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Leslie Knope

Leslie Barbara Knope (born January 18, 1975) is a fictional character in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.

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You are, as our snap streak says, πŸ’―. We are Leslie Knope & Ann Perkins. HBD Ily. Simple as that
today I gave my first speech in public speaking and totally felt like Leslie Knope
I'm going to try to channel the spirit of Leslie Knope: a stubborn fighter who knows how to ace self care (waffles)
The thing about youth culture is that I don't understand it. -Leslie Knope and also me.
"No matter what I do, nothing can happen to me. I'm like a white male U.S. Senator." -Leslie Knope
Trying to be political but I'm really Leslie Knope
All women should aspire to be like Leslie Knope
Leslie Knope would be proud of how this Parks and Rec team is handling a graffiti artist.
This message is Leslie Knope approved. Now pass the whipped cream and get to eatin'. Check it all out at…
speaking of Leslie Knope low profile galentines day?
Drunk Leslie Knope is my spirit animal
I need Leslie Knope to sooth me right now
Be the Leslie Knope you wish to see in the world πŸ₯ž
Jill Thompson is the Leslie Knope of County Auditor's, great class on the budget process at the Ohio Township Assoc…
Before Peggy Olsen, Leslie Knope, Liz Lemon, Murphy Brown and Pam Beesly there was Mary Tyler Moore, an icon and pi…
It dawned on me last night - Kellyanne Conway is exactly the kind of woman Leslie Knope would have to try to keep Ron Swanson from marrying.
We need a Leslie Knope and Ron fighting in Washington!
I'm a mixture of Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, and Chris Traeger and this is why it hurts to be me
"You're literally the love child of Pam Beesly and Leslie Knope" - . THE BEST COMPLIMENT IVE EVER RECEIVED
it's like Leslie Knope talking to the residents of Pawnee at a town hall meeting.
I'm Leslie Knope, Kimmy Schmidt, Jessica Day, Michael Scott, and Tom Haverford all in one
Still as weird and awkward today! Thank you Maggie!!❀️ Thanks for being the Leslie Knope to my AnnπŸ˜‚
Ann, you beautiful tropical fish... -Leslie Knope . Love her! 🐠
Leslie Knope didn't meet Ann Perkins till she was 34. . hang tough through the dark days, loves. there are beautiful tropical…
I do everything with the intent to make Hermione Granger, Leslie Knope, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and River Song proud
A letter to America from Leslie Knope, regarding Donald Trump via
Leslie Knope wrote a letter to America about Trump's election
I can have breakfast three times a day. You are a wise woman Leslie Knope
What would Leslie Knope do. What would Katya Zamalodchikova do. What would Patty Murray do. 3 questions that precede each of m…
Yo I've been attributing "you sweet summer child" to Leslie Knope talking to Ann Perkins instead of Game of Thrones thi…
Instead of Hilary and Trump. Can it be Leslie Knope and Michael Scott?
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Every girl deserves a friend like Leslie Knope is to Ann Perkins lol she always compliments her on every occasion and it's just so positive
Personally I like to think that is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope
Decided to rewatch parks and rec. Second episode in and I'm already tearing up because I just love Leslie Knope so much 😘
At the town hall, can Hillary repeat verbatim Leslie Knope's closing arguments from "The Debate" and walk out please?
Lmao this debate is like Bobby Newport vs. Leslie Knope
Trump vs Clinton reminds me so much of Leslie Knope vs Bobby Newport.
I like Leslie Knope but I feel like she supports the same kind of feminism Chloe Grace Moretz does
The only debate I'll ever watch is Leslie Knope vs Bobby Newport
Is it just me or does this debate remind anyone else of the debate between Leslie Knope and Bobby Newport?πŸ€”
Did anyone else realize this election is like Leslie Knope vs. Bobby Newport (a mean version)...?
"It's not nice, and I don't deserve it." Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton or Bobby Newport to Leslie Knope?
This election literally is Leslie Knope vs. Bobby Newport
I feel like Leslie Knope and Bobby Newport would be better candidates than the ones we have now...
