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The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties. Nicholas William Peter Nick Clegg (born 7 January 1967) is the British Liberal Democrat Leader since 2007 and currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council (with special responsibility for political and constitutional reform) in the coalition government of which David Cameron is the Prime Minister. 5.0/5

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HUGE result for Jared O'Mara and Labour in Sheffield Hallam, edging out Nick Clegg. Lib Dems held since 97, before that alwa…
Nick Clegg loses his seat. Lib Dems going to pot.
.Nick Clegg announced that the Lib Dems will have a second EU referendum too not just Greens
Nick Clegg says Lib Dems would promise a referendum on final deal, with two options: support deal or remain in EU.
Cllr Brown says Lib Dems made a mistake in supporting Devonwall bill. Sponsored by Nick Clegg and voted through by cur…
.Lib Dems will seek to amend legislation to avoid a damaging hard Brexit and give British people a say over t…
Nick Clegg says Brexit chaos can help Lib Dems back to power
Anyone blamed Nick Clegg yet? If the Lib Dems hadn't gone into a coalition would this ever have happened?
Just remember how jealous Paddy Pantsdown was of Nick Clegg...Do the Lib Dems still exist?
Nice one Cyril... (Nick Clegg and top Lib Dems birthday wishes to Cyril Smith) . .
Nick Clegg & the Lib Dems are Tory enablers, never forget never forgive
It's useful that the Lib Dems only have 8 MPs because it means that smug twit Tim Farron is on TV much less often than Nick Clegg used to be
Nick Clegg being applauded is baffling. He destroyed the Lib Dems. Would be like Craig Whyte walking out to a standing ovation at Ibrox.
comparing the Lib Dems to the Starks post - so if Nick Clegg is Robb Stark who is Bran and who is John Snow?
Yvette Cooper reminds me a great deal of Nick Clegg, and I suspect will take the same way as the Lib Dems if elected leader.
Nick Clegg's very human reaction to the Lib Dems' defeat in the General Election
Now I feel bad for being so mad at Nick Clegg, it appears the Lib Dems were actually holding the Tories back, now they are going all out
I heard Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems scooped up Walter Mondale's AND Michael Dukakis's top campaign aides...
> Clegg: No coalition without NHS cash: Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems will not sign up to ano...
Nick Clegg has admitted the Lib Dems took their "eye off the ball". in 2010 in Montgomeryshire, when Lembit Opik lost his seat
Nick Clegg, adamant, Lord Rennard, Vince Cable. will troll Lecherously around Westminster into infinity.
"The Lib Dems are here to stay," Nick Clegg tells 3 or 4 remaining members at Spring Conference. .
Nick Clegg's rival says coalition will 'tarnish' Lib Dems 'for a generation'
Nick Clegg: Lib Dems 'here to stay' Lib Lab Con all here to stay and I struggle to tell them apart nowadays.
The Lib Dems desperately need an A-Z candidate to replace Nick Clegg as leader via
You can't trust Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems on tax.
Inside the General Election campaigns: the Lib Dems: Party fights to convince voters that Nick Clegg and his t...
Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems would cut less than the Tories, and borrow less than Labour if they win the election.
Lib Dems are hilarious “Nick Clegg is prepared to act as caretaker Prime Minister following the General Election.”
Before the last election Nick Clegg campaigned against a rise in VAT ... Two months later the Lib Dems introduced one http:…
fine austerità?Lib Dems would end austerity in three years, says Nick Clegg
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Nick Clegg says possibility of losing his seat is complete and utter nonsense. Didn't Michael Portillo say that?.
Impressed by on The Last Leg? Please donate to Lib Dems - anything donated by midnight will be doubled
Nick Clegg's the backbone of Labour, the heart of the Cons. Trying to think what body part of the Lib Dems he is. The honourable member?
tbf, remember back in 2010 election when the Lib Dems did so well from Nick Clegg's appearan... ...oh...
New race row for Lib Dems: Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub writes to Nick Clegg to demand "forceful and immediate action" o…
Nick Clegg and Lib Dems betray poorest voters by keeping Bedroom Tax
Nick Clegg trying to save his little neck. Lib Dems = Plastic Tories.
Nick Clegg and all the other Lib Dems now consigned to the dustbin of history. They have been the most toxic force in UK po…
153 days ago, Nick Clegg said this (see pic). Today, Nick Clegg's Lib Dems voted to keep the Bedroom Tax in place
Today in Commons I voted to abolish the -sadly Nick Clegg's Lib Dems didn't
Lib Dems decided today that the poor, disabled and vulnerable must pay off the bankers' gambling debts. Well done, Nick Cl…
In June Nick Clegg said the was 'not working'. Today the Lib Dems blocked attempts to scrap it. Su…
Lost Vote Breaking: Government defeats Labour attempts to abolish "cruel and unfair" Yes 266 No 298 Lib Dems back Tories again. No doubt we'll be hearing yet another "I'm so sorry!" from Nick Clegg in the not too far future.
MPs vote down Labour's motion to abolish the Bedroom Tax 298 to 266. It seems people are blaming the Lib Dems for the result. Nick Clegg cares more about his Ministerial Position Than his Constituents .. Absolutely Appalled By The Result
Labour to push for vote to repeal Bedroom Tax 17 December 2014 | By Emily Twinch Labour is hoping to push through a vote on repealing the Bedroom Tax in an opposition day debate today. This is another battle in the party’s on-going opposition to the controversial policy. Shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves pledged to call a parliamentary vote to scrap the Bedroom Tax - calling Lib Dems to join her party - in September. Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband has already committed to scrapping the controversial policy, also called the under-occupancy charge, in September last year, if Labour win’s next year’s General Election. Labour has accused the Lib Dems of hypocrisy over its stance on the Bedroom Tax, after members initially voted to review the tax in their autumn conference in 2013. In the summer this year Prime Minister Nick Clegg then appeared to weakened his party’s stance by saying it could not support the policy in its current form and wanted an exemption for disabled people ...
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Labour is fighting off the SNP and Greens,Tories are fighting off UKIP,& Lib Dems are fighting off Nick Clegg's Reputatio…
just been watching the news and the government have announced £15 billion of road improvements in England including a road tunnel under Stonehenge. There will have to be further cuts to pay for this.. Nick Clegg stated that different political parties have different ideas on how to raise the funds through savings from other area's and this is what I heard him state "George Osborne thinks that the working age poor should fund these projects and the Lib Dems think that some of the better off should be helping towards funding these projects" No mention of Labour, Ukip or anyone else. I guarantee MORE SCOTTISH MONEY TO FUND THESE ENGLISH PROJECTS! Scotland needs to take it's INDEPENDENCE and sooner rather than later. Question: if people in work are classed by the tories as working age poor, then where the *** will they get £15 billion of savings from? - more austerity and more benefits cuts to the working age poor and disabled people, that's where he will make his £15 billion of savings. Meantime t ...
Hilarious/ridiculous that Nick Clegg features in 3 of the 4 leader debates on TV,with Nigel Farage just 1.Lib Dems have 8% support 25%
Nick Clegg said Lib Dems don't want to saddle our children with debt. What does he call tuition fees then? .
BBC News - Nick Clegg: 'Lib Dems lost our voice in coalition' he lost his when he joined a coalition with
Start telling the hard truth, Nick Clegg – there is no free lunch | Polly Toynbee (
Rocketing membership, left-wing policies, twice as many candidates, a Nick Clegg strategy - why the resurgent Green Party could prove fatal for the Lib Dems
Lib Dems & Nick Clegg in a word DELUSIONAL it appears that after today's speech we will not see Clegg mania like last year but we will understand what a great job he has done in supporting the poor and keeping the Tories in line Well I must have been in a nightmare for the last 4 years , as Clegg failed to honour the student fees, failed to stop or water down ANY of the attacks that the Tories have made on the disabled the most vulnerable the people Cameron promised in his Conference speech (2010) to support so nick Clegg if you do hold the balance or power after May 2015 why should I trust you? what will you do different? why not let them rule in a minority and keep your snouts out of the trough? I for one would never vote for you or trust you, just saying,
{Issue today @ BE. After Cable named the blue tories liers, his boss imitate them} Nick Clegg will today set out details of his plan to increase the personal tax allowance by £2,000 and could promise a tax cut in the first year of the next Parliament. The Deputy Prime Minister has pledged that the Lib Dems would raise the threshold at which people begin paying income tax from £10,500 to £12,500. The Sun reports that Mr Clegg will say he would raise the allowance by £500 by April 2016, at a cost of approximately £1.5bn per year.
