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The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties. The Labour Party is a centre-left social democratic political party in the United Kingdom. 5.0/5

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"No, it took New Labour to play John the Baptist, & then Lib Dems & the likes of Shirley Williams to dismantle t..."
A new book due out in the summer of 2016 aims to foster more cooperation amongst Lib Dems, Green and Labour...
. I remember when the Lib Dems were an articulate and effective opposition. . Left of New Labour.
Publicly owned and the best rated among all the other rail lines, which are private btw. Sold that off too. If people don't start realising what's happening asap this country will be in a dire state, esp if the TTIP is signed. Lib Dems equally suck as much and New Labour are more right than left. All ***
Harriet Harman's office sent me an email asking me if I was planning on using my vote on Thursday. I said I was. Here is my reply: "Dear Harriet Yes, I'm planning to use my vote to vote Green. The Green Party is the only party that offers a real alternative, whether locally, nationally, or at the European level. Of course Labour are preferable to the Tories (not to mention UKIP), and the Lib Dems are almost irrelevant now. But so much of Labour policy is based on not being too different from the Tories because the leadership doesn't want to scare the voters (or, more accurately, big business and the media). I want to see Tory (and many New Labour) policies reversed, not just toned down a bit - policies on austerity (how you've let the Tories get away with their lies and ideological fanaticism here is beyond me), on privatisation, or health, on education, support for the TTIP, immigration bandwagoning, to name but a few. Labour no longer offers the clear alternative I feel this country needs. The Greens do ...
You know you're in the right when the CBI, the Tories, UKIP, The Lib Dems and the New Labour traitors are against you !
Lets get rid of Trident, Tories, Lib Dems and New Labour - Vote with a big yes and lets get an equal society to live in. Scotland will become free of the corrupt and immoral London government in September 2014
When Blair was Prime Minister, he kept banging on about the economy and then scoffing at the idea that the Tories left them the strong economy, claiming it as all New Labour's doing and they were still at it when Brown was Prime Minister. Well, let us look at how this "Strong Economy" came about. It was often repeated by Labour that interest rates went up to 15% under the Tories but that was only for one hour in an attempt to save the pound in the ERM debacle, that Labour and the Lib Dems were in favour of joining at that time. When we came out of the ERM, interest rates went down over time to 5%. Under Labour, Bank Base is up to 5.25% after a cut back from 5.75. Labour inherited a golden legacy, but stuck to the Tories spending plans for 3 years and starved the country of building new houses. Consequently, with low interest rates and house shortages, prices rocketed. We, (the public) lost faith in pensions due to Labour taxation of Pension Funds and making pensions, part of the profit and loss accou ...
As the West & Russia clash, I live 30 miles from Europes biggest nuke stockpile. Thanks a lot all of you Tories, Lib Dems and New Labour lot who think they are necessary. Thanks a lot
Dependent on whom? It's 19 February 2014. Leaving the train a headline from a discarded copy of today's Daily Telegraph caught my eye. 'Benefit Cuts Give People Hope'. I was surprised; even by neo-liberal standards of double-speak this took some nerve. Glancing at the top of the article I noted that Cameron, irritated by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols's denunciation of his Government's policies, claimed he had a moral duty to end the cycle of dependency, whatever that is. Well, I thought, the man has no shame, but we knew that. In passing one might observe that Archbishop Nichols's words represent another example of the mainstream Church effectively taking on the mantle of opposition, a role abjectly abandoned by the heirs of New Labour. But it's grimly ironic that Cameron should bring up the spectre of dependency because there is indeed a growing dependency culture, one being nurtured by this Government. The Coalition - let's remember the Lib Dems, including that old hy ...
Since the birth of New Labour which Tory & Lib Dems have copied this country has been in the hands of spin & image incompetents.
I will not jump on the bandwagon,and attack Mark Harper,one of the people who helped put that immigration van onto our London streets,rightly or wrongly,wrong in my eyes,a silly stunt to say at least,he fell into the UKIP trap that most of our politicians have fallen into.Yes even a huge part of Labour,only has the Lib Dems on this been consistant against this sort of thing.Tories ,New Labour, Media people,Business people,Bankers oops i nearly spelt that wrong lol,and yes even working class people of all shades have done things like this because it was cheaper etc etc.So be careful what stones we throw when we dont know where we are or how close we are to glass.
