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Leonard Wood

Leonard Wood (October 9, 1860 – August 7, 1927) was a physician who served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Military Governor of Cuba and Governor General of the Philippines.

Fort Leonard Wood Ft Leonard Wood Memorial Day Fort Leonard Wood Missouri Happy Memorial Day Theodore Roosevelt St Louis Rough Riders

Hundreds of youth take part in Rams' NFL "Play 60" event at Fort Leonard Wood -
Exchange GM, Robert Rice, in the dunk tank at Fort Leonard Wood.
Headed back to Fort Leonard Wood next weekend. 😭
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Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Im only going to school one quarter
I really miss Fort Leonard Wood Missouri home isn't the same.
What up every buddy, i'm finally going to Korea been stuck in Fort Leonard Wood for a month. Yeah yeah
it will be man. Just keep your head up. Going to Leonard wood?
Does anyone know of a good nail place around Fort Leonard Wood?
I went through the military police academy at Fort Leonard Wood. But that's awesome! Wish him the best of luck for me 😊
Me and ringenbach just chilling at the mall on base! @ U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood
Basic Combat Training graduation from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO in November of 2001
There is nothing to do around Fort Leonard Wood 😩
"Fort Gordon won't let me be great.😩" i bet it's better than Leonard Wood
Trevor Bayne ran a HOF Tribute car at Indianapolis in 2012
I am not postive but I think it was Ft Jackson SC, But it could of been Ft Leonard Wood MO
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
and Springfield-Branson airports announce partnership
Officially searching Fort Leonard Wood website for my sister... Guess you can say I miss her😭😭
Graduation in the morning!! 🙌 Goodbye to Ft. Leonard Wood,'s been real. ✌️
After 20 million times of trying to take a picture of a sign saying Ft. Leonard Wood, I finally got one
Hey Fort Leonard Wood can I have my boyfriend back? You had him all day, I think it's my turn..
Anyone in the Fort Leonard Wood area have any suggestions for a place I can get my nails done?
I need to get my nails done tomorrow...but since I'm still broken down in Missouri I don't know of a good nails place around ft.Leonard wood
US death row inmate Joseph Wood dies after Arizona execution takes nearly two hours to kill him
ABA therapist (Ft. Leonard Wood): Train in the growing field of Autism Treatment . No ABA exp...
finally i got sworn into the army national guard today , ship date is 01/21/15 to Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
In the shop working on these welding skills tho @ Fort Leonard Wood
Near by Middleton the beautiful church of st Leonard's open every Friday 12/4pm
I'd rather have ten people that want God, than ten thousand who want to play church. Leonard Ravenhill
has safely made it to Fort Leonard Wood
U live in a few beautiful state I spent a spot of time at FT. Leonard Wood loads of fun
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Im starting to think i know Caleb's address at Fort Leonard Wood better than i know my own... 📝✉️📬
Finally at Fort Leonard Wood.. Here we go! 💪
Can I just ship to basic. Im sick of the Dena. I cant wait for the secluded days at ft. Leonard wood
Motivated Echo team!!! Best team of all time. Hands down. @ Fort Leonard Wood
That will do for mine and Ri's clothes. St Louis bound in the am to see Tristan graduate from Fort Leonard Wood, MO
General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, is under new leadership after a change...
correct me if I'm wrong but this is Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri?!?!
sources say Leonard Wood is quite chilly in the winter though...
Good Luck in Leonard Wood! Remember to pay attention to details!! You'll do just fine girl! It's not as scary as it seems! ❤️
Leonard Wood is starting to feel like home 😊
One month from today I'll be heading back to Fort Leonard Wood
As of 11 a.m. on July 14, Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood is currently without Internet. Please check back for updates.
Rotation east of Ft. Leonard Wood is suspect, it shows clearly on both Springfield & St. L radar, though its high up
Strong storm in souther Pulaski Co. has rotation in it. Be on alert if you're in the Ft. Leonard Wood area.
Shipping out to Ft. Leonard Wood in the morning 🇺🇸
Don't miss this opportunity! MacAulay-Brown, Inc. is now in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
Be the first to apply! CBD Readiness Improvement Program (RIP) Team Lead in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
Fort Leonard Wood is infested with flies
Would you like to work at Challenge Unlimited, Inc.? A new opportunity is now available in Fort Leonard Wood, MO. ...
50 days until I'm off to Fort Leonard Wood
10 more days at Fort Leonard Wood and then I'm home! I can't wait to see my babes 😘😘
Another GREAT response at Ft Leonard Wood today the drive! Thank u 1-48 Bravo. 104 donors lined up!
MacAulay-Brown, Inc. just posted a new in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
I'm sorry but my husband is an mp and the ONLY place that MPs do training is at Ft Leonard Wood.
Yes with the Explorer program. I'm going to OSUT at Fort Leonard Wood soon so I'll be gone for a little bit.
IMPOSSIBLE because all MP's go to Ft. Leonard Wood. She should probably get her story straight...
Sunday fun day at Ft Leonard Wood. 40 lane bowling alley :)
Can honestly say that i miss Fort Leonard Wood
Ft.Leonard Wood the most boring place this side of the galaxy bruh -__-
I do both basic and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood
Yup saw this sweet rig leaving Ft Leonard Wood,
It's the Leonard Cohen, supermoon, wood cabin incense, part of the night. ;)
Gov Gen Leonard Wood letter dd Jul 13, 1925, credited the army for 1st broadcast in the Phl that originated from Camp Nichols in early 1922
looks like I'll *** you before you get to go to good old Leonard wood!
how come I can't get any 3G in Fort Leonard Wood, MO?
hopefully a one way ticket out of Fort Leonard Wood today. Mississippi here I come! 🇺🇸
My orders say Ft Leonard Wood Missouri smh I cant win like that lol.
The National Wrestling Alliances invades Fort Leonard Wood, MO June 21st at Wood Elementary!! Part of the proceeds will go to the WOOD PTO! The former NWA Central States Heavyweight Wrestling Ch...
Got a little bored tonight here in good ol Ft Leonard Wood.. So theoriginalash and I colored. And I…
Gratitude Gratitude alan dolit Sometimes it seems that my life is programmed and I’m just living a prepared script. Usually I’m not aware of it as it is happening, only in retrospect. And sometimes it seems the programmer even unobtrusively gets involved. For example when I was seven I was crossing a busy street with my mother. I must have been daydreaming, as when I stepped off the curb, a car made a right turn and would certainly have hit me had an arm not pulled me back to the side walk. Uncannily it wasn’t my mother, and yet there was no one else there. In fact it happened so quickly my mother hadn’t realized what had happened. She assumed I somehow jumped back by myself. Another situation happened many years ago when my daughters were very young. I was driving on Highway One going the speed limit, and one my daughters and her girlfriend were in the back seat. I was feeling sleepy and closed my eyes and momentarily forgot to open them. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my head that sounded li ...
