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Leslie Ann Warren

Lesley Ann Warren (born August 16, 1946) is an American actress and singer. She has been nominated once for an Academy Award and Emmy Awards and five times for Golden Globe, winning one.

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"She just embodies a kind of grace and elegance and civility, and that's not how you would describe most people in show b…
I need some Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella time. I watch the Julie Andrews, Leslie Ann Warren, and Brandy versions one after the other
In season 5, the cast was expanded again, in addition to Nimoy, Leslie Ann Warren and an under utilized Sam Eliot w…
OMG! Melodies in Walt's Time was fantastic! Whoopi Goldberg, Leonard Maltin, Leslie Ann Warren, & the man himself R…
It's a rip to bottom great cast. Guzman, Nicky Katt, Leslie Ann Warren
I guess we know where they got the idea for Leslie Ann Warren's dress in Clue...
Very funny..ha ha...but don't ever pick on Leslie Ann Warren..she's beyond approach..just so you know
Clue? You mean Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull and Leslie Ann Warren and. ? Ohh...
Leslie Ann Warren was nominated for Best Supporting Actress ... um, yeah!
Leslie Ann Warren welcome to the team
Palm Springs 2002 with Leslie Ann Warren, Lorna Luft and Joanne Worley wrangling the…
Was it the Forum? I do remember we saw Madonna's Virgin Tour at Universal 14th row. Leslie Ann Warren seat in front of us!
Robert O said Julie Andrews was Cinderella in televised r&h but I think it was Leslie Ann Warren, no? Either way thx 4 showing TSATR
There's really no pleasing Leslie Ann Warren in this movie.
I remember Leslie Ann Warren's reaction when Victoria pulls off the headress. Waiting for it!
that movie is so good. Leslie Ann Warren kills.
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Must add Leslie Ann Warren to the list!! Grew up watching her.
my fav Cinderella growing up was with Leslie Ann Warren and Stuart Daman-who later became Alan Quartermain on GH!! Must buy!
Which is more awesome in this ep of Psych: or Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull & Leslie Ann Warren? (Answer - Steve Valentine)
Sorry, the Only Cinderella I like is the one w/Leslie Ann Warren.
Me too! This movie is delicious. I wanted to be Leslie Ann Warren when I grew up. Miss Scarlet!
yep, watching Clue on TV. was there anything better than Leslie Ann Warren in this movie?
Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren and Stuart Damon as the King and Queen
Remembering the TV production of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella as a child. One of my favorite memories with my Mom. We would sing the songs for weeks after we saw it. Stuart Damon and Leslie Ann Warren. Scott and I are headed to Durham for the live production. Our first outing since the back attacked.
Truly is an amazing collection of talent. Caine, Caan, Gould, Keaton, Durning, Carol Kane, Burt Young, Leslie Ann Warren...
Sure... feel free to toss in some Leslie Ann Warren too. or Alex Kingston...
Karras, Preston, Leslie Ann Warren...everyone is so good.
Leslie Ann Warren! Leslie Ann Warren! in 'VICTOR VICTORIA' she is so *** good! Watching in my hotel room in Palm Springs, CA
I have a suggestion for something for you and Baby Girl to watch. 1965 version of Cinderella with a young Leslie Ann Warren and music by Rodgers & Hammerstein. I was her age when I saw it on TV. It was aired on CBS. It's never left me. I think you would both love it.
Leslie Ann Warren was brilliant as Miss Scarlet but did you know she was Norma Cassady in Victor/Victoria?
"Victor/Victoria" is on! A film unusual because of its careful and tasteful treatment of the subjects of homosexuality and women's lib! ;) Also, it's VERY funny. Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston, Leslie Ann Warren, Alex Karras, John Rhyes-Davies. A Blake Edwards comedy. :)
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One of the best parts of the film. And anything with Leslie Ann Warren :)
Leslie Ann Warren was an unexpected and hilarious surprise.
Leslie Ann Warren is like a low budget Susan Sarandon
It is so *** funny! Leslie Ann Warren almost steals the movie!