Vince Cable In what is becoming a tradition at the annual Lib Dem conference Vince Cable has an almighty go at the Tories. He claims they are obsessed by cuts and are driven by a desire to destroy the welfare state. Not much wrong so far, but if this is how Mr Cable feels and therefore we assume a sizable number of other Lib Dems why have we been in coalition with them? I can hear Nick Clegg replying that if we weren’t imagine the horror they would have caused. Of course this forgets that without the Lib Dems the Tories couldn’t get through any of their legislation. We cannot escape this fact no matter how much we might want to. Can we be forgiven? Maybe but it will take a very long time and we will have to make sure our actions start to match our words. Pushing for Federalism and nothing less of the Smith Commission would be an ideal start.
Nick Clegg has spent this morning touring the TV and radio studios asking people to judge him by his record. We agree. This is the Lib Dems' record. They broke their promises. They promised to scrap tuition fees and then trebled them. They promised not to increase VAT, warned against a "Tory VAT bombshell", but then voted through a VAT rise on everyday working families. They promised a fair tax system with the wealthiest paying more, but they cut taxes for millionaires while most families are worse off. They promised to be on the side of working people, but working people are £1,600 a year worse off since the Lib Dems joined the Tories in government. They backed the Tories all the way. Nick Clegg backed the Tories' in taking the NHS backwards. Thanks to them it's harder to see your GP, waiting lists are going up and £3 billion was been wasted on top-down reorganisation of the NHS. The Tories couldn't have done it without the Lib Dems. They've supported David Cameron in failing to stand up to the energy ...
Nick Clegg pledges to build new garden cities between Oxford and Cambridge: Lib Dems pinpoint fiv...
Nick Clegg: 'Cameron faces prospect of becoming poor man's Thatcher and a rich man's Farage'. http:/…
How dare Nick Clegg suggest Lib Dems are the party of women's rights after debacle of The Lord Rennard case. His hypocri…
Here is Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems whilst the Tories have been running the show.   10% Off
Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems have put checks on the worst of Tory excess. In the same way Ian Brady kept a check on Myra Hindley
Nick Clegg claiming Lib Dems in coalition saved Brits from misery made me think of Myra Hindley distancing herself fro…
Theresa May claims that the Lib Dems have put children at risk. Nick Clegg says these claims are "outrageous". Who is right and wh…
Lib Dems talk about opportunity but they trebled tuition fees. You can't trust a word Nick Clegg says.
'Nick Clegg the movie' set for TV screens via Total joke what is the UK coming to ?
'Nick Clegg the movie' set for TV screens
Nick Clegg seeks to stake the Lib Dems' claim to immigration issue - The Guardian
Weak response from my local MP! Good afternoon, I am writing as you have previously contacted me with regards to the situation in Gaza. I have received a great number of emails about this and I would like to provide you with an update. I full appreciate the concerns raised about the ground assault on Gaza. As I have said repeatedly, there are no winners in this conflict. Both Hamas and the Israeli Government have perpetuated this conflict through aggressive attacks and the killing on both sides of this conflict must stop. I have recently written to Philip Hammond on this issue, but today have also contacted the Prime Minister to raise continuing concerns. Please find attached a copy of my letter for your reference, and I will of course get back to you as soon as I receive a reply. In the past week the leader of the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister has publically condemned Israel’s actions. He has recently stated that: “It is amounting now to a disproportionate form of collective punishment. ...
This is Nick Clegg's Bedroom Tax. Lib Dems voted for it time and time again. You can't trust a word the Lib Dems say.
unbelievable hypocrisy from Nick Clegg on The Lib Dems voted it through. Only Labour will scrap it
Vince Cable has insisted the Lib Dems are not about to bounced into backing David Cameron's pledge to hold an in/out referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, amid rumours Nick Clegg is under pressure to change his party's position. The Business Secretary told reporters after a speec…
Senior Lib Dems are urging Nick Clegg to back a referendum on Britain's EU membership, a source confirms to the BBC. http:…
Nick Clegg's verdict on 4 years of Tories & Lib Dems in govt: "it’s clear to me that Britain doesn’t want or need simply m…
Second home owners face more tax under Lib Dems as townies 'gut' party heartlands
"Lib Dems have cherry-picked Silk 1. Why should anyone listen to anything the have to say on Silk 2?" ht…
Read Nick Clegg says Lib Dems would protect £3bn early years funding childcare and the latest childcare & early years news & best practice on...
Lib pledge curriculum shift 'Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says all English schools should have qualified teach...'
Lib Dems in Cambridge hold vote of no confidence tonight on Nick Clegg. I'm talking to about it on radio cambs at 0730
Lib Dems pledge curriculum shift: Nick Clegg says all teachers in England should be qualified and follow a cor...
Nick Clegg: I don't plan to stop leading the Lib Dems for many years. Crowd: And when do you plan to start? Well done Private Eye.
.Nick Clegg pledged in April 2010 to abolish out he was lying.
Lib Dems want a new rule to cut debt as Nick Clegg outlines fiscal thinking | Politics | The Guardian
Clegg: We'd tax the wealthiest more 'Nick Clegg sets out the Lib Dems' plans for the economy - including tax rise...'
Lord Oakeshott resigns from Lib Dems: Vince Cable admits he knew about polling used to undermine Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg distances Lib Dems from Tory approach, pushing for leeway in borrowing for projects that enhance economic growth
Lib Dems want a balanced budget rule post 2015 - similar to Fiscal Compact for euro states? Would it be statutory?.
BBC News - Coalition has not robbed Lib Dems of their soul - Nick Clegg
This knife crime law won't work After the killing of Ann Maguire, we must resist headline-grabbing but self-defeating solutions. That's why the Lib Dems oppose these proposals Share 38 inShare0 Email Nick Clegg Nick Clegg The Guardian, Wednesday 7 May 2014 21.30 BST Jump to comments (192) Ann Maguire public memorial with balloons More than 500 people gather in Leeds to remember teacher Ann Maguire. ‘It was especially poignant because she was clearly such a widely respected and loved teacher.' Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA I have always believed that the key to reducing crime is to focus on what works. It may sound obvious, but politicians can easily end up chasing headlines, trying to sound tough but actually making the situation worse. Instead of this, we need to focus on firm, practical solutions that address the root causes of crime and stop people offending in the first place. The continuing fall in crime is one of the biggest success stories of this coalition. Many people predicted that in tough econo ...
There is a way to cut knife crime – the Tories just aren't delivering it Grayling and co, eager to win headlines and knock the Lib Dems, aren't so bothered about a policy that actually works Share 49 inShare1 Email Chris Huhne Chris Huhne The Guardian, Sunday 11 May 2014 20.25 BST Jump to comments (272) Illustration by Andrzej Krauze 'Grayling appears to be more interested in blaming others for a problem than solving it.' Illustration by Andrzej Krauze The knife crime row has all the hallmarks of one of Michael Gove's "special ops": a populist issue bigging up the Tories, panning the Liberal Democrats and trapping Labour. There was an ambush at a home affairs cabinet committee chaired by Nick Clegg where Gove and other grandees made an unusual appearance even though the item was not on the agenda. Then there were orchestrated leaks to the Sun and the Daily Mail: Clegg blocks tougher knife sentences. The degree of annoyance can be measured by the Observer story about Gove's emergency funding for free sch ...
Election meltdown: Rebel Camden Lib Dems sign letter calling for Nick Clegg to go
Good luck Nick Clegg if you allow that odious creep Rennard to slither his way back into Lib Dems. You can kiss your last MP goodbye
"Six of Ed Davey’s local Lib Dems are backing plot against Nick Clegg"
We can criticise the nature of the economy's recovery and our nation's dizzying levels of inequality until the cows come home. But, bizarrely, Cameron seems to be sitting prettyI'm not quite sure what David Cameron is up to. But whatever it is, it seems to be working for him. Of the three main parties, only the Conservatives seem happy with their leader. Labour continually worries that Ed Miliband is "weird". The Lib Dems wish they'd never heard the name Nick Clegg. All Cameron has to do is sit back and let them fret about an upcoming General Election that they are clearly dreading already, and leave that to tell its own sorry story. Still, the fact remains, even with the left-of-centre vote divided between Labour and the Lib Dems, the Conservatives couldn't achieve a parliamentary majority. Now, in theory at least, the left-of-centre vote is less divided than it has been since Labour's 1997 landslide, and the right-of-centre vote is divided instead although Ukip is attracting Labour and Lib Dem voters to ...
