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Les Mis

Les Misérables (or ; ), colloquially known as Les Mis or Les Miz , is a sung-through musical play based on the novel of the same name by French poet and playwright Victor Hugo.

Jean Valjean Anne Hathaway Empty Chairs Russel Crowe Ramin Karimloo Fun Home French Revolution Russell Crowe Russell Crow Alexander Hamilton

Enjoyed a great show and nicely to see on stage yesterday! So glad to meet you again since les mis😃 Safe…
Been listening to the les mis soundtrack all morning
Enjorlas // Les Mis. Charismatic tragic heroes are so fun to portray. I'd die to play Enjorlas and sing "Do You Hea…
LRT me rn as I bought tickets to Les Mis
I will NEVER understand why they put Russell Crowe in les mis
Well-meaning, liberal-minded novelists of all backgrounds: Please attempt at every juncture to write your own Les M…
I’m already buying you your les mis ticket what more do you want from me?
Pro tip: Don't put Les Mis on while cleaning because you get far too distracted by how perfect everyone is.
I guess it's really happening since I just finished my first rehearsal. So excited for this opportunity to play Cosett…
honestly I just want to watch les mis and cry
wow pierre and Marius from les mis are really similar: socially awkward, napoleon fanboys, preyed on young girls.
Competition to win tickets to the production of Les Mis I'm currently rehearsing.
day 2 - witchboy les mis with the most wonderful group I could wish for (and some random dad I found at the gym…
HBD to the craziest person I know, thank you for always being able to make me laugh and singing les mis with me❤❤…
Hi. Come see les mis! We’ve worked so hard for this show to come together and tonight’s rehearsal was absolutely am…
next I met Mia from Les Mis/Matilda again and she was so nice! Go watch her amazon prime show called skyward!$
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Sunday evening Les Mis viewing because I like to wrap up my weekends by getting real sad about super attractive French peasants dying.
My life rn is just a countdown to when i get to see Les Mis again.
Lessons from :. You can be a lead in a musical without singing. Nicki:The Bodyguard as Eponine:Les Mis. I'm every woman.
I hated it. Les Mis is a classic. They're a nuisance.
Anyway, now I'm really going to bed. If you can see the Les Mis national tour this season, do so. Absolutely worth it.
Saw phenomenal Les Mis performance today. Sadly reinforced my disdain for Cosette and Marius.
By this point ur all probly aware of my love of the musical les mis and how it led me to reading one of the longest books ever written,
One of my original songs i hope you like it. 😊. Una de mis canciones originales espero que les…
Ok SO. Now that I'm home. This production was easily the best Les Mis I've ever seen. Sets and costumes were spectacular. Singing was great.
LotR is boring in places. So is Moby *** Sometimes overarching story is great enough to carry the dry patches. Les Mis too
Congrats to the cast and crew of Les Mis! "There is nothing like a dream to create the future" nice job!
mock trial fam🖤⚖️ (thanks for Les Mis references and bacon donuts) @ University of Florida
I'm on such a musical theatre kick right now, all my classes this week are going to be taught to Les Mis, Into the Woods, Chicago, etc.
Jc is taking me to go see les mis for my birthday . I’m overwhelmed rn.😅
We kick off the season in Dec. with a Gentlemen's Guide to Love & Murder. Then it's Cinderella, Chorus Line, Les Mis, King & I, and WICKED
Les Mis is great if you want to see a bunch of stereotypically cockney-accented Brits fight the French Revolution.
If you listen to the movie version of les mis over the original London cast version you're soft
Les Mis is one of the best stories ever written.
Ya hice que a mis amigas les gustara girls/girls/boys, que bonitooo❤
Next Wednesday SPB is hosting a free trip to see Les Mis at the PPAC!! Sign up on OrgSync to reserve your spot!!
Binaboy ang Les Mis! Cameron Mackintosh should sue them!
Imagine -Cameron MacKintosh The Musical Man is really interesting. The man behind some great musicals-Cats,Les Mis, Phantom and Miss Saigon.
