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Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats are a social liberal political party in the United Kingdom which supports constitutional and electoral reform, progressive taxation, wealth taxation, environmentalism, human rights laws, cultural liberalism, banking reform and civil liberties.

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The Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have all revealed their campaign buses for the 2017
Lib Dems hope to gain dozens of seats with anti-Brexit campaign
Yep, I think Lib Dems due for a recovery, esp here in Edinburgh. Last council elections th…
Like in Richmond where we stood aside and worked with the Lib Dems. Nobody could vote…
the Lib Dems doing nothing for the British living in the EU and everything for EU nationals living here😳
That folk who rallied behind Cooper, Burnham and Smith (or the Lib Dems) have the cheek to blame Corbyn really is astoun…
Make sure every EU National in Scotland knows that the Labour Party, Lib Dems and Tories today all voted to deny them a vote i…
Regarding the Green amendment. Note carefully that Tories, Labour and Lib Dems voted AGAINST giving 16-17 yo's and EU c…
Mike Rumbles claims Lib Dems sticking to manifesto pledge to oppose - Shows no respect of SNP manifesto pledge to hold it
Some people think the Lib Dems are the answer, I'm not so sure, they don't care about the economy. Sad!.
Besides the mong Lib Dems, who on earth has said this you nonce
You will never cut out the cancer of Islam until you cut out the establishment that feeds it. Labour conservative and lib…
Join the LIB/DEMS today, join the fightback! We are pro EU and Europe. You know it makes sense! http…
Join the fightback today. Join the LIB/DEMS for a fairer & more tolerant society as part of the EU.
LIB/DEMS are a formidable opposition to this Tory brexit government. Join the LIB/DEMS today and make a difference!
The LIB/DEMS are winning all across the country. Are you winning? If not, then join the LIB/DEMS today.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Britain’s best chance to succeed is within the EU. Join the LIB/DEMS today, let's make a difference!
'Decriminalise personal drug use to free up prison space', say Lib Dems
If you're Pro Europe and all that it stands for then join the Lib/Dems today, you know it makes sense.
. Ever notice Bernie only pipes up when Dems literally have Republicans backed into a corner with no Escape
Last night on Council, I proposed more proportional representation on a committee. Weirdly, the Lib Dems voted against. Not sure why?
I know I just like bullying Lib Dems
dems putting up roadblocks, focusing on finding dirt on Trump & his team, he has lib fake news smearing him, it's only been 2 mon
only low IQ Lib Dems could elect a wacko like...whatever you want to call "it"..did she escape the institution?
Unsurprisingly the Lib Dems are the most wrong.
“If you want to stop the Conservative Government You need to dump the Tories & back the Lib Dems righ…
every time the Dems R found out thy hv committed crimes thy scream independent commission if so we ne…
i knew you were going to ask that... would have to be Lib Dems? we need a Lib party worthy of the name and history
Only 1 of those parties I ever had time or respect for. Wouldn't touch Lib Dems, Greens & Cons with a barge pole. Revive Labour
Don't call an early election, the Lib Dems will beat us warn Conservative MPs
not a lady seems more like those crooked lib/Dems. Grow up and learn to be a real lady
Yes, but you expect those in Scotland who seek independence to do just that! Hypocrisy! What else can we expect from Lib…
7,000 Labour members quit party as senior councillor defects to Lib Dems
there's a bit of similarity in Bibi's win over collapsing Lib Zionism in Israel and Trump's win over collapsing Dems here
UKIP got more votes than Plaid Cymru, Lib Dems and Greens in 2015. Yet BBC audience hisses when UKIP leader is an…
Absolute magic - Labour, Lib Dems & Tories throw a barrage of nonsense at Greens - Support for Greens doubles in polls. Thanks…
The Lib Dems scream inclusiveness from the roof top. Hypocrites, only if inclusiveness votes Dem!
reaction from lib loony left when Nunes went public-Dems look so guilty. more upset over process than laws broken
*** SNP trying to make it harder for itself to win power. We should wait an other 100 years then the Lib Dems will do it.
