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Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Simon Nimoy (/ˈniːmɔɪ/; March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015) was an American actor, film director, poet, singer and photographer.

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Clint Eastwood with his kids visiting Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek (1979).
And like that, Frank Welker turns into Leonard Nimoy.
He was Spock, sure, but Leonard Nimoy was also on Twilight Zone & Night Gallery: ht…
And after being reminded of Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin tonight I then find out about Jerry Doyle. Tough times for S…
Confirmation of our theory via The Franklin's serial number in is a nod to Leonard Nimoy's birthd…
Christopher Lloyd and director Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, 1984.
"in loving memory of Leonard Nimoy". "for Anton". Star Trek beyond actually broke my heart
Feeling all the emotions after watching Star Trek. Such a good movie and such a good tribute to Leonard Nimoy ❤
Happy 39th Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy & director J J Abrams on the set of (2009).
Not to mention a fantastic cast with Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy.
San Diego Comic-Con honors Leonard Nimoy on the cover of this year’s Event Guide: . https:…
San Diego Comic-Con to honor 'Star Trek' and Leonard Nimoy - SEE MORE:
Bless the writers for understanding that all anybody wanted from this episode is Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy acting at each other.
Would like to see this. Leonard Nimoy’s son screens Spock documentary -
NASA astronaut gives Leonard Nimoy the Vulcan salute from space
I will always love Spock. I still miss Leonard Nimoy 😰
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Whenever I see a picture of Leonard Nimoy, I'm reminded that the tobacco industry stole my childhood's hero...
Observation: Jeff Goldblum with a beard looks a lot like Leonard Nimoy.
Leonard Nimoy’s son talks his dad, William Shatner at Spock doc screening
Also, Leonard Nimoy was really, really hungry: Really.
Uhh turns out this actually was Leonard Nimoy. His waiter that night was Ron Goldman:
Hah. At least Montana has a grip on its Leonard Nimoy problem, unlike Washington. (He's notoriously difficult to trap.)
West end is where Leonard Nimoy grew up. Ether Dome at MGH first surgery with anesthesia. Liberty Hotel former Charles St. Jail
William Shatner opens up about his friendship with his Star Trek co-star, Leonard Nimoy
Meet Joe Black, starring Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, music by Petula Clark. Budget: $3m
So sad we will not be hearing Leonard Nimoy's voice anymore rest in peace- — watching Star Trek Nemesis
DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Leonard Nimoy. . I prefer reading the TOS stories of the episodes, because there's more commentary there.
West End Museum's Bob Andrews says Leonard Nimoy got his iconic 'Live Long & Prosper' salute from a high priest at his synagogue.
(I assume Sean Bean is going to be like Leonard Nimoy, reading out the quotes on new technology)
Sean Bean narrating Civ VI. Not quite Leonard Nimoy, but I'm okay with it!
Sean Bean is narrating the Civilization 6. I hope he voices the Civilopedia in-game like Leonard Nimoy did.
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Here's hoping Sean Bean narrates the whole game, personally I thought Civ 5's was terrible. Leonard Nimoy has been the best (Civ 4)
Leonard Nimoy as Spock in the studio parking lot with his 1964 Buick Riviera.
I had a dream last night that I was a co-host of the podcast with and Jonah Ray & guests William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy
Wilson Fisk in Daredevil sounds remarkably like Spock. . Vincent D'Onofrio as Leonard Nimoy.
Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and now Prince.what the crap is going on?
Bo Bice be looking like a young Leonard Nimoy and Bucky Covington still rocking the Tracy Lawrence lettuce.
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy having lunch on the set of Star Trek.
"The miracle is this… the more we share, the more we have."- Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy was born 85 years ago today. A cherished friend, deeply missed. All my love to Susan Bay Nimoy, Adam … https…
Happy birthday to our forever friend - Leonard Nimoy - You are missed - - Jim .
