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Letter Word

Vote. My new favorite four letter word. Thank you
Taking the day to rest and finish preparations for worship at Impact Church tomorrow. We're wrapping up our series on Forgiveness: a four letter word. Come and worship with us at 10:30 am tomorrow!
Life is a 4 letter word. Struggle is an 8 letter word.
What is the worst four letter word in the English language? Is LAZY on your list? It should be at the top.
A simple four letter word can turn your world upside down. There's no making sense of it..
FREE is the best four letter word you ever heard right? Sign up for monthly giveaways here!
Love is just another four letter word we say so easily these days.
I have a 1001 word letter i want to send you
Pain rippled through my body as I glanced at that 5 letter word that shattered my heart in a matter of seconds.
[TRANSLATION] C.A.P's mums letter from TEEN TOP Rising 100% - Son, Everytime I think of the word,“son”, my...
She has no problem shooting a letter to Namo on Hindi/English issue. But not a word on this murder.
Really we made a big deal about Thatcher now's he gone. Than we go and trade Campana why can't we just trade Parra (insert 4 letter word).
I feel the love and I feel it burn down this river, every turn, hope is a four-letter word
Love, may be a simple four letter word, but it is the most complex word to define. ❤️
As it's definitely a 4-letter word to my 3 year old, would it be 'napp' or 'naap'
Golf is the dirtiest four-letter word in the English language.
Try thiz.Am a six letter motto ix togather ax one...if u remove my 1st & 2nd letter ppl wil wear mi... if u remove my 3rd letter am very painful...if u remove my2nd, 3rd & 6th letter adam & eve did it...if u remove my 2nd & 3rd letter ppl do it with dea mouth. guez who am i??.
“difference between misspelling and missing a letter 😝”. But without that letter the word is spelled wrong!😘
Ever play that game, where you write in your journal, start a word with the wrong letter and come up with a way to make it work?
Lol, now that... Is patriotic... (Contemplated changing the last 3 letters in patriotic to a four letter word, couldn't bring myself to do it...)
Love a 4 letter word but when I say it I mean it
Love a four letter word , but I meant it . .
Hope is a four letter word make that money watch it burn-
They did that because there's a theory that if the first and last letter of the word are in place, you can rearrange the others &
People who capitalize the first letter of every word are the worst kind of people
I await official word with more than one source as confirmation. Read the Heralds letter to editor, look for Arlene Ross 7/4.
Love is a four letter is hate
Love is nothing but a four letter word that no one takes seriously
Burqa Dutt carefully didnt use the "4-letter M-word". His diplomatic coup is difficult to digest for Sonia's chamchi. htt…
Love is a 4 letter word, so is hate and pain and hurt
New puzzle for everone Crack ur brain. X is a 7 letter word, X is impossible 4 GOD, new babies like X better than milk, the poor have X and the rich look for X from the poor, if u eat X u will die, X is more important than ur life. I swear with my life I will give u X if u get d answer. Guess What is x.
I hate misspelling words or forgetting a word or letter, pisses me off
Scrabble cause nothings better than bagging that 'triple word score' with 'triple letter score' thrown in
Shouldn't use those 4 letter words, you may get sued by the GOP! The word I'm talking about is word you used ("WORK")!
Spelling a four letter word is very difficult
*POP QUIZ* I am a 5 letter word and if you remove my 1st, 3rd and Last letter I still sound the same. What word am I?
X is a 5 letter word..2345 makes a Country name 345 is opposite of X is everywhere.. Who is X..
The worst 4 letter word to say to the night shift at the ER..."SLOW" Cost: 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme
Disabled my phone because I put the password as a letter one and spelt the word wrong fs now it's blocked
Everything was a joke and that four letter word was just another word ❄️
What is love? — love is powerful four letter word.
You, You never said a word . You didn't send me no letter . Don't think i could forgive you
Love a 4 letter word but I mean it when I say it ya heard me
Ya, you never said a word, you didn't send me no letter
Love is 4 letter word so does food.
The three letter word that we all publicly or privately admit we enjoy or desire, BUT afraid to talk about... S-E-X! Why isn't it being use for it's intended purpose (pleasure) but more as an object use to control a person's behavior or situation? Here is a conversation for adults. Like, comment, share, support!
Help me guess this 6 letter word.Download
I can't stand when people capitalize the first letter of every word. That's how you know they're an ***
Announcing the launch of our 7th issue, "Futures of the Past." Please hep spread the word! http…
I need a 5 letter word meaning the gradual passing of time, can anyone think of it. Love Donna
word of the day brought to you by the letter F
Upgrade George Davis NNN to a 7-letter word, starting with 'A'hard to get me to change stations with his croakingenough...