The US election campaign is like watching Leslie Knope run against Bobby Newport for city council...only this is real life...😳
This presidential election is literally exactly like when Leslie Knope ran against Bobby Newport ugh
Thought Clinton v. Trump was a lot like Leslie Knope v. Bobby Newport? You’re not alone
This is literally a dark timeline version of Leslie Knope v. Bobby Newport from Parks and Rec
I love this live reenactment of Leslie Knope and Bobby Newport
1) lowkey a mix of Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and Tom Haverford
This election would be so much more interesting if one of the candidates was Leslie Knope
Literally tearing up at Leslie Knope winning city councilwoman what is wrong with me
That debate last night was like watching Leslie Knope argue with Benito Mussolini.
Today I'm channeling Leslie Knope and Michelle Obama "When they go low, we go high" with a mix of
Leslie Knope and Bobby Newport. Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Me and any guy who's told me to smile
My after talk w/ Hermione, Bubbles (PPG) + combination of Kenneth Parcell, Leslie Knope and Pam Halpert
I'm a fun-loving Type A control freak like Leslie Knope, image conscious like Valerie Cherish & eat my meat bloody as *** like Mia Wallace.
I avoid the library like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson too.
Was just the Leslie Knope of nuclear medicine and bought a Nuc Med tee shirt and car decal for nuclear medicine week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€“β˜’
Fact: no one is more tolerant of my permanent state of being Marianne Dashwood/Leslie Knope than…
Carter is our Jerry Gergich of Parks & Rec. Sabin is Ron Swanson. And I am Leslie Knope
Yeah I started putting pictures of Ron Swanson up in my dorm, and yes a girl in my dorm replied with Leslie Knope pictures covering them.
I'm just looking for the Leslie Knope to my Ben Wyatt
Chris Kummer, Warren County Parks and Rec Director, is the real Leslie Knope. The man is a wizard.
I can go from Leslie Knope to Ron Swanson to Tom Haverford in a total of like 2 hours
Leslie Knope meeting Michelle Obama is literally me if I ever met Michelle
I just want a friend to love me like Leslie Knope loves Ann Perkins
send your best friend Leslie Knope to Ann Perkins gifs so she know it's real
Ordinarily I imagine politics as being kinda like Leslie Knope vs Ron Swanson. This year seems more like Leslie Knope vs Dennis Feinstein.
is the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins
can I be the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope?
Just because I want to post it and say "The Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope"
My self care motto is treat yoself the way Leslie Knope would treat Ann Perkins 🌷🍫
I aspire to compliment people the way Leslie Knope compliments Ann Perkins
I refuse to date again until I find someone that talks to me like Leslie Knope talks to Ann Perkins.
you're right, that's insane, you're the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope
in need of a friendship like Ann Perkins & Leslie Knope
I also hope Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are enjoying their National Girlfriend Day
My dream vacation is a full week touring Washington DC with Leslie Knope.
How is Leslie Knope reacting after VP Joe Biden's speech? We have some ideas:
One of the best sounds in life: "Hi, this is Leslie Knope from the Parks department"
the best politician to come out of Indiana is Leslie Knope and she's not even real, that's how low the bar is
I want to be treated like Ann Perkins, but Idk if it's by Chris Trager, or Leslie Knope.
I haven't done laundry in over a month so all my Leslie Knope clothes are dirty and I have to resort to wearing my Erin Brockovich clothes
I live in a competitive city council district currently held by a Republican, and I aspire to be Leslie Knope. Are the stars aligning??
First Amy Poehler vs Leslie Knope over on the blog
Do I have to be a Leslie Knope in order to find my Ben Wyatt? Cuz I am the love child of Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford & that's unfortunate
1. Leslie Knope is qualified, knows what she wants, and is prepared to fight for what is right for the city of Pawnee. Same for Hillary
Sometimes I'm like Chris Traeger and other times I'm like Ron Swanson. And sometimes Leslie Knope ya never know
is my Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope πŸ’–πŸ’–
I just want someone to love me as much as Leslie Knope loves Ann Perkins
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I'm the Leslie Knope to your Ann Perkins (same last name, coincidence? I think not)
I love you Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope!! You're the best friend a girl could ever ask for!! πŸ˜˜πŸ’–
Loving others like Jesus is basically like loving people the way Leslie Knope loves Ann Perkins
Edna is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope
I'm like a weird mix of Leslie Knope, Mindy Lahiri & Tina Belcher which may come back to haunt me
I'd like to thank Leslie Knope, Kesha, Tina Belcher, Solange, Rihanna, and Dwight Jordan for helping me get to 23 ty ily πŸ’—
I was referring to Leslie Knope but you seem to fit the bill 😘
Find someone who loves you more than Stanley loves pretzel day and as much as Leslie Knope loves Pawnee
I just wished I loved Citrus County as much as Leslie Knope loves Pawnee
In my head I got a Leslie Knope telling me to save money for prom, but a Tom Haverford in my heart telling me to "treat yo self".
