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Liberal Party

The Liberal Party of Canada , colloquially known as the Grits, is the oldest federal party in Canada.

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spent thousands on wine tastings, fine dining, boat cruise, luxury hotels & donations to Liberal Party of Ontario.
Liberals aim higher at September polls: The honorary chairman of the Liberal Party, lawmaker James Tien, said today…
OF COURSE he was a member of the Liberal Party. Blue blood flows from diseased hearts.
The Prime Minister Trudeau's plan is to, "transform the Liberal Party from an exclusive club to an open movement."
The wRap: Unabia and Albano were both from the Liberal Party, while Pacquiao – brother of senator-elect and b...
I wonder if the Hard Right got rid of Philip Ruddock because he told about "dangerous Catholic elements" in the Liberal Party.
emails me he's attending Pride Parade in Toronto. That's good. Bad is his demand for donations to Liberal Party to reward him
congratulations to the Liberal Party of NL for turning Paul Lane into an anti-budget martyr as quickly and dramatically…
Disgusting pandering on the part of the Liberal Party of Ontario:
“Does the Liberal Party think Ontario families can afford to pay an extra $3,000 a year in hydro?”
. McKenna and Monsef are both playing useful *** fall girls for the Liberal Party of Ontario well.
As bad as things are in Alberta right now, it is still a far better place to live than Ontario .Ont. Liberal Party have ruined this province
BREAKING: Mayor Tom Tate says Gold Coast the most united council the Liberal Party has ever paid for.
The leader of the Liberal Party of Canada - before 1 arm pushups and impromptu physics lectures. Fulbright talk: .
Liberal Party postal vote campaign is in full swing. Only 7 weeks to go.
Liberal Party source has told the ABC Marcus Cornish resigned from the party this week https:/…
Senator Stephen Conroy exposes Heydon's full links to the Liberal Party
Watched Miting de Abanse of Liberal Party. That's the most emotional Lupang Hinirang ever, makes me feel so proud to be a Filipino.
Miriam said that Trillanes, who is running for vice president, is “acting as an ally of the [Liberal Party]...
A NSW Liberal Party campaign manager pleads not guilty to electoral breaches over an alleged smear campaign material htt…
The ABC wouldn't satisfy you unless it sang praises of the Liberal Party like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Sen Grace Poe, Chiz Escudero campaigning in Albay today. They're backed by Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, who recently left the Liberal Party
Greed, out of control, manipulable: Clark’s salary being topped up by donations t BC Liberal Party
salary being topped up by donations to BC Liberal Party
Mar relies on ‘silent majority’ for his victory: BACOLOD CITY, Philippines — Liberal Party standard-bearer Ma...
so..Ian Narev says is "a very bad idea". he's CEO of Liberal Party donor CommBank. he himself raked in $8millio…
Bill Shorten predicts a Liberal Party “civil war” in the next term of parliament.
President Benigno Aquino III will be in Cebu today to attend a Liberal Party (LP) campaign sortie in Argao town, so…
The factionalised infighting within the Liberal Party is to the detriment of Australian people. Wish the Government would grow up.
LOL. When they visit Dipolog City just to solicit votes knowing that it cannot be gainsaid Zamboanga Del Norte is a solid Liberal Party. 😂😂😂
Barangay Barra, Dipolog City. Supporting the Liberal Party all the way even if its blackout.
Electronic Device Insurance
# Liberal Party millions ahead of rivals in fundraising: . Crawley ...
Alan Jones defends the unions, attacks the Liberal Party. Yes, you read that right. 10 amazing minutes.
Liberal Party could have trusted Carolyn by endorsing her for Boothby. Instead she polled a poor third.