Nick Clegg has defied questions over his future as leader of the Liberal Democrats as he took to the airwaves to answer questions about the party's dismal election results. He listened to one caller compare the local and Euro results to Godzilla stomping all over Tokyo - with the Lib Dems as the str…
The Lib Dems are holding firm to their weak leader Nick Clegg for now, despite the fact many want him out, since the EU helped put him there aided and abetted by the establishment, to maintain the status quo, in the first place... Furthermore, his Spanish wife whose father is a Spanish Diplomat, works for the EU as a lawyer. They are both puppets to the EU and Brussels.
Liberal Democrats : Read Philip Collins in The Times today p27. Apart from the gratuitous abuse "Oakeshott has been in three parties and a misery-guts troublemaker in every one" the theme is "There is an important force in four-party politics and its name is the Liberal Democrats" ...with prospect "to be considered a natural party of government." "The protest vote has gone but Nick Clegg's party can still hold the balance of power. Ditching him would be suicidal." (Removing Clegg) "would be a disastrous strategic choice made in the dubious hope of tactical gain." "It will take years of restore the protest vote." "If there was one person in the Lib Dems who ought not to be blamed for the tuition fees fiasco it is Mr Clegg. Time and again he tried to make his party see sense and every time they frivoulously defied him." Collins concludes "It's time to see what stuff you're made of. There is a year to go before the fight of your lives. Time to shut up and calm down."
Nick Clegg has taken a selfie to show that the Lib Dems fully support him as their leader.
.Lib Dems should have taken on other parties in not just UKIP - and we're all responsible not just…
Lib DemS: STAND BY “APOLOGETIC” RENNARD? First up: Should the Lib Dems stand by their man now Lord Rennard’s issued some sort of apology following a string of allegations of inappropriate touching? For more than a year Rennard insisted he’d done nothing wrong. But he’s now apoligised to his accusers for invading their personal space. Does his apology mean his position in the lords is no longer tenable? Can Nick Clegg afford to lose another big hitter?
Following the local election results last week we've crunched the numbers and they look pretty good. As you can see, since the General Election in 2010 we've seen a significant increase in our support right across Sheffield Hallam. The percentage changes to our share of the vote, and that of Nick Clegg's Lib Dems, are as follows: Crookes: Labour +54.39% Lib Dems -47.7% Ecclesall: Labour +42.76% Lib Dems -30.2% Stannington: Lab +15.47% Lib Dems -15.5% Dore & Totley: Lab +54.03% Lib Dems -29.0% Fulwood: Lab +48.38% Lib Dems -26.8%
Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems!! does anyone actually care, its all I've heard today!!
Personally I think Nick Clegg should stay and lead the Lib Dems out of the House of Commons. But if I was a Lib Dem supporter..,,
Following the Lib Dems' poor showing in the recent elections, and the row over opinion polls asking if the party would do better without Nick Clegg, do you think it's time for a change at the top for the party?
Nick Clegg describes the Lib Dems as the party of IN. IN-fighting, INtrigue and IN trouble.
Why are the Lib Dems thinking replacing Nick Clegg would be the answer to their woeful election results, what they should do is ditch the Tory party, I could not vote for them this time knowing that at the last General Election they went into coalition and helped the Conservatives
"Lord Oakeshott says he is quitting the Lib Dems and warns the party is heading for "disaster" if it sticks with Nick Clegg as leader." Oakshot's statement is an understatement. The Lib Dem's aren't heading for disaster, they are IN disaster. Clegg should go. After the debacle on Sunday Lib Dems have retained only one seat in the Council elections. Even the Green Party bested them in many seats. He will almost certainly lose his own seat in the next General Election, thus forcing the issue.
According to the Standard, Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems are, "like a big family." Presumably because all their voters can now fit in one house?
Well this made me laugh - "Lord Oakeshott has quit the Lib Dems with a warning the party is "heading for disaster" under Nick Clegg." 'Heading for disaster'? Surely they've already arrived!
I don't agree with Nigel on much, but on the subject of Nick not being party leader of the by the next election i cannot agree more. What seemed like a low level rebellion from party members after the European and local elections is now obviously a full scale mutiny. Lord Oakeshott obviously set about getting those damaging polls with Nick Clegg's future in mind and i can't believe he didn't have help from within and i also can't believe Vince Cable is not part of this either. I wouldn't be surprised if Nick Clegg is gone as leader by the end of this week, maybe next and then what? The Lib Dems will then have to quickly choose a leader - maybe Danny Alexander, or Tim Farron, or maybe Vince Cable (although he's damaged goods at this point) and they will limp to the next election hoping to keep a few seats in traditionally strong areas and then be potential power brokers again in an hung parliament. Tony Blair is kind of right in why the Lib Dems have been battered at the polls but i think its simpler than ...
Nick Clegg and Lib Dems face wipeout in damning opinion poll verdict can't come soon enough
Dear Lib Dems, getting rid of Nick Clegg won't help you. The problem goes much deeper: *most* of your MPS are complicit i…
Lord Rennard sexually harassed female colleagues. Lord Oakeshott briefed against Nick Clegg. Which one was forced to leave the Lib Dems?
A Talking point what do you think ? UKIP may have done us all a favour by forcing the three main parties to re think their manifestoes. And what hypocrites they are, for years throwing a few crumbs to the electorate but not really following the popular demands of the voters but always guided by the vested interests of their particular paymasters be it big business or unions. It’s only now with the very real threat of many losing their seats at the next election and in the case of the Conservatives and Labour with neither predicted to be able to have an overall majority that they are finally sitting up and taking notice and hurriedly trying to cobble up some tempting offers for next time. The Lib Dem fiasco increases with the resignation of a prominent member of the House of Lords after it has been revealed that he commissioned three opinion polls to try and get rid of Nick Clegg with a parting shot that Vince Cable knew all about it, my word aren’t the knives coming out now. But the Lib Dems have a .. ...
Lord Oakeshott: what a nasty, Machiavellian b*stard. I like Nick Clegg and think he's done brilliantly for the Lib Dems. Wish the media would calm down about it all.
Lord Oakshotte, resigns from the Lib Dems due to Nick Clegg's disastorous leadership, saying that, the party was losing it's core values and any form of credibility. The rest of us sussed that out 4 years ago fella.
Was all the years of hard work put into winning Redcar for Lib Dems just collateral damage in your bid 2 oust Nick Clegg?
Why the Lib Dems ever picked Nick Clegg as their leader in the first place is beyond me, Poor old Cleggy hasn't been the same since Compo pushed him down that hill in an old bath
Nick Clegg & the Lib Dems - don't you get it? it's not what you say, it's the fact that no-one believes you!
Nick Clegg: 'It Has Been A Massive Setback' - Lib Dems should never have went into bed with Tories!
'Don't lose your nerve': Nick Clegg begs Lib Dems to keep faith with coalition
Damning verdict: Nick Clegg and Lib Dems face wipeout
Nick Clegg faces fight for survival after Lib Dems' Euro disaster.
The Lib Dems' future, with or without Nick Clegg |
Nick Clegg's constituents predict he will be ousted from Sheffield seat .
Over the last few months as I and others canvassed we came across people who hadn't heard of UKIP. WE have some people saying that last weeks result wasnt an earthquake in politics. Well people will know about UKIP now, its been wall to wall news coverage for days, and to deny it has been an earthquake, is like denying today is tuesday. All party leaders are reacting to this result, but none of them have any idea what to do. Lib Dems are calling for Nick Clegg to go and Labour supporters asking questions about Milliband, who admits there is a problem but doesnt know what to do to counter it. I actually agree with Ed Milliband, Immigrants have benefitted Britain, BUT the balance has moved massively now because when his father came here we needed immigrants. We still need to have immigration of about 50,000 a year of qualified professions etc who should come here on a work permit, NOT an open door to 212,000 nett migration into this small Island in the last 12 months. UKIP are happy having immigraation ...
Vince Cable condemns Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott for publishing poll suggesting Nick Clegg could lose seat . Why shouldn't anyone have held a poll? Or do the Lib Dems want total control over people concerning what they can and cannot do? Not very 'healthy.'
Lib Dem Voice has polled our members-only forum to discover what Lib Dem members think about the performance of the Lib Dems and party leader Nick Clegg at the most recent set of local and European elections. 992 party members responded – thank you… [ 1133 more words. ]
Vince Cable accused of plot to oust Nick Clegg - Supporters of the Deputy Prime Minister claim the Business Secretary's team commissioned polls designed to encourage Lib Dems to ditch Nick Clegg as leader -
BELEAGUERED Nick Clegg, who is facing calls to quit after a disastrous election, has been told he should 'reflect' on the decision by Liberal Democrats in Gloucester. Rebel MPs and grassroot Lib Dems...
