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Liam Fox

Liam Fox (born 22 September 1961) is a British Conservative politician, Member of Parliament for North Somerset, and former Secretary of State for Defence.

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Post-Brexit trade deals will boost global security, new chief negotiator for Liam Fox insists: qua
Jeremy Hunt V Stephen Hawking. Hawking sends a clip from his toenail to the debate Hunt asks Davis,Gove&Liam Fox for intellectual support.
Philip Hammond views Liam Fox with 'contempt' and Brexit truce will collapse, Tory minister says ' | via
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox discussing strategy at a planning away day
Liam Fox & the other Tory eurosceptics have sold Brits out. The 2 year article 50 period is the transition period http…
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in post-Brexit deal call
will not seek to remain in 'by the back door', say Fox and Hammond
BBC BIAS: Liam Fox demands urgent showdown with Beeb bosses over anti-Brexit coverage
Liam Fox should stop flip-flopping and take off rose-tinted glasses He was lousy Secretary of State for Defence too!
Brexit: UK will not seek to remain in the EU 'by the back door', pledge Fox and Hammond in show of Tory unity
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in agreement on transition period.
British ice cream is so good, said no one ever
Chancellor Philip Hammond & International Trade Sec Liam Fox: Brexit transition period will be time limited & designed to…
David Miliband is useless. But the Philip Hammond/Liam Fox joint declaration is meaningless. Hammond is biding his time.
Liam Fox has been ridiculed for being aimless and/or incompetent. See also:
Um... Liam Fox is quick for the UK to eat chlorinated chicken. I will take my chances with the EU.
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Liam Fox aimless and incompetent. Who knew 😂
"the activities of David Davis and Liam Fox show that your concerns are well founded".
Liam Fox dept "aimless & incompetent": just as he was at Defence or Tory party chair when I was a Tory MEP ht…
Jeremy Corbyn provides real hope for those who want to solve inequality | The Independent
Liam Fox’s trade department has been ridiculed as aimless and incompetent
Liam Fox said it would be "easiest in human history" and now wants an extension. What have BREXITE…
Here's the Hammond/Fox joint article on Brexit in the 'butler's paper' Sunday Telegraph if you want to pay for it
So let's get the job DONE! Britain will not stay in EU by the back door. via
‘From ice cream to swimwear, you can find UK holiday exports in travel destinations around the world’.
I've told Liam Fox to get a trade deal that represents us and not just big business. Will you sign too?
Lest we forget the history of the disgraced Liam Fox
- Why is Liam Fox allowed to be an MP let alone a minister - - who votes for these people
Liam Fox resigns: Defence Secretary finally quits after over Adam Werritty scandal via
Boris Johnson and Liam Fox 'out of loop' on EU migrants as Cabinet rift deepens.
Where the Brexiteers went: Johnson, Davis and Fox mapped Boris Johnson, Liam Fox
UK News: Border lions - Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis have been racking up the air miles as they make...
New: Boris Johnson and Liam Fox are being ‘kept out of the loop by Cabinet colleagues over plans to allow EU migra…
Liam Fox: using his freedom of movement, at taxpayers' expense, to fly around the world, be useless & talk Brexit BS
Philip Hammond is in charge of the coffers. David Davis in charge of EU talks. Liam Fox in charge of the BIG ONE: inter…
Liam Fox rejects Philip Hammond’s claim of agreement on Brexit transitional deal:
'No Cabinet deal on free movement after Brexit,' says Liam Fox
Boris wants CETA, Liam Fox said must conclude as soon as possible - I GUESS we are…
So, Brandon Lewis contradicts Amber Rudd on immigration and Michael Gove contradicts Liam Fox on chlorinated chicken.…
Food standards at risk as Liam Fox chases US/UK trade deal
Liam Fox and chlorine chicken threatening to become 2017 version of John Gummer and burgers.
