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Leo Valdez

Leo Valdez is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series.

Percy Jackson Frank Zhang Jason Grace Nico Di Angelo River Styx Barney Stinson Magnus Chase

Imagine if Lance's charactef was treated like Leo Valdez's
Might end up being Berchelt's comeback fight or Superfly 2. We won't see Leo/Mares II…
why does ryuk and I’s conversation remind me of Leo Valdez?
Did i just mention that I still love love love love love love love love love Leo Valdez with my Heart and Mind and…
Why does this resemble Leo Valdez more than the character himself?
This sounds a bit on the nose but I swear it’s only like 5% but this song makes me think of Leo Valdez
your face has more oil than the Exxon Valdez
The Navy is taking a page out of the Leo Valdez playbook: Xbox controllers on submarines
Leo valdez coming back to life is number one in the list of demonic things Rick's done
"There's a horde of writers writing jokes about Donald Trump every single night"
omg i just remembered i dreamt about leo valdez earlier I MISS HIM
Can’t wait to wake up and regret everything tomorrow. Leo Valdez.
“I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts.” . ~ Leo Valdez
I wanna be loved as much as sami loves leo valdez
— leonidas valdez . "I'm the super-sized mcshizzle, man! I'm leo valdez, bad boy supreme. and the ladies love a bad…
- Leo Valdez. "We've all got weaknesses. Me, for instance. I'm tragically funny and good-looking."
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- Leo Valdez and Calypso. "I'm coming back for you, Calypso. I swear it on the River Styx."
- Hazel Levesque and Leo Valdez. "What is a chicken nugget?". "That's right. You've missed the last like seventy years.…
My favorite Leo Valdez quote ever:. "See, lady, that's what happens to snow in Texas. It-freaking-melts.". -The Lost Hero
I’m sick, but I had a strong desire to try out Leo Valdez because I love him with all my heart
Thank you ren charlene sa lahat!!! You're still the Annabeth Chase to my Leo Valdez! May God bless you…
what would Leo Valdez name a car, a blue Jeep to be exact.
I fell asleep while reading The Lost Hero and I ended up dreaming of Leo Valdez. Lol.
Leo Valdez might be one of the best middle grade/YA characters out there.
To whoever keeps buying my Leo Valdez stickers: I'm glad you appreciate the flame boy! ❤😭
I'll just sit this here 😇: Cheating on a Leo will literally ruin your life because they will use to to take all the power.
Its disgusting how much put up with for people who ended up treating them like they're nothing.
Daily Leo: You have been holding on a little too tightly to your emotions in recent months. Time for change.
Leo Valdez; "Lady, nobody messes with my dragon and gets away with it"
"Humor is a good way to hide the pain."- Leo Valdez
PSA: I love Piper McLean, Jason Grace, and Leo Valdez. That is all.
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Sometimes I really wanna meet Leo Valdez. Then I remember he's fictional
my favorite exchange in literature right now. Enceladus: ...VALDEZ!. Leo: what's up, Enchilada?
also with his hair slicked back ISNSJDBDJA HE REMINDS ME OF LEO VALDEZ
Which fictional character would you date? — LEO VALDEZ
I just also realized leo valdez and lance has the same funny demeanor and gdi they can practically understand their machine's lingo
(( I was once Leo Valdez! But sigh. I guess I would like to stick more to Jason now. ))
(( If someone wanted to be Leo Valdez while being Chanyeol at the same time as well that would be nice. ))
The Herod of Olympus series by rick riordan that me and Lils talk about. Leo Valdez? He's a son of Hep…
Leo Valdez from the heros of Olympus series??
1. Gaea: leave it to mother nature to take away Leo Valdez's happiness aka his mother.
None of these photos contain either me or Leo Valdez how can this be considered good
hello I love Nico Di Angelo and leo valdez that is All goodbye
overexcitable latino with a smug facade and Feelings about being a seventh wheel: lance mcclain or leo valdez
I'm on mythology overdose. . And I'm gonna explode if I read TTOA where Leo friggin Valdez is there.
I just wanna protect leo valdez my child
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And Leo Valdez too. 😂 Ma'am you should start reading Heroes of Olympus
You love kenma and Leo Valdez wow I think Im in love — well you love them both i'm inlove with you too
Nico Di Angelo and Leo Valdez are my children and I love them
Noah fence i lowkey dislike leo valdez maybe if i reread hoo ill remember why i liked him in the beginning
I'm rereading the lost hero, I never read the last HoO so I'm rereading the series, and I forgot how much I love my son Leo Valdez.
