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Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadkar (born 18 January 1979) is an Irish Fine Gael politician. He has been a Teachta Dála (TD) for the Dublin West constituency since June 2007. He is currently the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, being appointed on 9 March 2011.

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As if a British news reporter just called Leo Varadkar a "teashake" instead of a taoiseach 😂
Didnt Realise it was so funny that the Taoiseach is *** Josh Hates Leo Varadkar
So how about that Ophelia huh? If a single person dies in the next 48 hours because of lack of adequate shelter Leo Varadk…
If all the homeless are taken care of today, then why not everyday. Leo Varadkar couldn't care les…
Hearing a sky news anchor pronounce Taoiseach Leo varadkar as tea shake Leo vadradkar made my day tbh
Leo Varadkar recklessly endangering the bodily security of Irish women
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar urges people to stay indoors as storm passes - govt's priority is to avoid injury,
have to laugh at british news presenters reporting on the storm calling Leo varadkar our "tea shake" instead of Taoiseach
Thoughts are with Leo Varadkar who is currently looking for a pair of cool wellies that’ll complement his post-Ophelia Deva…
PM Theresa May has expressed sympathies to Leo Varadkar over Storm Ophelia deaths
UK PM Theresa May spoke with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar by phone - says Britain is ready to provide any support if requ…
Ireland does not have a Prime Minister. We have a Taoiseach. Leo Varadkar is the Taoiseach.
Theresa May has rang Leo Varadkar to express sympathy over the loss of life due to and offer support from…
How does this Sky News presenter not know the word taoiseach? Or who Leo Varadkar is? 😂
Eh add me in, i know all about jezza corbyn and tessie may and leo varadkar
'Snot as bad as forecast' Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.
Statement from No 10 spokeswoman after Prime Minister Theresa May spoke to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar this afternoon about…
And to Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar. He will surely have forgotten all about her broad minded friends in the DUP. .
British PM Theresa May has offer assistance from U.K. in dealing with impact of during a phonecall with Le…
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced "a national red alert" over the arrival of Tropical Storm Ophelia.
"The last time we had a storm this severe 11 lives were lost" - Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar gives update
Min Halligan told Leo Varadkar-as Taoiseach elect-promised Shane Ross to get Stepaside garda station "over the…
Leo Varadkar set to block next stage of Brexit talks
Leo Varadkar to attend Belfast Pride event, but he won't attend the parade (via
Leo Varadkar's plan to attend Belfast Pride fails to elicit the anticipated outrage :: Irish News -- John Manley…
Not enough progress has been made so far in Brexit talks, Ireland's PM Leo Varadkar says
For those in the back . European-Leo Varadkar. Sadiq Khan. Dev Patel. Bo…
The UK really needs to just quit the EU, we don't need to put up with threats & demands from EU nations
The Irish question in the Brexit negotiations will not be an easy one to answer
SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood calls for marriage equality in Northern Ireland ahead of meeting with Taoiseach Leo...
My colleague John Garry dissects Leo Varadkar's speech today in Belfast via
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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar 'does not want economic border'
Leo Varadkar throws the gauntlet down to the Brexiteers: "Advocates of Brexit need to explain how this will work. They h…
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar unequivocal about how European identity can only enhance our Irish - and British - identities, no…
Leo Varadkar is so naive, Theresa May does not want ANY form of welfare state thus is incapable of this deal.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the Government was not going to design a border for Brexiteers https:/…
Listening to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has me thinking is there a leader anywhere who agrees with understands…
Ministers must sit up and take notice of Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's views on Brexit, camapigners say.