The original Cinderella movie with Leslie Ann Warren..This movie came on every year, as did The Wiza
Happy to welcome ASL Masters, Becky Abeyta and Leslie Ann Warren; ASL interpreters, Craig Fogel and Ashley Graham; pianist, Yan Li; and stage manager, Kim Marie Jones as participants in the Brindlebeast Reading on January 20! The fun begins in two weeks with our stellar Broadway cast and creative team! Seats are going fast! Email your ticket requests to: brindlebeast.TRU
jOBS (2013) Directed by: Joshua Michael Stern. Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, Josh Gad, Lukas Haas, Matthew Modine, J.K. Simmons, Leslie Ann Warren, Ron Eldard, and James Woods. The saga of how a cocky, free-spirited college dropout named Steve Jobs (played by Ashton Kutcher) became the CEO and founder of Apple, the now-phenomenally successful software company-after being forced out eleven years prior-is gorgeously synthesized in this fascinating film. The various events that would lead to Jobs’ success are wonderfully detailed, starting with his early years working out of his garage with his boyhood pal and future business partner Steve Wozniak (played by 'The Book of Mormon''s Josh Gad) on the very first personalized computer that took the world of technology by storm in the mid-1970’s, and ending on his brief falling out with not just Wozniak and the rest of his college friends, but also Mike Markkula (this would be Dermot Mulroney), the entreprenuer that took Jobs under his wing and ma ...
It's amazing what can trigger a childhood memory, and this must've been from watching Danny Kaye the other night on White Christmas but.I remember being so excited and filled with anticipation when I was little, and was told that the annual showing of The Wizard of Oz was coming on, you know, the one where Danny Kaye would give the opening narration and introduction at the beginning! I remember having my little stash of penny candy, anxiously awaiting for the adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion! Sometimes I miss those days when you had to wait for those such things as the annual airing of a favorite show, other examples such as Peter Pan, the one with Mary Martin, or Cinderella, with Leslie Ann Warren! Seems like in today's world, whatever you want to watch, is so easily available, the fun is pretty much taken out of it.
Compared to the Leslie Ann Warren version from the 70s with Ginger Rogers it doesn't compare
Grateful for Madeline Kahn. Grateful for Eileen Brennan . Grateful for Tim Curry . Grateful for Leslie Ann Warren. All in the movie Clue (1985).
CLUE, the movie, is on now on station: LOGO-W. I Love TimCurry and Madeleine Kahn, Leslie Ann Warren, Martin Mull and and and ...
Goldie Hawn and Leslie Ann Warren are having a dance off. Kurt Russell watches from afar.
My favorite version is the Leslie Ann Warren/Stuart Damon version...this one comes a close se...
Oh crap the one with Leslie Ann Warren?
Frankly, if i was Leslie Ann Warren, i'd be concerned for my health...
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I wonder how much of my crush on Susan Sarandan was due to Leslie Ann Warren in Clue.
I've just discovered that Psych had a special Clue episode a few weeks ago, starring Christopher Lloyd, Leslie Ann Warren and Martin Mull!
In the Funny or Die sketch after the jump, Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard (along with Taraji P Henson and Leslie Ann Warren) reveals the accessory French women use to fight sexual objectification at work: Forehead Tittaes. [N.Y. Magazine]
Leslie Ann Warren, Christopher Lloyd, and Martin Mull are in this episode. This delights me EVEN MORE than the Twin Peaks episode they did.
I hope it's a remake of the classic Clue ( 1985 ) starring Tim Curry, Leslie Ann Warren, Martin Moll. Great movie.
Oh dear. Turned on the TV. Psych. I just saw Leslie Ann Warren. Which means I can't turn off the TV.
Christopher Lloyd, Leslie Ann Warren and Martin Mull were in the Clue movie.
I still think Leslie Ann Warren has the best shot at being Cinderella. You may have to look that up youngster
early voting: b/c i want it to be Leslie Ann Warren. i miss
I adore Tim Curry. but what a great cast overall. Leslie Ann Warren is some kind of lesser Susan Sarandon
Beautiful and touching memorial ceremony today for the late great Charles Durning. The event was anchored by Dan Ramm's film tribute to Charlie's body of work. Stories were shared by John Voight, Tony Shalhoub, Joe Mantegna, Dan Lauriea, Jack Handy, Leslie Ann Warren, Connie Stevens, Bob Costanzo, Bruce Gray and too many other great actors to mention. To further honor him for being a real life war hero taps was played live by by an army ranger to end the event. He was gift to the profession and it was an honor to have worked with him. RIP Charlie!