You're diving for pearls in your psychological ocean and one t... More for Leo
If you reading this, Leo Valdez is my fictional boyfriend.
Leo, just like my favorite fiction character, Leo Valdez.
Leo Valdez is another badass ADHD who's also a PoC, he's said to be extremely ADHD ever for a demigod
Leo Valdez is my second fave character now ❤️❤️😍. Also shipping him with Piper💕
Spots Leo. Makes a beeline. "Ah, Leo Valdez! I'm enjoying your Valdezinator greatly, but I have a few questions about the f-minor scale..."
“The scroll is from Leo. He is funny and small.” — best description of Leo Valdez ever (Tyson's)
Well goodnight I love my child Leo Valdez who deserves more recognition and I hope Viktor and Yuuri are very happy now.
Sadie Kane and Leo Valdez met? OHMYGASH COOLAWESOME. The room will explode of their awesomeness in one room.
If there are skeletons hiding in your family closet, be ready ... More for Leo
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IT ME HERE TO annoy everyone else about how much i love leo valdez
Leo Valdez: Child of hepheatesus (Spelling??) bad boy Supreme. He's quirky and funny. We would be brother and siste…
Leo Valdez; Black Bottom the Sequel, Supreme Commander of the Argo ll, Uncle Leo, Mr. Spock, Admiral, Repair Boy, Blue Bottom
"full offence but I would die for Leo Valdez and Nico Di Angelo"
“Leo Valdez by day. Undercover cop Bert Macklin by night”
Remember to love and appreciate Leo Valdez and Frank Zhang today bc theyre both brave and loyal demigods who'd do anything fo…
Okay I wanted to make a Leo Valdez (from Percy Jackson)mood board or aesthetic but who do you guys fancast for him?give me ideas
"Leo Valdez, Jake T. Austin is a demigod, Son of Hephaestus. And he is ready to live in the camp."
leo valdez. -my child. -my first love. -nice character development but i wouldnt say the same thing in BoO. -funny. -deserves l…
Happy Birthday Uncle Rick Thank you for giving life to Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez 💙🔥
If Hoshi was a demigod he'd be son of Hephaestus because my head keep screaming "Leo Valdez" when I see him and 'Kwon Fire' is a real thing.
Leo Valdez is the son of Hephaestus? What the ***
Probably I'd be experiencing another emotional roller coaster ride if Leo Valdez is involve in Apollo's prophecy...
Also, what would I have done without a Percabeth, a Leo Valdez, a Sadie and Carter Kane, a Magnus Chase, in my life.
The next chapter of the Percy Jackson story... Leo Valdez and the House of Nyx - LEO
Just when you thought you had a clear view of the future the r... More for Leo
Our very own The Engineer of Miss Saigon, the one and only Leo Valdez.
Leo Valdez . • MY SON. • I hate him so much I thought he died. • he is literally lit. • he's so smol and his humour is great…
47. Leo Valdez has the most interesting backstory among all the seven demigods. I'm sorry, Frank. He won this one, at lea…
I'd gladly hang out with Percy Jackson or Leo Valdez.
To all the Leo Valdez fans out there... SPOILER ALERT from the trials of apollo. pp.113-115
As much as you enjoy participating in a group effort, you stil... More for Leo
I was in love with Nico Di Angelo. 😭 And then I swtiched to Leo Valdez. Why take everything 😭😭😭
⚡ leo valdez ⚡. - needs more love. - amazing characterization. - I wouldn't say the same thing on blood of olympus
16. Leo Valdez. Don't tell me he's stupid for choosing Calypso. The six had each other. He lost his mom. He felt love, yes,…
When the only person who understands you is leo valdez but he is not real..sadly
I'm so happy that Leo Valdez is back? Kind of laughed at that awkward reunion between Calypso and Percy doe 🙈🙈
so... Arion and Ammit was mentioned in Demigods&Magicians BUT Leo Valdez wasn't?!? 😭😭
Signs that make you go "daayyymn Daniel". Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricor…
Leo Valdez + Calypso. - protect leo his mom died :(. - calypso doesnt deserve the hate she gets. - protect them
Although you might be basking in the light of admiration today... More for Leo
y'all know I love the Percy Jackson books but reading any dialogue from Leo Valdez feels like reading an internet meme
‏One word to discrible Leo Valdez? Please! / I love the word 'discrible.' That is epic.