FOR SALE! Brand New J-2 Engineering Full Exhaust system for 08-13 Lancer EVO X. Located in Fort Leonard Wood, MO. PayPal only unless doing a local pick-up. Price is $350 if picked up and $450 shipped. Please I.M. if interested. Thanks.
We only get our phones on weekends so I'll only be able to talk friday through sunday (Fort Leonard Woods) just dawned on me that a year ago today I was on a plane to Ft. Sill to start army basic training before I was transferred to Ft. Leonard Wood...I wonder which base I would of been better off at...
Chemical Dragon Soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood! Come support the local Ozark Chapter of the CCRA with a fun run/walk this Saturday. Registration is simple through the OZARKCCRA website, and you can use Paypal to pay.
I do check Fort Leonard Wood photography page everyday to see if they posted anything that R would be in.
185 Acre farm. 138 acres of hay ground. 40 acres of woods. Some marketable timber. Property borders blacktop road and has Roubidoux creek on property. Very close to Ft. Leonard Wood. Only 1 1/2 miles from Plato Missouri. Several other creeks on the property and some beautiful places to build a new home.
Jules flew overseas yesterday. Allison is working in DC. Andy is at Ft Leonard Wood. . We are enjoying a quiet home!
Fort Leonard Wood had a great time at the 9th annual Springfield Cardinals Military Appreciation Day game June 14 at Hammons Field in Springfield, Mo. The Springfield Cardinals topped the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, 5-4, in 10 innings before a sellout crowd of 7,545. More pics to follow! U.S. Army photos by Michael Curtis/Released
Do You Remember - June 1963 - Larry Vobornik, Bucklin, went to Kansas City on Thursday where he enlisted in the Army. He was sent to Fort Leonard Wood for his basic training.
Crissy called and gave address PVT BASSETT, CRISSY E-CO 787 MP BN-PLT BLDG 932 Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 65473 Care pkgs can be no larger than a shoe box. Thank you so much for your interest and concern for Crissy. I am sure she would appreciate letters. apparently TICKS own Fort Leonard Wood. Somebody come get me please. I can't deal..
Received a 00:1:30 phone call from Peter Vourganas today to give me his mailing address. He would love to receive your letters/cards. If you want to send a "care package" DO NOT send sweet treats. Everyone in his company will appreciate adhering to that rule :D Here's the address: Peter Vourganas E/787 M P B N 2nd Platoon 7542 Loyalty Loop, Bldg 932 Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
yeah! He's in Fort Leonard Wood for his AIT
For us a great turnout. 24 playing golf and 26 attending. Ft Leonard Wood on the far Eastern edge of our area.
I'm going to start this with my Survival Story. I'm not beginning this page out of Ego, but I wanted to have a starting point to hopefully bring people together so their stories can be heard. - Second Chance If I can share a life and death challenge, it has ruled my life because of coming out of it alive, my hope is that someone else can read this and find the strength to overcome challenges. I grew up in rural Virginia, just west of Richmond. Being a country boy, I grew up hunting, shooting, being a woodsman. I also grew up through the Vietnam era, wanting to be GI Joe. I studied military history at the Library in school and survival manuals from the Army/Navy Surplus store. I had it in my head that all I wanted to do was serve my Country and be a soldier. I left Virginia in high school and went to live with my Dad and new stepmother in SanDiego, CA. Once arriving in Southern California my redneck ways changed. I overheard some schoolmates talking about going target shooting in some canyons in North Coun ...
Off to Ft. Leonard Wood early tomorrow morning to learn how to drive the army's big boys. I'll keep everyone as updated as cellular coverage allows, and see you all soon! Have a fantastic summer.
Spoke to Mitchell last night and it seems everything is set for him to come home except he needs to figure out how to get from the Army base to the Airport. It's a 200dollar cab ride.. No bus, I have him checking on airline shuttles, but its over 2hrs away. I told him to hollar at Jay Pafford who may know of a veteran that makes that trip often enough he could catch a ride and help with gas. Any Springfield Mo people eager to help get a homesick soldier from Fort Leonard Wood to St Louis on June 25th. ?? If so, email or poke Mitchell Shivers with some good news. Fort Lost In The Woods fer sure.
Interesting. I remember that the taxi company on Fort Leonard Wood used checker cabs when I was there in the late 80's.
This is not reunion related but I was at Fort Leonard Wood this week and visited the engineer museum. To my suprise, there was an exhibit about our mission at OBJ Peach where we all secured the bridge, crossed river etc. In addition, this battle is also described at Benning in the Infantry museum. Just thought you all should know your efforts are part of Army history.
RED STAGE The first few weeks of basic training are the hardest, they’re called red stage, and they can seriously feel like *** Or so I’ve read and been told. The red phase is total shell shock, sleep deprivation, and intense physical training. It’s that moment when you *** well know you’re about to become a soldier, you’re changing, like it or not. Even soldiers that went to R.S.P and other pre-BCT programs will find that Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood and other military bases is nothing like they’ve ever experienced in their entire lives. Now here we all are at home getting these phone calls and letters that just plain break our heart, she wants the *** out of the Army, she can’t take it, can’t finish, it’s more than she can handle, she hates it. This is where we have to stick together and help her through this…It’s not uncommon for soldiers to write agonizing letters home saying that they can’t complete basic, and they just want to quit. It’s perfectly normal in fact; ...
23 years ago today I got off a bus in Ft Leonard Wood, MO. directly to "front leaning rest position" and a big burly drill sergeant with shades on yelling above me, thinking, "what have I got myself into?". First day of boot camp and my military service, with concerns of Saddam Hussein and Desert Storm running thru my mind.
American troops, led by Brig. Gen. Leonard Wood, massacred more than 1000 moros mostly unarmed including women and children at BudDajo, Jolo, Philippines on March 10, 1906...
Starting the long journey back to Ft. Leonard Wood today. Long drives are the worst!! 17 hours left!! Praying for a safe return!
I will share this! My family was stationed there in Ft Leonard Wood, my youngest son Maxwell was born there. I really hope these posts help!! It would be hard to lose something that means so much to you. Good luck...
This is BCT at B Co., 795 MP Battalion at Ft. Leonard Wood. . We were in week two of basic and were still doing...
Dude. The Air Force has it so nice. They have an Exchange larger than Ft. Leonard Wood's, a Chili's, an officer's club, and an enlisted club which is four times the size of the hilltop club, and so much more. Yet the Army has to struggle to buy headlights for our tactical vehicles because of budget cuts. Well ahoooahhh...
If i call Ft Leonard Wood & ask for pvt mccroskey bc his girlfriend needs a hug, what do you think they'd say? lmfao 😭
I'm not staying there. I'm two hours away in Ft Leonard Wood.