A description of me : Leslie Knope, Tina Belcher, Pam Poovey, Lana Kane, and Rapunzel
I wish I had a group of friends like Leslie Knope does who will make me Lilith Fair revival posters when I'm sad
I have two moods: Leslie Knope or April Ludgate and there is absolutely no in between
Parks & Rec! Peach as Leslie Knope, Cermet as Tom Haverford, and Mr. Marbles as Ron Swanson!
.can you put me in touch with Leslie Knope or Tom Haverford?
Julia gave me the best compliment ever today because she said I'm a cross between Jessica Day and Leslie Knope *** YEAH
is the Leslie Knope to my Anne Perkins
I forgot how much I loved Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt πŸ’‘πŸ’•
I want a relationship like Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt❀️ Is that too much to ask for?!
Wanted: a Jim Halpert to my Pam Beasley, a Ben Wyatt to my Leslie Knope, and a Shane Grey to my Mitchie Torres.
I'm still sad that Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt aren't actually a couple in real life
Constantly in search for the Ben Wyatt to my Leslie Knope. Please contact if found. Ty
Our greatest failure as human beings is perhaps best displayed by Amy Poehler never winning an Emmy for Leslie Knope.
tbh if I ever win a Tony or Helen Hayes award or something, I'm probably still gonna value my Leslie Knope paper plate award more
Be as passionate as Leslie Knope and as carefree as Andy Dwyer.
Hear from my boss Leslie Knope on why investing in is critical:
I'm either Leslie Knope or Ron Swanson. there is no in between.
Feel like the Bernie Campaign is like an episode of Parks & Rec. Specifically season 4 finally when Leslie Knope loses to Bobby Newport.
The Leslie Knope campaign theme song is stuck in my head
I have a 5 step plan for my allergies...and this is why people say I remind them of Leslie Knope
Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do //
This makes my inner Leslie Knope squee!
Strive to be the Leslie Knope of whatever it is that you love to do
Leslie Knope. -badass government official. -loves Anne Perkins . -can accomplish anything she puts her mind to
I need somebody in my life that talks to me the way Leslie Knope talks to Ann.
Looking for the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope ❀️
can I be the Anne Perkins to ur Leslie Knope
When I grow up, I want to be Leslie Knope. Not that I want to work in government or anything, I just really like her pantsuits.
Can you believe Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope are april's parents amazing
just a random alumni that looked way too similar to Leslie knope πŸ˜‚
All I can think of is Leslie Knope canvassing and I love it.
Be the Leslie Knope of everything you do
After watching parks and recreation, my way of solving problems; what would Leslie Knope do?
I just want someone to compliment me the way that Leslie Knope compliments Anne
Whenever I hear all I can think about is Leslie Knope in season 7 of
Don't forget to vote for Leslie Knope today!!!
i’m just a girl trying 2 make Leslie Knope proud
We hope everyone is channeling their inner Leslie Knope in preparation for this Friday!
What is more cuterus than your uterus?? -Leslie Knope
*** before bros, uteruses before duderuses, ovaries before brovaries". - Leslie Knope ht…
Find someone who loves you as much as Ben Wyatt loves Leslie Knope.
Happy, happy, happy birthday to the Leslie Knope to my Ben Wyatt, the Olivia Pope to my Fitz…
Round of loud applause for on her final issue of In the words of Leslie Knope- "Hayley, you poetic land mermaid."
