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The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties. In a parliamentary system, a general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen. 5.0/5

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If Labour and the Lib Dems voted tactically in these seats, they could outnumber Conservative voters
Lib Dems up to 18% (according to the BBC) and perform well in key target general election seats
The Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have all revealed their campaign buses for the 2017
Lib Dems hope to gain dozens of seats with anti-Brexit campaign
Voting UKIP at a General Election would be the best bet, given all our broken promises by Tories, Labour a…
General election countdown – Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems racing to learn digital lessons for electoral success
Lib Dems in Jarrow have tonight ️Selected Stan Collins to fight the seat at the General Election 1/3
Lib Dems could face annihilation in the General Election according to a new survey
General election: New poll shows big gains for Labour at expense of Lib Dems and Ukip
Have you caught up with the latest news on our website? Lib Dems select candidate for general election
Lib Dems are hilarious “Nick Clegg is prepared to act as caretaker Prime Minister following the General Election.”
Lib Dems sink to worst poll rating for 25 years:
Labour and Lib Dems to hit joint total of 339 seats, study predicts
SENIOR Lib Dems are concerned they no longer look like a national party after it emerged candidates for the general election have still not been selected in nearly 400 seats.
Labour and the Lib Dems have both made pledges on mental health this week. See this and keep up to date with the health debate on our 2015 general election tracker
We make 66/1 to win the Thanet South seat just ahead of the Lib Dems ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It has been another testing year for the Lib Dems but are there any crumbs of comfort ahead of the general election?
MPs say the Lib Dems' decision to side with the Tories by voting to stick with Bedroom Tax will cost the party dearly come the General Election
Press release - new NHA candidate standing in Oxford! A well-known Oxford GP is hoping to cause an upset in a Tory-Lib Dem election battle in Oxfordshire and emerge as the surprise winner in next year's general election. Dr Helen Salisbury, the latest election candidate being fielded by the National Health Action Party, will be challenging Tory Nicola Blackwood who has a wafer thin majority in Oxford West & Abingdon. Blackwood won the seat from the Lib Dems by just 176 votes in 2010. Dr Salisbury, a local GP who also teaches Oxford University medical students and is involved in research that helps patients understand their illnesses, will be able to count on the support of the academic and medical communities, as well as local celebrities such as the prize-winning novelist Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. And she believes she can reach out across the political spectrum to voters of all parties: "The NHS is valued and relied on by all my patients, whatever t ...
Interesting parallel drawn between and Lib Dems by is Ukip the new knotweed?
Lib Dems have lost 2 General Election candidates in the West in 2 weeks. Mike Bell stood down in Weston-s-Mare citing work/family reasons.
Lib/Dems All schools must follow core curriculum Suddenly become 'liberal' again just before a General Election
Apparently BORIS JOHNSON is going to use himself as a guinea pig to prove that the water cannons he bought with Londoner's money, before they were even given approval by parliament. Methinks it would be his karma if he was knocked over, cracked his head on the pavement and was turned into a basket case or a vegetable and the UK would be safe from the possibility of that buffoon ever becoming Prime Minister of the UK. Of course, there is no point wishing for such an outcome, as even wishes bring about karma... so I personally wish Boris no harm. But let me share a prediction with you. See this coming 2015 General Election, David Cameron's Tories will lose quite a few seats, but will limp into power in a coalition with UKIP and possibly even the Lib Dems (if they get any seats at all) and it will be a lame duck parliament, dissolved a few years later with a vote of no confidence. Then come 2018, the Tories will elect Boris as their leader and come the following general election there will be a strong Tory . ...
"Lord Oakeshott says he is quitting the Lib Dems and warns the party is heading for "disaster" if it sticks with Nick Clegg as leader." Oakshot's statement is an understatement. The Lib Dem's aren't heading for disaster, they are IN disaster. Clegg should go. After the debacle on Sunday Lib Dems have retained only one seat in the Council elections. Even the Green Party bested them in many seats. He will almost certainly lose his own seat in the next General Election, thus forcing the issue.
With apologies to Mike Keavey and any others ! I would never TELL anyone HOW to vote, but I would implore everyone to consider all the issues carefully. In particular, Scottish voters must now think deeply about the possible outcomes of the 2015 UK General Election BEFORE our own September referendum. It looks increasingly certain that the Liberal Democrats will continue to suffer heavy losses in seats in the UK General Election next year. Taken together with the lack of any commanding lead for Labour ( or the Conservatives ) in percentage terms re voting intentions, this means a strong possibility that another Coalition Government will be required. With the demise of the Lib Dems, this raises the very real prospect that UKIP could hold the balance of power, and that a Tory / UKIP Coalition would be the most likely outcome. All voters must consider that, in this event, some UKIP policies could well be implemented by such a Coalition. This might include a 31% tax rate on all earnings above £11500 per y .. ...
