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Les Miz

Les Misérables (or ; ), colloquially known as Les Miserab, Les Mis, or Les Miz , is a musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg, based on the novel by Victor Hugo.

Miss Saigon Alfie Boe Jean Valjean Cameron MacKintosh West End Les Miserables Samantha Barks French Revolution Eddie Redmayne Anne Hathaway Victor Hugo

your staying in Les Miz for another year I is phenomenal in London but the 25th anniversary production is best
Eddie Redmayne is so pogi by the way. I've never appreciated him as Marius in Les Miz movie adaptation before but boy he rocks this one. 💯🔥
in high school I really hoped we would do Les Miz instead of "Working:The Musical" but little did I know we would be living it 11 yrs later!
One more day until the beta test. And now I have Les Miz stuck in my head.
where can I find the prices for the tickets to Les Miz?
I just signed up for Les Miz auditions... This is terrifying.
you need to write a book about your life on stage in Les Miz and offering advice & tips on stage work etc! X
I'm saying it... I think Samantha Barks was freaking awful in les miz and I'm so glad Phillipa is Amelie now instead of her. Thank Jesus.
must say that I love you on Corrie but I also loved as Marius on the Les Miz 2010 tour!…
OMG I love the fact that from the Les Miz tour has been in the shop! He is lovely.…
Cameron MacKintosh has announced the 32nd year of Les Misérables cast change, view it now!
she played Madame Thenardier with Martin Ball in Les Miz in 2010-2011 and was also in the last Royle Family episode!!! xXxx
putlocker got reuploaded amd now i can finish rewatch SMASH and endlessly watch les miz
MADAME THENARDIER in Les Miz!!! I would LOVE to play her in the 25th anniversary production!!! Ideal dream role! xXxx
new low-fare policy appears to me to cross a line. Reminds me of Thenardier from Les Miz. What do you think?
Amazing how Broadway musicals align w/ current events. Listening 2 les miz soundtrack and watching protests
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A brilliant audience response to last night's Les Miz opening night here in Dubai. Great aftershow party too. I got to bed quite late...
- years before it comes to Italy, if it ever happens! Same with Les Miz. My dream is to translate and adapt these masterpieces -
After watching Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance in cinema, I must say it is better than Les Miz. I shed tears several times.
Hayden Tee is playing Javert in Les Miz on the West End and I'd be booking a trip if I didn't already request off for BroadwayCon
We saw all four amazing performances of Bearden High's Les Miz. Congrats students and Leann…
"There's been no one like him anywhere. Anywhere, where he is." -Les Miz. I have a heart full of love for you RIP friend ❤️
- used to watch Groove High on Disney Channel, I noticed it was the same girl from Les Miz & decided I wanted to find out more -
- and it got me into Victor Hugo's work, so I found out about Les Miz and decided to give it go. The most recent movie I could -
I have a feeling Maddow is going to stalk Pence all 8 years as VP and then all 8 years as POTUS. Didn't she learn a…
on the Les miz year (1) those guard uniforms are so much better. (2) how can we still love Les miz as much as we do.
My parents told me my outfit reminded them of Eponine from Les Miz and I'm torn on whether I should take that as a compliment...?
The fact is that Les Miz could've launched her film career, but she made some wrong choices afterwards, like The Christmas -
Just gonna post the Les Miz goat here, I've given up on life
Had opening weekend of Les Miz to distract but now I want to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately no one's gone grocery shopping.
Café. Working hard at art history this morning so I can clear space for my yoga intention this evening like some kind of Les Miz character.
Update your maps at Navteq
I sort of want to gather my musical friends and march to the Trump Tower, Les Miz style, singing "Do You Hear The People Sing"...
. or you could come on down to friendswood Texas and see us put on les miz at the end of January!
Les Miz soundtrack all day everyday for the third day. Original Broadway Recordings, 10th Anniversary Editions, 2012 OST, you name it.
I've reworked my old les miz doodle from earlier this year to reflect the current cast ❤️ h…
Now that everything's ruined, maybe the Hamiltonheads will get big into Les Miz
I got Ebola during tech week of Les Miz and it lasted until 3 days after the show closed.
