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X is 7 lettered word. X is impossible with God. Newly born babies like X more than breast milk. If u eat X u'll die. Poor people have X.Rich pple want X from poor people. X is more important than your life. I promise,i'll give u X if u get this right. What is X?
Z love juss a Four Letter Word or it exists,??
Love is just a Four Letter Word with so many meanings behind it 💌
Love is a Four Letter Word spelled T-I-M-E If you're in love with somebody, you spend time with that somebody. Show you're love for The Lord by spending time with Him. The wonderful thing about our Lord is, even if you're not in love with Him, if you spend time with Him, you'll fall in love with Him
I think Micah learned the 3 letter word today... "Why?"
WTH It is doing that nasty 4 letter word out there!!!
"Love" it's just a 4 letter word that we attach our own little meanings to... I've learned to accept that your definition of Love may not match mines but to find someone who does would be the greatest Love of all...
OMG.I just opened the door before & saw that 4 letter word (SNOW) outside! Cant believe it!!! & its cold! Mother Nature just doesn't wanna give it up!! & what about the poor flowers!
Alright this Four Letter Word needs to leave New England.snow. I'm so sick of it! It is April, not supposed to snow anymore. Just end already.
ITBS has become another Four Letter Word for me.. ***
Playing hang man with my daughter, she draws a 4 letter word and one left so it said sei_ & I said "there's nothing with sei" then she says it's a make up word I couldn't think of a word and we started laughing and she says I was going to say octopus but I don't know how to spell it. :-D
Be careful when you say that Four Letter Word cause LOVE is a STRONG word && it can make you do some crazy things in life.
Love is a Four Letter Word but its a hold lot of meanings cause its different types of love butt its not perfect butt u have to go through things to understand which love it is now coment what type of love u feeling for what ever u going through.
I hate to say it...but looking at radar and our current temp (37) don't be surprised if you see that Four Letter Word in the air and maybe on the ground early tom (snow)...goodnight.your friendly wannabe weatherman...)
Love is a funny little Four Letter Word. We give it so many connotations, we love our car, we love that song, we love that house. It takes a deeper meaning when we love our husband, wife, children, parents, siblings. Webster describes love as a feeling or constant affection. Some would describe it as a neurotic dependency, some would describe it as blissful happiness. Love hurts, love heals, and love bonds. As we go through this Easter season let's not forget the greatest love of all, God's love. So when you are enjoying your chocolate bunny and your Easter ham take a moment to whisper a "thanks". I love you all.
First PT session today. 4 letter word...OUCH! What kind of people go into that profession to begin with anyway?!
Please tell me I'm having a nightmare. There's a Four Letter Word falling from the sky!
Love a 4 letter word... but love my ppl doe
The honeymoon is over for now. Hubby is retreating into his emotional man cave again, men should be a Four Letter Word.
UGH! I just let the dogs out there is this white stuff all over the grass and on the dogs.I can't even say the 4 Letter word. I hope a certain first grade teacher isn't doing her special dance! Joanne Mabes
Got hit with the Four Letter Word just now (RENT)
That stupid Four Letter Word is happening.SNOW!
1) What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? 2) What is the longest word in dictionary? 3) What is the longest word in English language?
If anyone wants to send me mail, here's my new address! Put it on the letter word for word and character for character please! A1C Wukasch Joseph A PSC3 1320 Truemper St., Unit 366052 JBSA LACKLAND, TX 78236-6329
Hail really? Gotta say it's better then the 4 letter word which I better not hear from anyone. Lol thanks a lot dad!!!
Love is a Four Letter Word .. With hella baggage
Whats the dirtiest 4 letter word you know ?
LOVE a Four Letter Word thrown around like it's NOTHING!
Disappointment should be a Four Letter Word.
BRAIN TEASER!!! I'm a 3 letter word,made up of 2 alphabets.when read from right to left or backwards/behind i sound nd mean de same way as,when read from left to right.Who am i?
Here comes the snow. I know it is a bad 4 letter word but it is snowing
Peasant; "OM&M is *** " Me; *** is a 3 letter word.. Just like 'you'!
Its time for another lingo. Its a 6 letter word but no letters will be given.
What seven letter word has hundreds of letters in it...? Ek wil nou kyk wie ka my hie op antwrd...lmk
Its time again for a lingo, Its a 5 letter word but no letters given.
Yep time for Four Letter Word I hate work :(
Help me get on to the next level someone please... a seven letter word, with these letters only to choose from, e n i a e q t n r o r, and there are four picture clues here, an old computer and an ols telephone, gatsby looking,a pyramid and pharoh, then the sea with rhat looks like a colleseum in it, these all have something in common, this is driving me insania!
Love it when someone says the 4 letter word or posts it then says Amen
LOVE, IS JUST A 4 LETTER WORD... Anyone can say it, but not everyone knows how to show it. ACTIONS people ACTIONS! Love doesn't come with a list, or instructions, it's suppose to come from your HEART!
I hate the rain but it better than snow! yup I used that Four Letter Word!! SNOW
5 letter word. Rich man keeps in pocket poor man throws away, children eat it
Wow!! Just what we need, more snow! It is getting to be a true F-O-U-R letter word around here in the Office lol! What are your thoughts on it?
Single 6 letter word. How many words can you make out of?
LOVE is just a 4 letter word to these *** It's so easy to say it but can never show it.
