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Liberal Arts

The phrase liberal arts (Latin: artes liberales) refers to those subjects which in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free citizen to study.

Jeb Bush Denison University Penn State

Big believer in a strong Liberal Arts education. It doesn't teach you what to think, it teaches you how to think.
The College of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education invokes God's mercy and compassion through the celebration of t…
"A Liberal Arts education is a pathway to an equal, if not stronger, footing in the technical frontier.".
We're Click to apply: College of Liberal Arts, Leadership, Adjunct - OK
U of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Center for European Studies is hiring a Program Coordinator
it's in new york city it's called Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
How does some one work at a college and not know what Liberal Arts are? I had someone call my department Liberty Ar…
July 5th, 1910, THE ILLUSTRIOUS North Carolina Central University was founded as the nations FIRST Liberal Arts college.
We do quite well in the classroom too. (College of Liberal Arts)
Ambassador Bridge and Ralph Modjeski - Ethnic Layers of Detroit - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The School of Journalism will be consolidated with the College of Liberal Arts. Dr. Elayne Hayes-Anthony’s...
How degraded our culture has become w/such criminal intent, now claims Art! This also shows how Degraded the Liberal Arts are today
So it looks like we're getting a glimpse at a possible spin-off in tonight's episode, "Liberal Arts"
On the importance of Liberal Arts degrees: Silicon Valley needs to get schooled
6. I'm still not sure what I really want to major in but it's somewhere around Mass Communication & Liberal Arts 🤑 im indecisive af
well I didn't study liberal arts although I had some fun electives back then
Hamilton Collection
How this liberal-arts college in rural North Carolina became a birthplace of modern photography. h…
My lit degree gets me $50-$100 an hour fixing people's writing. But yeah, keep mocking the liberal arts.
This is what it's like to study immigration at a liberal arts school
Is liberal arts a bad major to go into? — No!
Liberal arts degrees can actually get you far and are not a straight track to fast food like boomers would have you bel…
who are not working. A functional economy employs liberal arts students. We need to rethink our education model. It i…
Can you recommend anyone for this College of Liberal Arts, Leadership, Adjunct - OK
Attend to learn about the College of Liberal Arts & tour the newly renovated Creative Arts Center!
Join the College of Liberal Arts on Feb. 23 for "An Albatross Around Your Neck: WV Senator Robert C. Byrd's History…
Come out tonight at 7pm in the West Gallery of Founders Hall! We will be hearing from the LAGER (Liberal Arts...
Liberal Arts students SHINE at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival at in NJ…
Liberal arts can be a gateway to a wide variety of careers. Explore Ashford’s College of Liberal Arts.…
Download eBook Reinventing the Liberal Arts: College in One Year for $5 -
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Assistant Professor in Sociology
The AHA thanks the College of Liberal Arts and Science for its sponsorship of Denver - https:…
Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts wishes you peace and joy this holiday season!
JulioTeehankee, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University opening. .
Physically wincing reading back the first draft of the "memoir" my liberal arts college is forcing me to write
Daniel studies Liberal Arts. He's just come back from an internship in Bangkok. Do something exciting summer '17 too https…
Physics is the liberal arts of the natural sciences
If you don't apathetically say "go sports" to friends who like football, how will they know you went to a liberal arts co…
Has anyone seen 's latest film Liberal Arts? If you're flying American it's an inflight movie option. Great…
Decipher inner man poorness in passage to lodge an typing liberal arts?: mPnxTiRSr
When I tell Millennials that a liberal arts education used to teach you how to think, many flat-out disbelieve me. https:/…
Science ,technology & maths enable one to think rationally ang logically , unlike "liberal arts" which makes you a…
Shoulda taken math for liberal arts majors !!!
Yup. Why it's taught. Same applies to liberal arts.
So someone with a liberal arts degree is more "educated" than someone who owns a successful small business?
To a younger me, in liberal arts: don’t assume STEM is not for you What do you say to a young…
watch Liberal Arts or Like Crazy. You'll love em.
"Reed is just a stupid liberal arts college" -Alex Moses
"Music, of all the liberal arts, has the greatest influence over passions." - Napoleon Bonaparte
Open letter to undecided voters clearly need more liberal arts education; critical thinking skills would likely sway…
More than ever, the are relevant for preparing the future generation of
They use something called Logic to put their arguments and respond. Of course, you couldn't understand using libera…
Ah as expected of JB. No wonder JB in college AU fics are always majoring in liberal arts; specifically film, lit, or fine arts.