Who knew people in a National Party electorate got so worked up about Liberal Party factional politics
Liberal Party's senior leaders set to gather for 20th anniversary of the election of the Howard government:
: Libs build war chest Guess who’s coming to dinner as the Victorian division of the ­Liberal Party aims…
Mafia godfather of Melbourne helped bankroll Liberal Party. Read more:
.and Westpac? NSW Liberal Party? Panama? Time for a national ICAC Ms Cash. . Sign the petition here:
Federal justice minister to raise money for Liberal Party at $500 a head law firm event - Politics - CBC News
Dual national? Convicted of terrorism? No Worry! You can still be a Liberal Party member! https:…
Federal justice minister to attend $500-a-head Liberal Party event at law firm Torys law firm. Ont Libs to get the $ https:/…
Mike Baird takes social media adviser on week-long trip to Israel paid for by the Liberal Party i…
Poll shows most voters believe Liberal Party did right thing in dumping for
Dingdong Dantes set to abandon National Youth Commission to campaign for Liberal Party!
Translation*. *Liberals need more donors, buyers of event tickets to fill coffers of Liberal Party.
Voters still believe Liberal Party did right thing by replacing Tony Abbott with Malcolm Turnbull: Newspoll
: Few regrets at Tony’s turfing Voters still believe the Liberal Party did the right thing by replacing …
Sithee Did not David Lloyd George have his own fund, separate from the Liberal Party funds? That lead to corruption.
are we blaming the Liberal Party or Jean Charest for this one as well?
FFS. The "IPA Research Fellow" quoted is some wet-behind-the-ears Liberal Party upstart barely out of high school. https…
NSW Liberal Party finance director Simon McInnes to resign over illegal donations:
It must not be confused with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The Trust was formed to fund the Liberal Party
Malcolm Turnbull's right-hand man and chief advisor. Corruption at the top of the Liberal Party?.
Wolf's autosourced top story: Liberal Party donations: Arthur Sinodinos include… see more
Liberal Party donations: included on slush fund email trail.
Top story from my followers: Liberal Party donations: Arthur Sinodinos included… see more
Holy crap! Imagine if it was a union delegate? Liberal Party backers were approached to buy Sinodinos a home https:/…
Exclusive: Liberal Party donors were approached to buy a house for Senator Arthur Sinodinos.
Top story: Liberal Party donations: Arthur Sinodinos included on slush fund ema… see more htt…
Liberal Party backers were approached to buy Senator Arthur Sinodinos a home.
Little Giant Ladders
What are Tim Costello's qualifications for pontificating on the Liberal Party other than who his brother is?
Tim Costello on Liberal Party identity. It's like a plea for Turnbull to change. It's too late. Agree with you re Abbott.
I have a hunch the Liberal Party "donations" scam has a long way to run. It's only just begun to unravel. And on that ha…
Topic "Youth’s Participation in Policy Development &Political Campaign” Speaker is Liberal Party of Australia Member
18. 1/18, Jeremy Thorpe becomes leader of the UK's Liberal Party.
except that many people in the Liberal Party do support individual sexual choice. So there is that.
The ruling Liberal Party on Monday said it would observe a political ceasefire this Holy Week as it urged the...
Laura Miller returns to B.C. Liberal Party as executive director
A spokesperson for the ruling Liberal Party (LP) on Friday slammed presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe for...
What the Liberal Party of Canada thought about the 1917 War Time Elections Act.
9 more scandals of Christy Clark, B.C. Liberal Party, from via
Liberal Party will never have a royal commission into financial institutions. they'd be upsetting their major benefactor…
Braking News. Scott Morrison now the new PM of the Liberal Party. His not. But wouldn't be surprised someone going to push Malcolm out. Hi Tony
Labor slams NSW Liberal Party call for PM to stage climate change debates to test scientists’ claims
Looks like Liberal Party is actually Catholic Party, with lashings of Opus Dei and risk free paedophilia.
Seven of the 15 candidates come from the apparently richly funded Liberal Party of President Benigno S. Aquino III.
Ouch! Tony Burke on PM: "We were told that he would change the Liberal Party but, no, the Liberal Party has changed him" …
You're in UK? wrote about Pell & Opus Dei's influence The Faceless Men of the Liberal Party https:/…
Liberal Party not the only ones calling it a "carbon price". ---> start watching at 11:40
PIA-7/CEBU: President Benigno Aquino III will lead candidates of the Liberal Party in launching what the...
