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Library Science

Library science (often termed library studies or library and information science) is an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information.

Michael Gorman

Looking for a class for this summer? There are still spots in the Library Science Courses!
Yep, it IS rocket science at the library this week.
I'm recruiting for a Sport Science Graduate on -
Celebrating with these free articles on &
Has anyone in worked with a local library to introduce citizen science to the public?
Prom tickets will go on sale May 1st. Make sure you have all your fees paid, art, science, athletics, libr…
Take a couple minutes to read this zine: Decolonizing Library Science
WORKSHOP THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY, 12noon at HUNT LIBRARY, learn how can help us communicate our science with
I have a BA in His, an MS in Lib Science, & 6 months of exp but I STILL need a job
State of the Sciences at is less than 2 weeks away — food, beer & science fun! Have you registered? https…
DrLibSc - Desk of Research in Library Science: Assistant Library & Information Officer in Ministr...
DrLibSc - Desk of Research in Library Science: Rare books of library at Lucknow university's kabo...
DrLibSc - Desk of Research in Library Science: Junior Library Superintendent, Junior Library Assistant in IIT, BHU
DrLibSc - Desk of Research in Library Science: Assistant Librarian at NIT Puducherry
I love when a shorty is ambitious about school. Once our son is in school, is snaggin' that Master's in Library Science.
Science Teacher: CV-Library - Maidstone, Kent - Are you a science teacher, looking for a...
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Science. Large penguin colonies poop so much you can see it from space. wow who knew!. Alexis the Library guy. :D
Monitoring Network Design Water Science and Technology Library in Recent Years, the Adequacy of
A current, live photo of me studying advertising in Dirac, the science library
DYK: LSU began offering summer courses in library science in 1926
11:36 Klebold and Harris leave the library and head towards the science wing of the school.
All ready for nano days at kearney public library!
I'm bringing computer science to my library with Find a local workshop to join me.
Learn how to make the most of library sharing in EndNote with these quick tips -
One of the cousins is a doctorate in library science from MSU & a LS prof in Minnesota.
We're at the Science Festival at FSU! Come see our new telescope! Borrow it from the library starting next week!
The humanities building is 2 doors down from Hale science, traveling East toward the library:
If the library burns everyone gets a 2:1. If a lab gets burnt out I get more corridor bad smells on Monday morning
Well—almost next. There's some odd and obscure science fiction I know our library has, which I want to read first:
DYK: From 1931-1958, 725 students were awarded the Bachelor of Science in Library Science degree
It looks like science fiction. It reminds me of Metropolis. Really awful that they destroyed it.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
True, but emotionally, it's nice to know someone cares. I can't get science Ts into library w/o bribery. Then magic!
Find out more about Jesse Waters talk at on the of a Health Science Library Assistant
What happens to your when you lose your train of thought
Why are the science library toilets always out of order omg
Late heading to the library to get stu k in to work because and I were watching more At least it's science.
Unconferencing at with swapping experience with every kind of health and science library...
Session pitches for today's Health & Science Library camp.
Theories of the Universe: From Babylonian Myth to Modern Science Library of Scientific Thought the Theoretical
Exploring in The National Science Digital Library - useful for education
NASA scientists and engineers share technology at library events: Commun.. Related Articles:
are the carriers of civilization.Without books, is silent, crippled.
Off to - a library camp with a health & science focus. Follow the hashtag if you're interested.
If only it were 6 words: She blinded me with Library Science!
You can google the enabling law for the regulation of the Library Science profession. :)
Yeah, I just looked it up. Pat Nixon had undergraduate degree, not graduate. Laura had one in Library Science.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'd recommend a few classes in information systems and/or library science at your local university
Listening to movie soundtracks while reading about library & info science history makes it just feel so much more epic
The only class I'm going to miss is library science. lmao
New applications in actuarial science. Read the interview with actuary Ian Duncan on predictive analytics
Dude at work asked if I liked reading and being smart. I shut one of my library science textbooks and pulled out a 1k page novel. He left.
I am looking for reputable information regarding the library science career field. Please send any and all resources my way!
Science night at my kid's school. The is where it's at! Kids playing with Sphero,…
Record turnout for math and science night when the robots come to visit!
Has Umberto Eco read anywhere near all the books in his library? Of course not: .
Great asset to our community. Not the library I grew up in! Technology, science and yes there still are books.
I'm currently sitting at a table in the physical science library
First Lady Laura Welch Bush holds a bachelors degree and a masters in Library Science. She focused on education,literacy in WH
The library will close early for the storm, but you have until noon on Friday to make our shelves look like the grocery store bre…
New specific are up! Learn about the science behind Prolaris!
