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Letter Word

Brain teaser of the day; If you get this, you are a genius!! Am a six letter word.. My motto is together as one... If you remove my 1st and 2nd letters, people will wear me... If you remove my 3rd letter, am very painfull.. If you remove my 2nd, 3rd n 6th letters, Adam and eve did it... If you remove my 2nd n 3rd letters, pple do it with their mouth.. guess who am i?
Ego is Just A Small 3 letter word Which can Destroy A big 12 letter word that is called "RELATIONSHIP' Good morning
"Free is my second favorite 4 letter word" 🍷
EGO- a 3 letter word that holds you back from saying the things that your heart desires..
Love what a crazy 4 letter word (@ Park Pointe North Apartments in Atlanta, GA)
Brenden still capitalizes the first letter to every word lol
Funny how everything changes once someone mentions that four letter word.
What's a two letter word for massive circlejerker?
How to distinguish that two Four-letter L word when they are so close to each other.
Love me harder translate to that other 4 letter word
The word "apron" was originally "napron." People heard "a napron" as "an apron," and the word lost its first letter. ht…
Two Four-letter L word both ending with "E" but very different from each other.
Also every time I hear the word bae, I imagine Britney Spears singing the letter "B"
What's a six letter word that indicates I can do what tf I want 😳?? Oh that's right 👉 S I N G L E 👍😭👌
Lauren jus said "I hate when people capitalize the first letter in every word...jaden smith does it all the time" like they're homies 😭😂😂😂
Jesse just got 36 of June. he hit a triple letter and a double word. I did not know what I was in for.
Love is just a four letter word By Artist Aaron Janx . Seems like only yesterday. I left my mind behind. Down in...
Love is not a four letter word it's more like five
Letter B » broad. Verses with the word broad in the Old Testament (30 verses):.
According to Joe Biden, it's a 3 letter word 😂
I literally agree in every with every letter and word.
hayi write me a letter that only says the word The
I think that people are forgetting how to spell the word "tonight." How much more convenient is it to type one less letter?
Fun - a three letter word that I need to have more of in my life
At some point sorry will lose its meaning and it will be nothing but a five letter word
Does it bother anyone else to over use the word (or letter to be specific) when interacting with people?
Fear is a four letter word . Don't let it control you
correct sam. that is the original word... The letter J was made 600 years ago but he was born way before that
A 3 letter word cause me my whole operations!
playing a 4 letter word for 102 points on WWF
I dont believe in that four letter word
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Awesome word STARTLING, remove one letter still left with the meaningful word. STARTLING. STARTING. STARING. STRING. STING. SING. SIN. IN. I
*** I can't type something without a word or letter missing tonight 😤
"Love" 👈 that four letter word will have you sick 😷😴
Wish people knew how to use the two letter word
Fear is the worst word. It is much worse than that other four letter word. Fear can destroy you. Fear…
Elaine goes nuts trying to analyze her boyfriend’s one word text. “You can’t send the letter K with a period! A period i…
Love is such a feeling. My 4 letter word
Ya, you never said a word. you didn't send me no letter. don't think i could forgive you ♫
School is six letter word. . Prison is also a six letter word. I think we see the connection here.
hey I was wondering if you could cuss a little less or replace the cuss word with the letter or funny word. Thats the only thing
I am 5 letterword, If all the 5 letters are available I am a talent inyou, If you remove my first letter I will die, if you remove my first 2letters I willbe sick. Who am I ?
Picture repost from nikkolaspierre with the 4 Letter Word chain in his Sunday essentials.…
Phrases That Men View As Compliments *."The kids love you" – More than 50% of men feel that their families define them more than their work or salaries do. Therefore, when a woman tells him that he is a hero to his family, and especially to his kids, it goes much deeper than most other compliments. *."Impressive" – Men always like to prove how “manly” they are with various feats or accomplishments. A well-timed observation of his strength, power, or masculinity will make him feel great. *.“Wow” – This three-letter word can mean more than a thousand words to a guy and can be the ultimate ego-stroke after an already unforgettable time in bed. Best said in a whisper, this is the ultimate compliment that you can give a guy
THE GOD OF COVENANT!! In Genesis 9 vs 13 ' I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth' One colour we see, when rainbow disperses white light is yellow. Yellow is the colour of gold. And Gold speaks of the self sufficiency of God. Friend, in Haggi 2 : 8 ' The silver is mine, and gold is mine, saith the Lord of host.' God is the only one that rewards effort, and gives silver. I made some mistakes long ago. I organised tutorial classes for WAEC students. Before then, i had this credential- 'no one i taught ever failed'. Even as i was teaching, some other students i had taught came to testify of how they passed their examinations. So, as WAEC approached, these students i organised tutorial for, approached me, that they wanted me to teach them in the exam hall. I said 'no'. At a point, i tried to make them believe, that they could pass the exam on their own. But, to my amazement, some couldn't even write two letter words. Then i asked- 'how did you g ...
