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Lester Holt

Lester Steven Holt (born March 8, 1959) is an American news journalist who anchors the weekend editions of NBC's Today and Nightly News.

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What's up with Lester Holt at NBC News? Like Cronkite, he's just "trustworthy" IMO
What is this fresh *** called "Why Planes Crash" even though it features the soothing pipes of Lester Holt, who would watch that?
I love Lester Holt. NBC needs to make him permanent anchor.
have you ever met Lester Holt he reports the news, self awareness, be the only way you get me but *** i'm just a viewer
I think Lester Holt is doing a wonderful job on the Professional and LIKEABLE!
Next on analyzes Lester Holt's nightly news ratings and asks if Brian Williams will return...
For his outstanding career as an anchor/reporter, & honours NBC's Lester Don Holt Jr
Our journalist of the day is Lester Holt! Stay tuned to find out more about him!
I still think Lester Holt knows how to party
SQUARE OFF 11am WMAR-TV. ABC2. *Will Bills's Libido hurt Hillary?. *American boots on the ground vs ISIS?. *Should it be Lester Holt?
Lester Holt is a first class reporter and Anchor !
Will Lester Holt get the nod to be anchor for NBC?
Lester Holt has the morning and night off he has a new gig as a permanent replacement for Brian Williams. Stone Phillips
He is and should've had a chance at the chair b4 / Veteran newscaster Lester Holt is in a unique position at NBC:
Chuck, did you retract your NAACP bombing theory? Big miss. Did you apologize for your Lester Holt smear yet?
I'm in love with Lester Holt lol. Secrets out
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Let's reconvene the entire cast of The Late Shift for a Brian Williams, Lester Holt made for TV movie.
Here's a fascinating profile of Lester Holt's Christian faith from
NBC’s Lester Holt leads in evening-news battle, but with a thinner edge
Holy sh!t! They've officially changed the name from Nightly News to Nightly News with Lester Holt. Great 4 Lester, not so 4
Breaking news...Lester Holt gets a day off!!
What's really going on with Lester Holt at NBC?
Lester Holt put in uniquely awkward position at NBC
Oh thank god Lester Holt finally got a day off!
ICYMI: Anchor for his soul: called humble, loving Christian:
NBC is Doing It Right with Lester Holt as the anchor of "Nightly News".
Great day for celeb spotting in Saw Paul Giamatti then Lester Holt at a bar on bwy.
"Credibility" is everything to a Respectable TV Journalist Covering the News! Lester Holt or Savannah Guthrie maybe.
I could watch Lester Holt do the news every night.bye bye...Mr. Williams...
I wonder if Lester Holt changed the teleprompter on Brian Williams like Veronica Corningstone did to Ron Burgundy. Just saying...
I've always liked Lester Holt. should NEVER hire Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales or Willie Geist for the job.
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Lester Holt is ready for his close-up, but will he replace Brian Williams? via
Please don't have Matt Lauer take over the news. He's the main reason I don't watch NBC. Lester Holt or Willie Geist pls.
"The thing I like about Lester Holt is that he doesn't have a relative that did anal-lingus on TV." . --JT The Jay Thomas Show SiriusXm
NBC has the hottest anchors: Willie Geist, Lester Holt, Brian Williams
So if Lester Holt exceeds all hopes of NBC brass, he gets lifted in six months for the guy who they just suspended? How i…
Lester Holt needs to be the permanent NBC News anchor. He is a class act and true professional! I'm a big fan.
Lester Holt is ready for his close-up s the face of NBC Nightly News via /r/news
Sorry guys I'm just saying that Lester Holt is great when he hasn't done the job yet & we haven't researched him?
Versatile Lester Holt steps into prime time at NBC via
Who is Lester Holt, NBC’s new 'Nightly News' anchor? . Lester Holt may not be the permanent NBC Nightly News
I switched to CBS. Scott Pelley over Lester Holt. Quite honestly, Al Jazeera's better news anyway. Network news is basically drivel
Brian Williams suspended six months in wake of investigation, Lester Holt to fill in as anchor
enough with the Speilberg horror effects, I guess I watched Lester Holt then had nightmares, I'm a minority also where's my billions
I'll be pulling for to name permanent new anchor of
Lester Holt's forehead is literally 50% of his face lol
Soo, the question I have is Lester Holt gonna get the nod, or will they just use him as fill in?
