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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Norman Cohen, (born 21 September 1934) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist.

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Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara and Leonard Cohen lead this year's Canadian nominations
Very Nice Zainab ! A little Leonard Cohen is always good to hear !Thanks😍🎹
Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. Leonard Cohen.
Leonard Cohen makes the 2017 Best American Poetry. This one, originally in somewhere between song lyric…
Other Notables who passed in November. Leonard Cohen. Phil Taylor (Motörhead). Mitc…
Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen and now Poet Richard Harrison winner of Governor General's Literary Award
Nick Cave's, Tom Waits', Kevin Coyne's, or Leonard Cohen's feel-good harmonies rarely stray long from my headphones.
.in conversation with Paul Holdengraber: on Leonard Cohen, basketball, & the attention economy.
This Paul Kelly concert is amazing. He's our Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson all rolled into one.
PUPPY OF THE DAY!. Leonard Cohen is a beyond precious and super sweet 11.5 week old mixed breed. He was in to see...
This is a great read on the artist Jan Sawka. Introduced by Leonard Cohen to Garcia. More reasons to work with...
Sisters of Mercy - Serena Ryder of all Leonard Cohen covers this is my favourite, even more…
There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. -Leonard Cohen .
One year ago today Kate McKinnon performed a heartbreaking version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in character as Hillary…
My favorite track off of the JL soundtrack. A pretty sweet cover of the late Leonard Cohen's Everbody Knows.
Leonard Cohen on Federico García Lorca: "His books taught me that poetry can be pure and profound - and at the same…
At the art museum, a recreation of Leonard Cohen's office before he died, ft. holographic L.C. enjoying the sunset
Today's Act the way you'd like to be and soon you'll be the way you act." - Leonard Cohen
My students will hear this today as we observe Leonard Cohen recites “In Flanders Fields” by…
There is a crack in your heart. That's how the Leonard Cohen songs get in
MAC Montréal to Open Exhibition Dedicated to Life of Leonard Cohen
"Everybody's on the crust of this star.". - Leonard Cohen. painting / Nicholas Roerich
The wait is finally over, Leonard Cohen exhibition opens at this Thursday
Leonard Cohen died a year ago today. Here's a David Remnick profile to make you cry.
"Be honest, listen to Leonard Cohen and don't drink too much"-Jason Isbell
Sky Arts - great tribute concert to Leonard Cohen. Jarvis Cocker, looking like Ed Byrne but sounding 👍
Americans Lana Del Rey & Philip Glass are among those to perform in the Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen on 11/06 http…
Here's how to listen to 'Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen' on Nov. 7 from Montreal➡
People who should have or should cover this song:. Sturgill Simpson. Tom Petty. Leonard Cohen. Adele . James Taylor. Avet…
One of the greatest songs in history: Leonard Cohen on “Blueberry Hill” by Fats Domino, RIP
Leonard Cohen doing his laundry. 📷 from her book ON TOUR WITH LEONARD COHEN
Lee Marvin's voice is close, more than another, to Leonard Cohen's. Its a gravel that knows.
Leonard Cohen's vocals are lifted when Sharon Robinson's sitting on his shoulder tracking them. In My Secret Life
New post (Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson on the last day of production for “Ten N...) has been published on -…
I'm listening to a Leonard Cohen live album and his thanking Sharon Robinson during seemingly every song is very endearing.
Kevin Ledo's Leonard Cohen mural in Montreal going up in June, 2017. Photo: andresimsmusic in Instagram…
In the night. Dance me to your beauty. with a burning violin🎻. Dance me to the end of love. "Leonard Cohen"
I really like this song by Leonard Cohen. I've never listened to him at all before tonight. A Thousand Kisses Deep -
BLUE PLAQUE: *Nick Cave nodded out here listening to -pretty good odds- either Tim Rose or John Lee Hooker or Leonard Cohen*.
Hey new sheet music Leonard Cohen: A Thousand Kisses Deep - Partition Piano Facile at
frozen love, his second hand physique, with all he is and all he was a Thousand Kisses Deep." Leonard Cohen
I never knew: Leonard Cohen flew to Israel after it was attacked on Yom Kippur & played for soldiers during the war htt…
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep. 🌹And sometimes when the night is slow...
