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Liam Brady

Liam Brady (born 13 February 1956) is an Irish former association football player, and former assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland national football team.

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Liam Brady: "If it's AW to stay, I have no problem with that. A lot of fans would, but I think he’s been a terrific…
I still don't get how the FBI can find Tom Brady jersey in Mexico but still doesn't know who killed Tupac or Biggie 😅
'Jack is going to be a huge player for Arsenal and England over the next 10 years and hopefully beyond' . - Liam Brady
going to have to start taking everything they say seriously, Liam Brady could be better than Ozil
Liam Brady: "I think the club, by the time we play Man City, could do with a statement saying whether Arsene’s going to stay or going to go"
Liam Brady: "From an supporter point of view the uncertainty surrounding Arsene has not been good for the team"
RIP Martin McGuinness.The way himself and Paisley put aside hate &became friends was peak humanity and humbling for ever…
It may be years since I watched WWE, but I was in Dún Laoghaire on Paddy's Day and MISSED Edge?! I am rather annoyed
"Don't go my friends, we will lead you to the Republic"
Am I only one who's really hoping that this "Brady's Missing Jersey" turns into a movie?! Liam Neeson would play Tom Brady obviously!
nonsense. Liam Brady only won the FA Cup and he's still regarded as an Arsenal legend. Alan Shearer won 1 PL in 15 years.
RIP Martin McGuinness; you were essential for bringing about the peace process & your leadership for a better NI will not be forgotten
"should clear up the uncertainty around position" - Liam Brady on
New: Liam Brady: Lack of clarity is affecting the team
Liam Brady and on today's episode of
Liam thought he was the game master. He never saw the game crumbling around him. .
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That's what i thought when Liam Brady went to Juventus, but somehow we managed to survive
Stakes are already high for the Michigan-Oregon game, but if a loser-must-rehire-Brady-Hoke stipulation was added, ratings wo…
you wouldn't watch head Ranger Liam Neeson chase down the Brady jersey theif? "I have a particular set of skills..."
Reading Half Marathon. Liam Brady was in action in the UK last Sunday where he ran the Reading Half Marathon,...
Brady's jersey was stolen by a 1) member of the MSM; 2) a foreigner. My God, it's a Donald Trump fantasy scenario. https:/…
When Saturday Comes - From the archive ~ How Liam Brady’s drop of the shoulder changed Arsenal
FBI has recovered Brady's Super Bowl jersey. I'm envisioning Liam Neeson from Taken going around beating people up to get it back.
NFL banned me from media credentials. Gives them to drug lords in Mexico who stole Tom Brady's jersey instead. https:…
Taken 4, starring... Liam Neeson as Houston Police. Matt Damon as Tom Brady. Michael Pena as the journalist. Justin Be…
This *** who stole Brady's jersey is going to make it harder for us fake credentialed reporters to get into future…
Johnny Giles should leave a fish crate down to RTE for Liam Brady to stand on.
👏. Liam Brady scored 59 times for us - and this one in a 5-0 win at White Hart Lane is definitely one of our favourites https:…
Not sure many of my timeline will get this but Tom Brady > Maurice Fitzgerald > Liam Brady.
If you fancy doorstepping someone linked to the paedophilia cover-up at Celtic try Davie Hay, Billy McNeil, Liam Brady, Lou MacAri
That man that ran his mouth to Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Liam Brady is keen to let football do the talking…
Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy do not agree Paul..
Liam Brady and Niall Quinn probably as well in addition to the earlier list
Mickey Walsh on the ground and surrounded by Tony Grealish, Michael Robinson and Liam Brady after scoring the...
The Red Sox' minor league team is having a "Free Brady" night
Brady backs O'Neill squad selection: Liam Brady could find no fault in the Republic of Ireland squad selection to Euro 2016, believin...
how is this a debate Brady is the goat 🐐
This would be detrimental to the peace process. As someone who lives 10 mins from the border, this is horrifying!!
I would say that he is the right footed version of Liam Brady, he had it too both very gifted.
The stat which proves why Liam Brady is right about the 'sad' state of Irish football
Liam Brady: No late bolter in Irish squad is a sad indictment of the standard of our players
We all remember back when Tom Brady was lit as ***
oh soz yes I shall keep it top secret from this day forward, scouts honour!
