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Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties.

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EXC: Blow to Nicola Sturgeon's hopes of forming council coalitions as Lib Dems rule out deals anywhere in Scotland. http…
Lib Dems policy: We don't want another divisive referendum, except the Brexit one. We want anot…
Lib Dems will fight election on complete legalisation of production and sale of weed. Could raise up to £1bn in tax. https…
Gordon Brown just unleashed some serious sass on the Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP
I once led a huge protest against the Lib Dems, but this general election, I'll be voting for them | The Independent https:…
Also this isn't a dig at the Lib Dems because I felt really sorry for them, they totally got shafted over the fees issue.
And every time the Greens don't stand against the SNP, they don't stand against Labour, the Lib Dems or the Tories
Lib Dems call for mandatory reporting on ethnicity pay gap
Wow - Fingers crossed ... Doctor who took Jeremy Hunt to court to stand against MP as Labour and Lib Dems move aside h…
Only the Lib Dems are taking mental health seriously right now
The Green Party has now abandoned attempts to strike a tactical alliance, due to flat refusal by Labour and LibDems: htt…
If people agree with Lib Dems they will win a huge majority in GE and can stop Brexit...
a bit of a misunderstanding.I certainly wasn't having a go at you, I was having a go at the Tory who was attacking the Lib Dems
Under the Tories + Lib Dems, our NHS, schools and local government have been starved of funding. to pro…
Lib Dems have ruled out a coalition, and yet the Tories are still persisting with the idea of the Lib Dems propping…
Zulfiqar Ali is indeed Huddersfield candidate for Lib Dems
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Lib Dems and Labour want to Increase Corporation Tax for Business to Pay For Education. . How about you *** off...
Labour promises more money for schools by rise in corporation tax - Lib Dems pledge more too but do the sums add up? More at 6.
finally Labour + Lib Dems put education on the agenda, and problems raised. Ffs wake up Britain. Our future is at risk.
This Tim Farlon chap made a fine speech - told Lib Dems to go back to their seats and prepare for opposition.
Funny how every1 has forgotten that when it was what the Lib Dems had to conceed tuition fees for with the Torys, y…
Good day for the Green Party. Dodgy deals with Lib Dems. No Scottish candidates. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of self-righteous lefties
Desperate deals between Labour, the Greens and Lib Dems mean a coalition of under Jeremy Corbyn. Don’t risk it. h…
Lib Dems pledge to spend twice as much on education as Labour
Exactly, them and the Lib Dems would stab us in the back and sell us down the river and welcome the world into the country.
Just gearing up for - Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens debating with Sixth Form in our Lecture The…
Never voted before but this could be my first time.
Hopefully Lib Dumbs will be wiped out!. Tories go after Ukip vote which could see Lib Dems make NO GAINS in election
Farron refuses to confirm he would quit if Lib Dems gain no seats.
I agree but we have to get people out to vote for the Lib Dems to throw her out just one election with one vote & once…
Lib Dems should advocate EEA Brexit model. Hard for EU to say no, gives UK time to build up resources to sign trade deals at a pace it likes
My poll continues. of the Lib Dems is doing best in Islington South. No signs yet for Thornberry. (Remain.) One against Le Pen
A vote for Labour or the Lib Dems in Scotland simply splits the Pro UK vote. It helps the SNP to win & delights Sturgeon ht…
Lib Dems are including McDonald's vouchers inside their leaflets in Sheffield. Bit tacky.
Most of the political point-scorers fall a bit quiet when they read this:
Government is planning first cuts in school funding per pupil in decades, returning funding to 2010 level.Labour and Li…
Great to see support for on the NHS as policy, led by All parties must get behind this. htt…
Use your noodle Roger dear. Stand elsewhere and not up against the Lib Dems. Vote split = Hoey win. Jeezo.
Is the Lib Dems sole purpose this election to hand Theresa May an even bigger majority?
So apparently if they win Labour are gonna scrap tuition fees for uni. We all saw how well thay went with the Lib Dems.
Jeremy Corbyn and his LP have lost the brexiters to ukip/Tory and the remainers to Lib Dems. Lose/lose situation.
