I tell them to do a little research on Lil Kim's real life before the bars! I'll wait.
When keeps replaying the Lil Kim verse of Lady Marmalade...
Bless Kim Kardashians kids and Kanye west west kids with good health and blessings as well as all other children aroun…
[PIC] 160415 Kim Jong Kook's instagram update💕. Cr kjk76 ig. Aww look at the big brother supporting his lil brother ☺️
We got our own language like Kim Possible lil brothers lol
lil Kim fell off I mean she still coo but she used to goo back in the day 😂
"So, when are u gunna be a girl?". Umm... I am a girl. A girl can be who she wants. Im just saying. Lets be a lil more ope…
I ordered an Oreo McFlurry and pulled up to the next window just so lil Kim could tell me the ice cream machine is down
5. Love her or hate her, Lil'Kim solidified her place in history when she made that Crush On You video.
Black chynna looks like lil Kim that is horrendous
Lil Kim: I'll beat the a 3 month old in this late in the card
Lil Kim helped me come out to my parents as a *** black man. Her music spoke to me "like it's okay to be you." that's why I…
lmao pretty sure wigs were big in the 90s also. kylie got her inspo from lil Kim...
I'm listening to "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink on
Naomi and Kim literally have the cutest friendship ever ❤️❤️
I thought that was lil Kim at first
There's perfection and then there's 😍 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lil Kim's radio skit at the end of "Magic Stick" with 50 is my life.
Lil Kim had a wig wit a Chanel bang ma you not bout this wig life.
And I'm a Lil Kim fan but unless she can get bk to if Peter Piper pecked em I betcha Biggie bust em then she needs to stay…
What has Lil Kim, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga been doing?
112, Mase, The Lox, Faith , Lil Kim, Mary an Blidge, Jodeci, + HOV WOW how could miss this
kind of really miss driving down PCH with and bumping Biggie and Lil Kim with shopping bags littering the backseat
Bad boy records reunion sounds like it's gonna be MAD. 112, Total, Lil Kim, Faith Evans etc fam.
Let's take a second to remember Lil Kim's video for "Lighters Up"
Lil Kim talks about how Atlantic Records didn't trust anything on the album but trusted her and she went on to go platinum i…
Mfs be like they won't smash Latoya Jackson or Lil Kim but have baby mothers in the hood who…
Lil Kim at her Maxim photo shoot, 2002
Lil Kim and Foxy Brown always talking about ppl stealing their outdated styles. Rhapsody wiping em both out
Is it me or does Lil Kim want to pass off as a white girl she looks like Latoya Jackson on her good day
Lil Kim reminds me of one of those hairless cats that looks creepy as *** Idk why
Why does Lil Kim look she showed her plastic surgeon a picture of Latoya Jackson and Joan Rivers and said, "Make me look like this?"
Lil Kim has so much work done on her face that when I saw her on Kim Kardashians snapI was like "who's that?"
Omg is that really Lil Kim on Kim Kardashians snapchat? 😮😟😔
Lil Kim looks so scary on Kim Kardashians Snapchat
I'm sorry but Lil Kim on Kim Kardashians snapchat is pure comedy lol like her facial expressions killed me 😂😂😂😫
Lil Kim looks creepy af on Kim Kardashians snapchat..
Lil Kim is on Kim Kardashians story I'm so happy right now 😭
I am frightened. Lil Kim on Kim Kardashians snapchat, I was to remove my eyes out of my head and chop them up
OMG Lil Kim hot mess on Kim Kardashians snapchat
Y'all see Lil Kim on Kim Kardashians snap chat? She looks like a corpse
Lil Kim hanging out the Kardashians lol.
No order, Lil Kim, Missy, Nicki, Queen Latifa, and can I say Salt n Peppa.. They a group but still
I like Fetty wap young thug wiz Khalifa nas Lil Kim iggy but what I don't like is a big head drunk! Sorry not my style 😉
Is it just me or does Blac China look like a mix between Lauren London and Lil Kim? Just saying.
Lil Kim is and will always be better than Nicki Minaj. Always.
Lil Kim really built like a queen bee
Foxy Brown received the key to Brooklyn, Remy back, Lil Kim on the scene lookin right. May god continue to bless us.
Guys, you can listen to Ms. Lauryn Hill, Sade, Jill Scott, and Erykah while listening to Nicki, Rihanna, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. It's okay.
I got Lil Kim. Fav song: Time to shine. Fav album: La Bella Mafia. Fav video: Came Back for You. Fan? Yas. Like for an artist
After La Bella Mafia, it was all downhill for Lil Kim from the neck up.
is the first African America female to cover nylon magazine on 2003" Lil Kim did it first.
Lil Kim without makeup looks like my English teacher Ms. Adams
In late 2001 Lil Kim was scheduled to be in a move with Roots member Tariq Totter named '10029' about the life of 4 people…
Who said Lil Kim gon be mad that biggie won't recognize her in heaven
Daddy-O and YZ Uncut: Unbelievable Stories about Biggie, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, KRS and More - YouTube
Lil Kim over here looking like Jigsaw
Wacky Photos of Lil Kim, Adele, Noah Cyrus and Aaron Carter Go VIRAL! — Read the full story: htt…
Little Richard vs Lil Kim celebrity deathmatch. to see more videos ...
It's Rec-Room time. Talking old Dilla, new Macklemore, and a Lil Kim + Kevin Gates sex jam:
Okay, them childish *** raps. Replace that with Jean grae, Lil Kim, anybody.
And I got that logic from Irv Gotti when he talked about Ja & Ashanti ..they got it from BIG & Lil Kim everyone else followed
Lil Kim came out with a new song omg!
top five rapers:. 1. Bruno Mars. 2. Iggy Azalea. 3. Lil Wayne. 4. Lil Kim. read the first letter of each one :D.
I know I'd even be all over a Lil Kim remix of a Rolf Harris banger but THIS truly is a BANGER OF LIFE! IAFC 🙊🙌💯
New trailer of the Puffy N The Family video! Puffy, Lil Kim, Style P & King Los 🔥🙌
Lil Kim's fan's logic is, Kim got a Grammy so that makes her better than Nicki. So,. Jay Z has 21, That makes him better than B.I.G. right? 😊
Katy Perry is better than Taylor Swift just as Nicki Minaj is better than Lil Kim. They don't need grammys
Why everybody on Nicki Manaj I'm just loving Lil Kim ❤️💋
Working with the legends in the A room with Maino and Lil Kim. Thompson Studios
There's only one Queen Bee and that's Lil Kim. King Bey can go sit in the corner. We're over her
Not only did I meet Steve-o and Lil Kim (who is the sweetest ever) today which was sick enough. but I met.
I see someone's still bitter Crazy In Love blocked Lil Kim from that
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