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Lester Holt

Lester Steven Holt (born March 8, 1959) is an American news journalist who anchors the weekend editions of NBC's Today and Nightly News.

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LIVE on Getting ready to talk on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
Lester Holt and Keith Morrison are the only men I trust
anchors like Lester Holt "wince" when Hillary is called dishonest. See more:
I'm pretty sure Lester Holt and Keith Morrison are the only real journalists left.
Brent Bozell... For those who hoped Lester Holt would manage to do a tougher interview than Brian Williams, it's...
Lester Holt:On BS supporter TownHall said young people don’t trust you. When I heard that I winced…Do your feelings get hurt sometimes?"
- i like the coin earrings you word gor the interview with Lester Holt. where did you get thfm?
Look what climate change has done to Lester holt's head.
HRC to Lester Holt on NBC.."I never sent or received classified emails." So how did Top Secret and SAP emails get on her server?Liar!
Watch LesterHoltNBC's full interview with HillaryClinton in Iowa
is Lester Holt asking Hillary Clinton if she ever gets her feelings hurt. C'mon, not today. I am tired & it's Friday.
"A good friend of mine Jon Bon Jovi...". My fave line from this GREAT interview w/ .
You told Lester Holt that HC "can explain away [the latest serious email revelations], but it's going to be tough." Oh, can she?
Lester Holt asking Hillary Clinton if hearing things like young people not trusting her hurts her feelings. Would he ask this of the men?
Lester Holt throwing nothing but ice cream in Hillary's face here. NBC is bought and paid for.
no more after tonight. Lost a viewer due to very partisan news coverage. Lester Holt , Hillary Clinton
how beautiful is the IA State Capitol Bldg?? And did you see Lester Holt?!?
If I were in the Lester Holt business, I would insure his jaw for about $10 million.
Kind of weird watching Lester Holt reporting about 10 feet from where I was delivering kegs 2 hours ago...
Lester Holt is making a mockery of any pretense of impartiallity in his interview of Hillary Clinton on the evening news.
Lester Holt just asked Hillary Clinton if her feelings are hurt when someone says they think she's being dishonest. Umm... Really?
Is Lester Holt interviewing Hillary or highlighting Bernie's talking points and demanding she defend?
Lester Holt & Hillary is no longer Secretary of State. Secretary Clinton no more.
This whole segment is showing me that it's not that NBC got an HC exclusive, it's that they followed Hillary Clinton & Lester Holt on a date
Tonight on Lester Holt goes one-on-one with Hillary Clinton as her email controversy surfaces again https:/…
Lester Holt Kisses 's *** If it were a Republican he'd have jumped diwn their throat!!!. !!!
I suddenly have a vision of Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt throwing the most bomb house party I've ever seen.
My son Donald@ Trump rally in Concord, NH on NBC nightly news with Lester Holt.
Been away awhile. Is it me or does Brian Williams look a lot like Lester Holt??
Bernie tells Lester Holt that he is missing the point. The real issues is not Rs v Ds, it's money controlling co…
Why is Lester Holt dragging Bernie in this question
Every time Lester Holt announces Keith Morrison is reporting on I audibly cheer. Such a beautiful voice 🎶
I'm here for Lester Holt and Ron Claiborne. Must be my Venus in Gemini.
I was one of 10 fans selected to view the season opener (in NYC w/Lester Holt) & my video was part of the promo they broadcast!
Hi Whitney. I'm Katie, a producer at NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. Could you email me at Katherine.Reimchen
You always want to prepare yourself if doors open at weird times for weird reasons. Lester Holt, Nbc News Anchor
LOVING this show and seeing Lester Holt inhale that deep-voice gas.
nightly news/lester this country gives away all our secrets through media. Keep it off tv. Com
is sitting in for Lester Holt tonight on NIGHTLY NEWS. A lot making headlines this New Year's Eve. Hope you'll join him!!
Why ? It was all a *** lying fraud. Check it out. Or go on believing *** 'sell-outs' Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, etc. etc.
Please!! Let Lester Holt, of NBC Nightly News, report on this video of a black police officer shooting an unarmed white man.
like Lester Holt is in my living room watching Dateline with me.
Kate Snow has done a great job this week sitting in for Lester Holt
Good idea. I watch Lester Holt to support him. I cheered his indignation over Trump sexist comments.
I absolutely adore Lester Holt! Best thing to happen to Nightly News! And he's part Jamaican! YAY!
I guess that's why I stick with Lester Holt. Lester would have made it meaningful.
