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Lena Olin

Lena Maria Jonna Olin (born 22 March 1955) is a Swedish actress. She has been nominated for several acting awards, including a Golden Globe for 1988's The Unbearable Lightness of Being and an Academy Award for Enemies, a Love Story in 1989. Other well-known films in which Olin has appeared include Chocolat (directed by her husband Lasse Hallström), Queen of the Damned, Casanova and The Reader.

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The Yellow Affair has picked up all rights outside North & South America on the Lena Olin vehicle 'Maya Dardel'.
I've never seen a better mother/daughter casting than Lena Olin and Jennifer Garner in
Mystery Men is the only film in existence that unites Pras, Dane Cook, Lena Olin, and Michael Bay. Just FYI.
Enemies, A Love Story and be kind of a duo win for Crimes and Misdemeanors (but Lena Olin would have deserved to win too)
Exactly what I was thinking. Elizabeth reminds me of Lena Olin's Alias character.
Classic Lena Olin, she has some sexy soles
Look, Jennifer Garner is great and all, but call me when we can talk about Lena Olin. Bye.
I feel the to work with my wife, Lena Olin, - Lasse Hallstrom
Slinky brunette decked out in leather.
"Lena Olin, a psychic, helps Harrison Ford, a cop and real estate agent, solve the murder of Kurupt, the son of Gladys Knight."
Rewatching the Dame Judi Dench and loving Joanne Harris' story again. And the Swedish beauty Lena Olin makes me swoon. — watching Chocolat
Havana: one of those movies that can blow you off course and move you to the right kind of tears. Robert Redford, L…
I feel the need to work with my wife, Lena Olin, again.
Or Lena Olin in Romeo Is Bleeding, at times absolutely terrifying
We would love to see Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Lena Olin play sisters. Perhaps the Fates?
So effing good - also Keri Russel does have a young Lena Olin look and now that's just in there forever. Mind blown.
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Lena Olin and Tom Brittney cast as mother and son in ABC drama pilot SPARK:
How come NO ONE told me Lena Olin is in VINYL? Only one ep, apparently, but still! Internet, you have failed me!
Everyone is complicated one way or another. But it's interesting to dig int...
Congrats and good luck to Lena Olin. One of my favorite people in this world.
Lena Olin. Lena Olin as a fierce matriarch in a Steampunk society. Thank you, TV gods. 💋😁
.pilot 'Spark' sets series regulars as mother and son
Lena Olin, Tom Brottney to star in series pilot set in a Steampunk alternate reality 2016:
I consume music the way other people consume movies.
Am I the only one who believes that Barbara Hershey and Lena Olin look strikingly similar?!
Lena Olin in Alias, right up there with Danes in Homeland.
To be a good actor, you have to be very smart. But to be a great actor, you...
There are a lot of things to get seduced by in America.
I mean props to JJ Abrams for casting Victor Garber and Lena Olin as parents b/c yup totally believe their offspring would look like JGar.
Lena Olin. But I'm voting for her because she's been in vastly superior movies.
Very hard to decide who had better arms: Jennifer Garner or Lena Olin. I mean this is a really tough one to call I’m stumped.
Lena Olin was also nominated for “Choice TV Parental Units (?)” at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, along with Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin.
I got to work with my wife, Lena Olin, for the first time, which was great.
OT: remember that time in Hollywood Homicide when Harrison Ford had sex w/Lena Olin while wearing sunglasses and eating a donut?
Romeo Is Bleeding (1993). Gary Oldman. Lena Olin. I really love the bxxch! Mona Demarkov.
Yeah, that's a good movie, cruel to Gary Oldman. Great performance by him and Lena Olin
What I've been doing for the past few months in CA per .
Love that book, the author, the film and of course the actress Lena Olin ♡
actually now that you mentioned I'm probably gonna watch S2 just for Lena Olin kicking ***
It always has & it always will. I'm surprised that Lena Olin hasn't guest-starred yet.
Have ya'll seen Romeo is Bleeding? Oldman is fantastic. Plus, Lena Olin.
Loved the actress who played your wife, and was nice seeing Lena Olin, play nice.. Irina Derevko
I love Lena Olin. 👌🏼 The best recurring character ever.
I need 2 win the lottery so I can finance a movie starring & Lena Olin.
but it was Lena Olin in that one who slayed.
I interviewed Lena Olin for that movie, and was so overwhelmed I forgot to turn on the tape recorder! Embarrassing.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I honestly can't remember anything about this movie except for Lena Olin's maniacal laughter.