A CONCEPT: as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical OR Cosette from Les Mis ❤❤❤❤
At a wedding that just had a Les Mis themed dance and I just want to talk to everyone about the Paris commune
Both great musicals. Mine a tie between Les Mis and Phantom. Jesus Christ Superatar up there as well
I can't decide if Phantom of The Opera, Do you hear the people sing from Les Mis, or Alexander Hamilton is the best song on Broadway. Help
OH OOO H um Alexander Hamilton and also Fagin and also ANyone in Les Mis and and
I would love Les Mis, I'm still obsessed with your version of I Dreamed a Dream with Idina Menzel 😁💕
Hello hi my musical summaries (Les Mis, Sunday, King & I, Great Comet, DEH, Rent, Ragtime) are all in 1 place now . .
One more day... (to tune from Les Mis). Hog roast and bouncy castle tomorrow afternoon!
Alfie Boe Michael Ball .and Les Mis! What could be better!!!
Just noticed the Victor Hugo Google doodle and it makes my Les Mis-loving heart leap. (Yes, I did read the entire novel.)
Les Mis, Half a Sixpence & Dream Girls performances today were insanely good!
Erm... Everything! 😆 Seeing Killian in Les Mis was very special. Also now want to see Blues Bros, Jesu…
Join us tomorrow for music from Les Mis, Grease, the Blues Brothers and much more. In aid of Cancer Centre at Guys
I shall describe my new haircut as Les Mis-era Anne Hatheway.
(to football referee). "That's the worst call since they cast Russell Crowe in Les Mis!" - Cameron Tucker
2. Both starred on Broadway as young Cosette in Les Mis.
I mean , I love a show ( the Overtones , Les Mis , Midnight Tango ) but I don't think I could hack Brahms !
I'm holding out for Les Mis with Chris Kirkpatrick.
I do though keep expecting Charles to burst into Who Am I? from Les Mis
Ok so I get that Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for Les Mis, but like, she didn't even get a nod for Ella Enchanted. What's that a…
Eponine is part of Les Mis's unrequitted love triangle and kinda. dies. at the end.
The man who stars as Jean Valjean in Les Mis on Broadway just paid for my meal at Huddle House. Excuse me while I choke on my hashbrowns
If this is true it would be the worst musical casting since Russel Crowe in Les Mis .
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The Braille deal? The story of Louis Braille has been given a Les Mis-style make-over; The Braille Legacy, review
I want to watch Les Mis again but specifically to laugh at Russel Crowe
Ooh, someone who played Jean Valjean in Les Mis on Broadway is gonna be here Tuesday night to perform with the
blown away at London performance of Les Mis last night. However there is only 1 Jean Valjean! You sir were robbed
We already knew Anne Hathaway could sing in Les Mis, but here's what happens when she sings Google Translated songs:
Emma Watson is about a good a singer as Russell Crowe in Les Mis. Gonna let y'all digest that XDXDXD
Has anyone spotted Elisa in Les Mis? What a great production.
Reminds me of Inspector Javert in Les Mis. Obsessively hunts a man for decades for stealing bread, only to kill himself after. Wasted life.
Wonderful night at seeing their production of 'Les Mis'. The connection, focus and honesty of the young learners were a joy!
Found out I'm going to see Les Mis and The Addams Family birthday ever!
Coming up later on the blog.. - Review of & Brian May's new album Golden Days. - Interview w/ Les Mis star Charlotte Kennedy
Word cannot describe how amazing Les Mis was tonight! Honored to witness such greatness.Congrats to our incredible studen…
They need a remake of the Les Mis film pls😭😭 just with Hugh Jackman as Javert, Marius and Valjean😍
If you are anywhere near Silver Creek HS in Sellersburg IN you NEED and I mean NEED to see Les Mis. Period.
Jason Chaffetz increasingly looking and sounding like a bad guy in Les Mis
it made me think i didn't like musicals with only songs but then i listened to hamilton and i was like no it's les mis LMAO
Anne Hathaway in les mis makes me SO emotional
I'm watching Les Mis again and I'm not ashamed
Les Mis songs need to stop coming up on shuffle and making me cry as I'm trying to do homework 🎭
if I wasn't 90% sure this was about Les Mis, I'd be worried
Anyone else crave a PB sandwich at 1040pm?? And while making the thing, sing les mis as loud as they can??. Oh just me? Ok..
for years i thought les mis was a Christian Thing cause we watched some of it in my 7th grade bible class
Why pay to see Les Mis when you can listen to singing Stars just opposite where s…
Me: I don't know I think Anne Hathaway overacts in les mis . Also me
Due to a twist of circumstances, last 5 days my family has seen Logan once and Les Mis 3 times! Can you make us cry more?
