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Les Brown

Lester Raymond Les Brown, Sr. (March 14, 1912 – January 4, 2001) and the Band of Renown are a big band that began in the late 1930s, initially as the group Les Brown and His Blue Devils, that Brown led while a student at Duke University.

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love that video. That's Eric Thomas and Les Brown. Guess what company Les Brown is with? 😏
Give God praise for waking me up this morning. He's ABLE. Starting my day off with Personal Development with Les Brown.
“You don’t get in life what you want. You get what you are.” —Les Brown
« Just because Fate doesn't deal you the right cards, it doesn't mean you should give up. »Les Brown
Bangalore opens its heart to Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Gerry Robert and Sidra Jafry on 20th and...
In the end, it is the person you become, not the things you have achieved, that is the most important. -Les Brown
"Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them." - Les Brown
"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.". - Les Brown lm
Why are these people waking up early this Sunday morning to come to MBS convention hall to listen the legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown? They believe in CHANGING their lives to the better.
"Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.". ~ Les Brown
"You need to make a commitment, and once you make it, then life will give you some answers." - Les Brown
Anyone wondering who is speaking on Insomnia Vacation.. It's Les Brown, he's a awesome motivational speaker.
What shall it profit 90% of Nigerian youths to go for stereotype professional courses and end up without jobs for years? I am a trained lawyer. Do I intend to practice? No. What do I do then? You can call me a People Investor. Its called Human Capital Developer. Has it made me a millionaire? No. Can it make me one? Stay there na. If you have heard of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tom Peters, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Ken Blanchard, Jim Collins, Fela Durotoye, Ifeoma Williams, Lanre Olusola etc, then you would know that the human service industry is a billion dollar industry globally. Its just that our young people have not been exposed to it. We are getting there gradually though. Education doesn't just make you LEARN, it should stimulate your mind to CREATE A PROFESSION if need be. There was no recognized make-up industry in Nigeria until Tara Feladurotoye pioneered it. There was no daytime talk show in the country until Funmi Iyanda started hers. When Ali Baba pioneered stand-up comedy, hi ...
I liked a video from Live Your Dream - Eric Thomas - Les Brown - Will Smith
I hope you will ALL join me as my guest on this wonderful call with Les Brown this evening!!! You will be glad...
Songs at the top of the Billboard Pop Singles Chart on July 14th:. 1945: "Sentimental Journey" - Les Brown & His...
"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make." Les Brown
Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else. Les Brown
I am super excited to be attending my 4th training!!! Why do I come back you ask? The training is the best ever. JMT training always delivers way more than promised. I always come away a changed person. The shifts I make during these events are huge. I get to meet new people from all over the world who want and are making a difference. The JMT has become my close family. So it's like a family reunion every 6 months! And I also like to support other JMT on their journey. And to spend quality time with people like John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Roddy Galbraith, Nick Vuijic, all the other mentors, and Les Brown is absolutely priceless. JMT's where it's at baby! Woot woot!! See YOU there!!
Les Brown says: "Goals help you channel your energy into action." Set empowering goals with FREE coaching
Les Brown, Duncan Bannatyne & Chris Gardner share their personal strategies for success and show you how to get...
Like and share this picture for a chance to win 2 diamond tickets to meet Duncan Bannatyne, Les Brown and Chris...
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars. Les Brown.
If it's not one thing...then it's another. At times, it seems that every turn is the wrong one, and nothing is going your way. This is the time to practice patience, faith and determination. The job you lost will be replaced by a career or business that you are passionate about. The person who is no longer a part of your life has made room for someone else who will truly love and respect you. If it's not one thing... then it's another. Perseverance, drive and moving forward with a positive mindset will help you to survive the storms of life. For now, focus on the bright side. The sun will shine on you again and you will be stronger for going through the storm. One day you'll look back, appreciate the wisdom you gained and the person you became because of these experiences. You have something have GREATNESS within you! —Les Brown
Getting some personal development in with one of my mentors! — listening to Les Brown
Use your voice as a hammer to stamp out toxic, disempowering, negative thoughts that can come into your mind. You can't control the thoughts that come through your mind, but you can control the ones you choose to dwell on. Talk back to yourself and challenge the negative thinking that is robbing you of energy and focus. Use your voice as an instrument to inspire you and to change the trauma into positive feelings. Look at yourself in a mirror and say "I love myself unconditionally." Do this daily for the next 21 days. You will experience a new love and appreciation for your higher self which will begin to express itself. Your mind and ego will tell you that this is foolish, childish, or that you don't need to do this. Don't be duped. Negative thoughts don't want to die and will struggle to remain alive. Speak life to yourself with power, feeling and conviction. Choose positive words that will transport your mind to a new reality. You have GREATNESS within you!! —Les Brown
Everyone is on their own healing journey. Each of us have our own lessons to learn and our own path to follow. Sometimes receiving a message from a quote or a friend can ignite a flame that is inside already waiting to be called forth to take action. We have cellular memory, one word or one quote can trigger a memory of a knowing deep inside you. This memory or knowing can then start you on the path you were intended. I have many favorite quotes, people who inspire me to be more and give more. Hence I forvered grateful for every soul that has planted seeds in my life. I am really really really blessed to have been in contact with Men of God like Pastor Chris, Dr Chris Hill, Brian Houston, Pastor Ray (Rhema), Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Alex Kendrick, My mentors, My wife, My mother, my friends, and most of all the people whom God gave to my world to inspire and uplift.
"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." –Les Brown,
Your Stop The Violence Arlington Day Host ANTONIO JOHNSON Antonio Johnson was born in Memphis, TN on October 7, 1972. A graduate of the University of Louisville, KY, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. At the age of 15 while working at a Burger King Drive-Thru, a woman who worked for a gospel radio station discovered him. So impressed with his voice, she offered him a job on the spot. Antonio has worked in radio ever since, having worked at gospel radio stations in Memphis, TN, Louisville, KY, San Francisco, CA, and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Antonio has interviewed Jesse Jackson, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Penny Hardaway, the Williams Brothers, Melba Moore, Les Brown, Usher, Shaq, Bishop TD Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Beverly Crawford, Prophetess Juanita Bynum and many more in the music industry and beyond. He is considered to be one of the best gospel radio announcers in the country. He now worked for Heaven 97 KHVN-AM in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, which was voted Gospel Radio Station of the Year ...