[Ken Clarke is on R4 saying what Ed Miliband does not have the wit or wisdom to effectively communicate about Europe and about immigration.] He thinks .. I think .. Britain is a better stronger place because of immigration, we need (controlled) immigration if we are to continue to prosper. UKIP getting about 10% of people to vote for an anti-EU party is less significant than that more than 60% did not vote at all. I think .. There's a strong case for staying in the - probably reformed - EU but because many people don't get that - in part because Labour has failed to make the case for it - and feel they have not had a say on membership maybe there is a case for Cameron's Hokey Cokey referendum. Clarke thinks .. (and R4 suggest polling backs him up on this) that many EU membership supporters did not vote at all last week. They certainly did not vote in any great numbers for the most pro EU party of all, the Lib Dems. I think .. Getting rid of Nick Clegg will have little impact on the 2015 General Election ( ...
Farage: UKIP has 'momentum' and is targeting more victories Nigel Farage: "It is an earthquake in British politics" The UK Independence Party is a truly national force and has "momentum" behind it, Nigel Farage has said after its victory in the European elections. Hailing a "breakthrough" in Scotland and a strong showing in Wales, he said UKIP would target its first Westminster seat in next week's Newark by-election. Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said he will not resign after his party lost all but one of its 12 MEPs. He said he was not going to "walk away" from the job despite the poor results. Mr Farage has been celebrating his party's triumph in the European polls, the first time a party other than the Conservatives or Labour has won a national election for 100 years. UKIP won 27.5% of the vote and had 24 MEPs elected. Labour, on 25.4%, has narrowly beaten the Tories into third place while the Lib Dems lost all but one of their seats and came sixth behind the Greens. With Northern Ireland yet to declar ...
Nick Clegg rejects calls for him to stand down as leader of the Lib Dems after the party's worst European election result for 25 years.
The Lib Dems lost all but 1 seat but Nick Clegg says "we're not gonna buckle, we're not gonna lose our nerve and we're no…
"European elections 2014: Nick Clegg rejects calls from inside Lib Dems for him to resign"
To be fair to Nick Clegg the Lib Dems exceeded his own expectations "All the predictions are that we're going to get zilch"
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Nick Clegg finally emerged on Monday afternoon after a torrid weekend at the polls, appearing close to tears as he told Sky News it was "gutting" and "heartbreaking" to see his party firmly routed in the European elections. The Lib Dems were almost entirely wiped out in the European Parliament, losi…
A Liberal Democrat MP has demanded that Nick Clegg resign as party leader and be replaced with Business Secretary Vince Cable immediately in the wake of the European and local election results. Over the last few days the Lib Dems have lost 250 councillors and all but one of their MEPs.
'THE PEOPLE'S ARMY ARE ON THE MARCH': 'Over the moon' Nigel Farage hails biggest 'political earthquake' in a century as UKIP humiliate every other party and plunge Lib Dems into leadership crisis The Tories, Labour and Lib Dems face fresh turmoil as results are announced After 10 seats declared, UKIP have 23 MEPs and 29% of the vote, up 11.68% Labour have 18 MEPs and 25.35% vote share, the Tories 18 MEPs and 24.56% Clegg faces call to quit as Lib Dems slumped to fifth behind the Greens BNP lost its only remaining seat in Brussels as Griffin concedes defeat Turnout across 28 EU members states estimated at 41.3% Nigel Farage declared that his 'dream has become a reality' after UKIP stormed to victory in the European elections. With 10 regions declared, UKIP has won more than 27 per cent of the vote, securing 23 MEPs, leaving Labour and the Tories to battle it out for second for the first time in 100 years. Mr Farage said he was 'over the moon' and predicted that Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg could be forced to ...
Paddy Ashdown's support for Nick Clegg was based on the defence that he is the best leader we have never realised. And then this evening he was defended by Danny Alexander who was frankly clueless. When challenged about how the leadership can turn things round for the Lib Dems all he could offer was platitudes. Oh why did they choose him? I heard people say. Because this is the man that Nick has promoted into every top position in government and the party that he can. Doesn't that say something about his leadership? And surely Nick must have discussed with Danny about what to do after these results? If so then if Danny can't remember what he said maybe he is clueless as well?
Lib Dems have won in Gibraltar which is ironic as Nick Clegg is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place
UKIP is on course to win the European election in the UK, with Labour and the Tories vying for second and the Lib Dems losing nearly all of their seats. I did say Nick Clegg choosing to jump into bed with the Tories would destroy the Lib Dem Party (He has to go surely?). Thing is, If Labour don't get a majority come the next General Election ~ what party other than the Lib Dems can they form a co~alition with? Worrying times ahead with UKIP being on the political scene. We now have more N.O.C councils thanks to dissaffected Tory voters and racists voting for UKIP which will ultimately result in ineffective local government. It is a sad day to be British indeed!
Nick Clegg's position is safe. Pretty soon there won't be any Lib Dems left to stand against him
With half the votes cast in the EU elections, the nutters on the fringe seem to be doing rather well abroad. Whilst over here, Nick Clegg's Lib Dems have a total of zero seats, with half the constituencies yet to declare. I don't think he'll be a particularly happy bunny.
Lib Dems still searching for their first MEP. Expect Nick Clegg to face a challenge next month.
Lib Dems will lose all their MEP seats tonight to UKIP. Thank heaven Cameron finished off Nick Clegg's crazy plan for PR. Based on 17% on vote they would wipe out Lib Dems in Westminster & get over 117 seats. They would then hold balance of power in Westminster & Farage could demand the position of Prime Minister & half of Cabinet posts for UKIP MPs. Keeping first past the post will be Cameron's greatest legacy.
Nick Clegg called people who had a Biblical view on certain issues "dinosaurs". Looking at the election results so far I think the Lib Dems are looking extinct!
Great news for the beleaguered Nick Clegg - looks like the Lib Dems might have just pipped UKIP for fourth place in Oxford in the Euro elections. Both a very long way behind Labour in the city. Solid second for the Greens too.
My ideal night in. Election coverage. Junk food. Going to be an interesting night! My prediction is Ukip marginally ahead of Labour. Lib Dems in 5th behind Greens. Conservatives in 3rd place in national election since their inception. Oh and Nick Clegg out of a job by Tuesday. The only thing missing is Looby Lou
Sorry to report the political death of disasterous leader, Nick Clegg via
Lib Dems call for Nick Clegg's head - via It's your politics not your leader! Listen to voters.
Lib Dem president rejects calls for Nick Clegg to step down via
Do I have to join the Lib Dems to sign that petition demanding Nick Clegg resigns? Cause I'll do it if that's what it takes.
Yes Lib-Dems, it's Nick Clegg that's the problem.
Figures in the Lib Dems call for Nick Clegg to resign in the wake of dismal local election results, with some suggesting Vince Cable should replace him
I'm sorry to report the political death of my disastrous leader, Nick Clegg
Hundreds of Lib Dems sign petition calling for Nick Clegg to stand down
Sound bite of the day from Lord Ashdown "Getting rid of Nick Clegg would "damage the Lib Dems for ever". And being in coalition with the Conservatives hasn't ?
It is lovely to see Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems paying a price for their astonishing 4 years of sucking up to the Tories and for the scandalous way they broke their main election pledge within hours of Nick Clegg getting his foot through the door of number 10. Nick Clegg has single handedly wrecked the Liberal Democrats as a political party he has proved himself to be a man who can not be trusted and who's word stands for nothing!! In many ways he is even more odious than Cameron and his chums and deserves every drop of disdain he is now being shown by the public!! Nick Clegg will be remembered as the man who would be king and who sold his honour and respect and integrity for the privilege of being a Tory flea ridden lap dog and for wandering aimlessly around the halls of power like a bedraggled unloved mutt for five pointless years...
I see there are calls from a number of Lib Dems for Nick Clegg to step down. Did he ever step up to anything? He certainly hasn't stood up to the Tories!
Snort.. Proving that some just never learn, some Lib Dems want to replace Nick Clegg.. with Vince the Fable Cable:
“I'm not going to quit, says Clegg” Press Association - 23 May 2014 * Nick Clegg has insisted he will not consider resigning after a dismal showing in local elections, arguing that the Liberal Democrats are "still winning" in their strongholds. The Deputy Prime Minister conceded that his party had suffered at the hands of a Ukip surge, blaming a "very strong anti-politics feeling" among the public. But he added: "Actually I think in the areas where we have MPs where we have good organisation on the ground... we are actually doing well." The Lib Dems are seemingly on track to lose more than 300 councillors, bringing them to their lowest overall numbers for three decades. The Tories have taken charge of Kingston Council - the back yard of Energy Secretary Ed Davey - and they have lost control in Portsmouth following gains by Nigel Farage's party. A rare glimmer of good news came in Eastleigh, where the Lib Dems have tightened their grip on the local authority after successfully defending the parliamenta ...
