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Liberal Democrat

The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties.

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- delighted that is new Liberal Democrat leader with as deputy. A formidable team. Here we…
New: Tory MPs slam bizarre claim from Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful Sir Vince Cable that Brexit might not ev…
"I'm beginning to think Brexit may never happen" - Vince Cable MP, Liberal Democrat tells
Sir Vince Cable, who is likely to become the next leader of the Liberal Democrat party has said that former leader…
Surrey County Council set to overspend by £24 MILLION Liberal Democrat county councillors have criticised Conserva…
Why a former Coalition Minister could draw more Tory than Labour voters as Liberal Democrat leader
Liberal Democrat heavy weight Cyril Smith: the predatory paedophile protected by establishment
IN what way is Ruth Davidson a conservative? Her Scottish Tories are a Liberal Democrat bloc in Parliament.
Tim Farron quits as Liberal Democrat leader over Christian faith by Dave Brown - political cartoon gallery in Putney http…
Liberal Democrat leader calls for recreational use of cannabis to
Bishops statement on resignation of Liberal Democrat leader
Liberal Democrat leader message to Wales decoded
UK Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron may have narrowly held his seat but he was upstaged by a fish finger
Breaking News: Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has lost his seat to the Labour party
Liberal Democrat's 'ambitious' manifesto promises to 'put children first'
.in the Independent: If you really want to protect the incomes of the poor, vote Liberal Democrat
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Amazing performance from Tim Farron tonight. So proud to be a Liberal Democrat.
We are pleased to see Tim Farron out and about explaining Liberal Democrat support for small business. Vote Lib Dem 8 Ju…
Zulfiqar Ali announced as Liberal Democrat candidate for Huddersfield for general election:
Thank you to everyone who has voted Liberal Democrat today in the local and mayoral elections.
Don't laugh off the Liberal Democrat threat just yet – Jeremy Corbyn makes them look good says
The absurdity of the liberal left democrat Fascists
Ivanka Trump is a globalist super liberal Democrat.She's not for She's willing to put re…
They are all 100% progressive liberal democrat Marxist intent on the overthrow of the US government with no end gam…
I'm no fan of his either. But I find the liberal democrat agenda to be the most hypocritical pa…
Neo Liberal = A Right Wing Ayn Rand Republican or Democrat that are selfish haters that are better & want you to go away & die.
free speech not allowed at RADICAL LIBERAL VIOLENT DEMOCRAT TERRORIST BERKELEY. did you not get the memo?
The super Liberal Democrat in Russia, or plant in of leading in
Baltimore always votes democrat. Tell them to ask a liberal for help.
When a Democrat says it, it's fine. When a Republican says it, it's "racist." Liberal hypocrisy strikes again.
I meant to say she is reasonably democrat and has a liberal voice in the trump admin. i…
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no i didnt say it clearly. I was saying shes a liberal voice who is reasonably democrat…
Any Republican in the House or the Senate has more integrity than any liberal Democrat.
😩 another loser liberal democrat. Trump is president and get used to it.
Now a liberal Democrat mayor from Bridgeport, with a felony conviction no less, wants to continue the destruction.…
That's a heck of an Indian Teepee for Ole Pocahontas.…
I've written a piece for the Independent which I hope you'll find interesting reading.
Hey isn't this great? Connecticut has just suffered 2 terms of an incompetent liberal Democrat ex-mayor of Stamford.
Shame on Portland! I live here & it's embarrassing. All these liberal fascist groups are at fault. This is…
On top of the supposed "Democratic" view on social issues. Where liberal,democrat,so…
sending the RADICAL LIBERAL DEMOCRAT american immigrants to the middle of the ocean. good plan. thanks.
The super Liberal Democrat in the Georgia Congressioal race tomorrow wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigra…
Only if you're a liberal democrat. They've killed 30,000,000 black babies so far, defin…
Jared Kushner Ashkenazi Zionist, Liberal Democrat, mentored by Soros adviser to the Republican President now this?😅😅…
the special KoolAid 2 get 2 orbiting spending…
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I am a proud liberal and a registered Democrat.
Its hard to tell ISIS terrorists & Liberal democrat terrorists (who kill free speech by attacking those who disagree w the…
Yes, they do...they're what we call morons...liberal/marxist/maoist democra…
We are at War with ISIS / Radical Islamic Terrorism ! You can't leave OPSEC To a liberal/ Democrat !.
all that has corrupted your brain. Stop ✋ lying 🤥, you liberal &democrat.
