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Les Miserables

Les Misérables (or ; ), colloquially known as Les Miserab, Les Mis, or Les Miz , is a musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg, based on the novel by Victor Hugo.

Jean Valjean Victor Hugo Alfie Boe West End

Bringing the battle weary home is ... important. Very!
Les Miserables was such an amazing musical
Les Miserables - Empty Chairs at Empty Stadiums. Queue the orchestra.
It's been 15 months since the BBC announced new Les Miserables Tv adaptation. How much longer do we have to wait for news? 🤔🤔
Proud to say that I have hooked on listening to "Do You Hear the People Sing?" From les miserables
At the Shrine of Friendship, never say die. Let the Wine of Friendship never run dry. (Les Miserables)
'to love another person is to see the face of God.' -Jean Valjean, Les Miserables
Ok but the lion king??? And Aladdin and even the prince of Egypt? What about les miserables?
Again to the barricades! A gorgeous touring 'Les Miserables' from a standout cast
I'm not 100% sure... last week it was a tv recording 😉, I want to see Boo…
Thought I’d watch Les Miserables and had to turn it off after 20 minutes... 💩
you should make a bot that writes songs like a cross between Les Miserables and Sufjan Stevens
Just back from amazing final performance of Les Miserables by Nenagh Choral Society's Youth Academy. Incredible tal…
Just seen Les Miserables performed by prisoners at and it blew me away. Talent and commitment from everybody involved.
Les Misérables is horrible... I think od Death of a Salesman to music
I read "les miserables" in school . I never imagined it with this much singin.. Fuggn wolverine running round this ***
Try not to cry watching Nick Cartell belt out "Bring Him Home" from
If the school did Les Miserables as a play id audition
I'm the kind of girl to listen to the full les miserables soundtrack while doing homework
Easily the best and most talented cast of Les Misérables I’ve ever seen, absolutely blown away!!😫🎭
i see wein episode as lesson from Les miserables. despite all good deeds j.v had done as mayor, he was abandoned al…
I wish to correct my earlier assessment of who you look like. I'm now leaning towards Jean Valjean fr…
Listen to Les Misérables Medley - Lindsey Stirling by Abdelrahman Fakhry ♪ ♫ on
"I'll be seeing Les Miserables again in January. I can only hope the experience will be better."
Number 5: . Rainbow Riders as Grantaire and Enjolras from Les Misérables: Shojo Cosette. They managed to win the...
I have finally seen Les Miserables. I feel like less of a cultural fraud now.
I used to associate "Les misérables" with old tv serie.Indeed the musical and the film seems to bring an…
Nick Cartell' rendition of the song "Bring Him Home" from >>
Matt Cardle's stunning performance of Valjean's Soliloquy from Les Miserables and his new song at West... https…
YES YES YES Tickets for Les Miserables in London / West End are save.. . My God cant wait for the Last Weekend in Ja…
Les Misérables giving me both inspiration to start a revolution and inspiration for my FMP
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Just came out of a fantastic performance of Les Miserables on a trip with Fredrikstad Ungane Teater!.
I'm giving her the Unabriged Les Miserables for her birthday.
Set build for Les Misérables starts Wednesday at 6:30 on the stage. We need volunteers and parent helpers. See MZ
The English accents in Les Miserables? Closely followed by Old Edward Hyde in The Mummy (2017)
Ian Binnie likens Martin van Beynen to Inspector Javert in Les Miserables "chasing David Bain down through the ages”
It's nothing compared to the real meaning of Les Miserables. Having seen the play 3X at West End, don't ma…
I have a lot of opinions about Tom Hooper's Les Miserables, which *** because it's 2017 and nobody should care anymore and yet: here I am.
It took Victor Hugo 12 years to write the classic novel "Les Miserables."
Hmm, life in general... A Christmas Carol (preferably Patrick Stewart, Muppets, or Mickey), Up, Les Miserables, Leg…
Tough one. it's either The Holiday, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, or House of Flying Daggers.