The next page just ruined A TALE OF TWO CITIES. Moral: I'm uncultured-so much so I was embarrassed to tell you it spoiled Les Miz 18 pgs ago
Just heard Can You Hear the People Sing from Les Miz and realized this may become relevant if we don't stop what's looming.
Huge tks for patiently teaching the "High Ladies" (!) Les Miz Medley at yesterday's
to the very first time you watched Les Miz - how did it make you feel?
Tomorrow we will be selling:. Les Miz Toasts. Legally Beignets. Kungfu pan(da)cakes. And iced coffee ❤❤
what did you decide? That it's better than Phantom but not as good as Les Miz?
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise! (Ah, Les Miz.)
Do you hear the people sing? Never thought I'd live through Les Miz
Hang out in front of the Les Miz theater till intermission to sneak in 😂
Loved u since Les Miz bway and so great to see u again!! Such an incredible and exhilarating show…
Bernie's candidate Zephyr Teachout lost in blue NY. Bernie's Prop 61 lost in blue CA. The revolution in Les Miz was more successful.
On election morning my son Quinn sent the lyrics to "Do You Hear the People Sing" from Les Miz. The chorus was prescient not?
Hey guys word of advice lock your girl down before letting her know ab your Les Miz obsession like I did bc that's sometimes a deal breaker
I used to love musicals when I was younger, but haven't followed any since I saw Les Miz in the 80s. I am finally getting around to Hamilton
just found you hiding in my Sound of Music London Palladium program & read that you had played other Les Miz Characters! :) xXxXx
Thank you for being patient while I petted the puppy last night. It's been a tough week between elections and Les Miz. :-)
just spotted you and in the choir on the 25th Anniversary Les Miz Concert DVD! Saw you during…
Rewatching Les Miz. The music seems apt at the moment. “Do you hear the people sing!. Singing the song of angry men?”
It's not already? I was thinking recently that A Christmas Carol, Oliver, & Les Miz may be responsible for my bleeding heart
Listening to Les Miz and writing this crap election into my novel tonight.
“One Day More” from Les Miz sounds about right for this election eve, with Thénadier rather than Javert facing off against Jean Valjean.
In the modern operas that 'Miss Saigon' and 'Les Miz' are, nobody breaks...
Going down a sudden Les Miz hole & it occurs to me that Roger Allam is responsible for most of what I love in life.
Just seen Les Miz here on Broadway. My God John Owen Jones still outstanding
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Oh this is interesting. Saw the world premiere at Berkeley Rep last year where Les Miz's Samantha Barks was Amelie
I am! Dragged down so I could see John Owen-Jones in Les Miz.
Russel Crowe ruined the Les Miz movie for me, he was woefully miscast as Javert.
Thx for the follow! Fun fact: you'd just left Les Miz 1st time I saw it; was still happy to see Asian Young Cosette in program. :)
Know him? His story (as told in Iron Chef America) is he died. He's actually in Les Miz
John Owen-Jones as Jean Valjean | Les Miz Now on Broadway - Les Miz has become one of the most celebrated...
Lovin' Norm Lewis. Did you see him in Les Miz? Amazing!
Wow! I had no idea he was so talented. Les Miz is my favorite. I'm a Hugh Ramin Karimloo fan.
Les Miz film is like a spot the West End and Broadway Star kind of film LOL x
There was a time when Catholics were forbidden to read Les Miz. True story.
I thought it was!! Just spotted in the Les Miz movie on Film 4 just now ;) x
Russell Crowe in Les Miz. Should have won an Oscar for miscasting
And if LMM tearing up is your thing and you haven't seen this Les Miz watch it ASAP:
Current work discussion: Discovering that someone was in a production of Les Miz in high school and trying to guess which character.
les miz is basically a story about how one guy becomes more and more like Jesus with every choice he makes
I dreamt I was cast off the street for Les Miz but I didnt know the words so you were all "it's cool, come be in Hamilton"
Highlight of Marie's Crisis, during Les Miz singalong, lady using her iPhone to Google the lyrics turns to me and "do you need the lyrics?"
here near box office. Sitting on the round wooden bench beside Les Miz entrance
alright watching the latest iZombie now. i don't think there'll be any Les Miz needledrops on this one though
Show has excellent staging. I've been to lots where nothing really happens but people stand and sing (looking at you Les Miz)
The 25th Anniversary concert of Les Miz is more commonly known as the "How many Broadway Valjeans can we fit on stage at one time?" concert
Catching up on That is... quite possibly the most unexpected soundtrack use of Les Miz I can imagine.