...Tories, Orange Book Lib Dems holding up minority government and New Labour who'd rather Labour lost election than cede control of party.
Absolutely. New Labour (Tory), Lib Dems (Tory) and then the Tories themselves. Who will any of us vote for, does i...
Because Westminster has morphed into one. New Labour, Tory, UKIP, Lib Dems all offer same brand. Serve the same purpose.
IMPORTANT UPDATE! By MEHDI HASAN With the Conservative Party unveiling a new ad campaign in marginal seats, which basically divides voters into hard-working 'strivers' and stay-at-home 'shirkers', and with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg launching an attack on universal benefits, it seems the perfect time to debunk 10 key myths about the UK's welfare budget and, specifically, 'out of work benefits'. (Yesterday, you may have seen me tackling some of these falsehoods on BBC1's Sunday Politics - if not, you can watch my debate with Tory MP Chris Skidmore on the iPlayer; scroll forward to 29mins40secs in...) Here are the 10 things about welfare that they - Tories, Lib Dems, some New Labour figures, the centre-right press and the CBI - don't tell you: 1) Myth: 'THE 1% RISE IN BENEFITS IS FAIR BECAUSE IT HITS SHIRKERS, NOT STRIVERS' Fact: According to the Resolution Foundation, "far from hitting only the out of work, 60% of the value of the £3.7 billion cut would fall on in-work households". Why? Because the 1% rise ...
The average age of a first time home buyer is 35. That means the housing market is totally fecked. Despite the lowest interest rates in history, mortgages are relatively high in relation to that. Cheating bankers have been fixing the rates so that they get millions in bonuses and we pay more on credit cards and loans. Property rents are soaring which means property investors (normally wealthy individuals and companies) make loads more money and those saving for a deposit can't manage because their rent is going up. 97% of Britain's top companies have tax avoidance schemes in place. The gap between the rich and poor in the UK is growing ( yeah, thanks for your good work New Labour con men) Remember 'we're all in this together'. Well we're not. The truth is THEY'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Politicians, bankers, big business, rich people. All pudding in the same pot. The answer is in your hands and its simple : DON'T VOTE FOR ANY POLITICAL PARTY. We all know they're all useless. We all know they'll say anything ...
New blog post: Lib Dems suggest going with Labour
What Lib Dems say about their own party heading to oblivion to quote Lib Dem voice: Ed Shepherd 9th Jul '12 - 11:24pm Back in the nineties and early 2000′s, the LibDem party attracted many votes from people who disliked the Thatcherite policies pursued by the Conservatives and by New Labour. The LibDems had some politicians who had popular appeal, people like Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy and Simon Hughes. The LibDems seemed to promise some policies, like the extra penny on income tax, that promised better public services at small extra cost. This feeling probably reached it’s high point when the official line of the Conservatives and New Labour was to support the ill-advised Iraq War. Since entering government, the LibDems have enthusiastically pursued policies such as tuition fees, abolition of EMA and the Libyan War that have frightened off many of these casual supporters. The current LibDem leader seems rather over-priviliged (even other-wordly) and lacks the appeal of his predecessors. The idea ...
PFI is bipartisan *** up! Designed by Tories, implemented by New Labour, perpetuated by Lib Dems
Joe Anderson becomes city's first elected mayor with almost 60% as Lib Dems lose all but one of previously held seats
The picture in Hartlepool; Labour remain strong, Tories still have a hold, Lib Dems lose seats and a new party makes headway
Deserted by New Labour, castigated by Conservatives, ignored by Lib Dems, where do the working class go, sadly to extremist parties.
in opposition tories+ Lib Dems attacked New Labour for eroding civil liberties, now in power they're going much further
So, all you Conservatives & Lib Dems who voted to protect the civil liberties that New Labour were trampling over, what now?
I'm delighted, not so much that he won - but that local New Labour, Tories & Lib Dems on the council realised how out of touch
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