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Lester Holt

Lester Steven Holt (born March 8, 1959) is an American news journalist who anchors the weekend editions of NBC's Today and Nightly News.

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Brian Williams, Natalie Morales, Lester Holt, Kate Snow and Richard Engel break out their best Snoop Dogg on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
If I ever come up against foul play, please have Lester Holt introduce Keith Morrison as he calmly narrates my gory tale.
Video on Today: Nene Sy, a senior at the Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem, was given the opportunity to interview first lady Michelle Obama. The interview, to be shown at the Women in the World Summit, included some inspirational messages. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews Nene Sy.
Teresa gets to meet cool people. Lester Holt is one of my favorites.
NBC's Lester Holt stopped by KGW today. Nice guy.
I adore both Brian Williams and Lester Holt. So this edit of them "performing" Rapper's Delight made me howl!.
Dateline is great because of Lester Holt, Keith Morrison and the amazing producers. I hope Lester does more reporting, he is great a reporter as he is an anchor. NBC hold on to that guy, him and Richard Engel are their greatest weapon.
Thank you. :) I should know better than to rant in front of a live mic. fyi Lester Holt here today.
I just got to meet NBC 'a Lester Holt - a REALLY nice guy!
Omg. Lester Holt just cruised by my desk.
NBC's Lester Holt just walked into the newsroom. Cool!
Also later on NBC Lester Holt will be playing flight simulators for another four hours
Excited to be headed to France for my first official solo trip!! If you don't hear from me, please call Lester Holt to investigate. ✈️💜
I hate Keith Morrison. I'll just take Chris Hansen and Lester Holt for every story
My hubs and I have cocktails with Brian Williams on M -F and Lester Holt on weekends. They just don't know it.
Brian Williams and Lester Holt doing "Rappers Delight" is going to be hard to top this year.
Edmund Holt is up to something. Dana and her son Coop are having issues about the thing in the woods. Lester is...
I do not understand, thought that your birthday was on April 6, maybe I confused?!!
That moment when you fart in the elevator and Lester Holt is the next passenger
you are one of the few at King5 with any taste in clothes. The men need to watch Lester Holt or Brian Williams.
Please, please watch this. So funny. Brian Williams and Lester Holt mash up of Rapper's Delight
If you told me Lester Holt is a real life Gus Fring, I'd believe it.
Brian Williams and Lester Holt rapping well pieced together you might say .
Lester Holt--"There's been a lot of tough news today--let's end on a happy note." Tough news = NCAA, Candy Crush, Will+Kate.
Hilarious!! Brian Williams performs "Rapper's Delight" with a little help from Lester Holt and Kathie Lee!
Watching nightly news and wondering what it would be like to hear Lester Holt do some hard core gangsta rap.
I only watch NBC Nightly News on the weekends. I just feel like Lester Holt's jawline would never lie to me.
it's amazing. My mind was blown when Lester Holt joins in.
Some Weekend action with Lester Holt & the crew @ TODAY Show
Lester Holt has been at this a while. Is he a candidate for Matt's job if he retires, or too old?
Just one of these Fridays I'd like to see Lester Holt wearing a jacket.
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not a chance. The two things guaranteed to put my wife to sleep are Dilaudid and Lester Holt's voice.
I think I want to post this every month: Rapper's Delight by Brian Williams and Lester Holt (and talented editors)
FallonTonight I wanna see Brian Williams on the Tonight Show watching Brian Williams & Lester Holt doing Rapper's Delight
I'll bet you remember Lester Holt from CBS news in Chicago too. Love him!
How about a little more of that dancing Lester Holt and Kate Hansen from the
Flashback! Lester Holt reveals his vintage mustache
So, this video of Brian Williams and Lester Holt rapping is pretty epic:
American TV news anchors Brian Williams and Lester Holt rapping to Sugar Hill Gang's "Rappers Delight" This is COOL!
Jenna Wolfe Pregnant: My Baby Daddy Is Not Matt Lauer or Lester Holt! via Thank you JW for your leadership!
Brian Williams and Lester Holt doing 'Rappers Delight' will never not be amazing. Thank you Jimmy Fallon!
If it's Lester Holt, he's very much alive. He used to be a news anchor in Chicago. His son is now one here.
Okay friends I have a question for the day. name a famous geeky person that you are really really attracted to but you don't know why. Last time I told you with my undying crush on Leonard Nimoy but I fail to mention Lester Holt and Neil deGrasse Tyson and Anderson Cooper. So who is your geeky news person crush on?
1:00pm  NHL HockeyNHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins from CONSOL Energy Center (HD)   4:00pm  PGA TOUR Golf Valspar Championship: Final Round from Innisbrook Resort-Copperhead in Palm Harbor, Fla. (HD) Kevin Streelman shot 10-under-par 274 at this event last year and celebrated his first career victory on the PGA Tour; Boo Weekley finished two shots back.   7:00pm  News 4 New York at 6 Weekend(New) Anchor David Ushery showcases the latest breaking news, local stories, political campaigns, town meetings and various upcoming local events.   7:30pm   NBC Nightly News Weekend Edition (HD, New, TV-G) The latest in politics, domestic concerns and international affairs as reported by anchor Lester Holt and the rest of the NBC's ground-breaking news team.   8:00pm   The Voice The Best of the Blind Auditions (HD, New, TV-PG) Carson Daly features never-before-seen footage of the blind auditions along with his recap of the process; a sneak peek at the battle rounds is offered. ...
