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Leon Rice

Leon Rice (born 23 August 1951) is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Hawthorn in the VFL during the 1970s.

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32': Sergio León with a run down the L wing. De Marcos all over him like white on rice and shot just wide of the far post! | 1-1
Uhm you're supposed to take your ring off? Smh Mrs.Rice would be so disappointed
a far too carby falafel box, falafel + rice 🙈 I get that you need to grow etc. but still sad.
Wah thanks smrt, with that extra 1 cent I can finally afford to buy myself chicken rice
Somebody has a crush on Leon Draisaitl 😏🤔
Quick writeup of bball in preparation for Friday's exhibition vs. Lewis-Clark State, w vid of Leon Rice:
We got a classic Leon Rice quote today: "The one question we have with this team is, you have a lot of question marks."
.Condoleeza Rice; Leon Panetta; Ambassador Steven's father, the National Journal and Reuters all say you are wrong!
Leon Rice of needs Paris Austin (to lead. So, he took him to watch Brett Rypien.
this man has better hands than Randy, Rice, and Calvin combined! He'll have you right
BSU basketball coach Leon Rice wants the quarterback of his team to learn from the best on campus ... Brett Rypien.…
All I have eaten today is rice. Risotto for breakfast (don't ask), sushi for lunch, Leon hotbox for dinner. It's officially too much rice.
Peggy Rice asked us to let the congregation know the funeral services for her brother, Leon Rowe Jr., will be on...
You think she'll cry if I cooked Uncle Bens rice?
Watching 6'10 2019 Isaac Johnson & Jr Max Rice son of Boise St HC Leon Rice. Rice showing right now he's comfortable at either guard spot
No more rice you say,that's ok leon' s got you covered,go light with some jerk pork or jerk chicken and festival https…
if Leon Rice leaves do you think Boise State would hire the former TCU coach?
Former Gonzaga assistant Leon Rice is possibly leaving Boise State for St Louis
What if Leon Rice got Dave Rice as an assistant. Would we be able to recruit that crazy talent that UNLV gets?
Steve Lappas roasting Leon Rice for the poor clock management. "That is ridiculous," said Lappas, who typically is shy about ripping coaches
You wont believe what Leon Rice said ...listen to LIVE FROM THOMAS AND MACK in Vegas NOW
Leon Rice is lucky Dave Hall owes him this. Dave and Verne shouldn't be able to ref a BSU game ever again
it's good to know we can all unite over our dislike of Dave Hall and Leon Rice.
oh and the rice is severely undercooked. It's not edible. Never go to Leon.
Larry, Leon and those other MEC guys aren't gonna take UNLV to elite levels. They are better than Rice but That's not enough.
Leon Rice turned the program around. gets the maximum out of his talent every year. EM at UNR is doing well
unless a Pitino signs on, what does UNLV have to lose by given Augmon his day? Passing up Leon Rice? He's not impressive.
Plenty of great coaches out there. NMS coach, Austin P coach, Wright, Pitino, Marshall, Leon Rice, etc etc
Good stuff tonight from Boise State players and Leon Rice. Webb, Austin, Duncan:. Rice:.
Audio: Boise State coach Leon Rice talks to the media after tonight's 94-69 win over San Jose State:
Anthony Drmic is the 4th leading scorer in BSU history, but is not 100 percent healthy. Leon Rice has a dilemma:
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rice pick me my gamer tag is RecklessWings on ps4
Sometimes all we ate was rice and beans man, life is crazy.
Boise vs Dayton huh? I think Leon Rice's head would explode lol ...
Video: Boise State basketball coach Leon Rice on bouncing back from a loss, Anthony Drmic, Paris Austin and SJSU.
I normally replace beans with lentils in dishes like chili or rice n beans.
how is ESPN doing a Lebron special on him being an activist when he doesn't know about the Tamir Rice situation in his o…
Sean Smiths Mother says Hillary, Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, Leon Panetta Lied to her about her sons death. VIDEO:...
Chicken fried rice is really going to sort my stomach out 😁
head coach Leon Rice after the game...
