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Lennay Kekua

Manti Malietau Louis Te'o (born January 26, 1991) is an American collegiate football player of Samoan descent.

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how about Lennay Kekua... look it up if you don't remember!
Lennay Kekua is moving to LA with your LB? Send selfies.
After the game, Nick Saban said "it was a poor decision" to have Lennay Kekua defending Renfrow all game.
To find D Rose you need to first find Lennay Kekua.
To the boys of a Happy 5th Anniversary! Here's to many more! 🍾🍺 p.s. There are Lennay Kekua songs being written now. Standby
Please include “Four Points” high school in the Lennay Kekua High School game of the week.
We need some good submissions for the Lennay Kekua GOTW. . Email your lyrics & stump PK — Midday180
I understand the NFL has fined Lennay Kekua $75,000 for an illegal chop block on the play.
Does this mean Lennay Kekua is also placed on IR?
You might as well call the defenses in this game Lennay Kekua, because they don't exist...
we all know that Lennay Kekua now goes by Lennay K Savage.
I wonder if Lennay Kekua will take care of him 😂😂😂
Suspicious. Achilles is a myth, just like Lennay Kekua.
Orthopedic Surgeon Lennay Kekua could not be reached for comment.
The bright side to Manti Te'o missing the rest of the season with a torn ACL? He will finally have the time to meet Lennay Kekua.
Four years ago today the world lost an angel. RIP Lennay Kekua. Stay strong Manti.
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don't forget a guy on the Cards says he had met her, nobody seems to recall that.
Lennay Kekua it's over leave Manti Te'o alone already!
it looked like he got tackled by Lennay Kekua.
Lennay Kekua reacts to Manti Te'o being injured today.
Lennay Kekua comes out of nowhere to break Manti Teo's ankle.
Lennay Kekua really did a number on Te'o there.
So.he was tripped up by Lennay Kekua?
Sitting here at the vs game. A lot of people have brought Lennay Kekua with them for Manti!
they just have not been the same since Lennay Kekua died for a second time
The guy on the right, is he tackling Lennay Kekua?
It’s time for the Lennay Kekua High School Game of the Week. is 1-4 on the season. Can he win???
Lennay Kekua fake bobblehead doll night for Florence Freedom
FYI guys, a certain former guest just totally ripped off the Lennay Kekua game of the week. Imitation is a high form of flattery
the only reason Manti acted like that was he thought you were going to collide with his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua.
Manti Te'o was in Charles Woodson's face because he heard that he'd been sleeping with Lennay Kekua
Te'o must be getting the silent treatment from Lennay Kekua.
Lennay Kekua lol I still remember his imaginer girl.
probably trying to find Lennay Kekua all night
Lmao there's a Lennay Kekua sign at the coliseum
Lmao Raiders fans have a banner that says "Lennay Kekua"
Did anybody else notice the gigantic Lennay Kekua sign somebody hung up in the stadium? That joke will never get old.
Good work with the Lennay Kekua sign, Raiders fans
There's a legit-looking banner in one of the end zones that says "Lennay Kekua" on it.
There's a Lennay Kekua sign at the Coliseum lol
Hope Lennay Kekua offered her love and support to before the game, just as any imaginary girlfriend would do
Manti Te'o having a terrible game so far. Must have found out Santa Claus is as real as Lennay Kekua
I turned down a trip to tonight. That's a thing for couples to do and Lennay Kekua couldn't be my date tonight
her masters degree is about as real as Lennay Kekua was to Manti Te'o
It's that time of year again. The time when we need to remind all of the folks about Manti Teo's gf hoax Lennay Kekua.
Couldn't have done it without God, my family, all my friends, Mullys, or Lennay Kekua.
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So what does the world do when Lance Armstrong admits he is Lennay Kekua?!
We are nearing the third anniversary of Lennay Kekua's death.
AUDIO: We did the final Lennay Kekua Country GOTW before HS football season today; ICYMI, listen here:
You could have given the last place player this season a "Lennay Kekua participation trophy"...
