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Len McCluskey

Len McCluskey (born 23 July 1950) is the General Secretary of the British and Irish union Unite and a former Liverpool dock worker.

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This picture of Len McCluskey falling on his *** outside Clause V meeting is the best visual metaphor for the Labour Party
Press Association source says Len McCluskey has won the poll to be re-elected as General Secretary of Unite
Len McCluskey: ‘If Labour is divided, we’re in trouble. Give Jeremy Corbyn a chance’
Meddling Len McCluskey says he'll prop up Corbyn's disastrous leadership for at least another 15 months.
"Give Jeremy Corbyn 15 months, says Len McCluskey" except he didn't say it. Extraordinary and shameful that you would broadcast it
If Len McCluskey is re-elected leader of Britain’s biggest union we can all kiss goodbye to…
. I hope you've seen this John. Len McCluskey *is* involved in the hard left takeover of .
Lyft will allow riders to round up their fare to make a charitable donation
The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase - Beneath the placid surface of product pages lies an unseen...
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn given 15 months to save his job by major union backer Len McCluskey
This, under the leadership of Len McCluskey. How any women Unite members could ever vote for him is beyond me:.
"You've been at me for months and months to come up with time-scales, I'm not going to do that" - Len McCluskey. Today. h…
1/7 Who is Len McCluskey to decide that Jeremy Corbyn has 15 months to prove himself?
Retract immediately please. This is dreadful reporting At no point did Len McCluskey utter thos…
Shocking journalism. Len McCluskey never once uttered those words
In his years as General Secretary, has never repudiated a strike action. That's 1 of the reasons I'm backing…
the polls seem strong, as are approval ratings and economic activity. Len McCluskey is doing well too
After 18 months as Labour leader, Corbyn has put the party 19 points behind Tories. Now Len McCluskey wants to give h…
Apart from the fact Len McCluskey never said it
Latest from the British Bull💩 Corporation is a blatant lie about something Len McCluskey never actually said.
Len McCluskey never asked Unite members in the first place who they thought would be the best Labour leader:
Len McCluskey gives Jeremy Corbyn 15 months to 'break through' with the public
BBC: "Give Jeremy Corbyn 15 months, says Len McCluskey" Umm, except that's not what he said, is it? You should know, you broadca…
Len McCluskey on why we must stop greedy bosses exploiting migrant workers
Len McCluskey says we'll have an answer about Jeremy Corbyn's electability in 15 months. Shorter timetrame than John McDonnell has outlined.
Len McCluskey is the conservative candidate in Unite's leadership election says Dean Quick
Len McCluskey calls on government to tackle exploitative contracts in light of new employment statistics: https:/…
General Secretary Len McCluskey expected in Oxford soon to support striking bus drivers
Loved the speeches from Len McCluskey and Jeremy Corbyn from the demo. Going after both the Tories and the Big Corpora…
Tom Watson's reputation as a fixer is justified. Huge swipe at Len McCluskey, Owen Jones and Paul Mason.
Listen to Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey from 1:06 discuss on BBC Three Counties Radio via
Len McCluskey is seeking urgent assurances from the company | General Motors looks to sell Vauxhall and Opel
The simple fact is that if Len McCluskey really cared about working people he would not be Jeremy Corbyn's life support machine.…
Len McCluskey, Unite: “We call on Government to stop the cuts and fully fund our schools and education services”
Jeremy Corbyn was handed £75,000 FREE cash gift from union pal Len McCluskey to fight re-election
EXCL Blow for Len McCluskey as he fails to win backing of key Unite group
Been a member of Unite Community for years, support organising the unemployed. I'll be backing Len McCluskey for GS https:/…
Strategy to bring down Unite's Len McCluskey revealed in election campaign document
Opponents of Jeremy Corbyn are trying to bring down Len McCluskey to weaken our movement https…
Two stories about Len McCluskey over the Xmas break. 1) Len is not anti-immigration . 2) Len is 100% behind Jerem…
Union boss Len McCluskey criticised by rival for being Corbyn's 'puppet master'
Len McCluskey is Jeremy Corbyn's 'puppet master' who 'meddles too much in politics', union rival claims
. Solidarity with Len McCluskey. for leadership of Unite the union.
will you be running odds of Len McCluskey / Gerald Coyne winning Unite leadership?
In union land it's fine to call people scum. (c) Len McCluskey
I thought diesel cars were the worst offenders Not petrol. Maybe either me or the is wrong
Len McCluskey is an old mate of Tom Watson's, too. He's a friendly bloke.
