Liam Neeson & Rob Roy

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Liam Neeson vs Tim Roth in Rob Roy. Brutal and intelligently choreographed swordplay.
I don't need your Game of Thrones, I'm watching Liam Neeson in Rob Roy.
Going to see 'Taken 2' today with Liam Neeson, anyone else seen it?
Liam Neeson is Qui gon! As Scotsman Rob Roy, he was a Jedi in a kilt. Star Wars in Scotland, Hahn solo killed the ice mammoth to protect luke, rob hacks into dead huge cow to hide, quick use of rope slings rob into freedom, and luke and lei were frequently flying through the air to escape, and final sword fight..rob was no sissy, the Jedi sword up and above right shoulder and steel eyes that say, there is no try, only do or do not, so here I come. then there is Mary, who stood up to her Darth Vader just as Leia. Ah Star Wars, love you
My idea of a "chick flick"? Anything that has Liam Neeson in it.yes!!! Because he makes THIS chick very happy :-)
Foppish Bad-Assery Don't even think your bullets could ever pierce through the awesomeness that is Tim Roth. Source: Rob Roy
Liam Neeson was Liam Neeson the second he became Rob Roy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
Liam Neeson has once again reduced the population of Paris by about 8%.
Alan Sharp (CAA) Scottish-born screenwriter Alan Sharp, who penned Rob Roy (1995), the period historical drama set in his native land, has died at age
I've just watched a movie that I've been neglecting on watching for years and I'm so mad that I did. I've just saw Rob Roy starring Liam Neeson. Man, that's a *** good movie! That movie tells me that a man without honor nor integrity, that man is nothing. Definitely got to make it a part of my collection.
I always wondered how Liam Neeson essentially became a Hollywood badass over night. Then I realized that he didn't. He was Darkman. Now, raise your hand if you've never seen Darkman. Now, give me all your hipster points.
Rob Roy is showing with Liam Neeson now I cannot go to sleep got to watch it, lol...
This is a bit of dialogue from the movie Rob Roy which speaks of honor. This one is for you David Boyle. From the film ROB ROY: (starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange) "Son: Father, will the MacGregor’s ever be kings again? ROB ROY: All men with honor are kings - but not all kings have honor. SON: What is honor? ROB ROY: Honor is.. what no man can give ye, and no one can take away. Honor is a man’s gift to himself. SON: Do women have it? ROB ROY: Women are the heart of honor - and we cherish and protect it in them. You must never mistreat a woman, or malign a man. Or stand by and see another do so. SON: How do you know if you have it? ROB ROY: Never worry in the getting of it. It grows in ye and speaks to ye. All you need to do is listen."
Alan Sharp, the Scottish screenwriter who penned the script for the 1995 film Rob Roy, which starred Liam Neeson as the legendary folk hero and outlaw from the Highlands, has died. He was 79. Sharp died Feb. 8 at his daughter’s home in Los Angeles after a long illness, CAA said Monday.
Just watched Taken2, what can I say about Liam Neeson, he is amazing. All I see is Rob Roy all over again.
I would follow Liam Neeson's lead. He's been a Jedi, fought Wolves and the S.O.B. trained Batman. Why not follow his guidance?
What the *** is with people claiming 'Taken' was Liam Neeson's action debut? It's ridiculous!
Having recently re-watched the film Rob Roy, in particular Liam Neeson's method of overcoming more skillful...
Sitting down to paint as many highlander models as I can before the sun sets (and my ideal painting light with it), watching Rob Roy (starring Liam Neeson), and missing my darling Christa while she's at work. Hmmm, least I can say I've had worse days :P
In the highlands of Scotland in the 1700s, Rob Roy tries to lead his small town to a better future by borrowing money from the local nobility, Marquis of Mon...
Errol Fynn was the definitive version. Liam Neeson did Rob Roy not Robin Hood.