Wikipedia is like a library, a source of information, about people, life, about science and technology…
I liked a video from Science. Research Articles. In Solidarity with Library Genesis and
My new favorite building is the science library because they have free coffee. 💕☺️☕️
My wife and I are both sapiosexuals. In her case, she holds a masters in library science.
the amount of times I get lost in the science library at my school is ridiculous lol
I've never been to the engineering and science side of unlv before but I think I like it more than the library
Measure the impact of your research via InCites™ Essential Science Indicators. .
Are you getting the full CSR experience? Read our pro tips, here.
Image of Petrie Science Building under construction from SW
Science library bathroom is a good poop spot 💩
Science and Islam: A Reply to "1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets"
The Maui Science Center is bringing some hands-on science for you to investigate at Kahului Library, Saturday, Jan 23 at 2:30 p.m.!
Beakers and Books is digging into fossils. Jan 26 4:30-6pm @ Lakeland Public Library
The Implementation Science event has been for tomorrow due to the poss. inclement weather, current power outage at Wilson Library.
Year 7 students revising for a science test in the school library
Pretty sure that high school guidance counselors point all the weird, socially awkward kids to library science.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Our local shout out this week goes to the Pequot Library!! . They bring great literature, music, art, science &...
Hands on science experiments for kids at the Marathon County Public Library: Sometimes it can be hard to get k...
BIS has released its latest apprenticeship full data tables. Science apprenticeship are on the rise.
Congratulations to all our science fair participants! They are all headed on to the Regional Science Fair!
It's science fair time! shares tips for finding a stellar experiment!
I have a history bachelor and a library science master degree and I just became a management consultant. You never know!
Discover the world of Archives and Special Collections in the School of Library and Information Science!
Join us today at the Berryessa Branch Library for Green Science: Tales & Crafts. Readings start…
I'm in the library studying, I finished science in like, an hour and 15 mins
Love this light sculpture called "Emptyfull" from Lumenpulse. Respect for SCIENCE in YWG.
How did I not know about this library of interactive charged particle golf?!?
i am Science Fiction Danish section in the library what do u mean
According to Harris & Hannah, Fukuyama's "End of History" seemed to have impacted academics in Library & Information Science.
Walkin interview for Guest Faculty at Dept. of Library and Information Science, PU
NO Science @ your Library TODAY. We will be closing at 5 ...
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We kickstart 2016 with T.Wilsons book Redirect on the psychology of change. 31Jan, 1pm @ Brixton Library
I'm speaking about open peer review this week at What initiatives, studies, etc do you thin…
I'm recruiting for a Science Teacher on -
I'm recruiting for a English, Science and a Maths Teacher on -
Deadline = Jan. 30, 2016. Kent State University’s School of Library and Information Science is pleased to...
Today's the day - Graduation from Clarion University with my Library Science degree.
Science Teacher, Walsall: An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Qualified…
Teacher of Science, Canterbury: This is a fantastic opportunity for an…
It's Computer Science Education Week Why not try the free computer programming courses on our site? https:/…
Teacher of Science - Canterbury - January Start, Canterbury: This is a…
I'm recruiting for a Teacher of Science - Broadstairs -Jan Start on -
I'm recruiting for a Teacher of Science Needed from January - Dartford on -
I'm recruiting for a Teacher of Science - Dartford for Jan Start on -
Teacher of Science, Amersham: My client is a good secondary co-educational…
Computer Science/IT Teacher for an OUTSTANDING School, Wandsworth: Are you a…
I'm at Library of University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UniMy) in Putrajaya w/
IT and Science Labs and Library for the Upgraded Schools .
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts was just edited by Jodi.a.schneider
and since my day was *already* made when I went "WHY ARE YOU GETTING A LIBRARY SCIENCE PHD"
CB’s science classes use the library for “carpet time” while she reads about scientific principles.
The entire history of film is housed in a building anybody can visit 🎥
But if it's a science textbook from the library, U BET UR *** I'LL BE UNDERLINING IN PEN AND HIGHLIGHTING.
Some snaps for Ada Lovelace birthday celebrations at Glasgow Women's Library & opening of Women in Science section https…
Upcoming library program to help create technology- and science-literate teens -
The photo dept of the world's best film library has 12+ million images: all available to you:.
Parents: Teach your children about science with self-guided science kits at the on Monday!
Are you willing to make your career in Library Science ? Join us at
The (Very) Dark Side of Library Science - Everyone knows this goes on but none dare speak about it publicly.
