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Lexington Market

Lexington Market is a historic market in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The main market is housed in two large buildings on the north corners of the intersection of Paca and Lexington Streets.

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Andreas, lot of activity in the real estate market in Lexington over the past few months. We should discuss in greater detail
James Franklin really stood in Lexington Market and told the streets "I consider this in-state...we out to southeast next"
Pest Route Professional - Baker's Shift (ss): Steritec h is the market leader in food safety, ...
Have you checked out my latest blog post? It's about the 40509 zip code in Lexington, Kentucky...
I am not about this Lexington market Life! 👎🙅🙅
Lexington Market got the best fruit
Saw his shop at Lexington Market yesterday.
Heading back to Texas with a sick stomach thanks to Lexington Market. It's one of those things where I knew I shouldn't have, but I did 😒
Wonderful time at the Meet & Greet Networking Party held at Lexington Showroom LV World Market…
😂😂😂😋 yo dats u yo. Da pimp game aint what it used to be. Got my *** sellin socks. At MVA at that tho. Why not Lexington market?
No Lexington Market , I haven't been in some years
she was Lexington market junkied out on the phone
I'm going from Lexington market to Mondawmin
I wish lexington market didnt close so early
Fearless as a Lexington market pedestrian
baby bringing me a potato from Lexington market 😋
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I should get something to eat from Lexington market 😋
Wish me luck yaw, I'm going to give what used to be my favorite stall the blue island Malaysian grill one more shot …
I checked in at Lexington Market on
it's a lil cool spot down Lexington market too
My mother going to Lexington market for the first time this going be hilarious
Ready hit Lexington Market nd get some breakfast
The Lexington Arboretum is calling you! Join the walking club (open to anyone!) that meets at Farmers Market at Commonwealth TODAY at 4:30
In Maryland Lexington market and the harbor is a must
Lifeline Agents and Managers needed (Lexington Ky): Objective: . Market savvy individuals that ...
If Baltimore had free chicken box day I'm going to Lexington market FIRST & Last
u ain't never been to Northeast or Lexington Market.
I was near the ratchets like Lexington market 😩😂😂😂
This my first time down lexington market in years so I had to grab me a chicken box
I feel like going down Lexington market and getting my fav pasta dish I loved eating that when I worked downtown😋😋
LEXINGTON'S FARMERS MARKET!: Welcome in the Spring and Summer seasons by stopping by the Lexington Historic...
Lexington Home Brands. Our new "Carrera" collection is being extremely well received at the Las Vegas Market...
Miss Shirleys is my fave...or for seafood, Obrycki' crab cakes are at Faidleys at Lexington Market.
My last day (Saturday) at Lexington Market was celebrity day. This market attracts a lot of everyone. Other than...
Baltimore Sun - Circus elephants visit Lexington Market - Elephants from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Ci...
I will keep posting this until we find her - this is MY NIECE - she is 35 years old and has been missing since October. She was last seen near Lexington Market with her boyfriend - African American with long dreadlocks and goes by the name of Magic. If anyone knows of her whereabouts I am begging you to call Northern District Police Station. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
SCHOOL CHECK IN! Come & Rep your school.from Elementary to Middle to High to College & Trade Schools! *Templeton, Lemmel, Western, BCCC & ACT (Advance Career Training.use to be across from Lexington Market!
Uncle just met me at Lexington market& got ms sme shrimp broccoli & rice & snicker doodle cookies😜
Me too for am meat package from Lexington market
I want some pineapples and a piece of cake from Lexington market
downtown about to be at Lexington market wya
I want a baked potato from Lexington market
Went to Lexington Market wit a Hood Cuisine on my mind but my seafood addiction kicked in & I ended up…
Yup tomar imma take a trip to lexington market
I Just try get my father to take me dwn Lexington market that was a dead mission 👊
Hello if you go down lexington market my aunt has a praise dance ministrie that she do down by the rite aid Good ladie and sent by God she also minister at her church weds funerals etc. Show her love God has brought her along way And she is a great women of God great dancer
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Can really go for some gizzards from Lexington market
I need to go down Lexington market to get my eyelashes done
I want a fruit salad & a triple mix from Lexington market.
This *** said what if there was a Lexington Market up Mindawmin 💀
Stop by The Morris Book Shop to check out new art "Market Morning" by Lexington artist Dawna Bradford & brought...
I bought a smoothie from Lexington market yesterday and asked the man how many calories was in it he looked at me like😳
Im going to Lexington market before i leave out
Down Lexington market on the train and this unk drop a bag of loud and this fat *** , put it in her pocket
as soon as he goes in for surgery, I'm going to Lexington market and get some good *** food.
I want a turkey samich from Lexington market.