You are important to life. Take time to shut out the world and take care of you. Initiate a process to become grounded. Create a ritual where you go within yourself to create a space of joy, peace and healing as a process of centering yourself. Leave behind the worry, anxiety and stresses of life, if only for a minute, around finances, work, family, health and relationships. Focus on things that build a stronger and more courageous you and that help you to get a good night's sleep. These may include mindfulness, chanting, meditation, deep breathing, laughter, prayer, enjoying silence and stillness. Read something inspiring, stretch and exercise your body and mind and practice gratitude. Your life matters. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you! —Les Brown
90 Day Run What is a 90 day run? It is a list of things you are doing every week, toward a goal. Several of us are on a 90 day run right now, and I just thought I would share a little about it. Sharing The last week I have been in Lubbock, helping a Teammate to sign up two people. Lingleville helping a Teammate sign up a new person. Been in Waco two evenings helping a Teammate sign up some folks and sharing with the person who sold me the new Harley. Showed 7 people in two showings one eve. Going to Lubbock to help the new folks who signed last Saturday. We are sharing with 10, 12, 15 folks today. Already booked to be back in Waco Monday and Tuesday eve, so if anyone needs my help speak now :) Audios Been listening to Motivation and Inspiration like never before. My pickup is my University. My Iphone is my University. You would not believe how pumped I get listening to Erik Thomas, Les Brown, Nick Vujicic, and others. Love Darren Hardy's Success Club CDs where he has guest he is interviewing. Great ...
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If you set goals & go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. -Les Brown
My Ultimate goal is to be a public speaking icon like MLK, Les Brown, Art Williams and Zig Zigular. However, until i get there ill just inspire my virtual friends at the moment. Im gonna be called to travel the world and shake crowds one day, for thats my mission :)
As long as I can listen to Les Brown or Eric Thomas that keeps me motivated.
Do you REALLY want success... or you just like the idea of it? Your success depends on your commitment to do the things that you don't want to do, but you need to do! Raise the bar... Refuse to take a pass... Give up the EXCUSES and maintain consistency. Ask yourself this question daily: Am I on course today to achieve my goal? If not, get FOCUSED!! Burn the midnight oil and be willing to sacrifice. It takes discipline, dedication and work to achieve brilliance and mastery in your life by developing your skills, improving your talents and using your gifts. Your future depends on you! Are you ready??? (inspired by Les Brown)
"How do you keep your head up, maintain your laughter and keep going when life comes at and hard? One of the most important things you can do is to ask yourself the question ~ What are you looking at? Today - focus on what can be and what will be... in spite of the odds, despite your present situation, or regardless of the circumstances. Be still and know that...with faith, patience, perseverance, and an unstoppable spirit...things WILL get better. Stand up within yourself and KEEP ON PUSHING. You have comeback power. You have GREATNESS within you!" ~~Les Brown~~
People to search on YouTube: Les Brown, Dani Johnson, Eric Thomas and my favorite Jim Rohn. You'll thank me later.
Thurs 4/24: Butch Nordal & Chris Clark - Pianist Nordal demonstrates his “masterful” technique and signature style! His albums have delighted serious jazz fans all around the world. He’s also a highly-respected big band composer, witty journalist and jazz educator! Joined by jazz legend and bassist Clark who played all through the Los Angeles hey-day, going back to his appearance with Les Brown's Band in "The Nutty Professor," starring Jerry Lewis. 7&8:30
"The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream." Les Brown
Fear is false evidence appearing real- Les Brown
I just used to sing along to This October by Les Brown & Julie London
Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality. Les Brown |
Are you spending the time of your life on things that really matter? Does your life seem like an never-ending treadmill of work, commitments and chasing money that seems to evaporate each time you grab it? Each new day gives you the opportunity to transform your life and to influence the lives of others. Be intentional and focused with your time and energy. Give the most time to those life experiences and special moments that enhance connection and communication with the people who enrich your life. The time of your life can't be recalled, recycled or rewound. Make it important to carve out refueling time for yourself. Create intimate moments with the people you love. You Deserve! —Les Brown
Les Brown , every successful person know about him .
Video: oppa-just-let-me-be-your-lover: Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Ray Lewis motivate you to fight for your...
« When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. »Les Brown
Time for still yet another edition of Brannan's Big Bands. This week.what else Count Basie's hit recording of "April in Paris." The Mills Brothers join the Basie Band for "Every Day I Have the Blues." Johnny Mercer sings "Sent for You Yestersday" with Benny Goodman. Russ Morgan gets the double play slot with "The Poor People of Paris" and "The Johnson Rag with a vocal by Russ and the Morganaires. (My friend the late Ralph Brewster was with the Morganaires.) A bit of a salute to Doris Day on her 90th birthday. I play her original recording of "Sentimental Journey" with Les Brown and also "My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time." Plus Doris with Harry James performing "Would I Love You, Love You, Love You." Woody Herman sings "April Showers." Tommy Dorsey plays the standard "Rain" Johnny Desmond "The Creamer" sings "Suddenly Its Spring" with the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band. Music from the Bobby Sherwood Orchestra. Ray Anthony does a beautiful job with "When I Fall in Love." That's i ...
A very Happy Birthday to a very classy lady.Doris Day. Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff; April 3, 1922) is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist. Day began her career as a big band singer in 1939. Her popularity began to rise after her first hit recording, "Sentimental Journey", in 1945. After leaving Les Brown & His Band of Renown to try a solo career, she started her long-lasting partnership with Columbia Records, which would remain her only recording label. The contract lasted from 1947 to 1967, and included more than 650 recordings, making Day one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the 20th century. In 1948, after being persuaded by Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne and her agent at the time, Al Levy, she auditioned for Michael Curtiz, which led to her being cast in the female lead role in Romance on the High Seas. Over the course of her career, Day appeared in 39 films. She was ranked the biggest box-office star, the only woman on that list, for four years (1960, 1962, 1963 ...
I was selling CDs after a gig in Clacton early last year when a smartly dressed woman asked me to sign the CD she had just bought, “Of course I’d be thrilled - Who’s it for love?” “Er Doris Day.” I looked up thinking really… in Clacton? Well you never know – I signed the CD and went on my merry way. A few months later I had an email from Annie of Clacton to say Doris had enjoyed my record. A few days later a lovely parcel arrived in the post containing a signed CD from Doris herself. This now takes pride of place in the office. I’ve been a big fan of the great lady’s from being a tiny tot – me not her. Doris was just 16 years old when she started touring with big bands in 1940 first with Bob Crosby and his Bob Cats then Les Brown and His Band of Renown. In her book Doris Day My Story she writes of the rigours of her schedule back then, “I did get a pretty good view of the country from the bus window, but the strenuous physical demands of touring, of performing every night until ver ...
