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Li Na

Li Na (born February 26, 1982) is a Chinese professional tennis player. Li has won 5 WTA and 19 ITF singles titles.

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Na-Po-Li!! Sure hoping things work out and you come back to the Rangers. We need your leadership, personality and BAT!
sneak peek of this week's Maker Monday.
Goddess Li Na would have destroyed, she was awesome on those courts. Hag's only real shot was 2013 and she messed up.
Sukak liat film2nya Donnie yen ... ★ Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster —
there's La La Land na daw in torrent Li
What about when Li Na fell and could have had a concussion in the 3rd set 20…
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how come Serena Williams is not in your ads and Just Henin and Li Na are? it is questionable..
Also, illustration note from the walls- Li Na 😍😍
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Best bday suprise seeing in theathers on LI! 7yrold self would cry Usagi tears (20yrs laterstill cried)Thx
Three years ago tonight, Li Na won the and gave what Aussies call 'a ripper little speech'.
Li Na, Nick Kyrgios, Hyeon Chung: The future of tennis in Asia...
Peng Shuai's hair is reminding me of that cute little do Li Na had at 2011. That's all, really.
you gotta be patient. Li Na wasn't WTA till her mid twenties! and wasn't a GS champion until like 30!
Li Na saved match point v Safarova at the Australian Open in 2014 and went on to win to the tournament.
via "There's no way to power any electrical grid with solar energy."
Kerber joins Li Na (2014), Davenport (2000) and Barbara Jordan (1979) as only Aus Open champs to lose 1st round at same year
true, a serious rivalry would spice things up. RG great for break throughs & upsets like with Na Li and Schiavone...
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. Most important thing is Solat jangan tinggal ☝
Jangan main main dengan carry marks. They play a big part in your pointer
Left Deng Chao, Li Chen, Zheng Kai and Na Ying, who to be ripped by Luhan next?
Li Na didn't manage it when she won AO and lost in the first round of RG, but then she retired so...
Nope, in 2014 Li Na lost to Mladenovic, not Bertens
Angie's loss reminds me when Li Na as an Australian Open champion lost in the 1st round as well...
The only Chinese player you should lose to on clay is Li Na and she's long gone!
and Li Na 2014 too actually , forgot about her
5th reigning Australian Open champ to lose in the 1st round of the French Open, first since Li Na in 2014
Kerber is out of the at the 1st Round stage!! She joins Li Na & Stan Wawrinka as Aussie Open champs to lose in 1st Round
Kiki Bertens upsets Angelique Kerber just like Kiki Mladenovic did Li Na in 2014. Kikis are AO champion slayers. 😂😂
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With Kerber out, it means three of last six champs (Wawrinka, Li Na, Kerber) have lost in R1 of subsequent French.
Last time the AO champ went out in the 1R of Not that long ago: Li Na in 2014, out to Mladenovic in Paris
Last yr No. 3 lost in the 2nd rd here and in 2014 the No 1 seed did likewise with No.2 Li Na falling in rd 1
To The Top (Giuseppe D. Radio Edit) Tony Valor feat. Li Na is now on That *** Radio
When Hollywood filmmakers took inspiration from Indian movies: 13 times when Hollywood filmmakers took ...
If I didn't do well at Wimbledon maybe Chinese people will forget abou...
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The 1D fandom crowd is just so beautiful 😍.
Remember when Liam pushed Niall off the sofa. 😂😂. THIS IS STILL THE BEST FETUS VIDEO.
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Then flipped the li switch in my head na
Jet Li, Tired of you, Hide Out, Stay close and, of course, Flashback
Lol.. say na for "Exampo" imagine say you be Jackie Chan, you be Jet Li at the same time you be Rambo" =-O
Na when i tag dat *** in a fb status and ya li girl see he gone be in trouble!!
Tu tension na li I'll bring some hard work for you too 😏
ikr xD or just randomly cuttin off like Hi. i li..
I can c a msg on my Bbm dt reads 'I'm leavn4Lagos dis afternoon' guess d msg b4 dat is 'I'm in abuja' ..Na ghost mode I dey so till evenin😭
Lmfao maybe na armed robber or serial killer 😭
Thunder showers expected in NCR. Phasal to kaat li hai na?😞
LI TE RAL, I don't even bother , si no hay na 😖
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you slapped a dumb *** for li'Sneaksz and na he owe you wne 😉
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They comment on every music video like "clip bi meunone na dakk li" like . U make it then
The weather for me is nothing special. The weather couldn't kill me.
got dis li baby on my team na I'm finna get her a jersey
Women's final night. Speech of recent times belongs to the great Li Na.