"Im talkin something thats deeper than just sex.. But I dont want her to be the third letter in the word next"
Cancer is a six letter word that can destroy someone's body but not their heart and soul.
The word "queue" has a string of vowels that help the word spell out the sound the first letter makes anyway.
"Whats love nowadays its just a four letter word that get you hurt and dont exist anymore"preach cousin
Hate the fact that I slur every word that has the letter S in it
Sent her a letter this morning.. I meant every word❤️
Dad: "what's a woman's favorite four letter word?". Mom: "love!". Me: "food"
The first rule is to use a single letter or number to stand for a word.
The first word in your name begins with the letter "L". Maybe thats mean L for Loveable
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: George Davis! Not funny you and your annoying singing! Three letter word for you that starts with 'A'..
Just found out that the word Chrysler, as in the car, doesn't have the letter T in it.
I've often been called a four letter word begins with C and ends with T. Thought it was a speech impediment
The four letter word that has changed lives. * Wife *
J key on my laptop is sticking & I find myself trying to use words that don't have that letter. My overuse of the word just problem solved.
My cover letter is just a picture of me in a sleeveless turtleneck karate chopping the word 'unemployment'.
An 8 letter word than can ruin families
Love is a four letter word, so is Nair.
Construct-a-Word! Have children generate words by choosing an ending (like -an or -ed) then adding a beginning letter
Historic Low: The European Central Bank held its main refinancing rate at a historic low of 0.15%, as expected. Just so everyone who isn't familiar with scripture . This is no surprise to God. When the world is gone haywire and worse, and wars amongst nearly everyone, nation and rumors as well - the economy is falling apart and mo one trust anyone else - then those in power ( a certain group ) will come together and elect one whom they believe will guide us into peace and prosperity --- once they take their place in authority they will begin the process of healing - and it will happen for 3 1/2 years scripture says --- then when that timeframe ends - he will set himself up in, what the Bible calls "The Holy of Holy's" and will claim that he is God. Watch and know the truth from the one who shares the truth, who is The people study ... So you won't Be surprised . because after he claims to be God - all *** breaks lose - I don't use that 4 letter word in any other form... Please study " The B ...
"Love is the most powerful four letter word." 2 of 12 Lessons in Leadership ~ John Wooden
Let's have some fun today.write ONE word that describes me, BUT you have to use the first letter of your...
It doesn't matter what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be in the right place.
yea they showed what each letter looked like so I had to spell out each word
Puzzle ID 1665. What word is one-letter-off from each of the four depicted words?.
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It get tiring capitalizing the first letter of every word lol I need a break.
FEAR! A four letter word that keeps a lot of us stuck and afraid of taking action. I used to think fear was something we just had to deal with but that is so far from the truth. When you understand what fear actually is you will start to move away from it and not allow it hold you back any longer. Once you discover what its real place in your life is you'll begin to find yourself suddenly gaining power over all of your fears.
wonder if anyone has ever created a swear word on ill have a 4 letter word please XD
It's gotten to the point now where I get excited about scoring a seven letter word on countdown
Three insults, one four letter word, all in 140 characters. Who needs the working brain again?
Once we discover hate, we find our way out of the 4 letter word and move on.
I think SHED has become the new dirtiest (in the best way) four letter word lol :)
Help me guess this 7 letter word.Download can you help
The word "Anna" shifted up the alphabet one letter becomes "Boob." you are welcome.
Who needs to shorten a 4 letter word!?!? That is the epitome of lazy! Even accounting for 'drawl' it's not acceptable behaviour.
Ok let's try dis... I got sum for who ever get it.. Tell me dat 5 letter word.. That u can add 2 letters to.. An it will make da word shorter. LETS GOOO
My Swiss is not good, but that looked like a very bad four letter word.
Pssshhh!..I've never replied to a text using just the letter "k"..I use the word "alright".What kind of a person do you think I am?
And just like that the four letter word flys out! ♥️😝
“oh my goddd, I need my own fridge with a lock” >> That can come when you understand a 4 letter word: rent x
Dear Mexicans,if you don't want to pronounce the letter “J” please don't add it to every word: Meijer, jalapeño, Jovan etc.
Fill-in-the-blank. The first word that starts with the letter C that pops into my head is _.
"To me, coming from you, friend is a four-letter word."
'umlauted' (made this word up, aha) letter. Which to speak gives the game noise as with the umlaut.
People who type the first letter as a capital in every single word in sentences makes me really sad :[
Y3 Recorder assembly for parents on Mon 7 July @ 10am. Spread the word. Letter to follow.