General election 2017: and Lib Dems pledge windfall
Instead of pouring money down the Brexit black hole, let's invest in Britain's schools - blogs
Lib Dems had, what? 1% of seats when Article 50 was voted through? To represent 48% of voters (basically half of the country)?
Lucas: Labour and Lib Dems have 'betrayed the people they represent'
.did an excellent job on today by exposing taking money from rich donors to promote Lib Dems.
Will all the pious, hypocritical Lib Dems who claimed Conservatives tried to "buy the 2015 election" now apologise? htt…
Lib Dems will invest £55m to protect school funding in Haringey .
In government, the Lib Dems cut funding for public services and support for the vulnerable. Get the facts.
Lib Dems say HIV prevention drug should be available on NHS
So Labour lying like Lib Dems. Hinting at scrapping tuition fees. Can't be afforded unless you get back to 80s % levels…
Free sanitary products should be available in schools, say Lib-Dems
Hasn't the Labour MP there been good? However, Huppert was always one of the better Lib Dems.
Tell me why Labour and the Lib Dems where fined at exactly the same tim…
Why didn't immigration come down when Theresa May was Home Sec? Michael Gove tells it was the Lib Dems
If you're around Sutton and Cheam, you might want to campaign against hard-Brexiter Paul Scully and pro Lib Dems
Vince Cable secretly taped urging Lib Dems to vote for Labour candidates
Lib Dems have pledged to increase income tax by 1% to pay for NHS - in Jan we found 42% would back a similar move
Lib Dems pledge 1p tax rise to 'rescue NHS and social care'
Lib Dems pledging things doesn't really carry the same weight as it useda before Clegg sold out the students.
Lib Dems and Labour in fightback after Conservatives' success in local elections
Lib Dems up to 18% (according to the BBC) and perform well in key target general election seats
No change in South Norfolk votes as Conservatives retain all 11 of their divisions while Lib Dems hold onto Costessey.
Lib Dems win town council by-election after drawing cards THE Liberal Democrats
We certainly have record numbers here!. Join the join the Lib Dems now!.
Lib Dems create spring of discontent to sabotage their parliamentary candidates.
The Lib Dems helped put this in place and if it's a hung parliament they would do the same for a chance at power.
Tim Farron and the Lib Dems will say anything to get elected. Their coalition of would put the UK’s Brexit deal a…
A second referendum would ask: accept Brexit deal, or remain in EU. Lib Dems would campaign for Remain
Lib Dems have sent one single a5 flyer about both council and mayoral elections, and a fakey-handwritten letter from the mayor candidate
I'm without hope. Lifelong Labour, now - almost can't say it - joined Lib Dems. There's a place in *** for me.
Giugliano selected as Edinburgh West candidate. Lost equivalent Holyrood seat to the Lib Dems last year. I make that all 5…
I mean. I can understand pushing the Lib Dems but Labour?
The Blairite plan to take over the Lib Dems
If the Lib Dems cannot beat UKIP in voteshare on then they have failed.
I had the same from the Lib Dems. Surprised that I wasn't voting their way. Would never vote for Farron. Absolute worm.
If the Lib Dems had agreed to coalition with Labour instead of jumping into bed with tories they migh…
Labour and the Lib Dems need to accept but offer a progressive alternative to Theresa May's version of Brexit.
No one trusts you, just suck out. “Lib Dems would offer second Brexit referendum”.
Lib Dems say they have more than 101,768 members- their most ever. More than 14,000 new members joined 2 weeks after Elect…
'Will do anything to get people to like us'. ⚡️ “Lib Dems would offer second Brexit referendum”.
Dems/lib loony left/biased media.. like the boy who cried wolf.the constant media hysteria over everything-soon…
In 2005 election, Charles Kennedy stumbled so badly on his numbers that Menzies Campbell felt it damaged the Lib Dems & co…
Yes, at least with the Lib Dems you know what you are getting
Lib Dems would offer second Brexit referendum.
how come the Dems get what they wanted? They don't have a 60 vote majority in the senate. Quit caving to lib press. Grow a pair.