14 months since the vote won by lies - Leo Varadkar warns 'clock is ticking' on talks
Irish PM Leo Varadkar: 'I do not want an economic border'
- Leo warns 'clock is ticking' on talks.
this part from leo varadkar in belfast today, I feel is often overlooked
Leo Varadkar has just said he could live on 20k p/a .Its amazing how people who've never been poor always think they'd be grea…
Irish PM coming to Belfast for Pride and the DUP aren’t happy
Irish PM Varadkar says 'time running out' for island of Ireland on Brexit - Sky News
Leo Varadkar 'being European is an essential part of the modern Irish identity, an enhancement not a dilution of…
Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says Brexit is the "challenge of this generation"
Brusquely shunted off the stairs I was sitting smoking on at Queens earlier: Leo Varadkar came out of the door thirty seconds later.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar set for first official Northern Ireland visit -
European Union membership is a fundamental part of modern Irish identity - it is an enhancement, not a dilution. Well said…
'could DAMAGE jobs and livelihoods' Irish PM pleads for UK to stay in customs union
.says Ministers must listen to Leo Varadkar's speech on today
With young people in 'Repeal' jumpers beside him, Leo Varadkar was asked about 8th in Belfast today
A photo of 3 women in Repeal jumpers defiantly sitting behind Leo Varadkar in Belfast has gone viral
'Seems like a LAND GRAB' Radio host roasts Irish diplomat over attempt to swipe UK borders
Hey, UK Gov: this is how it looks when a leader makes constructive suggestions.
Important speech on Ireland, the EU and Brexit by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar today in Belfast:
Leo Varadkar is going to Belfast Pride tomorrow, Id say Arlene is seething 😂
Leo Varadkar warns 'clock is ticking' on Brexit talks New 24/7: qua
. "Onus should be on THEM to come up with proposals & CONVINCE YOU that it's in YOUR interest to have new barriers". https…
Brexit: Leo Varadkar 'does not want economic border'. Build a big wall
Brexit: Leo Varadkar 'does not want economic border'
Richard Boyd Barrett tells Leo Varadkar to call out Trump on travel ban
People who support Richard Boyd Barrett and Paul Murphy denouncing Leo Varadkar because he's middle class.
Former tánaiste Mary Coughlan has compared Leo Varadkar to Donald Trump
Leo Varadkar is our Prime Minister, direct translations to and from Irish notwithstanding.
New Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar is featured on cover of & interview titled 'an Island at the Center…
Justin Trudeau was beaten at his own game by Leo Varadkar, Ireland's Prime Minister
Read all about Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's visit to
Leo Varadkar was too busy today showing off his novelty socks.
How great would it be if Leo Varadkar visited London and wore Tea Socks
Which of these Leo Varadkar mares was more embarrassing?
Urge Leo Varadkar to ban Ireland's cruel foxhunting
► VIDEO: Sister of Waterford man who died in an ambulance en route to Cork calls on Varadkar and Harris to step down h…
This is where journalism is in 21st century Ireland. Did Leo Varadkar outflank Justin Trudeau in battle of the socks?
Justin Trudeau has a challenger in the funky sock stakes: Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar - -…
This is Canadian Ambassador welcoming the Trudeaus to Ireland. More on the visit here:…
Justin Trudeau: EU-Canada trade deal is 'model to the world'
'It's the smart thing to do': Canadian PM gives Varadkar advice on gender balance' but will Leo listen?
Our new Taoiseach stylin' & Government goes 'Full Riverdance' for
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar reaffirmed commitment to trade at meeting in Dublin
On the day EU raid insurance offices regulated by central bank, leo Varadkar tells us the market will work for
Regina Doherty and Leo Varadkar need to discuss this and if it's true, Regina must resign her ministerial seat at the minimum…
The fact Leo Varadkar's socks have gotten more coverage than his regressive economic ideology is a damning reflection…
Poll: How do you feel about the wearing of novelty socks? (via
Lovely picture of Leo Varadkar being introduced to hurling by Justin Trudeau
Leo Varadkar, who told the press this morning he is a feminist, appears to deflect to relying…
.tries his hand at hurling this morning with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar
Well, you hordly thought Leo Varadkar was going to wear his King's Hospital rugby socks, did you?
making his triumphant return to the Dáil with questions for Leo Varadkar at 2:30pm!