Intermission at Les Miz: is possibly the best Fantine I've ever heard, and is a beautiful & powerful Eponine.
Met and had you sign my Les Miz prog @ BMW. I get to see "Girl" Tuesday, are you directing? Be so cool to meet you again.
Will the Epilogue of Les Miz ever not make me cry??
Yayyy just sold my tix for Les Miz!! Now looking at the Saturdays from mid March to April 😏🙆
I just saw a Les Miz poster in Penn station saying "don't miz out" I love life
I've bought A LOT of Les Miz tickets. I've seen 5 Adam JVJ with another 5 to go. I have seen it 9x w/ 7 to go =-O thats 16x since Nov!!!
Reason I didn't see the film is I'm kind over my Les Miz period. College was grand. College was 30 years ago.
I was wondering, do you do all 8 shows weekly at Les Miz, or do you have a reg day off? Trying to make sure I see ya! :)
Hi Enjorlas, welcome to Manila! Im a huge fan of Les Miz & am looking forward to watching the entire cast! Hope u enjoy ur stay!
1st time i saw Les miz, for wks i walked in step to "Do You Hear The People Sing" on repeat in my head. Never quite recovered..
i mean, that's not what i was *trying* to say. but yeah, my conclusion was sort of "don't LES MIZ this"
I actually paid to rent her new "thriller" and that's saying a lot for me. She was also cute in les miz on Broadway...
i know you're busy, but any chance of hearing on my own from Les Miz?
your A Little Fall of Rain as Eponine in the 10 Anniv of Les Miz is giving me all the feels. T_T You were so good!
Happy bday!! Les miz with you freshman year was so much fun I can't believe we've been friends for all this time!!!
Les Miz is about a cute *** guy who is brainwashed to think he wants to canoodle with the adopted daughter of a bread thief.
any possibilities Les Miz will show on Ciputra after from Singapore this year?
Yes, yes it did. But my favorite is still the Les Miz parody!
It's been one amazing year. I'm so proud of you, You slay as Eponine 💁🏻. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary in Les Miz!!!
I still want to buy a ticket to Les Miz Manila, kahit late na.
At the end, instead of dueling, they get pedicures. This is very similar to my gender-swapped Les Miz where Javert and Valjean fall in love.
I get the frustration but all that's going on here is that most Americans have neither seen nor read Les Miz.
we need this for Ricky Martin,Dr. Daddy, and Les Miz Junior
Fulfilling a bucket list next week, visiting NY from UK to see Les Miz on Broadway. Hope to see you and you're feeling better
I don't know if watches but this week's ep included a rap battle and a Les Miz tribute so...
had to miss it bc I saw Les Miz tonight - and I'm trying so hard to not read spoilers - but I need to knooow!
Hangin' at an old school diner with The Apple after Les Miz eatin' fries. No big deal.…
Pericles Review: Shakespeare’s Les Miz?: Why would Trevor Nunn, director of the musicals Les Miserables and Cats,…
Thanks too all who attended my performances in this run of Les Miz. I will miss you all so much. My love to…
Uncomfortable but hard to hate Leslie for how she protected Leyland.She's like duty-bound Javert in Les Miz.
thanks for all the well wishes on my departure from Les Miz. It's been great to meet you all. See you in Neverland
The staff at Les Miz wouldn't let me stand at the back for the final bit of the show. I didn't want to disturb the row so I left :-(
Whenever I get sad I just remember that Tupac and his brother used to come home from school and rock out to the Les Miz soundtrack.