Them unks down Lexington market ain't no joke
Me and hit Lexington market FAITHFULLY, everyday after school. Remember that fiend bought all my chocolate 😢😂😂
You are gonna get married down lexington market
My favorite it`s any donuts *** it`s delicious too so good every time get a pack of any donuts from downtown Lexington Market every 8am morning worth for food stamps now got six different donuts some two same but yo know i mean *** every time when i eat a meal after already ate dessert . That probably left in that pack . Whoa
So my sister calls to see if I'm home from work yet because she wants to bring pizza. Cool. Before long she honks and calls my cell and says hurry up and come to the door. I open the door and she has her male friend carrying it. what is that? ? He was trying to navigate cuz it wouldn't fit thru the door! I thought it was sheetrock! She says I was embarrassed, everyone was looking at it! I didn't know it would be that big! Rotflmbo! I have a problem with food being big like that . For instance Lexington market chicken! Turkey wings. ...I don't like big food! It grosses me out. About to gag! What type of dope fein hand pizza is this? :(.All swelled up like that! About to hurl!!
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Caint wait to get h food from Lexington market ☺️😋
Lexington Kentucky artist Dawna Bradford's "Morning Market" is now at
Warm up w/ our fashion show photos: Baltimore's own weird and wonderful Lexington Market Fashion Show:
I wanna go to Lexington market get me a stuffed potato
chicken boxes from Lexington Market are everything tho.
I just saw a polar bear in West Baltimore, about to go get him a chicken box & a half & half from Lexington Market.
Ain't too many people standing in front of Lexington Market today.
Why did I go down Lexington Market in two people spoke to me and I did not know who they were you can't be too careful down there
I want a cold cut and some chicken salad from Lexington market
Join us at Life on Lexington Thursday Jan 9th at 6:00pm to being our Spring High Point Furniture Market outreach...
My father trying go to lexington market
You kno its cold when these ratchet Baltimore pigeons aint out at Lexington market! Lol
I want to go to Lexington Market and get some clams and oysters anybody willing to go with me
She trying go to Lexington market, lmao
Every man in lexington market but looking at me like im jesus they such pervs in here
Trying grab me sum bud, who's good that can meet me at Lexington market at around 12:30?. I got 80$ for ya
“Going to lexington market”Get me a breakfast sandwich and some fries 🙌 I miss that joint
Rey go n Lexington market doe n get a tea
Might go down Lexington Market in a few & throw back some 20/20 for old times.
Shid I wondee if nick ma a wana take me to Lexington market
Getting up gotta start my day. Anbri staying with grandma Lexington Market then doctors.
I remembered I walked through Lexington market and this man tried to sell me some I look like I do heroin ? Tf
Idc how cold it is , I'm walking to Lexington market ...I'm hungry :(
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I pray oh I pray that there is not one person stranded out in that cold with no where to go for shelter I pray every person that is homeless has found some place tonight to call home. It is too cold for anybody or anything that breathes air to be outside tonight. It sound like Jack Frost has an AT-Ti-TUDE he so angry he freezing homeless people dogs cats and Lexington Market Rats.
😂😂 me work at Lexington market lmao id shoot myself
Go get a free copy from dtlr own Lexington market it's a great mixtape new music coming soon bump this…
Idk why I come in Lexington market it's too much
Lexington Herald - Shorty's Urban Market reopens with new owner
Lexington market cheese steak fries jumbo half n half I think so
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I want something from lexington market im starving
I tried to walk up to Lexington Market for lunch but the wind changed my mind 󾭝󾭝󾭝 got me so together
And I'm home!! Thanks again Jennifer Kurzmiller! See you soon. Looking forward to showing Mark Lexington Market
We have always been one,just us. That's what I have always told our children. Warren knew it as much as I did. He felt like I do.He loved this city, Federal Hill is one of our favorite places, and going to Lexington market, there's not a street in Balto., that we don't know.We started as a Family of five, then to eleven+ and sadly back to ten.We will always remain the original five , and you physical being may not be here, But we are and will always be the Beginning and not the end.
Who tryna link up down lexington market tomar?
Want to Lexington market yesterday and stop at food stall the dancing potato they had potato name the Baltimore stuff with crab meat man it was good it will hit again next saturday
They are talking about the 101 best reasons to live in Baltimore. After living in Pennsylvania and Ohio, I can think of one good reason, that can not be found any place else. LEXINGTON MARKET!!! (Aint no place like it anywhere!) Where else are you gonna find chittlins and donuts unda the same roof??
I know the tourist be thinking there in in another County when there down the Inner Harbor... but soon as soon as they hit up by Lexington Market.. downtown look way different like what part of the County is this.. Zombie City.. everybody in there grandkids gone off the pills ..persks.. bukes.. zannibars.. mollies.. in etc...young junkies in the making.. rt.. ijs
Not many people know but when I grew up I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Baltimore. Every weekend that I could was with my dads patents. During the week I got to spend it with my moms parents. I was very lucky to have them with me. I was able to spend a lot of time with my Poppy and he would take me to Lexington Market and many great places around Baltimore. One thing he got me to watch was football and yep Wrestling OLD SCHOOL and the Baltimore Colts. Since my Washington REDSKINS didn't make it this year I will be rooting for my Grandfathers favorite team. Russell Wells HERE WE GO.
before she thinks i forgot about her i wanna say happy birthday to my godmother and aunt Teressa Thaxton aka aunt terry. miss the good ole days of going out to brunch or lexington market when i was a lil hellspawn. happy 51st and many more :D
Gm fbff. I really need to go downtown to Lexington Market to get meat package but I might turn until A ice pop lls I hate the cold smh need a ride.
