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Les Claypool

Leslie Edward Les Claypool (born September 29, 1963) is an American musician and writer, best known as the lead vocalist and bassist in the band Primus.

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Les claypool is for sure my favorite bassist.
I have My name is Mud stuck in my head. I should go listen to Primus. Les Claypool is calling.
Looks like a Les Claypool album cover
'' Id always like bass more cause guitars sound so wimpy to me'' Les Claypool
🎸🎄. and Les Claypool do a supergroup together in 2018. What would it b…
A2: Does playing kazoo on stage with Les Claypool count?
How does Les Claypool not hurt his hand playing this song?.
Les Claypool? How do you not know Primus? And yes, board. You need a velvet jacket and a Tecate.
Best experience working security at The Unicorn in Houston:. Stage diver kicked out, drunkenly complains to us secur…
Lovely article. Thank you. Next time we should talk about Les Claypool and The L…
Is it just me, or do most bassists seem really chill? - There are obviously exceptions, but guys like Mike Dirnt, L…
you ever heard of Les Claypool or Victor Wooten? I play several instruments tho so I'm not really worried about it
Pretty sure Les Claypool is better than Flea. I've never seen Flea play u…
I'd be willing to bet you have not even listened to Les claypool's new stuff that he release…
A town, a theatre, time and time again. Coming Feb. 16th 2018 - MiniThins the Novel by underground, undocumented, t…
Berner, Sean Lennon, and Les Claypool all came through tonight to Hana along with our regular customers. . Best Monday in ages 🤙🏽
I have heard him play Les Claypool parts and I can't agree with that.
So has ALL of the members of Primus. Les Claypool especially can and has shredded on bass.
Yes as long as Les claypool is on that list!
The tip is to listen to highball with the devil by les claypool
Have a cute musical mushroom man. Les Claypool would approve.
I was fond of the end credits‘ extended bass solo by Les Claypool.
I haven't picked up my bass in ages since my band has no drummer so here's Top 5 bassists I like. Kei Nakamura - bu…
RIP singer, composer & multi-instrumentalist - best known for his long association with Tom Waits but…
Here's Les Claypool with Sean Lennon. Freaking John Lennon's son. We all know that John Lennon wasn't ve…
Good day to Les Claypool, just in case. We been tricked
John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, Les Claypool, Cliff Burton n Flea r my top 5. If I had to pick one, it probably be Cliff.
He’s no Les Claypool. The Beatles would’ve been way more chi…
He plays bass guys, he chose the better bass player, Les Claypool. Even if they aren't as big as TRHCP.
Primus, Over the Electric Grapevine: Insight into Primus and the World of Les Claypool
I love the one you did with Les Claypool. I was surprised at the level of your musi…
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I like it but I'm not so sure it's played with a pick. At the very beginning I hear some sl…
to Les Claypool's pre turkey pinot party last Saturday. It was pretty badass.…
Les Claypool is actually something else
Primus: Tommy The Cat just lit up the office Sonos. Oh man, I forgot how insanely talented Les Claypool is.
[eyelid twitches ever so slightly, Calmly rests chin on fingers, taking a moment to calculate] ...a…
Les Claypool is a fun band to listen to.
When Les claypool said "when I grow up I want to be one of the harvesters of the sea"
This is probably my favorite Les Claypool side project, the guitar sound on this is GUUUD.
And thanks, I think our debates make people angry, not informed. BTW, I'm jealous that you got to interv…
Dave Grohl foo fighters is one of the only good bands still going as far as on…
"what it SOUNDS like is the unholy child of Les Claypool and Meshuggah. Just picture that for a second." -…
Awks when says the best bass player in the world is someone that isn't Les Claypool
No big deal! Just me playing kazoo with Les Claypool and company! Thank you Chaney, Les, &
I recommend anything by Les Claypool to pull you out of a bad mood
I vote "no", simply because I don't believe that Ed Orgeron can howl. He is only capable of a guttura…
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I really hope bands I dig aren't like this. I'd hate to hear Les Claypool hates immigrants or something like that, for example.
Are these specially designed for listening to Les Claypool's genius?
We sure had some fun with Les Claypool and friends this past weekend!