I'm up at almost 2am working on an art project. Liberal arts colleges not the move
LOL this has inadvertently accepted the truth. Only 3rd grade losers, Arts students b…
Harvey Mudd College, the nation’s top liberal arts college of cooperation was chartered in December 1955
I'm not even talking core electives, I did my whole liberal arts core, it's all just free electives
I had a liberal arts education at Amherst College where I had two...
Hey girlmyou must be. Cognizanc. of our own existence is a defining trait of humanity. I have a liberal arts degree.
The liberal arts as antidote to political extremism in Mideast via
I promise you this guy is from the Liberal Arts. Us in Commerce, esp. Finance and Tax Dept., want to go on w/ things
Liberal Arts education. Diversity and Democracy discussion. We need more of this.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Absolutely. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. Liberal Arts education serves me well today.
After a nearly-year-long and national search to fill the spot, Richard Deeg is dean of the College of Liberal Arts.…
Study Physics with a Liberal Arts & Sciences approach? The University College Utrecht double-degree is for you:
'I should have become a Lumberjack' - why Royal Holloway students are regretting reading Liberal Arts
Medgar Evers College is seeking a Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Education. .
Completed Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts, or related field, ...
Demand Send all the pontificating tech dudes like Elon Musk to a Liberal Arts re-education camp
Cyclone Religion and Politics Survey | College of Liberal Arts and Sciences via
My phone lists the College of Liberal Arts building as one of my frequent locations. I'm COLA trash.
Hey! Watch a video of us touring the Skiles Building, home of the Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts!
I can't wait until my Penn State email expires and stupid clubs and the college of Liberal Arts quits bothering me.
For those who aren't physically present, you can check in on Bryn Mawr's Blended Learning and the Liberal Arts conference with
Two students, both in Liberal Arts, have been chosen for prestigious Boren Awards to travel the globe. http…
Congratulations to Joshua Hodgeson and Jeremiah Rogers, students in Liberal Arts majors who were honored for...
Why choose the Liberal Arts? To better prepare for medical missions! Merida from today at 9:30am
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Andrew F. Puzder was the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient.
Liberal Arts with Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen was actually pretty decent.
Liberal Arts is such a great movie I'm obsessed with josh radnor in it
Info Session on April 6th for grad programs in Behavior Analysis, Education, Liberal Arts, & Public Policy:
Kevin O'Leary thinks Liberal Arts is a Waste of Time. .
Students of De La Dalle University College of Liberal Arts taking up AB Philippine Studies Major…
English Major of the Month: Henry Zurn | English | College of Liberal Arts via
liberal SJWs who want their free college degree in Liberal Arts pls go
Yes - it is possible to do feminist and Decolonial science in practice! . UT College of Liberal Arts:
We are now going to fund and pay for social programs in Latin America? *** I really want that free college in Liberal Arts
College of Liberal Arts building all over this season.
Had a great time talking with Dean Richardson this evening, lobbying for improvements within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Leroy Jones will be part of Baton Rouge Community College & BRCC Division of Liberal Arts's on...
Jackson State 11:30 come on now!!! College of Liberal Arts...Come Now!!
when ppl worry abt majoring in the liberal arts I just think "I'm majoring in theatre arts and minoring in Shakespeare studies I'm screwed"
So excited and to this great Bandra's New Liberal Arts School For The Retired
Liberal arts in the UK: how are students finding the model? via
Hey girl you must be. Cognizance of our own existence is a defining of humanity. I hase a liberal arts degree.
SciAm's new psychological bit, sex toys, postmodernism, Berkeley and its culture, Madison, Ann Arbor, good little liberal arts colleges,
A scientist discusses the value of a liberal arts education. The humanities matter!
Listen up, parents! Now (still) hiring: Job prospects for liberal arts majors
Then the school fired him b/c he didn't fit the mold for their liberal arts department and they needed to fill an affirmative action quota.
- they need the skills; but does that mean they need liberal arts majors, by extension? Possibly...
Newsflash: liberal arts students get upset just because economics is a form of patriarchy
Digital Companies Need More Liberal Arts Majors - Let's hear it for the History majors!
