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Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is an American film editor with more than a dozen film credits and nominations for several major film editing awards.

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True Confessions! Watched it a few times Leslie Jones is too perfect!
True Confessions with Keegan-Michael Key and Leslie Jones via is the master!!
Lavell Crawford, Leslie Jones, and Corey Holcomb all on one show? It's going to be a fun Friday on the
Mount Rushmore is racist. I can't wait until they re-scultp it to feature Leslie Jones, Beyonce, and other fabulous women of co…
Look at Harry cuddled up to Leslie Jones !!
Gostei de um vídeo of Jones: Leslie Jones and Seth Return to Watch Game of Thrones
We stayed late at the Comedy Cellar and caught Amy Schumer, Leslie Jones and Dave Chappelle (sort of)
Whoopi wasn't even a Knicks fan i don't think but Leslie Jones is a die hard for real VERY knowledgeable Knicks fan. WHY NO EDDIE REMAKE WHY
5) These issues become even more clear when we're talking about women of color (see: Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata).
Leslie Jones got an Emmy nomination for SNL 👏👏👏
Fun fact: when you google my girlfriend's name, a bunch of pictures of Leslie Jones come up.
"She made a dress for Pride and it's all over Buzzfeed—". "Wait.the Leslie Jones dress?!!?!??!". This just happened in real life.
Confused as to why: Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Terry Crews, Anna Farris, Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson were invited to join the Academy.
Leslie Jones might be upset over a $30 overcharge on her bill? Pretty sure BET paid for everything, she never saw a bill
Jamie Foxx came from In Living Color while Leslie Jones is currently on SNL. Two clearly different styles of comedy. Jamie…
I laughed more in the past 3 minutes with Jamie Foxx on stage than the past hour and a half with Leslie Jones
Jamie Foxx was on stage for 10 minutes and already funnier than Leslie Jones
I was expecting Leslie Neilsen, I'll be honest. I had forgotten about Leslie Jones. I guess I'm old.
I figured I'd get Leslie Knope from P&R! Didn't expect Leslie Jones but love it! And bonus: Melissa McCarthy!
Charades with Leslie Jones, Demi Moore and Demetrius Shipp Jr. - Jimmy and Demi Moore face off...
If you haven't heard the song we did with Mike Jones that just came out on Wild 104 today hear it here.
No need to have an attitude I'm just asking who YOU mean. Leslie Jones gets dragged e…
*Insert joke about 2 monkey's being on the 1st picture while making reference to Leslie Jones"
Senator Harris, Congresswoman Waters, Ghazala Kahn, Beyonce at the Super Bowl, Leslie Jones, CSK’s letter, and on and on. It’s incredible.
"I want to represent comedy at the BET Awards"
Jones Library will be at the Leslieville Tree Festival Sat. June 17th 12-4 at Leslie Grove Park! Come and see us! http…
WHY BET WHYYY!! You got Leslie Jones to host the BET awards?
Look at this beautiful genius plotting to blow minds when she hosts the on June 25th. Leslie Jones (
Tina Fey spoke to Kate McKinnon about career idols, Leslie Jones, and the 'j-word':
This was funny cause of Leslie Jones; her personality is awesome! .
Great. The boy w/the double Ds, who looks like Leslie Jones & Fat Albert's love child, is jiggling on the Log Roll...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Here for it! Leslie Jones tapped to host the BET Awards.
& booted for calling Leslie Jones a dude. If only he would have attacked an 11 year old child…
when will Leslie Jones and Leslie Jordan work together besides when I finish this screenplay for a remake of Twins?
This years is about to be AGGRESSIVE with our host Leslie Jones (. Get ready for Leslie MUTHA F***'IN Jones!…
. Sorry, Leslie Jones, but your "tall glass of almond milk" Colin Jost might be officially unavai……
*Throws Colin Jost/Leslie Jones fanfic out of the window in anger*
Recap SNL: . Leslie Jones yells. Michael Che makes a black joke. Alec Baldwin has nothing better to do on a saturdays.