You think of any actor playing Leo Valdez?/ I never cast my own characters. I have absolutely no interest in that. Leo i…
.I have a question: Leo Valdez is mexican? /He's Mexican American, Tejano from Houston.
Leo Valdez is my spirit animal but I relate to Nico on an emotional level.
LEO VALDEZ did nothing wrong, was always the 3rd wheel, covers up his loneliness by using humor, my preciOUSHDJCJF https:/…
Leo Valdez because he lost so much, but he could still laugh (also because he's short like me ;P)
Leo Valdez bc he is so funny despite having a dark past and has the talent to make his friends happy
Leo Valdez deserves all the love and affection in this world he is the light of my life and i love him endlessly
But there can only be one, Alyssa Valdez. . (c) Leo Lopez
“This is so not right! Frank Zhang is not meant to be affectionate with Leo Valdez! Not unless I’m about to sacrifice myself to defeat Gaia"
Leo Valdez is ABeautiful character and deserves more love than he gets
me and Leo Valdez have that talent of being the unneeded wheel and often ending up alone; only thing is I don't get the girl bc Im hella ***   10% Off
HEPAESTUS BUT NOT LEO VALDEZ. Dont ask me who is the best between greyson or leo
“This is Leo Valdez signing off, have a great night everybody”
it's not THAT bad. You just can't post
it makes me cry to see how much my boyfriend is like Leo Valdez
Look at Lyle’s red jacket – only Nook’s Homes finest wear one. Maybe you should get fitted for one soon. …
When you find the real Leo Valdez and you just want to marry him even more
Fotoset: emmaswn: Leo Valdez : King of Fire art by viria
Pretty sure Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus is the same as Carlos from The Magic School Bus.
Will we have a Leo Valdez/Sadie Kane character in Magnus Chase? You know, sassy and fabulous.
gosh still can't get over that Leo Valdez gonna be speculated died... relieved that he finally found calypso in Ogygia.
Read aloud all the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books to my sister. More proud of my Leo Valdez voice than I like to admit.
well nobody wants to watch you complain either B(
Foto: banannabeth: Leo Valdez + Aesthetic His hands were perfectly still on the table. Leo’s hands were...
shed look better if she wasnt with all that "Iran will bomb us" scum
Princess Peach would like to thank all the fans for celebrating her special month. Fire Flowers for everyone!
How to train your dragon by Leo Valdez!
I asked a question about leo valdez
like 3 years ago I asked a question about leo valdez and he blocked me
leo valdez is my son and I love him
You want to be as positive as you can in everything you do now... More for Leo
A11: But if there's one, I'll choose Leo Valdez because he's awesome and I'll tell him how much I love him! 😍😁
actually I subbed bc he reminded me of Leo Valdez from HoO (not really anymore)
Piper was screaming, "LEO VALDEZ!" Percy and Piper were still screaming.
I tried to convince him to use Leo Valdez but he doesn't want
Leo valdez is black, he's black and latino
You could speak your truth so colorfully that others are taken... More for Leo
"This is Leo Valdez we're talking about. He might come back any minute. Then we can take turns strangling him."
Hey, so I'm writing a sad Leo Valdez story about his depression, torture and love interest. Link for wattpad account in bio ^.
Overheard: what she says: im fine what she means: rick riordan destroyed leo valdez's and calypso's...
// I found LEO VALDEZ! and this guy was wearing an SPQR shirt... *-*
"But it was Leo Valdez who had made the real sacrifice" DONT please don't not Leo
"You had me /so/ worried, Valdez!" Calypso said, elbowing him. Really, she knew it was her all along. But, hey, if Leo --
i loved leo's valdez's character at first so I still feel the need to defend him but frick I can see why people hate him riordan RUINED HIM
Emotional interactions on the home front could lead to a messy... More for Leo
"demigods a.k.a out of control teenagers with a death wish". basically why I love Leo Valdez 😂
I love Leo Valdez because, like me, he is a sad person who is funny and likes to work with his hands
xancthus refused to use Leo Valdez as his name because of.
bc I'm not completely sure if we are thinking of the same leo Valdez
Calissa was running off then something grabbed her, It was Leo. "Valdez!" She said as Leo took her in his room and kissed-
"I try not to think,it interferes with being nuts". FREAKIN LEO VALDEZ EVERYONE
Photoset: hot-like-leo-valdez: The seven & Nico and Reyna + First spoken words in HoO Art by Viria this is...