Liam John Neeson aka Jesus Christ's third cousin, (born 7 June 1952) is an Irish actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar, a BAFTA and three Golden Globe Awards. He has starred in a number of notable roles including Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List, Michael Collins in Michael Collins, Peyton Westlake in Darkman, Bryan Mills in Taken, Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Alfred Kinsey in Kinsey, Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins, and the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia film series. He starred in other notable films such as Excalibur, The Dead Pool, Nell, Rob Roy, Les Misérables, The Haunting, Love Actually, Kingdom of Heaven, Clash of the Titans, The A-Team, Unknown and The Grey, as well as smaller arthouse films (e.g. Deception, Breakfast on Pluto, Chloe). He was ranked at number 69 on Empire magazine's 100 greatest movie stars of all time in 1997. He was born in Ballymena, County Antrim and educated at St Patrick's College (now St Patrick's, Dundonald), Ballymena Technica ...
In the movie, Rob Roy (1995), Archibald (Tim Roth) wins" the sword fight, but while Robert ("Liam Neeson) is on his knees, he grabs the blade at his throat, then kills Archibald.
Perhaps the movie "King Ralph" (1991, John Goodman, Peter O'Toole, John Hurt) is only rated 4.9 on imdb, but personally, I thought it was adorable, and very sweet. :-) Due to a freak accident, the entire British Royal Family is wiped out, and Ralph Jones, a Vegas nightclub musician, finds himself the next King of England. John Hurt is one of the best "bad guys" in movies ("Rob Roy" with Liam Neeson comes to mind), and in this movie, Peter O'Toole's performance just makes you want to HUG him. It took me three days of piecemeal watching in the kitchen, but I just finished it, and I'm really glad I got to watch it.
I watched a movie called The Grey last night. It was so full of crap, I was disgusted after the first few moments. Because of the star, I thought it was going to get better and have some redeeming value (because I remember watching movies like Michael Collins and Rob Roy) Shame on you, Liam Neeson, for being used to demonize wolves after years of scientific research showing that they are necessary to a healthy balance of nature. Was this movie paid for by the ranchers who want to make all wolves extinct??? The movie is excrement, through and through. Wolves, I wish you really were as vengeful as this movie claims, I'd help you find the actors...
Before he was Rob Roy, Col. Hannibal Smith or Taken, action star Liam Neeson was the real thing -- an amateur boxer. In a recent visit to ESPN headquarters, Neeson offered his thoughts on the fight game.
"Honor is the gift a man gives himself." - great movie line delivered by Liam Neeson in Rob Roy. So true.
is watching Rob Roy with Liam Neeson. Never read the book surprisingly., One of the best classics ever I hear.
Combed hair back after shower, friends said I looked like Liam Neeson in Rob Roy, aww yeah :D now proceeding to watch Rob Roy
Just finished watching Rob Roy, amazing Liam Neeson movie!!!
Watched Taken, Taken 2, Rob Roy, and now Battleship I think it's a Liam Neeson weekend :-)
Sometimes I forget how legit Liam Neeson is. The I watch something like Rob Roy and am reminded that HE IS A RAGING BADASS!
-- Liam Neeson wears a mean kilt in Rob Roy ;-)
Liam Neeson was Zeus, Rob Roy and Qui Gon Jinn. He trained Obi Won Kenobi and Darth Vader. He punches wolves in the face! Why would you kidnap his family?!
This list does not include Rob Roy, and is therefore entirely false MT Liam Neeson's 10 most badass movies
Liam Neeson in the film Rob Roy... *melts*
Liam Neeson is the man.. Ever see Rob Roy? People don't realize he is a big guy. He is every bit of 6' 4"
Liam Neeson was on Ellen today and I missed it. He was modeling a pink speedo. He is infamous in Hollywood due to his natural endowment (we wont mention but use your imagination) Plus if you saw him in Rob Roy with Jessica Lange, he was wonderful in their love scene; that's when I fell in love with him.