As ever with the Lib Dems it's not straightforward. Little Timmy-Tim says it'll be 'May's Deal' v 'stay in as full member'. Dodgy.
Lib DemS ARE OFFERING A SECOND REF. I swear to GOD, I dreamed about this a couple of nights ago. This is there only way they might win. 😍😍😍
This stance would be disastrous for UK Brexit negotiations, what the Lib Dems really want is to subvert democracy a…
12/1 for Labour's Gordon Munro to win Edinburgh North & Leith is decent value. 150/1 on Lib Dems not bad either.
(New Statesman):Where do the Conservatives and the Lib Dems stand on rights? : Can you be a..
It's Labour MPs and councillors that the Lib Dems and Greens gun for. They are not our allies and never have been.
Will someone please tell Labour and the Lib Dems. It's futile to split the vote and let the Tories back in while we…
This party is an absolute mess . ⚡️"Lib Dems would offer second Brexit referendum”.
Got my vote ⚡️ “Lib Dems would offer second Brexit referendum”.
No wonder Labour is disappearing without trace, absolutely crazy idea. You are morphing into a cross…
nearly every day we are experiencing how shambolic the Labour party and Lib Dems are but yet our glorious media keep interviewing ***
It would be worrying if the Lib Dems get back to their 50 odd seats -…
I was mainly playing around after I heard "ZOMG THE Lib DemS WILL TAKE…
Let's all vote Lib Dems: ⚡ Lib Dems would offer second Brexit referendum.
I'm delighted Greens have joined us Lib Dems in offering people a vote on the Brexit deal, with a chance to stay in. Sha…
In 2015 I promised I would never vote for anything that would harm local people. Unlike shapeshifting Lib Dems, I've kept my…
I know everyone expects a tory win but I really wish the Lib Dems were out to win, not just be the opposition. A stran…
😍😍😍😍 The last saving grace of the Lib Dems I ❤ Ankit Love
.Nick Clegg announced that the Lib Dems will have a second EU referendum too not just Greens
Europe obviously want to split the country trouble is labour Lib Dems doing there job for them why…
Where do Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems stand on LGBTQ rights? asks
The public was robbed of £1 BILLION on RM sale. Lib Dems called this 'froth'. Out of touch - now let's put them all out of…
Nick Clegg says Lib Dems would promise a referendum on final deal, with two options: support deal or remain in EU.
Lib Dems say that Council's planning must be done properly >
Lib Dems say no one believes Council's figures on street cleanliness >
He's in the Pony Club, not the Lib Dems.
Tony Blair plotting Pro-European comeback with the Lib Dems over hard Btrexit
The SNP, Lib Dems and half of Labour will be furious. This wasn't meant to be the narrative.
Boris Johnson's sister joins Lib Dems to try and stop Brexit
The only way it could be better for the Lib Dems would be if the Tories had selected Noel Edmonds.…
Jeremy Hunt says David Ward’s selection shows "how confused Lib Dems are on issues of national interest"
Lib Dems, despite the rhetoric, select a candidate who like Ken defended Naz Shah's posts and made Israel Nazi comp…
Lib Dems odds on to win Cambridge seat from Labour in general election
Citizens UK have refused to invite the Green Party to public Mayor debate in west midlands (also Lib Dems & UKIP!)
Lib Dems pledged to form coalition with Tories. Only option is to vote Labour. End of.
Lib Dem protest votes nothing new and don't beat Labour but do enable Tories. Lib Dems can only realistically gain Tory…
Former Labour MP defects to Lib Dems over Brexit and Corbyn's political ineptitude
Paul Nuttall. UKIP larger party than Lib Dems in terms of vote share
Tim Farron: My message to Yorkshire – only Lib Dems can save Britain from hard Brexit
More than 5,000 people joined the Lib Dems yesterday
Tim 'Zero Principles' Farron: Lib Dems would go back into coalition with Tories
open to alliance with Labour, Lib Dems
Scottish National Party open to alliance with Labour, Lib Dems via
Mr. President , when you dump Bannon and bring in NY Lib Dems in the White House you lose your base. Welcome to Georgia 6
More than 4,000 people joined the Lib Dems today
If you want to stop the agenda of our government being dictated by people like this join the Lib Dems today:
The leader of the Lib Dems won't say if he thinks being *** is a sin.