I come home and see that Newt Scamander is in Les Miserables. I asked, why doesn't he just use magic to save his friends?
Baby we've got to get home from the Valley in rush hour traffic! . ::Baby switches his iPod to an unabridged audiobook of "Les Miserables"::
We wish the cast and crew of Nelson Youth Theatre's production of Les Miserables an outstanding opening night!...
The victims should always be arrested first - Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again! – Les Miserables "Do You Hear The People Sing?"
Les Misérables update: At one point Hugo gets so excited about his own plot twist that he has a character shout about it for 2 pages
Since I'm going to France tomorrow, 10 likes and I'll do a one woman show of Les Misérables
I liked a video LES MISERABLES 10th Anniversary Dream Cast with Lyrics
Reading SINS OF EMPIRE by and I'm wondering if anyone else caught this Les Miserables bone here?
Here's the thing about equality, . Everyone's equal, when they're dead . ~les miserables~
Uh have you heard of les miserables
As marked by today's Google Doodle, Victor Hugo completed his masterpiece Les Misérables on this date in 1862
Hugo is such a good writer. When I first read " Les Misérables," I was so captivated by his ability to write and display timeless truths of
It is Nelson Youth Theatre Company's 10th Anniversary of Les Misérables. This is your last chance to win tickets...
Join us Monday at 7am for an extra special breakfast concert w/ and friends from Les Misérables!…
2. Enjolras - Les Miserables . Always stands up for what he believes in ❤️
Protesters sang Les Miserables outside the White House yesterday
ok but can ur wcw sing the whole les misérables soundtrack
I've just been to the most enjoyable performance of Les Miserables of all the many which I have experienced. Amazingly it was a school show!
I added a video to a playlist Bring Him Home - Les Miserables - Piano
you were amazing in Les Miserables this afternoon!
Our next meeting is 19.07.17, Associate Director of Les Misérables is next months speaker- not to be missed
This video makes clear that now needs to cover Les Miserables!.
This reminds me of Les Miserables lol
At least it's not the early work of Les Miserables.
"One Man Les Miserables Nick Pitera Medley" fantastic! One of my favorite
Les Misérables is considered one of the greatest novels of all time. Centered around someone who broke the law
as was in TALE OF TWO CITIES? PRINCE AND PAUPER? LES MISERABLES? OLIVER TWIST? etc etc. But this 2ndary reason NAZI targeted Polish 'jews'
"Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind," are the words in from Les Miserables-creativity springs forth from fantasy!
Bonkers life of Les Miserables author Victor Hugo celebrated with Google Doodle
At what point did someone think Les Miserables needed Russell Crowe?
ANSWER: Les Miserables! She played Young Eponine, Young Cosette, & was the understudy for Gavroche but s…
She attended Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, and at the age of 7, she was given the role of Cosette in the musical Les Miserables.
My daughter really likes in both Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted. I wonder if she's ready for Les Miserables?
Reading through some of Macron's quotes, looks like he borrowed the script from Les Miserables and is auditioning for Jean Valjean...
And the Shuler for Leading Actor goes to Ramone Nelson from Les Miserables.
377. Les Miserables but instead its for white boys who drink Monster energy
Supporting our HBB Youth Ohana at Punahou Schools musical production of "Les Miserables: School…
Okay. . Musical I hate: Martin Guerre. Musical I think is overrated: Les Miserables . Musical I think is...
Les Miserables makes me less miserable because that music that revolution and that feelin of true passion.. but death://
Les Miserables is so good, Billy Elliot is also one my favourites x
To open the second half, we have the senior choir singing music from Les Miserables
Sacha Baron Cohen & Helena Bonham Carter as the Thenardiers in Les Miserables
I'd like to. I saw Ramin Karimloo in Les Miserables there a few years ago. We drove from Michigan
Ready for this year's production of Les Miserables! (@ Newark Charter High School in Newark, DE)
Victor Hugo, Les Miserables - Clearly he had his own strange way of judging things. I suspect he acquired it from the gospels.
