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Life Sentence

Life Imprisonment (also known as a life sentence, lifelong incarceration or life incarceration) is any sentence of imprisonment for a serious crime under which the convicted person is to remain in jail for the rest of his or her life.

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'Life Sentence' Premiere, Spoilers: Consequences of a 'YOLO' Lifestyle to Be Explored in Midseason Comedy Series……
"Never be a prisoner of your past, it was a lesson not a life sentence"
Your past was just a lesson - not a life sentence. Time to move forward.
What the *** ? She had some nerve attempting to go pee by herself. Death sentence a bit harsh. Maybe life in prison.
Sushil Ansal in whose movie hall 10s of people died let off for being too old. G N Saibaba who is wheelchair bound is giv…
GN Saibaba’s life imprisonment sentence is a conspiracy of BJP-RSS, says wife Vasantha Kumari
When you joke around as much as I do, forgetting the "Jk" in a sentence is life or death lmao
I present: an embodiment of my entire life in a single sentence
We live in country where Bal Thackeray gets a state funeral and GN Saibaba gets a life sentence for "waging war against India…
about time. It's currently an Unofficial life sentence upon release.
I'm all about peace and love.. but if you put your hands on my little sister I'll willingly serve a life sentence.
To save her, he must sentence her to a life she never wanted.
First IS attack on Indian soil. JNU Prof with maoist links get life sentence. TT editor: I'm going with Rahul baba's…
I was finished , doomed .. But one fine day... Im waiting for that second part of the above sentence in my life. . That game changer incident
I'M NOT PERFECT. I'm just a simple person with a simple life. . So if ever I do mistakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . Read the…
For people like me who have high healthcare costs they are stuck with for life, the proposed healthcare bill is a death sentence.
Some people tell me that we professional players are slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence.
Opioids don't play favourites. People from all walks of life are at risk.
Go vote, Angelenos. You aren't allowed to use 'freedom' in a sentence if you don't use it in real life.
My life described in one sentence right now would be "I'll sleep when I die."
This is maybe the best sentence I've ever read in my life
professor four others get life sentence in Naxal case.
"I should know better, enjoy your life sentence."
Jason will be going on governments free health care plan provided for all federal inmates sentenced to life sentence
probably writing a paper on religion sometime soon. Could you give a quick sentence or two about life as an atheist?
Man representing himself in Hampton murder case sentenced to life in prison
- Needs a Military trial (court martial) sentence 2 life at. Guantanamo bay Cuba. obamas, clintons. & lots more.
DU professor Saibaba, four others get life sentence in Naxal case.
Punch who was Black worked to pay off his debt until he attempted to escape w 2 white Indentured slaves;he was sent…
well if Trump was a fictional character he deserves a life sentence in jail
You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me, well, sentence me to another life.
Seems to me, if you make it to 14 yrs on death row, your sentence should convert to life without parole
Delhi University professor GN Saibaba found guilty of having Maoist links, awarded life sentence https…
a conviction for any crime in America can mean a life sentence.
Wrongfully convicted at age of 17 yrs - got life sentence for
Christie Blatchford talks about her new book, “Life Sentence,” a candid, court-side view of Canada’s justice system. Tonight…
Michael Moore's Portrayal of Norway Prison vs. My 15-to-Life Sentence in the U.S.
Life Sentence for Man Found Guilty in Death of Arkansas Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter: A jury unanimously c...
Uncover Detective Knight's cold case in the prequel, Life Sentence.
A Life Sentence for a Blackwater Murder - contractors receive death sentence and 30 year jail time. via
These trigger happy morons got what they deserved. A Life Sentence for a Blackwater Murder via SimplyRead on Android
A Life Sentence for a Blackwater Murder, from (Also TIL Blackwater is now called Academi.)
A Life Sentence for a Blackwater Murder - Eight years ago, in Baghdad, American contractors working for the Blackw...
A Life Sentence for a Blackwater Murder via yeah this:
Life Sentence for Hash Brownies? ... via ... Lost War on Drugs, a total waste of time and taxpayer money.
My honest observations about Oscar Pistorius case is that no matter how good is his defence, and grilling Advocate Berry Roux might or can be, The State Evidence led by Advocate Gerrie Nel has already proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius had every intention to kill and maim his enstranged girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Reasons only known to himself. Not withstanding the fact that Advocate Berry Roux is very good in his cross examination, but do not take the fact away that he had pre planned to remove Reeva Steenkamp from Society. His argument is based on the balance of probabilities, technically he has lost the case, and Oscar Pistorius will be thrown into those four walls, and eventually will throw the keys away, Life Sntence is awaiting him, irrespective of millions he paid to his defence. I'm still standing, Life Sentence awaits him.
Stand out album for 2013. 'Life Sentence' by British Heavy Metal band (New Wave) . Satan (Band). First full length...
SC decided to punish Rajiv gandhi Death Victims with Life Sentence | Studio N - Edlabandi , breaking news, latest news, andhra news, political news, movie news, andhra daily movie updates, political updates, andhra political analysis, movie reviews and Photos.
One couple is pitted against the Russian mafia in a fight for their lives. Life Sentence
Life Sentence for horrible murder and dis-embowelment of teen Anene Booysen. Infamous South African gang-rapist gets life in prison | The...
I'm a cop and you are under arrest on account of being you. It is illegal to be as lovable as you r. Now you get a life sentence in my heart
of course he bloody did. No guarantee of a life sentence now! Sick ***
aw!! Happy anniversary to you too! I'm only 3 years into my life sentence ;-)
18 years in jail for killing your 10 months child??? The judge should review the case, they deserve a life sentence for justice's sake!
- W&MACA: Although we are satisfied with the 18-year sentence, we would like to see rape cases carry a life sentence.
Personally, I think a life sentence would be more appropriate ...
If abusing, raping and causing the death of a baby doesnt deserve a life sentence, then what does?
Remeber a life sentence in SA is only 16 years!
Yeah but HERPES! Life sentence. Not worth it. I find her quite hard faced. She's a bit stabby too...
Bet if I threw something at a Ministers motorcade I'd get a life sentence.
What exactly does one have to do to get a life sentence in SA? Not even raping and killing a baby will get you life.
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people forget that Riotous Assembly was a Common Law offence with max life sentence-ta
Wow! Life sentence is wot dey deserve dRT Both accused have been sentenced to 18 years in prison. ML
Why put some1 on trial for killing another prisoner and their already serving a life sentence? Waste of time
Tonight 6.30pm I A Lockhart River man given a life sentence for murdering his partner on the banks of the Archer River.
Renewing your wedding vows is like agreeing to a double life sentence
Words trickle out of IDS like they're trying to escape a life sentence.
23 years on death row before your execution. In this country in 2 years he would have been released after doing s life sentence.
American terrorist gets a life sentence as America did a great job of censorship and sweeping that story under the rug ...
They rape & abuse their 10month old but the judge is worried that life sentence will cause psychological damage to their other kids?! WHAT?!
"People cant stay in prison for the rest of their lives" well im pretty sure they can if they've done something worthy of a "life sentence".
that the worst comment of the year… playing with Smyth is a life sentence to awful. He drags that line down something fierce.