If you want me to be as successful as Ted was, you need to stop telling randomers about my double life ✋
Fenway is gonna have a free Brady month
only have a passing interest in it Patrick, more into gaa but they still talk about Liam Brady being ditched? Hard call
100 NFL predictions that will frame 2016 season - via App
From Liam Brady to Stephen Carr, this time of year can be painful
how could you not include Liam Brady for the B in our A to Z squad?
Had to drown myself in sun cream today because they only had factor 15 and I just can't go another round of sunburn abuse from my friends 🌞
A hint of Liam Brady about the Robbie Keane situation?
"In my opinion he was one of Arsenal's greatest players of all time"- Liam Brady
Awkwardly just mistook Liam Brady for Sammy McIlroy. Happens a lot he said. Really looks like him these days.Brady didn't seem happy with it
What a player Liam Brady was, what a left foot
Liam Brady celebrates with Ireland teammates having scored the games winner vs Brazil OTD 1987
+ proud creator and avid supporter of Liam Brady
Tom Brady is not gonna like it when Liam Neeson comes to take his mattress back.
that wasn't from tonight 😂 Liam Brady and John Giles were the pundits with Dunphy tonight not Sadler and Harmann
Eamon Dunphy dogging on Liam Brady for scoring PKs and winning Serie A with Juve lol
Game 3 Win 3 2! Goals scored by: Damian Laundry; Liam Kelly, Brady Walsh. Way to go boys!
Laurie Cunningham, Liam Brady, David Platt, Gary Lineker, Mcmanaman all excelled in years before global coverage
I agree but would you believe Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy have just slated him on RTE saying he was a shambles!!
Zidane came in at a difficult time for Real Madrid? He has a team of superstars! Liam Brady is a joker
Agree with Liam Brady. No joy in seeing Real winning with the likes of Ramos and Pepe on the team 😡
I still remember the Liam Brady over the top of the bar penalty 😂😂😂
Liam Brady said the same on rte . think most people are sick of them
Liam Brady " it's hard to pick a side you'd really want to see win this".
That's almost what Liam Brady just said too!.
Ex-Juve player Liam Brady just said he doesn't want to see Pepe or Ramos lifting the trophy.
"Pepe and Ramos, I don't want to see them running around with the cup.". Liam Brady sums up the feelings of most watching.
Liam brady & John Giles don't want Real Madrid to win because of Pepe & Ramos 😂 😂
More or less Liam Brady's exact sentiments right now on live TV John.
Jonny Giles, Liam Brady, And Eamon Dunphy are the most negative "pundits" ever.
Liam Brady the hero. Says he wants atletico to win now purely because he doesn't want to see Ramos and Pepe to lift the cup 😂
I agree with Liam Brady. I don't want to see Pepe & Ramos lift the cup
Brady: "It's hard to pick a side that you really want to win.". The side that doesn't have Pepe will do me, Liam, thanks
Liam Brady: "first thing Jack Charlton said to me was 'Ian, you're playing number six'". I said 'Jack, Ian Brady was the Moors…
Not long now till me and my son head to Paris to watch Ireland in the footie...Liam Brady for me is everything...
Rare colour photo of German troops during the Siege of Leningrad in the winter of 1942-43
Liam Brady should be there lol jus playin
When you're still in love with your Mexican ex but she won't take you back
Funnily enough when Henry Winter suggests giving Liam Brady a role on the board they lapped it up as if it was a radical idea..!🙄
.wasn't that when you started stalking Liam Brady. .😈
Pablo Escobar made so much money he spent an estimated $2500 a month just on rubber bands to hold his money together h…
Liam Brady was not in your class DB. Your left peg was far more cultured.
He seemed to confuse DB with Liam Brady.
that's about as useful of liam Brady's classic " whoever scores the most goal will win this game"
do. I was ready to get dirty with your Brenda Dassey Pic 🌚😂
I already told you, my name is lost..
Shoes tend not to be part of a healthy diet, would not recommend.
HW Board need more football expertise at that level. Eg. Promote Liam Brady.
Henry Winter says the Board need more football expertise on the Board & a former Arsenal player. Would rather have Liam Brady than Keswick.
or LIKE if you think Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time.
Liam and buddy Brady L keeping the bad guys in check
Liam Brady enjoys lounging with a good book and his feline friend
i was always Liam Brady or Pat Jennings 😊
Liam Brady relaxes at home with some tunes.