When I was little, I saw the play 'Les Miserables' on Broadway, I...
Seeing Hugh Jackman in a musical like Les Miserables fills me with wonder.😊😊
Seeing in the new year with a bit of Les Miserables and Snowdonia cheese.
seeing Les Miserables in Bochum sometime in January
About 20 yrs ago, I decided to go to an opera on a whim after seeing Les Miserables on B'way. Thought it might be r…
Driving back from seeing inlaws and wife puts on Les Miserables. What I would give for a blast of AC/DC! I know - no class!
Hope everyone did excellent on their finals! Don't forget Les Misérables auditions are January 10th! Make sure you rehearse over break! 😁👍🏻
Have either of you read les miserables
Les Miserables for toddlers. I'm not even kidding.
I would cast Taeyeon as Eponine in Les Miserables. Her "On My Own" and "Little Fall of Rain" would basically drown everyone in tears.
Today I came across the original 1985 London cast recording of Les Misérables. Clearly today was a good day
"You talk of battles to be won and here he comes like Don Juan. It is better than an opera."-Les miserables
Guaranteed way to get into the Phoenix. Have to say you haven't got your membership card but you've just come off stage at Les Miserables.
Les Misérables is such a sad movie... Éponine died for her love who was her best friend...//cries
Oh my god I just realised that the actor of Unwin Trevaunance in Poldark was Joly in Les Misérables
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. ~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
Idk how people fell asleep watching Les Misérables like... that movie just shook me to the core
when I played the role of cosette in Les Miserables play when I was in college, I didn't have a hard time coz I have that book ^_^
Had a dream last night that a was cast in Les Miserables and started crying cos a canny sing
A brilliant end to the term with our Christmas concert performances and our Les Miserables auditions. Our students are super!
Reading Les miserables and youre not going to believe what's happening . Valjean is STILL having a panic attack over this champmathieu
what I wouldn't give to play Eponine in a production of Les Miserables 😭❤️️
or Les Miserables. It's like 14 hours but please watch it with me.
"Les Miserables".. My hate for this movie is unparalleled.
Still time to get your nearest and dearest a fab xmas gift: a ticket to Les Miserables and our Kiss Me Kat…
i finished reading les miserables today. only took me TWO MONTHS
Les Miserables is one of the best shot films I've ever seen! Such an amazing film:D
Castle on a Cloud Les Miserables cover: via
Fun list! But shame on you for ranking Burlesque below Les Miserables.
Btw i don't like Les Miserables that much but this is the best and this performance is masterful and a classic
Me swinging bring him home from les miserables: via
Check out Les Miserables as well on the coaster maker of RCT3, pretty awesome and powerful as the musical. This...
I wish someone would love me as much as dobmier loves les misérables
The tickets for production of Les Miserables are NOW on sale! Book now!!
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Les Misérables:. -melts my heart. -i feel so attached to the characters. -music it's simply great. -glorious lyrics
20. Finally getting to see my absolute fave Les Misérables 😍
this works but only on the mis.gml file. Anything else I tries to feed it... boom! R collapses.
Winter break: baking Christmas cookies and singing along to Les Miserables w/ my mom
Had such a good day out to see les miserables 😆🇫🇷
I finally finished Les Miserables, now I think I might catch up on some Chaucer
Even the darkest night will end, and the Sun will rise. - Les Miserables
les misérables by Victor Hugo is the only constant thing in my life
Les Miserables – Our last date night before Jelly Bean arrives!
Les Miserables is one of my favourite musicals 🎶💕
Les Mis Company: Some fascinating dramaturgy about the ACTUAL history behind the story. Read this!!.
These empty chairs at empty parking spaces make me want to break into song to the tune of Les Miserables' Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.
