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Lexington Market

Lexington Market is a historic market in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The main market is housed in two large buildings on the north corners of the intersection of Paca and Lexington Streets.

There used to be about 3 or 4 blocks of stores in front of Lexington Market (going south)
Loved the Lexington farmers market and these gorgeous summer Kentucky peaches.
support this black owned business it located in Lexington market!! Their tenders smack!
this reminds me of me & third date when we got fitted for gold fronts @ Lexington market
Went downtown to the Lexington Farmer's Market today. Didn't need the organic veggies I found but did get a few...
Baltimore, if you wanna support black businesses, go to Everyone's Place, and check out the black vendors at Lexington Market and Artscape.
Tim Bartlett - Lexington Cooperative Market The day I sat down with Tim Bartlett from the Lexington Cooperativ
All set up at the farmers market on Short Street, got and pops!! @ Lexington…
Where can I find GOOD SC produce (esp SC tomatoes) today w/o having to go to state farmers market in Lexington?
Your Lexington Farmers' Market is open in Cheapside Park until 2PM.
have you checked out the Lexington Farmers Market? Loving it today :)
The Village Market is open today from 9am - 1pm at Lexington Square Park!
These two guys are cousins. I met them some time ago at Lexington Market and here they are dancing at Artscape
Lexington market has the best corn beef
I want a fruit bowl, loaded crab & chicken baked potatoe, and two wings from Lexington market
I want something good to eat something out of Lexington marketπŸ’­
Kodak look like a junkie in Lexington market πŸ˜‚
I wanna get something to eat out of Lexington market but I don't go in there alone
Rey go down Lexington market and get something to eat
I want a snowball from Lexington Market
Can somebody bring me a snowball? Y'all can go right to Lexington Market I just don't feel like walking
AND I'm going to Lexington Market on lunch break to get me a turkey sammich.
Don't get the sandwiches at Lucky's market (Lexington, KY) - not so lucky for the stomach. I bought despite...
I be live from the L when she wanna meet me 😌 caught her in Lexington market trying get something to eat πŸ€‘
Dad quote of the day: "Gratiot Central Market in Detroit is kinda like Lexington in Baltimore but you can park and they're nicer here."
Northeast Market and Lexington Market food be lit 😍
I'm so *** sleepy, I look like one of those drug addicts down Lexington market
I remember the pizza my mom and I used to get at Lexington Market. I wish I had more photos from that time.
dirty *** be leaning like them people down Lexington market
New to the Market: Home Listings in and around Lexington
Can you recommend anyone for this Senior Middle Market UnderwriterΒΈ Commercial Insurance - KY
I want some Bourbon chicken from Lexington market 😩
I am HOT and My feet are BURNING. Went to therapy and stopped by the bank and Lexington market on way home.
Eating at this little market on Lexington, food is amazing! in
I want a fruit salad from Lexington market but that walk is gonna be death from the hospital 😩😩😩
NSLA's Monica Logan at Lexington Market to kick off w/
Lexington Herald-Leader to be printed in Louisville, will put downtown building on market
*** see that's why I don't go by Lexington Market smh RIP Baby Girl πŸ™πŸ½
I want a fresh salad w.seafood from the Lexington market!
Dude from Burkina Faso owns the busiest store in Lexington Market and has his whole village there for security lmao
Saw this on my way home around Lexington Market. Lawd.
In one of my dreams I woke up and said lexington market smell like one of my old friends😭
I just checked in at Lexington Real Food Coop Market with Download today!
We have had 3 hot listings hit the market in Lexington. Check them out at the website.…
Thank you all of our LPR Unit are on foot patrol around Lexington Market tonight.
This house will be hitting the market this week
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I wanna hit somebody wit my car down Lexington Market so bad πŸ˜€πŸ˜’
Every *** down Lexington market a Muslim they good
I fell asleep in front of the professor. Nodding off looking like a Lexington Market junkie.
Just picked up my uncle from down at Lexington Market and my GAWD his clothes stink!!! *** near nauseous riding with windows cracked 😷
Maryland crab from down Lexington market for the win πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
idk about the taser except online and if you still in Baltimore they sell spray in Lexington market if you wanna go there lol
Ya MCM put his raw asscheeks on Lexington market toilet seats
R U in Lexington, KY today? Doing book signings and sampling wine downtown Farmer's Market ;) visit me!