My dad's such a seLf centered *** he capitaLizes the Letter L Like this in every word because that's his first initiaL.
Hey is not a four letter word! Can we get television shows with more
Literally. After 'k' comes 'l' and the word 'life' begins with the letter, surprise surprise 'l'.
There's this four letter word.starts with W. I think it drove away with Focus
I miss him and the days when comedy was decent good natured and safe. A time when you could enjoy it with your mother and your daughter. Today most comedy has become destructive divisive and degrading. If your not using four letter words at least ( s--t, f--k at least 400 times you never make it to HBO.
People that finish crossword . puzzles will ALWAYS find . an 15 letter word to let you . know. Pretentiousness
[Using brackets] or putting S P A C E S between each letter of a word every time post you something doesn't make you profound, it's annoying
Roots of Radiance: If you are a woman struggling with hair loss, please read every word in this letter.
Help me guess this 8 letter word.Download
A letter here a word there a misinterpreted passage Thousands of minor and major changes You said exact.
did you know if get each letter in the name Anna and shift each down one in the alphabet, you get the word Boob . U r a boob
Abeg make una quick quick help me with this matter. But please, if you sabi say you no too get something for head, no bother. Just waka pass! No be only you go waka pass. . . There's a Five letter word, that if you add two more letters to it, it'll become shorter. What word is that? Quick quick abeg. Make my hand no go fall. IF YOU NO SABI AM NO TALK O!
Dear Mr Henman, there is no letter D in the word Thirty.
sometimes people add the letter L to the word "saw" for absolutely no reason.
Come and defy me on My username: KoonceRobyn. 1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find.
Hope is a four letter word it don't mean anything
♥ CHER...she's NOT just another 4 letter word ! ♥
“are you still bitter?” Bitter? That's a six letter word. About the same amount of players you have! 😂😂
Watch This Guy Misspell 'Father' At A Spelling Bee For A Beautiful Reason. In what started as a pleasant dream, this poet vanquished words like “duodenum” with ease. At 30 seconds, however, a six-letter word really gets him going. This is dedicated to Karianne, Rachel, Nicole, Traci, and all the other single moms out there I forgot to tag. :) Please share the heck out of this beautiful piece of work.
This exercise is a four letter word. Want those mid-back muscles? Training with intensity is key and not always fun.
Trust is a 4 letter word that turns into a 7 letter word meaning betrayal...karma awaits you.
This lady on the subway was doing a crossword puzzle and noticed me looking at it. She said she needed a 12 letter word for "changes". I said "Fluctuations". Two Chinese men, an old Japanese lady and a Korean kid all gave me the finger!
M _ A _ _ R _ M _ _ T _ Put letters instead of dashes to get appropriate 12-letter word. Write your answer and tomorrow we will announce five randomly picked winners of 200 tokens. Good luck!
I just want to express that the best four letter word is 'LOVE' ...good morning all y'all .unconditional love ...
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ZÜCA's 2008 TGA Award Winner, the ZÜCA Pro. Travel Much? Has the FAA asked you to start paying rent at your local airport? Do you feel that "trip" is a four letter word? If so then you need to toss your wheeled luggage to the curb and try the revolutionary new ZÜCA Pro. Business travelers unite. Developed for the seasoned road warrior, the ZÜCA Pro is part carry-on, part organizer, and part "darn is this thing cool". With a built-in seat (seriously) and removable packing pouches that stack like drawers, this patented new concept in travel is like nothing else. Period. Better yet, the ZÜCA Pro fits comfortably into overheads and comes with a TSA-friendly toiletry bag. Giddy up. Warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship for up to 1 year.
Okay. So I think I figured out how to say what I wanted to say... and I hope you catch my meaning TOO. There's a terrible thing going around and TOO many people couldn't be bothered. You TOO could be guilty of this. TOO often is this word mispelled - so much so that I TOO started thinking that maybe I got it all wrong. If you TOO are frustrated by people being TOO lazy to spell simple three letter words correctly then like this. Next up I'd like to tackle the "THEN vs THAN" dilemma.f
Move is a four letter word !! I better not hear it again for a long time !
SECOND AND FINAL GAME (FOR TONIGHT): BINGO: Comment below with a SEVEN letter word, yes seven, this word MAY contain repeat letters, BUT can only be redeemed once, say you have the word NEEDLES and I call, you can only redeem that once until I call E two more times. Sound good? Pick your words and I will be back in 20 minutes to draw numbers! This game is for a $5 gift card also! GO!