Nick Clegg states he won't resign. He won't have to; after May 2015 the few remaining Lib Dems will take him away and shoot hi…
Like the Lib Dems, if Nick Clegg didn't exist, there would be absolutely no need to invent him.
Lib Dems totally wiped off the face of the Lambeth council land scape. Even our safest seats went. Labour in total control of all the wards except one Tory held ward. Greens are third of the percentage of total votes. With Lib Dems now 4th place. Nick Clegg must resign.
"Lib Dems braced for Total Wipeout"... am I the only one who wants to see Nick Clegg actually made to go on Total Wipeout?
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Bad times for the Lib Dems. Will Nick Clegg face a coup?
A slightly longer piece about the elections tomorrow by Newnham organiser and Kingsman Micha Eversley: I was going to bang on about the value of a Lib Dem ‘promise’. I was going to jump at the chance to rant at the hypocrisy of a party supposedly standing up for students tripling university fees, cutting EMA and allowing Michael Gove into power. But I won’t (I still hope you saw what I did there…). Instead, I hope to make a very slightly more subtle point: that when push comes to shove, the Lib Dems can never stand up for the vulnerable as the Labour Party does. The Lib Dems are on retreat. For obvious reasons, just 6% of students support them. They are therefore appeasing their core base, desperately hoping not to be wiped out. To do so, the Cambridge Lib Dems are diverting council money and time to their surest support: the wealthiest parts of Cambridge. They are taking money away from the weakest, and putting it into the wealthy areas the Lib Dems do well in. I do not wish to claim the Labour P ...
Nick matter what he says...I just can't bring myself to vote for the Lib Dems. I cannot!
Well obviously folks the gemme is now a'bogey. There is absolutely no point in voting Yes. All problems have been sorted because Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems have guaranteed that we will get new powers if we vote no. Just like they promised on tuition fees and even signed a declaration.oh but wait a minute.
Nick Clegg slams SNP, Ukip for ‘creating division’ SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has launched an attack on the SNP and Ukip as he drew a direct comparison between the parties and accused them of attempting to “create division”. The Liberal Democrat leader claimed both Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage wanted to “talk up difference” as he delivered a keynote speech in Edinburgh ahead of the European Parliament elections this week. Mr Clegg’s attack came after an ICM poll for The Scotsman showed the Lib Dems face the prospect of losing their only European seat north of the Border in Thursday’s elections. He claimed both the SNP and Ukip would “put Scotland’s position in the EU at risk” with an independent Scotland facing obstacles to winning membership and Mr Farage seeking to engineer the UK’s exit from the European Union. The ICM survey showed the SNP on a 36 per cent share of the vote, with Labour on 27 per cent, the Tories 13 per cent and the Lib Dems 7 per ...
Lib Dems are currently one point behind the Greens. Imagine Nick Clegg being knocked to 5th place!
.on the Lib Dems' gender problem & Nick Clegg's suggestion that all-women shortlists might solve it. http:…
Nick Clegg rejects call to quit if Lib Dems wiped out in European elections via >> oh? little …
Response to vile attack by Lib Dems and Nick Clegg on UKIP in the form of a blog! Please read!
In the midst of the free schools row between the Conservatives and Lib Dems, Nick Clegg describes former Michael Gove aide Dominic Cummings as "a loopy individual" with "an anger management issue".
Nick Clegg is “self obsessed, dishonest and revolting”. So says Education Secretary Michael Gove’s former special adviser Dominic Cummings, and I doubt there are many here present who would disagree with that assessment – except perhaps to say that it was a mite over-generous. Cummings is rightly exercised by Deputy Prime Minister Clegg’s weaselly machinations over Coalition education policy. Educational reform is undoubtedly one of the major achievements (some might argue the only notable achievement) of the Cameron administration. But the Lib Dems have sought consistently to undermine it, taking their cue from their leader Clegg who – after his …read more Source: Breitbart
The news has made me political today, so if you ain't British or feel that politics is a waste of time, please ignore this posting and the next. THERE IS SOMETHING HYSTERICAL ABOUT NICK CLEGG.. It is unpleasant to listen to him because his words come barging one after another, with no pause, as if in terror that somebody else may speak. I used to like this guy and vote for him, but he has become truly pathetic and unless the Lib Dems kick him out their party may virtually disappear. In the EU debates with Farage, he was so disappointed after losing the first that in the second he sounded like some football hooligan trying to intimidate with repetitious slogans, and avoided even hearing the questions, let alone answering them. This to me was a terrible shame because I'm basically on his side. Today he came on the radio, and his hysterical gabbling was truly ridiculous. It is time he learnt that breathing is best done in silence, not in an endless gabbling monotone.
All welcome to join the Geriophonics (Morrissey, Feakes, Lewis, me) at O'Neills, Trinity Street, Cardiff, for an informal music evening Tuesday. Beers at 6. Music from 7.30. Guest artiste is Nick Clegg with his smash hit, 'Please keep Britain in the EU cos that's where I'll get a job when the Lib Dems kick me out on my useless, boney *** . cib
As Labour launches a new poster attacking Nick Clegg, the party's vice-chair accuses the Liberal Democrat leader of betraying his promises. “I agree with Nick”. Remember that? It feels a long time ago since anyone wanted to be associated with the Lib Dem Leader, but at the launch of the Lib Dems’ lo…
(not satire - it's the Lib Dems!) Nick Clegg has announced the Liberal Democrats are to veto government plans to introduce mandatory jail sentences for people found guilty of repeated possession of...
'Nick Clegg pleads with students to trust the Lib Dems again'; is this man on drugs?
In the latest stage of its assault on the Lib Dems, Labour has released an artful spoof of the Lib Dems' infamous broadcast from before the 2010 election, damning Nick Clegg with his own broken promises.
Nick Clegg urges Lib Dems to shout "from the rooftops" about the party's policies, as he launches its local elections campaign.
Think back to Nick Clegg and David Cameron on the steps of Downing Street… No, we don’t want to either. It’s four years since the Lib Dems threw their lot in with the Tories. Since then it’s been broken promise after broken promise: They promised to abolish tuition fees - then they trebled them They warned us about a “Tory VAT bombshell” - then they raised VAT They promised fairer taxes - then they cut taxes for millionaires The Lib Dems made loads of promises in 2010 - but scratch the surface and you find out the truth Im Sick Of Nick Clegg
VIDEO: Clegg urges Lib Dems to 'shout': Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has urged activists to shout "from ...
Suzanne Evans comments on the Lib Dems and Nigel Farage's upcoming bout with Nick Clegg. Suzanne monologue:
Remember when Nick Clegg managed to fool people into voting for the Lib Dems? Yh, I still can't believe that happened.
So many former Liberal Democrat voters planning to vote Labour in this coming local London and European Election in May its seems Nick Clegg is the biggest recruiter for Ed Miliband this time round. How times change. If you want to vote to support this Government actually vote Conservative be proud of it, if not vote Labour. I think statistically more Lib Dems will be voting Labout than for their own party.
New Sunday Times European election poll puts Greens now on 8%, just 1 point behind Lib Dems - will Nick Clegg be beaten into 5th place ?
Lib Dems support the Badger Cull too. From a letter to Julie Park [DJO] Status Update By Julie Park Just in case you thought the badger cull was supported by tories only - this is the response from the Lib Dems!!! Liberal Democrats Liberal Democrats Rory Belcher, Apr 25 17:18: Thank you for getting in touch with Nick Clegg regarding bovine TB and the badger cull. I am replying on his behalf. I’d like to thank you for sharing your views on this issue; we know that strong feelings are held by people on both sides of the debate. The badger cull was clearly a very difficult decision, but bovine TB is the most pressing animal health problem in the UK today. This disease resulted in the slaughter of 26,000 cattle last year alone, and has cost the taxpayer £500 million over the last decade. Bovine TB could cost us as much as £1 billion over the next decade if we fail to bring it under control. Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland and the USA are all examples of countries that have managed to sign ...