New marketing strategy for Les Miz appears to be "bootleg Hamilton"
I was lucky enough to see Alfie in Les Miz. Absolutely breathtaking! I look forward to seeing John Owen Jones.
Meet world's first musical theater billionaire (hint: owns rights to Les Miz, bringing to London)
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Les Miz. But 5 days 11yr old listening to Fantine & Cosette has me wishing Jean Valjean was knifed in the 1st act
You're familiar with the Les Miz sequence from Forbidden Broadway vol 2 right?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
did you know Les Miz was one of the first musicals Lin-Manuel Miranda ever went to see?
Some of the photos from Kanye's 'fashion' show at MSG look straight up taken from Les Miz.
"Don't you ever get tired of watching Les Miz?" -Mom. Wow someone pls punch me in the face
Gofive minutes reading Les Miz fan blogs and then revisit the question.
wanting to see Alfie trumped it all. And this is my last time seeing Les Miz for a looong time.
There is a secondary market for them, particularly for shows with rabid fandoms like Les Miz.
Someone should watch Les miz with me
wish I could see in Les Miz tomorrow 😢😢
End of Longing press night with Mathew Perry on Thursday! I loved it critics hated it.what do they know! They slated les miz! 😜
Eddie Redmayne's song was the BEST part of Les Miz film... in a line up of non-singing actors, he smashed it!!
I'm counting on being in Les Miz when I see it next week
"We can go on a triple date. Heather can bring the entire Les Miz cast." Even your friends know you're forever alone and rub it in...
Beyond exited to see in Les Miz on Broadway tonight!
Two men with an abiding Les Miz love:
That was a relief... Les Miz medley finished!
1st Les Miz removes the revolving stage then Phantom removes the dropping chandelier. Feels like a whole char was removed.
Watching Les Miz videos cos we're a month to seeing it on stage. Figured I'd have trouble with Javert's Suicide..
Dilemma: Les Miz 2mrw bc Alfie Boe leaves @ end of Feb (even tho I'm Les Miz'd out -- seen it 4x in last 9 mos)? .
The moment you get a Les Miz cup in the cafe & you internally sing. I've watched the warnings vid on loop I had that in my head!
Ah, - Haven't watched since the end of S2, when ppl got mad at me singing a little fall of rain from Les Miz during a certain scene
Popped by to give an after show hug! See him in Les Miz before Sept! He's amazing!
Les Miz is really relatable bc I too am really regretting getting myself involved in the French Revolution
either the Les Miz one or the Hamilton one.
and are rocking it tonight in Les Miz. Looking forward to act 2!!
Got these Les Miz concert dvds 5 years ago. In about a month, I'll be seeing it live!…
Deff getting some Les Miz vibes from Yeezy season 3.
I walked out of an OK GO show during a guitar string fix as they glibly quoted LES MIZ and "bantered."
as a former cast member of Les Miz, & a current cast member of She Loves Me, I think I can help your recent litigants.
I wanna marry someone who will do the Confrontation scene from Les Miz with me and let me be Javert
Holy moly! Better get those les miz tix before it's too late. Only 7 months left!
Imagine if chorus dude 3 tried to bust out a solo during Les Miz during 'Stars'- same diff.
true for sure but doesn't help finances if many top names don't come ergo Les Miz😕 Wonder if remit still relevant?
Me: humming Les Miz under my breath. Brooke: "Are you listening to Johnny Cash?"
How long until the Internet mashes the entire BCRs of Hamilton & Les Miz together?
I'm sad, somebody bring me a shamrock shake & watch Les Miz with me
Some impertinent ignoramus changed "Les Miz" on my chalkboard to "Les Mis"
It was so so so AMAZING to see you in Les Miz today! You were incredible, and it was awesome meeting you. Best hug ever! 💛💜
I’d wish for a production of Les Miz to make its way back to Calgary. Or maybe Spamalot...
Local guy sang a sales song to the tune of Look Down from Les Miz this AM
When you manage to sneak in a Les Miz reference in your latest article.