I am officially endorsing Len McCluskey in the battle to become General Secretary of Unite the Union. If you are a member of Unite, vote Len
"Hard-left union boss Len McCluskey savaged for his links to Corbyn" claims unsavaged YBF-linked
Good news: Someone is running Labour while Corbyn does Christmas jumper day. Bad news: It's Len McCluskey...
McCluskey too focused on Labour Party, says Unite leadership rival
Join Unite to vote for pro-Corbyn Len McCluskey. The right of the party are joining to vote for an anti-Corbyn GS. https:…
As a and Party member I can definitely say Gerard Coyne can count on my vote going to Len McCluskey.
Jeremy Corbyn's biggest supporter Len McCluskey to be challenged for Unite union leadership htt…
Well Gerard Coyne doesn't mince his words when it comes to his main criticism of Len McCluskey
For crying out loud, without Len's Unite fees, we won't even be able to fund the Morning Star!
Jeremy Corbyn's most powerful union supporter, has just been challenged for his job
Len McCluskey betrays trade union members to back Corbyn. If he wins, Labour's last hope is gone says
Unite challenger accuses Corbyn ally Len McCluskey of "dabbling in politics" by
Anyone or anything would be better than Len McCluskey
Unite's Len McCluskey at last faces a challenger who thinks he should concentrate on membership, not ruining Labour https…
Len McCluskey seems to think he's a Baron of Yore and Unite is his fiefdom - 400k 'loans' and no pesky retirement? Real w…
Gerard Coyne announces bid to topple Len McCluskey as Unite chief.
Ed Balls suggests defeat for Len McCluskey would "definitely" help Labour on its path to electability.
Len McCluskey's challenger for Unite union leadership pledges to 'stop trying to run Labour Party'
This is a Union. Not a branch of Labour. Corbynistas accuse Coyne of trying to undermine Corbyn. FFS it's a UNION.
I'll leave this out here. is challenging Len McCluskey to be head of UNITE. We know what that means. ht…
"In any time of trouble, Len McCluskey has been there for says on the vote htt…
Len McCluskey's salary is £140,000 pa he was awarded a £5000 pay rise not bad if you can get no austerity in McCluskey's house
Len McCluskey resigns as head of Unite but will run again for leadership. Will Jerry Hicks also stand?
Len McCluskey (elected by just 9.7% of Unite members) questions the mandate of Labour's elected Deputy Leader.
Good to meet with Len McCluskey & Andy RICHARDS this morning at Tata works to discuss future of steel in Wales
Len McCluskey meeting the new intake of Tata Steels apprentices at Port Talbot steel works.
Len McCluskey is Correct!All this Attack on is Helped by MI5!The same they did To Arthur Scargill.=(Nasty MI5)
Len McCluskey. I gather it's the same team that was responsible for the World Trade Center. And the assassination of JFK.
Not so unlikely to believe... . Len McCluskey accuses MI5 of trying to topple Jeremy Corbyn
MI5 spies could be behind abuse of Corbyn's critics, Len McCluskey claims hm 😳 lost for word…
Len McCluskey condemned for claiming pro-Corbyn trolls posting abuse are MI5 agents via
Len McCluskey suggests MI5 is (effectively) working for Owen Smith in Labour leadership election
The security services may be involved in the Labour coup, suggests Len McCluskey.
Len McCluskey, General Secretary of welcoming Rene and Gerardo to Unite Policy Conference
Statement from Len McCluskey following Tom Watson's sabotaging of ongoing discussions to bring peace to https:/…
Incredibly strong statement from Len McCluskey: "Tom Watson’s actions today can only look like an act of sabotage".
Unite chief Len McCluskey claims 'Blairite PR firm' is 'orchestrating' the coup on Jeremy Corb… via
The coup against Corbyn 'has been a political lynching of a decent man' says Len McCluskey on . https…
Len McCluskey called Jeremy Corbyn, 'a man of steel.' Now all can think about is who will be his Lois Lane lol
. Michael Gove MP, Andrea Leadsom MP, Len McCluskey. Papers rev by Phil Collins of the The Times, Paul Mason and Petronella Wyatt
According to sources, Len McCluskey has given Jeremy Corbyn his 100% backing & rumoured that Tom Watson coming out in…
A combo of Tom Watson and Len McCluskey would do it
Or repeating too much Len McCluskey musings.