Re-envisioning the Master’s in Library Science - new report from the University of Maryland
Happy National Library Week! I was officially accepted into UB's Information and Library Science graduate program today! :D
PHS Food Pantry is low! If you could spare a can or two, donations are happily accepted in the library. Thank you!
A call to arms for library science by & HT
New digital library at 72nd, Dodge to be called Do Space | Local News - KETV Home.. Related Articles:
Teacher of Science, Barnet: If you would like the chance to join this…
Science NQT, Cheshunt: My client is looking to appoint an NQT Teacher of…
European Student chapter of Webinar Today: Where to study? Library and Information Science across Europe
Registering for School of Library and Information Science classes at University of Iowa at 3 AM.
SciTech Slimy Science: Liquid, solid or gas workshop
Library and Information Science Research in Asia-Oceania : theory and Practice . . Book Title: . Library and...
I really cried just now srsly in the science lab,library and the toliet *** i really don't want to leave ashley alone
Through the looking glass 👀📚 The library at snapped on a in the…
Conversations on conservation: how can science better inform policy? See also: http:…
At the library today Boo insisted on getting a book on science experiments instead of story books to read.
Historic colour images of Pluto and Charon
World science library offers short eBooks and articles - high quality resources for science education!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If you walk to the science department from the library, the second room w/ the pink poster by it, that's the room
The library is full of sad science and engineering majors regretting their life choices
Academic visit part 6..library science and linformation management..
that's lame. The science & engineering library would close at like 10 or 11. Hope it's still open late when I go back.
This library science class blows it.
"Gaming systems in library have so much potential to engage students in conversations about math, science, etc."--
The Science Library is just a LITTLE bit less busy now that clusters are over...
*still poking around in library* Okay, so, lots of magic theory books. Some histories, and some science-y stuff, and...
Video: Fallsington Library programs mix science with ...
However you read them, the Melbourne Athenaeum Library has a fantastic collection of both science fiction and...
Get your science geek on via how does Legolas do all that fancy physics-defying stuff?
I get that once a day at least, always deservingly. And I'm going to school for library science, so, yes.
Among periodicals & books on history, politics, & science, CIA’s library is also home to the literature of secrets.
Chicago Public Schools is looking for a Library Science (K-8) in Chicago
B4 I realized I could just make boys give me money i did a Master's in Library Science.
College Cadre Lecturer Recruitment 2015 The Rajasthan Public Service Commission,Ajmer invites applications for recruitment of various posts of Lecturer in College Cadre.The detail are as under- Lecturer in Economics-36 Posts, Lecturer in English Literature-93 Posts Lecturer in Geography-87 Posts, Lecturer in Hindi Literature-93 Posts Lecturer in History-84 Posts,Lecturer in Library Science-01 Post Lecturer in Philosophy-08 Posts,Lecturer in Political Science-94 Posts Lecturer in Psychology-03 Posts,Lecturer in Public Administration-15 Posts Lecturer in Sanskrit-64 Posts,Lecturer in Sindhi-01 Post Lecturer in Sociology-30 Posts,Lecturer in Urdu-22 Posts Lecturer in Botany-66 Posts, Lecturer in Chemistry-75 Posts Lecturer in Computer Science-08 Posts, Lecturer in Mathematics-44 Posts Lecturer in Physics-60 Posts,Lecturer in Biology-70 Posts Lecturer in Accounts and Business Statistics -20 Posts Lecturer in Economic Administration and Financial Administration-27 Posts Lecturer in Drawing-08 Posts,Lecturer in ...
Got an associate in liberal arts, and a Bachelors and masters degree in Library Science.
NASA's Science on a Sphere in the CSU Library hosted 250 high school students and others from Oct. - Dec., 2014. Thanks NASA.
The science section of the library is where I reside
AU welcomes new computer science, library science and musical theatre faculty
Who invented electric Christmas lights? Everyday Mysteries: Fun Science Facts from the Library...
World Library of Science seeks to equalize online access to quality education:
Last Monday renovations began on the Science Library! It is closed all of Winter Break but will reopen…
In a perfect world where I fall into money and available time to fully dedicated to it, I'd love to get a Masters in Library Science 📚😎
Science at the edge of the world - Craig Childs visits scientists in Greenland:
Excited to get another previously-print-only finding aid online for one of our science fiction collections:
Sad that science fiction section in library branch only itty bitty selection of books.