Despite retiring from tennis in 2014, Chinese star Li Na still a crowd favorite at Australian Open
.Li Na about to make an appearance and sign autographs at in Melbourne. Hurry!
Finishing up the EP in switzerland. Just needs a li'ul garnish na mean
She used to be so spoiled behind me but Na she just a sassy li'thang .
We on FaceTime na, so I hangs up cause I'm tryna watch this dude & this girl talk bad to each other after they li'fight or whatever .
must be an Asia-Pacific thing. Li Na used to complain about Chinese fans yelling random advice at the AO.
Lmao Li Na took you into retirement with her 💀 did you feel it with that match?
Stan looks thinner in real life. in fact they all do. the camera really does add 10 lbs. saw li na stan & kei in my hotel lobby.
After that win over Vika I just KNEW she'd take out Cibulkova and Li Na, she owned them both, but she choked.
did u see Li Na's protégé beat Halep after being 0-15 losses at Grand Slam first rounds? Slayed me
Li Na wont be Li Na if she didnt dare to rebel out of the system.
there would be no Li Na the GS champ if she didnt break out of the system and decided to be an independent athlete.
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As Li Na once said: be the bird that sticks out!
Li Na tells Channel 7 she still can't leave home without getting mobbed. She will try in 2-3 years. She is picking Serena to …
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 20: Na Li of China talks to the...
Li mama do it da best , she suck it wit no hands na...
Morning chat with Li Na about Chinese tennis, what it takes to beat and more
Throwback to my favorite Aussie open final! 2011 - Kim Clijsters and Li Na .
Li Na and Kim Clijsters wandering around Melbourne Park the year I'm not. Hate life.
DJ Eric B on Tony Valor ft Li Na - -... - Full support for this track, in the show. (10/10)
'16 Shenzhen Open to feature champ and ambassador Li Na. Tix on sale now https:/…
In good company: Li Na, Wu Chun and Liu Xiang attended the Air Jordan 30th anniversary celebration in Shanghai.
Li Na on sneezes:. First one, someone misses you. Second one, someone hates you. Third one, someone wants to see you. Fourth one, you're sick XD
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I was cheering for Kim too! Yeah I miss Kim's game and sportsmanship and Li Na's interviews 😂
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nice youtube search for the print xD
I get so happy when I feel like I do have someone, even if it's just one person in all of them
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I'm doing everything to bring this body back to lifeee
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Lisa Raymond really helped boost Robson when they played doubles together!!! I also think Li Na would make a fab coach
Days of awesome WTA players like Kim Clijsters, Li Na, Francisca Schiavone and many more bad *** female tennis players.
In Samantha Crawford's last main draw she was beaten by Laura Robson in R1. That was 2012. Laura then beat Kim Clijsters and Li Na.
is best of THREE sets, so even if I lose the first set, I still have a chance. –Li Na
Glorious moment for Li Na, after winning her second Grand Slam tittle
What a view! Li Na to open NEW 15,000 seat stadium at in September-->
I love this winner's speech from Li Na at 2014 Australian Open.
Canada v China also makes me think of tennis: who will win a Slam first - Genie Bouchard or Li Na's 5-day-old daughter?
Li Na and her husband Dennis welcomed their new baby girl, Alisa, to the world today:
Chinese filmmaker to make movie about tennis player Li Na's life story: Chinese filmmaker Peter *** Sun Chan is...
Peter Chan is making a biopic of top-ranking Chinese tennis player Li Na.
Breaking: The autobiography of Li Na, "My Life", will b adapted 2 film; Peter Chan will be the director of the movie http…
DTN Dubai: Shuai Peng seeks to make role model Li Na proud: World No. 21 says she will play to her own strengths
Watching Peng Shuai play makes me Heartbreakingly miss Li Na. What an athlete & engaging tennis champion. Glad she's happy with motherhood💗
Djokovic, Li Na, Serena Williams nominated for Laureus World Sports award. Visit here for the complete nominees list:
jis din sa we started watching this show tension sath rk li thi hum na :P
We're like na na na. Then we're like yeah yeah yeah. Always like na na na. Then we're li.