Back to Fort Leonard Wood in September! I know its going to be cold in Louisiana I thought 55 degrees was cold. Hawaii has spoiled me smh
Greetings to the extended Dragoon family, it was a busy day across the battalion as we had most of the companies engaged in some rather significant training events spread out all over Fort Leonard Wood. The weather was fairly warm and the sun was out, so conditions were very nice for working outside. This should remain consistent throughout the week and hopefully the rain will hold off for awhile. And now for the training update: Alpha Company (Week 8): Alpha Rock spent the better part of the day out at the range. They began by firing blank ammunition through their carbines while working on buddy-team rehearsals. After that, they were issued live ammunition and maneuvered down a firing range engaging targets and covering one another as they moved tactically. I had the opportunity to watch them and they moved expertly under the close eye of their Drill Sergeants. It was a warm day for helmets and body armor, but spirits were high. Bravo Company (Week 3): The Bulldogs began their day with an 8 kilom ...
Some of you have asked for Kyle's address at Basic Training. He would love to hear from anyone who wants to write him a quick note. Here is the address and directions for the envelope. PVT Culbertson, Kyle M D Co. 1-48 INF BN, 1ST PLT 495 Iowa Ave, Unit Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 On the back of the envelope on the flap you have to write: Wild Dawgs in red ink and then below the flap make a red rectangle and put the number 1 in the center. Thanks!
Finally headed to Ft Leonard Wood.1.5 weeks let's hope it's not too hot/rainy!
Our son(my baby..shh) has landed safely in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri! .
My baby has landed safely in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri!.
Cause what else is there to do at Ft Leonard Wood? 👭
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Was at Fort Leonard Wood the harshest winter it's ever seen an just sayin being here in the summer *** just as bad!! Ready to get home to my girl!
My baby girl left today for Lansing. Tonight is her last night in Michigan for at least 10 weeks. First thing in the morning she is off to MEPS, then to the airport where she ships to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri for boot camp.
Georgeand Mary Stanley thought of all the times I've heard gpg say Fort Leonard Wood... maybe you can help spread this around
Looking for a place to eat lunch or dinner today? American Taco Company is open from 11am -8pm. Our new summer hours are now Mon-Sat 11a -8pm. Closed on Sunday. We will be closed on Friday July 4th as will be vendors at the Fort Leonard Wood celebration. If you or your friends have not tried our food yet, come on in and see what everyone is talking about! Please share this with all of your friends on FB! :)
just got my birthday present from my sweet girl Kimberly Brunk. Love it. The last fossil watch i had was bought at the px in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. missed it so much. this one is a lot prettier. love you.
Convenience and Charm! Only 5 minutes from the front gate of Fort Leonard Wood! . 573.336.4100
Hi everyone this is Deborah Vickery. Alex asked me to log on here and post his address for everyone. PVT Peterson, Alexander G A CO. 787th MP BN, 3 PLT 7644 Loyalty Loop, BLDG 939 FT. Leonard Wood, MO 65473
ATTENTION DIRECT SALES REPS! BRAND NEW EVENT Sept 6th, 6-9pm on post at Fort Leonard Wood. This Ladies Bingo Night is a fund raiser for the AER (Army Emergency Relief). $20 per table, plus gift basket. Please PM me for all the details! Thirty-One, Tastefully Simple, It Works, and Origami Owl are taken. We are taking a total of 14 vendors.
It was ten years ago next August that our first year mobilization was up. I'm suggesting that we all meet back at Fort Leonard Wood next August and have a dinner, a few drinks, and a few laughs...maybe some guys want to play golf...whatever...I started this group to get other people involved and fired up...the date on my RELACDUTRA is I'm suggesting that we schedule the reunion for the 14-16 sure to spread this around to anyone who you think might be interested...and your ideas about where to meet/stay/have dinner, activities that people might enjoy, etc. Anxious to hear what all y'all think.
I have Matthews address you can only send letters no picture or anything else he won't get them Matthew Hixson A CO, 31st ENGR BN, 1ST ENGR BDE 6221 Iowa Avenue Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8963 In the back of your envelope please put 2nd platoon Thank you Please send encouraging words and show your support
Hopping on a plane to Fort Leonard Wood. See y'all in September!
spurs without Leonard have no1 with the athletic ability to make Lebron really work for everything he got
they *** sure did! But George was more the reason his team was successful. Pacers w/o him vs the spurs w/o Leonard?
So jeff starts his leave on the 14th and we leave on the 6th of august. Crazy to 5 think that we will be moving to Fort Leonard Wood. Lol
A year ago today I shipped off to Fort Leonard Wood for BCT, and am a better person today because of it! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Last night: "I've arrived safely at Fort Leonard Wood. Will call when I can." Click.
Does anyone know of a room for rent in Ft. Leonard Wood for my husband? Anything would be appreciated!
Off to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri today to get our new house.
Meet A Milso: -Priscilla I was hoping you could post something for me (: We are new in the military and new in the area. We just got stationed at Fort Leonard Wood MO and i was hoping to find some people in the area to meet! (:
Found out I'm going to basic in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. 🙇 that's a little far from Miami don't ya think 🙇🙇
Even though Fort Leonard Wood has to be the most boring place on earth, I can't wait to be there in 9 days for graduation 😭😁💚
First pic of Michael in over 2 weeks! Ft. Leonard Wood.
I underwent boot camp at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and received the National Defense Service Medal.
Kyle is on his way back to Ft. Leonard Wood now. I absolutely hate saying goodbye, but I know that I…
Lindsey Henry shows us why traffic was down to 1 lane north of the Ft. Leonard Wood exit off Highway 54.
From ABC 17's Lindsey Henry- traffic down to one lane just north of the Ft. Leonard Wood exit on HWY 54 due to crash
My best friend and biggest supporter even all the way from Ft. Leonard Wood. 😉👌
I'm raising money for We need help getting to Ft Leonard Wood. Click to Donate:
6 years ago today Kawhi Leonard lost his dad. Now today, on Father's Day, he is an NBA champion and Finals MVP.
Today I leave for Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri for Army basic training. I'll see everyone in September. Thanks for your support everyone.
Salute!!!"Miss the !!! Bumping it on my pass right now at Ft Leonard Wood!! http:/…
Tomorrow is the ribbon cutting/blessing of Philhealth - CAR's new office at SN Oriental Traders Bldg, Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City.