Lib Dems launch Euro manifesto Nick Clegg promised to take the fight to UKIP as he launched the Liberal Democrat's European election manifesto today. Speaking in Colchester, Nick Clegg said: “Ukip and others have been allowed to peddle their myths unchallenged for decades, claiming that all of our problems would magically disappear if the UK just left the EU. But it’s a dangerous fantasy. It’s the surest way to jeopardise jobs, risk our fragile economic recovery, and it will leave Britain alone and diminished in the world. “Well the Liberal Democrats aren’t scared to speak up. We are Britain’s party of IN and we are standing up for staying in Europe – loudly, passionately and unequivocally – because that is how we keep this nation stronger, safer and richer too. “Anyone who agrees that we are better off IN – whether that’s businesses, the crime fighting agencies, progressive voters and people who care about the environment: make yourselves heard. If you are holding back, ask yourself ...
BBC News - European elections: Lib Dems 'to fight for EU cause' ***Or to fight for his …
PANICKING Nick Clegg will today launch a desperate attack on the UK Independence Party as they threaten to race ahead of the Lib Dems in the Euro elections.
Devil In Disguise 'All shook up': Nick Clegg humiliated after Lib Dems are beaten by the Elvis Party in by-election http:…
Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander dressed up for Lord of the Rings re-enactment. Why have they not done this? Selfish Lib Dems.
Lib Dems must bin Nick Clegg who will never be forgiven for lying
do you think the Lib Dems have treated allegations of abuse by party members seriously enough?
This morning's papers make terrible reading for Nick Clegg and his aides. Perhaps the Lib Dems need to improve their communications team?
A new poll suggests most of the public believe Nigel Farage should take part in a televised leaders' debates ahead of next year's General Election. A Comres poll has found 51% of people think UKIP should be represented alongside David Cameron, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Lib Dem Nick Clegg. Even more - 53% - say the Prime Minister would look like a coward if he refused to take on Mr Farage. It comes amid Conservative fears that UKIP could top the polls in England in next month's European eletions. The party is enjoying a popularity boost after Mr Farage easily won a television debate against Mr Clegg. The party thinks its overall poll position - which at 15% is well ahead of the Lib Dems - means it ought to be included in any further debates. And Mr Farage has warned that if the party is excluded he will provide "an alternative form of entertainment on the evening".
Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems lost all theirs over student tuition fees. Nothing left to clutch when electoral pledges are trashed.
Having watched the Nick Clegg / Nigel Farrage debate I thought the real issue is that The British people who have fought their own corner and won for centuries are sick of being dictated too by Faceless E.U. bureaucrats. These days one can't even pass gas without there being an E.U. rule on it. If Farrage gives the Tories and Lib Dems a good thrashing at the next elections they'll only have themselves to blame. Apparently the E.U. regs on cabbages is five times the length of The Gettysburg address.
Congratulations - to both Nigel Farage, UKIP leader - on his evident honesty in saying things how they are. Obviously, it would appear that he has been reading my FB commentaries!!! Congratulations to Nick Clegg - leader of the Lib Dems - in allowing the nation to see how appallingly deficient he really is re understanding the British nation etc. He is very good at spouting sound bites that do not demand too much brain & cognitive processing energy, within himself - or others too! Unfortunately - Mr Farage is NOT in political power - whilst Mr Clegg IS!!!
after watching the debate with Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg yesterday, made me think, if UKIP's support grows at the expense of Labours and Lib Dems, which I think it will, then next election (next may), we *could" see a Conservative - UKIP coalition government.with Cameron as PM of course and Nigel Farage as Deputy PM .how about that.:)
Looks like Nigel Farage won the debate with Nick Clegg tonight. Doesn't mean the UKIP ideas and ideology are popular with the British public. As it is, even GEJ will win a debate with Nick Clegg. His party lost all of its credibility a long time ago. And it will take at least half a century for them- the Lib Dems- to recover.
After that showing by Nick Clegg unless Lib Dems appoint a new leader they have got no chance in the european elections and god help them in the General Election next May
Think Nick Clegg has killed the Lib Dems during this parliament. Rather than try and convince everyone (badly) that he agreed with coalition policies he should have been telling everyone that his party did not agree but that a compromise had to be reached in order to make any progress at all. It should have been a message of "if we weren't here then you should have seen how bad this could have been. We will keep plugging away". He's turned them into a laughable puppet party and Cameron must be laughing his head off. Farage has " won" two debates on Europe with a party on its knees. Its not that Farage is "right" its that Clegg is hopeless.
We’re Back / Lib Dem Conference It is fair to say that Liberal Democrat Conferences aren’t the most exciting of affairs but this meeting in Aberdeen provided a few shocks. Alistair Carmichael had to deal with the breaking news that the UK Government will of course negotiate a currency union. Nick Clegg announced that the Party still wanted a Federal UK despite being in the position to make that a reality now. Former Lib Dem Chief executive Andy Myles and former treasurer Denis Sullivan announced they were going to vote YES. Tavish Scott blamed the Labour Party for the mess that is Better Together. (He also thinks that every Lib Dem will vote no…. I’m not even sure every Lib Dem MP will vote No far less every Lib Dem voter) For me the most significant moment was a short but truthful interview with former Edinburgh West MP John Barrett. The jist was because of issues such as the tuition fees situation in England the perception is that at best Lib Dems can’t be trusted and at worst Lib Dems are l . ...
Once again we see the BBC spinning a planted story to enhance the establishment political parties. You can always tell a planted story, as it comes from "senior government sources". This time it is a collusion between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives to pander to their wavering voters. For the Lib Dems, it is Nick Clegg claiming he is green, because he has supposedly vetoed a Conservative proposal to block future onshore wind farms (BBC new report 1/4/14). Whilst Clegg is trying to appeal to Green supporters, the Tories are trying to appeal to UKIP voters, by appearing to be against wind farms. It is clearly just a planted story and the BBC should be ashamed of being a party to such subterfuge. If you want Green Policies, then vote for the Green Party. If you are against wind farms, vote for UKIP. Whatever you do, DO NOT vote for the old grey parties, whether Lib Dem, Tory or Labour, who have all failed Britain for the last 30 years and should be thrown out, as the liars and charlatans that they ar ...
Looking forward to seeing UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on tv (BBC 2 7.00pm) this Wednesday up against Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems. Nigel totally wiped the floor with Cleagg y last week, expect the same this week.. Nigel is coming to Swansea's Liberty stadium on 30th April get your ticket, I have mine.
i have heard some rubbish but i will now confirm "I DISLIKE NICK CLEGG HE IS A *** . will the CEO of Mercedes not sell his cars to us if we leave the EU of course he will, will Airbus still have there wings built here of course he will, Nick your probably a nice man but you are so out of touch with the most of the british public you have ruined Lib Dems and will disapear up your own drainpipe at the next election and good riddance i would vote Tony Blair than lib-dems with you in charge. GOOD BYE AND SOD off
Just got this email from the Lib Dems. I'd enter but I think I'll stay home and have my eyeballs waxed instead. "Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage are going head-to-head in two national debates on Britain’s place in Europe. We are offering you the chance to win two tickets for you and a friend to watch Nick v Nigel live in the studio. The debates will be held at 7-8pm on 26th March and 2nd April in London. "
The Lib Dem Legacy: In 2010 I wrote to ¬- - warning them that joining the coalition would be a disaster as party principles would not just be compromised but broken. Nick Clegg appears to be a decent man but, not knowing him personally, I find it hard to accept he can live with supporting some of the evil policies from the Tories. Under the leadership of Iain Duncan Smith the Department of Work & Pensions, along with their partners in crime ATOS, have not just decimated millions of people’s lives but directly caused the premature deaths of tens of thousands. On a recent visit to Bath Mr Smith failed to “face up” to a group of well behaved demonstrators, preferring to sneak out of the local DWP office through the back door. The university student funding system - - has proven to be a complete disaster, not just politically for the Lib Dems but practically as well, which is why I opposed it. Despite government cuts Bath Uni has flourished, as I have witnessed first hand working with a group of und .. ...
(not satire - it's the Lib Dems!) Two years ago, in 2012, leading Lib Dem Shirley Williams wrote a joint letter with Nick Clegg to assure fellow party members that the coalition's Health and Social...
A Corby Borough Councillor has quit the Lib Dems and joined the Labour Party because he feels Nick Clegg is ‘letting Corby down’.
New Towns Act 2015? Mills & Reeve LLP / Christine de Ferrars Green United Kingdom March 11 2014 - As the current national debate continues on the best way to deliver more high quality, well designed and appropriately located new housing, the question of whether we should be promoting some new New Towns is often raised. The Labour Party has commissioned the Lyons Housing Review which has called for evidence of the contribution which a new generation of new towns (and also garden cities) can make to a step-change in housing building. Recently, Nick Clegg for the Lib Dems has also been clear in his support for new towns to promote sustainable development and to put an end to the numerous “small incursions” on green spaces. The Conservatives, as one would expect, are less forthcoming. So, is there a need for a new New Towns Act to facilitate delivery of a new housing strategy post-2015, if the electorate returns a Government with a political will to deliver a 21st new towns programme? The Town and Country ...
Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems have spoken a lot about raising the starting threshold for income tax as high as £12,500 in order to help the poorest and now a new poll shows the voters are getting the message...
Nick Clegg 'gave officials just hour's notice of chaotic' free school meals plan
How not to do government, by Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems.
Nick Clegg will lead Lib-Dems forever. Guess that's a dent to Tim Farron's leadership ambitions
Thoroughly enjoyed the Spring Conference in York this weekend. There have been some great talks both on debates and at fringe events. Nick Clegg gave a great closing speech expressing why the Lib Dems are the Party of IN for the EU.
Nick Clegg insists he will eliminate the Lib Dems from parliament:.
Danny Alexander has his eye on becoming Lib Dem leader as Nick Clegg via No fun being a libdem voter Lol
Clegg 'to lead Lib Dems until 2020' - Nick Clegg indicates he intends to remain Liberal Democrat leader until at ...
Clegg Forced To Quash Succession Rumours - Nick Clegg has been forced to spell out his intention to continue to lead the Lib Dems following reports senior MPs are positioning themselves as possible successors The Deputy Prime Minister will serve a full term as Liberal Democrat leader in the next p -
Sky News & Nick Clegg giving his speech at the Lib Dems Spring Conference, croaking on about through all of Britain's history how they've helped nations all over the world, that's great and all, but maybe the time has come to start looking after your own nation now Nick?, your own people?
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Nick Clegg is just about to begin his speech to bring to a close the Lib Dems' Spring Conference in York. You can read the full text below. The speech is most striking for its aim to reclaim patriotism. "I love Britain" is the refrain of its opening section (much of which reads a lot like the po...
Fancy grabbing some sunshine? Come to the Barbican Centre for 1pm to make some noise during Nick Clegg's speech and then give the Lib Dems a friendly send-off from York
Here are six points that struck me listening to Nick Clegg's Q&A at the Lib Dem conference today (actually, a few more did, but I haven't time to cover them all...) Nick Clegg is more comfortable than his party with positioning the Lib Dems in the centre of British politics The party's slogan,...
Nick Clegg must be really hated in Clifton. The Bus Pass Elvis Party wins a local election and the Lib Dems come last, who said a democratic society doesn't work!
Three Main Parties? Lib Dems dun un dusted. eat your heart out Lord Such RIP.Monster raving loony party.Elvis party. Nick Clegg was left humiliated today after the Lib Dems were beaten by the Elvis Party in a by-election. More voters backed a candidate calling for a 30% discount in brothels for pensioners than Mr Clegg’s party in the election to Nottingham City Council.
EU voting records: how do Ukip and Lib Dems compare?: Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage have given us a taste of the...
The debates between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage on whether Britain should stay in Europe will take place live on LBC Radio on the 26th of March at 7pm and then on BBC Two on the 2nd of April at 7pm. This debate is between the Lib Dems, the party of IN, and UKIP, the party of out - who are you backing in the debate?
Osborne ambushes Lib Dems in the Cabinet with demand for an EU referendum to be included in this year's Queen's Speech Tories put pressure on coalition partners over refusal to back in-out vote David Cameron promised to claw back powers before 2017 referendum Lib Dems warn setting an arbitrary date creates unnecessary uncertainty Prime Minister also revealed he would back giving voters power of recall By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE Political Editor PUBLISHED: 11:45, 4 March 2014 | UPDATED: 12:59, 4 March 2014 76View comments George Osborne today led a Cabinet ambush on the Liberal Democrats, demanding they support an EU referendum in this year’s Queen’s Speech. The Chancellor called for an in-out vote to be included in the coalition’s final slate of new laws, backed by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith who pointed out it used to be Lib Dem policy. But during the stand-off in the Cabinet room, Nick Clegg rejected the idea of legislating to give the public a say on Britain’s membership of t ...
Going to run for Youth Parliament next year to kick fannies who meet Nick Clegg and join Lib Dems out. xx
Cable holds 'secret ski summit' in French Alps with peer plotting to oust Nick Clegg Cleggs comments on the 17th May were it appeared he would back Labour in a future coalition show just how desperate he is to hang on to power. Can the Lib Dems afford a leadership fight this close to the European and Westminster elections?
Guys, it's time for the speculation to stop. I can't live with the lie any more. I'm supporting the Lib Dems in 2015. Nick Clegg is a very sound individual, and I can't wait for a fairer society and stronger economy.
Nick Clegg will be out on his ear next election... Lib Dems have abandoned their past...
Bradford Council Budget - Lib Dems saying they can't accept some of the Tory Budget Amendment proposals. If only Nick Clegg would say that !
Ed Miliband yesterday dismissed a hint from Nick Clegg that the Lib Dems could be ready to do a coalition deal with Labour after next year’s General Election.
Lib Dems are merging with Labour next time round? Seriously, is Nick Clegg just the pet dog they have join custody of?
announced today - Nick Clegg willing to form coalition with labour. That means 4 things to me 1) He like a large percentage of us want David Cameron gone for ever, 2) He knows the Lib Dems cant win at next election 3) he thinks labour can 4) he is prepared to help them do so if sharing seats is required (i think labour will win outright if they get rid of milliband for someone less of a halfwit)
From the Huff Post and the Gurdian: CLEGG PLAYS FOOTSIE WITH LABOUR Nick Clegg has hinted at a possible post-election deal with Labour, in a move that will be seen as evidence of an attempt to thaw the Liberal Democrats' relationship with Ed Miliband. In an interview for a BBC Radio 4 documentary to be broadcast on Monday night, the Deputy Prime Minister praises Labour for embracing the possibility of sharing power while accusing David Cameron of being driven to the right by backbenchers... Reflecting on the role the Lib Dems would have in a possible Lib-Lab coalition, he said: 'There is just no doubt in my mind that if there were a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition, we the Liberal Democrats would absolutely insist that government would not break the bank.' I would be more worried about his proven record for breaking his promises!!
Shirley Williams' critical comments emphasise the deepening generational divide in the Lib Dems
Lib Dems confident that if Nick Clegg lies through his teeth like last G election, they can save at least the deposit in his seat.
India-born millionaire's arrest shakes up UK politics LONDON: The arrest of an India-born businessman and his son as part of a probe by the UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into allegations of bribery at aerospace and defence major Rolls-Royce has shaken the corridors of power in Britain. Multi-millionaire Sudhir Choudhrie and his son Bhanu, well-known as major political donors to deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrat party, were arrested and questioned for several hours on Wednesday before being bailed without conditions. A spokesperson for the duo said they "deny all wrongdoing and are cooperating fully with the investigation". Britain's coalition partners Lib Dems are now under the spotlight over their close links with Choudhrie, known to friends as Bunny. He has given the party over 500,000 pounds since 2010 and over 1 million pounds since 2004. The entrepreneur, who moved to the UK in 2002 and is now based at a 5-million pound apartment in London's posh Chelsea neighbourhood, had been on ...
Lib Dem Danny Alexander has 'gone native' in the Treasury: Clegg forced to deny his lieutenant has been taken hostage by Tories Tory aide to George Osborne claims Treasury team 'gets on famously' Claims risks alarming Lib Dems who fear Mr Alexander is too right wing Nick Clegg insists Danny Alexander's heart is in the right place By MATT CHORLEY, MAILONLINE Political Editor PUBLISHED: 16:17, 11 February 2014 | UPDATED: 17:18, 11 February 2014 17 shares 39View comments Danny Alexander, the top Liberal Democrat at the Treasury, has ‘gone native’ and now gets on ‘famously well’ with the Tories, an aide to Chancellor George Osborne has claimed. Nick Clegg was forced to defend his close colleague, insisting his ‘heart is exactly where it should be.’ But privately many Lib Dems fear that Mr Alexander has grown rather too comfortable with the Conservatives. +3 Lib Dem Danny Alexander (left) faces accusations that he has got too close to Tory Chancellor George Osborne while working at the Treasury Tor ...
Change of plan needed?: What the Lib Dems might say to Nick Clegg before the next election:
Lets go after the Lib Dems over the BT they are the ones that are shoring it up for the Tories.Couple of numbers to ring and tell them of your disgust, Lib Dems Parliament Office 0207 219 3000. Nick Clegg's Office 0207 219 5090.And another I think...
