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Lester Holt

Lester Steven Holt (born March 8, 1959) is an American news journalist who anchors the weekend editions of NBC's Today and Nightly News.

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admitted obstruction of justice to Lester Holt .
He gave an interview with Lester Holt in which he admitted to attempted obstruction of the FBI investigation.
I'm a minute, Lester. HOLT: Back to Ohio, Pennsylvania, you were trying to do is talking to, Secretary Clinton also be on
Trump told Lester Holt that he fired Comey to stop the Russian investigation
Lester Holt and The Rough Cuts killed it at tonight.
In case you missed the story...Lester Holt is our brother in Christ too!!
After today Lester Holt may as well be a Pallywood ISIS admin: NBC Nightly - just block 'em. Waste no time trolling!
They ate loosers lester holt is an *** brian a liar what else oh i no they suck
Lol, Lester holt, the cheater at the prez debates.anyone find out what was handed to hi…
We don't believe anything coming out of NBC after Lester Holt narrated debate with a microphone in his ear.
Lester holt is spewing trump hate out his eyes out his ears out his wherever...Lester you are an ***
York. It also have a country that's what it was another country, Lester. HOLT: Back to the most sophisticated, some point
NBC=Nothing But Crap network lead by *** like Lester Holt. All they are is an e…
The interview will air on Thursday's broadcast of "NBC Nightly News," which Holt will anchor from D.C. Excerpts...
And let's not forget the interview he gave Lester holt. Every time he opens his mouth just digs himself deeper hole.
And do you think Putin would have accepted to be interviewed by Maddow? Or Lester Holt, or Lawrence, or H…
Putin sat with Megyn Kelly because it would be a puff piece. He would have NEVER accepted Le…
Trump just threw his entire WH staff under the bus
Lester Holt just said Jupiter is 415 miles from earth. Oops.
Umm yes he did he told Lester holt as much on…
It worked in the Trump Lester Holt interview.
what the *** ?!? Please give Sunday night to Lester Holt.That Meagyn Kelly was like watching old people eat yogurt. Your killin' us...
NBC and Lester Holt keeps resisting winning. You know what that makes them? Losers😉
Cause he can't. He lost that privilege blasting Comey with the "Russian visitors" and with Lester Holt on live TV.
Might as well watch Trumps interview with Lester Holt its the same thing
She has zero respect in her field. Putin will be laughing with under his breath. Where's Lester Holt? We…
Distract and delay tactic! He has no privilege! He gave that up when he went on the reco…
He can't. He waived privilege by discussing it in his letter, on Twi…
We all know he blew executive Privilege when he ran his big mouth to Lester Holt 🤣🤣🤣🤣
already admitted to firing Comey to thwart the investigation in his…
I haven't the slightest idea. I'm not a fan of Comey or his methods. . Trump ad…
The moment Trump essentially incriminated himself in the Lester Holt interview.
He's been given permission from Meuller to speak. And trump waived EP when he yapped to Les…
Scott Pelley is leaving as anchor for CBS Evening News. I think Lester Holt is NBC, and ABC is... I don't know. Terry Moran?
No? Nothing matters? Literally nothing matters anymore?. *cut to Michael Che dressed as Lester Holt*. *cut to me scre…
In the words of Lester Holt as played by Michael Che playing Lester Holt, "Nothing matters." But those emails.
Could it be because Trump told Lester Holt and the Russians that he fired James Comey over the Russia investigation? https:…
If its ok 4 Media to laugh @ assassinating Trump, then its ok to laugh @ assassinating Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, David Muir, Wolf & Maddow
Hey Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and the rest of you Dems: leave My alone. My 401k & company's stock has never been higher.
Sheppard Smith (who is so biased, he can never be fair to Trump), just PROVED that Pres. Trump told Lester Holt the TRUTH about firing Comey
Yep. We're done with them. Shep Smith, Lester Holt, David Muir, Scott Pelley - their biases are clear and we're not…
Alec Baldwin's Trump gets skewered again by 'Lester Holt' on 'SNL.' via
Yes, but how great to have him go rogue at a briefing! Lester Holt and John Dickerson's interviews times 100!