.'expert': Labour on course for losses of 175 seats, Conservatives could gain 30 |
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Union leader accuses Jack Straw of failing victims
"Len McCluskey and Jeremy claims that the party wouldn’t lose seats have more or less held true."
Len McCluskey attacks treacherous poison over 400."…
MPs will get a free vote on Trident, says Len McCluskey
under Len McCluskey has turned into a racist fascist Jewhating entity. Ban it now.
I know you've written on it and Len McCluskey brought it up t'other day but seems to be v little spoken of this in general
Uncle Len's right: ran AB's joke of a campaign & LK got a mighty 4.5%. Why should we listen to them? http…
Betrayal, U say. Sounds like yr info source is Len McCluskey. Who fell for SNP's "progressive" propaganda (unfounded in fact) >2
Len McCluskey calls for boycott of democratic Israel but not racist apartheid Pakistan. Racist fascist Antisemite
I have heard Len McCluskey speak on a number of occasions, the man is an inspiration.
Don't think Trident should, @ very least, b replaced on like 4 like basis. Corbyn opening wounds 2 bleed all summer.
Len McCluskey hitting the nail on the head on the show today
Len McCluskey absolutely spot on here! Adds to Indy article nicely
I liked a video Len McCluskey EU message
"Wherever he goes he gets mobbed, he's like a film star", says Len McCluskey on Jeremy Corbyn's popularity.
McCluskey: 'We have Liz Kendall saying we should win 400 council seats This is the woman who won 4.5% of the vote' 🍇 http…
It seems Jeremy Corbyn agrees with over Len McCluskey. Looking fwd to lots of s tomorrow https…
Comrade Len McCluskey in the house watching the Liverpool game. Not happy with slow service of food lol!
Sat watching the football in Borough and turn around to see Len McCluskey behind me.
Hats off to Len Mccluskey for his letter to Cameron. About bloody time.
Now Len McCluskey calls for UK's race watchdog to launch inquiry into Tory 'dog whistle' tactics:
Gen Sec Len McCluskey's message - don't sit it out, get out and today
Len McCluskey: The left has a magnificent history of standing up to racism from antisemitism to Islamophobia.
A very good intervention by Len McCluskey tonight. Hard, uncompromising and setting out clearly where blame lies.
Len McCluskey on the ever despicable Jack Straw who betrayed Hillsborough victims | Football | The Guardian.
on in June 2012 with Ken Clarke, Len McCluskey & Ruth Lea
Great night at 1916: A Worker's Year with Len McCluskey and Jimmy Kelly
Think i would be more interested in Tax Returns of Len McCluskey than Corbyn. I for 1 Trust the Unions less than i Trust Labour. Not A lot !
Paris attacks, my age of Len McCluskey. You'll end of you can vote out on Les Bleus!
David Cameron must do the right thing and save jobs reliant on steel says Len McCluskey. https:/…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Len McCluskey on Trident renewal. Jobs come first above all else.
I'd like to see the tax return of Len McCluskey
Foot and that's not make the Cabinet. Lottery, we took revenge. Len McCluskey.
Len McCluskey and support; if I hope. Cruz has happened in Government, and ensuring the Party alive.
Len McCluskey and it's not going to be about a vision of Britain Out campaign chutzpah you're not denying them to debate how uneasy I first.
*creates Len McCluskey doll to burn in effigy
The latest "uniteWORKS" p.4 Len McCluskey: "Say no to the 'hammers of the poor'"
Len McCluskey: We're building something for the future, something for our children. Stay true to our beliefs
Len McCluskey .to : As capital goes global, labour must as well.
Len McCluskey, secretary general calls for the Government to recall parliament now to save https:…
Unties Len McCluskey has described Camerons renegotiation as a deal designed to protect the financial interests in the City of London
Really interesting to hear Len McCluskey tonight - I agree with him. Sensible approach.
Unite leader Len McCluskey tells wealthy individuals and companies not paying tax "may be the greatest scandal of our time"
Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey: "We'd like to see lots of changes in Europe, but we support Remain"
Len McCluskey is an absolute *** Opening statement he supports remaining part of the EU even though it's currently not fit for purpose.
Len McCluskey on at 8pm taking about steel crisis, manufacturing and tax. Looks like a go…
In 60 minutes | Look out for Len McCluskey discussing steel, manufacturing & tax with on
...Also on the show, speaks to Len McCluskey on & All on
General Secretary of Unite the Union, Len McCluskey, speaks to us about the scandal & Port Talbot steel industry talks at 8pm
Look out for Len McCluskey just after 8pm discussing steel, manufacturing and tax with on
Unite leader Len McCluskey accuses a "cabal" of Labour MPs of plotting against Jeremy Corbyn and urges them to "stop sniping".