[Ken Clarke is on R4 saying what Ed Miliband does not have the wit or wisdom to effectively communicate about Europe and about immigration.] He thinks .. I think .. Britain is a better stronger place because of immigration, we need (controlled) immigration if we are to continue to prosper. UKIP getting about 10% of people to vote for an anti-EU party is less significant than that more than 60% did not vote at all. I think .. There's a strong case for staying in the - probably reformed - EU but because many people don't get that - in part because Labour has failed to make the case for it - and feel they have not had a say on membership maybe there is a case for Cameron's Hokey Cokey referendum. Clarke thinks .. (and R4 suggest polling backs him up on this) that many EU membership supporters did not vote at all last week. They certainly did not vote in any great numbers for the most pro EU party of all, the Lib Dems. I think .. Getting rid of Nick Clegg will have little impact on the 2015 General Election ( ...
All the furore over the European elections may actually make the big parties sit up and take notice of the electorate. You may or may not agree with many of UKIP policies but that's democracy and, alas, the result of the other parties failing to listen to what a very large section of the public appear to be concerned about. To simply belittle these views as insignificant or unworthy is a tremendous mistake when millions of generally decent members of society have cast their vote. Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems have all had a kick up the backside, hopefully they will respond accordingly and prevent another 'shock' result like this at next years General Election.
Until the early hours of last night my wife helped count votes in Brighton. Labour came first by a country mile, The Greens were a very poor second, then came the Tories, followed by a near non existent UKIP, and finally the Lib Dems who got almost as little as the Others.. As far as last night goes Brighton and Hove's result is of no consequence since the city belongs to a far larger, more rural and reactionary constituency. However if the results are repeated in next years General Election, Brighton will lose Loopy Lucas, Jason Kitkat and all the other Green goons who have done so much to make the place as hard to live and shop in as possible and the city will return to some form of normality. I take this from last night, cos i am an optimist. And now I am off to the gym to punch a bag till there's no more skin left on my knuckles.
Lots of interest in the figures I posted on Friday on the actual scores for each party in the English Council Elections. There have been a few more declarations since then so this is now how each party fared: Number of councils won: Labour - 82 Tories - 41 Lib Dems - 6 No overall control - 31 UKIP - 0 Number of councillors elected: Labour - 2101 Tories - 1359 Lib Dems - 427 UKIP - 163 Others - 125 Greens - 36 Number of councillors gained or lost: Labour - 338 more UKIP - 161 more Others - 23 more Greens - 16 more Tories - 231 fewer Lib Dems - 307 fewer Also of interest - Lord Ashcroft poll shows that over 50% of UKIP voters were former Tories, only 1 in 5 were Lib Dem and only 1 in 7 were Labour (though most UKIP/Tories said they'd revert to Tories in a General Election).
I can't see Vince Cable being chosen to lead the Lib Dems into a General Election.
Seismic Shift, I Don’t Think So! Elections fascinate me; they have done for as long as I can remember, but one of the most fascinating things is people’s responses to them. With the exception of General Elections, which if you lose are bad results and winning are good or great results (depending on the scale of the win), politicians and their spin doctors need to find excuses and find the positives in the results as they need to motivate build and prepare for the one that really counts; the next General Election. So what really happened in the locals’ on Thursday and what will we be able to read into the European’s on Sunday? Which will probably follow a similar pattern. Not a lot is the honest answer. Politicians of all parties will be claiming all sorts of victories, amazing break throughs etc. They have to, they need to keep on campaigning to get votes for the next election, the big one in 2015. What about the political commentators, what are they saying, again quite a lot, after all that is th ...
Does the Trade Union movement need a new Labour party?: A personal view. I dont think UKIP can gain any seats in the General Election: as much as anything, they have a problem with quality of candidates. But they are electorally important, in that the Lib Dems are no longer fulfilling the protest vote. Ukips power resides in the paranoia of the main parties. Milliband et al are disconnected from the working classes now, and therefore they cant count on their traditional power base. There is a considerable element of the population that arent interested in politics apart from the simplistic soundbite, and Farage is brilliant at capturing that. Of course his policies are incoherent, his claims are at the least misleading, and his handling of "the facts" quite surreal. His brazen attitude that he doesnt give a toss about that, is appealing and plays well to the gallery. The debate regarding his apparent racism or homophobia is irrelevant: this guy has no real beliefs, just a nose for causing a stir. For many ...
