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Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties.

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Scottish National Party is open to alliance with Labour and Liberal Democrats, Nicola Sturgeon says
Labour voters in Manchester Gorton backing the Liberal Democrats: via
UK Liberal Democrats and similar Dutch party D66 working for Macron victory in France ‘The new golden boy for the... htt…
.Progressive Alliance??. Exclusive: poll showed party would "lose seats" to the Liberal Democrats
Theresa May told Liberal Democrats could take up to 30 Tory seats at next election
It seems not. They, like David Cameron, believe the Syrian 'Opposition' is a 'moderate' mixture of the Liberal Democrats a…
Diane Fienstein says that the US Constitution is a "Living Document". Liberal Democrats are delusional. This Old Battle Axe needs to retire.
Join the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government today - join the Liberal Democrats @ 11:30 PM…
Surrey's Liberal Democrats call for county council leader David Hodge to quit over leaked funding crisis emails
The head of the Liberal Democrats' youth wing (left) versus the head of UK Independence Party (UKIP)'s youth wing (righ…
Liberal Democrats to try and kill Government's bill to restrict disability benefits:
Liberal Democrats to try to kill Government's bill to restrict disability benefits - The Independent
A good sign. Liberal Democrats, Hollywood elites, and pro-abortionists hate Neil Gorsuch. He must be a solid judge!
. When are you Liberal Democrats going to put Taunton Deane first and not your own. Interests?
Liberal Democrats will oppose Article 50 unless people are given a vote on the final Brexit deal
On one hand a civil war would be terrible, but on the positive side we would get rid of a lot of Liberal Democrats.
.asks if the Liberal Democrats should remove the word 'democrat' from their party name.
Since Obama's presidency, the Progressives/Liberal Democrats have NO credibility!
Best part of Tim Farron is when he says 'Liberal Democrats'...cracks me up. You listen to him next time. Please Tim my side's…
The Conservatives received almost 3X the number of votes as the Liberal Democrats at the last General Election in N…
Rory Bremner as Paddy Ashdown: ex leader of Liberal Democrats .
Vote NO, for Patty Murray, Democrat in November! VOTE NO on all Liberal Democrats!
There are 3 candidates in the by-election: Daniel Gray, Conservative; Cat Mills, Lincolnshire Independents; Aarron Smith, Liberal Democrats
Hard Brexit would be an 'act of economic vandalism', warn Liberal Democrats: ... with the EU and is open to t...
Tim's story - Liberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast, September 2016 - new video from the Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats promise to end SATs tests for primary school children - Telegrap…
Liberal Democrats are winning in the North East, says party leader Tim Farron
Republicans and others of the far right (and a lot of Liberal Democrats) have been trying to demonize Hillary Clinton for 25 years.
Words have definite meanings but when U talk with liberal Democrats they tried to twist the truth that means something entirely different!!!
the has hit ROCK BOTTOM when their candidates are MORE than the (ie they won't PROTECT our Constitution)
Liberal Democrats war on women continues
It pains me 2 watch liberal educated TV black pundits who know for a fact Democrats are racist in nature buck dance an…
You better believe it. ~S~ . From Bill Maher. We are Liberal Progressive Democrats
Very relevant description for today. Liberal Democrats have been promoting this for the last 50 years. Utopia?
The Liberal Democrats have called for a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups across the UK
Please help support the Liberal Democrats, add a now!
don't panic, but DO harangue your *** liberal friends who talk of sitting home or voting or AllHandsOnDeck!!
Just shows how desperate liberal democrats are. Extra bribe money.
If whites are all Racist and have White Privilege according to Democrats and Liberal Media why is A Lilly White Rich Hillary Included
Hollywood is largely a collection of otherwise useless pretenders. That's why they have so much in common with liberal democrats.
Martin Luther King Jr. would be called an 'Uncle Tom' by today's liberal Democrats and social justice warriors.
Corbyn won't defend our civil liberties. Labour won't fight the snooper's charter. Liberal Democrats will. Join us!