My brothers serving a life sentence *** how you living.
I would die before serving a life sentence for some BS.
Should start a countdown,he will strike again.Our jails r filled with men who did lesser "Sex" crimes,serving life sentence
should be the punishment for Yann's murderer? Capital punishment Life sentence Over 30 years...
Feel like i got a life sentence for stealing paper clips
I sentence u to a life sentence with crest toothpaste
And this life sentence that I'm serving, I'll admit that I'm every bit deserving.
If this is wrong you my co-defendant, as we plead guilty to this life sentence 😘
a research group, found that one in nine inmates, about 160,000 people, is serving a life sentence. Nearly...
He ain't deserve that life sentence
A man serving a life sentence in a Florida prison was killed in a fight today. Take the opportunities to make friends while in there.
An Immokalee man who was serving a life sentence in a panhandle prison was killed Tuesday morning in a fight.
This is for you No life sentence for you!!!
The Irish are butthurt and trying to force them to move these automatic weapons like its nit a life sentence.
As we plead guilty to this life sentence
My brother serving a life sentence, *** how you livin'? My homie get it on a boat, *** how you get it?
Someone needs to be held responsible for sending me out in horrible looking outfits they deserve a life sentence for crimes against humanity
Let him die in prison... isnt that what a LIFE sentence is?
1 in 9 prisoners in the US is serving a life sentence, acc to new report from -
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I was molested by Luke, Anthony Evans, Troy Evans and their cousin Jamall and Adeola's brother Shaka!! You all need to get the life sentence
I seen a *** get a life sentence for something he aint do ! Free Vinny !
Being diabetic is a life sentence not a death sentence. U can still do the same as everyone else.
I was molested as a child and sexually assaulted at 20 years old. I believe that child molesters should get the life sentence.
If lovin you is a crime, give me the life sentence - Z
"If loving Jesus is a crime, give me a life sentence." 🙌
Life life life life life. Call that a life sentence!
Lol if heartbreaking was a crime everybody on my TL would get a life sentence
JOKE: Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence - a life sentence.
A romantic that pits one couple against the Russian mafia Life Sentence
Durga Shakti reinstated after she gave clarification and apologized. In other news, Bo Xilai awarded Life Sentence
News update Schizophrenia: 'I felt like I'd been given a life sentence' | Mary O'Hara
A life Sentence is a life Sentence..
2years down on this life sentence.and i wouldn't have chosen anyone else.I love you Romulo.Happy Anniversary!!
Advocate General, defence differ on review appeal right The attorney general and the defence have put up contradictory views over filing a review petition by war crimes convict Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Molla against the Tuesday’s Supreme Court verdict that ordered his death sentence. On Tuesday, the Appellate Division sentenced Quader to death for committing 1971 war crimes. A five-member bench headed by the chief justice gave the ruling by majority view allowing the government seeking death sentence for Quader Molla. The bench also unanimously rejected Quader’s appeal to cancel the life sentence handed on him by an International Crimes Tribunal. Just after the verdict, attorney general Mahbubey Alam at a press briefing at his office said he thought that the Appellate Division sentence was the final sentence and the convict might only seek mercy begging for his life to the president of the republic. He said that the constitution’s Article 105 that stipulates ‘The Appellate Division shall have po ...
Bangladesh Top Court Orders Senior Islamist Leader To Hang Bangladesh’s Supreme Court on Tuesday sentenced a senior Islamist leader to death for mass murder, toughening the punishment originally handed down by the country’s war crimes tribunal and sparking fresh violence. Abdul Quader Molla, 65, the fourth-highest leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, had been given a life sentence in February by Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal. The tribunal has since January convicted six Islamists of crimes related to the 1971 war, in which pro-independence fighters battled Pakistani forces which were helped by local Islamist leaders. Molla’s life sentence had sparked deadly protests and widespread riots and there was fresh unrest on Tuesday as he was sentenced to hang, with Jamaat supporters torching vehicles in the southeastern port city of Chittagong. “There were about 2,000 Jamaat protesters. They rioted, torching a police van and a private car,” local police chief Mohammad Mohiuddin told AFP, ...
after the recent pre meditated murders in Leicester what are peoples views? do you believe in a life for a life or a prison life sentence ,do you think the law needs to change to make people think twice?"
War Criminal trial was a mandate of Awami league , War Criminal tribunal was formed & the International Criminal Court initiated the trial process , Bachuu Rajakar was punished with death sentence , Kader Mollah with Life Sentence & others would follow. Now what was really the necessity of all this Shahbag movement when the trial was going on ??? Accepted that many were not happy with the verdict of Kader Molla , but there were ways to seek further punishment through judicial process . More than 100 lives have been lost in the process & the whole country is unstable at this moment . Awami League would've tried War Criminals any way , but now who will take responsibility for instigating such country wide massacre ??? I do not for a second doubt the patriotism of the people . But often highly motivated people *** bent on a cause can create more damage than cold & shrewd plotters . May Allah be kind to us !
Why a Life Sentence?! They ‘symbolically repealed the healthcare bill. Attempted to de-fund Global Warming resolutions (Can you say hurricane Sandy?). Are all about cutting aid to the poor, homeless, and women and children (Sequestration! “Let them eat nothing and learn even less”!). Redefine rape (Legitimate rape?). Attempted to cut Pell Grants ( “Get a job. No college for you”!). Attempted to cut funds for Vets. Were good to go with Government shutdowns again (Can you say 1995-96 government shutdowns?). In the past tried to ‘privatize’ Social Security. Of late wanted to privatize Medicare. Were OK with losing jobs due to budget cuts. Were part and parcel of the Bush era policies that brought us to the brink of another Great Depression. And refused to consider Obama proposals regarding jobs or anything, including too many proposals originating from their side of the aisle! How’s that for a GOP record of being for the people? Oh, and speaking of all the people on disability, Social Securi ...
IT TOOK ME LONGER to do the Writing Exercise than it did to write this whole piece. I was inspired to write this after my friend, and former celli when I was in federal prison back in the 80’s, George Martorano, told me he couldn’t get through to his Writing Class because none of the young people know who any of the classic American Writers, or any Writers at all. DON GEORGE MARTORANO, was fifteen years into a Life Sentence without possibility of parole, for a Continued Criminal Enterprise conviction out of Philadelphia, and was already a published author when we meet in the Inmate Law Library, at the Federal Correctional Facility at Marianna, Florida in the late 1980’s. The head of the law library was a decorated military helicopter pilot doing a lot of years for drugs, and recognized I knew about the law than he ever would, introduced us. I decided my first day in prison that if I learned something this day, these people haven’t taken this day from me, so I set out to learn like a man possess .. ...