“Leo Valdez is mine. Do not touch him or I'll run you through with a sword.” — —
He contemplated pretending he didn't know what he just said or telling the truth. "Leo. Leo Valdez."
Your star is on the rise now and you can't help but draw a cap... More for Leo
If i am Calypso, Would you be my leo valdez? Would you make a valdezinator for me? Yeah for me, not for appolo
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(That book is the Percy Jackson series, the character is Leo Valdez.)
the harry styles edit of Leo Valdez gave me nightmares
Me and Leo Valdez are married. End of story.
If i could have a boyfriend like hiccup or leo valdez that'd be great
"it should be illegal to be this funny and single". LEO VALDEZ
She pulled Leo to her, "Leo Valdez. I love you." And kisses him wrapping her arms around him.
Nico Di Angelo and Leo Valdez can just get out of my face please and thank
I don't usually get attracted to sassy boys but *whispers* leo valdez is different
- this idea from Heroes of Olympus, and Leo Valdez’s magic toolbelt, nope.
//looking for a Leo Valdez to RP with.
"L-Leo Valdez?" the girl repeated, perking up at the mention of his name.
"Well, I'm Alessandra Thames. A friend of Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez." Alessa looked down at the ground.
Although you might claim you're being very adaptable now, your... More for Leo
me: I love all the characters in Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus . me, earlier that day: I don't care for Leo Valdez
A familiar relationship issue could resurface today when a clo... More for Leo
Laughing at all the people who hated Leo Valdez at the ending of Blood of Olympus. Seriously guys?
.. Evening, friends! So I wrote a song about Leo Valdez from Blood of Olympus. Hope you enjoy
Somehow felt like this is one of Leo Valdez's works.
I'm the Leo Valdez in my group of friends it's actually sad
Video: (via Just me painting Leo Valdez in Watercolor.  I love...
Photoset: leo valdez in watercolor by
Leo Valdez and William Herondale, two perfect and amazing fictional characters! Like, look at them!
Your expressive personality has been working on overdrive and ... More for Leo
I personally think Leo Valdez and I would make a great couple.
if I had superpowers it would be to turn fictional characters into real ppl. LIKE SRSLY WHO DOESN'T WANT A LEO VALDEZ IN THEIR LIFE
Photoset: leo valdez once again folks!! adorable bae
You can't get rid of the scrawny sizzling hotness of Leo Valdez even if you tried, love.
i tried to draw leo valdez but my drawing skills are dumb so bare with it haPPY BIRTHDAY LEO VALDEZ YAYAY
You might think you're taking the most rational path today, bu... More for Leo
Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus idk why though
will u take a moment to talk about my love with Leo Valdez with me
He look like Leo Valdez in HoO. I like him. :3
Leo Valdez deserves the world. auh fight me 😣
Leo Valdez bcs im hurt that the poor boy thought of himself as the seventh wheel when he has done so much MORE 😖
leo valdez. Because all he ever wanted was to be loved back and in the end he finally found the one who will
You can try and try all you want but you will never be as hot as Jason Grace, Nico Di Angelo, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez and Percy Jackson.
Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo, Luke Castellan... I wish you all are more than a character in a…
The first time mentioned "Leo Valdez" to my classmates they were like... "Who is he". "Is he your crush". They were really clueless. 😂😂😂
"Below my soul i feel an engine, collapsing as it sees the pain. If only i could shut it out" This is so Leo Valdez I cry
This guy beside me is studying but keeps talking/blurting out random things & he may or may not remind me of Leo Valdez from HoO 😂 bless him
"Sooo Umbra, how are you finding the camp? Pretty awesome right, cause Leo Valdez is here *He slicks his hair back and-
You think you are ready for nearly anything that might happen,... More for Leo
"Catch that last episode of Doctor Who? Oh, right. You were trudging through the Pit of Eternal Damnation!". - Leo Vald…
“Baby i invented scrawny and scrawny is the new sizzling hot.”. ~ Leo Valdez, Son of Neptune
we dont know Leo Valdez’s full name. it could be Leonardo. it could be Leonard. maybe Leopold. we just dont know
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Overheard: the signs as fictional characters (books) - Aries: Leo Valdez Taurus: Margo Roth Spiegelman...