Lester Holt is Ready for His Close-Up: He is universally liked and respected at NBC. But w...
I'd wondered for a while when Lester Holt would get his time. If Brian Williams is done, Holt more than deserves to be the permanent anchor.
Lester Holt got choked up for about a half a second there
Brian Williams replaced at NBC by Crystal Skull adventurer Lester Holt:.
If Brian Williams leaves for good, please consider Lester Holt or Willie Geist. Anyone but Matt, Savannah, or Natalie. SOOO fake!
I'm rooting for Lester Holt or Craig Melvin to replace Brian Williams. I truly hope Brian gets to stay though
Lester Holt to real estate agent: "I'm ready to look at property in the Hamptons."
This would never happen to Scott Pelley. He's honest and modest. Bri Wi must be FIRED. Lester Holt has more integrity as anchor.
Hey Nobody wants Matt Lauer or Chuck Todd newsreadering the news, man. Lester Holt is The Answer.
I hope so, we tend to lose our best (Robin Meade, Lester Holt, etc)
and Brian can take Matt Lauer with him. Lester Holt and Ann Curry deserve to be on the news. The Today show is now just fluff
Reminiscent of Alexander Haig, Lester Holt declares "I'm in charge here", throws Brian Williams' stuff out on lawn & burns his anchor chair
Lester Holt will anchor the nightly news until Williams returns - if he does.
Wild prediction: Richard Engel or Lester Holt will be the new nightly news host come the middle of next week.
free idea: the final "Brian Williams in places he wasn't" meme entry should be him looking at Lester Holt reading the news
Williams invoked his status as Nightly News managing editor in memo saying he made decision himself; Lester Holt to fi…
I mean... who's out there: Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, Lester Holt. Think any of these would bring in higher ratings??
I get the feeling we will hear the following words soon: NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt
I always thought Nbc news anchor slot should have gone Lester Holt, despite being w/ Msnbc he would have been better than Williams.
If I were a betting person, my money would say Lester Holt tonight.
congratulations on your promotion Lester Holt!
All I can do through this Brian Williams scandal is cross my fingers and hope Lester Holt gets the nod to be his permanent replacement.
I don't care what Brian Williams did. Just don't give me Lester Holt.
perhaps Ann Curry or Lester Holt for replacement?
no we really can't. I'm hoping they will fire his *** and put Lester Holt on the Nightly News. He's very self deprecating.
I nominate Lester Holt for NBC Nightly News Anchor, after Brian Williams resigns. Or Ann Curry (like that would ever happen).
Brian Williams won't get fired because of White Privilege...Lester Holt should have his job
"Good evening and welcome to Dateline, I'm Brian Williams. Lester Holt is now perma-sitting in my chair... *sobs*"
Lester Holt gets the nightly news chair in 3, 2, 1...
Lester Holt should replace Brian Williams. Anchor can't be a liar about war. Period. Especially this lie. Shameful.
I think it is Lester Holt time at NBC.
Lester should have the pole position for replacing Bri-willy, if he wants it. If he does, NBC is going to have to hire a small army to replace what Lester currently does.
Not anchoring tomorrow, so look in the Old North Church to see who will: 1 for Lester Holt, 2 for Roger Mudd
So what's the over/under of Lester Holt inheriting the NBC Nightly News anchor desk?
Time to let Lester Holt take over as Managing Editor and Anchor.
Time for Lester Holt to take over: Now Brian Williams' apology is under fire via
I know. I don't like him anymore and I never liked Matt Lauer. Maybe NBC will get smart and put Lester Holt in the news chair
Lost cred can be rebuilt. Lester Holt can be slotted in tomorrow without missing a beat.
True. He will have to pay a price. Leave of absence? Then we get NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. I'm OK with that.
It is probably time to promote Lester Holt to anchor of NBC Nightly News.
Is Lester Holt excited for his promotion to Nightly News weekdays? :P
if not Lester Holt ,what about Tamron Hall or even Hoda Kotb replacing Brian Williams ?
Brian Williams should be replaced with lester Holt for being so dishonest and disrespectful!!