Jennifer Garners dads *** how did her mom Lena Olin get pregnant if daddy only wanted to do anal? XD
You know Lena Olin would make a fantastic addition to
Dear please revive JJ Abrams' Alias if for no other reason than the return of Lena Olin as
Yes, that's why it's amazing. Daniel Day Lewis as a not very sympathetic Tomas, indelible Lena Olin, & ingenue Juliette Binoche.
Lena Olin really kills it when she guests on L&O:SVU
David Kross & Stephen Daldry at New York Premiere of "The Reader" - Arrivals
OMG! Lena Olin is in one of the next episodes! I can't believe this! If she has a scene with SMarch I will die! Like drop dead. GOD!
Lena Olin admits she's grown away from Swedish food.
I would have gone for Lena Olin myself.
(Lena Olin). signed my father Carl Kohler 1919-2006.
Lena Olin & David Kross at New York Premiere of "The Reader" - Arrivals
Confused then realised has The Dark on but billed as Darkness. Maria Bello and Sean Bean versus Lena Olin and Iain Glenn.
Never saw the abbreviated 1st season. I hope they find an arc for Victor Garber and Lena Olin, maybe make Ron Rifkin Command.
Lena Olin was heartbreaking and ferocious.. she won the best actress at NY film festival. Enemies, A Love Story.. one of Paul Mazursky’s great films. Click to see large Paul Mazursky dies at 84 via
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Just thinking that some actress live forever in crossword puzzles: Erin Moran, Renee Russo, Ida Lupino, Lena Olin, to name a few.
Jessica Chastain is out for True Detective season 2. So Yay. Now we can get Julianne Moore or Gong Li or Laura Linnea (yes!) or Vanessa Paradis or Lena Olin. *** let's resurrect the careers of Kathleen Turner or Julie Haggerty or even Teri Garr. Someone interesting at least!
Wait, Amy Poehler has a brother named Greg Poehler, and Greg Poehler has an autobiographical sitcom called "Welcome to Sweden," and "Welcome to Sweden" has already aired in Sweden, and Sweden is letting NBC air it in July, and it also stars Illeana Douglas and Patrick Duffy and Lena Olin and Amy Poehler AS HERSELF? What is this.
. Lena Olin was delightful to work with. So seductive w/ every line she said. . She almost turned Victor Garber s…
Every year at Valentine's Day, I watch and adore "Chocolat" with Juliette Binoche, Johnny Deppp, Lena Olin, Alfred Molina and, maybe especially, Judy Dench. Such a deep vein of sweetness in that movie that goes beyond candy sweets. And the perfect dollop of humor. I chortle when Judy Dench as Armande, the tart landlady, walks into the shop of Vienne (Binoche) and asks "What's the decor? Early Mexican brothel?" I grin when Rune (Depp) tells Vienne in regard to a door he fixed at her shop that squeaks, "I'll come around and get that squeak out of your door some time." I wince understandingly at the look of amusement and resignation to the ongoing challenge that crosses Vienne's face when her daughter Anouk asks, "Why can't you wear black shoes like other mothers?" (Vienne is wearing red heels at the time.) And I love the kindness that propts Vienne to offer the Count, her nemesis who tries to drive her from town (Molina), a stomach settling drink and the promise of confidentiality when she finds him passe . ...
Now Harrison Ford, Lena Olin, and Martin Landau are watching Josh Hartnett butcher Streetcar Named Desire?
I'm watching one of my favorite films, "Chocolat," starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Lena Olin, Carrie-Anne Moss, Leslie Caron, and Johnny Depp. I'n etting ready to set up next week's Humanities assignments, and am looking forward to watching "Downton Abbey," Season Four (for the second time) later tonight. Life is good.
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being is much better, and you get Lena Olin and Juliette Binoche.
Night Train to Lisbon (with Jeremy Irons, Mélanie Laurent, Jack Huston and Lena Olin) screens tonight 8PM at...
Kevin Spacey in Seven is the closest we've ever come to a real life adaptation of the Riddler. Just like Gene Hackman in Extreme Measures can pass as Dr. Hugo Strange. Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment is Cat Woman. Charlize Theron as Poison Ivy in Monster. Javier Bardem as Bane in No Country For Old Men. Sam Bouajila as The Joker in The Siege. Matt Damon as Two Face in The Departed. Jeremy Irons as Deadshot in Die Hard With A Vengeance. Stellan Skarsgard as Professor Pyg in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. John Lithgow as The Scarecrow in Ricochet. Lena Olin as Harley Quinzel in Romeo Is Bleeding. Anthony Anthony Hopkins as Jeremiah Arkhym in Silence Of The Lambs. Phillip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin in Mission Impossible 3.
