Leonardo Da Vinci & Cesare Borgia

Leonardo Da Vinci Cesare Borgia Jesus Christ Genghis Khan Assassins Creed Rodrigo Borgia

Someone just told me that Leonardo Da Vinci and Cesare Borgia were lovers. ERM WHAT?
Hey, all you politicians that say video games corrupt minds and dull the educations of children, I know of Lorenzo de Medici, Pope Alexander VI aka Rodrigo Borgia, Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome, the Sforza family, the French Occupation of Italy, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Pazzi Conspiracy, Cesare Borgia, Florentine banking, and the architecture of the Renaissance because of Assassins Creed alone. A video game is literally making studying easy (and fun), and I pity the grader of my exam if any one of these terms comes up.
Somebody very important to me said assassin's creed is "nonsense" doesn't she know that assassin's creed teaches me so many thinks about history and 90% of the main characters of that game are real people for example : Leonardo Da Vinci, Cesare Borgia and of course Genghis Khan and i learned so many things in that game,because its not like any other violent game its assassin's creed a "history" adventure game and of course it has the word "assassin" in the name but it doesn't mean that its just pointless violence.The assassin's killed "yes the assassins are real" many tyrant rulers of history and changed the world order that it is today so we can be free from bad rulers and do as what are heart desire. So to the people who says assassin's creed and any other video games that we youths play... YOUR WRONG VERY VERY WRONG .Hope this simple message changed your point of view to our video games :)
How did the Image of Jesus Christ(Which depicts a handsome white man with long hair and a beard)as we know it come to be?The original paintings had Jesus depicted as a muslim.This made it difficult for the catholic church to sell their ideologies.So,they had a plan.Pope Alexander VI,ordered all paintings in all europe and elsewhere to be destroyed,and he commissioned Leonardo Da Vinci to reinvent a new Jesus image modelled on his son,Cesare Borgia.So most of Jesus images we see today,the one you have on your wall,church,profile pic,tag,sticker etc is actually Cesare Borgia,coz nobody knows what exactly Jesus looked like and there is no physical description of him in the bible.
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