We talked Titans from 12:15-12:45. Your math is bad. And Lennay Kekua is one of our most popular segments.
Surprise edition of the Lennay Kekua Country Song of the Week happening now.
Set three features Derek Jeter, also the GOAT, for and Lennay Kekua for
Matt Barnes could always just date Lennay Kekua.
Brian Kelly is having a hologram of Lennay Kekua lead the Irish out of the tunnel next season to motivate his nonexistent BCS team.
One year ago today, we learned that Lennay Kekua, Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend, never existed.
That penalty was about as real as Lennay Kekua.
I thought it was going to be a picture of Lennay Kekua - Manti's girlfriend.
Breaking: the dress was worn by Manti Te'o's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua.
Wasn't that the color of the dress that Lennay Kekua wore on her first date with Manti Te'o???
Reminder: Lennay Kekua country song of the week is every Thursday at 12:50.
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Lennay Kekua will not keep me down in this game. I shall rise again.
PK now 0-3 in Lennay Kekua country music Game of the Week --
And we're off! Coming up hear PK take another shot at guessing the wrong country song with our Lennay Kekua segment
Lennay Kekua the one shopping this Dez mixtape?
Best bets: Hanging out with Lennay Kekua or jumping off a balcony to save a child...
I bet Lennay Kekua is at the bottom of this Silas Nacita story.
Maybe Silas Nacita should consider moving in with Lennay Kekua.
First Silas Nacita says he was ruled ineligible by the NCAA, now the NCAA said they didn't do it.I guess he was told by his GF, Lennay Kekua
Did Lennay Kekua have something to do with this whole NCAA deal?
I'm not saying Notre Dame didn't show up against Arizona State, but Lennay Kekua is shaking her head.
Even Lennay Kekua would dump Everett Golson after this game.
The spirit of Lennay Kekua still haunts Notre Dame
On how Arizona State can beat Notre Dame, in reality or emotionally. Also, Lennay Kekua jokes
I can understand the fury Lennay Kekua must be feeling right now.
Notre Dame's undefeated season disappeared like Lennay Kekua...
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Lennay Kekua approves. Maybe we'll see them play again in Pasadena or New Orleans. (ANGRY RESPONSES IN 3, 2 ...)”
Tough loss for Notre Dame. Really feeling for Lennay Kekua right now.
Tonight I have read jokes about Law & Order SVU (pertaining to TAMU) and Lennay Kekua all concerning college football games. Thank. You.
our defense gets a stop i making out with Lennay Kekua.
Just about to get home, who is winning? Lennay Kekua or Jameis Winston?
Lennay Kekua, not being real, was unable to give consent. What Manti did to her was rape
Just minutes prior to taking the field, Lennay Kekua accuses 's of assault.
I hope Lennay Kekua is watching this game from heaven.
did y'all bring Lennay Kekua with you
If you make a sign for Gameday and you're playing Notre Dame, you gotta go with "Rudy was offsides" or "Lennay Kekua is my girlfriend"
Lennay Kekua has been spotted in Tallahasee wearing an autographed jersey and it wasn't Manti Te'os
tomorrow's game will be played in loving memory of Lennay Kekua
Rudy was offsides. Lou Holtz has a lisp. Lennay Kekua jokes.
let's all say a prayer for Lennay Kekua, she was tragically lost when Tuiasosopo's computer crashed 😔😕😒
Brady Hoke thinks Manti Teo and Lennay Kekua are a beautiful couple who will have many beautiful babies.
This JUST IN: The NFL is now looking into the suspicious death of Manti Te'o's girlfriend Lennay Kekua.
BREAKING NEWS! TMZ has just released a graphic photo of Manti Te'o kicking college girlfriend Lennay Kekua.
Im pretty sure Lennay Kekua wouldve played better than Manti in the NCG last year.
wow. She may just be crazy enough for everyone to forget Lennay Kekua.
James Franklin just hit a wide open Lennay Kekua down the sideline...
“Chargers have arrived in downtown Cincinnati: Is that Lennay Kekua I see?
wait did they ever figure out who was behind the lennay kekua scandal (AKA Mantigate) and what their motivation was?