Aussie cricket legend Adam Gilchrist approached by Liberal Party of Australia...
President Benigno Aquino III takes the lead role in the newest political ad for Liberal Party (LP)...
Mr Abbott tells party room the Liberal Party is a low-taxing party. Howard, Abbott & Turnbull Governments are the highe…
More staggering that Liberal Party . Breathtaking breach of .. responsibility from an ex-PM via
Leaking submarines: It's about Abbott & the leadership of the divided Liberal Party. via
Zimmerman taking note he is the first openly *** federal MP in the Reps: "I am proud to do so as a member of the Liberal Party"
Liberal Party advertisement about subs fleet 'misleading': Labor - via
Kathleen Wynne is in Seriously up the Liberal Party of...
UP, another massive loser brought to you by Ontario's Liberal Party - LOL.
Wooed by President Benigno Aquino III to be the Liberal Party's vice presidential candidate, Senator Grace Poe...
Worth remembering Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson were both products of the Liberal Party. That party only produces spivs…
Broadcaster Alan Jones has issued an extraordinary threat to Liberal Party members who are considering...
Vote the morally uptight NSW Liberal Party out before their Christian fundamentalism ruin Sydney's nightlife forever
Why is a Chinese co regist'd in Kowloon donating to the Liberal Party? Some snooping, pls, media. Good outline No link yet
Liberal Party is already in throes of a leadership quicksand! Watch as Abbott's henchmen destroy their own Liberal Party! Pity
Bill Heffernan's quote on Liberal Party factions is a *** ..
The long, stony road of Liberal Party division in NSW: Jim Cameron, an out...
The face on the Liberal Party is Malcolm's, but the soul still belongs to Tony
Smile for the camera then unleash *** brought to you by the Liberal Party of Canada
Something really has to be done about the Labor-lite Faction of the NSW Liberal Party, doesn't it?
Alan Jones has tried for Liberal Party pre-selection on occasions. He's too extreme for even the RWNJ of party
exactly -- a great weakness of the Liberal Party has always been that they are more keen on themselves than about anything else.
Danish PM's Liberal Party loses support in poll
It looks and smells like Political Corruption when Liberal Party rejects a legitimate Royal Commission!
No. Progressive Conservative (PC) is NOT the Liberal Party. US has 2 parties. We have 4.
The Kathy Jackson/Craig Thomson saga tells you everything you need to know about the Liberal Party and the Australian media.
The Australian public or the Liberal Party? on Malcolm's choice:
No doubt Azzi supports Liberal Party as well as killing Australian fauna almost a rite of passage to membership?!
. Peabody paid more to Liberal Party $75000 than tax $0.
Fact) Malcolm Turnbull useless Liberal Party leader but Bill Shorten is a worthless Labour Party leader two gutless to stand up to Liberals
ICYMI Can donate to the Liberal Party but can't pay Gov always looking after the big end of town
Janet Albrechtsen and former deputy Liberal Party leader Neil Brown the panel overseeing appointments to the boards of the ABC and SBS.
McGuinty is a great example of the corrupt and self serving politician that blankets 85% of the Liberal Party in Ontario..
We can not allow Pot to be sold in Liquior stores with the Liberal Party planning to sell and Privatize...
Liberal Party, has parasites on taxpayer gravy train, comprehensively defeated Labor on that account
Liberal Party has comprehensively defeated Labor when it comes to dysfunction, disunity & chaos. https:…
timing of 3rd Reading is at the whim of the Party in power, in this case the Liberal Party of Ontario.
. We'd rather hear more about $37Billion the Liberal Party of Ontario stole from ratepayers. But no, all Duffy, Duffy, Duffy
Kathleen and the Liberal Party are a no-Wynne scenario (get it?) for Ontario.