Nick Clegg has got foot in mouth disease ! Mr Clegg has tried to defend Vince babble over the *** up of selling royal mail shares too cheap on LBC radio yesterday. Mr Cleggs excuse for our Vince was that he is " No expert" on share prices ! This has opened the door to ridicule the Lib DemS, as Vince Cable used to be a chief economist for Shell ! Is the excuse" I am not an expert" , the most pathetic excuse ever used by a politician ?
Just thinking politics. So the Conservatives are basically the Dark Side. And you can hear Obi Wan's cries of 'You were the chosen one!' at the Lib Dems as they give in and head that way. Because oh they were the chosen ones, and how people had voted in hope that they might restore the balance and save the Galaxy. But nope. They ended up working for Palpatine. The only fault here is that by this analogy Nick Clegg is Darth Vader and really he just isn't that cool. And this is what I think when I should be sleeping.
Anyone want Nick Clegg's office phone number? It does seem true that Adam Pritchard who was a senior policy manager with the Lib Dems is not in his job anymore.wonder if it had to do with the fact he spoke with me on a number of occasions early last year and was...
So the party political broadcast by the "Scottish" Liberal Democrats just now starts with Nick Clegg - Nice one! I once voted (can't remember when) for them but never in my life again. I expect the first thing the Lib Dems would do in Scotland would be to introduce tuition fees just to be consistent with what they did in the rest of the UK.
Watching the Nick Clegg in the Lib Dems Party Broadcast for the European Unions Elections. Stating all the reasons to stay in Europe. Listening to him has convince me we really should be out of it.
ON THIS DAY 5th February 1980: Happy birthday to Jo Swinson. Swinson became the first MP born in the 1980s and 'baby of the House' when elected for East Dumbartonshire at the General Election of 2005. Swinson served as Deputy Leader of the Scottish Lib Dems between 2010 and 2012 and was briefly PPS to Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg in 2012 before becoming Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment relations, consumer and postal affairs and a junior Equalities minister. Swinson is married to fellow Lib Dem MP Duncan Hames. They have one son born in December 2013.
Monday 3rd February In Brief Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg embarks on a trade and investment visit to Colombia and Mexico with a trade delegation Home secretary Theresa May attends a Bright Blue reception in London (16.30) Skills and enterprise minister Matthew Hancock speaks at a CBI event in London on accessing equity finance for growing businesses (08.30) Defence equipment minister Philip Dunne speaks at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference and Exhibition in Hampshire (10.15) Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham delivers a speech in Birmingham on the health impacts of cold homes (11.30) Margot JamesMP attends an Enterprise Forum working lunch on the work of the Number 10 Policy Unit Kwasi Kwarteng MP speaks at a Policy Exchange event on global growth and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the UK (12.30) Siobhain McDonagh MP chairs a Progress event on Labour's strategy to secure a majority in 2015 (18.00) Reports and Statistics The Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments publ ...
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Cameron dropped the ball on discipline, with full backing of Lib Dems - Tristram Hunt Responding to press reports on classroom discipline, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt MP said: "David Cameron and Michael Gove have dropped the ball on discipline by allowing unqualified teachers into our classrooms. "They had the full support of their coalition partners the Lib Dems, who signed off on allowing unqualified teachers. This has damaged school standards, with ill-discipline blighting learning for hundreds of thousands of pupils across the country." He added on the response of Lib Dems to the reported politicisation of Ofsted: "Lib Dem crocodile tears about the decision to sack Sally Morgan is too little, too late and Lib Dem gesture politics of the worst kind. Nick Clegg and David Laws are failing to prevent attempts by the Tories to politicise Ofsted."
Nick Clegg warned the Lib Dems could lose all their women MPs after the ... - Daily Mail
Even with this guy as a member of the party Nick Clegg is still the biggest gullible *** in the Lib Dems.
That *** leader of the Lib Dems stating that people smoking in the front of cars won't affect kids sitting in the back, where does he think the smoke is going to go. Nick Clegg you must have come from cookoo land. No wonder your party is on the way out
if Nick Clegg doesn't walk after this as leader of Lib Dems and Deputy PM.
(I received a special request by a UKIP official in Blackpool, they've asked me if I could write a poem about the end of the coalition government - and would I possibly like to attend their next party conference in Blackpool, and read the poem to the invited audience? I'll be so very honoured too. Light refreshments will also be available - as well as signed copies of my poem! Thank You All.) THE END OF THE UK COALITION The UK Government, think they are class, And all their ‘own’ wealth they do amass? The Lib Dems are pathetic, as they just hang on, The puppet, Nick Clegg, he’s just a clone! David Cameron, well, what do you say? When all the disabled you rob, as you cause more affray? The day will arrive when you will dread, As the stinking coalition – will most certainly be dead! You punish the poor – but help the rich, You thieving swine’s, you are a glitch! You praise Atos for punishing the disabled and the sick – As you bung them payments - so they get rich, quick! The old age pensioners ...
He has flunkies!! “Lib Dems in crisis - where's Nick Clegg?? He's jetted off to Davos with 3 flunkies
I suspect Nick Clegg isn't going to be happy with Portmouth's Lib-Dems.
Latest bizarre Southport leaflet:. "Bootle" mentioned 8 times. "Nick Clegg" mentioned 0 times.
The Lib Dems (leader Nick Clegg pictured) are in court today to suppress further allegations about sexual misconduct by one of their MPs.
Nick Clegg can't force anyone to apologise. That would imply he actually possesses authority within the Lib Dems.
He was the fresh-faced new politician on the block in 2010. But with the Rennard row showing no signs of easing, Nick Clegg looks weary and his party is in the doldrums. What next for the Lib Dems?
Nick Clegg faces 'bloodbath' in court that will 'rip Lib Dems apart' unless he reinstates Lord Rennard, peer's allies warn
Lord Rennard row: Peer suspended from Lib Dems and will not attend Lords after Nick Clegg's 'no apology, no whip' ultimatum
Nick Clegg battling to avert civil war in Lib Dems after Lord Rennard cleared of 'grope' claims
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Nick Clegg's former aide quits Lib Dems with attack on handling of Rennard row - The...
Who still does not know the meaning or nature of racism? Lib Dems leader Nick Clegg has been accused by some of his colleagues of acting like the Ku Klux Klan for trying to further discipline Lord Rennard over unproved sexual harassment allegations. This has caused much mirth in some sections of the press. The press however were not amused when one of its own was compared to the Nazis by former London Mayor Ken Livingston. They went ballistic. Yet why should we be surprised? After all; one accusation is ludicrous and the other is apparently a criminal offence. Why is this though? I bet Sammy Davis Junior would have been confused as ***
Nick Clegg: Former aide who claims she was victim of Lord Rennard quits Lib Dems in digust
So who runs the Lib Dems? Nick Clegg or his peers in the Lords? If he loses over withdrawing whip from Rennard his leadership …
WorldNewsApp: Lord Rennard case could make Lib Dems 'no-go zone for women' Bridget Harris, a former special adviser to Nick Clegg, tells Newsnight that she does not want to remain part of the Liberal Democrats if Lord Rennard is allowed to remain in the party. posted by friends: (1) VIDEO: Rennard 'should be out of Lib Dems' 16.01.20...
between Labour and Nick Clegg?s Lib Dems was beginning to thaw after Ed Balls?s interview with the New Statesman suggested a noticeable improvement in Labour?s relationship with the DPM (something which neither I nor many others in the Labour Party are that keen on).
Lib Dem leader says there is little more he can do after inquiry finds there is not enough evidence for disciplinary action Nick Clegg has expressed his regret that Lord Rennard will not apologise to women who claim he harassed them, but will not try to force the peer out of the Lib Dems. The...
The Lib Dems will not be pursuing a disciplinary hearing into Lord Rennard, despite Nick Clegg declaring that his party had let down women for two decades.
I haven't seen tonight, but my TL mentions pain, death and the Lib Dems. Did Nick Clegg cameo as Moriarty or something?
Now watching 'Daily Politics' with Andrew Neil. I think it is Francis Maude speaking. The relationship between Labour and Lib Dems being discussed. Nick Clegg, will he be there waiting in the wings to be Depute Prime Minister again under a Labour government.who would like to put a bet on that one? Changes with the wind.
Ed Balls has indicated he would be willing to work with Nick Clegg in a coalition, should Labour and the Lib Dems be in a position to form a government after 2015
Ed Balls sets aside years of hostility with Nick Clegg and hints Labour could go into a Coalition government with the Lib Dems
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