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Liberty University

Liberty University is a private Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Trump is speaking at Liberty University on May 13. Time to turn up!
Don't give the peeps at Bob Jones or Liberty University any ideas.
Baptist Bible College, 2005: BA in Church Music & Bible. Liberty University, 2017: Masters of Arts in Teaching -...
Alumni Spencer Jamison at Liberty University ranks in the conference at 400m after the first weekend of outdoor!…
Guest speakers talking to Liberty University students at the Pathways to Success Journalism Conference in Green Hal…
So do not need to be confined by time in Reno with at Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church.
Trump returning to Liberty University as commencement speaker
Donald Trump will be delivering the commencement speech at Liberty University in May
anyone else find it ironic Trump is speaking at "Liberty " University? Liberty for some university...
Hard to identify a more un-holy alliance in the modern West than the one between & the branch of at…
Trump to deliver Liberty University commencement address how much did they pay him?
Trump will give his first commencement address as President at Liberty University
Trump to deliver Liberty University commencement address
Russian trolls out in force. Don't be fooled. Mute them. Parliament Paul Manafort Liberty University
Trump to deliver commencement address at Liberty University
Trump to give commencement speech at Liberty University ---
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I often feel sorry for the kids at but never so more than with this news:
Trump to give commencement speech at Liberty University
Liberty University students were not happy with Trump before the election. They need to stand up now as well.
News post: "Trump to give commencement speech at Liberty University"
Trump will give his first commencement address as president at Liberty University, led by Jerry Falwell Jr.
The magnitude of hypocrisy from the fundie Baptists *** at Liberty University cannot be overstated.
8NEWS: Trump to deliver commencement address at Liberty University:
Trump would not do well with the Liberty University student code, that's for certain.
⚡️ “Trump will give commencement speech at Liberty University”.
So, Two Corinthians walk into Liberty University's graduation... and the president is the commencement speaker...
So apparently, is giving the commencement address at so-called "Liberty" University. Scary the del…
This seems to me to be a violation of the separation of Church & State.
"Liberty University" Other Universities students would boycott their own graduation knowing Trump would be there out of principle.
We're excited to announce the keynote speaker for Liberty University's 44th Commencement is
Onward UnChristian soldiers... ⚡️ “Trump will give commencement speech at Liberty University”.
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Students at Liberty University, Jerry Falwell's school, complaining about Trump speaking at commencement is like Democrat…
Trump to do commencement speech at Liberty University, but why isn't he giving the speech at his own university? Oh, yeah…
.By this year's commencement there will be Liberty University students protesting Trump. Falwell will retaliate
Read this LIB example of the Left's delusional hatred of Liberty University where professors DON'T brain wash stude…
To be fair, Liberty University is about as reputable as Trump University, so it kinda makes sense.
EXCLUSIVE: to deliver commencement. gives the scoop.
Trump to give commencement address at Liberty University | Politics Now
President Donald Trump will be the commencement speaker for the May graduation ceremony at the prominent...
Trump to deliver Liberty University commencement address. Really??
Highlander fans join us at Liberty University at 2pm tomorrow. vs Charleston Southern in the BSC semifinals. Go Highlanders!
Liberty is the second largest University according to with a total of 49,863 undergraduate students.…
All praise to the most high!!! Blessed to say I've received an offer from Liberty University!! 🔴⚪️
Prepared to take my college visit to LIBERTY University it's Bout that time . FEEL LIKE THE MAN WHEN I WALK THRU
Survivor of US ship, in which 34 Americans died when it was attacked by Israel, will speak at an event in Oklahoma https:…
Liberty University School of Nursing serving the underserved!
My kind of school Liberty University's 'champions for Christ' praise guns in dorms
“One who interferes with another’s liberty does so at his peril.” University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol.75, p.491, April 1927
Liberty University must be for largest population of obscure bands
Hi Coach, I can't wait to learn more about West Liberty University and Hilltopper Football.
It's Tell us what you love about Liberty University Online for a chance to be featured!