Ian Macfarlane 'not released' from the Liberal Party - The Australian Financial Review
Conservative voters are awake to Turnbull's KRudd manic style Prime Ministership. Either Liberal Party get rid of him or we the people will
Meanwhile, a leader of the Liberal Party and chairman of the House appropriations committee has apparently bolted...
Liberal Party member Bronwyn Bishop spends $50m on travel to Sth America! The Libs continue to amaze me-I should know better by now. :-(
Liberal Party federal campaign manager, who declined to be named, citing the party's prohibition on media interviews. Courage. liberals
From Menzies to Malcolm ...A History of the Liberal Party of book
So it turns out Taylor Swift is the music of choice for Australia's Liberal Party
Embarrassed Fraser Howard no end. Liberal Party crooks were costing govt billions in revenue/year. Bottom of the Harbour.
"[A] conspiracy between the monarch, the governor-general, members of the High Court and the...Liberal Party"
WARNING: Gerard “Wet Blanket & Liberal Party stooge” Henderson is on this morning. Start taking Valium/Xanax/alc…
Surely the Liberal Party understands an important man requires Julie's job and she should know she has to move along..
Quebec voters: if you are looking for a federalist alternative to the Liberal Party of Quebec, check out the...
Jun 10 1957- John Diefenbaker leads the PC Party to a stunning upset in the Canadian federal election ending 22yrs of Liberal Party rule
Raising a regressive tax to cut progressive taxes is classic Liberal Party policy. True to form. Why the surprise?
oh I don't think he'll be terrible. It's just the Liberal Party of Canada is not a liberal left or progressive institution.
Imagine the BC Liberal Party would be *thrilled* with a new progressive party
My father was a progressive native chief. Please justify his and my faith in the Liberal Party of Canada.
Maryam Monsef is the first Muslim and Afghan minister in federal government of Canada for the Liberal Party,...
The story of the general election in Canada that catapulted the Liberal Party back into power after its near-death decade i…
Trudeau goes all out, creating "progressive" Cabinet. As someone who has never trusted the Liberal Party, I have...
Eric Abetz says he is the "informal leader" of conservatives in the Liberal Party.
[Eric Abetz] said he also had a role as "the informal leader of the conservative element of the Liberal Party".
I like the Liberal Party of Canada but cannot stand the Newfoundland etc Liberals. Ix-nay on Yvonne Jones
Ummm, Julie Bishop isn't the Deputy PM mate. She's the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. Warren Truss is DPM.
Please do NOT use "Trudeau government". It's the Govt of Canada, or the Liberal Party, or the federal govt. Thank you.
Reports: Canada's Liberal Party poised to end nearly 10 years of Conservative rule
It's not the Liberal Party who are paying. It's the taxpayer. That's $14.7B from our human services and in…
Now elected PM; Statement by Liberal Party of Leader Justin on Independence Day.
TORONTO (AP) — The stunning victory of Justin Trudeau will have reverberations beyond Canada's borders after the Liberal Party leader
p VANCOUVER – The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement...
Statement by Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau on the Sisters in Spirit Vigils for...
Isn't it UNFAIR for Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party candidates to use people's taxes in their campaign sorties?
Liberal Party appoints Tony Nutt as new director: Tony Nutt is appointed the new federal executive of the Liberal…
7.) But the imminent challenge to Tories isn't the Liberal Party. It's the lack of any non-partisan conservative infrastruc…
Shorten: Tony Abbott was in charge of the right wing of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull is its prisoner.
Welcoming the incoming Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau whose Liberal Party was swept to power on Tuesda...
Watching The National. Sounds like Trudeau's Liberal Party in Canada wants to do what liberals wanted the Democrats to do in America.
US Democrats take note that Canada's Liberal Party won by going full keynesian, promising fiscal stimulus and budget def…
Head of the Liberal Party, even. As was his dad back in the day, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. :-)
Jodie Emery on Instagram: “Marijuana legalization is the Liberal Party's official policy. Let's...