I've got to be honest, I use this page to teach scouts genealogy. In the past I have made some comments that just disappeared that were not attacks or with poor taste, Why are four letter words and posts allowed to stay. I think everybody should be allowed to disagree and debate, but using tasteless language takes away from this site. Really does! There are very well educated people who have made me think quite a bit, but I honestly find the low caliber words useless.
This Like A Girl campaign asks, at what point did doing something "like a girl" become an insult? The video sure got us thinking about this 3 letter word.
Things on FB that bug me. People who call out God to bless them but post four letter words and obscene pictures. Stop trying to sit on the fence. Get down and get about God's business or get on with your own. You aren't impressing God. People who think that it's funny or cool or cute to post pictures if themselves flipping off the camera. Really? It just makes you look trashy. And for crying out loud, am I the only one sick of seeing pictures of people's feet?
Many of my friends and family know my heart toward missions and towards Africa...that being said...I just got accepted to IRIS Harvest Missions School! This has been a God given desire for many years.I am thanking everyone for the many prayers through out the years.I am so excited and overwhelmed by His love!!! LOVE — It is a small four-letter word that will cost you everything: laying down your life, passion and compassion, giving without expecting, feeling His very heartbeat and surrendering to His rhythm, and following the Lamb wherever He goes, even to Mozambique.
these were some of the best comedians ever , and they didn't resort to FOUR letter words to get laughs
Im thinking of a three letter word that rhymes with "mex"
Dean:''If you finish the trials, you're dead, Sam'' Sam:'' So?''... The two letter word that broke the fandom @ DR_SPN_PHD
I've been staring at this cover letter for about an hour. Every time I type a word a little piece of my soul dies.
If you have a really long hashtag, capitalize the first letter of every word. No one wants to work that hard at reading.
Cus I won't be dealing with the third word with the letter p anytime soon
What's that word called when you say three words that start with the same letter consecutively. An articulation, no an alliteration..?
Little Giant Ladders
Love is a 4 letter word that doesn't involve you
It's automatic, every word in your letter.
Dad: We do not believe in this four-letter word. *violates full parking sign*
Some dude who capitalizes the first letter of every word just RTd me so shouts out to him
I just feel like guys are so incredibly bad at it, as we just saw. Gyms have made them a four letter word.
Love is a four letter word and so is food. Coincidence? I think not.
Africans be pronouncing every letter in a word when they're mad
This thot to wcw to ssb to dtf just ain't even my expectations to dating life. I want a good respectful, loyal, honest, caring, independent woman NOT a three letter word woman!!!
Atmosphere, its just a 10 letter word
Love is a 4 letter word that lasts 4ever
There's a four letter word for you and you know it ain't love, There's a hole in my heart for you but it won't be there for long
God invites people into the Spirit so they can hear the Word, not just read it. The Spirit is of more significance than the letter.
Y'all still capitalizing the first letter in every word 😂✋
Can you think of a 5 letter word with the letter 'D' smack in the middle of it ('D' being the 3rd letter) without using a same word that may already be posted (ex., cyder)?
She make me forget all bout my ex Im talking something deeper thn sex but I don't wanna be the 3rd letter on the word next
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"RESPECT" is a seven letter word. Everyone can spell it, but only few knows how to use it.
Opening band: "this song is a three letter word for love. It's called DIE" *rips into extreme dad garage rock*
"This song is called a three letter word for love, it's called "Die""-Celebrity Stalker... TOTALLY my new favorite band...
Riddle: My passcode is a 5 letter word that's come a long way these past 4 years. . What is my passcode?
Sorry is just a 5 letter word with no meaning behind it. People use it too much for it to have any meaning.
The only 15-letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.
Tbh I hate the word bae like just say babe geez. One more letter won't kill you.😐
One four letter word is the soul reason why!. I feel better than that!
Ok if someone was pronouncing every letter in every word what would think of them?
"I feel the love . And i feel it burn. Down this river every turn. Hope is our four letter word. Make that money. Watch it burn . " ♥♡♥♡♥
The 3 letter word which I really hate. No matter who is it, if he/she gt ego, tats it dnt need to talk to me
Climb the ladders by changing one letter at a time to get from one word to the other :o) *wrowf*
Four letter word but I don't have the guts to say it. Smile 'til it hurts let's not make it complicated.😍👍
love. a four letter word that is stronger than any other word in the book! and I use it to describe you!! ❤️
Okay now back to reading. "Scandalous" yet another teen story involving teen romance and Ab-Souls favorite 3 letter word S-E-X
Love is a four letter word. And so is cars.