Theresa May pays £18.000 for her new mattress/John Lewis.Then tells our UK PPL.More Austerity.Liam Fox needs to b fox hunted
ICYMI Liam Fox writes to BBC director general to complain about Brexit coverage:
I love to hear one! Please can you enlighten us? "is ignoring positive stories says Liam Fox"
Oh gosh Liam Fox and Dan Hannan have been caught out telling porkies about the EU again (thread)
Dr Liam Fox , you could always check your notes for positive reasons . Oh you didn't take any note paper with you
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Yeah. Liam Fox is top of his in-tray. Interesting when Fox comes out with this bias crap never has a '…
Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, has written to the BBC to formally complain about its "unbalanced reporting" of Brexit.
Liam Fox: Brexit must end before 2022 election
The EU don't want to negotiate & the Tories just want to surrender, time to walk away
Liam Fox: "There are commentators who believe that leaving the European Union will give us uncertainty about the future.…
His full name is "The Disgraced Liam Fox". Disrespectful not to use his proper title.
Liam Fox demands face-to-face showdown with BBC chief Tony Hall to protest 'unbalanced' Brexit reporting
In a parallel world where some public ethics still exist, Liam Fox the disgraced former Defence Secretary
I've owned paperweights more insightful than Liam Fox.
Liam Fox: "We should never doubt the strength of the UK economy. We... were the second fastest-growing economy in the G7…
Liam Fox continues in 🦄 world where thousands of countries queue pen ready to sign trade deal on yacht Brita…
BBC is ignoring positive Brexit stories, Liam Fox claims
Brexit deal should not 'drag on' until after next election, says Liam Fox
Now even brexiteer Liam Fox sells out & want an EU transition deal until 2022! never trust the Tories
Liam Fox has written a formal letter of complaint to the BBC demanding talks over its 'biased' Brexit coverage
Notice how provides no examples?. Can't report on what's not there.
Showdown talks with the BBC over their biased anti Brexit coverage. The licence fee should be scrapped
Brexit: Liam Fox sets election deadline for EU transition
On Liam Fox said the economy is strong.It is if you ignore the evidence of businesses leaving & falling pound. h…
The Tories have given up on a real Brexit & have totally surrendered to remainers. UK voters stabbed in the back https…
BBC has 'wilfully ignored' positive news on Brexit, Liam Fox says .
Do you think the BBC are anti Brexit?
1. Liam Fox says there is something wrong. It's the infrastructure, and let's talk about the 'Coffee' claim.
Britons did NOT vote to leave the single market blasts Sir Vince Cable - 'We invented it!'
Liam Fox says we can "survive" without a trade deal. Survive! They promised us we'd be better off...Brexit lies are crumb…
It's disgraced Tory minister Liam Fox on Incredible he is in the cabinet, let alone suc…
Liam Fox is talking rubbish when he says all rules in EU are identical. Our social protections are the bare minimum co…
Vince Cable in total deny,during EU ref remainers said we would quit the single market including Cameron & Osborne htt…
Now Liam Fox promotes a transition period. Seems are (a) not prepared for, and (b) increasingly don't want
This is George Monbiot putting Liam Fox in perspective
Liam Fox is even more sure that Brexit is the right idea than he was a year ago. . The very definition of blind faith.
Wow!! Never interrupted liam fox once not once already interrupted Corbyn 6 times in the first two minutes
Prof. Alan Sked - "If the EU were rational, if they were friendly, then we could do a trade deal very quickly."
Liam Fox claims "internal work" shows potential growth in trade with US of £40bn. If serious/credible, he should publish it…
What is the future of British trade policy after Brexit? welcomes Liam Fox on Monday to discuss.
This month Liam Fox is meeting with Robert Lighthizer, to set out terms of the US-UK free trade agreement!
Liam Fox suggests UK-EU trade agreement will be “easiest in history" to negotiate. Here's the take from ht…
David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson struggle to overcome the first hurdle on their way to EU Brexit negotiations. https…
Liam Fox says the Brexit deal will be the easies...
Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Liam Fox … could hardly have had a less impressive three months …
Craig Oliver claims minister told him Liam Fox "struggling to come up with any evidence" trade deals will make up for hard Bre…
has NO business in the same Lobby as Peter Bone; John Redwood; Liam Fox, Bill Cash; Chris Grayling...for ANY reaso…
Liam Fox, a few minutes after defending the £1bn DUP deal, says out loud the country just can’t afford to give nurses a pay…
Liam Fox & Nick Ferrari it Is the very residents & family members you speak of who are asking the questions Corby…
Voices that make the flesh creep: Trump, May, IDS, John Humphrys, Rees Mogg, Liam Fox, Farage, Cameron, etc, etc. Waking up narked.
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Liam Fox, the shadow Defence Secretary, was a member of the YBF's parliamentary council.
I know the Secretary of State is the disgraced former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, if that's any help
Is that it Liam Fox, the disgraced former Defence Secretary of UK?
Is it disgraced former Defence Secretary Liam Fox?
Of course, to give him his full title, you mean the disgraced, former Defence Secretary Liam Fox
Liam Fox buggered a Yorkshire terrier while on fire
While Davis Davis kicks off Brexit negotiations in Brussels, Liam Fox will be in Washington, initiating post-Brexit UK-US trade talks.
Not much between May & Davis. Both are disastrous... so is Boris & the discredited Liam Fox. Nightm…
David Davis and Liam Fox arrive in Brussels to commence Brexit negotiations.
Oh really! Are you on the same page as Thatcherites like Liam Fox, David Davis and IDS?
not confused at all..who are you defending on the brexit team then? clever Liam Fox? (dissapeared in the G…
As for the exact role of the jack-in-the box kiwi negotiator: advising Liam Fox
I have just awakened from a 10 year long sleep.Liam Fox is still involved in politics and David Davis
Ah yes. That'll solve it. We'll end up with Boris, Liam Fox or David Davis as PM. Christ alive.
Hammond and May both need to go, put Rees-Mogg in No.10, maybe Liam Fox in No.11 and…
Hooray, disgraced former Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, is alive. I started to get worried by him hiding in the bushe…
Oi! David Davis, Liam Fox, Theresa May...where are our positioning papers? As a British citizen, I'd like to see th…
Maybe who should be the one going around for trade instead of the disgraced Defence Secretary, Liam Fox.
33. The British may choose to believe the US State Department will see the EU's negotiation through the eyes of David Davis and Liam Fox
Thanks. I know. Now, can you tell Prince Andrew, BBC, David Davis, Liam Fox etc, because the message isn't getting through.
Big part of it to me, too. Corbyn's as hard a Brexiteer as David Davis or Liam Fox, just for different reasons.
What happens to Liam Fox & David Davis when we shamble into soft brexit [for want of any better ideas]? Howling at moon like John Redwood.
Big swinging egos, David Davis, Boris Johnson & Liam Fox are £u©k¡πg us over.
Hehe, myself i'd go for David Davis but Liam Fox is capable. Though in truth, i doubt eit…
I first noticed this with the recall of Liam Fox & David Davis. How lacking in talent would you need t…
Poor execution by team of "Remainers" including David Davis, BJ and Liam Fox?
Have you seen the track record of Davis, Liam Fox, Leadsom or new justice secretary? Not only they think i…
But if you are in the customs union Liam Fox job is pretty much redundant.
i would love to live long enough to see what wild suggestion in cabinet so horrified Ken Clarke and Liam Fox
What is the point of Britain's print media if they can't get Liam Fox's title correct in their style guides?. It's "the disgraced Dr." FFS
I'll take Dianne Abbott as a ministerial liability over Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis ANY DAY. !!!
Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, Liam Fox. Shall I go on... Andrea Leadsom, Ian Duncan Smith, and of course
Can't believe Liam Fox said “the United Kingdom is one of the few countries … that does not need to bury its 20th century history."
Not this deal. David Davis is chief negotiator with the EU over BREXIT. Liam Fox is t…
I'm voting for the party that will ban Liam Fox and Jeremy Hunt, not the one that wants to allow their return.