Dude. If we turn away from the pain we're missing the insight. "Guest House", or Leonard Cohen ma…
Had a wonderful time at the Leonard Cohen tribute with Sean, and many other talented folks, last Sunday in Boston.…
day 28 : a song by an artist whose voice you love . Leonard Cohen - a Thousand Kisses Deep.
Back on Boogy street. Love that song. Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep via
Leonard Cohen can't die. We simply will not allow it!
Tony Palmer’s 1972 Leonard Cohen should be with my phone off*. *closes curtains* iZObVuhJpM can't even remember
1971 song "Love Calls You by Your Name" by Leonard Cohen. From his third studio album Songs of Love and Hate.
Night with Cohen music Dance Me to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen Sleep fast and be good 😉 ♫
I added a video to a playlist Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen [Easy Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)
K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah for all who kneel let it be for God and against trump! Gods flag or Trump
Over at the Hound Dawg Blog, there's an interview with Emily Bindiger, who sang with back in the 1970…
Belfast, If it be your will, The Webb Sisters, / Leonard Cohen. via
Joan of Arc - possibly my favourite Leonard Cohen song. This version is amazing! Love & life, a consummated tragedy:
Leonard Cohen...Dylan...distinctive voices if not very good in purist terms...xx
.& more to perform at tribute concert for Leonard Cohen, details here >
I'm just waiting for the miracle to come. ― Leonard Cohen
My dad's come to stay with me for the week. Leonard Cohen's already on and he's got his feet up. A week of slavery for me 😂😍
"Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in" (Leonard Cohen)
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Leonard Cohen - Suzanne and she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China
India's ambassador to the US, and an author, poet & Leonard Cohen fan. What a combination!
Wanna go dig up Leonard Cohen with me?
I´m just a station on your way, I know I´m not your lover. Leonard Cohen - Winter Lady vía
Man, Leonard Cohen is the musical equivalent of an apricot bodyscrub
"You want it darker, so we kill the flame." . -Leonard Cohen
Rust rust rust . in the engines of love and time. - Leonard Cohen
Charles Bradley, Prince, David Bowie, Chuck Berry, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell. I wish I had seen all of you. Rest in peace.
Just picked up this beauty of a swan song album. RIP Leonard Cohen. You Want It Darker (Audio) via
Listen to Dance Me To The End of Love Leonard Cohen by nurayhsm on
Get your print by TODAY 9/24 7pm Birthday Party for Leonard Cohen, all $ supports FB https:/…
'If I knew where the good songs came from, I'd go there more often'. ~ Leonard Cohen, born on this day, in 1934 https:/…
Honoured that 'Dreams' is featured on this weeks playlist ❤️
This works best if you imagine Leonard Cohen as the soundtrack... "I've seen the future, baby . It is murder."
What if lobsters could sing like Leonard Cohen
“You go your way. I'll go your way too” - Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing
this is apparently an entire field of inquiry in Cohen Studies:.
Dancing round the kitchen with 3yr old to Leonard Cohen. Nick Cave celebration night is brill. Do dum dum dum dee do dum dum.
The cat just looked up and stared at the radio when Leonard Cohen started singing
Lana Del Rey, Elvis Costello, Sting to lead Leonard Cohen tribute in Montreal in November
A memorial concert for Leonard Cohen will take place on Nov. 6th in Montreal, featuring Elvis Costello, Lana Del Rey, Fe…
Feist (more will play a Leonard Cohen tribute show in Montreal
.to lead a Leonard Cohen tribute concert
In terms of misusing Leonard Cohen, that SNL shtick was second only to Brian Williams' on…
“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick everyday.” Leonard Cohen. Born this day In 1934. ❤️
Today would have been Leonard Cohen's 83rd birthday, and our first one without him... "Everybody Knows" via
"That was Leonard Cohen's Sisters of Mercy covered by Sting & The Chieftains" sounds like an Alan Partridge quote.