How'd I get from Beauty and the Beast to Les Mis? I remembered reading something bout how the former took place around the French Revolution
noes! I will tell my teary les mis story sometime
it was inspired from Les Mis-- "BLACK, MY WORLD WHEN SHE'S NOT THERE."
I'm not even surprised 😂 one time her & I saw Les Mis together. she literally got mad bc they . " wouldn't stop singing"
Muffled sobbing Les mis let him rest...Heaven blessed.
Writing a French project over Victor Hugo so obviously listening to the Les Mis soundtrack on repeat
So excited for this 80 page history of the Parisian sewers smack in the middle of les mis.
Oh, high school theater me wanted to be in Les Mis in the worst way. :)
In preparation for their upcoming 'Les Mis' production, students are working up to 16 after-school hours a week. . https…
Les Mis at the ELCO School Board meeting! Don't miss this weekend's shows!!
When you watch les mis and realizes your life is not that bad
Does On My Own from Les Mis make anyone else super emotional bc same
Mom: The Les Mis movie sucked. Jackamn and Crowe were terrible. . Me:
America *** now. Who's down to help me build a barricade and start a revolution Les Mis style?
, thank you for 17 amazing years. Now I cry at two movies: Les Mis and Logan. Oh you're in both. Figures. Love you, bub.
But at least I'm going seeing les mis tomorrow
I want someone who can watch Grease, Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, and Hairspray with me and love it
wow I love this picture of us in Les Mis!!
can see them all now rapping a Les Mis number 😂😂
its kind of similar to Castle on a Clout from Les Mis
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I'll never get over the Brazilian production of Les Mis
My dad hates me bc I've only been listening to les mis
So Alayna cried after she watched me in Les Mis. I'm still crying because of Alayna dancing. So we are way too proud of each other. 😂❤
I may not talk about it much, but les mis still owns this ***
what have you downloaded? Try les mis the full version 50pages. About then sewers is enough to bore you to sleep
I hope I see you all in the audience to see Les Mis at MCHS on March 9th-11th at 7:30pm or the 12th at 2pm! 😊
Such a fun day with the crew exploring London. Les Mis was incredible!
pretty weird. bc Les Mis is 2 hours and 35 mins. but it's a musical son
I've never been a huge fan of Les Mis but I'd give my left arm to play Madame Thenardier.
So apparently Suicide Squad won best hair/makeup? That's stupid. That'd be like if Les Mis won best hair/makeup. ... oh wait. :l
the Mercury Theatre recording of Les Mis is worth a listen, and public domain.
The leads of Wicked accept their award and thank Apollo Victoria - Nick Allott accepts for Les Mis and dedicates to team.
she's got every reason to say all of those things. btw Rachelle Ann Go (Fantine from PH Les Mis) is now Eliza (London Cast) 😮 skl
IMO; Ryan Gosling is a *** hum actor. Emma Stone is a talented actress. Neither can sing. As far as crossover musicals, give me Les Mis.
On the agenda for tomorrow: Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Tea at Clarridges, and Les Mis. Thanks to for tour ideas!
All I want is a not high school Les Mis stage show to watch but 😐😐 I'll watch the 25th Ann PotO instead. I do love Sierra Boggess 👌🏻
Red bull, chicken and Les Mis music - the secret to successful coding.
Scott Alan has made me Les Mis cry. What an emotional journey to have been on and experienced. Bravo Mr Alan, so lovely to have been there 💜
Can confirm that the stage show of Les Mis makes the film pale in comparison. Best ensemble musical I've ever seen
Probably Les Miserables or C.S. Lewis. I try to re-read Les Mis about 1X/yr, & reading Lewis is like visiting an old friend.
