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The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and Civil Liberties. The Labour Party is a centre-left democratic socialist political party in the United Kingdom allied with the wider social democratic movement in Europe. 5.0/5

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Make sure every EU National in Scotland knows that the Labour Party, Lib Dems and Tories today all voted to deny them a vote i…
that is why they will not get into power again the Labour Party is a joke and the Lib Dems
Tim Farron now really going for Corbyn and Labour. Clear, he is trying to position the Lib Dems as the progressive, internat…
Conclusion-Lib Dems and Communist Party with help from Labour Party and Fabian Society are in league to destroy our country.
he was in the Labour Party before the SDP/Lib Dems. Special adviser to Roy Jenkins as Home Secretary in the 70s
For some reason I get emails from the Lib Dems, god knows how or why, today from Tim Farron regarding the Chilcot report delay. "key figures like Jack Straw, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair could be getting off lightly thanks to the publication’s delay. They need to be held to account.many people I know joined the Liberal Democrats off the back of the brave stand that my friend Charles Kennedy made over the Iraq war." etc etc... Usually I just tell them to eff off, today my response. ".and the government your propping up didn't support the war did they? Yet you seem to mention only prominent labour party members in your statement? Would it be cynical to believe that this delay is as much, if not more in yours and the Tories interest as it is another distraction on the way you have governed and the broken election promises you made last time around?"
YOUR VOICE AND MINE The rise of food banks, zero hour contracts, and increased poverty throughout the UK is a symbol of the capitalist system totally out of control. The present Tory led government has used the financial crisis caused by the total mismanagement by the Labour Party of the London financial sector as an opportunity to destroy the welfare state which is a prospect they have salivated over for many years. Less we forget, the welfare state was hard fought for against Tory opposition and was meant to be a safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. This Tory led government is systematically dismantling it on a weekly basis and our people are suffering as a result. Bit by bit the citizens of this country are being marginalised in favour of big business by the ruling classes of which the present government of Tories and Lib Dems supports and favours. Their unprecedented stance on Fracking and indifference to the protests of those who are concerned about the environment and th ...
I've been doing a lot of thinking this weekend - haven't we all? and I understand why everyone's wanting to wreak vengeance on Labour, but actually that's a major mistake. Why? because *that means we're doing the Tories' work for them and they're laughing all the way to the polls*. There are some who think this was their plan all along, and the reason Cameron pushed the SNP into the Referendum in the first place was to set a trap for Labour. Deliberate or not, they've fallen into it. The Tories must be hugging themselves with glee to see Scottish voters fighting amongst themselves and preparing to destroy the only credible opposition to the forces of the right in the UK without them having to lift a finger. They've already destroyed the Lib Dems via the coalition. What we really ought to be doing, though I don't think I could bring myself to think about this till some scar tissue has formed over what seems like a huge gash in my heart, is joining the Labour party (which has less than 5000 paid up members ...
why? UKIP aren't our friends. They're a rival party. Like Labour or the Lib Dems. Never forget that.
Right and Left Wing - What Does it Mean? People are always going on about ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ - but what does it mean? Well it basically means what people believe a country should do for its citizens. Left wing beliefs are usually progressive in nature, they look to the future, aim to support those who cannot support themselves, are idealist and believe in equality. People who are left wing believe in taxation to redistribute opportunity and wealth - things like a national health service, and job seeker’s allowance are fundamentally left wing ideas. They believe in equality over the freedom to fail. In the UK the main left wing parties are the Labour Party and the Green Party. They believe in making laws that protect women, ethnic minorities, and *** people against discrimination. They believe that we should tax rich people more to support people less well off, and they believe we should regulate big businesses so they serve people’s interests. They believe that a good welfare system ...
I'm going to organize a music and social night for the Labour Party to raise funds for our campaigns to kick the Tories and Lib Dems out in 2015. Does anyone fancy playing? Happy to take recommendations too. Cheers
Reading that article by Des Wilson in the Mail today on the demise of the Lib Dems ,one can only draw on comparisons with today's so called Labour Party, who are going down the exactly same road ;-(
According to Sky, today's results, if replicated at the general election, would give Labour 308 seats (up 50); Conservatives: 272 seats (down 34); Lib Dems: 40 (down 17). Labour would be the largest party, but have to look for a coalition partner as it would be short of a majority. The polls tend to narrow during an election and the economy will be slightly better by then so the Tories might gain some ground. I think this makes last night's results very bad for a Labour Party which seems to have no raison d'être. Austerity Light, combined with a staggeringly unconvincing leading pair, are unlikely to appeal to the electorate.