"None of this represented the solution to a crisis of faith" Leonard Cohen on choosing be ordained a Buddhist monk
It's cool that I share my birthday with the late Leonard Cohen and David Wenham
There's only a couple of rock/pop poets whom l never tire of hearing - Leonard Cohen, Brian Wilson/Mike Love/Van...
Can't forget Pete Seeger!. Solidarity forever, the union makes us strong. (I like the Leonard Cohen v…
First we take Manhattan, then we take... er Selby. Great set from David Ford tonight. Loved the Leonard Cohen cover…
Leonard Cohen talks to Anjelica Huston about violence in culture
Neither Jeff Buckley not Leonard Cohen wants you to sing "Hallelujah" at karaoke
I know Hallelujah is Leonard Cohen's song but all I think of is Jeff Buckley's cover.
sorry guys, can't make plans this weekend, i'm busy uh *thinking extremely hard* busy not crying over my Leonard Cohen alb…
James Murphy wanted Lou Reed or Leonard Cohen to perform on the new LCD Soundsystem album -...
Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen become the focus of Cambridge University course
sh1t the new assasins creed game looks interesting but ??? Leonard Cohen?
I could listen to Jeremy Hardy 'Fornby' Leonard Cohen all day
Showed this pic of Richard Butler and Leonard Cohen to James and now he wants it tattooed on his back.…
Brian Williams is DYING to warm over more appropriated Leonard Cohen quotes
"Our job tonight actually is to scare people to death." -Brian Williams, the man who cited Leonard Cohen in describing a tomahawk missile.
Brian Williams gets out his favorite Leonard Cohen record and a big bottle of scotch
Hope Brian Williams quotes Scott Walker when we start bombing N. Korea. Leonard Cohen too prosaic for a nuclear war
taps Leonard Cohen poem for creepy Season 3 trailer
See Chris Cornell's daughter perform Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for her father and Chester Bennington
The Voidz are sadistic, but I heard Ryan Adams is releasing an LP of Leonard Cohen covers and calling it "Beautiful Wieners"
I've heard bad things about True Detective S2, but I've heard Leonard Cohen, Lera Lynn, and Nick Cave songs in Ep. 1 so how bad can it be
Your verse has a Leonard Cohen feel to it with a hint of Tom Waits. Nice!
i could get by the rest of my life solely listening to Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, and The Mountain Goats, if i had to. i could do it
The Majesty of Leonard Cohen is perfectly captured on the Live Broadcast 1985-1993 DVD that offers 18 well...
Still no WiFi, I've got a list of reasons I'm mad and it's longer than a Leonard Cohen song.
As we speak, Brian Williams is humming Leonard Cohen with huge ***
All sorts, really! Dylan, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen. I have been known to venture into Hank Wi…
Clapton, sort of. Band hopper with some strong solo work. Leonard Cohen. Peter…
Happy Canada Day! A country that gave us Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell can rest on their laurels. The world…
Leonard Cohen during his stay with us here at the Pier Head Hotel back in…
Reposting this for the reminder that we all need each other. PS22 Chorus "HALLELUJAH" Leonard Cohen
*** I miss you, Leonard. *sobs*. Watch "Norah Jones - Everybody Knows tribute to Leonard Cohen on YouTube -
Leonard Cohen invokes William Faulkner's invocation of John Keats: "We all have to talk about something"…
Do you have an address for fan mail? There's this Leonard Cohen song that makes me think of The Truth every time I hear it.
Jens Lekman 32, Leonard Cohen song in your dreams.
I want an album of Leonard Cohen covers by the Fun Lovin' Criminals. Someone with lots of money & access to make this happen.
Concrete Blonde's covers of Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows and Jimi's Littlewing are amazing
..If you HAD to give a Nobel to a songwriter, shoulda been Paul Simon. Yes he's dorky, uncool—but better than Dylan + Leonard Cohen together
Leonard Cohen at his finest. Great album name. Even better music. Get it while it lasts. Open…
One of my forever favorites written by Leonard Cohen (RIP). this was a favorite before I discovered Leonard...