Time for Lester Holt to be NBC top news anchor. Brian Williams can be reassigned to cover Chris Christie.
Turns out it was just Lester Holt in his rain gear.
I think NBC will move Matt Lauer or Lester Holt into the anchor chair.. bizarre situation
NBC has no heir apparent for B.Williams like when they groomed him to replace Brokaw. They'd go with familiar: Lester Holt.
You think this is going to cost Brian Williams his gig? Lester Holt seems like the guy NBC would go to. No heir apparent.
I think the meds are working... Dad talking about the Selena/Yolanda Saldivar conspiracy like he Lester Holt on Dateline 😳
On the other hand. "This is NBC Nightly News, with Lester Holt"
Brian Williams...I stood up for you, man...but it turns out Lester Holt was the good guy after all😔😔
If he is forced to quit, I wonder if Chicago’s own Lester Holt will step in as the new anchor.
Lester Holt just admitted he can't do 500 push-ups.
Lester Holt deserves the top job. Do the right thing, NBC.
Brian William's Dan Rather offense. His credibilty hit by ground fire. Can you say NBCNightlyNews with Lester Holt?
I see a great deal more Lester Holt in your immediate future.
Somewhere, Lester Holt is smiling as he sips a whisky
helps not to have anyone in the wings. Only one in house would be Lester Holt I would think
Cook County using the same Lester Holt intro video for jury duty. Just as riveting as when I first saw it years ago.
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up that, according to Lester Holt on The Today show, will have the room silent while watching it.
My report hours after released a video showing the apparent beheading of journalist Kenji Goto
Sat Lester Holt said Serena's 19th Grand Slam win moves her ahead of Navratilova's 18. Note to Lester: Evert also has 18.
ok jim see you soon it hard I like lester holt too but I will see both of you great work
Yo, Matt Lauer looks mad old. Al Roker is sexier. I mean, neither of them are Lester Holt, but we gotta keep our expectations in check.
lester holt is everywhere...I just want Wrangler
Sounds like I should've watched 20/20 instead of Dateline. That Lester Holt's voice tho.
Dateline with Lester Holt on a Friday night?
good god, Lester Holt is the presenter in the video from when he was on Channel 2 News. Mid-1990's maybe.
is Lester Holt still the host of that show?
Does Lester Holt, like, live in that brick dungeon?
I think everyone gets credit. Lester Holt is an icon.
Its billed "With"Lester Holt but never With, Keith or With just saying' not fair.
I love Lester Holt don't change a thing.
Seriously Lester Holt should not be featured in Dateline. Each Artist telling the story should into and end their own feature.
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do they still do Dateline? Someone get Lester Holt on the phone! Otis is missing!
Miss Universe or Lester Holt who should be president no cost your balls please I said cast your ballot please let's get this right on that is true that next time does Richard Nixon have a son don't throw rocks at your glass house hey intrusive BryanRteresa Robertson say Sarah Palin everybody should wear a bear coat I kinda like this is Bill talk to the phone it comes down to it we should save the wolves as soon as I hear apostle slot let's save the wolves yeah this is your love hey honey I didn't say that I should save the wolves
I have watched Today all my life. I Tivo it every day so as not to miss it. I liked Ann Curry for her journalistic savvy, but I thought she wasn't entertaining enough to be the co-anchor. Of all the staff they have ever had in the last forty years, my favorite is Lester Holt. I think he's daytime's witty and talented answer to Jimmy Fallon!
I ‘fell in love with the guy’: Bradley Cooper on portraying 'American Sniper' and U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. NBC's Lester Holt reports tonight.
the guy caught on tape urinating was the funniest for me, Lester Holt's face was priceless
I couldn't stand Lester Holt back in the day. He could be talking a plane crashing into an orphanage & have the same perma-smirk
she got three jobs,giving Lester Holt a run for his money
should be more like -It should last 9 hours and have Lester Holt constantly telling us that the murderer is a great guy
Lester Holt: "Xmas was a lot more Merry at the Davis house before the murder of the family snowman. Keith Morrison has the story."
great work tamron I had you on this afternoon at 630 pm great work you good I like you and lester holt too
My 6 yr old "mom, a girl is doing nightly news not lester holt from !".