Scott Lilienfeld on pseudoscience and clinical psychology /
Selections from the Hoboken Public Library’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club Part 3: Ringworld, Ghost Story,…
Chattanooga public library hosts GigLab supported by Mozilla and National Science Foundation -
How Indian Ocean tsunami research is being enhanced by the Qatar Digital Library via
Have some spare holiday money to spend? Check out Kickstarter to teach science & tech @ the library
My book'The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps' listed in best resources for researching computer science
Black Lives Matter to many of us in Library & Information Science / Information work. Go sign our statement now at
If you’re a library leader, we’d love you to Join our National Library Science Experiment:
AU welcomes new faculty members. Learn more about them:
Awesome project! LA Makerspace: Let's Teach LA Science & Tech at the Library! by LA Makerspace via
Check it out: The National is under new management.
If you’re a library leader you really should join National Library Science Experiment:
The Engineering and Computer Science Library is OPEN today from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.! For more holiday hours:
Barium Chloride: More Than a Pretty Flash in the Sky: Oh, the irony & hypocrisy!
The Hillsborough / Orange County Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce Sara Stephens as the organization’s first Chief Executive Officer. Stephens is a seventh generation Orange County native. After attending Orange County public schools, Stephens earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Peace College. She received her Master’s in Library Science from North Carolina Central University. “We are excited that Ms. Stephens will be leading the chamber, Chamber Board President Jason Richmond stated. “She has the experience, attitude, and leadership skills we need to accomplish our aggressive economic direction. We look forward to Sara’s becoming an integral part of our business community. “The Chamber board was diligent in their search for a CEO who would have a passion for our business community and strategic growth plan,” Richmond continued. “We were quite fortunate to have Betsy Crittenden on our team to help us maintain our direction and business involvement during our search. ...
Librarian Needed: The City of Eaton Rapids Public Library is seeking an innovative and forward thinking Library Director with excellent leadership skills, thorough knowledge of library principles, practices, techniques, materials and technology, and the ability to exercise initiative and independent judgment. Eaton Rapids Public Library is a Class II Library that was established in 1876. It has an annual budget of $174,000, three part time library assistants and is a member of the Woodland Library Cooperative. Candidates must have a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university and possess or qualify to possess Level III certification or higher as issued by the Library of Michigan. Two years library employment experience required with at least one year of library management experience preferred. Valid Driver's License required. Master's Degree in Library Science from an American Library Association accredited university preferred. The position would require a minimum of 40 hours per week ...
Thursday June 19 at 7PM: Jonah Bornstein and Janice Gould Janice Gould’s tribal affiliation is Koyoonk’auwi (Concow). She grew up in Berkeley, California and attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning a BA in linguistics and an MA in English. She completed her Ph.D. in English at the University of New Mexico, with a concentration in Native American Literature. In 2008, she earned a Master’s degree in Library Science at the University of Arizona, and also completed work for a certification in Museum Studies. Janice was recently named the Pike’s Peak Poet Laureate for 2014-2016 and was recognized with a “Spirit of the Springs” Award from the City of Colorado Springs. Her poetry is published in over sixty journals and reviews. She has earned awards for her writing from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Astraea Foundation, the online journal, Native Literatures: Generations, and from the Pikes Peak Arts Council. In 2012 she was the Native American writer in residence at the Sc ...
David F. Morris holds graduate degrees in Historic Preservation, Library Science, and Park & Resource Management. Morris has particular interests in the Western frontier and the built environment, and has been involved with historic preservation in several locations across the country, including volunteering with the National Park Service, the USDA Forest Service, and Kootenai County, Idaho. He is currently an Architectural Historian for the National Park Service in Anchorage, Alaska
*BLACK HISTORY FACT* Regina M. Anderson an African American librarian and playwright was born on this date in 1901. Anderson received a Master of Library Science degree from Columbia University and worked as a librarian in the New York Public Library System. The Harlem apartment she shared with two other women became an important meeting place for African-American artists and intellectuals in the early 1920s. In 1924, Anderson helped organize a dinner at the Civic Club, attended by W.E.B. Du Bois, Jean Toomer, Countee Cullen and Langston Hughes that helped launch the Harlem Renaissance. Later that year she helped Du Bois found the “Krigwa Players,” a company of African American actors performing plays by African American authors; it was based at the 135th Street Public Library, where Anderson worked. Urban View
May 25 - John Gardner Topic: "Memory and Spirit: Exploring the Connection" "God gave us memory that we might have roses in December" - quote by James Barrie. Bio: John Gardner was born and raised in Berea, Ohio, and graduated from The College of Wooster (not too far from Bellville). He has two Masters from Case Western Reserve, one in English, the other in Library Science. He has taught at Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, and at Lake Erie College in Painesville. He served as Associate Librarian at Lake Erie, and for 17 years was the Director of Morley Library, the public library in Painesville. In retirement John has pursued his passion for world travel, especially to some of the most remote islands in the world, including all 7 continents and more than 100 countries, as well as gardening, bicycling, walking, cooking and entertaining, and always, reading.