Superb ad by Superb. Positive, vibrant, well-timed. I'd say that even if I wasn't voting for Son of Pierre.
Different hair, same platform and the best vision of Canada! Great video from
This election can't come soon enough...enough with the commercials!
Something about this line makes me think is ready for and
I'm terrified that and the will win on Monday.# empty promises
This is what the calls change ! dont be fooled again small biz in Canada cannot afford another error!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It's time for change but — when it comes to scandal and corruption, has the Liberal party really changed?
At a homebrew party with the liberal elite of BG. It's weird, but I think I'm for it.
Strong volunteer presence for candidate @ e-day briefing today. No rainbows & unicorns in sight!
my fav id the countries where the conservative party is called the Liberal Party.
knows is in bed w We want on that Libs can't deliver
I wonder, Mr. Brison, when your party plans to answer questions on
apparently... "I am 88% Liberal. Which political party do you side with?
"Liberal Party still owes taxpayers millions of dollars from Adscam and this latest scandal just proves they haven’t ch…
Some might say they have been buying votes all along.
The Ville-Marie campaign office was a beehive of energy all day. Great to see.
Everything you need to know about Jane Prentice MP – LP – Member for Ryan – Queensland -
Time for voters in Nova Scotia to give the boot.
Pls join in our grass roots for fighting against dictatorship of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.
It's simple. Vote for the party that knows we can always do better - vote for hope. Vote
With all the scandals the Liberal party has had to contend with, it is rather amusing to see Trudeau berate Harper. Vote NDP.
Stop cutting in line Liberal party supporters.
Do you know that person works for the liberal party? Nothing in the video indicates that. Just curious.
I worry about higher interest rates, poverty & a stoned unambitious workforce/youth with a in power
🔲 I'm a racist. 🔲 Liberal. 🔲 NDP. 🔲 Green Party. What the ballot should look like.
Yep. Am going with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party; he's progressive,like his policies and,just as important,he's the only
Can we just stop calling them Liberals. Canadian Liberal party are Neo-Progressives.
Why is Gagnier story getting a free pass from country's media? Energy insider acts in industry's interest,not yours.
Huge task to bring voters to cast their vote
Everything you need to know about Dan Tehan MP – LP – Member for Wannon – Victoria -
Canada's Liberal party pulls ahead on the eve of the election
it is a psy op. Read Cathy O'Brien. Check out the absence of his brother 'n family. Clue?
Gossip: Rumors about LP VP bet Leni Robredo that must be spread around
Is it legal to sell your vote to the highest bidder?
Some “gossips” about Liberal Party Vice Presidential bet Leni Robredo that must be spread around
no I used to be, but I'm a LPC supporter now
Justin is under the influence, worse than Harper. It's a program you and he are prey to.
The are ahead in the polls, but Monday's poll is most important. Say yes to on Monday
Can we afford We can't afford NOT to! Vote Oct 19th support the and candidate in your riding.
are you NDPer? Why so negative? This is great elxn, ppl want change,may end Harper decade
You think the party that freed the slaves is racist?YOU MIGHT BE A LIBERAL. Lincoln was REPUBLICAN
he's a Stephen Lewis wanna be, hipster style.
Everything you need to know about Ewen Jones MP – LP – Member for Herbert – Queensland -
Think to remember about Liberal Party: choc-a-bloc with people who thought Tone would make a great PM; almost half still do.
Anthony Albanese's house is now in the seat of Barton, held by Liberal Party.
Holy mass at manila Cathedral kanina with the Liberal Party
This will happen to Canada if Liberal Party is elected next week, ,with doors opened wide to Islamic te…
"Here in if (Liberal Party) wins, heaven help us. He'll be singing Kumbaya with every…" — klaxanite
Liberal Party is having the oldies but goodies senatorial ticket. Same old names in the past elections.
Sen. Franklin Drilon formally declares former Senator Ralph Recto as one of the senatorial candidates of Liberal Party.