Leslie Jones baby! Love being able to see this gem at SNL! She slayed this past…
Leslie Jones went to Jamaica to get her groove back. Ha, I blame Terry McMillan for this.
Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones 69ing with Curtis as the meat of the sandwich.
Best thing about Time 100 is random pairings:. Leslie Jones by Russell Crowe!. Demi Lovato by Arianna Huffington!. Jeff Bezos…
I want Leslie Jones to spend a day on Capitol Hill, grabbing politicians by their junk. They cannot relate.
All OMG us and money aside, yeah, didn't think so. This is bc of the Leslie Jones thing.
Leslie Jones lost it when she impersonated Samuel L. Jackson on 'SNL'
saw him last night at event with Tracy Jordan, Leslie Jones, Seinfeld, John Oliver. Prepare to LYAO!   10% Off
. Sound as tho Leslie Jones is a man in drag
🎶🎶"Don't go chasin' Wanda Sykes. Please stick to Joan Rivers and Leslie Jones you're used to."
I've been fast forwarding through Weekend Update since he took over. I only pause if Leslie Jones shows up to chew him out.
SNL doing Forrest Gump bit. Pretty sure Leslie Jones and Keenan Thompson were old enough to see it in theaters as a new release.
Leslie Jones makes fun of white women supporting Black Lives Matter via
Leslie Jones wants to "punch White women in the mouth" who support BLM. OK, so Whites cannot oppose BLM, nor can they…
"Free speech and hate speech are two different things" - Leslie Jones. Milo Yiannopoulos has been vile a long time . Some onl…
NOW folks wanna believe Leslie Jones was right about milo being a piece of garbage. It's almost like people devalue black w…
You'll never see it with Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, or even Amy Schumer. Yet Leslie Jones and Taraji P. Henson gets torn apart.
So who else wants to see Leslie Jones as April Ryan vs. Baldwin's Trump on
I've heard that 45 doesn't like this photo of Leslie Jones as him, so please don't share it. Too upse…
gosh griffin with his argument is that I have is Nicole Arbour and Leslie Jones.
Leslie Jones would make a great Ben Carson
If it wouldn't open her up to more hate I would say Leslie Jones has to play trump hence forth... but she doesn't n…
Leslie Jones playing Samuel L. Jackson is what happens when you let Jay Pharoah leave
VIDEO | Promo of Saturday Night Live's episode with Alessia, Kristen Stewart and Leslie Jones!
what? Kate McKinnon. Michael Che. Leslie Jones. Vanessa Bayer. What about Poehler and Fey and Fallon and Ferrell???!
Yet black women like Leslie Jones are attacked, harrassed and degraded daily with no repercussions to their abusers... qwhite…
. I would've added 2 the list: Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Ellen, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Lilly Tomlin, so many more!
Leslie Jones wonders why the story of isn't being taught in school .
Leslie Jones gushing over and the need to get educated around black history all year round 😍
We're in the same building as Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Colin Jost, Melissa Villeseñor, Vanessa Bayer, Pete D
*** Leslie Jones. 😩 My fellow millenials, this what we all need to hear.
Stoner Brony will be to Fred Armison what Milo is to Leslie Jones.
likes everyone on SNL except for Keenan Thompson and Leslie Jones.
Need me a friendship like Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon
Also this is not a new phenomenon. Plymouth has a history with white sharks. Photos from 1928 (© Leslie Jones) & 19…
Melissa McCarthy as Brody, Leslie Jones as Hooper, Kristen Wiig as Quint, Chris Hemsworth as Ellen and Kate McKinno…
Easy. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon as the shark.