Got my classes for the summer semester. Only six to go for my AAS and then off to UNCG for a BA in Networking Technology and then my Masters in Library Science. Feeling motivated, determined and Accomplished.
Lecturer in Library Science at Hindustan College of Arts & Science, Padur, Chennai
Monthly Activity for February The RFT MARC is pleased to announce the hiring of Antonio B. Perry as Project Archivist. Antonio will be processing materials from the Spanish Documents Collection and Manuscripts Collection. He will also be posting updates about the project and highlights from the collections to this page. Antonio has a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Guam and a Master's degree in Library Science from the University of North Texas with a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Library Management. He has taken courses in the Principals and Practices of Archives from the Society of American Archives along with tutorials in Archivist's toolkit and PREMIS, working toward his archives certification. He has been working in academic research and preservation during his University career first as a research assistant then as a volunteer at the Richard Flores Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center.
Admissions are opened for Masters in Library Science at Royal University of Dhaka at affordable cost
Thelma Horn Tate received her Library Science degree from Alabama State University in 1957. She took her …
Here is my District Clerk LMT Profile questions in its entirety. Please take a moment to read my answers. Webb County District Clerk Questions Name: Jackie L. Ramos Age: 44 years old Education: • 1987 Graduate-J.W. Nixon High School • Associate in Arts (Laredo Junior College) • Bachelor in English/Political Science (Laredo State University) • Master of Library Science (Sam Houston State University) • Master of Public Administration (Texas A & M International University) Previous elected office: Precinct Chair Pct. 343 Please respond to each question with a maximum of 100 words. Question 1: What kind of credentials do you bring to this position? If you had to pick one thing that distinguishes you from your opponents in the area of qualifications, what would it be? BA, MLS & Master of Public Administration. 10 year’s experience as a Deputy/Accountant at Webb County District Clerk 20 year’s experience as Educator/Librarian at United ISD; having been an elementary, middle, and high school teac . ...
The Emmaus Public Library is looking for a Youth Services Librarian. The ideal candidate would have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Library Science. The following qualities are most desirable: - A passion for children's literature; must be up to date on YA, middle-grade, and children's literature and aware of review publications such as School Library Journal and Booklist - Enthusiasm about planning library events for children and young adults - Familiarity with e-readers and other technology - Should be familiar with the community or be prepared to do outreach to better understand patrons/families in the area - An energetic, friendly disposition - Ability to work with parent volunteers to enhance programming -Ability to prepare and execute story times, summer reading for children, community outreach, and other programming This part-time position requires reliability, flexibility, and enthusiasm. Additional duties will include working at the circulation desk, fielding reference questions, aiding cl ...
From two loving daughters who have just lost their mother: Caroline Fayelle Ringo (nee Davis) (1927-2014) Obituary Caroline F. Ringo Age 86, New Bern, North Carolina Caroline Fayelle Ringo (nee Davis) age 86 of New Bern, North Carolina, died Sunday January 19. Born in Cambridge City, Indiana, she met her beloved husband, Kent Ringo while they were both students at Purdue University. Caroline had a lifelong love of learning; she taught school prior to marrying and earned her Masters Degree in Library Science while in her fifties. Caroline’s passion for travel led the couple around the world. Kent and Caroline were influential in founding the very first Orienteering club in the United States, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association. She was one of the founders as well as Secretary to DVOA for 25 years. Because of their love of the outdoors, they were instrumental in leading the club to one of the biggest in the country. They quickly made friends each place they lived, including Akron, Ohio, Phoeni ...
This is my book blog. To access my blog about reading and books and issues (CCSS, censorship, and the like), visit: I am a professor in the Department of Library Science at Sam Houston State University in Texas where I teach classes in literature for children, tw...
If you are a Government Job Seeker then You have a opportunity to apply for Jobs in India's Largest Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) Ltd. Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC Ltd), Ranchi invites applications for recruitment to the Posts of Computer/IT, Mechanical/ Production, Electrical/ Electronics/ Communication, Civil Engineering, Metallurgy, Foundry Technology, Industrial Engineering, Production Management, Industrial Management, Library Science, Hotel Management & Catering, Refrigeration and Air. Condition from eligible Indian Citizens for filling up of 182 Job Vacancies. Eligible and Interested Candidates may send their applications on or before 31st of January, 2014. Selection will be made on the basis of performance in interview. About the Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC Ltd) HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited) is one of the largest Integrated Engineering Complex in India which was established in 1958. It supplies capital equipments, m . ...