TV doesn't get much better than that. Runner up... the second season of ALIAS, which introduced Lena Olin. AWESOME!
After a short summer hiatus we are happy to be back and proud to share Episode 45 of "Alive on South Beach" GO TO: in this episode are: • Golden Globe winner actress Lena Olin and her husband, Academy Award winning director Lasse Hallstrom • An event where event planners begin their plans for the social season • A quick “catch-up” with Lisa Cole of the Hilton Hotels • A food tasting at some of the best hotel restaurants on the beach • A conversation with South Beach Pioneer Tommy Pooch • Dena’s birthday dessert at DeLuca Restaurant • Sweat USA – featuring people who love to sweat • Fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee keeps doing it until she gets it right!
oddly I've been saying that all day. Khandi is the new Lena Olin.
Watching ALIAS again, I'm reminded how incredible Lena Olin is as Irina Derevko.
Me 2. Lena Olin's Irina is 1 of my top fave characters of all time (I refuse to acknowledge the finale).
Scandal is importing twists from Alias. Can Lena Olin be far behind?
PLATT ABOUT HIS ROLES: Casanova (2005) — “Paprizzio” 2005 was a great year for me for fantastic roles that nobody saw. [Laughs.] But then, that’s the good thing about the old video market, isn’t it? Eventually people find out about these little films. That was so much fun. That was the kind of situation where another wonderful director, Lasse freaking Hallström… The directors that I end up having a really good time with are the ones that understand the fluidity of the medium and are interested in catching lightning in a bottle. In this case, we had this amazing script that Lasse would allow us sometimes to depart from. That was just a great part. He was like the anti-Casanova. He was the alternative Casanova, the loser that everybody laughed at and made fun of and played pranks on, who ultimately got this amazing prize in the lovely Lena Olin. ((Your character was competing romantically with Heath Ledger’s character?)) Well, I wasn’t really, though, was I? I had never met Sienna Miller’ ...
If you're an over-40 mainstream TV actress I prob. love you. Anjelica Huston Lena Olin Connie Britton
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It's peculiar to think Lena Olin is 58.
Well. I finally did it - after 4 or 5 tries. I got thru The English Patient. What a movie. wow. wo. I think that producer is Minghelli and he only did 5 or 6 movies in his life. He is passed now. And they were all brilliant beyond beyond. The Unbearable Lightness of Being is one that sticks with you. When Lena Olin was young. And where I learned hats are sexual imagery.She wears a bowler.And that Daneil Day Lewis. Who doesn't seem to do anything but be better and better.
Lena Olin nude in The Devil You Know. Mr Skin has photos & clips of all Lena Olin's sexiest roles along with a nude review of her career!
- ACTING CAREER OF JENNIFER LAWRENCE - Lawrence’s big break came when she was discovered at 14 while on spring break in New York with her family. A stranger asked to take her picture and took her mother’s phone number, then called the next day to ask her to do a screen test. Things happened quickly after that: Lawrence stayed in New York City for the summer, acting in commercials for MTV and filming the thriller Devil You Know with Lena Olin. Soon after, she and her family moved to Los Angeles, where she had small roles on the series Medium, Monk and Cold Case, before landing a part on the TBS series The Bill Engvall Show. While working on the series, she also appeared in feature films like The Poker House and The Burning Plain alongside Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger. After The Bill Engvall Show was canceled after three seasons, Lawrence went on to appear in the critically acclaimed Winter’s Bone in 2010, which earned her nominations for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild ...
Getting ready to fly off to the land of August Strindberg; Inspector Wallander; Theodor Kallifatides; Ingmar Bergman; Lasse Hallstrom; Ingrid Bergman; Britt Erkland; Greta Garbo; Lena Olin; Max von Sydow; IKEA; H&M; Ericsson; Henry Larsson; and the smorgasbord.
Directed by James Oakley. With Lena Olin, Rosamund Pike, Dean Winters, Molly Price. Kathryn Vale (Lena Olin) is a reclusive ex-movie star with a dark secret and a daughter hoping to follow in her mother's movie-star footsteps. When Kathryn attempts to make a career comeback, she is threatened by an…
Give a real-life lingerie & bowler hat-sporting Lena Olin on top of a mirror in And a post-melted Dairy Milk
Even more importantly - ALIAS is on Netflix. Lena Olin trumps Evangeline Lilly.