Too many people in Indiana are posting pictures of snow. I would remind you that snow is a four-letter word, and that the use of such pictures, particularly in April, is downright vulgar. Let's clean up our act and show more pictures of beaches, complete with good looking people not wearing very much. Hope is a powerful virtue.
"Wait" is a horrible Four Letter Word in new york
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"LIFE"-- a Four Letter Word that is very meaningful; L stands for LOVE; I stands for INSPIRATION; F stands for FORGIVENESS and E stands for EVERLASTING.
I just heard my son say a Four Letter Word. It upset me because he had used it correctly. He was eating when he suddenly pointed out the window and shouted, "Snow, Mommy, snow!" Gr. I hope it's not "snowman snow" as he predicted...
& plus a 4 Letter word... Oh.. The Flag too!
WORK.the only Four Letter Word i don't like using
HOPE. ..funny how that Four Letter Word can say so much. Whether we have lost it or newly discovered it. Six months ago my life was changed forever and I am walking a path so very different from what I had ever hoped. There will be no graduation celebrations, no college acceptance, no wedding and no grand children to enjoy. I hold onto the hope that my broken heart will one day heal and the hope that I will be reunited with him again. Because without hope we have nothing and I have far too much to live my life without it.
The Four Letter Word is falling at my house! Dang
Its a five letter word that should occur before the bees and the birds...
SNOW is my new 4 letter word. Mother Nature It's Spring...ENOUGH ALREADY.
Enough is enough! Trust is only a five letter word but it can be misused is so many different ways. Be nice.. Harsh words don't break bones but they often break hearts Threaten the oppressed and be prepared to face their onslaught, abuse them and be prepared for an even greater threat.
Wow is it really raining least it's not the other Four Letter Word that begins with S and ends with W. Happy Rainy Spring Day!!! Please wash all the pollen away.
Good Morning Lovlies! Let's see who is on their toes this morning. Today's challenge is a ten letter word meaning the use of archaic expressions. and go...
It's this 4 letter word called LIFE and it goes on... You live and you learn!!
Morning FB World..we have a Michigan Spring..Yup..SNOW that Four Letter Word..this past weekend was Great..was in Saginaw for VA Appointments and I'm Good..went to Church..saw many friends even one from H.S..and A Very Special was Great..Everyone Have A Blessed Day..Peace Be With You. :)
Quick! Think of a four-letter word that starts with S! If you said SNOW or Syou must be in Michigan. If you said SAND, I hate you just a little bit right now.
We've done it! Celebrating 250+ fans with a big giveaway! Winner receives up to an EIGHT letter word from my inventory prints. Letter choices must be in stock. Rules: LIKE my page SHARE this post COMMENT here with the word you would like, and TAG a friend in the same comment! Simple and easy! Up to a $26.00 value! Contest ends Saturday April 19th at 9:00p EST GOOD LUCK! 🍀👍
Time for that 4 letter word.. yep thats right WORK! Have a happy Tuesday my FB friends!!
If you haven't looked outside yet "DON'T" Its doing that Four Letter Word we thought was gone!
Yep I'm up now. Time to do that lovely 4 letter word that ends in "K"... when not even a headache can prevent it.
Ok's a Four Letter Word and if you say it again, you will need to put $5 in the cuss jar!! S N O W
We are cooking on the noon show today WBIR channel 10. I will be preparing something that includes a dirty Four Letter Word in the restaurant business , DIET!
Its doing "that thing" again. That nasty 4 letter word thing. *sigh*
Alright April! I see your 4 letter word out there and I raise you TWO, 4 letter words!! My words are ROUX and STEW! Stay tuned to see how I will bring the heat miser to this city today and make them forget all about this *!!!
I swear people hella petty as soon as u say that two letter word # no
Had a nice weekend, filing an extension. Back to ctca this coming week. Work is a Four Letter Word this week. Having a hard time jumping in and then out again - mistakes are being made. Perfection is elusive.
Wild weather ahead with a potential for that nasty Four Letter Word!!
Good morning everyone! That four-letter word has come back...again. I heard the robins chirping this morning and I would have loved to understood what they were saying to each other. Remember, snow equals slick roads. It hasn't been long since we have had snow on the roads...but I'm sure some will forget. Please slow down, give yourself some extra driving time and in honor of the best advice I was ever given by my Great Grandpa "when you are driving expect the other person to do the wrong thing." Chief Sawyer
SUCCESS is a seven-letter word that reminds you it takes seven days each week to make your life successful.
There's SNOW out there! That's a Four Letter Word in april!
BULA- The Four Letter Word that has alot of meanings and Nadi is so full of it -
Talent is a Four Letter Word called work.
All purpose parts banner
RECRUITMENT ISN’T A FLETTER WORD. Why recruiters should feel proud to provide the service they do.
Chemsha bongo of the day; If u get this, wewe ni genius!!! Am a six letter word.. My motto is together as one... If you remove my 1st and 2nd letters, people will wear me... If you remove my 3rd letter, am very painfull... If you remove my 2nd, 3rd and 6th letters, Adam and eve did it... If you remove my 2nd n 3rd letters, people do it with their mouth... guess who am i?
What confuses me is the fact that Jaden Smith puts a capital letter for the start of every single word.
Since when has it been OK to begin every word in a sentence with a capital letter?