I have a liberal arts degree from a large public university. The diversity of my peers played a vital role in my learning.
I totally agree. And what about Art and Theatre Majors! Digital Companies Need More...
What about private colleges? Tuition-free public college would ruin my private, liberal arts college.
TXST Liberal Arts dialogue on open carry: a conversation on exploring intellectual and ethical issues Wed Feb 9 5pm
I hope this is where we're headed...
"STEM teaches us what we can do; liberal arts teach us what we ought to do" is my fave thing a professor has ever said
This is how two brothers used Liberal Arts Degrees to open up -->
Williams (7 Final Fours, liberal arts school in US) will be on Academic Experience coaching staff
I'd like to thank my 4 years of liberal arts education for that lesson
Great read by on changing liberal arts degree to liberal science, w/ heavy emphasis on critical thinking. . h…
No, shouldn't focus SOLELY on vocat ed, as a liberal arts degree frees the mind.
Very well spoken. This affects my family, our Daughter and a number of Concordia students and families. Please rea…
best seller is a must read for students and parents. Let's hear it for the Liberal Arts!
BTW, apparently I no longer work at a liberal arts college:
"Trivium" -new word I learned in class tonight & I really like it. 😊. (It's 3 Liberal Arts: grammar, rhetoric & Logic.)
RCBC announces new Dean of Liberal Arts, current Associate Professor Donna Vandergrift:
Great first Keele Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Grand Challenges Lecture. David Nutt a star, rational and reasonable
Beyond Business: Global Commerce and the Liberal Arts: People told Denison University it should offer a busine...
DEADLINE TODAY: Postdoctoral fellowships in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University.
Beyond Business: Global Commerce and the Liberal Arts: When I became president of Denison University three ye...
Still time to apply to BEd & Liberal Arts degrees at St. Marys University College Belfast! Deadline-11th January.
in OK: Dean, College of Liberal Arts at University of Central Oklahoma
in OK: College of Liberal Arts, Leadership, Adjunct at University of Central Oklahoma
Liberal Arts in the Public Sphere dialogue with Pres Fred Clark, Dean Paula Krebs
.a Liberal Arts alum & author of the novel that inspired the Rambo film franchise, is back in action
Heidi Bostic will be the next dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Details:
I'm at College of Liberal Arts and Communication in Dasmariñas City, Cavite
5 Reasons A Liberal Arts Education Rocks: The payoff on a Liberal Arts education is once again under the spotlight with a recent WSJ ...
I never got admitted into Northwestern University or the Air Force Academy or Liberal Arts at myself.
Did you know that Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious Honor society in the Liberal Arts & Sciences in the country?
📷 Jazz + Culture - Department of History College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona …: The Jazz Age was...
Advice on talking about from a senior.
It's fascinating to me that we STILL deny the power of design (liberal arts degrees are worthless, don'tcha know) when Apple.
Liberal arts beside the mark consultants in furtherance of australia, curriculum friendly relations speculation...
Hi, I'm hacking the urban arts v liberal arts for growth. Please tell me what u think on this? Thank u x.
We're thrilled to have at What an amazing example of how far a liberal arts education can take you. h…
Good news for great JDs? People without a degree may already be benefiting the most from tech's boom.
Research vs. Liberal Arts Colleges report shows the earnings difference 10yrs after grad
Thinking about a liberal arts degree? Think about this first. -
The map below features the National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges that gave Pell Grants to at...
Please (please) stop saying that STEM fields are not part of the liberal arts!
What's going on? The liberal arts aren't all about job prospects - Swarthmore… Get found ->
I liked a video Who Killed the Liberal Arts?
The only good institutions are liberal arts schools and the most intellectual that actually focus on individual growth..
Here are some more reasons why liberal arts matter: STEM is part of liberal arts
Nobody feels like an adult. It's the worlds dirty secret - Liberal Arts
.asks: Under Margaret Spellings, will UNC’s liberal arts programs become a thing of the past? . Answer: YES!.
Bc SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION AND LIBERAL ARTS doesn't sound right that's why
I see he didn't meet his Liberal Arts requlrements in College by taking history classes.
I mean liberal arts subjects are hellish
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
loved Liberal Arts! Although your representation of New York where everyone you pass smiles at you is clearly fictional!