Talk about the three letter word, I remember comments like "Ushoo" "Aiyoo" "Hai Raam" used to echo in school!
That 4 letter word can have ya sick.. love could have a *** losing it
Crazy... Just finished writing a letter to and here they are on The L Word that Im watching!! Lol. Come on Dana!
Ans this? Lover loves it Friends need it Relationship starts with it Life ends with it It is _ _ _d_ _a_ _s 10 letter word challenge 4u. Give me ans fst :)
GEJ is really enjoying this 5 letter word called power, i hope he won't end his fary like Samuel Doe.
Sayang. Why shorten such a simple 6 letter word to 'syg'. It has such a beautiful meaning, why would you cut that too?
The first person to throw a silent letter into a word was an ***
Cuppa and crossword- turns out I am pretty rubbish. Anyone know a 9 letter word for a type of pea?…
For RENT is clearly a 4 letter word like summat you'd step in. They're incredulous that somewhere you rent could be a, a home?!
Like 4 is a number, V is a letter, but hello is a word, so like is four a number or a word. Or both 😲😲😲😲
ok I'm sorry let me rephrase. . Typing every first letter of every word as a CAPITAL
{Happy}. The 5 letter word 'happy' has been the go-to word inspiring a new selection of papery-goodness at...
Julian, what was the last 6 letter word I said? Mr. J headass 😂
No. . N.O . Who knew a two letter word could be so hard to understand.
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I hate when people capitilize the first letter of every word in a a sentence.
"Run is a four letter a three letter word"
Still proud of myself got an 8 letter word on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown last night boom!
That four letter word will have you sick 😷😱
"The word ‘fat’ just looks like someone took a bite out of the first letter of the word ‘Eat’.".
Like you used that four letter word to control..
I am thinking of a 4 letter word or phrase. Reply with a single letter to begin the game
I just wrote a 500 word letter to give to you at your Anaheim show. That's more than I wrote on my SAT essay! 😁
my phone autocorrects any 4 letter word starting with L to "Lana"
says who realises 2.5 letter word of become a mystic. Love trancends you to divine. But only love not lust and craving.
God loves ugly\\Atmosphere Just a 10 letter word"caught up in the mix with a bottle full of fix ;my names slug I came to steal a couple mins
Love isn't just a four letter word.
FOR THE GENIUSES ONLY. . Brain sharpener of the day.Answer this question I. Am a 7 letter word, everybody would...
Love is just a four letter word with a lot of meaning.
The most offensive four letter word on Saturday. Work
Atmosphere, it's just a ten letter word
LOVE that 4 letter word will have you sick and LOVE will have a *** losing it. 👌😯🙅
Love just a four letter word but I love my ppl tho! ✊💯
Copiers are false profits, they only copy the word, seek only the compiler. PC LOAD LETTER.
Love is the strongest 4 letter word i know.
Fact: there are two Cs in the word Icelandic, but there is no letter C in the Icelandic language
I'm a 5 letter word.I can be written forward or backward but still remain the same word. My first and last letters are the same. My middle letters means last year on newyear's day. WHO AM I?
Join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. as we discuss a four letter word we all struggle with.
Inspired by the Yo App, Stephen used the two-letter word to better communicate with The Colbert Report staff.
I hate it when I take my time to write someone a paragraph or two, and they respond with one or two letter words.
Everyone's favorite four-letter word, SALE!! Our Summer Sale is going on now! Enter coupon code SUMMER14 (case sensitive) and save 10% on your purchase. (Training excluded) Head over to the site and check it out!
GAME TRIVIA. * Over 5,000 people Failed this question in the Last JOB INTERVIEW conducted Last month by NNPC. Q: Give an example of a 5 letter word that ends with 'R' .e.g POWER. * Begin!
Brain Teaser for the day: Q: What 5-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
up those wallets" "Are you feelin' it, Mr. Wallet?" "I guess you're gonna' miss the... Summer sale." "Squidward, I used your wallet to buy games during the Summer sale." "Gary, go away. Can't you see I'm trying to buy games." "Patrick, what am I?" "Uh, not ready to present your body to Gaben?" "But what if I don't have to go to the bathroom, Patrick?" "More time to play Steam games." "Patrick, why are you here?" " Two words, Spongebob: Summer Sale." "Hmm, a five letter word for happiness... money [for the Summer sale]" "This isn't your average everyday darkness. This is... EMPTY WALLET darkness."
The latest podcast: Ken talks about a new four letter word: Iraq, which giants are climbing down from the Hill, and what to watch in NYC and OK's primaries.
Negotiation and compromise is a Republican four letter word.