You can hear Les Claypool from a mile away
Sorry I went all Les Claypool on your vintage dulcimer
never noticed but John Hodgman bears…
I feel that 100%, you can't really compare primus to anything, they're beyond unique. And it's not for ev…
Learning how to play like Les Claypool in my spare time.(which is all the time right now)
On my way to a lil pre turkey pinot party hosted by les claypool tonight. Yehaw
While attending De Anza High School, he became and still is close friends with Les Claypool of Primus ((couldn’t fi…
Yo, check this out! | Death Grips featuring Les Claypool - More than the Fairy (Experimental Hip-Hop - 2016 - 3:40)
Why isn't Les Claypool's flying Frog Brigade the state band of Kekistan?
I guess its time to unleash my inner Geddy Lee/Les Claypool
Les Claypool and Maynard James Keenan are my dudes
Layne Staley, Kat Bjelland, Les Claypool and Maynard James Keenan hanging out at Lollapalooza, 1993
Attempting to pay you back again with Les Claypool, Stewart Copeland and Trey Anastasio
Today, Ya boy introduced this physics class to the created by one Les Claypool of as part of physics of music lesson.
nicks dog just heard of Les Claypool, John Dwyer, Ezra Koenig, and Animal Collective has been consistently blowing my feels
Is it too much to ask to have a voice like a mixture of Les Claypool, John Dwyer, Ezra Koenig, and Eddie Vedder?
put Eddie Van Halen to shame on the guitar and puts Les Claypool to shame on the guitar. MOFOS ARE MUSICAL GENIUSES!
should i go see Les Claypool and Sean Lennon this summer 🤔
John is looking increasingly like Les Claypool
Les Claypool had me scraping every penny for a bass as a teen. recently strong in The Claypo Lennon Delirium with Sean Lennon
So... only one like for that Primus lyric overnight. Nobody remembers Les Claypool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. That's ok if you don't know Primus.
You know... maybe it's a good thing Metallica turned Les Claypool down after Cliff died...
Les Claypool plays bass like lead guitar & thats what makes Primus great. Apart from the absurdity of the lyrics.
Deen Ween credits Primus' Les Claypool for helping him get through a depression:
if Les Claypool were a pupperoo, this would be him.
Dean Ween: Les Claypool "got my heart beating again" after depression bout during Ween hiatus ::…
Dean Ween says that Primus' Les Claypool helped him break out of a depression:
For the past couple of years I've been pretty bored with music in ge...
Don Jr keeps telling me how AMAZING Vegas was, but I don't see the Les Claypool sit-in anywhere in the setlists?
I liked the name Frog Brigade because it lent itself to a lot of co...
I'd love to slap a bass like Les Claypool
You can't watch 'Dr. Strangelove' with commercials. That would be s...
Her, Sicario, The Fairy (feat. Les Claypool on the greatest videos
The end of the Nineties was an unhappy Primus camp. I hit a creativ...
Nicolás . Hey guys! These are my bass heroes: Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, and Tye Zamora. Y'all know what bands they're from?
Les Claypool has an artist playlist that is just all linkin park songs
I want les claypool to do a 20min bass solo at my funeral
Les Claypool is a lowkey lunatic/genius. Record with Sean Lennon is good, the one with Trey Anastasio & Stuart Copland is good.
- Sean Lennon & Les Claypool. Sounds more like John than Les or what I know of Sean. Released this year!
ATTENTION Bay Areans: A Good Cause (and you can see Les Claypool slap some dope bass notes)
We've all had our thing. I listened to the Monkees when I was little ki...
I bet Les Claypool has a CLAY POOL in the back of his mansion
see also re: the various flavors of Les Claypool.
Listen to Les Claypool Cover Pink Floyd’s “Animals” in it’s Entirety -
Top Five DIY Instruments for the Holidays, from Cigar Box to Les Claypool’s “Whamola” | World
I never think about rhythm versus melody; I've always just played t...
- Now playing - 'Running the Gauntlet' by 'Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel'
Dude next to me on this flight currently looking up Les Claypool from primus on Wikipedia
i like Primus BUT calling les claypool the best is debatable in my opinion
I once interviewed Les Claypool from Primus. Let's just say it was a tough interview. Love their music though.