so apparently theres a reboot of the classic Hasbro board game, Clue, which was made into a film in 1985 starring Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, Martin Mull, Leslie Ann Warren, etc; i assume it's currently in the works... but me being the movie nerd that I am, i thought i'd conduct a personal list of actors/actresses of who I think would be a possible suit for each character, starting w/: Colonel Mustard: Thomas Haden Church, Jack Nicholson, or Christopher Walken Mrs. Peacock: Betty White, Ellen Barkin, or Jane Seymour Prof. Plum: Steve Carrell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or Seth MacFarlane Ms. White: Emily Blunt, Jennifer Hudson, or Kristen Wiig Mr. Green: Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong, or Stanley Tucci (or Ricky Gervais) Ms. Scarlet: Emma Stone, Kerry Washington, or Jamie Chung what do you guys think? lol
!!! Leslie Ann Warren, Martin Mull and Christopher Lloyd... so sad they couldn't get Michael McKean though!
Watch Rita Moreno and Tony Curtis in Portrait of a Showgirl!
Dairy Queen's Black Forest collection is a classic favorite that will never go out of style. It is the perfect blend for the holiday season. That is why it i...
LOL. It's Lovely Night from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I love the Leslie Ann Warren version.
What is your favorite lyric from Rodgers + Hammerstein's CINDERELLA?
Here's some other Lois Lane auditions (Stockard Channing, Ann Archer and Leslie Ann Warren) from 1978
What does Julie Andrews, Brandy, and Leslie Ann Warren have in common? Rodgers & Hammerstein's...
The original Cinderella movie with Leslie Ann Warren. I looked forward to seeing this on tv every y
The kids have discovered the movie "Clue". Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Leslie Ann Warren, Martin Mull.etc... And it could have ended like this...
Washed half the windows on the first floor then sat and watched the original Rogers Nad Hammersteins Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren and Stuart great music.that's a keeper. Off to bed.gotta be at work at the Rectory at 8 am! Will finish windows tomorrow.
the Leslie Ann Warren version is what I watched as a little girl, so it's my favorite
Fraction's with him now. I'm with the girl monster. Watching a muppet show (Leslie Ann Warren) now, next stories, then snuggles.
Told by two different people this week that I look and act like Leslie Ann Warren! That makes me so happy!
ok so Im in the car with my fiance and we are listening to songs to come up with a playlist for our wedding. I think hey it might be cool to sing something together! So when we get home I lookup this song recording I found earlier and play it for him. The song is called "Do I love you because youre beautiful?" from the movie Cinderella with Stuart Damon and Leslie Ann Warren. So I'm playing and he is talking to a friend who came over, and like five seconds into the song which I can barely hear cause they are so loud, he looks at me and *** no Im not singing that, its totally *** Ok first I know its not exactly his style but this is a song and movie I have loved since before I can remember! I was so hurt by the way he said it that I am still mad at him. This happened almost an hour ago!
Just one week away from our grand Opening Night costume party and CLUE!! Sunday, Oct 28th at 7:30 pm. Get your...
I don't have a FUNNY JOKE about how GORGEOUS Leslie Ann Warren is in Clue because it's just a stark true FACT
we should calendar it..see what schedules r like at that time..I like Leslie Ann Warren..:)
NEW drivein in lala... .. first movie is classic CLUE who wants in?
Leslie Ann Warren is so freaking hilarious
Katherine McPhee in a blond wig looks more like Leslie Ann Warren in Victor/Victoria than Marilyn Monroe.
I am taking a poll out of curiosity. How many of you have ever watched or heard of the movie, "Cinderella" the Leslie Ann Warren version?
Look what I found on Portrait of a Showgirl VHS, 1982 Leslie Ann Warren
I wonder which of my 20 something Disney purses Leslie Ann Warren would wear...
Hilarious clip from the 2001 movie Blood Moon (aka Wolf Girl). Also stars Victoria Sanchez, Dov Tiefenbach and Leslie Ann Warren. If you like Tim Curry you h...
John Davidson and Leslie Ann Warren always did amazing acting as a couple. Love them both! :)
Looking for the movie Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren,can't find it here been looking for it.Does anyone know where i can get it.