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Lester Holt hosts NBC's Dateline with a banana in his pocket...
Me, when I hear Lester Holt intone the magic words "Now, here's ".
.for 4th Q, in total viewers for 32 of the last 33 quarters, and 70 of the last 76 quarters
RATINGS: w/ is across-the-board for 4th quarter of 2015. Release:
.finishes No. 1 for the 2015 calendar year.
I deliberately record four minutes early so I can catch Lester Holt's final story on He's the best.
I love Lester holt as the anchor for nbc nightly news
I keep seeing that commercial with Lester Holt about IN...does he realize the gov. hates everybody that isn't white and heterosexual?
I was dying when talked about Lester Holt's forehead
John Podesta Interviewed by Lester Holt on the Extraterrestrial Issue via
So awesome! Congrats & watch out Lester Holt. I'm Ron Burgundy?
When we run out of them upstairs, I've been known to appropriate some from our g...
Larry Bird and Lester Holt: Two of the greatest Americans alive. Period.
yes! good chemistry! I watch a bit after our local news before Lester Holt , NBC!
he is such a distinguished young journalist I go back and forth between him and Lester Holt! Oh my
Can we talk about how Lester Holt took that Brian Williams spot on NBC Nightly News and ran with it? Good job.
ok with that. I would have liked to see Lester Holt.
At first commercial break I like to guess who the killer is on - Surprise Twist… i think it's Lester Holt . (
Fun fact: I sang karaoke with you and Lester Holt at the Beijing Olympics. Then I ran into you the next day at the Great Wall!
see how many MSM flock to Mali,I'm sure Lester Holt will do the nightly news from there after it's over,
Not totally sure what day it is anymore. So I dub today: guacamole with Lester Holt day 🌶
she is in the same league as Lester Holt
. yeah. i get my news from the head-out-of *** network. You must watch lester holt on msnbc.
Watching on and Lester Holt is wearing a jacket instead of a vest. This is deeply disturbing.
Our Christmas display is making all the news networks - even NBC national news with Lester Holt. This local clip...
Lester Holt will attain statehood in 2009. His state flower will be the Magnolia.
I love Lester Holt- but not-lester hosting tonight has a jawline I can trust.
Can Lester Holt's Christmas replacement do the news every day??
I miss Brian Williams he is great as is Lester Holt
Journalism is my first love. But music comes in a close second. What's important...
so he can claim the first time he heard of it was during his daily briefing from Lester Holt
Tonight saw Lester Holt in an advertisement 4 Nbc News as a preview before Star Wars. Edward R Murrow is rolling over in his grave.
'NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt' Finishes No. 1 Across the Board for the 2015 Calendar Year
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt WATCH: A newborn baby otter was the center of attention this weekend at the Mont…
happy Lester Holt had time off tonight but so happy Thomas Roberts filled in!
I love Lester Holt, but this guy guest hosting tonight could anchor my Nightly News anytime. Hello 😍😍😍
Mirror Universe Lester Holt is the name of my Huey Lewis and the News cover band. - my wife. CC:
we're planning on a big Christmas party tonight too. holt, lester and a few of our other friends will be here too. I can't wait. ^_^
Or for a segment where Lester Holt reads a Ginsberg poem to close out the nightly news
Unlike its competition, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has a ...
Lester Holt just said 2009 as "twenty oh nine". An easy mistake to make, but come on son.
"When words can't capture a moment you let the story speak for itself." -Lester Holt
I think Lester Holt might be on my flight. Also, I'm not entirely sure what Lester Holt looks like.
What a year for Nightly wins 26th straight week since he became anchor.
Lester Holt's head looks like it's expanding like the guy in The Green Lantern.
Shout out to Lester Holt for that "protesters block travelers at the airport" story for causing the first screaming match of x-mas 2015
Very interesting to watch stark difference in tone of coverage of Trump latest outpouring b/w Lester Holt & Wolf Blitzer
Managing Partner Michael Wildes recently appeared on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt to discuss the San...
So Brian Williams is back on NBC . filling in for an ailing Lester Holt. William's first assignment? . Today's...
To be fair it's special reports hosted by Scott Pelly, Lester Holt and David Muir
Carly Simon finally reveals who the song “You’re so vain” is about: Lester Holt.
Ronald Johnson your video will be released very soon. Lester Holt said your family has requested it, a judge will rule on it 12/10.
Like Bryant Gumbel and Lester Holt were not on the air before Obama.
Lester Holt was reporting but found to be false reports.