Have the Browns contacted Lennay Kekua yet for their HC position?
Goblinline's Lennay Kekua a Beetle Juice daughter at 7wks old.. *** she look just like her daddy!!!…
mariotti still trying to reach Lennay Kekua as well, I assume
to be fair to Bama and AJ, they had to deal with seeing the ghost of Lennay Kekua walking the streets of New Orleans
I'd like to think Lennay Kekua is looking down on this game and smiling.
“So where's this amazing Alabama defense...?” . They skipped the Bowl game to go party with Lennay Kekua.
Alabama tonight is trying their best to be Lennay Kekua.
they were going to run the piece where made friends with Lennay Kekua but she kept canceling
I've got a friend her name is Lennay Kekua you want to meet her? Lol
Miss Lennay Kekua thinks you're the hater.
ESPN's Sugar Bowl sideline reporter should chat with both Katherine Webb and Lennay Kekua tonight. That would be awesome.
I see Baylor and Central Florida are all about that Lennay Kekua style of defense
Haven't heard from Lennay Kekua in months. Does this mean we've broke up?. I promised her her I would play even if something happened to her.
the best obviously being the Manti Te'o-Lennay Kekua love affair
I bet george o'leary gave lennay kekua as a character reference on his resume! Lil bit of college football humor for you folks
Lennay Kekua was from Stanford, right? MT The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band played "She's Not There"
My thoughts are with the families of Colorado's future pot OD victims. Also Snuffaluffagus, the Tooth Fairy, Loch Ness, and Lennay Kekua.
Nothing and I mean NOTHING! can top Manti Te'o and Lennay Kekua!
Made out with my girlfriend Lennay Kekua last nite/early this morning for New Years
Live shot of Lennay Kekua celebrating on New Year's.
omfg you are dating Lennay Kekua now? Congrats! Happy New Years :)
Lennay Kekua is the star of Texas A&M's defense...
And Lennay Kekua is joining their cheerleading squad. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I can't wait to kiss Lennay Kekua tonight at midnight.
Thank God Lennay Kekua doesn't have supper plans otherwise I'd be the 7th wheel!
Hey everybody deserves to be with someone at the start of a new year so I got Lennay Kekua to be your date tonight.
TribLIVE - Sports world had its share of blunders in 2013 - The Trib’s annual look at what went wrong and what mad you do a double take in the sports world in 2013: JANUARY Lennay Kekua ...
Sike Nahh u still my uso Hosey lol but if its really u askin these dum questions uce, Im gonna need to you to stop being Lennay Kekua lmao😂
My first ND jersey! Took my Michigan-loving cousins and uncles about 5 seconds to call me Lennay Kekua's boyfriend. Still worth it Thanks so much Aunt Kathy!
Looks like they are chatting with lennay kekua.
NFL officials ruled Lennay Kekua was 7th player overloading the formation on Succop's FG attempt. Not real person, so formation was legal.
After 3 straight seasons of losing in the first round of the playoffs, Lennay Kekua is also on the hot seat.
It's official, Lennay Kekua's Lost Lovers are the league champions! Couldn't be more proud of my squad.
Te'o was later found celebrating with his girlfriend Lennay Kekua.
That it is! Lennay Kekua is a cheerleader for the Bengals.
An apt observation from "The football gods today listened to "Lennay Kekua"".
We're all blaming Conte, but he thought Lennay Kekua had Cobb covered.
Chargers are really grateful Lennay Kekua played quarterback for the Dolphins and Ravens
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I guess Lennay Kekua's spirit helped to guide the Chargers to victory today.
San Diego are in the playoffs! Tomorrow: Lennay Kekua discovered to have been real person
So sad that Lennay Kekua isn't here celebrating the Chargers making the playoffs
With the way that SD/KC game went I have to think Lennay Kekua was in imaginary heaven watching over Manti T'eo & his Chargers.
A little over a year after his girlfriend Lennay Kekua died, Manti Te'o makes the playoffs
Lennay Kekua gets the assist for that Chargers victory.