Friday nights just wouldn't be the same without Lester Holt and Keith Morrison
Brian Williams and Lester Holt from NBC News, edited to look like they're performing The Sugar Hill Gang's...
Brian Williams/Lester Holt performing the Sugar Hill Gang rap classic, Rapper's Delight. This is not a drill.
Just realized that unlike the weekday version , the Weekend Today Show is watchable STILL with one exception. Can't stand Jenna Wolfe !! Really like Lester Holt , tho !!
Brian Williams and Lester Holt stage an epic rap battle, thanks to 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.'
Brian Williams and Lester Holt at it like gangsta's
class: Great viral video from Brian Williams & Lester Holt "Rapper's Delight"
See Brian Williams and Lester Holt "rap" in Jimmy Fallon's hilarious mashup of "Rapper's Delight" from the Feb. 19 episode of The Tonight Show!
If you watch just one thing today: Brian Williams and Lester Holt sing "Rappers Delight"
Fallon's Tonight Show shows off the editors' top-notch skills by pairing Brian Williams with Lester Holt for some Sugar Hill Gang "Rapper's Delight."
Did u see this? Too funny! VIDEO: NBC Anchorman Brian Williams Raps it Up with Lester Holt
If Brian Williams and Lester Holt ever decide to hang up their hats in the news business, the world of gangster rap is sure to embrace...
Now, what you hear is not a test: this is NBC News' Brian Williams and Lester Holt, rapping the classic old-school hip-hop track "Rapper's Delight," originally by the Sugarhill gang.
'I'm rapping to the beat!' Jimmy Fallon gets Brian Williams, Lester Holt to take on 'Rapper's Delight': If Bri...
Amazing! Check out Brian Williams and Lester Holt mashup of from http:…
Compilation of NBC News' Brian Williams to firm rap with special guest Lester Holt! Funny! Tonight Show.
Even if you don't like rap, you'll like this. Brian Williams and Lester Holt from NBC News do their version of Rapper's Delight. Well done and very clever.
Mary Carillo's voice is deeper than Lester Holt's.
Natalie Morales and Lester Holt thought they'd have some fun in Sochi Sunday morning by taking shots of vodka during NBC's Olympics coverage. Turns out, it's best not to take shots while trying to host a TV program. The co-hosts took a shot of Rus...
Lauer was bad enough. Bob couldn't stand Meredith Viera staining his chair. Next time--Al Michaels or Lester Holt.
Once again, the TODAY SHOW is sampling Russian Vodka in the morning. And once again, Lester Holt and Natalie Morales clearly have never been to the Silver Dollar before noon.
Craig Bohnert got a couple of shots of very familiar faces last night. Savannah Guthrie and Lester Holt. I think Savannah is so sweet and we watch Lester on Dateline NBC. We hope to make it to a taping of the Today Show before we leave.
OH MY GOD!!! Our was on the Nightly News w/ Lester Holt for like 10 secs. but he looked gorgeous/beautiful/sexy & handsome.
5 minutes to air. Lester Holt anchors from Sochi, Russia tonight and we hope you will join us. ‘LIKE’ this to let us know you’re watching and tell us where you are joining from.
I avoided it all day. Lester Holt ruined it for me
On set in Sochi for with Lester Holt. Great day for USA hockey! - CJ
The Jamaican bobsled team story was great. I love Lester Holt
Uhm. Watching the news- Lester Holt interviewing the Jamaican bobsled team. Wow. The helmets. Oops?
All day. ALL DAY! I avoided TV/social media because i wanted to watch the game tonight. And Lester Holt ruined it.
Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News: "They're back. After a 12 yr absence, the Jamaican Bobsled team makes a triumphant return"..Yes...Jamaica mih sey!!!
Lester Holt asks "What if USA and Russia are in the Finals?". Answer: Maybe will TELEVISE IT!
Oh, Lester Holt and Nightly News: I knew I could count on you to get almost all the context wrong in your recap of today's game.
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Remember when Lester Holt was on air in Chicago and had a caterpillar for a mustache?
Um, Lester Holt, doesn't "from Seattle to Siberia" really just mean the Pacific Ocean?
Jamaican Bobsled Team ready to compete in Sochi. Lester Holt has the story coming up on NBC Nightly News
Loved the preaching of G.P. Holt, and love the journalistic skills of Lester Holt.
Lester Holt...the thinking woman's sex symbol.
Another fun day in Olympic Park - Coastal Cluster. I know...too many pictures of the Olympic Flame!!! Sorry. Great fun on the set of the Today Show. Lester Holt is the best!...also hanging out with silver and gold medal winners. Ann and Amy...our new best friends!!! LOL. Timm...
Lester Holt, the foods you are sampling in have always been on the my family's table. Fish, Cheese, Fruits, & Pickles etc.
S/O to for burying the Miracle on Ice rematch on a network half the country can't see. At least we saw what Lester Holt had for dinner.
Am I the only one who was astounded listening to Mary Carillo speak with Lester Holt on this morning?! They were discussing medal chances for the next week and after using "normal" terms when discussing everything else, when she got to the female USA hockey team she said that when they play Canada they get "cranky" and moody. She then referred to them as chicks with sticks. Really?! Lester's response was that he couldn't get away with that, but neither should she!!