. Democrats and their liberal agenda has absolutely destroyed the black family thus decimating the black commun…
It amounts to CBS and the U.N. taking a stance against Trump and his honest stance against ISIS and propaganda of Liberal Democrats
all drug money and territory. Funded by Mexico cartel. Liberal Democrats w/o a wall jack off about this
. . To liberal Democrats, rape and murder by migrants are the spice of life.
I'd leave too if I were you, you have no answers and refuse the Truth and Facts. Like Liberal Democrats do facing the Truth,deny
LA Times: ITT Tech shuts down all its schools
no surprise here. Trump vs the main stream liberal media, Democrats and trash tabloids that are just as corrupt as the Democrats.
The biggest traitors of the country & the 1A! Deception & lies is their game..Elect liberal, communist democrats!
Liberal Democrats bring back segregation. Congrats,"progressives.". 1950s asking for their"colored only"signs back.
Nope. I don't vote for liberal democrats & I refuse to move left for you Vulgarians. It was over on May 3rd.
"Donald Trump is right, liberal democrats have done nothing for blacks..." . More blacks agreeing with Trump
Contrast that with the call of the Liberal Democrats in April, when they were prepared to call upon
Letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for president: So what!, 100 Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats throw some shade at Theresa May with sassy 404 page on their official website
Great to see that Liberal Democrats brilliant Shirley Williams has made an impact! 😀
Liberal Democrats are in hock to the undemocratic EU. They are out of touch.
EXCLUSIVE: Liberal Democrats demand Rural Affairs minister is axed before party will back SNP
Three Rivers are all in - and Liberal Democrats remain the largest party. Congratulations to everyone who's been campaigning h…
Liberal Democrats keep their hold on Elmbridge with new candidates Howard Hyman and Emily Ryall elected
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Our family will be voting against the Liberal Democrats from New York
Well Tavish Scott, Liberal Democrats won again. WHAT a surprise. What has it been. 18 years now?
Liberal Democrats have invented a Democratic party that nobly resisted Bush in the early 2000s that simply did not actua…
‘[Cast Away] returns humanity to those who have been consistently dehumanised across our continent' Tim Farron MP, Leader, Liberal Democrats
put American first. Liberal Democrats and no backbone Republicans want America last
Before you vote 'Scottish' Labour: . "Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are "all now pretty much on the same page".Darling
Is Emily Davey, No2 on the Caroline Pidgeon's Liberal Democrats in fact Lady Davey - wife of Sir Ed?
The Leader of Derby's Liberal Democrats is standing down.Cllr Hilary Jones worked in the city for 16 years. Cllr Ruth Skelton will take over
There's 1 party leader (Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats) who's a practising Christian. He rarely talks about it.
When George Osborne jokes about abolishing the Liberal Democrats, is he laughing about his fascism?
Five years of loyalty from Danny Alexander and Steve Webb rewarded as Osborne boasts about plan to "abolish the Liberal Democrats"...
Liberal Democrats have become the first party to put drug reform on the agenda! After the motion passed a few...
Lib Dems hold seats in yesterday's by-elections: THE Liberal Democrats retained seats on Cumbria County Council and…
Liberal England: The Liberal Democrats need more good third places
Liberal Democrats make official complaint over the content of UKIP’s party political broadcast for inciting raci
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Liberal Democrats launch Petition for Release of all Bristol Green Capital Accounts.
Only the Liberal Democrats have probed the government's failings consistent...
Without Jeff Winger, but with a load of Liberal Democrats.
"Politicians are the lowest forms of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest forms of politicians" - General George S.…
If you VOTED for OBAMA, how does this make you FEEL since that's all liberal Democrats DO. You feel well I'd like...
I don't think democrats would win the fight but there's a boatload of liberal federal judges that can drag it out!
The simple truth is liberal democrats provide excuse's for people to fail and punish the achiever's while causing people to be dependent
Let's not let the liberal Democrats take our spirit and conscience away!
typical liberal. Blame a republican for something they can't control. Your crime rate says democrats can't protect you also
If you assume Clinton is less liberal than Obama (which I do) then the only way Democrats can "win" is if Sanders is elected.
Islamists that compromised w/ secular regimes (eg Ikhwan w/Mubarak) would've compromised with liberal democrats if given chance
The Liberal Democrats and Republican Inner Core Elite are No-Good-Rats that want to continue their lousy agendas. Don't be fooled. TRUMP!!!