Retired ace Li Na Nominated for Laureus Sportswoman of the Year -
Na Li You :-) bu Yong paiseh, I know u want to watch
I'll just pretend I'm only a fan of Li Na *continues sobbing*
Li Na seeks top accolade as Shanghai hosts Laureus World Sports Awards
Same people who call plazana "condy" are afraid to ask na li lula kae when they cant find em ka Clicks
Li Na got nominated and Ireen Wust didn't? Ook.. (Same goes for Serena quite frankly). Ridiculous
I'd say Li Na was possibly more remarkable.
Bouchard's camp and then Azarenka's camp, both tried to hire Carlos Rodriguez as coach. But ex Li Na's coach still has …
Serena Williams and Li Na nominated for Laureus Sportswoman of the Year in 2015.
I don't know if this is Li Na shade or...
Laureus Awards: Li Na to vie with five other contenders for sportswoman of the year -
Li Na nominated in Laureus World Sports Awards: Retired Chinese tennis queen Li Na has been nominated for spor...
So is also nominated at Laureus World Sports & so is Serena & Li Na..for SportsWoman & SportsMan of the Year..I go for Nole 😉💖🙌
Li Na headlines Asia's hopes at Laureus World Sports Awards in Shanghai - reports
Only Li Na who could play half season, retired, and still got nominated for a huge sport awards.
Li Na was nominated for Laureus World Sports Awards. Results to be revealed in April in Shanghai.
Congratulations to and Li Na who have been nominated for the World Sportswoman of the Year award!
Wasn’t aware that Laureus is in Shanghai this year. Another contributing factor to Li Na’s nomination then. Makes more sense now. Kinda.
The live draw for the 2015 Australian Open, featuring Michael Chang and Li Na.
2014 AO champion Li Na is all smiles as she discusses life after tennis and the imminent ar...
Very nice to see Li Na. She is a hero for Asian sports and a big inspiration for me.
Li Na talks about tennis, retirement and her future baby - Yahoo News
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Li Na: Tennis great answers YOUR questions!: Li Na is Asia's only Grand Slam singles champion and one of the most…
Li Na: Tennis great answers YOUR questions! via
New post: "Li Na: Tennis great answers YOUR questions"
Li Na doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl. . "I prefer (a) she."
Li Na: Tennis great answers YOUR questions via
I'd watch that. Let's swap Todd for Li Na. She's hilarious.
Li Na reveals she’s pregnant on Rod Laver Arena. She might have chosen a better place to get pregnant.
Aussies Win Thrillers - Li Na is Pregnant - Rafa's Aussie Accent - Ana leads list of upset victims Reviewing wild opening day in Australia as Ana Ivanovic was one of eight women's seeds to fall; Aussie's Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios won marathon matches, Li Na... From:…
Kei Nishikori: 'Li Na a leader of Asian tennis'
Melbourne, Jan 20 (IANS) China’s retired two-time Grand Slam champion Li Na expressed her excitement at starting a family with husband Jiang
Li Na won’t defend her Australian Open title this year, but she came to Melbourne with some big news:
Li Na announces to 15K fans at Australian Open!
Retired 2-time Grand Slam champion Li Na has announced that she is expecting her 1st child
Retired two-time Grand Slam champion Li Na was always known for her timing on court at the Austral...
SPORTS TRENDING: * 'David Warner's thuggish behaviour has gone too far' Li Na announces pregnancy at centre court Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova advance; Ana Ivanovic crashes out
Our first child will be out this summer, Li Na announces at centre court. READ:
China's Li Na tells centre court expecting first child
Here's the emotional and hilarious moment Li Na announced her pregnancy on centre court at
Retired Australian Open champion Li Na expecting her first child
Li Na tells centre court she’s pregnant: Australian Open women’s champion Li Na has revealed to the crowd at Rod Laver Arena that she...
Madame Tussaud unveils a Li Na statue. Pretty good company to be in, Li Na!
The amount of Chinese media that headed off to chronicle Li Na and her Madame Tussaud doppelganger was ...staggering.
Li Na already has a wax figure at Madame Tussaud ... Is this new one with her holding a baby?
Where to begin? …."Li Na to unveil her Madame Tussaud wax figure. Please meet at Welcome Desk in the Media Workroom"
Li Na will unveil her Madame Tussaud wax likeness Sunday morning. I mean, she'd prob. rather be hanging at home, 'sted of this. No?
Current Australian Open tennis champions China's Li Na (L) and Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka carry the men's and women's singles trophies to the official draw ceremony at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Park January 16, 2015.