I regard labour and conservative as two fringe parties.Lib Dems are the the only party that represent the people. jack murray Richmond.
Blair ( Allegedly) will be campaigning for lib/ Dems that alone should stop any one voting for these opportunists
oh, don't worry, we'll just all take a big sip of coffee and emotionally invest in the Lib Dems
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Tony Blair "could" join forces with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron in GE campaign. Will you purge him from Labour Mr McN? https:…
Leader of Scottish Lib Dems "unfair council tax must go and be replaced by a fairer land value tax" https:…
Prospect of soft Brexit pro-EU Tory, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP alliance 'will likely be demolished in one fell swoop' on 8 June -…
I can tell you now whether they're Lib Dems, the Labour right, UKIPs or SNPs, with the exception…
"Leave the Lib Dems alone!" If a party leader refused to rule you out as a sinner damned to an eternity of hellfire, what…
What alternative? Tories? Lib Dems who want a coalition with the Tories?
Only the Lib Dems are opposing fully, Jeremy going for soft Brexit... Lib Dems will pick up a lot of remainers
So backed by a push to tap the French capital that the Lib Dems say is a harsh matter, my pending grand slam casualties has been...
What the snap election means for the Lib Dems
Deeply disturbing in 2017 that anyone in contention for senior political office is homophobic. Senior Lib Dems should co…
Agh. So Bliar wants to be part of Lib Dems? And Your man is a bit homophobic . Dear god am I going to have to stand myself at this rate?
"If you vote Liberal Democrat, the start of June could be the end of May" 🔥🔥🔥.
Dems and lib media covering up something shady!
Friend makes good point that Lib Dems won't get much broadcast time during election campaign (allocation based on previous…
Lib Dems gain 1,000 members in the first hour after general election annouced
I plan to lead fight back to recapture Twickenham for Lib Dems. Brexit. Heathrow. School cuts. Social care. Plenty to campa…
With the snap elections, I am excited to see if Lib Dems prove my working theory: when the 2-Party system collapses, voters move...
the best option is for a huge loss for labour...decent performance by the Lib Dems.. and hope Corbyn g…
LibDems have 1,000 new members in the hour after election is announced. Make it continue - The party of Remain.
"The Lib Dems aren’t just fighting an election, we’re fighting Brexit". This article describes exactly how I feel. :D
Lib Dem membership soars by 2,500 after general election announcement
The Lib Dems are so good at reacting instantly to news. Labour's sluggishness says it all: they don't actually know what t…
Sidenote to this: it really illustrates how FPTP screws the Lib Dems
We Lib Dems have a song about Tony Blair. It suggests he go forth and expire.
Labour has to ditch Corbyn and unite with the Lib Dems NOW to fight
If there's one thing Lib Dems are experts on, it's BULL!. They shovel out l…
I'm sorry, it's NOT happening! Dems keep losing, over and over. Time to go to the drawing…
Tony Blair going to be campaigning for the Lib Dems. If you didn't have loads of reasons not to vote for them you have one now.
Lib Dems gain more than 5,000 members on day snap election is announced
For someone you Dems claim is dumb, he sure beat hillarys millions, overtly biased Lib media, the DN…
We have to be realistic ... Lab , Lib Dems and Tories will no doubt be making "a…
Theresa May's snap election announcement seized by Remainers as opportunity to block hard Brexit:…
True. But has to be said...the Tory govt without Lib Dems is wildly more right wing than the coalition govt was.
I've always voted Tory - but Lib Dem for me this time. Not a safe Tory seat here, it ha…
I don't care how "unelectable" people say Corbyn is he is our only countries only hope a…
An election pact between the Lib Dems, the SNP and Labour rebels? That would certainly put the me amongst the pigeons...
I want to vote Plaid but the only way to stop the Tories is a vote for the Lib Dems... right??
Listen to me children. Listen very closely. Now is not the time to be voting Green Party or even Lib Dems. Behave.