Great open letter from Rickie, and he clearly means every word!!
Thank you Rickie. Whilst Pochettino's was irrelevant I know you mean every word of this! Always a hero!
Love is a four letter word , But so is hate .
That moment when you realise most of your document is missing the letter "d". This key. Oh my word. HAS. TO HIT IT. VERY. HARD.
I am a monosyllabic word beginning and ending with the same letter. I am simply called as you are, and yet I am a...
I'm excited every word is on to letter Z n I don't even care how sad that is to admit
Shri says at 'Sneh Milan' that 4 letter word in Hindi (Karyakarta) is more powerful than the 5 letter word (Pra…
So "joke" is not a four-letter word but "joke format" is and now I'm questioning my math skills.
Those single letter/word texts are annoying ...atleast Avoid sending them to me regardless of who you are.
Hope is my 4 letter word. better day...
The only english word that contain a triple letter is goddessship
Dictionary Game - Guess The Word. 1. It is a 9 Letter Word... 2. Starts with "L" 3. 2nd , 5th & 7th Letters are the same Vowel. 4. It means the state of being legally responsible for something. 5. Ends with Y Abhishek...!!
Just one letter can change the meaning of a word! Based on the hint given, reply with the right answer.
Monday is a four letter word with an extra 50%.
I have a Bad Habit of Capitalizing every Letter of almost Every word in a Sentence.
FAST THINKERS:. Name a word that starts with the letter G and ends with the letter E within 10 seconds
Well here Iam driving the new 36 route and the only rant and rave I've had so far is by a cyclist asking "what's that". As I tried to point out that, that could be anything I knew I was over my stop line and the cycle box due to the lights changing but this long haired fanny thought it was on purpose. First get your facts correct before going on a little rant and secondly make a better example of what THAT is. So my little game of Give us a clue begun. I showed him the sign for a film, which was wrong and then a book. Wrong again. So I asked if it was on TV. Then I showed three fingers to see if was a 3 letter word. Continued on to show the first word. I gave the "T" and wrong. Didn't get to the second word as the lights changed and by this time the passengers that were stood beside me were now pissing themselves laughing!!! Got a well done from an old man.
Today shall start with the letter F and the word ... 😁
WWI. I am a 9-letter word. My 3745 is a vessel transport by water while my 95165 is the beginning. ~
PRIDE.. It may be a 5 letter word but it can kill a very long word RELATIONSHIP!
Blog post: When is bad language not a four-letter word?
STAY. a four letter word that's everyone perceives it as leave.
The only 2 letter word with j is Jo. :/
Loyalty is more than just a 7 letter word, y'all just be throwing around.
LOVE is a four-letter word that makes someone assume that FOREVER TRULY EXISTS...
the word 'we' annoys me. I love the letter I.
F.A.M.I.L.Y is the sweetest word anyone can say,Bcoz the letter in it means."Father and Mother I Love You.
Life. a 4 letter word people take too serious
no but what I'm telling you that I may have missed a letter and it mistaken it for a different word.
Unconditional love…:) Bf: how are you swetheart ♥ Gf: not good :( Bf:why? Wht hapnd? Gf:i have cold . . Bf:wht? How? Gf:i had ice cream. . Bf:are you mad? I told you nt to eat ice cream in this rainy season. . . .are you crazy ? ? Look into my eyes wht the *** you think you are? Dnt you have brain? You arent a kid . . . .cnt you take care your self ? Stupid. . . *** . . . . Gf: smiled. . . . Hugged him and said “I LOVE YOU” Bf:whats hapening here? Will you plz tell me . . Gf: .i just lov whenever u scold me that’s why i ate ice cream so dat you will scold me. . .♥ Bf: stupid . . *** . . .huh. . .” I LOVE U TOO ” ♥ ♥ ♥— LOVE is not only a simple 4 letter word to talk… LOVE is a belief on someone wit whom we consider as WE than U n I OUR’S than UR’S n MINE… LOVE is only ONE FEEL 4rm TWO HERTS… LOVE is pure like a BABY SMILE,fair like a FULL MOON n more like SKY……. so if u r luvng a person,luv d person truely,completely without expecting anythng…that is UNCONDIT ...
Super Mario was originally named "Superb Mario", but the letter B was dropped because of its association with the word "butts".
Powered by CAX: List of all available 3 to 6 letter Dictionary Word dot .Link domains from Unireg...
Only weakness is dat 4 letter word I swear bloody jay sed it best
FYUP.introduced in UPA regime is a 4 letter word among Delhi University students.