If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it. BBC and UKIP have now proven that. Blame must also be apportioned to the Tories for the hysteria they whipped up over immigration and the welfare state. Milliband and the Labour Party failed to the working class traditions. In fact they supported the Tories and even vowed to "out Tory" them if elected. Labour have signed their own Death Warrant and the Lib Dems don't even make up the numbers. Welcome centre stage Farrage and UKIP. God help my children and grand children.
Euro election results on Sunday. NOW I have no intention of embarrassing the two Conservative MP's who I had as customers today, who took exception to my I VOTED UKIP poster. They tried to argue their case to me and said I had it wrong that Cameron had promised a referendum TWICE. They lost that argument and then smiling said that UKIP MIGHT do well in the Euro Elections but would do nothing in the local council elections as their vote was only a protest one. They said that The Conservatives would win the local elections. Hmm, now then lets have a look at the local election figures which are already coming in. At this moment on council seats won. Labour Party have lost TEN seats in one of their strongholds to UKIP Conservative Party have lost seats in their Essex strongholds to UKIP Lib Dems are getting the thrashing we knew they would. UKIP have made more GAINS yes Mr Conservative MP's GAINS then any other party (these are the local elections these arrogant gits said we would do nothing in) At this time ...
A slightly longer piece about the elections tomorrow by Newnham organiser and Kingsman Micha Eversley: I was going to bang on about the value of a Lib Dem ‘promise’. I was going to jump at the chance to rant at the hypocrisy of a party supposedly standing up for students tripling university fees, cutting EMA and allowing Michael Gove into power. But I won’t (I still hope you saw what I did there…). Instead, I hope to make a very slightly more subtle point: that when push comes to shove, the Lib Dems can never stand up for the vulnerable as the Labour Party does. The Lib Dems are on retreat. For obvious reasons, just 6% of students support them. They are therefore appeasing their core base, desperately hoping not to be wiped out. To do so, the Cambridge Lib Dems are diverting council money and time to their surest support: the wealthiest parts of Cambridge. They are taking money away from the weakest, and putting it into the wealthy areas the Lib Dems do well in. I do not wish to claim the Labour P ...
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and Labour, Tory, Greens, Scottish Nationalists, Welsh party & Lib Dems... I'm just a mixed up kid
Not best pleased with my (sort of) local Labour party. Came home to find literature for the Euro-elections from the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour (the Tories and SNP hadn't even bothered). The Greens and LibDems did talk about Europe. Labour's brochure literally never mentioned the word until the last page. The word they did repeat, over and over, was "together". I'm not daft, lads; I can see this is actually a brochure about the independence referendum and I don't appreciate that when what I want to know is your views on Europe. I think I'll vote Green.
Cymru to an anti-Fracking party to Labour, Lib Dems, Yes, No, UKIP... They can't all be getting 'great responses'
Bill Newton Dunn and Lucy Care welcome James Dean to the Lib Dems. James has just left the Labour Party to join the Lib Dems to help re elect Bill Newton Dunn and get Lucy Care elected in Derby North.
Do you think this is true? Hackney Heroine: ‘Diane Abbott Hates My Guts’ 07/04/2014 05:13 PM OUTSPOKEN: Pauline Pearce A HACKNEY woman who rose to fame after she was filmed condemning the actions of those who took part in the 2011 London Riots has rejected an offer to join the Labour Party, insisting MP Diane Abbott “hates my guts”. Pauline Pearce, who was scooped up by the Liberal Democrat after the clip went viral, rejected MP David Lammy’s offer to join forces with the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP during a discussion on the BBC Daily Politics programme. “You’re in the wrong party,” David Lammy stated during the heated debate, claiming the Lib Dems were part of a government that “rejected the riots panel they set up and have done nothing. [They are] part of the unemployment [problem] in Hackney. “Join Diane Abbott in Hackney,” he urged. “Diane hates my guts,” outspoken Pearce hit back when Lammy suggested the move. Lammy, evidently shocked, leaned back in his seat and s ...