Who is the genius at NBC who thinks Lester Holt is more significant than USA Men's Olympic hockey?
USA 3-Russia 2! Not that anyone was watching since NBC decided to show Lester Holt going shopping instead.
Bob, the world needs Lester Holt more than it needs hockey.
How come the USA vs. RUSSIA thrilling men's hockey game was not on Instead, they had Natalie Morales and Lester Holt discussing NUTS!
With a 1:32 left in the USA VS Russia men's hockey game NBC switched to Lester Holt eating Russian food - seriously?
Instead of watching the USA Russia hockey game. I get to watch Lester holt eating stuff.
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Russia-USA headed to OT. Meanwhile, on NBC, Lester Holt sings the praises of pickled bamboo.
Russia 2 U.S. 2 with minute left in regulatiojn and NBC features Lester Holt sampling fruit in a Russian market. You snooze, you z..
I was watching the Memphis NBC television this morning before I got out of the bed. It had there morning news on with Lester Holt as the anchor, and he is in Russia reporting on the Olympic Games. He is reporting on the games and he keeps talking about the local foods they have near Sochi. He is going into local marts and tasting foods, and they had a buffet set up, and the news cast were trying different foods, and reporting if they liked or disliked the different tastes. This brought back to my mind, a time when I was a kid, and mom's boss went to Russia. This was so long ago, I can tell you that I am not sure how to spell the Russian leaders name, I will try here in a second, but I do know he was the guy in charge after Stalin kicked the bucket. The guy in charge was named Khrushchev, ain't I lucky, spell check has it stored in its memory! Anyways, mom and dad were having a cook out party and mom's boss, his wife and a lot of other people were there. I was still in the learning mode in school, and thou ...
Lester holt get outta my head.bad bad lisa
Lester Holt is the whitest black man ever! Please don't ever dance on the air again! I still love u though! ROFLMBO
The US will probably get to see this in about 12 hours. We're watching Lester Holt eat right now.
Reg, put the hockey game on! "Lester Holt just lost his black card.
Good for Lester Holt during Olympics coverage of food in Sochi to sample and identify the string cheese from Armenia.
Lester Holt should be called Lester Head *** These Olympics have me exhausted-
Lester Holt just lost his black card.
Lester Holt u r truly the whitest black guy I know!
Lester Holt is the whitest black guy on tv
Currently on NBC, Lester Holt interviewing some Pace family..meanwhile America wonders where the *** NBCSN is on their cable dial lol.
How is NBC not showing the USA Russsia game??? NBC and Lester Holt are communists
Lester. Holt and Natalie Morales live from Sochi coming up on TODAY show
Turned on Today show for an Olympic update and they're having camera issues so we got to watch make up touch ups. Wyatt goes "But Mom, boys don't wear make up!" as they were touching up Lester Holt's face. LOL Kinda funna
dude. DVR that stuff from early am and you get Lester Holt
I seriously never watch NBC. Only for Lester Holt.
Why hasn't Lester Holt been tapped to fill in for Costas?
IMO, Lester Holt and Meredith Viera is your secret weapons for the Olympics! If no Jim McKay, then Lester and Viera
Kate - Your dancing piece with Lester Holt and your personality in general have been one of the highlights of the games! U Rock!
Lester Holt saying "Hashtag Sochi Selfie" outloud with a straight face should win him a medal.
Does anyone else think NBC's Lester Holt sounds like Barack Obama?
Lester Holt is pinch hitting for Al Michaels!!
Interesting NBC is going with Matt Lauer/Meredith Vieira instead of Al Michaels/Dan Patrick/Lester Holt to fill-in for Bob Costas. Thoughts?
not sure what Tim McCarver was doing then co-hosting the primetime portion of the games. Lester Holt is doing afternoon telecasts
Holy crap I've had Willie Geist and Lester Holt confused. This is mind-blowing.
He dances like a man without an upper lip."Lester Holt" , Kate Hansen dancing at Olympics ...: via
NBC has Brian Williams, Dan Patrick, Lester Holt, Al Michaels and Mary Carrillo, and they're putting Meredith Vieira in primetime?
The new avatar will be added this afternoon. When you click on it, you will have access to Lester Holt's bio page
Lester Holt is the Joe McEwing of NBC. He could fill in with no problems.
"I haven't seen a single gun." -- Lester Holt on the safety of the Olympics
Anchor Fails to Dance Like US Olympian (via worlds upside down to me now
WARNING: Watching Lester Holt try to dance like Kate Hansen to Beyonce may cause injury from cringing:
Sorry Matt Lauer, but Lester Holt is a MUCH better announcer.
Lester Holt finally trying to be a black man again with his dance moves and lingo during the Olympics coverage was embarrassing. And HILARIOUS!!!
Watching the Olympics, here's my pick (not that anyone cares)to get the Today Show back on track. Lester Holt, Willie Geist, Jenna Bush Hager, Al & Natalie, Savannah(?). Don't care who's where, but Matt, other Jenna (Wolfe) gotta go!
Congrats to for gold in her first Olympics! Lester Holt is talking to her &
Oh look! It's Lester Holt and Vladmir Posner in Zinc chairs!