Kim Jong May and Liam Fox say we share the same values as Duterte/Erdogan/Trump/Le Pen and Saudi Arabia
Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox is without a poppy. So are Caroline Spelman and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Wouldn't it be lovely if the world turned and Ian Duncan Smith, Theresa May, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, David Davies all lost their seats
The political bestiary continues with. THE LIAM FOX. The sharp hot stink of Liam Fox*. Is one of nature’s sourer...
Andy Murray and Anna Friel campaign to save the rhino from Liam Fox via
Reminder: it's the same Liam Fox who wants to export innovative jam to France
I had to think of Arsene Wenger, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Gisela Stuart, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davis...…
Excellent point. Though with Putin on the one hand, and May, David Davis and Liam Fox on the other, I ha…
Oh look Liam Fox has snuck a clause into the so called Great Repeal Bill that'll mean they can sell off the Scottish NHS!…
IPSA & Julian Assange reckon that Liam Fox has been doing what to Gibraltar?
And I look at Liam Fox, David Davis, Boris Johnson, & Theresa May and consider their attributes and I think:. maybe I'm b…
SO VOTE AGAINST IT!Refuse to walk through the lobby with Liam Fox and Liar Johnson for crying out loud. Or just be a loudmouth
what about that "David Davis, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson" are "cheap chancers"?
. Liam Fox imagining he's Harrison Ford?. Well maybe not. David Niven?
NS: A Tory government, dominated by the likes of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox, deluding themselves about rebuilding the empire…
Liam Fox tells officials not to use 'offensive caricature' term 'Empire 2.0'.
"Iain Duncan Smith, John Redwood and Liam Fox can only do politics as guerrilla fighters."
Liam Fox is without doubt one of the most odious creatures on earth. Empire 2.0 is he mad!!! Don't like him and I certainly don't trust him
This is a shockingly stupid thing to say, even by Liam Fox's standards
What, dictated to by the likes of Gordon Brown, Alastair Darling, Liam Fox & other such notorious Englishmen?
and before he was a disgraced MP, Liam Fox was? Oh, and Sarah Wollaston??
Delighted to have been mentioned by in his speech about the UK and international innovation:…
not Liam Fox's approach per se but comes across from many others. Cd have used the help when we were fighting critics
You like for the title. The fox sports commentary team must be listening to you. Huge game tonight, home final❤️
Saudi arms exports, as I said on this morning, it's not as though Liam Fox could be described as a "dove"
Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing. Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to...
1 month after Saudi kill 140 & injure 500 in Yemen Boris writes to Liam Fox & says we should go on supplying Saudi with weapons & Fox agrees
A bee in my bonnet? I just want to live in defined by racism, nationalism & ruled by Liam Fox. You do??😳
No premiership hangover for Dog Liam Picken. Head clash at training yesterday, surgery today for fractured cheekbone.
Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to continue exports of weapons to Saudi Arabia”
Liam Fox fingered a horse as part of a Nazi-themed orgy
btts is a horrible bet for tomorrow. Spurs and Liverpool both struggling up front.
If Liam Fox put forward a referendum forcing all UK residents to wear their underwear outside trousers, should 'respect' the result?
Boris Johnson urged Liam Fox to continue signing off weapons sales to Saudi after Yemen funeral bombing
Dr Liam Fox voted against an amendment to give the NHS an extra £350m pw after Brexit but lets not trouble view…
imagine being French. In April you get to choose between Liam Fox, James Purnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Bob Crow and Oswald Mosley
Liam Fox pulled a fast one and denied MPs a vote on CETA … but not without being called out by the surprisingly...
liam fox. Adam werrity was the mate who sat in
why did we leave again?. Liam Fox says all new free trade deals include demands on liberalisation of migration rules.. In…
Liam Fox shoved a cucumber up a sheep while high on PCP
Give him his full title - Disgraced former Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox.