I still remember my phone number from when I lived in Fort Leonard Wood... In the 5th grade. Lol
Kawhi Leonard won the MVP tonight.his father was murdered 6 years respect to you Kawhi. We know who that tr…
I made some best friends at Fort Leonard Wood in my time there deadass my battle buddy is funny af 😂😂
““Remember when Kawhi Leonard tried to date Marcus daughter? 😩😂
Good Afternoon! And last fall we had the original Frederic Remington's "Charge of San Juan Hill" on display in the Museum of the Big Bend! On this day in 1898, Gen. Nelson A. Miles ordered the First United States Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, better known as the "Rough Riders," to Tampa, Florida, to take part in the forthcoming invasion of Cuba as part of the Spanish-American War. The regiment, nominally commanded by Col. Leonard Wood but in fact led by Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt, was one of three volunteer cavalry regiments raised in the western states and territories to augment the regular defense establishment, and the only one of the three to serve in combat. After assembling in San Antonio, the men of the First--many of whom were Texas Rangers--encamped in what is now Roosevelt Park and learned drill and discipline. As no transports could be found to move the division's horses to Cuba, however, they fought as infantry. The Rough Riders were the first United States troops to land in Cuba, and on July 1 ...
Ah yes, sorry for the late post you's guys. Some of you received my text about my MOS(Military Occupational Specialty) and when I ship out. Some of you didn't. As for those who didn't, my apologies. I don't have your number. Anyways, long story short, its official. I am currently in DEP(Delayed Entry Program) waiting to ship out on 20140916 to Ft. Benning, Ga. for BCT(Basic Combat Training). After BCT I'll be located in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri for AIT(Advanced Individual Training). The MOS is 91Lima which is Construction Equipment Repairer.
funny that this article comes out , I'm shipping to Fort Leonard Wood on Tuesday. I'm 17 though.
S/O to for going to Leonard Wood in 9 hours. Hope to cross paths when I get there later this summer. Good luck!
Fort Leonard Wood BODYBLASTERS supporting Wear Blue Group on this Memorial Day. Thank YOU, ladies, for supporting this great cause and running in honor of many.
Sgt. Jennifer Gerasch honors America and its fallen Veterans by performing the National Anthem this morning at Fort Leonard Wood's Memorial Day "Wear Blue Run."
Council has approved small office addition at Jawl family's Matticks Wood in Cordova Bay - physio main tenant
Up date on our wonderful trip to Fort Leonard Wood,MO to visit our adopted grandson Derrow Carter. It was a blessing to watch this young man graduate from basic training and to see his little 2 year old daughter hug him and say "My Daddy is in the Army" We had the pleasure of meeting so many young men and women serving our country. What a blessing this trip was. for all of us. Our country is in good hands.
As we close out this weekend I would like too take a minute and tell you about my wife's Grandfather, Atlas Matthews. Atlas was a proud Veteran of the United States Coast Guard. He left home in 1942 aboard the USS Leonard Wood, bound for the Pacific Theater. He was a Boson's Mate and Landing Craft Operator. He dropped the Marines onto some of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific, Guam, Leyte Gulf, Tinian, and Okinawa. He returned home in early 1946. He was a wonderful man. The Sec. of Navy, Mr. Hull came too Bear Creek, NC to eat oysters with the man he had heard so many stories about. He told me one of those stories. One day while standing by the garden he told me the story of the day he lost all of his Marines when a Japanese machine opened up as soon as he dropped the ramp. He lost every one of them. He wondered why they had all died and he was still here. I couldn't answer except too say God wasn't finished with him yet. His Granddaughter has been my best friend for 34 years. He was a true hero and ne ...
Day 10 ... Missouri or Bust! Memorial Day and what better place to remember those who have served for us than on a base ... Fort Leonard Wood. Special service for all our brave men & women, met some Freedom Riders, an inside tour of the base with my cousin Pete Nulph who has worked there many years, met more amazing new young men and women just beginning their journey, more special time with family and aunt, kindred spirits in photography. my cousin Vernon Nulph and I and a little creative fun around the house. Didn't show you my pickup after the torrential downpour with my windows open, or my shoes full of water when I came out on the porch to put them on as we were getting ready to leave!! Thunder, lightning and rain tonight, a difficult goodbye to my aunt and we are heading home tomorrow.
We'll this is it, leaving to go to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri in the morning. Going to miss all my friends and family and my dad especially. Can't wait to see you all again!
Memorial Day weekend was busy! Reunited at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri with brothers from the 42nd Engineers... 22 years after leaving Berlin, Germany and 20 years after the Berlin Brigade was deactivated. Sophia graduated Pre-K and we went to the movies to see X-MEN. She loved 'Mystique'
Had a great Memorial Day weekend and finally got to talk to my favorite soldier! Cameron is doing well at Basic Training. His address for any of you that want to write him is: PV2 Crowe, Cameron T. D Co., 1-48 Infantry BN, 1st Platoon 495 Iowa Avenue Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473
Anybody I know at Fort Leonard Wood? I'll be there tomorrow
Going to bed early tonight. I have ops tomorrow. I pray that I pass. I do not want to be here in Fort Leonard Wood foot til July 11th!
Had to pull off the highway due to torrential rain. Oh look, I'm in Ft. Leonard Wood. Maybe a hot soldier will let me stay over?
Last year I spent Memorial Day in training at Fort Leonard Wood. This year I have time to reflect in private. Memorial Day is not about having a day off or barbecues. It's about remembering those who lost their life while serving our country. Some get today confused with Veterans Day and also take for granted the real meaning behind this important day. Today I remember CW2 Matt Heffelfinger, CW2 Earl Scott and PFC Casey Mason. Each day, I hope that the families of these great men heal a little more. Tanya Heffelfinger, you and your beautiful daughters are some of the strongest ladies I know. I'm proud to call these men my brothers in arms.
This time tomorrow I will be at Fort Leonard Wood
I will spend Both Memorial Day and The 4th of July on Fort Leonard Wood so throw one back for me 🍻🇺🇸 At Least I Have Labor Day!
Exactly two weeks from Thursday and I graduate!!! I'm really happy I raised my right hand to serve this great country best decision I ever made!:D Happy Memorial Day from me and all my brothers at Fort Leonard Wood!:)
This little guy is our new "Beau". He was relinquished to me when his owner wasn't able to care for him due to military obligations. Unfortunately, he was bought at from a puppy retail store located off the gates of Ft. Leonard Wood. I understand that he has AKC papers but he ate them. He will be 6 months old in June but has spent most of his days since Feb. confined to a crate. He is emaciated having only been fed once a day but is now free feeding and we'll pick up his weight in no time. His under coat is severely matted and shaving him was the least painful and traumatic since he had never been to a groomer. He is a sweet boy who has learned to sit and shake in just a few days. Thank you to Erin Lynne who attached herself to him and took him to his forever home. He is thriving in your care already. Thank you to the previous owner who realized that he deserved better and was selfless in giving him up (and providing him excellent vet care). Watch for updates on Beau's happy new life!
I don't post often but I feel like I should notify my friends and family on here who I haven't seen or spoken to lately. Tomorrow morning I'll be flying out to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for 20 weeks of basic training and AIT for the Army. I'm taking the fall semester off for training and will be back to finish up my business degree at WCU in the spring. I hope everybody has a great summer and to some of you a great fall semester. Take it easy guys!