I didn't realize Metallica was as big as they were. I just thought...
- Now playing - 'Hendershot' by 'Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel'
Since when did Les Claypool go polka?
well they marketed almost the entire Residents documentary around the almost 2 mins of Les Claypool footage
I've never been on the cover of 'Tiger Beat' magazine, let's put it ...
my buddy got to hang out with Les Claypool just by walking backstage and no one stopped him.
The son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono created a duo project with Les Claypool and the product is GLORIOUS.
Les Claypool. great bassist but different style.
Fiona likes South Park so I have it on to distract her because homework. I have a feeling I'm gonna wanna murder Les Claypool by 5 PM.
From my experience, moving through life, things tend to go in eigh...
Willie Nelson, Jerry Garcia, Les Claypool & more received votes for president, proving good candidates do exist ::
Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool & Stewart Copeland brought Oysterhead to Utica 15 years ago today + video has surfaced
- Now playing - 'Whamola' by 'Les Claypool's Frog Brigade'
Maynard James Keenan, Layne Staley, and Les Claypool. Doesn't get better than that..
Metallica would have been awesome with Les Claypool. Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver . via
Read frontman Les Claypool's stirring remembrance of and others that have been shared today
He's also composed multiple operas and orchestral pieces and has a band with Les Claypool and Trey Anastasio.
Gideon Coe playing a new Claypool project. Huh. Les Claypool and Sean Lennon. Huh again.
📷 Summer 2016 tour with my pals Les Claypool & Sean Lennon.
I'm super proud of my friends. Sean Lennon ,Les Claypool in the amazing talented Mark Nishida my dear friend.
Stuart Copeland is an amazing drummer. Saw him perform when he was in Oysterhead with Trey Anastasio & Les Claypool. Good guest
Les Claypool. There is no bassist that touches his skill in rock. Allison Birdy Quick Matthew Harris Jonas Redwine
This is gonna be fun! North Coast 2016 with Bassnectar, ODESZA, Sleigh Bells, Les Claypool
weird place for Les Claypool. Also how far has Sleigh Bells' popularity fallen?
I've never understood why white people with dreads is racist. Dexter Holland, Les Claypool, and Dee Reynolds rocked some good dreads.
If a top ten rock bassists list doesn't have Flea, Les Claypool, and Geddy Lee on it, I completely disregard it
The Les Claypool/Sean Lennon project (which sounds awesome) has 30+ dates across the US. Get out and see them live.
Listen to the 'Pigs' rendition by Les Claypool's Frog Brigade. It'll change everything.
Have you heard Les Claypool's version on the 'Holy Mackerel' album? He also put's it in the middle of 'Tommy the Cat' live.
Les Claypool and Sean Lennon at the 9:30 Club Sept. 1st!
Imagine right. Primus. but instead of Les Claypool. Geddy Lee
dude right?? Check out the album Four Foot House by Les Claypool's Duo De Twang.
So many bands are coming to mind but no songs... Les Claypool, Animal Collective, GBV... I'll be thinking of this all day.
With the new recent threads, you might be channeling some Les Claypool. Not a bad thing.
- Now playing - 'Red State Girl' by 'Les Claypool'
- Now playing - 'Precipitation' by 'Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel'
you need too add some primus tunes to that playlist. Les claypool is a god
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Les Claypool is my favorite bass player. Sorry Geddy Lee
Seeing you and Les Claypool together is wildly interesting. Food and music soothe the soul.
Ok I am a musical ignoramus so I had to look up "hemiola" to be sure it wasn't that wierd Les Claypool instrument
Les Claypool does country cover of Gin Juice via
El cover de Les Claypool de Man in the Box es exquisito
Why didn't any of you tell me Les Claypool has a winery?
You know, the only dude who can do the "redneck" image while not being one is Les Claypool.
If you're too young to know who Les Claypool is, well, that is tragic. School yourself.
Say what you will, but Les Claypool will always be the king of the bass players.