Chargers' defense looking so bad, you'd think their 12th man is Lennay Kekua.
Lennay Kekua just pushed that wide right.
The Ghost of Lennay Kekua pushed that field goal wide
Just saw Lennay Kekua in the crowd and she had on a Chiefs jersey. Or am I imagining things?
More real: San Diego's chances of making the playoffs this season, or Lennay Kekua?
Lennay Kekua is back, &taping a gangbang DVD in front of T'eo's stall in the Chargers' locker room as we speak.
McCluster with a TD! Lennay Kekua's ex-boyfriend committed the offside penalty to give the Chiefs another chance!
Lol I just saw this. It's amazing. [Clearly I am a year behind on my internet ] Te'oing Speaking of fictional beaux, Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o got straight-up Catfished this year when he found out that his recently departed girlfriend — whom he had never met IRL — Lennay Kekua was, in reality, not a real person. A slew of images and spins followed soon after, many of folks "Te'oing" — or posing with their arms around an invisible GF.
Which show member would best match this scandal and why? Manti Teo On Jan. 16, it was revealed that the Notre Dame linebacker had lied about the deaths of two loved ones—his grandmother and his girlfriend—in the lead-up to 2012's National Championship Game. Though he learned about the hoax in December, Te'o insisted he was the victim of "sad and very cruel deception." A pal later admitted to luring Te'o into an online relationship with a nonexistent woman. During a Katie appearance on Jan. 24, the athlete played three voicemails from a woman claiming to be his "girlfriend," Lennay Kekua WHICH SHOW MEMBER MOST LIKELY TO BE DUPED INTO AN ONLINE RELATIONSHIP WITH AN IMAGINARY PERSON...CATFISHED?
Rod Marinelli IV and Cooper Incognito have failed, only Lennay Kekua is left standing...
Know what's weird? I don't even know if a Manti Te'o has been a good NFL rookie. He disappeared from the public consciousness as fast as anyone since ... well, Lennay Kekua.
Lennay Kekua, Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend, must be helping the Chargers win, even going so far as to cause Manning to have an interception this game. Curse you, Lennay Kekua!
Go Chargers go! Hit Peyton Manning a few more times! May Lennay Kekua be with you!
"Die hard Utah Utes fan" Darren Lucy was seen celebrating the win in Provo with Lennay Kekua!
Lennay Kekua had just died last year when Notre Dame narrowly beat Michigan. How on earth will they motivate tomorrow?
I just saw T-Bone, Lennay Kekua, Waldo, and Alvin Greene at the bus stop. Okay it was a composite. But Waldo was there in drag.
T-Bone recently seen out on a date with Lennay Kekua.
Cory Booker has never been the same since T-Bone ran away with Lennay Kekua.
No, he was in a deeply committed relationship with Lennay Kekua.
Cory saved the life of "Lennay Kekua" before she ultimately died from cancer
Manti Te'o is mad cuz he found out Cory Booker's thug friend T-Bone was Lennay Kekua's baby's daddy
Where was Lennay Kekua, though. Wan't she the top recruit in 2012?
- Maybe T-Bone and Lennay Kekua should get together. They would make a great couple.
I have a feeling is about to have an explosive sex scandal break involving Lennay Kekua.
BREAKING: has named Lennay Kekua starting QB for tonight's opener.
Poor I guess T-Bone must have run off with Lennay Kekua. Imaginary friends are hard to keep.
Word on the street is that T-Bone used to be a pimp and one of his first employees was a girl named Lennay Kekua
So Lennay Kekua, T-Bone, and Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari walk into a bar and the bartender says, “Nobody is going to get this joke.”
All coverage should start with Lennay Kekua jokes to help us get our bearings. It's been a long offseason.
I think an older, smokes two packs a day, Lennay Kekua is my professor.
and might I suugest that NOT getting your info from Lennay Kekua JUST MIGHT save your job.
You know who's still upset about Manti Te'o not winning the Heisman Trophy? Lennay Kekua.His girlfriend has suffered SO much!