So yeah; according to buzzfeed's which character are you quiz, I am Leo Valdez, Daenerys Targaryen, Barney Stinson, and Greg Lestrade
*Leo Valdez singing and twerking to the song in the halls while enjoying the school burns down*
is it bad I imagined you playing the character Leo Valdez in the Heroes of Olympus series 😂😂😂😂
Photoset: argo2: Leo Valdez + Run Boy Run by Woodkid Art by Viria, edit by Argo2
Oído al pasar: Leo: My name is Leo Valdez. You killed my mother. Prepare to die. Gaea: Aren’t you the...
Pfft- /laughs/ seriously, leo? is this one of your joke? it's impossible if you don't know me, Mr. Valdez.
How to Train Your Dragon movie starring Festus and Leo Valdez
"Well... Maybe pull a Leo Valdez and write it on a JumboTron?"
*offers the lady a friendly handshake* Leo Valdez is the name, and it's a pleasure to meet you!
Why did you find The Lost Hero boring, the amazing, hot existence of Leo freaking Valdez was first introduced here.
[Forever my favorite fanart of Leo Valdez]
Silena laughed heartily... Leo Valdez never failed to make her laugh... "Ah yes of course... those are your babies..."
If I'm emotional it's probably cause:. Steve Rogers. Newt. Leo Valdez. Chuck & Blair. Barney Stinson. Chandler Bing. get the idea
I found leo valdez rp and he was really cute and very /leo valdez/
[OFFICIAL PROM PAIRING] and Congratulations, guys. +200 for both of you and benos for Leo +50.
I got Leo Valdez! "easygoing, upbeat, energetic, funny, flirty, and loves to tell jokes, even if they aren’t funny" lol me
I love them in theory but for me it's like Leo Valdez, Hikaru Hitatician, Yamada
"(Calypso totally rocked that style, but that wasn't relevant)" LEO VALDEZ I CAN'T HANDLE YOU
You are standing on the cusp of a major breakthrough, but can'... More for Leo
ASAP guesting today with Ima Castro and Leo Valdez! We're doing a Miss Saigon medley. Catch us at around 1pm on ABSCBN! …
From East Coast to West End - Leo Valdez, Ima Castro and Tanya Manalabg with Angeline, Erik & Vina!…
Good times with alumni-- former Engineer, Leo Valdez and former Kim, Ima Castro!…
If Leo Valdez doesn't arrive at Camp a couple of days after the end of the book, I'm done
"Quote this with your fave fictional character" Leo Valdez 💕
"I'm the Super-sized McShizzle, man!" Leo said. "I'm Leo Valdez, bad boy supreme. And the ladies love a bad boy."
"Anyways, cut the name spelling! Yes, Leo Valdez A.K.A Bad Boy Supreme." The curly-haired boy placed his fists on his -- [
was reading a book today realizing 1 of the character was like Leo. "Everyone needs a Leo Valdez"
Leo Valdez my mind is completely broken.
Im so upset why cant I be with Leo Valdez why why why whyy
PJO fans: who do you ship me with, Leo Valdez or Nick di Angelo?
the snow goddess should give up before I call Leo Valdez
“I’m so hot I made a dragon come out of retirement.”. — Leo Valdez, the Lost Hero
My Leo Valdez horse, created by me:
The Goddess closed her eyes and held cheeks, pressing her lips softly against Leo's own. "Just this once, Valdez."
A quote from the one and only amazing Leo Valdez
"Could both if you stop it! And Apollo no offense,but Leo Valdez is obviously /hotter/! So,stop your dam fighting and get o…
i met jackie on pjot and she was the leo valdez and? in our FIRST CONVO she HIT ON ME with a REALLY BAD PICKUP LINE
are you trying to take me back? Sorry sweetheart, my heavy heart just breaks/g. KOK W BR NYADAR KM LEO VALDEZ OH SUAMIKU
Hephaestus kids are rare, and I have the attention span of a Leo Valdez, so. -places out
-- gripping at his hammer on the other hand. "Leo Valdez is here!". [
“LEO VALENTINES DAY CARD looks like something leo valdez would do, yeah.
gurl i'm not leo valdez but you're a REYNA
/ if someone wants to fight with mcshizzle-muy caliente Leo Valdez, just mention me!
Wanting a relationship like Leo Valdez and Calypso ♥
Hey leo! I'm a huge fan of the leo valdez character from the Percy Jackson book series. Are you the real leo?