We all know a person like this.Lester Holt tries to dance like Kate Hansen and it’s pretty awkward. .
It’s not even noon and I’ve written twenty haikus about Lester Holt’s vests.
Keisha Warren: I am watching Lester Holt cover the Olympics. He's wearing glasses! :)
Lester Holt: "What would you have changed about that gold medal run?" Uh...
Lester Holt & Kate Hansen dancing during Olympic coverage converted to music video.
Also, Lester Holt is an embarrassment in that last gif.
A dancing Lester Holt just made my morning.
I don't even care, I love Lester Holt lol. I feel kinda bad that they keep making Kate Hansen dance. kind of losing it's luster.. lets move on please.
Lester Holt had Dancin' Kate Hansen on during NBC's Olympics coverage this afternoon and, of course, made her break out her now-famous moves. Weeks after the Olympics end, we're going to find out Duncan Kennedy had something to do with this.
If not for a snow day, I never would've seen Lester Holt's incredibly awkward dance moves. Thanks?
Check out the awkwardness as NBC Olympic host Lester Holt tries to do some dance moves with a couple
Just watched the welcome to jury duty service video. With Lester Holt. When he still lived in Chicago. In the 80s.this video is older than some of my coworkers.
NBC’s Lester Holt had Olympian Kate Hansen on set for some dancing action. Of course, there are tons of opportunities to make this nugget into something even more entertaining. The music video above cuts the video to the song “Lester Holt” by Transient Frank (ironically, this song was around long be...
Lester Holt tried to dance like Kate Hansen. It will make you cringe.
Just can't let a good dancing Lester slip by. Olympic segment of Lester Holt and Kate Hansen dancing during Olympic coverage set to "Lester Holt" by Transien...
You wanna see something cool? Lester Holt has moves, something we all assumed to be true. He’s just long needed a dance partner. Enter Kate Hansen and her Beyoncé inspired dance spasms. She’s given the luge community reason to celebrate.…
I loved seeing Kate Hansen dance with Lester Holt.
LMAO ,Lester holt I think trying to dance , he cant , not rhythm at all
Lester holt , don't quite ur day job! Hysterical !!!
There are only a few ways to watch the Olympics 1-Buy a ticket to Sochi and the desired venues. 2-Buy the top cost packages for cable and dish(the cost for the 2 year 'contract' probably about the same as the ticket(s) to Sochi) 3-And those of us that can't afford 1 or 2, Try our damnedest to be content with 'local' broadcast, which jut amounts to watching Al Michaels and Lester Holt grow old in front of our eyes, with little honest Olympic coverage. NBC should NEVER get coverage rights to ANY sport event(s).
We're not sure who gave NBC anchor Lester Holt the idea to shake his moneymaker with two members of the U.S. Olympic women's luge team, but somebody's got to be held responsible for ... this: Maybe...
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*GASP* I just saw Lester Holt dance. News Flash: He is terrible! Let's just say that's a secret he should have kept in the closet.
Just watched Lester Holt try and dance on the NBC Olympic coverage. He's got nothing. I got all that mans rhythm. Call me Les.
I'm watching the Olympics and I just seen Lester Holt dance he must be the whitest black man I've ever seen rhythm.. lol
I used to have a serious crush on Lester Holt until I just saw him dance.
Lester Holt of NBC dancing to Crazy in Love by Beyonce/Jay Z with Kate Hansen and Erin Hart of the U.S. Women's Luge team.. Now I've seen everything..
Lester Holt heard that one Luge athlete who placed tenth in the women's single finals always dances to get ready for each race. He had her come to the NBC studios in Sochi and danced with her. Very cool, Lester!
must admit.NBC's Lester Holt does a great "drunk white guy dance".
Lester Holt ...dancing like like Carton's OLDEST brother, but having FUN.:)
Lester Holt!!! *** DID YOU JUST DO?!?!?! He did NOT just dance with the dancing Olympian?! Ugh! It was awful, and I will place a bet that either Stephen Colbert or John Stewart will use the footage to their advantage!!! I love you, but really?!?!
Is it me or should Lester Holt NEVER DANCE on tv again
Lester Holt just convinced the lugers to get up and dance with him during their interview. It is just wrong.
Lester Holt just did the white man shuffle complete with the overbite!!! Lmfao
Lester Holt just danced to Beyonce with on NBC. And it was fantastic.
Lester Holt completely nerded out yikes
2014 Olympic Bronze medalist (luge) Erin Hamlin gave 1 of the greatest interviews I've heard in awhile. Friendly, informational, & she marketed her sport well. In this same interview, Lester Holt tried to dance and I give him credit for trying...
OMG Lester Holt was just dancing with Kate Hansen!
Costas Watch, Day Two: For the second night in a row, Bob Costas will be seen in costume...he's fine-tuning his Lester Holt full-body suit.
Feb. 16 @ 0930am SJB Mission-State Park lawn. San Juan Bautista CA Please take your place in the Calling The Rain Prayer Circle and dance for the balance of rain and sun to continue until California has reached Her natural level. Chiefs, Headmen, Woman Elders, Spiritual Leaders, families, children,etc. and all who are concerned about the California drought. Los Angeles Times reporter-journalist will be here. All reporters welcome. We have been on local and national NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt re: why we dance. Let it be. From Laynee Reyna (She Who Makes Things Happen).