. As opposed to people like Rubio who actually vote with the Democrats? This "Trump is Liberal" meme is retarded.
Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrats are what they are ! Exactly NY Values at work in NYC. Cruz is right !
The whole Country knows about NY Values ! Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrats, who have to have their way, no matter what !
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which is now the liberal democrats. Your main opposition party splitting into two parties kinda helps.
Democrats are extremely liberal on illegal immigration, while GOP is much more strict. No other way to say it.
Radical regressive extremist are so pathetic! .
- Resulting Savagery spawned by Degenerate Liberal Democrats and their Evil Policies.
conservative Southern Democrats -> Dixiecrats -> Tea Party Republicans. I have been liberal all my 50+ years.
what democrats have done to NYC & what they want for the rest of the country but, talk about the past to feel good
Bernie Sanders ads are killing it with Democrats and Independents
Bill Greener III (Liberal and Democrats lack any consistent set of principles
.- Liberal Democrats are united in making the positive case for us to stay in Europe
I signed up to volunteer for Liberal Democrats . Join me!
Cruz has to watch his back Trump right Democrats/Communist USE LIBERAL JUDGES & bogus lawsuits and WILL disrupt & distract.
Conservatives look at America as a whole, while Liberal Democrats look at all the minority groups, and could care less about the whole!
not all democrats are liberal. Some democrats in the past have been very socially conservative.
And ultra liberal New York will dutifully deliver the state to the democrats by a wide margin.
Trump is a liberal queen, why else would the democrats be running two losers like hillary and bernie?
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LIB: Let’s talk about peace - Almost all Liberal Democrats agree on the EU.  A remarkably high number give the ...
Liberal Democrats storm home in Cornwall election
another example or Hollywood still holding black people back like in the 60's.
Well remember what Hillary said at her speech Goldman Sachs paid her $200K for https:/…
he'll end up being more liberal & appeal to democrats more than you know. Exact opposite.
He is a liberal so he should get the Teamster's vote and all disenchanted Democrats.
Oates and Scriven show why Britain needs the Liberal Democrats via
ya but he's not wrong. New yorkers are biggest *** liberal democrats
No limit to the liberal snake oil. 'Vote for Democrats and Mom lives.'
Welcoming former Labour supporters to the Liberal Democrats via
so according to you: someone who want to teach, helping the next generation has two choices. Support liberal democrats, or
You must have only polled liberal Democrats
Word democrats too discredited in Russia. As liberal.
Right, because Democrats can't blame the liberal criminals who use stolen guns. *** raised ***
Liberal Democrats have pretty near crashed this economy! Look at our national debt. But "What does that matter?" Hillary?
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Good news from Cornwall - Liberal Democrats hold council seat
FYI not all folks from New York are "liberal"; such as not all Hispanic/Latino folks are Democrats. Like most you are disconnected
Problem's not the Liberal party, or the Democrats. They're bumbling fools. The problem is a highly biased and effecti…
Know Nine Wells nature reserve? Plans for new build to butt right up against it. Details from .
The Liberal Democrats lied on a referendum on the European Union too. They're not fit for office.
Busting the propaganda of Khawarij, Liberal Fascists & Innocent Democrats ...
The Liberal Democrats set out 5 Principles around military action in Syria, an update can be read here:
Who can forget the Lib Dems' spectacularly successful Operation Manatee?
Another example of "progressive-ism" in action. Liberal Democrats fail at governing & wreck havoc in their cities.
Robert Brown to fight Rutherglen seat for the Liberal Democrats at Scottish elections.
Lib Dem Voice: Climate change dangers show why Liberal Democrats are needed in government
"It was Labour and the Liberal Democrats that employed negative messaging the most frequently"
Liberal Democrats led by Charles Kennedy saw through Blair's Lies & opposed Iraq War UK needs us more than ever
Only the Liberal Democrats can fill the void left by Labour, writes Nick Harvey
I am really glad about Liberal Democrats' win in Canada. Justin Trudeau's late father would be proud.