"Hallelujah" isn't even the best Leonard Cohen song on Various Positions. And none of the people singing it have heard that album.
She did give a boost to Leonard Cohen and that in itself is worth power player points.
It's a good thing Leonard Cohen had a great sense of humor & political irony.
The Zion Handbell Choir favored us with "Masterpiece for Handbells," and "Hallelujah," by Leonard Cohen.
"It is a miracle. I don’t know where the good songs come from or else I’d go there more often."--Leonard Cohen
'I learned that it's hard to teach. an old dog new tricks.'. Leonard Cohen. © Paul Zollo
"There’s good wine in every generation." I was lucky enough to talk to Leonard Cohen back in 2014:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Sorting mine and record collection. There's a lot of Motown and a lot of Leonard cohen. Too much U2,…
"We are so lightly here. It is in love that we are made. In love we disappear." - Leonard Cohen.…
Watch Alec Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson celebrate the end of Trump
Leonard Cohen said: I've seen the future, brother, it's murder. Grimes said: you better have a clue. now Ruben Gray is saying; we need to talk
S.N.L.: Watch Alec Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson Celebrate the End of the Trump Administration
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah on season finale of - = classy, dignified send off in this churlish time-how cool
See Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and his administration sing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" on
My kids know this song from Shrek but OMG do we ever love it. Thank you Leonard Cohen.
Why did they have to do Leonard Cohen like that?
The sneaky hidden message in final Trump sketch of the year
Lyrically, Leonard Cohen was what everyone seems to think Bob Dylan is.
XPN's David Dye has interviewed Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Robert Plant and tons of other music legends
Leonard Cohen created a song that can be sung by every voice, and each person has their own favourite :) A…
Louis Kahn—devoted deputies and cultish fans and all—may be as close as architects have to their own Leonard Cohen.
U2's world tour will feature George Elliott Clarke poems about Leonard Cohen & the Quebec City mosque shootings:…
U2 to feature George Elliott Clarke's poetry on Leonard Cohen | CBC Radio
U2 to license George Elliott Clarke poems for Vancouver concert, including Leonard Cohen elegy.
Top of Buchanan Street has an amateur opera singer singin Leonard Cohen, an army recruitment van and a solidarity with hunger strikers gang
I wonder which Leonard Cohen song Brian Williams is going to misappropriate tonight
Brian Williams doesn't comprehend Leonard Cohen enough to pass one high school English class in Canada.
As seen 4231 St Laurent, Montreal just down the street from Leonard Cohen s house. I sensed his…
On this date in 1985, Leonard Cohen played a huge comeback show at the Walnut Street Theatre
Listen to Leonard Cohen perform at the Walnut Street Theater on April 30, 1985
Must be Brian Williams buddy. They can quote Leonard Cohen lyrics as the bombs from NK hit us.
Between Kate McKinnon and Brian Williams, it was a rough six months for Leonard Cohen on NBC.
Ten gigs I have been to. One is a lie. . 1. Leonard Cohen. 2. Dave Brubeck Quartet. 3. Oscar Peterson. 4. B. B. King...
Leonard Cohen remembering Janis Joplin:. "The last time I saw her was on 23rd Street," he remembered. "She said,...
10 lesser-known music docs you should definitely check out – featuring David Bowie, Lil Wayne and Leonard Cohen:…
Snuck in my remix of Fauré's "Requiem - In Paradisum" at the end here + clips from a '94 Leonard Cohen doc on Tibetan Budd…
Lana Del Rey's cover of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No 2" about his Janis Joplin fling feels like emotional appropriation
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
What if Conchita Wurst could sing like Leonard Cohen
MSNBC leans on Leonard Cohen to glorify in Syria attacks but Cohen was singing about terrorists:
Hey, we still need to hear Leonard Cohen's Take this Waltz ... running out of time
My ukulele and I did a little cover of Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man." Here it is
Trump shooting missiles at Syria, and then Brian Williams describing it by quoting Leonard Cohen, makes PURE COMEDY seem reasonable.