Gm fb am loving my kiwi strawberry smoothie from lexington market!!!
It's freezing outside and I would want something from Lexington market right now SMH !!!
I saw my father yesterday on a whim with my sister Mandy getting a seafood salad sandwich and a snowball that I've been craving from Lexington Market right before they closed. My sister is the best, she's making my pregnancy so less bumpy! I love my dad and don't see him as much as I would like but I value our moments. Now it would be wonderful if I can get 3 of my favorite men together too bad Thomas Wilson is in Texas cus I miss him.
Fuk it Lexington market for breakfast it is...Towson vs coppin basketball game today ...out chea
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I remember when everybody and their cousin was down Lexington Market area. Today it looks like Night of The Living Dead !!!
Mcdonalds used to be at walbrook jct.caldors used to be at the plaza...and kings court had the best steak around.roy rogers was on liberty heights as well as Jim parkers. ..u had mrs fields on garrison.the peanut stand and the news paper stand down Lexington market. ...hardees.ginos.Ames. ...
I Remenber back in Da G when Lexington Market was open # Old Memories
Had the strangest most surreal experience ever yesterday in Baltimore. We rode the light rail to the Lexington Market stop. When we got off we looked around. Every shop was shuttered and except for a few homeless men sleeping in doorways there were no people or cars to be seen anywhere. It was just like a post apocalypse movie set. It really creeped me out. We walked down to Camden Yards on Eutaw street. I was expecting to see zombies or worse at anytime. We got back on the light rail and went back to the airport.
starts in just 44 days! If your New Year's Resolution is to eat awesome food, be sure to check out Faidley's. Says local Jessica Vitak: "The best crab cakes in Baltimore (and some would say anywhere) are within walking distance of the hotel in Lexington Market at a place called Faidley's (They've won all kinds of awards for their crab cakes. They're not cheap, but they are worth it, with just lump crab meat and no filler."
Just got back in Lexington market was empty I made sure I got my corn beef sandwich lol!!!
Sooo happy right now.. all I need is some food since I stop smoking loud I guess ima be a fat gurl this year.. lol enjoy y'all day world on my way to Lexington market
Well folks it is time to renew the blues/funk of the New Year at the Lexington Market on 1/3 starting at noon. On the show will be Andy Hamburger drums, Ken Sparks guitar, and Chuck "The Pluck" Carter on bass. Come on up to Baltimore and bring you party mind set because it's about to be on.
Tylenol 3 ain't no joke I feel like I belong down Lexington market!!!
Yesterday, eating a jumbo lump crab cake for lunch at the Lexington Market, then watching my daughter in a funny dance review, then back to the Monaco Hotel with my Babe for the final hour of 2013. Today, kicking back with ribs, cole slaw, baked beans & cornbread to watch the Rose Bowl. Life is good!! Go Spartans!!
I am going to go to Lexington Market on the 3rd and buy so much meat, I might not have enough room to put everything in my freezer
Bengals still have 10,000 tickets left as of yesterday afternoon. Failure to sell them before tomorrow would result in the game being blacked out in Cincinnati Dayton and Lexington market. Thats would think that you could find at least 60,000 bengals fans in SW Ohio and northern KY. Apparently you cant! Lol.
*** I mean Lexington Market is " *** Packed ". I ready for the results of the Harbor
If u don't know well know u no that this shop is the best hotdog spot in Lexington Market and I had to get 2 b4 the yr ended
You know its early when everyone by Lexington Market is standing up straight.
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I be down lexington market tomorrow to holler my *** !
In Baltimore at the Lexington Market with the ***
I'm going to kill two birds with one stone take them to a place where they can get lunch and a movie Lexington Market lol
Remember that we're closed on Mondays down Lexington Market! Call us/ inbox if u need something Bcuz Cuties r always On Duty!!!
‘Assalamu Alaykum ... Salaam and Happy Kwanzaa to all the super groovy beautiful people able to rise to see eye this morning now evening ...missed but streamed the smoking rhythm revue with Mr. Phantasm funky soul brother Felix Hernandez slipping disc from motor city to stax wax and dropping Philadelphia soul on us during this jubilee i drop the ish off the radar ... Left NYC for the mouth of the south, pushing into dc and sweeping out into Baltimore which bumping live "doing the bump" @ Lexington Market this afternoon and oh baby I should have video this ... Pimps, *** and crack heads getting down lol ... I love me some BIG COUNTRY ! " let me rap a taste on dat" lol dang so I'm sending out a whole lotta UNIVERSAL Luv out all y'all funky fresh crew ! Salaam ... Give to the needy not to the greedy baby! I did not forget .