"Murphy got a fair trial but he's still guilty" - Leo Varadkar. (or something like that)
Socks, drums and GAA: Government goes 'Full Riverdance' for Trudeau visit.
I'm about to question Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on the 8th Amendment referendum plans
Trudeau's sock-wave is spreading fast! . Irish leader shows off socks with maple leaves, Mounties to Justin Trudeau .
Leo Varadkar and Trudeau should negotiate better CETA terms at Farmleigh House. As it stands, Ireland is set to lose badly.…
Bin charges: new rules to come in over 15 months, says Leo Varadkar
Leo Varadkar tells that the case of 63-year married couple being split in nursing home "devoid of common sense and dev…
Politicians on 'election alert' after torrid start to Leo Varadkar's Taoiseach reign || || President Michael D Hig…
Of course, Leo Varadkar is not the first Taoiseach to attend Pride. Here's a picture of Enda Kenny at Pride 2015…
Re AG : This was an appointment by former Taoiseach Enda Kenny and had nothing to do with Leo Varadkar
Irish PM Leo Varadkar: I told the DUP to stop blocking equal marriage in Northern Ireland
Leo Varadkar's rise marks the latest landmark in a rapid revolution of attitudes in Ireland
Regina Doherty, in Leo Varadkar's cabinet will be ensuring that nobody defrauds the taxpayer. First up...Regina Doherty
Leo Varadkar's announcement that Health Minister Simon Harris has been given special responsibility in the area ...
Keep an eye out for Gerry Adams and Leo Varadkar. 😉
Leo Varadkar says Simon Harris will be "responsible for bringing forward legislation to allow for a referendum on Eighth Amend…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Leo Varadkar is the same man who also said that he doesn't support abortion on request or on demand. He was Health Minister back then.
Kids and aged on waiting lists as Fine Gael/Fianna Fail swoon over Leo Varadkar failed health min…
Leo Varadkar has been able to do what Ted Heath, for example, couldn't. .
Ireland's new PM, Leo Varadkar is son of Indian immigrants & *** Confusion level up for Sankari brigade whether to feel…
There needs to be a word for when your country elects a *** half-Indian leader and you can't even celebrate because it's…
Leo Varadkar – Son of an Indian immigrant set to become Ireland’s youngest PM
Leo Varadkar Ireland's President elect is of Indian origin, a *** and above all a Right winger...How will the Lefties re…
Hey, international friends, please do not get all excited about Leo Varadkar!
Leo Varadkar wins Fine Gael leadership battle, and is set to be next Taoiseach.
The *** son of an Indian immigrant is all but certain to become the next leader of Ireland
Leo Varadkar the youngest PM of Ireland, an Indian origin man with Maharashtrian roots. 👍🇮🇳🚩. Also a *** 😥🙄😫
First Indian origin PM of an European country.Leo Varadkar became PM of Ireland.
Leo Varadkar's win to become Ireland's next Prime Minister is nothing short of historic
"If my election shows anything it’s that prejudice has no hold in this republic."
Son of Indian immigrant becomes Ireland's first *** Prime Minister featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ireland will soon have our first openly *** &a youngest ever Taoiseach (Prime Minister): Leo Varadkar https:…
Past pupil and new leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach elect Leo Varadkar T.D. in profile.
Leo Varadkar is Ireland’s first openly *** head of government and the youngest-ever to assume the position.
The Indians & the Irish have shared heritages, & deep friendships. Leo Varadkar is the latest in that tradition. Wa…
Saying Leo Varadkar is of Indian origin fine. But, why mention he is *** Does it matter?
Varadkar will also be Ireland's youngest Prime Minister when parliament is set to confirm his nomination this month. https:/…
Leo Varadkar has been elected leader of Ireland's ruling Fine Gael and becomes the country's Prime Minister-elect
There are a few global media outlets at the Mansion House, waiting to see who the next Irish PM is likely to be
Hey THIS!. Son of an Indian immigrant set to become Ireland's first openly *** PM (Tiaoseach). via
Leo Varadkar, *** son of Indian immigrant, to be next Irish PM
Leo Varadkar, the 38-year-old *** son of an Indian immigrant, will be Ireland's new Prime Minister.