So here’s the thing: I love Bob Costas. No, that’s not it; Everyone loves Bob Costas. Costas, to me, is the ultimate voice of reason and logical commentary during a period of time in which I am at my most crazy. Costas sorts through all the crap, pushes hype to the side when it’s too much, and inserts it when he knows we need to pay attention. That he has sparkling blue eyes in which lay the secrets of the ocean is secondary. And I understand that he needs to take some time to keep them sparkling. But it is with great anger that I learned that NBC is handing it off to MATT effing LAUER and his STUPID FACE. THE OLYMPICS DESERVE BETTER, NBC! Bring in Lester Holt!
NBC's Olympic coverage is AWEFUL!! They just said that they were going to live coverage every day...really? Now we get to see Lester Holt.AGAIN!!!
I'm no big fan of the Olympics, whether summer or winter, but I gotta say this winter's edition is really unwatchable. I don't know whether the NBC coverage is worse than usual -- which would seem impossible -- but we do have Al Michaels, Lester Holt and the ever somnolent Dan Patrick snoozing through events. 50 billion reasons to watch something else.
Just heard Matt Lauer is replacing Bob Costas due to his eye infections on NBC's Prime time Olympics broadcast.My reaction why Lauer..Both NBC'sBrian Williams and Lester Holt are better anchors and could do a better job in the anchor chair than the overrated NBC LAuer.
Good to see NBC brought in the young Hip Commentating Team for the Winter Olympics...Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Dan Patrick and Mr Snowboard himself Lester Holt.
Whitney Richards, Lester Holt interviewed Shani Davis this am on NBC.
Ok NBC! You would not be my first choice for airing the Summer/Winter Olympics! Seeing Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth and Lester Holt doing the show part of it is confusing. I see Al and Chris and I'm thinking football, but no, it's ice skating(dancing), ice prancing! And how the *** is that a team event?
61 degrees in Sochi? Did I just hear that correctly Lester Holt?
From skip to sweeper, Lester Holt learns all there is to know about curling from the U.S. women's team.
What's up lately with seemingly every on-air broadcaster having to wear "Lester Holt" glasses?
"Why I love the Olympics?" Sage Kotsenburg won a gold medal in Slopestyle. Basically Spicoli who was the doped surfer dude from Fast Times at Ridgemont High won a gold medal for going down a slope and throwing himself in to a Japan 1660 I think it is called. Just spontaneously he threw a trick he had never done before and won gold. He is fun to watch interview. Basically Bob Costas has taken credit for telling him he should have thrown the trick and Lester Holt has taken credit for being his training partner. The funny thing was he won the first gold on the first day. He missed the Opening ceremonies so he could stay home and rest since his team mates got in from the opening events about 2am. They asked him what was he going to do now? He is going to go to as many of the other events as he can and enjoy them.
JUST about to turn off the news in the background and astounded that neither Lester Holt or Evan L (the guy who won gold for figure skating 4 years ago) asked "what is that music playing?"….Uh…SWAN LAKE….possibilty the most famous ballet music ever! Just had to share!
NEWS FLASH: NBC's Lester Holt openly says Obumma Care is a JOB KILLER ,… wonder how much longer he'll be employed there
Lester Holt has me convinced to watch curling tomorrow!! Guess he earned his paycheck!
Just to show that I'm not dead yet and that I do have a lighter side, I have a couple of comments about the Olympics; That 15-year-old Russian girl figure skater looks like she weighs about 65 pounds. It made me wonder how many times I could lift her over my head like I was lifting weights before I dropped her and one, or both of us, got hurt. Probably none, but my chances would be a lot better than trying to lift 120 to 140 pounds! :-) I got a kick out of Lester Holt asking the three women hosts of TODAY this morning, if they had watched much of the Olympics yet. No pressure ladies - just tell 'em you have been watching something else if that is really the case. Ha! :-) Even so, one of the women said nothing. The same question was put to the women yesterday by another man and he got a really lukewarm response. My - things sure can change in a day. Sometimes, one feels like a little coaching is going on behind the scenes!
After a few days of NBC's limited coverage of Ice Skating and some other events in Russia, I have the following impressions. A network who has only one NFL football game a week has lost it's sports edge. They are the HGTV of Network Television. Bob Costas is not Jim McKay and if something bad does occurs he needs to be out of the studio fast and get Lester Holt in there to cover it. I understand trying to draw a younger audience, by showing all the XGames type stuff it is even fun to watch but do advertisers not realize there people they target don't watch TV. NBC has consultants that have told them to feed America's on Ice Skating, Ice Skating and more Ice Skating. Graded art is not near as fun to watch as any even where someone has to faster, go further or higher. I enjoy ballet and opera and classical music, but 13 of 16 nights of coverage around Ice Skating is a weak and soft decision by NBC. I hope to find a rose in the snow of these games, but so far, all I have is a bad taste if Ice Skating ...
In order to win the first Olympic gold medal of the Sochi Games, Sage Kotsenburg risked his life training countless hours in slopestyle. NBC's Lester Holt joins the Olympic champion on the mountain to discuss the extreme nature of the event.
Why is Lester Holt in Sochi at the Olympics? Are some athletes going to get busted on Dateline for homicide or underage dating?