This speech/Q&A by Len McCluskey at the Oxford Union in defence of Corbyn is great
.this from Len McCluskey, when discussing Alan Johnson, says it so well
Len McCluskey wanted pacifist as leader, so he can hardly complain now if he goes down an anti Trident route.
Shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander and Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey were among the thousands attending the demonstration
Len McCluskey denounces paranoia over Labour group Well I am sure that will sort it...
State to trying, gosh, and we are all keep an awful lot of Len McCluskey.
Len McCluskey says MPs who described Momentum as a "rabble" are paranoid and "talking utter gibberish and nonsense."
Got latest magazine in post, not impressed with Len McCluskey saying we'll defeat the cuts by Tories, not good enough??
Great stuff - Len McCluskey takes the fight to the 1% at The Savoy
Now we have Len McCluskey at the rally
All NHS staff want is to be treated with respect says Len McCluskey. So why can't Hunt & Cameron show some?
"Get your hands off our NHS... You thieving Tory *** - Len McCluskey
TIL that Alan Johnson McCluskey is a 'Blairite dinosaur'. What next, Len McCluskey is a Red Tory, 'cos he's criticised …
Len McCluskey sounds like a character from Chicken Run
Must say interview with Len McCluskey on Hardtalk was excellent
at her worst. Not objective or balanced. Well done Len McCluskey.
Unite leader Len McCluskey calls for protests and strikes against cuts
"Red Len" McCluskey will meet with Kezia Dugdale for the first time on Tuesday, as Labour tries to persuade him not to back SNP candidates.
HuffPo: publishing the rambling of unpaid students and Len
A message to the Prime Minister on the (anti)
of quoting Len McCluskey: "Collective bargaining without the right to strike is merely collective begging."
Len McCluskey of tells that he's got it all wrong. 'No, Prime Minister'.
No, Len McCluskey and David Cameron do not agree.
What Len really thinks of the TU Bill.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
'No, Prime Minister';Len McCluskey does NOT agree with Cameron on thresholds
"At Cameron told the HoCs that he and I agreed. No, Prime Minister, we most certainly do not." Len McCluskey
No, Prime Minister: On Wednesday, David Cameron told the House of Commons that he and I agreed. No, prime mini...
Anyone can complain about a union and cost them time & money. Contrast that with high charges for tribunal cases! Len McCluske…
Len McCluskey highlights that he deals with CEOs of all the major manufacturing companies: "They don't back the
The is a bad bill | Why is workplace balloting not acceptable? Len McCluskey: “On this the PM is wrong and disin…
Unite leader Len McCluskey had this to say on David Cameron's comments on poverty:
'I deal with every major manufacturing company in UK. Not a single CEO is in favour of this Bill.' Len McCluskey
Andrew Marr Show: Unite union's Len McCluskey on more union laws from Tories (04Oct15)
Remember when Unions were the voice for social justice and public good? "Len McCluskey"
FFS has Len McCluskey of lost the plot completely. Bob Crow will be turning in his grave.
.Len McCluskey puts ball in Cameron's court re union Bill, proposing meeting on strike ballots and would agree threshold.
Love seeing trade union leaders frothing at the mouth especially that Liverpool tosser Len McCluskey
Excellent Andy Burnham on . It's time the plotting sulkers came back onboard. Len McCluskey's 'Pragmatic Idealism' can be their guide.
Len McCluskey says he gave up unilateral nuclear disarmament when he became Unite Gen Sec. Disarmingly honest abt giving up principle belief
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Here's an idea, if Len McCluskey is so keen on keeping then it should be parked firmly up his fat *** instead of o…
Together we can win Great film of Leroy Rosenior and Len McCluskey in conversation.
Len McCluskey & Brendan Barber have the puppets of their choice now.
Jeremy Adams, Len Mccluskey and David Cameron are very happy with the outcome
Murray is also Len McCluskey's chief of staff at Unite. Here's Nick Cohen on him
Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson, guided by Len McCluskey and Owen Jones, running the party - with Diane Abbott standing for mayor. Labour 2015.
Len McCluskey has already chosen comrade Corbyn, so he can't win.
Len McCluskey: 'Labour race boring without Jeremy Corbyn'. Breath taking bias by Am I surprised? Not at all
Len McCluskey wants a sugar tax. This moral panic is really smoking out the mentalists.