Leonard Nimoy would have turned 84 years old today. Hear William Shatner reflect on their "very rare" friendship
CoolOldSchool: Clint Eastwood with his kids Kyle and Alison visiting Leonard Nimoy + Wi…
is that the one with Leonard Nimoy guest starring?
This is what a convention at a mall looked like in 1976 (with Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan!)
Leonard Nimoy & Nichelle Nichols visit their counterparts in the San Francisco Wax Museum
.remembrance of Leonard Nimoy is highly emotional.
Cool. American Gods is one of my fave books. Coolest person I've met is either Nathan Fillion or Leonard Nimoy
Christoper Lee, Alan Rickman, and Leonard Nimoy didn't get applause at the memorian? Really?
Live long and prosper. Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.
Crying again over the Oscar memorial, Alan Rickman, Leonard Nimoy, David Bowie, Christoper Lee...broken-hearted again.
It is a day of Star Trek symmetry, as I think it was this day last year that Leonard Nimoy died. 😔🖖
Three Men and a Baby(1987). Starring by Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson. Directed by Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy in the streets, James Doohan in the sheets.
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy fell out after years of friendship
Star Trek's William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy didn't get on in later years, and never made up
Master Xehanort's new voice will probably be pretty *** bad though... (Someone revive Leonard Nimoy please...)
it's too bad that Leonard Nimoy passed away, he was a great voice for Master Xehanort.
THR talks to William Shatner about Leonard Nimoy, Trek’s 50th, and much more
I wish they'd cast Edward James Olmos in Lloyd's role... as Leonard Nimoy wanted to.
Exclusive: Julie Nimoy and David Knight on Leonard Nimoy and their new documentary
Re-watched Search for Spock..the first Star Trek movie I've watched since Leonard Nimoy passed away :(
Guess who cried over soul surfer now there's a Star Trek special on in honor of Leonard Nimoy im not gonna make it
Sarek and Spock together again! Mark Lenard & Leonard Nimoy in Mission Impossible via
Calvin Coolidge, how are you Cal, baby, want a taste? Man From U.N.C.L.E 1964 William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.
David Bowie is dead. Leonard Nimoy is dead. Morgan Freeman won't last much longer either. This is awful.
How is Keith Richards alive but David Bowie, Peter Steele, Ryan Dunn, John Pinette, Scott Weiland, Leonard Nimoy and Paul Walker are dead???
Disappointment level: Sheldon Cooper upon learning that he'd ordered a cardboard cutout of Zachary Quinto and not Leonard Nimoy.
Omar Sharif, Leonard Nimoy, Stuart Scott, B.B. King: A look back to the artists we lost in 2015 -
The late great Leonard Nimoy - one of the biggest losses from last year and still sadly missed
Yes...Scotty was a sweet father figure 2 me, my role models would be Jadzia and Spock :) Along with Leonard Nimoy of course.
Here's to those that didn't make it to 2016:. Leonard Nimoy. Stuart Scott. Trayvon Martin. Michael Jackson. Dr. Dolittle. Abraham Lincoln. ❤️
2016 in 150 minutes. Sorry that we have to leave Leonard Nimoy & Christopher Lee & Patrick MacNee behind in 2015
"Legends of showbiz fell . Leonard Nimoy. Christopher Lee. Taylor Negron and recently Lemmy from Motorhead rip thank you for entertaining us! ~
Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Christopher Lee, Terry Pratchett, Satoru Iwata, Wes Craven, Leonard Nimoy, and now Lemmy. I'm so done with 2015.
Ernie Banks, Minnie Minoso, Leonard Nimoy, BB King, Phil Taylor and now Lemmy. 2015 was like the Rapture of Legends.
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Cilla Black, Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee: Paying tribute to the stars we lost in 2015 via
He is also Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts, opposite the late Leonard Nimoy who voiced Master Xehanort
Do you think Leonard Nimoy managed to voice Master Xehanort for KH3 before he died??
Hollywood lost too many talented people this year. Including Nigel Terry, Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy.