A New Deal for the Humanities: Liberal Arts and the Future of Public Higher Education ... -
I wonder who would like to invest in my school of thought for the liberal arts?
You don't get these varied creative ideas happening in limited hip hop get them in the liberal & varied creative classic arts
The interaction of technology and liberal arts..
'No repercussions' for Quebec assisted-dying law under new Liberal govt: group - Winnipeg…
A century or so ago, and futher beyond, gov & royalty were taking direction from the liberal arts. Developed nations had no world debt
Does the gov hire people trained in observation and interpretation skills from the liberal arts to hack data for understanding?
If we travel to the liberal arts we can look at textiles and sewing, tailoring, fashion and innovation with machinery & technology
Therefore growth hacking needs to take direction from the classic liberal arts for learning how to see data differently.
Slowly the classic liberal arts have been cut and no credibility given to them for what they have contributed to science, tech & innovation
this is too much sciencing for my liberal arts brain & I can hear my inner expressing her disapproval
Most rappers can't even compose music or play an instrument, they steal samples from the liberal arts, without paying royalties to artists
It's the classic liberal arts that have innovated growth in science & technology over time, the new urban arts thieve growth in education.
An Identity Crisis at Mills College "Like most liberal arts colleges in the US, we're looking at how do we balance…
I studied classic liberal arts and I hack for growth in modern technology, not urban arts killing education via technology in modern culture
Cut the government arts budget for urban arts in education, invest it in the classic liberal arts in school
One of the best things about going to a liberal arts school is the fact that my friends and professors are so passionate about their art 🆒
Liberal Arts but for my Bachelors I'm thinking Music Education with a minor in Business.
Could liberal arts colleges become America's finest export?
Meet the genius who left Microsoft to start a college in Ghana.
thinks that Jeb Bush doesn't realize Latin Studies major fall in Liberal Arts? Pot can I introduce you to kettle?
Throwing it out there, Jeb Bush took a jab (heh) at Psych majors and Liberal Arts majors. when he majored in Latin American Studies
Liberal Arts school, where they make you walk a mile in the rain for a concert
IFH symposium’s spkr is John Churchill "Reasons, Values and Imagination: A Case for Educ. in the Liberal Arts and Sciences” 3:30, Lee Hall.
Albert Jay Nock: The Impossibility of a Return to the Liberal Arts? (essay by Bradley Birzer)
Thanks to M.A.L.A.S. The Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences, San Diego State University Press, SDSU...
.Chairman William Adams will take part in the Oct. 16th symposium about the importance of the Liberal Arts.
Thoughtful contribution by tenured professor to risk-balancing act (hybrid learning) at many liberal arts colleges:
Increasing pace of to keep exploring, adapting, broadening experiences":
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I'm positive that Liberal Arts and Milneburg are having a "dirtiest building" contest.
As proud Bowdoin College graduate and strong supporter of a Liberal Arts education, it's exciting to see American Ex…
A8 cont'd: However, I think we need more humanities in tech across genders.
Can a school really prepare you for med school?
Why do leaders need a liberal arts education? 2015 on
Interesting read in the on value of liberal arts education
I wouldn't mind going to a liberal arts school I just want to be a politician man
KU names new liberal arts and sciences dean
unless you're reviewing Mark Jackson's paper "The Liberal Arts: A Practical View" It's useless to you.
"Liberal arts education is a vast American resource for developing our talent and protecting our culture."
“Technology alone is not enough — it’s technology married with liberal arts . . . that makes our hearts sing.”
There's a line out the door for the Business & Liberal Arts Career Fair! Come down to PBA from 1-5
KU will get new dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: The largest academic unit at the University of Kansas…
Another great panel, on sexuality in the liberal arts! Today's the day to get those proposals in!.
I want to be very clear:we are not abandoning the liberal arts. Those who know me know how passionate I am about thi…
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Enjoyed interviewing economist Todd Hirsch on value of a liberal arts degree in today's economy. Spiders in Space:
Thoughtful article. I'm rethinking DWYL advice I give to undergrads focused on professional studies rather than liberal arts
Looking for a liberal arts school w/ an engineering college & social justice mission? Check out
As an English major, great to see focus on "building your own little business of what motivates you" acc:
Cut the liberal arts by all means: make sure only the elite colleges still teach them. Us plebes don't need them, goodness knows. (-_-)
Today our Nebraska team is at for the Business, Service, Government & Liberal Arts Career Fair!