Our Conservatives are technically more liberal than your Democrats
But your Liberal party is way more liberal than the Democrats here.
Liberal - Evil. Democrats - complicit to evil. Republicans - cant get out of their own way. the last hope for. common sense! 🇺🇸
A lengthy list of examples of collaborating with liberal GOP and Democrats
Why do liberal Democrats have larger confidence intervals?
Watching The National. Sounds like Trudeau's Liberal Party in Canada wants to do what liberals wanted the Democrats to do in America.
this approach Government facing defeat in Lords over tax credits
Democrats can uphold biblical law too
as if Democrats could lose a cycle. They could murder and still win with liberal media!
Putin is not the source of our problems. Democrats, and liberal Gopers who compromise with them. In my view.
The new thought police brought to you by liberal Democrats and their fawning media groupies.
Liberal Democrats didn't succeed because they forfeited their views on tuition fees during the coalition.(1/2)
US Democrats take note that Canada's Liberal Party won by going full keynesian, promising fiscal stimulus and budget def…
Amazing how the bias media barely talk about blocking im sickened
Detroit Paramedics Stabbed, Slashed Trying To Help Injured Woman... This Utopia brought to you by Democrats and Liberal Unions...
Liberal progress often follows radical protest. Will that ring true for the Democrats?
I need a Liberal to explain to me why Kate's law was defeated by the Democrats.
oh I only mean it in the sense that I wouldn't mind labour winning but I would prefer the liberal democrats
Politico: Cruz warns McConnell on debt ceiling
The chances of the government being defeated on plans to cut tax credits in the Lords next week have risen...
How about someone who's electable? Trump would lose the General 2 Hillary by double digits
Trump is HATED (not just disliked) by the vast maj of Hispanics. This alone makes him unelectable:
To win a General a R will need to win 35% of Hispanic vote...Trump is unelectable
Thank god someone finally said it. Plus Trump has the worst fav ratings with Hispanics:
So Canada is now Liberal Putin must be rubbing his hands as Obamas Democrats weakness and now Canada.The World is his
VanWA News - Moeller running for lieutenant governor State Rep. Jim Moeller, one of the more liberal Democrats in…
CNN: Vice presidents by the numbers
Russia: CP wants death penalty back while "Liberal Democrats" want military service for petty criminals.
Another "liberal" outreach for the criminal vote. Senate Bill on 'Sanctuary Cities' Blocked by Democrats
I believe that is the liberal plan...welcome to what used to be a great country...we import drug gangs for democrats https:/…
Is that damned liberal Ryan running as the speaker with the support of the Democrats? Where is today's
Canadian Liberal party is more like US Libertarians than US Democrats, so it depends on one's political leanings.
Stop letting these liberal racist cry baby democrats make you change you mind Mackie. Man up for Christ sakes!
Pretty much everyone who is not a brainwashed liberal can tell you that the economy *** under Democrats.
Personally I think it's worth stoking up a constitutional crisis over The Tories misled the public http…
Lib Dem peers told to vote for fatal motion to block tax credit cuts
cuz Democrats didn't know that Webb was a non-liberal.
This chart shows the huge opportunity that now exists for the Liberal Democrats.
Liberal Democrats don't care about lives unless the life votes Democrat.
here in UK I really doubt the Liberal Democrats will ever win an election, specially after their dismantlement this year
Liberal plans to provide FREE to the poor.
Well, the lawless Democrats use the law to help the lawless mayors of Liberal cities protect the lawless illegal...
Liberal Democrats still here, working for people. An endorsement of Jo Swinson (former LD MP) by Labour candidate.
Liberal Democrats in Southwark ensure national party policy tackles ongoing housing crisis in inner city areas.
Steve Bell on the future of the Liberal Democrats – cartoon
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Not sure why I find it amusing that the 2nd thing on the new agenda for the Lib Dem conference is "Why we’re Liberal Democrats", but I do.
Wonder if the will exist after Saturday? And what happened to the Liberal Democrats? Do they still exist? :p
What a week it's been. First Henry Cooper, then Bin Laden and now the Liberal Democrats.