Heidi here at the ski Village Rosa Khutor doing the NBC today show live this morning with Lester Holt. Proud of the way you have handled this all Heidi Kloser. Women's mogul finals tonight, we'll be up cheering on the US girls, hopefully Heidi will be able to be there with us.
Lester Holt from NBC looks like a fool with his helmet and SUNGLASSES (no goggles) during his snowboard lesson on the Today Show. You would think NBC could afford goggles for him.
Today Show's Lester Holt interviewing Russian supermodel who led in the Russian Olympic athletes: "It was nice seeing you" Ya think?! She's gorgeous! Highlight of his day!!
Lester Holt - talking to the 15 girl who trashed her knee knocking her out of the Olympics "How do you feel? What happened? Do you still consider yourself an Olympian?" Dude! You are a tool! She is still just a 15 year old kid!
I was reminded of You guys tonight, J and Haley. While watching the Olympics I discovered I now know of two tv personalities that remind me of J. Tonight was nbc host Lester Holt. Check him out. Am I alone on this one? Do you remember who the other tv personality was?
Did anybody else get that by Lester Holt!! What he said, For the next 16 days, we follow suit, we only talk about the things we should be talking about when we're covering the Olympics games of the Athletic, the Athletic competition.Let's keep our fingers cross. Now, that's scary!! That's exactly what he said..
What did Lester Holt say at the beginning? Their show reportedly wouldn't be as grand or showy as Beijing's? Yeah right. The Russians put on quite a show!
Guest stars Martin Short, Jason Alexander, Lester Holt, Julie Bowen, Valerie Bertinelli and Beth Behrs join Jane Lynch for a night of fun and games.
ECHOES by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (1/26/2014) SCRABBLE According to Today Weekend on Sunday, January 26, 2014, Lester Holt, Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe, and Dylan Dreyer said: “Scrabble created by an out-of-work architect during the Great Depression sold two million copies. Lesters says his go to is : “QI”. There are 101 two-letter words. Other two letter words are: JI and XI.” (NBC, 2014) This is an excellent activity to increase vocabulary.
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Sure, you’ve seen TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe breaking news stories with Lester Holt on the weekends from Studio 1A, but did you know that she’s...
Watching The Weekend Today Show... They should REPLACE the weekday crew effective IMMEDIATELY... Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe, Erica Hill are what's up!
Lester Holt doesn't sound as turned-on by murder as Keith Morrison does. Not sure if that makes his voice-overs more or less disturbing.
Video on Today: The show “Hollywood Game Night” is somewhere between a celebrity pop quiz, a cocktail party and a late-night jam session. Watch what happened when TODAY’s Lester Holt was invited to play.
Lester Holt and Brian Williams are my favorite news anchors.
That moment when Lester Holt says, "And now to present this Dateline Mystery, here's Keith Morrison"
Keith Morrison & Lester Holt have the greatest voices I've ever heard.
Mosiah Bridges is no ordinary 11 year old. He refers to himself as NBT. What does that stand for? Next Big Thing. And that is exactly what he is. Lester Holt from TODAY said that Bridges was precocious, well-dressed, and very talented. So what does he do that makes him so talented and will make […]
I hope this link works below if you'd like to add your own thoughts or comments, even share some photos! Or start your own post! As part of TODAY’s Shine a Light series, Erica Hill, Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer will learn and share tips on how to eat better, exercise more and get enough sleep — and they want to partner with a community that will do it with them.
Video on A new movie tells the real-life story of a group of Navy SEALS forced to fight for their lives as the Taliban tries hunting them down. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.
Lester Holt is taking Saturday and Sunday off (presumably to get somewhere with tolerable temperatures). Looking forward to hanging out with Erica, Jenna, and Dylan for this weekend's Today Show. If you're in the neighborhood, swing by 30 Rock. I'm a guest host, so I can't you in, but you're more than welcome to watch the show from outside the studio. No thanks? Not up for risking frostbite while enduring 15-20 degree temps. How about tuning in from the comfort and warmth of your own.wherever you watch your television. See you bright and early. Will have the latest news, weather, and fun.
Photo: Lester Holt reporting from LSA's rooftop with NYCHA buildings in East Harlem as a backgdrop.
Coffee Quotes Page 7 - BrainyQuote via Lester Holt you need coffee to wake up
Rachel took a picture with Lester Holt.
A morning with Lester Holt is a good morning...stop by Oceans of Pets today and support small businesses! I bet Lester Holt would if he could. Because he knows best.
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Cleveland, Lester, Tim, and holt dancing to
Lester Holt most definitely sold his soul to the devil
I hope they make you the permanent substitute host after Lester holt.
Flawless! Now that I think about it, forget my Lester Holt comment; Brian Williams should pass torch to you!
You were absolutely *outstanding* last night on NN. Flawless audition! Time for Lester Holt to pass the torch.
Thank you Matt Lauer and company for giving Lester Holt The day off to spend with his family. It's about time
I like watching Lester Holt on but those nanny glasses make it look like he's always struggling to see
Tamron is doing the nightly news tonight??. A) Merry Christmas!!. B) Lester holt is… OFF?!?!?!(!