β€œI love this town. And when you love something, you don’t threaten it... You put it first."-Leslie Knope on Bobby Newport/America on Trump
"I just realized that the Leslie Knope vs Bobby Newport was strangely prescient regarding this election cycle." -wise word…
Just volunteered with the parks and rec department and I feel v Leslie Knope rn
Leslie Knope was barely 34 when she landed a Parks Department exploratory subcommittee.
As an official employee of the parks and rec department I am now one step closer to becoming Leslie Knope.
I went into House of Cards thinking that Frank Underwood was going to be like a "Leslie Knope" type politician. So...imagine my surprise.
Are you a reader like Joan Calamezzo or Leslie Knope? via
Shoutout to for being the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope or vice versa depending on the weather. You the real MVP πŸ’œ
"Ann Perkins, you beautiful spinster. I will find you love." -Leslie Knope
Mattie's the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope, and the Tom Haverford to my Jean Ralphio πŸ’•
I'm a Liz Lemon, with a dash of Leslie Knope, and just a little hint of Mindy Lahiri
heavily basing my lesson plan about local government on what Leslie Knope taught me in parks & rec
Governor Snyder of MI, is what Leslie Knope would be if Parks and Rec were a drama.
I was hoping for a hybrid of a Chris Traeger and Leslie Knope
The person I want Career Olga to be is a mix of Leslie Knope& Kim Wexler,&a tiny bit of this generations Willy Loman
Too much of the whipped cream on her coffee made Leslie Knope's head explode. Amy Poehler got no head.
Trump vs Clinton aka Leslie Knope is finally going to challenge Councilman Dexhart for his seat on city council
Taking the secret Senate subway w the real life Leslie Knope. We're gonna try to help πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· today.
They are the Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins of the NT
as Leslie Knope would say, we must be Lance Bass and Joey Fatone because we are so NYSNC ;)
I want to give as creative compliments to my friends as Leslie Knope gave to Ann Perkins
Be the kind of woman that compliments other women like Leslie Knope compliments Ann Perkins. 😍❀️
I really could spend all day giving Leslie Knope compliments to my Ann Perkins,
Leslie Knope would love today I bet she would have a gift ready for for Ann Perkins
In honor of , here are a list of compliments from the amazing Leslie Knope.
Celebrating Women's Day with two of our favorites. Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. :)
Sometimes I'm an Ann Perkins and sometimes I'm a Leslie Knope
I aspire to have the friendship Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope have
oh my gosh I feel like Ann Perkins when Leslie Knope compliments her THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL πŸ’Ÿ
Megan and I remain to have an Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope friendship always
Is that Leslie Knope ??? what is key club even about ! Is he "hold up wait a minute let me out some booty in it"
I wish people were as excited to see me as Leslie Knope is to see Ann Perkins
It just struck me, Amy Santiago is an AU Leslie Knope. At the very least they'd be besties should they ever meet.
I go from Chris Treager to April Ludgate to Leslie Knope to Ron Swanson real quick and if you don't know these ppl I don't want to know you
Some days I'm Leslie Knope and some days I'm April Ludgate, there is no in between.
My mood range is from Leslie Knope to April Ludgate.
I have the personality of April Ludgate but the work ethic of Leslie Knope.
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Does Amy Poehler regret producing Leslie Knope as a strong advocate for Hilary Clinton?
Everyone in the the theater becomes Leslie Knope when Joe Biden appears.
Find someone who talks about you like Leslie Knope talks about Ann Perkins
I live next door to spokanes Leslie Knope
I strive to be Leslie Knope in all my friendships, Anne Perkins in professional endeavors and Chris Traegor in my physical condition
Rachel: why is Leslie Knope so obsessed with parks. Me: cuz she's in the parks & recreation department... Rachel: oh...
I love you as much as Leslie Knope loves waffles & as much as Ron Swanson hates the government.
Someone illustrated Leslie Knope compliments and they're perfect in every way
"He's got a tight, compact, little body like a sports car" -Leslie Knope
Leslie Knope, Liz Lemon,Winston Bishop, Jim Halpert, Charlie Kelly are just a few of my spirit animals.
Leslie Knope is my idol, but so is April Ludgate, Ron Swanson, Andy Dywer, Ben Wyatt, Tom Haverford, Ann Perkins, and Ben …
Chris and Ann are in Ann Arbor and maybe one day I'll bump into Leslie Knope at comet coffee.