Now I can't get the Clue movie out of my mind.must have seriously seen that movie a minimum of 50 times. What a star studded cast with (all off of memory) Martin Mull as Colonel Mustard, Christopher Lloyd as Professor Plum, Michael Mckean as Mr Green, Eileen Brennan as Mrs Peacock, Madeline Kahn as Mrs White and Leslie Ann Warren as Miss Scarlet. Don't know who played Yvette the maid, Mr Body, cop or singing telegram.
My fav tv movie 79thParkAvenue was mini series starring Leslie Ann Warren. Anyone remember her? Still& always will be my fav actress. ♥ :-)
The very best fairy god-mother of Cinderella (Leslie Ann Warren) done by Rogers and Hammerstein. RIP Celeste Holm
I remember her in Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren when I was very, very young! And she got to sing the risqué lyrics of Ado Annie on the original cast album (lyrics were cleaned up for the movie version of Oklahoma!).
Did you know Marilyn Monroe did her first movie with Celeste Holm and so did Leslie Ann Warren (on tv)?
Channing tatum rules in Magic Mike. Matthew Mcconaughey was great too. omg i love this movie.. the men are sooo sexy. Ean into Elliot Gould and Leslie Ann Warren. a Great evening at the academy
The girls are in the backseat putting on their own muppet show with special guest stars Leslie Ann Warren &
Wrong. Played by Leslie Ann Warren in the movie. Automatically disqualified.
there is a non-animated Cinderella. A musical version with Leslie Ann Warren and ever after with Drew Barrymore
yes it is! (although Leslie Ann Warren is a close second, and will always hold a piece of my heart)
I do enjoy it. Although I grew up with the Leslie Ann Warren version, and recently fell in love with the Julie Andrews one.
One of my all time favourite actresses,Leslie Ann Warren was on "On Less Than Perfect",I am so happy! ^_^
Totally gotten into Hatfields and McCoys. Jenna Malone is the new Leslie Ann Warren.
Watching "Clue" with the fam and realizing how much of my personality I may've just straight-up cribbed from Leslie Ann Warren.
had such a crush on Leslie Ann Warren!
It's an old movie that has Leslie Ann Warren, Madeline Khan, Martin Mull, Tim Curry, & many other celebs in it.
Leslie Ann Warren is not crazy about the idea of a CLUE remake, she told me
Just got off the phone with Leslie Ann Warren. Forgot that she and VICTOR/VICTORIA costar Julie Andrews both played Cinderella on TV!
She never loved the King's son--- not exactly Leslie Ann Warren in her own little corner, is she?
Ahh. Never seen it. But I love Mary McCormak and Leslie Ann Warren.
On MeTV at 1 AM, Mission Impossible is on. it has a young Mr. Spock, a young & pretty Leslie Ann Warren & very young Sam Elliott. Spocks ears & sideburns are not yet pointed & Sam doesnlt have a mustache or deep voice. I LOVE MeTV!
Been up since 4 A.M., dang hole in the kitchen sink, water all over. Guess my Easter dinner will not happen but Happy Easter to all! I hope all the little kiddies enjoy a safe easter egg hunt where ever itmay be. Has anyone ever saw the movie "Constillation" starring: Billy D. Williams, Gabrelle Union, Hill Harper, Zoe Saldana, Clarence Williams III, Rae Dawn Chong & Leslie Ann Warren? It came on This TV (missed an hour of it). Please give any feedbacks, I'm thinking of buying it.
...includes Tom Arnold, Leslie Ann Warren and on set w again shld make for some interesting stories..Release more when I can
Oh, I'd love to see it again. When I was little I thought Leslie Ann Warren was so beautiful as (cont)
30 mins to "Rex Sikes Movie Beat chats with 1st AD Curtis Smith Pt 4" by rex sikes on
GREAT SALE !!! Baja Oklahoma [VHS]: A Texas barmaid juggles her songwriting dreams with her off-the-cuff love l...
Celebritie Video U2 returns to Glastonbury, Bieber's hair for sale: The latest celebrity an...
Shooting episode 10 of Working Class! How lucky am I we have the gorgeous Leslie Ann Warren guest-starring and I get to mud-wrestle today!
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