That's all for this edition of Dateline on ID, I'm Lester Holt
“…It’s not always the questions we ask, but rather our ability to hear the answers that truly enriches our understanding.” - Lester Holt
CNY in NYC visiting with our friend Lester Holt at NBC
How is the Brian Williams - Lester Holt "Rappers Delight" supercut not topping everyone's year-end songs list?
Lester Holt just renamed the home of the Bills "Robert Wilson Stadium.". Let's "Rock The Robert"!
This Saturday I'll be riding in TODAY's Cranksgiving! , along with Erica Hill, Lester Holt and Tamron Hall.
All the BIG shots. Lester Holt, too! .and my favorite.
Nerd Alert: Lester Holt is in Buffalo. That is all.
You are truly too kind to me! I want LESTER Holt over for apple crisp! LOL! I’m normal I swear!
This Lester holt guy that is filming my street better have brought some beer with him, we are snowed in and all out!
Podo did you request to be Lester Holt's photog for a trip to Depew?
Lester Holt from NBC broadcasted on our street earlier.. Borden and Castlewood.
nbc lester holt is in Cheektowaga ny on borden road
Hey Lester holt you're down the street from my house!!!
NBC Nightly news shows Lester Holt standing at Borden & Castlewood, touching top of street sign, one block from Cherrywood, my domicile. Amazing!!
Yup. This sums it up. He should have been on Nightly News with Lester Holt tonight
Do you have those NBC stocking caps like Lester Holt was wearing on nightly news 11-19?
Lester Holt from NBC was just on the corner of my street!
Great Report by Lester Holt... right by my sisters house ❄️⛄️
domain names
it was Lester Holt and some blonde chick whose name I didn’t catch.
Buffalo is in the national news and Lester Holt is in Cheektowaga. This is so cool and uncool at the same time
Buffalo gets the first six minutes of NBC Nightly News AND a live report from Lester Holt, swet
"I'm too old for this.". What Lester Holt is thinking as he reports on Buffalo NY snowstorm FROM Buffalo NY.
Lester Holt is literally 1 minute from my house and I can’t get to him! I’m on Armond lane and wish I could get to you!
LESTER HOLT is here I love that man
Lester Holt is in town we finally made it folks we finally made it
Lester Holt was 3 blocks from my house
You know it's bad when Lester Holt is in Cheektowaga, New York
Welcome to Buffalo Lester Holt! I hope you get to meet some of our our good neighbors
Lester Holt is in Cheektowaga and if it wasn't for this snow I would go hug him until I was physical removed.
It sure looks like Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel was relieving himself when Lester Holt threw to him during his coverage of the storms in North Carolina. What else could he have been doing?
The awkward/best part of Mike Seidel peeing on a live shot is how Lester Holt is just watching him do it -
It appears Mike in Sugar Mountain is NOT ready for Lester Holt.
Lester Holt and crew spent 24 hours embedded with the U.S. Marshal Service's Eastern Arkansas Fugitive Task Force based in Little Rock. Watch the full report tonight on
Lester Holt is doing the NBC NATIONAL NEWS. Why do I always feel like I'm being BABYSAT, whenever I WATCH him?
So Lester Holt did the story, he was with the Marshals in Arkansas. Talk about a bunch of good ole boys
I hate it when Lester Holt takes over on the Nightly News😑
For the people that still go to Frankenmuth high school please tell mr. Kroger that he looks like a white Lester holt
Lester Holt does a great job of investigate reporting.
No one can ever say Lester Holt 'phones it in'. Much respect for this man - way back to his Chicago days!
You know Dateline is my show & Lester Holt is my homeboy but Lester, come on. U gotta loose the vest no coat. Go jacket sans vest.
Lester Holt is not feeling plugging
The only thing I have to look forward to tonight is Dateline & I'm ok with that. Also known as date night with Lester Holt.
NBC has interrupted programming. Lester Holt anchors.
NBC News Special Report music for Marysville. Lester Holt sounds sick to his stomach.
A very young, mustachioed Lester Holt just explained to us what the responsibilities of a juror are; thank you, Lester Holt!
I laughed so hard at this, it seriously made my day. What did lester holt ever do to anyone?!