Robert Moses was a cross between Leslie Knope and J. Edgar Hoover.
I think Megan Kelly went to the same barber that Leslie Knope went to
Celebrate Galentine's Day in NYC: "Lilith Fair minus the angst and plus frittatas" -- Leslie Knope
well this is an impossible choice, but I'll narrow it down to Leslie Knope, Lorelai Gilmore, Emma Swan or Spencer Hastings.
I know she's fictional, but Leslie Knope should be given a distinguished alumni award from IU
this scene where Poe Dameron is Ben Wyatt and Rey is Leslie Knope
When Ann Perkins moved away from Leslie Knope, Leslie felt how I feel all the time.
when you're Leslie Knope and school is Ann Perkins πŸ™ƒ
Thank you! Our friendship was just blossoming. Just like when Ann Perkins leaves Leslie Knope
Everyone needs an Ann Perkins to their Leslie Knope.
I just want to reiterate that you are the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins. πŸ‘―
I want a friend like Leslie Knope or like Ann Perkins, idk which one I'd rather be in that friendship LOL
I want to do a press release on how much I love She is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope.
rewatching parks and rec bc Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are my favorite
Leslie Knope & Ann Perkins are back together...well sort of. -->
Extremely blessed to have found the perfect Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins. Maddy, I am so…
Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are friendship goals
If I met it would be like Leslie Knope meeting Joe Biden.
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I hope that one day I have a job I love as much as Leslie Knope loves being a deputy director of the Parks and Rec department
we don't call her Ash-slay for nothin! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ happy birthday to my Leslie Knope and my Amy Poehler, ilysm πŸ’–
wonderful; they are wonderful. Like a real life Leslie Knope
Leslie Knope when her mom set her up on a date with a 65 year old man
I absolutely love how Ann Perkins bullied Sam Weir in Freaks and Geeks before later becoming Leslie Knope's best friend on Parks and Rec. πŸ˜‚
Just think if Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer, Michael Scott, and Dwight Schrute just did one mash up show where they buy paper from Dunder Mifflin
the thing is Helena, Ryan really can't dance so it'll be a Leslie Knope beats Ben Wyatt dance off πŸ˜‹
"You are like Leslie Knope... But mean. You are a mean Leslie Knope" -Ryan
I mean friendship goals is Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. BUT Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt are a close second
Going into second semester like Leslie Knope after she lost the recall election. My last semester will be like her last 30 days in office✌
Sometimes I feel like Leslie Knope and other times I'm def Chris Traeger
Holiday ep of Remotely Girly! I say something like "I DON'T WANT TO TASTE ROBERT DURST" and talk about Leslie Knope. https:…
princess, pup pups, Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins, the dog with the gold head and white butt and red sweater
following year you will be Leslie Knope and I'll be Ann Perkins
you are the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope... can be our Jerry πŸ˜‚
I am Leslie Knope and I need to find an Ann Perkins
I wish I had a friendship like Leslie Knope & Ann Perkins ://
Leslie Knope's compliments to Ann Perkins are the absolute best.
Like this if the character Leslie Knope is based off of Victoria Johnson
Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are my best friend goals
πŸ“· comickergirl: hathor-arohaΒ said: Hmm…what about Anna and Elsa as Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins? :D...
Marcus is the Ben Wyatt to my Leslie Knope and it's great πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I know! tells me I'm Leslie Knope all the time. I tell him that makes him Ann Perkins πŸ˜‚
who said your Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation? Because you totally are πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watching the national tree lighting, and they introduced the head of the National Parks Service, and I was actually expecting Leslie Knope.
My goal is to love my future job as much as Leslie Knope loves hers.
I want to be loved like Leslie Knope loves Vice President Joe Biden
Glorious smartydork made Ben Wyatt & Leslie Knope's dream movie: Star Wars as told by Ken Burns. …
one day i hope to love my job as much as Leslie Knope loves the park and rec dept.
Bringing my Leslie Knope game. Meeting with the city Parks & Rec dept. (@ Austin High School in Austin, TX)
I figure I'll just start asking friends to donate sperm... And that's when I noticed I was Anne Perkins and not Leslie Knope.