Ireland's ruling party elects Leo Varadkar, the *** son of an Indian immigrant, to become next Prime Minister
'Significant step for equality'- the world reacts to Leo Varadkar becoming the new Fine Gael leader
Leo Varadkar, new Indian-origin *** Irish PM, shows what an immigrant can do with opportunity host nation offers. Then…
BBC News - Leo Varadkar: Ireland set to have first *** PM
Leo Varadkar is the youngest PM of Ireland who happens to be *** but originates from a country that criminalizes homosexual…
Leo Varadkar looks set to become Ireland's first openly *** Prime Minister:
Ireland to have first openly *** Prime Minister, after election of Leo Varadkar as leader of ruling Fine Gael party
World media please take note: Varadkar's sexuality doesn't matter, what matters are his policies.
A good primer on the elevation of Leo Varadkar as Ireland's first openly *** Prime Minister:
Ireland is on course to have its first openly *** Prime Minister - Leo Varadkar
Let's just take this in: "The son of an Indian immigrant who came out as *** in 2015 will be the next Irish PM...". http…
Son of Indian immigrant Leo Varadkar will be 1st openly *** taoiseach, as Irish PM is called, & at 38, youngest
Who says Maharashtrians can't be Prime Ministers of a country?
In Pride related news...Ireland 🇮🇪 will have an out *** Prime Minister - Leo Varadkar. This now makes
Macron admirer, young & openly *** Ireland poised to appoint Leo Varadkar as new PM VOTE FATHER TED CRILLEY
"I see some people keep putting the words 'Leo Varadkar' and 'progressive' in the same sentence."
Leo Varadkar: Maharashtra-origin doctor looks to create history today by becoming Ireland PM
"Kin celebrate in Mumbai as Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland's PM-elect - Times of India"
Indian-origin Leo Varadkar set to become Ireland's first openly *** Prime Minister. via Dailyhunt
Indian-origin *** Minister Leo Varadkar set to become Ireland's youngest PM.
Ireland set to have its first openly *** Prime Minister, after Fine Gael chose Leo Varadkar to succeed Enda Kenny
Leo Varadkar has won 123 of the votes of Fine Gael councillors, to Simon Coveney's 100
Speaking to on about the Fine Gael leadership contest and Leo Varadkar at 6.30 or so.
Leo Varadkar remains on course to be the next Fine Gael leader this evening - despite Simon Coveney being the choice of ordinary members.
Friday, June 2, 2017. Fine Gael leadership race: Live updates as Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney await results of...
We're expecting confirmation that Leo Varadkar will be next leader of Fine Gael and Taioseach later in the programme.
Clr. Ted Leddy was just in studio, to talk about the Fine Gael Leadership Contender, Leo Varadkar, T.D.
While this is a mark of Ireland's forward progressive movement, it doesn't erase that Leo Varadkar has some deeply unsettling standpoints.
Leo Varadkar says he's concerned that Coveney has mentioned Eamon Ryan on 3 out 4 hustings. Leo declines to answer it.
Really looking forward to next St Patrick's Day when Leo Varadkar and his husband officially meet President and Mrs Pence.
'I don't know what our current approach to health is' Leo Varadkar, who was Health Minister 12mths ago. What a *** .
2 yrs on and they're still too restrictive. Let's make 2017 the year of change. .
That awkward moment when autocorrect changed Leo Varadkar to Leo Paradise.
Coveney commits to bill going back to committee stage, somewhere Leo Varadkar is smiling.
I really don't understand why Leo Varadkar is considered a dead cert for FG leader. What has he ever done?. Can anyone name one thing?