Political correctness, lack of critical thinking skills, and corrupt minds will d…
Exactly the same thing done to me when I beat the Lib Dems in Edinburgh South. They were included,…
Since Corbyn won't provide adequate opposition, I'm standing up in the Commons today to deliver my own Brexit Bill https:…
Ya, Dems desperate 2 impeach Trump (hence Russia story) but it's unraveling. CREWvTRUMP = Lib legal hit-team
Why are the Lib Dems in parliament ? UKIP got twice as many votes as the Lib Dems. Shows how fixed and unfair our e…
Tough to disagree with Branson. So how about a donation to the Lib Dems Richard?
Leftist facade is imploding. Now our side can get focused on real corruption. Which is what lib/Dems fear most!
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Another Lib Dem win in a Leave area tonight. Here's something I wrote about how can win across the country https…
This week's most read: Labour vs the Lib Dems - Who has the right position on Brexit?
So atm I only really have Conservatives or Lib Dems the latter have the worst leader in U.K. Politics
Yeah, sorry about that, that was for when I pretended to join the Lib Dems
If there was a US-Russia nuke standoff, Dems & lib punditry have helped create a climate where detente would be portrayed…
Lib Dems have moved into shorter than 2/1 to win Manchester Gorton on the Betfair Exchange following news that George Gall…
You know Willie, nonsense like that is why Lib Dems are now an irrelevance in Politics!
So, now he's a journalist is George Osborne going to be less angry at the Lib Dems about leaking the 2012 Budget?
Stewart Lees bit about Ben Elton being worse than Osama Bin Laden sums up how I feel about the Lib Dems and Tories.
R's allow their D.C. trifecta to be subverted by infighting, love for media, and fear of Lib Dems.
U just gave the dems another bone..give an inch they take a mile. Now u'll get a lib special proc.
Me too,have resigned from Labour Party to join Lib Dems He hasn't once challenged May over brexit. He is finished
Probably take until the Lib Dems next let us down.
Lib Dems, Greens & SNP defend EU & Lab back Brexit. We should apologise to for deriding his Lib D…
Just heard that the Lib Dems have won the St Cutbert's ward by-election for Wells City Council. Well done Rob Ayres and the whole team!
Fair point but think how much worse it would have been without Lib Dems to rein Tories in a bit 😵
Ming Campbell - pious old fool. Best leader the Lib Dems ever had...
She had a gun,felony? Thought Lib Dems were all about gun control?? Except a felon with1..Look in the mirror
Diversion=Russia . Dems & Lib Media are worried because they KNOW Sessions is going after Clinton.
The Lib Dems are the pro-EU movement in the UK, fighting to keep or country open, tolerant and united. in the Europ…
You Lib Dems just keep it will never hold the Presidency! Americans see right they your corruption and lies
Just checking out to set the bar for I'm now in the zone. Do your worst, Lib Dems!
R's are allowing their power to be subverted by party disunity, corrupt media, and Lib Dems
Labour has now lost almost all its wealthy private donors meaning the Lib Dems are now bringing in more £££ from big donat…
We all would given half a chance, but I am a lifelong taxpayer ignored by Tory/Lab/Lib Dems and always will be
there are no words. In fairness, this is the most negative campaigning I think the Lib Dems would allow.
gives many reasons why Lib Dems belives should not go ahead & Lendlease not chosen. Asks for vote at Fu…
fine , do you think you would be happier with the Lib Dems ? Genuine question
Let's hope LibDems will get more donations to help fight brexit & hope remainers who aren't Lib Dems will joi…
Pub tonight 5 there 3 voted Remain 2 Leave. Both Leavers made mistake of protest vote & would vote Remain if asked…
I couldn't agree more the Lib Dems came so close to extd their agenda at least another 4 yrs burying our society,USA ✝🇺🇸
A 'horrible' selection process and jitters about the Lib Dems: Labour gear up for Gorton
ONLY THE Lib DemS 'We demand a say on the final deal in a referendum.' Read more here: via
DEPLORABLES UNITED. Time to take off gloves & let Lib Media & Lib Dems we r coming for them. Also any GOPer who gets in our way.l Elections
Pendle's Lib Dems have explicitly said they want a second referendum. Pendle voted 63% leave.