ELECTION RESULTS: * It's looking good for UKIP as the results from yesterday’s Local Elections continue to come in this morning. Nigel Farage said his party were “serious players” after the three main parties are on course for disappointing results. * Nigel Farage’s party still does not control any councils. * Experts say if the public voted the same way in next year’s 2015 General Election, Labour would be the largest party but would be well short of a majority – meaning they would be likely to form a coalition with the Lib Dems. * So far: Labour have gained 101 council seats and three councils. The Conservatives have lost 94 council seats and eight councils. The Lib Dems have lost 99 council seats and one council. UKIP have gained 87 council seats and have no councils. Your comments may be read out on air.
With only a year until a General Election, Farage's anti-Europe UKIP is currently sending massive shockwaves through British politics especially the current conservative govt. Brilliant to see the elites taking a pounding. "AT 0325 BST, Labour has gained 15 seats, the Conservatives had lost 63, UKIP had gained 66 and the Lib Dems had lost 21".
So it is Election Day tomorrow. Predictions are as follows: UKIP will win the European elections (sadly) Labour will do well in the London Boroughs (also sadly) All parties will claim victory in one way, size, shape or form (possibly with the exception of the Lib Dems) It is less than a year to go until the General Election & I still think it is Miliband's to lose (saddest of the lot)! Happy voting
Ahead of the European Elections tomorrow I've had leaflets delivered from UKIP, Plaid, Lab & Con ( in that order ) but nothing (again) from the Lib Dems (Remember them ?) Have they become extinct even before next year's General Election ? If anyone is thinking of spoiling the ballot paper maybe you should consider a vote for the Lib Dems (if their name appears on it) - I'll be just as wasteful
Two very interesting polls out today: First a General Election voting intention poll by Survation: Labour 33%, Conservatives 28%, UKIP 20%, Lib Dems 9% If we just take England and Wales into account (UKIP's weakness in Scotland drags them down) then they'd be polling on around 22%. In just England it would be between 23 and 24%. This would, almost certainly, be enough for them to gain at least a small number of seats. This prediction would also give Labour a large majority of between 80-100 seats. Another poll by Survation for the European Elections shows UKIP with a firm lead: UKIP 32%, Labour 28%, Conservatives 21%, Lib Dems 8% If we're going to win the Euro elections then postal voting will be absolutely vital.
is to try to force a vote in the Commons on Tuesday next week on banning fees charged by letting agents to ban could be in place within months. Industry leaders have hit out at the proposals, pointing out that bans on fees are likely to result in raised fees for landlords – who would pass the increases on to tenants in the form of higher rents. Ian Potter, managing director of ARLA, called the latest move – unveiled yesterday – deeply worrying. Ed Miliband believes he could get support from both the Tories and Lib Dems, and that legislation to ban fees could be in place before next year’s General Election. David Cameron has been pointedly silent on the specific matter of letting agents’ fees, although his party has repeatedly said it will not legislate the letting industry itself. On Wednesday this week, during Prime Minister’s Questions, Cameron rejected another Labour idea – that of rent controls – but did suggest he would be prepared to work with Labour on proposals for longer tenancies ...
Lib Dems pick shortlist for Don Foster replacement at 2015 General Election .
OK my last post today I am off out. One or two questions. Who in your opinions with win the General Election in 2015? Will UKIP win ANY seats, and will they win more than the Lib Dems? Would you support a CON/UKIP or a CON/LIB government? Well Scotland separate from the UK in September? Comments ~ [E]
the Lib Dems lost votes and seats at the last General Election. Lab/Tory scaremongering and all that.
After that showing by Nick Clegg unless Lib Dems appoint a new leader they have got no chance in the european elections and god help them in the General Election next May
Dear Friends, So the hard work for the General Election in 2015 will begin in earnest. As you read this I hope you recongnise see the number of Lib Dem clllrs and the amount of work they do on behalf of our local residents. I’m sure you will join me in appreciating all that they do. In Romsey and even Andover! I feel it is self-evident that both the HCC and TVBC Tory councils are way out of touch with some of their current proposals in areas of planning, policing and many more besides. For over one hundred years now Liberals have been fighting to improve the standard of living for regular folk. Before the Labour movement even existed we fought for workers rights, then free trade to keep food prices low. Now in government we can be resolute about the positive effect we have had on Pensions, Taxation, and Apprenticeships. We cannot win every fight. We all know life isn’t like that, but even though our opponents' resources are huge we will stand fast. I hope you will too. In the May European elections I ...