Tennis - Li Na has decided who she thinks is going to win the Australian Open this year, designing her official heir. But surprisingly is not a name many would have expected her to say
Reigning champions Li Na and Stanislas Wawrinka were in attendance as the draw for Australi...
Coming to you live from Melbourne Park where Stanislas Wawrinka and Li Na are doing the draws for the 2015...
Sports news in the months of Sep, Oct, Nov & Dec 2014. Ritu Rani was selected to lead Indian women's hockey team in Asian Games 2014. Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland on 31 August 2014 set world record in the womens hammer throw at the ISTAF at Berlin's Olympic stadium in Germany. Pankaj Advani on 5 September 2014 announced to retire from the professional snooker tour. ICC suspended Pakistani off-spinner, Saeed Ajmal from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect for illegal bowling action. 12-year-old Chitresh Tatha, a sailor of Optimist Dinghy category is the youngest sailor to represent India at the 2014 Asian Games. China's Grand Slam winner Li Na on 19 September 2014 announced her retirement at the age of 32. USA Swimming suspended Michael Phelps from all competition for six months for violating the organization's code of conduct. Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the co-owner of the Indian Super League franchise Chennaiyin FC. Rourkela Steel Plant felicitated hockey player Birendra Lakra who was a ...
Li Na bids a tearful goodbye in Beijing bid goodbye to her fans in a tearful ceremony in Beijing on Tuesday at the Diamond Court, the main court of the National Tennis Center. Li, 32, announced her from tennis through her Weibo account on September 19. Two days later she bid an emotional farewell to the sport at a press conference in Beijing. The champion was the first Asian to win the Grand Slam single title back in 2011, skyrocketing her into fame. The news on her retirement and farewell also made shockwaves around the sporting world. SEE VIDEO: the website:
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well, with Li Na retired, Serena thought she would honor her memory :-)
Such an emotional ceremony tonight for Li Na! I'll miss her!
Touching farewell to great pioneering Li Na What a champ Best wishes in life.
Tennis glitterati bid goodbye to a great
Indigo Camera: live effect, framing, zoom for photo and video - Na Li
I especially believe in Turn your webcams on people!
I've seen more poor presentations that I care to remember. Tell a story, not a slide.
Li Na: Tennis bids farewell to a great
Li Na at today farewell ceremony in Beijing.
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Congratulations to Li Na. A sad day for tennis but I'm sure your future will be bright and the star you left on our spo…
Kis kis nay advance booking karva li hai Na Maloom Afraad ki ?. Post your selfie with your ticket on my wall :)
I'm in the top floor just cooling it with this chick from this movie clip right na! 😂 give me a min
Li Na bids farewell in retirement ceremony at China Open via Class act that Li Na. Tennis will miss this one.
Li Na leaves tennis after a pioneering career.
I have this long face and pointed nose and dark lips and i feel like I'm one of those witches
Rafael Nadal pays tribute to Li Na at her emotional retirement ...
Live from Beijing just after Li Na's retirement, Episode 88 is here! Featuring guest On iTunes or here:
Completely Agree!!! "Nike has the best copywriters. Example: Li Na retirement ad" (thx
Li Na's teary goodbye at China Open including hugs from peers, flowers from Rafa:
Great speech from during Li Na's retirement ceremony at
Li Na: Glitterati bid goodbye to a great news
apart from Li Na 😢 the others don't deserve to be in there
Nope. No Li Na, no Vika, no Jankovic, a crappy Radwanska and Bouchard. The only competition is Serena-Kvitova
Sad to see Na Li retiring, cause i think she could have accomplished more.. wish her the best :)
Li Na: Glitterati bid goodbye to a great - Top Stories
Li Na: Glitterati bid goodbye to a great October 01, 2014 at 08:32PM
sadden by the fact that my favorite current tennis pro, Li Na, is retiring
It was an honour to speak tonight for my great friend Li Na. I will miss her too much :(
Li Na: Glitterati bid goodbye to a great
Li Na honored during on court retirement ceremony at VIDEO-->
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but why is wearing bulletproof vest? "Such an emotional ceremony tonite for Li Na!
aww that hug was so lovely Li Na and her fd ..
was crying during the ceremony for Li Na. Watch short video(gif)--> Photo:
Li Na retirement ceremony. With her bff
Li Na joins Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras to have a building named after her by Nike.
