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Les Paul

Lester William Polsfuss (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009)—known as Les Paul—was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor.

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Adrian classic; at the age of 24. He says he doesn't no longer own the 70' standard Les Paul ...
Who remember these two great musicians,Les Paul and Mary Ford?
His parents were best man & maid of honor for Les Paul & Mary Ford. Thats what I read. Forget where.
What, Reverend Swaggart is your opinion of Les Paul and Mary Ford? It is written, " Consider others better than yourselves."
Great track from the fifties: How High The Moon by Les Paul and Mary Ford.
Les Paul and Mary Ford with the worlds first portastudio?.
sneak peak of our new custom Les Paul [Starburst] body
Gostei de um vídeo Monheit with the Les Paul Trio - East of the Sun and West of the Moon -
Also, this is probably what would be a good fit should you want to spend a small amount on starter gear.
Please welcome the newest member of the family, Sasha (Gibson Les Paul 2017 model).
Do you have a date on stock of a left handed 2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute?
"Say more with Les...Les Paul Guitars" That's free copy I just made up for you, Les Paul, merry christmas.
Lead singer for 2 albums my man. Ck who Les Paul & Mary Ford best man & maid of honor were.
Inside the king of electric guitars...
Sample songs from our 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) new album 'A Mile Until Dawn'.
regram regram gibsonposts. 55 Les Paul gold top
When your Les Paul sounds great even in a small practice amp , you know it has the mojo . No kidding my search...
Can More 4 and Paul O'Grady move on from Les Mis please, I don't want to cry on Boxing Day
Nothing like that fresh Les Paul coming home again..
my new gear…. Gibson USA Les Paul 50s STD Faded 2016 Honey Burst
Wow I'm impressed and I'm not that easily impressed...Zakk Wylde "Voodoo Child" w/Les Paul's Trio - Front and Center
This is Ibanez' Les Paul copy. This has become very important to me for some reason.
Gary Rossington tells Alan Paul what it was like playing Duane Allman's Les Paul
Beautiful guitar tone from Joanne Shaw Taylor earlier on Tele now on Les Paul.
Legends of Classic Rock with Jimmy Page - Les Paul and Joe Walsh
"Now I know I'm funky and strip bar dirty and yes I like a Les Paul through a VOX AC30" - Ray Wylie Hubbard
I actually have a bit of a thing about Les Paul gold tops. Might have to acquire one of these!
what make/model is it? I always loved the old cream Les Paul with gold hardware. It just looked good on you.
The Gibson '59 Les Paul guitar is an instrument of beauty!
I may be weird but I don't know what's cooler than this. 1953 Les Paul and 1955
Just hanging out in my favorite guitar shop EVER with my friends Les Paul and Paul Reed Smith,…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
This is incredible! George Benson on a lovely 'burst Les Paul, and wonderful Hammond playing. Jonny Henderson...
A fairly rare pic. Les Paul playing with Roy Rogers at a party...thanks to Gordon Sheard for the find!
I'm selling one of my sweet Les Paul's! Let me know if you're interested! 🤘🏻
Solution for always feeling angry at work, listen to Chet Atkins and Les Paul " Chester and Lester ".
check out videos of Kiss hot in the shade tour 1990. Paul uses nice Les Paul's!! I like your Tommy Thayer guitar!!
Haven't kept up with all performances but the exception that I can recall is 2009 Obama inauguration: Les Paul (playback?)
Kathleen Edwards’ 1957 Les Paul junior was stolen from her home in August, 2015
Gotta say. Dickey Betts is a killer great guitar player. Luvin it. Now who gonna buy me a vintage Les Paul goldtop. Lol. 😀
Billy Duffy Signature Gretsch White Silver Falcon: "The chime of a Gretsch and the clout of a Les Paul." Seymour...
Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend Les Paul.. Love and miss you.. Thanks for doing all the amazing things you've don…
Quite a day for birthdays: blues great Skip James, composer Cole Porter, guitarist Les Paul & pianist
Taking Rita Henderson (my Les Paul guitar) into pit stop for a week before some recordings some dirty electric guitar songs what I wrote.
Bradenton man celebrates his friend and idol, Les Paul: Tom Doyle was Les Paul’s guitar tech and engineer for...
I think I'll dust off the old Les Paul today and spend some time in the studio. With a bottle of bourbon of coarse.