" If there's no enemy within, the outside enemy can do us no harm". Les Brown
Network Marketing (Direct Selling) is a business system which has been growing, adapting, maturing and gaining in popularity over the last 50 years. It has now been vindicated as one of the most effective forms of marketing today, endorsed by many financial and business experts such as Warren Buffet, Tom Peters, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Dr. Charlotte Phelps, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, and David Bach. As Victor Hugo wrote, "Nothing, not all the armies in the world, can stop an idea whose time has come." The World Federation Of Direct Selling Associations states "There are presently over 59 national DSAs represented in its membership, and in 2007 it is estimated that worldwide retail sales by its members accounted for more than $114 Billion through the activities of more than 62 million independent sales representatives. But, don't take my word for it check out this video below and listen to a brief documentary that reveal ...
If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it, to work day and night for it, to give up your time, your peace and sleep for it; if all that you dream and scheme is about it; and life seems useless and worthless without it; if you gladly sweat for it and fret for it and plan for it and lose all your terror of the opposition for it; if you simply go after that thing that you want with all your capacity, strength and sagacity, faith hope and confidence and stern pertinacity; if neither cold, poverty, famine, nor gout, sickness nor pain, of body and brain, can keep you away from the thing that you want; f dogged and grim you beseech and beset it, with the help of God, YOU WILL GET IT! – Les Brown
The challenging times go to your heart and soul. Life offers us abundant opportunities for laughter and tears. Create intimate moments with the people you love and put the good times in your pocket to SAVOR- Les Brown
After watching Les Brown & John C. Maxwell videos.All I got to say is wow!
With names like President Clinton, Russell Simmons, Warren Buffett, Vivica Fox, Donald Trump, Les Brown, Suze Orman, T.I., Lisa Nichols and countless others that many people look up to that promote Network Marketing, it is no longer a debate as to should you or should you not join a Network Marketing Company. The question is, which Network Marketing Company should you join? The choice is clear! AdvoCare
People getting ready to go to jobs that they don’t like, jobs that are making them sick. You see when you are not pursuing your goal, you are literally committing spiritual suicide. When you have some goal out here that you are stretching for and reaching for that takes you out of your comfort zone, you’ll find out some talents and abilities you have that you didn’t know you have. When the messenger of misery visits you, what are you going to do? What will keep you in the game? -- Sacrifice Motivational Montage with Les Brown, Eric Thomas & Ray Lewis
Les Brown. Get started. There is nothing else to talk about. You've have allowed fear to hold you captive long...
BORN THIS DAY: March 14, 1912 in Reinerton, Pennsylvania, American clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer, best known for his nearly seven decades as a big band leader, LES BROWN, SR.! Brown's education began with military school, but upon graduation, he steered a different course, first attending the Ithica Conservatory and then Duke University. At Duke, he formed his first band with his classmates, Les Brown and His Blue Devils. They performed along the East Coast, and many decided to make it a career. Brown, the bandleader, among them. They renamed the band, Les Brown and The Band of Renown, and they never turned back. The band began working in films and brought in the singer, Doris Day. Their fortunes were made together with the recording, "Sentimental Journey," which was released at the end of World War II, and became an "unofficial homecoming theme" for many soldiers. Another singer "discovered" by Les Brown, Tony Bennett did his first public performance with Brown and the Band. All told, ...
Sharing Birthdays with us today are;. Georg Philipp Telemann . Les Brown . Phil Philips. Quincy Jones . Shirley Scott...
Friday, March 14 Billboard announced in 1964 that Beatles records made up 60% of singles market. Elvis did 6 shows in 2 days at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in 1956. Movie "Rock Around The Clock" premiered in Washington DC in 1956. Petula Clark made her American TV debut on Ed Sullivan Show in 1965. Ray Charles-first solo appearance on TV in 53 years in 1998 on the shopping channel QVC. Birthdays: Les Brown (born in 1912); Quincy Jones (81); Walt Parazaider from Chicago (69); Rick Dees (64)
Les Brown. You are enough. It's not what you don't's what you think you need that keeps you from living...
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Les Brown is coming to Amsterdam. on 11,12 and 13th of April . Order Your Ticket Here Now
LES BROWN - I'm going to make it. Motivational speaker Les Brown gives a motivational and inspiring speech about li...
Listening to motivational speaker Les Brown absolutely amazing. I have never heard of him before until this day.
Last Chance Today Kevin Harrington & Les Brown at the Wynn Hotel & Casino!
THE DREAM SERIES...(2) "When you get into a TIGHT PLACE and everything goes AGAINST YOU till it seems as though you could not HOLD ON a minute longer, NEVER GIVE UP THEN, for that is just the place and time that THE TIDE WILL TURN." (Harriet Beecher Stowe) "The clearest way of knowing that God has told you to do something is the BATTLE that comes to STOP it." (John Paul Jackson) "Nothing CHANGES until somebody GETS MAD... I don't trust people that never GET MAD." (Mike Murdock) "If you are CASUAL about your DREAMS you will end up a CASUALTY." (Les Brown)
This two great men are real changing my life: I salute you and may God bless you Joel Osteen and Les Brown.
Les Brown, Greg Plitt, and Eric Thomas saved my life. If you don't know who they are... I dare you to look them up. Enjoy :)
Who is your motivator to enjoy living? For me Les Brown and Eric Thomas (E.T) whom I can't stop listening to. But Lisa Nichols is the most special one for me. "No motivation No joy and if there is No joy No life"
Looking forward to next week in Texas. Les Brown and Holton Buggs in the same week. Yes I like and admire successful people. My ideas about being Conscious never included poverty. If yours did or does you may need to listen to different teachers because those others are missing some history lessons. Build your skills. Ain't nobody have time for that.
Motivational words of inspiration and encouragement by Les Brown, Eric Thomas, and Ray Lewis. Go and Be Great!...
Les Brown and his band had a BIG hit in the mid-1940's with "Sentimental Journey" which featured Cincinnati's Doris Day on vocal solo.beginning Doris' leg...
' it's hard, it's not easy, it's hard changing your life, you can live your dream, don't give up on your dream- one must keep running toward their dream, keep running, DON'T STOP!! I'm not having a bad day, I'm having a character building day' - Les Brown -
Good morning motivated people! Check out and share our new video below! ...and GET EXCITED! We're coming to your town on Tuesday, March 11th, so be ready! We have a great lineup of speakers for you to hear from, including Rudy Giuliani, General Peter Pace, Kendra Todd, Tom Ziglar, Captain Mark Kelly, Les Brown, Carly Fiorina, Official Terry Bradshaw, Philip Rivers and the other amazing individuals!
Yes I will spend 1 week in San Antonio with Les Brown for a day and Holton Buggs for a couple of days. Then the next weekend I'll be in Newark, NJ at the ASCAC conference with Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Yes, that is how true workers and builders do it. Don't think about it too much it's a Success Scholar thing you would need to hear and study my message to understand. Be a friend and a supporter of real work.