Very inspiring speech about the future of Dublin by Leo Varadkar
Aspiring Taoiseach Leo Varadkar draws a crowd of 250 to breakfast pow wow this morning
Minister Leo Varadkar Min for Social Protection addresses members at Meet the Ministers Series
chambers great to hear Minister Leo Varadkar this morning , great vision
Thanks to all for joining this morning for our 'Meet The Ministers' breakfast with Leo Varadkar TD
Meet the Minister Series this morning with Leo Varadkar in the
Leo Varadkar is the personification of what's wrong with politics. A "principled" man before election, a ruthless snake once elected.
From 2007 "12 reasons to vote for Dr. Leo Varadkar"
I'm signing because it's the right thing to do. Parents of premature babies have enough to deal with besides...
Interesting analysis by on and the race to succeed Enda Kenny
Leo Varadkar uses Charlie Haughey tactic in chief race .
Have you signed the petition to review maternity leave for NICU parents?via
are we talking about Henry Sellers. Don't let Leo Varadkar hear u promote alcohol.
Just commented on New poll says people want Leo Varadkar to be the next leader of Fine Gael -
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.gets a mention in piece about Leo Varardkar's most recent trip to Brussels
Set aside 'politics' of Stack affair - Varadkar - Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar has said the "pol...
Just commented on Leo Varadkar tells Willie O'Dea to "chill" over his new DJ job -
Leo Varadkar Minister for Social Protection Ireland : Extend Maternity Leave for Mothers of Premature... via
Taoiseach 'very capable' to lead Brexit talks – Varadkar
Kenny 'very capable' to lead out on Brexit talks ^RTE
Minister Leo Varadkar spoke tonight in PermRep Ireland (Brussels) on reinvigorating the EU in a post-Brexit world.
If you haven't already heard about check it out here, a project funded by our
Honoured to host Minister Leo Varadkar at tonight -
Leo Varadkar to present Late Date on RTE at Christmas. Any Minister available to present Toy Show next year if Ryan Tubridy wants break?
"Not credible" for Enda Kenny to step down as leader and remain as Taoiseach for yrs says Leo Varadkar on with on
Leo Varadkar: Fianna Fáil not holding us hostage: The Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar has denied the ...
Leo Varadkar is the new Minister for Social Protection? Just when I was starting to miss Ireland...
Leo Varadkar as minister for Social Protection is terrifying
Actual fear hearing Leo Varadkar is Minister for Social Protection. I haven't looked at the roster yet...
Hamilton Collection
The new minister of Social Protection -- Leo Varadkar...does it mean USC will be abolished totally?
Leo Varadkar should have stayed as Minister for Health. If this was Leo's decision I'm very disappointed. I want to hear from Leo on this.
Leo Varadkar has been the biggest disappointment as a Minister, I don't know why people are getting excited (or angry).
Leo Varadkar moves from Health to become the new Minister for Social Protection
Michael Noonan will remain as Minister for Finance, while Leo Varadkar will go from Dept of Health to Dept of Social Protection
Leo Varadkar has been named Minister for Social Protection
Very shocked to see Simon Harris made minister for Health in the Dail replacing Leo Varadkar .. Hmm .. Leo won't be happy 🤔
Hard to imagine worse Minister for Health than Leo Varadkar but trust Enda to find one, his favourite sycophant, Simon Harris
Leo Varadkar not Health Minister any more? Poor choice! The number of people who voted FG because of him! What a loss, he'll be back!
Leo Varadkar has been appointed the Minister for Social Protection
BREAKING: New Cabinet line up - Leo Varadkar has been appointed Social Protection Minister
Leo Varadkar has threatened to pull funding in the St. Vincent's Hospital row and now to update us is Paul Cullen of the Irish Times .
Eoghan Harris is accusing Leo Varadkar of "Trotskyite behaviour" in the Sindo.
IT: Sinn Féin condemns plan to divert health funds: Calls for Leo Varadkar to explain why mental health spen...
Yup!. Leo Varadkar was right with his election posters joke..
Enjoyed talking with Leo Varadkar this afternoon on campus about issues affecting students
For every uninspiring *** male (Leo Varadkar) there is an equally inspiring *** male (Colm O'Gorman). Like readjusting to an equilibrium
None other than Mr Leo Varadkar on table 35.