EXHIBIT A of lib MSM working with Dems to try & DESTROY President It's just embarrassingly transparent & will…
Lib Dems rewarded for Brexit opposition with £1m gift from one of Britain's richest men
. Handing their seats over to Lib Dems,so daft,don't deserve their jobs, I'd do much better 🤔
'They've learnt NOTHING' Lib Dems and Labour ask EU to PUNISH Britain over border control
Lib Dems silent when Khan pulled funding for tram and didn't come up with Council's share. They can't pretend the…
don't think Lib Dems is that tho. Nor Tories under May. So where do they go? If genuine third option emerges, Corbyn is toast
Camden Lib Dems have w/e street stalls in Belsize(Sat) and Hampstead(Sun) keeping up fight on hard Brexit. Contacts
Just like Loretta Lynch did!! The republicans have morals and substance. Something missing with the Lib Dems.
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer ... we care a lot for freedom here! Welcome to the Lib Dems, guys!
sounds great! Philly should keep voting for Dems. Lib's are just so stupid!
it is a joke. The Lib Dems wouldn't have me for starters. But we won't lose so it's fine!
Lib Dems overtake Labour in party donations for first time after post-Brexit bounce
All this focus on as the threat while all the while Lib Dems are quietly moving in on the pro-Remain liberal terrain C…
no I'm a local tory who knows the area and we will keep Hutton if we don't I will join the Lib Dems!!!
Dems DESPERATE to distract from. 👉. 👉Obama ILLEGALLY funneled BILLIONS to Lib groups.
just when u think the Lib Dems can't go any lower!!!
.That is a tough cookie, too. Some Lib Dems understand better than Labour Cllrs and they…
:Great comment. It was so f_cked up, but not one lib blamed it on Dems! What a missed chance!
.Labour getting into bed with UKIP will be even faster electoral suicide than the Lib Dems shacking up with the Tories.
If Willie Rennie is bringing up the police, he should be reminded that the Lib Dems owe police Scotland £1million.
Sajid Javid's housing plan is not radical enough, say Labour, Lib Dems... and a former Tory housing minister…
Lib Dems would also invest £10m in property that would generate income for County Council, says
Voting for Lib Dems is voting for Tim Farron and Tom Brake
er no. Lib Dems have the same skin in the game as the rest of the population. Brexit is a disaster.
Lib Dems should stand down in Stoke as Lab should have stood down in Richmond Park
'I've now joined the Lib Dems and wish I had a long time ago.' (3/3) Marc, new member, Milton Keynes
Where are the Lib Dems? Just one in the Chamber for David Davis's Statement.
No, she doesn't have to make that call: she knows which she wants. Scottish Labour, Lib Dems & pro-EU Tories have to make it.
No matter how much economic/social/political etc. damage is inflicted on Scotland, Scottish Lab/Tories/Lib Dems will ALWAYS back the union.
One thing which does strike me for an indyref 2, which I really think the Lib Dems and Scottish Labour should consider too...
Cardiff councillor Judith Woodman is standing down as the group leader for the Lib Dems in the city, and will not seek…
Smashing work from some fab Lib Dems in Lewes today! Thank you all and let's turn the town solid Lib Dem again 😃
Why do Scottish Labour, Tories & Lib Dems carry on the pretence. They have NO LOYALTY TO, OR INTEREST…
to be fair some of period was also Norman 'parity of esteem' Lamb but both Lib Dems
Lib Dems have supported a) tax increase to pay for NHS (Farron) b) Merger with Social Care (Norman Lamb) Good long term joined up thinking.
Think my fav was 13, where two pigs provide just the vivid "pictorial message" the Lib Dems' Scottish leader wanted:
What a swing in Sandhill for the Cllr Stephen O'Brien gains from Labour. Last May, Lib Dems got 90 votes/ LAB 1229.
.In 1989 over Hong Kong Tory govt would only let richest in. Lib Dems said all were British and had right. Guess…
Council HAD TO due to massive underfunding by Tory central govt. Lib Dems know that. So what would they have slashed to…
Labour would be worse in Scottish Parliament if it was FPTP, not better. Would be 4th behind Lib Dems
The thing about the Scottish Conservatives is this: even the Lib Dems pretended they wanted to be the government
I want Scottish Labour/Tories/Lib Dems to support Scottish electorate. They're providing no se…
Plaid Cymru and the Lib Dems also have clear Brexit policies, the two big parties do not.
