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The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties. Sarah Louise Teather (born 1 June 1974, Enfield, London) is a British Liberal Democrat politician, Member of Parliament for Brent Central, Minister of State at the Department for Education, and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Guantanamo Bay. 1.3/5

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When ye see some of the comedians on BBC 3, ye wish Sarah Teather would return and do some stand up from the Lib Dems conference again.
I applaud the Lib Dems who voted against (Sarah Teather & David Ward). I have little time for those that didn't
So that's him and Sarah Teather bottling it instead of defending the Lib Dems stance at the polls so far.
Sarah Teather on How can you campaign for LIb Dems at GE while despising their stance on immigration and welfare?
We all know why Sarah Teather is standing down, there's no way that Brent Central is going to vote for the Lib Dems in 2015.
Isn't that what Tim Loughton (Tory) said about Sarah Teather (Lib Dem) before being roundly criticised by, err, Lib Dems?
With the comment made by Conservative Tim Loughton about Lib Dem Sarah Teather and other disagreements between Conservatives and Lib Dems being played out in the punlic eye, the cracks in the coalition are starting to show. Or is it Lib Dems trying to distance themselves to show they're a different party from how they are in Government before the election in 20 months time ? I think it's too late. Suspect UKIP may well get more seats than the Lib Dems
Will somebody just tell the Lib Dems to go away. Still! Atleast that stupid , stupid girl from Brent has gone. Sarah Teather always brought out the worst in me. Moralizing , selfrighteous and stupid to the end. Typical ex student who has yet to see the light on the left or the right!
What are the Lib Dems for? It’s a question that needs asking again after Sarah Teather’s announcement that she will stand down as an MP at the next
Well, Sarah Teather, has finally had enough and through her compassion can no longer be a part of policies supported by her own party, Lib Dems, within the coalition. At the next election politics will lose one of the best MP's in the house. Sarah is honest, genuine and above all really cares, what a sad day that she will be lost, but perhaps a wise decision for this wonderfully caring woman.
Sarah Teather 'Possibly the Worst MP in Parliament' to leave the Lib Dems in 2015
Sarah Teather, a Liberal Democrat MP in the UK who has said she will stand down as an MP for the party in the next election, on her frustrations with the party's policies which led her to that decision: "Coalition, she says, has made matters worse because, inevitably and necessarily, it requires compromise, but it is not adequate as a reason for the Lib Dems' shifts of policy and the refusal to try to promote vigorously the party's core beliefs."
Sarah Teather to quit Commons cos she doesn't feel Lib Dems are fighting for social justice. And who didn't vote for *** …
Lib Dems defend record in coalition after departing MP Sarah Teather's stinging attack
Sarah Teather: it is difficult to be a Christian in the Lib Dems because of aggressively attitudes
Sarah Teather is a real disappointment! Worried about family in marriage if *** get married. Well, Sarah, *** people have and will create families too! You allowed your Catholic beliefs to try dictate to others what they can do. Your Catholic beliefs are not necessarily others' beliefs. You're supposed to be liberal but you vote for an authoritarian bar. The Lib Dems are over! Vote Green!
As Judgement Day 2015 nears expect more Lib-Dems to ape Sarah Teather and discover the consciences that have been hibernating since 2010. (Paul Flynn MP)
In an outspoken interview for the Observer, ex-children's minister Sarah Teather says jobless are being demonised.
Oh and I can see what Sarah Teather from Lib Dems is up for, maybe nothing but worth a try
We seen to have our first MP at ...Sarah Teather (I think) from the Lib Dems (I think)
Lib Dems suffer plunge in party membership - Sarah Teather loses 42% of members
“Labour GLA list vote beat Lib Dems in Sarah Teather's Brent Central 59% to 9%. That is not a typo.”
Looks like there will be a by-election in Dudden Hill soon. Lots of Lib Dems were around... Even Sarah Teather was spied!
Briefing lots of Lib Dems on residents surveying as part of Sarah Teather's big action day (@ St Mary's Parish Centre)
I suppose it could have been worse for the Lib Dems. Sarah Teather could be doing another hilarious stand up routine.
reminds me of this leaflet put out in Sarah Teather's constituency by the Lib Dems.
Notice how Lib Dems' eyes move about when they’re talking. Especially Cable and, on QT 29 March, Sarah ‘I’m a Government Minister' Teather
Watching last night's with Sarah Teather MP demonstrating why the Lib Dems are so utterly pointless.
Sarah Teather refuses to criticise her Tory bosses on Cash for Access. Not surprised. Lib Dems are the lap-dogs of the coalition.
Sarah Teather keeps saying, again and again, "as a government minister, I..." Talk about Lib Dems being pleased to be in government.
Do you reckon Lib Dems reward their donors by offering them the chance to not have dinner with Sarah Teather
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