Are Shaun King and Cecile Richards speaking at Liberty University and similar institutions all the time, and we jus…
All set up at the Liberty University Teacher Recruiting Fair - please pray we have lots of folks stop by! Thanks!
my professor just called liberty university a "dunghole" i am LIVING
Thanks Chris on a great visit today at Liberty university.ProGear
TEAMS competition at Liberty University today! Good luck to all three of the STEM Academy teams!
Department of Health Professions, Liberty University, presenting research in South Carolina today!
A team from Liberty University helped uncover a huge discovery in Israel -- a new Dead Sea Scrolls cave.
I beat a hobo to death & now I have an honorary degree from Liberty University & a writer's gig
We're excited to have our new and transfer students here for our meet and greet! Welcome to Liberty University!
I'm not sure why Harvard is more of a bubble than, say, Liberty University.
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Liberty University planning to build shooting range:
Liberty University is looking to create the 1st approved shooting range on a U.S. college campus
Bravo for calling out the persistent hypocrisy in college sports.
Liberty University, wanting a higher profile, looked the other way and found an athletic director who did the same…
Christ on a crutch! *** Did you all get your degrees at Liberty University or Trump University? Dafuq is wrong wit…
Excellent column. Liberty University sells its soul, again. This time for $, prestige of big-time sports. https:/…
"And thus tin is transmuted to gold" - my colleague well-done piece on an ungodly hypocrisy:
Baylor and Liberty universities prove college football is as messed up as ever
It's time to get your history fix with John Fea and The Way of Improvement Leads Home Liberty University in the
Michael Reagan relays values learned from his father | Liberty University
Sports of The Times: At Liberty University, All Sins at Are Forgiven on the Altar of Greed
Liberty University — a private Baptist school founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971 — has talked in recent years about b…
After Trump rift at Liberty University, students find unity
Would you like to see Liberty University's Jerry Falwell Jr. in the federal Education Department?
It looks like Liberty University's Jerry Falwell Jr. *could* have a job in Donald Trump’s administration. :
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Liberty University speech by DJT was biggest by far in school's history. Standing ovations...great young people!
Just left Liberty University. Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.& his father have done an amazing job...great school & the s…
oh god. I don't think I can vote for one of these school board people, much less four. One went to Liberty University.
Why an undefeated high school debate team refuses to compete at Liberty University
One time, I was watching Bernie Sanders speak at Liberty University, and my ex roommate asked how I was so informed with current events 🙃
Liberty University has transformed itself into Virginia’s biggest school
Liberty receives $2 million gift for Rawlings School of Divinity | Liberty University
LCA Elementary School gives a big shout out to Liberty University for installing our wonderful playground shade cov…
Having an Aunt that worked for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, and cousins that go to Liberty University paid off today.
Me and my pretty lady at the Liberty University football game. Flames win!
Jerry Falwell Jr. is a Disgrace to Liberty University and Should Resign
Gov Mike Pence delivered a passionate logical presentation at Liberty University today to rally voters to the fight against corruption
Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr...probably would hire him for dean of public affairs!
S/O and Congratulations! to Aaron Pierre(on his commitment to Liberty University
So excited to say that I have verbally committed to swim for Liberty University! Go flames!😊
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Former congressman Virgil Goode speaking at pre-debate event at Liberty University.
I'm going to at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA - Sep 23
Liberty University and Tim LaHaye Productions Partner to Sponsor a...: Liberty University has partnered with ...
Liberty University convocation is just an endless stream of passive aggressive Hillary Clinton jokes
I am listening to Liberty University's Convocation stream... watch it live with me!
I had the pleasure of meeting your son in convocation at Liberty University today. He is a very polite and godly young man.
Jonathan Falwell emboldens students in their faith at first Convocation of school year | Liberty University
Full video: Liberty University (opened convocation with Hand of God
his focus is bringing back Judeo-Christian heritage and I don't trust anyone that attended Liberty University
Congrats on the offer! For the record, it is simply Liberty University although we are world's largest Christian university.