I just played as Li Na against Dominika Cibulkova in the Daily Challenge
Was looking for Gala Leon videos found this. Martina Hingis vs Li Na 2007 AO Highlights
Tennis: Stars battle for glory in home city of China's Li Na - Channel News Asia: Channel News AsiaTennis: Sta...
We will miss you, Li Na! See you in the Hall of Fame, you legend you :-).
Li Na with Rafa as defending French Open champs in 2012. via Reuters.
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Oscar Pistorius, Lance Armstrong, Li Na, AP. Yeah, it's fair to say Nike have a few vacanys
Martina Hingis leads the tributes for retiring dual Grand Slam champion Li Na
She is Chinese tennis player Li Na announces she is hanging up her racket via
VIDEO: Li Na's fantastic champion's speech at the 2014 Australian Open:
Martina Hingis laments the loss of Li Na from tennis following her retirement from the sport:
Li's speech after winning the Australian Open this year was the best! You will be missed,Li Na! All the best in the future 👍
I am very sad to see Li Na retiring from tennis due to injury. She is a terrific person and a great ambassador.
Li Na was complete package: A piece I wrote after her '14 Aussie win. Watch speech afterward to know why we
Anyone else agree that Li Na's winning speech at the Australian Open was perhaps the greatest ever?
15 reasons to be sad about Li Na retiring (here's a Li statue in Wuhan/AFP)
China's two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na announced her retirement via Sina Weibo on Friday morning
'Sad day' for tennis, says Martina Hingis on Li Na's exit
Former world number one Martina Hingis has led the tributes to Li Na, who announced her retirement from tennis ...
A sad day as one of the favourites Li Na retires from tennis with immediate effect due to injury.
retires from Tennis because of chronic injuries. Read her letter: Wish her all the best!
China's Li Na announces her retirement from tennis: Li Na of China hits a return to Eugenie Bouchar...
Maria on her FB talking about Li Na's retirement
WTA's Li Na retirement video is full of smiles and laughs
Tennis: Injury forces China's Li Na to end her career: The 32-year-old from China, and reigning Australian Ope...
i'm so sad Li Na has retired😭😔 but you've gotta listen to your body. she's cemented her place in history anyway😪
Li Na retires after giving up struggle with knee injury
China tennis star Li Na announces retirement. reference to elite people
One of the current stars in Tennis to announce retirement this week. Find out who-->>
'My body is begging me to stop': Li Na confirms retirement because of long-standing knee injury via
China's Li Na retires over knee injuries
Li announces retirement: Li Na announced her retirement on Friday, the 32-year-old calling it quits on the eve...
Li retirement precedes inaugural Wuhan event: Li Na's retirement on the eve of the inaugural Wuhan Open has le...
Our top 5 Li Na highlights from the 2013
It's up to him what he voted, but they voted no overall so it can't be changed and I know! Li Na ❤️
All the best on a new chapter in life Li Na!A great champion,fun person,role model to millions of people!Was an honor to…
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Just read Li Na's fully letter. What a message. Has my most respect, hope life smiles to her twice as much she did on and off court
Cont. regardless, health comes first--always. I'll still support her in her future endeavors including the Li Na Academy!
I asked Li if she wanted to carry on playing tennis. She thought about it for a while but then said Na.
Alarmed that Li Na speaks in her retirement statement of "hundreds of shots injected into my knee weekly to alleviate sw…
Can China's footballers draw upon the example set by retiring Li Na? In some regards, I believe they can
Want to wish Li Na a very happy retirement and thank her 4 everything she's done for the whilst on tour. True champion!
NA had a great time on the court. . .we gonna miss her greatly,there is an end to every great step and her End on the court has come.
Special letter from Li Na "Thank You to the amazing fans around the world for your support" Read More-->
There will be a ceremony honoring Li Na on Monday night at the China Open in Beijing.
Sorry to hear Li Na's retirement... A great character and one of the toughest competitors on the tour!
Gutted Li Na has retired such an amazing tennis player and so funny !!
2-Time Grand Slam Champion LI NA officially calls it a career. Read her heartfelt letter to fans here:
Very worth clicking the link in my story (or here: to read Li Na's full letter posted to fans. …
*sigh* I really hope we get to hear from Li Na from time to time, she has such a positive and fun energy.
Two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na retires; to continue work for growth of tennis in China
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China's Li Na retires from tennis: "Walking away, effective immediately, is right."
Li Na! We are going to miss you! Now let's get that knee tanned!! Sweetest 2 handed backhand on tour!