People seen running near Paris plaza: NBC's Lester Holt reports on an incident in Paris where people ...
Police: Apparent false alarm at Paris plaza: Richard Lui and Lester Holt join to discuss an incident ...
Lester Holt on saying now this was apparently a false alarm.
MSNBC's Lester Holt in ppl running, sirens blaring, poss. shots but nobody told to stay in place. Calmer now
"We were chasing the police trying to get information" - Lester Holt in Paris. . Yeah, media become part of the story, ***
More shots possibly fired in by suspected gunmen. French Police reported to Lester Holt
I agree. Lester Holt - the must needed voice off calm reason.
However it happened, I'm glad Lester Holt got to sit in the big chair, because I think he deserved it.
I wish Lester Holt was moderating this. CBS ***
Lester Holt Shares Some Thoughts on the Paris Attacks: In the wake of the Paris terror attacks that left at le...
Bryant and Greg Gumbel were combined together in a lab to create SUPERGUMBEL, which NBC immediately renamed Lester Holt.
Lester Holt, you're accomplished, but grossly deceived if you believe peace is what Terrorist seek! Convert or die is their mantra!
News Networks Send Anchors to Cover Paris Attacks - The major U.S. broadcast networks are all sending their hea...
. will air a special report with Lester Holt on the attacks in Paris at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 3.
Join and me... then a special edition of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.
Our newscast will go on at 7pm, followed by special Nightly News w/Lester Holt-- devoted entirely to in-depth coverage of Paris attacks.
PROGRAMMING NOTE: Special live edition of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt at 7:30 EST on
News networks send anchors to cover attacks (via
TV Newser: Lester Holt "My mantra is get over yourself. What we do is's not about us"
"As in all stories, we took this one where the events and facts led us."
this tv is so *** loud you can probably hear Lester Holt from down the block 😑
Update your maps at Navteq
This boy said "Irock" on Nightly News with Lester Holt OMG
Lester Holt, "Hillary is riding high after a confident performance", regarding Benghazi. So it's over? She is riding high? Like Broadway?
Still can't believe I just met Al Roker, Hilary Clinton, Lester Holt and Kate Snow all within an hour ..
Stay tuned-- Professor Hughes appears in interview with TONIGHT at 9PM!
Tonight on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: . A new immersive theater production is turning the world of make...
Video: Sacramento native Lester Holt live on KCRA: Hi mom and dad
Oh, hey friends, last Q is all YOU!. Talks Balancing Dateline, Nightly News Gigs | TVNewser
Great interview with on check it out:
Rosy! I hope you're in a safe place. Can we interview you today for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt? Thank you!
Lester Holt reports on the 1990 New York City subway murder of Brian Watkins on an all-new Dateline NBC - TONIGHT 8p
Lester Holt has made sensationalism his specialty–his fave words: Stunning, spectacular, jaw-dropping, breathtaking.
Aww, look who I ran into tonight at the Lester Holt lecture 😍 by izziemendez
Lester Holt tells me he'll be in Sacramento next week.
Special thanks to NBC Nightly News Anchor Lester Holt for stopping by tonight and speaking with us.…
Lester Holt: "I am a reporter. I love being out in the field."
Lester Holt lecturing on Journalistic ethics? That's hilarious. Ask him how he sleeps at night.
"I'd rather lose a ton of bookings than become a cold, heartless jerk." -Lester Holt
Lester Holt at Columbia Journalism School: "The reality of life is you have to sell yourself."
Lester Holt at Columbia Journalism School: When a mistake is made, correct it quickly.
Lester Holt, the anchor at NBC Nightly News, came by to talk to journalism students today.
Lester Holt: Young journalists should strive to be the "Swiss army knife" of the newsroom.
Lester Holt: The 24 hour news cycle is more like the 3 hour news cycle.
Lester Holt is super excited to talk about ethics by svetashko
Back at the J-school for a journalism ethics talk with NBC Nightly News anchor, Lester Holt. by izziemend…
"The tools for reporting have changed, but the basics haven't." --Lester Holt
Lester Holt on state of evening newscasts: "I'm one of these who believes we are becoming more relevant."
LIVE on Lester Holt speaking about ethics at Columbia Journalism School
Today I will "outmaneuver" Lester Holt and begin watching Scott Pelley.
Did you see us on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt?
I don't have a strong opinion on Anchor Babies: If David Muir, Scott Pelley or Lester Holt want to have children, that's their decision.
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Would Trump remove Lester Holt, Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose from a presser? Don't think so!
turned to Lester Holt as soon as I saw who was on for Scott Pelley.Another obamabot.