Another tremendous (sold out) Gentlemen's Evening well underway and guest speaker Liam Brady to follow
saw Liam Brady play live for West Ham in 1987...that's the last time they were any good...Carroll is 🤑 today...sorry...
Our U13 Premier team are into the Liam Brady Cup final after a 3-1 win against Leixlip today. Ben McCormack, Darragh Meeghan & James Harold.
Last trip to Upton Park today. Enjoyed plenty of good days there yet strongest memory is of Liam Brady scoring against us in 87.
Liam Brady feels Man City players have left their manager high & dry! Talking Champions League on sport shortly.
I remember Liam Brady, who played for Arsenal in the 70s was attacked on the underground, for being Irish
arsenal reach new low by photo shopping West Ham legend Liam Brady
One of my favourite shirts in my collection. Liam Brady's 1978 Fa Cup Final Match worn shirt.
Goals from Claeson 14', Stapleton 18', Scifo (what a player) 71' and an 89th minute penalty from Liam Brady secured an away draw for Ireland
Breast Cancer Awareness
Got Liam Brady's autograph after I met hin on the 69 bus outside Walthamstow Dogs. Signed my bus ticket - I've still got it.
Ahh yes.. back in the good, old days when I was just a boy 😛
I'm amazed that all of us were so entertained by 5 minutes of talking bananas, and now we Netflix session
They never explained why they were randomly chasing teddy bears
uff very tough choice. 🎶"Bananas in pyjamas and coming down the stairs"🎶
I could do that, or I could continue watching Bananas in Pyjamas
I usually binge watch it during exam season, hence why I stopped around January. Need to get back into it again
Uhh, no... Most definitely isn't.. I promise 😐
Halfway through season 4. I don't think that's a spoiler...
Revisiting all my fav Stannis Baratheon scenes to prepare for season 6. Westeros lost its rightful king and will be in shambles now
Frank McLintock in 1971, Liam Brady in 1979, Dennis Bergkamp in 1998, Thierry Henry in 2004. Notice a pattern here?
Unbelievably good interviews on tonight. Such horrendous scenes from Buncrana.What a man Davitt Walsh is.🙏🙏🙏for …
Interview with Davitt Walsh, who saved baby Rionaghac-Ann in yesterday’s tragedy in Buncrana
Liam Brady next to his Player of the Year award
Next on the schedule is recycling and environmental operations. Included was a short video about Liam- the part sorting robot.
West Ham 1987-89 home shirt as worn by legend Liam Brady.
I loved watching Liam Brady when I was a kid. But it has to be Robbie Fowler!!!
Happy Sunday everyone. Here's a link to my column today, let me know what you think...
Arsenal in the 70s part 25: Jan to June 1980. Farewell Liam Brady.
His team still won, didn't it? Because Liam Brady wasn't fit but Terry Neill played him anyway.
RIP to the family who lost their lives at Buncrana pier. Tragic news to hear especially from an area so local. My deepest condolences.
we do need a change,Liam Brady left because no players were coming through from his Academy, they were blocked and sold by the club
The moment Liam Brady visited fan Martin Toomey in hospital yesterday. This is what it's all about.
all about opinions but i seriously cant think of any who were worse and im including teams under Sean Fallon,Lou MacAri & Liam Brady
A special featuring Irish midfielder Liam Brady. . Happy to all those celebrating! https…
Liam Brady not been in the papers tipping Nacho Novo for the Sevco job today ?
David McCarthy, a great winner- coming home ahead of Ben Thistlewood(2) and Liam Brady(3)
Liam Brady celebrating scoring for Arsenal against Leeds United.
USI failed to make student fees an issue in the 2016 election - UCD should not compromise the representation of students by…
"One has to look at the previous track record with the USI ... UCD has a lot of lobbying power" Viscardi will vote No2U…
hello mr. MacFarlane. My name is Liam Brady I am a huge fan of your work.
I love the way zac is with brady and Liam. I can't wait for lilly to be here to him with her😍
Did you ever watch Liam Brady play in big games?
the Macari team was brutal, the culmination of the old Celtic Board, Liam Brady's 91/92 team would eat them for breakfast tho'
Sorry guys Ronny must go this is the worst Celtic team since Liam Brady was the manager Lawell must be held accountable as well
That game took me back, a touch of the Liam Brady about that Celtic performance.