Len McLuskey is a prime example of why Labour can never again be trusted with political power
Another voice from the Left daring to use the ‘N’ word
Union says it could push for no vote in over working time directive
First sensible thing ever said by Len McCluskey of UNITE
Unite could vote for UK to leave EU says McCluskey | |
Unions must be able to fight for workers – even if it means breaking bad laws | Len McCluskey
Len McCluskey is going to destroy the left. What a champion.
Unite could vote for Britain to leave the EU, Len McCluskey says
Len McCluskey says Unite could campaign for Brexit - if employment rights are renegotiated. http:/…
Len McCluskey changes to EU employment law "would require us to review fully our position" on EU membership.
Either it's an uncanny resemblance or Len McCluskey is selling Libertines t-shirts on the Camden High Street
actually she was there. There are pictures where she is next to Len McCluskey and Charlotte Church.
134,446 people voted David Cameron leader of the Tory Party. 144,570 people voted Len McCluskey leader of Unite the Union. T…
Sometimes wonder if Len McCluskey really is a CCHQ sleeper agent. Few have done so much to advance Conservative cause
Anyone who gets asked so many questions about Len McCluskey has a problem. It’s not fair but there you go.
Murphy's resignation should be followed by Len McCluskey. It was Len who gave us Ed and not David Milliband. Tories must love McCluskey
Murphy is right to resign, but so should Len McCluskey. It was him who gave us Ed not David Milliband. Cameron must love McCluskey.
I don't agree with Len McCluskey about everything. But given the choice between him and Jim Murphy it's a no-brainer.
Jim Murphy right to denounce the toxic influence of Len McCluskey who is no friend of the Labour Party
Murphy getting digs in at Unite boss Len McCluskey, eggselent. Just can't stop hitting themselves in face with a brick, huh?…
Jim Murphy: "Len McCluskey and the Unite leadership are the type of people who could pick the wrong winner in a one hor…
I think Len McCluskey has the new leader of Labour's "branch office" in Scotland sussed! LoL
Gordon Brown: ‘A man determined to take on the inequalities that blight lives’, says Len McCluskey
Anyone who thinks this government is looking after the people's interests is living in a dream world. Duplicitous, self-serving, greedy slags. A new a dossier of disgrace published by Unite, Britain’s biggest union reveals that 71 coalition MPs with links to private healthcare interests voted to sell-off our beloved NHS. Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary said: “The sheer scale of this conflict of interest is staggering, but it is the ongoing sell-off of our NHS that makes this the real scandal for our democracy. “In another attempt to ignore the view of the people of Britain David Cameron is still refusing to use his veto and exempt the NHS from a US EU trade deal called TTIP. What is our NHS doing in a trade deal with America? This again exposes the Government’s real plan for the NHS – complete and irreversible privatisation. “From lobbying links to investments and in some cases direct donations, scores of coalition MPs who voted for the NHS sell-off had links to the very private health ...
StopTTIP | Len McCluskey demands David Cameron offers more assurances on NHS over trade deal - via
Len McCluskey (on Alan Johnson vs. Ed Miliband last year: (
Len McCluskey: Unite continues to fight for the interests of working people & an end to Tory’s sell-off of our NHS http:…
Fringe at The Labour Party Conference As well as hearing from Unite the union General Secretary Len McCluskey and Tom Watson MP the audience heard harrowing stories from Harry Leslie Smith author of 'Harry's Last Stand' and veteran fighting to save the NHS, who spoke about life before the Welfare State and Gill Thompson a campaigner for welfare justice who spoke about the tragic and avoidable death of her brother.
Len McCluskey is right to call for more collective bargaining of wages via
Len McCluskey, head of UNITE, is prepared to toss £12m into Labour Party coffers as long as Ed Miliband 'brings home the bacon'.
At the rally with Steve turner and Len McCluskey
What is Ed Miliband for? I'll have to ask Len McCluskey about that one...
My boss is speaking too (Len McCluskey) - the only time you'll meet a softly spoken Scouser!
Support the Unite Care Workers Support "R" Dominic Yorkshire ! Unite Press Release Immediate release: Tuesday 17 June 2014 London social care workers in strike ballot over low pay Workers at London social care charity, Look Ahead are being balloted for strike action this week over proposed pay cuts of 14 per cent. The staff, members of Unite, the country’s largest union, will also hold a rally to reinforce their anger at these further cuts to their pay this Thursday (19 June). More than 40 workers will stage the rally at Hackney town hall, Mare Street, Hackney E8 1EA, at 15:00. The cuts come as Look Ahead shows growth of 12 per cent and has reserves of £61 million in the bank. The union is also angry that the charity’s highest paid executive received a £60,000 pay rise last year. Unite regional officer Peter Storey, said: “Members have been forced to take this action because of continual cuts to their pay and would face more hardship if the proposal for a 14 per cent cut is rammed through. “If . ...