Matt Ridley in The Times always an interesting read. Today: * No Labour Govt has ever left office with unemployment lower than when it started. * While Lib Dems in Govt, private sector jobs up 1,700,000, public sector jobs down 382,000 * Full time employment up 430,000 in a year * UK employment rate growing faster than Germany, France, Canada, Italy, USA (but I guess wouldn't be doing so great if we wilfully rejected the EU) * Unemployment in the north east is falling, albeit at higher level than south east * "Claimant commitment" system is doubling the number of jobs unemployed go after (would Ian Duncan Smith being allowed the long run he's had if Tories ruled alone?) * OECD says percentage of families who say they cannot afford food is lower in Britain today than it was in 2007 (pre-crash) * OECD says this group in UK is lowest of 24 countries it surveyed. * Labour Party is running out of ways to see the employment glass as half empty Looks like this Coalition thingie to sort out the economy is working ...
Keeping up with my politics and I can see a serious rise in support for UKIP, I would prefer a UKIP government to a Lib Dem government but this is on leader basis if they stand by their manifestos then I would back the Lib Dems it's a shame their spineless! Meanwhile the Labour Party and the conservatives clashed today over the sale of Royal Mail to which Ed pushed Dave to red ( only so long before the grey hairs)
We’re Back / Lib Dem Conference It is fair to say that Liberal Democrat Conferences aren’t the most exciting of affairs but this meeting in Aberdeen provided a few shocks. Alistair Carmichael had to deal with the breaking news that the UK Government will of course negotiate a currency union. Nick Clegg announced that the Party still wanted a Federal UK despite being in the position to make that a reality now. Former Lib Dem Chief executive Andy Myles and former treasurer Denis Sullivan announced they were going to vote YES. Tavish Scott blamed the Labour Party for the mess that is Better Together. (He also thinks that every Lib Dem will vote no…. I’m not even sure every Lib Dem MP will vote No far less every Lib Dem voter) For me the most significant moment was a short but truthful interview with former Edinburgh West MP John Barrett. The jist was because of issues such as the tuition fees situation in England the perception is that at best Lib Dems can’t be trusted and at worst Lib Dems are l . ...
A Corby Borough Councillor has quit the Lib Dems and joined the Labour Party because he feels Nick Clegg is ‘letting Corby down’.
New Towns Act 2015? Mills & Reeve LLP / Christine de Ferrars Green United Kingdom March 11 2014 - As the current national debate continues on the best way to deliver more high quality, well designed and appropriately located new housing, the question of whether we should be promoting some new New Towns is often raised. The Labour party has commissioned the Lyons Housing Review which has called for evidence of the contribution which a new generation of new towns (and also garden cities) can make to a step-change in housing building. Recently, Nick Clegg for the Lib Dems has also been clear in his support for new towns to promote sustainable development and to put an end to the numerous “small incursions” on green spaces. The Conservatives, as one would expect, are less forthcoming. So, is there a need for a new New Towns Act to facilitate delivery of a new housing strategy post-2015, if the electorate returns a Government with a political will to deliver a 21st new towns programme? The Town and Country ...
Today it was announced that Lord David Owen has donated £7500 to the Labour Party and that Labour is moving the way he wants to see it go. Any self respecting Labour leader would have sent him packing with the money and a flea in his ear. Lord Owen was a leading Labour member who along with 28 other Labour MP's split from Labour and form a separate party the Social Democratic Party in 1981 ,mtearing Labour apart.This effectively split the opposition vote to Margaret Thatcher allowing the Tories to stay in so long. Later the SDP amalgamated with the Liberal party to form the Lib Dems Owen has now said he wants Labour to form the net government. When asked Ed Miliband praised Owen and said that he has welcomed his discussions with Lord Owen over recent years.
This is fantastic news. The man says it himself 'this is about Scotland'. I've said a few unkind things about my unionist friends over the years (and they gave as good as they got) but the time for slagging and point scoring is over , this is too important for that. My pals in the Labour Party in Scotland are as appalled as I am that the British Labour Party is climbing into bed with the Tories and their gimp aka the Lib Dems. I welcome my brothers and sisters from labour, we need you to help build a country that is more equitable and has at it's heart a social conscience rather than a Westminster trough paid for by the highest bidder.
Great quote from on why the Labour Party don't want to prop up the failed Lib Dems.