News follows report that Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to continue arms sales to Saudi after bombing.…
Liam Fox's "post-Brexit link to the world”, Liverpool 2 docks project, suffers massive sinkhole - metaphor for Brit…
News hidden in plain sight, and why Liam Fox sets off the radar. Some history from Russell Bruce in http…
According to Liam Fox it's dead easy ... you'll be able to sign of a deal a week
Update: We're David Davis and Liam Fox - it's our white paper
£100m is being used to fund staff in Liam Fox & David Davis' new departments
Not just David Davis who is WAAAY Out of his depth, Theresa May, Liam Fox & right-wing ego-maniac Boris Johnson are expose…
Liam Fox, Michael Gove, David Davies and Nigel Farage all looking for the Alpha Male and got it in Trump
Trump saying make and buy American. Liam Fox crying in a corner.
Liam Fox reveals Britain is already in trade talks with 12 other countries -
And yet after only a few days he knows more about his brief than Chris Grayling, Owen Paterson, Liam Fox, David Dav…
Ken Clarke on top form this morning - leaving the customs union would be "folly", Liam Fox "has nothing to do for the next…
What is the point of Liam Fox? Big beast, Kenneth Clarke slams slippery Fox in fun Marr interview.
iu Tsk, tsk! I recommend you listen to Liam Fox. He's compelling on the opportunities open to Dare to believe!
Public 'lacking trust in Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox over Brexit'
Tim Martin, David Davis, Liam Fox, Arron Banks, Nigel Farage, all names I would trust and support.
Is Ian Dale suggesting Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox don't believe in Brexit? Or that The…
Liam Fox, Maria Miller & Mark Harper were the 3 of 6 coalition (but Tory) ministers I listed who resigned for poor judgement
,on the weekend that arch brexiter Liam Fox ,stated he is now accepts the customs union ,P WILLIAMS , thinks we should Brexit ?
Liam Fox has already signed the UK up to the deal, wilfully bypassing UK parliamentary scrutiny along the way.
No need to panic. Liam Fox has set up a working party. (Hat
Liam Fox bypassed parliament to sign the UK up to - a deal that will worsen inequality across Europe
Well at least we've got the disgraced Liam Fox on the case. That's a relief.
BREXIT IN THE BALANCE: backtracks with strong hint at Turkey-style EU deal
Liam Fox sees the future as very bleak indeed
A British government spokesman saying that Nigel Farage is 'an irrelevance', while they pretend to be pro-Brexit,
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has already signed up the UK to bypassing parliament.
The betrayal of the British people and their vote for Brexit - upon which the EU-controlled Tory leadership...
Here's my full statement on Liam Fox's Customs Union Hokey-Cokey today on the Marr programme:
No point worring if it looks like temp CU (as per Liam Fox and longterm comprehensive FTA via
Liam Fox strikes new trade deals with Korea leading to post-Brexit jobs boost
Liam Fox: We can't go for a quick result, we have to get the right result"
When Liam Fox is supposed to be the voice of reason, you know that we’re headed to *** in a hand basket.
South Korea becomes 7TH country to agree to strike new trade links with UK after Brexit | Daily Mail Online
Gideon talking slightly more sense than normal. Liam fox bang on the money as deranged Tory with no principles.
A string of deals are expected to flow from the first major deal secured by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox https…
Obama U know there's no in US election. BUT U did interfere in vote Oh snap! BUSTED https:/…
Good Korea Move: setting up post-Brexit deals with South Korea. Story by .
.on the irony of Liam Fox pointing to Turkey as a model for UK after Brexit
Britain already has a Korean free trade deal (which it will lose after leaving the EU)
South Korea is 7th country to agree trade links with UK after Brexit via
More good news for Britain's free trade future as Liam Fox secures a trade deal worth billions with South Korea!. https…
Hearing Liam Fox on Marr it's clear the Tories are backsliding on Brexit. It's clear Only UKIP want to take us out…
Liam Fox says 'We need to make fact based decisions'... So when do we get the £350m a week for our NHS?