Leon Rice on SDSU - You have to credit San Diego State. They came in here with a great resolve and we knew they would.
Leon Rice-hopefully this ignites us even more.
Leon Rice: this wasn't the championship game. There's a lot of basketball to be played.
I don't want to see Leon Rice be head coach at UNLV. Sorry gotta disagree on that one.
I'd be livid if I were Leon Rice right now. How can you miss that call?!
Leon rice and rick pitno mentioned in this as possible unlv coaches lol.
that's a terrible excuse. 1 reason Leon Rice will eventually leave.
Here Leon Rice is simply saying, "Sir, that call is of inferior quality."
Lots of respect for from Will be entertaining. Leon Rice looks ahead to San Diego State
Blog posted with some thoughts and video from Leon Rice on facing San Diego State.
Boise State is 32-12 all-time in games with 10,000-plus attendance at Taco Bell Arena, including a 7-1 mark under Leon Rice.
Leon Rice said he's happy so many tickets have been sold for the game, but added he hopes for a sellout given the matchup.
I'm sorry, man, but I'll never accept brown rice XD
I now want to eat something thats not just brown rice and tomato :X
Dunno, man, think one of my colleagues claims she likes brown rice XD I certainly don't, lol
So you're not in Stockholm Syndrome and telling me brown rice tastes better, I see XD
Boise State Leon Rice gets a technical foul. Colman hits one of two free throws. Nevada cuts the lead to three with 14:41 left in the game.
Leon Rice, who I'm personally a big fan of, just got a T here. Been arguing for a bit about the last play. LOL
After a D.J. Fenner three, BSU's Leon Rice gets a technical from play prior. He was arguing for about a minute. Nevada down only, 41-38.
Video: Boise State coach Leon Rice after the Broncos' 76-61 win at Utah State on Tuesday.
Leon Rice: Bring the ‘hate’ for Saturday's basketball game against the Ducks.
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Boise State coach Leon Rice tells fans to "come out and hate the Ducks as much as they do" for hoops tomorrow.
Leon Rice is the national coach of the year? thinks that is a possibility
ESPN Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman (picks Boise State's Leon Rice as his National Coach of the Year..
LOL. I love giving under-the-radar coaches some pub. Leon Rice certainly deserving with what he has done at Boise.
What would Boise State have to do this year for Leon Rice to win National Coach of the Year? 35-1?
it's alright, rice!! I just, feel the way the fandom sees him is just,, so wrong and they way they treat Leon when they treat -
taking over for "use somebody" by Kings of Leon. I remember when you wrote about that one.
Fun Fact: Brock was recruited by Leon Rice to Gonzaga, even had a scholly.
When I come home,I'm going for cheesy chicken and rice. 😋
Company I Keep by White Rabbits, All I Want by Kodaline, Cold Desert and Revelry by Kings of Leon, Delicate by Damien Rice,
I love that anytime of year is a good time of year for the to make fun of Leon Rice 😂😂😂
Attendance: 4,340. Largest exhibition attendance in Leon Rice era. Surpasses 4,155 from last season's second exhibition.
Leon Rice reaction video never gets old.
Boise State coach Leon Rice said the team is considering redshirting sophomore center David Wacker.
Leon Rice on the injuries hitting his team , the game Friday and how he feels after his own surgery. NOW
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I got Leon a little grey friend. I think he kind of likes him :>
How is Lorenzo Romar still head coach?! Fire him and go after Leon Rice.
I think ASU can potentially still make a good hire. Josh Pastner, Brad Underwood, Leon Rice, Tommy Amaker, Russ Turner all deserve a call
is tanner than an Asian that works on a rice field (me)
Turn leftover cooked rice into pudding and eat it for breakfast:
no you kept watching this one vine with a pug and you kept laughing for no reason its when I fed you beans & rice
Gonzaga rolled by Iowa last night. It marked the first time the Bulldogs advanced past the 1st round since Leon Rice left the coaching staff
"Ray Rice?"... That's just tacky. And why is Leon a part of this foolishness?!