Can More 4 and Paul O'Grady move on from Les Mis please, I don't want to cry on Boxing Day
wanna make me cry real quick? simply pop on "Empty Chairs at empty tables" from the Les Mis soundtrack, ill be sobbing i…
Bit of 'Empty Chairs at empty tables' Les Mis jam
Can't be without a Les Mis song. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - so emotional!
Blog Post “Movement Workshop Explained…” is up! ALL Les Mis members should check it out to prep for tomorrow!. https:/…
so is Gilmore Girls. How are these related to Les Mis
- I've always thought a Drag Queen Madame Thenardier would be KILLER in Les Mis. You should do that too! ❤
Playing Madame Thenardier in Les Mis wo how exciting
📷 mihodraws: Some Eponine scenes totally based on Les Mis in London and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s amazing...
Just had a dream that i was chosen to play Madame Thénardier in Les Mis and I could actually sing and act and all was great
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I'll never get over how much Russell Crow ruined 'stars' for me in Les Mis
Minor characters in 2012 Les Mis w/ better voices than Russell Crow:. - Factory foreman. - Army officer that sings after Garvoche dies
Im watching the Les Mis remake. I don't think Jean Valjean thought things through when he brought Marius who had just been shot into a sewer
The closest we ever got to doing Les Mis was when we had Jean Valjean as a minor character in our play back in Grade 10.
Break a leg to the cast of Les Mis - have an awesome opening night
I'm such a freak, my drive to Nash has gone from Kanye's St Pablo to Les Mis to Bon Iver to Christmas to Jonas Bros to Kieth Urban
It just clicked that Eddie Redmayne sings Empty Chairs at Empty Tables in Les Mis and that's my favorite song/scene and I'm just a mess rn.
I was trying to fall asleep and I had YouTube on and "Empty Chairs at empty tables" from Les Mis came on and well...
17. Ramin Karimloo & Hadley Fraser - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Mis. omg I love them so much this is so cute https:/…
Off to watch my daughter in Les Mis. She's *** I'm more proud than you can even imagine. :D
-watching Les Mis-. Me: This is Anne Hathaway's saddest role. Sarah: Idk, Princess Diaries was pretty sad
Tenor Phillip Costovski weaves Tamino Magic(Flute), brings Les Mis home and O Sole Mio sparkles.Hear him NOW b4 he's famous and molto costo!
My hot Bills take is that Andrew Breitbart looked like a cross between Rob Ryan and Jean Valjean from Les Mis
I'm kind of hoping they cross-promote with the online Les Mis fighting game and add in a Robo-Jean Valjean as a promo?
maybe tomorrow on my drive to work I will listen to the Les Mis 10th Anniversary Concert, featuring Yelping Jean Valjean
From Ms Saigon, to Les Mis,&now another big song 2 look 4ward in her latest Musical,Fun Home! . Via ONE MUSIC
-Mom why is my cousin called Jean Valjean?. -Bc your aunt loves Les Mis. -What about me?. -Enough questions, Thomas Je…
I like the Les Mis movie soundtrack because of Samantha Barks but I don't understand why they had to change the lyrics to the songs😥
Musical idea: Les Mis but about the Mexican Revolution
megatalent no guy alive has more talent than Ramin Karimloo. I'm so sorry I did not get to Broadway to see him in Les Mis
listening to my boo Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean. he really was incredible in Les Mis. incredible and fine. fine and incredible.
My sister and I are watching Les Mis . I can't believe I'm actually a theatre nerd rip
I told I didn't like Russel Crowe in Les Mis and she unfollowed me on all the socials
Ask Chris if he remembers singing Les Mis at 1am on the street in Brighton with my sister! Mega lolz
Every time I see Les Miles trending, I think it says Les Mis. I have a problem.
Shout of to the cast of Les Mis! Don't forget Broadway Bound on Sun 2pm in the Hempstead Aud $8!
Missing Spring Awakening on it's anniversary? Not over Les Mis? Sad about Fun Home closing? Cheer up! We have Cats and Spon…
I'm going to bed sad cause Jersey Boys is gonna close and Les Mis is still closed
Colm Wilkinson was sole redeeming factor in the otherwise-awful Les Mis movie. His Valjean in 25th ann'y concert was also amazing
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