Unite's Len McCluskey says is 2nd most supported party according to internal polling. .
Does anyone going at the People’s Assembly national demonstration. London, Saturday, June 21st in London. Assemble 1pm, BBC HQ, Portland Place (Tube: Oxford Circus) For a march to Parliament Square This will be a great event with speakers including our General Secretary Len McCluskey, comedians Russell Brand, Kate Smurthwaite and Francesca Martinez, writer Owen Jones, with music, poets and more speakers to be announced.
Len McCluskey - speaking at press gallery lunch - predicts defeat for Labour if it offers "pale shade of austerity" at election
Be bolder and more aggressive, Unite boss tells Miliband - Ed Miliband must be “bolder and more aggressive” if he is to convince voters to usher him into Downing Street, the leader of Labour’s biggest paymaster warned yesterday. Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, ambushed one of the Labour leader’ -
Len McCluskey writing in the new Tribune -
Len on the importance of political engagement! Len McCluskeyTribune -
Len McCluskey says Labour should be "bolder and more aggressive" in drawing up its election plans -
Great piece from urging & others not to walk away from the ballot box in 2015
Len McCluskey | strong trade unions must be a central part of any programme of fairer redistribution of wealth
Len McCLuskey has accused Lord of Anfield of being an Arsenal fan. Oops.
Len McCluskey calls on Ed Miliband to be "bolder and more aggressive".
More questions from Unite's Len McCluskey on the importance of labour and challenging the status quo...
Len McCluskey points out reduced power of trade unions led to race to bottom in wages & growth in inequality
Len McCluskey accuses of being an Arsenal fan
Len McCluskey mistakenly refers to as an Arsenal fan (his avatar is the Liverpool badge).
Len McCluskey raises the important issue of the explosive increase in zero hours contracts
Len McCluskey praises Piketty's book as a clarion call for challenging the status quo
Len McCluskey says contracting out is one of the biggest drivers of inequality.
Len McCluskey - central theme of book is to reject status quo, that's what attracted me to it
Len McCluskey writing in Tribune on importance of political engagement to defeat poverty
Len McCluskey | We have around 300 days to persuade the British people that tomorrow is in their hands.
Len McCluskey: You say you want a revolution – try this brand
uniteWORKS p.4 "We fight on" Len McCluskey the General Secretary of Unite, links the miners strike of 30 years ago …
Great meetings with Teamsters/ITF today; L-R (partial) Steve Cotton, GS ITF, Jim Hoffa, President International Brotherhood of Teamsters, me, Len McCluskey, with all of us flanked on either side by Lester (partial) and Evalina, amazing and brave fighting back union bus drivers/activists
Len McCluskey warns Ed Miliband Unite could break its links with Labour if the party loses the general election.
Read our briefing on the potential merger talks with Unite, including an interview with Len McCluskey
Ed Miliband urged to set out bold vision for the election as Len McCluskey warns of split with party over austerity
Len McCluskey, leader of Unite says that some of the speeches Ed Miliband makes has him on the edge of his seat. Really? Methinks he ought to go out more.
Len McCluskey tells it as it is..and Labour should take note..
Car boot sale Britain: Len McCluskey's acute critique of state of the nation: Unite chief's assessment of the ...
1/2 Len McCluskey of the union Unite says: "It is grumble time at the moment in the parliamentary Labour Party. People are getting uneasy.
Some Trade Union leaders really do bore me... Len McCluskey is one such leader... and the sooner he decouples...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Labour bankroller Len McCluskey tells Miliband: be even MORE anti-business. So who'll create the jobs I wonder?
Len McCluskey holds weak to ransom: do as we say or we’ll turn off the money tap
Unite leader Len McCluskey orders Ed Miliband to prove he is on the side of hard-pressed ordinary people in a bid win back lost votes and save future
Len McCluskey tells Ed Miliband: turn left or lose election
Unite leader Len McCluskey warns Ed Miliband he will axe union funding if Labour lose election
Always a pleasure to chat to on -- talking next about Labour, Len McCluskey and Ed Miliband.
Len McCluskey doesn't half know how to take Ed Miliband down. He's obviously no fan.
