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The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties. Big Brother is a reality television franchise created by John de Mol. The premise of the show is that a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world. 1.0/5

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Lib Dems call for targeted surveillance not Big Brother via
TEDS CON-SERVATIVE CUTBACKS lets start with athletics... Pole Volt...they are cutting back on the lengths of the poles, to save fiberglass so that they can repair all the police cars that get damaged in Road Wars. only going to be 80mtes. to save on shoe leather. The Long now The Short Jump to save on sand to use in new building programs. To help the O zone Formula 1...the drivers will only drive half the course and run the rest.combining the Marathon to save air time on television. The Lib Dems have burnt all their bras...coz they didn't what else to do. They were thinking of putting all the members of parliament into the Big Brother house but no-one would have missed them for 3 weeks, Anyone else who can think of anymore cut backs are welcome to post them here, lets see how many more ways we can help the government make the rich richer whilst robbing the poor blind.
When Lib Dems like NY Speaker Silver say you're too close to Big Brother, you're in trouble. Bloomberg’s Neurosis
'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt So the Lib Dems are at least making a stand... against Nick Clegg (toryboy)
If they block this I might for give them the rest: 'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt
'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt
'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt via
'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt : GdnPolitics
'Big Brother' stirs Lib Dems to revolt Demonise disabled, dismantle NHS and they care about this?!?
UK - 'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt
'Big Brother' law stirs Lib Dems to revolt I have always found Lib Dems revolting anyway
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