April brings the fourth letter in the acrostic poem for library - R. The most obvious word associated with this...
any t-shirt that has a Four Letter Word in block caps only descibes you as a Four Letter Word and it only ever begins with C
The coolest word that begins with the letter "Q" is _!. (No bad words, please!)
Hope is a Four Letter Word. take that money watch it burn. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive!
Trust is just a 5 letter word. it means nothing.
I swear to god if I miss my coach I will write a strongly word letter to London transport
New study suggests "buffering" has become a four-letter word in many American homes:
...First letter of each word in the article's sub-title (provides a "coded" message -
STARTLING START ING STAR ING ST R ING ST ING S ING IN I The only 9 letter word in the english language where you can remove one letter at a time and still create a word.
2011 fools days,, 9 am we got word that they were closing down the UNI...a letter(unsigned mind u)was posted at the porters lodge
Who thinks he or she is clever, try this one out and fail intoto ANY TWO LETTER WORD WITH TWO CONSONANT" work
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Please if you're going to hashtag more than one word start each with a capital letter. How am I suppose to read something like
well! that's a 21-letter single word Hashtag. And i'm the first one to use it!!!
A seven letter word for "obsessed with broadcasting, but horrible at communicating" ?
Past. A Four Letter Word. That's where you belong. That's where I'll make you stay.
PEACE. it is more than a 5 letter word painted on a piece of is a spiritual reality in a human heart which has come in vital contac with the infinite God...
Love is just a Four Letter Word.Who knew?
Four Letter Word that changes my mood • Food
I was given a letter. Describe me in one word, starting with E
if u never felt like this then LOVE is jst a 4 letter word to you.
There's a cure for it all,nd it's a Four Letter Word
am a seven letter word,everybody wud love 2 have first 4 letters give us a headache everyday,2nd,3rd and 4th letters kud land u in I.C.U,4th,5th,6th & 7th letters is an animal,5th,6th & 7th you get them in chemistry
I am standing on this empty street, No matter if it is cold or burning heat... I see him going far away from me, But this was not meant to be... I kept waiting for him all day all night, But, Dun Know why you cant even try or fight.. :( He said I may not see her again, And She could never give more pain.. I may not be happy as he may seem, But every night I shall see him in dream... He said you should take good care, I asked him what more is spare... I wish he stays happy and get all joy, No matter if I Live Or Die. I tried wishing him good luck for life, Coz he's going to be someone Else's lyf... :l :( He promised that he will always stay, But that promise was just a plastic play... :'( I don't know how long I will survive, But, I know my heart isn't alive... I know this may sound a little absurd, But I ended my life for a 7 letter word.. My friends say that I might regret, Losing my heart to a boy I've not met.. N I kept thinking what should I say, "Because I know our love was not fake I know you still ...
Purchase Order Amendment Letter. Sample example of Request Letter Template for PO amendment Letter / Form in word...
It doesn't matter which letter you remove from the word "الله " the remaining letters will always refer back to HIM. http:/…
Hope is a 4 letter word, make that money watch it burn(8)
4 Star Review for Love is a Four Letter Word by at Rhythempoets!
Puzzle ID 907. What word is one-letter-off from each of the four depicted words?.
I love reading NOVELS. It's just a six letter word.
We had to write a 250 word letter for our supporting study in English and I started and finished it in under 10 minutes hyfr
Solve this riddle:-. "The Fishermen love me. But doctors hate me. Kids want 2 eat me. I am a 13 letter word,. Who am I? Hint. _H_T_ _ _I_ _ME_
You're as useless as the Letter H in the word yeah!! :P
Love a 4 letter word but I love my ppl tho
Said one word and it made me feel much better it starts with L and it's got four letter
*** I meant the first letter of every word, I feel dumb 😆
Did you know the word DEAD starts and ends with letter D?
Weatherman needs be fired for swearing this am she said that bad Four Letter Word the one thats starts with a s and ends with a w. It was 52 today we lost half r snowbanks we do not want no more snow
The Case for Profanity in Print. Four-letter word op-ed by O.O.P.S.
Love is a Four Letter Word that be having people sick ☑️✔️
Trust... Is nothing but a five letter word.
of the day What 7 letter word becomes longer when the third letter is removed?
Update your maps at Navteq
Today's hint for Bonza is a four-letter word starting with F and it was so easy to guess. Yes, it's so today.
• What is the secret of success? Is it IQ, social intelligence, education, good looks or talent? It’s likely the ability to hold passion and perseverance for very long term goals. The Secret To Success Is a 4-Letter Word: GRIT
What is love? Love is just a 4 letter word ,what matters is showing that u love someone not telling them
good morning friends and im glad to be with you here on Tuesday morning.thats right Tuesday morning which means Monday is gone and in the rear view mirror.this week will go fast you watch and we can get to the weekend.looks like a warmer day today but looks like that 4 letter word moves in wendsday Thursday and Friday better then snow I stay safe and keep that smile enjoy your Tuesday.
Don't take PRIDE for granted bcoz pride is just a five letter word that may kill a long Spelled RELATIONSHIP!
Riddle : Think of a 3 letter word meaning HOAX & a 3 letter word meaning SKILL.. Put the words of SKILL inside the words of HOAX and we will have a 6 LETTER word meanings BOX.. GAME??? GOODLUCK :) hehe
Challenge for all Masterminds. I'm an eight letter word 1,2,3,and 4 letters are a question. 2,3,4 protects our head 5,6,7 is a liquid that carries food to all parts in a plant. 7,8 are same letters.