Studio burning down - What 3 things would you grab? . "Amphions, my Les Paul junior .and Archive drives" .
There's a Gibson studio in Las Vegas, come by & play. Many great musicians used a 'Les Paul';Adding U to the list?
I liked a video Instrumental Blues with Gibson 1959 Les Paul - Gregor Hilden
We and Les Paul's - The Paul's are proud and honoured to support Zerf productions and the tireless Wilhelmina...
Slash's no.1 '87 Standard (defected factory second) Les Paul getting a refret. The travelling that guitar has done.
Loved taking photos of this beautiful Les Paul https:…
Immaculate 2012 Les Paul standard with all the bells and whistles. Polish up those...
on The Mix: I'm Sitting on Top of the World - Les Paul & Mary Ford
Musical Moments to Remember: Les Paul & Mary Ford – From Mockin' Bird Hill to Blue Hawaii on
This customer has BK custom in the neck and in the bridge of his Les Paul
Taste, opinion can vary with genre! BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Santana, Mark Knopfler, Chet Atkins, Les Paul all great!
oh Kim, I feel ya. I love my Les Paul but only for a couple numbers!
I had no idea Les Paul was Steve Miller's Godfather.
Wait, Les Paul helped teach Steve Miller how to play guitar? ***
Danny "The Count" Koker and his crew at Count's Kustoms built this sweet tribute bike to Les Paul, the godfather... http…
Les Paul. A master from the start. The Gibson Les Paul is the premier guitar today.
Re: LT, we might be planning an homage to Les Paul & Mary Ford...
65 years ago today on 4/21/51, released Les Paul and Mary Ford's single "Mockin' Bird Hill".
The most poignant part of this that I take away is:. Rock legend who learned to play guitar from Les Paul himself...
I never new Steve Miller was Les Paul's godson.
"The World is Waiting for the Sunrise" by Chet Atkins & Les Paul on album "Chester & Lester"
I liked a video from Ray Wylie Hubbard - Mother Blues - Stripper and a Les Paul
Janick used a black Les Paul Custom at one point. Adrian had a red Les Paul with no whammy bar. It was all Fender and Jackson otherwise.
Saw at MSG tonight. Great seats, great show. Dave, Adrian and Janick used a Les Paul on quite a few songs. Dave's had a whammy
Government is running the NHS down, says Paul O'Grady
| Finally got my chainsaw case for 'Theresa', a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe. Thank you
Selling me old Epiphone Les Paul guitar because I haven’t played it in years and for good reason—I suck. Link —
It's here and I'm so excited. Thanks for match-making this Les Paul and I
Tomorrow, I will be speaking at MTSU in Murfreesboro for the Les Paul Exhibit at 1pm talking…
I really REALLY want an Epiphone Les Paul. It's my dream to own one. But I don't happen to have $600 lying around to buy one! The struggles!
I really want a Gibson Les Paul but I really don't think I could spend that much on a guitar.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Sungjin's new guitar is the Les Paul Custom Guitar in Alpine White . Link: Cr. sungjin6_day6 https…
Thanks to gibsonguitarsusa for sending me home today with this amazing ES-Les Paul! Can't wait…
ok see I WANT an MB-1 guitar w kaoss but I'd have to sell my Les Paul (a hand me down from my uncle) and i couldn't do that
My 1993 les paul.. its been too long.and all my teachers are gone..
Well. Today I found the Gibson Les Paul that successfully stole my well as all my money.
I still fall back a lot on my Les Paul, and there is just no getting away f...
I'm the same, when i was getting that amp i saw a custom shop Les Paul for sale, was just in awe
Which Guitar is that,the tobacco Les Paul?
Rock Calendar 3-26-06: U2's The Edge gives his fav. '75 Les Paul to a charity he founded to replace instruments lost in Hurricane Katrina
The awesome Billy Gibbons with the incredible '59 Les Paul, known fondly as 'Pearly Gates.
Guitar legend Sister Rosetta Tharpe, here with her custom 1963 Gibson SG Les Paul, would have been 101 this week.