PM heckled by own party: Malcolm Turnbull told a meeting of party members that the Liberal Party was “not run ...
has indeed been a wonderful servant of the Liberal Party . Thank you Brian
Justin Trudeau unveils the full Liberal Party platform on campus at this morn.
Today the Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada was honoured to be invited to speak at the Blackfoot...
This isn't how you earn peoples' trust, Liberal Party. Can't imagine what these politicians do inside closed doors:
HE Benigno Aquino III, President of the Republic of the Philippines and Chair, Liberal Party... via
Petition seeking public apology for the offensive show at Liberal Party event and order an investigation
petition to President Benigno Aquino III: Apologize over 'offensive' Liberal Party show
it's not like the Labour Party is a permanent fixture of our democracy - any more than the Liberal Party was...
Carney's positioning to come back to Canada to be Liberal Party leader after Justin Trudeau blows this election
Senate President Franklin M. Drilon nominates Manuel Mar A. Roxas as the official candidate of the Liberal Party...
David Marr delights in "fun and games" in Liberal Party to come, notes Abbott's new interviews. "Coalition will be torn apart from inside"
Liberal Party state president in WA, Norman Moore, signs up as a political lobbyist - but he is banned in Canberra. htt…
Good article by today on Liberal Party reform
Interesting from on the stagnation of Liberal Party organisational reform.
Peter "send in the dogs" Reith tells Malcolm to do a workchoices on the Liberal Party. First one to go - Mr Credlin.
Time for some revitalisation of the Liberal Party - The Age: The AgeTime for some revitalisation...
Reform is needed across the board! Time for some revitalisation of the Liberal Party
Tune in at 3:47 -- we hear from Liberal Party after Vancouver Island candidate Maria Manna steps down over 9/11 truther comments.
Time for some revitalisation of the Liberal Party
Queenie Gonzales, wife of House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales, joins the Liberal Party |
Time for some revitalisation of the Liberal Party - Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney Morning Herald...
Liberal Party's right wing warns Malcolm Turnbull not to touch Direct Action via
Camarines Sur Representative Leni Robredo is struggling to decide on the ruling Liberal Party's (LP) offer for...
"I am the leader of the Liberal Party. I decide who is in the Senate." (CTV, January 31, 2014)
Pathetic >> Liberal Party's right wing warns not to touch via …
Andrew Hastie has won the Canning by-election for the Liberal Party in Western Australia. Mr Hastie comfortably achieved …
Don't worry Bernie, the whole of the Liberal Party are non-compassionate creeps. You'll be fine.
Is a vote for the Liberal Party of Canada a vote against Christian values?
"President of the Liberal Party" Allan Jones still crying over TA DISMISSAL! via
The ousted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has acknowledged that his government was not perfect - one day after his Liberal Party
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said he is open to a proposal to be the running mate of Liberal Party (LP) presidential...
It looks as though the Liberal Party has learnt nothing from the expenses scandal.
$12,000: the true cost of Bishop charter: Bronwyn Bishop’s infamous charter flights to a Liberal Party fundrai...
September, 2008 Turnbull’s merciless campaign of undermining and destabilisation Brendan Nelson Turnbull becomes leader of Liberal Party.
On this day in 2008 Mr Turnbull replaced Brendan Nelson as leader of the Liberal Party.
Health Minister Skinner can't explain Liberal Party policy on forced council amalgamations
16 September 2008: Malcolm Turnbull succeeds Brendan Nelson as Liberal Party and Opposition leader
Funnily enough - on this day in 2008 Mr Turnbull defeated Brendan Nelson to become Liberal Party leader via
Reminder of a thing that is totally true and happened: 30 members of the Liberal Party voted for Kevin Andrews as Deputy…
A chance Liberal Party will split? Not sure party base can accept the phoenix rising liberal moderates. Oz politics is …
Peter Costello said years ago Turnbull was Wrecker. He has now destroyed the Liberal Govt the PM & Liberal Party
.new leader of Liberal Party, new deputy.