Lexington Market is JUMPING with older ppl i can't lie the band is alright does that make me a groupie lmao
So freaking hungry.I think I will stop at Lexington Market before I go home!
I don't know Baltimore.Cafe Hon for ambience? or Lexington Market for the experience?
This was a crazy seen. Never been to Lexington Market.
Down Lexington market got me two turkey sausage egg and cheese sandwich bout to smash!!! Dfl󾌴󾌴
Im never standing at Lexington Market for more than 20 mins EVER AGAIN. SMH =/
All this money to see some mummies I should of just took Kayla down Lexington Market and seen them for free
Be sure to see the finished mural at Lexington Market (and pick up some Better Bites while you're there :))
Im saying doe, can somebody bring me some chicken from lexington market, really
At the famous Lexington Market, est. 1782. Had to stop in Findley's for some oysters. Life is good. Now to run some other errands and head back home.
Lexington Market in Baltimore might be the closest thing to a Central Asian bazaar in the US. The food tastes different, the people look different, but the vibe is essentially the same. Fresh produce, a lot of hollering and some shady dealings in between.
Ughh,even on a holiday lexington market is still ratchet
Lexington Market bound. One vendor only. The one who has the cleanest, tastiest Hog Maws and Chitterlings if you don't feel up to doing your own.
If you been to Lexington Market or Uptom Market for a day fun food and music
You think they have some French hens down at Lexington Market? I think they would taste great with mumbo sauce...
Susan Rinato. You have to come back to Merry Land soon auntie Sue. Lexington Market misses you!
Chicken box an a half an half from Lexington market. Merry Christmas!!!
I'm convinced the Baltimore Street and the area around Lexington Market are quite dirty as well lol.
“I want a breakfast sandwich from Lexington market *** that's where I should have went for breakfast instead of mcdonalds
I want a breakfast sandwich from Lexington market
Hapoy monday fb ...I hope you all have a beautiful but hard imma lay back catchup on my movies , catch the train down Lexington market grab some lunch , then click on my black box ( PlayStation)..
I think I'll drive down Lexington Market. N get me Some Breakfast & cool it for a bit
Dover Street Market is openning at 160 Lexington Avenue! ASAP l´ll check it out
I went to Lexington Market and they had fried vegetables 😖🙅
lol ya diet might be organic but ya head still a Lexington market pot roast. Mr. Whipped
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I wanna fruit salad from Lexington market😍
This is just lovely. Not sure if I should watch the rest of the game or just go down to Lexington Market and pay a bum $5 to break my jaw.
Images from the new Dover Street Market at 160 Lexington Avenue in New York.
He look like he belong down Lexington market
I gotta grab a cupla more things for the house n im in for the rest of the wk.! Catch me & my son down Lexington market tomar getting hard candy & a ginger bread house :-)
I been saying I was gonna go down Lexington market since I graduated from Vivien T lmaooo ima go cuz I really want my food tho 😂
Was that the Santa from down Lexington Market? Raven Nation!!
lls I was over by the Lexington market
This is disgusting and must be stopped. :| @ Publix Super Market at Lexington Place
Just getting in from our 51/2 mile.walk from home to Lexington market and bk..Feeling every muscle in my body tingling from my toe nails to my eyebrow..I feel SO greatful nothing in particular just EVERY SINGLE PORTION OF GODS GRACE THAT KEEPS MY STORMS FROM CONSUMING ME ,AND MY LIFE UNDER HIS MERCY...
if you're in check out new Dover St Market @ 160 Lexington Av opened this wknd
I'm finally home after such a long day... Did shop with a cop with a few kids, help feed the homeless with 5 different organizations, help put together a christmas party with some of lexington market greatest workers to honor the baltimore police department. Now home getting ready for tomorrow @ 3pm we will be at the cold blue homeless shelter having a christmas party for the less fortunate. I love being a servant!!!
Went up Lexington Market to witness. If I could do that over again everyday, I would. That's how blessed I was from the experience.
The epic Comme des Garçons Dover Street Market is now open at 160 Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill
It is. Luckily, I get 3 Louisville stations on cable since I'm in Lexington market. A couple good stations there, too.
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My stomach is rejecting the food I eat at Lexington market earlier. Ugh. It ain't pretty ova here.
Went in Lexington Market for like 10 mins , came out and my brother said I smell like Chinese food , seafood allat . Smh , I hate going in there .
Been out all day and ill tell you boy Lexington Market is something else lol only in Baltimore!
Coming back home my thoughts only turn to one line of a Jay -Z song.(back to the sewer with the riff raff again) only these short zenith lines of poem keep my mind sharp cause if u sleeping u get slept. Lexington market practically whispering welcome back to the jungle# thought of the day
Anybody know wht time Lexington Market close ?