Sensible and positive message coming from the Lib Dems - we must all work together to fight for a fair and just dem…
one thing the Lib Dems should do is embrace trade unions. I don't understand why they don't. It's silly.
Lib Dems behind UKIP and in 4th place. Not much benefit there
my re lib fantasy talk. He is prez until 2020 at a minimum. Dems need to run better candidates than Hillary
This absurd claim that Lib Dems did a good job restraining Tories and now the saviours to block Brexit ? I've more…
look at the last few by-elections. Lib Dems are advancing on Labour fairly well.
If there were no illegal immigrants getting hand outs from the government, there would be very few voters supporting the ultra Lib Dems.
My predictions for 2017 are that both May and Trump will quit. Lib Dems will poll higher than Labour. 2nd ref or GE in 2018.
hey Brendan did you join Lib Dems today? 🙄
How long before The Guardian officially backs the Lib-Dems?
Labour have surrendered. Lib Dems only party now who will fight for freedom & tolerance.
wake up Lib Dems Stronger together means you all sink!
When you join the Lib Dems does the welcome pack include a device that wipes your memory from between 2010 to 2015?
Lib Dems will lose credibility if they keep spinning wild claims. It's not just the right that can be accused of ma…
Lib Dems usual home of protest - this time anti Brexit as Lab confused on EU
that is why they will not get into power again the Labour Party is a joke and the Lib Dems
Some positive signs that the Lib Dems are reconnecting with the nation's youth...
Poll: Trump will start off term in historically weak position they polled only Lib Dems. Another CBS twist of truth
Lib Dems are in no position to lecture about Tory governments when you were part of one for 5 years
I now realise Lib Dems did a good job restraining the nastier side of the Tories during…
New Years Resolutions: 1) Learn to drive 2) Get out campaigning with Lib Dems 3) See more of the world 4) Settle down w…
How anyone who is responsible for can be knighted is beyond me. Lib Dems ought to be punished,…
if you look at the trends the cards were stacked against dems. Electing a lib prez for a 3rd term is a tall task
Lib Dems will continue to latch on to favourable public views like limpets but no one is fooled. As popular as piles.
I honestly don't get why the Lib Dems aren't more popular. They're organised, have good policies
What about the Opinium Dec 13-16 poll that had Lib Dems down 1%? The selective perception of hacks is staggering
Casual reminder that Labour is closer to the Lib Dems in 4th than they are to the Conservatives
Labour and Lib Dems unite to halt bill that would make it easier for new profit-making colleges to become...
Here's what the Lib Dems stand for:
Exactly why I laugh when they talk loud - no Lib Dems - no austerity. Rats the Lib Dems are
they could do... mainly by the Tories if it goes well and the Lib Dems if it goes wrong
.The Lib Dems voted for the bedroom tax (it should be noted Tim Farron voted for it on 17/12/2014) and £80billio…
The dumbest of the dumb. AKA Lib Dems.
for Lib Dems or UKIP. The Tories have also become bogged down. Only a broad party who arent
I meant 'you' as in the Lib Dems, who you have chosen to defend despite their behaviour
Today, Scot Lib Dems can reveal that there have been nearly 10,000 assaults on teachers in the past three years.
Dems in 2016 were the Repubs of the 1980s = same policies. Their treatment of Bernie shows their contempt for their lib base.
only choice for us Remain voters now is Lib Dems it seems.
not every constituency, probably less than 50, will hang on the Brexit issue. Its sad that the Lib Dems are
i like the Lib Dems as a party, but i think Farron is a narrow-minded *** Even less liberal in votes than May/Cameron.
. Lib Dems are the ultimate lunatics with labour in very close 2nd totally un…
Lib Dems in coalition betrayed students, justice, welfare (particularly for women) and in the end destroyed themselves -…
I think we can take that as a no. Lib Dems, the party that shamelessly enabled so much pain. Says it…
Lib Dems will drop back into bed with Tories when it suits, those voters get what they deserve.
NEW: Labour slumps further in latest poll, as Tory support wanes and Lib Dems continue to show signs of resurgence https:…
"I hope decent people are finally realizing these Lib Dems want your money, identity, soul and most…" — M. Fortas
BBC News - Lib Dems: Bouncing back from the dead in 2017?