50 dead in Orlando, worst mass shooting in US History. Committed by a liberal registered democ…
some assume that I am liberal bc I hang out w a lot of them but don't get it twisted I am not a Republican nor a Democrat…
Segments in the Human Democrat Centipede, after faithfully swallowing his crap for years, suddenly have indigestion? htt…
💥BREAKING NEWS💥There is new hope for the average Liberal Democrat on the horizon!💥.
What is the so-called liberal democrat world says to that??? Keep strong and always watch your back Israel !
Look it Vet He is NOT a democrat, but a registered republican. I know I know.h…
Why Manchester Gorton is so important for the Liberal Democrats: Liberal Democrat Newswire
The USA will not survive a liberal democrat ever again!!, they are corrupt!
Geraldo Riviera is such a two faced Democrat Liberal acting as if he supports Trump. His nose seems bigger every day!
.first 100 days. Setting the bar pretty high Donny
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NANCY BOTOX PELOSI HAS A PRIMARY CHALLENGER. Although he's still a radical liberal democrat, anyone is better than Botox Pe…
What if I'm not a liberal or a Democrat? I'm an American who wants an investigation…
F-ing liberal *** that is married 2 a *** liberal democrat! Ryan did more 2 help Obama's agenda than he ever will Trumps! He's got to go!
And no Democrat or liberal said a thing.
Obama's $400G WS speech... Huh? He wasn't one of you after all. Are you still a Democrat?... fool.
Of course if a liberal Democrat were elected this moron would expect all the Republicans to support…
Until that is☺. What you described is definitely a liberal democrat disease.
In Seattle—being a liberal Democrat isn't enough anymore. Meet the movement taking on the establishment, and winning htt…
Charles nailed it! Liberal Fascism in full force carrying out their mandate f…
VIDEO: Labour have failed us on Brexit, I'm voting Liberal Democrat
did. I am a liberal and a democrat but as the saying goes "I do not agree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it"
Vince Cable: We are heading towards a dangerous one-party state – only a Liberal Democrat fightback can prevent it http…
This is a CULT. It must be treated as such.
Tim Farron - The not so Liberal Democrat, and he fought for a European Referendum since 2008.
"If you vote Liberal Democrat, the start of June could be the end of May" 🔥🔥🔥.
Vote for Liberal Democrat in the Hampshire County Council elections on May 4th
Alex Cole Hamilton has us in stitches "I am Liberal Democrat; I've been fighting for lost causes all my life."
.spoke to the Liberal Democrat leader ahead of his party conference speech
that's the most sense ever spoken by a Liberal Democrat. It would be wonderful if the party…
First result is reported from Burton ward: Liberal Democrat hold. Helen Hall is the winner
Liberal Democrat complicity in coalition pushed myself + many others to the left, but also pushed many to the right. http…
Knowing how Liberal Democrat action defies common sense, they have no one but themselves to blame 4 losing=House, Senate, PO…
Please sign the petition brought to our attention by local Liberal Democrat member, Patricia Baker-Hewitt.
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Tony Blair meet to talk Brexit
I know that you are a Liberal Democrat so you must stick with Crooked Hillary Clinton but wow you sure spin. Independ…
I see many ppl confused by this, so here ya go:. Neoliberal = a Democrat who is socially liberal but fiscally conserva…
We are with you, Sarah Olney, Liberal Democrat candidate for
“Janner’s thak you note to detective who was forced to drop case by bosses”.
Portland Oregon is a liberal city, and this is why all this chaos and anarchy is allowed to happen there,another De…
FB is a HC/liberal machine. I'm not saying democrat just liberal
Makes more sense to me than anything any liberal, democrat or MSM has said on the matter! Love it!
More than 80 reportedly support a plan to force a second referendum.
that's funny I'm a Democrat or liberal I'm not crying I'm just *** off.
Shocking. is showing himself to be neither a liberal nor a democrat in vowing to overturn Brexit using his unel…
bad move being inept and aiding a Liberal Democrat in taking over the party which had formerly represented conservatives.
Pennsylvania always voted liberal/democrat/blue until 2016, yet people still want to deny sexism was the cause. I am disgusted by this state
It appears this *** is attempting to enhance his position in the Democrat Party as perhaps the future leader of lib…
only way I would consider voting GOP is if the nominee is more liberal & the democrat nominee was awful but even that is highly unlikely
Liberal, post-election behavior is exactly why won…
You know I think I have finally enough evidence to link liberal, Democrat cities with ethologist John B. Calhoun's behavioral sink.
you mean Bill Clinton you anti US liberal lying elitist democrat
You don't even know has been a and is on many issues. He will frustrate
Sooo... Trump's going to be President... And it didn't even take a week to show his liberal democrat colors. My...