Some within the Labour Party were slightly perturbed recently when Ed Balls appeared to be encouraging a warmer relationship with the Lib Dems. But in an interview with Progress, released this afternoon, it appears that Balls is a “crusher”… [ 491 more words. ]
I only wish the Labour Party would know where the reply button is located. Nothing at all from the Lib Dems or Tories (not that that's a surprise)
.Lib Dems sprang from Labour. UKIP springs from Lib Dems. Protest party's
Sadly we don't have a real Labour Party anymore. Just a sad echo of the Tories and Lib Dems.
The Mess that is Scottish Labour This site often criticises the Liberal Democrat Party for its stance on the referendum and the way its MPs and MSPs conduct themselves. However the party is actually due some praise. Ming Campbell has been conducting a review of how the party should react to a NO vote. The outcome is that, as it always has been, that the Liberal Democrats believe the UK should become a Federal State. Something that this page would find attractive and a genuine alternative to Independence. Furthermore Ming Campbell has now been set the task to find common ground between the Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories so that they can form a united front and offer an alternative to Independence. So far so good for Better Together. But as always there is a fly in the ointment. The Labour Party. Just as the polls are closing and there is real momentum building up in the YES campaign the Labour Party chooses to self-destruct. It is widely rumoured that some Labour MSPs plan to vote YES in Septem ...
Whilst I do not trust the Tories on a referendum, it is quite clear from the letter below where the Lib Dems and Labour stand on the matter. Its about time you Labour supporters saw what your party stands for. Vote UKIP at the earliest possible opportunity. Friday, 31 January 2014 Dear Colleague, Today the Labour Party in the House of Lords have voted to block our Bill that would have ensured a referendum on Britain’s EU membership by the end of 2017. This is really disappointing news for all of us. It would have been wonderful to have succeeded in turning our referendum commitment into law at our first attempt. But it helpfully does make some things very clear indeed. First, the Conservative Party has shown its complete commitment to holding an in-out referendum on the EU by the end of 2017. I am particularly grateful to all our MPs who dedicated so much time to successfully getting this Bill through the House of Commons, and, of course, to James Wharton and Lord Dobbs in particular for leading on this ...
If people still think the Labour Party is just another Tory Party (and some do) then despite Blairism compare the last Labour gvts record with this current evil one. BTW Is what the Last gvt did for people just crumbs as some would have you believe? More fool you if you do. This is why I am voting Labour at the next election. They are not all the same and people really do have very short memories. 1. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 60s. 2. Low mortgage rates. 3. Introduced the National Minimum Wage and raised it to £5.52. 4. Over 14,000 more police in England and Wales. 5. Cut overall crime by 32 per cent. 6. Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools. 7. Young people achieving some of the best ever results at 14, 16, and 18. 8. Funding for every pupil in England has doubled. 9. Employment is at its highest level ever. 10. Written off up to 100 per cent of debt owed by poorest countries. 11. 85,000 more nurses. 12. 32,000 more doctors. 13. Brought back matrons to hospital wards ...
When will someone stand up and declare that the Tories are NOT a party of low taxation, but of HIGH taxation. (They just like even the poorest of the poor to pay) What saddens me is that neither the LibDems nor the Labour Party see this, nor do they say this. We Greens must be the leaders in fair taxation. VAT should be reduced on all but the things considered luxuries and harmful to health, back to the days before Thatcher (TORIES) almost doubled VAT from 8%. This would be for more useful to the poor than raising the income tax allowances (Which benefits all, including the rich). A 10% rate is also good, BUT it includes EVERYONE but the poor.. The Tories are obsessed with lowing taxes on the rich, and increasing them on the poor. BUT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT. Lab & Lib DemS even ignore this and try to make them also low taxing people. LETS TELL THE WORLD THE TRUTH.
between Labour and Nick Clegg?s Lib Dems was beginning to thaw after Ed Balls?s interview with the New Statesman suggested a noticeable improvement in Labour?s relationship with the DPM (something which neither I nor many others in the Labour Party are that keen on).
Good, so the Labour Party and Labour Party 2 agree with the Conservatives on this matter.
I can't speak for the Lib Dems, but I can assure you that the Labour Party are certainly not a pale pink version of Toryism.