Malcolm Turnbull has won the leadership of the Liberal Party, from Tony Abbott by 54 votes to 44.
I meant sackable from front bench or in worse case, Liberal Party. If was a top Manager brought Biz into disrepute, sacked/demoted?
Freeland backed same foolish idea as Mitt Romney? No surprise from Liberal Party that also runs Bill Blair for MP
Liberal Party of Canada open letter to Minister Steven Blaney on Syrian refugees :: Wire Service Media
Chretien ran for the federal Liberal Party leadership in 1984 after PM Pierre Trudeau announced his retirement.
Interesting article from on my local federal MP "Odd man out" in the Liberal Party.
When former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau announced he was stepping down as Liberal Party leader, he ended his spe…
Index entry for Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe (67-76) in Dominic Sandbrook's Seasons in the Sun
THE ruling Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino III has lost two allies in the Nacionalista Party (NP) and...
"Even House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr., Liberal Party (LP) vice chairman, doubts the results of an...
Denis Napthine's son Tom Napthine to run for Liberal Party preselection in South-West Coast by-election
Denis Napthine's son Tom to vie for Liberal Party pre-selection in his Dad's seat via .
abcnewsMelb: Tom Napthine, son of Denis Napthine, reportedly joins the Liberal Party preselection race for his father's former seat of S…
Read this. Liberal Party covered in murky deals in Qld.
the Libs gave Bourke the story not Labor. What is with the ADF and voting for the Liberal Party? It's like turkey…
How many Labor Party fundraisers has Dyson spoken at? How many Liberal Party fund raisers has he addressed?
1945: Liberal Party of AUS was founded & soon campaigning on the achievement of the great AUS dream–a home
.Hard to imagine there'll be much of a Liberal Party left if that happened two elections in a row.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Liberal Party of Canada » A Conversation with Chrystia Freeland - This eve in Spice Factory 6pm
He is going to be the greatest Prime Minister since Jean Chrétien - The Godfather of the Liberal Party...
If you are going to Globalfest, be sure to stop by the Liberal tent! Thank you Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta!!
Good speech now by Stephen Conroy in on the Liberal Party links of Dyson and Heydon and his friends, such as Jeremy St…
Eyebrows raised as Dyson Heydon wears Liberal Party cap to royal commission via
O'Dwyer should come out to western Sydney to see Liberal Party faction leaders in action
knowing full well it was organised by "one of the lawyer branches of the Liberal Party of the NSW division."
My latest open letter asks the Liberal Party if Tony Abbott has been worth it:
The Tony Abbott fan club arrives for the next Liberal Party fundraiser.
Why is it that the ruling Liberal Party (LP) led by PNOY and his boy Mar Roxas, and the opposition United...
Liberal young guns win for Tony Abbott: AS the Liberal Party's Right mobil...
"When the front cover has the Liberal Party logo, it's probably a hint that it's a Liberal Party function": Burke http:/…
The Sir Garfield Barwick Address has always been a Liberal Party event. The first address was given by Geirge Brandis http:/…
Pauline Marois for the Parti Quebecois loses her seat to Caroline Simard for the Liberal Party.
Liberal Party's first openly *** federal Senator vows to cross the floor in support of same-sex marriage.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Thanks to the Liberal Party's stance on marriage equality today is a humiliating day to be Australian
ICYMI, announced the Liberal Party's intention to set up a Commisioner for Children's issues last week:
Mayor Duterte: I cannot support Mar because of De Lima. If De Lima runs with the Liberal Party, goodbye Mar!
Malacañang on Saturday belied Vice President Jejomar Binay's claim that the ruling Liberal Party and President...
You only have to look at Marc Garneau to know that he was the leader of the Liberal Party & the party passed him up for brainless Trudeau.
Philippine President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III graces the gathering of friends of Liberal Party (LP)...
Let's have a Procrastination Commission. Oh wait, that's the Liberal Party on climate change.
Bernie Finn desperately shoring up the Liberal Party extreme rightwing base. Reclaim Australia types.
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