This entire run through is trash. 1. Leon is fine as *** . 2. Too soon for ray rice jokes. 3. This Jamaican accent -_-.
rice, bread, milk, eggs, etc., are pricey here! Luckily veg is what's cheap. But yeah. cooking skills!
It's the Leon Byrd inning! Drives in two in the T3 and 2 sparkling defensive plays. Owls lead 2-0. Listen
Rice takes a 2-0 lead on one hit by Leon Byrd after drawing a couple of walks in the T-3. ODU coming up to bat.
Trap Queen but you burn rice… how am I supposed to trust you with these bricks???
I will say that's not only him. Leon Rice about reached through the phone and slapped me when I used that term re: MWC.
So very happy to be eating yummy LEON goodness after refusing the terrible noodle/rice dishes on…
For those who are interested with organic chemical free products from Leon, Iloilo such as Rice, Fruits and...
just got leon! No idea what hes like yet. Im torn between all the men D:
It's a bit late but my reaction to Boise State losing there play in game. Leon Rice is a complete
Tonight's special hails from Spain... Paella with Valencia rice prepared in a lobster stock with chorizo, peas,...
Boise State's Leon Rice couldn't call timeout in last night's "neutral" setting: "It was so loud … it was futile.''
Thanks to Leon Rice, and everyone w Boise State for making my job easier. Great group of coaches/players..Back to spring football.
Someone buy Leon Rice a beer. BSU got jewed.
Boise State coach Leon Rice admits last night "was a tough one to swallow" after Broncos had to play road game:
Leon Rice: "I think you never know what this team could have done if you keep going. So that's probably the emotion you struggle with most."
Leon Rice: "We were having a lot of fun. And these guys were enjoying themselves and wanted to keep playing. So that's the worst emotion."
Truth is I loved watching Marks, but we had seen this scenario a few times before. I wish Leon Rice would have learned. Dumpster fire late
Now that Boise is done for the year, I'm ready for Leon Rice to pull a Tim Miles & go to another job...he's done a heck a job there...
Nothing better than seeing karma bite that scumbag Leon Rice right in the ***
In fairness... BSU got a really really tough draw... I think Leon Rice gets class points for handling the situation.
Boise coach Leon Rice making no excuses in tough loss after bowing out to Dayton at Dayton. Great sportsmanship in trying situation.
A lot of respect for way Leon Rice is handling post game press conference. Wouldn't blame him for spazzing out.
Leon Rice quiet for a few seconds when asked about the play with Marks: "What can you say. It's a tough position."
BSU players and head coach Leon Rice very classy in the press conference. Not taking the bait at all in regards to the atmosphere.
Leon Rice: "I'm proud of our guys and it was loud, but credit should be given to Dayton."
Leon Rice: "It's definitely a tough environment to play in. ... That place is loud and it has an effect on the game, no question."
Which Rice , drew up that last play??? Could've fooled me it was Dave not Leon.
Former Gonzaga assistant Leon Rice is trying to guide Boise St. to its first ever tournament win. They are 0-6. Game o…
UNLV fans still mad at Leon Rice for being emo against us in Boise on a ref decision.
And if I'm Leon Rice, I'm going scorched Earth on the NCAA in the postgame presser for sending my team to play a road game in the NCAAT.
Should be interesting to hear what head coach Leon Rice has to say after that game.
What in the world did Leon Rice draw up in the huddle? Not one screen set on play. Obviously every Dayton eye was going to be on Marks.
Tuff break for Boise. But they showed up tonight. Leon Rice 30 more yrs!!'
I hope Leon Rice has an epic meltdown on the selection committee during his post game conference.
Feeling a lil bad for Leon Rice, tough situation, an unprecedented situation playing a team on their home floor in the tourney. Tough loss
I bet Leon Rice has the same opinion of Dayton as a destination as I do.
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Impressive play drawn up there by Leon Rice
That was a good play Leon Rice just drew up.
