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Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties.

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Sir Vince Cable launches bid to lead Liberal Democrats - excellent news. Congrats & good luck! True statesman.
Exclusive: Labour, Liberal Democrats and SNP MPs plot to bring down the Government over Queen's Speech
Tim Farron resigns as leader of Liberal Democrats
Contrary to rumours, I am not a contender to be the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. I'm ambitious.
Tim Farron MP has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats. (via
Liberal Democrats have made the removal of caste discrimination as one of their main agenda in the recent polls.
The combined vote for Labour, the leftish Liberal Democrats, the leftish Scottish National Party, and the Green Party was 52%...
The next stop for Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh on the public's gravy train... the Liberal Democrats
Tim Farron supports tactical voting. Not voting for the Liberal Democrats at all costs. Get the Tories out.
My sources (v. reliable) tell me that Liberal Democrats have won all 650 seats and Tim Farron is our new PM. All hail PM…
Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron arrives to cast his vote in the UK 📸:
Q: So I have to ask what kind of leaders wouldn't do everything they had to pr…
Remove Head From *** Liberal Democrats & Insert a Constitution in your Face along with Travel Ban ~ Mosque Investig…
Liberal Democrats standing up for you and for Britain. The more Liberal Democrat MPs elected next Thursday, the...
The liberal looser democrats who are deranged by the Trump Syndrome 4 loosing the election believe we shld build br…
The big picture is that Hawaii has no shortage of libe…
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The big picture is that Hawaii has no shortag…
Liz, please link to these many pics you speak of. I have dozens…
Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg outlines why a regulated cannabis market would improve public health in The BMJ today. https…
For the life of me I have no idea why the left wing liberal democrats refuse to accept that radical Islam is a serious problem
worries about killing citizens while the worries about liberal democrats killing Americans .
This is the product of liberal globalist, Democrats, Millennials ridiculous ideas of coexistence with followers of…
The liberal mind is a scary place, is this how you convince any 1 to vote for the liberal democrats and R…
Yup and Liberal Democrats want to take away guns. Nope! .
You can literally get away with anything if you're nominally liberal and support the democrats
any Liberal or Democrat that is groveling about your apologizing & the Liberals & Democrats were appalled about that stupid
another liberal Hollywood scumbag.. Libs / gives him a pass. Its not just th…
Why is it that ONLY liberal or democrats' kids matter and "to *** w/the redt? THIS is why ppl should stop suppor…
Liberal democrats are the only ones who love the mainstream news media & think it's honest. Fools !
Why the Liberal Democrats get our vote
The Liberal Democrats are now the only real party of business. That's why backs us.
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Lying liberal Democrats are being paid off by Muslim brotherhood&Saudi Arabia suits to push islam in Ame…
The Liberal Democrats taking an... unorthodox approach to the political poster here.
Of the 14, 8 are contesting from the main opposition Labor Party and one is fighting the Liberal Democrats and the Friends Party.
Liberal Democrats have more policies supporting business than Cons/Lab. Food for thought if you're
This is exactly the same way liberal Democrats try to make Americans who love our country & values feel. Won't work…
Tim Farron pleads with Labour and Tory supporters to 'lend' Lib Dems their vote -.
the bigger story is how the Democrats and the liberal news media is building their base up for the…
What ever happened to the JFK type of democrats?🤔
Chuck Schumer you & other liberal Democrats are just as GUILTY as Europe leaders that support & stand for Muslims. Tr…
They r in fact MORE liberal than America and led by lying marxist traitors exactly like our Democrats…
The liberal Bill Maher uses the n-word and democrats cheer him on. Still the Party of Slavery. Thankfully they are irrelevan…
Maybe we'll be lucky enough for anther 8 years of Pence and the end…
Against a backward-looking Labour Party and an inward-looking Tory party, the Liberal Democrats get our vote
All run & being destroyed by voters keep voting them in as lives & kids lives deteriorate
And thanks to Liberal news stations most Americans will not here this truth because it's bad publicity for Democrat…
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Liberal DemocRats. This is what president Trump is trying to prevent and protect that doesn't happen in the USA.
You are wise Danny NYC, Obama, Hillary & ALL liberal Democrats did nothing and allowed these Muslims murderers to come…
I noticed r-singer1 never responded. Liberal nut jobs always overlook real evidence of treachery by democrats.