If you dig Magic City and haven't seen the movie Havana please do that. Plus Olga Kurylenko is the 2013 Lena Olin.
Rosamund Pike&Lena Olin starrer didn't impress me much,even though the suspense kept u hooked but it was very weakly woven
Finished with .. Another feel good movie of its genre. Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench n Lena Olin wer just too awesome.. 8/10
Directed by Mike Figgis. With Richard Gere, Lena Olin, Anne Bancroft, Tom Irwin. The story about the relationship between a manic depressive man, Mr Jones, and the female doctor who takes more than a professional interest in his treatment.
And Keri Russell looks so much like Lena Olin
What is Lena Olin doing sitting at the table next to me in Greenfield Coffee?
seriously you NEED to work with Lena Olin before you die!!! Please :-)
would you do a movie with Lena Olin if given the opportunity? Her husband could direct it. Lasse Halström :-)
no Lena Olin as well. The swedish actress
Lena Olin, Actress: The Ninth Gate. Swedish-born Lena Olin already had a successful career as an actress before she came to Hollywood. She acted at the Royal Theatre in Stockholm and was directed by Ingmar Bergman. Her father, Stig Olin, was also an actor and played in six of Bergman's films. Lena a...
Rob Schneider is "The Merely Adequate Gatsby", co-starring Lena Olin, Rula Lenska and Twinkie, the passive-aggressive goldfish
My dearest fellow, voice like Lena Olin , body of Uma Thurman,carry of Juliette Binoche and class of Catherine Deneuve
Always reminding myself that Barbara Hershey is not Lena Olin.
Kristanna Loken. Famke Janssen. Lena Olin. Brigitte Nielson. All over 5'10". And Norse. And still: not one cat. Great Geico ad, tho
Directed by Roman Polanski. With Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Lena Olin, Emmanuelle Seigner. A rare book dealer, while seeking out the last two copies of a demon text, gets drawn into a conspiracy with supernatural overtones.
Who else wants to see Barbara Hershey and Lena Olin battle for ABC TV's Most Badass Mother of All Time? -...
Barbara Hershey and Lena Olin need to play friends or sisters in a movie and I need to write it... and be on set when it's filmed so I can just die happily... while fangirling!
some of the incredibly talented people that will be attending miami film festival this year: John Leguizamo, Carrie-Anne Moss, Eduardo Noriega, Oscar nominee Lena Olin, Oscar nominee James Cromwell, Griffin Dunne and Darlene Love
well, from the masochist's perspective, Honor Blackman. Or, better still, Lena Olin in 'goldeneye'!
Bradley Cooper, “Silver Linings Playbook” Oscar History: None. Cruelly snubbed for “Wedding Crashers” in 2005. That smear campaign from the William Hurt people really did a number on him. What’s the Story if He Wins? The power of Weinstein. People got bored with Daniel Day-Lewis’s dominance. All of Cooper’s 600 projects next year will get to sell their Oscar-winning star. Predicted Order of People He’ll Thank: David O. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, assorted other co-stars hopefully including Julia Stiles, the city of Philadelphia, the choreographer, JJ Abrams, Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Lena Olin, Merrin Dungey. What Are the Odds? Better than some, but still not great. He’s the lottery ticket worth having, at any rate.
I want to look like Lena Olin by the end of this year. the woman's body is goddess shaped
Lena Olin is great! She has the face for the job. And she can be scary if necessary.
Lena Olin: Lena Olin. Photos of all your favorite actors and actresses.
Gary Oldman and Lena Olin in Peter Medak's ROMEO IS BLEEDING released on this day in 1994.
I really liked that film. But then again I had a major crush on Lena Olin and Johnny Depp. And it was odd enough to attract me.
Ha! Comics, beer, White Sox, Lena Olin ... I think we are.
After playing Mona Damarkov in " Romeo Is Bleeding ", Lena Olin still scares me. Its hot.
Woah, hey- everybody knows Lena Olin is the Swedish Jodie Foster, blasphemer.* (*There is no official documentation of this)
YESS the pic I wanted to see! Wish there was one at the Golden Globes too:( Lena Olin was even there!!
Awesome! Victor's boyfriend just needs to be replaced with Lena Olin!
Lena Olin will play her in a movie about her golden years is how irrelevant she is. James Franco won't even be in it.
Can I pitch a show right now about Lena Olin, Madeleine Stowe, and Barbara Hershey as sisters who mess with people? That's the entire plot.