- Now playing - 'The Awakening' by 'Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel'
I met Les Claypool but I felt the hate from someone I absolutely adore and miss so much :/
Members of Student Labor Committee protest/disrupt Lars Ulrich event at UC Berkeley with James Hetfield,Les Claypool http…
"Funny thing about weekends when you're un employed. They don't mean so much" - les claypool
I'm so confused as to why Rob Zombie sounds like Les Claypool in his new single.
Yuri's night 2010. Les Claypool changed my views on live music
Something very heart warming about Les Claypool and Noel Fielding being friends
I want to see Trent Reznor, Les Claypool, Tom Morello and Dave Grohl form the greatest band of all time. Maybe called Pisswizards.
for bass, check out some Victor Wooten or Jaco. Or for modern stuff, Les Claypool, Justin Chancellor or Ryan Martinie.
No one else I know has an appreciation for Les Claypool. 😭
I'm going to Les Claypool at Madison Theater in Covington, KY - Oct 19 …
Can you imagine if Les Claypool went twee pop? That would...sort of suck, actually.
It's always hard to put your finger on what it is that makes Primus Primus.
I'd like to see the les claypool carpool.
I'm listening to "Dogs (Live)" by The Les Claypool Frog Brigade on
"Not to be confused with Les Claypool."
I was going to suggest Les Claypool to wind up Mike but he swings between 4 and 6 string basses
I LOVE Primus. Got pretty much all of their albums. LES Claypool is one of the best bass guitarists going.
You lucky *** Les Claypool is amazing. I missed loads of bands as I was always skint 😢
This could be funny .. for a reality TV show.
Comedians get jokes offered to them, rock stars get women and underwear thr...
can't wait to hear what you're doing with Les Claypool
I really was enjoying that new stuff you did with Les Claypool. I wish I could support your music. You are disappointing
Les Claypool and Sean Lennon are an interesting duo
Good News for fans of Ween and Primus! ( And South Park too!)
not much of a wine drinker but this I'd try . Les Claypool.
The only time I ever heard him speak was when I was made. He kinda sounded like Les Claypool.
usually at church but I was in a ska band for a while and I try to be Les Claypool when no one is listening
getting ready for this Les Claypool & collaboration
Love Mark Ribot, but got mention Larry LaLonde on Big in Japan with fellow bassist Les Claypool on the track too!
Flea, Les Claypool, Kim Deal and Paul McCarntey... yeah it makes 4...
JACO interviews that ended up on the cutting room floor: Les Claypool, Medeski Martin & Wood, Meshell Ndegeocello, and director Mike Figgis.
Maynard Keenan, Les Claypool, Zach De La Rocha all still doing well.
Matt Schultz on Vocals, Les Claypool on bass, Hillel Slovak/Tom Morello on guitar, Brad Wilk on Drums
Thanks to Les Claypool, Angel Olsen's Hi-Five's, and Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsys for keeping me company on the road today.
Liked LAST EXIT so much I listened to it again on the way home. Surely I'm not the first to think that Les Claypool loves Bill Laswell.
yep, admire Les Claypool's playing ability, but don't like their music. . As for the death metal, not sure I can put up with vocals😱🙉
Layne with Kate Bjelland, Babes in Toyland. Les Claypool of Primus and Tool's Maynard James Keenan
There was a time that I thought Oliver Peck was Les Claypool and vice versa.
Seeing Les Claypool on bass live was a spiritual experience for me
Unless your name happens to be Les Claypool or Cliff Burton
Les Claypool is like Mark King (Level 42) on steroids. Amazing slap bassist ->
. Les Claypool is an alien had the privilege to see 3D tour front row center at the Jube .. Jaw dropping insanity
As clarification, that's a great relief to me. I'm in my own musical bubble distinct from the tweeny populace. Anyway, back to Les Claypool!
Les Claypool is the only other bass player I can think of who can make the bass the lead instrument so dominantly
Anderson vs. Primus on now... and I don't mean Les Claypool is in the cage!
Wonder what Jack White and Les Claypool are thinkin about
Whenever Les Claypool and Jaco Pastorius are mentioned in the same sentence, a fairy dies AND a Primus fan gets 2x more white trash.
I'm sure you know the bass player even if you don't. The best bass player alive. Les Claypool. South Park Theme song singer.
Les claypool and flea are my fav bass players
I don't think anything will impress me as much as when i heard Les Claypool play bass for the first time.