Jerry Falwell announced at the RNC : Liberty University now excepts homosexual preachers in his father's school and ch…
Will Never Endorse Bernie Sanders will vote for her campaign in 2008, and the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University last
Sanders and should have with the ‘Inevitable’ Democratic nomination in the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University last year.
Ads - "is brought to you by United States Air Force." & "Answer the call at Liberty University" (the ultra conservative one?)
Where are my Bedford People representing this years Commonwealth Games at Liberty University!??
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Opening ceremonies for the Commonwealth games held at Liberty University is tonight.
Falwell's Liberty University last winning the magnitude of our nation’s 45th President. Furthermore, when Clinton’s Political
Liberty University makes $5 million investment in Israel, more anticipated
I got my dad a Liberty University Dad mug last year and he broke it this morning. Coincidence, I think not
"Count your blessings, not your problems." @ Liberty University
For giving me the liberty to become whatever I want to become. . (Though this is the reason I might be taking a year off before university)
Liberty University sponsored keeps on winning!!! 🔥🔥🔥
"A university should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning." - Benjamin Disraeli. 1…
William Monroe will play Rustburg in the VHSL 3A baseball state finals on Saturday at 4pm at Liberty University.
William Monroe is taking on Turner Ashby in the VHSL 3A baseball state semifinals at Liberty University.
Liberty University students prep historic plane for Memorial Day
Administrative Law - Liberty University: This course considers the role of administrative agencies and the le...
While Virginia Tech Hokies Football kicks off against Liberty University on opening weekend, check out these...
Vince Vaughn, Willy Robertson, Mel Gibson AND Rashaad Jennings came to speak at Liberty University's graduation. CCU needs to step up
The just out Landmark poll shows me in first with 43%! Now I have the power! Leaving for Liberty University.
H.S. sports league to move state championships from Liberty University after comments about Muslims -RR
First thing on Liberty University's media voicemail: "If you are calling about Jerry Falwell's endorsement of Donald Trump..."
Stay with SpringHill Suites Lynchburg...Congratulations to the senior class of Liberty University.
Adrian Martin makes the final of the 100m at Liberty University in a Lee University all time mark in the 100m
Not a statement? Cruz announced his candidacy at Liberty University
Commons myths you have heard about Liberty University disproven! .
Good Morning!! want to say congratulations to 2016 Liberty University and High School seniors!!
A college called "Liberty University" in "Lynchburg" seems like exactly the place to find Trump supporters.
High school debate teams to boycott tourney at Liberty University
So ummm..Trump just now listing his endorsements said "our friend Bob Vander Plaats from Liberty University." Except he endo…
Recruiting teachers today at Liberty University. Beautiful facilities. Can't wait for the students to arrive!
college students for a couple of days 🙃 @ Liberty University
JCS students departed last night on the Liberty University bus for "College For a Weekend." Please pray for their...
Have you ever read anything by the Institute for Creation Research or Liberty University's Creation Studies Department?
Liberty University to host Civil War seminar - Lynchburg News and Advance
The trampoline will replace the Dollar Theater near Liberty University.
Liberty University is building its own trampoline park, what a time to be alive
Liberty University is a misnomer. Suggestions: Furtive College of Modern Zealots, or Duggar Institute for Hypocrisy.
I may not send my kids to a traditional college, may send to Liberty University private Christian college no Bernie there!
Check out the current Falwell occupying the high chair at Liberty University. "Christian" special pleading; yuk.
like Liberty University? Supporting such strong person and liar? They call themselves Christians?
"It takes courage to be a follower of Jesus!" @ Liberty University
We to serve the students of Liberty University by championing an honest and trustworthy culture that reflects Christ to the world.
WATCH LIVE: Trump rallies with Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. in Iowa
If you want Christian ive heard Liberty University online is great! Also Regent University has a good online program too
Christian Sharia Law is his platform. Go back and listen to his Liberty University speech and every stop since ...
Virginia Beach does have suburban Repubs, but also Liberty University and, like, the Atlantic fleet of the US Navy
Jerry the lawyer from Bedford County can have that opinion publicly. Jerry Falwell Jr, president of Liberty University, can’t.