Left Unity Press Release [not an April fools] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Left Unity has welcomed comments by Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey raising the possibility of a debate over funding alternatives to Labour. Bianca Todd of Left Unity said: “Len McCluskey is absolutely right to raise the question: if Labour’s policies are just ‘a pale shade of austerity’ then why should the unions continue to fund it? “People are sick of Labour not standing up for them – that’s why 250 people joined our new party over the weekend. “Just this week we saw Labour’s Lord Warner proposing a £10 a month fee for the NHS, yet Labour has taken no action against him. Now is the time to build an alternative.” Speakers from Left Unity are available for interview. For more information contact pressor Tom on 07817 024364 Notes to editors 1. Left Unity is the new party of the left in Britain. Founded in November 2013, it already has over 1,700 members and 40 branches across the country. 2. Len McCluskey said t ...
Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, criticises the “threats, threats, threats” of the No campaign. …
When asked if he had full confidence in Douglas Alexander's election winning abilities, Unite's Len McCluskey descended…
As we approach 2015 and the end of the current cosy coalition, Nick Clegg has seen fit to tout himself and his party around the potential future occupants of number 10, to attempt to, desperately, cling to power for another term. The sight of a Liberal Democrat who stood for election on a left of centre platform then having renounced all his promises in the rose garden, now seeking a possible deal with Labour is enough to make my blood boil. It is not yet clear whether Clegg himself will keep his seat with a huge electorate of angry students in his constituency. Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite in an interview on Tuesday’s Newsnight said that people are looking for something different. They are looking for ‘people who have the courage of their convictions’. He then told Jeremy Paxman that he would like Labour to win outright but; ‘if Ed Miliband ends up as the largest party he should have the courage to govern as a minority government’.
Those on minimum wage must be elated this morning at the news of the rise, from £6.31 to £6.50 an hour. An extra 19p per hour pre tax, worth slightly short of 13p after tax. An astounding extra £5.20 a week net. The fact that most of the people receiving this massive increase will be on housing benefit which will result in 60% deducted of that for rent and 20% for Council Tax. The increase in minimum wage will mean 96p in total a week to most people. _ Minimum wage rise of 19p an hour a 'slap in the face for low paid workers' Low paid workers will see their hourly rate rise by 19p under plans branded a “slap in the face” last night. The 3 per cent hike to £6.50 recommended by the Low Pay Commission is above the rate of inflation. But it means that the there is little hope of the minimum wage hitting £7 an hour next year as Chancellor George Osborne recently suggested. Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite union, accused Mr Osborne of cynically stringing along millions of poorly paid people. Mr McClu ...
Britain’s people need jobs, hope and homes Len McCluskey addresses Trinity College Politics Society, Cambridge University Britain needs a government that will deliver decent jobs, homes and hope for its people – not more failing austerity, the leader of the UK’s biggest union, Unite, will tell Cambridge students today (Wednesday). Len McCluskey will challenge the students to use their intelligence and privilege to ‘make the difference’ to Britain’s future by discarding the failed policies of today’s government and use any power they may attain for the common good. Addressing the Politics Society of Cambridge Union, Len McCluskey will ask: “What difference do you want to make to the world? “Over the last 30 years inequality between the rich and the rest has widened dramatically. The very richest 1 per cent in Britain has as much wealth as 60 per cent of the population. We have created a medieval elite in our midst – yet for workers real wages have fallen during the longest, largest drop ...
Watch 10.30pm, BBC 2, to hear from Len McCluskey, ahead of his speech to Cambridge University students tomorrow.
Miliband moves to give Union Bosses MORE power & "Red" Len McCluskey calls changes "music to my ears" via
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LABOUR leader Ed Miliband was challenged yesterday to investigate the appointment of a Unite union official who had a love child with its boss Len McCluskey.
Len McCluskey, General Secretary of speaking at event to celebrate 55th anniversary of Cuban Revolution
you've not included Len McCluskey and the Unite thugs on the list for safe seats
If you want to be in the audience for Question Time () in Falkirk, please contact Len McCluskey.