2016 conference in Lexington? βœ”οΈ ...Next up: Scheduling for this year's Market season! πŸ™Œ
Mark your calendar! We will be at the new Lexington Winter Farmers Market on Saturday, February 20th from...
Be smelling like good food from Lexington market, then straight *** 😩😭😭
Lexington market for lunch sounds like a plan
Lexington Market is a special place of Baltimore history and heritage
When's the last time you were at Lexington Market? It's a taste of Baltimore you can't find anywhere else
Think I want a breakfast platter from Lexington Market tomorrow 😩😩
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Baltimore is celebrating Black History Month. Why not start with the heritage and history of Lexington Market
safe travels! Love your podcast. If time, highly recommend Lexington market for crab cakes.
I just sold waterfront property down Lexington Market. Don't ask me how
North avenue & Lexington market is Feins favorite 2 places in Baltimore
Thinking about goin down Lexington market πŸ˜‹
Anyway, all I knew was the only time I got to see these suspects was when Mom took us to Lexington Market
This is what with the kids looks like today Lucky's Market Lexington...kid tested and...
I want some food from Lexington market
One month until Kentucky Crafted: The Market at the Lexington Convention Center! Get your tickets online now:
I want something from NE market Lexington Market or cross street market
Lucky’s Market looking for niche in Lexington grocery market by demystifying good food
Lucky Lexington...receiver of yet another wholesome shopping place!.
go to Lexington Market to get it fixed I let him fix my phone and when I had to get it fixed again they said I was missing screws
Just back from the Winter Furniture Market in Las Vegas. Here are some new looks from Lexington Furniture.
Early heads up: will be defending his Preakness Crab Derby title at Lexington Market in just 109 days.
thinking about midtown / Lexington market area... rumor has it it's a "arts district"
Lucky's Market is a great addition to Lexington!…
but any who undecided of what i want from Lexington market
Lexington market is literally heavenπŸ˜‹ if y'all think otherwise kill ya self 😊
"We are the walking dead" -Rick Grimes. Also, Lexington Market
Really hate Lexington market part of downtown it b to many ppl at all times
Watching The Wire [SE02]. *** I miss the fried chicken at Lexington Market m.
check out Lucky's market that just opened for an inexpensive way to get fresh produce! .
When ya aunt come through with the Lexington Market baked potato πŸ€—πŸ˜‹
Ppl in Lexington Market are a trip smh lol
Beware of falling glass. Across from Lexington market
Kids enjoy Lexington Market Back to School Fest: The End of Summer Back to School Festival was expected to run from…
TwinCities - Sunrise Market hopes for success at Lexington and Grand
Might go to Lexington market after I wash my car
Guess I'll go to Lexington Market when I'm doneπŸ˜ƒ
Get your iPhone insurance today!
US Market Bouncing Back After Monday’s Bloodbath: 'This has proved to markets that China is wi...
Kids enjoying "Back to School Fest" at Lexington Market. Backpacks, food and games!
Go to Lexington market or get paid to go to sleep πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Forgot I had got some food from Lexington market yesterday
Sedan did get me down Lexington market fast tho 😊😊😊
We are at the Lexington Father's Market at Broadway and Maxwell for this week's episode of
Lexington market or patapsco market near Hopkins
I'm not going all the way to Lexington market that's a bop
Have you made it to the Lexington Farmers market yet this year?!? If not, click the li
Single-Family – 22 Lexington Dr Beverly, MA 01915 is now new to theΒ market!
RIP the the frozen yogurt market in Lexington Center
Great to be back at Faidley's. Best. Crab cake. Ever. @ Faidley's @ Lexington Market
I want some Lexington market when I leave this court room
Hey Lexington and the surrounding cities, do you know the Farmers Market is open Tuesday evenings from 4 pm to 7...
Memsahib at Lexington Market has a fierce buffet
Popeye's does sound good . But I kinda wanna go to Lexington market
Asked my mom to buy me a fruit salad from Lexington market
Monday's are Magnolia farmers market day! 4pm-7pm right on Lexington Ave. Come check out all the great vendors...