Take a College Tour of Longwood and Liberty University! Sign Up for Longwood/Liberty here:
I'm speaking today at Liberty University--hey, that's me with Jerry Falwell when he spoke at Dartmouth in 1982
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Prominent Southern Baptist leader has been a vocal critic of Trump's campaign, including stop at Liberty University.
Liberty University students providing relief for Appomattox County victims
Wouldn't it be crazy if trumps tax returns showed a donation to First Baptist Dallas or to Liberty University?
Very solid presentation by hall of fame wide receiver, Tim Brown, to students at Liberty University.
He gave a speech at Liberty University on Rosh Hashanah. He should not have done that.
I chose not to go. College is not for everybody. I'm tired of talking about this topic. I could be at Chowan right now or Liberty University
My favorite college team is Liberty University. And whomever is playing Carolina.Great job Duke
count 1 more victory 4 for ditching the Liberty University debate for the lib moderators ESTABLISHMENT ***
Always cool to see JWT win... But I wanted to see Liberty University in Daytona victory lane.
"Tait, who is an alumnus of Liberty University, told Fox News columnist Todd Starnes that when he saw the senator...
S/0 my youngin Ceneca on signing with Liberty University! WASHINGTON-LEE HIGH SCHOOL does it better
Omg I just got accepted to Grad School at Liberty University! I am so excited! 😭🎓
This girl got accepted in to Nursing School at Liberty University! 🙌🏼 Praise be to the Lord! ❤️
Said school was the model for Liberty University - conservative, theocratic indoctrination.
Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, joins Donald Trump in Council Bluffs and Sioux City today
Little Giant Ladders
Liberty University, Supporter, My father voted for an Actor, over A Sunday school teacher, I'm support person best for the job
Great explanation by on Hannity about the endorsement. Well done! Proud to call Liberty University my school!
Proud to be accepted into . Liberty University. Virginia State. NC Wesleyan. Ferrum College. Averett U. Virginia Union Univetsity. UMES
Liberty University opening their arms to Donald Trump is an embarrassment. A very shameful day for that school.
Officially an online student at Liberty University! . Good news: I'm no longer a college dropout. Bad news: I have to do school work
Liberty University buys New London airport to add to school of aeronautics.
“Science is fiction and the Bible is history!” -- Liberty University & Bob Jones University.
I just remembered Liberty University came to our school yesterday. The same school that got Trump as their MLK Day speaker. Cool
Absolutely! Jerry Jr. pocketed $100,000. Liberty University made it clear that the school made no such endorsement.
Liberty University alums: Trump endorsement an 'embarrassment' to the school via
I love my school's president. He's the best. "Liberty University: politically incorrect since 1971."
I think the irony would be offensive. It's like being a hyper conservative school named Liberty University
"On January 18, Jerry Falwell, Jr. welcomed Donald Trump to Liberty University to speak in the school’s chapel.
watched your speech at Liberty University, It's awesome that you visited a religious school. Please visit BYU! We love you!
DEN : A week after Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., the school's president, Jerry…
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Really trying to get to a party at Liberty University before I die.
I endorse Liberty University as a white prosperity gospel school.
" The young evangelical Christians at Liberty University in Virginia, a coveted voting bloc wooed...
Trump speaking at my Alma Mater, Liberty University and Sarah Palin's endorsement..two further proofs that the American church needs revival
Speaking next week at Liberty University -- the Golden calf.
WASHINGTON Donald Trump told students at conservative Liberty University that Christianity is “under siege” he would protect it as president
Liberty University president de facto endorses Trump as the global holy war hots up
Liberty University has mandatory attendance for rally or pay $10 fine. Because, you know,
Just when I think 2016 can't top 2015 for weirdness, Donald Trump speaks at Liberty University in honor of MLK Day. Thin…
Liberty University *requires* convocation attendance. Saying Trump drew a 'record crowd' is like saying the DMV has a huge, l…
Leaving for Liberty University. I'll be speaking today in front of a record crowd.
Trump going to Liberty University on to give his "I have a nightmare" speech.