. No I don't! The Lib Dems r untrustworthy & say/do what suits them at the time, as events have demonstrated, time& again.
Best ever year for Lib Dems in local authority by-elections
And Caroline Lucas let a property developer into Parliament, for the Lib Dems, instead of upping Greens appeal. Wonders never cease...
You are so laughable it is allowing Lib Dems to take the mantle of main opposition party.
That'd be a perennial party until the Lib Dems maybe get more inspirational
Wrong. Far too many traitors in England. From The Labour Immigration Party, the treacherous Lib Dems to immigrants…
Will any Lib Dems call for party to stand aside in Copeland for Labour? Suspect "progressive alliance" may be forgotten.
Lib Dems taking mantel of main opposition party and targeting areas that voted remain, perhaps?
Lib Dems are non-existent in large parts of the country too. V. disingenuous about being only party that campaigned remain
The liberal fightback starts now. Can the Lib Dems lead it? | Jackie Ashley…
'Over 40 years supporting Labour I have joined the Lib Dems'
Lots of noise about the Lib Dems standing aside in Copeland. Sadly the much more likely alliance is a UKIP-Tory one.
Lib Dems: 2nd Brexit referendum is a great idea. . Also Lib Dems: 2nd independence referendum is an awful idea.
Cardiff council says it is aware of the issue - Lib Dems say the baubles have been peeling
That's literally the reason the Lib Dems are loved in Cornwall? Wow...
Cornwall/Devon seems to like the Lib Dems for some reason. Not sure why.
Where should the Lib Dems focus their efforts next?
It's only one poll but it's a promising sign: Lib Dems jump to best poll rating in five years after Richmond triumph ht…
Why are the Lib Dems still a thing? If "National Action" deserve banning, then so do these anti-democratic, treacherous liar…
Owen Jones is a toxic enemy of who wanted Lisa Nandy to become Labour's leader. She backs a coaition with Lib Dems!
REMEMBER THIS? At last the sorry Lord Rennard chapter is over for the limping Lib Dems (and me) via
Remainers brag of Brexit anarchy: Labour and Lib Dems plot ahead of Supreme Court hearing - as...
I'd say Lib Dems took an easy win in Richmond from Kernel Sanders, Lee Nelson and Alan Yentob.
Lib Dems 'are back' after shock by-election win: Tim Farron says the Lib Dems are 'back' after o..
Lib Dems say that after their Richmond Park win the hard work begins, such as reminding people who Tim Farron is.
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Well, the Lib Dems voted with the Tories for the bedroom tax and disastrous NHS health & social care bill, so it's…
I wouldn't read too much into the result. Winning by-elections is the Lib Dems' little party trick. Holding the seats is not.
Hoping the Lib Dems beat Zac Goldsmith, his mayoral campaign targeted Muslims & tarred us as security threats & extremist…
Brexit means… an electoral pummelling. 23,000 Tory majority in Richmond now 1,900 majority for pro-EU Lib Dems.
Egg on your face this morning, Steve. By the way, no hyphen in 'Lib Dems' and the apostrophe goes after the 's'. Have a nice day.
Revenge of the Remainers when Ukip-backed Indy Tory Zac Goldsmith loses 23,000 maj to the Lib Dems. Less likely to be ea…
Zac Goldsmith loses to Lib Dems in 'shockwave' Richmond Park byelection
is knocked out by in the Richmond Pk by-election in a big political upset. Lib Dems say it was a vote on Brexit
is a great victory not just for Lib Dems but for the 48 per cent. A true blow for Theresa May and…
Does this mean that after 6 years, the Lib Dems finally fought back? Bless them. It's adorable.
Labour £500. Lib Dems £170,000. someone who is good at maths please help them budget this. their party is dying
Whilst liberal, metropolitan speaks, Wakefield's gave voice to the real UK - harsh.
Yes, Lab owe Lib Dems *nothing at all*... But.. they owe their own pro-EU base. And tribalism is not future-focused, jus…
BBC fades out the loser from Labour. A blessing. Bawbag claiming Labour lent the Lib Dems their vote.