According to F1 news Christian Horner is defending Seb Vettels use of a 4 letter word to describe the engines, he is saying if they where louder no one would have heard him. Ok Christian we believe you
Love has to be the most powerful Four Letter Word known to man. Because it sure has taken me through a lot in my life, At least I can say that I'm happy to be in it again.
HAPPINESS is 9-letter word. But for me it's just 3. YOU. ❤
The anger flows just like a stream, clouding up my perfect dream. Love is more then a 4 letter word, faith and compassion soar like the wings of a bird. For that moment that one little kiss, i enter a stage of complete total bliss. By your words im able to get by, confessions we share to myself i cry. For the future we walk hand in hand, covered by the glee of our little snowman.
A certain TV show had some reveals and curveballs that screwed with people's emotions and left everyone with bittersweet feels? Apparently some have had some choice things to say about that. I've got a choice 4-letter word for it: LIFE. That being said, it's funny when life mirrors art mirroring life mirroring art, in a Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol kinda way, isn't it?
There's no way to explain how thankful I am, The day the book closed on our chapter in life I am/ I thank tought me alot of things, Being in a relationship with you was worst than these little flings/ The emotional factor was broken after time, I thank you because I saw the real you in time/ Blinded by the looks and the old days, I thought a Four Letter Word would be the antidote to cure your old ways/ I was so wrong to let you in my heart, I thank you for helping me have a voice to make my choice to split apart/ From the lies, trust and lust for other *** you ripped my heart out, Me being the fool thinking me and a garden tool could ever work out/ But I thank tought this honor role student what not to choose again, Hard to let anybody get a chance to test me because im constantly wanting to defend/ But in the end lifes like a chess game, Im a master but im not willing to play this game/ In the same breath the only thing thing that makes it hard to breathe is the regret, Kicking broad .. ...
Happy new month of April to u. April, being the fourth month, from North, South, East & West the almighty father says "He is sending a Four Letter Word of HELP to u & ur family " I welcomes u to ur month of help!
wao" there is one thing dat God admonishes us 2 do a 4 letter word , is easy 2 confess but hard 2 practices. As simple as it is, it's d greatest of them all. LOVE! This 4th month is d month of love: 4 God so loved d world dat He gave his only begotten son"! Love means an unconditional sacrifice despite all odds! Love ur spouse, parents, children, workers, friends etc Show some love 2 someone 2day, dis month & all tru d yr cos it's commanded &it's God's heartbeat. Also remeber dat d orpans, d poor, prisoners, destitute, sick, widows & widowers re waiting 4 ur luv somewhere. May God give us umderstanding! v a nice day & remain blessed!.
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Arranged this 8 letter word: T O A C M R I N Clue: 1. Girls love it. 2. Boys use it. 3. Parents use it. You are brilliant if you say the answer within today.
Lord give me someone dat will love, care, show consign for ma heart n feeling n someone dat will accept dis five letter word "sorry" n know dat as human being we are bound to make mistake but not someone dat is too proud, arrogant, not respectful n full of complain due to so many toaster because when girl start haven too many guy fluttering round her, she tend to exhibit all dis character mention above save lord from their hands. I want to be responsible to ma wife's n kid but not like what I have experience. Lord do this for I will be happy!
"Life isn't always fair...but fair is just another Four Letter Word that starts with f" - James Grage
How can you call your self a three letter word brake a five letter word while you say a Four Letter Word but all you seem to keep doing is a five letter word.
Im having a hard time i have solved this RUM LABEL= UMBRELLA now i need to anagram a six letter word can you pls help me
APRIL is a five letter word which signifies JESUS i pray for everyone reading this that grace,anointing to reach ur goal in life will be yours in Jesus name.
Trust may only be a five letter word but it's something I can't give to just anyone and it's about the biggest thing I can give at the moment
Life is a Four Letter Word that brings out the best in a person and the worst it took me sixteen years of this emotional rollercoaster to finally realize life is something dear, something you appreciate even if you have the disadvantages that life puts in your way , you must make certain decisions, right or wrong you have to take responsibility for your actions and keep on living thanks to all my friends sticking by me I have understood the meaning of life and that nothing is more precious than life
Love is just a Four Letter Word ??? I'm stop being sad and love life and smile and wave...
I have always said love is a Four Letter Word until someone gives it a definition.we have truly written ours bae when ppl look up the word love in the dictionary it will read savage and blakk. We have had our bad times but the good definitely takes the pilot seat. U no that no matter what I will always have your back...I love u Savage foreva and a day!
MAA: only a three letter word but carries a huge huge meaning in it :):) Mumma v three Divya Gupta Kaushal Agarwal r surely god'$ favourite kids coz he gave u to as, as our "MOTHER" ;);):) keep showering ur blessings on us , n a very very happy birthday to u :):):):):):):) love u tons :*:*:*:*:*:*:* Santosh Agarwal
Don't too many ppl get it right on the first try && I'm feeling so right for the first time.. ion wanna hear a Love Song cause I live it. Ur my Four Letter Word.