In order: Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Chris Hemsworth. Kate McKinnon is the Shark because fuc…
Leslie Jones responds to news of a Milo Yiannopoulos book deal via Nicole Gallucci
Milo whatshisface. -white supremacist. -drove Leslie Jones to near deletion. -the worst of the white *** -die
Leslie Jones calls out publisher over Milo Yiannopoulos' book deal
One funny front row! Amy Schumer sits courtside with Chris Rock, Leslie Jones and more
Well, there goes the goodwill you got from stepping up for Leslie Jones.
Kate McKinnon and Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Jones and Emma Stone in the same skit. I'm dead?
Leslie Jones and Cecily Strong courtside and focused on the game.
what was your favourite part with working with Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy?
that's why the movie Top Five had a whole scene where Leslie Jones roasted Tracy Morgan? Right
Leslie Jones is me. The other girl is everyone in my life.
Yes, any designer should be. The same way a true designer should've been proud 2 dress Leslie Jones or Melissa McCarthy.
They're not racist harassers and vandals who tormented Leslie Jones and doxxed her info, they're people who "disagree."
We need a better cinematic vehicle for Kate McKinnon, Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, & Melissa McCarthy next time. They're too good.
It never bothers him when black people like Leslie Jones spew vicious hatred at white people.
Leslie Jones' reaction to is too good:
Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson, and Kate McKinnon will always be my sprint animals
SNL's Leslie Jones discovers soccer, declares her love for Tim Howard
It's good to focus on game. Yet Kinda feel MLS press people at LA game dropped ball by not asking Tim Howard if he is a Leslie Jones fan.
Leslie Jones of SNL fame discovers soccer and declares her love for Tim Howard
Leslie Jones is all in on soccer, the MLS playoffs and Tim Howard - Sports Illustrated
Leslie Jones is all in on MLS playoffs, Tim Howard
Leslie Jones discovers soccer and Tim Howard: On a sports day full of the NFL and the World Series, Leslie Jo...
I "heart" this woman!! she's amazing & funny as all get ... lol . Watch SNL's Leslie Jones confront hackers via
At this point I can't tell if Michael Che and Colin Jost are trying too hard or not hard enough. . But Leslie Jones is not the solution.
. The last few weeks have been incredibly biased against Trump AND their support of the RACIST Leslie Jones is simply unacce…
Leslie Jones is a national treasure
Leslie Jones basically said what every child that is a product of DC public schools has known for years.
Hey Leslie Jones, how about you try being funny in a different way. You play the same character in every SNL sketch. It's dead
Ghostbusters star hits back at nude hackers in epic rant
Watch Leslie Jones joke about internet hack and rip trolls on
Update your maps at Navteq
Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked, my girl is amazing
I liked a video Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked - SNL
Leslie Jones was shart inducing funny
Leslie jones says nude photo hackers 'cannot embarrass me more than i do myself' - Daily Mail
Ohio State falls to No. 6 in AP poll after losing to Leslie Jones
When will make Leslie Jones a permanent member? She's the BEST.
So let's talk about how Leslie Jones just told off all her haters on using her craft! She made me feel SO empowered!
Leslie Jones has some advice for :.
"Leslie Jones hits back at hackers in 'Saturday Night Live' rant" -
Leslie Jones wasn't embarrassed when her nude photographs were hacked.
dude, looking right into camera & standing right on up to online trolls = 1 of my fave feminist TV moments
Watch: Leslie Jones’s hilarious SNL breakdown of why online abuse can’t hurt her via
a new hobby? Hm.Maybe we can all join the ghostbusters!! I'll call Leslie jones
How does SNL have someone as great as Leslie Jones (and Cecily Strong) and still seat Jost and Che at the Update...
SNL' tackles the third debate and Leslie Jones speaks out about being hacked
Leslie Jones owned her hackers during "Weekend Update" sketch on
Leslie Jones hits out at hackers and trolls in SNL sketch
Catching up on SNL from last night. was INCREDIBLE in this Weekend Update segment.