3 Good Things today: 1. Relaxing morning. 2. Park Day with Potter's Clay Co-Op AND Golden Triangle Homeschoolers! 3. Watched Rob Roy...Liam Neeson is ALWAYS the bomb! What are your 3 Good Things today?
Rob Roy excellent rough games with sharp edges
I would like to propose to Liam Neeson. I know, he's kinda up there in age, but I don't care. I LOVE HIM! Oops.I'm already married, sorry Daddy! I lost it for a minute. But Liam is and will forever be my Dark Man, my Rob Roy, my Brian Mills, my sexy white chocolate! If you're feelin what I'm puttin down lemme know!
"That which can not be changed...must be endured." -Mary McGreggor in Rob Roy (movie Liam Neeson an Jessica Lang)5starz
And he's not only your dad, he's also Liam Neeson. So that's dad, Rob Roy, Darkman, Qui-Gon, Zeus and Ras Al Ghul dying all at once.
I watched "The Immortals" on Netflix last night and was not surprised to see yet another visually attractive piece of dreck, chock full of the highly choreographed battle scenes I have come to detest, even though they provide youngsters with a moral: the hero or heroine is always the one who's mother made him/her take ballet lessons. If you want to see a great sword fight. watch "Rob Roy," in which we find Liam Neeson and ,I think, Tim Roth, bludgeoning each other with huge broadswords, gasping, wheezing, and having to take short breaks in the action. Anyway, don't get me wrong. As an artist, I appreciate a visually arresting movie, but I would trade much of the visual aspect in exchange for a writer who is able to make me give a rat's *** about any of the characters.
Heh saw the fight scene between Tim Roth and Liam Neeson in Rob Roy a few days ago.gotta see that movie now.
Watching sabre fencing in the Olympics - two guys with 2 feet of padding with a cloth space helmet that lights up like a stop light after each jab. About exciting as watching mildew form on your bathroom tub. Give me Liam Neeson and Tim Roth slashing away at each other in ' Rob Roy ' anyday - aargghh.
Having watched Dark Knight Rises yesterday, I suddenly realised that Liam Neeson must be the most powerful man on Earth. To my memory, he was an ex-CIA operative (Taken), ex-US Special Forces (A Team), he is Jesus Christ (Pilgrim's Progress), he is God himself (Chronicles of Narnia), and also the the King of Gods (Wrath of the Titans), he trained Jedi Master Obi-wan (Star Wars) and Batman (Dark Knight series), he saved over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust (Schindler's List), and he was a US Admiral (Battleship). Also, he was a Scottish outlaw (Rob Roy) and a superhero (Darkman). This guy is a real badass. I would not want to mess with this guy.
"Liam Neeson trained Batman, Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, Balian of Ibelin and the A-Team. He is both Zeus and Aslan, making him a god in two religions. He gave the Scots freedom as Rob Roy, rescued the Jews from the Holocaust as Schindler and taught the world to have sex as Kinsey. He also punches wolves. Would you kidnap his family?"
"Rob Roy" - Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, and according to Roger Ebert the best staged sword figh...
Just watched Rob Roy. A film in which Liam Neeson looks and acts like Qui Gon Jinn but has a Scottish accent & wears a kilt.
cannot stand idly by while people shower unmitigated praise on Liam Neeson's character in the movie "Taken." To repeat my longstanding claim, go see Neeson in either "Les Mis" or "Rob Roy" if you want your soul to be stirred. Now then, down to business: I don't think Neeson in "Taken" was justified in every scene. Doesn't he shoot the one guy's wife in the leg or something, when she had no clue what was going on? How now, Rothbardians?
Liam Neeson film about... erm, about Rob Roy. Like Gary Numan to William Wallace's David Bowie
Rob Roy. An older movie (18 - 20 years ago maybe?). AWESOME movie. Liam Neeson in a kilt, with a sword...what more do I need to say?
Starting to give 'Rob Roy' some funny looks too. Primarily because its another Liam Neeson movie I have yet to see
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