PHENOMENAL 2 LETTER WORD I'm sure you will enjoy this. I never knew one word in English language that can be a noun, verb, adj, adv, prep. UP Read until the end ... You'll laugh. This two-letter word in English has more meanings than any other two-letter word, and that word isUP.' It is listed in the dictionary as an [adv], [prep], [adj], [n] or [v]. It's easy to understand UP, meaning toward the sky or at the top of the list, but when we awaken in the morning, why do we wake UP? At a meeting, why does a topic come UP? Why do we speak UP, and why are the officers UP for election (if there is a tie, it is a toss UP) and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report? Â We call UP our friends, brighten UP a room, polishUP the silver, warm UP the leftovers and clean UPthe kitchen. We lock UP the house and fix UP the old car. At other times, this little word has real special meaning. People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UPexcu ...
Describe me in a one letter word that starts with s and I'll msg you a letter
Well long day finally comes to a end and if we say we love someone do we or is it just a 4 letter word that makes us feel better about ourselves or makes us look good in front of people or do we just tell someone that so we can gain something for ourselves like control over that person or over there feeling no matter what love is a very strong and meaningful word so before we tell someone we love them think about it do I really because nobody! On earth should play games like that to nobody let your yes mean yes and no mean no another day clean and sober   10% Off
I can only hope. This horrible 6-letter word has caused so much pain. No one should go through it.
I may be crazy, weird, dumb, and stupid. I do know that love is not just another Four Letter Word andi do know how to cook.
Can anyone help with this 8 letter word...
Love is a Four Letter Word which hav no meanin in my life anymore,
Strangers to acquaintances. Friends to frenemies at the same time. Exclusive. Steady. Strong. Now it's official ~ mwah! Ikaw ang bitoon sa ngitngit kong baybayon.. Awww. Love is a four-letter word.
Classic Old tv show.are the Best.The Whole Family can sit and watch it.Back then.they were No Four Letter Word.We in today show series they have to say that to get a laugh.Here is my Four Letter Words for today.Good.Show.Then were Best.
Time for that 8 hr 2 letter word. WER KA. :(
Been shooting all day for the short film "LOVE is a Four Letter Word". I get to tell someone I don't love them anymore and slam the door in their face. Pow!
"Free" - my favorite 4-letter word. I don't hear it nearly enough.
Iv got a kindergarten homework question...its a pic of a chess board with some pieces on it...but it's a 3 letter word???
Pardon the Four Letter funny not to post
Love is a Four Letter Word unless you know who means the most and who you want to spend the rest your life with
So proud of my lil Beezy. She is doing so good reading her 3 letter word wheels!
Trust , is a strong 5 letter word. I trust NOBODY. Never even used that trust word on anyone.
It can all be explained in one three letter word.WOW
I think that I am headed off to bed, took me some Nyquil z so hopefully I can sleep tonight. Got to be ready for that nasty Four Letter Word tomorrow. Good Night!
Love is a Four Letter Word then again so is Hate choose one! just know Hate is not healthy 4 real!
What is a four-letter word for a three-letter word which has five letters yet is still spelled with three letters, while it has only two and rarely has six and never is spelled with five
These days there all the people that say "don't have expectations" "don't get caught up in hope.. its a Four Letter Word" I just don't buy it... I still believe there is the right one out there for me. The right job. The right relationship. The right residence ... and I hope for these things daily. I will seek and I will search until the slipper ( or the hiking boot, flip flop or cowgal boot ) fits! I will not give up hoping, dreaming and believing. Every day I work to find my groove. Let the music play! and I am certainly not seeking perfection ... as a matter of fact imperfections are welcomed. I give it up to God. I no longer wish to be in control. I am just sailing along now. Wave if you see me passing by ... smiles also welcomed!
Fabulous day at The NELMS Conference in Providence! Lots of learning and networking. And - I won the chance to attend their Summer Institute in July for FREE (my fav Four Letter Word)
Brain sharpener..Answer thz quiz in 3 mins.. Am a 7 letter word,Everybody would love to have me, my 1,2,3,4 letters gives kenyans headache evry month,My 2,3,4 letters can land u in i.c.u,my 4,5,6,7 letters is an animal.My 5,6,7 letters is a chemistry term.who am i??.am waitin..
So im pretty sure designers have never heard of this 3 letter word called *** .. I have one and would like it if you made clothes to fit it
LOVE is my favorite 4 letter word..and I use it often!! (::)!!
don't ask me and I won't tell you don't treat me like i'm your friend and turn around and stab me in the back..Love is just a Four Letter Word that I just don't need to hear anymore
So a new Four Letter Word has been added to the naughty list.SNOW
Had to say no today for the first time lots of tears come out with that two letter word
Ok I need your help with this riddle. Not sure how a three letter word can be so hard
well today is my last day of "FREEDOM" go back to that dirty 4-letter word "work." it has been the best 6 wks. gonna miss sitting at home chiiling, but I did get a bottle of margaritas for when I get home.
To all the puzzlers out there can you help me. You have to make a 9 letter word starting with a and have f,a,w, r,a,l,e,l,t in the word
FAMILY has always been more than a SIX letter word to me! It is constantly being redefined! This morning I woke up and my Mercedes wouldn't start. My father listened and gave me a diagnosis! My mom without vacillation chauffeured me to school! I texted my "Lil Brother" and he analyzed my problem and left before I arrived home at 3:45 p.m. Yes, I got home early! At 5:50 p.m., I found myself explaining my dilemma to my sistah who proffered her assistance for Tuesday! Less than thirty minutes, my "Lil Brother" peeked his head in my room and told me that my Mercedes is back on the road! I wish my FAMILY could read my HEART and know that each beat is a tribute to their investment in my life. And each time blood pumps through each chamber, my LOVE for them increases even more and that the word FAMILY takes on new meaning.