Pres. TRUMP should NEVER give Lester Holt or MSM another chance to embarrass him by granting an interview. MSM is the EN…
Lester Holt and John Karl are anti Trump. It bothers me when you talk to them. They twist everything you say.
Lester Holt interrupted Trump NINE times in 3 minutes? That's not an interview, that's a Monty Python sketch.
I could shoot a guy on 5th Ave! Then have my staff argue self defense. Then the next day tell Lester Holt, nah, I just wanted…
Apparently John Dean, & Atty Painter believe there is Obstruction of Justice from the interview with Lester Holt re: Russia.
Lester Holt a kiss *** fake *** journalist or whatever you want to call him
"Mo" Lester Holt proclaims "I am only an Uncle Tom to white Democrats!"
No respect shown for our POTUS. Shame on Lester Holt and NBC.
There is a Plan in place. There always has been. "UFO" Documentary with Lester Holt and John Podesta.
Lester Holt interview is a reminder of just how mentally unstable Trump is. Here: pretending to be John Miller. https:/…
President Trump talks with NBC's Lester Holt. Roger Stone, Pat Quinn and Bill Cameron join the show.
First with Lester Holt he's his own John Dean re POTUS obstructing justice now he is his own Alexander…
There are 2 things you want to see. This article and the Trump interview with Lester Holt.
There was so much gaslighting in that Trump interview that I'm surprised Lester Holt didn't pass out from carbon monox…
Trump to Lester Holt when asked if he thought about optics of Russian Meetings w/ Lavrov at Putin's request: "I'm not…
Pres. Trump told Lester Holt that Jim Comey was "a showboat, a grandstander." You'd know what that is,right, Pres. Trump?
is that why you had to get all coked up to talk to Lester Holt? Your sniffles are back!!
It is so Trump that he felt compelled to trash Jim Comey's character in the Lester Holt interview.
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The President, in a live interview today with Lester Holt, admitted to having a meeting with now fired FBI...
looks at Lester Holt and blatantly lies, leaves hanging the VP and all surrogates. Admits inappropriate conduct with Comey
The interview with Lester Holt is damming. He admitted, in the interview, to asking Jim Comey about an open in…
did you notice the nervous cocaine sniffle Trump had w/ Lester Holt? Same as the debates !
It was the biggest mistake in Oscars history…. Appearing on tonight’s NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Faye...
For the record Anderson Cooper, Lester Holt, and Chris Wallace had the highest favorables.
Classy acknowledgement by Lester Holt and company.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. WATCH: California police dept. says the officer's actions, seen in this video,...
I'm saying we should be prepared for anything.
.met w/ student journalists during the 2017 Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism
Why are you running a Lester Holt Nbc News ad on your channel for? You must REALLY need the money. Shame, don't promote NBC!
I am the most liberal of liberal's. Just finished watching Lester Holt. Best day ever for a president in my 60 years.
NO, the Darkness is a Bunch of OBAMA yes men and women at Nbc News. Right Lester Holt?
TELL ME THAT you have something more than Ivanka ' dress to talk about. You must b…
Hanging out with Lester Holt this afternoon at Tufts!
you need to remove Lester Holt from the air. He is a racist and a muslim who is trying to start a w…
Why did Lester Holt bring up the passengers "checkered past"? Like that mattered?
hey NBC you ever wonder why you only have only a million and a half followers out of a possible 30 million plus, lester *** Holt.
I only knot what Lester Holt reported on The Nightly News. I know it is income based with 80+% of se…
Lester Holt came to talk at Tufts and literally spoke about 0.
Lester Holt is one NBC anchor you forgot.
Journalism is "really about people and the incredible things we do." - Lester Holt at Tufts' Murrow Forum
Lester Holt talks with Jonathan Tisch at the Murrow Forum today
...and old school Lester Holt when he did regular news and would have that same smirk on h…
lester holt said bless you today at the press event so I knew I wasn't the ugliest one in the room
Excited to welcome Lester Holt for the Murrow Forum on Issues in Journalism!