Thanks for the add this is my son PFC Connor Working he has been in Army going on 2 yrs in August. He is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood Mo. Proud Ohio Army mom🇺🇸
Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. I spent the weekend with Hope visiting with my oldest daughter, Sydney, and her husband in Ft Leonard Wood.
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i just came home from ft. Leonard wood plz just a couple of mins plz
Well granny and I just finished up on an awesome weekend. Our son (Nathan Nate Kring) from from fort drum came home for weekend . We heard from our baby (Cameron Sigler ) who is at Fort Leonard Wood. Had our grandson for the weekend . Got to actually play with our little princess of a granddaughter for a good while (ya she is kind of shy) . Got to have our oldest (Josh Sigler and his better half Laura Koczan Sigler )over for supper which was fantastic. I had a chance to watch my favorite niece ( Shelby Martino )beat beech grove today at guerin catholic softball sectional ( she is the bomb !!). Spent some time with my mother( Julia Ann sigler and my sister( Stacy Martino ) this weekend. Ya granny and papaw are tired.
the train has a screen on the wall that shows the next stop and it said 'st Leonard's, chats wood, train. Terminates at Gordon'
Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I spent a lot of the day riding on the motorcycle with Jeff and avoided MOST of the rain. This birthday makes me eligible to retire from Ft. Leonard Wood after working there for 32 years! Not sure I'm quite ready but at least I have the option. That's a nice feeling!
I go to school in Springfield but I'm from Fort Leonard Wood
Happy Memorial Day to all my brothers out there haven't seen this many BBQ before for Leonard wood be cooking
no Fort Bennings, Georgia. For boot camp. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. For education and more training.
A few of us Marines in Fort Leonard Wood volunteered at the Veteran's cemetery today to lend a hand and recognize those who came before and paid the ultimate sacrifice. SEMPER FI!
My Son, My Soldier, My Hero today in a Celebration on Ft Leonard Wood commemorating the American Soldiers who lost their lives serving our Country
Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day! Greetings from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
Miss everyone!!! Basic is fun! Going great! My address is invade you wanna write! Put a number 3 on the back of the envelope too!: SPC Burke Stephanie L B Co. 787th MP BN 3rd plt 7624 Loyalty Loop Bldg 937 Ft Leonard Wood, MO 65473
Gotta tune my phone in again congrats to the class of 2014 graduating this weekend! From Ft Leonard Wood Missouri!!
Well it's finally here. The moment I've waited for for 3 1/2 years. Today is the day I leave home and begin my journey in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. I want to thank all of my best friends who have been there for me and will continue to be there for me. I love each and every one of you and I will see you all when I get back. Stay strong and also drink one for me :)
My dad. I was born at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri army base where my dad was stationed
Best wishes, on this Memorial Day, to my fellow veterans: Spent Memorial Day 1969 at Fort Leonard Wood and 1970 in Vietnam. Here's hoping future generations may live in a world without war. Even our greatest military generals declared war as insanity: Dwight Eisenhower: "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." The numbers are staggering for Americans:. .Killed.Wounded. World War I.116,516.204,002. World War II.405,399.670,846. Korea. 36,516.92,134. Vietnam.58,209.153,303. Iraq. 4,488.32,222. Afghanistan.2,229.18,675. It is debatable whether we should have entered the last four conflicts (without a plan for victory), but there is no denying the service and sacrifice by millions of our fellow Americans. They made it possible for us to be free to enjoy today's family cookout, play a round of gold, go camping or sit around and criticize both political parties. Remember what they did yesterday. Honor them today. Don't forget about ...
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Makes me think about my Mothers brother. He was a drill instructor at Fort Leonard Wood. Stationed there for several years. Little man with a big booming voice. I loved him dearly
When I was kid fresh out of high school, I signed up for the Army. I was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO where I trained as an Engineer. I didn't understand at the time the lives that were given by men and women who donned the same uniform as I did. There are a great deal of debates about the rights and wrongs of war, but I served 8 years next to men and women who signed up to serve their country, and they were proud to commit their lives in doing so. To all my fallen brothers and sisters, THANK YOU! You did not serve in vain. I SALUTE YOU.
Today, I salute my grandfather, World War II vet, Jay Owens, Sr. (R.I.P.): 27 years ago, I had just graduated from basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri as a 17 year old whipper snapper. lol. When I got home, my grandfather instructed my mom to bring me to my grandparents. Of course, I was still in Class A uniform (they wouldn't let you travel without wearing). Once I arrived at my grandfather's house, he proceeded to tell me that HE was once stationed Ft. Leonard Wood before being shipped off. I had no idea until he told me. One more connection to military greatness. To all of my fellow vets and to all those who support the vets, Happy Memorial Day.
S/O to all of those who served this Great Country, b4 me, with me, and after me. A special s/o to Bravo Co.4th Bn/10th Infantry Regiment, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Charlie Co. 16th Ordinance Bn., Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. & Bravo Co.,47th Support Bn. (Forward) 1st Armored Division. Baumholder, Germany. Also, I'd like to give a 21 shot salute to my No HAM family. You know who you are.
Kayla Atchison thank you for the continued support with wear blue run to remember here at Ft Leonard Wood! Your ♡ is amazing and I'm so thankful God had our paths cross!
So . Its Memorial Day.It brings back memories of my younger days in the army .One particular memory goes like this .I was at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri during my basic training .We would often march out to ranges to shoot weapons or throw hand grenades or such .On one particular range we were shooting our rifles .Once we shoot them we marched down range to retrieve our targets and hang new ones for the next soldiers in line .Now where the targets are the ground looks flat but in reality it drops off to about a 15 foot drop .Its a man made wall about 100 feet long .And on that wall was the name of every soldier that passed through there .Usually there name rank and company and year. The dates went all the way back to the fifties .Time had faded alot of the names and every square inch of wall was filled .I would read the names pvt so and so Charlie company second battalion 1967 and it went on and on . And in that moment i could see the world without time .I could see all there lives played out before me . . ...
Run to Remember Fort Leonard Wood, Mo Did a combine 10 miles in honor of our fallen SSG Michael L Townes CW2 Jose Montenegro We will never forget!