Trump is being introduced at Liberty University to a video montage set to Nessun Dorma. You cannot make this up
Trump will speak at Liberty University on MLK Day because Philadelphia, Mississippi is so Reagan.
I love watching my boy worship. He gets into it! @ Liberty University
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Pastor Josh Grimm and Students getting ready to leave for Winterfest at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Pray...
Interesting. I lived in Lynchburg for a year, and often met Liberty University students and staff ... an odd bunch.
Lord, I pray all those Liberty University students you have traveled home for the winter break. Guide and protect...
rebukes Liberty University's over call for students to carry guns
High school debate coaches call for Liberty University boycott I support all of our students
John Piper has issued a response to the Liberty University president’s call for students to carry firearms.
Counsel needed in at Liberty University. Apply now!
VHSL may re-evaluate holding events at Liberty University following comments made by LU president Jerry Falwell Jr.
.Why I stand with Liberty University's on guns |
Here we are at Williams Stadium at Liberty University for this morning's 2015 Economic Summit
Jerry Falwell Jr.: The Resignation of Jerry Falwell, Jr as president of Liberty University! - Sign th... via
Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. urged students Friday to carry concealed weapons on campus to counter any …
Why I stand with Liberty University's Jerry Falwell, Jr. on guns via the Android app
Asd Steve Benen reports, Liberty University has just announced that its students can keep guns in their dorm...
Lab Supervisor needed in at Liberty University. Apply now!
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Liberty University is hiring a apply now!
Cause I know when those sleigh bells ring... @ Liberty University
Liberty University president does away with last remaining "gun-free" zone on campus:
Check out this of Mechanical Engineering at Liberty University in
Apply now to work for Liberty University as Faculty Development and CME in
Check out this Assistant at Liberty University in
Apply now to work for Liberty University as in
I may be saying hello to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in two years after doing some online classes.
The president of Christian-based Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, told students on Wednesday that he...
Liberty University is looking for a Instructor in apply now!
needed in at Liberty University. Apply now!
Check out this Consultant at Liberty University in
'It's hard for me to imagine Jesus registering for the concealed weapons class at Liberty University' -Shane Claiborne
"It's hard to imagine Jesus enrolling for the concealed weapons class at Liberty University." Shane Claiborne
So proud I attend Liberty University. It is a school that stands on its Christian principles and does not waiver. Thank yo…
In Opposite World, the Liberty University janitor is a 3-time Peace Corps volunteer and anthropologist.
Jerry Falwell Jr. encourages students at Liberty University to get concealed carry permits in wake of shootings
Shane Claiborne's response to the recent news at Liberty University
The president of Liberty University urged students during the school’s convocation Friday to get their permits to...
The president of Liberty University, a leading evangelical Christian college in Virginia, urged students to apply for gun permits...
The Warriors will travel to Liberty University to face Lord Botetourt in the State Championship Game next Saturday, Dec…
President of Liberty University urges his students to arm themselves
During his convocation speech, the Liberty University president pushed for students to carry guns. . >>
Will and people who have previously spoken for Liberty University's Convocation, condemn its violent gun culture?
In 2013, spoke at Liberty University's Convocation and didn't address growing gun culture on campus. .
If you think Liberty University is totally fringe, it's not. . Lecrae gave a convocation talk there a few years ago.
Time to stop all gov't funding & scholarships, Pell grants, to Liberty University...
What Jerry Falwell Jr. said in convocation on Friday makes me so proud to go to Liberty University.
President of Liberty University encouraging students to carry concealed weapons on campus in his convocation is mind blowing
Help a person who doesn't know out: Liberty University is to Evangelical colleges as Ave Maria is to Catholic colleges. y/n?
Hamilton Collection
President of Liberty University urges students at Christian college to carry concealed weapons ...
Bernie Sanders responds to abortion question at Liberty University: - Give this man a mic to drop alrea…
📷 Sen. Ted Cruz announcing his candidacy for the presidency at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.,...
General Psychology - Liberty University: Introduction to Psychology as a scientific discipline concerned with...