As I have to type each word out one letter at time with my eyes my social media presence might not be ok so frequent. Please ba…
I wonder if any solution to work on admin letter effective? *Note: government officer work very *** admin letter word spelling and any possible mistakes to return the admin letter
What five letter word becomes shorter . when you add 2 letters to it ?
Love ? That 4 letter word will have you sick !
1 word, 4 letter, easy to say, hard to do - D.I.E.T
"Love is a four letter word and sorry is five, but when they walk hand in hand, they make a relationship shine. I took the first three letter from the word bloated and I mixed it with the word "tin" since that was the color that it had.
Still ain't said that four letter word like I said
kwua ang letter R ug E sa first. then Ilisi ug letter T ang C. in the word resemblance
Love is not something that cant be easily bought from the shop. Maybe the word "LOVE" is just a four letter word. But ultimately it has all the value in it. Dont try to impress someone with the name of "LOVE" for the sake of it. By holding hands, hugging or buying gifts will never make a woman happy n peace. Know the value of "LOVE" before taking the ride on it and sail in the ship of "MARRIAGE"
And I feel like AP English is all about who gets the better test score and can spell a 12 letter word correctly.
'Sweden’s nursery world of hen & pink-for-all is a civil rights nirvana'. Can gender-neutral pronouns combat sexism?
💛 "Love is a four letter word that can change the world" -jh
solve this one X is a 7 letter word, X is impossible 4 GOD, new babies like X better than milk, the poor have X and the rich look for X from the poor, if u eat X u will die, X is more important than ur life. I swear with my life I will give u X if u get d answer. What is X??? Only 2% Students solved this in IAS exam.
You know the phonetic alphabet? Like, why does it matter... Why can't you just pick any word that begins with the letter you want?
Don't ever search for that four letter word..
You're on right track Think message is a 4 letter word beginning and ending with t Which you're not --Of course
Each balloon is a letter, which together form the word,
You also used another 4 letter word! (kind-of..) you said aton!
BAE [bay] (n) --3-letter word I've forced myself to embrace cuz if I didn't, I most likely would've found a way to curb-stomp myself
Legume Used in Fracking Is 4-Letter Word to Investor, Farmers: In the race to the new riches of the oil patch,...
I feel like I poured my heart out onto a letter, misspelled one word and that's all you noticed. Seriously?
Four letter word. I'm censoring you! Because I do not ever want cold.I'll call my favorite number: 1-800-WAA-WAAA
Pet peeve is when people don't say goodnight, they just stop texting back. Simple 5 letter word, roll over grab ur phone …
So Kelly,what you are saying is that H should be pronounced differently as a single letter to the way it is said In a word Huh?
I've been thinking about the word "want" alot lately and am considering removing it from my vocabulary entirely. I feel like its become one of those "Four Letter Words" we throw around without actually realizing how much we use it. In all reality, it is just kind of debilitating, like tossing around day dreams without actually considering what we're saying and almost limiting oursleves to our true potential of figuring out what REALLY IS IMPORTANT to us. So instead, I've decided whenever I "want" to say the word "want", I'm going to stop and think about it for a moment and see if I can fit it into this sentence: "I am committed to having _." If I can make myself say it like that, it kind of changes things and forces me to think about it a little more. Sure there are some things I would like to have, but in the whole scheme of things, are really not that important to me. But there are some things I absolutely will not do without, and the word "want" is honestly to weak to do them justice. To me, that jus . ...
RIDDLE TEST ;) Q: What has a foot but no legs? Q: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it? Q: What comes down but never goes up? Q: I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? Q: Mary’s father has 5 daughters – Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono. What is the fifth daughters name? Q: How can a pants pocket be empty and still have something in it? Q: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink! What color were the stairs? Q: A dad and his son were riding their bikes and crashed. Two ambulances came and took them to different hospitals. The man’s son was in the operating room and the doctor said, “I can’t operate on you. You’re my son.” How is that possible? Q: What goes up when rain comes down? Q: What is the longest word in the dictionary? Q: If I drink, I die. If i eat, I am fine. What am I? Q: Throw away the o ...