S/O to them young pri that's going to Fort Leonard Wood in 10 days😭😂👌
happy birthday to my son Mason Parker he is now 21. hope you have a great day in ft. leonard wood
Vermont Army National Guard as an MP. Fort Leonard Wood, Mo is basic and ait.
im still in training in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri
I want to wish all my veteran friends and the families of our fallen brothers and sisters a Happy and Safe Memorial Day! My memories went back to 1973 to a Memorial Day Ceremony held at Fort Leonard Wood, MO - our Battalion of 2,000 men were out on the Parade Field standing at attention, when the Color Guard presented Old Glory. As that great symbol waved gently on the breeze, I can still hear 2,000 young men including myself reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance" (and yes, we could include "One Nation Under GOD") - thinking of that solemn moment still makes the hair on my neck stand up and my heart swell with pride! That old flag and what it meant to me then, has the same meaning to me now. Many of my dear friends never made it home from the battlefields of Vietnam, others came home having to deal with scars that last an eternity. America's symbol "Old Glory" has not changed, our "Bill of Rights and Constitution" has not changed, To most Americans, the guiding principles that our forefathers fought and ...
Now I have a new place to visit. Congratulations on the new home in Missouri Connie Stamp and David Stamp. I love you both. Ill visit soon. Im not going anywhere near Fort Leonard Wood though.
Proud to be an American soldier 🇺🇸 Great day today at Ft Leonard Wood.
I wish I could spend it with my brother but he is in Missouri, at Fort Leonard Wood ❤️😔
I hold 2 Commanding General Certificates from 2Star Generals. One from Ft. Hood in Kileen,TX & one frm Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. I am PROUD of my service to America's Freedom~
hope you have fun in Fort Leonard Wood... Cause it's hot af here!
it was so lovely to see you again yesterday! I love Charlotte :))
yeah depending on what post you be at I believe they get them... I know Leonard-wood did. Where you get your Js off?
Fort Leonard Wood is already 80 degrees 😓
Looks like I'll be celebrating Memorial Day by heading down to Staunton to get ready for basic training for the Army National Guard. If you want to contact me this summer feel free to send letters to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Today we remember the fallen who gave it all. Among them, a classmate of mine and great guy, Cpl Jonathan Bowling http:…
On Memorial Day I want to thank all the people who served in the military past and present. Your families are special to share your sacrifice and you with the rest of the world. Most people do not understand the ultimate price of serving in the military. Throw back Memorial Day- Summer at Fort Leonard Wood. I love the old style glasses that makes this photo look like it is from the 1960's.
I hate Fort Leonard Wood but I know civilian life will never be the same for me
This Memorial Day is different this year for our family we have always had the greatest respect for our hero's past present and future but this year our youngest Tanner is currently at boot camp in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. I don't know if you can ever fully understand the pride until it is one of your own and I hope he knows just how much we love him and how proud we are of him and how much support and how many prayers we have here at home for him. He's got this!!!
In memory of my grandfather Nathaniel Hunter Sr. For his service in WW2. My girl Yumeko Jackson we first met in basic training B5/10, Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri, gone way too soon. To all the fallen soldiers, I salute you. To all current and former soldiers especially my siblings Arthur Glass James Green and Jesseica Price I thank you. God Bless you.
Good morning! Wanted to give a friendly reminder to runners in the Fort Leonard Wood area who have not joined the local page, this morning's meet-up will be held at 8:45am at Daugherty Bowling on post. Hope to see you all there!
Three Memorial Day ceremonies will be held today, Monday May 26, in the Fort Leonard Wood area, along with local ceremonies in Crocker and Dixon. So far I've been unable to verify times for the Crocker and Dixon ceremonies but the times for those closer to post are listed below.
Today I thank my Dad, Mr. Calvin Funches who regardless how unfair he was treated while serving, he died just wanting his flag, Daddy I have your flag. To my brother Calvin Funches, thank you, to my cousins and friends, thank you for serving us. To my friends at Shekinah Tabernacle at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO who serve or have family who serve I celebrate you. God Bless
8 years ago I enlisted into the greatest army in the world. went to basic in Fort Leonard Wood. I went to AIT in fort sill. I went to arborne school in fort benning. I was sent to the 82nd airborne to the 4th brigade 73rd cavalry recon unit. I served under Rich Munson Master SGT Guy Powell and Sean Sibert faithfully... ive lost good friends fought on and did what ever I could do. I went to Germany to fight under Maier L Reaves and under William D. Shedden and deployed again to fight under these proud and true Americans. and I will fight again for them. I remember their talks. I remember their speaches their guidance's. on this Memorial Day I will promise my loyalty to them my America.. their freedom. on my edge of battle I will fight for you.
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Going to BCT in just about a month! July 7th Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri!
I took yellow roses to the cemetery yesterday...for my mom and dad. Yellow roses were mom's favorite. I thought of how my parents had lived all their married life, and raised 5 children, right there in Stendal...and now they rest in St. Peter's cemetery. I, though, believe they are somewhere together, hopefully sitting on a front-porch swing. Memorial Day is a time to stop and remember loved ones...especially the men and women who died in service to our country. My dad was a medic in WWII and met my mother while he was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri, where she attended business school.
This past few days has been so great , spending time with mom seeing all there is in Branson. They say life comes around full circle. In June of 1978 I went to Ft Leonard Wood Missouri for basic training . We drove right by the fort on our way here, bringing back a lot of great memories then when we get down here every show has a salute to the veterans and troops everything is discounted for the Vets. Please tomorrow remember
We're about half way to Ft. Leonard Wood. Soon we be with my Baby Girl (MP in the US Army)!!!
Our dad, Richard C. Mandernach, left for Fort Leonard Wood in 1950. He was 20 years old and was leaving the security of his life at Melrose Farms, Barrington, IL. There he worked hard alongside his parents but undoubtedly lived a fairly quiet and uneventful life. He must have been scared and excited, homesick and looking for adventure all at the same time.He loved adventures. He joined the 1903rd Engineer Aviation Battalion and thus started his lifelong love and admiration for the men he served with. In November 1951, he left San Francisco for Korea. There is a picture of a young man leaning over the side of a ship, in an argyle sweater, and as I remember him saying he was, "sicker than a dog." He spent his days with men that I am sure became the brothers he never had. Eugene Tucker, Gerry Dorcey, Larry Rowe and Gerry McNellis, to name a few. They called him Big Sam although I am not sure why, his name was not Sam nor was he very big. I am sure he told us why over the years but I can't seem to remember no ...
Boy in Fort Leonard Wood I was trying to win this for how long but in New York I got one
Driving by Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri where I did my ARMY Basic Training 22 years ago!
he only scores because he shoot so much. Give parker or Leonard that number of shot attempts and they be MVP
Hall of Famer Leonard Wood is still in the pit.
Well goodbye Madison I return to Fort Leonard Wood tomorrow. :P nice to go back and see it not being in training lol but man I hate leaving home! Shataye Harris Carl Brown Leanna Helmick let's do that!
Chase Elliott, son of newly-named Hall of Fame member Bill Elliott, poses for a photo...