It was very sad to see him butcher Les Miz’s hero.
when I'm reading les miz i picture valjean being played by Colm Wilkinson but I also picture the bishop being played by Colm Wilkinson
A star-studded list is ready to celebrate and at
Hey THE best line is “I’m not gonna lie, there was definitely a Puss to Les Miz connection” ep136 at 43:25
Les Miz is closing next month, can everyone from Sklav's class somehow get to the city so we can see it one last time?
*watching Les Miz Epilogue*. Brother:Are you crying?*laughs*. Me: Yes, now go away. . Brother: *leaves*. Me: *continues crying*.
Patti LuPone, Jeremy Jordan, and More to Honor Miss Saigon and Les Miz Composers -
there are some things I won't see. Les Miz, CATS, and Frozen
Les Miz is about the 1832 uprising in Paris and not the Fr Rev. Minor point but could hurt grade
Did you like the singing in Les Miz film?
PHS Les Miz chorus- please come to "Do You Hear" rehearsals as well as Les Miz Medley rehearsals. We need your voices to as…
been listening to Les Miz and GreaseLive soundtrack non stop!!
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats May Finally Prowl on to the Big Screen, Directed by Les Miz's Tom Hooper
Andrew Lloyd Webber's may finally prowl on to the big screen, directed by Les Miz's Tom Hooper
If you ever thought Les Miz was about the French Revolution, you're wrong. Dead wrong.
Also at the Les Miz stage door Alfie Boe made sure to sign everyone's playbills and pose for every picture. He was so sweet.
no kidding. Was in NYC on Sat. Missed Alfie Boe in Les Miz.
Les Miz on I've seen it 3x, and this specific revival 2x. This was one of my fave theatrical experiences. Alfie Boe is amazing!
This article IS my life. Les Miz and - two of my most profound musical theater experiences.
Seeing as Marius in Les Miz and then Hanschen in Spring Awakening can change a person...for better or worse idk
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
this snoopy music box plays "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miz if anyone is trying to cop a really sad xmas gift
Kiss Me Kate. I also was Jean Val Jean in Les Miz, the year before.
So excited! Our very own will be playing Fantine when Les Miz comes to Manila!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Duets from shows like Les Miz, Cats in concert:
If you're a fan of Les Miz and/or 'teachers,' you gotta watch this flash mob performance!. via
do you do all 8 performances in les miz London? Was thinking of a wed or sat matinee in November. will i be safe to see you?
I can’t be socially awkward all by myself! WHO WILL SING LES MIZ W/ ME?!
Darren and Aaron doing a Les Miz mashups!
Not sure what the judges are going on about on - maybe it's my opera training or the fact that Les Miz is my fav show, but YUCK!
There is a truth that can't be spoken. Mulder and Scully do Les Miz
Mama Mia is total crap (even with Meryl Streep). But I love Les Miz. Saw on stage 5-6times.
Hi! What's your favourite character from Les Miz?
box seats at les miz got my sister like "omg we're where the *** come out!" 😱 @ Les…
Back into Les Miz!! New track and nary a rehearsal. Should be an adventure!
Can I please go see les Miz 20 more times?
You mayhap ought to see the movie version of Les Miz.
Painting house. soundtrack is Les Miz. That's my painting attitude.
Iowa teachers sing 'One Day More' before return to school - & it's awesome - I love "Les Miz"! Great job teachers!
That song in Les Miz where Jean Valjean sings "who am I?" and it's the John Cena meme
Because Ramin Karimloo, I entered the BroadwayBox Lottery for a chance to win "Les Miz" tix.
Okay so not a good idea to try to fall asleep to Les Miz bc I'm getting way too excited
I'm going to miss Ramin in Les Miz so much!!! 😭 But super excited for Prince of Broadway!
Friday night after Les Miz I met Kieran Martin Murphy :D Yayyyz He was awesome, his performance and meeting him :D
I do my French homework whilst I listen to Les Miz for dramatic purposes.
Watching Les Miz again and had to pause it at "And I'm Javert" bc I remembered this video:
Almost forgot that the PSU band played Les Miz on 3rd Down plays.