Kris Kana Naidu Sarojini Devi how is our mission coming along? Please comment in secret no mentioning that three letter word in here ok till we find out ? Don't have to be specific also. :)
Friendship is just a ten letter word, thats all it is, It means nothing anymore, when some one says theyre gonna do something, just let it go in one ear and out the other because you cant rely on very many people these days. Thank you though to the couple of true friend who are there for me and always will be. you know who you are. No cell phone, will post a text plus number when i have it
Ok out first game is going to it works, you are going to comment a 5 letter word such as zebra, no one can use the same words. I will give you 5 min for everyone to get their words in. Then I will start typing random letters, first person to "bingo" wins!!
What happened to the 7 letter word.
Another weekend of success. Can't thank enough the wonderful group of young men and women that I work with. We will not utter that four letter word again for awhile!
Tonight's game is blingo...Just like bingo but with words. To play: 1) pick a nine letter word 2) no repeated words or letters 3) comment under this post your word 4) at 7:30 be back at thos post 5) random letters will post 6) once all your letters have been posted...comment Bling!! 7) First person that is posted wins PRIZE: ANY ITEM FREE (TAX STILL REQUIRED) WITH ANY PURCHASE FROM THIS PARTY.
Don't forget to set your SKY PLUS on 192 for 9pm tomorrow guys to see the next episode of the The Parent Makers (Drewitt-Barlows) some interesting people on tomorrows episode. (i will say SORRY right now for all the four letter words!! lol)
Wow I don't mind telling everyone I'm that six letter word that starts with F and ends in D This relocation of the school is killing me, after 20 years you can imagine the stuff one has had to go through, two big skips of reluctant throw always almost done we need to be out by 1700 today, the roof is like a watering can every time it rains, thank God we are out of it.
THE CHALLENGE, ARE YOU UP TO IT? These glorious insults are from an era before the English language got boiled down to 4-letter words: The challenge is to see which ones could apply to Barry Obama. · * A member of Parliament to Disraeli: "Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease." "That depends, Sir," said Disraeli, "whether I embrace your policies or your mistress." · * "He had delusions of adequacy." - Walter Kerr · * "He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire." - Winston Churchill * "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." Clarence Darrow · * "He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary." - William Faulkner (about Ernest Hemingway). · * "Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I'll waste no time reading it." - Moses Hadas · * "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it." - Mark Twain * "He has no enemies, but ...
Looking forward to Sunday night worship! If you haven't worshiped yet, be sure to come on out or join us online at 5:00pm CST. W*RK: not just another 4-letter word...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
solve this if u r SMART GENIUS! x is a 7-letter word, x is impossible with God newborn babies need x than breastmilk. if u eat x u'll die poor pple have x to show rich pple wants x from poor x is more important than ur life x can't stop me frm loving u i promise i'll give u x if you. get it right. what/who is x?!?!
Elk burgers on a wood fire (propane is a 4 letter word at my house) You want yours with or without green chili?
I am a five letter word,if u remove the last four letters,i will still remain thesame pronouciation.What am I?
MUSKEG: Definition , 4" of solid ground covering endless black muck. Easily found by X Saskatchewan ranchers. Brings neighbourhoods together for bonding while jacking,blocking, pulling, swearing,digging and cracking jokes about Sk ranchers and F350's sunk to the frame. Also accompanied by a variety of 4 thru 15 letter words.
The ANSWER for Tom's Conundrum: which 7 letter word can contain hundreds of letters? POSTBOX Enjoy the sunshine! Tom x
My ex Boss just walk in front of me in front of my booth .. We had eye contact and she show me the dirty middle finger and said the four letter word F U while walking away... Twice ... I just stood then and refused to stoop down to her level as a professional .. How silly can she be .. Still mad at me after 9 months.
Worst week ever! Had to miss a day of work. The rest of the week was like working in a dust farm . Yes wind is a four letter word! And my big *** tv explodes . Then my baby girl leaves the state! Now on my day off a tree gets blown down right on to my house. So I go to get a chain saw and. A ladder. And I lose first,second and reverse in my truck . Had to have it towed home .oh and the power was out all day. So I still have a tree on my house . Have a good night .!?