"Read His Word as if it were a love letter. You will be overwhelmed with the extravagance of His love for you; eternal commitment."
You, You never said a word. You didn't send me no letter. Don't think i could forgive you. See our world is slowly...
You missed a capital letter, omitted a word and forgot a question mark. You are everything wrong in life GSB-P.
Work is still the dirtiest four letter word out there..
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Perfect: A seven letter word that shouldn't even exist, because it's not real.
Sorry but James Foley gets the real last word with this verbal letter
I hate when I put the wrong letter in a word when I text
You never said a word, didn't send me no letter
i hate when I'm texting and I literally get one letter wrong in a word and there's no replacements found for it
Don't say that five letter word lol
" Hope is a four letter word. And so is love. And so is hate. And so is ... hurt. "
Four letter word that starts with "F".no FALL. Preview of the beauty to come.
If you look deep enough into any problems in the middle east, there is a six letter word with a hand in all of them.
Countdown peaks with naughty eight letter word
Fallacy-What is common between Fodder, Chair and secular? They all end with letter R? But which word begins with the letter R?
Semo never disappoints when it comes to our favorite 4 letter F word
Chandler: Hey Joe, do you know a six letter word for red?. Joey: ... Dark red!
I hate when people text me 1 word replies AND it worse if it just 1 letter. Like "K"/ "O". I wont respond for days if not ever again. Im js
CARB is a four letter word when it's time to shred.
Can any one Solve this.. : rich Man keeps me in pocket, Poorman throws me away, Kids eat me, i'm a 5 letter word __O__N__. Who am ? if u knw the ans means comment it.
You're using a Four Letter Word. WORK.. Some on The Left are Highly Allergic to this.
Super fun activities at like Letter Art. I chose "groovy" for my word, as I should :-).
The simple answer is love. A 4 letter word put into action changes one life at a time.
There are 7 countries in the world that have the letter 'P' in their name (that don't begin with P or have the word Republic)
She could hear the yelling through her window, so she wrote this letter to an abused woman
One missing letter and the word has a whole new meaning!
For some people this picture has a 4 letter word. Enlist: U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at Fight back!
I'm thinking of a 4 letter word to describe you... It starts with C and ends UNT .
Lol word "Those niggaz who treat their girls like trash are as useless as the letter 'T' in castle"
. Integrity . . . should be a 4 letter word in academia insofar as I have experienced.
Violence is never the answer, but what if a crossword clue is an eight letter word meaning to cause intentional physical pain!
🎵 I'll unfold before you what l've strung together. The very first word of a lifelong love letter 🎵
PRIDE . . . . . it may be a 5 letter word, but it can kill a very long word FRIENDSHIP
We love the palindrome word play in "Ava and Pip," called "a love letter to language" by the
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Love? That 4 letter word will have u sick nd have u loosin it.👌👎👏
Great piece by on her modern interpretation of for women
Q is such a pointless letter, every word that uses it may as well use a K
I wrote a letter to myself. Cause I was told no one would love me. I wrote every word you'd say.
The four letter word everyone yearns for : HOME
My Friday morning go to phrase is 'legs akimbo'. And my go to word is 'why?'. This was brought to you by the letter 'G' for 'Gibberish'.
The best 4 letter word in the world is Hope...
"Life -a four letter word that is very meaningful.. L-stands for love I-stands for Inspiration F-stands foR foRgiveness and E-stAnd for everlasting... No matter who? What? Where and wheñ u found Life;"'always..remember tht only god can satify your life^=^^• "
Did you know: MINDCHAMPS, the agency that provides child enrichment classes has recently sent a legal letter to a...
An exasperated parent on how vodka, short skirts, suck and rhyming four-letter words are changing the universe of impressionable children, all thanks to Yo Yo and his philosophy of 'party yun hi chalegi'.
Help me guess this 7 letter word.Download
Puzzle ID 1489. What word is one-letter-off from each of the four depicted words?.
Words decides what emotion lives or dies, the kindest word is an unkind word unsaid, kindest letter is an unkind letter unread.