Bout to walk to Lexington market with my baby boy!
Lexington market is a whole nother planet
My baby performing at Lexington market with her school people threw money at them.
Lexington market jumping like its the 1st of the month
The packaged berger cookies are cheaper at safeway than at lexington market. I don't know what to think anymore...
Be sure to stop by the Quarles Farms booth at the Lexington Farmers Market! Posting for my friend ... Ryan Quarles
*** down Lexington Market with tank tops on 😂😂😂 like it's not winter
Off to Lexington Market. Should be insane. Can't wait!
“Lexington Market rey hit the spot .”yes I'm going later !
Lexington Market rey hit the spot .
Gdm fbf, if u have 2 come out today DO IT! It feels so good out on my way to Lexington market
Heigh *** heigh *** it's off to the Lexington market we go! We really don't buy anything except horse radish, cookies, and fruit! Then an oyster for some! Top it off with Atmans!! A long long living tradition that I wouldn't change for anything!
Thankfully not in line with a bunch of hypebeasts at the Dover Street Market opening on 30th & Lexington.
I don't feel like walking to Lexington market 😤
We are very happy to be part of Dover Street Market New York opening today at 160 Lexington Avenue 🇺🇸…
Dover Street Market opening today on 30th and Lexington. 7 story multi brand complex owned by CDG. From Louie V to Supreme and APC.
Gotta catch this light rail to Lexington market then the subway all the way to owings mills smfh
Had a wonderful day with Morgan, Diamond and Donnel. The harbour was beautiful, Lexington market was packed and to top it off we had a bbq. LIFE IS GOOD :-) :-)
Jury duty OVER, not on a trial, treated my dad to lunch at Lexington Market. Good day so far. :3
Gm family amd friends Hope everyone have a safe and bless weekend. On my way down Lexington Market to listen to the jazz band. Something to do then sitting in this boring house
Gm bout to go down lexington market be bless fam
Dam shame,now you gotta go in Lexington Market strapped and on point *** can't enjoy your meal lookn over your shoulder.
Who remember goin to Lexington market at the candy spot gettin red hot monies.
Only at Lexington market does the white girls stand at the subway with a sign please help me. Bit__h you younger than me, get a job. I saw you in a nod last time I rode the subway. ***
The lexington market struggle.this boy follows me Jus to say shorty I wud give u all my bbys.smh I ont want them lol where's the chill...I said I cnt hve kids ima man he replies well I might can make an exception.pew downlow ***
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Trying to see if I feel like dealing with the Lexington Market crew for lunch...had a guy stop me and kiss my hand one morning with beer covered lips. *** sanitizer..I wanted to chop it off and I gave him a look that said that is what i wanted to do... wish me luck...
Just trying to get back to LOPO from the car wash but something happening downtown has caused me to divert from my normal route. Let's just say Eutaw St (Lexington Market) is interesting this time of day. And traffics is no better.
Gm fbf,on my way in town gots some business to handle,and ofd to c my babie girls perform at lexington market,its going to b a beautiful day in spite of .GOD IS N MY DRIVERS SEAT SO ILL SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE.BBL
Big smiles my mother treated me to Lexington market :*) and you know they have the best food!!! And for dessert Fruit salad && a strawberry kiwi smoothie...APPRECIATED
Ain't sat down and ate in Lexington Market in yrs.i tell you one thing.ran into a few of my old pieces down here lol
I'm sooo hungry :-\ I can go for a sandwich from Lexington market
GM lovers Lil mann and I are about to hit up Lexington Market. If you see us, come say hi 󾌵
In Baltimore for the day. After this doctor's appointment I want to hit up Lexington market or see some friend
I hate downtown but while am down here going hit Lexington Market yum yum
The move to Greene St was a little stressful for me when we walked to the parking lot at Lexington Market, at 7 p,m, with Betty Page, a attractive black woman, in a time when mixed races did not go over too well.
This old man got a radio strapped to his wheel chair lmfao that's Lexington market for you
I want some chicken gizzards and seafood salad from Lexington market
and Anita Courtney mentioned that chef James Baker of Mtani Catering is going to sell bowls of homemade chicken noodle soup from 4-6 at the Lexington Market, which is Third and Race St. Perfect for before cookies and hot choc!! ( 2 dollars a bowl )
On my way to Lexington Market I was told it is an experience.
I want some Lexington market so bad. I might have to make a trip there on Saturday.
I want some chicken necks from Lexington fried chicken( Lexington market), and potato salad from anges...not in the mood to step over the meth population down there so is anybody on their way down town.
people at Lexington Market dancing follow
A woman from Lexington Market told me that I have a baby face after I told her my age.