"We have a Labour Party which has abandoned its roots even as Scottish public opinion comes more and more to reflect them. It bewilders me that serious people in the politics business most of their lives can screw up so badly. To be outflanked on the right by the Lib Dems is no great shock. To be outflanked on the left by the SNP is utterly inexcusable, and it stuns me that it continues to this day. Ian Davidson, Johann Lamont and Jim Murphy attacking the idea of Scotland as a nation capable of standing on its own two feet. Davidson in particular, threatening his own constituents and their jobs if they don’t save his well-feathered Westminster nest. And my old friend, Danny Gibson, siding with the hated Tories to attack the traditions and symbols of the land of his birth, blinded by hatred of the SNP. It breaks my heart. I wanted better for my country, but for a long time that country was the one stretching from The Shetland Islands to the Isles of Scilly. I wanted the election of a real Labour governme ...
Half of the Lib Dems comes from the Labour Party anyway. I think our Civil Liberties argument shows why I wouldn't fit in.
BREAKING: Lib Dems to take up a seat in the Labour cabinet - Liz Smith taking up a role alongside the Labour Party
pushes past Labour and Lib Dems to become second most popular party for over 55s
28% GPs back Labour on managing the NHS. 12% backed the Conservative Party 8% Green Party 8% Lib Dems, 6% said UKIP.
It seems to me that it is *actually* the Lib Dems and Labour scoring party political points here:
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Would the Lib Dems swap places with the Irish Labour Party next election?
A FULL REVOLUTION IS REQUIRED. Hang all Tories, Lib Dems & 99.999% of the Labour Party from Tower Bridge & start from scratch.
Lib Dems now refusing to back long promoted Mansion Tax because its a Labour initiative? Never nice to see a party give up serious politics.
IMO the Leadership of Labour and Lib Dems in Scotland can't admit we exist.we need to be open as a party
Latest Party Funding figures show Lib Dems beat Labour again in non-union donations. For the 12th time in last 14 quarters.
UKIP is delighted to announce that Cllr Diane James has been selected as the party's candidate in the Eastleigh by election. Cllr James, a healthcare expert, became involved in local politics after becoming "utterly disillusioned" with political interference at a local level. She joined UKIP in 2010 after deciding that they were the only party which represented her views on the political scene. "I joined UKIP not only because of their policy on grammar schools, which I benefitted from when I was younger, but because I believe that the UK would be able to thrive outside the EU. "I am honoured to have been selected for Eastleigh by UKIP and I plan to fight hard and show the people of the constituency that they can vote for someone with integrity and commitment; a real opposition to the failed policies of the coalition and the virtually invisible Labour Party. "There are many local issues in the constituency I will be campaigning on, such as the closure of Ford and the hypocrisy of the Lib Dems over local ** ...
Thursday, February 7, 2013 British MPs approve *** marriage Afp, London British lawmakers voted in favour of controversial legislation allowing *** marriage on Tuesday despite fierce opposition from members of Prime Minister David Cameron's own party. The move puts Britain on track to join the ten countries that allow same-sex couples to marry, but Cameron had the embarrassment of seeing more than half of his Conservative legislators refusing to back him. The vote passed by 400 to 175, mainly because it had overwhelming support from the Lib Dems and opposition Labour Party.
Green Party candidate Andrew Child finished 2nd above Tories and Lib Dems in Brixton Hill by-election. Congrats Andrew!
Application approved by four votes to two with one abstention. Vote split along party lines with Labour in favour and Lib Dems against
"And almost every percentage point the Lib Dems bring back is coming straight off the Labour Party."
Leaked party lines for new year attack both Tories and Labour on economy and only Lib Dems committed to fair society
Most of the "No Campaign" propaganda has been based around either, historical accomplishments perceived as being made as part of the union (World Wars etc.) and downright fallacies about the financial state of Scotland... However, there are a significant portion of people who will vote NO simply because they don't like Salmond or the SNP. Contrary to apparent unionist belief, Scotland after independence will NOT become a one-party system, and although I personally think the SNP has done more for Scotland than the Labour, Tories or Lib Dems ever showed even willingness to do, the people of Scotland will still be totally free to vote for whomever they wish. After all, this whole thing is about Freedom. Saor Alba
Lib Dems raise more in private donations than Labour & UKIP put together
Abrahams wasn't an essay, just the Labour Party manifesto I think or the Lib Dems policies in 2012 (kinda an essay)
same as here then. Labour is the centre, Lib Dems are the centre, only main left wing party is Green.