Brian Williams calls DOD video of missile strikes "beautiful", unironically quotes Leonard Cohen, "Im guided by the bea…
He was inspired by Leonard Cohen lyrics...that's rich. Why did they give him back his job? ***
"There is a war between the rich and poor, a war between the man and the woman." - Leonard Cohen
Brian Williams references Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan". Cohen would be furious. That's not what he meant.…
Short thread about Brian Williams, Leonard Cohen, Malcolm Nance and the "beauty of our weapons". .
Dear Brian Williams - if Leonard Cohen were still alive he would be quietly shaking his head in disgust at this.
Everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich. That's how it goes. Everybody knows. -Leonard Cohen
This teen singing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' into a well in Italy will give you chills via
PM Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau pay tribute to Leonard Cohen at tonight in
You know you're a master songwriter when you can segue seamlessly into Leonard Cohen. Wonderful tonight
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The genius of place: Stripmalls, Leonard Cohen's "Hallelijah" & the writings of Thomas Moore.
Leonard Cohen: Bird On A Wire is now playing at The Roxie -- just extended through SUNDAY. Don't miss this if you...
Hey, got a nom for the National Newspaper Awards for his fine piece on Leonard Cohen. Congrats!
Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, The Judges. Homage to a great singer songwriters
At no time in their careers could Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan get a coach on The Voice to turn around during a blind audition.
Chuck Berry ? Leonard Cohen : "all of us are footnotes to his words" ; Bob Dylan : "the Shakespeare of rock & roll"
That time Chuck Berry met Leonard Cohen in Boston, by Buffalo Tom's in
.Leonard Cohen was inspired by the true story of the "Violinist of Auschwitz", Greek-Jew Jack Stroumsa! In…
I hear it, here and there. Some say Peter Murphy, some Andrew Eldritch, Leonard Cohen. :) Say say...
At waiting for Laura Marling while Leonard Cohen plays over the sound system.
suzanne by Leonard Cohen, ode to divorce by Regina Spektor, needle in the hay by Elliot Smith, Babylon by SZA, sufjan stevens
The 'Picasso of song' said Leonard Cohen. Who was he referring to? Read on...
Always fulfilling to hear how singers interpret Leonard Cohen. Here's Antony Hegarty singing 'If it be your will'.
This cover of Leonard Cohen's best song by sounds like the taste of the greatest coffee ever brewed:
Having an in depth conversation about Amy Winehouse, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and the perfection that is their music
Montreal school where Leonard Cohen was Prez votes not to travel to Washington DC because Trump banned 3 classmates
Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker (his last): One of the greatest songs in the history of popular music. The story.
Rainy days are great for getting up close to Leonard Cohen. And thus, "A Thousand Kisses Deep" on repeat. LC 4 EVA.
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep. ...I saw there were no oceans left. for scavengers like me...
"...summoned, . now,. to deal with your invincible defeat. you live your life. as if it's real... ". - Leonard Cohen. 'A Thousand Kisses Deep'
''you live your life as if its real.''. Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep (Audio) via
03:35 Sounds of the Sixties: Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen feature in this folk tinged episode of 60s archive.
Leonard Cohen, Israel, October 1973 - when the Yom Kippur War broke out Cohen enlisted in the Israeli Entertainment…
"Maybe I had miles to drive and promises to keep." Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep
My dad's getting rid of his CDs, so I have a box of treats: Love, Roky Erickson, John Cale, Leonard Cohen, Grandaddy, Phil Ochs, Mercury Rev
Jebus. Bob Dylan followed by Leonard Cohen on BBC4. *tops self*
Incredible story about artists citing two Canadian artists - Leonard Cohen and Beck Hansen
Other than Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, you're the only other person…
Joshua Boettiger on King David, Leonard Cohen and the Search for Meaning: "The Poet and the Shepherd"
Leonard Cohen playing before troops in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. WE will remember him well
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.If I were a betting woman, I would raise your Bob Dylan and *** Jagger with Leonard Cohen as the better lyricist.…
I hold this song in the highest esteem. In the league of Bob Dylan, & Leonard Cohen. Incidentally...1/2
By request! The Tom Russell - painting - "Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man," is now available in Giclee prints. They...
not sure why i feel so sad about The Bear &Shipley when I dont know u or them. Hit me again today. Leonard Cohen time I think x
You're going to sit down and start listening to grown up music. Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Lou Reed are your friends
Jesus being sick my voice has gone from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits and now people are scared of me
It's a shame that Phillip Glass got the Glenn Gould prize around the same time that Leonard Cohen died. So many more deserving.