Robert Marshall Applies for Reconsideration of Life Sentence for 1984 Murder for Hire Conviction. Judge Denies. Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford made the following statement concerning the recent application of convicted murderer Robert Marshal for post conviction relief: “Defendant Robert Marshall applied to the Honorable Wendel E. Daniels, Presiding Judge of the Criminal Part of the Ocean County Superior Court, for reconsideration of the life sentence with thirty (30) years parole ineligibility imposed by Judge Daniels during his re-sentencing in 2006. Marshall had been sentenced to death in 1986 for the 1984 murder of his wife, Maria, at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. In a written opinion, Judge Daniels denied Marshall’s request to change his sentence. Marshall cited his deteriorating physical and mental health as factors warranting a reduction in his sentence. Judge Daniels noted that the Court was aware of Marshall’s health at the time of the re-sentencing in 2006, and that ...
Here are a few of my favorite lines from an important song in my early years...not posting this for anybody specifically. or am I? ;) You used to be a partner in crime Now you say you ain't got the time It's a Life Sentence You don't do what you want to But you do the same thing everyday No sense of humor But such good manners Now you're an adult You're boring It's a Life Sentence I'd rather stay a child And keep my self-respect If being an adult Means being like you Are you really you? No You're a chained-up dog fenced in a yard Don't see much, you can't go far Pace and froth, you're getting sick Run too fast and it'll snap your neck You say you'll break out But you never do You're just another ant in the hill That's your Life Sentence
Life is just like a beautiful sentence but its beauty depends only on you - how you take it..
Last night I attended the annual dinner meeting of our “mature” law enforcement officers – the pioneers of our modern program. The ranks are thinning, as is the hair. We did have the opportunity to discuss some of our more memorable cases. I found it most interesting that one of our guys had received a note from convicted murderer/serial arsonist John Orr. Orr crossed many of our paths back in the 80’s and 90’s, and now is serving a life sentence.
My mom would be doing a life sentence if this was a law
Shane Taylor is the type of guy who shouldn't be in jail, according to those who want to revise the state's "three strikes" sentencing law.
Hm, marriage is not a word, but a sentence, a life sentence.
Hello, I'm going to tell you a story, then I need your help. In self-defense, John McNeil, a successful African American businessman and father of two, shot and killed a Caucasian man. The deceased was a former builder who worked on John’s property and had threatened John and his son with a weapon. His case should have been covered under Georgia’s Castle Doctrine, but John McNeil is sitting in jail serving a life sentence for murder. John’s case is currently being reviewed in Georgia courts. We hope that the decision is a just one and that Attorney General Sam Olens does what is in his power to see that justice is served and John returns home to his family. NAACP President Ben Jealous is heading to Georgia to personally deliver a petition in support of John's case, please add your name to it today: case is even more egregious when you consider the circumstances of his arrest. The District Attorney, who was running for re-election, brought charges 274 days after the incident. The police believed John ...
how many more babies are going to have to suffer?.how many more parents are going to have to grieve?.how many more missing people are going to be lost?.before this country called the "UNITED KINGDOM".stands up and says."NO MORE!!"."YOU HURT OTHERS..YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE!".there needs to be a punishment where.when FOUND GUILTY WITHOUT A DOUBT!.you will face the harshest punishment that can be dealt!.how can it be that you can just be put away in prison and live the rest of your days.yes without freedom.but also without stress or worries.while the people and families that you have hurt spend the rest of their lives grieving!.all the children that have been abused and hurt, they spend their lives trying to come to terms with and deal with what happened to them!...its a life sentence just for being innocent and taken advantage off!.but our so called "justice system" seems to take the side of the guilty..."human rights" what are they???.whether they are sick in the head and cant control what they do.or wheth ...
Watching I was on there...I would've raped him...and serve a life sentence for it ;3
A Superior Court justice has given 64-year-old John Allan Robertson a life sentence for killing his wife last year after the Thunder Bay man pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.
For writing the lines “the first President ever to have to hide under a bed,” my father Louie Beltran found himself charged, tried, convicted of libel, and sentenced to 2 years in prison and ordered to pay P2 million.
On the way to complete first year of life sentence ;)
Eugene Williams, Jr. was convicted of killing 77-year-old Louis A. Daniel Jr. in his apartment.
I'd catch a life sentence for my mom and pop.
Not everyone who has been in Prison,has changed their bad ways.instead,the environment the relations,and purnishments in that environment makes them worse.2 me,a prison is anything that limits u 2 reach u r maximum.that fiancee that cant allow u 2 love 2 the max.that friend that is not concerned with u r career,even that parent that gives u only one option 2 choose from.Many of us hav bin in prison,dont choose 2 live there.u r the only one who can make it a life sentence!
Animals in zoos are denied everything that is natural and important to them. Watch now, and boycott zoos!
Shout out to Adonnis Ball Sherman Betts Contarus Carter DeMarcus Revonn St Amant...if u heard these dudes before then u know exactly why I'm shoutin em out. Bars 4eva. -LIFE SENTENCE LYRICS-
Gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli contended that the sessions court verdict was bad in law and based on non-application of mind. More...
Life sentence is to good for this scum unless he gets a daily beating and that's still not enough. It's also quite concerning that the wife and church knew about it and that he even had the opportunity to be alone or even around he baby or ANY child. You took his computer away? Seriously, how about taking the baby away. It mentions an older son that he also abused, did no one know about that? So what, lets have another child with him? Forgive me for the hate in my heart for this horible, evil person and I pray that any memories of these horrific acts against these babies are wiped away forever.
Praying little April is found alive :-( what the *** is 5 year old girl doing playing outside alone at 7.30pm (or any time at that age) Let's hope the parents lesson is not a life sentence. Gr.
Kinda wondering this morning; how many spend much of their Time researching a politician...worried about the truth he tells, the lies he concocts, the promises he may or may not keep, what rights he may or may not try to take from you, how his actions will affect your future.when all the while there is One who stands in wait...ready to keep every promise, ready to hold your future securely in His hands, ready to give you absolute peace, joy, abundant life, one who already payed the price that you might have al of that and more for al eternity; how well have you sought him out, how well have you taken Him to yourself, how well have you offered to live your life for Him? I am thrilled to know that no matter who wins this election, my God will still rein supreme upon His thrown! I have no fear of my future. It's a four-year with a man in's a life sentence with God...
A judge has added 25 years to a life sentence for a teen who killed a Clayton County deputy, the Clayton News Daily reports.
Marriage is not a word. It's a sentence (a life sentence). 2. Marriage is love. Love is blind. Therefore marriage is an institution for the blind. 3. Marriage is an institution in which a man loses his Bachelor's Degree and the woman gets her masters. 4. Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and suffeRING. 5. Married life is full of excitement and frustration: In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens.In the third year, they both speak and the NEIGHBOUR listens. 6. Getting married is very much like going to a restaurant with friends.You order what you want, and when you see what the other person has, you wish you had ordered that instead. 7. There was this man who muttered a few words in the church and found himself married. A year later he muttered something in his sleep and found himself divorced. 8. A happy marriage is a matter of giving and taking; the husband gives and the wife takes. 9. Son: ...