Star Wars was nuts. Frodo almost returned the ring but then Leonard Nimoy used his expecto patronum to take it back to Narnia. 7/10
A scene from Callow with Yul Brenner and Leonard Nimoy (as the bad guy). Interesting.
A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. —Leonard Nimoy
I once dreamed I was in a Goth Bar with Stephen Hawking, Christopher Lee, Ozzy Osborne and Leonard Nimoy.
Will NEVER for how at a con in Vegas back in 2011 Leonard Nimoy accidently smeared one of my autographs (one wasn't even
"Hello, I'm Leonard Nimoy. The following tale of alien encounters is true. And by true, I mean false."
When you let me take, I'm grateful. When you let me give, I'm blessed. - Leonard Nimoy
Check out our latest story today from Fox News. .
.is going to be a big help in raising awareness for Learn more about the film here:
We're very excited to release our COPD Film trailer!!! Click the link above!
Hey attendees! At opening ceremony tomorrow, we're debuting the trailer 'COPD: Highly Illogical- A Special Tribute…
WATCH: The first trailer for the documentary on has been released
This may be Leonard Nimoy's most important legacy!
will always have a special place in my heart.The trailer is bittersweet Pls watch to learn about htt…
Leonard Nimoy obviously will be always remembered as Spock, which was the role of a lifetime, but I…
I'm hearing Nas is on a Justin Bieber album now. This is the third greatest tragedy this year, after Leonard Nimoy & Christopher Lee
Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, DeForest Kelley and James Doohan attending the first space shuttle showing 1976
Leonard Nimoy , even dead , you are able to help me so much ❤ thank you LLAP :D 💖
You know Its been months since he has passed and you still havent grown a us leonard nimoy... whats up with that?
Leonard Nimoy didn’t just leave a lasting impression on science fiction. He also left his mark on science:
Mark Hamill, Haley Joel Osment, Leonard Nimoy, and Jesse McCartney. All in the same video game. Super weird combination.
Aneta Corsaut with Peter Falk in the Leonard Nimoy episode of "Columbo" titled "A Stitch in Time"
It *** that the perfect casting for Jughead in a live-action Archie series would’ve been a young Leonard Nimoy, and we’ll never see it.
Leonard Nimoy's son is headed to the Get the scoop:
EXCLUSIVE: Find out why Leonard Nimoy's son will appear on next week's
The Twilight Zone is a great show. One great thing is seeing actors you know before anyone knew them. i.e. Leonard Nimoy and Dean Stockwell.
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Son of Leonard Nimoy to guest star in next ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode
Leonard Nimoy's son to appear on 'The Big Bang Theory'
And this includes Brooke Adams (Mrs. Tony Shaloub) and Veronica Cartwright! They were very fortunate enough to work with Leonard Nimoy!
"Leonard Nimoy and his son Adam, circa 1965. such a sweet pic.
Leonard Nimoy and his son Adam, circa 1965.
14th floor. Kurt Vonnegut hurls a abundant reindeer at Leonard Nimoy. Huckleberry Hound farts on Richard M. Nixon all the while.
Oct Scary Movie BAFFLED! Leonard Nimoy is a psychic race car driver. It's a failed pilot I would have loved to see as a series. LOVED!
Zachary Quinto says playing Captain Spock is the best way to honour his relationship with Leonard Nimoy …
Also has a war between Mark Hamil and Leonard Nimoy.
yup, the bridge crew of the Enterprise = a third of a minyan!! Walter Koenig, Bill Shatner and the much missed Leonard Nimoy
In Memoriam is always touching, between Edward Hermann and Leonard Nimoy it's more than sad to see such talent that has passed
Leonard Nimoy and Edward Herrmann from my two favorites Star Trek and Gilmore Girls, given tribute at the Emmy's
I was THIS close to not choking up, but then they showed Edward Hermann and Leonard Nimoy. So many talented people - thank you.
Tuned back to the Emmys for the memorial and got ready eyed at Edward Herrmann and Leonard Nimoy 😥
As always a rough year for in Memoriam. RIP Edward Hermann and Leonard Nimoy.