Cameron has zero gravitas. Commons statement on CHOGM & Sri Lanka and he started banging to on about Primrose Hill & Len McCluskey. Weird
David Cameron somehow manages to mention Islington, Primrose Hill & Len McCluskey in Commons debate about Sri Lanka
McCluskey: Unite will never be browbeaten by Crosby, Cameron or the Daily Mail 11 November 2013 Amidst the most vicious attacks on the union movement since the 1970s, the leader of the biggest union in Britain and Ireland has vowed `no retreat’ from protesting against abusive employers. And with the government using the cover of the slump to lay siege to workers’ wages and rights, Len McCluskey will warn that the Tories’ deployment of the services of Lynton Crosby is a reminder that attacks on workers and their unions will only become more vicious ahead of the 2015 election. Addressing the third gathering of Unite’s industrial sectors since the union was formed in 2009, the General Secretary will say: “Today, we meet in the middle of a vast media witch-hunt against our union, reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s. We are facing unscrupulous smears from both media and politicians. Every day we read statements and press articles about Unite which do not come within hailing distance of the truth. . ...
Union boss Len McCluskey ‘elected by phantoms’ THE boss of Britain’s biggest union, involved in a voterigging inquiry in Falkirk, faces investigation over alleged irregularities in his own election. The allegations over the election of Len McCluskey as General Secretary of the Unite union centre on claims that almost 160,000 of those balloted were not members. His rival for the job, Jerry Hicks, has complained that the election was unlawful because people who had left the union were included in the ballot. Hicks said dead former members were among those who were sent voting papers. The Certification Office — the union regulator, which has the power to order McCluskey’s election to be rerun — confirmed this weekend that it has launched an investigation. An official complaint is expected to be submitted to Unite in the next few weeks. Hicks said this weekend: “Was Falkirk an aberration or a modus operandi? There are serious questions that need to be answered about these tens of thousands of no ...
Dear me, but this looks desperate: seeing the writing on the wall with Labour, McCluskey now cuddles up to Salmond: http:…
Catching up with youthought Len McCluskey came across very well. gave him a hard time & McC remained calm & put his case.
Check out Len McCluskey’s appearance on Sunday Politics yesterday from 4 minutes in
A warm welcome to backers Len McCluskey,accused of presiding over union bullying,and wife-beater Bill Walker.If not …
Okay okay, so the Len McCluskey interview was alright. Still prefered the cars :)
Looks like Alastair Darling was watch my interview with Len McCluskey on yesterday's Sunday Politics
Len McCluskey was re-elected as Unite General Secretary with 144,570 votes out of a membership of 1.5m (9.6%?).
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Len McCluskey is suggesting that he might back a Yes vote for Scottish independence. Great news for
Witness at centre of Labour vote-rigging scandal rejects claims by Unite that she had withdrawn her story. Despite initially saying that there were ‘serious issues’ and ‘bad practices’ in Falkirk, Ed Miliband backed down to his trade union paymasters, failed to publish Labour’s inquiry and cleared Unite and the suspended individuals of any wrongdoing. These extraordinary revelations mean Labour must reopen the Falkirk inquiry immediately. Ed Miliband failed to stand up to the unions in Falkirk and backed down in the face of pressure from Len McCluskey. If he is too weak to stand up to his union bosses and tackle what he himself called ‘bad practices’, how can he stand up for hardworking people?
We need more Len McCluskey ideas on the streets and at the factory gates.
Mum's got a mate who used to work with Len McCluskey, Derek Hatton & Tony Mulhearn. Nothing to do with my recent order of 5,000 crucifixes.
Imagine coverage if Unite paying Len McCluskey’s energy costs on his second home!!
Andrew Neil is a Tory propagandist. Left wing BBC as if. Well done Len McCluskey
The knives are out for Len McCluskey but Ed should be proud of Labour's union link
The only part that I disagree with is that the Labour Party is a friend of the working man/woman,in Scotland I believe that the SNP are more in tune with us ordinary Scots. Scots Politics Miliband should embrace Labour’s union link Posted: 03 Nov 2013 04:11 PM PST The knives were out for Unite’s General Secretary Len McCluskey last week as the shockwaves from Grangemouth refused to die away. Columnists condemned both the actions of Unite and McCluskey, while Andrew Neil dedicated a chunk of yesterday’s Sunday Politics to bellowing “the day was only saved by your total capitulation and humiliation” as McCluskey protested the union’s innocence. Popular opinion suggests that Ed Miliband needs to stamp down on McCluskey in order to assert his authority and sever the ties to the union. The ‘Red Ed’ moniker has plagued him since his election as Labour leader and was used to dismiss him before he’d even begun his new role. Screeds of print have claimed that, should Ed fail to give the unions th ...
yes a panel with Owen Jones, David Milliband and Len McCluskey on Newsnight is clearly favouring the right...
Interesting thoughts from Len McCluskey, on the Unions role within Labour.
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