Lester Holt is at Tufts today! The Murrow Forum begins at noon in Cohen!
Incredible drama in qualifiers. Ebdon pots this final black for 10-9 win over Holt to reach Crucible yet aga…
.Lester Holt is at Tufts today for the annual Murrow Forum! Follow along with beginning ju…
The VICTIM has a "checkered past"? Lester Holt did not distract us from the real issue at hand: boarding pass = gra…
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Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News wears his gray hair well. I wished mine looked that good.
Today Lester Holt will be on campus for the Learn more about the Murrow Center at Fletcher:…
.Lester Holt will be at Tufts for the annual Murrow Forum, tomorrow, April 12! http…
Lester Holt is coming to Tufts tomorrow and I find out about this now 😐
Repair Café featured on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. Check it out:
NBC and Lester Holt are so bias back and forth Sean Spicer is the man God bless
The United Airlines' passenger's "checkered" past has NOTHING to do with what happened to him on the fligh…
Just watched Lester Holt report on the United incident and am wondering how Dr. Dao's background is relevant to the story.
Lester Holt is the whitest black man I have ever seen lol he's probably just wearing black face
united airlines gets help by victim blaming and dragging passenger again. Let's ban these 3! Lester Holt…
Nbc News with Lester Holt brought up the doctor's checkered past as if that justified the asinine treatment by United Airlines. SMH
Let's ban Lester Holt and and for victim blaming and dragging him again!
Shame on Lester Holt and Nbc News Victim blaming by you and We should ban all 3 now!
Why is the Nightly News with a Lester Holt mentioning Dr. Doa - the passenger who was pulled off the United Flight- his crim…
N. Korean defector tells Lester Holt that Kim Jong Un would use nukes
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I liked a video David Muir, Lester Holt and Scott Pelley on Covering News in the Trump Era
. Scott Pelley, of CBS, is telling his viewers what Lester Holt and David Muir aren't.
"Far more than his competitors — Lester Holt on NBC and David Muir on ABC — Pelley is using words and approaches th…
Singer Gary Numan is 59. Nbc News anchor Lester Holt is 58. Actor Aidan Quinn (Elementary, Prime Suspect) is 58.
March8 the dancer journalist Lester Holt, singers Carole Bayer Sager and Gary Numan, and actor
If that's the low bar for being presidential then Lester Holt and David Muir are presidential Mon through Fri
uh, no. as evidenced by Candy Crowley, Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddaz, and John Harwood, and ot…
Network Evening News anchors Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and David Muir discuss journalism in the age of Trump.
A revealing and introspective interview with Scott Pelley, Lester Holt, & David Muir regarding their work as...
Lester Holt speaks on how his celebrity status reporting the news took time to get used to in the era of critical a…
Lester Holt, Scott Pelley and David Muir photographed for the current issue of
.has a great joint interview w/ bcast news anchors Scott Pelley, Lester Holt & David Muir. via
David Muir, Lester Holt, and Scott Pelley put competition aside to *** the evening news in the era of Trump
Scott Pelley, Lester Holt and David Muir talk for a photoshoot
Only after he was forced to watch NBC Lester Holt, Andrea Mitchell, and Savannah Guthrie.
Dateline NBC-1/13bcst-"Barack Obama: The Reality of Hope"-Lester Holt accompanies Pres.Obama ahead of his farewell address on Air Force 1=
Cubs pitcher Jon Lester brilliantly responds to users who think hes Lester Holt
right I see you saying he brought it up in debates but all I'm finding is Lester Holt bringing it up as a debate Q
Cut my cable 3 years ago, got used to Lester Holt and Scott Pelley! Now Forced to watch Megyn on free tv? Trump hates NBC lol.
Lester Holt just praised Michelle Obama for her legacy... Trump was right! NBC IS WORTHLESS!
The unemployment rate is actually about 11%. You are not counting people who have simply stop looking.