"You know what? This year I'm going to take off the day before the holiday, and let Lester Holt have the holiday off". Bizarro Brian Williams
Stunt Experience sample Video featured on NBC's "Today Show" Starring Lester Holt.. These are some of the Stunts that you will be learning in the Kids Camps and Pro Clinics.. SIGN UP NOW..!!
Not sure what it is about him, but Michael Stahan makes me laugh. I think the only person who is on more TV shows is Lester Holt.
So NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt has made me cry with their last story. A woman's last 3 wishes were brought 2 life after her death of 2 yrs. Her husband, radio personalities, & I were just bawling. LOVE knows no time! LOVE follows u even after death!
Watching Lester Holt sign-off tonight on NBC's Nightly News he said, "Football Night in America is next, follwed by the Bears versus the Eagles." As a fellow Chicago guy, I could just tell he wanted to say, "Go Bears"! But being a top-flight broadcast journalist, he refrained.
Video on Clara Gantt’s husband, Sgt. First Class Joseph Gantt, died as a prisoner of war 1951. His family never knew what happened to him – and his wife refused to remarry. On Friday, she was finally presented with his remains in an honor guard ceremony. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.
Listening to Lester Holt try to speak Italian with a faux accent is making me uncomfortable.
dude I could definitely see you being the next john Stewart or Lester holt, or maybe a smart version of bill O'Reilly.
In a story about today's spacewalk, Lester Holt of NBC News just called space "the most hostile environment known to man." I guess he's never been to Buffalo.
Lester Holt just called space "the most unforgivable environment known to man" so he's clearly never been to my girlfriend's parents' house.
KYMA News 11 is having technical difficulties that affect programming. NBC's Nightly News with Lester Holt is on now.
back in NJ for the holidays, was laughing about our "Do the voice!" convo while watching Lester Holt & David Ushery :)
NBC News. Nightly news with Lester Holt. The First Report from an English speaking News Agency about...
Lester Holt could anchor any newscast nightly but NBCs. He's that good. Brian Williams is just godly
And Lester holt is working the Saturday before Christmas
My homeboy Lester Holt is doing life with a fivehead.
Weekend today has Natalie Morales on with Lester Holt love them together
NBC's Today show spewing out more lies about Phil Roberson this morning, as Lester Holt claims Phil made anti *** remarks. Such lies, it clearly shows that there is an agenda and it is one that I cannot and will not support.
No one is more pleasurable to watch than Natalie Morales and Lester Holt. Make them prime anchors, please.
Preparing to enter the weather "nightmare of the season" thanks Lester Holt for sending me straight to the cinnamon rolls󾌯
Lester Holt...NBC Today (just now) said, "New fallout over Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's anti *** remarks.
Just goes to show, true love knows no time nor space. Even Lester Holt was breaking down sharing this. Quite moving.
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Lester Holt had some great stories tonight on Nightly News! A couple were good tearjerkers.
Sean Hayes, Chris Colfer, Rosie O'Donnell and More to Appear on Hollywood Game Night, Returning to NBC 1/20 "Hollywood Game Night" will return to NBC on Monday, Jan. 20 with back-to-back episodes (8-10 p.m. ET/PT). The season kicks off with a heated battle of the sexes. Julie Bowen, Beth Behrs and Valerie Bertinelli will face off against Lester Holt, Jason Alexander and Martin Short in a series of hilarious games Ve lo posto come post perchè sotto non ci sono foto M
when does Keith Morrison narrate dateline?Lester Holt just doesn't cut the mustard. Trying to set the dvr to record Keith.
Would someone please get Lester Holt a top lip!?
I'm starting to have a fever... Olympic fever! Ps is it sad that I'm disappointed to find out that Lester Holt doesn't have a ponytail?
Watching an informational video at the Court House. Clearly it has been a while since the updated this video as Lester Holt is the narrator and he still has a mustache.
For those who wear/like Bow Ties checkout this young entrepreneur. I saw his interview w/Lester Holt on the Today Show.
I saw Mosiah's story yesterday on the Today Show, he is a maker of Bow Ties and he made one for & named it the Lester Holt.
Video on Today: Mo Bridges, 11, is the CEO and creative force behind Mo's Bows, a company that's sold tens of thousands of bow ties. He tells TODAY's Lester Holt that they make him "look good and feel good."
Check out this lineup of NBC Winter Olympics hosts for the Sochi Games in February: Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Dan Patrick, Lester Holt, and Mercersburg's own Rebecca Lowe ’99.
6:30 in our house means Brian Williams and/or Lester Holt best news anchors by far!
Yes, Today Show anchors did just ask Lester Holt to give Jenna Bush Hager new parenting advice as he reported from Mandela's funeral.
Glad for NBC's Lester Holt for getting the assignment in South Africa. He's the hardest working man in news. Hope Richard Engle can go, too.
Lester Holt(NBC) interviewing Charlayne Hunter Gault, a journalist and historic figure in her own right.
Am in Soweto where the streets are filled with dancing and joyful singing. Right across the street from Nelson Mandela's house. About to go on with NBC's Lester Holt. Stay tuned.
Last night pre-empted for a Lester Holt special about Nelson Mandela. Surprisingly, there was no mention of Steve Biko.
Watching the TODAY show with Lester Holt in S. Africa in front of Nelson Mandela's home and disgusted by these 2 black people constantly trying to get in the camera shot! AND the man's wearing a Raven's football jersey AND the woman's smiling, waving at the camera and saying, "Hi Mom!" ALL while she's chewing her gum like a cow chewing cud! Complete and total disrespect for Nelson Mandela's passing!