Dream Again with Dr. Ken:Setbacks in life do not define your life."Someone else's opinion does not have to become your reality." Les Brown.
TIP for when you are not where you want to be: Look for others who have succeeded and have had similar struggles and know that if they did it, you can do it, too. Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Dani Johnson have battled illnesses and hardships and they are some of the most inspiring and amazing humans I know. YOU'VE GOT THIS.
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. -Les Brown
Les Brown. The is power in this man. Equally to say he is key...
Les Brown motivates me energetically up! Looking forward to meet him next month :)) *11 keys to motivate yourself*
There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win. ~Les Brown
Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. - Les Brown
Uploaded on Jul 8, 2009High-octane speaker Les Brown advises to stop playing it safe and start creating what's truly possible in life by stretching yourself, taking risks and surrounding yourself with positive, nourishing people. Discover the key to greatness through p...
"Fear does not have any special power unless you empower it by submitting to it." -Les Brown
Got introduced to Les Brown motivational speaker yesterday and wow really inspiring stuff!
You must think of failure and defeat as the spring boards to new achievements, and to the next level of accomplishment. - Les Brown
Goals are not dreamy, pie-in-the-sky ideals. They have every day practical applications and they should be practical. L…
Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality. – Les Brown.
Open your mind and your heart for some new possibilities. In one second, everything can change in your life. Keep the door open that miracles can still unfold on your path. The key to your breakthrough is to keep matter what. Don't look to the right or to the left. Keep looking forward. Things are going to happen that will catch you on the blindside. Deal with it and keep moving!! You may or may not be able to count on friends and associates. Don't stop to complain. Keep moving! You must meet life with your energy. Use your imagination, skills and talents. Be resourceful by using everything in you to break through to the next level. Your dream is calling you. Answer the call...and keep on moving!! You have GREATNESS within you! -Les Brown
Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be open to you. (From the Bible reminded by one of my favorite inspirational speaker Les Brown)
THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: "Champions get up! You’ve lost your job. The stress and pressure have destroyed your relationship. You’re behind on your bills and your dreams. Now what? So what! Champions get up! You ran out of money, you have no place to call your own and all of this drama is robbing you of your health. Your so-called friends are nowhere to be found. Everybody that you’ve helped in the past and loaned money, that you could not afford, won’t even return your phone call. You call the church where you gave your hard-earned tithe, the answering service comes on and says that Jesus is unavailable, Allah is on vacation and Buddha is at a retreat. Champions get up! When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something! Champions get up! Focus your mind, pull yourself together. If you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on! You are a champion. You are more than a conqueror. Keep the faith. Cry if you must. You are still here. God is not through with you yet. You were born to win. Cham ...
Happy Birthday Les Brown. You are a true Minister of hope, faith and a man of God.
Get Over Fear is a motivational movie feat Les Brown explaining how fear can hold you back in life, how people get stuck in life and the damage fear can do t...
"Some people are so negative they can walk into a dark room and begin to develop...LOL" - by Les Brown.
Click HERE --- Les Brown - Thanks for watching this video. To see how I changed my life and finance to the tune of 6 figure...
I leave in 5 hours and just finished the last item on my honey-do list! Looking forward to some time with John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic, the finalist for the John Maxwell leadership awards, some new and old friends, and hopefully a little Les Brown time! Have a great week!
Chante Earl shares Les Brown mentoring session at the Power of Story Workshop. .
Les Brown and Chante Earl expose three Home Base Business tips to reach your dreams. The only limits are those you set on yourself. visit
"Birds of a Feather Flock together! You've got to get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dreams"! It's POSSIBLE, It's POSSIBLE, It's POSSIBLE!~ Les Brown
Les Brown If you find yourself sharing your gift in places and with people, that do not seem to want it, don’t continue to beat your head up against the wall. Release them. Let them have their own journey. Life is too short to convince people to be aware of who you are and the value that you bring. Love yourself enough to remove yourself from any situation where you are constantly making someone a priority who has made you an option. The lips of the wise are sealed to those who refuse to hear and are comfortable being ignorant. Begin to carve out a place for yourself in life to do the work that you are called to do, for those who are ready to receive it. Your gifts and time are precious. Take care to nurture and develop them. Only in this way can you live a life that is purposeful, meaningful and free of frustration. You are a gift to the world. You deserve to be recognized for who you are. You have GREATNESS within you!
i like Les Brown...message."although ppl want to see failing, but you have nothing to proof to them, and they ll only see you succeeding..."
Align yourself with people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life. Remember OQP! Only Quality People Les Brown
Absolutely love this man. So blessed to be one of his pupils..he has the ability to help u dig down past all the pain and struggle and find that special something within you that yells GREATNESS. Happy Birthday LES BROWN!!
"Act the way you want to be and soon you’ll be the way you act." Les Brown
Les brown has been always motivating me and I know this video will do the same. Dont give up on your dreams, Rememer it's not over UNTIL YOU WIN. READ MORE B...
You cannot be wimpy out there on the dream-seeking trail. Dare to break through barriers, to find your own path. Les Brown
"We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams." Les Brown This is so true, and this is what this company is doing for me. It showing me the way to take back my life and live my dreams. That's why I am a Nerium Brand Partner.!!!
Tune in to Creative Biz Ideas when our host Nolen Davis and Barbara Pender talks to Les Brown for the entire show. We will talk about the mentality of an entrepreneur and how to get to the next level of your business. Call in and ask Les Brown any question. This will be a monumental show.
“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." ~Calvin Coolidge bathing and soaking in this quote that I found in Live Your Dreams by Les Brown.
"I believe that each of us has a unique offering. No one else is going to produce your product, write your book, open your academy. And if you don't bring your gift forward, if you die with it still inside you, then we all suffer from being deprived of your particular genius." Born today in 1945, Les Brown, the motivational speaker, former Ohio politician, popular author, radio DJ, former host of The Les Brown Show (and ex-husband of Gladys Knight). Les Brown was adopted with his twin brother as infants, by the woman he affectionately calls, Mrs. Mamie Brown. He grew up not knowing who his natural parents were, but have since learned a few pieces of information about them. His birth mother came to Miami from somewhere else to give birth to his brother and him "on the floor of an abandoned building" and to then gave them away three weeks later. His mother had been married to a soldier stationed overseas but had become pregnant by another man. "She wanted to have us and give us away before her husband found ...
"If you are carrying strong feelings about something that happened in your past, they may hinder your ability to live in the present." - Les Brown quotes from
Happy Birthday MR. LES BROWN. I am currently on his monday motivation call and it was awesome.
Les Brown is dropping jewels right now...
"Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing" Les Brown Motivational Call
An awesome classic video from Motivational Guru Les Brown. It's probably ...
If you are not on the Les Brown call right now call in now it's so motivational, people wake up.
Happy Birthday to several wondeful ppl I know my beautiful sis Aretha ReeRee Lockridge ( love you REE REE!!), Marne Turner, Garion Warr !! 2 ppl I don't know lol Michael Jordan and Les Brown!!!
Most people fail in life not because they aim to high and miss, but because they aim to low and hit -Les Brown
WOW. My friend, Ced, just got the Call. He just got a call to be in a full production movie with Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, and some of the biggest thought leaders in the speaking industry!! My friend and business partner, Cedrick Harris, is an amazing example of someone who steps into their Greatness daily. The lives he's influenced and the changes in people's finances by partnering in business with him.the list keeps growing and going. Congratulations, Brother. just awesome.
Can't hold this any longer! Light Bulb Moments: 75 Lessons for Everyday Living, (published by Hay House) is available all over the world for presale now! Fwd by Les Brown, endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen, Myles Munroe, Jim Stovall, George Fraser. Release date 6/9/14! What a blessing! I'm sooo excited! In addition to the usual Amazon and BN, it's going to be at WalMart! Just seeing the websites in German, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc., has me in awe of what God can make happen.
Neal McCoy what's the length of those wranglers 48"? with Les Brown
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Yawl remember when we all listened to that noon prayer everyday from Eddie Saunders as children before we left the house. It was so beautiful. I will never forget it . These are things and people that we had to look up to that carried and protected us throughout the day. I remember in that prayer him speaking about people that died, he would end it by saying, "They just sleep away and leave." Then Bill Moss took over after Les Brown was ran out of Columbus for giving us so much truth, pride and hope. Especially after the Khahiki Inncident and the "Schools" that when we protested Downtown that was considered a "Riot" it became known as "Black Monday" I believe. I remember it all started at the school Board; We were instructed not to go to school but to come downtown@ the School board. They was a problem then that never got fixed, just like they are now. Les Brown tried to warn us, Bill Moss, and Jerry Doyle., that it helped in Jerry's illness and ultimate death. The city officials blamed Les Brown for th . ...
2 - Les Brown and Kevin Harrington Tickets for sale! Or FREE if you join me in Malibu Mastermind, Event is in...
Have You Been Searching for Beauty Russian Women Online :DOWNLOAD NOW! Beauty Russian Women Dwell Your Goals, a Les Brown E-book "Stay Your Dreams" is as potent as it is pertinent right now as when I initial read it. It is pertinent simply because it bargains with the challenges of setbacks, road blocks, and disappointments that are a part of life's fabric. It is potent because Les Brown displays us that willpower and take care of are basic to achievements. Beauty Russian Women. Conquering Worry - Know What Worry Is? There are several individuals in the modern society who are crippled by the killing effects like worry, panic as very well as depression. They should read through Chris Green's Conquering Stress which is a precious e-book. It is an attempt to educate the persons about anxiety. Jack Canfield In a environment that is so total of items that can trigger us to see existence in a unfavorable way, there are a several excellent persons who are ready to glow and share their gentle of hope with other p ...
Friday March 7, 2014 Wynn Hotel and Casino Enjoy a Morning Session with Les Brown world renowned Speaker, and Kevin Harrington, the original Shark on Shark Tank, in the After Noon, Pitch the Shark Event. I have 6 Tickets valued at 999.00 but you can enjoy the event on me. Email at jay.ahlin
Today is the day to PUSH. Jasper, Texas we will have a special guest. Mr. Johnny Wimbrey will be here, at this event speaking and selling his books. 100% of his proceeds will go to the Alfred Nehemiah Wright Memorial Fund. Johnny is a TV Personality, Trainer, Celebrity Life Coach, Speaker and Author. As an inspirational speaker, motivator, and sales training professional, Wimbrey has shared the stage with personal development gurus such as Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and many others. He is the Best selling Author. Sought after by companies all over the world, Johnny Wimbrey's message has encouraged thousands to find their own inner greatness. His story of growing up in the ‘hood is not an easy one to hear, but his journey to wealth and happiness is a testament to the power of the human spirit. From adversity to prosperity, Johnny Wimbrey empowers others with his story. You don't want to miss this day ladies & gentlemen!
Do you listen to Greg S. Reid, John Assaraf, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Dani Johnson, Frank Shankwitz, Tim Ferriss, Mark Victor Hansen, Nick Vujicic, Anthony Robbins? Who are your other favorites? If you had the opportunity to sit with them for a one-on-one session...What would you ask them? What would you want to learn? Are there questions you would ask each individually? Or is there an overriding thing you want to know from all of them collectively? Ask and you shall receive and the may be bringing it to you baby. BOOM!
This is really beautiful!!! Les Brown: I AM going to make it...
This should be some 2014 motivation, both Les Brown and Eric Thomas voices shouting at you |
Join me to celebrate NRT's birthday TOMORROW as we start our 3rd year on the air!Featuring songs by Lionel Hampton with Harry James on Trumpet, Cab Calloway, Merv Griffin with Mitch Miller's orch., Tony Bennett, Les Brown & His Band of Renown, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Don Cherry, the Bing Sings feature, and Old Time Radio Time: The Great Gildersleeve from 1/4/42! SATURDAY at 10 pm (CST) / 11 pm (ET) Streaming live on or via the TuneIn Radio app.
An amazing offer. I am busy downloading files as I write: - Tony Robbins - Zig Ziglar - Stephen Covey - Les Brown - Wayne Dyer - Louise L Hay - Jim Rohn - James Allen - John Earl Shoaff (Jim Rohn's mentor!) - Dale Carnegie - Brian Tracy - Norman Vincent Peale - Robert G Allen Famous titles: - Rich Dad Poor Dad - Think and Grow Rich - The Four Hour Work Week - The Richest Man In Babylon - The Secret - The Science of Getting Rich - The Silva Method - Who Moved My Cheese? (I read this book today.) Several and on and are even audios and MP3 download from: - Paul McKenna - Wendi Friessen Yes, some of these titles are freely available to download in the public domain but you have to hunt for them AND I bet there are titles here that don´t come to mind but will be hugely worthwhile. So, if you want to listen to classic and thoughts, visit If you want to test the site, there are downloads you can listen to immediately.
Big Band at Be-Jazz, today at 1pm SLT - with Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, Les Brown, and the last hour will be a re-broadcast of a New Year's Eve event from around the USA in 1945, with all of the greats!