National Institute of Technology invites applications for the following posts: 1. Name of the Post: Deputy Librarian No of Post: 01 Salary: Rs. 8,000 to 21,900/- Qualification: Master’s Degree in Library Science/ Information Science/Documentation with CGPA of 6.5 in 10 point scale or at least 60%..
I'm now a fully registered MSc Library Science postgraduate at City University, London.
Library science is currently doing an excellent idea :-D Success :-D Thank you know how many librarians! —
Electronic Device Insurance
A man told me I should def go for my Library Science degree bc I looked like a librarian. Yea that's what every girl wants to hear.
Chillin in library science with my boo
I think I'll get a masters in Library science when I'm feeling back up to such pressures. But I don't regret my English degree.
Library science blows. Me and Taelor just kilt a big *** sprider though lmfao
I have yet to register for my place on Library Science MA but will do so as soon as I return from holiday on Sept 4th.
It's not that intense. I was freelance writing, and I figured I needed a job in the meanwhile. Library science.
Library Science is slowly becoming one of the classes I really look to.
I'm totally done with school. I have a master's degree in Library Science. there just aren't great jobs.
Library science is the best class I have ever taken
I'm looking forward to the Digging into Data conference. Incredible variety of projects across humanities, social science, library science.
I'm super proud of her. She got her masters in library science at 53, and loves her job. Big career change.
So I thinking about getting a masters degree in library science. Drexel. But was floored when I saw the tuition. My company might help but..
And he has a degree in library science, which is like the coolest thing on the planet to me.
I didn't think we had homework in Library Science but we do. Just awesome. Not.
Sometimes I like to pretend that my soccer friends are having very lively conversations about Masters of Library Science.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Beyond a ‘Digital Attic’: How the DPLA can honor the Five Laws of Library Science | LibraryCity -
Dual degree programs in public library science and library information sciences look super shiny.
Viva library science take 2! This one's about public libraries, like Mr. The Hoobie's:
Library Science...since there is so much science involved with libraries
Library science is my favorite class 💃
Your LAST CHANCES (not really) for a library tour: Fri at 11 & 11:30. Let us dazzle you with library science.
Library science orientation starts today. I have already used my powers for good, namely making the projector work.
I'm beyond stressed and terrified for this class. Why cant there be a library science major where I read books and sshh people all day.
S. R. Ranganathan, who is known as “Father of Library Science in India”, is an alumnus of our college.
‘Father of Library Science’ remembered - Tributes were paid by educationists and book-lovers to...
Nobody knows what Library Science is.. big shocker there!
Library Science trainee: Applications are invited for Stipendiary Trainees Category-II for…
It's funny to receive invitation to attend conferences on library science, after I retired from being librarian for more than 5 years
Looked up UW's library science department today online & funnily enough they had an info session today! I'm here now!
Information & Library Science Library, I love you, you life-ruiner, you.
ew that *** I was scared you actually took a class in library science!
OTOH, Greg, you're welcome to any library science comparisons. Dewey or LC, your choice.
Good luck! I am completing my Masters of Library Science online, and I am loving it. You picked such a great field to study.
Went to the library today. Mom called it school - Library Science
that's easy. Masters of Library Science. That is what degree is in... Oh wait.
Oh. I just started library science school, so I didn't think of that yet.
This girl thinks she is going to grad school for Library Science so she can shelve books. Lol no.
Does anyone have library science last hour?
The only good thing about library science
Kanang partner-partner jud nimo all the time kada naog sa library/science lab/computer lab churva
She's between that and library science. Needless to say, she'll start college next year with an undeclared major. Lol.
I feel like all the IB seniors judge me for taking library science...not like I actually wanted to take it
Took some books I couldn't understand back to the library.
I want a spare but I feel bad about cancelling library science bc she loves me but UGH I want family studies too so idk rn
Tell her to major in library science.
In my library science class we had to tell the teacher how we were feeling.. I tried to get the girl next to me to say thirsty. she refused
I have library science in school and it's so easy and calm. Don't laugh at me but I'd be a librarian. I'm not even joking.
Kinda excited for next Mondays library science so I can hear. stories. 😁 Ms lane can suck it
Time to Dr Wu presenting tomorrow in Sydney (via cc
Aussies Dr Wu presenting with tomorrow in Sydney. book:
Aussies presenting with tomorrow in Sydney.