Did you hear Leo Varadkar is coming to Sligo for the opening of the printer?
MayoU21s beat Dubs in semi final - Imelda May,Bertie Ahern,Leo Varadkar, your boys have taken one *** of a beating.
When you wake up and remember Leo Varadkar was in Coppers last night.
Leo Varadkar is at Copper's 20th birthday. Left the room due to volume of selfie requests. Also the issue of forming a government?
seeing Leo varadkar there ruined it for me
.because it takes Leo varadkar 48 days to do basic math...
Leo Varadkar says FG needs support of Independents and possibly other parties to be a viable and stable govt
Leo Varadkar says Fine Gael will need to get independents or smaller parties on board to get to 60 to ensure a viable government
Leo Varadkar 2010: "..consistent for 2 years is that Enda Kenny has not had the confidence of the public"
Leo Varadkar on Enda 2010: "I've always been loyal..never been involved in any mutterings or backbiting"
Leo Varadkar on support needed to oust Enda in 2010: "I'm absolutely certain that we have the numbers"
Leo Varadkar 2010: "And I still hope at this late stage that Enda Kenny will tender his resignation.."
Leo Varadkar 2010: "And I think that Enda Kenny would've been a very good taoiseach but.."
Leo Varadkar on Enda 2010: "..not that I've lost confidence in him. It's that the public doesn't.."
DT Brian Stanley: FF, FG saying SF not fit for Gov. last 4yr.Leo Varadkar ruled out a coalition la...
Frances Fitzgerald, Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe and Simon Coveney are all potential leaders of FG.
The petition to make medicinal cannabis available in Ireland for young Tristan. Pls R/T
Delighted to announce that Dr Sylvester Mooney, Dr Denise Sadlier, Dr Lynda Sisson & Dr Leo Varadkar will be our speakers at our launch!!!
Leo Varadkar. Irish Minister for Health: Approve life-saving medication for cystic fibrosis patients ... via
Petition doing the rounds claiming St James' is in Leo Varadkar's constituency slamming the Gov to get people to sing.
Spokesperson for Leo Varadkar told that 300 new beds have been made availalble (should solve the problem!)
Yes Lena, beat Leo Varadkar with a big stick to solve the hospital crisis.
Leo Varadkar's posters are clean and ready. Unlike most of our hospitals under his watch.
is Leo Varadkar advising Spieth a la gif grub last Thursday?
Fair play to exposing the pre election Gilmoreisms of a... let's be frank... very very politically mediocre Leo Varadkar.
I just can't fathom this result at all Alan Kelly, Joan Burton, Jan o Sullivan, Frances Fitzgerald and Leo Varadkar all back in
Power- Kathleen Lynch, Leo Varadkar and Jan O'Sullivan need to be tackled on mental health epidemic.
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I think that Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton didn't turn up to the people's debate. Not sure yet though...hasn't been mention…
Former minister’s praise of James Reilly taken as slight to Leo Varadkar
'Each and every day I struggle to get up' You need to read this 19-year-old's open letter to Leo Varadkar
‘I need your help’: Young woman’s harrowing letter to Leo Varadkar | SHEmazing!
Leo Varadkar has no empathy for sick unborn babies. No wonder he couldn't hack it as a doctor.
Leo Varadkar thinks that lowering the average lifespan could provide more trolley space in hospitals!
Petition the Minister for Health to approve Soliris for Degos Disease sufferers in Ireland -
Posted on behalf of a Liverpool fan who needs your help ...