Liberal Democrats - better diagnosis, support in schools, better health & social care working together. Restore DLA cuts
Everyone thinks the Conservatives were the one’s to do that…..NOPE. Liberal
Democrats really aren't liberal on economics so for a non Rand Paul kind of libertarian apparently yes
Liberal Democrat's 'ambitious' manifesto promises to 'put children first'
Schumer just like ALL liberal Democrats only care about themselves and their dangerous deadly policies. Vote these tra…
Brexit could limit your choices. The Liberal Democrats offer you a brighter future
refuse to see or show. Wake up fools.
When left wing liberal Democrats like Dem. Politician Maxine Waters says we need to have Sharia law in America2 stop Trumps…
What Freedom of Speech looks like to Radicalized Liberal Democrats!
I support 93% of policies. Who should you vote for?
I always like people like Kyle who think making a liberal utopia is as easy as having nice…
There is only one reasonable choice in the U.K. General Election: the Liberal Democrats.
Liberal Democrats to pitch themselves as ‘real party of business’ after Tory and Labour push for hard Brexit
Jeremy Corbyn refuses to rule out coalition government with Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrats following…
* | | Liberal Democrats launch their Scottish manifesto | Edinburgh West is of course one of the seats …
Willie Rennie, Scottish branch of the Liberal Democrats talks of "the Threat of Independence" and doesn't realise how ridicul…
The Glendale Galleria is the state party within the Liberal Democrats that operates in England.
. 'Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians." -General P…
Trudy Dean stands down as leader of Liberal Democrats on Kent County Council
SHARE if you agree with Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats that Britain deserve a
Tim Farron on why the Liberal Democrats want you to have your choice over your future. You should have your say on the Brexit…
Former Labor leader and Daily Telegraph columnist Mark Latham has announced he is joining the Liberal Democrats. https:…
Norfolk’s Liberal Democrats appoint new leadership team following local elections
Don't waste your breath… Liberal Democrats just speak heat to shut the other side…
Lib Dems win town council by-election after drawing cards THE Liberal Democrats
POLL RESULTS: Liberal Democrats backed by 57% to win Bath's parliamentary seat in General Election.
Why Manchester Gorton is so important for the Liberal Democrats: Liberal Democrat Newswire
Does he know the English Leader of the Liberal Democrats a Mr Fish Finger sorry I mean Nice but extremely dim Timot…
Conservative councillor defects to Liberal Democrats because of 'government's hard Brexit' Welcome
Tony Blair's unhelpful intervention is a gift: to the Liberal Democrats, but also to any Labour MP on the centre left who co…
Daily Kos: Voters just say no to Trump
Liberal Democrats have been currently banned from all LBC debates due to a deliberate and gross miss conduct.
Obama the Liberal Hack is Hacking the French election today.
Former Labour MP defects to Lib Dems over Brexit and Corbyn's political ineptitude
Former Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews defects to the Liberal Democrats -
So, he's fine with socially liberal, Wall Street-friendly Democrats from states with heavy Wall Street presence (NY…
Yes. You're right. Take out all of the D…
DEFINE HATE SPEECH! . is it anything that hurts the feelings of thin skinned whining pantywaists libe…
hey goofball people of Montana despise liberal democrats u don't have a chance!
Bipartisan is not possible with liberal democrats because they lie and don't keep their word
No the Hill N Times CNN MSNBC all MSM and liberal democrats r the enemy can we deport them
I side 74% with Liberal Democrats and Labour. 63% Green and SNP.
I predict the SNP will lose 12 seats, to the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and 1 -Coatbridge- to Labour. Anyone got…
Do not vote for the Liberal Democrats via
Americans are starting to absolutely hate Democrats. They went to Liberal, Progressive and Obstru…
LA Times: Ducks earn some time to rest and think
Liberal Democrats call for Bashar al-Assad’s wife to be stripped of British citizenship
This is what the sick democrats and liberal support, how can anyone continue to vote for them!
So this is Liberal free speech! They must be possessed by evil. Democrats 40 years ago…
but it is used as a smear of Democrats by a faction of the politically liberal. Calling out people who…
Look at this Liberal showing tolerance for free speech. Democrats are bigots
Too many liberal democrats in the administration.
I love my unhinged liberal friends @ Right Wing Watch. Keep making me FAMOUS. God bless u for giving me a platform.