Love is a four letter word that gets thrown around now a days therefore I do not use it
v soon every word in the English language will b sratified into one letter..
4 things Britons care about most:. 1 Tea . 2 Queuing . 3 The letter U in colour . 4 The pronunciation of the word "scone"
That was the 3 letter word that eended it
Perfect-. a seven letter. word that should. not exist because. its not real.
How good is your English? Give an English word that starts with letter L and ends with letter L.
“if YOUR grammar *** *** then YOU'RE going to fail in life.” First letter of first word in a sentence should be capitalized.
I have news for you, love is more than just a four letter word. ☝
In court, translation can be a four letter word?..
You are almost finished with high school and can't even spell a 4 letter word 😑🔫
I just got a nine letter word on countdown I feel so alive
lol why are we even surprised when youngjae made "la" a two letter word sound good when he did it to a one lettered one aka "A"
The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a . letter is uncopyrightable
I don't know why I am writing this letter in such detail. Because this bloke will just reply having not read a single word I have told him.
I put a meaning behind that four letter word you casually took for granted *** bae, was your idea of til...
Love is a 4 letter word. Don't buy into it, you WILL get burnt. \m/777
This arabic letter is 'N' which is the first letter of the word NAZARENE. And it is now being used/posted by...
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She has a true passion for a three letter word ending in 'x' :
I swear to science... These cheap E cigs are causing me to think of almost every 4 letter word out there. Second one dead.
Solve it It is a 9 letter word- 123456789 ? U can not live a moment without it ? If you have 234, you can 1234.? .? 89 indicates exact location & time, ? 2&7 are same letter, 3&8 are same letter, 5&9 are same letter. Enough hints guess the word! Challenge for all masterminds!!
Vote. My new favorite four letter word. Thank you
Taking the day to rest and finish preparations for worship at Impact Church tomorrow. We're wrapping up our series on Forgiveness: a four letter word. Come and worship with us at 10:30 am tomorrow!
Life is a 4 letter word. Struggle is an 8 letter word.
What is the worst four letter word in the English language? Is LAZY on your list? It should be at the top.
A simple four letter word can turn your world upside down. There's no making sense of it..
FREE is the best four letter word you ever heard right? Sign up for monthly giveaways here!
Love is just another four letter word we say so easily these days.
I have a 1001 word letter i want to send you
Pain rippled through my body as I glanced at that 5 letter word that shattered my heart in a matter of seconds.
[TRANSLATION] C.A.P's mums letter from TEEN TOP Rising 100% - Son, Everytime I think of the word,“son”, my...
She has no problem shooting a letter to Namo on Hindi/English issue. But not a word on this murder.
Really we made a big deal about Thatcher now's he gone. Than we go and trade Campana why can't we just trade Parra (insert 4 letter word).
I feel the love and I feel it burn down this river, every turn, hope is a four-letter word
Love, may be a simple four letter word, but it is the most complex word to define. ❤️
As it's definitely a 4-letter word to my 3 year old, would it be 'napp' or 'naap'
“difference between misspelling and missing a letter 😝”. But without that letter the word is spelled wrong!😘
Ever play that game, where you write in your journal, start a word with the wrong letter and come up with a way to make it work?
Lol, now that... Is patriotic... (Contemplated changing the last 3 letters in patriotic to a four letter word, couldn't bring myself to do it...)
Love a 4 letter word but when I say it I mean it
Love a four letter word , but I meant it . .
Hope is a four letter word make that money watch it burn-
They did that because there's a theory that if the first and last letter of the word are in place, you can rearrange the others &
People who capitalize the first letter of every word are the worst kind of people
I await official word with more than one source as confirmation. Read the Heralds letter to editor, look for Arlene Ross 7/4.
Love is a four letter is hate
Love is nothing but a four letter word that no one takes seriously
Burqa Dutt carefully didnt use the "4-letter M-word". His diplomatic coup is difficult to digest for Sonia's chamchi. htt…
Love is a 4 letter word, so is hate and pain and hurt
I hate misspelling words or forgetting a word or letter, pisses me off
Scrabble cause nothings better than bagging that 'triple word score' with 'triple letter score' thrown in
Shouldn't use those 4 letter words, you may get sued by the GOP! The word I'm talking about is word you used ("WORK")!
Spelling a four letter word is very difficult
*POP QUIZ* I am a 5 letter word and if you remove my 1st, 3rd and Last letter I still sound the same. What word am I?