WESH 2 News is live at 7 with the latest on the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting. Join us after NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
I have to imagine that Obama needed advice from little children like Lester Holt and Chris Matthews before he do anything.
America is under attack at & u r talking about Get off the Air put Lester Holt back on
Alternate ending Megyn Kelly takes over Nightly News & Lester Holt replaces Lauer on Today. Put your strongest people in AM.
Lester Holt asking how guy got gun into airport. My question is how does Lester get his forehead past Auntie Anne's…
Sen. Bill Nelson mentioned ISIS while speaking with Lester Holt on the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting. Stop it. Just stop it.
BenKennedyTV Goodbye to a great reporter you are my young but maybe you are destined to be the next David Muir/ Lester Holt?
Lester Holt will B calling him a White Hispanic tonight on the news. Whatever that is.
Now the genus, Lester "Son of a *** Holt wonders if more laws could have prevented this shooting.
All purpose parts banner
Nice of Lester Holt took time during shooting & bring up "russian hacking" of elections
*** Lester Holt will call him a White Hispanic in order to smear Whites. That's part of his Blk Privilege to do that.
And just heard Lester Holt on NBC state 'reports of automatic weapon' twice...yet it was a handgun
Lester Holt just asked same question.
the witness wasn't too worried about being quiet. After he had to hang up on Shepherd Smith was on NBC talking to Lester Holt
Matt Lauer and Lester Holt licked his boots as well.farewell NBC/MSNBC
Lester Holt of Nbc News is handling the Fort Lauderdale shooting extremely well, a calm voice in a stressful situation.
Oh she'll be the only news anchor. Are they firing Lester Holt for some reason?
OMG! Lester Holt just said that many of the victims were arriving from an ATL flight and picking up their bags to then go on a cruise. 😢
He was also on phone wth Lester Holt. Same guy.
Senator Nelson just confirmed to Lester Holt on live TV that the head of the TSA gave him the name Esteban Santiago.
I suspect Lester Holt is a retard .
This live interview of a eyewitness on w/ Lester Holt is raw and terrifying. What a senseless tragedy. Awful.
. LIVE Coverage on now. Lester Holt w/ John S. via phone. Horrific
this John Schlichter that was just talking to Shep is now talking to Lester Holt on NBC. Sure seems sketchy.
he can't be in to much danger, he talking to Lester Holt right this minute after hanging up w/ Shepard
John Schlicher now on phone with Lester Holt - busy guy!
Broadcast networks cut in just before 2:45 pmET: Josh Elliott anchoring for CBS, Lester Holt for NBC, Shep Smith for FOX, David Muir for ABC
The whole network was late. I blame Lester Holt.
Multiple people shot& killed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport, sources tell NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.
Multiple people dead after shooting at Florida airport, federal officials tell NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.
FT Lauderale - why can't Lester Holt listen to his own reporter? AGAIN he states wrong info immediately after we hear live info =(
Just found out that Stephen Holt is Lester Holt's son
Lester holt and hallie jackson going to jail
But I thought you were smart, knew stuff that other people didn't, and didn't need the briefings? Lester Holt for P…
I don't watch cable news networks. Recently switched back from Scott Pelley to Lester Holt for a half hr nightly.
thought same thing when I heard Lester Holt report it last night. How do they get "Top Secret Report"
My husband just jumped out of bed screaming "Oh sh**, Oh sh**.Illinois... Free Lester Holt" What happened to in Illinois?😕
There's no experience like going down an empty freeway toward a hurr...
Goodbye Goodbye Holt! Goodbye - Financial ties to via are shameful.
Just saw story on Nbc News with Lester Holt about this. So wonderful. Tear.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt LIED. Said they cut his hair :/ Come on man, They cut his *** scalp. BLOOD
So what is new? Mygen Kelly and. Greta Van Susteren are NBC' s answers to Lester Holt and Tamron Hall. Go Figure!
Didn't tune in to ABC, but NBC lead off with this story tonight. Not sure where you're getting your info from, but…
They had Lester Holt's copy If you look close you can see my notes in the margins
Wow Lester Holt starting out with 4 black thugs kidnap and torture mentally handicapped white man.