I mentioned Primus last night, here's an older one. Les Claypool can play a bass.
why is Les Claypool going to Belgium?
Paranoia is a disease unto itself May I add the person standing next to you may not be who they appear to beSo take precaution. Les Claypool
The opposite of Les Claypool is More Dirtlake. I'm drowning.
I think it was two summers ago. He had Les Claypool on bass. Half the place was there just for him.
i've heard when Les Claypool was in school he didn't learn how to write in English. he just wrote in chunky bassline format
Have you ever seen this? It's from a film Les Claypool did.
You can't say she mails it in. I tend to compare all bass players to Les Claypool though.
Following the footsteps of a certain guy called Les Claypool, eh?
Er, don't eat those. Les Claypool wrote a song about it.
TIL Les Claypool of Primus auditioned to be Metallica's bassist and was turned away for be…
Remastered version is actually kickass, intro grew on me alot and Les Claypool gives me life so 💁🙏
HR Giger impression is still my favorite, but your Les Claypool on is now a close second...
I wonder what Mr. Hunter would sound like with Les Claypool playing bass.
Johnny Cash version of 'Devil went back down to Georgia' could be the coolest version yet (sorry Les Claypool) ping
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Not sure how I waited so long to play Les Claypool for Jubilee. she has found a new musical love!
Have you ever considered what would happen if Dave Grohl, Neil Peart and Les Claypool started a super-group?
I don't have a six-string bass. I also don't have my virginity, and for exactly the same reason (sold it to Les Claypool)
I too am misleading people then I am not Kyo from Dir en Grey nor am I Les Claypool dressed as a lobster.
If I could be Les Claypool that would be awesome.
Les Claypool was the guy who told me I was allowed to use chords on the bass
Les Claypool recommends you call anyone you don't know the name of Gus. Nobody seems to mind
Do you know what Les' bass' name is? Or how he got into playing a 6-string? Find out in his interview:
If not us who? We can't leave it all up to Les Claypool & Flea!
Awesome! My new neighbours like bass. And I don't mean Les Claypool.
Fact: No one has as much fun with their instrument as Les Claypool.
Primus announces tour dates with Dinosaur Jr.: Les Claypool’s Primus has extended its tour s... [Swollen Fox]
This summer, Primus' “definitive” lineup of "Les Claypool", Larry LaLonde, and Tim Alexander will share the road...
Geddy Lee of cites "irreconcilable differences". Les Claypool to step in for tour dates.
Fabio asked.. Hello you can get the sound of Les Claypool with greetings Aguilar filter Twin? Thank
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Zappa featuring Brian Carroll and Les Claypool would have been dope!
Yep - I saw Les Claypool at the 'Filmore. New Years Eve 2000.
Side effect: I might start talksinging like Les Claypool.
You gotta love that Buckethead co-scored JAUJA. Do you think Les Claypool has seen it yet?
can i just say Primus is pretty cool. Les Claypool is probably one of the best bass players out there
Reminds me of Les Claypool and Stu Hamm. Funky grooves with 2-handed tapping. Without sounding cheesy either. Badassness \m/
In the Spring of 1990, Les Claypool, Schoolly D, Nick Hucknall, Tammy Wynette and the Tower of Power…
yes it does and me too. I saw Les Claypool play with Tom Waits-he's completely amazing to me.
I have a distortion pedal for my bass. I am Les Claypool.
Les Claypool performs at Rush's Hall of Fame ceremony: via
Say baby do you wanna lay down with me!
Les claypool is one of the greatest musicians ever
"I got 26 pumps on my Crosman, and it's time to play." - Les Claypool
"Because nobody wanted to play bass, I was instantly in a band." - Les Claypool
well son of a gun! You think he had any influence on Les Claypool
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The next Transformers movie will be a musical scored by Les Claypool and will be named Optimus Primus.
Has anyone ever told you that you look kinda like Les Claypool of the band Primus? . MY NAME IS MUD
Amazon declining to give free two day shipping on the new Les Claypool album was a Prime Miss
Les Claypool is a musical genius! He has even used his celebrity to help his nephew who has Cancer.Condemn the Mom
Tommy the Cat by Primus. Has me wanting to ask Les Claypool to relax
"I like to open new doors and blaze new trails through the..".
how is that? I've wanted to try Les Claypool's wine!