X is a 5 letter word..2345 makes a Country name 345 is opposite of X is everywhere.. Who is X..
The worst 4 letter word to say to the night shift at the ER..."SLOW" Cost: 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme
Disabled my phone because I put the password as a letter one and spelt the word wrong fs now it's blocked
Everything was a joke and that four letter word was just another word ❄️
What is love? — love is powerful four letter word.
Love a 4 letter word but I mean it when I say it ya heard me
Love is 4 letter word so does food.
The three letter word that we all publicly or privately admit we enjoy or desire, BUT afraid to talk about... S-E-X! Why isn't it being use for it's intended purpose (pleasure) but more as an object use to control a person's behavior or situation? Here is a conversation for adults. Like, comment, share, support!
Help me guess this 6 letter word.Download
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I need a 5 letter word meaning the gradual passing of time, can anyone think of it. Love Donna
word of the day brought to you by the letter F
Upgrade George Davis NNN to a 7-letter word, starting with 'A'hard to get me to change stations with his croakingenough...
"Im talkin something thats deeper than just sex.. But I dont want her to be the third letter in the word next"
Cancer is a six letter word that can destroy someone's body but not their heart and soul.
The word "queue" has a string of vowels that help the word spell out the sound the first letter makes anyway.
"Whats love nowadays its just a four letter word that get you hurt and dont exist anymore"preach cousin
Hate the fact that I slur every word that has the letter S in it
Sent her a letter this morning.. I meant every word❤️
Dad: "what's a woman's favorite four letter word?". Mom: "love!". Me: "food"
The first rule is to use a single letter or number to stand for a word.
The first word in your name begins with the letter "L". Maybe thats mean L for Loveable
: George Davis! Not funny you and your annoying singing! Three letter word for you that starts with 'A'..
Just found out that the word Chrysler, as in the car, doesn't have the letter T in it.
I've often been called a four letter word begins with C and ends with T. Thought it was a speech impediment
The four letter word that has changed lives. * Wife *
J key on my laptop is sticking & I find myself trying to use words that don't have that letter. My overuse of the word just problem solved.
My cover letter is just a picture of me in a sleeveless turtleneck karate chopping the word 'unemployment'.
An 8 letter word than can ruin families
Love is a four letter word, so is Nair.
Construct-a-Word! Have children generate words by choosing an ending (like -an or -ed) then adding a beginning letter
Historic Low: The European Central Bank held its main refinancing rate at a historic low of 0.15%, as expected. Just so everyone who isn't familiar with scripture . This is no surprise to God. When the world is gone haywire and worse, and wars amongst nearly everyone, nation and rumors as well - the economy is falling apart and mo one trust anyone else - then those in power ( a certain group ) will come together and elect one whom they believe will guide us into peace and prosperity --- once they take their place in authority they will begin the process of healing - and it will happen for 3 1/2 years scripture says --- then when that timeframe ends - he will set himself up in, what the Bible calls "The Holy of Holy's" and will claim that he is God. Watch and know the truth from the one who shares the truth, who is The people study ... So you won't Be surprised . because after he claims to be God - all *** breaks lose - I don't use that 4 letter word in any other form... Please study " The B ...
"Love is the most powerful four letter word." 2 of 12 Lessons in Leadership ~ John Wooden
Let's have some fun today.write ONE word that describes me, BUT you have to use the first letter of your...
It doesn't matter what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be in the right place.
yea they showed what each letter looked like so I had to spell out each word
It get tiring capitalizing the first letter of every word lol I need a break.
FEAR! A four letter word that keeps a lot of us stuck and afraid of taking action. I used to think fear was something we just had to deal with but that is so far from the truth. When you understand what fear actually is you will start to move away from it and not allow it hold you back any longer. Once you discover what its real place in your life is you'll begin to find yourself suddenly gaining power over all of your fears.
wonder if anyone has ever created a swear word on ill have a 4 letter word please XD
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It's gotten to the point now where I get excited about scoring a seven letter word on countdown
Three insults, one four letter word, all in 140 characters. Who needs the working brain again?
Once we discover hate, we find our way out of the 4 letter word and move on.
I think SHED has become the new dirtiest (in the best way) four letter word lol :)
Help me guess this 7 letter word.Download can you help
The word "Anna" shifted up the alphabet one letter becomes "Boob." you are welcome.