Check out this Research Analyst at cimpress in
I jus realized how petty Baltimore is. Making us pay 4 parking everywhere except 4 Lexington market. They know nobody Rey park over there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Had some sushi from Kona grill it was nasty , had some from Lexington market it was hitting πŸ˜‚
It's official--The Dandelion Forge has booth space at the next Lexington Night Market on Bryan Ave. on September 4th! Come out and see us!
Omveria! Awesome download for first market: Lexington, KY! Cambo the Clown wants an app! Coming your way.
Why is there no Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh game on in Lexington, Ky market???
Slider's is by the LF entrance & Lexington Market is N about 6 blocks on Eutaw. Both close by!
Also try crab cakes at Faidley's in the Lexington Market. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
LEXINGTON'S FARMERS MARKET!: Welcome in the Spring and Summer seasons by stopping by theΒ Lexington Historic…
Oh right, I had some coddies and crab soup yesterday too. @ Faidley's @ Lexington Market
Am I the only person who eats gizzards from like Lexington market or northeast market ? Lol
Weak *** breakfast from Lexington market did nothing for me
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if yall could have saw my mother doing these impressions of the unks at Lexington market πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Magee's for breakfast, then Lexington Farmer's Market with the rowdies, niece, and her lovely family!
I HAVE to go to Lexington market to get some fruit omg
Grocery shopping and supporting KY farmers at Lexington Farmers Market! Yum!!
I really hate going into Lexington Market 😭😭
Thousands on hand for Lexington's Night Market! Numerous products on display!
I been down Lexington market for like 25 minutes now and I have yet to see an attractive *** πŸ˜•
There's a seafood place in Lexington Market.
Justin, Scott & Spiegel talk violence and fear at Lexington Market on this Behind The Curtain - Happening now 97.9FM/
Just now from mondawmin to Lexington market
Im so happy I ran into my wife Ashley Shiflett down at Lexington market I missed my baby so much. I have to really start hanging wit my wife more...
I want some lo mein from lexington market so bad
Ready go to Lexington market for lunch 😜 am hungry af 😩
I think I want to get a platter from Lexington market
If the street slouchers down lexington market painted themselves metallic, they could have a pretty lucrative business as street performers
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Lexington Market on Thick cut slab bacon was very salty but still worth it couldn't beat the price
Lexington Market on Just one path through the maze
Lexington Market on Signage of prices at Amos meats
Lexington Market on Different pieces of fried chicken
Lexington Market on Chicken Livers and gizzards with or without potato wedges and you'll get heaping portions
Lexington Market on Staple of downtown Baltimore City. Getting here is simple just know your way by car, bus,…
I want a fruit salad from Lexington market.
Absorption rates indicate the health of the real estate market in a town. Lexington absorption rates are
Here with my mother-in-law & father-in-law hope it's not all day thing again. (@ Lexington Market in Baltimore, MD)
Taking Sara to Lexington Market. I don't think she's ready. πŸ˜‚
Robot mammoths on the garbage trucks of Baltimore. @ Lexington Market
Sky Sky was really leaning like she was down Lexington market lastnight on FT wit unc I love her πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gonna go down Lexington market tmrw for breakfast 😌
near Lexington market across the street from the subway
And I am editing the television special for the Lexington market. TV tapings went well the other night!
We're home now.I'm putting away my fruit I bought from Lexington's SMOOTHIES TIME!!!…
Bruh this half and half I just got from Lexington market is hitting!
We just went to Lexington Market .now where@ Rite Aide getting a few's 4:03pm!!!…
chillin about to go to Lexington market. Wbu
Just left lexington market. Im about to eat this food and take a napπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm just gonna go ahead and get this Parks from Lexington Market one time
Grabbed a cookie & Dave Shuffet's book 'My Kentucky Life', which he autographed to me (@ Windy Corner Market)
I want something from Lexington market πŸ˜”
Oh a new follower from B'More send me some crab cakes from Lexington Market...
I don't kno what to get from Lexington Market πŸ™ˆπŸ˜…
Lots of cool stuff at the Night Castlewood Park this time around.
Fowler: Lexington Market renovation costs unknown Glad to see Kirby is talking on this challenge
Holiday shopping left to do? Stop by the Night Market for Lexington Art League's Black Friday Art Sale!