Guests I'd love on the show.., Mark Callaway, , Les Claypool,
I'm listening to Buzzards Of Green Hill by The Les Claypool Frog Brigade on
Primus is excellent. Les Claypool is such an amazing bass player.
you know you want a Red State Girl ;-). lol. Les Claypool - Red State Girl.
I met Les Claypool's daughter last night she's cool
That's the Way - Gogol Bordello [ from A Tribute To Tom Waits. Superjam live at Bonnaroo (Les Claypool and Gogol Bo…
obviously you people don't know Primus. Les Claypool is practically a character. He's sarcastic and weird
Bryan Kehoe (Les Claypool, Alice in Chains) said we 'stir up spirits of bygone days,drenched in liquor from rusty stills. Good stuff.' Cool.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mom fires gun at TV while her kids were watching video, Les Claypool not surprised -
If we offed all the musicians who are actually *** in their personal life, all we'd have left is Les Claypool.
Such a big man tune, les claypool is just another level on the bass via
Les Claypool does not approve that.
I react to Les Claypool differently Illinois woman shoots TV as kids watch: ‘A video set Mom
Man! how did this band not famous? Les Claypool specializes in making bassists everywhere lose their self-confidence
oh and Les Claypool/Primus is awesome too. Got their Green Naugahyde album :)
We spoke with Les Claypool about the news that a woman shot her TV while her kids watched a music video ::
I just read Les Claypool's account of the story behind 'Harold Of The Rocks'. It's surprising how differently I...
Lovechild of Les Claypool and an owl?
Seriously Les Claypool talking about our story via
Sounds like you need to break out mid-breakdown bass solos. Go all Les Claypool on the band.
Thank you for sharing our video JamBase! :D
wait they are seriously making another mushrrom men game? but that first one was insanely average. the only draw was getting Les Claypool
Last saw them 20 years ago at La Luna in Portland. Henry Rollins and Les Claypool opened. Awesome.
Does everyone go through a "buying everything Les Claypool has ever made" phase when they're a teen or is that just me?
Les Claypool and the boys in an ode to Willy Wonka.
The Manga US dub's 2.0 stereo track has been thoroughly restored, freshly synced to the HD video by the original mixer, Les Claypool. (1/2)
Learn more about Les Claypool >> Tickets are on sale now for their show at The Strand Theater in Shreveport!
The best Limp Bizkit song on Significant Other is the one at the end where Les Claypool talks about how Limp Bizkit *** Then he sings.
Just had two 20 year olds discussing Les Claypool behind me in line for coffee. Don't know if that makes me old or young. :s
Les Claypool's bass playing is just amazing😍👌
It's too bad les claypool is such an angel on the bass and all his work *** so hard
Les Claypool's Duo de Twang plays acoustic music in the style of stripped-down, old-timey campfire songs and...
Random trivia: Les Claypool auditioned to fill in Cliff Burton's spot as bass player in Metallica. He didn't succeed because he was too good
I've been enjoying Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar and his slow transformation into Les Claypool
Les Claypool's teenage son Cage sat in with his dad & on Friday night in Grand Junction. Watch:
Les Claypool's Red State Girl is currently killing it in my office.
Proud Papa Les! frontman Les Claypool shared the stage with his teenage son Cage & on Friday
Heard some Primus on the way home, I still want les claypool's baby.
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I liked a video thela hun ginjeet les claypool
thanks... my oldest is all about Les Claypool and Primus.
There's nothing quite like spazzing out to Les Claypool playing the makeshift whamola only to turn around to see a bus full of scared people
little man looks super Les Claypool
they can't all be zingers, as Les Claypool once said. I enjoyed it!
Les Claypool is pretty mesmerizing for some reason in this video
Most enjoyable jam with Les Claypool in Aspen last nite
Adrian Belew was there in 2004 and played with Les Claypool. Does that count? Check!
oh the wacky music of inspiration. Les Claypool, Danny Carey show up in this Grammy-nom Adrian Belew piece
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