Tom Waits is in the Leonard Cohen category for me: just don't want to delve into their catalogue, but not sure why not.
Or maybe could stand in for Tom Waits, as he did for Leonard Cohen? 🙂
What do Leonard Cohen, the Hip, Metric and Arcade Fire have in common? . GREAT debuts. .
Leonard Cohen was said to have met Janis Joplin in an elevator at the Chelsea Hotel. This is what happened next.…
Amen. Randy rose among thorns Grammys may have missed an opportunity to salute Leonard Cohen and Merle Haggard
every time someone reminds me Leonard Cohen died I feel like Emma Stone's character at the end of Birdman looking up at the sky like, "nah"
In a year when they could've done tributes to Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen or George Martin, that's pretty weak sauce.
Going through the Juno nominees and seeing that somehow the Hip/Gord Downie, or Leonard Cohen seems to be nominated in every category
Absolutely! . Priest IS metal and metal is far more Rock n Roll than Donna Summer, James Taylor, Leonard Cohen (!?…
I've just reread David Remnick's spectacular Leonard Cohen on democracy.
Thanks to and Lenny Kaye for talking Leonard Cohen w/ me.
TONIGHT go and celebrate Leonard Cohen w/ Will Sheff, Lenny Kaye + MORE at
Photos (by Graham) from our FACE & FCN fundraising comedy event Arthur Smith & the Smithereens sing Leonard Cohen on Saturday night:
Ignore it all and at 11 tonight listen to my first 'Arthur Smith sings Leonard Cohen on Radio 4 Extra
Leonard Cohen, Starflyer 59, Belong's Common Era, Travis Scott, OutKast, Deftones, Yves Tumor, Sade & Empress Of all on deck for this flight
And then he (Leonard Cohen) made the comment, “The less there was of me, the happier I got.”~Pema Chodron
Leonard Cohen's Democracy performed by & Your $1 (or more) supports https…
David Bowie and Leonard Cohen nominated posthumously for (Photo: Reuters)
Interesting event for Leonard Cohen fans--and a nice plug for George A. Walker's book of wood engravings.
Leonard Cohen, playing for reserve soldiers after the Yom Kippur War, 1973
envious of your Leonard Cohen concert! I saw more -Rory Gallagher-also gone, Genesis in Cov in 73 with Peter Gabriel - Foxtrot
During the Yom Kippur War, Leonard Cohen came to in 1973 and sang to soldiers in a heartfelt and meaningful perfo…
Alan Light 2012 The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of "Hallelujah". kindle
the mewsicians we lost Prince, Bowie, Leonard Cohen,Glen Frey, Leon Russell. Actors to many to name. Big slice of my life
2017 might be a worse year than 2016 but it can't kill Alan Rickman and Leonard Cohen so it has a couple things going for…
You say you're a Leonard Cohen fan, eh? Why not come out to Shank Hall this Friday and pay tribute with some of...