Making pizzas tonight. (at Super Market at Lexington Place in Lexington, SC)
.says he has 'no idea' where $25M figure for Lexington Market renovations came fromβ€”price unknown –  10% Off
Feel like Joseph Mitchell as I eat a FAIDLEY's crab cake at Lexington Market while cooling heels--and head--between drafts of a story.
, omggg i wanna chickenbox 😩 bout to take that walk down Lexington Market
Always listen to a chef for lunch advice. Thanks DV. (@ Lexington Market in Baltimore, MD)
Mayor shores up Baltimore public market leadership ahead of changes for Lexington Market
VashtiBlue Jewelry now sold at BmoreButton located at Lexington Market
Lexington market like a 5 course meal to a bird down there
Lexington Market. Nothing much going on though
I want somethin from Lexington market 😭
Lexington Market should borrow design ideas from Byward Market, Ottawa - stalls open to street, signage is appealing.
Hate the junkies down Lexington market yo,
Shop with your Lexington Farmers' Market today in Cheapside Park until 2PM.
Lexington Market lol, I had to drop Annie off
Is it like Lexington Market in terms of nodding junkies numbers?
The Farmers Market is open for business until noon at Lexington Square Park... Come out and visit Jumper Farms,...
.in Louisville this weekend and Noli Night Market from 7-10 in Lexington tonight! Go enjoy what your city…
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Baltimore, it's gonna be hot outside but inside the Lexington Market it's gonna be smokin'! Fast Eddie & The Slowpokes hit at noon! B there!
Hampden in Balt is worth a stroll, as is Lexington Market on Sat.
I guess after we leave Lexington market morrow we clean the carpet n take the stuff apart. Hopefully we will make it to cookout
βœˆπŸš²πŸš— / I've been seeing ya white *** down Lexington market everyday after school ! Lol
I checked in at The Night Market on
I need to go down Lexington Market b. been a long time
Earlier I had lunch . with my Mom at. Lexington Market. she mentioned she. use to do the same . with her mother when. she was younger. I love. her.
I swear the stuff you see down lexington market a *** shame πŸ˜’πŸ˜·πŸ˜–
That's the one big thing I miss from living down the projects. You had Lexington Market & Ave Market
Park's Fried Chicken on The place to go in Lexington Market to get your fried chicken, fries, and my favorite…
Must be talking about a Trina from down Lexington market 😩😫
Black don't crack? Shid hit Lexington market and see nothing but Crack Crack Crack
Do you have a specific area or school district that you want more information about? Here's what I have to say...
She said she want to be high like the ppl at Lexington market
Andreas, lot of activity in the real estate market in Lexington over the past few months. We should discuss in greater detail
Hamilton Collection
James Franklin really stood in Lexington Market and told the streets "I consider this in-state...we out to southeast next"
Pest Route Professional - Baker's Shift (ss): Steritec h is the market leader in food safety, ...
Have you checked out my latest blog post? It's about the 40509 zip code in Lexington, Kentucky...
I am not about this Lexington market Life! πŸ‘ŽπŸ™…πŸ™…
Lexington Market got the best fruit
Saw his shop at Lexington Market yesterday.
Heading back to Texas with a sick stomach thanks to Lexington Market. It's one of those things where I knew I shouldn't have, but I did πŸ˜’
Wonderful time at the Meet & Greet Networking Party held at Lexington Showroom LV World Market…
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹ yo dats u yo. Da pimp game aint what it used to be. Got my *** sellin socks. At MVA at that tho. Why not Lexington market?
No Lexington Market , I haven't been in some years
she was Lexington market junkied out on the phone
I'm going from Lexington market to Mondawmin
I wish lexington market didnt close so early
Fearless as a Lexington market pedestrian
baby bringing me a potato from Lexington market πŸ˜‹
I should get something to eat from Lexington market πŸ˜‹
Wish me luck yaw, I'm going to give what used to be my favorite stall the blue island Malaysian grill one more shot …
I checked in at Lexington Market on
it's a lil cool spot down Lexington market too
My mother going to Lexington market for the first time this going be hilarious
Ready hit Lexington Market nd get some breakfast
The Lexington Arboretum is calling you! Join the walking club (open to anyone!) that meets at Farmers Market at Commonwealth TODAY at 4:30
In Maryland Lexington market and the harbor is a must
Lifeline Agents and Managers needed (Lexington Ky): Objective: . Market savvy individuals that ...