Proud to say I have committed to Liberty University! Thankful for parents, pastors, coaches, friends…
CHHI301 - History of the Christian Church I - Liberty University...
Carson warning to Liberty University students, is baseless and hypocricy. He's useing christainity for votes,not a true believer.
Video: Ben Carson tells Liberty University students to 'fight for b
Carson warns Liberty University students about 'secular progressives' via for iOS
Carson: Voters should be ready for "propaganda" in 2016: Carson told students at Liberty University that many people are trying to pu...
So, tells Liberty University students he's not a politician. He's running for president. That makes him a politician.
Students have been lined up to see at Liberty University for a while. .
Students at Liberty University getting together for a Ben Carson Debate Watch Party!
Ben Carson to speak at Liberty University on Wednesday morning. | Scott Stevens on New Country 107.9 via
Visited the ONLY Civil War Chaplains Museum in the USA - Right here at Liberty University!!! We are…
Liberty University's Spirit of the Mountain Marching Band performs at the Military Appreciation half time show!
Liberty University is looking for a Tutor - (FWSCSP) in apply now!
‘O’Reilly Factor’ Producer Kicked Off Cornell University Campus via He can go to Liberty U
I hate Liberty "university" because they pervert the pursuit of knowledge and truth in scientific disciplines.
Friend at Liberty University says blacks pushing for more diversity and own clubs on campus. Say Liberty is too white and professors racist.
Liberty University but tons of other schools use it too
'16 SF Middletown HS (OH) Jimmy Ratliff (has received an offer from West Liberty University
nights spent in the music hall. @ Liberty University School of Music
Apply now to work for Liberty University as Analyst II in
It's not too late to get your tickets for out conference at Liberty University! Head over to to reserve your spot!
New opening at Liberty University in - (MATLAB)
Hey I'm Liz! A junior PR major from Liberty University. Can't wait to see you guys in Atlanta!!
Check out this Professor of Counseling at Liberty University in
Photo: PSYC354 - Statistics for the Social Sciences - Liberty University Online | Psychology |441532530:...
I almost went to liberty university
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RandPaul: This crowd loves liberty! It's a packed house here at the University of Colorado Denver.
Elijah Cuffie is going to score a lot of points for Liberty University!
New opening at Liberty University in - Pathology
Pastor Chris Rosebrough just posted some more help for you! For the Students of Liberty University
I saw John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson on Liberty University's campus for the first time. It's like I finally found Waldo.
Oh, now it makes sense. went to Jerry Falwell's top-tier Liberty University for law skool.
I might go to at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA - Nov 6
My favorite part about doing online classes through Liberty University is not having midterms or finals 👌👌👌
If you are feeling bad today, just remember; Georgia State lost to Liberty University... An online school
Christian comedian Tim Hawkins brightens up rainy day | Liberty University
Liberty University allows concealed weapon permit holders to carry on campus.
Liberty University is hiring a Assistant, apply now!
Youtube link to Bernie Sanders WONDERFUL presentation at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University:
Congratulations to as he has received offers from Liberty University and Charleston Southern,
"Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke Monday at Liberty University in Lynchburg,...
An alumni of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University rBernie Sanders speech. Is he feeling the Bern???...
If I weren't already in love with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, this talk, at Liberty University (founded by Jerry...
Sen, Sanders from Vermont wasn’t exactly eaten alive at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg.
lol might go to Liberty University for the sole purpose of becoming friends with John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson
Conservative students at Liberty University treated Senator Bernie Sanders with the respect that comes from the...
Watching Senator Bernie Sanders at Liberty University /Skip to 15 minutes in!!
Senator Bernie Sanders, in a speech at Liberty University, an evangelical Christian college, repeatedly sought to build what he called
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders spent Rosh HaShanah at Liberty University. This is how one Evangelical Christian...
Liberty University is not an apostate because it allowed a dissenting opinion before them in presentation. I...
Bernie Sanders' campaign appearance at Christian-based Liberty University on Monday had many members
speaks at Liberty University in Virginia to packed house of conservative college kids.
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