David Cameron is going to his Conservative Party conference in Birmingham. Lib Dems and Labour have had theirs. But, …
The combined membership of the Labour Party, the Conservatives + Lib Dems is less than that of the Royal Society for P ...
just been elected Peckham Rye Labour Party Ward Organiser!! I'd like to thank everyone that voted for me in this very close election - watch out Tories and Lib Dems everywhere!
David Miliband says Thatcher recruited him to the Labour Party. Fair enough. Blair and Brown recruited me to the Lib Dems...
So, are the Lib Dems are a Liberal party a Yellow-Orange version of Labour?
Labour Party deputy leader Harriet Harman says there will be "no cosying up to the Lib Dems... No hidden agenda aiming for a future coalition".
Join the Labour Party let your vote count for something, dont throw it away on tactical voting, for two years now the Tories have complained about Labour, what have they done in Two years? NOTHING we are worse off. Lib Dems supported the Students but did a u turn and have been doing so ever since, Let your voice be heard. Join Labour to rid this crazy Government where the rich get richer and everyone else is poorer and ignored.
Tell me that the Labour Party needs to prepare for coalition with the Lib Dems. Why go the whole hog & the Tories too?
Sue,I've been saying this kind of thing for months, that the Glibdems would gain far more by walking away than staying.Also, although I know they hated Gordon Brown, and certainly our Tony,and one or two of the front bench, I don't think they actually hated the Labour Party itself,or, infact,do.But,...
Disgusting attack on anti fascists by Bristol Lib Dems. Solidarity with Labour Party anti fascists.
Unite seem to be negotiating for an SLA with the Labour Party. Interesting, I wonder if they are offering their services to Lib Dems too ?
I remain a member of the Labour party only because my contempt for them is slightly outweighed by my contempt for the Tories and Lib Dems.
to Cam on this, then when will he? Polls are suggesting droves of Lib Dems will turn to an.Ed-led Labour Party (2)
I've not yet subjected myself to any specific party, so don't say that I'm in favour of the Lib Dems, I lean more towards labour.
A split in Britain's ruling coalition will be exposed on Wednesday when Liberal Democrats refuse to support Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron in a vote challenging his handling of a row over the government's attitude towards Rupert Murdoch. Cameron's backing of a minister accused of pulling strings for the media mogul was under attack in a parliamentary motion by the opposition Labour Party. The Lib Dems, junior partners to the Conservatives in the coalition government, plan to abstain in a public disavowal of the Conservative position, though the government is unlikely to lose the vote
For goodness sake Mr Cameron get on with governing the country the way were elected to do and stop appeasing the namby pamby Lib Dems. We want strong government to mend the broken economy left by the Labour Party. Forget about pasties and static caravans and go after the welfare cheats.
Has anyone heard any more news about the SNPs proposal and intention to get rid of the Gaelic Committee on Highland Council now that they are part of the Ruling group along with the Labour Party and the Lib-Dems. It would be really good to be kept informed as I only heard about the proposal a week or so after the news came out. Thank you.
is at a the Pence festival with the local Labour party. interesting to see that the Lib Dems have decided to give it a miss this year!
The 99% in the UK is fighting back! The Labour Party (akin to Dems in US) win big over the Tories and Lib Dems ( akin to the GOP and their allies in US) in UK elections. You can do it too, America! Labour gained 823 councillors nationally, as the Tories lost 405 and the Lib Dems 336. Labour had a projected 38% national share of the vote, up three points, the Tories down four on 31% and the Lib Dems unchanged on 16% The Lib Dems were the big losers in Scotland, where Labour and the Scottish National Party made big gains Voters in Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Wakefield, Manchester, Nottingham, Bradford, Leeds and Coventry reject the mayoral system - but Bristol votes in favour and Doncaster votes to keep theirs Labour have made substantial gains in Wales, including taking Cardiff.
We did it Castle Ward has a new Councillor, what a night or the Labour Party in Hastings. No Lib Dems left and only a couple of Tories!
In 'high ethnic minority areas', Lib Dems & Labour are more popular than their leaders, but Cameron beats Conservatives
It is not a Labour Party video - but what makes the Lib Dems different?
Theres a reason the Lib Dems are the only governing party to have not courted Murdoch. Labour, Tory, SNP, all up to thier necks in it
- if the Labour Party wishes to fill the void left by the Lib Dems, it is vital we support
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