Leslie Jones fires back at trolls and hackers with epic SNL takedown. via
📷 artismyhammer: micdotcom: Watch: Leslie Jones remembers all the moments in her life more embarrassing...
If SNL doesn't have Cumberbatch play Dr Strange opposite Leslie Jones as Grace Jones/Dr Strangé, NBC should have its licence revoked.
Good Lord, Leslie Jones is amazing. I wish I had 1/5 her bad assitude.
Leslie Jones shoots down trolls in epic "SNL" segment
Leslie Jones responds to her hackers in blistering 'SNL' takedown via
Yes! Leslie Jones is spot-on and Julian Assange is nothing but a publicity *** & alleged rapist accused by 2 women. Criminal!
This is gold. Tom Hanks killing it. Gaga making music great again. Alec Baldwin perfect. And a great Leslie Jones w…
Tom Hanks and Leslie Jones got busted for trespassing in promos
Leslie Jones, Paul Reiser, and Jonah Hill called Comedians. Don't think so. It's rigged!
Me: Listen, I can't help it if I'm a Hamilton-singing, loud laughing, Leslie Jones loving drunk.
Leslie Jones killing it on Weekend Update on
This pic had me confused for a minute...I was like how did Leslie Jones get a pic with a young Christopher Walken??
Okay but imagine Leslie Jones as the next Doctor in Doctor Who
Leslie Jones has persisted thru troll *** Billy hides immediately. has bigger "balls" than Billy Bush! ✊ ht…
Leslie Jones should star in a Mary Tyler Moore series remake.
If you search Leslie Jones & Diane Abbott, you'll find the same disgusting misogynoir. Ask Jess Phillips & co about white libe…
Leslie Jones just can’t handle Donald Trump at the presidential debate
SNL hires based on race and not talent. We have seen it with Leslie Jones.
Turns out I'm talking to Leslie Jones' fat *** lover. 💁🏽
Didn't call her beautiful just said she's out of Leslie Jones' league. Not saying much. 😂
And you look like Leslie Jones. Appearances can be deceiving. 💁🏽
Yeah, I'm not feeling that Leslie Jones you rocking either, fam.
This script is terrible. Performances are good (especially Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth) but the script...
So Ghostbusters was alright. Wasnt bad, wasnt good either. Kate McKinnon was easily the best part of the movie. Leslie Jones was decent too
The biggest surprise is that the lesser known Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones outshine both Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.
I need a friendship like Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones'.
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If only Amber Rose gave Leslie Jones that same support that she gives Amy Schumer.
I think that Leslie Jones moment might have been my favorite thing.
I still don't actually know who Leslie Jones is.
Leslie Jones jokes about privacy hack at 2016
.you destroyed tonight. All hail Leslie Jones!
There's should be an entire show devoted to Leslie Jones yelling at formally dressed white dudes.
If I don't like Leslie Jones is the internet gonna be mad at me
Leslie Jones is just as much of a Kate McKinnon fan as all of us and I love it.
Leslie Jones brilliantly tackled online harassment onstage at the
At the Emmys, Leslie Jones responded to being hacked in the most Leslie Jones way possible
Also also Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are angels and should be protected at all costs
Leslie Jones could punch me in the face and I'd thank her
Cecily Strong and Leslie Jones are both such talented, super funny, and gorgeous ladies 💕💕
What Colin Kaepernick and Leslie Jones reveal about who gets to be called a "patriot" in America, by
11:11 Comedy Central Roast of Kristen Wiig with roastmaster Melissa McCarthy and dais Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and…
Leslie Jones sent a message to her fans after her website hack & personal information leak:
🤔... Note: The other "females" that played in Ghostbusters have not experienced the same treatment as Leslie Jones. http…
Ep 4 & 5, with Leslie Jones + Josh Charles followed by first appearance of David Alan Grier.
What happened to Leslie Jones can happen to anyone. Cyberbullying is a growing problem!