This morning rant goes out to my young friend Chowder.. You say jail is jail, (jail =school) but soon enough you"ll be paroled and wishing u were serving a life sentence,we all were once like you serving time making the best of things,friends moved on away only to find each other later on . My point is young one your young listen to old cons that walked that jail yard before you,dont rush to grow up
Hook ( John Michael ) A times gonna come when we're taken away// What will we become before.before that day?// You gotta have faith into the dark, gotta let go of all the scars// Everyone needs a little spark, to light it all up like falling stars// Verse 1 ( Dallas ) I know event-u-ally,that im gonna make an exit// from this life im livin an ever-ything i been blessed wit// ..But should i stress kid or gracefully accept it// 1 thing i know though is b4 i end up breathless// ..ill make an impact caressin ya essence// ..It aint a hobby nah im servin a life sentence// Blessin microphones wit a benevolent presence// ..But all tha work i put in on a daily basis// Got me feelin oh so highly under-rated// Appreciation,fo my spiritual engravements// I pray will be displayed and officially appraised son// ..B4 tha day i lay inside a grave decayin// So what'll i become while theres air in my lungs I hope a legend to my son and a prophet through my songs// ..I guess my concern is do i have to fall 1st// B4 yall si ...
I was told to stay off the book, and maybe I should. My thoughts are all over the place. Like for instance when did I give up my God-given rights not to govern myself? Why is it expected to accepted laws that I had no part in creating? For instance why do I have to pay rent or take on a"Life Sentence of Debt" for something that I really won't truely own. I mean who, when and why would anyone accept being told what to do, when to do it, where to do it, if we are born free moral agents? All our lives we are being processed for assimulation. Go along to get along! In order thrive in certain sociteies, certain sacrifices have to be made. Most of the sacrifices of official substance are made for superfical gain. Look at the quality of life, the things we say we live for. Yet kill ourselves daily to feed our all too temporal emotional mind-state. Just some random but noted thoughts. Feed back please if any.
Marriage is not a word,it is a sentence--a life sentence
That poor little girl April doesn't look good but that is why I don't agree wiv the death sentence they should be kept alive and tortured every day off there lives hot water thrown on them acid stoned beaten the lot coz I tell u wot if they knew that would be happening to them I bet they would think twice call it in humane but that's wot ppl like that deserve coz it's always the parents who have to live wiv a life sentence not them wankers x
40-year-old Tarrant County man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for performing sex acts on his 3-month-old daughter.
Bombay HC admits Gawli's appeal against life sentence in murder case -
A man was found guilty Thursday night in the murder-for-hire death of his estranged wife in 2010.
To this man who can never leave this bed,can never feel free, can never walk again, never a hug can he give, an itch can he scratch, a life sentence given not by choices but yet feel pain and discomfort daily. We should all learn from him. We all complain about our petty lives and money problems ans feel we have so much to compain and be miserable about and yet we forget to thank god everyday for all the things he gives to us. The things we take for granted. A touch, a hug, a friend, freedom, love. For this man has none!
Here's the breakdown. Two categories. Those that love life and everything in it. Those that hate life and everything in it. God in His comical givings always seems to pair one of each together. Yes you will find two totally miserable people and maybe just maybe a happy couple but usually one of each and the constant battle of good and evil. Truly a life sentence.
only day to go until my 40th! Which officially cancelled until i either get shrooms or escasty :) best of all .wanting shrooms / escasty is OFFICALLY NOT ...a sign of maddness :) as arrested the other day whilst pursuing escasty :) arrested ironically enough under the 'mental health act' - told i'd be locked up for 3 days :) fine :) if wanting to feel happy for 3 hours is a sign of maddness be it! was interviewed by 3 psychiatrists :) irony! like ...shrooms / escasty really do change the way you think :) when in the observation room's like! I could see the rationale behind it! the first 2 psychiatrists kept saying ..i'd be kept in! Fine :) I told them it would have to be a life sentence as if i was locked up ..for wanting escasty ..then the second i'd get out ...i'd down a bottleof paracetomal tablets! As ...if i can't feel happiness for 3 hours ..why live! As part of the conversation ..valium came up! straight away i pointed out ...that valium is more dangerous over a period of ti ...
Any person who forces another into marriage or prostitution will go to jail for not less than sh30 million or both and if the crime is repeated,a life sentence is slapped-The Counter-Trafficking in Persons Act.
Photo by: Ricardo Mallaco Lapid: Netanyahu is trying to drag US into war with Iran By GIL HOFFMAN 05/10/2012 In interview with 'Post', Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid accuses PM of instigating conflict with US administration by forcing them to set red lines on Iranian nuclear program; says Netanyahu leading Israel to war "too soon." Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid started his political campaign for the next Knesset this week by accusing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of trying to drag the United States into war with Iran. In his first English interview since entering politics – which will be published in full in The Jerusalem Post’s Simhat Torah supplement, Lapid said Netanyahu made mistakes by instigating a conflict with the US administration, betting that Republican candidate Mitt Romney would win the election, and threatening Iran with military action rather than focusing on intensifying sanctions. “Netanyahu has created a situation in which it became an Israel-Iran problem and not a world-Iran proble ...
Quote from BBC news: "Mr Gillespie served a life sentence for shooting dead Mark Rennie in Paisley in 1996."...well quite clearly he feckin did not if he's out in 2012. Since when did 'life' mean 15 and a bit years? :@
If u don't get money tell mii wats d essence,am tryna get my money longer than a life sentence.
There are two types of sentence.a life sentence and death sentence.-allan k
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Magistrate I am on my way don't give me a life sentence
It was on this day 21 years ago that I received my life sentence . Though this is something I have enjoyed no end - 21 years married today! Love you as much as ever Foxy and here's to the next 21 x
follower Bruce Davis is up for parole from his life sentence. He tortured a woman for three days before killing her. Would you like him as your neighbor?
Conquer your Mountain In your life journey, there will be setbacks and possibly even failures. There will certainly be situations that you did not plan for. Do not be influenced or discouraged by your previous failed attempts. The God who has given you the vision will give you victory. If you have done something wrong that has the potential to jeopardise your mission, repent today. Lay it at the foot of the cross in the presence of God. Make a decision not to repeat your past mistake. View failure as a learning opportunity rather than a destination or life sentence. Persistence and determination are two essential ingredients to a success. Return to that abandoned goal, dream or vision that is essential to your arrival at destination. Face it, overcome it and conquer your Mountain.
Marriage used to be a "25 years to life sentence". Now it's more like a "2 year sentence with early release for bad behaviour" Enjoy ur day friendships!!
Beware of liquor act (its friday guys) 1. For being found drinking water while liquor is available, ten years in jail. 2, refusing an offer of liquor, four years or a fine of R10 000. 3,diluting liquor with water,five years and whipping. 4, vomiting after drinking,life sentence. 5,for drinking alone at home,twenty five months in prison. 6, found asleep at a table with full glass, five years in prison without appeal. 7,refusing smoking while drinking, ten weeks in prison. 8,refusing to buy liquor while having money in the pocket, ten years without bread and water. 9,being found in the company of non drinkers, six months and whipping
Maybe Hillary will let me give them a life sentence for the delay.
Should of went to bed hours ago,ugh. 8-6 is going to feel like a life sentence.