Now it’s clear: the Lib Dems are the only opposition to the Tories and hard Brexit | Tim Farron ... -
Losing Islington North to Lib Dems or Tories to remove the reason we're going…
The Lib Dems will be touring the U.K. in the run up to the election. Thankfully they all fit in Tim Farron's van.
Lib thugs hijack Trump rally armed with weapons. Trump supporters don't do same at pink hat marches. Where r Dems denounc…
It's much easier for the Lib Dems, 30 seats out of 650 would be a triumph for them in the coming general election.
Not sure that would be the outcome. But still looks pretty bleak. Imagine six weeks of Corbyn on the campaign trail…
If ever there was a need for the Greens and the Lib Dems and Labour and SNP to come together this would be the time.
uk elecitons in full force!! Lib Dems vs Chavs; vote now and google the HECK out of ron paul
Lib Dems have no chance of winning a GE. The only way to stop a hard-Tory Brexit is by voting Labour.
Having voted Labour for the last 30 years, sadly I agree with this point of view. Join the Lib Dems, vote Lib Dem!
Text from Tim Farron: "Got my van going ready for our Lib Dems campaign! Can get all my MPs in the back so
Why some Tory MPs don't want an early election - Conservative polling shows they would lose seats to Lib Dems.
I think Labour are a spent force like UKIP and this is the Lib Dems biggest opportunity to win back ground and take some seats from Labour
Tim Farron has personal beliefs that he's not imposing on anyone else, and Lib Dems are still the most socially liberal party. Get a grip
How can any liberal minded person vote for the Lib Dems when their leader believes homosexuality to be sinful?
The Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have all revealed their campaign buses for the 2017
Lib Dems hope to gain dozens of seats with anti-Brexit campaign
I think Tories will gain a couple in Scotland. Fair few in England. Not sure they'll do as badly in South West as Lib Dems hope.
Yep, I think Lib Dems due for a recovery, esp here in Edinburgh. Last council elections th…
Like in Richmond where we stood aside and worked with the Lib Dems. Nobody could vote…
the Lib Dems doing nothing for the British living in the EU and everything for EU nationals living here😳
That folk who rallied behind Cooper, Burnham and Smith (or the Lib Dems) have the cheek to blame Corbyn really is astoun…
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Make sure every EU National in Scotland knows that the Labour Party, Lib Dems and Tories today all voted to deny them a vote i…
Regarding the Green amendment. Note carefully that Tories, Labour and Lib Dems voted AGAINST giving 16-17 yo's and EU c…
Mike Rumbles claims Lib Dems sticking to manifesto pledge to oppose - Shows no respect of SNP manifesto pledge to hold it
Some people think the Lib Dems are the answer, I'm not so sure, they don't care about the economy. Sad!.
Besides the mong Lib Dems, who on earth has said this you nonce
You will never cut out the cancer of Islam until you cut out the establishment that feeds it. Labour conservative and lib…
Join the LIB/DEMS today, join the fightback! We are pro EU and Europe. You know it makes sense! http…
Join the fightback today. Join the LIB/DEMS for a fairer & more tolerant society as part of the EU.
LIB/DEMS are a formidable opposition to this Tory brexit government. Join the LIB/DEMS today and make a difference!
The LIB/DEMS are winning all across the country. Are you winning? If not, then join the LIB/DEMS today.
Britain’s best chance to succeed is within the EU. Join the LIB/DEMS today, let's make a difference!
'Decriminalise personal drug use to free up prison space', say Lib Dems
If you're Pro Europe and all that it stands for then join the Lib/Dems today, you know it makes sense.
. Ever notice Bernie only pipes up when Dems literally have Republicans backed into a corner with no Escape
Last night on Council, I proposed more proportional representation on a committee. Weirdly, the Lib Dems voted against. Not sure why?
I know I just like bullying Lib Dems
dems putting up roadblocks, focusing on finding dirt on Trump & his team, he has lib fake news smearing him, it's only been 2 mon
only low IQ Lib Dems could elect a wacko like...whatever you want to call "it"..did she escape the institution?
Unsurprisingly the Lib Dems are the most wrong.