“"I'm a girl and I hooked up with three other girls at basic." -Ft Leonard Wood” you work f…
Kawhi Leonard working on his game before Game 3, looking to put up 3-0 on TNT
So a bunch of the people in the barraks are going to hit up the outdoor pool on Fort Leonard Wood so every one in the surrounding area come join and throw down with the army
We're ready for Sunday Funday as we welcome Veterans, members of OutServe, the American Military Partner's Association, and local active duty from Scott Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood! Come out to Just John today and show them your love and support! Bags tournament and DJ Jimmy No Show starting at 4pm and DJ Digistar (Casey) at 8pm! We're going all night long!
headed to Leonard Wood in Missouri June 16th, how about you?
I'm going to Leonard wood but i know it's gonna be fun
Tomorrow is Memorial Day! Many People consider Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, many families will heat up the grill, head to the lake, river or if you live in our area the Mid Missouri Freedom Motorcycle Rally. But Memorial Day has the word "MEMORIAL" in it for a reason. Formerly known as Decoration Day, communities in America will fly our national colors at half-mast and commemorate their heroes in ceremonies across the nation. Just as we will by participating in three ceremonies on Monday to perpetuate the memory and history of our dead and to honor their sacrifice. We will begin the day by laying two wreaths, one at the Fort Leonard Wood Post Cemetery and the other at the Sunset Memorial Cemetery Additionally, we will be supporting and attending the Fort Leonard Wood Veterans Cemetery ceremony at 1300. I Paul M. Ziegler would like to invite and encourage you to find an opportunity to take part in one of these ceremonies or all three! Lest we forget!
Yesterday I attended the family get-together at my mom's family cemetery. Being near Ft. Leonard Wood I took a younger cousin on a tour of the fort. A military base is an unknown to a majority of our citizens. I love to visit them, and I found my cousin had never been on a fort or a base. She was feeling the patriotic spirit. Go visit the museum at Ft. Wood. It is the best.
SSTG Chase Turner who is on active duty stationed at Fort Leonard Wood with his first striper it was also his...
On the road! Fort Leonard Wood here we come! So ready to see my son, my soldier!
Hall of Famer Leonard Wood remembers assist in the 1965 win
Just got a special call from one of my youth, Jacob Fender. He graduates this Thursday from Army boot camp. He is requesting prayers for traveling mercies for his parents as they drive to Fort Leonard Wood to witness this very proud moment in Jacob's life. He is a very fine young man and we are anxious to have him home! God bless our service men and women!!
This is my photo from the first day at Fort Lost in the Woods... ( Fort Leonard Wood, MO)...
Ron and I are so proud of our sons. They can't be home with us this Memorial Day Weekend because they are busy serving our country. Zachary is in the Georgia Army National Guard and is currently doing his three week training drill in Springfield. Adam Crosby is a Marine serving at Fort Leonard Wood MO. We love and miss you very much.
Great Memorial Day weekend, so far and anticipated! Actually was out doing things yesterday, repaired the pool deck, swept out the garage, cooked and served at the rescue mission. Then came home and our son had made it home from Ft Leonard Wood and was with our oldest grandson checking out the g'son's new wheels! Today I am back at Deer Creek for the worship service and then to EPFUMC at noon for spaghetti and Debby's presentation on Liberia! Followed up with an afternoon cookout with family! Aaah yes! GOD IS GOOD! Don't pass up any opportunity to thank a VET for being able to live like we do. And don't forget to thank GOD for keeping our VETs safe and giving them the courage to do what they do to protect us! Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!
A family friend is at Ft. Leonard Wood for a reunion and took the time to find Kody for us! So happy to see him smile
I finally see Leonard wood as my home w/ whole new family, tomorrow I leave to say goodbye to my dad. I wish I could take my battles w/ me
Gotta start packing my bags I got 5 days left til graduation and I'm flying so far away from Fort Leonard Wood
Ft. Jackson is easy af. Ft. Leonard Wood & the one in Georgia are the rough ones.
Ft. Leonard Wood is like a booming metropolis now.
ohhh word. Im in Tech School right now for Civil Engineering at Ft. Leonard Wood. I'll finish up here then take leave after.
I hope this is the last time I have to drive to Ft. Leonard Wood.
Brb going to save from Ft. Leonard Wood ✈️🚗
Leroy Eugene "Gene" Mitchell December 26, 1927 - May 19, 2014 Obituary Leroy E. “Gene” Mitchell, a well-known masonry contractor, passed on Monday, May 19, 2014, at the age of 86 years. Gene was born in Rolla, MO on December 26, 1927, to John D. “Jack” and Mabel Claire (Carrell) Mitchell. Gene served in the U. S. Navy from 1946 ��" 1952. He most proudly served aboard the USS Pelican, AMS-32; clearing mines at the end of WWII, but also other ships in the South Pacific and during the Korean War. Gene married Agnes M. Guidicini on November 26, 1955, in Rosati, Missouri. Gene was a third-generation masonry contractor and worked in construction in the central Missouri area. Mitchell's Masonry is responsible for many of the brick buildings that line Pine Street, as well as several fraternity houses. Gene loved music and played bass with his own Big Band for many years. Though Gene's love was with Big Band and Orchestra music; in his spare time, he played with the 399th Army Band at Ft. Leonard Wood ...
there is Ft. Knox, Ft. Benning, Ft. Leonard Wood and one more in Arkansas.
Owner Operator: Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Powersource Transportation. Nobody knows your business like you...
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! I'll be spending this Mother's Day at Fort Leonard Wood, but I know that me being here is what's best for our future and ill just have to celebrate the things I've missed later :-)
Driving to Six Flags from home instead of Ft. Leonard Wood this morning. That means i got to hang with My adorable little dude for a bit! Heading out the door feeling blessed!
I'm UVA by proxy; a graduate of the Defense Mapping School at Ft. Belvoir, before the Army Engineers moved to Ft. Leonard Wood.
We have an address for Alyssa now! Please, please send lots of love and letters to her! She can receive photos as well! Pvt. Alyssa North Alpha Company, 3-10 Infantry Battalion, 495 IOWA AVENUE, UNIT Leonard Wood, MO 65473
oh ok. I got to go to ft. Leonard Wood but I was just asking
I seriously CANNOT WAIT until he's at Ft. Leonard Wood, and only 2 hours away from me 😍
Well off to Ft Leonard Wood for 2 months for ALC can't wait to get back and see no snow
This is AWESOME! This was my battalion when I went thru basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood many moons ago.same barracks too! I was a Bulldog (Bravo leads the way!). It's truly amazing to see the Dragoon spirit carrying on with such determination and dedication. That spirit does not leave once it's instilled. HOOAH and carry on, soldiers.
Ft. Leonard Wood was very cold and windy, Ft. Sill, not as cold, but still very windy. I will never escape the wind.
It's been real Ft. Leonard Wood, but it's on to the airport! ✌️
Congrats PVT Caitlin Elise Hanson! Ft. Leonard Wood will never be the same now that you have passed through!