Who needs to shorten a 4 letter word!?!? That is the epitome of lazy! Even accounting for 'drawl' it's not acceptable behaviour.
Ok let's try dis... I got sum for who ever get it.. Tell me dat 5 letter word.. That u can add 2 letters to.. An it will make da word shorter. LETS GOOO
My Swiss is not good, but that looked like a very bad four letter word.
Pssshhh!..I've never replied to a text using just the letter "k"..I use the word "alright".What kind of a person do you think I am?
And just like that the four letter word flys out! ♥️😝
“oh my goddd, I need my own fridge with a lock” >> That can come when you understand a 4 letter word: rent x
Dear Mexicans,if you don't want to pronounce the letter “J” please don't add it to every word: Meijer, jalapeño, Jovan etc.
Fill-in-the-blank. The first word that starts with the letter C that pops into my head is _.
"To me, coming from you, friend is a four-letter word."
'umlauted' (made this word up, aha) letter. Which to speak gives the game noise as with the umlaut.
People who type the first letter as a capital in every single word in sentences makes me really sad :[
Y3 Recorder assembly for parents on Mon 7 July @ 10am. Spread the word. Letter to follow.
My dad's such a seLf centered *** he capitaLizes the Letter L Like this in every word because that's his first initiaL.
Hey is not a four letter word! Can we get television shows with more
Literally. After 'k' comes 'l' and the word 'life' begins with the letter, surprise surprise 'l'.
There's this four letter word.starts with W. I think it drove away with Focus
I miss him and the days when comedy was decent good natured and safe. A time when you could enjoy it with your mother and your daughter. Today most comedy has become destructive divisive and degrading. If your not using four letter words at least ( s--t, f--k at least 400 times you never make it to HBO.
People that finish crossword . puzzles will ALWAYS find . an 15 letter word to let you . know. Pretentiousness
[Using brackets] or putting S P A C E S between each letter of a word every time post you something doesn't make you profound, it's annoying
Roots of Radiance: If you are a woman struggling with hair loss, please read every word in this letter.
Help me guess this 8 letter word.Download
A letter here a word there a misinterpreted passage Thousands of minor and major changes You said exact.
did you know if get each letter in the name Anna and shift each down one in the alphabet, you get the word Boob . U r a boob
Abeg make una quick quick help me with this matter. But please, if you sabi say you no too get something for head, no bother. Just waka pass! No be only you go waka pass. . . There's a Five letter word, that if you add two more letters to it, it'll become shorter. What word is that? Quick quick abeg. Make my hand no go fall. IF YOU NO SABI AM NO TALK O!
Dear Mr Henman, there is no letter D in the word Thirty.
sometimes people add the letter L to the word "saw" for absolutely no reason.
Come and defy me on My username: KoonceRobyn. 1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find.
Hope is a four letter word it don't mean anything
♥ CHER...she's NOT just another 4 letter word ! ♥
“are you still bitter?” Bitter? That's a six letter word. About the same amount of players you have! 😂😂
Watch This Guy Misspell 'Father' At A Spelling Bee For A Beautiful Reason. In what started as a pleasant dream, this poet vanquished words like “duodenum” with ease. At 30 seconds, however, a six-letter word really gets him going. This is dedicated to Karianne, Rachel, Nicole, Traci, and all the other single moms out there I forgot to tag. :) Please share the heck out of this beautiful piece of work.
This exercise is a four letter word. Want those mid-back muscles? Training with intensity is key and not always fun.
Trust is a 4 letter word that turns into a 7 letter word meaning betrayal...karma awaits you.
This lady on the subway was doing a crossword puzzle and noticed me looking at it. She said she needed a 12 letter word for "changes". I said "Fluctuations". Two Chinese men, an old Japanese lady and a Korean kid all gave me the finger!
M _ A _ _ R _ M _ _ T _ Put letters instead of dashes to get appropriate 12-letter word. Write your answer and tomorrow we will announce five randomly picked winners of 200 tokens. Good luck!
I just want to express that the best four letter word is 'LOVE' ...good morning all y'all .unconditional love ...