I wonder if Leo Varadkar will reply to my email
Varadkar hits back at suggestions of "cronyism" (via
Cronyism debacle: Leo Varadkar gave harbour board posts to his FG pals.
could you please help this Mullingar family by sharing and signing this petition👍🏻
lol & they're queueing up the streets & dying to avail our great health service minister for water Leo Varadkar!
ah why not.Leo Varadkar says the overcrowding situation at hospitals is solved by cancelling all elective surgery
Minister of Health Leo Varadkar: Scoliosis Screening intoduced into Secondary Schools - Sign the Pet... via
Get 6 Free VitaTops
could you please help this Mullingar family by signing this petition and sharing it with your followers
Leo Varadkar is to the Health Service what Stephen Ireland is to the Irish football team
Varadkar: Cancellation of operations shows measures to tackle overcrowding are working: Health Minister Leo Va...
Leo Varadkar dodging and Spoofing while the Health service crumbles. An absentee landlord. How is he being aloud to get away with it?
Ireland's Minister for Health comes out as
No comment from HSE and Leo Varadkar was us to accept another 5 years of this
Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar says he welcomes the support of the National Association of GPs for the new rural doctors' allowance plan.
Why is Leo Varadkar enduringly popular, even though he's no better a Minister for Health than James Reilly was?.
He is scared of you docs!! "Leo Varadkar delays plan for free GP care to children u-12"
In studio tonight-Leo Varadkar & nurses on Emergency Depts & we'll discuss tragedies in Carrickmines & Louth h…
Leo Varadkar's defence of Enda Kenny on reminds me of Michael Martin's defence of Bertie Ahern.
We are delighted to announce that Dr. Leo Varadkar T.D. will speak at our Annual Conference
Thanks, Paul. We are not forgetting Minister Varadkar. Leo will of course be invited to our official launch.
Minister Leo Varadkar: Fund the upgrade of the Sacred Heart Hospital, Roscommon - Sign the Petition! via
Minister Varadkar to *** new tanning bed laws The Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar has announced new measures …
We need an immediate response from the senior Health Minister, Leo Varadkar.
Extra funding and staff for organ donation, says Leo Varadkar
Act now to tell Leo Varadkar our maternity services need emergency care.
Leo Varadkar is now the person I am petitioning via
FG to launch campaign for Yes vote in Referendum at Gaiety Theatre. Enda Kenny, Simon Coveney, Frances Fitzgerald + Leo Varadkar attending
Leo Varadkar is a "relatively popular" Minister for Health, according to the Sunday Business Post. Do they mean relative to James Reilly?
"We're also increasing the cost of penny sweets, so they now require a small loan from your bank." - Leo Varadkar.
Leo Varadkar plans to force doctors to admit mistakes during their treatment
Leo varadkar hates fun. Pricey cans and calorie counting in dominos is gona ruin my Superleague Saturday's. Thank God varsitys is in Belfast
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Leo Varadkar is a *** That is all.
Minister for Health Leo Varadkar: Doctors to be obliged by law to tell patients of errors via
Good for Leo, Good for Ireland- Dr Sara Burke on Minister Varadkar's recent interview-
Varadkar: Goal is 70 people on trolleys a day: The Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar, said he wants to reduce ...
Leo Varadkar says blood transfusion ban not a matter of equality via
Not equality issue "It's the person receiving blood who takes risk, not person donating it".
Leo Varadkar addresses issues with maternity services in Portiuncula Hospital
Just another way of putting more money in the coffers and in the pockets of the bond holders. You're a *** Leo...
Mothers meet Minister for Health re lack of pediatric palliative care services in Ireland!
*** is up with leo varadkar "the days of 15 cans of beer for €15 are over" thanks dad ??? meanwhile in spain 1.5L of wine is €1
Leo Varadkar went on his Xmas hols to Florida (instead of sorting out A&E). Why not Norway? High booze price = no tourists!
I blame for Leo Varadkar blocking me. She goaded me into it. Thanks ;)
Perhaps Minister Leo Varadkar might be better off worrying about conditions in our hospitals b4 anything else.
Success! Leo Varadkar has blocked me. It's good to see democracy working in action.
*** like Leo varadkar try to help this recession by driving us out of the country.
"Leo Varadkar is increasing the price of drink but I bet he won't up the price of his KY jelly". Greatest thing I've read all day
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