Keith Urban paid respect to David Bowie, Price, Leonard Cohen and more in a New Year's Eve tribute
I grew up with Leonard Cohen my parents were big fans of him Chelsea hotel is the one for me, he was is always be a legend
Thank you for the music!. David Bowie . Glen Frey. Prince . Leonard Cohen . George Micheal . Rest in Peace 🙏. ..time to turn a D…
2016 was rough on the music industry. Legends David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and George Michael all passed away
David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen were just a few of the great musicians we lost in 2016
As we close 2016, we must bear the losses of true legends—David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Bernie Worrell, Sharon Jones, George Michael
John Glenn to Alan Rickman to Greg Lake to Sharon Jones to Ron Glass to Leon Russell to Robert Vaughn to Leonard Cohen to Reno
2016 was also the year nobody got credited for the photos of Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali and Carrie Fisher u all in…
When you sneak some Gustav Holst into a Leonard Cohen arrangement and you feelin proud of yourself 😂
This list of musicians we list this year is stunningly long: Ralph Stanley, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Leonard Cohen,…
2016 and it's not over yet. George Michael. Rick Parfitt. Zsa Zsa Gabor. Andrew Sachs . Leonard Cohen. Florence Henderson. Gene Wilder
Screw you, 2016. You've taken George Michael, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, democracy as we know it, Prince, Mrs. Brady...
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David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael -- 2016 is the year the music died. http…
David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and now George Michael. 2016 must end before other great musicians die!
David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, and all the others. 2016, time to go.
Might as well listen to Leonard Cohen as you and traffic are slowly queuing toward the Lincoln Tunnel back into NYC
David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Sir George Martin, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Rick Parfitt and George Michael. Thank you for the music which lives on
David B, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, and both of my in-laws? plus the election?
David Bowie, Prince, Christina Grimme, Leonard Cohen, America, and now George Micheal... can we kill 2016 instead?
David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, ... and today George Michael has passed away... 2016 year of falling music stars
George Michael, David Bowie, Prince, Rick Parfitt, Leonard Cohen, Pete burns, Greg Lake, You changed our lives and made us better
a sad year for big artists. Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and now George Michael. A sad year indeed...😔
Some of the great musicians lost in 2016:. David Bowie. Prince. Leonard Cohen. Glenn Frey. Maurice White. Rick Parfitt. Greg Lake
Ha! Men who Sort Things Out. (Gotta be Columbo, I'd say). Leonard Cohen is a more sedate choice, to be sure!
we did listen to leonard cohen earlier (bc I said I didn't want anything 'too jolly'.um)
Quite a few years, local politics. Alleviated by residents asking me along to Leonard Cohen in 2013. His charm, spirit: a joy.
I can think of few more eloquent sentiments than kd lang's memorable performance of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"...
Leonard Cohen: You Want it Darker press conferece via
Watched again, as in Brighton, Leonard Cohen lifting his hat in farewell after very last encore - "Save the Last Dance for Me"; and I cried.
cmon people Leonard Cohen died this year
Today got to Leonard Cohen on Isle of Wight 1970 DVD, and then 2013 "Save the Last Dance for Me" encore. Latter has me sobbing.
Back-up singers great too! This Girl With Autism Singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” Will Blow You Away
David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and the art of the farewell album (cold comfort for 2016)
Leonard Cohen was Jewish. It's appropriate to a lot more than Christmas. Sentiments shared about Sarah!
Repurposing Leonard Cohen's story about King David to inspire rejection of authoritarianism.
Ring the bells that still can ring; . Forget your perfect offering. There's a crack in everything. That's how the Light gets in! Leonard Cohen
Thanks for the salute to Leonard Cohen, Prince and David Bowie, and another awesome edition of Time Warp !!! Merry Christmas
This 10-year-old’s rendition of “Hallelujah” would have given Leonard Cohen himself chills.
My day has been completed. Leonard Cohen. Halleluja
K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. It's that time again.
Leonard Cohen is truly amazing because he wrote hallelujah and found it within himself to keep writing.
Young girl with autism stuns with performance of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah":
Flashback: Bob Dylan Covers Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' Long before the 'Hallelujah' craze, Dylan covered the tun…
mam got me a lil Leonard Cohen songbook. catch me in my room sadly singing every Leonard Cohen song for the next month
Saw a high school band (trumpets, saxophones etc) clumsily playing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah in the Stop-n-Shop yesterday. It was great.
A photo of a young Leonard Cohen in the December 15-29, 2016 issue of Rolling Stone.
My bro & worship team's Live Christmas rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".
I got a Leonard Cohen LP today and so I've spent all of Christmas so far depressing family by playing it on repeat 😊
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