If Baltimore had free chicken box day I'm going to Lexington market FIRST & Last
u ain't never been to Northeast or Lexington Market.
I was near the ratchets like Lexington market πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This my first time down lexington market in years so I had to grab me a chicken box
I feel like going down Lexington market and getting my fav pasta dish I loved eating that when I worked downtownπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Lexington Home Brands. Our new "Carrera" collection is being extremely well received at the Las Vegas Market...
Miss Shirleys is my fave...or for seafood, Obrycki' crab cakes are at Faidleys at Lexington Market.
My last day (Saturday) at Lexington Market was celebrity day. This market attracts a lot of everyone. Other than...
Baltimore Sun - Circus elephants visit Lexington Market - Elephants from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Ci...
I will keep posting this until we find her - this is MY NIECE - she is 35 years old and has been missing since October. She was last seen near Lexington Market with her boyfriend - African American with long dreadlocks and goes by the name of Magic. If anyone knows of her whereabouts I am begging you to call Northern District Police Station. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
SCHOOL CHECK IN! Come & Rep your school.from Elementary to Middle to High to College & Trade Schools! *Templeton, Lemmel, Western, BCCC & ACT (Advance Career Training.use to be across from Lexington Market!
Uncle just met me at Lexington market& got ms sme shrimp broccoli & rice & snicker doodle cookies😜
Me too for am meat package from Lexington market
I want some pineapples and a piece of cake from Lexington market
downtown about to be at Lexington market wya
I want a baked potato from Lexington market
Went to Lexington Market wit a Hood Cuisine on my mind but my seafood addiction kicked in & I ended up…
Yup tomar imma take a trip to lexington market
I Just try get my father to take me dwn Lexington market that was a dead mission πŸ‘Š
Hello if you go down lexington market my aunt has a praise dance ministrie that she do down by the rite aid Good ladie and sent by God she also minister at her church weds funerals etc. Show her love God has brought her along way And she is a great women of God great dancer
Can really go for some gizzards from Lexington market
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I need to go down Lexington market to get my eyelashes done
I want a fruit salad & a triple mix from Lexington market.
This *** said what if there was a Lexington Market up Mindawmin πŸ’€
Stop by The Morris Book Shop to check out new art "Market Morning" by Lexington artist Dawna Bradford & brought...
I bought a smoothie from Lexington market yesterday and asked the man how many calories was in it he looked at me like😳
Im going to Lexington market before i leave out
Down Lexington market on the train and this unk drop a bag of loud and this fat *** , put it in her pocket
as soon as he goes in for surgery, I'm going to Lexington market and get some good *** food.
I want a turkey samich from Lexington market.
Them unks down Lexington market ain't no joke
Me and hit Lexington market FAITHFULLY, everyday after school. Remember that fiend bought all my chocolate πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
You are gonna get married down lexington market
My favorite it`s any donuts *** it`s delicious too so good every time get a pack of any donuts from downtown Lexington Market every 8am morning worth for food stamps now got six different donuts some two same but yo know i mean *** every time when i eat a meal after already ate dessert . That probably left in that pack . Whoa
So my sister calls to see if I'm home from work yet because she wants to bring pizza. Cool. Before long she honks and calls my cell and says hurry up and come to the door. I open the door and she has her male friend carrying it. what is that? ? He was trying to navigate cuz it wouldn't fit thru the door! I thought it was sheetrock! She says I was embarrassed, everyone was looking at it! I didn't know it would be that big! Rotflmbo! I have a problem with food being big like that . For instance Lexington market chicken! Turkey wings. ...I don't like big food! It grosses me out. About to gag! What type of dope fein hand pizza is this? :(.All swelled up like that! About to hurl!!
Caint wait to get h food from Lexington market β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹
All purpose parts banner
Lexington Kentucky artist Dawna Bradford's "Morning Market" is now at
Warm up w/ our fashion show photos: Baltimore's own weird and wonderful Lexington Market Fashion Show:
I wanna go to Lexington market get me a stuffed potato
chicken boxes from Lexington Market are everything tho.
I just saw a polar bear in West Baltimore, about to go get him a chicken box & a half & half from Lexington Market.
Ain't too many people standing in front of Lexington Market today.