3) Tomorrow we start working on Les Miserables. Let that sink in. Then go learn your songs so you can sing with the recording tomorrow.
Wareing at the Theatre-WorkShop 🎭 loved my time there with Nick Holder-Les Miserables & Jef Tho…
It was Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre tonight. Great show.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
This election has me drunkenly singing Les Miserables.
📹 | Eddie Redmayne talking about Taylor: "She auditioned for Les Misérables and she was amazing in the audition. She was…
Congratulations to my friends who performed in Les Misérables. It was a fantastic show, and very enjoyable to watch.
Les in a Twin Bed in the Same Room as your Wife and Insist You're Not Miserables
If it was rainin' a bit, I'd feel like I was in that one Les Misérables scene.
The left may have "Hamilton" for. now, but, y'all, we've been infiltrating the explicitly religious "Les Miserables" into their schools...
Thanks for that wonderful stream tonight everyone! We are watching Les Miserables for spontaneous movie night 🎥.
Mine:. Les Miserables, Grease, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Singing In the Rain. Yours: See the difference?
Bring Him Home (From "Les Misérables") by now playing on Crossover Radio International. Listen now!
Daughter was Cosette in her high school's production of Les Miserables. We saw one of Alfie Boe's last performances as Valjean. Incredible.
'Les Miserables' in Dubai: the tragic two-century resonance -
Awaiting start of the Holy Cross College musical Les Miserables. Already heard it described as the best musical ever performed in Strabane.
pag may nanglibreng ticket sa Ms. Saigon at Les Miserables jusko i would love you til i die 😭
Well Ann for the time being Les Miserables has been Thwarted.The tiger is back in the cage.I think tho Bill Mahr is not 2 upset.
Cathy Schenkelberg is Mother in Previous credits include Honky Tonk Angels, Les Miserables, and I…
you did not just use a Les Miserables lyric in efforts to support trump. Jean Valjean did not die for this
Introduced a young friend to Les Miserables tonight. live in London will always be my Jean Valjean.
John Owen Jones as Jean Valjean during the final leg of Les Miserables 25th Anniversary UK Tour in 2010! Amazing p…
Look @ some of the most difficult & diverse roles he played & how amazing he was at it😭 Theory of Everything,Danish Girl,Les Miserables
Let's be perfectly clear, I like musicals and my favorites are the latest film adaptations of "Les Miserables" and "Jesus Christ Superstar"
has revealed that she was not happy after winning an Oscar in 2013 for "Les Miserables"…
See that big smile? Anne Hathaway says she was miserable when she won Oscar for... Les Miserables.…
Let me tell you about Les Miserables. He was a good man. Great man. Les. Such a man. He became miserable thx to Hillary.
Ahead of his BAMT masterclass next week here's Hadley Fraser speaking on the set of the Les Miserables movie!
Trump walks out to Les Miserables song with "Les Deplorables" sign behind him
Les Miserables closing today on Broadway. Great to be here with Julia. John Owen-Jones back as Jean Valjean. The...
Selfie with John Owen-Jones outside the Imperial Theater after seeing Les Miserables on Broadway.
The audio book of The Devil Wears Prada was fantastic! While he audio of Les Miserables put me to sleep 😆
. Joseph. Phantom of the opera. Les Miserables. Chitty chitty bang bang. Wicked. Legally blonde. Miss Saigon
Laughton's best-known films: Mutiny on the Bounty, Les Miserables, The Private Life of Henry VIII, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
I'm so excited to see my friend Jack Johnston as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables this August!!
So far the drive to Chicago has been soundtracked by Les Miserables and Los Campesinos. I'm pleased with this.
Alfie Boe performs Bring Him Home from Les Miserables - Songs of Praise ...
MDA bans kiss between two male actors in Les Miserables: "We thought it'd be between sad women, based on the title." https:/…
Someone please explain to me why movies like Les Miserables and Pride and Prejudice aren't on Netflix but Christian mingle the…
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