Have any of y'all ever seen a,white person hack at north east market,Lexington market or even any market cause all,I ever seen was old black people hack
It's time people. Time to show the world why we are the champs. Let'em know bleed purple and eat quaterbacks. Let'em know our qb is optimus prime to their megatron.Let them see flacco throw from edmondson village and either smith or brown will catch it at lexington market. It's game time!
Guhh he is sexy az shyt lol to damm sexy. he make me wanna.I don't kno who look better da one who work down Lexington market or da one up Pretty'Slickk Morris store, now da one down Lexington market he's Aquarius but I don't know what sign da other one is, but I kno dey sexy *** *** woosah
There a sub shop in Lexington market that sell good Philly subs and when they pack your sub roll they pack your sub roll!! Name this store. It was station in the middle of Lexington market
Its time for me to start reading some books again i seen some down lexington market 3for 25
Good Morning to Everyone!.Our son Brandon Mckoy will be playing the keyboard for his school choir The Empowerment Academy@ Lexington Market (middle court) Todayyou are in the downtown area stop by he would love to see your smiling face, and you can buy me some
Might take my *** to Lexington Market today too.. Idk.
Johns hopkins, Shot tower,charles center,Lexington market ,State center,upton, Penn-north ,Mondawin, West coldspring , Rogers ave, Plaza station , milford mill , old court , owings mills If you got off at one of these stops before LIKE✔
who cares if it was lexington market. i am proud that one of baltimore's own who has taken his visual fashion shows to places that we can only imagine comes back to give back. hopefully some young man child or women yesterday afternoon was inspired to follow their dreams happy Sunday FB family back to church next week before off to ATL i miss my ATL family. GO ravens/jets/giants/patriots - my CC has shut me out deleted CC app entered app again it still shuts me out dont know what is wrong but i am going thru withdrawals may need a new ipad sob sob sob does anyone have any suggestions is it something i am doing or is it a glitch
Does anyone know the name or whereabouts of the young man who used to sell The Afro newspaper in front of the peanut stand @ Lexington Market? He was an o- riginal .
Who remember the guy down Lexington market with the lil monkey ventriliquist act . Lol if I spelled that rite
About to order me something to eat... should've went to Lexington Market earlier...
Good Morning Cuties. We r open for business today ..500 W. Lexington...The Old Lexington Market.Come Out and Support ur Cuties...Thank u and Have a great day.
The way that Lexington market is set up I ant going to be here to long too many junkies,and it's snowing.lord knows I hate snow
Free fashion show at Lexington market
Last night, I pulled a sword out of a man's mouth; and sang karaoke whilest lying down in a hearse. Today, Lexington Market with the prostitutes and crack -heads after blowing glass ornaments. Baltimore's great.
Good morning fb family. Just in case you are looking for something to do today. Travis Winkey's Annual Fashion Show will be held today at Lexington Market. Show time is 1:00. So you know what that means. Yup I'm heading out the door with my faithful camera. If you don't make it look out for pictures later.
Hello! FBF im just getting in the house a little while ago my baby girl Mykera and my sister Jearlean had modeling rehearsal with Mr. Travis Winkey so if you'll not doing anything tomorrow come down lexington market at 1 they both will be hitting the runway along with other models thanks again Mr. Travis for the opportunity now i have to make sure this little diva is ready she's something else i love this little girl of mine oh!when GOD give anyone a gift use it the way he gives it to you no matter what it is and don't worry what anybody say cause they aren't the ones who gave it to you'll GOD did im just saying but i hate when others try to say something negative about someone else you never know who might hear what you say
Enjoying the live music at The Lexington Market.
Had a nice lunch today with my coworker/friend, Michele! A yummy sandwich and Berger's cookies from Lexington Market! Also did a little Christmas shopping in the plaza craft fair on the way! A win-win all around! Thanks JMO!
Im on my way back in the house i just left Lexington market i went to get my bbies cake
who sales good chitterlings I need sum bad not trying to go bmore Lexington market even tho they the best help plz
So homesick...I want some fried foods from Lexington Market, some steamed crabs and finish with a soft shell crab sandwich. *** you Andrew Zimmern — ‌ Watching Bizarre Foods America.
Hey Neighbors! The eagerly anticipated East End Mural will be unveiled on Saturday, October 19 from 3:00 - 5:00! The mural, by Sundiata Rashid who was born and raised in the East End, will be on the side of Lexington Market: East End (formerly Pak N Save) at the Corner of Race and Third. The mural is called “Know Your History. Then Make History.” It features portraits of highly esteemed East End residents throughout history and children living in the neighborhood today. This project is sponsored by Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, LexArts, LFUCG, Blue Grass Community Foundation, and University of Kentucky Office of Community Engagement. This event will feature speakers and musicians from the community, as well as tasty treats and activities for adults and children. Lexington Market: East End is one of Lexington's first Good Neighbor Stores and is excited to welcome the community into the store, where healthier food options are now available. Hope to see you there!