Two Liberal Democrats that are worth millions want to keep everyone else down. Warren lied 2 get her $
I predicted a snap election this spring - here's what I predict will happen next
So pathetic! The hatred and division in America today is wrought by Liberal Democrats and w…
Americas biggest enemy comes from within and consists of liberal democrats that think they can rule the wo…
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Only New Democrats are allowed to compromise on liberal social issues - and if progressives do,…
Liberal England: Zuffar Haq to fight Harborough for the Liberal Democrats on 8 June
They don't care about Americans that's why they are Liberal Crybaby Democrats They onl…
Yes sir!. But it is very doubtful that he will! . The Liberal Democrats NEVER apologize for anything bec…
And if the Democrats had their way, police all over the country would operate like this.
Yes, because I'm totally the PR guy for the Liberal Democrats. Also, I didn't call them those things because they v…
thinks that "liberal Democrats" are trying to "steal" GA6. Funny, I didn't know parties owned Cong. seats.
Do not vote for the Liberal Democrats
Funny someone from CA, run 100% into the ground by complaining about no jobs
Liberal Democrats still refuse to admit that they lost.
if I want to listen to liberal democrats opinions I can switch the channel-missing and HIS knowledge!
Occupy Democrats is a fake satire site written by college kids and comedy writers. Not real.
LABOUR WOES DEEPEN: Ex-Corbyn ally defects to Liberal Democrats ahead of General Election
In the American use of the world "liberal" the democrats only really embraced fr…
Attention & 👉 CIA & FBI confirm it was NOT who leaked to So…
I predicted this election, and here's what I predict will happen next
The liberal democrats want to control all!
This is what the Democratic Party, along with Liberal Democrats & most Celebrities like Meryl Streep, Cher,…
Two pro-Remain Tory MPs are talking to Liberal Democrats about deserting Theresa May
Liberal Democrats Are Mentally Ill and Morally Deprived.They suffer from Narcissistic Personality and exaggerated self…
They understand conservatism but, like Democrats, they've abandoned truth & the Constitution except when…
that's what they all say pre-election. Even the Liberal Democrats talk about manifesto in a fa…
Two pro-Remain Tories talking to Liberal Democrats about deserting Theresa May
The Liberal Democrats voting record on LGBT issues speaks for itself. We will take no lectures from the Conservatives.…
Scottish National Party is open to alliance with Labour and Liberal Democrats, Nicola Sturgeon says
Labour voters in Manchester Gorton backing the Liberal Democrats: via
UK Liberal Democrats and similar Dutch party D66 working for Macron victory in France ‘The new golden boy for the... htt…
.Progressive Alliance??. Exclusive: poll showed party would "lose seats" to the Liberal Democrats
Theresa May told Liberal Democrats could take up to 30 Tory seats at next election
It seems not. They, like David Cameron, believe the Syrian 'Opposition' is a 'moderate' mixture of the Liberal Democrats a…
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Diane Fienstein says that the US Constitution is a "Living Document". Liberal Democrats are delusional. This Old Battle Axe needs to retire.
Join the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government today - join the Liberal Democrats @ 11:30 PM…
Surrey's Liberal Democrats call for county council leader David Hodge to quit over leaked funding crisis emails
The head of the Liberal Democrats' youth wing (left) versus the head of UK Independence Party (UKIP)'s youth wing (righ…
Liberal Democrats to try and kill Government's bill to restrict disability benefits:
Liberal Democrats to try to kill Government's bill to restrict disability benefits - The Independent
A good sign. Liberal Democrats, Hollywood elites, and pro-abortionists hate Neil Gorsuch. He must be a solid judge!
. When are you Liberal Democrats going to put Taunton Deane first and not your own. Interests?
Liberal Democrats will oppose Article 50 unless people are given a vote on the final Brexit deal
On one hand a civil war would be terrible, but on the positive side we would get rid of a lot of Liberal Democrats.
.asks if the Liberal Democrats should remove the word 'democrat' from their party name.
Since Obama's presidency, the Progressives/Liberal Democrats have NO credibility!
Best part of Tim Farron is when he says 'Liberal Democrats'...cracks me up. You listen to him next time. Please Tim my side's…
The Conservatives received almost 3X the number of votes as the Liberal Democrats at the last General Election in N…
Rory Bremner as Paddy Ashdown: ex leader of Liberal Democrats .