'I wanted a Les Paul so badly... I used to smell the catalogs.' -Mark Knopfler
Ready for a quiet blues cruise on lake Windermere with then a sleep before plugging the new Les Paul in for a rocking night
How two late-night hosts on became friends with Les Paul
If you're gonna play a Les Paul, dont play djent @ *** in guitar center
Les Paul 1959 Southern Rock Tribute, one of the finest Pauls they've ever made... Try it in-store
on - Favorites from Les Paul's House of Sound. .
Epiphone "Ace Frehley" Signature Les Paul with built in smoke machine!. f.frehley*
I knew Dave was playing a Les Paul. I was close enough to him and Adrian to see. Sounds sweet!!!
Billy Gibbons signed my dad's Les Paul today❕
I just want to find the balance. Also I'm a Saul Hudson fan as well. I play a strat but one day I'll afford that Les Paul
Whoever busted an Epiphone, Les Paul on the concrete of the Galleria theater parking lot, screw you!
Some very nice, & well protected Les Paul's, & a Strat🎸 Glad to have 'em all in cases finally...🌵
I'm going to guess that Les Paul and Leo Fender were thinking about what they would enjoy playing. Ergo a male suited guitar.
I'd still like to hear what they'd say!!! I doubt Leo Fender or Les Paul were thinking of men, per se, in those designs.
It's a pleasure to be playing the 2016 Les Paul. That guitar has hoof.
My first record I owned was by Les Paul.
I don't think Kei Nishikori realizes how ridiculously awesome the Les Paul guitar he just received as his Memphis Open "tro…
are in serious need of a Marshall stack & a Les Paul.
Listening to It's Been a Long, Long Time by Bing Crosby, Les Paul, on the album: Gone Fishin' - His Finest , 1930 - 1960
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
as far as true tragedies go, the breaking of one's Les Paul lies near the middle ground between totaling a car & losing …
Can't beat the tone of a heavy Les Paul through a Marshall.
My future son will be a third generation *** Taylor. We'll buy him the Les Paul and Strat at a very young age.
What's the collective noun for Les Pauls?. "A burst of Les Paul's"
H416 Les Paul and Mary Ford vol. 1 and H286 Les Pauls New Sound with Mary Ford
What's the deal with Les Paul guitars? You have some for €1000, some for €6000...
Children of the Dust by 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) - Paul Robert Thomas
A new favorite: Temples In The Rain by 'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) by paullyricist on
Watching the live steam of whilst riffing classic Bowie on my Les Paul guitar.
. Hi, Just wondered if the Les Paul had arrived to Julian Grace or Juliette Avery. . Arriving by 1.15pm today?. Steve Williams
My new Epiphone, Les Paul model electric guitar. (This teaching guitar thing is getting out of…
Just finished putting on a set of SH1 Vintage Blues Set. They sound great in my Les Paul
Having a "good camera" don't make you Ansel Adams; like having a Les Paul don't make you Slash.
Tough decision, my 335 or my Les Paul, don't think I can split them as to which I like best!
Is tasting the Jeff Beck Group's thunder, Live at Filmore West (1968) - Such delicious heaviness! I wish he stuck with the Les Paul.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
1954 clip of Les Paul and wife Mary Ford having a fun guitar battle that doesn't end so well for Les.
Les Paul and his wife Mary Ford having a Goldtop guitar dual in 1954.
Gibson, Les Paul if electric, Ovation or Taylor if acoustic.
Les Paul on 78 rpm Capitol 2193: Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me (w/Mary Ford)
I wish would reissue some Les Paul & Mary Ford on vinyl. Until then, enjoy this:
Les Paul & Mary Ford - The World Outside is Waiting for the Sunrise
Suggested Viewing of the Week:. Les Paul and Mary Ford discuss their recording techniques on the tv show Omnibus.
January 4th 1951. Les Paul & Mary Ford recorded How High the Moon (video).
2/2 The absence of a patent allowed Ted McCarty & Les Paul at Gibson and Leo Fender to develop their own models, giving rise to Rock & Roll.
Just got the white lightning Epiphone Les Paul! Love it!!
Me and my Les Paul at one of our London 02 shows!
We spoke to shredder/user Lee Malia about the iconic Les Paul http…
Les Paul was a guitar god. That is all.