Leon Rice waited too long to call a timeout as his guy dribbles into the corner and draws a double team.
Thank god Leon Rice called a timeout. Was about to be a disaster for the final shot.
"Seth Davis 14s14 seconds ago. Why is Alford taking that shot and not Derrick Marks?" Leon Rice is drunk?
Love that Leon Rice was gracious and humble about just being in the tourney. But Dayton could have been a 12 seed just the same.
If Leon Rice did not call that play, Rice should have his COY award taken away and it should be given to Stew.
Leon Rice needs a new offensive coordinator apparently
Leon Rice, stops by to talk with and Bobby Cremins
The only disappointing thing about Boise State's win was Leon Rice not riding a bicycle around The Pit ala Michael Bennett.
Nice road win for Leon Rice and Boise State at St. Mary's Sat. night in Moraga. Love the skill and potential of 6-11 JR K…
Leon Rice still showing a planet Earth sized confidence level in Derrick Marks. Overtime at Taco Bell Arena
Boise State hoops coach Leon Rice: "I think nationally there hasn’t been much buzz, which is great." >>>
Here is the story from on Kevin Allen's commitment: More from Leon Rice later today.
head coach Leon Rice staying and getting a raise, says no to Here's story -
Spokesman Review says Leon Rice has shown little interest in the WSU head coaching position. Lists Ernie Kent and Marvin Menzies of NMSU.
Leon Rice, Dan Monson and Ben Howland are my first three. Big no to Ernie Kent. Is *** Bennet available? LOL.
Leon Rice on crowd vs. Nevada ton: "We're America's team. They love Boise State, We have the blue turf. Kellen Moore ... What's not to love?
If you haven't heard of this name - Chandler Hutchison, get to know him. Hutchison is a 6'6 180lb senior at Mission Viejo High School in California. He has signed to play his letter of intent to play for Leon Rice and the Boise State Broncos.  Last night Hutchinson had what called...
BOISE - Boise State coach Leon Rice said Monday that he sent a text message to UNLV coach Dave Rice to apologize for his celebration following the Broncos’ 91-90 overtime win over the Rebels on Saturday.
Quote of the day from the Boise St. coach after his hoops team was forced to bus from Chicago to Lexington, KY, because of weather, for tonight's game against the Wildcats. “We’re not going to use it as an excuse,” Boise State coach Leon Rice told the paper. “The only thing that makes it difficult is the team we’re playing Tuesday. Our guys are pretty resilient, so I think they’ll handle it well.” “They’ve handled it well, and handled it well in the past. My first year (in 2011), we got caught on Donner Pass on our way to Nevada. We had to eat one of the freshmen.”
Boise State head men's basketball coach Leon Rice hit a half-courter at Rupp Arena today and our own Jesse Kurtz was there to capture the footage! Broncos at Kentucky tonight!
Boise State hoops coach Leon Rice on Petersen's departure: "You're going to see a powerhouse rise at the University of Washing…
I'm sure Leon Rice is quite pleased also. Probably Steve Fisher too
By Raphielle Johnson During the preseason the general consensus in regards to the Boise State Broncos seemed to be that Leon Rice's team of
Boise State basketball coach Leon Rice and his players knew enough to get out of Derrick Marks’ way. The sophomore guard did the rest in the second half as the Broncos knocked off No. 11 Creighton 83-70 on Wednesday night in Omaha, Neb.
Boise State's Leon Rice with a program-changing win at Creighton. The Broncos needed a perception win. MWC just got even deeper.
Leon Rice is to Boise State basketball as Chris Petersen is to Boise State football. Basketball team is young but have definitely matured all around on defense and are much better at passing on offense than last year (which was not too bad of a season). Looking forward to this year!
Thanks to Boise St bball coach Leon Rice for phone call. Hasn't been an easy week for me, and that phone call definitely helped me bigtime
12 Quick Hitters for the Flex Offense: 12 Quick Hitters for the Flex Offense with Leon Rice, Gonzaga University ...
Steve Fisher, Leon Rice on conference moves - ESPN (blog)
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