DEATH = dying , the end of life, the state of being dead = an end. crazy 4 letter word. so long daddy.
Like that one lady says "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT" the 5 letter word Drama... So I'm going to sit back, pretend i dont know anything & see if you ever say it to my face 😉 .. ✌
Some fans have commented that nobody from CBS looks at these threads but I beg to differ. Maybe not the big names but I would bet they have staff whose job it is to "hear" what the fans are saying on this site since it is the official NCIS page and other sites as well. It is essential feedback. You can formally leave comments on their email but by checking different sites and different locations you get a diverse collection of information. Case in point during the first part of Crescent City Agent Brody asks for a 3 letter word that means mistake and then later looks at Bishop and the answer comes to her...err. I think that was a nod that they hear the fans and know that the casting was a mistake. I believe that they have heard the fans and will adjust the show accordingly.
I let the boys pick out our rental vehicle. It's a 4 letter word but I'll sacrifice! The boys are hoping we get rear-ended more often! :-)
Leave a one letter word that describes me and begins with the letter T
Walking around the property, seeing what I have to do, in the next couple of weeks, now that most of the snow (...Oh no, a 4 letter word..!) is gone, I see that the "golf" bird is "laying" her eggs...I have a large supply of her eggs (pun), to try and keep here "eggs" from flying into my windows as they do sometimes.
'Love' seems so simple! Just a 4 letter word that's spread around quite easily nowadays! No matter how much you try to forget the past, certain people always stay in your heart. Then you find out things are going wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it :( your sleeping under the same sky that I look at but you couldn't be further away :( Hurting is an understatement,
Everybody has the ability to change anything and everything they want. The only thing that stops us from doing so is fear and when you realize that it seems so stupid. Today I realized I have no reason to be scared of a Four Letter Word!!! & if I am not living the life I want or I am not being the person I want to be then the only person to blame is myself. So starting today I am no longer going to let my struggles define me or let the fear of failing get to me and I am going to prove to myself that I can be as strong and brave as I once was.
Hope is our Four Letter Word, make that money watch it burn*☆
I have to get up early for wo-- Whoops! Almost used that Four Letter Word again. So I will celebrate tomorrow's birthday right now. The entire staff and members of the Headlock Headlines want to wish former WWF/E World Tag Team Champion,former WWF/E Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion and 12x and the Reigning WWF/E World Heavyweight Champion "The Viper" Randy Orton a Happy Birthday!
First day as a real employee yahoo! That was good but the morning start really stunk. Snow that Four Letter Word had to make it's appearance again.Enough already! Looking forward to the Girls UCONN Huskies game tonight.
Was told some bad news. Mowing will start next week. Ugh... A least its not that Four Letter Word 'snow'!
this 3 letter word..this awful 3 letter word they call BRA...i dont like it!!!
LOVE is a Four Letter Word that I am in! Get it, I'm in 💗
What's a 5 letter word for strangle?
Feeling like a champ after getting a champ after getting a six letter word on countdown...
A 7 letter word it starts with R and ends with R and when u read it from da back and frant it still says da same thing
Today i was having a battle, truth is its been a battle since i can remember I do not understand why i go through the things I go through... today i finally asked God to show me and he plainly said open the bible to proverbs 3 and so i did. Today God showed me thy i do have a purpose and that my life is in his hands. I am special to him no matter what I feel like. No matter what I go through. I am still his. Trust. It's a 5 letter word that is hard to earn but we are supposed to trust him! His word won't steer us wrong. "My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee. Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine o ...
FOR ALL THE NOSEY PARKERS.well folks seeing as you are so interested in my life and what im doing I thought this was the best place to let you know.for those of you who haven't seen me around and feel the need to know my whereabouts here goes. I still live in shilbottle but I do actually WORK yes that 4 letter word that not many of you seem to like. and I actually do 13hr shifts to...and yes you read that I hope I have justified myself enough for you to sleep for my PRIVATE life m well what can I say about that !!!... except... its fandabba dozy! but it is exactly that PRIVATE... but please feel free to ask me to my face and im sure I will fill in the blanks for you...
The secret to success is a Four Letter Word called WORK. Good ol' fashioned work. Work it daily you'll get there.
My niece said.I'm not even gonna say that Four Letter Word...I'm like what DIET? Ha ha ha
Loyalty is a real thing not just a 7 letter word. Do you even know it when you see it...maybe not. Difference between me and you
It's MONDAY. I'm retired. No WORK, a 4-letter word. I hooked up my new Apple MacBookAir just now. I am so fortunate. I got a new Apple wifi too. so cool
On our way home from Columbus, what a difference a day and a half makes. It's in the 60's already. Sunshine blue skies and brown grass. But so so do much better that the Four Letter Word. Going to try to get my April Calender together tonight, I know April is a totally crazy busy month. Serenity and I decided against soccer until fall, by the looks of things if she signed up she would miss over half of their games .its do hard when you are involved in so many things. I am so excited about Julie and her girls getting the 2 minis. They will love them. I remember back in the day when I said what good are they. How things change. I am so excited about our temperatures hitting into the 60s tomorrow. Got a doctor appointment for mom and then I think outdoor activities. Hope I can move along with the spring cleaning this week. Rest of the screens will go up tomorrow. A lot of my spring flowers are coming up. The pond is ice free as of Saturday, only thing the geese are trying to move in. Think I will che ...