And now I'm crying. Sad about Edward Hermann, Leonard Nimoy and Joan Rivers dying all over again.
Mike Nichols, BB King, Jan Hooks, Edward Herrmann, Leonard Nimoy, and so many more. 😢
God and I'm reeling over Leonard Nimoy and Edward Herrmann again
I was fine until Edward Hermann and Leonard Nimoy.
I was doing okay until they showed Edward Herrmann and Leonard Nimoy.
The scream for Leonard Nimoy was too much.
It's not fair that this year we lost both Leonard Nimoy and Edward Herrmann.
BB King. Wes Craven. Stuart Scott. Elizabeth Pena. Edward Herrmann. Leonard Nimoy. Rest well to all our fallen comrades.
COPD: Highly Illogical - A Special Tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Julie Nimoy and David Knight invite you to play a role
If NASA ever build this (with the 1968 nuclear rocket engine) they should name it the Leonard Nimoy. "
Leonard Nimoy and Grandpa Walton Will Geer, guest starring in old ep of "Columbo."
sinbad and the veil of the mists! A 2004 film starring Brendan Fraser, Leonard Nimoy and John Rhys-Davies
Did you know Julie Nimoy and David Knight are doing a COPD film? A special tribute to Leonard Nimoy
“I loved him like a brother,” William Shatner said. Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy died on Friday at 83. And...
DeForest Kelley, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy pretending to shave with their phasers on the Star Trek set, 1968 h…
HuffingtonPost: Zachary Quinto has a "spiritual" connection to "Star Trek" forefather Leonard Nimoy …
It's been a little more than six months since Leonard Nimoy died, but friends of the beloved "St...
Leonard Nimoy, Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum on the set of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers.'
I won't lie when Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" I had a huge geek out moment.
I'm still not over that Master Xehanort was voiced by Leonard Nimoy
There were tons of actors on The Outer Limits. Seen Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and the great Leonard Nimoy so far.
.working on a biography of Leonard Nimoy, per Roger Friedman at (2016)
RIP Leonard Nimoy. His lone Euro-western was in 1971’s Catlow as bounty hunter Orville Miller …
Pop culture icons who died this year RIP: Sir Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, James Horner, Sam Simon, Satoru Iwata and now Wes Craven. :(
Donted to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in honor of Leonard Nimoy and
I struggled a bit with Anna Torv's gallant, if awful, Leonard Nimoy impersonation.
Magnetic WORMHOLE created in laboratory/ The Ghost Of Gene Roddenberry & Leonard Nimoy are partying in an...
I truly enjoyed your tribute to Leonard Nimoy on Sunday night. It was beautiful and left not a dry eye in th…
That time when I was 4 years old on the set of Star Trek.. I jumped up on Leonard Nimoy's lap in…
William Shatner honours Leonard Nimoy with Spock portrait made from fan selfies
Sat going through paperwork and Sean just randomly pipes up: "Oh no, Leonard Nimoy has died!"
It's no secret that I am extremely sexually attracted to chef Ramsay, Leonard Nimoy, Harrison Ford, Jason Schwartz and Nick Offerman.
in loving memory of the eternal Leonard Nimoy
"oh *** " - James May from top of Leonard Nimoy's head
Sun King's beer pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy.
Today's Trivia Question: What Epcot attraction (1989-2007) was directed by Leonard Nimoy and starred Tim Matheson and Elisabeth Shue?
I am still trying to get over Leonard Nimoy and Terry Pratchett. Great men. The nerd world will never be the same.
Letters from the late Van Gogh and his brother are basis for play by the late Leonard Nimoy:
I know you are. And a nice person to work for. I wonder if Cindy ever met Leonard Nimoy? Have a successful weekend.😃
So Tim Burton did an episode of Faerie Tale Theatre with Leonard Nimoy, James Earl Jones, …
Hrmmm who would win a narration war between Leonard Nimoy, David Attenborough, Neil Degrasse Tyson and James Earl Jones.