Lester Holt just reads the Teleprompter but willingly ignores oil spill in Gulf even election theft "to make his millions"
I see Lester Holt got the briefing on Russia before you.
Holt and NBC runs story but refrains from an opinion. Not surprised.
Do you think Lester Holt will dress up with Santa on Megyn Kelly's first day just to mess with her
Terrific report-NBC cannot be counted on 2 report honestly about Trump-2 many conflicts-someone please rescue Lester Holt&Joy!
Matt Lauer, Lester Holt and all the closeted repubs at Fox Lite.
.NBC has GOP foxes in the henhouse. They will ignore. Expect Lester Holt to go too once their FOX/NBC "merger" is c…
Pat Sajak makes more than Lester Holt, Scott Pelley and David Muir.
can you imagine Lester Holt or Scott Pelley doing a news segment in their pj's? Didn't think so
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The problem with being a journalist is you go places and you're working...
Hope your going to give us a fair debate & not bias! It was a sad debate with Lester Holt. The majority of the country watch!
I never believed the anchorman should be the know-it-all. And I try t...
Picture me rolling!! — watching NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
has won me over. Lester Holt was my hero, but there's something that Nightly has been lacking that Scott Pelley is bringing.
Tamara Hall (?) did a great job filling in for Lester Holt. A tad stiff at first. Flashed a perfectly genuine smile later.
Oh Tamron Hall is on tonight replacing Lester Holt.
Dear I don't know where you found Tamran Hunt but I LOVE HER!!. What a great anchor!!. Hoping she will replace Lester Holt!!
Tune in now to watch with Lester Holt live from Hawaii.
"Look it's Lester Holt in a deer filter!"
Lester Holt is missing NBC’s Pearl Harbor coverage in Hawaii due to a family illness
's Lester Holt is live from Hawaii today to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the attack…
Give Lester Holt a raise, it takes real balls to interrupt the President's 1st speech to be the very last network to call the election.
Found out Lester Holt is Republican, so stopped watching him! Stick with David Muir for evening news!
NBC Nightly News is always on in my gym. The old guys in my building love it. And I love Lester Holt, so it works out.
Little Giant Ladders
picking LESTER HOLT there is a LOSER!
Oh, hey, Lester Holt was at the presidential debate, too -
Topping the list of people I would not want to be right now…Lester Holt. Hang in there big guy!
Denzel Wash- good statement, so I use my iPad, trying to decipher the truth. Never will I listen to Lester Holt again, after that 1St debate
ya me either. This was a couple of years ago. I used to respect Lester Holt before he played a role in cheating in a debate
imagine an alternate timeline where Peter Pan was played by Lester Holt's daughter
Ok -Rothchild has holdings in 13 stations like Dateline with Lester Holt GMA-
I really bristle when I get called to events and people introduce me...
MSM's 1 huge group of LIARS & HYPOCRITES! Who cares what Lester Holt or anyone else in the media thinks?They lie as…
I added a video to a playlist NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt / Full Episode / December 2, 2016
Tamron Hall (sitting in for Lester Holt) just reported it on NBC Nightly News.
If Lester Holt is ever replaced. I nominate for she is PERFECT for the it. Great job!
# NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt you can stick that hairspray where the sun don't shine that little scumbag that hates America is on it
great job Tamron Hall sitting in for Lester Holt !
Nice surprise tonight is in for Lester Holt on the Started my morning w/ her & ending my day w/ her. 😀
where is Lester Holt i see i'll stop i want my Aunty.