Lester Holt singing to a baby. I can't even.
NBC's Lester Holt picked a great place to do a live shot near Nelson Mandela's home this morning. Holt was trying to talk while a group of little kids were beating on drums nearby.
Lester Holt is covering Mandela's death live from South Africa when random guy in a Ray Lewis jersey parks behind Lester and leers in to the camera like a cow stares at an oncoming train. Nothing embodies the spirit of Nelson Mandela like Ray Lewis.
Watching the Today Show with Lester Holt in South Africa for the response to the death of Nelson Mandela. Standing directly behind him is a guy in a Ray Rice jersey! R.I.P. Nelson Mandela.
Today Show is in South Africa.the guy behind Lester Holt is wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey. GO Ravens!!!
Watching the Today Show and Lester Holt is in Soweto, SA and the guy behind him is sporting a Ray Rice Jersey! Woohoo!
any body watch the TODAY SHOW . Lester Holt in South Africa while doing live interview. there are Ravens fans there. One guy wearing a Ray Rice jersey. Just thought that was pretty cool seeing someone with our team jersey over there
Two thoughts today. 2.3 Degrees and when does Lester Holt Sleep?
I'm not sure who else is awake right now but the Today Show's Lester Holt is in South Africa celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. But for some strange reason I can't keep my eyes off the gentleman behind Lester who is wearing a Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice jersey!
Just saw Today live shot of Lester Holt in South Africa. Standing behind him was a man in a Ray Rice jersey. Go Ravens, Go Baltimore!
Can't believe this. Watching the today show and right behind Lester Holt is a guy in South Africa with a 27 Jersey on. Ravens represented In South Africa. He is on now
Can the gentleman in the Baltimore Ravens jersey stop taking pictures of Lester Holt & live shot from Johannesburg? It's tacky.
Watching today's coverage of Nelson Mandela's death (in South Africa) Lester Holt is talking to a local man, and there is a man in the background wearing a ravens jersey
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Omg, there is a guy in a Ravens jersey behind Lester holt in South Africa! Baltimore represent!. .
Watching Lester Holt in Sooth Africa and who do I see front and center but a South African wearing a Ravens Football jersey. Guess that what happens when you are World Champs.
So, I turn the 7am news on, and they go to a live shot in Soweto South Africa, and behind Lester Holt is a guy with a Ray Rice jersey on... Unbelievable...
Lester holt is in South Africa on the today show and there's a guy behind him in a Ray Rice jersey... Pretty cool
Lester Holt and I have the same size forehead
Msnbc, thank you for running Mandela's story by Lester Holt Tonight. is the first time the massacre of the children at Soweto.
I have a crush on Lester Holt from Dateline.
As sad as it is, every time there is a murder covered on national news, I know that in 12-18 months, I will get the full story from Keith Morrison or Lester Holt on a cozy Friday night. Man, I love Dateline.
MSNBC just broadcast a special Nelson Mandela edition of Headliners & Legends hosted by Lester Holt, which will now be followed by seven hours of Lock Up. Hmmm...
anyone noticed that Lester Holt looks like Ted Danson in black face
Gr8 history lesson re Nelson Mandela via and Lester Holt on Much appreciated.
Enough with the scripted shows tonight, I'm watching Dateline with Lester Holt.
Has Dateline gone broke? Why is Lester Holt always repoting from some abandoned warehouse?
Missing Marie on was an unbelievably interesting piece of journalism. Lester Holt is amazing.
Lester holt catching the red eye to SA... That's gone be a long 18/19hrs ✈️
Lester Holt has no upper lip. At all.
Lester Holt's hairline is worse than Pete Campbell's
Watching Dateline w/Lester Holt.This is gonna be a good one. Missing Marie. Tune in if you can. NBC.
Apparently it will be Lester Holt interviewing Matthew tomorrow morning 󾌰
Lester Holt has been added to the NewsMageddon database! Come check out his profile!
NBC hires Jeff Burton for NASCAR, Lester Holt will anchor Olympic coverage on NBC, Nomar G. headed to L.A. RSN:
sweet. BTW, at some point don't you think we could band together and get the mustachioed Lester Holt off the intro video?
Video on A mild hurricane season has come to an end with 13 named storms, two of which making it to hurricane strength. NBC’s Lester Holt reports.
Holt better lower there curriculum or else there whole school is about to be in ed trek
Amy used to be on Weekend Today on Saturday's with Lester Holt. She has two children. Good thing she had the mammogram.
Hello everyone! As the Fall Semester's wrapping up, we wanted to give you a heads up as to something exciting coming your way for the Spring Semester! We will be offering a one-credit, block course in Broadcast Journalism. The class will be led by Jamie Kraft - Executive Producer for NBC's Nightly News Weekend Edition with Lester Holt. Right now the plan is that the course will be held over the course of one weekend. Students will have an opportunity to produce a live newscast from beginning to end. In addition, Jamie will review students' demo reels. We don't yet know the specific dates, as soon as we do, we'll let you know. In the meantime, I wanted to give you a heads up so that it'd be on your radar!
Welcome to the crew Dan Patrick, Rebecca Lowe & !
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