Yall do know that Lennay Kekua's sister is a senior at DHS this year, right? She's gonna win HC Queen.
Lennay Kekua and Johnny Manziel would disagree that you (ESPN) don't rush your reporting.
Did you find that Lennay Kekua was as engaging in person?
I hear Lennay Kekua graduated with a Master's from Trump University.
What makes someone attractive? — they need to look like Lennay Kekua!
Lennay Kekua fan club has to be the funniest fantasy football name lol
Everett Golson's GPA is a lot like Lennay Kekua. .
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For those of you wondering who I'm doing this event with, it's just me and my homegirl Lennay Kekua.
Fantasy football team names for me this year justflynnbaby, tight end turned wide reciever, and Lennay kekua
Um, confession time. I dreamt I kissed Lennay Kekua last night. Woke up feeling kinda empty.
Note: Manti Te'o is not playing for the Chargers tonight. We are unsure if Lennay Kekua made the trip with him to Chicago.
"Manti Te'o largely invisible in NFL debut via is this a Lennay Kekua pun?
Source: I have just received video of Johnny Manziel autographing items for Lennay Kekua & proof that funds went to Cec…
Welcome to the world, Royal Baby! Let's get you caught up: [three hour explanation of Lennay Kekua, "Roll Tide", Johnny Football, Les Miles]
BREAKING- Aaron Hernandez now being questioned on the disappearance of Lennay Kekua.
I guess Dwight pulled a " Lennay Kekua" on the Rockets and catfished them.
Yeah my frien is in Hawaii visiting his girlfriend. Her name is Lennay Kekua
Off to South Bend for the weekend for coaching/recruiting @ ND's Team Camp! I hope I'm able to meet Lennay Kekua...
Why is Brian Kelly tagged on this? Is Lennay Kekua in the photo and I just can't see her?
or he could be in love with Lennay Kekua
This girl named Lennay Kekua keeps calling me, should I answer it?
Breaking: Lennay Kekua projected to score more points for her team than in Skinny Olympics V
I hear from that Aaron Hernandez is being questioned in the disappearance of Lennay Kekua. Mantei Te'o did not comment.
Breaking News: Aaron Hernandez is now under investigation for the disappearance of Manti T'eo's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua.
A look back at Manti Te'o's hoax relationship with Lennay Kekua
You should never argue with your girlfriend. If she says she's fat or stupid, just agree with her she won't be mad at all, trust me.
Breaking News: Aaron Hernandez being questioned in the death of Lennay Kekua. Manti T'eo wants answers!
ok, thought it went without saying but if you are going to dabble in thug life and start offing people please remember to have a friend with a fake ID rent the car - cripes, Hernandez, you are an ***
thinks Aaron Hernandez could have at least taken the time to pick out a nicer shirt for his perp walk.
Aaron Hernandez played tight end in the NFL, and now he has the opportunity to play tight end in jail!
Well. Aaron is going to learn real quick what position the tight end plays in PRISON!!!
Today at the NFL rookie symposium, for the first time, they discussed sexual orientation. I'm going to call it now: During this season or during next off-season, there will be a *** NFL player to also come out.
That moment when you see someone wearing a Notre Dame football t-shirt that says 12 wins down, one to go. So... how'd that turn out for you bro!? PURE OWNAGE.
Had someone try to 'Catfish' me Friday. That's the scam where someone pretends to be someone else and befriends you to get information or just for a laugh. A real simple way to protect yourself is look up their images on google; Any pics they send you or linked to any online social media account. Upload them to (click the tiny camera icon in the search bar). You'll be surprised at how well these guys work. They spend a lot of time creating this fake person to fool you. If you sense red flags, it's probably for a reason.
*BREAKING NEWS* for all you Patriot fans, Aaron "Aar-enthal" Hernandez is now being questioned for the disappearance of Manti Te'o's ex-girlfriend...Lennay Kekua. lmao. Too soon?
This all smells a lil familiar... didn't this happen to Lennay Kekua :-) lmfao
I heard is scouting Lennay Kekua as his 1st rounder - bit of a shocker in our 2013-2014 draft.