. Again Carney's liberal arts education helps him shine in Financial community.🇨🇦
I feel like a liberal arts education just makes you really good at small talk in bars.
Square pegs and round holes . - games in the liberal arts . James Butler.
SMART observations in this article.
Then sasa, hiyo Liberal arts kuna zenye Lazima ufanye. Like UPenm people told me that too stuff kaa Histo Ya USA
"the problem isn’t finding information, it’s knowing how to link different bits of knowledge" Liberal arts & sciences.
A B.A. or B.S. in Football could be like a B.A. or B.S. in Music in a Liberal Arts program.
Following the IOM report, we should look to the liberal arts to help us develop clinical reasoning skills in
Mary Raymond from the tells why liberal arts ed. is important today more than ever.
Needed, graduates with liberal arts skills (soft skills) and technical skills.skills training
Q: Workforce preparation? Carey Smith, Liberal arts imp't. Be well rounded. "One of my best guys is a philosophy major"
Jackie explains how helped her build upon her liberal arts education to become a more effective leader.
Liberal arts literally gives me life! Thanks for the visit
Prison debate team part of prison education effort by liberal arts schools:
Not really? Liberal Arts undergrad, Creative Writing MFA - now a copywriter/social media coordinator.
Today is the day! Come to the Memorial Union for the Aviation, Business, & Liberal Arts Career Fair!
Here's how liberal arts majors can get a leg up on the job market
I chose the "I don't know what to do with my life degree" aka Liberal Arts
"We can sell the *** out of it." Actual quote from the president rn about a liberal arts education
FYI -- The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of Purdue University Calumet is pleased to announce the...
Full-time, academic year, tenure track Assistant Professor of English, College of Liberal Arts at California...
Join the College of Liberal Arts to discuss civic engagement tomorrow at 11:45am in 310 Tichenor Hall
A couple of semesters of Community College in Liberal Arts until you realize higher education is not for you
Great post by Deborah Cronen on the balance between Liberal Arts and STEM education from a future career perspective.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Every year my grandfather sends me a different book championing Liberal Arts education, so that's kinda cool.
Thought provoking essay on by Even a solid sentence about that enriching Liberal Arts degree.
An Evening with Samuel Beckett, tickets FREE to all CSU College of Liberal Arts (CLA) faculty and staff,
University of Kansas is hiring a of Liberal Arts and Sciences, apply now!
College of the Liberal Arts appoints associate dean | Penn State University
You learn that word in College Tom? You seem so well spoken like maybe a Liberal Arts major?
If anyone finds a pretty pink and clear water bottle in the Liberal Arts building... It's mine.
i cannot get into any class that would fulfill my "Ethics" requirement, i am gonna set myself on fire in front of the Liberal Arts building
College president on Suicide of the Liberal Arts, coherent core studies, studying the greats and history.
Places for BSc Human Ecology and BA Liberal Arts apply through clearing
"Students who major in Liberal Arts or General Studies reported a median starting salary of $41,800."
It's better than Liberal Arts major. And everything is better than Gender Studies major.
Get a jump on your career and your bachelor's degree with Liberal Arts: General Studies!
As the summer draws to a close, a vital reminder about the Liberal Arts from
Leave a Legacy and Make an Impact:. You can foster and support the next generation of Penn State and Liberal Arts...
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These kinds of articles always make Liberal Arts sound like the Old Meme Worship And Propagation Dept.
Sorry to learn of death of notable Liberal Arts alum, former U.S. Senator Richard Schweiker (class of 1950)
Been saying this for pretty much ever, but thanks, Forbes, for highlighting the value of Liberal Arts education:
Liberal Arts with a focus on Religious Studies. New undergraduate degree that started last year.
Set of transferable skills - Liberal Arts - rather than content based. Inherited from Classical Antiquity and assume privilege
And *** my Liberal Arts education. I'm super brainwashed by the Liberal agenda now.
Hybrid BA in Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies at a great - and very employable - approach.
"Enjoy your studies, forget the grades". Now I'm considering Liberal Arts.
renovated Liberal Arts buildings receive award for energy efficiency and sustainability.