Oh AND Lester Holt was interviewing some doctor on TV and he (lester) had Ebola and his face was all swollen and purple and about to pop 😱😷
That's amazing! And introduced by Lester Holt, the one and only? Too dreamy.
omg, can't imagine how long it took...Lester Holt representing too huh?!?!
You're a desperate Holt married to a pathetic Lester.
Fantastic outdated jury video showing Lester Holt with hair...
Lester holt and Lou holtz are related right?
Lester Holt from NBC News is the only one I can think of right now. Would you name your son Lester?
Lester Holt made it out of Rancho. You can make it out of Rancho lol
I have to watch news stories with Lester holt and he reminds me so much of Dave chappelles chuck Taylor on hip hop news 😂😂😂
That's all for Dateline: Real Life Mysteries. Im Lester Holt. Thanks for watching. No thank you Lester. I love Dateline Marathons!
Members of legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac told TODAY's Lester Holt that they have reached "completeness" with the return of former...
Video on Today: Fleetwood Mac played their first concert with Christine McVie since she left the band 16 years ago. “There was a sense of completeness,” *** Fleetwood says to TODAY’s Lester Holt. “It’s almost like it never happened that she went away.”
A little Lester Holt and Dateline to soothe my soul. Fridays make me cranky.
Is the murder scene the same set Lester Holt uses on ? It sure looks the same!
I just saw Lester Holt in the commissary
CB & I made it to the big time :) you can find us buying starting at 16:30. We 💙 fido!
Lester Holt is the MVP of NBC. Its a fact
I remember Brian Williams and Lester Holt when both of them work at WCBS TV in the 1980's
Lester Holt has been on the air 24 hours straight every day since the year 2000 on a network of NBC.
Do I look like I'm ready for Lester holt to be telling my life story on dateline yet
I watched Lester holt for the last 3 weeks. You should change the title of the show from Dateline Mystery to Dateline OBVIOUS.
The kid that played Erkle grew up to be Lester Holt
Does Lester Holt have a little slicked back pony tail hiding in the back there?
Ok thank you. I guess Lester Holt will do for now:) Love my
Hangin with my main man Lester Holt
Lester Holt looks like he's wearing makeup they used in the movie WHITE CHICKS . next time take it easy makeup person !!
Kudos to whomever got Lester Holt to actually wear glasses that fit his face.
Way too much makeup on Lester Holt tonight.
hmm, what does one need to do to obtain an autograph from Lester Holt??
In 2015 a lineup like this and getting Lester back!!. Holt. Pedey. Ortiz. Cespedes. Castillo. Nap . (Possibly Stanton but longshot)
OMG OMG guys!!! A 1996 Lester Holt is talking on our Educational Jury Film!! Hey boi
agreed! She's also a Chicagoan who went big like Lester Holt. Both hot! Zazzzing!
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Lester couldn't draw shot and that's the end of that chapter. David Holt through to the semi v the winner of Andrew Rees and Clive Adams
Holt's weighted shot knocks Lester's shot and second bowl out. 1 bowl each to come
Holt knocks Lester's shot bowl into the ditch to take 1 on the first of the three end tie-break
Holt draws 2 to level this quarter-final match against 6-all with 1 end remaining. Must win end for Lester
Bannister edging ahead of Jones 4-0 on 5. Holt picks up 1 to lead Lester 4-0 on 3. Rigby & Worsnop, and Herden & Wilkie all level 3-3 on 6
Holt squares the score to 7-7 against Lester with 1 shot on the penultimate end. Harden gets the jump on Wilkie with 2 on the opening end.
Lester levels the score against Holt 4-4 on 5, Thatcher widens her lead to 9-0 c Katon
and as the LESTER Holt of CBS radio I'll be filling in for YOU 7-mid 😁
Oui!! Watching Dateline. I like me some Lester Holt, Josh Mankowicz, and Keith Morrison. But Sharon Martin still has the best voice!!
Watching video: Nightly News with Lester Holt Full Broadcast (August 17) - via
Is it me? Or does Lester Holt have the biggest forehead of anyone on the planet? Or.maybe he's from another planet.?
I'd totally make out with Lester Holt.
Lester Holt has to be the hardest working person on TV. I hope is giving him the credit he deserves for working 365 for them
Hm. I really had you pegged as the Lester Holt type, myself.