Vote NO, for Patty Murray, Democrat in November! VOTE NO on all Liberal Democrats!
There are 3 candidates in the by-election: Daniel Gray, Conservative; Cat Mills, Lincolnshire Independents; Aarron Smith, Liberal Democrats
Hard Brexit would be an 'act of economic vandalism', warn Liberal Democrats: ... with the EU and is open to t...
Tim's story - Liberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast, September 2016 - new video from the Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats promise to end SATs tests for primary school children - Telegrap…
Liberal Democrats are winning in the North East, says party leader Tim Farron
Republicans and others of the far right (and a lot of Liberal Democrats) have been trying to demonize Hillary Clinton for 25 years.
Words have definite meanings but when U talk with liberal Democrats they tried to twist the truth that means something entirely different!!!
the has hit ROCK BOTTOM when their candidates are MORE than the (ie they won't PROTECT our Constitution)
Liberal Democrats war on women continues
It pains me 2 watch liberal educated TV black pundits who know for a fact Democrats are racist in nature buck dance an…
You better believe it. ~S~ . From Bill Maher. We are Liberal Progressive Democrats
Very relevant description for today. Liberal Democrats have been promoting this for the last 50 years. Utopia?
The Liberal Democrats have called for a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups across the UK
Please help support the Liberal Democrats, add a now!
don't panic, but DO harangue your *** liberal friends who talk of sitting home or voting or AllHandsOnDeck!!
Just shows how desperate liberal democrats are. Extra bribe money.
If whites are all Racist and have White Privilege according to Democrats and Liberal Media why is A Lilly White Rich Hillary Included
Hollywood is largely a collection of otherwise useless pretenders. That's why they have so much in common with liberal democrats.
Martin Luther King Jr. would be called an 'Uncle Tom' by today's liberal Democrats and social justice warriors.
Corbyn won't defend our civil liberties. Labour won't fight the snooper's charter. Liberal Democrats will. Join us!
. Democrats and their liberal agenda has absolutely destroyed the black family thus decimating the black commun…
It amounts to CBS and the U.N. taking a stance against Trump and his honest stance against ISIS and propaganda of Liberal Democrats
all drug money and territory. Funded by Mexico cartel. Liberal Democrats w/o a wall jack off about this
. . To liberal Democrats, rape and murder by migrants are the spice of life.
I'd leave too if I were you, you have no answers and refuse the Truth and Facts. Like Liberal Democrats do facing the Truth,deny
LA Times: ITT Tech shuts down all its schools
no surprise here. Trump vs the main stream liberal media, Democrats and trash tabloids that are just as corrupt as the Democrats.
The biggest traitors of the country & the 1A! Deception & lies is their game..Elect liberal, communist democrats!
Liberal Democrats bring back segregation. Congrats,"progressives.". 1950s asking for their"colored only"signs back.
Nope. I don't vote for liberal democrats & I refuse to move left for you Vulgarians. It was over on May 3rd.
"Donald Trump is right, liberal democrats have done nothing for blacks..." . More blacks agreeing with Trump
Contrast that with the call of the Liberal Democrats in April, when they were prepared to call upon
Letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for president: So what!, 100 Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats throw some shade at Theresa May with sassy 404 page on their official website
Great to see that Liberal Democrats brilliant Shirley Williams has made an impact! 😀
Liberal Democrats are in hock to the undemocratic EU. They are out of touch.
EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Democrats demand Rural Affairs minister is axed before party will back SNP
Three Rivers are all in - and Liberal Democrats remain the largest party. Congratulations to everyone who's been campaigning h…
Liberal Democrats keep their hold on Elmbridge with new candidates Howard Hyman and Emily Ryall elected
Our family will be voting against the Liberal Democrats from New York
Well Tavish Scott, Liberal Democrats won again. WHAT a surprise. What has it been. 18 years now?
Liberal Democrats have invented a Democratic party that nobly resisted Bush in the early 2000s that simply did not actua…
‘[Cast Away] returns humanity to those who have been consistently dehumanised across our continent' Tim Farron MP, Leader, Liberal Democrats
put American first. Liberal Democrats and no backbone Republicans want America last
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Before you vote 'Scottish' Labour: . "Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are "all now pretty much on the same page".Darling
Is Emily Davey, No2 on the Caroline Pidgeon's Liberal Democrats in fact Lady Davey - wife of Sir Ed?