Why did I go down Lexington Market in two people spoke to me and I did not know who they were you can't be too careful down there
I want a cold cut and some chicken salad from Lexington market
Join us at Life on Lexington Thursday Jan 9th at 6:00pm to being our Spring High Point Furniture Market outreach...
My father trying go to lexington market
You kno its cold when these ratchet Baltimore pigeons aint out at Lexington market! Lol
I want to go to Lexington Market and get some clams and oysters anybody willing to go with me
She trying go to Lexington market, lmao
Every man in lexington market but looking at me like im jesus they such pervs in here
Trying grab me sum bud, who's good that can meet me at Lexington market at around 12:30?. I got 80$ for ya
Meet Black Singles 300x250
β€œGoing to lexington market”Get me a breakfast sandwich and some fries πŸ™Œ I miss that joint
Rey go n Lexington market doe n get a tea
Might go down Lexington Market in a few & throw back some 20/20 for old times.
Shid I wondee if nick ma a wana take me to Lexington market
Getting up gotta start my day. Anbri staying with grandma Lexington Market then doctors.
I remembered I walked through Lexington market and this man tried to sell me some I look like I do heroin ? Tf
Idc how cold it is , I'm walking to Lexington market ...I'm hungry :(
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Pedal (Lexington) - $400: . The best loop pedal on the market. Find out info her...
I pray oh I pray that there is not one person stranded out in that cold with no where to go for shelter I pray every person that is homeless has found some place tonight to call home. It is too cold for anybody or anything that breathes air to be outside tonight. It sound like Jack Frost has an AT-Ti-TUDE he so angry he freezing homeless people dogs cats and Lexington Market Rats.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ me work at Lexington market lmao id shoot myself
Go get a free copy from dtlr own Lexington market it's a great mixtape new music coming soon bump this…
Idk why I come in Lexington market it's too much
Lexington Herald - Shorty's Urban Market reopens with new owner
Lexington market cheese steak fries jumbo half n half I think so
I want something from lexington market im starving
I tried to walk up to Lexington Market for lunch but the wind changed my mind 󾭝󾭝󾭝 got me so together
And I'm home!! Thanks again Jennifer Kurzmiller! See you soon. Looking forward to showing Mark Lexington Market
We have always been one,just us. That's what I have always told our children. Warren knew it as much as I did. He felt like I do.He loved this city, Federal Hill is one of our favorite places, and going to Lexington market, there's not a street in Balto., that we don't know.We started as a Family of five, then to eleven+ and sadly back to ten.We will always remain the original five , and you physical being may not be here, But we are and will always be the Beginning and not the end.
Who tryna link up down lexington market tomar?
Want to Lexington market yesterday and stop at food stall the dancing potato they had potato name the Baltimore stuff with crab meat man it was good it will hit again next saturday
They are talking about the 101 best reasons to live in Baltimore. After living in Pennsylvania and Ohio, I can think of one good reason, that can not be found any place else. LEXINGTON MARKET!!! (Aint no place like it anywhere!) Where else are you gonna find chittlins and donuts unda the same roof??
I know the tourist be thinking there in in another County when there down the Inner Harbor... but soon as soon as they hit up by Lexington Market.. downtown look way different like what part of the County is this.. Zombie City.. everybody in there grandkids gone off the pills ..persks.. bukes.. zannibars.. mollies.. in etc...young junkies in the making.. rt.. ijs
Not many people know but when I grew up I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Baltimore. Every weekend that I could was with my dads patents. During the week I got to spend it with my moms parents. I was very lucky to have them with me. I was able to spend a lot of time with my Poppy and he would take me to Lexington Market and many great places around Baltimore. One thing he got me to watch was football and yep Wrestling OLD SCHOOL and the Baltimore Colts. Since my Washington REDSKINS didn't make it this year I will be rooting for my Grandfathers favorite team. Russell Wells HERE WE GO.
before she thinks i forgot about her i wanna say happy birthday to my godmother and aunt Teressa Thaxton aka aunt terry. miss the good ole days of going out to brunch or lexington market when i was a lil hellspawn. happy 51st and many more :D
Gm fbff. I really need to go downtown to Lexington Market to get meat package but I might turn until A ice pop lls I hate the cold smh need a ride.
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