Can the NSA make the Manti Te'o Lennay Kekua phone audio records publicly available or no?
The NSA knew Lennay Kekua was fake but didn't tell Manti Te'o
I'm waiting for "dead body of Lennay Kekua found near gun found near pot found near PJ Hairston".
is well worth the price of admission. Although I was a bit confused/upset when I realized it wasn't the Lennay Kekua story...
Lennay Kekua is such a cleat chaser. *** is always spotted at a professional draft. Smh.
I can't wait to hear about the NSA's investigation of Lennay Kekua's phone records.
BREAKING: accidentally agree to predraft deal with Lennay Kekua.
would Manti Te'o marry Lennay Kekua if she won the lottery?
Montaous Walton just wanted to play ball, so he made up a fake online persona, fooled the media, signed with an agent and ended up in handcuffs.
Quite long, but definitely worth the read. Baseball and Lennay Kekua fans alike will enjoy this. Bravo,
Totally proud of y'all for avoiding NSA / Lennay Kekua mashup jokes today
Manti Te'o's Relationship with FAKE Girlfriend - Top-12 Turns in Te'o's Relationship with Girlfriend, is STUNNING
Manti Te'o and Lennay Kekua will get married
Gordon Gee says he is retiring to spend time with his girl in California. Lennay Kekua strikes again!
I hope GordonGee comes out and says that his significant other's name is Lennay Kekua.
I'm going to start calling all my fake "friends" Lennay Kekua.
OSU president Gordon Gee is retiring to spend more time with his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, who is currently battling cancer.
Pens coach Dan Bylsma said he will start Marc-Andre Fleury in goal Wednesday.He will replace games 1 & 2 goalie Lennay Kekua.
The Lennay Kekua bobble head just arrived compliments of the Florence Freedom
Bill chances making playoffs are bout as real as Lennay Kekua bruhh
Although, it would've been nice to know prior to tonight's game that the role of Paul George would be played by Lennay Kekua.
Let's just hope that tonight Dwyane Wade shows up and plays basketball instead of last game where he spent hours imitating Lennay Kekua.
the answer is obviously C: Lennay Kekua
-->believes in LiLo beauty and her career like Manti Te'o believed that Lennay Kekua was his girlfriend.
I didn't know Lennay Kekua was a big Pete Rose fan.
“ have a fake girlfriend. Lol @ Manti Te'o lol this applies to someone that I used to know.
Didn't take much for Lennay Kekua to get you whipped.
I think that Lennay Kekua and I should date.
One of the greatest sports promotions ever has to be the one I read about recently where a team had Lennay Kekua ( Manti Te'o's "girlfriend") Bobblehead night.Everyone at the game was presented a box that of course had nothing in it. Classic :)
Show me someone who's perfect. Is like me showing you a picture of Lennay Kekua.
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PROOF: Everett Golson caught having Lennay Kekua take classes for him at Notre Dame
Lennay Kekua was spotted helping Everett Golson cheat on his final exam.
Insert Everett Golson + Lennay Kekua joke here... I'm too out of it to write one now...
Did Everett Golson cheat off of Lennay Kekua's exam paper?
Source: Everett Golson kicked out of Notre Dame after Lennay Kekua is caught taking his tests for him.
The Everett Golson news is pretty much incontrovertible proof of my Manti T'eo / Lennay Kekua / Beverly Crusher / Static Warp Bubble theory.
Manti Te’o attends Maxim 100 to honor fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua, parties with real women and moves on »
One of the biggest stories to hit college football last season involved Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and his fake girlfriend. The controversy surrounding how much Te’o actually knew about the existence of Lennay Kekua has died down, but the fact that a Heisman Trophy candidate went an entire sea...
Manti Te'o must be so disappointed that he isn't wishing a happy Mothers Day to Lennay Kekua.. I'm sure she would've been a great Mom.