Billie Holiday, Edif Piaf, Billy Strayhorn, Muddy Waters, & Les Paul: attending in spirit at this soirée
Allow the Squid to tell you about the greatest Les Paul
Epiphone is taking the lead I have wildkat,Sg pro and Les Paul traditional pro gold top they are great
You can now get Epiphone AFD Les Paul's and Performance Packs Autographed by at :
Picking up my Les Paul tomorrow at Guitar Center!
my favorite grandpa(s) would be Bob Uecker and Les Paul. 90's time capsule pull is the Spanic Boys
The new Judas Priest guitarist with his Les Paul is quite Randy Rhoads. Canada
Ever wish you could have bought a Les Paul new in 1979? Here's your chance. The previous owner bought this new in...
Been listening to Les Paul.. learned how much his playing was influenced by Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian.
Used app, searched guitar, and BOOM! me and my Les Paul came up http…
Gary Clark Jr slaying in Boston went SG--> Les Paul --> Strat. Now back to the SG.
From 4 I talk to Wearside man selling Paul Kossoff's iconic Les Paul.
Is there anything as beautiful as a freshly polished Les Paul? 😩
Okay guys gig on Friday at 2:15pm at Phi Delta for "Les Paul's Big Sound Experience". Catch me doing some electronic stuff! L…
Paul Kosoff's Les Paul is going to auction. One of the all-time great guitarists. Wrote about him a few years back:
Paul Kossoff's favourite Les Paul to sell at auction:
On the lookout for a '59 Les Paul? Paul Kossoff's is going under the hammer: https…
All time classic . Les Paul in 1980s Coors TV Commericial
Let's try a photo of a shop full of vintage gold top Les Paul guitars
Really digging my ML1 through my Marshall JCM. I can get Strat tones & fat Les Paul tones as well. htt…
Check out this Gibson Collectors Choice 24 'Nicky' 59 Les Paul on Reverb via
Steve Miller's godfather was Les Paul. The SMB was & is one of my all time favorites since the 70's
Today's Nobel Prize in chemistry honors scientists who zeroed in on one of life’s central mysteries
yeah acoustic is the way don't you play a les Paul ?
A 1972 Norton Seeley Commando in Gibson Les Paul colors. Does it get any better?
I liked a video from 2013 Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute: Faux Binding and Chrome PU
I need to get me a Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul 7 string. Need to play the whole album
I really just want a late 50's Les Paul and a late 30's Martin D-18 and I'll be happy
30 years ago today uses a Les Paul in for the first time 9/28/85 LA Street Scene.
Got the rare opportunity to chat with Sir John Hegarty today. Mostly about Les Paul, of all things.
See, that Les Paul!..right there!..and tell riding buddy Duffy to give up one of "sig" Gretsch about guitar envy!
Laura Cox shows her new Les Paul and plays Chickenpicks Badazz III 2.5mm
Fun with A '72 Les Paul courtesy of my buddy Andy Dixon. You are a good man sir. Yes I know I can't…
. Hi Doug !. I'm very interested in the pendant ♡. so Please let me know the size of that Les Paul body 🎸
Kiss me once,then kiss me twice,then kiss me once again. It's been a long long time. Bing Crosby & Les Paul - It's Been A long Long Time
Talking about links from Les Paul to Foo Fighters and I forgot Dave Grohls' name. Sorry Dave I love you
Rest in Peace Gary . Great to have met you and shared stories about old Les Paul guitars.
at Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Love the FG tarte tatin!
The Gibson Les Paul Handbook - New Edition : How to Buy, Maintain, Set up,...
I'm so in love with the Les Paul traditional 2015.
LOLOLOLOL an actual argument over whether a Les Paul sounds better as a Studio or a Standard, in real life even.
[Stones] Rolling Stones Gimmie Shelter Trying some Keith Richards. My guitar is too metal; I need a Les Paul if some…
Kathleen Edwards' 1957 Les Paul guitar was stolen and she would like it back.
Help make it happen for A new 1957 Les Paul guitar for Kathleen Edwards on indiegogo
LAST DAY SALE TODAY -20% off. Gibson Les Paul 25th ANNIVERSARY 1979 on black aluminum size 40” x…
Makes the arm hairs stand on end, Frampton at the best, with a brilliant Les Paul custom
JJ Watt. Les Paul. Frank Caliendo. What do these three men have in common?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Drumsticks down. Hi-hats go silent. Drum rolls wait. Les Paul waits for you to join the band.