Who's more likely to be the next guest, Lester Holt or Donny Trump?
Then my dad says, "If Lester Holt says your name, you're not here."
Watch this interview! Lester Holt asked all of the question we need answered. https…
Here's my analysis of the Iran deal in one sentence. For more, watch my full interview with NBC's Lester Holt:...
I know he's retired but I love Bob Schieffer from cbs. I'd throw Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer and Lester Holt in there, too
these news moderators are certainly not of the caliber of Diane Sawyer, David Muir or Lester Holt
Apparently, I'm not the only one in news-love with We need journalists like him in this crazy world!
So this happened at work today -- the new face of Nbc News, Lester Holt, and Gemini Pankey, Nbc News LA Bureau
- I love Lester Holt as the news anchor! Best decision ever!
Lester Holt: The best thing that happened to national evening news. (And he loves Falcons!)
.with Lester Holt is across the board & delivers biggest July sweep audience in 10 years
NBC's Lester Holt writes like a local news hack:
I added a video to a playlist NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt From Washington, DC June 23, 2015
I'll like go for 2 weeks with no work and then all of the sudden I have to pull up a Lester Holt
I liked a video Lester Holt's First Newscast as Permanent Anchor
How Lester Holt went from nearly unemployed to NBC Nightly News Anchor. Interesting the way career paths can wind:
We are daily watchers of the show and glad Lester Holt got the anchor job. FIOS still shows Brian's pic on Guide.
The Lester Holt segment are completely unnecessary.
Congrats, always known for being a man of great character..Lester Holt! Statistics show that Holt has given NBC...
Favorite people of the day: mark zuckerberg and myself and Lester Holt.
That's nice. I always kind of liked him.
Jeb Bush to Lester Holt: Donald Trump's Surge in the Polls Is a 'Phenomenon' -
Why is Lester Holt ALWAYS wearing a vest??
Lester Holt is a pro, not a celebrity or brand. He delivers the news, stays out of the way, and wins.
I want Bernie out of my affairs.I'll put u in prison if u don't stop meddling in my life.
Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe shared the weekend edition today show desk a few years ago. Now he hosts nightly and Jenna has cold office news
Lester Holt rises to anchor NBC Nightly News as Brian Williams makes an abject apology
And Matt Lauer...Fire people like Ann Curry and don't promote people like Lester Holt. They like liars evidently.
YEP - Unreal - NBC loves liars...Williams, Sharpton, Lauer...Don't promote good peep like Lester Holt and Ann Curry
Lester Holt has won his first ratings battle as NBC Nightly News anchor.
Lester Holt wins ratings battle in first week as official NBC anchor:
Lester Holt winning ratings battle in his first official week
Brian Steinberg reports Lester Holt won the evening news ratings battle in his first permanent week on NBC's desk.
Lester Holt proves he's the best as the new NBC Nightly News anchor.
Lester Holt from Nightly News knows about Sleep Apnea... do you? Learn more at …
WHOA! Check this out from NBC Nightly News and Lester Holt. Zeke is 8 years old and an AMAZING basketball player...
NBC Nightly News’ Lester Holt: ‘You Should Be Able to Turn on the TV and See People Who Look...
Lester Holt's a great newsman, though it's impossible to forget his hard hitting Crystal Skulls expose vacation & Indiana Jones promo tie in
Lester Holt will make a Great prime time News Caster!
Brian Williams to stay at NBC, but Lester Holt to be permanent anchor.
Lester Holt named anchor — first solo African American anchor of evening news
NBC replaces Brian Williams with Lester Holt on Nightly News. Meanwhile Ron Burgandy is trapped in a glass case of emotion again.
Brian Williams' coworkers gather around him. For the watch, says Lester Holt. For the watch, says Matt Lauer. For the watch, …
Lester Holt gets anchor chair in historic moment for black journalists: Lester Holt never wanted to become the...
JUST IN: Lester Holt to take over "Nightly" anchor position permanently, Brian Williams will stay at NBC: network
Lester Holt to anchor "NBC Nightly News," 1st African-American in such a job. MSNBC to feature Brian Williams.
NBC just sent us a memo. Lester Holt is the permanent host of Brian Williams will go to MSNBC for breaking …
\'Consummate professional\' Lester Holt expected to replace Brian Williams at NBC(Orlando news)
He's kind of bland Mark. I no longer watch. But I agree with you. Lester Holt deserves the job even w/o ratings dominance.