Aussies Dr Wu presenting with tomorrow in Sydney. Download book
I feel you there. I'm going to do MA in Public History, I'd love to do Masters of Library Science (focus on archiving).
Let's just say it has something to do with blindness, library science, Boston, and a job. ;)
I just need to pick something and finish up. Maybe Library Science or something idk
Chiorazzi reminds us, "information science is library science for men." Michael Gorman.
Michael Gorman: "Information Science is library science for men."
I'm taking 17, 1 library science for 1 credit. French is 5, but I talked to the teacher and she said it'll be easy for me.
"The whole field of library science must have changed with the internet. Has it?"
I have student tutor, health, library science, English, government, and athletics
“20% of librarians just found out 'World War Z' is not about the Library Science section of the LC classification system”
it was TOTALLY my plan to graduate with my B.S. and go for my M.A. In Library Science but once I graduated God had other plans.
It was because of my sixth grade (hey Ms. Roseli!) that I'm studing library science. Thank u for this hashtag!
My was my grandma. She went to school in the 1930s to study library science, and passed her passion on to us.
my was my boss in the children's library. She convinced me to get a grad degree in Library Science
Agreed. That used to be. my password to pay my loans. After my bachelor's off to a master's in library science.
I just finished my Master's in Library Science In the process of looking for a job. :)
Library Science has been a degree for a long time. This other stuff is just our education system getting worse.
hey I see your in my library science class. Have you taken the test yet? This lady is a tad crazy with all this work!
TIL there is a degree called Library Science... that's some degree.
anyone with a masters in library science looking for a PT online job?
Finally decided to attempt life as a real adult and started my application to study Library Science next semester. Eeep.
- FABIAC is from "i want to be a man!", alarming tales no.2, 1957 - available in the SIMON & KIRBY LIBRARY: SCIENCE FICTION from
Today in - July 13, 1914, inauguration of the first library science class of the University of the Philippines.
Yeah, I'm pretty careful with my endorsements (except "Library"/"Library Science" - I check "yes" on that for everyone).
Hi, APL! Was wondering if you guys have internships for library science students at UT. Any information would be great!
I am getting my M.S. in library science but do I want my M.A. in children's literature or history... I have no clue, I love them both!
Highly recommend The Science of Social. has done it again. Get it here:
i don't speak library science to i try to be helpful with sewing. Btw, FRENCH SEAMS ARE THE BEST
I'm not one to poke fun at death but when a lady has her masters in "library science" how do you expect me to take that seriously?
"this makes me want to major in library science... I want to get married here."
A librarian is someone with a Master in Library Science degree. or maybe an Information Science Degree.
The decrease is shocking. Library Science (LS) Positions in the Government of Canada, 1990 to 2012
To go to grad school for history or library science, that is the question...
Interesting fact of the day: Library science is not actually a social science.
Librarian 2 | Yale University: US - CT - New Haven, Master's degree in Library Science from an American Libra...
HEY OLYMPIA: know of any library or bookshop jobs? I can also do private book collection or non-profit organization/curating, I just don't know where to start. I was TA at my high school library for a year, at one point shelving all of it with my co-TA, and we also got to move probably 1000 linear feet of books by hand and it was FUN. I also took two quarters of Library Science stuff at TESC. In short, I actually enjoy working with books and the people who also want to read books, and I am never upset when I get a paper cut in a library. It just means I'm working in a place I love.
The School of Information and Library Science will be closed July 4th in honor of the holiday. For more information about Independence Day and its meaning, visit the US Government site.
2 grad courses in Library Science completed. Now I can concentrate on the real money maker, Lia Sophia University! 😎
Barbara Jean White, 67, of Coweta, OK passed away, June 28, 2013 in Broken Arrow, OK. A memorial service will be held at 10:00 AM Friday, July 5, 2013 at Wright-Brown Funeral Home Chapel in Coweta, OK with Pastor Sandie Mohler officiating the service. In lieu of flowers, the family asks donations be made to the Friends of the Library at the Coweta Public Library, 120 E. Sycamore St., Coweta, OK 74429. Barbara was born on September 22, 1945 in Tulsa, OK and was the daughter of Lewis and Velma (Collins) Hampton. Barbara graduated from Coweta Public Schools and attended Northeastern State University, earning a degree in Library Science and a Master’s Degree in Education. In 1964, she and John White were united in marriage in Stilwell, OK. In her spare time, Barbara liked to write, quilt, fish, sew, gardening and volunteering at the library, participating in story time when possible. She spent many years as a librarian and teacher for Jenks Public Schools, followed by 13 years of serving as the Library Dire ...