'As nearly free as possible': Liberated by a Liberal Arts education - Laramie Boomerang (press release) (subsc...
launches 13 new majors, 17 new programs, new Liberal Arts core. Today's Salina Journal:
Nancy Budwig, Associate Provost at speaks with abt Liberal Arts vs. STEM education
Jill Tiefenthaler contributor to Remaking College: Innovation and the Liberal Arts.
I'm so grateful for President Floyd that the college I'm in at WSU is its own separate school instead of part of the College of Liberal Arts
See why there has been a trend in funding Liberal Arts, STEM and Humanities:   10% Off
Vassar College Pres. speaking on American Higher Ed and Liberal Arts in Beijing on June 27. I got my ticket. Do you have yours?
Liberal Arts alumnus Henry Tomes was one of eight to receive distinguished alumni awards this past weekend.
Upon waking up, the first thought that came into my mind was: "OMG. Elizabeth Olsen is from Liberal Arts!". So...yah. Late realization.
the Secret Service - Cartoonish from what looks like a Liberal Arts college class assignment
Woodford: 'Campaign for the Liberal Arts' leader to speak at Eureka College commencement
Geeking out on printing at @ Towson University College of Liberal Arts
James Lee Awarded Scholarship from ENMU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences -
Where Villanova excels: "Bringing the Liberal Arts to Engineering Education," Chronicle of Higher Education
Starving for Wisdom -- a Liberal Arts education is the answer
Bringing the Liberal Arts to Engineering Education Business, Science and Engineering Majors - Read This
Gardner Campbell Thought Vectors in Concept Space - a way forward for the Liberal Arts amid the focus on higher ed as job prep.
National Book Award finalist and fiction writer Sean Ennis read at Thurs night at 6pm in Liberal Arts building!
Watched Josh Radnor's Liberal Arts, and liked it mucho. Just the sort of gooey navel-gazing I needed tonight.
College of Liberal Arts' Exec. Dean, Dr. Adam Selhorst, discusses the BA in Environmental Studies at Ashford.
President-elect of Steven J Stack '94 to return to & reflect on a Liberal Arts education
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ideally, Sarah Lawrence, a Liberal Arts school outside of Manhattan, but I have over half a dozen applications sent out
Shift in what colleges want from India (Hint: Liberal Arts), opportunities, impact of race/passport, careers & majors:
Finalist for spot as dean of Texas A&M's College of Liberal Arts discusses the arts at open forum | The Eagle |
s/0 my ex bf for having 12 kids OD on molly at his show at a prestigious liberal arts college
Dr. Doom. Dr. Octopus. Lizard. All products of STEM majors that delivered insufficient training in the liberal arts.
If we are going to reestablish liberal arts and humane edu, we will have to go back to the sources of these concepts: Cicero & Seneca.
what math are you taking? Cause I'm taking liberal arts math cause it was supposedly "easy". Easy my ***
The great champions of the liberal arts & humanities never separated the good from the useful, the honestum from the utile.
Liberal arts, Shakespeare/More/Seneca/Cicero taught, R a loser if 1 insists on setting them up as useless, good simply 4 their own sake, etc
The liberal arts are, in large part, a training in practical wisdom, a part of which is a certain modicum of worldly success. Both/and.
The liberal arts & humanities were always meant to be both good in themselves & beneficial, even monetarily.
Certainly, most liberal arts majors need more STEM classes, too.
Kirk conflates the liberal arts and humanities, which is well enough. But he also insists on Romantic notions of utility...
Meaning a liberal arts degree no longer as broad, balanced?
This is an odd debate: math, science, social sciences *are* liberal arts
. Yup, in my experience current STEM majors (incl. myself) did not get enough liberal arts, neither enough STEM.
The issue is diversity. There is none in Liberal Arts education.
I think in all of the US there are only 3 Republican Liberal Arts teachers
These days in American colleges, liberal arts is little more than a front for Marxism
Liberal arts isn't just about art history.
Leave it to me to be currently sitting in a movie theater within walking distance of a liberal arts college. I feel like I belong here.
Out-of-touch, ivory-tower academics fetishize liberal arts. It's nothing new.
Speaking personally, this is the wrong way 'round. We need more support for arts-y folk turning to STEM.
Go get a liberal arts degree, that's all you're worth.
As a liberal arts grad who does admissions at a Univ known for this was good to know.
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