4/5 I can't believe it's been 20 years when this violent cine noir film came out. A brilliant character study starring Gary Oldman as a dirty cop who has a wife played by Annabella sciorra and a lover played by Juliet Lewis. When a witness testifying against a gangster played by Roy Scheider is killed by a hit woman played wonderfully by Lena Olin. Gary Oldman decides to find the hit woman and kill her but instead falls in love with her. She eventually destroys his life and in an amazing car chase sequence Gary is driving while lens Olin's legs are wrapped around his neck as she tries to kill him. Violent and vicious. Beautifully acted by Gary Oldman and Lena Olin. With good dialogue a d a wonderful script. Plus we diected by James McNaughton. Cast also includes Ron perlman. Will Patton. John Mahoney and Dennis farina. A must see for cine noir and Gary Oldman fans.
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Does Jennifer Garner hate Lena Olin?. Spydaughter and spymommy were both at the Golden Globes but not a single picture of them together. Come to think about it , why aren't they any pictures of Jennifer, Victor, Bradley and Lena together?. Maybe all of spyfam doesn't get along in real life.
Do Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber and Bradley Cooper hate Lena Olin?. Why on earth isn't there a single picture of all 4 together at the Golden Globes. Seems like lena didn't even cross either one of their parths. I want my ALIAS reunion.
WAIT! Lena Olin was at the Golden Globes, too?!? The WHOLE SPY FAMILY was there?! lives on!! Reunion movie NOOOW!
Anyone who gets me a pic of Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, Bradley Cooper & Lena Olin tonight can have my 1st born
and are dirty cops. is a judge. Andy Garcia and Lena Olin aren't foreigners.
Juliette Binoche's performance in 'Chocolat'...and Lena Olin & Johnny Depp'
Barbara Hershey was genius casting, Right on up there w/Lena Olin on
Casting Directors: Bringing in a powerful female mother for the sophomore season of a tv show is clearly a brilliant idea. But...make sure the woman you cast is thrilling to the audience! Good examples: Lena Olin in Alias and Barbara Hershey in Once Upon a Time. Worst example: JENNIFER JASON LEIGH in Revenge. Come. On. Get a clue!
And the casting...brilliant. Lena Olin? Love her! And Michael Vartan is VERY easy to watch too!
If my WIP fantasy novel is ever made into a movie I would want a Hans Zimmer + Florence Welch collab for the score. I always wanted Anthony Minghella to direct my book adaptation, but since he's gone I'd choose either Alfonso Cuaron, Gore Verbinksi, Darren Aronofsky, or Guillermo del Toro, though there probably aren't enough creepy monsters in my book for Guillermo. My dream cast will probably all be too old or dead by the time I get a movie deal, but if not I want Lena Olin, Alice Kridge, and Saffron Burrows, Paul Bettany is required for one of my secondary characters, I see no one else, and either Aidan Turner, or Michael Fassbender (in a black Snape wig.;P) for my male Protagonist even though neither look exactly right. Rachel Weisz would be perfect as the adult version of my female protagonist/narrator. I haven't picked anyone to play the younger version of her yet, and I've yet to dream up a proper antagonist. As you can see I dream big, lol.XD
Romeo is Bleeding is a darkly comic 1993 crime film starring Gary Oldman and Lena Olin, directed by Peter Medak. The film's title was taken from a song by To...
thanks to when I picture the devil, I see Lena Olin, which is much better than a horned red man with a tail
I highly recommend the movie "Remember Me".Handsome, ROBERT PATTERSON,(aka-Edward-Twiligh). ;) Synopsis: His relationship with his father strained in the wake of a family tragedy, rebellious New Yorker Tyler (Robert Pattinson) finds love with the one girl who understands him. Tyler wasn't looking for love, but that's exactly what he found when he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin). When buried secrets threaten to tear the young couple apart, Tyler realizes that sometimes love is worth fighting for. Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, and Lena Olin co-star. FIVE STARS
I just rewatched this amazing movie. I had forgotten how much I loved it! Juliet Binoche, Judi Dench, Lena Olin...
It's ART! Lena Olin sits on an unwilling Juliette Binoche and pulls down her panties to take pictures of her butt.
There is a movie where Iain Glen played Lena Olin's husband, and I can't watch it because I am too scared of horror films! Curse my fear!
Trailer for the 1988 film starring Daniel Day Lewis, Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin
Got so excited that Lena Olin was on ONCE UPON A TIME as the the Evil Queen's mother next week... till I realized it was Barbara Hershey.
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