; Spittin' on someone is THE nastiest thing ever ! I have never in my disrespectful. When I see a man spit on someone, I think to myself..."What a *** dude". If you spit on me, The end. sentence
Some thoughts on upcoming Propositions to be on the ballot this November: Prop. 30: Governor Browns request for a tax increase, obviously NO. There is no revenue problem, it is a spending and waste problem; Prop 31: A request to change to a 2 year budget cycle, NO, all that does is allow government to hide for an extra year without giving us the bad news that they spent more than they took in; Prop 32 The ban on Union and Corporate contributions to political campaigns, NO, bad idea, California is under the control of Democrats, they could easily later change the law to exempt unions, but say taxpayers didn't want corporations to be able to contribute, besides it is obviously unconstitutional under Citizens United Supreme Court decision; Prop. 33, allowing insurers to make premiums dependent on continuous insurance coverage - NO, the less the gov't is involved in private business the better; Prop. 34 repeal the death penalty, uhhh NO, the argument that appeals cost too much, really you don't think criminal ...
I NO IMMA *** ALOT OF PPL OFF BUT *** I WISH HE WOULDVE GOT AWAY 4EVA IT AINT JUSTICE IF AN INNOCENT MAN DOES TIME 4 A CRIME HE DIDNT COMMIT CLOVIS, N.M. (AP) —Federal authorities say a convicted killer who escaped from a New Mexico prison in 2008 has been arrested in Mexico. The U.S. Marshals Service says Edward Salas was taken into custody Thursday in Chihuahua City, Chihuahua. They are now seeking his extradition to New Mexico. Salas was been on the list of the Marshals Service's 15 most wanted fugitives since last December. Authorities say he escaped from the Curry County Detention Center in Clovis in August 2008. He was later spotted in Texas, but had been on the run ever since. At the time of his escape, Salas was serving a life sentence plus 56 years for his role in the murder of Carlos Perez on Sept. 5, 2005. The victim was killed just one day before his 11th birthday.
Will AJ Frost -Should drug charges alone ever lead to a life sentence? What do you think?
Life Sentence - Problems from "Life Sentence" released on Walkthrufyre Records in 1986.
Proposition 36 would end life terms for such offenders, who would instead be treated as if they had only one previous strike and be sentenced to double the standard prison term for their latest crime. With the change, a third-striker who would have faced a 25-years-to-life sentence for a nonviolent theft that normally carries two years in prison instead would face four years. Inmates already serving 25 years to life for nonserious and nonviolent offenses could get a reduction in their sentences if a judge decides they do not pose an unreasonable risk to the public. The proposition's changes would not apply to offenders with previous convictions for murder, rape or child molestation, or to those whose latest offense involved a sex crime, major drug dealing or use of a firearm
If a person has one prior felony drug conviction... The minimum mandatory sentence is 20 years to life... If a person has 2 or 3 there's a mandatory life sentence... But I just read in the paper... A man sentenced to 3 yrs in prison for sexual acts with a minor... SMGDH... dirty world ):
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Fwd: may your mistakes be a life lesson and not a life sentence :)
My problem is this.I dont WANT to encourage vigilante justice; Jamaica has not hanged anyone in years and I DO NOT WANT MY TAX PAYER MONEY TO FEED THE EVIL, NASTY *** who violated the five females last week. Life sentence is a NO NO because my hard earned money would be helping fi keep dem. Unfortunately, the law can be a *** shackle!
An Iraqi court has sentenced an American citizen to life in prison on charges of assisting al-Qaeda and financing terrorist activities in Iraq, a statement says.
Well Vinny has today served 4 years of his life sentence. I think he's holding up really well lol. Happy wedding anniversary Angel! Love u to pieces!!
Oh! Jst one sip of liquor then imma catch a f*kin sleep.a life sentence z a life sentence so b*tch dnt see me thru imma adict
On Friday October 5th, DGK will be releasing a t-shirt and donating all of the proceeds to Fabian Alomar's legal fees. We'll also be dropping a very special web…
Really wanted to punch a mf in her face today but I didn't...just shows how much I'm growing everybody gotta grow up sometimes n I'm glad I am cause my babies need me n thank God for dem cause I don't have time to be serving a life sentence!!...glad I've changed my ways!!..everything I do I do it for dem!!!..
You can't trust those church people! Bad joke. Have fun with your life sentence dirt bag. 3 month old?? Really?? It makes my mind all confused and angry n stuff. Glad the baby won't remember. Geez...
A man dat beats a woman deserves to get his nuts chopped off str8 like dat.a *** touch ma sis or ma dukes trust me i'll take dat life sentence
2013 Dec 8, 2011 people need to wake up the government want you to think positive black leaders are evil why is it that everyone that speak against the government are killed or put in jail for a life sentence... they said Tupac raped a wake up conspiracy!
Too bad this life sentence doesn't come with castration with a dull rusty knife without the benefit of aenastesia. This is an animal, and I hope he's treated just like he treated children by the other prisoners for the rest of his life. Sorry, can't be forgiving on this one.
This was the question .Why do we kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong???.--- And I love these answers- Because the bible says eye for an eye tooth for a tooth after all in god we trust . More or less, Besides the aforementioned biblical quote. Human society is all about preservation of species. A human who kills other humans is not good, for the same reason you do not want to have a killer in the group of 6 people we do not want killers in a group of 6 billion. The courts/law system were designed to allow the masses to decide what they wanted to do with people rather than just killing them outright. For the most part it works and we keep killers away from people and justice is done with a life sentence, but with extreme cases killers have done so much that we cannot allow them to live. Besides making us responsible for the deaths they might cause (by allowing them to live and thus continue) we do not want those type of people around to even mildly have an influence on ch ...
Man 1 : A good friend of mine got a life sentence. Man 2 : What was his crime? Man 1 : he said, "I do".
1 of my 2 niggs done got they life together after facing a life sentence an being given another chance,an as a TRUE friend u wanna see that..u dont wanna pull them back...
It’s long past time for California to rethink their criminal justice system. Prop 34 Death Penalty & Prop 36 Three Strikes are on the November ballot. I like to think that people are wak...
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If I got arrested for being naughty-I'd have a life sentence
Winchester, Mass., man murdered wife, mother-in-law, two children in 2010
People who steal meat on the shisa nyama braai stand should be arrested and given life sentence
The Ultimate Judge wants to give you a Life Sentence.
Self-Defense Leads to a Life Sentence in Georgia August 21, 2010 NAACP DEMANDS NEW TRIAL APPLAUDS DISSENTING OPINION OF GEORGIA Supreme Court CHIEF JUSTICE IN CASE PRESS CONFERENCE GEORGIA STATE CAPITAL 11:30AM TUESDAY AUGUST 24TH The North Carolina and Georgia State Conferences of the NAACP, joined by the National NAACP, will hold a press conference Tuesday, August 24 on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol (Washington Street side) at 11:30 AM to address the wrongful conviction of Mr. John McNeil by the Georgia system of 'justice.' The two State Conferences and the National NAACP will visit Mr. McNeil at the Hancock State Prison prior to the press conference and will release the powerful dissent of the Chief Justice of Georgia's Supreme Court in Mr. McNeil's case. "How is it that in America, a person can receive a life sentence for defending his life and that of his child, from an armed attacker?" stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous. "The conviction and sentencing of John McNeil is a c ...