The Leader of Derby's Liberal Democrats is standing down.Cllr Hilary Jones worked in the city for 16 years. Cllr Ruth Skelton will take over
There's 1 party leader (Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats) who's a practising Christian. He rarely talks about it.
When George Osborne jokes about abolishing the Liberal Democrats, is he laughing about his fascism?
Five years of loyalty from Danny Alexander and Steve Webb rewarded as Osborne boasts about plan to "abolish the Liberal Democrats"...
Liberal Democrats have become the first party to put drug reform on the agenda! After the motion passed a few...
Lib Dems hold seats in yesterday's by-elections: THE Liberal Democrats retained seats on Cumbria County Council and…
Liberal England: The Liberal Democrats need more good third places
Liberal Democrats make official complaint over the content of UKIP’s party political broadcast for inciting raci
Liberal Democrats launch Petition for Release of all Bristol Green Capital Accounts.
Only the Liberal Democrats have probed the government's failings consistent...
Without Jeff Winger, but with a load of Liberal Democrats.
If you VOTED for OBAMA, how does this make you FEEL since that's all liberal Democrats DO. You feel well I'd like...
I don't think democrats would win the fight but there's a boatload of liberal federal judges that can drag it out!
The simple truth is liberal democrats provide excuse's for people to fail and punish the achiever's while causing people to be dependent
Let's not let the liberal Democrats take our spirit and conscience away!
typical liberal. Blame a republican for something they can't control. Your crime rate says democrats can't protect you also
If you assume Clinton is less liberal than Obama (which I do) then the only way Democrats can "win" is if Sanders is elected.
Islamists that compromised w/ secular regimes (eg Ikhwan w/Mubarak) would've compromised with liberal democrats if given chance
The Liberal Democrats and Republican Inner Core Elite are No-Good-Rats that want to continue their lousy agendas. Don't be fooled. TRUMP!!!
. As opposed to people like Rubio who actually vote with the Democrats? This "Trump is Liberal" meme is retarded.
Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrats are what they are ! Exactly NY Values at work in NYC. Cruz is right !
The whole Country knows about NY Values ! Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrats, who have to have their way, no matter what !
which is now the liberal democrats. Your main opposition party splitting into two parties kinda helps.
Democrats are extremely liberal on illegal immigration, while GOP is much more strict. No other way to say it.
Radical regressive extremist are so pathetic! .
- Resulting Savagery spawned by Degenerate Liberal Democrats and their Evil Policies.
conservative Southern Democrats -> Dixiecrats -> Tea Party Republicans. I have been liberal all my 50+ years.
what democrats have done to NYC & what they want for the rest of the country but, talk about the past to feel good
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Bernie Sanders ads are killing it with Democrats and Independents
Bill Greener III (Liberal and Democrats lack any consistent set of principles
.- Liberal Democrats are united in making the positive case for us to stay in Europe
I signed up to volunteer for Liberal Democrats . Join me!
Cruz has to watch his back Trump right Democrats/Communist USE LIBERAL JUDGES & bogus lawsuits and WILL disrupt & distract.
Conservatives look at America as a whole, while Liberal Democrats look at all the minority groups, and could care less about the whole!
not all democrats are liberal. Some democrats in the past have been very socially conservative.
And ultra liberal New York will dutifully deliver the state to the democrats by a wide margin.
Trump is a liberal queen, why else would the democrats be running two losers like hillary and bernie?
LIB: Let’s talk about peace - Almost all Liberal Democrats agree on the EU.  A remarkably high number give the ...
Liberal Democrats storm home in Cornwall election
another example or Hollywood still holding black people back like in the 60's.
Well remember what Hillary said at her speech Goldman Sachs paid her $200K for https:/…
he'll end up being more liberal & appeal to democrats more than you know. Exact opposite.
He is a liberal so he should get the Teamster's vote and all disenchanted Democrats.
Oates and Scriven show why Britain needs the Liberal Democrats via
ya but he's not wrong. New yorkers are biggest *** liberal democrats
No limit to the liberal snake oil. 'Vote for Democrats and Mom lives.'
Welcoming former Labour supporters to the Liberal Democrats via
so according to you: someone who want to teach, helping the next generation has two choices. Support liberal democrats, or
You must have only polled liberal Democrats
Word democrats too discredited in Russia. As liberal.