To be fair support busking on campus and it creates a fantastic atmosphere there
Viscardi has come all the way from the far flung Island of Kerry to be with us this evening
Conor Rock lining up for The People's Elbow on C&C candidates - the most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment. …
Question for all the candidates. If they were a kind of soup, what kind of soup would they be?.
what, like Stuart Slater you mean !? Get real, we're long way off from Liam Brady & Lou MacAri
at least you don't have to put up withe the dross that play every week, bring back Liam Brady!
Sure go on, give Liam Brady your no.1 xoxo
Will return their polling results before Longford/Westmeath?
A three way race between Liam Brady, Thomas Monaghan and Francis Roche
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
40 seats left out of 650 capacity for evening of chat with Liam Brady, and Donal Lenihan
We love this Liam 'Chippy' Brady design... Last few tickets available for tomorrow night! >>
Cazorla setback? He'll be rated as highly as Liam Brady by the time he comes back by some on here. The Vermaelen effect.
Lovely gesture by Liam Brady. will be interested in this.
WATCH: Heartwarming of Arsenal legend Liam Brady surprising a fan in hospital
Dunno if I can watch Filthy Frank any more after Liam brought him up :/
The legend Liam Brady proving what a class act he still is. He's the reason I supported
WATCH: Arsenal icon Liam Brady proving why he's a legend on and off the pitch
WATCH: legend Liam Brady's heartwarming gesture to fan
Liam Brady visits an emotional Arsenal fan in hospital
I played in a charity match for the RSPCA v Arsenal ex pro & celeb 11. Fair to say that Liam Brady was a bit better than me.
VIDEO: Liam Brady visiting a sick Arsenal fan in hospital is the best thing you'll see today
True Gentleman, Video: Liam Brady visits Arsenal fan in hospital after he was unable ... -
The legend that is Liam Brady went out of his way to pay me il mucker Martin a visit..
Only two weeks left to our Inside the Sporting Mind event with , and Liam Brady
I'm pining for Liam Brady...with John Barnes as his assistant!!...and Frank Munro as centre half
because we don't have Liam Brady,Lee Dixon,Thierry,seamen,Malcolm McDonald, Tony Adams anymore!
the Martin O'Neill days has spoiled a lot of fans. I still cringe at the Liam Brady and Lou MacAri days!!
CM Liam Brady is brother of Norwich's Robbie, Zak Guerfi (CM) has come up through ranks and Mark McKee is a Northern Irish U19 international
This minds me when I had ma 1st ST & 'fans' were shouting get McNeil out & we replaced him with the saviour Liam Brady
VIDEO: Giles, Brady & Dunphy on 'sterile' Ireland: John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy react to Ireland's loss against Poland and...
Arsenal news: Gunners can get result against Bayern Munich says Liam Brady - Metro
Liam Brady said it himself brother. Jack is class has it in abundance. Outstanding player.
Arsenal legend shocked by 'disappointing' Arsenal performance in Champions League: Liam Brady was surprisingly...
Liam Brady: Arsenal loss to Olympiacos was a shock
Yes agree, compare their goals, comparison with Liam Brady more appropriate, though he was a better player than Sheedy
I'm sure Tom Brady cares what a guy who's greatest career moment was making the pro bowl as an alternate says
Check out our monthly update on Featuring Liam Brady, health & sport and our new ambassadors!
Does anyone know any electives period 4/5
Liam Brady Slams Arsenal’s Defence: Reports are out claiming that Arsenal legend Liam Brady has slammed the st...
Liam Brady Takes Aim At Arsenal’s Defence: It has been reported that Arsenal legend Liam Brady has slammed the...
Here is the City: Problem solved? Arsenal legend gives verdict on Theo Walcott's Champions League...
Arsenal legend, Liam Brady, officially opened the new facilities at Market Road last Thursday.
A Rodgers vs Brady super bowl this year is the dream.
Arsenal legend backs club to get points off Bayern and escape Champions League group
Liam Brady backs Arsenal to get result off Bayern and escape Champions League group:
Arsenal can get a result against Bayern Munich and reach the next stage of the ... -
Liam Brady: Where Arsenal are REALLY struggling...: Arsenal legend Liam Brady has slammed the state of their d...