“If you want to stop the Conservative Government You need to dump the Tories & back the Lib Dems righ…
every time the Dems R found out thy hv committed crimes thy scream independent commission if so we ne…
i knew you were going to ask that... would have to be Lib Dems? we need a Lib party worthy of the name and history
Only 1 of those parties I ever had time or respect for. Wouldn't touch Lib Dems, Greens & Cons with a barge pole. Revive Labour
Don't call an early election, the Lib Dems will beat us warn Conservative MPs
not a lady seems more like those crooked lib/Dems. Grow up and learn to be a real lady
Yes, but you expect those in Scotland who seek independence to do just that! Hypocrisy! What else can we expect from Lib…
7,000 Labour members quit party as senior councillor defects to Lib Dems
there's a bit of similarity in Bibi's win over collapsing Lib Zionism in Israel and Trump's win over collapsing Dems here
UKIP got more votes than Plaid Cymru, Lib Dems and Greens in 2015. Yet BBC audience hisses when UKIP leader is an…
Absolute magic - Labour, Lib Dems & Tories throw a barrage of nonsense at Greens - Support for Greens doubles in polls. Thanks…
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The Lib Dems scream inclusiveness from the roof top. Hypocrites, only if inclusiveness votes Dem!
reaction from lib loony left when Nunes went public-Dems look so guilty. more upset over process than laws broken
*** SNP trying to make it harder for itself to win power. We should wait an other 100 years then the Lib Dems will do it.
Political correctness, lack of critical thinking skills, and corrupt minds will d…
Exactly the same thing done to me when I beat the Lib Dems in Edinburgh South. They were included,…
Since Corbyn won't provide adequate opposition, I'm standing up in the Commons today to deliver my own Brexit Bill https:…
Ya, Dems desperate 2 impeach Trump (hence Russia story) but it's unraveling. CREWvTRUMP = Lib legal hit-team
Why are the Lib Dems in parliament ? UKIP got twice as many votes as the Lib Dems. Shows how fixed and unfair our e…
Tough to disagree with Branson. So how about a donation to the Lib Dems Richard?
Leftist facade is imploding. Now our side can get focused on real corruption. Which is what lib/Dems fear most!
Another Lib Dem win in a Leave area tonight. Here's something I wrote about how can win across the country https…
This week's most read: Labour vs the Lib Dems - Who has the right position on Brexit?
So atm I only really have Conservatives or Lib Dems the latter have the worst leader in U.K. Politics
Yeah, sorry about that, that was for when I pretended to join the Lib Dems
If there was a US-Russia nuke standoff, Dems & lib punditry have helped create a climate where detente would be portrayed…
Lib Dems have moved into shorter than 2/1 to win Manchester Gorton on the Betfair Exchange following news that George Gall…
You know Willie, nonsense like that is why Lib Dems are now an irrelevance in Politics!
So, now he's a journalist is George Osborne going to be less angry at the Lib Dems about leaking the 2012 Budget?
Stewart Lees bit about Ben Elton being worse than Osama Bin Laden sums up how I feel about the Lib Dems and Tories.
R's allow their D.C. trifecta to be subverted by infighting, love for media, and fear of Lib Dems.
U just gave the dems another bone..give an inch they take a mile. Now u'll get a lib special proc.
Me too,have resigned from Labour party to join Lib Dems He hasn't once challenged May over brexit. He is finished
Probably take until the Lib Dems next let us down.
Lib Dems, Greens & SNP defend EU & Lab back Brexit. We should apologise to for deriding his Lib D…
Just heard that the Lib Dems have won the St Cutbert's ward by-election for Wells City Council. Well done Rob Ayres and the whole team!
Fair point but think how much worse it would have been without Lib Dems to rein Tories in a bit 😵
Ming Campbell - pious old fool. Best leader the Lib Dems ever had...
She had a gun,felony? Thought Lib Dems were all about gun control?? Except a felon with1..Look in the mirror
Diversion=Russia . Dems & Lib Media are worried because they KNOW Sessions is going after Clinton.