We are at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO for the night. Your 4 legger nephew is VERY yowly in the backseat and we can't wait to see you! 🐱💙
What seems like a year ago was Nov 1993, BCT @ Ft. Leonard Wood, MO or Ft Lost in the woods as we…
basic there. I did mine at Ft. Leonard Wood. Was worse. Trust me ;)
152 days of agony before I go back to Ft. Leonard Wood
Only 15 minutes from the front gates of Ft. Leonard Wood!!! Let me drive you there! . 573.336.4100
God damnit Fort Leonard Wood how in the *** do you not get the blues games? Were in Missouri!! Well Let's Go Blues!
Fort Leonard Wood 2011 So it was range day and just a handful of people didn't qualify. DS C asks "Alright. Who here didn't qualify?" A few people raise their hands. He calls on one PVT and asks him what happened. The PVT gave him a smartass answer and the DS just laughs and says "Well hey, we can get you qualified right now." The PV2 gets all excited for a second chance, "Really? Drill sergeant?" DS says, "Sure. Koalify." with this evil grin He made this PVT get two guys to help him up but he had is hug a tree upside down like a koala bear.
Grew up right outside of Ft Leonard Wood with Proctor Joseph, and Almalee Dittman, and the rest of the gang. We all were on the receiving end of "the something big" a time or
Howdy from the Haller family in Saint Robert/Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. Nina Sutton Haller
Welcome to your complete guide to graduations at Fort Leonard Wood.
My daughter, Sarah Tubbs arrived at Boot camp (Ft Leonard Wood) last night. What is the normal amount of time until she calls to let us know she arrived safely?
Bandit helps the troops with their wounds, while at Ft. Leonard Wood. Sometimes the wounds are physical other times emotional. He deserves your vote.
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It's hard to believe, but 18 years ago today I started basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I may even post my first ID card when I get home...if I remember. Now I'm in the home stretch...
In Ft Leonard Wood Mo enjoying the day with my little Shero, Thuraia Boone-Majors, as she graduates from Boot Camp. I'm so proud of you little soldier girl.
Family Day at Fort Leonard Wood before graduation from BCT! Having fun with Rachel West, Nicole Nipper, Mom, Dad, and Teri!
This great 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is located in the Waynesville School District and is maybe 5 minutes from the main gate to Fort Leonard Wood. Walk through the front door into the open floor concept. The living room is carpeted and has vaulted ceilings. The kitchen has cherry wood cabinets, black appliances, and a pantry. The master bedroom features a tray ceiling, walk-in closet, and ceiling fan. The master bathroom has a double vanity, jetted tub, and separate shower. There are two guest bedrooms across the hall from the master bedroom that both share a hall bath. Downstairs, the basement is unfinished but definitely great for storage. The laundry area is also located in the basement. Other features include chain-link fenced in backyard, back deck, two car garage, and quick access to local businesses and shopping. Call The Property Shop today to view this home! *$350 non-refundable pet fee per pet* Amenities: Dishwasher Fridge Cable-ready Disposal Pets Allowed Full Basement Air Conditioning Fenced ...
Already to leave Fort Leonard Wood changed bags down stairs packed chicago in a few hours and then Kansas! !
Major General Dr Leonard Wood (1860-1927), an American army doctor and general, was the scourge of the Apaches, leader of the Rough Riders, pet of Theodore Roosevelt and commander of the Moro massacre. He was an American governor of Cuba (1899-1902) and the Philippines (1921-1927).
This is my army address!!! write me if you like me. PFC meyer, jacob m 3/10th IN BN 2nd platoon night stalkers 495 iowa ave unit leonard wood, Mo 65473
Yeah they switched my date to the 14th and my Bt at Fort Leonard Wood now ***
If anyone from the 54th engineer battalion is currently stationed in Fort Leonard Wood get ahold of me. I'll be in Monett, MO for the next several days.
Tomorrow I'm having my final out at Ft. Leonard Wood. Friday I will be on the road to Ft. Lee.
New position available at Challenge Unlimited, Inc. in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
Waiting for Echo Company 2-10 Mustangs to be released after the family briefing at Forty Leonard Wood.
Waiting patiently to see the girl at Ft Leonard Wood
Cale Yarborough's car after the 1968 Volunteer 500 at Bristol with Leonard Wood getting set to drive it onto the trailer...
On my way to Fort Leonard Wood, mo for basic training
Fort Leonard Wood Parent to Parent team holds workshops that help parents cope with common challenges.
I'm Joan Sierra, SHS, Class of 2012, enlisted in the ARMY and will be leaving to boot camp in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri on May 6th! Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 88m - serving as a Military Transportation Operator.
Well it's time ti start out processing at Fort Leonard Wood so I can go to Fort Carson, Colorado 😎
In Fort Leonard Wood Missouri for Brandon Nichols graduation ftom boot camp. Having a bkast with my mom and sister and of course my nieces. So proud of you bubba!
My son has made it to Fort Leonard Wood safely. FB Family keep him in your prayers that he does well.
Shout out to all 2T1X1 I just passed Fort Leonard Wood and guys I'm hauling *** away!
Pictures of Echo Eagles. Go to "E148" 5 sets of pictures from March 1, 7, 10, 11, 14 On "New Arrivals" set, go to page 4 for start of our group. Almost a 1000 pictures to go through, but I found my son in about 12 of them. These pictures are for sale, but it is great just to get to see them. Thank you Fort Leonard Wood Photography.
Sending out a special birthday wish to my son Private Jacob Little. I know he won't see this because he is smack dab in the middle of basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. Couldn't be more proud of him for the path he has chosen to take. Stay strong Bud. Keep fighting and I love you very much!!
"The Military Child Education Coalition’s Tell Me A Story: Making Connections and Finding Support through Literature (TMAS) is an initiative created to empower our military children by using literature and their own stories. Tell Me A Story is geared toward children ages 4-12. Each family will receive a copy of the featured book. Hands-on activities, snacks, and a fun learning experience will be provided!" MG Leslie C. Smith is the guest reader on March 30th (3-4 pm) at Bldg 935th Iowa Avenue (787th MP BN) FREE ADMISSION - Space is limited Please RSVP by e-mailing the MCEC Ft. Leonard Wood Parent to Parent Team PtoP.LeonardWood Or call (910) 977-8980 Sparky the Fire Dog from FLW Fire Department is coming!
On this date two noteworthy events happened. 44 years ago today a very young man left what was then called Portland Jetport on a Northeast Airlines,Yellowbird,headed for U.S.Army basic trainingLeonard Wood Missouri. Also on this date,one of my best friends from high school and my life was born to Webb and Phyliss Foster! We've come a long way,and our journey will not end anytime soon my friend.*clink* Happy Birthday bud or as most people know him,Phil Phil Foster
Road trip back to Ft Leonard Wood to see beach graduate.
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