Relentless work by .advocacy groups ends Liberal clawback & returns $13 mil to kids
should be tooting the music awards they sure made it clear that being liberal is where it's at. They even have a candidate
Another liberal who insulted then blocked .. Democrats do not tolerate dissent.
State Dept. says Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrats, are above the Law. Obama Agrees !
CNN: Walker backs off building Canada wall comment
Was inept Bush web ad that helps with independents, Democrats, and moderate to liberal Republicans a project
LOL, r u sure r not thinking of liberal democRATS??
Sitting in a liberal arts class, surrounded by democrats, talking about global warming & civil rights is a terrible way to start a day...
by there anything goes attitude has created a mess in With federal departments failing the public.
. Religious zealots, Racist groups like and Liberal Democrats should all be on their own Fantasy Island far away!
Conservatives believe in the rule of law. Liberal Democrats believe more laws rule and only enforce the laws they like!
Dr should direct anger at welfare state, In htt…
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Jeb Bush is too polite and mild mannered to stand up to the liberal machine behind the democrats. It will take a vicious fighter to win
liberal media agenda is all whites are racist except for Democrats. Guess liberals forget Democrat George Wallace,
Americans do not support illegal aliens, democrats do because they need votes!
So sick and tired of the misogynistic chant of trying to make false equivalencies between Hillary Clinton and...
CNN: What's in a Donald Trump stump speech?
That poll only proves 85% of Democrats are low information Liberal kook-aid gulpers.
How can be 'true conservative' if he represents 11 million democrats?-
Why attack Boehner? He's the liberal Democrats best ally.
Tim Farron MP writes...Liberal Democrats will work with anyone to reform the House of Lords by
Jeb is the Liberal one! He can camouflage all he wants but we know he is a mushy pushover and a useful *** for Democrats.
Keep in mind a lot of liberal democrats call themselves progressives.. until it hits their wallets
Eugene Robinson speaks for Obama & the Democrats with a liberal bias that is strong. Objectivity is thrown out the window.
Concerns about fracking raised: The Liberal Democrats on Bath & North East Somerset Council have raised concer...
ON THIS DAY 1st September 2004:. Simon Hughes is elected President of the Liberal Democrats, defeating his only...
has no news or information programs worthy of trust. PBS has always been in the service of liberal Democrats & remains so. It's a fraud
Liberal group tags Bobby Jindal as 'anchor baby' via
LA Times: Big difference isn't big hits for Dodgers
“Isn't it amazing how hard Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrats, work at being so stupid ?”
might be the most liberal POTUS candidate Democrats could run. voters certainly don't want him.
The former deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, who retired at the last election, helpfully informed the ...
Is Jeremy Clarkson king of the Liberal Democrats yet?
SNP and Liberal Democrats demand Lords reform after Sewel case |
Liberal Democrats announce new spokesperson team, energy and climate change to be filled by ex-MP Lynne Featherstone
If Geraldo Rivera is a Conservation why is he on the FIVE in the Democrat seat representing Liberal Democrats?
An illiberal leader for the Liberal Democrats and a Labour Party that supports cutting in-work benefits. UK progressive politics is dead.
Man raped by Cyril Smith MP to sue Liberal Democrats for £250,000
This has got to be the equivalent of burning witches at the stake surely?. Liberal Democrats senator David...
Liberal Democrats gain Battle Town ward on from Conservatives - regains the seat he lost in May
Liberal Democrats hold Grove ward on - Jon Tolley elected as councillor
An almanac of second album flops, including cartoon duck chanteuse Duffy, aka the Liberal Democrats of pop
And here was the result being announced by Deputy Returning Officer and CEO of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Gordon.
Liberal Democrats to announce new party leader to succeed Nick Clegg:
Lord Roger Roberts -… Liberal Democrats fight to make sure local government reflects will of people via
Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg quits after general election ...
Greta on the record@ FCN . Not fair. Liberal Democrats attack and destroy
Liberal Democrats ballot for a new leader: Liberal Democrat members are facing a difficult choice which must b...
Charles Kennedy, a leader in Britains center-left Liberal Democrats, dies at 55 - Washington Post
Lib Dem Voice: Why it’s worth being a member of the Liberal Democrats
Both Labour and Liberal Democrats need to re-engage with their core base if they want to stand a chance in the next series of elections!