YEAH! My custom Les Paul, prize for winning the grand jury at
A distressed 73' Les Paul in I.C.U hear at my custom shop in Houston. Don't worry, a full recovery is fully expected.
First time I saw Edge use a Les Paul was on the Whistle Test promo for The Joshua Tree, on In God's Country. Looked weird in his hands.
In today's exciting episode of Rob and his Old Man Musical Tastes: Chet Atkins and Les Paul, "Caravan"
ill be moving down to Como Avenue with Raymond come September 1st. You better bring over that Les Paul of yours
Les Paul reference monitors and KRK gear were in use this past weekend inside the Hay Bale Studio at Bonnaroo -Clive
I want a white les paul with gold knob, tuner and pick up... In my dreams though
dankanter: JB shredding on my Les Paul
I got a Les Paul hard-shell case for sale.. What would be even better than selling it you ask?…
JB model humbuckers in my Les Paul Studio
So I restring my Gibson Les Paul, get it tuned, do one bend of the string and it drops an entire step down 😂😂
Les Paul Robot electric guitar MINT w/ case
Gibson Les Paul Robot electric guitar MINT w/ case
Cool! Check out tribute to Les Paul last week...and of course see them at
Wasted Life by Stiff Little Fingers. Straightforward punk song played on my first Epi Les Paul!
Les Paul's Journey and the History of American Popular Music via
Joe Louis Walker and Earl Slick for the Les Paul Celebration. "Eyesight to the Blind"
My Vintage v100 'Lemon Drop' ... as close as I'll ever get to Peter Greens '59 Les Paul - oh well lol
Yeah sup bro, I spent my last 3 pay checks on vape juice, Baja blast, meal deals and a new guitar hero wireless les paul.
100th birthday is tomorrow. We're celebrating in a big way! Details: http:/…
For anyone who has had the privilege to see Brian May on his Les Paul
: FIrst Gibson Les Paul Ad – 1952. One of the first, if not the very first, print ad for the brand new Les Paul...
Paul Nelson at Les Paul 100th Anniversary Celebration - Arrivals at...
A history of the show in 6 minutes. Includes, Steve Howe, John Oates, Les Paul and many others. Looking forward...
Les Paul - (Merv Griffin Show 1966): Les Paul shows off his prowess on the guitar
Lester William Polsfuss , known as Les Paul, was an American jazz, country and blues guitarist, songwriter, luthier and inventor.
Happy 100th birthday to Lester William Polsfuss, better known as Les Paul. Thanks for the Gibson, Les!
Today marks what would be the 100th birthday of guitarist and guitar innovator Les Paul. A true legend.
Must see. . MT Happy 100th birthday, Les Paul. Les was a founding member of the
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
ooops. it's 'Dickey' not Dickie. Sorry, Mr. Betts. Did Elvin Bishop play a Les Paul? I think he used to play on a Gibson
"It's not about technique - it's what you have to say." . Cheers to Les Paul, who would have turned 100 today.
it's the sort of guy I agree with so may have spent time with. (the bruises I got from my Les Paul!)
Would this be the same someone who said, and I quote, "Les Paul's are too heavy" as in physical weight?
Happy 84th Birthday to Jackie Mason!. (Today also would have been the great Les Paul's 100th B-Day)
Les Paul, inventor of the Gibson Les Paul guitar, would be 100 today.
Les Paul would have been 100 years young today.American Masters : Les PAUL Chasing Sound
Tom Doyle, Master Luthier and long-time Les Paul friend, shows the details of the recently-auctioned 1954 Les...
Happy 100th birthday Les Paul. here's a David Barrett Trio tribute to the iconic musician and inventor!
Born today but no longer with us: Les Paul, Johnny Ace, Jackie Wilson, Jon Lord, Mitch Mitchell, Trevor Boulder
100 years of Les Paul: The man who invented rock and roll
I added a video to a playlist Les Paul and Mary Ford - Nuevo Laredo
Wayne Wesley Johnson has a show on 06/09/2015 at 06:00 PM @ Les Paul 100th ... in New York, NY
Les Paul's 100th birthday is on June 9. We're celebrating in a big way! Details: http:…
Read my article this weekend in the Freeman on Kelli & The Soulmates playing the 100th birthday party for Les Paul in Waukesha on 6/9.
Excited to announce that I'll performing on 6/9 in Time Square to celebrate the great Les Paul h…
Blowing the cobwebs off my Les Paul this morning.