THE 25 DUMBEST LIBERAL democrat QUOTES OVER THE PAST DECADE! THIS MY FRIENDS IT WHAT WE SANE CONSERVATIVES ARE UP AGAINST! PLEASE NOTE, THOSE WITH "?" AFTER THEM ARE ACTUALLY IN A POSITION OF POWER, CONTROLLING YOUR GOVERNMENT! YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! 25) Seniors love getting junk mail. It’s sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they’re part of the real world. - Harry Reid ? 24)The number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S. - Joe Biden ? 23) I took a poo in the woods hunched over like an animal. It was awesome. - Drew Barrymore 22) Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama cannot win, and they are put in place to assure a victory by Mitt Romney… this is the plan of all the insurance companies that are owned by Mormon interests. It is unfolding as the Mormon Church planned over the last fifty years. - Roseanne Barr 21) I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. ...
Seriously.If you know the hard work behind any respective would barely dare to comment badly about them. If you know the hard work...and still you are commenting badly.then you should be called with a powerful 7 letter word.A*E.
L.O.V.E. a small 4 letter word with such a big meaning and so powerful. Easy to fall in,hard to fall out. Be careful who you give your heart to.
It seems counterintuitive to want to scuff the brand new soles of my boots, but these things are so slick it's like walking on ice! (Oh and yeah I used a 16 letter word, too. Bam!)
I just realized something that makes sense out of my day.LIFE is a 4 letter word! Yep, it's Monday!
love is Four Letter Word only a Four Letter Word, also a verb.. But if that verb shows no actions. IT'S ONLY A WORD...# Julio
Have we as a species become too lazy to type one extra letter in the word babe? *** is a bae...
Huh. What IS a 3 letter word for mistake?
I hope 5th hour is having fun writing that letter 😂😂😂
I can't write a French letter but I can sing Alors on Danse word for word
It's automatic every word in your letter.
Love is a Four Letter Word that should never be heard
I hate the PHRASE "Thot" y'all do realize it's not a simple word... Each letter stands for something. You sound like an ***
Should 'Ew' be a playable Scrabble word? Stephin Merritt of & author of 101 TWO-LETTER WORDS says yes.
I feel the love and I feel it burn, down this river, every turn. Hope is a four-letter word. (OneRepublic, Counting Stars)
I noticed "RT saying the 6 letter word is ok. We don't tolerate hand signs when you aren't deaf. "
Home its no longer a Four Letter Word. I'm so happy to be here. I hate that ride every week ugh..
Harry testament even with a word or letter please am directioner
when my mom struggles to spell a word in english I want to break the entire lang into pieces so the edges of these letter stop cutting her⁰⁰
Brain Game: . Guess the two-word answer. Both answers begin with the letter B. . London's famous time keeper. _. _
A man is preparing to board a train when he hears that the Pope is also going to be using that mode of transportation because the Holy Father apparently wanted to try something different. "This is exciting," the man thinks. "I've always been a big fan of the Pope. Perhaps I'll be able to see him in person." Imagine his surprise when the Pope sits down in the seat next to him. But the gentleman was too shy to speak to the Pontiff. After a short while, the Pope begins a crossword puzzle. "This is fantastic," the man thinks. "I'm really good at crosswords. Perhaps, if the Pope gets stuck, he'll ask me for assistance." Almost immediately, the Pope turns to the gentleman and says, "Excuse me, but do you know a Four Letter Word referring to a woman that ends in 'u-n-t'?" Only one word leaps to mind. The man feels uncomfortable. "My goodness," he thinks, "I can't tell the Pope that. There must be another word." He thinks for a while, then it hits him and he says, "Your Holiness, I think the word you're looking f ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Big flakes coming down. Snow is a Four Letter Word. I got another one I'm thinking of too.
“Best quote of NOLA. Err. Three letter word for mistake. Err. (Referring to B)
Time: the most threatening 4 letter word.
Love is a simple 4 letter word but means so much if its coming from the right person.
Love 👈 this Four Letter Word will have you sick
WORD! RT>Great letter to a "star" who has no grip on reality...A working mom's open letter to Gwyneth
Love is more than a Four Letter Word, God IS love. He's the reason we love and should love in return.
You know the word anger is just 1 letter short than the word danger 😈🔫
Everytime my roommate gets sassy with her bf he spanks her for every letter of the word stupid
The Real Cause.and Cure. No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the sources of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power. You can boil it all down into one three letter word-- SIN---. There is only one cure for SIN and that's a Savior. There is only one Savior -- Jesus.
I Hate People Who Text Lik Diss. No you don't capitalize every first letter of a word if it's not at the beginning of a sen or a proper noun
"How do I word this letter to make him feel really bad!?"
The Chase is supposed to be a quiz show.. The first question asked.. What three letter word describes the noise a cow makes.. Moo.. 😶
People who say 'violence isn't the answer' clearly haven't been asked 'what 8 letter word, beginning with v means 'swift physical force'?
Hang on what's this on my head oh it's only that Four Letter Word that's been there for far too long better get that rubbed off once and for all lol !
The day a blood actually begins a word with the letter c is the same day I find chill
The letter "g" is in the the word exaggerate 5 times.