Registering now regularly below 10% in the national polls, the Lib Dems are showing increasingly frayed nerves as The Reckoning of the 2015 General Election gradually draws into sight. And looming large between now and then, the Slaughterhouse of the Euro-elections also beckons so very terrifyingly
Its now the count down to General Election which will definitely result kick out Laurel & Hardy. Bedroom & Poll Taxes are unjust even the churches are against this and giving food to folk in poverty even working people going to food banks. This government should be ashamed of itself - especially Lib Dems they are traitor's political parasites
at the last General Election, the Tories – that’s Tobes’ preferred party – held a narrow lead within the teacher demographic, with 33% of their votes, against Labour with 32% and the Lib Dems close behind on 27% (UKIP managed just 3%). Right now it’s Tories on just 16%, Lib Dems and UKIP both on 8%, and Labour on a whopping 57%.
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Lib Dems proving that they're just like the other two Parties! - The next General Election is going to prove very difficult in terms of who to vote for!
The constitutional change of fixed term Parliaments, engineered to keep the Lib Dems on board has at least meant that we know, come what may, when the General Election will be held. And for an intensely ideological Chancellor this Autumn Statement was driven by politics not by economics. He claimed that the government’s policies are aimed at the long term, and there were plenty of times when it was mentioned, but that is completely disingenuous. The only date he was aiming at is the first Thursday in May 2015. In the first few sentences this complacent Chancellor, George Osborne gloated that the economy was growing. That the infamous “Plan A” predicated on austerity had worked. But in reality as each day passes it’s their ideological goal of shrinking the state (selling off the UK’s remaining assets, turning the NHS into an insurance based service), letting those that caused the economic recession off the hook and letting the rest of us take the strain, that is being achieved. Our economy is st ...
The mystery buyer of the Titanic Violin is in fact, I can reveal exclusively on FB, none other than Nick Clegg the Deputy PM. He wants to play it when the results of the 2015 General Election are announced and the Lib Dems sink into oblivion.
Nominations sought for recognition of outstanding service to the Lib Dems - Nominations are sought for:...
Please give just £2 pound a month to the Lib Dems. This will provide care for them in their demise at the next general election. Thankyou.
ComRes: 28% would prefer to see the Lib Dems in Government after the next General Election.
Current Events Unfortunately it appears that owing to the terrible event in Woolwich the extreme right wing political party's are gaining membership. I believe they are using this terrible killing as a recruiting sergeant. I urge everyone to be sensible and be calm in a measured responce. We all know that our security services have been working hard to protect us but self starters such as these are hard to detect. We must give all help and assistance to the police and security services and not be tempted to do other things. The one thing these cowardly terrorist would be happy with is to see action against innocent people. If you do want to make a difference for the future now is the time to offer your assistance to Sean in getting The Veterans Party ready for the General Election. We are seeking people who are willing to work hard to help get an MP into parliament. Tony
Tories are not brave enough to ditch Lib-Dems and call a General Election ..This is therefore CHICKEN FEED !
Genuinely confused how Sky projection has Lib Dems on 52 seats in a general election. No votes yest in London & Scotland. LDs down 11 pc
A little bit of politics: Over the decades I have justified my criticism of various governments by using phrases like "Don't blame me, I'm a Liberal Democrat". With the arrival of the coalition I can no longer say this as my party is responsible for propping up the predominately Conservative Party government. Instead I have criticised my party leader, and deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, adding that "I didn't vote for him in the leadership election". However, the man I did vote for (and only other candidate), Chris Huhne, is now starting a jail sentence so where would we be if he had won the leadership election? Hopefully not in coalition with the tories, but it's not good is it? I have never been a fan of Nick Clegg and I do wonder sometimes why I am still a party member. OK, Nick Clegg, you have 2 years to the next General Election and to do something that will convince me that you are the right man for the job and to convince the voters not to dessert the Lib Dems. I am not at all confident that eith ...
"Lib Dems could 'gain' 30 seats from Tories at the general election" - (Telegraph)
Jenny Jones takes third place ahead of Lib Dems in Mayoral Elections - A wonderful night at City Hall for...
And remember this, NO ONE voted for these changes to the at the General Election. Tories and Lib Dems knew people would not support it
Greens overtake Lib Dems in Scotland - The Scottish Green Party has beaten the Lib Dems in a You Gov...