There is a time in life when 'doing nothing' is most productive you can be. Stephen Covey called it "Sharpening your Saw". I am sharing this one with you, but I'm actually writing it to myself. Here are the wise words of my mentor LES BROWN: Give yourself a break. It is easy to stress out over a lack of productivity, or fail to turn off your ‘work’ brain. This weekend, take time to re-energize, but don’t forget to keep your mind open. When you are open to it, you can find inspiration in the most surprising places. Wherever you are ~ enjoy, and take advantage of the days granted to you! Know that you are a part of this world because you have something to offer. If you know what that is, be thankful and generous. If not, it’s time to discover your talents and share your gifts. You have something unique & special that this world and your community needs. YOU have GREATNESS within you. ~ Les Brown
Keep Elevating Yourself...Let's GO!! Life caught you on the blind side, and knocked you off your feet. You expected something...but it didn't happen. You didn't expect this challenge, however, it came into your life. You worked hard, and didn't get the outcome you wanted. No matter what your situation may be, know this..the floor is no place for a winner. Get up, crawl if you must, cry, scream or shout...but get up! Lying down won't change a thing; talking about how close you were, won't bring it about. Complaining won't put any money in the bank. Shake it off, throw away the kleenex, and get your head right! We all get the wind knocked out of us from time to time by life. Don't let it get the best of you! You're stronger than you think you are. You have the right stuff. Don't take it's called life. Get up, get busy, and work your business. It's not over until you win!~Les Brown~
December 24, 1969 "I" Corps Republic of Vietnam, I had the dog watch on a ridge line composed of a number of bunkers protecting 3/26 Marines battalion rear. I looked down towards the battalion area but could not see it due to the low hanging clouds. it reminded me of a heavy blanket of snow and reminded me of Christmas in New England specifically my home state of Connecticut. Sometime around then I won a ticket to the Bob Hope Christmas Show held at Freedom Hill just outside Da Nang. Connie Stevens, The Gold Diggers, Neil Armstrong (Lola Felana I believe) and of course Les Brown and his band of renown were the performers. Might have missed some but it has been 44 years so i beg forgiveness.
Les Brown and Eric Thomas always know what to say.💯
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Coming up, Dean Martin, Lena Horne, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Les Brown & His Band of Renown, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, The Johnny Nocturne Band with Brenda Boykin, and David Silverman on the Retro Lounge Radio Show on GC90.7fm in Panama City, Florida, USA and on line at
Add some jazzy cheer to your day to get you swingin' through the weekend! Enjoy this collection of holiday standards as performed by big bands led by Count Basie, Les Brown, Billy May, Ralph Flanagan and Stan Kenton, as well as vocalists Lena Horne and Lou Rawls! Happy Friday!
From Robert Fells in American Dance Bands: "Glenn Miller Live Broadcast - October 7, 1940 Cafe Rouge, NYC This broadcast marked a "first nighter" as GM returns to the Cafe Rouge in Manhattan to begin his second season there. In the audience are bandleaders Les Brown, Johnny Long, Sonny Burke, Woody Herman, Jan Savitt, Gray Gordon, Eddie DeLange and Cecil Golly. Leonard Joy, Victor executive, was also present with both of his Bluebird singing stars, Dinah Shore and Yvette. Songs include Pennsylvania 6-5000, The Call of the Canyon, The Gentleman Needs a Shave, A Handful of Stars, Moonlight Serenade, On Brave Old Army Team, When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano, Down for the Count, and the closing, Slumber Song. [audio sure to check out The Glenn Miller Archive, the designated repository for the legacy and property of Alton Glenn Miller, which can be found at
Les Brown wrote:. You have one life to live. Regardless of what you are going through. You have a unique...
"Someone's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality." - Les Brown 😊❤
TODAY'S INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES: There are two kinds of failures: those who think and never act, and those who act and never think. Don’t be either. Great achievers think and act. Put your ideas into action! Take the first step, and then the next… Do something today! Be bold. Be strong. Step forward. Jehovah Almighty is with you. He will magnify your small steps into GIANT LEAPS!!! - Mensa Otabil. You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. - Jim Rohn. Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Life changes only when your daily priorities changes. - Mike Murdock. Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you. - Les Brown. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. - Winston Churchill. The only guarantee for fa ...
Day 19: Today I am grateful for pages like Paradigm Shift, Les Brown and Law Of Attraction that bring me so much inspiration every day!!!
As I read "Mastering the Art of Success" which features many authors such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, King Pinyin and Jack Canfield. Im encouraged by them all! My favorite Mentor " DPSVP King Pinyin"! She says" people need to recognize that thoughts are powerful and that it takes the same amount of energy to rise to the top of your career as it does to remain at the bottom. It all starts in your mind." My question is "what are you thinking on today?" Tv,coffee,tea,sleeping, pain, heartache,bills,another job etc. The apostle Paul says, "Finally,brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." So change your thoughts so that your life can be changed!
Took a seminar this morning where Jim Rohn talked about 'Your Best Life Ever,' then Jack Canfield came on with '9 principles of Success!' & the final speaker for the morning session is Les Brown is firing, 'It's Possible.' Standing on shoulders of Giants!
quick search of Variety archives pulled up great Les Brown story on a huge moment in TV, CBS' 1970 shift from cornpone to urbanity
This is absolutely incredible! For the first time ever, John C. Maxwell and Les Brown together in a FREE 3-part...
I added a video to a playlist Les Brown - SECRET KNOCK
What to do.. what to do.. might as well turn the tv on YouTube and listen to some Les Brown
~Hope Trigger - Self-Motivation~ The best motivation is self-motivation. In fact, not many people succeed in life without self-generated drive. If you rely on others to energize you, or hesitate until the right mood hits, or delay until circumstances are ideal, then you’ll spend most of your life waiting. Leaders motivate themselves internally rather than depending on external incentives. There’s a world of difference between unmotivated and self-motived people. Unmotivated people give required effort. Motivated people give inspired effort. The first group looks to do the minimum; the latter group seeks every opportunity to add value to the . If self-motivation is such a valuable trait, then the question is: where does self-motivation come from? 1. Clarifying your vision. A vision is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions to do everything in your power to achieve it. Andy Stanley writes, “Vision gives you reason to get up in the morning.” A vision leads the ...
Sometimes, the person you'd take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun,ccomplish your dreams, Les Brown
Am out of Procrastination on my way to Financial freedom. Thank God I discovered this. The fear is no more! Thank you Madan Irine Langat , Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, and my inspirational spiritual fathers like Joe Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D Jakes, etc...You have realy changed my life in one weeks time. RESPECT!