I'm downtown at Lexington Market having lunch with my mother, she hasnt been her since she was younger... ..we caught the subway down! I'm on top of the world right now! It might not mean much to yall, but this moment right here, Means A Lot to me. Thanks God for this moment. .its the little things that I'm grateful for:) beyond the human imagination. ...
I want a fruit salad from Lexington Market!
RAVENS FANS HELP!: Does the light rail stop near the M&T Bank stadium? The Ravens website says it stops at Hamburg Street near the stadium, but the Light Rail's schedule says it stops at Camden Yards, then the next stop is Lexington Market. I'm confused! Going there tomorrow for Monster Jam and not sure where to park. I know I can park in a parking garage, but I was hoping to ride the light rail! But I don't know how far away the stop is from the stadium???
domain names
INVOLVED IN A ROBBERY ON BALTIMORE LIGHT RAIL TODAY! What a difference 24 hours makes. I was involved in a robbery, in broad daylight, on the Baltimore Light Rail today. I was on my way home from a great day of sight seeing with a lady friend from Washington. I had ridden in to the city from the Lutherville station. Anyway, on the way home, I picked up the Penn Station shuttle at University Center/Baltimore Street. The shuttle is only one car long. I was at the back of the shuttle, in the last backward facing chair. There was 4 other people on the car. At the next stop, the Lexington Market stop, a bunch of kids got on the shuttle. The kids were cutting up several seats behind me. I didn't pay it much attention. They were getting rather loud when I heard one of them say, "Give us some money." Then two of the kids came running down the aisle to the rear car door, cash in their hands. What was weird was they were wearing school uniforms, khakis, white shirts and a blue badge of some ...
LT u go to downtown baltimore n go to Lexington Market...nice restaurants r over rated
REMINDER: If you missed the buzz this summer, Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods taped an episode at Lexington Market for his new show...
Can somebody up road overnight me a LB of snickerdoodles from Lexington Market
What time Lexington market close I want some Chinese
Best place down Lexington market to get chicken lol
Why is Lexington market so live yo lmaoo
A meal from I Lexington market doesn't sound bad after work.
Driving through Lexington Market is like a scene from The Walking Dead
Omg im in Lexington market ... Its the real life walking dead up in here ... Yikes!!!
Anyone know when the Lexington farmers market starts up?
Went to get my from , went in Lexington market & we was fussing w. These MEN . Dfl ! Then we went up mondawmin & was chilling ❤
I was gonna treat u to a Lexington market sandwich with my food stamp card. who can say no to that EVERYBODY LOVES FS
Lemme get my comfort food n be happy and content. (@ Lexington Market)
Second best reason to spend a lil time at Lexington Market
The real estate market is obviously back on the rise in Lexington, Kentucky with all of these brick houses Butler and Bucknell are building
I want a baked potato from down Lexington market
I'm hungry. Idk if I want five guys or a chicken box from Lexington market lol
romey please get back in the Louisville or Lexington market we need u
Ghetto like going down Lexington Market buying food stamps from a crack head to save me a few bucks
When in Lexington, check out the Windy Corner Market. Good food in the rolling hills of Kentucky horse country.
Lexington market would be love right now
This place is fckin filthy im not about this life (@ Lexington Market)
every party the party of the year that MF could be a Lexington market they still goin say that!
Lexington market... you know how to get here?
Orr I quit you win catch me in my hood Lexington Market lmao 😭😭😭
I want some more tacos but i know Lexington market bout to close
Smh at this lady down Lexington Market walking in the middle of the street smiling and waving with a tiarra on
Lmao you see anything down LEXINGTON MARKET, this MAN is throwing up & smoking a cigarette at the same time
Westside will always be losing with Lexington Market on that side of town
Single-Family – Lexington, MA 02421 is now new to the market!: Located on one of the finest streets with home...
Am I allowed to have some snickerdoodles from Lexington Market and some blue bottle moscato even though I'm sick? I would really like some.
oh. See I'm by Lexington Market lol. I ain't think you was basically there
Lexington Market is harmless tho. lol
Made a quick stop for chia seeds. Pretty good deals here, folks. (@ Good Foods Market & Café) on
I should hit Lexington Market for a 1$ koolaid
Lexington Market is a large facility in Baltimore, MD where plenty of pork and fatty products are sold in the low income areas.
This man just said Lexington Market sounds like an "experience" and he would love to "venture" down there.smh
I'm currently in class nodding off like I'm at Lexington Market or something.
*** got me at Lexington Market too early.
I wonder if ima see erick & ray mumping at Lexington market tomorrow 😂😂😂😂
A chicken box from Lexington Market would b lovely rite now
her mova da only unk down Lexington market that dont got junky speed, her ashy *** stay getn booked
cause yu wanna go dwn Lexington market llz
Ugh!! I want a baked potato from Lexington Market from Mouth Olympus with Steak, shrimp, BACON, extra steak, broccoli, cheese, and a sour cream on the side. Mmm mmm mmm! Smh GM FB!! out to my Sisa who's birthday is today! Whoop whoop!! Gettin' old girl!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
...I have made all of Marcus Davis' poems into an audio book. Such narrators are Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Cornel West, Craig the Crackhead from Lexington Market and so on. Please inbox me for details about downloading the entire book or individual poems. The entire book is $19.95, and I have specials on individuals. All proceeds go to The ANiggaspocket Foundation.