UK ECONOMIC NEWS: the economy shrank in the last quarter of 2012. Well done, David Cameron, George Osbourne and the Tory Party, nice to see all your wonderful policies are working so well, you're certainly convinced me to NOT vote for you in the General Election in 2015. But we're all in this together you say. We'll you aren't are you bleedin posh boy toff gits! You aren't suffering the way a lot of my fellow countrymen are, most of whom didn't vote for you will be very glad to see the back of you in 2015 if not sooner. Tory Party = Nasty Party, no matter how Mr Cameron tries to dress it up, put a nice humane PR spin on things. You are the party of the few, not the many, the party that looks after it's own, and it's own interests, not of the people and the country. So come on Labour, come on Lib Dems, come on all other parties, offer some sort of credible alternative or we'll be stuck with these *** for another five years. And at the thought of that I think I'll go find my passport ...
Fed up with the cackle about Referenda - is it um-we have a General Election in two years if UKIP stand in every seat or 500 anyway,we can then see how strong they are and how important the country thinks in or out really is.We could also see what each Party member in each constituency really thinks.I would hope all Lib Dems,Labour,and Greens would say we wish to stay in and reform from within-what would the Tories say?The country would give its answer no need for the Big R and more years of Party and Media hype!
Third Of Tory Voters Could Back UKIP In 2014 Last Updated 15:03 15/01/2013 Almost a third of people who voted Tory in 2010 will switch allegiance to UKIP in the European elections in 2014, a new poll indicates. Research from YouGov shows 32% of those who backed David Cameron at the last General Election would desert him if next year's vote was held now. The poll also suggests that 13% of people who voted Lib Dem in 2010 would back UKIP instead, in a further sign of the anti-Europe party's rising fortunes. Current voting intentions for the European Parliament elections put Labour on 38%, the Tories on 27%, UKIP on 17% and the Lib Dems on 12%. UKIP polls around 20% in most British regions but in Scotland the party has just 8% support, according to YouGov. More men than women support the party, the findings suggest. They also reveal that a quarter of the over-60s support UKIP, compared to 17% of 40-59-year-olds and 8% of under-40s. Joe Twyman, YouGov’s director of political and social research, said: "With ...
Don't forget, leading up to the General Election - the Lib Dems proposed to reduce the size of Parliament by far more than 50 MPs...
Clegg is desperately clutching at straws - Lib Dems face humiliating wipeout at General Election
"The only tax cuts the Conservatives support are ones for the very rich. At the General Election, their priority...
Thoughts on the Lib Dems from a former Lib Dem activist (until the last General Election) : "If I'd wanted a Tory government, I'd have voted for one. What I got instead is a Tory government in all but name and a bunch of people who swapped principles for power the moment the opportunity was there, and saddled us with one of the worst Tory governments ever that is tearing down national institution after national institution in pursuit of cash for its business colleagues. You could have stopped it happening, but didn't. You can stop it now, but won't. I won't make the mistake of voting for you again."
no mention of UKIP as possible third largest party at General Election on BBCTW. think Nick Clegg and Lib Dems might have a shock coming
About time Lib DemS laid it down,Tories did not win the last General Election and if don't want the coalition then a rainbow one will do!
Brian Paddick, left, has told Nick Clegg that the Liberal Democrats will have to distance themselves from the Tories in order to re-gain members and votes in the next General Election.
All the more reason to hope the Lib Dems are wiped out at the next General Election: (v
Lib Dems to get 10 seats or less at the next General Election: 8/1
The reason that the Conservatives lost seats in the Local Elections was because they have delivered pain but no gain in the economy - not because they are not conservative enough ! The reason the Lib Dems lost seats is because they are associated with this and because the electorate has not forgiven them for promising one thing prior to the last General Election and then doing the direct opposite when they got elected. This is a cardinal sin for which they will suffer for some time to come, but they were caught between a rock and hard place.
After last night we know only chance of Lib Dems in Westminster after next general election is if Tories block Lords reform
bit of fun. i volunteered for the Lib Dems last general election locally. you live in Meads?
3rd of May should have been General Election instead of being Local Elections. Then sit back and watch Tories and Lib Dems lose. That won't happen until 2015 but will be worth it.
I wish they would call a General Election, then they can remove the Lib Dems. Labour would stand no chance.
Nick Clegg: "Lib Dems are delivering" - presumably pizzas for a job after the next General Election...
I really don't think the Lib Dems had anything to do with "Cash for Cameron" before or after the General Election.
General Election 2010 as it happened: 10 May: Labour begin formal talks with Lib Dems as Tories woo them with a re...
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