U have been duped, taken by this con man. He's always been Liberal Democrat.
It was typical Liberal hate talk. LeBron, when did u become such a Democrat shill? Enjoy the next gloriously great years!
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& U believe it's because of the protests?? LOL. He has always been a Democratic Liberal.
As a Liberal Democrat, I personally condemn such actions! Violence only creates more Violence.
The tables would be turned if it was a liberal democrat married to a model or (OH NOEZ) adult performer. Still disgusting *** shaming.
An video worth viewing. A painful outburst of
was NY liberal democrat most of his life. He's a gift, U don't know it! Biden did Zero, as will Pence.
A lifelong devotee of FDR, Reagan started off as a liberal Democrat.
I agree & remember he was criticised, called NOT a true CONSERVATIVE in fact they called him a Democrat!! He is lib…
no Conservative Liberal Green New Democrat Bloc is ever going to correct Canada's path
Please watch this video. Trump was basically a liberal Democrat all of his life and then he was given a script by...
no sane person would call me a liberal. I've never even voted for a Democrat even when there were only dems on ballot
The mark of a True Liberal Democrat Leader is to blame someone else for your failures. Obama blamed Bush. Hillary blames Comey.
For example, late-term abortions. Every single picture/video posted of it, there's always some liberal or democrat claiming it to be "fake."
My dad wasn't a hippie or even a liberal. He was a Reagan Democrat. A white factory worker who just loved his history. /3
Whigs??? Lol that party ended in 1859 - it became the Liberal Party which today is the Liberal Democrat Party.
typical angry liberal Democrat. Let me show you how conservatives treat people. God bless you
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Wow, an honest Democrat. Not typical of a liberal professor.
so basically you're saying if you're white you are racist . Unless you're a liberal democrat of course right?
same as that liberal, in the US, where plain liberal has come to mean a sort of Democrat, pro-big-government, social programs,
"This ... is why the Democrat party is in shambles and America has SOUNDLY rejected the liberal ideology of hate an…
I've been saying this. Trump is way more liberal than liberals think. He was a democrat for 40 yrs. He's from NY, not Alabama
twice in my life time being a Liberal democrat for 3 and 2020 I'm voting green
then the election would surely almost be won for a democrat liberal every time just for one state. Not fair to other states
Don't get too excited about Chris Wallace moderating tomorrows debate being he is a Liberal Democrat.
Apparently Shep Smith just came out of the closet as a Liberal Democrat. Oh, and he's *** too.
Liberal Democrat peer joins Tories over libdems refusal to accept Brexit via
what do you expect from an Uber liberal Democrat?
Seeing that he was a Democrat in 2005, it's a Liberal family value you dumba$$!!
Trump is DONE you psychotic dimwit! Done in by himself AND fact that he is long time liberal Democrat & Hiillary plant
1)Conservative, moderate and liberal should replace republican, democrat and independent
not a liberal. It was a legit question, as we're finding out. The blind lockstep loyalty to a former Democrat is Obamaesque
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You know what really burns my *** A midget with a lighter that happens to be a far left liberal democrat . sorry…
liberal logical: you can rape women as long as you're a Democrat
I think my favorite part of being a liberal and a Democrat is learning how hilarious I am from Trump supporters.…
Why did your god let Donald Trump say those things? He must be a liberal Democrat after all.
Lib Dem peer, disgusted by her party's refusal to accept the Brexit vote, defects to the Tories.
I believe every Liberal should give a pass. 11 years ago he was a Democrat. 😉
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said a further rise in fees was "unacceptable" and asked: "Where does it end?".
I have decided that although I am still a dedicated Liberal Democrat, I am unhappy with the party's current direction.
Birmingham: Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron explains how his party will bounce back in the Wes...
Tim Farron announces the Liberal Democrat's plan for the UK's future in Europe.
Thank you to the new Liberal Democrat members that came to the meeting yesterday in East Grinstead!
because being a Liberal Democrat is insanity.
Great night for Storming it. Destroying UKIP building for a Liberal Democrat future. Go for it ☺
Newsnight discusses Brexit with Phil Collins (Labour), Paul Mason (Marxist), and a Liberal Democrat - no Tories. Is that balanced?