Corbyn has finally got on message. That's quite a coup. The Lib Dems are the only pro-European party in British…
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Take THAT, Brexiteers! (Phew. Voters ignored Labour's selfish decision to contest this unwinnable seat for us.)
After he ran a hate filled mayoral campaign and campaigned with Pro Brexit pro Heathrow Cons MPs, good to see Lib Dems take
Not only that, he lost to the Lib Dems. The political party who can fit all their MPs inside a people carrier 😂😂😂
Formal Conservative overall majority down to 4 in Westminster after by-election. Lib Dems retake fourth place from DUP.
All those "Lib Dems Winning Here" boards in are going to look a bit silly on Friday.
Victorious only joined the Lib Dems last year. Spot the former MP doing a lot of hollering…
reminding us of ancient history when Tories won 2015 election by wiping out Lib Dems in, mainly, South W…
Oops, you got that one wrong Zac. Never mind, I'm sure you'll be consoled by Daddy's millions.
Lib Dems win Richmond by-election defeating Zac Goldsmith in tight race
Lib Dems oust Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park by-election - BBC News
Turn of the Tide? Lib Dems unseat Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park byelection
Good morning Jono. Good point, I should have been clearer that I was talking about the Lib Dems.
Amazing. takes Richmond Park for the Lib Dems, overturning 23k majority. Powerful signal to govt on Brexit. Congrats!
Richmond Park:. Lib Dems saying to the television cameras they're cautiously optimistic; Labour telling the Guardian Gold…
Lib Dems beat Goldsmoth in Richmond byelection. A message to
Lib Dems' shock win in Richmond Park by-election
Zac Goldsmith's 23,000 majority ripped up as Lib Dems win Richmond Park in shock by-election victory
It's about Lib Dems being all high-and-mighty in the ivory tower without looking at the shambolic state of their own affairs. Like.
I'm not starry eyed about the Lib Dems. Heaven knows I remember when they
Lib Dems eye victory over Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park
If Richmond by-election were about the number of placards, it'd be:. 1. Lib Dems . 2. Winkworths. 3. Zac Goldsmith .
Lib Dems eye knife-edge victory over Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park
Lib Dems reckon they might squeak past Zac - it all comes down to voter enthusiasm and Labour tactical votes htt…
So supports a political party - the Lib Dems, that in Govt trebled tuition fees & slashed welfare?
The Lib-Dems took £10,000 in 2012 from Huawei, a Chinese company Amnesty International links to human rights abuse in Cong…
looks like next election will be. Tories=Hard Brexit. Labour=Soft Brexit. Lib Dems= No Brexit
one i think despite getting more votes than the SNP & Lib Dems combined but since im not a UKIP Supporter who cares 😆😆
With the Lib Dems plan, if we had a referendum on the final deal and said no, what would happen?
Best news I've read in a while. Good on you Lib Dems
Don't hold your breath. Lib Dems usually have disdain for our Military.
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The Lib Dems have threatened to block an Article 50 vote if theresa May does not promise a second referendum
Defeated Dems could've tapped Rust Belt populist to head party. Instead, black, Harvard educated lib with mid name Hussein from IL?
Maybe but they won't get a seat in next election if the Lab Party is in tatters. At best Party will be like Lib Dems
Remind us again who the Lib Dems were .
Lib Dems nearly beat Liam Byrne in 2004 because people are fed up with Centrists!
they're almost as bad as the I can't stand those bleeding-heart liberal leftist lib-d…
The Lib Dems, what little are left, can have either the EU or the UK. Not both together. The sooner people realise, the be…
Lib Dems able to abstain from turion fee vote but decided to break pledge instead
.Lib Dems wil vote against Article 50 unless the British people are given a say on final Brexit deal
Not enough Lib Dems to trigger a brain fart in a brain fart factory.
Tim Farron says Lib Dems will vote against triggering Article 50. Tim who? Lib who? .
But I decided that I just don't trust the Lib Dems enough to bother changing that one sentence. Brexit will happen whether I like it or not.
What does Brexit mean? Once we know, the people must have a vote on it | Tim Farron
Who'd have thought six years ago that the Lib Dems would become the true party of opposition?
It is clear the tories have recruited Wee Rennie and the Lib Dems To try to bring down the SNP Not using labour again as t…
Murdo Fraser needs to learn that Indy isn't just about the SNP. I know Tories that are big Yessers.