- loving your work Lester, very good!
Congrats Lester Holt NBC and Bill Plante CBS on First Amendment Award presented in Washington DC Tonight! htt…
Harvey Weinstein on Robin Williams: 'Full-time joy': Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein talks with Erica Hill and Lester Holt about pro...
Just had NBC Nightly News on while making dinner and heard Lester Holt say SSGT Travis Mills! I stopped what I was doing to watch and realized, ahhh, the sky dive with the first lady of Maine was today!
Even better - with Lester Holt. My favorite anchor ever. ❤️
Today Show!! Thank you Dylan Dreyer for the amazing coverage and highlighting the importance of donating to an...
Tag… you’re it our did the and called you out. 24-hours… go!
a little more about the challenge. Are you up for it?
Watch Lester, Erica and Jenna do 'ice bucket challenge'
BREAKING: NBC News will interrupt programming momentarily, with Lester Holt anchoring a Special Report.
Cool to see Lester Holt playing bass with The Roots band on Even when he was local news guy in Chicago, he's smoove.
Lester Holt should be given Brian's job! He's a better anchor!
I think Lester Holt and Keith Morrison should be a team on "The Amazing Race."
Im still on how lester holt was playing with the roots 😂
Lester Holt & Keith Morrison of Dateline throwing Rock, Paper, Scissors over who narrates the War Machine Story.
The week is always complete when we hear Lester Holt introduce !
Check out the first podcast of my interviews from the Newport Jazz Festival-NJF with George Wein and Lester Holt,...
Photoset: fallontonight: Lester Holt sat in the bandstand with The Roots last night to jam on his fretless...
lady lady gaga gaga Today Show interview: . Watch Lester Holt's interview from this morning's episode of the T...
Brian Williams and Lester Holt will forever have my heart.
Lester Holt plays bass with The Roots on 'Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' -
Photo: nbcnightlynews: Lester Holt jams with The Roots on fallontonight More: 
Lester Holt plays bass with The Roots, makes 'Tonight' viewers (and our anchors) swoon
Check out this video on Hulu! . OMG, Lester Holt really IS black!
ICYMI: visited & played with last night, his reaction: http:/…
I missed Lester Holt jamming with the Roots last night... anyone see it? Any good?
Some thoughts about last night's amazing experience on with
Y'all. Lester Holt played bass last night with The Roots on the Tonight Show. I'm still swooning.
"Lester Holt's musical fantasies should be nobody's business but his own. Another NBCU "Tin Man" — Nicholas Schiavone
OMG, Why have I not been watching The anchor is much hotter than Brian Williams or Lester Holt.
Lester Holt and Keith Morrison should have a rap battle.
Brian Williams, the anchor of Nightly News, raps "Rapper's Delight" with a little help from Lester Holt
The last time Jimmy Fallon made NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams rap a classic hip hop song, he got a special assist from Lester Holt. But when Fallon premiered Williams' version of Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back last night, it was the Today show's Kathie Lee Gifford who had the killer cameo.
.don't get me wrong, I love Lester Holt, but I live for Keith Morrison asking "but why?" So please do more of that.
This one they showed during the Olympics a lot, Brian Williams & Lester Holt replayed it on their shows, they liked it too. :)
Ron Claiborne on GMA weekends needs a personality transplant from Lester Holt
Tonight at 8/7c, in a very special hour of Dateline NBC, we tell THREE incredible stories of survival, hope and love... and we have a bit of fun, too. Michelle Knight, one of the women rescued after 10+ years of captivity in Cleveland, tells Savannah Guthrie her story. Keith Morrison introduces us to a horse that has defied all odds, Lisa's Booby Trap, and her amazing owner. And finally, Lester Holt takes us behind the scenes of The Voice. It's going to be quite the night... spend your Sunday with us!