If you're not a fan of Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, you're living your life wrong
My bet is that Kate McKinnon will have at least another great two seasons on with Leslie Jones also shining
My story for tonight: Federal probe aims to find hacker of Saturday Night Live Star, Leslie Jones
Proposal: the first episode this Fall is just a 90-minute Leslie Jones "Weekend Update" segment.
ICYMI: Homeland Security is investigating the Leslie Jones hack
The Department of Homeland Security says it's looking into a cyber-attack on Leslie Jones' website and iCloud…
Homeland Security on Leslie Jones site hack: "Investigation is currently ongoing."
Homeland Security investigating Leslie Jones website hack - CNET: The attack that saw the 'Ghostbu...
Homeland Security is investigating nude-photo cyberattack on Leslie Jones
Oops you misspelled "why did someone hack into Leslie Jones's personal storage and post it on the Internet?"
Leslie Jones, black women have your back (opinion). Racism poisons us all.
Talented, inspiring, black women like Leslie Jones will continue to redefine the entertainment industry, no amount of big…
Some wise words and thoughts on Ryan Lochte and Leslie Jones from Lainey Gossip:
Leslie Jones has a long road to recover from this hack & leak. please know we still love & support you. .
If I hear anyone have a go at Leslie Jones ( ) again I will seriously go Jackie Chan on yo *** !!
Can't wait to see if the FBI & Apple pursue Leslie Jones' harassment the same way they did when Jennifer Lawerence & 'nem go…
An image of a gorilla was placed on Leslie Jones' hacked site. If you don't think that's racist, you are a racist. Yes, it…
You'd think Leslie Jones' 2 weeks of overt patriotism would make these white men happy. But their hatred of her blackness…
Katy Perry leads support for Leslie Jones after she is targeted in racist
Katy Perry just exposed the attack on Leslie Jones for what it really is: Misogynoir - Mic
Katy Perry defends Leslie Jones after website hack: "I
When Katy Perry names what Leslie Jones is facing as misogynoir and your favorite feminist activists are silent…
Katy Perry on Leslie Jones website hack: 'Do not give your eyeballs to this racist, hate-filled, misogynoir crime.'
Cyberbullying researcher: Attacks against Leslie Jones are part of a "serious anti-black woman problem in the U.S."
Leslie Jones was viscously cyber-attacked and Ryan Lochte is gonna be on Dancing with the Stars. What the *** is wrong wi…
Black women like Leslie Jones and Normani Kordei can't live life as normal w/o vile racists spewing hateful things at them.…
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Leslie Jones is being hacked and harassed for being in a "bad movie" and meanwhile Rob Schneider goes untouched.
Leslie Jones is targeted by white racists because her presence enrages them, by
Harassment targeting Leslie Jones exposes the ugliness driving the new right
Hollywood shows support for Leslie Jones after website hack
If you're a defender of this hate crime prima donna and/or think Leslie Jones "got what she deserved," unfollow me.
Leslie Jones website hacked and taken offline - Leslie Jones has once again fallen victim to online abuse, with...
Oh what's that you say? American University attacked in Pft who cares?! Guess you didn't hear Leslie Jones got picked on again
Leslie Jones "hack" is more than likely a leak, timed just right for Hillary's alt-right speech.
The barrage of hate against Leslie Jones just goes to show how much disrespect & degradation BW face for absolutely no reason
Octavia Spencer on Leslie Jones hack: "The rampant racism percolating in society right now is shameful and sad"
Why isn't Taylor Swift speaking on what's going on with Leslie Jones? Emma Watson? All these self-proclaimed feminists out h…
The harassment of Leslie Jones is a perfect reason as to why racism/sexism shouldnt be passed off as trolling. It has real life…
Leslie Jones was hacked in horrific fashion and the internet rallied in support 💪
Casual reminder that all of this started because Leslie Jones was Black & female in a movie.