I like to listen to Broadway cast album recordings and pretend I'm part of the cast. I GO HAM IN LES MIZ AND HEATHERS
Sad to see Les Miz at close yesterday. Brilliant show, and the first I worked from beginning to end!
I accidentally bought the Les Miz 25th Anniversary Concert so I guess I'm watching Les Miz now.
hey dummies, go see LES MIZ this week before the king is gone
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I quite love Dickens’ a Tale of Two Cities, but saw the play Les Miz in San Francisco and just hated it. Haven’t seen new1
Stacks of furniture, Les Miz-like, for La Fille du Regiment at Santa Fe Opera this summer
Let's be real, the most annoying thing in the entire fandom is when people write it as Les Miz. WHERE DID THAT Z COME FROM THERE IS NO Z
coming to London in December and I would love to see Book of Mormon and Les Miz again. You helped me get tickets for shows in February
10 days to go. I can hardly believe that I will see you in Les Miz. I dreamed this dream a long time ago. Now coming true!!!
Les Miz was the 1st show I bought a cast recording of in a language I didn’t speak. (German, then more!) So, pro…
True. One night I heard him the entire male score of Les Miz while drunk and nailed it. Bacong got pipes.
a friend is going to NY so I told her she had to see u in Les Miz but I just find out that u won't be there anymore sooo sad
Les Miz Forever 😍😍😍 Have seen it 50+ times in London since it first opened 💕 And I keep coming back 💕
We will bring you the entire Les Miz musical... For free- no inflated Broadway prices here
. Saw the 25th anniversary Les miz. On PBS again! . Love it.
I'm watching Les Miz with my parents and I had to leave because I absolutely lost it omfg
Watching sing bring him home on the 25th Anniversary Les Miz. I had no idea I met the most talented man on Broadway.
Les Miz by the Scottish Falseto Sock Puppet Theatre . It doesn't get better than this - really
Les Miz 25th Anniversary on PBS right now!
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Les Miz, Phantom, Miss Saigon. I like John Williams as well. I know I'm leaving out so much.
Good news is perhaps will start covering Broadway productions like Cats and Les Miz.
Les Miz 25th anniversary concert on PBS right now!
anything from Les Miz, Guys&dolls sound of music, Miss Saigon, Evita
Susan Boyle "OWNS" IDAD, as Cameron MacKintosh, the producer of Les Miz says. Anne Hathaway is a very good actress.
Celebrate Father's Day with our favorite dads! .
I finally made it into Les Miz promo shots!
We've seen Les Miz some 4 times over the years, and here's what we thought about it.
I'd love to see an updated Les Miz musical with Ikea furniture barricades
Laughing because of that one part in episode 11 of season 3 of oitnb where they all just break out into les miz
When Orange is the new black sings a les Miz song 😂😂😂
150% excited about this paycheck bc it's going straight to my Les Miz ticket
I saw Les Miz last week and Jean Val Jean dies exactly like Cyrano. Victor Hugo should be dug up and made to suck Edmond Rostand's peenie.
Closing our week, as it began, with theater: A review of PSF's "Les Miserables"
remember that one time Anne Hathaway lost 25 lbs for les miz
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Thanks to for making my fav role from les miz so amazing and the best version of on…
So excited to announce that Les Miz actress Samantha Barks will star in stage adaption of Amelie!
Julius Caesar...Les Miz...after the revolution...breaking the silence.
Les Miz on OITNB is my fave thing ever.
Finally. I want:. City of Angels, Miss Saigon & wth - I'll watch Les Miz for the 23rd time. But not g-ddamn ABBA
My last Thursday with my favorite teachers !!! @ Lower East Side (LES)
Jurassic world and mad max, but before that it was les miz in like '12
You should find the 10th Anniversary concert of Les Miz.. Chairman Kaga was Valjean in Japan
It's that time again. Here for Les Miz at Tyler Civic Theater! I missed opening night, but so glad to…
I mean, there are ~versions~ of Rocky Horror better than ~versions~ of Les Miz. But, overall, that's ... questionable.
Entertainment editor reviews the festival's 'Les Miserables.'
I once saw Les Miz 5 times in one weekend and I kind of regret it, but it was fun!