Les Paul and Mary Ford, folks. So much of modern music owes its very existence to these talented cats:.
A little Les Paul and Mary Ford to sing you to sleep. Catch the incredible documentary on Les Paul and his...
The song that Joe Meek wrote (recorded by Les Paul & Mary Ford) which gave him $ to start his Triumph record label https…
How High the Moon by Les Paul and Mary Ford was the No.1 hit song on May 26,1951
Bob Marley was buried with his Les Paul guitar, a bible, and some weed.
Les Paul belonging to Andre Scott with the Seth Lover pickups for that sweet vintage tone:
The Big Apple is gearing up to celebrate Les Paul's 100th birthday...details:
If you ain't never heard a guitar riff on Gibson SG or Les Paul don't tell me I can't wear a band tee ***
This blog helps you ready your Les Paul for slide playing —
Kenny's Les Paul! Got the decal spot on, not an easy thing to do normally.
You don't have to be to appreciate a 1960 Les Paul.
how about an Aldo Nova signature Les Paul?
Working on second MadFish album '1979 - The Story of Billy' Tuning the Les Paul
Got the Gibson Tony Iommi signature out of my strat. Gonna install it on my Les Paul.
Les Paul and Mary Ford tape slap. Even has vari speed...
2 icons who were instrumental in influencing rock music of our time -Jim Marshall and Les Paul http:…
Win a Les Paul designed by Lee Malia of BRING ME THE HORIZON.
New print available Les Paul patent from 1955
Add this downright gorgeous Les Paul to your collection
Was that Atomic custom Les Paul crafted here in Arizona? RT
Dr. Conway working on the Les Paul at Bounty Music. @ Bounty Music
Just got my kid a Les Paul. Beautiful sound.
Back to riffology... So familiar, it borders on cliché. Free's 'All Right Now' (1970). Kossoff, Les Paul &
I'm tired of these Les Paul stock pickups. As a Randy Rhoads fan, what should I replace them with?
Jim Irsay, the man who bought Les Paul's Black Beauty Good on him. He has the passion and the money.
Les Paul's 'Black Beauty' guitar sells for $335K (STORY) (our own made the purchase! Congrats Mesa Bob)
Photo: steroge: Marc Bolan, T. Rex, 1970 (Estate of Keith Morris/Redferns) Les Paul: the guitar of choice
Mark Wood is the Les Paul of violinists.
A very Happy Birthday to Brian Robertson today whose Les Paul was once owned by Mary Ford
The artwork takes me there. Comic books, baseball cards, Les Paul and Chet Atkins. Nice !
Somewhere over the Rainbow by Les Paul & Chet Atkins
Check this out! A customers dream guitar just arrived in store and it's this incredible Gibson Les Paul Standard...
Lenny Kravitz with his sunburst Les Paul electric
Me, les paul custom and bogner in the background @ groove bar, crown casino 2015
Slash played with Richie & Orianthi after receiving Les Paul Award at NAMM: vía
Not-best part of Katy Perry subjugating herself to Lenny's big rockin' Les Paul, bookended by the commercials.
Selling my Epiphone Les Paul if anybody's interested? It's a beauty! Just not able to play it as much I'd like to :( http:…
Kravitz lip synching with this '59 black over flame model Les Paul for the Halftime show -->
Total Guitar totally flips for the Epiphone Lee Malia Les Paul.
Ha ha. Found the Les Paul - Jeff Beck shenanigans video. . Some kicking playing.
Managed to get our hands on this gorgeous Tom Murphy Aged 59 Les Paul - Great weight on this one!
Whoever is off to see Queen and Adam Lambert tonight - enjoy the show and pay attention to the whole band but also Roger and Brian individually. You will learn alot from these guys! Oh and James Falls - hope you get that £3,000 Les Paul - just ask you dad! You never know.
"there's nothing better than a Les Paul" -Bus Driver who looks like she has never even touched a guitar before
Les Paul: The original ax from the man is hitting the auction block. So to speak.
Byrdland played and signed by Ted Nugent MINT Case COA Les Paul guitar
Les Paul, Chet Atkins guitar prototypes headed to auction
Is that Dave Murray? (and not Adrian?) Don't remember ever seeing Dave play a Les Paul...