"You take on the responsibility for making your dream a reality."- Les Brown
In order to do something you've never done, you've got to become someone you've never been. -Les Brown
Les Brown Beware of abusive personalities who try to isolate you from family members and friends and dominate your life. These control freaks are smooth talkers. They are convincing and persuasive Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydes. They represent themselves one way publicly but behind closed doors ~they transform!! If you manage to escape them, they will beg and plead to get you back. They may even try to convince you that they will change or that they are sorry. It’s a lie. They will never really change. It’s just a ploy to get you back in their icy grip. Life is too short to allow yourself to be abused mentally, emotionally or physically. These people are dangerous. The longer you stay with them, the harder it is to get away. If they threaten to harm you…believe them. Run. Don’t look back. Don’t waste good, valuable, irreplaceable time trying to change them. Use that energy to change yourself and put yourself in a different situation. Create an escape plan to get away…and GO! Cut off all communicatio ...
CHECK THIS OUT!!! Hysterical, insightful and thought provoking! Masters and Legends of communication, John C. Maxwell and Les Brown share how to become a top speaker to drive your bottom line and make a difference in the lives of people. Please share this with your friends! Go to to receive your FREE 3-part series, "Behind the Stage ... The Good, the Bad & the Ugly."
If you ever think about lying to a woman, don't do it, Somehow they ALWAYS find out,cumstances unless you change,Les Brown
TIP:If U take responsibility for URself U will develop a hunger to accomplish UR dreams.– Les Brown
Sometimes you have to believe in someone else belief in you until your belief in yourself kicks in. - Les Brown
Les Brown http:www,staged,comvideo?vavdb n, True deliverance is not only getting freed but staying free, AW
Les Brown: All of us need to grow continuously in our lives, and happiness awaits you, -
To Love another person is to see the face of God I cried the whole time,ccomplish your dreams, - Les Brown
"The worst is over!! You have gone through a lot and you're still here! Despite how you may feel at this time, this experience will not break you. Whatever happened to you does not own you or determine your future. It is an experience that you must choose to grow through and not allow it to shut your life down. No question...this is easier said than done. But you have the power in you to put this experience in your past, and not allow it to overwhelm your present or dictate how you show up in the world. Pause for a moment to get your head right and resolve to handle this. You know, life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you're down. Expect things to get better and they will. Do you know who you are? You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for being. In time you will overcome this and become more resilient than you have ever been before. Look at the road ahead, know that tomorrow will be better than today, pull yourself together and take time to heal. Where your life ...
Deu 6:6 & 7 This word I command you this day, shall be in your heart & yan look up, you can get up, ~ Les Brown
Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality, Les Brownyes youre right, there were
~Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead. It could have been worse~ ~Les Brown~
When you want something, you have to be willing to pay your dues, - Les Brownas i see both parties are 10
"Change is difficult, but often essential to survival" Les Brown
The rough times are gonna come, but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass. - Les Brown DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS
I am so grateful to be working on the MOW "Giant Gila Monster" with Jim Wu empower it by submitting to it, ~ Les Brown
Needing to go to Walmart but trying to talk myself out of it. It's Cold outside lol...But on another note I had the most inspirational day at the Les Brown seminar this morning. Greatness is in me and every human being on this planet. Tap into your talents and it will set you free!!!
"If you're going in the wrong direction, all you have to do is turn around and go in the other direction." -Les Brown
For over 40 years, John C. Maxwell and Les Brown, met for the first time and created a three part series of Video's called "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." We saw the preview of these a few months ago in Orlando. This series is hilarious and a must see for all speakers, those wanting to become speakers and anyone that likes to laugh!!! If you've ever heard Les Laugh, you KNOW what I'm talking about!! Here is the link to get you started
"When are you going to live your own life? It's been said that most people die at age 25, but don't get buried until age 75. Are you living a dead life? Many people exist with their real lives on hold. Don't deprive the world of experiencing the real you! Release your talents, use your abilities and live with a spirit of adventure and boldness. Create a life where you make a difference and leave your mark. You have GREATNESS within you! Express it!" -- Les Brown
"The worlds top leadership and motivational speakers, Les Brown and John C. Maxwell has these great videos and best of all these are two of my mentors. This is great for you if you ever have to or want to speak in front of a group, lead a team or want to be or are coaching people. I hope that you enjoy them."
Lord, whatever I face today, you and I can handle it, I know you will make a way for me...Les Brown
The best revenge is massive success.Les Brown
If you are going through hard times, it will not last, it has come to pass. No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I am going to make it. Les Brown
Don't miss Les Brown this Saturday at the Old National Center. Live up to your greatness by getting your tickets NOW
Lead & Succeed seminar Oct. 29th at the American Airlines Center, speakers will be Les Brown, Steve Forbes, Rudy Giuliani, Larry King & more. It's only $5, ILL BE THERE!
I'd rather aim high and miss, than aim low and hit.~ Les Brown
Today is Les Brown day for me ♥. "Believe in yourself. You are the only person who has the ability to radically...
Les Brown said: "You can either make excuses or you can make money, you can't make both".
You must remain focosed on your journey to greatness.Les Brown
Keep doing what you are doing and then you keep getting what you are getting!! ~~Les Brown ~ So if you don't change don't expect it!!
Frank's Quote of the Day. Accept the consequences of your actions in order to become the agent of your mental, physical, spiritual and material success. ~ Les Brown
You don't get in life what u get what you are.LES BROWN
Choose to be a powerful force in your own life and in the world. Make choices on a daily basis that will move you in the direction of what you want to create for yourself. Summon up the courage, the resourcefulness and the motivation to create a life that you can be proud of. Use your imagination, talents and abilities to live a life of purpose and make a greater impact., Live your legacy now. You have GREATNESS within you!! (Les Brown)
Thought of the day: "Leap and grow your wings on the way down!"- Les Brown
I've always liked Les Brown for some reason. I think its his delivery.
You must remang focused on your journey . les brown
"This is the day to confront yourself. Declare that you are making a radical change in your mind, your finances, your relationships and how you show up in life. Moving forward is what you must do in order to live the life that's waiting for you." -Les Brown
"The things you want are always possible; it is just that the way to get them is not always apparent. The only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life is you, and that can be a considerable obstacle because you carry the baggage of insecurities and past experience." Les Brown
A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand - Les Brown
We ask for Help not because we are weak but because we want to remain strong . -Les Brown
Someone�s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. -Les Brown
So excited God allowed the path to open for me to go to Salt Lake City! Zija convention with amazing speakers such as John Maxwell!!! And Les Brown!!! And spending them with some amazing people whom I love dearly!
"Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours." - Les Brown
Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars. Les Brown
"Be determined to handle any challenge in a way that will make you grow." ~ Les Brown
Layman's Terms Daily Thought I Love this from Les Brown: ”You owe it to the world, your family and most importantly, to yourself to live a life of no regrets. Stop worrying about what other people will think, say, or do. You only have one life. LIVE IT now. You have GREATNESS within you!!”