Also, can there please be an episode with David Alan Grier, Leslie Jones and Titus Burgess together? That would be so funny
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. You might tune into Leslie Jones, but 99.9% of America wouldn't
Leslie Jones had an epic encounter with Simone Biles and Aly Raisman after their wins:
Sia to Headline Free Abortion Rights Concert in Cleveland - reprorights: Sia, Leslie Jones, Jessica...
Could they not get Leslie Jones for the Michelle Obama role?
I'd watch any sport that Leslie Jones is the commentator for.
Will adding superfan Leslie Jones as Olympics contributer give NBC the uptick in viewers they want?
NBC just gave Leslie Jones a job covering the Olympics. She'll be in Rio by Friday, reports.
A solution for NBC's Rio ratings woes: put Leslie Jones on gymnastics with Al Trautwig.
Never suspected that Leslie Jones would have more impact on a Summer Olympics than Lolo Jones.
Look out, Bob Costas. NBC just invited Olympic superfan Leslie Jones to Rio
Leslie Jones' Olympics commentary is giving me life
Fenway Park, Boston, 1937 - Red Sox fans resort to Plan B when they can't get a ticket. Leslie Jones Collection https:…
OMG. this made my day...month...year! Gold medal programming!!
Why did I go into Leslie jones's likes and see a racial joke that said "which one is named Ping Pong" on her vid of table tennis 🤔😞😠🙄
did leslie jones actually get invited to rio oh my god I love this
Website Builder 728x90
- go wherever you want. You're Leslie f'n Jones!
Leslie Jones' live commentary for Michael Phelps & his team's win is amazing
Leslie Jones’ Olympic hilarity got her a ticket to Rio
Leslie Jones' Olympic hilarity got her a ticket to Rio
My one true dream is to one day have a friendship like Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon do. I'd kill for something that level.
Woah. What's going on? First, Leslie Jones and now her. Seems like haters are jealous of successful black women 🐸☕️
I want Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones to adopt me
If you love the or you don't, you have to follow Leslie Jones Gold!
Anyway if you want good feelings add Leslie Jones on snapchat. How anyone could be mean to this literal archangel in human form is beyond me
If Leslie Jones goes to Rio as a commentator, I will actually watch the Olympics.
Leslie Jones is having the best time watching the Olympics via
Reminder: timeline is the best thing about the Olympics right now
Yes. I think it is. The hashtag still exists. I saw it pop up when Leslie Jones happened
Seriously though Leslie Jones is the best part of tonight's show - hilarious!! She literally has me rolling! 😂😂
Leslie Jones isn't even funny. I think you all just like her because she's interesting to look at
Love Leslie Jones - better than her Game of Thrones recap ...
⚡️ "Leslie Jones gets invited to Rio for epic Olympics commentary".
If You’re Not Watching the Olympics With Leslie Jones, You’re Doing It Wrong - TIME
Leslie Jones, Normani from Fifth Harmony, local black activist, etc. should not be forced off their social media because of r…
I just want someone to love me like Leslie Jones loves the Olympics.
leslie jones's commentary is better than NBC's
A movie with Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Whoopi Goldberg, Allison Janney, and Tina and Amy.
Petition to let Leslie Jones commentate all swimming events INSTEAD of Rowdy Gaines and Dan Hicks
Yes, Leslie Jones is VERY excited for Case in point, her Olympic viewing outfit: https…
Margaret Cho called Leslie Jones a "legend in the making"; legend of what, loud obnoxious eye sores??
Leslie Jones & Kate McKinnon are the new Tina+Amy. They're both hilarious individually and together.
What happened to Leslie Jones is not "fan entitlement," it's an example of how we devalue black people, no matter how suc…
Leslie Jones: 'hate speech and freedom of speech are two different things'
Leslie Jones: 'Free speech and hate speech are two different things'
Nichelle Nichols inspired Whoopi Goldberg, who in turn inspired Leslie Jones. This is why we need representation.