So excited to see and in les miz at desales tonight!!!
MELANIE MINTY: Dreamy summer ahead for Surrey fave Cathy Wilmot in 'Les Miz' at http:/…
New production shots from feat. Athan Sporek!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Ran down the stairs belting Les Miz to find my bro asleep on the couch. Forgot he came back from Texas last night. 😫😞
Dreamy summer for Surrey favourite in big 'Les Miz' show via
So excited to see I n production of les miz tonight!
Most recent Les Miz cast photos are out:
where did you find these!?!! Hysterical! We did Les Miz about four years ago, wish we could do it again this year.
can I just say, it's not . 'lay misrables' or 'la miz.' . it is simply 'Les Miserables.'
these two were AMAZING in Les Miz tonight on Broadway!!
I freakin' love my job. Y'all come see Les Miz at Casa Mañana! It's gonna be a good one.🇫🇷
me Les Miz and I Sing a great duet to Josh Groban's "Awake". So can I Sing with you? I'll record Awake
Broadway, recording stars tapped for 'Les Miz' at PSF
I'm exhausted and I still have to pack and finish my homework and try not to scream every time I think about Les Miz
I have an upcoming audition. Which song should I sing; On My Own from Les Miz or Maybe This Time from Cabaret?
The Refinery on VLR – Netanyahu, Les Miz, Mickey Kaus: On this episode of The Conservative Union...
Remember when I flew to nyc to see les miz and to meet ramin but he didn't stage door that week and now he blocked me
Back to back bonehead plays by Les Miz.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Les run away.. To a place where no one knows "This country is just suffer head sincerely"
Got to sing from Les Miz and Sweeney Todd. Ought to get me through next weeks a Little Mermaid & Heathers. I am
Yeah they'll be seeing Aladdin while I'm seeing Les Miz! Thanks I'm excited too! As if that wasn't obvious :P
Often quite grateful for having an office door. Like when I realize I'm singing along w/ Les Miz while I do data entry.
"At the Les Miz call, this white man says to me, "The joy of being at the White Boys Club, just a waspy call"
Not an article about a revival of Les Miz, though you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference,
For always will be in love with Les Miz 😍
I have died and gone to heaven. Thank you to the whole cast of Les Miz for a phenomenal production…
do we go straight to the bus 2nd period or go to 2nd and get called down for Les Miz kids?
.I saw this and immediately thought if you:. Les Wizardables
Check out our broom used in a production of Les Miz at
Question for Mr. P: Would you consider rtn to theatre on the big screen, a la Les Miz? What role/show?
Emboldened by the reception given Les Miz, director Korrie Taylor has designed Jekyll & Hyde to be even bigger.
hey Carrie,will miss you,I'm going to see a les miz college edition which should be smashed the role of eponine :
New star talks pizza toppings, love at first site & Tumblr.
.best version of Les Miz evah: Madagascar III. You don't think that French Leftenant's key role was chosen at random?
Celebrating Cassies 18th bday at Les Miz on Broadway! She said best birthday present ever. is KILLING it!
Broadway By the Bay succeeds with 'Les Miz': Ever since it premiered in London 30 years ago ldquoLes…
Hear answers to questions about my time in Les Miz & my album here
BFA Musical Theatre students today were asked the plot of Les Miz in class today and a handful of them DIDNT KNOW.
And now I really have to thank the gods for Les Miz.
could you mind tell me when you arrive at stage door tomorrow? because tomorrow i see "Les miz" again.
I get annoyed when I hear or read the phrase "at the end of the day" because then Les Miz gets stuck in head Dx
Why has there been no cast recording made of this production of Les Miz? Please make one with &
Fabulous comeback by Les Miz. No shame for BYU.
Avery is proud of Mr. and Mrs. Rittberger and their performance in Les Miserables.
Everyone is asleep, meanwhile, Simmy and I are reenacting Les Miz by ourselves.
today i saw the musical "Les Miz" i think this show is perfect Musical. sincerely thank you for a great show to see(
So far, so bad. But Les Miz are the worst of the lot, by far. How they took UK to OT is one of life's great mysteries.
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