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron's take on announcement
The last Klansman in politics was Robert Byrd, a Liberal Democrat
Blackburn with Darwen final full Council Forum of municipal year under way with prayers from Liberal Democrat leader David Foster
People of Kent certainly don't want an ex-Liberal Democrat like Ann Barnes again.
"Independent" George Ferguson admits to his Liberal Democrat past, saying he sat on city council
I am a Millennial. I know how the system works. That is why I will not settle for another Neo-Liberal Democrat like Hillary.
Not really. is a liberal Democrat...and sane
Kudos to The more I see him the more I like him. Trump has united this liberal Democrat with Charlie's conservatism
NY is a CLOSED REPublican Primary, why would NY Reps vote for a person that contributed to DEMS?
Is this Cruz ad airing in NY State yet?
The is no Republican and he’s certainly no conservative: . He donated—>
Absolutely. Deal is still a liberal Democrat at heart. Let's support the Ga. Senators who stand up to him.
Hillary "moderate, liberal, democrat, progressive, social progressive, republican what's the diff? Just give me your vote!"
We've turned in to an entire nation of whiners and cry babies, whether you're republican, democrat, liberal, conservative whatever
Being a Democrat does not necessarily mean one is liberal. . Liberal: /ˈlib(ə)rəl/ noun 1. a person of liberal views. Example
if the republicans were smart they would have told liberal trump to run democrat. He is not one of us
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He lives in NY, his businesses are in liberal democrat states, there was no choice, that's his point in exposing it!
Cruz was in this fight two years before Trump. He has NEVER been…
I'm PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL, who votes DEMOCRAT. It's not the PARTY NAME that matters.
It can't be okay for a moderate to run as a democrat but not a liberal who is more aligned with
I am a liberal democrat, I could never vote for Bernie, again I am a democrat!
Besides, I don't care about the Tea Party. Anarchist and minarchist like Democrat & neo liberal.
I'm a democrat and very liberal. I just also don't condone asinine actions bc they are protected by a bs law.
Calling yourself a Democrat doesn't mean a thing when you are not upholding actual liberal values. Hillary is a neo-liberal Re…
My Democrat friends, don't call yourselves Progressive -
Just remember that Trump is still a liberal NY democrat running as a Republican. . Not hard to figure out. . @ Everyone
Finally a liberal Democrat on MSNBC being able to talk about Hillary. It's a miracle
We need your presence out here is california more. I am surrounded by democrat's and they are imbecile's! Liberal nutz here
As a dyed in the wool North East Liberal I gotta love He's right should be nominating a Democrat!
Housing Studies 37% of all U.S. households, 43 million families are renting the highest level in 50 years policies
Bull Crap Liberal Democrat analysis on Race about New York is Donald Trump.. like
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"I'm a liberal democrat and I don't know what these words mean" you can say that again, bud
As a liberal democrat, I'm likely going to vote for the republican who calls for literal war crimes and human rights…
campaign says is not a Democrat. Hillary's policies would make her a Liberal Republican like Nelson Rockefeller.
You do realize that if you are a liberal you are not necessarily a democrat right?
Carville keeps repeating "democrat"; what he should be speaking about is "Neo-Liberal". Carville fails to understand the electorate
Yet another Liberal Activist ruling to allow influx of ILLEGALS to shape and create more Liberal Democrat...
Trump is as useless as a New York liberal democrat running for the Republican Party nom! Sad!
Liberal Democrat have to have moved by independence and Protection, when I am not listening to doing things are the SNP today.
I have never met anyone worse than a lying liberal Democrat but I think you just did it
If I blew up the democrat convention, killing off all officials, would gangsters be the new liberal leaders? Common liberals wont step up...
I'm a liberal, democrat from MA. Kasich is a leader, smart, proven, and a common sense candidate...has my support!
Maybe you should stop alienating Democrat/liberal voters,
Trump is a liberal democrat... 70% of women will not vote for Trump ever!! He is a vile human being!
Obama is a more central democrat so that means he acted more liberal in policies like rejecting the Keystone pipeline
Maine governor refuses to swear in newly-elected Democrat
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Trump is a Democrat. How can we possibly preserve a constitutional conservative movement if we make a liberal our standard-bea…
Walker supported Cruz bc he's a conservative, not a liberal democrat posing as a RINO.
Liberal Democrat feminist Camille Paglia, one of the few true intellectuals in America, gives a glowing review of...
Watched last night. Scottish politicians are first class interrupters, especially Tory and irritating Liberal Democrat
Many thanks to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron for coming to talk to our students today: it has begun our in-house EU referendum campaign
Four council by-elections tonight! Three Labour defences, one Liberal Democrat. Polls close at 2200hrs.