By Nicole Breanne Wolf Dog Hybrid Gets a Life Sentence in Louisiana Pointe Coupee Parish in Louisiana has an animal control ordinance that states that all dogs must be confined to an owner’s property, or secured on a leash when they are not. So when Vicky Smith’s German Sheppard/Wolf hybrid, Chief, kept getting out of her yard, the neighbors began to complain. A state judge ordered that Chief be euthanized for his “aggressive” behavior. The story caught the attention of the paper and one person in particular, Angola Warden Burl Cain. Cain contacted the judge and asked that Chief be sentenced to the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Judge James Best of the 18th Judicial District Court signed an order giving Chief a “life” sentence and releasing custody to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. The state prison deploys hybrid dogs like Chief at night to patrol the prison’s individual camps. They currently have more than a dozen wolf dog hybrids already on patrol and f ...
Part 2 of a show opening up for Fang or possibly Life Sentence, not sure i think at the very end of this video it shows Fang ripping into their set! Band Mem...
Made some good music this week with Playz and The other half of my band Life Sentence , Josiah spit ryhmes like .. You'll see. And rocked out back stage with The Expendables. And even got Raul's guitar pick from the show. Good luck and good night kidz. L.S.
Bleed for Me (B-side "Life Sentence") was the sixth single by punk rock band Dead Kennedys. It was released in July 1982 on Alternative Tentacles. The music ...
I just bought: 'Life Sentence' by Charles W. Colson via
hey mzanzi There is this *** calld sthepo now sthepo was very crewl to people then one day he did something bad and he got into big trouble he must appear in front of the judge nw, now remeber when u get a blue jacket from the judge is life sentence and the judge told him i give u one blue jacket inside and the mom jump and said to the judge pls have a hard and give him 2 blue jackets its to cold inside and sthepo looked at his mom wow mum u realy hate me but his mum just smiled and winkt at him wow imagine u were there lol lmk 50 yeas wow lol
Hosni Mubarak: LIFE SENTENCE NOT ENOUGH, EGYPTIANS PROTEST. Protest restarted in Tahir Square, Cairo, against the life sentence given to the former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak. Hundreds of people started to converge on the square, where yesterday 61 peoplw were injured, out of about 20 thousand protester. FELLOW NIGs, THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE ARE DEMANDING FOR JUSTICE. WHEN WILL NIGERIANS BE BOLD ENOUGH TO ASK FOR JUSTICE?
Horse Shoe G.A.N.G's first video for "4 Headed Monster" off of their Horse Shoe Weekly's series.ALBUM GANGSTA MC AVAILABLE NOV 3!!! Filmed and Edited by - Ic...
A bride tells her husband, "Honey, you know I'm a virgin and I don't know anything about sex. Can you explain it to me first?" "Okay, sweetheart. Putting it simply, we will call your private place 'the prison' and call my private thing 'the prisoner'. So what we do is put the prisoner in the prison." And they made love for the first time and the husband was smiling with satisfaction. Nudging him, his bride giggles, "Honey the prisoner seems to have escaped." Turning on his side, he smiles and says, "Then we will have to re-imprison him." After the second time, the bride says,"Honey, the prisoner is out again!" The husband rises to the occasion and they made love again. The bride again says, "Honey, the prisoner escaped again," to which the husband yelled, "Hey, it's not a life sentence!!!"
In a ECHR-related decision, the Court of Appeal has decided that a failure to provide a life sentence prisoner with a minimum of one hour in the open air each day did not constitute a breach of his ECHR Article 8 rights.
The prosecution rejected terrorism suspect Umar Patek's claims that he only played minor roles in two deadly bombings, calling the alleged Bali bombing mastermind's defense baseless.
"Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has received a sentence of life in prison for complicity in the killing of hundreds of anti-government protesters during last year's 18-day uprising that forced him to resign on February 11. He was acquitted of corruption charges. Mubarak's former interior minister Habib al-Adly received similar life sentence. Adly's six deputies were acquitted. His conviction sends a powerful message to other political and military leaders in Egypt. It is seen as a big lesson to the country's next president to ensure that he can no longer act with impunity." - I don;t believe this - if it were so, then why is Bahrain getting away with their atrocities?
Finished the album its called Life sentence of Living.
Ailing former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was yesterday found guilty of the murder of demonstrators during the uprising that overthrew him last year.
i heard on the news of a mother holding her young teenage daughter down so that a 50 add year old cud have sex with her( the daughter)... an action like that, there is no word to describe how wrong that is. a mother like that needs the life sentence. what will happen to our nation's children when our nation's chindren's protectors become the children's PREY?
A convicted sex offender is being sought after absconding from an open prison in Lincolnshire. John Whiteside, age 46, failed to return to HMP North Sea Camp, near Boston, following a day release on Thursday, police said. Whiteside, originally from Leicestershire, is serving a life sentence. He is 6ft (1.82m) tall, of average build, with black hair. He also has a number of distinctive tattoos on his arms and neck. His left arm has a tattoo of a peacock with a swallow, a heart and the name John on his right arm. He has the names John, Sam, Kath and Kevin on his neck. Officers have advised anyone who sees Whiteside, or has knowledge of his whereabouts, not to approach him but to contact Lincolnshire Police immediately.
Tomorrow is my one year anniversary. I guess you could say I have survived the first year of a life sentence without parole. Amanda Lou Hoover, I love you with all of my heart!
The dictator was sentenced to death yesterday. Twenty-five years is death, isn't it, if you're 84 years old? Hosni Mubarak will die in jail. And Habib al-Adli, his interior minister, 74 years old, maybe he will be killed in jail if he doesn't live out his life sentence. These were the thoughts of tw...
Oh And what is the point of a life sentence? Oh we are gonna keep you for murder in jail for the rest of your life until you DIE. But we aren't gonna kill you...
Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq hit hard at the Muslim Brotherhood on two fronts Sunday, warning that an Islamist victory will lead to terrorizing Christians and accusing the Brotherhood of trying to make “Palestine" the central issue for Egyptians. Shafiq was a close aide to ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and the Brotherhood took the offensive after Saturday’s life sentence for Mubarak, instead of death, and the acquittal of his two sons regarding their involvement in the murder of hundreds of protesters last year. Egyptians will go the polls in two weeks to vote for Shafiq or Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi. In an unusually sharp attack, Shafiq accused the Brotherhood of acting as if “Palestine is the capital of Egypt.” He said that Egyptians face several domestic issues that should not be overshadowed by the status of the Palestinian Authority, whose Hamas faction was founded by the Brotherhood. “Don’t let the Muslim Brotherhood control Egypt and take it to the dar ...
Hur beauty isa crime and she my numba 1 suspect! Wud chu serve a life sentence in my prison of love! And i kno we jus friendz but we shud really hook up cuz da one and she knowz who um referrin two:)
Egyptians react with dismay as former president is convicted on lesser charge and given sentence 'wide open' to appeal
Tens of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets across the country to protest against the life sentence issued for Hosni Mubarak in his trial, which they say is too lenient.
