Lib Dems & Simon Hughes

The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties. Simon Henry Ward Hughes (born 17 May 1951) is a British politician and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats. 5.0/5

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Lib Dems face wipeout, with ministers Vince Cable, Ed Davey, Jo Swinson & Simon Hughes all out
; Lib Dems could form coalition with ′any party′, Simon Hughes says on
.Is Simon Hughes having a joke? He says the Lib Dems have made the UK a fairer country & a better economy
Despite the Lib Dems doing badly at the council and European elections, if there were a general election tomorrow would Simon Hughes still win in Bermondsey?
Isn’t it about bloody time we looked again at Simon Hughes, the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg and the VIP child-abuse connec..
India-born millionaire's arrest shakes up UK politics LONDON: The arrest of an India-born businessman and his son as part of a probe by the UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into allegations of bribery at aerospace and defence major Rolls-Royce has shaken the corridors of power in Britain. Multi-millionaire Sudhir Choudhrie and his son Bhanu, well-known as major political donors to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, were arrested and questioned for several hours on Wednesday before being bailed without conditions. A spokesperson for the duo said they "deny all wrongdoing and are cooperating fully with the investigation". Britain's coalition partners Lib Dems are now under the spotlight over their close links with Choudhrie, known to friends as Bunny. He has given the party over 500,000 pounds since 2010 and over 1 million pounds since 2004. The entrepreneur, who moved to the UK in 2002 and is now based at a 5-million pound apartment in London's posh Chelsea neighbourhood, had been on ...
Simon Hughes: The good things come from Lib Dems, not the Tory songbook
So far looks like standing for Lib Dems in London Mayoral election makes one a shoo-in for a peerage (we'll wait to see with Simon Hughes)!
Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes says he is “really disappointed” by the Identity and Passport Service’s decision to reject non gender-specific passports for trans and intersex people in Britain.
Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh has been criticised for voting against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill – as both Lib Dem Deputy Leader Simon Hughes, party president Tim Farron and Health Minister Norman Lamb abstained in this week’s vote.
A brilliant man. There are quite a few good Lib Dems. Vince Cable and Simon Hughes are others. Shame they are lead by Tory Clegg.
Highlights of conference for me was meeting Tim Farron as meeting Tim was a real confidence boost. Turns out he has four children as well and we spoke about family life and he gave me some really useful tips on managing everything better and what to expect being a MP. We also discussed cockroaches and speaking to the media! Then I had an amazing discussion with Vince Cable and went into depth talking about Smith, Keynes and Hayek (Obviously Vince is a Keynesian) as he refuted Hayek totally. Had a delightful debate with Simon Hughes and Southwark Lib Dems on Land Value Tax over a few drinks and had a fantastic bit of noodles with Graham Neale on the seafront. The Training sessions were absolutely awesome. Some maybe could be run better but in all, I definitely feel that I have walked out a stronger and more confident individual. The best moments for me was meeting members from the Alliance as it was really good to finally put faces to names and great to see how better looking you all are in person ha ha! I ...
Eastleigh and credit rating blow hold twin terrors for the Tories Bouyed by the prospect of success in this week's by-election in Eastleigh, the Lib Dems are on the attack as Nick Clegg savages his coalition partner for lacking fairness. Meanwhile, the Tories, still reeling from Moody's credit rating downgrade while being out-canvassed by Ukip, are showing alarming signs of midterm blues Nick Clegg and his candidate Mike Thornton. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images The mood was buoyant, the rhetoric soaring. Addressing more than 200 party activists who had poured into Eastleigh on Friday, the Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Simon Hughes, said victory for his party in Thursday's by-election would "suddenly change British politics" and "encourage our troops... ~GeeK3r
And finally Simon Hughes joins Mike Thornton in for the Lib Dems
will not speak for us on say But judging from Simon Hughes he probably will
Simon Hughes: Radicals and progressives alive and well in Lib Dems - Simon Hughes MP, Deputy Leader of the...