I am leaving Southern Maryland 6:30 am heading to Baltimore to see the Champs..I should be in Lexington Market by 8:30. Then about 9:30 I will walk down to City Hall. If any of my friends and Ravens fans want to hang. Meet me in the center court at Lexington Market.Can`t wait to see the world champs. The Baltimore Ravens
I really don't like our Mayor, I think those Speed Camera's are the devil, the roads are a Nightmare, I'm scared to take my Trash out at night, I think the City is run by a gamg of uneducated, unprofessional losers, Baltimore City Police are corrupt and lazy (but most Police are), and I think they cater to Whites over Blacks BUT the Half and Half is to die for, nothing's more theraputic than a walk around Lake Montabello at Sunset, fresh chicken boxes, a great school system to me anyways thanks to Dr. Alonzo, the Inner Harbor, the Orioles, the Ravens, Steamed Crabs on a hot summer night, Flywire's White Party, KIPP UVA, the BMA and the Walter's is Free, John Hopkins University, the playground at Patterson Pk., I'm still alive, kept me safe, Lexington Market hmmm Baltimore ain't dat bad at all! Its not the prettiest, it's not the cleanest, but it's the realest to Me. So I love my City!
The parking lot tonight for me! On my way to Lexington Market!! Tomorrow Cross Street is going to be crazy and Sunday Baltimore will be a ghost town!!
Dfl the booster off the street $14 she got that from down Lexington Market
The year is 1916 I am standing in the middle of the oyster shell street called maple Park ave in a sleepy area just outside Baltimore called Franklintown. You can hear the clucking of the chickens in the back yard of the Leibono s along with the sounds of cows on the old Monmoneir Estate. Maple park Ave was lined with large silver maples and had 7 neat little homes with big yards full of flowers. Coming down the street in a buc board was Pop Migan just coming back from Lexington Market where he bought and sold vegetables fruits and eggs as i waved his yellow faded straw hat blew off with a gust of wind all the Lilacs you could really smell with the breeze.
By the author of RAISING SIX AND SOMEWHAT SANE, DON'T TOUCH THE TOMATOES is the story of where Barbara's Italian family began, in Cefalu', Siciliy. Giovanni Aquila who owned Aquila Fruits And Vegetables in Lexington Market, and Simone Brocato who owned Brocato Shoe Repair on North Avenue in Balti...
Lexington Market is like the Times Square of junkies.
Lexington Market is the spot to be on Christmas Eve. If you're anywhere else then.well.merry Christmas Eve.
now i know u playing that was found in ur city by Lexington Market from a girl who was dancing to that Baltimore club stuff
Lexington Market like Resident Evil hella zombies down there.
Beautiful Colors The Artist formerly known as John offers Beautiful Colors for your viewing or buying pleasure. Some effort must be endeavored by viewers/buyers in making a joyful drive to the City of Lexington Market, N. Church Street across from the mighty clouds of witnesses in the Lutheran Cemetery a few yards off of SC 6. The Artist welcomes your conversation/visit. His opinion is evolving as to whether you will be able to get out of your death beds to make it. Beautiful Colors represents the ultimate work of the Artist following 2.5 decades of hand-tinting black and white photography. Beautiful Colors was inspired by a recent dream of a multi-colored flower opening in slow motion surrounded by bright blue skies. Gold framed 5x7 flowers, sticks, seeds, and vibrant joyful colors using food colors, photography oils, acrylics and cosmetics. Currently accepting IOU's, bogus checks, signed blank checks, authentic Conferate currency, gold bullion, or as a final exhausting event, US Currency if not counter ...
What a day! I must say that Faidley's @ Lexington Market does have the best crab cakes I've ever eaten. I strolled around Westminster Hall, and found Edgar Allen Poe's grave. It was kinda eerie walking through the cemetery this time of year. The NFL's Baltimore Ravens are named after Poe's famous poem. You learn something everyday. As I was about to board my connecting flight in Philadelphia this evening, the debate was about to start, and when I landed in Indy, it had just ended and everyone is talking about binders. What did I miss? Was the debate moderated by Lisa Frank? I'm so happy to be home. Time to curl up on the couch in my pjs with Sabrina and a mug of hot tea before going to bed. Good evening, Baltimore...
Good morning world! I'm up feeling great! On my way to Lexington Market to buy me something to eat before going to this Zumba clas at 11. If you're not doing anything meet me there 1907 Poplar Grove St the class is just $5! Don't forget to give God glory today
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