Brian Williams is expected to move to a new role at MSNBC. Lester Holt to become anchor at “Nightly News”
I like Lester Holt as the replacement anchor but I am not a fan of When she's on, I switch channels.
bring back Brian Williams. Even Lester holt but I can't do Savannah Guthrie. I like her just not for nightly news.
Lester Holt is probably replacing Brian Williams on for good:
Does Lester Holt's absence mean the announcement -- you know which one -- is finally near?
Riddle me this, Batman: Why is the acting anchor of "Nightly News" taking a vacation (now)?
It is increasingly clear that Lester Holt is going to stay in the "NBC Nightly News" anchor chair. His assignment was or…
Based on her saturation coverage on NBC thinking she's auditioning as his replacement. She's blacker than Lester Holt, amirite?
.no more prez candidates please. How about Lester Holt? Tom Brokaw? Jon Stewart upon his retirement?
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Trying to sleep but I can't stop thinking about Lester Holt saying, "I'm Lester Holt" and it's scaring me so much.
. reportedly wants Brian Williams' $10 million salary. Should he get it?
I should marry Lester holt from dateline
'Hi Dad': Watch Lester Holt and son's sweet on-air moment via
She just said Lester Holt, "don't get greedy right away". Before you sign the offer letter is the only time you have to get greedy +
I have a sneaking suspicion that Brian Williams will visit Jon Stewart on The Daily Show goes off the air in August.
Lester Holt was so good on the nightly news, where is he? Why do you keep changing newscasters? Bring back Lester!
Lester Holt does an excellent job without any flubs, etc.and is very professional.
On You have to be kidding. Bring back Lester Holt or I'm moving to CBS.
. Where is Lester Holt? We enjoy you but are concerned for Lester!
fun fact: last time I saw the Sox win at Fenway, Lester had a NoHitter. Today, they win again and Holt hits for the cycle.
Ok I'm saying it. I like more than Lester Holt on the NBC Nightly News. Still miss Brian but she might be the next best.
Just wondering where you have been the last two nights? Savannah Guthrie is okay, but she's no Lester Holt.
(Lester Holt off again tonight. Obviously, he didn't get human resources memo: "Anchor in midst of mishegas not allowed vacation time.")
where is Lester Holt ??? Hope you didn't ax him from nightly news won't watch anymore if you did !!!
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SkanndTyagi: TIME : Read Lester Holt's inspiring letter to his children: ‘I am proud to say …
Lester Holt is poised to keep Brian Williams' anchor chair permanently reports
Look at Chuck ripping off Dateline like Keith Morrison & Lester Holt gave him permission. Yes, Serve me that plagiarism!
This is old stale news. Natalie Morales may take over the DateLine Show, if Lester Holt takes over NBCNightlyNews
Letterman's leaving next week...John Stewart's going and what about Lester Holt... Will he replace Brian Williams...
I liked a video Brian Williams and Lester Holt perform Rapper's Delight
Get used to the name Jimmy Garapolo- Bob Costas NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
Foster Design Build Brian Williams wants back in as limbo drags on: Brian Williams, Lester Holt an... Robert Berg
A decision on Brian Williams’s future at NBC could be coming soon (and Lester Holt has been great)
Voice twins: Lester Holt and Keith Olbermann. Also, Jason Mewes and Steve O. Close your eyes and try to tell the difference. I dare you.
Why is it called "Dateline with Lester Holt" when Keith Morrison does all the work???
can't wait for Lester Holt and Keith Morrison to get this on dateline.
Lester Holt: Greg Carr destroying Phillys defense right now
Clippers beat writers thinking "Lester Holt" and "Lester Munson" when trying to say Lester Hudson. They have 10 days to figure it out.
I keep wanting to say Lester Holt instead of Lester Hudson. Gotta stop that.
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Orlando leads 21-20 on ESPN23. Lester Holt Tom Brokaw and Chuck Todd have the call
Yes, sorry, I am in for Lester Holt tonight on NBC Nightly news. BRB..
you guys notice the news graphic still says 'with Lester holt'?
Sounds goodPete see you soon this will work out well you and lester holt
Savannah Guthrie anchoring NBC Nightly News tonight as Lester Holt out with family medical emergency.
I would've definitely trusted 3rd base with Brock Holt and used all that Panda money to keep Lester... Then again, I'm not Ben Cherington
.anchoring Nightly News as tends to family medical emergency
Brian Williams exaggerated his work, but Lester Holt guilty of something worse: 80s film appearance w/mustache
Fri Lester Holt says, "A lot more news still ahead tonight." Then he reported this important story:
I'd commit a crime to get on Dateline to meet Lester Holt. There, I've said it.