The MSM mystified why Americans don't trust them. FLASHBACK:
from the FBI anon about Lester Holt
Trump is amazing. I mean even leftist Lester liar Holt has to be impressed by this
Nbc News anchor Lester Holt recently received the prestigious Allen B. DuMont Broadcaster of the Year award from... https…
I have a couple of basses in my office. And I try to be courteous of ...
who's got it worse, Lester Holt, Stephen A or Lebron
Why? Did it bother John Harwood and Lester Holt, the two left handed lying script readers.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt | WATCH: Richard Engel in Erbil, Iraq, with the...
is it just me or does Lester Holt look like Eddie murphy's black guy doin a white guy SNL character sans m/stache
Chris Wallace as debate moderator is going to make Lester Holt look like Max Robinson.
oh but it is! It's all fixed *** lol the state dept fbi Lester Holt,etc
I think we all now know Lester Holt and Anderson Cooper made sure Hillary knew the questions in advance against Trump.
Lester Holt went Candy Crowley on Trump twice in & was shut down by Trump. 1st on stop & frisk & 2nd on Trump's po…
First Candy Crowley, then Lester Holt, then Martha Raddatz. They are all helping Hillary.   10% Off
BTW, Trump supporter and KKK icon David Duke is attacking Lester Holt for marrying a Jewish person:
Wrote letter to Rupert Murdock.Lester Holt was so 1-sided leaning to left we were ready to call Sully. Murdock's da man,
I hope Donald Trump throws Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt into prison after he wins the election. They can give signals i…
Unbelievable Video you can see the moderator Lester Holt tampering with Hillary Clinton's debate notes!!
Lester Holt has his Candy Crawley moment. Insists Hillary talking point about Trump and the Iraq war is absolutely true.…
I can't handle questions from Lester Holt or criticism from a former pageant queen, but other than that, I'm totally r…
RNC DO NOT MODERATE LIST. 1.Candy Crawley. 2.Lester Holt. Let's c who we have to add to this list after the next debate.
Who was Lester Holt taking orders from during the
Rudy Giuliani is so mad that Lester Holt fact-checked Donald Trump
MUST SEE: Rudy Giuliani prosecutes Lester Holt on ‘Stop & Frisk’ - DEVASTATING for -
Lester Holt should be fired. I will not watch Nbc News in the future. Fox News tells the truth
Lester Holt owes the American people and Donald Trump an apology. Like Candy Crawley he must be fired. NBC (Comcast) is totally disgusting.
Trump was correct about stop and frisk.Lester Holt messed up on his fact checking. Candy Crawley moment! WHAT BIAS!!!
Lester Holt your latest Uncle Tom selling out his own nation, during Joseph McCarthy years he would have been hange…
Fox News' Britt Hume(?) said Lester Holt was perfect, he must have slept during debate. Retire
Lester Holt, the Candy Crawley of 2016. When will Repubs stop agreeing to leftist lib debate moderators.
Lester Holt's 'fact check' of Trump just got DESTROYED - Allen B. West -
Lester Holt is a Republican like Mitt Romney is a conservative
NBC's Lester Holt emerges from debate bruised and partisan expected better from Lester where's jim Lehrer
Lester Holt sounded a lot like Candy Crawley when she monitored the Romney/Obama debate.
Olivier Stone would be a better,A fantastic moderator of next debate,NBC moderator Lester Holt was bias for Clinton
Gov. Kasich on why he's at the White House / NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
what we learned at the debate - Lester Holt is a lightweight. no depth of knowledge behind questions. Nbc News is over as a news source
- Lester Holt is biased! I stopped watching him on NBC nightly news over a year ago .
TRUMP: NBC anchor Lester Holt was 'totally' biased as debate moderator
Lester Holt train of thought right now:. Tax returns- ck. Birth Cert- ck. Emails? Health? Benghazi? . (Oops we ran out of tim…
Candy Crawley wrote the script so well in 2012...Americans with brains saw through the charade of Lester Holt
BTW I prefer to watch Lester Holt over Scott Pelley and young and flamboyant David Muir when it comes to network news!
Lester Holt's Candy Crawley impression backfired won all 17 of these polls by over 450K votes
My thoughts on the debate, Lester Holt behaved like Candy Crawley four years ago, Trump was debating with two people.
Lester Holt says that stop and frisk was deemed unconstitutional. Trump says that this isn't true b/c it would've been overturne…
"You're wrong" - Trump just interrupted Lester Holt as he corrected him on stop and frisk
Lester Holt is wrong. Stop-and-frisk is constitutional under Terry v. Ohio. NYC's specific scheme was halted by one federal…
So, I like Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News, and Lester Holt on NBC Evening News, and America is safer for both of them.