The former president of Egypt and his interior minister were found to have failed to stop the killing of demonstrators in the uprising that helped end Mr. Mubarak’s rule.
Watch Hosni Mubarak Verdict: Former Leader of Egypt Gets Life Sentence Online for free on Onepakistan Videos
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Ok what is worse living where there is crime but you lived there all your life or moving away and now you live around awhile lot of trailer trash always trying to make you catch a case cause I'm really about to catch a life sentence being around these dam crazy people
Good sunday to all...i just finished reading a letter from my bruh (manuel barber k58174 he up their suwannee correctional live oak fl, where them dudes be on that gang type mess and dont wont to see the the light of day but i just pray god remove this life sentence and i never stop havin faith..when ur a beliver god will *** thur not when u feel he should but when he know u my lil brother i feel ur pain everyday it not a day go by the u dont cross my mind you will never be forgotten as long as breath in me and ur children will know u and realize u wont bettter for them this day i will honor my brother I LOVE AND MISS U. *** BO'
Yah im so hurt,go neng ke mo gana,ke mo dumetse thursday then on friday a ya life sentence,im so so so hurt
If ugly were a crime, you'd get a life sentence.
Oo poor Mubark,hope he will survive his life sentence in pernitutary...nna tota i feel sorry for him,may Allah protect him!
Been married a year today, feels like a life sentence!!! Love u H!
I’m giving up on doing this alone now Cause I’ve failed and I’m ready to be shown how He’s told me the way and I’m trying to get there And this life sentence that I’m serving I admit that I’m every bit deserving But the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair.Relient K
Mubarak life sentence = Hitler getting life imprisonment but the whole gastapo getting let off...come on people! It's insulting how thick these 'powers that be' think the people are...
"One day your gonna see the life sentence you gave to me But i swear, one day we will share this cell And i know its cold But i will keep us warm with all the hate i radiate We'll be walking hand in hand in ***
Ousted Egyptian President,Mubarak gets life sentence DEPOSED Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak suffered “a health crisis” yesterday upon arrival at prison after he was sentenced to life in prison, state television reported.
Girls learn to say no when a guy offer to buy u a drink these days. Guys are now being so dubious to the extent of slipping a pill (popularly called Rochi) in ur drink. Lady's, Plz endeavor to stay away from any blue drink and guys,what is ur problem man! Must u sleep with every girl? U'll have a daughter too someday. Government should even make a rape case a life sentence.
May 31 Howrah-Dehradun Doon Express Derails – Many Injured and Four Killed. Posted on May 31, 2012 by Adil Mohd Eight bogies of Howrah-Dehradun Doon Express derailed near Mahrawa station in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Four people are reporte...
Hosni Mubarak has been given a life sentence
Hosni Mubarak escape d gallows but intead gets life sentence.
CAIRO — The life sentence imposed on toppled President Hosni Mubarak for complicity in the deaths of hundreds of protesters marks an unprecedented milestone in Egypt 's path toward democracy yet serves as a reminder of the political limitations challenging rebellions that have swept the Ar...
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About 10,000 protesters have flooded the streets of Cairo after Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison.
Ex-Egyptian president, Mubarak, minister get life sentence
Mubarak gets life sentence, but Egypt not fully free of his grasp
Egyptians like other arabs are somehow fools! How can force the judiciary to work accordance to their will! The court ruled out and give the decisions,where Mubarak and his former intr. Minister were given life sentence while his two sons' charges were dropped! These Tahirir rats want to teache the judiciary how to judge cases. The force Mubarak and alleged others to be given 'death penalty' with no ground. They must respect the decision of the court and rule of law. Style up you murderers!!
مبارك يحكم بالسجن المؤبد Clearly the moment the word 'guilty' was read, it was the word people wanted to hear. Obviously it was a quick reading of the verdic...
Mubarak got life sentence, that's a start. What about his sons? What about his regime officials? They are all free. Sadly, still no justice for Egypt.
Protests heat up after Mubarak given life sentence
Egypt’s former president ­suffered “a health crisis” when he found he was being taken to a prison hospital
Scenes of celebration and scuffles erupted outside the Cairo courtroom as Hosni Mubarak, pictured, was found guilty of being complicit in the killings of protesters during the uprising that ended his 30 year rule.
Why not build a colosseum and have criminals on death row or life sentence fight and sell it on pay per view?!!
the end of an era husni mubarak given life sentence but his sons are found not guilty hmm maybe its God's will for them to have a second chance will they live a life worthy before chhrist
Hosni Mubarak gets LIFE sentence. One by one o
Mubarak's life sentence: A game of smoke and mirrors? |
The ex-dictator is sentenced to life in prison but most of his fellows accused are acquitted and no one seems to be directly responsible for the deaths of protesters
The Tahrir square 2 minutes ago, is it another revolution after Moubarak got life sentence!!
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So Mubarak has received a life sentence. I hope Egyptians can now start working to create a country that is representative of their honorable history. Land of Musa, liberators of Al Quds, may they be given the honor of raising high the banner of Islam. - Syed Rehman
Thousands protest life sentence for deposed ruler as too lenient, denounce trial as "theatrical"
So. after the wonderful Hatfield and McCoy movie I delved in to find out exactly how I was realted to Devil Anse Hatfield. I always knew I was, just unsure of the exact way. So, My daddy Clarence Woolridge's grandmother was Laura Belle Hatfield, who was the daughter of Valentine "Wall" Hatfield, who was Devil Anses Brother. This makes Wall my great great grandfather and Devil Anse my great great uncle. Now all of you know why Im so crazy! Wall was said to be seven feet tall and weighed in at 350 pounds. He was Devil Anses oldest brother. My daddys granny was number 10 of 13 children belonging to Valentine Wall Hatfield and Wall died in prison in 1900 after being given a life sentence along wtih 6 others in the McCoy killings and Walls nephew Cotton was hanged. Wall was buried in the prison cemetary which was later paved over. Devil Anse is buried in West VA. where there is a life size memorial statue of him that my daddy took me to when I was 10 years old. History 101 for anyone who cares.
An inmate serving a life sentence stemming from the sex assault of a child in Oceanside was killed in his prison cell in Los Angeles County Tuesday.
A self-described "failed pimp," who was recently convicted of robbery, attempted a sob story in court, but was sentenced 21 years-to-life
Mubarak gets life sentence; IBB wl get..., OBJ wl get...and GEJ wl b condemnd to. It is just a matter of time, our oppressors wl surely pay for their evils against humanity.
Hosni Mubarak..has finally been giving the life sentence 4 complicity in killing unarmed protesters.the wheel of justice grind slowly,but surely.culture of resistant oh Nigerians..stop looking like donkey..appology to Fela-Anikulapo kuti.who foresore the mot in our eyes!
Silence fell over the court room, and outside where families of the victims had gathered, to hear the verdict in the murder trial of Egypt's fallen dictator Hosni Mubarak.