Hamilton Collection
I did. He was not the one harassing Leslie Jones. Others were & it was full on.
Leslie Jones is hilarious. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are great. Kate McKinnon is a national treasure.
Yet Milo did none of this while Leslie Jones targeted and incited abuse. Disgusting fascism at it again.
You're a giant hypocrite. Leslie Jones was racist and incited violence but you don't care. You target conservatives. ht…
Ppl lost their minds over Leslie Jones. Wait till they see Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, who is in charge of the Suicide Squad n is badass
Told I belong in an oven. It's not bad like telling Leslie Jones she can't act, https:…
Racism and abuse: how online harasser finally got banned for attacking Leslie Jones
Libturd SCUM treated Tim Tebow a HUNDRED times worse than Leslie Jones got & he took it like a MAN, you *** Libturd HYPOCRITES and haters!
Compared to the way Tim Tebow was bullied and abused online and took it w/o complaining, Leslie Jones is a whiny Libturd crybaby and wimp
Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon have such a beautiful friendship!
The word 'trolling' is so frustrating to me. Leslie Jones hasn't been set upon by 'trolls', she's being racially abuse…
Leslie Jones is one of the greatest people I know. Any personal attacks against her are attacks against us all.
The harassment of Leslie Jones is proof that white privilege extends to social media.
'Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones feeds the trolls, emerges the victor
Leslie Jones was never acknowledged for the amazing part she played in Castaway.
Sheese? You'd Leslie Jones was of the caliber of Lisa Bonet or Alfre Woodard or something? Some folks need to grow some skin!
Stop using the word "bullying" to euphemistically describe the real harassment and terroristic threats against Leslie Jones.
Milo Yiannopoulos unleashed a cruel & relentless attack on Leslie Jones. Thank you for suspending Milo
I'm trying to work out what it is that specifically Milo Yiannopoulos said about Leslie Jones that led him to being banned. Can anyone help?
Leslie Jones is the star of Ghostbusters. A beautiful actress and comedian. I love Leslie Jones!
Kristen Wiig is Kristen Wiig. Melissa McCarthy is Melissa McCarthy. Leslie Jones is Leslie Jones. But Kate McKinnon is on another level.
Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kristen Wiig are gifts to this world and should be treated as such
I will say: I wish Leslie Jones & Melissa McCarthy had been swapped (w the roles shifted to suit them). Wdve removed some yikes undertones.
Ram Nation, racists are attacking CSU alum Leslie Jones for Ghost Busters. Show Fort Collins supports her!
We've all learned a VERY important lesson here. Leslie Jones' FEELINGS are MORE IMPORTANT than FREE SPEECH.
Leslie Jones is a huge talent and a brilliant ray of sunshine. Hope she feels the huge outpouring of love from all corners.
Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon made 10X better than I thought. 😻😻 of course I loved Kristen and Melissa too
Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Wiig are great. Leslie Jones is hysterical. Kate McKinnon is a comedy god. has issues but they are A+
Imagine if a white person said this about black people. From Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones
solid, proven hit. Have started writing Soul Sisters lists the magnificent Leslie Jones as one of three lead…
never had a religious experience but I'm p sure seeing Leslie Jones literally slap a white man out of Melissa McCarthy is as good as it gets
McCarthy and Leslie Jones are two of the funniest ladies of all time!McCarthy
Can't wait to watch Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones kill it as
I agree it was an okay film but was really choppy in some areas. Kristen and Melissa were surprisingly f l a t?! Leslie Jones
Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wig, Leslie Jones, Kate Mickinnon= Ghostbusters. this is one wacky film.
All black women stand with Leslie Jones. When we achieve anything in life we are Leslie Jones. What will be done going forw…
Let us be Christ bearers of light to Leslie Jones & share some words of encouragement to her 💖☀️
Leslie Jones is an inspiring and talented woman who deserves more respect, love and support.
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