'Three simple words - Truth, justice and honesty. These sum up what the Liberal Democrats stand for.' Charles Kennedy
I thought that Charles Kennedy WAS the Liberal Democrats. He must have winced re their performance under Clegg
Charles Kennedy, former leader of Liberal Democrats, dies aged 55. to Buffer
Working with either the Conservatives or Labour would be difficult for the Liberal Democrats, Business Secretary Vince Cable says.
Guardian reports Conservative energy secretary to “deliver shale” now the impediment of the Liberal Democrats removed h…
Liberal Democrats explain why they reached for Comic Sans in epic Bill burn budget reply bingo:
Liberal England: Amusing advice from journalists to the Liberal Democrats
The Broadstone councillors will be Mike Brooke of the Liberal Democrats, and Conservatives Joanne Tomlin & David Newell
Nick Clegg quits as leader of the Liberal Democrats
Chief secretary to the treasury Danny Alexander lost his seat to the SNP. Vince Cable, Liberal Democrats lost to the Tories in Twickenham.
Professor David Byrne looks at the demise of the Liberal Democrats in the North East via
Standing for the Liberal Democrats in is Mike Collins
Liberal Democrats commit to reforming business rates in manifesto | News | Retail Week
Free education and the Liberal Democrats: a student's perspective - Anarchist Federation via
Say what you want about the Liberal Democrats; with their new PPB, is a shoe-in for the next Green Cross Code Man.
"It's the Liberal Democrats who are doing it all. They've hacked me, got hold of my stuff, making threats to kill..."
Liberal Democrats facing wipeout in South West England according to
SIBC news - Liberal Democrats denied Conservative claims that Alistair Carmichael leaked memo with Nicola Sturgeon's pre…
| Star : Is yellow rosette in peril at Ludlow?: The travails of the Liberal Democrats ...
Lib Dem Voice: One word to sum up the Liberal Democrats
Liberal Democrats are pushing to increase Social Security benefits, and that could be a problem for Hillary Clinton.
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If was a Sasha Baron Cohen satirical creation he'd be v funny.On the Liberal Democrats: “It’s a long word. It’s got cats in it.”
Look left, look right, then cross with the Liberal Democrats
by mikebeckettesq Tim Gordon the Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats with Michael Beckett, Liberal De…
Tory Chair calls for tactical voting to the benefit of Liberal Democrats.
Norman Lamb: "Liberal Democrats will invest £500m each year in mental health. And we will commit to meeting the...
Just asked a brilliant question on Liberal Democrats resisting privatisation of the NHS
.discusses his pride at the work Liberal Democrats have done on mental health
"I'm told that Downing Street is depending on the Liberal Democrats to say no" - Paddy Ashdown suggests No10 pressure on de…
THE Liberal Democrats will be the "kingmakers" in May's election, Danny Alexander has said. Burger king makers perhaps.
Richard Curtis there. Next leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Secret documents show Liberal Democrats drew up plans to drop flagship student pledge before election
The King's Fund on the Liberal Democrats and the NHS.
Liberal Democrats select candidate for North-West Norfolk seat at general election
Hollywood's hate for American Sniper success can be seen everywhere a few unpatriotic leftwing Liberal Democrats cry
Liberal Democrats angered after Samantha Cameron hosts reception for Tory election hopefuls at Downing Street
How many seats will the Liberal Democrats lose in May? Not as many as you think.
For some reason I get emails from the Lib Dems, god knows how or why, today from Tim Farron regarding the Chilcot report delay. "key figures like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair could be getting off lightly thanks to the publication’s delay. They need to be held to account.many people I know joined the Liberal Democrats off the back of the brave stand that my friend Charles Kennedy made over the Iraq war." etc etc... Usually I just tell them to eff off, today my response. ".and the government your propping up didn't support the war did they? Yet you seem to mention only prominent labour party members in your statement? Would it be cynical to believe that this delay is as much, if not more in yours and the Tories interest as it is another distraction on the way you have governed and the broken election promises you made last time around?"
As the Green Party historically overtakes Liberal Democrats, GDPN looks at their policies on development.