Not so independent Zac Goldsmith caught campaigning with pro-Heathrow and pro-Brexit Tories https…
Lib Dems using Brexit to try and push their own agenda and rally new supporters is somewhat desperate.
Lib Dems 'will vote against article 50 if there is no new referendum'
At last, Britain has has an opposition to . Lib Dems will vote against triggering Brexit if no 2nd referendum
This is beyond stupid on so many levels I can't even.
Let's have a referendum on whether we need Lib Dems or not
the SNP and Lib Dems along with Labour could create an excellent Scotland in Europe if we all worked together.
To all Lib Dems that r n shock today, This just shows u how outta touch u r w/the ordinary, average, everyday hard working…
Cllr Brown says Lib Dems made a mistake in supporting Devonwall bill. Sponsored by Nick Clegg and voted through by cur…
Thought I'd never vote Lib Dems again after Tory coalition backtrack, but this changes everything! Tx Tim.
"The Scottish Conservatives said the motion showed the Lib Dems could not be trusted" Unless they propped up corrupt Tories for…
Tory MPs found campaigning for 'independent candidate' Zac Goldsmith
Mr Flanagan: "My own party [Lib Dems] views are we will vote against article 50, if it goes to parliament."
The Lib Dems say they are aiming to knock on every door in Richmond Park and North Kingston this weekend
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Lib Dems don't have a good track record of winning referendums. Just be the party for Europe.
# How come the Lib Dems Have said nothing about this Horrendous Deficit Tory's Eton Morons have built up ,
You don't commit to buying a house the day you fall in love with it. First you see if you can do an acceptable deal. htt…
Lib Dems would be toast, if it happened
MOD misled me says Vince Cable whose party allowed Cameron to wreak havoc on the poor. Lib Dems bleating won't erase their t…
Green Party stands aside in Zac Goldsmith by-election to back 'non-Tory win' for Lib Dems - https…
.Lib Dems will seek to amend legislation to avoid a damaging hard Brexit and give British people a say over t…
Bah Humbug! Labour accuse Lib Dems of being a Grinch over sweet shop ban.
Luckily the sensible Tories and Labour and Lib Dems are out there defending central bank independence and Mark Carney. Oh.
But it does not matter that Tim Farron's Lib Dems party has kicked Baroness Tonge, for the struggle for Palestine will continue.
I love the way Stephanopolous emphasized "yesterday" bc that's the lib mantra. Passed 24 hr mark? Doesn't count if it's Dems.
Baroness Tonge has been suspended from the Lib Dems. A Lib Dem peer has also called for her to resign her membership. h…
Voting UKIP at a General Election would be the best bet, given all our broken promises by Tories, Labour a…
Baroness Jenny Tonge resigns from Lib Dems after being suspended over anti-Semitism claims
From campaigning with Richmond Park Lib Dems to party suspension to quitting, all inside 48 ...
I would like Labour to step aside but would the Lib Dems do so if Labour…
Read Tolerating anti-Semitism could make Lib Dems the Corbyn-lite party.
BBC Politics Lib Dems suspend peer over controversial meeting
Lib Dems and Labour press teams looks like you need some help with factually correct press releases. Get in touch I won't charge too much
The Lib Dems are trying to turn it into a "referendum on Brexit" in a Remain constituency...UKIP just helped them.
| Breaking News - Lib Dems suspend peer over controversial meeting - ...
A new fake newspaper from the Lib Dems in Richmond Park.
If you think the Lib Dems threw the kitchen sink at Witney, they're going to throw a five-storey townhouse at Richmond Pa…
NO Brexit! Grab your chance. Election. May gone. Lib Dems COULD save our country from DECADES of poverty. Do it! Have some guts.
I know. And she has now resigned from a party that shld have thrown her out. But no morals in Lib Dems
.also that Lib Dems seem to be making inroads on the Tory vote which nationally could help Labour massively
So ...accusing the 'lobby' of attacking Labour ..or the Lib Dems, is now antisemitic?. ffs. Baroness Tonge
UKIP pulls out of Zac Goldsmith's by-election to help him defeat the pro-Remain Lib Dems
The Lib Dems have made the same mistake. I despair.
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