Souq.Souq.Souq!! This four-letter word had been echoing in my ears since a while, thanks to Foodaholics. But the pizza pic posted by Ravneet did the needful. There was a Lebanese Fest going on and I was suddenly made to realise that Saturday would be the last day for it. I HAD to go to Souq Bistro N Grills! So went there for a Saturday Lunch with Nisha The entry to the place itself is an attraction, and once you enter you're time-travelled to another world. The ambience takes you to a typical Middle-eastern market.! ('Souq literally means a MiddleEastern market) There was a wall stacked with spice jars which caught my fancy(shown in pic) We were greeted with piping hot Kahwa Shots (a flavoured milk-less tea)- it was a refreshing change from the regular mock tails (and I'm glad we didn't opt for any drinks).* it is served complimentary btw :D The Order included a veg. Mezze platter, a lebanani pizza and a Cheese shawarma saj... The pizza was by far the second best I've ever had. With oodles of melted chees ...
Big apologies in regard to a post I posted earlier.with a very naughty four letter word!...which I didn't see at the time of posting...sorry for any offense used, tho I do hope that my friends who've already read it will know me well enough to realise I wouldn't knowingly post such a thing.
Some people just pretend to like you untill they get what they want, but dont let those people ruin you. Not all people are conscious of there actions and not all people understand emotion. The human heart can only survive 6hours outside the body until deemed useless. The problem with this fact, is if your hearts been stolen, your dead in 6hours if not recovered. Thats why when we fall for someone they can gain so much control over your life. Dont let anyone steal your love. Your love should be given and returned in full. I think the word love is very tricky and within the four letter word lies 4 different ways to love one another. God loves us no matter how many mistakes we make in life. Our parents love us no matter what, but not all parents love the "same." Some people are blind to Gods love. Some people lack faith! "Dont lose faith in love," because of any misfortune, or thieves, or temptation, or distractions, or lies, or hate, or lust. The truth is love is built. Thats why GOD loves us so much he bu ...
My heart has been heavy lately as I've witnessed how a lack of knowledge has polluted our nation because of one three letter word "SIN". The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few has continuously been ringing in my ears. I can't wrap my mind around how someone can claim for years to have been rescued from the grips of sin and death, yet has no burden to serve those still enslaved to it just as they were before someone sacrificed their time to love on them, and share with them the good news of Jesus. I'm thankful for the men of God who I've been fortunate to guide me in understanding this deal isn't about me, and helping me see the reason for God ripping me from a life of *** and setting me on solid rock was to bring me back to HIS rightful purpose for my life, and by His Grace He would bless me so that I could bear fruit and multiply. He went on to say, "serving and telling others what God has done for you isn't an option." Jesus commands it. (Luke 8:38-39)
Never use that 4 letter word if you don't mean it.. Can leave you under & lmao Martin was a beast
Can anyone tell me a five letter name for a so called woman? I can say a few however im curious. They always have four letter words for men so gimme some feedback :)!
Dude, you too...smh thanks for being my "friend" Ragnar Loðbrók: "this group has created many different rules to try and keep order. We have done our best not to push people to hard. And in the end those admins who left mentioned we were a bit lenient and lax in some of the stuff that takes place here like Selfie Saturday for example. It is the very rules they helped us create that they ignore and complain about and then wanna call themselves humanists while talking about us behind our backs. After 2 weeks of being gone sooner or later they will start discussing how to be humanists and stop bad mouthing us like a bunch of Christians. And if there are still any trolls in here and that other group also YOU GO AHEAD AND TELL THEM I SAID THEY ARE HYPOCRITES for thinking they are humanists without the common decency to behave like one. And I feel that without using one 4 letter word against them because I am an adult who has no hatred for any of them."
That is a little three letter alphabet thing that sings and tells you how to make three letter words it went thru my two kids and eight grandkids now and it makes learning the alphabet song fun!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Complete this 7 letter word: _ T _ A _S_ Clue: 1. Girls love it. 2. Boys use it. 3. Parents hate it. 4. Animals are scared of it. You are brilliant if you say the answer within today.
See the first track was just foreplay. Right when we got to Three Letter Word, he got deeper...
Like why is almost all one direction fan fiction about...well the three letter word that starts with s..
indoctrination is a 4-letter word, but not exclusive to just religion. Patriotism, hate of minorities, etc.
Sorry is just a five letter meaningless word
“«Love» is a four letter word that should never be heard.”
"Fair is just a four letter F word, fair will never give you peace." -Anthony
Record 94 Seconds: 55 pts, better than 98.0% of all the players! 1 category, 1 letter, 1 word to find. Free on
If you say "seen" when you mean "saw", or capitalize the first letter of every word, I'm not going to hear you try to talk about government.
bad... A three letter word doesn't need an abbreviation.
I've just emailed you a new exclusive track FOUR LETTER WORD
That irk-y feeling when you spend more than 5 minutes on a standard crossword puzzle mulling over a 3 - letter word ... argh!
Word on route to restorative it letter-opener yours arena breakers: TmOexuCJs
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