OMG. So I miss a letter in a word and you don't understand what I wrote
Go ahead post the letter ! Lol I'm not ashamed of it . I loved you . So I wrote a awesome *** letter !
Yeah, you never said a word. You didn't send me no letter. Don't think I could forgive you
The letter V is silent in the word Five - Asians
Oklahoma vs kansas baseball CANT be that 4 letter word
What 5-letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it?
What is an eleven-letter word that most people spell incorrectly?
try walking in my shoes ND let's see how times you trip ..👡 can only be ME ..times get ruff but hey my god don't put nothing on me I can't bare ...🙌 (i ) is a one letter word why would (i) try being YOU?
Teaching kia first letter word sounds
My vertical bar (yeah, people get offended if I use the other 4 letter word) has been up for over a month now and I just switched it to spin. I think it's awesome that it been a bonding piece in my home between me and my daughters. They love it and constantly want to be on it!
Love is not just a 4 letter word it covers ones whole life.. Love never endz
Everything I am now I owe to you / coz you blessed me with a love that I know is true / I've finally met the one and I know its you / that little Four Letter Word yeah you know I do
What's that 6 letter word I'm looking for...umm...umm... FUNDED!
Love is a 4 letter word but its great when ppl who say actually show it!
What is a five letter word that air doesnt have (the second letter is an "h")?
This is for all my family and friends that still have snow (4 letter word) on the 28th of March. Loves and warmth are coming your way from Missouri. Temp today is mid 50's and green grass coming and robins all over the place.
Love these Four Letter Word can not be bought. If its not their then its not happen
Watching "Tipping Point", and saw the following howlers: Q. What three-letter word describes British Colonnial rule in India (Raj)? A. The British Empire! Q. Which city is closest to the Humber Bridge? (Hull) A. Newcastle-upon-Tyne! Q. Which American singer duetted with George Michael on "As"? (Mary J Blige) A. Elton John!
Love is a 4 letter word til it is put into action.The Great Example is when Jesus Died and shed his Blood for us on the Cross of Calvary..
FOCUS!!! It's a five letter word that makes u or breaks u!
Playing "Ruzzle". Rhiannon joins in and in her 3rd game she scores a nine letter word to break the record. Ainslie Richardson, Graeme Paul York, Steve Vent, take note..her word was "computers". Beats some of those dodgy words we get!
So we wanted to do a Minnie theme because she's in love with Minnie, but lately this Four Letter Word keeps coming up.Dora... Really Ciara Minnie is so much cuter!!
Even though you know the game its always a challenge and a blessing to let the walls down and let the Cards fall where they lay.LOVE IS JUST A 4 LETTER WORD BUT ACTIONS ARE A MOUTHFUL...
i gotta give it to my self.. i came a long way from cold showers and no heat.. sometimes thats 4 letter word is JUST a 4 letter word.
It the hardest 2 letter word to say!!
A true Four Letter Word for real success. PRAY
This five letter word Trust an this Four Letter Word Love is an MF.
Just wanna stay in bed one of them Four Letter Word days all rdy
Coincidence or what that our shop steward quoted the pros for the 5 day week from that letter word for word !!!
dear Lord Bless my Folks. and help me fix this ford letter word. thanx Boss
. . . in Republican Logic World "Progress" is now a four (4) letter word, as stupid as that seems to most of us, and it falls "right" behind the words science and evolution which are also considered four (4) letter words, go figure?
Love is a Four Letter Word until you meet somebody very special and worthwhile that gives it meaning. Love is like a mountain, hard to climb. But once you get to the top, the view is beautiful. :)
I Want to use that 4 letter word that starts with F and ends with K. 1+ hour stuck in traffic and moved 200 yards. *** oil change has cost me 3 hours and news that I need new brakes and tires. Oh. Did I mention stuck in traffic??? This Friday *** There. I feel better
The amazing Jason Mraz sang "love for a child" in Düsseldorf at the "tour is a Four Letter Word" tour. And the best thing, I asked in Frankfurt (the day befo...
Love is a powerful 4 letter word, but so is Hate.
This weeks forecast is looking good temperature rise, but why must that Four Letter Word always have to spoil the good mood!
Thought For Life -- "Pray is a Four Letter Word you can say anytime and any where!" Are you using PRAYer often? Need to pray for a Damascus Road experience for our political leaders.
Great Friday morning. Speak life! Two things on my mind today... jiu jitsu and basketball. Oh yeah... and that Four Letter Word... WORK.
ONLY FOR THE GENIUS!!! It is a 9 letter word- 123456789. If u lose it you die. If you have 234, you can have 1234. 56 is one type of disease. 89 indicates exact location & time, 2&7 are same letter, 3&8 are same letter, 5&9 are same letter.guess the word! Challenge for all masterminds!
Sitting at this LSU Clinic, KMSL at Rob Ryan's lecture who has mastered this 4 letter word. Not counting the 10 times I didn't count, at last count I had him at 15 times. At any rate, I'm waiting for the great Ray Lewis. In Ryan's words, "_, I can hardly wait."
Chris Sharpe and I are heading to Lindsay , the rain is much better than the that Four Letter Word. We are so sick of this winter . Hope the rain will take a lot of it away . Have a fun weekend to all
There is a reason why snow is a Four Letter Word, come to florida, LOL!
8 letter word for : no longer needed. Out of date. Or not viable
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