David Cameron is to set out plans to scrap housing benefit for the under-25s, in a speech that will make clear pensioners are to be protected from a second wave of welfare reform. The government wants to cut as much as £10bn from the welfare budget by 2016, and is looking at setting regional benefit levels and cutting benefits from striking workers. Cameron and the Treasury set the £10bn target for new welfare cuts in last year's Autumn Statement and the PM will go into detail in a speech on Monday. The chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, distanced the Liberal Democrats from the plans, though stopped short of denouncing them. He described them as Cameron's own plans and argued the coalition's priority should be to bed in universal credit – the new single working-age benefit due to be introduced from 2014. Advertisement Both the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, and the Liberal Democrats have been highlighting middle class welfare, such as the universal access to winter fuel ...
Liberal Democrats dying out, leaving party to corny capitalists?
PM issued Cabinet plea to Lib Dems David Cameron has revealed that he issued a Cabinet meeting plea to the Liberal Democrats not to allow increasingly hostile election campaigning to derail the remaining months of the coalition Government. In an rare disclosure of the content of discussions around the Downing Street table, the Prime Minister indicated that he had voiced concerns that important legislation must be passed – including new anti-terror measures. The meeting came shortly before the Tories appeared to ease a coalition row over Nick Clegg’s demand for judicial oversight of new exclusion orders by indicating the idea would be re-examined when the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill reaches the Lords. But as May’s general election looms, there is the clear prospect that the two parties will find it increasingly difficult to co-operate at Westminster while seeking to highlight their differences to voters. “A lot of people thought it wouldn’t last but I think we’ve run a good, strong, pos ...
Election 2015: Seat of Whitsunday Independent candidate Cap'n Dan Van Blarcom The Premier of Queensland announced today a full state election to be held on Saturday January 31. This is much earlier than expected and well in advance of the June 20 deadline showing he expects to get a hiding. His party is well cashed up. In the Seat of Whitsunday, I intend to nominate as a progressive conservative liberal democrat to give electors a chance to vote against the two party system where the major parties are just two sides of a tarnished and bent coin. Progressive: protect your personal freedom, inclusive human and property rights Conservative in the money sense, business like; balance the books. Jobs, lower tax and less government charges to ease the burden on families. Liberal Democrats will defend our society and your rights. Government must be run to benefit the people, not the crony mates of monopoly big business, big government and the criminal class. Further policies will be released as the campaign progr ...
So, are you a signpost or a weathercock? Weathercocks and the Liberal Democrats.
Tory benefits freeze means tax cuts won't help low-income families Tax cuts promised by the three main parties will be no more than an illusion for up to 3.3m low income families, according to research for The Independent. The Resolution Foundation think tank studied George Osborne’s decision in his Autumn Statement to freeze until 2018 the work allowance - the amount people on benefits and tax credits can earn before their in-work state support starts to be withdrawn. This first study of its impact found that a couple with children would need to see their combined earnings rise by more than £1,300 just to wipe out the income lost from the freeze, which began in 2013. This means their income would have to rise by 10 per cent more than the wage increases forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have pledged to raise the personal tax allowance to £12,500 a year if they remain in power, while Labour has promised a lower 10p starting rate of income tax. Geo ...
CURRENT AFFAIRS TODAY * 1) Union Government observed Good Governance Day: Union Government observed 25 December 2014 as Good Governance Day. The day was observed to celebrate the 90th birth anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Most of the Union Ministries marked the day with e-governance initiatives, launch of new programmes and websites. Some dedicated existing initiatives to the nation, while others released year-end reviews of their programmes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, launching development activities and participating in the “Clean India” campaign. 2) Japan parliament re-elected Abe as prime minister: Japan's parliament re-elected Shinzo Abe on 24 December 2014 to serve another term as prime minister after his party won a snap election earlier this month. Abe won 328 votes out of the 470 cast by lawmakers in a special session of the lower house. Since the ruling Liberal Democrats hold only two lower house seats, two other lawmakers also cast votes f ...