With any luck, and if there's any justice, Simon Hughes and the majority of Lib Dems will not be in Parliament after 2015.
Fighting the good fight: Simon Hughes, the shining example of futility. Bankers, racists, Lib Dems and pointlessness:
'Keep up the good work, Simon Hughes'. Bankers, racists, Lib Dems and pointlessness:
Lib Dem Deputy Leader Simon Hughes: We are in it with the Tories until the end
On says he'd prefer the Lib Dems to be led by Vince Cable and Simon Hughes
I love when the Lib Dems threaten to rebel. This consists of Simon Hughes doing his boohoo face on the news and then voting with the gvt.
Simon Hughes says party should be punished at election if Britain has performed worse than other economies
Survival depends on the economy Lib Dems told: Speaking ahead of its Annual Conference, Simon Hughes said its el...
Imagine Southwark Lab Party or Southwark Lib Dems or Simon Hughes office may have kept one. Any takers out there?
The Lib Dems are so twisty they couldn't lie straight in bed, as my mother would say. Simon Hughes on the wealth tax: "Well I agree with Nick and I don't disagree with George Osbourne." The Libs fought so hard for the richest 1% to pay more tax in this country, that next year those same people are getting a reduction in income tax. Cos they need it, bless them
Lib Dems telling candidates they'll be picked on 2010 boundaries. Wouldnt fuss. Lib Dem Parl Party will fit in Simon Hughes' taxi after 2015
Mad idea: Lib Dems pull out of the coalition, throw out Nick Clegg and appoint Vince Cable/Simon Hughes leader, go back to being awesome again and let the Conservatives implode as they invariably will.
The Tories "must deliver" on the coalition agreement, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Simon Hughes warns, after plans for Lords reform were abandoned.
A Radio 4 interviewer yesterday accused Lib Dems of being "childish" over the boundaries- Simon Hughes replied "well they started it..."
What Lib Dems say about their own party heading to oblivion to quote Lib Dem voice: Ed Shepherd 9th Jul '12 - 11:24pm Back in the nineties and early 2000′s, the LibDem party attracted many votes from people who disliked the Thatcherite policies pursued by the Conservatives and by New Labour. The LibDems had some politicians who had popular appeal, people like Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy and Simon Hughes. The LibDems seemed to promise some policies, like the extra penny on income tax, that promised better public services at small extra cost. This feeling probably reached it’s high point when the official line of the Conservatives and New Labour was to support the ill-advised Iraq War. Since entering government, the LibDems have enthusiastically pursued policies such as tuition fees, abolition of EMA and the Libyan War that have frightened off many of these casual supporters. The current LibDem leader seems rather over-priviliged (even other-wordly) and lacks the appeal of his predecessors. The idea ...
Simon Hughes might say Conservatives think they're born to rule, but Lib Dems are born to display an alternative. That was dropped sharpish
'Tis true: the Tories really do act like they won an election they lost. At least Lib Dems are used to being losers:
On Newsnight, Simon Hughes manfully defends the Lib Dems' performance; Kirsty Wark points out: "You lost to a penguin in Edinburgh."
No idea how they got my email address, but just got email from Simon Hughes entitled 'Lib Dems do it better' I think not.
Downloaded Temple Run, in my first go I beat Simon Hughes' score. I beat the Lib Dems!
Simon Hughes thinking the Lib Dems might be needed to support the government next are going to be wiped out, accept it now.
Simon Hughes: Lib Dems will differentiate themselves from the Tories on Trident. Concentrating on the big issues then
Simon Hughes fully supporting the Coalition economic strategy on Lib Dems wil say he's off message
And again, Simon Hughes. Bath Lib Dems. Southampton Lib Dems. Your party agrees with us. You agree with Tim Ward.
People clapping when David Dimbleby interrupts Simon Hughes, Lib Dems on 9%, what's going to happen to them in the local elections?
Lib Dems are delivering on their tax commitment says Simon Hughes @
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