I'm a little amazed Lester Holt didn't say something like "are you actually running as George Wallace and Richard Nixon from 1972?"
Lester Holt in tough spot-challenge & argue and he's the story-he chose ju jitsu, manipulated Trump to beat up Trump
The biggest lie in tonight's debate is when Lester Holt said "20 seconds" and no one followed that
Make it stop. Lester Holt can't manage this debate. Where is Scott Pelley?
Lester Holt get some balls and stop Trump from interrupting!
Lester Holt follows up on his birther questions, "What do you say to Americans of color?".
Lester Holt's got that cool substitute teacher vibe going.
Rainsy: Ask them about the Paris Peace Accords!. Lester Holt: Who is this, and how did you get this number?.
Andy Reid controls two minutes better than Lester Holt.
Lester Holt has let this debate bolt up the track like Broadbrush in the Pennsylvania Derby!!!.
Lester Holt was last seen on the Long Island Expressway heading to a small bar on the North Shore featured in NBC s Science of Love
Lester Holt beat out referee Mike Chioda to moderate this debate.
Who's Lester Holt - the man moderating the first US presidential debate?.
EJ. Dionne Jr. on Lester Holt: you'll be denounced no matter what, how liberating. . Debate moderators shouldn’t duck
Lester Holt is moderator tomorrow. I so hope he will not act like Matt Lauder allowg Trump 2spew nonsense while interru…
OMG!!! You must get control of this. HC people Doug Thornell/ Robbie Mook, saying Lester Holt needs to stop Trump if he lies.WTH!
Clinton supporters hunting down Lester Holt because he dared to ask a "correct the record" question.…
can redeem his profession with one question: “Can you forgive us?”
5 things to know about presidential debate moderator Lester Holt - Washington Post
Trump is trying to rig the debate by kneecapping Lester Holt reports htt…
Trump lied that moderator Lester Holt is Democrat, claiming debate is rigged. Holt is a Republican, so according to his logic rigged for him
Lester Holt showed his hand long ago when he set up an NBC studio in Trump Tower for softball interview- HRC is on her own.
Lester Holt pls don't let Trump make the debate about those *** emails. Blown way out of proportion.
Kellyanne Conway explaining to Trump right now why he can't send Lester Holt a $100,000 from The Trump Foundation.
With regards to fact-checking, "Lester is not going to be a potted plant," sources tell me...
We the people will have to push back on social media we did it with Matt Lauer. If Lester Holt cannot control Trump than w…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lester Holt finds himself at the center of a months-long media debate about fairness and truth in the 2016 election https:…
Can't imagine why he would assume Lester Holt is a Democrat... Maybe his skin isn't quite light enough? 🤔
HRC's poor popularity is everyone's fault but hers: Lester Holt, Matt Lauer, ungrateful millennials, vast right-w...
So is helping Lester Holt write debate questions and pipsqueak doesn't see any Media Bias? Wha…
Hey, Lester Holt: We made a cheat sheet of Trump’s favorite lies for you: via
Lester Holt's debate dilemma: To fact-check the candidates or not?
Lester Holt's debate dilemma: To act as a journalist or a cheerful host of a reality TV show?
When Lester Holt asks Trump permission to mess up his hair, we'll know something's up.
Top story: How Lester Holt is getting ready for Monday's debate - Sep. 25, 2016 see more
Which is why has only one way of leveling the playing field: https…
Lester Holt's moment: Lester Holt speaks on stage at an event at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Sept. 12, 2016 in New…
Potential good news for Clinton: Lester Holt does not appear to subscribe to the Chris Wallace school of moderating.
Today, Politico, NYT & LAT all have stories chronicling Trump's lies. . It would be a thumb on scale for Lester Holt to le…
Donald Trump has even lied about Lester Holt already. He called him a Democrat when he's actually a registered Republican.
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