ZÜCA's 2008 TGA Award Winner, the ZÜCA Pro. Travel Much? Has the FAA asked you to start paying rent at your local airport? Do you feel that "trip" is a four letter word? If so then you need to toss your wheeled luggage to the curb and try the revolutionary new ZÜCA Pro. Business travelers unite. Developed for the seasoned road warrior, the ZÜCA Pro is part carry-on, part organizer, and part "darn is this thing cool". With a built-in seat (seriously) and removable packing pouches that stack like drawers, this patented new concept in travel is like nothing else. Period. Better yet, the ZÜCA Pro fits comfortably into overheads and comes with a TSA-friendly toiletry bag. Giddy up. Warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship for up to 1 year.
Okay. So I think I figured out how to say what I wanted to say... and I hope you catch my meaning TOO. There's a terrible thing going around and TOO many people couldn't be bothered. You TOO could be guilty of this. TOO often is this word mispelled - so much so that I TOO started thinking that maybe I got it all wrong. If you TOO are frustrated by people being TOO lazy to spell simple three letter words correctly then like this. Next up I'd like to tackle the "THEN vs THAN" dilemma.f
Move is a four letter word !! I better not hear it again for a long time !
SECOND AND FINAL GAME (FOR TONIGHT): BINGO: Comment below with a SEVEN letter word, yes seven, this word MAY contain repeat letters, BUT can only be redeemed once, say you have the word NEEDLES and I call, you can only redeem that once until I call E two more times. Sound good? Pick your words and I will be back in 20 minutes to draw numbers! This game is for a $5 gift card also! GO!
I've got to be honest, I use this page to teach scouts genealogy. In the past I have made some comments that just disappeared that were not attacks or with poor taste, Why are four letter words and posts allowed to stay. I think everybody should be allowed to disagree and debate, but using tasteless language takes away from this site. Really does! There are very well educated people who have made me think quite a bit, but I honestly find the low caliber words useless.
This Like A Girl campaign asks, at what point did doing something "like a girl" become an insult? The video sure got us thinking about this 3 letter word.
Things on FB that bug me. People who call out God to bless them but post four letter words and obscene pictures. Stop trying to sit on the fence. Get down and get about God's business or get on with your own. You aren't impressing God. People who think that it's funny or cool or cute to post pictures if themselves flipping off the camera. Really? It just makes you look trashy. And for crying out loud, am I the only one sick of seeing pictures of people's feet?
Many of my friends and family know my heart toward missions and towards Africa...that being said...I just got accepted to IRIS Harvest Missions School! This has been a God given desire for many years.I am thanking everyone for the many prayers through out the years.I am so excited and overwhelmed by His love!!! LOVE — It is a small four-letter word that will cost you everything: laying down your life, passion and compassion, giving without expecting, feeling His very heartbeat and surrendering to His rhythm, and following the Lamb wherever He goes, even to Mozambique.
these were some of the best comedians ever , and they didn't resort to FOUR letter words to get laughs
Im thinking of a three letter word that rhymes with "mex"
Dean:''If you finish the trials, you're dead, Sam'' Sam:'' So?''... The two letter word that broke the fandom @ DR_SPN_PHD
I've been staring at this cover letter for about an hour. Every time I type a word a little piece of my soul dies.
If you have a really long hashtag, capitalize the first letter of every word. No one wants to work that hard at reading.
Cus I won't be dealing with the third word with the letter p anytime soon
What's that word called when you say three words that start with the same letter consecutively. An articulation, no an alliteration..?
Love is a 4 letter word that doesn't involve you
It's automatic, every word in your letter.
Dad: We do not believe in this four-letter word. *violates full parking sign*
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Some dude who capitalizes the first letter of every word just RTd me so shouts out to him
I just feel like guys are so incredibly bad at it, as we just saw. Gyms have made them a four letter word.
Love is a four letter word and so is food. Coincidence? I think not.
Africans be pronouncing every letter in a word when they're mad
This thot to wcw to ssb to dtf just ain't even my expectations to dating life. I want a good respectful, loyal, honest, caring, independent woman NOT a three letter word woman!!!
Atmosphere, its just a 10 letter word
Love is a 4 letter word that lasts 4ever
There's a four letter word for you and you know it ain't love, There's a hole in my heart for you but it won't be there for long
God invites people into the Spirit so they can hear the Word, not just read it. The Spirit is of more significance than the letter.
Y'all still capitalizing the first letter in every word 😂✋
Can you think of a 5 letter word with the letter 'D' smack in the middle of it ('D' being the 3rd letter) without using a same word that may already be posted (ex., cyder)?
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