Like to think that MCA is walking Leonard Nimoy to the room where DeForest Kelley, James Doohan & Gene Roddenberry are hav…
Patrick MacNee, Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Ron Moody. Heck, throw James Best in there too. My childhood is slipping away this year...
Could ST Beyond be dedicated in memory of Leonard Nimoy, Grace Lee Whitney, DeForest Kelley & James Doohan?
Leonard Nimoy as Spock Star Trek original hand painted art by Ed Lloyd Gragg
Bacall, James Earl Jones, & Leonard Nimoy leap to mind. And the Lina Lamont-like one for me is Mira Sorvino as Romy.
Sad to hear about the passing of Leonard Nimoy. He was a true renaissance man.
A memory of Leonard Nimoy. Rollout of the Space Shuttle Enterprise.
with all due respect to Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, I would prefer Leonard Nimoy, Angie Dickinson, or Chico Marx
Clint Eastwood and his kids meeting Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Here's some Kingdom Hearts maths for you:. Jason Dohring + Leonard Nimoy = Richard Epcar
Photo: Deforest Kelley, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy pretend that hand phasers are electric shavers...
Leonard Nimoy- Mr. Spock was an equal right advocate. He fought for equal pay for other Star Trek cast members.
Star Trek Into Darkness was a good movie. Cumberbatch was good. RIP Leonard Nimoy.
Leonard Nimoy as Spock and William Shatner as James T. Kirk in 'Star Trek'
Leonard Nimoy, who died at 83, gets Vulcan hand salute from Space Station
"I think it's my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.". RIP Le…
the lovely julie nimoy is making a documentary in honor of her dad raising awareness about COPD. learn more here:. http:/…
Culture - Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock of 'Star Trek’, dies at 83 -
Leonard Nimoy with the soundtrack to my day:
I have been and always will be your Fan !God Bless you! You made the choice that best honors your brother # Leonard Nimoy
Although I was saying no one could best Leonard Nimoy, and Zachary Quinto did a fine job
William Shatner planning to write book about Leonard Nimoy friendship
"They predicted on 12/24/2011 a cataclysmic earthquake would terminate their cycle of civilization." Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy dies of COPD 30 years after giving up smoking:
*** Leonard Nimoy is narrating this documentary 😭😭 miss that guy.
The empty chair image posted everywhere when Leonard Nimoy passed away in February. Still can't believe he's gone. :(
Leonard Nimoy reads "there will come soft rains " from The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
.plans to write a book about his friendship with Leonard Nimoy
"RIP Leonard Nimoy. So many of us at NASA were inspired by Boldly go..."
I popped Star Trek: Into Darkness in, not remembering that Leonard Nimoy is in it.
George Takei is the most beautiful man & has the biggest heart. His speech about Leonard Nimoy made…
Tonight's Columbo had Leonard Nimoy as a murderous surgeon, Anne Francis as a virtuous nurse and wallpaper you can hear several states away.
Today we have lost a beautiful person and strong symbol of Science Fiction. Mr. Leonard Nimoy, died today at 83.
"A Solar Eclipse: the cosmic ballet continues" - Leonard Nimoy
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"Leonard Nimoy as William Bell in 'Fringe'" by / John Noble, Leonard Nimoy - Fringe - "Playing G...
Happy Birthday to James Caan, Ernest Thomas, Diana Ross, Ella English, Marcus Allen, the late Teddy Pendergrass and the late Leonard Nimoy.
Sadness for many fine actors that passed in the last few years: John Candy, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, and Leonard Nimoy to name a few.
Commentary: Leonard Nimoy: Parting Message from an Icon - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
[But, there again, I'm not an anti-Semitic conspiracist cashing in on the death of Leonard Nimoy.]
Here we plainly learn that the New World Order is involved with Leonard Nimoy and his works.
Notice the illuminati pyramid formed by the two Vulcan hand-signs put together. This is the stained-glass window in Leonard Nimoy's church.