Woh...need this, this morning..thanks Les Brown
Pay the price. Nothing that is worth having will come for free, you must be willing to do today what others wont in order to have tomorrow what others wont have. /by 'les brown'
A lot of people go to work every day miserable and all they do is talk about how miserable they are. But they don't do anything about it! - Les Brown
Started with my morning conversation with God, then made me a cup of coffee.followed by my reading for the day from my I Declare book now on to my personal development with the incredible Les Brown. Great Morning World!
This time tomorrow, we'll be heading to Nashville to hop a plane out to Salt Lake. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends and getting to meet some new ones. Did I mention that John Maxwell & Les Brown will be there!!! Life Unlimited!
I like this short quote by Les Brown. "Honor your commitments with integrity."
Non is richer than the one who has peace of mind.Aim for the moon if you miss it you,ll land on the stars,les brown
I just found out that Motivational Speaker Les Brown bought into the YTB Travel business. I didnt know that. His explanation was he travels all the time! Now he will be traveling and earning commission on everywhere he AND his entourage goes! Makes sense! And it makes dollars and cents!
It's not enough to want great things in your life. It's important to EXPECT that you'll get them. - Les Brown
Les Brown Trust that the road ahead will be better than anything in the past. Tap into your power and expand your imagination for what's possible. Broaden your skills, increase your knowledge and upgrade your strategy. Commit to creating a life that demonstrates your gifts, your passion and your greatness. This is your time! You have GREATNESS within you!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Some GREAT ADVICE from LES BROWN I read this morning and had to share: "The way to achieve is to bloom where you’re planted, to do what you can, where you are, with what you have. It’s easy to think up excuses for not taking action. “If only I had more hours in the day. If only I had a better job. If only I could meet the right person.” But excuses won’t bring you anything of value. You’ve got to change your “if only” into an “I will.” “I will make better use of my time. I will work on improving my career. I will create and nurture my relationships.” Take a chance. Have faith in yourself. Your circumstances will improve when you make the effort to improve them. Start where you are right now. You have everything it takes to reach for whatever you desire. Stop wishing. Use your time, your energy, your thoughts and efforts to make it happen! You’ll be glad you did! " -Les Brown
Live out of your imagination instead of out of your memory,Les Brown did Michael Vick, Eli Manning, and Tony
RISE & SHINE! Loving me some Les Brown in the morning :) Arm yourself with courage today to face the challenges in your life. You will not defeat everything that you face, but nothing is defeated until it is faced. Don't let the feelings of fear, uncertainty and discomfort stop you from making tough decisions. Get out of bed. Turn off the television. Stop wasting time listening to negative conversations, including your own. Limit your distractions. Cancel your pity party. Pull yourself together and take total ownership for everything in your life. Don't waste your energy or take up space in your mind by blaming others or expecting them to rescue you. You are the knight in shining armor. You hold the key to unlocking your new future. It doesn't matter how many times you have been knocked down. What matters most is that you continue to get back up. It's time to get it on and move your life forward by taking your power back. Place all bets on you and get busy! You deserve more...much, much more! You have GRE ...
Time for seasonal closet challenge. Get rid of summer stuff I never wore, make room for old and new fall and winter wardrobe. Heck, today the temp might reach 80. Weekend maybe rain and in the 60s. Love Minnesota weather. Saturday is National Public Lands Day. I will be wearing long pants, long sleeves, (maybe rain gear) and joining other volunteers for two hours of conservation projects including prairie seed collection and/or sowing and native shrub planting in the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary. (I can see this Sancutary from my home on the 40th floor.) Afterward eat a tasty lunch of chicken or veggie burrita, salsa and fresh fruit - thanks to Bridget Merkt from My Inner Kitchen. Sunday visit downtown Episcopal church for 10:30 service - all leashed animals welcome for special blessing. (Mary is bringing Siren.) Went to see Les Brown, the Butler but arrived so early my friend and I saw the Prisoners instead! Hugh Jackman goes into a rage when his little girl is abducted. So who really is the Pri ...
*One Time cost $315 life-time membership w/no monthly fees *177+ Audio/Mp3/eBook Success Library for eTablets/Ipad/Iphone/Mp3 players (Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn,Tony Robbins/Les Brown, Napolean Hill and many more) *XSky and Sky Scraper software, An Amazing Tool for All Networkers (organize,create groups,categorize your contacts, email all your business affliates/friends/family in one click, and connects you with like-minded contacts) *Compensation Plan, 2 qualifies you to Rocket pass the slow/no movers into an out of this world profit of 94.5%. Make $5,000 over and over again)
Millions of people are dying because of what they're eating.. But even more are dying from what's eating them. Les Brown
What's will Dr. *** discuss for his talk? Check out the talk descriptions just posted on the blog!
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” . ~ Les Brown
Les Brown. Just stop! Take a moment to think before you act so that you are in control of yourself, your emotions...
. "Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams." Les Brown
My mentor Les Brown ~ See you 10.1.13 at the . Come Together Tour~
" "but" is an argument for our limitations. And when we argue for our limitations we get to keep them.". Les Brown
The guy wanted 2connect me 2 some guy who was on PBS w/Les Brown & Tony Robbins. Do folks like or know about them?
When Pop music was still ALL really music! Top Tracks for Les Brown (playlist): via
I'm (Mack Story) signing my Mom, Joanne Story Burston, up for the John Maxwell Team Certification in August! There will be 3 generations of us plus my wife, Ria Story that are now JMT Certified! We're very excited to give this gift of growth to her. She has grown and developed a passion for reading/learning/applying/ leadership principles in the last year or two. She is growing so fast! Ria said in February while she was in training, that "We have to bring your Mom back in August!" We're going to sign her up for the Les Brown & Nick Vujicic training too. She will have a whole week of some major leadership training by the best in the business. If you've been considering joining the JMT or are interested in learning more. Msg me.
Don’t underestimate yourself. You are capableof more than you can ever imagine. When life presses in on you the hardest, that’s when your breakthrough is near. Press on. Don’t stop to think about the work you have to do; just put yourself on auto-pilot. Hold yourself to a higher standard daily. Your family, friendsand co-workers all look to you for their cues. Be mindful to lift the vibration in every room you enter. Treat yourself to a higher belief system. Trust, and let go. Greatness is in your DNA. God don’t make junk. Each day you have a new chance to develop new ideas, reach fornew goals, and conquer new mountains. Chase down your dream like it’s the last bus of the night. Go get it! You deserve. You have Greatness within you. ~Les Brown
STUNNING SPEECH by Les Brown on how you should always keep sight of your dreams and engage in consistent action.
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