Liam Brady hits the nail on the head " a hard watch " Giles says it was disgraceful , calm down Johnny
Sammy Nelson is sent off but goals by Liam Brady, Pat Rice and Brian Kidd earn a 3-1 win against
Henry, Wright, Tony Adams, Liam Brady, Bergkamp - these are legends, not players who stood out in our worst teams
Arsenal legend Liam Brady insists his former club can challenge for Premier League title after retaining FA Cup
On this day in 1971 Liam Brady joined as an apprentice. Read a classic interview:
does Liam Brady and Johnny Giles appear on that programme?
Liam Brady on Jack Wilshere “I would hate to see him leave the club.he is Arsenal through and through.”
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Liam Brady offers a reason for Jack Wilshere's injury problems at Arsenal
Liam Brady on why Arsenal MUST keep Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere's future and Arsene Wenger...
Liam Brady: 'Jack Wilshere is Arsenal through and through.. I'd hate to see him join Man City' http:/…
John Giles says Grealish could go straight into team V Scotland. You know with some players straight away, like first time he saw Liam Brady
Had a chance to meet today I'm honored!
Also in this month's edition: Arsène Wenger, Liam Brady, Jon Toral and more! ht…
Talking of cultural hooks in the 1980s, we forget Liam Brady - biggest Irish name in Europe after Guinness and U2
Liam Brady did a radio interview last week and was at pains to put Ball with Charlton Moore and Banks as England greats
Tom Brady is expected to attend the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
Dane showed me that awhile ago lmao
Scott brooks and Liam Neeson are twins
Cascarino: Grealish reminds me of a young Liam Brady - he's ready for international football
Football Italia's James Richardson talks up the Milan Derby with Liam Brady and full match - Inter v Milan '93
I'm so happy I crashed your Harry spam with Maddie and Brady and turned it into Liam spam. Beginning of a beautiful friendship
We're ahead of the posse in that regard. Liam Brady already questioning James McCarthy
Electronic Device Insurance
It's 420 eve, remember to leave out milk and cookies for snoop dogg
Love embarrassing myself and others in public
Oct '74. 18-yr-old Liam Brady makes Irish début. MON says Grealish isn't ready but he wouldn't be our first teen star
October, 1974, Dublin. Wavy haired 18-year-old Liam Brady is thrust into the spotlight by player-manager John...
I'm never bringing headphones to school again
yeah I just found it in birkheads class while I was looking for my headphones now it's in my bag
someone put McGhee's air freshener in my bag...
That's not a good endorsement of Liam Brady. They let things get too stale before changing it.
I can't get over liam denying Tiago the knowledge of what mazel tov means
The 2015 schedule will be released at 8PM ET Tuesday. A refresher on our opponents-
I might've passed out in English if she had said no👀
now someone send me Brad, Tristan, Liam, Louis, James Franco, Brady, Rhi, Hannah x2 and Courtney and my life is perfect.
Liam Brady understand Jack better then anyone -
Liam Brady: Federici will never forget his mistake
Listen back to yesterday's with Liam Brady, Trevor Cherry, Chanelle McCoy and
Young Grealish a throw-back. Small shin-pads, glides with the ball. Reminds me (a bit) of Liam Brady, although much more to prove
yeh I will give u 2 goats a mirror and signed pic of Liam Brady
I've seen George Eastham, Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp, and Robert Pires. Mesut Ozil is a footballer, and we are privile…
BBC in London heaving with politicians/TV stars this a.m. But autograph-hunters really went into overdrive when Liam Brady…
I think your forgetting Nigel Winterburn,Liam Brady and Ian Wright.Oh as for midfielders..beware ex gunners.Stuart Robson .
Chris Hughton, John Giles and Liam Brady at Irish soccer team training, Berkshire 1980
Liam Brady mentioned his love of Bob Dylan on Here's proof.
Niall Quinn, Damien Duff, Liam Brady, do your research. Lennon's finished using your logic
Liam Brady brands Real Madrid fans as stupid for booing Gareth Bale
The other day my brother told me Liam Payne is a hologram. *** it Brady.
I was there as well. It was a great win and I seem to remember Liam Brady being brilliant.
You aint a 7, 8, 9,. naw, Girl you're a dime.
Feel the groove and listen to artist Sublime with Rome's 'Take It Or Leave It' music video. -
Check out artist Judah & The Lion's music video for 'Rich Kids -
You know they're gonna say. We're bad for each other. But we ain't good for anyone else...