Liam Fox: The UK 'must look at all options' including staying in the customs union
Liam Fox warns of transitional Brexit deal that is too similar to membership in the bloc
Liam Fox:. 'we have to get the best result on trade'. So.. >EU=51% & 47 % of exports in Sept/Oct. >8 of our top 10 trade partner…
Liam Fox the DISGRACED former Defence Secretary says. *We must make fact based decisions" Yeah right!. Like you did…
Difference in quality of interview answers between George Osborne and Liam Fox on would worry me if I were a Hard Bre…
Liam Fox, who claimed the UK will conduct major new trade deals, now wants to be part of the European Customs Union, whic…
Theresa May, IDS, Liam Fox, Rebecca Pow, Jim Davidson, Gary Barlow, Simon Cowell, Can you hear me, your boys took one h…
Liam Fox fellated an Alsatian but Edwina Currie forgave him
Very quietly, Liam Fox admits he isn't going to change any EU trading arrangements
Very quietly, Liam Fox admits the Brexit lie via
Brexit team Greg Hands trade minister obviously as delusional as disgraced former Defence Secretary Liam Fox
Liam Fox tells me new Dept of International Trade is for whole of UK; wants Welsh businesses to feel it represents…
Tim, where do you stand on single market? How much would you pay for access? And customs union? Would you abolish Liam Fox's dept?
Liam Fox is looking for negotiators.
India has most ambitious smart cities program: Liam Fox, Secy of State, UK Dept. of Int'l Trade at India-UK tech summit htt…
Liam Fox needs a public health warning stuck to his forehead...
He's such an awful person. Up there with Liam Fox. You know he (a Catholic) led a Muslim march to ban Rushie's Satanic Verses?
Liam Fox 'orders Chancellor Hammond not to start Project Fear Two' in latest Brexit spat
Ahead of Autumn Statement, Liam Fox tells Philip Hammond there is "no need for any economic stimulus".
Day 4,236 of Brexit: Liam Fox spends the day playing golf. Michael Gove forgets to ask a customer if they want fries with their order.
David Davis and Liam Fox, taking the economy to the next level (
Boris Johnson and Liam Fox cannot be trusted to negotiate Brexit with EU, Nicola Sturgeon warns https:/…
There must be some mistake. NOBODY can trust Boris Johnson and Liam Fox to represent them.
SNP calls for cannabis to be decriminalized for medical use: (NB: not a devolved issue, so no legal au…
barely a vote in this, just the right thing 2 do! SNP conference: Nicola Sturgeon's speech - Politics live
Sturgeon says: Scots can't trust Boris Johnson, Liam Fox to represent them. Actually Nicola, no one can.
: The unholy trinity - Boris Johnson, Liam Fox & David Davis - three men and not a paddle between them
SNP conference calls for to be decriminalised for medical use in - Politics live
Nicola Sturgeon to open German 'embassy' because she does not trust Boris Johnson and Liam Fox
GREAT NEWS “By 2021, an extra £500m will be invested in our GP practices and health centres.”
Wouldnt trust them to open a packet of crisps
Sturgeon announces plan to boost trade and exports in Europe, says cannot trust Liam Fox and Boris Johnson to do that for…
NS: "More than ever we need to tell our European friends Scotland is open for business. We can't trust Boris J and Liam Fo…
and cannot be trusted to negotiate Brexit with EU, warns
Nicola Sturgeon promises an extra £500m for primary care by 2021. & that Scotland will remain at heart of Europe .
Is Nicola Sturgeon really suggesting she could lead Brexit talks!!! she wants the UK as weak as possible
If the SNP put up a candidate in Margate, they've got my vote... .
Liam Fox and David Davis would get done over by Arthur Daley before the first ad break.
No no Liam Fox and David Davis have all the answers ,whatever happens they will still live in grand mansions
I see Liam Fox has taken an early lead for the British, followed closely by David Davis. The Americans yet to play their Trump card.
so that's now the treasury, David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson that don't speak for the got on brexit..
them into a ward room where she quickly ducks out and locks them in to chat with David Davis and Liam Fox. Wars would apparently not follow.