Every girl deserves someone to talk about them like Leslie Knope talks about Ann Perkins
"If you can't handle me at my Jerry Gergich, you don't deserve me at my Leslie Knope."
Leslie Knope was definitely not wrong about Joe.
I'd love to see a Michael Scott/Leslie Knope interaction. How would those personalities mesh...
The Pit. This city needs you, and your Parks Department, Leslie Knope.
My emotions are both Leslie Knope and Jerry Gergich right now.
Sometimes I feel like Jerry Gergich and sometimes I feel like Leslie Knope
""Just good old fashioned showing up drunk at a guys house late at night" Leslie Knope" best quote from the best show
Weirdly enough, I think if Leslie Knope, April Ludgate, & Claire Dunphy raised a child together, it would turn out something like me
just want to be Leslie Knope but definitely April Ludgate
I've said it before & I'll say it again, is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope.
Happy Birthday to the Ann Perkins of my Leslie Knope, love you Cay!!
If you don't think mine & friendship resembles that of Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins, you're wrong.
you're the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope featured in NBC s Science of Love
My friendship with my best friend is basically like Ann Perkins & Leslie Knope how jealous are you of them goals πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½
I strive to be the Leslie Knope to everyone's Ann Perkins
I want a best friend relationship like Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope
I need a friend who is as good to me as Leslie Knope is to Ann Perkins
Emily and I are literally Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope
I seriously just need to watch Parks and Rec so I can properly be Ann Perkins to Juli's Leslie Knope
Ideal situation 100% of the time: Dylan and I are Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez, and Casey and I are Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins.
I want someone to love me the way Ben Wyatt loves Leslie Knope.
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when Kiss meets Leslie Knope and the Baja Blast takes over
I don't see Amy Poehler as Amy Poehler. I see her as Leslie Knope πŸ˜‚
Leslie Knope meeting Michele Obama is my favourite thing ever πŸ˜‚
Alethea & I are being Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins for Halloween because that's us in real life :)
Leslie Knope and Anne Perkins are friendship goals πŸ‘­πŸ˜‚πŸ’›
Best case scenario: Miranda Sings and Leslie Knope are co-presidents in 2016!
I'm late to the game. I love I want to be BFFs with Leslie Knope...or Amy Poehler.
Myself! To quote Leslie Knope, "I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself"
want a marriage like Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt
Leslie Knope, help me on this test. You're my only hope now
More accurate: when you get too ambitious about changing the world then come to reality that you're never going to be Leslie Knope
Photoset: im-leslie-knope: Audience member: β€œWhat is the biggest way in which each of you kind of differs...
Leslie knope and Michael Scott have a kid. He would be president
Drinking this pot of coffee out of my parks and rec mug to really get me in the Leslie Knope spirit. Neither of us needs slee…
I wish I was blonde because if I was I would be Leslie Knope for Halloween
"More of a Harry Potter girl, myself" is the sexist thing Leslie Knope ever said
I sort of hate Leslie Knope for having such godly time management skills
SOS in need of someone to be the Ben Wyatt to my Leslie Knope for Halloween
Megan is in my phone now as Leslie Knope and I love it so much already
You know that, wherever she is, Leslie Knope has long since memorized the entire cast recording of
welcome to the clan. Loll u are leslie knope! πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ
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Drunk Leslie Knope singing β€œPokerface” is one of my favorite things of all time.
"You know my code, *** before bros. Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries." - Leslie Knope
I just want some of the waffles that Leslie Knope devours...and watch Parks&Rec forever πŸ™ƒ
Remember when Ben Wyatt was a grumpy state auditor and then he met Leslie Knope
My ten year old sister is going as Leslie Knope for Halloween and I couldn't be prouder.
I actually am Leslie Knope and no one can take this away from me
douse that with some Leslie Knope gifs
I STILL cry during every amazing Leslie Knope milestone in Parks and Rec.
Leslie Knope and Tom Haverford went on a date.
Was at the state capitol building today & felt like Leslie Knope
Parks & Rec is my fav bc my fav characters have traits i admire most. Leslie Knope never gives up and Chris Traeger is eternally optimistic.
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