The Jewish roots of Leonard Nimoy and ‘live long and prosper’ - The Washington Post
Remembering Leonard Nimoy: President Obama and Celebs React to the 'Star Trek' Star's Death -
the one where Leonard Nimoy lives in the World Trade Center?
Literally, Leonard Nimoy claims that he sought to photograph the female aspect of God (the Shekhina) by photographing nude, lewd and sensual
Yes, Leonard Nimoy believed that God has a female aspect (which is satanic New Age).
In a disturbing two-part YouTube interview video by Leonard Nimoy titled, “Sex And Religion,” featured at (I will not
The Bangles - Going Down to Liverpool [Pop] Video features the late great Leonard Nimoy
As you will now learn for yourself, Leonard Nimoy was caught up into New Age philosophies of a male and female aspect of God.
I love all Jewish people, including Leonard Nimoy.
I've never lived in a world without Leonard Nimoy. So far, I'm not impressed.
I don't want you to go to *** forever. Leonard Nimoy died so foolishly on February 27 last month.
Well that was creepy. I'm not wearing my glasses and i looked at myself in the mirror and i looked like Leonard Nimoy.
Yeah Primordial are ok but they're not Leonard Nimoy's country albums
John and Bjo Trimble recall encounters with Leonard Nimoy:
How pixel art of the TARDIS and Leonard Nimoy made of Post-It Notes changed newsroom culture.
The New York Time’s Touching Homage to Leonard Nimoy + The Origin of the Vulcan Salute [Videos]
Leisure Suit Hall of Fame…“Could there be a better trib to Leonard Nimoy than this 1976 NASA photo?
“Beautiful, brought a tear to my eye (several actually).” Tribute Song to Leonard Nimoy: via
Logical. Encinitas renamed part of Vulcan Avenue "Spock Block" for Leonard Nimoy's birthday:
God would like to apologize for taking Robin Williams and Leonard Nimoy, among others. God shall punish Himself by cea…
Hal Holbrook, Loved that show Crazy Came down to him or the late Leonard Nimoy and Hal took less $, got the job Best 5 part series I've seen
The Untouchables marathon continues. I saw Leonard Nimoy in an episode. Also Jack Klugman and two with Vic Morrow. Many others.
'Star Trek Online' honors Leonard Nimoy with in-game Spock statues -
Episode 32 is Online, "Spock Lives" - Mike and Barry's tribute to Leonard Nimoy:
Okay okay, I'll trade you Leonard Nimoy and Terry Pratchett for Vladimir Putin and Tony Abbott, but I'm getting screwe…
All I can say is that Heaven must have needed new entertainment. Leonard Nimoy, Dave McKay and now Terry Pratchett.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - William Shatner cannot attend the funeral of his friend and "Star Trek" co-star Leonard Nimoy bec…
If you haven't read 's comments and reflections on Leonard Nimoy's passing, you should
Bank of Canada urges Leonard Nimoy fans to stop 'Spocking' bank notes
In an interview taped two days before Leonard Nimoy's death, William Shatner reflects on Nimoy's legacy.
Celebrating a long, prosperous life: 'Star Trek Online' pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Mr Spock in the US science fiction series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83.
Let's put our Spock hands up for Leonard Nimoy. . Rest in peace to a legend.
another great pic - Leonard Nimoy with Walter Koenig,Nichelle Nichols and George Takei .
I liked a video George Takei on Leonard Nimoy: He was a great friend'
Here are the episodes you chose for our Tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Sunday on Space.
Leonard Nimoy, 83, longtime supporter of the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA
Ep9 Star Wars VS Star Trek Leonard Nimoy Tribute by TODDCast Podcast on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
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My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace,Mr. Leonard Simon Nimoy.
yeah it does! Star Trek played a part in my life & Leonard nimoy was a gift
Did you see beautiful tribute to Mr Spock? Leonard Nimoy's legacy prospers
BBC Newsbeat - Canadians 'Spock' bank notes in tribute to Leonard Nimoy
"On the passing of Leonard Nimoy I thought; oh Sheldon is going to be very upset
Poor man,I saw like a great person. Leonard Nimoy,did a good work in the chapters of this serie.