The Lib Dems are the pro-EU movement in the UK, fighting to keep or country open, tolerant and united. in the Europ…
You Lib Dems just keep it will never hold the Presidency! Americans see right they your corruption and lies
Just checking out to set the bar for I'm now in the zone. Do your worst, Lib Dems!
R's are allowing their power to be subverted by party disunity, corrupt media, and Lib Dems
Labour has now lost almost all its wealthy private donors meaning the Lib Dems are now bringing in more £££ from big donat…
We all would given half a chance, but I am a lifelong taxpayer ignored by Tory/Lab/Lib Dems and always will be
there are no words. In fairness, this is the most negative campaigning I think the Lib Dems would allow.
gives many reasons why Lib Dems belives should not go ahead & Lendlease not chosen. Asks for vote at Fu…
fine , do you think you would be happier with the Lib Dems ? Genuine question
Let's hope LibDems will get more donations to help fight brexit & hope remainers who aren't Lib Dems will joi…
Pub tonight 5 there 3 voted Remain 2 Leave. Both Leavers made mistake of protest vote & would vote Remain if asked…
I couldn't agree more the Lib Dems came so close to extd their agenda at least another 4 yrs burying our society,USA ✝🇺🇸
A 'horrible' selection process and jitters about the Lib Dems: Labour gear up for Gorton
ONLY THE Lib DemS 'We demand a say on the final deal in a referendum.' Read more here: via
DEPLORABLES UNITED. Time to take off gloves & let Lib Media & Lib Dems we r coming for them. Also any GOPer who gets in our way.l Elections
Pendle's Lib Dems have explicitly said they want a second referendum. Pendle voted 63% leave.
EXHIBIT A of lib MSM working with Dems to try & DESTROY President It's just embarrassingly transparent & will…
Lib Dems rewarded for Brexit opposition with £1m gift from one of Britain's richest men
. Handing their seats over to Lib Dems,so daft,don't deserve their jobs, I'd do much better 🤔
'They've learnt NOTHING' Lib Dems and Labour ask EU to PUNISH Britain over border control
Lib Dems silent when Khan pulled funding for tram and didn't come up with Council's share. They can't pretend the…
don't think Lib Dems is that tho. Nor Tories under May. So where do they go? If genuine third option emerges, Corbyn is toast
Camden Lib Dems have w/e street stalls in Belsize(Sat) and Hampstead(Sun) keeping up fight on hard Brexit. Contacts
Just like Loretta Lynch did!! The republicans have morals and substance. Something missing with the Lib Dems.
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer ... we care a lot for freedom here! Welcome to the Lib Dems, guys!
sounds great! Philly should keep voting for Dems. Lib's are just so stupid!
it is a joke. The Lib Dems wouldn't have me for starters. But we won't lose so it's fine!
Lib Dems overtake Labour in party donations for first time after post-Brexit bounce
All this focus on as the threat while all the while Lib Dems are quietly moving in on the pro-Remain liberal terrain C…
no I'm a local tory who knows the area and we will keep Hutton if we don't I will join the Lib Dems!!!
Dems DESPERATE to distract from. 👉. 👉Obama ILLEGALLY funneled BILLIONS to Lib groups.
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just when u think the Lib Dems can't go any lower!!!
.That is a tough cookie, too. Some Lib Dems understand better than Labour Cllrs and they…
:Great comment. It was so f_cked up, but not one lib blamed it on Dems! What a missed chance!
.Labour getting into bed with UKIP will be even faster electoral suicide than the Lib Dems shacking up with the Tories.
If Willie Rennie is bringing up the police, he should be reminded that the Lib Dems owe police Scotland £1million.
Sajid Javid's housing plan is not radical enough, say Labour, Lib Dems... and a former Tory housing minister…
Lib Dems would also invest £10m in property that would generate income for County Council, says
Voting for Lib Dems is voting for Tim Farron and Tom Brake
er no. Lib Dems have the same skin in the game as the rest of the population. Brexit is a disaster.
Lib Dems should stand down in Stoke as Lab should have stood down in Richmond Park
'I've now joined the Lib Dems and wish I had a long time ago.' (3/3) Marc, new member, Milton Keynes
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