Main Stream Media ignores the elephant in the kitchen: human overpopulation By Frosty Wooldridge Sunday night, May 4, 2014, NBC’s anchor Lester Holt introduced Anne Curry for a report on Climate Change causing horrific wildfires, tornadoes, Category 5 hurricanes, rising seas, temperature changes, heat waves and worse for the future. Anne Curry reported on climate change, but no mention of human overpopulation driving it. Nothing like ignoring the elephant in the kitchen as it stomps everything to smithereens: She announced a special committee working to solve the Climate Change problem, but none of them mentioned that the human race adds 1,000,000 (million) of its kind every 4 days that equals to 80,000,000 (million) more of its (our) species annually, decade in and decade out with no end in sight. Curry failed to whisper a second sentence about human overpopulation driving our environmental calamities. Reality check: The overriding, driving, undeniable force for Climate Change, titanic species extinc . ...
Watching Dateline with Lester Holt on NBC the story of Michelle Knight in the house of horror at Ariel Castro home.
Who knew Brian Williams could rap to the beat? Jimmy Fallon turned the NBC news anchor into a rapper in a hilarious mash-up video also starring weekend anchor Lester Holt on Wednesday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'
Call me "a glutton for punishment," but today I turned on CBS News while the kids and I ate dinner. We were just in time to see Lester Holt's final four stories: 1) one on small businesses run by women; 2) one showing President Obama counseling kids to call their moms; 3) one on the crash of a small plane; and 4) one on Rubic's Cube. Holt closed by saying, "Don't have a great night: have an American night."
Brian Williams, Natalie Morales, Lester Holt, Kate Snow and Richard Engel break out their best Snoop Dogg on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
If I ever come up against foul play, please have Lester Holt introduce Keith Morrison as he calmly narrates my gory tale.
Video on Today: Nene Sy, a senior at the Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem, was given the opportunity to interview first lady Michelle Obama. The interview, to be shown at the Women in the World Summit, included some inspirational messages. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews Nene Sy.
Teresa gets to meet cool people. Lester Holt is one of my favorites.
NBC's Lester Holt stopped by KGW today. Nice guy.
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I adore both Brian Williams and Lester Holt. So this edit of them "performing" Rapper's Delight made me howl!.
Dateline is great because of Lester Holt, Keith Morrison and the amazing producers. I hope Lester does more reporting, he is great a reporter as he is an anchor. NBC hold on to that guy, him and Richard Engel are their greatest weapon.
Thank you. :) I should know better than to rant in front of a live mic. fyi Lester Holt here today.
I just got to meet NBC 'a Lester Holt - a REALLY nice guy!
Omg. Lester Holt just cruised by my desk.
NBC's Lester Holt just walked into the newsroom. Cool!
Also later on NBC Lester Holt will be playing flight simulators for another four hours
Excited to be headed to France for my first official solo trip!! If you don't hear from me, please call Lester Holt to investigate. ✈️💜
I hate Keith Morrison. I'll just take Chris Hansen and Lester Holt for every story
My hubs and I have cocktails with Brian Williams on M -F and Lester Holt on weekends. They just don't know it.
Brian Williams and Lester Holt doing "Rappers Delight" is going to be hard to top this year.
Edmund Holt is up to something. Dana and her son Coop are having issues about the thing in the woods. Lester is...
I do not understand, thought that your birthday was on April 6, maybe I confused?!!
That moment when you fart in the elevator and Lester Holt is the next passenger
you are one of the few at King5 with any taste in clothes. The men need to watch Lester Holt or Brian Williams.
Please, please watch this. So funny. Brian Williams and Lester Holt mash up of Rapper's Delight
If you told me Lester Holt is a real life Gus Fring, I'd believe it.
Brian Williams and Lester Holt rapping well pieced together you might say .
Lester Holt--"There's been a lot of tough news today--let's end on a happy note." Tough news = NCAA, Candy Crush, Will+Kate.
Watching nightly news and wondering what it would be like to hear Lester Holt do some hard core gangsta rap.
I only watch NBC Nightly News on the weekends. I just feel like Lester Holt's jawline would never lie to me.
it's amazing. My mind was blown when Lester Holt joins in.
Some Weekend action with Lester Holt & the crew @ TODAY Show
Lester Holt has been at this a while. Is he a candidate for Matt's job if he retires, or too old?
Just one of these Fridays I'd like to see Lester Holt wearing a jacket.
not a chance. The two things guaranteed to put my wife to sleep are Dilaudid and Lester Holt's voice.
I think I want to post this every month: Rapper's Delight by Brian Williams and Lester Holt (and talented editors)
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