One of my close friends suggested Alkaline Trio and they are great, a Les Paul in a punk type band is a nice addition
SALUTE TO LAWENCE WELK GUITAR MAN, NEIL LEVANG If you think Lawrence Welk's music was all cornball Americana, you're missing some good music. Fifty-plus years ago, there wasn't much guitar on television, so any time a hot player got onstage, budding young players were WATCHING. Levang didn't have the rock 'n' roll cred of a Duane Eddy or Lonnie Mack, but that didn't mean that thousands of pickers weren't checking out every move he made on the fretboard (as well as those of Neil's guitar sidekick, Buddy Merrill). Tomorrow is Mr. Levang's 82nd birthday day (b. Jan 3, 1932) and we'd like to salute him with this clip of "San Antonio Rose." Like many fine players of the day, Neil exhibited the classic combination of Chet Atkins and Les Paul licks, as well as some serious picking chops glommed perhaps from Johnny Smith or Tal Farlow. Happy early birthday, sir!
When I was younger I always thought Frampton was pretty good, I mean whats not to like about "Frampton Comes Alive" ? But as my Older (Ha,Ha) sister Carole Brown Lowery, was probably the biggest Frampton superfan of the worst kind (6 foot Shirtless Poster of Pete over her bed) I tended to keep my musical opinion of him to a minimum. And When "I'm in You" came out I pretty much wrote him off (Obvious record company attempt to cash in on Pete's pretty boy looks and pretty much turn him into a Teeny Bopper act). However When "Art Of Control" Came out in 1982, I loved it. Pete discovered New Wave and Punk as many of the 70's acts did. Pete was Back! He changed his guitar sound, discovered Compression, Chorus and Delay (The Big 3 In my opinion). Picked up a Strat and put down the Les Paul. His guitar playing became more "Jazz fusiony", kinda like Alex Lifeson's soloing. (give this songs solo a listen Michael Lark, resident Rush expert and tell me if you hear it). And Dee-Dee I'm intersted to know what Peter Fr ...
I love Teles and Strats into Fender amps, but a Les Paul into a Marshall is THE classic combination.
You lyin bud, Eric Clapton played the While my guitar gently weeps solo in studio on a Les Paul that George gave him
Jimmy Page's Number 1. He bought it from Joe Walsh, yet the cost varies.$250 to $1000. It's a 58 or 59 Les Paul.
Found out my Uncle is taking back his 1960 Les Paul back 😫😭 I'll miss jamming out on it
Last night's acoustic show was a huge success. Today I'm back on the Les Paul for some studio magic. Rock!!
Scott Smith on the Les Paul!! Man, Rich Hope and the Food Bank Four are awesome!!
Rough day. Need sleep. Guitar center in 5 hours. Tryna cop a Les Paul
The time has come. I'm buying a Les Paul. Should have never sold my 90s Gold Top! Looking for the rite guitar every night until I find her.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Careful!. The last time I did that I landed up jamming with guys in Charing Cross rd Music store & walking out with a Les Paul
ESP Kirk Hammett KH-DC (2012). The perfect Les Paul double cutaway shape that Gibson, for some myste
Big & Bad Rockabillly Cats Saturday, November 22, 2014 -7:00 p.m. Tickets Only $10.00. $2.00 off ($5 for couples) if you come dressed 50's style Anyone will tell you, the roots of Rock N’ Roll start with Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, and that’s where we start! Rockabilly is the blending of the blues of the Mississippi Delta, honky-tonk country music, boogie woogie, and R&B with the Hillbilly of the Appalachian Mountains. Like, “The Singing Break Man” Jimmy Rodgers and the great flat picker Doc Watson. This, along with the jazz music of ...Les Paul and the “Electric Blues” of Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Howlin’ Wolf gets us really rockin’.
how can I identify a Les Paul studio from a les Paul standard?
hereks my fav, I call him Salas, and he's my latest Les Paul.
Practicing with my Les Paul. It seems that I can always make it "work".no matter what amp I choose. (KS)
The Grouper! Check out Les Paul watching his dads back. On harvesting this red grouper.. My favorite action video!
Arguably the three most popular electric guitars of all time !!! Comparison among: 1973 Gibson SG 1989 / 2012 Fender Stratocaster 2005 Gibson Les Paul ...
Help! Ibanez s420 to an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Fair trade?
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