Delays to a £1bn tidal energy project in Swansea are "shameful", Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron will tell...
'Last weekend, Tony Brett, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Oxford and the city’s deputy lord mayor, found what...
Anyone who truly believes in Lib Dem values would vote YES. The party now is not the Liberal Democrat party I worked for.
I'd like to remind everybody that Oliver North is the Liberal Democrat!
Aand the fascist side of the Liberal Democrat party.
Ezra Klein is a Liberal Democrat. At least be accurate in your Bircher smears
Liberal Democrat pseudo-news site Daily Kos has taken sides in the 8th District REPUBLICAN primary. They like...
Liberal Democrat wipeout? I have a hunch it won't happen | Martin Kettle from 2013, another media man with no idea
Have you EVER seen a Liberal Democrat treated the way Ben Carson was in this press conference? Answer: NEVER.
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Senior political figures are expected to attend a memorial service in London for former Liberal Democrat leader...
Reliving the high point of the Liberal Democrat election campaign. "Quite simply, a colossus." .
Cut number of Newcastle councillors and save £200,000, claim Liberal Democrat group: David Faulkner has submitted a…
Liberal England: Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers
Steve Bell on the Liberal Democrat revival – cartoon: Nick Clegg and Tim Farron tell the Lib Dem conference th...
Liberal Democrat, Conservative Republican, It's all there to control you. Two sides of the same coin.
Flyer for the Liberal Democrat's conference disco, from their official agenda. It's fun to be a Lib Dem!
Because he's a Democrat, an unqualified *** and a clown, whose BIGGEST support comes from LIBERAL republicans.
Ooo! So-and-so donated to X before becoming Y. And Bouchard was a Tory, Rae a New Democrat and Mulcair a Liberal. Newsflash: politics.
That is a shame, presume you are going to vote Conservative, or Liberal Democrat now
Liberal Democrat-Labor preferences deal in Canning byelection a blow to Tony Abbott -
at the museum "the sex is good?"..."oh no she would make any Republican you know look like a Liberal Democrat"
“I am not now, nor have I ever been, a liberal Democrat,” Sanders said in a profile in New England Monthly.
Everyone on slating Louis for talking about politics on the first date, my only problem was that he was a Liberal Democrat.
To All Trumpkins ! Donald Trump is an imposter ! He is a Satanic Liberal Progressive Democrat !
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Three women name former Liberal Democrat MP as paedophile
What a downright shame that is no longer a Liberal Democrat. Firmly behind her Women's Equality Party though!
Good to see a representative from the Women's Equality Party on Will we see a Liberal Democrat soon, I wonder?
I think yoy meant to saythe Democrat debate 4 years ago. The Truth really *** of your a progressive liberal doesn't it!
well depends who. We could ask them if "their values match those of the liberal democrat party" ha
So has representatives from Labour, Conservative, SNP & Womens Equality Party. As usual, BBC bias means no Liberal Democrat
.wait there. They're getting in touch with a liberal democrat because they think the Labour Party are unelectable?
- try again. we live in a 1 party nation, the capitalist party, with two wings, liberal Democrat and con GOP.
So you are a liberal/progressive (Democrat?) --- If you HAD TO live with a Republican (I know,ugh 4u) - who would it be? &Plz RT
this liberal likes Trump and I'm a democrat
I assume the solero is the token liberal democrat melting away
that girl's cover photo is a Dr. Seuss quote, but he was a liberal democrat so...
Liberal Democrat now "writes" exclusively about Fox News, GOP & his nemesis Roger Ailes. He never has proof only "sources".
So, so, so do you have any political views? I'm a Liberal Democrat! 😂😂😂
would be great if he talked about Bush doing 9/11 instead he has to be a Liberal Democrat
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I reserve a rather particular place in my heart for the joy of seeing single digits beside Liberal Democrat on election night.
Ask her if she's a liberal Democrat mate!
heather, can you please explain why democrat or "liberal" run california has, BY FAR, the highest % poverty in america?.
The very best conservative pundit, this, coming from a very liberal democrat.
(Americans will not believe this possible, but bc's 'liberal party' is left of democrat and bc's farthest right feasible political party
democrat not liberal I own a gun so let's be honest I can't be a liberal. And the common seance that we should stop promoting war
we must have learned enough not to hope that an islamist can be a democrat or liberal in Turkey and the World.
u can see Liberal Democrat refugees welcome signs at 1:17 :)
If you're a liberal/democrat, you should stand with who has stayed true to his game from day 1 and stays true for the people
Liberal Democrat CNN was asking the questions so ask why the didnt ask?