The figment formerly known as Lennay Kekua came in at No. 69 (Maxim: on its game), right between SI Swimsuit models Nina Agdal and Anne V: Gonna be a fun season …
Today is national text your ex you still love them day. Wonder how many times Manti Te'o texted Lennay Kekua today
After losing track of Waldo and Carmen San Diego makers find new inspiration for game: Where in the World is Lennay Kekua
Lennay Kekua reacts to Manti Te'o being drafted
Me and my girl Lennay Kekua on the riverwalk.
Lennay Kekua and I are really enjoying this Packers championship game.
Hamilton Collection
Actually the exciting element about the playoffs is just like Lennay Kekua... It doesn't exist.
Photo: Top-12 Turns in Te’o’s Relationship with Girlfriend, is STUNNING
Lennay Kekua's favorite color wasn't white?
Next in the Te'o saga...girl impersonating Lennay Kekua comes out, Musberger says "Wow she's gorgeous"..hired by Insider to work SuperBowl
How can you let something sexy like this go.
I got it guys I'll take Lennay Kekua to prom
People talk about being real but they faker than Lennay Kekua
Derrick Rose is to the Chicago Bulls as Lennay Kekua is to Manti Te'o
they would call me "Lennay Kekua" because the defense can't see me when I'm running!
I just googled "Lennay Kekua" and it literally crashed my web browser. Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe this saga.
All these Manti and Lennay Kekua relationships on the TL..
things more real than the pro wrestling, 5th level of inception, Lennay Kekua
Has anyone seen by prom date? She was with Lennay Kekua when I last checked.
I honestly believe at least one media outlet fact checked Lennay Kekua and then ran the story anyway.
make sure you have lennay Kekua looking good for that arm candy lol
My Lennay Kekua has been my left hand since puberty, Woo!
And I can call her Reese because we're besties. Don't believe me ask Lennay Kekua!
Lennay Kekua is not dead, she was taken back to Uranus by Kim Jong Il (also not dead)
.I thought it was like going from going from Lennay Kekua to Kate Upton.
90% of Howard Eskin's sources are Unicorns, the other 10% is Lennay Kekua...
Wait, I'm confused. Is Lennay Kekua back on the market or not?
I feel like you're trying to pull a Lennay Kekua right now
If Manti Te'o was a Vol wouldn't have been had by Lennay Kekua. snag like on a snapper.
it was nice for them to hold a funeral for Lennay Kekua
It was really nice of the knicks to hold a funeral today for Lennay Kekua
I remember when I got "hurt" from nothing. Lennay Kekua tripped me one time
that Melo shoulder "injury" was about as real as Lennay Kekua suffering Paul Pierce's leg injury back in '08
Just bought a solar powered dancing hula girl for my dash board from the dollar store! I named her Lennay Kekua.
Is this Burch character related to Lennay Kekua? That meal looks delicious!
well that means Lennay Kekua and Sam Steele ponder can sit together at games and talk
The sellout streak was aboout as real as Lennay Kekua.
The San Jose Giants will have a Lennay Kekua night.
Eh, I think we're probably stuck with him. 13 million for a starting QB, or 9 million for Lennay Kekua? Not a tough decision.
& I better not see one Bulls fan come out the cut! I haven't seen y'all on the TL since Lennay Kekua was real
last time the heat lost Manti Teo was texting lennay kekua how much he loved her
In order to avoid embarrassment of not being selected in first round, Manti Te'o will send Lennay Kekua to represent him at 2013 NFL Draft.
I love how Mike Florio makes fun of EVERYONE for bad writing and then goes and makes two Lennay Kekua jokes in his Matt Barkley article
Minor League Baseball marketing directors are busy scheduling Lennay Kekua to throw out the first pitch at games in June.
I swear if this is Lennay Kekua again...
Oh please oh please let it be reported that Lennay Kekua was really Brian Kelly.
At least it is better than fantasizing about Lennay Kekua!
It's from some chick named Lennay Kekua , never mind it's complicated.
SOURCES: Manti Te'o declined invitation to attend NFL Draft after Lennay Kekua informed him she was busy that day.
Lennay Kekua will attend the NFL draft in place of Manti Te'o.
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