Heseltine nails the insanity of David Davies and Liam Fox in one simple sentence - listen carefully
Owen Paterson talking rubbish on Liam Fox & David Davis have both admitted UK could leave the EU without a free t…
What if -imagine the thought- European partners do not recognise the genius of Davis and Liam Fox and Boris Johnson?
Boris Johnson, David Davies and Liam Fox getting ready for Brexit negotiations.
George Osborne can hardly stop grinning when talking about the challenge facing the likes of David Davis and Liam Fox
The 3 wise men, Boris Johnston, Liam Fox and David Davis bring gifts of plane tickets home and "take your scrounging donkey with you".
Who knew Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Ian Duncan Smith had all been on a field trip to Puckeridge?
Chancellor Hammond fears David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox will wreck Brexit
There should be a 2nd referendum and the question should be 'Remain or let David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson negoti…
Martin Kettle (Guardian): Liam Fox "always has a whiff of P G Wodehouse's absurd man of destiny, Roderick Spode, about him".
Liam Fox. If British don't dare bring a foreign wife in to the UK and consume NHS resources and look after the kids.
Can you hear the steelboots in the night:Immigrants who ‘consume’ Britain’s wealth are not welcome, Liam Fox says
A Govt of Leadsom, Liam Fox, David Davis, Boris, Amber Rudd etc & the opposition can't land a blow on them. ...let that sink…
Greg Clark rebukes Cabinet colleague Liam Fox over ‘lazy and too fat’ business jibe via
Do you think Andrea Leadsom, Liam Fox, David Davis, James Dyson, Boris Johnson, et al. are all dumb and uneducated?
Liam Fox wants to make sure the post-Brexit UK is as neoliberal capitalist as the EU! Is it not about time we...
UK's trade with EU will be "at least as free" post-Brexit, International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox says
Liam Fox: “The European Union is in terrible shape. The architecture is beginning to peel away" http…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
European Union will 'implode' when Britain leaves, says Liam Fox
Rejected petition: 'MPs Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson should be impeached'
.choice: admit we're out of EU customs union or that Liam Fox is redundant
Liam Fox reminds me of those similarly talented and insightful critics of British business, Mark Thatcher and Prince And…
British businesses too 'lazy' and 'fat' says international secretary Liam Fox
Liam Fox to recruit migrant labour to his International Trade Dept. You couldn't make it up.
Tory Trade Minister Liam Fox says Britain is too 'lazy and fat'
Liam Fox ridiculed after he's caught undermining the very people he represents
Liam Fox has no wit; he's just a pup who once wanted to be PM. Imagine!
"Hard Brexit" GP Liam Fox insults UK business because he's an *** backed by *** May must be patient: he'll self de…
In a less shameless world, career would have ended in 2011
UK business 'too fat and too lazy' to seek new export markets, says trade secretary Liam Fox
Glam vs. Sham: Tom Ford and Liam Fox Face Off on First Day of Fashion Week
Pretty ill judged comment by Liam Fox. I know my dad's business certainly isn't lazy, & neither are most businessmen http…
Business leaders and MPs attack Liam Fox over 'fat and lazy' accusations
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Liam Fox is a total *** and one wonders why people vote him in as their MP.
'How dare you talk down the country you’ve damaged' - responds to Liam Fox: https:…
It's worth recalling that Liam "Britain's fat and lazy" Fox once billed the taxpayer 3 pence for a 100-metre car trip.
Liam Fox is wrong, you want more manufacturing in the UK? How about a coherent energy and infrastructure policy that supports?
They're attacking Liam Fox because they think they can scupper Brexit by ousting the 3 heavyweight Ministers overseeing…
Liam Fox is right: Britain has a major export problem, and Tory MPs should't think it'll be cured by Brexit. My blog http…
If you missed this demolition of Liam Fox, treat yourself to one of the finest (and most deserved) trashings ever
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