Right, because Democrats can't blame the liberal criminals who use stolen guns. *** raised ***
Liberal Democrats have pretty near crashed this economy! Look at our national debt. But "What does that matter?" Hillary?
Good news from Cornwall - Liberal Democrats hold council seat
FYI not all folks from New York are "liberal"; such as not all Hispanic/Latino folks are Democrats. Like most you are disconnected
Problem's not the Liberal party, or the Democrats. They're bumbling fools. The problem is a highly biased and effecti…
Know Nine Wells nature reserve? Plans for new build to butt right up against it. Details from .
The Liberal Democrats lied on a referendum on the European Union too. They're not fit for office.
Busting the propaganda of Khawarij, Liberal Fascists & Innocent Democrats ...
The Liberal Democrats set out 5 Principles around military action in Syria, an update can be read here:
Who can forget the Lib Dems' spectacularly successful Operation Manatee?
Another example of "progressive-ism" in action. Liberal Democrats fail at governing & wreck havoc in their cities.
Robert Brown to fight Rutherglen seat for the Liberal Democrats at Scottish elections.
Lib Dem Voice: Climate change dangers show why Liberal Democrats are needed in government
"It was Labour and the Liberal Democrats that employed negative messaging the most frequently"
Liberal Democrats led by Charles Kennedy saw through Blair's Lies & opposed Iraq War UK needs us more than ever
Only the Liberal Democrats can fill the void left by Labour, writes Nick Harvey
I am really glad about Liberal Democrats' win in Canada. Justin Trudeau's late father would be proud.
Our Conservatives are technically more liberal than your Democrats
But your Liberal party is way more liberal than the Democrats here.
Liberal - Evil. Democrats - complicit to evil. Republicans - cant get out of their own way. the last hope for. common sense! 🇺🇸
A lengthy list of examples of collaborating with liberal GOP and Democrats
Why do liberal Democrats have larger confidence intervals?
Watching The National. Sounds like Trudeau's Liberal Party in Canada wants to do what liberals wanted the Democrats to do in America.
this approach Government facing defeat in Lords over tax credits
Democrats can uphold biblical law too
as if Democrats could lose a cycle. They could murder and still win with liberal media!
Putin is not the source of our problems. Democrats, and liberal Gopers who compromise with them. In my view.
The new thought police brought to you by liberal Democrats and their fawning media groupies.
Liberal Democrats didn't succeed because they forfeited their views on tuition fees during the coalition.(1/2)
US Democrats take note that Canada's Liberal Party won by going full keynesian, promising fiscal stimulus and budget def…
Amazing how the bias media barely talk about blocking im sickened
Detroit Paramedics Stabbed, Slashed Trying To Help Injured Woman... This Utopia brought to you by Democrats and Liberal Unions...
Liberal progress often follows radical protest. Will that ring true for the Democrats?
I need a Liberal to explain to me why Kate's law was defeated by the Democrats.
oh I only mean it in the sense that I wouldn't mind labour winning but I would prefer the liberal democrats
Politico: Cruz warns McConnell on debt ceiling
The chances of the government being defeated on plans to cut tax credits in the Lords next week have risen...
How about someone who's electable? Trump would lose the General 2 Hillary by double digits
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Trump is HATED (not just disliked) by the vast maj of Hispanics. This alone makes him unelectable:
To win a General a R will need to win 35% of Hispanic vote...Trump is unelectable
Thank god someone finally said it. Plus Trump has the worst fav ratings with Hispanics:
So Canada is now Liberal Putin must be rubbing his hands as Obamas Democrats weakness and now Canada.The World is his
VanWA News - Moeller running for lieutenant governor State Rep. Jim Moeller, one of the more liberal Democrats in…
CNN: Vice presidents by the numbers
Russia: CP wants death penalty back while "Liberal Democrats" want military service for petty criminals.
Another "liberal" outreach for the criminal vote. Senate Bill on 'Sanctuary Cities' Blocked by Democrats
I believe that is the liberal plan...welcome to what used to be a great country...we import drug gangs for democrats https:/…
Is that damned liberal Ryan running as the speaker with the support of the Democrats? Where is today's
Canadian Liberal party is more like US Libertarians than US Democrats, so it depends on one's political leanings.
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