The notification for the A.P. State Eligibility Test (APSET-2013) will be issued on July 1 by the Osmania University, which has been tasked with conducting the test by the University Grants Commission. The exam will be conducted on September 22. APSET Member Secretary B. Rajeswar Reddy said candidates can submit applications online from July 5. The last date for submission of applications is July 26. Applications will be accepted with a fine of Rs. 100 till July 31, and Rs. 200 till August 5. The test will be held in 12 regional centres – four each in the three regions of the State. The test will be conducted in 27 subjects related to Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Prof. Reddy said five new subjects will be added this year: Journalism and Communication, Geography, Library Science, Social Work and Sanskrit. Anthropology and Linguistics have been excluded due to poor response. Candidates will have to appear in the subject of their post-graduation only. Mandatory Qualification in APSET is mandatory for can ...
Word of the Day for Monday, June 24, 2013 asyndeton \uh-SIN-di-ton\, noun: 1. Rhetoric. the omission of conjunctions, as in “He has provided the poor with jobs, with opportunity, with self-respect.” 2. Library Science. the omission of cross references, especially from a catalog. So how could Eddy, who could not sort his own, have made anything at all of the jumble of mixed motives and crossed purposes, ordinary and routine as heavy traffic, or seen design in their snarl of wills, feelings, and intentions, asynchronous and asyndeton as timber soaking in a logjam? -- Stanley Elkin, The Magic Kingdom, 1985
After completing my Masters in Library Science this summer, If I do, Hopefully I will, I am thinking of starting a Rock and Roll Book Club!! My intellectual friends give me a hard time for reading Autobiographies of Musicians but I've learned much about life through the Autobiographies of Keith Richards, Steven Tyler and Jim Morrison!!! Does anyone have any Rock Books they wan to share!
AMU hikes fees after 15 years The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has decided to increase the fees of several under-graduate and post-graduate courses citing inflation in the recent years. The last time, the university had hiked the fees was 15 years ago. While the admission fee has been hiked from Rs 165 to Rs 300, games fees have been raised to Rs 200 from Rs 150. Hostel charges have been increased to Rs 500 from Rs 385 and the kitchen establishment charges have been hiked to Rs 300 from Rs 180 in the past. A major hike has been made in tour fee of under-graduate courses. Tour fees for students of BA, BCom, BSc, Bachelor of Social Works has been hiked to Rs 100 from Rs 10. Students of Bachelor of Library Science will have to pay Rs 800 now up from Rs 100 earlier. Infrastructure development fees has been hiked to 1,200 from Rs 1,050. According to sources, boys will have to pay Rs 750 for the shervani clothpiece while they were paying only Rs 540 at the time of admission before. University spokesperson Ra ...
Employee wins $10,000 scholarship An employee of the Camden County Library System has won a $10,000 scholarship to pursue her Masters of Library Science degree. The New Jersey Library Association awarded the scholarship to Tricina Beebe yesterday at its annual conference in Atlantic City. The scholarship is funded by the Karma Foundation and administered through the NJLA, which interviewed applicants for the award through a competitive process held at Rutgers University New Brunswick in April. “I applied for the scholarship so that I can further my career and merge both my human services and social work background with a Masters in Library Science. I am hoping to continue my studies to work with urban populations, underserved communities and those with special needs through literacy training and community programming. My goal is to fuse technology with traditional library services and to propel the future of libraries through community outreach, services, materials and programming,” explained Beebe. A ...
i'm thinking of my degree BA major humanities. I'm working on my next book. I know my publisher is explaining to me to work on something else besides my books. so i'm going to write and work on making films. or something arts related. I'm also near an MLS degree on top of my BA. from USF. i'm not pretty anymore cause of all the hospital stays. my front two teeth are crappy. however i am who i am. I can't act that well. my Masters of Library Science is next on my list of degrees. thena Masters of Arts at Duke. I'm thinking of looking at degree's at Duke.and do the Arts. Masters of the Arts major theater. I would do a public school but duke is better. Anyway that is my thoughts of education. of a masters in film from FSU. it will move me to tallahassee, from tampa. its number 3 in the nation. or just go to full sail and take out a loan and do a specilatiy college. masters in film.
Swear I'm the only one doing P.E revision in library, everyone else is on maths and science 😔
Great news! Charges dropped against Kiera Wilmot, now let's shower her with Science Love! via
Ooh I think I saw this in the NUS Science Library!
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