Life sentence for former Egyptian president , I wonder who's next!
the life sentence of Mubarak reflects a strong judicial system in Egypt. Kenyans should borrow a leaf and try ICC convicts in local courts. ICC is another form of neo-colonialism
A young Pygmy man stole some food, was caught and beaten. The young man returned with his bow and arrows and shot a Bantu man through the heart and he died. The Pygmy went to prison. The radio reported that the Pygmy died there in prison. We assumed that he starved to death and/or caught malaria (bc there is not much healthcare or food in prison unless family or friends bring it). His uncle came today to ask money for a (funeral like) service. But, instead, we took him to the prison to ask the guards how he died and where he was buried. But, when we arrived at the prison today we found that the young Pygmy man was ALIVE! We, and especially his uncle, were so happy. (Some other prisoner had died). His father will be so happy. He thought that his son was dead but now will find that he is alive! So, we bought the young man some food because he has become very thin on the diet of mostly just banana peels and whatever NGO’s irregularly bring. (This is the beginning of our prison ministry). He is expecte ...
Conspiracy to kill protestors, or not stopping the police from shooting protestors; that is what has earned mubarak life sentence!
Just amazes me to sit here in my flat in Cairo, watching the thousands in Tahrir at the moment from the TV chanting "One hand, one hand, one hand", after the verdict of Mubarak serving a life sentence, but more so the fact that all the police, his sons, and his interior associates acquitted, their testimony thrown out, from all corruption. Who gave the orders for those people to be shot in the uprising? Who conspired to make them happen? They are such a joke to actually think people dont see this!...good Lord..
regardless of what position u hold, ensure to do what is good and right coz life always turns round and round...u expect ex president Mubarak to be given a life sentence! a man who once had many riches and the strongest army!
Life sentence At about 3.30 in the mrng,a wonan wakes up 2 fnd she is aln in bed bt she cn hear hr hsbnd crying uncontrollably.She gets up 2 luk 4 hm.He's nt in the bathrum or t he lvng rum.As she wlks past the kitchen she hearz faint sniffles coming 4rm the panty.She turns on the kitchen lyt,opnz the panty door and fndz hm in the crnr,rolld up into a ball and cryng hysterically.She rushes ovr 2 hm and asks y he is cryng.He says,Do u rmbr wen i gt u prgnt 20 yrz ago?Yes,of courze,she nodz a luk of concern on ia fce.
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Mubarak's Life Sentence: A Game of Smoke and Mirrors in Egypt? Read more:
The sentencing of Egypt's former president to life in prison has split the country. Some are pleased justice has been done, writes Nick Meo, while others claim the trial has been a sham.
Nd dat is de end of African dictators.mubarak in life sentence
Let's fight till the end of days, we won't rest or live in peace; even if Mubarak and Adly took a life sentence, this is not enough we have to burn this country and bring E5wan to the authority, ana keda ka Peter mesh hanbeset
Report: Mubarak suffers health crisis after life sentence linked to uprising deaths: -CJ
Update: Egypt's ex-President Mubarak arrives at Tora prison to begin his life sentence, state TV reports -
Hosni Mubarak to appeal life sentence, defense lawyer says -
Ousted president Hosni Mubarak ad his former interior minister Habib given Life Sentence in Cairo court on Saturday . Live in Aljezeera.
Fights have broken out in the courtroom after news of Hosni life sentence
A man in court room is bleeding- People not happy that only Mubarak and Adly got life sentence & not death sentence
Celebratory shots outside courthouse following life sentence to Mubarak
Life sentence for Mubarak and Adly! Those pigs should be hung in Tahrir.
Short story reviews: Life Sentence, by Kelley Armstrong - by Sun Meilan - Helium
Life Sentence - Godzilla (Blue Öyster Cult) from "More Punks For Profit" released on Doing Time Records in 1991.
Watch "Lightshow - Life Sentence (Official Music Video)" on YouTube >>> check it out ..Best DMV upcomin rapper
Life sentence for inmate killing of cellmate
Life Sentence, Chuck Colson Never Left Prison by Eric Metaxas April 25, 2012 It’s one of the best photographs ever taken of Chuck Colson. Chuck is in a prison gymnasium, dressed, as always, in coat and tie, Bible tucked under one arm. And he’s reaching into the bleachers, smiling ear to ear, to grasp the hand of an African-American prisoner clad in prison dungarees. Go to to see the picture — and to understand the heart of Chuck’s legacy: his identification with those behind bars. Apart from Watergate, Chuck is best-known for his ministry to prisoners. But to say that Chuck ministered to prisoners is to miss the point almost entirely. The seven months Chuck spent in prison changed the way Chuck saw the world and his role in it. It placed prisoners and their families at the heart of Chuck’s concerns and priorities. To understand why, you have to understand that, contrary you may have read, Chuck did not experience a “jailhouse conversion.” On the contrary, you could argu ...
Look what I found on Life Sentence by Charles W. Colson (1979,Hardcover
Life sentence in stomping death of Douglasville teen Bobby Tillman.
The world has lost a great leader. Chuck Colson, who gained worldly power as an associate of President Nixon, lost his power after Watergate, and found the true source of power in Jesus has finished his Life Sentence and gone home to the Lord. Here is a link to a short memorial.
Posting this a little late too but one of my favorite Christian authors passed away over the weekend. He was Chuck Colson. Starting reading his books in high school and always enjoyed his teachings on developing a Christian worldview. If you like history of US presidents, he was one of Nixons' top advisors and also went to prison for a conviction related to the Watergate scandel. Has a great testimony. Would recommend his books Born Again, Life Sentence, Kingdoms in Conflict, How Now Shall we Live, and Being the Body.
TRULY INNOCENT I am a man who have been in prison for the last eighteen years for crime I knew nothing about. At 23, I was falsely charged and convicted of second degree murder that resulted in a Life Sentence. I have been one of the unfortunate recipients of Michigans Underfunded indigent criminal defense system-that appointed me an attorney who did little or no investigation for my case; no pre-trial motions to pre-clude manufactured and or illegal evidence from tainting my right to fair trial; no objections to the only evidence used to convict me (Faulty Eyewitness Testimony)-This failing to preserve this critical issue for Appellate Review Making Victory for My Freedom All The More Harder). During my incarceration I have participated in two years of Grand Valley State sponsored classes at Muskegon Correctional Facility under Professor DeWilde. I have been a member of the JAYCESS ORGANIZATION; I have been a secretary for the Warden's Forum, served on the Prisoner Benefit Fund, responsible for overseein ...
Dance floor killer given life sentence
Rebrand Britain 'Elvis' robber gets life sentence: An armed robber who raided a string of bookmakers in fancy dr...
Mom gets life sentence for starving 14-month-old daughter
White Mississippi teen gets life sentence in black man's death A white Mississippi teenager pleaded guilty on
Looks interesting: Plea change in Miss. hate crime case?: A white Mississippi man could plead guilty to charges ...
Underwear bomber given life sentence. Pleads with court to drop the name "underwear."
Nigerian "underwear bomber" Abdulmutallab given life sentence in US prison
VIDEO: Khmer Rouge chief gets life sentence
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"Marriage is a not a word. It is a sentence... A Life Sentence"
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