BREAKING NEWS - I just heard that the coroner confirmed that the shooter of the two policeman in NY - Officer Rafael Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu - was suffering from a mental illness. They confirmed the diagnosis - the shooter Ismaaiyl Brinsley was suffering from a common but severe array of mental disorders - Liberalism, Entitlement, and mob fever. Thank God that New Yorkers were saved by the strict handgun laws of Liberal Democrats who continue to parade the litany of Gun Control Laws in the face of the facts. But what difference do the facts make anyway, right?
THE Liberal Democrats have launched a 'stop Alex Salmond' appeal in a bid to build an election war chest aimed at thwarting the former First Minister's return to Westminster.
So sad that the Liberal Democrats didn't support the labour motion on the bedroom tax. Not quite sure how much more damage Nick Clegg is prepared to place on the party or its members. I'm sure after the next election we will see him move seats with his mates to the tory party. Obviously a man with such a lack of feelings for the worst off in the country will be more at home there.
POLICE Scotland has classed the Liberal Democrats and the Tories as
Liberal Democrats in Taunton Deane have appointed a potential successor to Jeremy Browne, who is standing down at next year's general election. Rachel Gilmour, who was selected as the...
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Danny Alexander accuses Tories of pandering to Ukip:
Coalition moves closer to break-up as Liberal Democrats fight back | via
Damming for Liberal Democrats the rise of the food bank . Bet Nick Clegg band of geniuses look coy this morning . they do hold power
Coalition divisions deepen as PM says Liberal Democrats are 'all over the place' on the economy
coincidence that White Liberal males look like Jesus. Bow down Black Democrats to your savior the White Liberal. Continue to demonize the Republican Party and Conservative Whites who do care about the future of Black Americans.  Robert Ciulla 1 month ago Well put. Sadly, I'd be willing to bet that Blacks today that look to the Democrats they vote for as their care givers & defenders, don't even know the President that ended Slavery ( Lincoln ) and Martin Luther King were Republicans.. There is truth to the allegation the White man is responsible for the death spiral and crisis Blacks find themselves in today... But we need to be specific... The blame falls on White Progressive Liberal Democrats, who over 5 decades of intentionally replaced the father figure in the Black family unit with Government entitlement programs... Nothing has been more toxic or destructive to Blacks than the Southern Democrats of old---the Progressive Liberal Democrats of new---and the current Black leadership of the Sharpton / ...
Danny Alexander accuses the Tories of 'pandering to Ukip' .
Liberal Democrats spend 4 years colluding in causing hunger in British children & six months complaining about it.
ஓTODAY IN THE NEWS ! ~ /08 DECEMBER 2014 ~ ECONOMY: Osborne: Election choices – chaos or prosperity: Writing in the Sunday Times, George Osborne recaps the key points in his Autumn Statement with a focus on public spending and reducing the deficit. He contrasts the Conservative’s plans for public finances and investment with those of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems, Mr Osborne says, want more tax rises rather than spending cuts while Labour’s economic policy is “even more dangerous: more taxes, more borrowing and more debt”, with the IFS predicting their policies would mean £28bn more in borrowing every year. The Chancellor says the battle-lines for the general election have been drawn. The Sunday Times, Page: 35 The Sunday Times, Page: 1, 2 FINANCE: Teething problems for North-east super-council: The Independent claims that business leaders are frustrated that local authorities in the North East are putting growth at risk. The paper states that there is tension between council ...
Why is it that self-described Liberal Democrats who conflict with my Republican ideals always use such pejorative terms about me while discussing the issues? I don't call you stupid. I don't assume you haven't checked your sources. I suspect you haven't broadened your horizons sufficiently to absorb information from a variety of sources. But unlike you, I like to analyze data, not feelings. The overlap in politics of gun-control has not gone unnoticed. Can it be that so many Liberal Democrats simply have no experience in the world outside concrete cities? Are you all so foreign that you don't know how to survive in your own countryside? You assume your police will protect you right up until you suffer a real assault and have to wait until long after the event to get an officer to respond, that is, if you get something more than a phone call for an after-the-fact report. I live in a different place. I love my guns and my religion because they protect me by giving me the guidance and the MEANS to protect .. ...
Remember those nice Liberal Democrats who eagerly jumped into bed with Tories? 'Pay benefits faster' to cut hunger
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