The beach balls were bouncing in Vero Beach... Welcome the to and the rest…
Bleach ball are out during the concert in Holman Stadium
ZBB or The Zac Brown Band they are the best performers to see live today!
You're comfortable with your old life. You're bored to death, but you can't let it go. Let it go and…
Red sky at night... Tortugan delight!
Lately you're too serious. You're growing up, and you can't take it.
Rain or shine he put on a great performance... Looking forward to seeing him at the beach
2015 lineup The Cadillac Three will impress those who haven't had the opportunity to see and hear…
The only thing that keeps me here are her eyes in the morning # SublimewithRome http:…
You know Im digging what you're doing. Grooving just like you're grooving.
TBT meet and great with at the beach Great day with some of the best weather!
These guys are great! Looking forward to seeing them at the beach
These guys never disappoint! Can't wait to see them at the beach
This family was a nice addition to the 2015 lineup
Another day down in south Florida... But it's another day closer to the music festival! Can't wait!…
TBT was great to meet Guy Harvey at the conservation village during the 2014 Tortuga Music…
The wind and the waves were slippin' away but that moment felt so alive ...
Happy 59th birthday to arguably our most gifted player ever, Liam Brady.
One of my pals is no going tonight cause he is a misery hunter! Wanted us to sign no one new and get Liam Brady back sharpish! Or Barnes!
Liam Brady on Gareth Bale at Real Madrid - YouTube
Video: Liam Brady berates 'stupid' Madrid fans for their treatment of Bale
Ex Arsenal man Liam Brady berates “stupid” Real Madrid fans for damaging Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale was not at his...
I'm not sure who "The Best" is but I really like Brady Cooper & Liam Neeson
Erm, what was that? Liam Brady says Chelsea cut through Schalke like “a butter through knife” [Video]
Frank McLintock, Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp, Charlie Nicholas Ian Wright.. "Your boys took one *** of a beating today"!!
can say that again. Liam Brady hit the nail on the head for me. he told Woj to google Dino Zoff and Pat Jennings and said
Soldado was conceived on a bed with a Liam Brady wall poster looming over it.
I assume it was a present? Glad you like it so far. Great to have Rice and Brady signatures.
Seven changes to the team for Sunday. First starts for Sean Brady, Niall Loughlin and Liam McGoldrick
brady plays April 10th. Tickets: or
Love how casual Trevor Francis is, just chillin' on Liam Brady.
Rest in peace Patch, you've been a great wee pet over the years.
Elvis and Liam Brady are the same person?
I hope Liam Neeson's daughter learned how to run before the third movie
Liam Brady was quite exciting when he was 17!
Am I the only one who thought was about 🙊😄💕
Feel like I'm the only one who enjoys this weather
I'm glad one of us has the willpower to stop smoking! I'll get back on the vaping bandwagon one day mate. Promise
Scholes, Souness, Keane and Liam Brady in my time watching the game
Funny how you only get Media Coverage if your a celebrity, the average mans opinion counts for nothing in this ever so small world!
This is how I feel and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people do!
the worst trait a keeper can have is wanting to impact the game, and that's what Szczesny has got... Liam Brady nailed it when he told
Good old Liam Brady with his great Managerial career. Sacked by both Celtic and Brighton. Not really a voice of experience is he
Liam Brady had it right when he advised Woj to stick to getting clean sheets.. Stay away from media.
Which manager would be best for Newcastle United?
Like Liam Neeson travels half way around to rescue his daughter in 3 days and ma da moans about picking me up fae work som…
Years ago is about right, David. LBC debut October '73 for Liam Brady's full debut at The Other Place.
Morning all. On this day in 1978 won 5-0 at Spurs. Watch Liam Brady's strike here:
Liam Brady has just said that Roy Keane was a better midfielder and leader than Viera !! Really ? I can't have that ! Viera was the ***
I hate hearing all of these so called pundits talking about Arsenal! Liam Brady a legend and 2 women I don't know can see what WENGER won't
who are those people on your show with Liam Brady second rate show and panelist million miles away from Sky
Are we on tv? Streams? Bueller?. *let's be honest, Liam Brady is more Spurs than me*
Liam Brady was a genius. Made a huge impact at Juventus.
Liam Brady as I stood talking in the marble halls. Image you see. I couldn't get an interview to become Youth Coach at Charlton.
Back in the office and looking forward to seeing & Liam Brady on Football Tonight at 7 BTSport1
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