Li Na was an incredible player and a pioneer for tennis in china, nothing but good wishes for her in the future!
On another note, it was disheartening to hear about Li Na deciding to retire. I've just started following her career at the :(
Li Na retires, citing recurring knee problems: Li Na, a two-time Grand Slam champion from China who took tennis in Asia to a new leve...
BREAKING: Li Na has announced her retirement. My story, with her announcement, thoughts from Stacey Allaster + more: htt…
Landing in China to the news of miss Li Na retiring :( what a great player,hilarious girl and an…
WTA tennis will be without two bright sparks, one for good, in the future. Li Na retires and 18-year-old Ash Barty take…
With Na Li retiring, we lose one of the greatest competitors in tennis. Thank you for everything Nails!!
A selection of what they said when Li Na retired
Li Na officially announces her retirement from We're certainly going to miss this smile in Jan http:…
Li Na, one of the funniest and nicest players on tour! A great competitor and a role model both on and…
Apart from Li Na was ma best female tennis player.. Good-luck on your retirement will surely miss ya matches..
Fans pay tribute as Li Na bids farewell first and only Grand Slam winner announced on Friday that she will be retiring from international tennis. The 32-year-old made the announcement in an open letter posted on her Sina Weibo account. A formal press conference is expected to be held on Sunday. Li, who is ranked number 6 in the world, is currently in Munich receiving treatment for a knee injury. Over the past few days, there has been much speculation about her future. All the rumors, however, came to an end with Li’s letter. Read more:
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Li Na, who won the 2011 French Open and this year's Australian Open, has announced her retirement.
Li Na entertains the crowd with a funny speech after her women's singles final victory. Li defeated Cibulkova to take out her first Australian Open crown 7-6...
Two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na retires from tour
LETTER FROM LI NA: My dear friends, For close to fifteen years, we’ve been a part of each other’s lives. As a tennis player representing China on the global stage, I’ve trekked around the world playing hundreds of matches on the WTA tour, for China’s Fed Cup team, at the National Games and at several Olympic Games. You’ve always been there for me, supporting me, cheering me on, and encouraging me to reach my potential. Representing China on the tennis court was an extraordinary privilege and a true honor. Having the unique opportunity to effectively bring more attention to the sport of tennis in China and all over Asia is something I will cherish forever. But in sport, just like in life, all great things must come to an end. 2014 has become one of the most significant years in my career and my life. This year was full of amazing highlights, which included winning my second Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open and sharing the extraordinary experience with my country, my team, my husban ...
Tennis - Li Na set to announce retirement in a press conference on Sunday
China's Li Na, Asia's only Grand Slam singles champion, has announced her retirement from tennis, citing the effect of long-term injuries.
2-time Grand Slam champion Li Na, 32, will announce her retirement Friday - media reports -via SportsCenter
is the 1st Asian man to enter a Grand Slam Final. But remember a woman has been there & done that before - Li Na!…
Look out Li Na: China has a new women's tennis star in Peng Shuai.
Mary Carillo said during Maria-Woz match today that Li Na is seriously considering retiring. I hope that's false.
1000% sure Li Na and her agent didn't want Mary Carillo saying that Li might retire at the end of the Asian tour this season.
Mary Carillo said she thinks Li Na will retire after the Asian swing. What a shame.
Interesting to hear Mary Carillo on US TV suggesting that Li Na will retire this year, a huge deal for China.
Rafael Nadal or Li Na. Unless Steffi Graf is an option too
Per the Li Na set to drop out of top 5, and Victoria Azarenka needs to reach semis to stay in top 20.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So cute when my niece randomly asked me "kor kor zai na li" 😍☺️
It's so nice to see everytime I check the trending list. moves to a spot higher. We're on 3rd spot na g…
The moment I wake up tomorrow... hash tag na agad . But for now, eto muna
1 last information to give .. What u want ? — NA?
, been single bout 5 months na or 6 .. Doesn't really feel like it , since I been kick'n with my li baby since may 😘
These women are taking it to the bank. The world's highest paid female athletes:
Lis future up in the air, says Navratilova: SINGAPORE: Li Na s Grand Slam future is “up in the air...
Li Na's future 'Up in the Air', says tennis great Martina Navratilova.
no.9, but she is going to be no.8 seed at the USO, because of Li Na's withdrawal! :-)
Tennis: China's Li Na future 'up in the air', says Navratilova - Times of Oman
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