Just finished reading The Blood Of Olympus. i spent half my year reading the Series. I will miss Them all mostly Leo Valdez
I love leo valdez so much I tried to convince myself hazel was the fave and then just team hazel-frank-leo but it's past time to be honest
"Leo Valdez. THE Leo Valdez." Annabeth folded her arms over her chest with a small smile to
» doubt because Leo Valdez was lonely, it had been far too long since he's have some type of human contact. . And offered »
— shoved back into place. Blame it on his ADD because he couldn't stay still. "So, Uhh. . Name's Leo Valdez! And you are,
Aw, I miss Leo Valdez and Nico diAngelo now:( one is taken(well it doesnt matter actually, as long as he's happy) and the other one is ***
Chuckling softly, Piper picked up two of he fallen coco packets and handed them up to Leo. "That it isn't, Mr. Valdez." -
thank you for giving leo Valdez a happy ending💜
Someday I'll land on my own Ogygia and meet my own Calypso.. (and i'm gonna be that girl's Leo Valdez) :)
I cried when Leo Valdez sweared upon the River of Styx that he was going back for Calypso.
(Jason) "Sure, you're all-bam! Lightning man. And 'Watch me fly. I am the eagle that soars-" (Leo) "Shut up, Valdez." (Jason) Leo (4/6)
I woke up crying because I dreamt that Leo Valdez died and I'm still sad
"in which Ashton reminds me of Leo Valdez asdfghjkl
When is Leo Valdez's Birthday? Btw you are my favorite author and I love your books. :D
Sometimes when I talk about Leo even I forget whether I'm talking about Leo Valdez or VIXX Leo
both my parents are fire signs, my dad is a Leo, he is quick to turn up and LIVES LIFE. I think he wants to be a DJ
you are Leo Valdez in the human world. trust me. it fits. it's perfect. you should cosplay him
when did I start loving Leo Valdez this is terrible he skyrocketed to favorite.
Leo Valdez and the curse of the seventh wheel
"Leo Valdez uses humor to hide away his pain"
Have I also mentioned he's a mechanic too like Leo Valdez?
too late. 💋 just call me Leo Valdez: Tickle Master
"Who's that fella over there,is he Leo? VALDEZ HOW DARE YOU?"
this is a (homemade) gift for my boyfriend. He's my Repair Boy. He's my Leo Valdez ♥
"My name? Heh. My name is Leona 'Leo' Valdez. But most people just call me Leo, ya can do it too, She winked, with a »
"Oh I bet he is! Did you know his name was Leo Valdez?" *he smiles brightly*
That moment when you wish you had Leo Valdez and then you realize you are not Calypso :(
My mind goes into overdrive trying to figure out whether people are talking about Vixx Leo or Leo Valdez
I used to think of leo valdez when I saw the word leo
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I miss reading about Leo Valdez and his antics
- the amazing Leo Valdez to save the day, I do believe we'd all perish." Jason's words are spoken teasingly, yet hold a -
» Uhhh. . My name is Leona Valdez, but everyone around here just calls me Leo." Nod, she didn't want to think she was some »
Me: I just want someone that will love me. And look like Percy Jackson and have good humor like leo valdez
» leaned over the machine that ached to be touched by her wonder hands. Heh. Adjusting the belt around her slim waist, Leona 'Leo' Valdez »
Leo Valdez: The seventh wheel of the seven demigods of the...
— Leo Valdez (Valdez, who perhaps one of my biggest disappointments in life 😂😭 ...and I cannot believe myself for quoting him)
Chemistry then LK and then I'm gonna go dating with Leo Valdez~~
Here are some Leo Valdez feels for you
"Don't underestimate my ability to annoy you..". -Leo Valdez
"I told you I had a plan. When are you going to trust me? And by the way – I love you guys." . ~ Leo Valdez, Blood of O…
"Humor was a good way to hide the Pain". -Leo Valdez
ok but hear me out Leo Valdez is probably so good in bed like all that engineering pays off his hands are miracle workers
“Delaying death is one of my favorite hobbies.” . ~ Leo Valdez, The Mark of Athena
A boyfriend like Percy Jackson. A father like Frank Zhang. A best friend like Leo Valdez. A brother like Nico Di Angelo. A…
"No, Pipes. It could be just a random flock of eagles. Of course they're Roman!" ~Leo (Sorry if it's not exact to the book)
Photo: get to know me meme: [3/4] Percy Jackson favorite characters: ↳leo valdez (art)
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