Horrible, horrible move by the Liberal Democrat icon, FDR.
Of course its all bluster. This is a Liberal Democrat we're talking about after all.
Congratulations to for becoming the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor.
Seems legit for a Marxist Liberal Democrat mind *** bent on taking the United States & driving her into the ground
Did you know is a Liberal Democrat? She's speaking out against the Left suppression.
Am delighted to have been selected to be the Liberal Democrat London Mayoral candidate. Thank you -
If us Zargonians are known for anything, after all, it's for "all the liberal Democrat talking points your cherish!"
Didn't really need this explanation though - NO BRAINER - IT'S OVER!!! …
When we make a decision on Nov 2016, I pray we all get it right. We can not live through another Liberal Democrat
We are delighted that new Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron MP will be at our South Central Regional Conference... http…
Also did the Echo just publish a massive quote from "Liberal Democrat leader Richard Kemp"? There are only 2 Lib Dems on the entire council!
Syrian child refugees ‘will be deported at age 18’, says Paddy Ashdown The former Liberal Democrat leader took to …
Watch Alistair Carmichael court appearance live: Liberal Democrat facing questions over memo leak
Political opponents of lion hunting are determined to stop an attempt by Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm to over…
I'm a Nationalist and Liberal Democrat. I have no issue with others having individual rights. But the state's identity Jewish.
Lynne Featherstone: British Liberal Democrat politician. She was a Member of the London Assembly from 2000 to 2005.
Lynne Featherstone named as new Liberal Democrat spokeswoman for energy and climate change
NEW!!: 'We let the Tories off the hook' says Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron- BBC News
How one new member became a Liberal Democrat councillor
Liberal Democrat leader contenders in the Midlands -
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg holds his seat in UK election.
When does voting for new Liberal Democrat leader finish? It will be interesting to see future direction of British Liberalism.
Here's my election promise - If you are elected leader, I will join the Liberal Democrat party :)
Liberal Democrats ballot for a new leader: Liberal Democrat members are facing a difficult choice which must b...
Charles Kennedy's funeral to be held. . The funeral of former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy to be held near his home in the Scotti
Just voted for for Liberal Democrat leader.
Opposition Assistant Provide administrative support to 13 Liberal Democrat councillors; deploy your aptitude for p…
I think Tim will be the next Liberal Democrat leader in the UK Good luck Tim your have your work cut out ! also
The New Statesman leader: why we're endorsing Tim Farron for the Liberal Democrat leadership
Liberal Democrat challenges Alex Chalk MP to turn Cheltenham into true ... - Gloucestershire Echo
Senior Lib Dem Ed Davey loses seat: Energy secretary Ed Davey has become the first Liberal Democrat cabinet minister to lose his seat...
Sad News- Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy found dead at 55. Our thoughts are with his family.
At 7.15pm we'll speak to fmr Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell, and at 7.45pm we'll speak to Charles Kennedy's friend Paul Keetch
. I'm worried that each time a Liberal Democrat throws their hat in the ring Paddy Ashdown will try and eat it!
Paddy Ashdown has written to Liberal Democrat members on what is an extremely bitter night for the party.
HDC - Conservatives celebrating after unseating Liberal Democrat leader Mike Baker at Ellington
Nick Clegg quits as Liberal Democrat leader after "crushing" night for party
Black people in America don't have a cop problem, we have a Liberal Democrat problem. ~ Kevin Jackson
VIDEO: Sixty-second pitch - Liberal Democrat's Adrian Walker-Smith tells us why he thinks he should become S
Clegg: No SNP 'life support' deal: Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says he would not join a government depe...
Wikipedia administrator who accused Grant Shapps of editing pages of Tory rivals is Liberal Democrat activist
Just done the . questionnaire. Apparently I'm 89% Liberal Democrat - must work harder.
What is the point of voting Liberal Democrat in when their politicians are barred by Lib-Dem party rules from expressing an opinion?
Cllr Michael Mullaney addresses national Liberal Democrat party conference on successes in Hinckley and Bosworth
Yes. Unlike my new Liberal Democrat friend I am prepared to accept my party is not perfect & don't deflect that.
I am 83% Liberal Democrat. (Wouldn't have thought that really) Which political party do you side with?
The UK Liberal Democrat party is an amazing example of a moderate, major 3rd party and we need that in the U.S solely for democracy's sake
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