Is there ever gonna be a whiter black guy than Lester holt?
I just want an Apple watch “Apple CEO plans to give away his fortune…Lester Holt reports:
Look who stopped by the newsroom tonight! Lester Holt. colleennbcla stevecarlston…
I use to rock n roll on Friday night, now I go to bed listening to Keith Morrison & Lester Holt telling horrible bedtime stories
Marc, I'm disappointed my favorite newsman fell for this ( Apologies to Lester Holt & Les Nessman).
I especially like Lester Holt's heartfelt comments about "Making a Difference" segments. He often speaks for me.
Wish Lester Holt would have worn yellow for Seth.
Anyway, now I know who Lester Holt is, and that he's "better than Brian Williams, anyway" according to a random sample of my family.
Has it been announced Lester Holt is the new anchor yet? Bc I've been ready for this. Make it happen.
Watching Lester Holt getting ready for the broadcast on Periscope.
The potential of Periscope is tremendous. Lester Holt live streaming now getting ready for NBC Nightly News
LIVE on Lester Holt first time on Periscope
Or would Nbc News Management replace Brian Williams with Lester Holt or Savannah Guthrie as Anchor of "NBC Nightly News"?
Lester Holt is taking over for NBC Nightly News while Brian Williams is on a sixmonth suspension without pay for
Talk about cut-throat! I see where next week Lester Holt is doing a Dateline on Brian Williams.
Lester Holt-Is he the next Walter Cronkite? Maybe so. I regret that Walter (and Betsy) are no longer here to give us their opinions.
as a woman who has watched your news program for 20 years, I vote to make Lester Holt your new evening anchor
You might be onto something. We like Lester Holt, though.
I hope they post it too. AMR had Leon Panetta & Lester Holt on. Good interviews but nothing news worthy really.
Lester Holt on MSNBC. Wonder if this is part of the plan to have more Nbc News talent appear on MSNBC?
Lester Holt's forehead just goes on for days..
I need Tamron Hall & Lester Holt to have a news show together... like right now!
Shaka Smart is accepted and Lester Holt Stephen A. Smith which I don't get he's like a successful regular ***
How could you? Brian's chair isn't even cold yet. Well, mainly because Lester Holt is sitting there but still...
And NBC is happy because Lester Holt seems eminently more genuine and likable.
Looks like an NBC PR effort is underway to generate likability for Lester Holt before he replaces Brian Williams.
Wed Lester Holt claims that Jim Miklaszewski was "the first" to report that Bowe Bergdahl...
As Lester Holt said after this story, "never in a million years." You're a crazy man Kevin Tibbles.
Pleas keep Lester Holt as anchor of the Nightly News!
Disappointed in Lester Holt, sickened by rpt glamorizing dangerous bull-riding by kids. =
Nbc News; it would be nice if you placed Lester Holt's name on the opening graphic.
Need a Brian Williams...I mean my man from Chicago Lester Holt 6PM news 'Dow quote' headline market close. Almost there & getting fuglier
NBC gives Lester Holt's 'Nightly News' an after-hours ratings boost
Lester holt back 2 u in the chopper 🔓🔓
hay savanna I had you on Sunday afternoon at 630 pm great on NBC 10 phia great work I love you and lester holt
NBC Nightly News: Lester Holt introducing Joe Friar who's doing a segment on Matt Lauer's interview with the cast of Pretty …
Tue In his tease for the plane crash story, Lester Holt didn't mention that it happened in the Alps.
BREAKING: Lester Holt has subbed for Brian Williams lied about what happened in Iraq at a soldier's funeral?
At last ... and better, too, for Lester Holt to leave behind this lame duck doctor from BriWi's broadcasts.
'NBC Nightly News' was No. 1 for a 2nd week among all viewers with Lester Holt in the anchor chair.
I think Lester Holt has done a great job at NBC Nightly News.
Lester Holt tops ABC’s David Muir in last week’s ratings. Of the three networks anchors, Holt is the one who wears well.
trueee, he's a news reporter guy, Lester Holt
I love Lester Holt. Have to get my fix every weekend. Now I get to watch him weekdays.
Lester Holt is doing a great job. He is quite stabilizing. I hope he stays on in this position!
Giving the bird to Lester Holt ever weeknight at 6:30
I miss Brian Williams, but I have also always been a big fan of Lester Holt.
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