This Jewish kid from Boston lived long and prospered. RIP, Leonard Nimoy.
The Twilight Zone episode with Leonard Nimoy in it. # memories
No, Leonard Nimoy was a decent human being. is the polar opposite of that.
“The Bank of is warning people to stop drawing on their money. lol
In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy - an extraordinary performer, brilliant mind, and loyal friend of ours.
RIP Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for firing the imaginations of so many. You lived long and prospered
Canadians are "Spocking" their money to honor Leonard Nimoy
Boy, Leonard Nimoy just had that Voice! You knew who he was! RIP to him.
I just barely review the TV series In Search Of and make the outrageous claim the Leonard Nimoy stole all my ascots. http:/…
Wow! Such beautiful work & heart in this tribute to Leonard Nimoy.
Star Trek producer Harve Bennett dies one week after Leonard Nimoy:
Leonard Nimoy remind us he was in the joint
The Big Bang Theory paid tribute to legend Leonard Nimoy with simple but powerful message:
A photo of Astronaut Terry Virts as the ISS flew over Boston, where Leonard Nimoy was born.
This is Star Trek Online's Leonard Nimoy memorial: Leonard Nimoy's passing last week brought with it a wave of...
pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy: His impact was "everlasting."
Leonard Nimoy as, essentially, a recognizable average human being.
Help us remember Leonard Nimoy and raise money for charity. It's only logical. http…
Canadians have started 'Spocking' their $5 bills—drawing on the former prime minister so he looks like Spock—in tribute to L…
RIP Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 this has been a bad year for sci fi, Harrison ford wreck and Disney buying Star Wars
'THE Big Bang Theory' pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy by ending its latest episode with the following image & caption: htt…
Leonard Nimoy's legacy is living long and prospering with a touching tribute
Big Bang Theory is a tribute to Leonard Nimoy Is Simply and Beautifully: Leonard Nimoy legacy lives long and s...
Cast of the Big Bang Theory did a Tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Read the story here:
Leonard Nimoy, who died last Friday at 83, never appeared on The Big Bang Theory in person, but the nerd god w...
paid tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy, and it was perfect:
"Big Bang Theory" remembers Leonard Nimoy with touching tribute
The Daily Bruin's Nick LaRosa writes on "Star Trek" and Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at 83 years old.
Did you know they erected a statue of Leonard Nimoy on Vulcan in Star Trek Online? Paid my respects today.
I was saddened to hear of Leonard Nimoy's passing. I wrote an op-Ed piece about him and how he inspired us. .
Lovely tribute to Leonard Nimoy referencing the 'rock-paper-scissors-Spock' scene in Big Bang Theory. …
Video: beyondspock: Michael Medved interviewed Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) at Hillsdale College in 1989 as...
"According to original Star Trek cast member Walter Koenig, Leonard Nimoy once fought to get Nichelle Nichols pay...
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy share a laugh between takes during the 1967 filming of "Star Trek"
William Shatner couldn't attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral...if only there was somewhere he could go to find cheap flights
William Shatner in L.A. on day of Leonard Nimoy funeral - New York Daily News
Zachary Quinto on how Leonard Nimoy became like a father to him:
Zachary Quinto on Leonard Nimoy: He was 'more of a father figure to me than anyone else':
.star William Shatner explains decision not to attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral :
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Zachary Quinto remembers Leonard Nimoy as a 'father figure' --- good to know Zach was there at th…
He'd have been first to tell you: Leonard Nimoy would be very, very happy William Shatner didn't abandon a good charity e…
Spock on Spock: Zachary Quinto on why Leonard Nimoy was like a father to him. Exclusive.
Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy a.k.a William Bell... See you on the
I had a momment of silence for Leonard Nimoy with & on my hangout Sunday night.
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